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Friday, August 11, 2006

Toy Shopping

We went toy shopping last night! Now that was an experience. I was a little embarrassed to go in even with Nick. There were probably 4 to 6 people in the store when we went in. For all I know it was the preacher and all our neighbors because I never let my eyes get above shoulder level!

I had just never spent much time in a store like this. It was fascinating. There were things there used to grab, pinch, plug, rub, vibrate, enlarge, sooth, enhance, prolong, spank and tickle. At first I was afraid to touch anything, actually I was afraid to even be seen looking at things. But eventually we wandered over into ‘our’ section and saw some flogger, and a crop much like the one in the picture Sky posted. I liked them both but how do you know what to buy. You would think they could at least provide some area where we could try them out a bit!!

I really want a flogger, but this one was plastic and I want a leather one. I was just about to decide on the crop when we saw a beautiful leather paddle, fake fur on one side. It was perfect. We got that as well as a few other more fun items to try. Can you imagine being a clerk in that store? Was she looking at our purchases and thinking ‘she’s going to get her ass busted tonight’ or was she wondering ‘who are these old folks buying for?’ But she was very pleasant and sent us off with ‘Have a pleasant evening!’

I am dying to take her advice. But we put everything away until we get the house to ourselves. When we use our new toys I just want time and privacy, we have everything else we need!


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    HOW are you waiting? I'd be dying to try them out!!! We're hitting a store soon ourselves. I'm really thinking crop AND flogger although one of those furry little numbers sounds yummy!!


  2. Eva,
    How can I wait?? Have your kids been gone so long you can't remember how hard it can be to find a good time to make noise?? I am going to order a good leather flogger but I might wait for your report on the crop.

    Check it out!! BONNIE'S BACK!! I can't add much to the question today but I'm glad we are having brunch!!


  3. Elis-
    I am officially jealous!


  4. Elis:: Going to the ToyStore has been a new experience for me too. It's amazing how much stuff there is. It's amazing how expensive some of that stuff is and how poorly made some of that stuff is too. MoJo and I have been disappointed a couple of times with our purchases.

    I have to tell you about the flogger I bought. It was my second time in the ToyStore, I was by myself when I spotted this really cute, red leather flogger. It was kinda spendy, but I didn't care, I'd been reading about them and really wanted to know what was what, everyone said they're so divine. Um, the reality for us is that the thing just cracks me up. No matter how hard MoJo swings it, I laugh. Yeah, it turns my skin a nice pink, but it causes me to turn into a heap of giggling woman. It looks so wicked, but fails to deliver. So think about it before you purchase one. Maybe I just bought the wrong kind, but wouldn't you think...a flogger is a flogger.

    Now that paddle sounds really cute, and I agree there ought to be a testing area. Oh, about the clerks, they've seen it all and then some. You and Nick probably didn't even register, so your secrets are safe.

    **Big Hugs**

  5. qI don't think they really care. Besides to even work they have have to have some tolerence to it ya know?

    I miss going to sex shops actually. Some of the things though are not that great quality. I picked up a sex flogger. One for a pussy or a penis. That didn't last very long.

    Although the crop was a good one.

  6. Cassie,
    Listen to what others are saying about the poor quality. I still say you shouldn't risk it without Tom.

    Nick made a small flogger for us and its real nice. I was hoping a bigger one might be any better. If I get one I'll let you know.

    I'm sure quality may be a problem. I mean how many people are going to return an item if it breaks!(LOL)

  7. Elis, if there were sex toy shops around when we were married we never found them. We bought our straps and belts from a leather shop that supplied the local stables, the Tawse from Scotland, the heavy hair brush from a department store, and the cane from a theatrical supplier. I have no idea if anyone guessed why I bought what I did.
    I suspect quite a lot of wives and girlfriends were spanked in the 60's but nobody spoke about it.
    Enjoy your new toys Elis and have a wonderful week-end.

  8. Elis,

    Next time you go toy shopping, look at your preacher and neighbors in the eye. Remember, what are they doing there? If they look back, smile pleasantly, they're just as nervous as you are. [Smile at your own risk, though, you don't know what kid of crazy people you might find there!]

    Oh, and what Paul said, there are many places to find interesting 'toys'. Nobody wants to know what you are really going to do with them. So, don't get nervous and offer lame excuses for your purchases. Just get it and run!

    Kind of adds to the fun of shopping, the adventure of sharing the experience together. sigh, enjoy.


  9. ANM,
    You are right we were all there for the same thing! I look around all the time. Pet stores are interesting for toys.


  10. Anonymous5:18 AM


    How wonderful - you made the right choice - we also have a leather/furry paddle (sooth and smack - mmmmmmmm!!).I can't wait till you post about it!!!

    Huge hugs

  11. Pet store? -grins-. I got a leash from there. Although for a collar with O-rings might I suggest every teen's fav. store? Gadzooks. Even have thigh highs. But I got a 5 ringed O-ring there. Really nice too.

  12. So how does the leather paddle feel? Does the fur side hurt at all?