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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Help Wanted, chapter 5

I hope everyone is having a happy Halloween. We don't celebrate much here now that the children are gone. We don't live on a street that has a lot of trick-o-treaters so hopeful we will just have a quiet night, Fridays have become special for me these days!

And now it's time for the conclusion to Annie's 'Help Wanted' story.  I hope you enjoy...

Help Wanted
Chapter 5

Amy fidgeted in the line at the air terminal, tears running down her cheeks. After listening to a list of places she could not go she finally demanded to be given a seat on the next plane to anywhere. Funny, acting like Mr. High and Mighty got the job done and she was soon handed a ticket to some other obscure island no one had ever heard of. No matter, the flight left in 15 minutes, and she could be miserable anywhere.

As the flight boarded an official looking man in a white panama suit diverted her from the line dragging her to an empty corridor before she realized what was happening.

“Miss Nelson, I am Inspector Malowii and I need to ask you a few questions. We have received a report of theft from a yacht at our dock. You are listed as a suspect in the matter.”

Amy’s shrieks and string of invective, delivered at the top of her lungs and all directed at RJ Drake caught the inspector off guard. His lips twitched with suppressed mirth as he tried to make himself heard over her temper.

“Miss Nelson, am I to understand you know Mr. Drake?”

“Of course I know the lying bully. I didn’t want to play his games so he sends some trumped up pet policeman to scare me into doing what he wants. You can tell Mr. Drake he needs to find a new “employee” to boss around. I sent him my letter of resignation and I am getting on that plane.”

“I am certain this is all a misunderstanding. However, I must ask you to accompany me to the precinct so that we may straighten it out with Mr. Drake. Once a formal charge is levied there are proper channels that must be followed.”

Inspector Malowii watched the young lady stomp her foot and noted that she was glaring at him through decidedly swollen eyes. He also could not help noticing the whisker burn and love bites that circled her neck. Whatever mess his old friend RJ was landing him in, at least it was pretty and promised an entertaining story. Giving her a chance to wind down and see the wisdom in a quiet ride to his office to clear this matter up, he was shocked when the seemingly respectable young lady whirled away, lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and presented a fine plump bottom that was crosshatched with handprints and paddle marks.

“I want to press charges of assault against Mr. Drake. Tell him I said we’re even if he lets me get on that flight.” Dropping her skirt she faced him, arms crossed and looking quite pleased with herself.

Sighing deeply, afraid even a luscious posterior and a wild tale would not offset the headaches and paperwork about to be unleashed by this lover’s spat, he grabbed her arm.

“Miss Nelson, you are under arrest for suspected theft and public indecency. We will sort the details at my office.”

The Inspector smiled in anticipation as he heard his old friend bellowing protests that he was the injured party, not the suspect. His assistant escorted RJ to a holding room as directed. He decided to let them both stew for a few minutes while he enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee and thought about the next phase of his plan. With any luck he could have this all wrapped up in time for a quiet dinner with his wife. It had been too long since he had left his own handprint on soft skin. A matter to be rectified as soon as possible.

Amy had cried herself out and was left shivering and hollow. How could he do this to her after all they had been through. Telling people she was a common thief.

RJ circled the small room like a tiger in a cage, ready to smash something. He knew better than to give that kind of power to a woman. First chance she got she ran off. As if that wasn’t bad enough she had to humiliate him in front of the entire island.

Inspector Malowii sent his assistant to settle RJ and open the mike and curtain, allowing him to see Amy, but not communicate with her. RJ’s heart dropped at the sight of her swollen eyes. She looked like a lost waif, alone in the world. Then he remembered she chose that over being with him and he shook off the pity.

When the Inspector entered the room Amy roused herself, trying to care what happened next was getting harder as the reality of a life without RJ settled in.

“Look, Officer, I don’t want any trouble. I will drop all charges against Mr. Drake if you will just let me get on a plane out of this nightmare.” she pleaded.

“I am afraid we have a much bigger mess than I can sort out at this point. I have Mr. Drake’s accusations that you removed his property without his permission, I have your accusation that Mr. Drake assaulted you, and I have statements from crew members that you were involved in an intimate relationship with Mr. Drake. So, as you can see, this is difficult to work through. I will need further facts to make a resolution.”

“Look, we were involved, or at least I was. Mr. Drake hired me to be his, um, assistant. We were spending everyday together and I got carried away. I see now that I thought we were falling in love but he was just screwing the hired help. I am an idiot for trusting him, he’s this rich, powerful guy and I am nobody, but I thought he loved me a little…” Amy broke off, sobbing, unable to continue.

“I will give you a moment to compose yourself.” Inspector Malowii quietly left the room, feeling quite sorry for the poor girl and more than a little annoyed with his friend.

RJ felt like he had been sucker punched. She was in love with him, but she ran away at her first chance? He watched through the observation glass as she huddled, sobbing wretchedly. He wanted nothing more than to hold her and smooth away the tears, even after what she had put him through. Jerked from his reverie by the slamming door, he turned to face his old friend.

“Are you satisfied by the mess you have made? Is the girl sufficiently miserable now? Or perhaps you would like me to put her in the dungeon? You can’t simply break up with her; you have to be a total horse’s ass in the process?”

RJ was speechless. In over twenty-five years of friendship he had never heard the calm and quiet raise his voice, much less curse.

“Now, Benjie, you know I would never abuse a woman.” RJ began, only to be cut off.

“Bullocks, your handprints are all over her ass. She showed me.”

RJ surged forward, grabbing his friend by the shirt, roaring like a maniac, his punch stayed by the laughter.

“You are a total and complete ass. That fine woman loves you, God alone knows why, and instead of doing something wise, like marrying her, you treat her like a trollop and accuse her of stealing. Now you think to assault an officer because I had the good fortune to see her lovely posterior. She is lucky to have learned your shortcomings in time.” the inspector slammed out the door in a huff, then leaned against the wall smiling. Things were moving right along. Leave the pot to simmer a few moments then stir, he may get home for dinner after all.

RJ was struck to the core by the truth in his friend’s accusations. He loved Amy and he had treated her unfairly from the start. She was paying for his ex-wife’s shortcomings and it was all his fault. Feeling like a complete bastard he realized Amy was calling his name.

“I am sorry I made you feel bad, RJ, it was wrong of me. Are you sure he can hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am, he can hear you, whether he will choose to listen I cannot guarantee.”

Amy pressed her tear stained face to the window and pleaded her case.

“Please, RJ, just let me leave. You have broken my heart and humiliated me, that should be enough punishment, even for you.”

The door opened and RJ wheeled in. Before Amy could speak he gathered her into his arms and settled her onto his lap.

“I love you, Amy, nothing else matters. We can work out the details later. I overreacted when you ran away, I was hurt and I wanted to hurt you back. I am so sorry.”

“You love me? Why would you treat me that way? Ordering me to town, telling me what to wear? Pretending the week on the island never happened? I can’t go back to being your spanking slave. I won’t do it. Just let me leave, you don’t have to lie to me.”

RJ sighed, he had screwed the pooch on this one and regaining her trust was going to take more time and privacy than was offered by the local gendarmes.

“I am asking a favor. I realize I was a complete ass, I misunderstood and was hurt, in the process I hurt you. I am so sorry, please say you will come back to the boat and try to work this out. I love you, I am mad about you, I was trying to surprise you with a wedding and I got carried away. Please come with me, let’s talk.”

“You planned a surprise wedding? YOU decided I would say yes, so no reason to ask me? Were you planning to TELL me I was getting married?” Amy’s tears disappeared and she jumped from his lap. “You are insufferable. A bully. A, a , a toad!”

Inspector Malowii interrupted the tirade, “You both have much to say to one another, however I believe it is all best served in private. I am dismissing all charges. Miss Nelson, do you agree to return to the boat with Mr. Drake?”

“I guess I have a few more things to say to him.” She glowered.

“Then it is settled, I will call on Miss Nelson in the morning to assure myself she is well and happy and free to leave if she so chooses. Mr. Drake, do not make me regret my generosity in this matter. You are free to go.”

RJ was a nervous wreck waiting for Amy. They had agreed to meet in his study to discuss what had happened and she was late. She knew how crazy he was about punctuality. She left him waiting like a fool, with his heart in his hand, she said he abused her, she called him names, and showed her ass to another man. Just as he settled on that as her biggest sin she walked through the door wearing a smile and a pair of stilettos he had never seen before, hair done, make up in place. While he was stewing about Benjie eyeing what was his, she was primping and showing up late just to spite him.

Without thinking he grabbed her arm threw her over his lap, tossed up her skirt and laid into her backside like there was no tomorrow. Ignoring the screams, the name calling and shrieking he beat a tattoo on her poor globes until they glowed bright red and she settled into quiet sobbing. RJ settled her carefully on his lap, the heat burning his groin as she snuggled tight to him, winding her arms around his neck and they cried together.

Two days later the honorable Inspector Malowii escorted Miss Amy Nelson down the aisle of a small island church. At the intimate reception dinner that followed he laughed to himself at the soft pillow placed thoughtfully on the new bride’s chair.


Many thanks Annie for this wonderful story. If another does pop into your head I'd be proud to have it for Fantasy Friday. And of course if anyone else is willing to share a story that would be great too. Send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Biscuits and Cookies

I have so many friend in England now and for the most part, we seems to speak the same language. But one place we seem to speak different languages is when it come to biscuits and cookies.  Ami and I have discussed it a little. You need to know that when you say biscuit, I see this

or this

or maybe this

But when I say cookies you should think of this

or this

or even better this

Now what other words do we need work out a complete definition for?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rambling thoughts

I just wanted to pop in and say hey, but you're definitely going to get some of this and that - no real direction to this post. Everything here is good. Friday night are going well – he hasn’t skipped one and he’s not letting up. I’m happy and Nick seems like he is too. Not only that, but I managed to lose another pound this week.

Nick and I headed to a Renaissance fair this past weekend. I’d never been to one before. I was hoping for a shop with nice leather implements, but we didn’t run across one. We were with some vanilla friends so I didn’t look very hard. Nick was impressed with the outfits – there were boobs out everywhere! Here are a few pictures.

I loved the dogs.

 And I was impressed by the fire breathing man.

The only worry I have in my life at the moment is the lack of time to write. When I go too long without my beloved outlet I get antsy! I can’t do much when I get home in the afternoon, I’m wiped out, and the last few weekends have been very full. I want to RETIRE! I know it’s not long, but I have to have some writing time. On a good note I did finish up the latest Cassie book a while back and I’ve sent it off to Blushing Books – I’m waiting to hear. And I am trying to find a way to let more people – vanillas – know about my books, any suggestions?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Help Wanted, chapter 4

Happy Friday, definitely my favorite day of the week. It's even better this week because today's a teacher's work day, it doesn't get any better than that.

Annie is still at it with this wonderful story and it's getting intense. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Chapter 4

Amy drifted awake to the sound of birds singing, palm trees rustling and an arm like a band of steel holding her firmly against RJ’s chest. Snuggling deeper against him she smiled at the tenderness of her bottom, rubbing it against him and reveling in the knowledge that she belonged to him. If anyone had told her that she would fall in love with a rich, legless man who planned to paddle her backside several times a day she would have laughed. As crazy as it sounded it felt more right than anything in her entire life. Not that she enjoyed the spanking part, at least not the real ones. When he punished there was nothing fun about it. With just his hard hand he could leave her hot and tender for hours, the paddle extended the discomfort to the next morning. Oh, but what came after, now that was worth any amount of spanking. Not only was he a tender and accomplished lover, he made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. And the not so real spankings, the times he warmed her bottom just because he wanted to, then made love to her, now that was something even more astounding. She loved it. The feel of his hand, the heat getting stronger, his deep voice asking her if she liked her bottom all hot and red, telling her how beautiful she looked wiggling under his palm. Just thinking about it made her wet. Last night he had asked her if she needed a spanking and she almost came in her panties.

RJ woke to the delicious feel of Amy rubbing her bottom against him. This had been the most enjoyable time of his life. She made him feel whole again, hell, she made him feel eighteen again, horny all of the time, ready to toss up her skirt and take her if she even looked at him. Like now, it couldn’t be much past sunrise and they had made love into the wee hours of the night, but the mere touch and smell of her and he was hard and straining against her before he was fully awake.

“I guess you’re rubbing that butt so I’ll know you are ready for your morning trip over my lap?”

Giggling, Amy turned in his arms and offered her lips for a morning kiss before replying.

“You better feed me first. I’m starving, and I know where that stuff leads.”

She almost slipped away but he snagged one foot and drew her back to him, screaming in mock outrage. Without a word he flipped her over and peppered her creamy flesh with handprints until she breathlessly surrendered. Turning her he settled her hot bottom against his now painful fullness and kissed her thoroughly. Sliding his fingers through her slippery folds and hearing her whimper with wanting him he changed his mind about teasing her until after breakfast. Placing her thighs over his powerful forearms he lifted her easily, slowly lowering her onto his waiting shaft without breaking his kiss, sliding home and resisting her attempts to move. Holding her, spread open and filled completely, he turned his attention to her breasts, biting her hardened nipples gently then sucking them deep into his mouth. When she started pushing against his chest trying to move against him, he quickly pulled her arms behind her back, easily holding both wrists in one large hand.

“I don’t remember telling you to move, little girl, now I’m going to have to punish you.”

With her hands behind her back her nipples were ripe for his attention. Drawing one nipple deep into his mouth and circling her hard clit with one thumb, he felt her pulse around him, desperate to feel him slide in and out. Keeping a slow and lazy rhythm he teased her until she was ready to scream with need.

“Tell me again just how hungry you are.” he growled against her neck, nipping her tender flesh and flicking his finger against her.

“Oh darling, it’s you I’m hungry for.” she whispered.

“If you’re sure, I don’t want you fainting from hunger right in the middle of an orgasm.”

“Please, RJ, don’t make me beg. Love me, darling, I need to feel you pounding into me.”

Cupping one hand under her ass he lifted her to the very tip of his penis and let her slide its full length, deep and hard.

“Is that what you want? A big, hard dick pounding inside.” he asked as she came to rest with him buried to the hilt inside her. “Or did you want some more of this?” Now swirling his thumb over her hungry clit.

Without giving her a chance to answer he claimed her mouth, matching his tongue to his penis as he lifted her up and down, flicking his thumb side to side, until she was drowning in sensation. In just a few strokes she shuddered around him, calling out his name. The look of her, head back, eyes closed, screaming his name, pushed him over the edge and he pounded to his own climax deep within her.

“Now that’s my idea of a morning work out. I’d rather lift you than a barbell any day. Now I’m hungry, and we’re both sticky, how about a quick shower and we’ll get some food?”

Soaping each other, tickling and teasing took a little longer than separate showers but was much more fun. Relaxed and refreshed, wearing a silk pareo around her waist, Amy served fruit and muffins on the deck.

“I think I’ll have you serve my breakfast topless everyday from now on.” he mused, admiring the gentle sway of her breasts as she leaned to pour his juice.

“Only on the island.” she amended, “That will give you an incentive to come back often.”


The days flew by in a haze of sensation and they settled into a comfortable ease with one another. It was amazing how well they fit, both in bed and out. Amy knew it had to end, but still found herself wishing they could stay forever. RJ postponed the decision for as long as he could but after ten days he knew he had to return. Watching the sunset over the water with Amy perched on his lap he nuzzled her neck and wished they could stay on the island, this was the most happiness he had known in his life.

“We have to go back to the real world tomorrow. I called for the pilot to pick us up at noon so we can sleep late one last time.”

“I hate to leave, but I know we have to.” Burying her face against his shoulder, she whispered, “I just don’t want to lose what we found here.”

“Living on the ship may be different, but we’ll be the same people we are here.”

“Promise we’ll come back soon?”

“I promise.”

Content with that they sat quietly, until the last light faded from the sky. Neither spoke the fear that haunted them both, that returning to the real world would shatter the precious trust they were building between them. Their lovemaking was urgent as the last night of their idyll slipped away.

The ship seemed exactly as they had left it but there was an underlying sense of tension. RJ’s desk was stacked with paperwork needing his approval. Thinking they would get started Amy was surprised when he asked her to take care of a business matter on shore. Hurrying to her cabin to dress she pondered this change in their routine. The agreement stated she would not leave the ship without RJ. Maybe he was starting to trust her after all. Funny, when she couldn’t leave that was all she thought about, now that he was letting her go, she wanted him to go with her.

Just as she stepped from the shower the fax dinged. Amy’s heart sank at the standard, formal sheet, telling her the schedule, what to wear, when to be ready. Back to business as usual. No more playing, she was just the hired help. Dashing the tears from her eyes Amy dressed as directed and planned her trip to shore. To add insult to injury, when she arrived back at his office the steward was waiting for her. Mr. Drake was on an important call and could not be interrupted. She was to deliver a package of documents to an attorney in town and carry the signed final copy back. Refusing to let him see her wounded pride, Amy took the packet and left on the launch, her mind racing with plans.

At the attorney’s office there was a small delay, taking this opportunity she dashed a quick note to Mr. RJ Drake, letting him know that she was not interested in returning to the “bargain”, and had it added to the packet to be delivered to the launch driver at the dock. It would be a few hours before he knew she had left, plenty of time to get a flight off of the island. In the back of the cab, she sobbed all the way to the airport, and wondered where to go.

RJ had the entire boat in an uproar the moment she left. He could only count on a few hours before she returned and everything had to be perfect. The jeweler had a selection of rings; it took forever to choose the perfect one. The florist was decorating the cabin and private deck with the flowers they had enjoyed on the island. The champagne was chilling and he ordered a selection of food that could be easily eaten in bed. The attorney was to call when she was leaving so they would ready. Obsessing over each detail he treated this the same as any other take over or merger. He was planning for the rest of his life here, it all had to be perfect.

The call from the attorney was an embarrassment, the copy of her note they faxed to him was devastating. It was all an act, she was walking out just like his wife. Hurt and angry, he called a friend at the airport and arranged to have her detained. She may be finished with him, but he wasn’t quite finished with her.


What a place to stop! But there is one more part so we'll finish up next week and then an old friend has come back to share some stories with us. For now I'll just thank Annie again and wait for next week. If you have a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT - Outing myself

Looking back at some posts from years gone by I came across this one. I know most out here keep their spanko side very private. I sure started off that way, but one friend wouldn't let it go. She suspected something and she wasn't going to let it go. This friend had met, Eve, one of my first friends in the blogging world. This happened back in the summer of 2008.

It was just a few weeks ago that I outed myself to my best vanilla friend. I can’t say it was exactly my choice – she made me tell!

I have written about Jane before. Eva met her before Eva’s gastric bypass; Jane had had one the year before.  We are very, very close but of course the subject of D/D relationships, erotic spankings – well, let’s just say it never came up.

She knows me better than any other vanilla friend and she was certainly aware that in the past sex was NOT one of my favorite activities. We discussed it often, how I wanted to want it but I just didn’t. Two years ago she was one of the first to comment on the sudden change in me. And she wanted to know what was going on. I would just laugh and shrug. I just couldn’t tell her.

She was also the first to link the change to the internet and my meeting Eva. Occasionally she would ask “Now just exactly how did you and Eva meet?” I would give a vague answer and she would pin me with one of ‘those looks’ – you know how teachers are with their ‘looks’. I would usually get a stupid grin on my face and change the subject.

But about a month ago she called me to go to lunch and said “And I expect to hear the ‘secret’ you have with Eva. Don’t tell me it’s nothing, I ain’t buying it!” I talked to Eva and told her what Jane wanted to know and if she wouldn’t let up, could I tell her. Since Eva knew her too I wanted her permission. Eva told me to go with my gut but she wanted to know everything she said if I did tell her.

We went to lunch about a week later but to my great surprise she did not mention it or ask me one question. I really did not know whether to be relieved or a little disappointed. We headed to our cars and Jane said “Come to my car with me”. I walked her down and she said “Get in.” I just looked at her and she said “No one is going to over hear us. Just get in.”

LOL! I guess the time had come! She started driving around and waited for me to talk. So I started “Listen, it’s nothing really strange you and Dick probably do it to. I have always found it interesting, I never told Nick until two years ago, but I am fascinated by spanking. I am turned on by having Nick spank me.” There it was out.

“You are kidding!” was Jane’s first comment. “Nope” I told her. And I went on to tell her that it was by finding blogs that I met Eva who was just like me as well as the dozen others that I talk to regularly. By this time she was laughing like crazy and peppering me with questions. “With what?” she wanted to know. I told her spanking toys could be found everywhere! Belts, hair brushes, spatulas, slippers – well you guys know how the lists goes on. In fact I told her Eva and I had suspected her as a spanko because of the beautiful shoe horn hanging in there kitchen. She just cackled! Then assured me they only used it for putting on shoes. How boring.

She wanted to know if it hurt – yes. Was Nick surprised when I told him – yes. Are there really more than a handful of people who do this – yes. Did it really improve your sex life – “Duh, Jane” I said “you know the before and after me, what do you think?” I was really enjoying the question and answer session. And she readily admitted how much I had changed and how obviously happy I am now.

We talked a little more about pervertibles (she loved that name BTW). I told her kitchen stores are fantastic for finding toys. And I mentioned 2 in our area that are my particular favorites. When I told her that you could order spanking implements off the net and that there were venders at spanking parties she was absolutely dumbfounded!

We ended our conversation with her telling me that was the most surprising thing I could have told. She was just thrilled for me and my friends. She was happy that we had found something that made us so happy and that we had the nerve to tell our guys and have them go along.

I came home and told Eva all about our talk and we laughed a while. She asked me if I had asked Jane what she had thought ‘the secret’ might have been since she seemed so surprised by what it was. I hadn’t thought of that. I planned to ask her the next time we talked.

That was about a week later. I called her and all I had gotten to say was “Hey, how you doing?” before she said “YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!” Me? What did I do?

She proceeded to tell me. She had gone shopping with her sister and cousin. They go to a kitchen
supply store where her sister finds the multi-colored spatulas and begins talking about how beautiful they are and how she has to have some. Jane burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter which she can’t explain in any way. She said no lie came to mind (and of course she promised me that she wouldn’t tell anyone) she just had to leave the store until she got hold of herself. Two stores later her cousin picks up some toy she wants to get for her grandchild – something with a paddle. Once again Jane loses it! “Now” she yells at me through her laughter “they both think I am nuts and I can’t tell them any different!” Bless her heart.

That was bad enough but I called her tonight as I began writing this. She is at the beach with her whole family. Earlier in the evening her husband gave gifts to his son and son-in-law – long shoe horns from the golf store. Jane said she was holding it together by biting her tongue and not looking at anyone, until her son takes his and smack his wife’s butt with it! Well there went Jane!! She said she laughed until she cried and then quickly left the room before she peed on herself! “Now my whole family thinks I am nuts” she yelled “and its all your fault!!”

 “So your boy is one of us?” I asked. She is still laughing. I asked her if she still felt I had ruined her life. And between giggled she admitted, “Well maybe not but you sure gave me a different way of looking at things!” I bet you can guess what we will be giving each other for Christmas this year!

My suggestion to you all, if you have a vanilla friend you're this close to, out yourself – it has been a blast!

Oh yeah, and what did she think the secret was? She was a little worried that I was having an affair - with Eva! Nope, I love Eva, but she's just not my type. Nick is my type and he will never have to worry about me having an affair.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Another good weekend

I’ve had a good weekend. It’s always fun having Mollie home. Mollie turned the grand old age of 22 and was thrilled with her gift of Apple TV – I don’t know what the heck it really is, but she liked it.

Of course having Mollie home Friday night changed our new Friday night ‘get together’.  But Nick didn’t let me down. Shortly after Mollie headed off with friends Saturday night Nick told me to go pick out what I wanted to use. Again I got Blondie’s paddle and also a small leather paddle that’s not too vicious.

All I can say is that Nick has gotten surprisingly good at this. He’s good at aiming for the sit-spot. So good that I still have sore spots as I write this Sunday evening. I see our Friday spanking as spankings for stress relief, reconnection, focus, and anything Nick thinks needs addressing. For the most part, I don’t think of it as leading to sex, at least most of the time. But with Mollie home for several days, we didn’t want to waste an opportunity and Nick was kind enough to kiss all the places he’d made sore.

And one other good thing about this week, even with Mollie around and a bit more cooking going on, I was able to lose another pound. I love movement in the right directions.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Help wanted, chapter 3

It's been a long week and I haven't felt like myself. I started feeling a little better yesterday and I hope that's going to continue. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  Mollie's birthday is this weekend and she is home for fall break - but she won't be home every minute so I'm sure Nick and I will find a little time for ourselves.

Annie story continues, enjoy...

Chapter 3

Amy flew through her shower and had her makeup and hair done when the fax machine dinged. Her daily schedule, right on time. Grabbing it she scanned for the wardrobe choice then frowned. It called for linen slacks and a silk shirt for the morning work period. So, it was going to be business as usual. He just humored her to get her to leave. Deeply disappointed, Amy was pulling the uniform of the day out of the closet when the machine dinged again. Surprised, she ran to see what was so important that it took two pages in one day.

Amy, Please cancel previous orders.
We will be leaving the ship, a
 Bag will be packed for you.
Casual clothing will be fine.

Departure following breakfast.

Well, well, Mr. Control was changing the plans for the day. That came as a bigger surprise than his permission to dress herself. Giggling, Amy ran to the closet to find just the right thing.


RJ watched in frank admiration as Amy coolly entered the solarium in a white sundress that showed off her tan. The neckline left little doubt that she was skipping foundation garments for the days outing. He found himself wondering if that extended to skipping panties as well. Acting as if it were a regular day Amy seated herself and served their normal breakfast of fruit and muffins. Knowing he disliked chatter she waited for him to tell her the plans for the day.

"We will be flying out as soon as the pilot is ready. I expect to be back tomorrow afternoon at the latest.  I feel it would be a mistake to muddy the waters of our contract. Therefore we will be taking a break. I am inviting you to join me for an evening on a quiet island, no obligations, just a chance to get to know one another. It is voluntary. Once we return to this ship, the contract will continue."

Reaching across the table to take her hand RJ gave her one more chance to back out.

"Will you please join me for a day of relaxing on the beach?"

"Why, I would love to Mr. Drake. Will anyone else be joining us?"

"No, the pilot will drop us and return at the arranged time. Unless you would prefer we bring a small staff. If you would be more comfortable it can be”

"No, no," she interrupted, "just us is perfect."

Sighing with relief, RJ asked to steward to let the pilot know they were ready. An hour later they were landing on a small island with not a soul in sight. A small cove sheltered a stunning white sand beach and a small boat was tied at the end of the dock. While they looked over the scenery the pilot ran ahead and returned shortly with a dune buggy. Enough boxes to feed 20 people joined the wheelchair and several overnight bags in the back. Once in the buggy RJ waved the pilot on and then hurried forward to avoid the rotor wash from the helicopter as it rose. A path led between the palm trees and opened to a portico in front of a small but lovely cottage. The sandy path gave way to a concrete driveway leading to the front door.

"This is no four star hotel." he cautioned. "We're on our own. I built this place after the accident. I needed a place to get away and fend for myself. I come here several times a year for peace and quiet."

Swinging the wheelchair out he made a smooth transfer and escorted her inside. It was a simple floor plan, the front half offering a kitchen and sitting area, the rear, a bedroom and bath. Each wall had large, floor to ceiling windows, cranked open to catch the breeze and doors opening to the covered patio that ran around the entire house. A sundeck extended off of the bedroom. Each area had cabinets built in low for easy access. Amy was enchanted with the simple elegance.

"It's beautiful! How can you stand to ever leave?"

"Too much of a good thing can render it ordinary. I come here to be alone, but I do have responsibilities and a business to run, I can't hide out forever."

Amy noted the completely masculine air to the décor, the place looked perfect for him, sleek, uncluttered and efficient, but totally gorgeous. On impulse, she ran to him and threw her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek.

"Thank you for sharing this place with me."

"I've never brought anyone here before, but it seemed like the perfect place for us to get to know each other." Tipping her face to his, he kissed her deeply. "I want our time to be special for both of us." And I want to remember you here after you've moved on, he thought, kissing her again.

Scooping her up onto his lap, RJ wheeled them into the bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. He ached with wanting her but resolved to make this last, for both of them. He wanted their day off to be perfect for her, just holding her, feeling her arousal was close enough to perfect for him.

Amy felt like she was drowning. Whatever it was must be chemical, she mused, he was definitely not her usual type. Of course, falling for the pretty boys with no ambition was how she ended up on this trip in the first place. There was something so solid about him. Even if he was cold sometimes, she wondered if maybe he was just protecting himself. There must be hundreds of women chasing after a rich, good-looking guy like him. Sure, that was why she was here, no reason to hide from the hired help, she was safe and expendable.

Feeling her stiffen and withdraw, RJ knew it was too good to be true. She was just like the rest, dazzled by his money but he didn't have enough to overcome those stumps once they got a closer look.

"I am sorry; this is a mistake, Amy. We'll be leaving as soon as the pilot returns, I'll try to reach him before he gets to the ship."

"You bring me here, treat me like something you bought and paid for, and then get upset if I don't just roll over and spread my legs out of pure gratitude? You miserable bastard."

RJ didn't see it coming until it was too late. Her hand cracked against the side of his face snapping his head back and causing him to topple over. He rolled with the impact and caught her other hand, pulling her onto the bed and across his lap in one smooth motion. Furious at her for daring to slap him and himself for daring to hope she would be different, he blistered her bottom until she was sobbing, then left her there crying miserably.

After a few minutes his temper cooled and he was able to acknowledge her biggest offense had been getting inside of his defense. It wasn’t the first time he wanted something he couldn’t have, probably not the last either. Steeling himself for the big “just not meant to be” speech he returned to the bedroom to find her face down, red bottom wreathed with her gauzy dress, and sobbing as if her heart were broken. The sight of his handprint on the creamy skin of her thigh, as if he had marked her as his private property, caused a tightening in his groin. Determined to make up to her for losing his temper he sat next to her and began gently rubbing the sting out of her soft skin.

“Please, don’t pretend that you care about me, it only makes this worse. I have made a big enough fool of myself over you. All you had to do was say no. I hoped to make love with you, but I refuse to be a paid fuck.”

RJ was stunned. He thought it was his handicap that put her off.

“What are you talking about? You’re the one that got cold feet once you got a good look at me. And no one is talking about paying you to fuck, and I don’t expect to hear such language from you again. Things were fine and then you pulled away, looked at me like I was some kind of freak.”

“All I could think of was how you could have anyone you wanted, but you were here with me, because I’m just the hired help, so it doesn’t really count.”

Pulling her up to face him, RJ soothed her and wiped her tears.

“Listen to me; I am here because I want very much to make love to you, not because you work for me, but in spite of it. If you want to leave just say so, we’ll go back to the boat and pretend this never happened. If we stay here, I am going to do my best to make sure this is a night we both remember.”

Amy finally looked him in the eye, “I want to stay, if you do.”

“Let’s start over then.” Leaning forward he gently brushed her mouth with his lips, giving her every chance to set the pace. To his delight she returned his kiss with abandon, slipping her tongue deep in his mouth and melting against him. His hands clutching her hot bottom reminded her of how it felt to be over his lap and she moaned into his mouth.

“I am so sorry for losing my temper.”

Turning her onto her stomach he gently kissed the heated flesh until she was desperate for more. Lifting her to her knees he took in the sight of her, spread open to him, the scent of her arousal strong, her delicate folds framed by the still red bottom. Sliding his fingers inside her he traced his tongue over the swollen nub at her center until she dissolved in spasms. Not giving her a chance to catch her breath he pulled her back onto his lap and slid deep inside, pulling her dress over her head, he rocked them gently and pulled on her extended nipples.

“Oh, please, I want, oh,” Amy babbled with the sensation building.

“I know exactly what you want, but first you get what you need.”

Slowly, teasing and tantalizing, he played her body, drawing another shattering orgasm from her before he began lifting her, his arms under her thighs, holding her open and allowing him to slide deep inside. Knowing he could not hold back much longer he paced himself to her rhythm, and feeling her begin to shudder, lost himself in her sweetness.

They dozed in each other’s arms, a light breeze playing over their sweat slick bodies, until the setting sun brought a chill to the air.

“Thank you, Amy, for one of the most perfect afternoons of my life. I have been thinking about your mouth, swollen and soft from lovemaking, smiling just like you’re doing now.”

“Every time you punish me I hope you will hold me and kiss me afterwards. You make me feel so safe. I hate going to bed alone, wishing you were there.”

“Well I’m here now, and I’m starving. How about a picnic by moonlight?”

“You wait right here, I want my picnic in bed.”

Amy ran off to the kitchen and soon returned with a platter of sandwiches and fruit, and a bottle of chilled white wine. After much begging RJ relented and called to cancel the pick up flight. He was in no hurry to return to work, and even less hurry to go back to separate beds. A few days spent in bed with a beautiful woman was not a bad deal, especially one who was willing to get her fanny warmed first.

Amy just knew if she could keep him away from the yacht for a few days he would see that they could never go back to the way things were before. The thought of being sent off to bed, all alone, with a hot bottom, was too depressing.

He may not know it yet, but they were meant for each other, and she wasn’t going to give up until she made him admit it.


Now please don’t worry. There is more to come, and again my thanks to my anonymous friend and fantastic writer. Carye, an old friend, has sent some stories, but just because I have a few doesn’t let you off the hook – I always need more and I hope some of you are going to try a story and share it with the rest of us. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spankings are one thing, but this hurt

I wasn’t sure I was going to write this, but here is where I sort out my emotions and this feeling hit hard and fast I didn’t even know it was there. I’ve said I worried about my weight because of health reasons, and that is the main reason. But evidently that’s not the only thing that’s bothering me.

Sunday night I went to our church to hear a singer.  Nick stayed home. This singer used to be a church member when I was a kid and although he’s about eight years older than me, he was my first crush. They moved away when I was ten and he came back with his wife and baby when I was sixteen. I still had a crush on him, and he flirted with me a bit then – I was a cutie as a teenager. 

They were gone again when I was eighteen. My crush had burned itself out. I’ve seen him a time or two since, but not in the past twenty years. I was looking forward to speaking to him at the dinner after the concert and seeing how his kid were doing, but that didn’t happen. Something hit me as I walked in – I felt fat and frumpy and ugly.  I wasn’t expecting it, it hit from nowhere. But it hit hard. Looking over at my first crush I could plainly see that he wasn’t exactly a stud anymore – he had white shaggy hair and a bit of a gut himself, but I wasn’t interested in what he looked like, I was too busy feeling bad about myself.

So I never went over to speak to him. I listened to him sing, and then I left without going to the dinner. I couldn’t decide which would be worse; that he wouldn’t remember me or that he would remember and see what a fat mess I’ve become.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Don’t be stupid after a spanking

See that title there? Sure could have used that advice Friday evening. Okay, I need to tell you about Friday. You know I’ve had this cold so I wasn’t feeling my best to say the least. I asked Nick to spank on Friday afternoon/evenings because he has Fridays off and I knew he might not be so tired. It’s the end of the workweek for me and I’m always happy that I have two days off school.

But on Fridays we have a wild card – Mollie. She is doing an interim in our town and often drops by for a quick visit before dashing back to college and more interesting companions. Last Friday, however, she wanted me to help with some six-point lesson plans she was working on for a college class. Teachers may recognize this foolishness of which I speak, but I don’t know any teacher that uses the six-point plan. I haven’t made one since my college days – it would be like writing down, in great detail, how I shower and brush my teeth each morning. I tried to help but mostly we were both just frustrated. The last time I was observed by our vice principal he found the following written in my plan book –

“I know what I’m doing – stay out of my plan book.”

Not a luxury Mollie will have as a first year teacher, but I love leaving them notes like that.

Anyway… by the time she left Nick and I decided to go out for dinner. Coming home we were both a little tired (he works hard on his day off) but being the sweet, good man he is he handed me a blindfold and told me to wait for him in the spare room. Again he let me keep my pants on for the first part – but he did spank pretty hard and he used the OCW pictured in my masthead. It’s leather, but hard leather and it hurts, seems to be one of his favorites though. I like its looks way better than its feel.

He then took down my pants and left me there for a bit – this is something else I asked for and it does help me concentrate. When he came back he had the large thin wooden paddle that has a wicked surface sting and he lit me up pretty well. For some reason he seemed to have paid way more attention to my right side than my left – unusual for Nick, he usually spreads thing around very evenly. I think he let me off a bit easy this week, because of the cold, but it was still a hard spanking. Nick commented it wasn’t hard enough because I still wasn’t very vocal, but that we’d work on that.

After I went back to the bedroom to change, and here is where I was STUPID!  I complained that the spanking hadn’t been even and he’d been much harder on the right side. I swear, you would have thought I'd thrown a lit firecracker at his feet!
He dashed to the closet saying, “Oh no, we can’t have that. I’ll fix that now.” And before I could get my bearing I was again bare assed over a bed as he wailed away with the thick leather strap with the holes in it determined to even things out. Damn! That was as hard as the whole first spanking – and I was definitely vocal! Nick seemed so pleased with himself for having corrected his mistake I nearly laughed. It was almost funny – but I’ll know better next time.

He made some lovely threats for next week too. I hope that they’ll work out. But Mollie’s birthday is next week as well as her fall break. We’re going to have to be creative, but I think we’ll be find the time for one another. He’s been wonderful and as soon as this cough releases me I’m going to show him my full appreciation.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dispelling myths

I need to ask my mother’s forgiveness. Mom would be ninety-five now if she were still with me, and she definitely had her own ideas of how things worked, based on what she was taught growing up. She was firm in how she believed you got the common cold. You got a cold from running in and out of the house to play in the snow. You could catch cold from going outside in clod weather in your
bare feet and you would catch your death of cold if you went out in the cold with wet hair. I often remember her telling me, “I’m cold, put on your sweater.” I never understood how my putting on a sweater was going to keep her warm. In her book, being cold equaled catching a cold.

I being a modern, scientific daughter I tried my best to explain to her that viruses and viruses alone caused colds. She acknowledged that this was a possibility, but never gave up her original beliefs.

Now I finally realized that we were both wrong – it’s neither going out in the cold with wet hair nor viruses that cause me to catch a cold. What causes me to catch a cold is to make a firm commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Once I make the definite decision to exercise faithfully four to five days a week, once I commit to changing my diet and eating healthier and avoid soft drinks as much as possible, once these decisions are firm – a cold will grab me, slam me to the ground and begin kicking and stomping.

It certainly happened this time. Last Sunday it hit. Breathing is the only exercise I’ve managed and trust me the effort alone has been a full time job. Coming home from school I have just enough strength to make it to my chair and with my last reserve I manage to get my computer to my lap – riding the bike, walking, or playing on the wii has not been possible.

Food? I’m sick – I want comfort food. I do not view carrot sticks and salad as comfort food, I never will. I’ve really done okay on the food front. I haven’t been very hungry and I haven’t overeaten or gone over to junk food with one exception. My soft drinks, specifically Sundrop – I crave it like a crack addict craves that next hit. When I cough it hits suddenly and severely. It seems as thought I’m coughing up a lung and Sundrop is nearly the only thing that controls it. Water makes me cough more, but that burning hit of carbonated citrus – oh my, it cuts the cough off! My weight is up a little from last week. I’m not surprised considering I have at least five pounds of congestion in my head and chest.

I promised Nick and I’m promising all of you out here – the cold has only caused a postponement to my push toward healthier living. I know the cold will let go soon and I’m ready to jump on the healthy bandwagon.

Nick has been very sweet and understanding. He is getting over a cold and may have possibly contributed to my current state. But his sweetness and understanding goes only so far and in an email the other night he told me in no uncertain terms that the cold did not get me out of our ‘Friday covenant’ as he called it. Bless his heart, he’s right. The end he plans to work on is not affected by my cold and I am happy he realized that. I didn’t expect it to cure the cold, but knew I’d feel better.  I’ll tell you about that spanking tomorrow.