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Friday, May 29, 2015

Fantasy Friday - The Challenge

One test down, one this morning and two more next week. The end is in sight, but there is some hard babysitting to come through the second week of June. Actually I'm doing some good teaching now that the test on my subject is done. I'm doing interesting stuff and the kids really liked it today.

I'm very happy to bring you this weeks Fantasy Friday.  I have a feeling many of us could relate to this story. It's a rerun but it's been a while since I posted it, hope it new to some of you. Please enjoy...

The Challenge

Annie stared at the mirror in disgust. How had this happened? At twenty-four how had she become a fat blob? She had had to work to keep her weight down in high school but college had really gotten her. The freshman fifteen had become the sophomore twenty and on and on. Taking a teaching job so far away from friends and family didn’t help. Eating and vegging in front of the TV had become her main source of comfort and relaxation. She hated the weight, hated the feeling of lethargy, and she hate the feeling of sadness that overcame her when she passed a mirror. But try as she might nothing seemed to motivate herself to get started.

Until she saw the ad in the paper several days later. It was from the gym she passed on the way to work.

Three month weight loss challenge
No membership required
Improve your health and lose weight

Money back guarantee!

Hmmmm…. That could work, only 3 months, didn’t have to join for a year and your money back if it didn’t work. Now maybe this was worth a try. Annie called for an appointment.


The appointment was for an information meeting in a group of about twenty. An instructor walked in precisely at 6:00 PM and began the program introduction. Annie hid a small smile at the sight of him. If this was the eye candy available she was pretty sure she would like this program. At 6:05 two women entered chatting quietly and the instructor turned to them.

“Excuse me ladies were you coming to the information meeting on the weight loss challange?”

“Yes.” one answered smiling. “Are we in the right place?”

“No, you aren’t. The meeting began at six and you weren’t here. This program only accepts serious applicant. Being late tells me you are not serious. Good day.”

Every mouth in the room fell open at the man’s rudeness. The two women stared at him nonplus before coloring slightly and leaving with out another word. The instructor began again.

“My name is Jonas. I have an excellent program to offer but as you just heard me explain I will only be working with people that are committed to what they are doing. Not all of you will be accepted, but those that are will reach their goal.”

“Who decided on what that goal is?” a woman from the back asked the question. Annie was wondering about.

“At your private assessment we will decide on that goal together. We want to push you but the goal has to be realistic and obtainable. Only when we come to a mutual decision will you be able to sign a contract.”

“Contract?” another woman asked. “What kind of contract?”

“This is a strict program,” Jonas explained. “You will be required to come to the gym for a minimum of one hour a day, six days a week for the duration. It you can’t make it call to let us know and plan on staying an extra hour the next day. You will have some required classes, access to a private trainer and a nutritionist. There will be required weekly weigh in, motivational sessions when necessary and penalties for not complying with the contract.”

‘Geeze,’ Annie thought to herself ‘this sounds more like boot camp that a gym program.’ But at the same time she was excited. This could work.

“You haven’t told us how much this is going to cost,” came another inquiry.

“That’s right I haven’t,” he agreed. “Before I tell you the cost I want you to know that this program works. It’s not cheap and it’s not easy – but it works. The cost for the three months is five hundred dollars.”

Five hundred dollars?

Was he out of his friggin mind? Annie heard muttering and chair scraping all around her as seven women got up and left. ‘I might as well go with them,’ Annie thought. Her entire fortune at this point consisted of five hundred and seventy-two dollars in savings and around ninety in her checking account. But she was hooked now and she had to know what he was going to say next.

Jonas made no effort to stop any of the women from leaving. He waited quietly for the room to settle and then continued. “Well, now I know who is serious.”

Annie couldn’t keep her mouth shut any longer. “I can’t afford this program, but I have to know one thing. You said a money back guarantee. Are you saying that if we follow all your rules and still don’t lose all the weight we get that money back?”

“No ma’am, our money back guarantee is a little different. The challenge is only with yourself and at the end of three months if you have met or exceeded your goal then you get your money back – all of it.”


Her assessment had been an ordeal. One hundred eighty-five pounds! She was horrified. Jonas himself had been taking her measurements with an assistant writing down one horrible number after another.

“You need to lose around fifty-five pounds. Not,” he stressed, “in three months, but that should be your over all goal. Based on what you have told me about your current eating habits and your lack of any physically activity, with work on your part you can lose twenty pounds or more during this program. You will be required to lose two pounds every week. Even if you lose three one week, you will still have two pound goal for the next week.”

“What if I mess up one week and don’t lose that much. Does that mean I blow my chance to get my money back?”

“Annie,” he said looking intently at her. (Damn he had beautiful eyes!) “My goal is to have you improve your health and lose some weight. I also want you to get your money back. If you don’t make goal one week or miss a day at the gym you will have penalties and you may have to come to motivational sessions, but if you lose twenty pounds in three months you get your money back.”

“Now here is your contract. Read it all and read it carefully. If you decide you can live with the terms and conditions it spells out be here at or before five PM Monday with the signed contract and five hundred dollars in cash ands we’ll get started. Don’t be late.”

Annie had debated with herself all weekend but by Monday the decision was made. She left school at 3:30 – to the bank for the money and on to the gym. She hadn’t read the entire contract, but she felt she could trust Jonas and she knew she had to get that money back. What better motivation could their possible be? Grabbing the contract and her cash she headed into the gym.


Annie loved her first two weeks at the gym. Sore! Sore wasn’t the word for it. She was so sore she couldn’t move but it felt wonderful. It was new, it was exciting, she was meeting new people and best of all Jonas had seemed to take a special interest in her. He worked with her, pushed her, and encouraged her. And everything paid off. Saturday morning of the first week – 9:00AM weigh in and a loss of three and two tenths pounds!

“Fantastic!” was Jonas’ response as she stepped off the scale. “I knew you could do it. I’m proud of you.” He told her with a smile and a hug. But remember – another two pounds next week. You can’t slack off any. And she hadn’t! Saturday morning of the second week showed her down another two and four tenths. Jonas’ smile was again a thing of beauty and his hugs were addictive. You know what works now Annie. But keep at it, week three comes hard.

And it did. Everything seemed to conspire against her. Three birthday parties at school – true she could have refused the cupcakes, but they were home made and delicious. Her parents came by to take her to supper Wednesday and she didn’t even make it to the gym.

Thursday afternoon Jonas was waiting on her, he didn’t look happy.

“Where were you yesterday?”

For a split second Annie was flattered that he had even noticed her absence, but the look on his face didn’t keep her flattered for long.

“You’ll be staying an extra hour to make up for it tonight and you’ll be working with me,” he stated shortly.

Annie’s temper faired suddenly. “Who died and left you boss!” she shouted. “I don’t have to stay here and be treated like this.” Annie felt tears of anger coming as she turned quickly to leave the gym.

Jonas was right behind her as she reached the door and he grabbed her hand. “Is this temper tantrum really worth five hundred dollars? Annie, the middle of week three is early for a motivational session but I know you need it. Come with me please.”

Annie let herself be lead to Jonas’ office. “Now what’s going on?” he asked kindly.

The kindness in his voice took her by surprise and took the edge off her anger. “I’m blowing it,” she told him truthfully. “I did so well the last two weeks, but this week we have had snacks all over school. My folks took me out to eat and ordered dessert and everything. I missed a day exercising and I know I’m not going to make the two pound goal this week,” Annie felt herself tearing up as she continued. “I know I won’t be able to do this. Nothing ever works. I’m going to be fat forever.”

Jonas closed the door and turned to her. He looked very stern this time. “I’m not listening to this. I think we need to address this right now.”

With no explanation or warning Jonas took Annie’s hand and led her to the couch. With one firm tug Annie found herself over his lap.

“What are you doing?” Annie shouted. “Let me go! What’s wrong with you, you jerk! Get your hands off me.”

Jonas acted as though he hasn’t heard a work. Annie’s protests were ignored as he began a hard warm-up spanking with his hand. “You need to be quiet,” Jonas said in a quite firm voice. “You had to know this was coming. Three weeks into a three month program and you’re ready to give up. I think I am beginning to see your problem. You give up on yourself. That’s not going to happen any more.”

“Know it was coming … are you crazy? Let me go, what gives you the right to do this to me?” she demanded.

Jonas continued to spank hard – Annie tried to stay quiet, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing how badly he was hurting her, but she couldn’t help crying out at the hard pops. Finally Jonas helped her to her feel and stepped over to his desk. Annie nearly headed for the door but she wanted an explanation. Her bottom hurt from the impromptu spanking and she rubbed it vigorously. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“First let me tell you who you are.” Jonas said as he held a paper out for her to take, “you are a young woman who signs a contract without reading it. Would you care to read the clause I just circled in red?”

Annie took the paper and read it swiftly. Good grief! Right there between the gym hours and the rules for proper attire:

• Motivational sessions will be given at the discretion of the instructor. A motivational session will use corporal punishment to encourage the participant to work harder and to maintain a good attitude. A wooded paddle will be used with a minimum of ten swats and not to exceed fifty in one motivational session. (Not including a warm-up) Corporal punishment may be given over clothing or on the bare at the discretion of the instructor.

• Penalties may be occurred for missing sessions, tardiness, bad language, rude or abusive behavior toward the instructor. Penalties will be given with a leather strap and always on the bare. Penalties will build up to five before they will be given. No more that ten in a give day.

Annie continued to stare at the words and at her initials beside them.

“Did you not sign this contract?” Jonas asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t…”

“Read it?” Jonas supplied. "You should be spanked for signing a contract without reading it. Very dangerous. See what it’s gotten you into?

“You can’t spank me! You can’t be serious, I won’t let you.”

“Of course that’s up to you. You can leave right now but you will be breaking your contract and you’ll be forfeiting your five hundred dollars.”

Annie started at him a moment longer. She couldn’t lose that money. How had she been stupid enough to get herself in this trap?

“I can’t afford to lose the money” she said quietly, not really believing what she was agreeing to.

“I understand,” Jonas told her, “Let’s get started. “Please bring me the paddle in the right hand drawer.

With a shaking hand Annie opened the drawer. The paddle looked wicked. She brought it over. He handed it to Jonas who in turn handed her a small towel. “Keep both hands on the towel,” he told her. “I don’t want you reaching back. I don’t want to hit your hand by mistake.”

He pulled her gently down on his lap once again. “Annie you are going to receive ten and I am letting you keep your shorts on. But if this happens again it will be more swats and it will be on the bare. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Annie managed to say. She was feeling major relief. Ten, how bad could just ten be she thought. She quickly found out.

To be continued...


So you may not want to wait until next week for the rest of the story, but geeze folk do you know how long I wait for a new story? You might have guessed that I wrote this story. The idea has been in my head for a long time and I finally decided to get it written. I hope you will come back next week for the rest of the story. If you have a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pissed me off!

This is why I love my blog.  Nick made me so mad a little while ago. I was asking him about something – nothing of any importance in anyways. I was in the other room and we couldn’t hear one another too well, but he knew I was coming right back. I repeated something because I hadn’t heard exactly what he’s said and he yelled at me. 

I went from totally calm, in a pleasant mood to furious – if looks could kill kind of thing I’d be looking for a new husband right now. I hate and despise being yelled or snapped at. There is no reason for adults to yell at other adults unless you are warning someone of impending danger – things like ‘timber’, ‘look out for the shark’, or ‘tornado’s coming’ are some of the few exceptions.

I’ve given Nick permission to spank my ass any time he feels it’s necessary or anytime he simply wants to – but I’ve never consented to being yelled at, and I won’t ever. Had I been the spanker in the family and he yelled (snapped at me) over something so trivial I would have pulled him from his chair and he wouldn’t have sat comfortably the rest of the evening, and I would have felt so much better for it.

As it was I said in a deadly, calm voice, “My apologies, I don’t hear perfectly either.” And that was the last thing I said to him for quite a while and I stayed in my writing room and muttering and saying ugly things and writing this post. Grrrr… do whatever else you want to me – but do not raise your voice to me!

See how great blogging is – it felt so good to dump on you. I’m not the least bit mad anymore. I just wanted to vent while I was pissed and with that I got it all out of my system. Thank you very much, Nick would thank you too if he had any idea I’d been mad.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Three weeks to go

Just wanted to let you know all is well at the PK household. There are 13 school days left for students until my summer freedom. We are adjusting to having Mollie home. She is an excellent cook and doesn’t mind doing a little cleaning – can’t ask for much more of an adult offspring living at home. In fact I’ve had to limit her cooking to no more than three times a week or I’m going to be big as a house.

She headed off this past weekend with friends and suddenly we had an empty house. We’re still trying to celebrate first weekend (regardless of when we get around to it). And we had a great celebration – Nick is going off on a golf trip next weekend so I decided to treat him to an afternoon of pampering and he seemed to appreciate it very much.

The list hasn’t come up since we cleared it last time over a week ago – but I’ve often said I’m pretty near perfect, I suppose the lack of anything on the list goes to proves that. But I don’t mind, I’m slipping back into mom mode, despite the fact that Mollie needs no mothering. It’s just a feeling I get when she is in the house.

So a wild 13 days to come – end of grade testing to get through. I always get a little stressed this time of year. I’m giving one test on line. I’ve never done that before – not sure how that’s going to go. I know it’s the future, but I wish they had waited until I retired. I have grades to finish up too, not to mention lesson plans continue all this time, got to keep the kids occupied even if they aren’t learning too much these last few days. A stress relief spanking or two would be nice and Mollie does work four days a week until six, Nick and I are home by 3:30 each day. Cross your fingers for me.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thanks Dad

I want to thank my father, 
my ten uncles, 
two aunts, 
my brother-in-law 
and all the service men and women
for their service to our country 
and for fighting for all our freedom from
WWII through Desert Storm.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Remember Your Cell Phone

All is well here. It's different having Mollie home but we have settled in and I think we're doing pretty well. She is going off with friends this weekend so we'll have a little time to ourself. And since I'm off Monday I'll even have a little time to write, I hope.

This Fantasy Friday is a repeat - but a special one. A good friend wrote this one for us back in 2013. Although may of you read her blog, A Place to Share, you may not know what a wonderful fiction writer she is. Terpsichore has been a friend for a long time. We haven't met in person yet, but it will happen some day. 

Today please enjoy... 

Remember Your Cell Phone

Hannah walked into the room frazzled and out of breath. There was an overwhelming hush followed by sighs of relief and she was smothered with hugs from her husband and their two friends, Marnie and Tom.
Ryan held her and then scolded a little more harshly than he intended, “Don’t you ever scare us like that again!”
“I’m so sorry,” Hannah apologized sincerely to everyone. She was trembling and on the verge of tears.
“Where were you? We were all worried,” her husband said a little more softly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry anyone. I was running errands this afternoon and I thought I left with plenty of time but somehow got all turned around and became lost.” 
Hannah had never seen her husband angry at her before and felt her body quiver with remorse. He, knowing it was an honest mistake and sensing her genuine distress, accepted her apology and then held her in his arms and comforted her. 
“I’m sorry I yelled. I was just so scared. If anything ever happened to you--”
She stopped him mid-sentence and answered, “Nothing did happen and I am fine and I am really sorry I made you worry.”
“I know. I love you so much.”
“I love you, too.”
She turned to Marnie and Tom who had kindly invited them for dinner and apologized, “I am sorry I made you worry, too. I hope I didn’t spoil dinner.”
“No, not at all,” said Marnie trying to soothe her friend. “I knew you were fine. I cooked while the boys went to search for you.”  
“You went to search for me?” Hannah asked looking to Ryan and Tom, again feeling guilty.
“I am pretty sure if we did not go and do something he would have rubbed a hole in our carpet from pacing back and forth so much,” Tom said chuckling, giving her a hug and then punching Ryan gently on the arm.
Ryan let a small smile show in response to his friend’s gesture, but was still not ready to laugh about the situation. Hannah gazed at her husband who was trying hard to contain his composure. He had not taken his eyes of her since she walked through the door and though he had accepted her apology, she could still feel the tension.
“I’m so so so sorry,” Hannah said again.
“Perhaps if I had a reliable way of reaching you, I wouldn’t have needed to go searching for you, and there would not have been a cause for all the worry. I tried calling you at least five times and every time it immediately went to voice mail.”
“Did I mention I am sorry?” she asked looking at her husband sweetly and giving him a kiss, breaking the tension between them.
Ryan let out a little laugh. “Yes, as a matter of fact you have.” He hadn’t realized he was still so upset and took a deep breath. Then he asked in a playfully chastising way, “I imagine you did not have your phone with you?” Clearly he had forgiven her, but had not forgotten the last hour and a half of searching and waiting anxiously for her return. He narrowed his eyes at her waiting for a response.”
 “Well, technically my phone was with me,” she nervously admitted.
“Hmmm. Was it charged?” He smiled at her raising his eyebrow.
“Probably not.”  She cast her eyes low having heard this many times before. She never could seem to remember her phone and when she did it was rarely charged and he was always teasing her about gluing it to her permanently.
“Next time, bring your phone with you, please, and make sure it is charged.”
“I will try to remember.”
“You are going to have to do better than that,” he reprimanded, taking her chin in his hand and looking into her eyes.
 “Ahhhh, she said she was sorry. Now kiss her and make up,” Tom nudged.
Ryan smiled with a twinkle in his eyes and joyfully complied. “Okay.”  And he took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately, and for a moment they both forgot they had an audience. 
“Young love is so sweet,” Tom teased.  “Get a room.”
Ryan and Hannah stopped kissing, their faces still an inch apart, and they grinned from ear to ear still focused on each other. Hannah started to feel better about the whole situation.
“Leave them alone,” Marnie warned her husband. “Just because you have lost all sense of romance--”
“Just wait until they’ve been married as long as we have,” Tom retorted.
“They were married a year after us,” she reminded him.
“Yeah, well one year is a long time,” Tom said, moving away from his wife just in case she decided to retaliate. Marnie rolled her eyes at her husband who was forever joking around. But it was true that after ten years of marriage and two children Ryan and Hannah still sometimes acted like newlyweds.
Ryan gave Hannah another hug and said out loud, “I’m glad you are all right. I don’t know what I would do without you. Promise me you will be more careful.” 
“I will,” she promised.
“And if you go out on your own, you will always have your phone with you, charged and ready to use, yes?”
“I don’t forget on purpose.”
“I know, but I would feel much better if you remembered.” Then he whispered in her ear so only she could hear, “When we get home I am going to give you a spanking you are not going to forget – I am going to whip your beautiful behind to match the color your face is blushing right now and then maybe you will remember your phone.”
Hannah felt the warmth in her face rise and tried to hide her embarrassment. As she walked to sit down at the table Ryan gave her a friendly tap on her derriere, much to her horror and the smirk of their friends. He sat down right beside her at the end of the table. All throughout dinner, he reached under the table and tapped her thigh as a reminder of what she had awaiting her at home. She was certain she was blushing again as he gazed at her with his deep green eyes and smiled. Her pulse raced. In part she felt the excitement of anticipation. The other part of her was nervous as she had never seen her husband angry with her before and while his smile reassured her that it was all in play, his tone and the words he had whispered in her ear said otherwise. 
Tom and Marnie chatted, not paying attention to the private glances and silent conversation going on between Ryan and Hannah. Hannah sat quietly watching, laughing at appropriate times, and trying to listen, but her thoughts were elsewhere. Ryan gave her thigh a squeeze bringing her back. She realized her friend had asked a question. She quickly apologized for being distracted and asked Marnie to repeat the question and promptly answered. 
After dinner, they cleaned up together and were laughing about some silly story Tom was telling them that happened at work. The four of them had been friends for a long time; they were more like family. They were fortunate to live close by and that their children got along well. It had been a while since they had gotten together just the adults and they were enjoying sharing adult conversation together, though often the stories meandered back to their children and how they were doing.  Every time they got together, they could not help but to laugh about good times, old and new.
Only, Hannah was having a hard time focusing on the conversations. She saw Ryan cleaning a wooden spoon and watched as he subtly tapped it on his hand. She smiled quietly but inside she felt sick and her palms were sweaty. Marnie asked if she was all right and she politely answered she was fine. Hannah excused herself to the bathroom to try to pull herself together.  She started to feel emotions swelling inside of her that she could no longer contain. 
When she returned everyone had settled in the living room. Ryan approached her and asked, “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” she answered not making eye contact.
“You are not fine. You look like you’ve been crying.”
“I’m fine, really,” she said smiling trying to fool him into believing her and desperately trying to hold back the tears that wanted to start again.
Hannah thought she was hiding it well, but he could see right through her. He always could. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, catching a single tear. He looked to his friends and said, “Excuse us a moment,” as he took her hand and led her out the room and upstairs where they could talk in private. 
As they came into the hallway, she whispered, “Honey, we can’t just leave – it is rude. They will think something is really wrong.”
“Tom is like my brother. I’ve known him my whole life and I’ve known Marnie almost as long. They’ll survive being without us a moment and I am sure they will understand. Besides what they think does not matter. Right now it is important we talk.”  He pulled her into the spare bedroom reserved for guests and closed the door behind him.
“Please. This isn’t necessary. I am fine really. I just still feel badly about being so late and making everyone worry. Okay? Let’s go back. I don’t need to talk. I am fine.” She reached towards the door and Paul grabbed her hand and smacked her bottom hard.
“Ouch,” she shouted as she rubbed her behind.
“That was for lying. You are not fine and if you say it again I will take you over my knee right now.”
“I’m sorry,” she cried.
His face softened into a smile. “I know and I know you feel badly, but it is over and done with. Feeling guilty isn’t going to help. There is no need to keep punishing yourself.”
It was not “punishing herself” that she was worried about, but she was not prepared to share her concerns with her husband. Ryan let her cry and held her lovingly in his arms, kissing her head and whispering, “It’s going to be okay.”
After the tears started to subside he stepped back and lifted her chin and said, “Look at me.” She resisted but he persisted. “Talk to me. What’s going on? Is all of this simply because you feel badly? You apologized already and we all accepted your apology. We know it was an accident. Now what is really bothering you?”
“Are you still angry at me? I don’t like it when you are angry at me.”
“Ahh, is that what you are worried about?” He laughed. He never lost eye contact. He wiped the wetness from her cheeks with his hands as she sniffled. “Yes, I was angry with you, but only because I love you so much. When you were late I was worried something had happened to you. If anything ever happened to you my life would cease to exist. I am not angry anymore. He kissed her lips and tasted salty tears. This time, tears of relief. And, she smiled.
“I love you,” she said.
“I love you, too,” he replied and gave her a kiss on the nose.
“So then you were just teasing when you…when you…well…when you whispered in my ear…”
Paul cocked his head to the side trying to hold back a smile. He knew his wife well. Sometimes she cared so much she worried incessantly and while he loved her sensitivity it sometimes drove him crazy. And yet, he did not intend on making this easy for her. So he listened to her nervous babble and then asked, “When I whispered what?” and he cracked a smile.
She let out a little giggle, realizing he was just giving her a hard time and her demeanor relaxed. “You know very well what,” she said shaking her head.
“I want to hear you say it.” He stared at her waiting for a response and she could see he was not going to budge.
She blushed. “Were you just teasing when you whispered to me that you were going to give me a spanking?” she rattled out in one swift blur of words.
“Oh, no I meant that,” he said trying to keep a straight face.
The look on her face changed back to worry. “But…”
“But what?”
“You said you weren’t angry anymore.”
“I’m not.”
“But then why…oh, nothing, never mind,” she said, her voice starting to change pitch.
Ryan could tell the tears might begin to fall again and he pulled her in close to him with his hands resting on her hips to let her know he was there for her.
“Tell me what you are thinking.”
Ryan reached his hand around and gave her left cheek a smack. “You are a horrible liar.” He held her hands and asked her again to share her thoughts and reminded her he wanted the truth.
“I am thinking we should get back to our friends,” she said trying to break her hands free, to no avail.
“When we are done here. After you tell me what you are worrying about.”
Ryan wanted her to open up and thought she would feel more comfortable if she was not looking at him. He sat on the bed and then patted his lap for her to sit down. She stood looking at him. He raised his eyebrows and she complied sitting on his lap. It felt nice there, safe. She loved being in his arms. And he loved holding her in his.
“So, tell me what is going on in that very complicated mind of yours,” he said running his fingers through her hair.
“Well, it’s just that when you threatened to spank me, you were still angry at me and it sounded like punishment…well, you remember that we don’t do discipline right?” She closed her eyes, afraid to hear the answer.
“I would call it more of a promise than a threat. And I remember that you said I have control over ALL spankings. I get to decide when, why, and how. Isn’t that right?”
“Well, yes,” she replied slowly, remembering the time when she first shared her desire to be spanked and wanted him to be in charge and now wondered if she should have been more careful in her chosen words. She felt her stomach fill with butterflies as he reached over and kissed her on the head.
“Do you trust me?”
“Yes, but…”
“No buts…do you trust me?” He reached over and kissed her on her neck, giving her chills all the way down her spine and she smiled.
“Of course, with all my heart.”
“Good.” And he kissed her again.
“But is it a punishment?”
He guided her off his lap so they were both standing face to face. Looking into her eyes he said, “I will take care of you.”
“I know you will.”
“Good.” He kissed her tenderly. Then her neck on her favorite spot. “Are you still worried?”
“I…uh…” He continued to kiss her neck and she started to melt.
“Are you feeling a bit better?” he asked nibbling.
“Ah hah.”
“And you are not going to worry about this anymore, right?”
“Uh uh,” she said shaking her head as he continued to kiss her, his hands wandering.
“They will be wondering what we are up to.” She said trying to deter him.
“Let them wonder.” He smiled. His hand slid under her dress and found its way under the elastic of her lace panties, making her gasp. “Do you trust me now?” He continued to explore, finding that despite her worry, simply talking of spanking had already made her wet with desire.
“Ummm…we can’t…we have to go…”
“Shhhhhhh,” he whispered and kissed her long and hard to quiet her endless worrying and chatter.
“I think the idea of a spanking has you excited.” He said once their lips parted, “but in case there is still any last bit of nervousness, perhaps a small taste now will ease your worry. Turn around and lean over the bed.”
“No, not now!” she said horrified at the thought of being spanked in their best friends’ house with them downstairs.
He laughed. “Did you just say no to me?” he teased.
“Yes, I did,” she said teasing back. Any worry she had felt before vanished. Her only worry now was that their friends would be able to hear them.
“I won’t accept ‘No’ for an answer,” he said pulling her to the bed and laying her across his lap, “and for that, I am going to make you squirm.” He started to spank her as she cried “ouch” and pleaded with him to stop.
“What if they hear?”
“Then I suggest you don’t make any noise.”
She giggled as he continued to playfully spank her. He lifted her dress and slid her panties down slowly and flung them to the floor and then continued to spank her bare bottom. She reached her hand back and he held her hand pressed against her back. He spanked and caressed her and then took a moment to feel her wetness. Then as quick as he began he stopped. He helped her up and held her in his arms and then kissed her.
In reality, it had only been a few minutes but Hannah had become lost in the moment and almost didn’t hear him say, “Now we can go back to the party. As he started leading her to the door, what he said finally registered and she said, “Wait, I need to put my panties back on.”
“No. Leave them here. This way I know you will be thinking of me all night, and when we return home I am going to continue where I left off. Your bottom is not quite the color I desire yet. And then I am going to make love to the woman I love.” He pulled her close as he spoke, grasping her behind and giving a squeeze. She was both embarrassed and incredibly turned on at the idea of not wearing any panties.
“Well we can’t just leave them here.”
He picked her panties off the floor and hid them in a drawer.  “We’ll get them later.”
“What if we forget…what if they find it?”
“What if I take you over my knee again, only this time in front of our friends?”
Her face returned to a lovely pink, though she knew he never would, or would he?  “Okay, fine, you win,” she agreed.
“Always.” He smiled and she smiled back. As they headed out the door he gave her one last smack to remember.

Terps, you don't know how much I appreciate you sharing this story with us years ago. I have to tell you I'm ready for another one. I hope you'll do more writing out here. Whether you let me grab it for a Fantasy Friday or you post it on your own site, we want to read more of your work.  I hope others are willing to share with us too. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, May 18, 2015

Please remember this!

This is a very important post – I may be referring back to it often. I come to my blog fairly often to complain. I complain that TTWD doesn’t always live up to my expectation, so I have to make one things very clear.

I am not just happy,
I’d say I am extremely content with everything about my life
 at least 90% of the time!

Nick and I are healthy. We have two great kids and one fine son-in-law, they too are healthy and happy. We have jobs, our debt is not too great and our house, while small, suits us perfectly. Nick loves me, he takes care of me, he spoils me and he tries to understand me much of the time.

Ten percent of the time I’m annoyed and frustrated that TTWD hasn’t been exactly what I want it to be. Nick doesn’t understand all the thought, emotions and feelings that flow through my head. So sad that he can’t read my mind, but that’s the way it is.

So what I’m asking is that you take my complaints with a grain of salt. When I’m annoyed and frustrated, where can I turn but here? Do you think I can tell my friends at work? I need to come to all of you to voice my frustration. Who else will understand when I say my husband doesn’t spank me often enough, hard enough, or long enough. I tell anyone else and they would truly think I was crazy. But you all know exactly what I mean and you don’t mind commiserating with me and offering me advice.

So please keep coming and please don’t worry about me when I complain. Just let me complain and when you have helpful ideas please share them. But don’t ever doubt that Nick and will love one another along as we live.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Anorexia

Beautiful Friday! I'm really happy that school will be over in thirty-two day, and that's counting weekends. I know I sounded bad in my last post, but I'm not really. And the really good news is that we have another new story this week. 

This story is from Bloom and you can read more about her and read here first story here. Real life has kept her pretty busy lately, but hopefully she'll have more time to write in the near future.  Please enjoy her newest story...


I heard the front door open and I ran to kitchen. Washing an already washed plate to pretend that I ate the dinner already. 

"Amy!" My boyfriend called out, "I'm home!" He announced, maybe looking around for me. 

"I'm in here!" I called out to him. 
A while later he entered the kitchen. I dried my hands and raised my head as he leaned down to kiss me. 

"What is in that?" I asked ending our kiss and pointing towards the two boxes he had kept on counter. 

"Chinese take-out, your favourite." He smiled but it didn't quiet reach his eyes.

"Um, but I already had my dinner." I lied smoothly. Its not like I don't feel bad about not being honest to Aaron but my clothes are getting tight now. My stomach seems a little round and I just feel. . ugly.

"It’s not even seven." He said, staring in my eyes as if he knew something was up.
Maybe I was being paranoid. “So? I have been eating dinner early from about a week. What’s the big deal?" I ask. Hoping that my theory about being paranoid is correct.

"Are you sure about that?" He asked taking a step closer, his large figure intimidating my comparatively small one.

"Uh. Yeah. Why?" I answered after pondering for a few second whether I should confess or stick to my paranoid theory. 

He sighed and shook his head "What am I going to do with you Amy." 

I gulped. That was not a good sign.
"W-what do you mean?"

"I mean, why are you not being honest? Wasn't that our most important relationship rule?"

I decided to play dumb "What are you talking about?."
He surely couldn't know much. 
That’s when he took out my appetite suppressant's from his pocket.

"Explain this." He said, his voice calm.
It’s always calm before the storm.

"I-eh," I tried but finding it impossible, I hung my head "I'm sorry." 

"You thought I was oblivious to you skipping meal's?" He asked rhetorically. "Amy, I knew something was up the day you started acting weird. I kept asking you if everything was fine, you always said yes. You lied numerous times. You once again gave in to anorexia, after everything, how could you still do this?" 

Two tears fell down my eyes, I was too ashamed to look at him, much less answer him.

"You promised me after rehab that if anything goes wrong, you'll come to me. Didn't you?" He asked, this time he grasped my chin, lifting it up.

"Yes." I choked out.

"Amy , you know that I love you so much. Wasn't that pain enough for me when I had to see you puking blood? When I knew you were weak, fragile and there was nothing I could do?"

"I'm so sorry Aaron." I sobbed.

"That time was hell for me Amy. I felt as if my world was falling apart when the doctor said that you were in need of rehab program, when you left for England, I was scared of losing you, I wasn't sure how distance would affect our relation." He continued and by that time my sobs were louder than ever.

"Listen here Amy." He said softly, holding my hand, "Look at me."
I raised my eyes "I want you to calm down. This is a very serious matter and I won't just punish you for the wrong thing you did but also make sure that there won't be a repeat of this, and for that, we'll talk first, I want you to tell me everything, as to why you started skipping meals and all. Got it?"

I nodded my head "When will we have the… talk?"

"Tomorrow morning." He said hugging me.
"But you go to work and. ."
"Its Sunday." He said.


Next morning I dressed into the pink shirt about which Aaron always commented that it looked cute on me, slipping panties on I decided not to wear pants. They'll be coming off later anyways.
I stepped inside kitchen where Aaron was setting plates on table. As he looked up, he smiled "Good morning."

"Good morning to you too. That looks tasty." I pointed to the pancakes and French toast he had made.

"Thank you." He said.
After the breakfast I saw Aaron looking at me. I knew he was observing if I ate enough. Then he smiled and I knew he was satisfied. I felt happy.

"Wait for me in the living room. I'll meet you there after doing the dishes." He said.
So much for being happy.
As promised, Aaron joined me on the couch where I was waiting for him.
"Let's get straight to point, shall we?" He began "Tell me since when are you skipping meal's and eating that appetite suppressant?"

"A week," I said.

"What made you do so? Don't tell me that you're clothes didn't fit you anymore or any of that shit. I know it’s more than that."

I sighed. There was no way getting out of it than being completely honest.
"A week back I went for shopping. I met David there; he was with his new girlfriend. He told me that I seemed to be going back to my old self, when kids use to bully me for being fat. He also said the reason he dumped me was 'cos I was not pretty enough. ."

Aaron placed a finger to my lips. "And you let your ex-boyfriend's words get to you?" He asked, disappointment lacing his voice.

"I- uh. ." I wasn't sure how to answer him. Rejection is definitely something big for a girl. And if David dumped me because I was ugly, what if Aaron did the same?

"Amy, he was the one who didn't see you for who you truly are. He doesn't know what you are capable of. He's just a jerk who uses women for pleasure. And besides, he is your past. I am your present. What he says shouldn't matter but what I do, should. And for me, you are perfect Amy."

"What if you left? I was always the girl who got bullied while you were on top of the popularity list. . "

"If my intentions weren't clear, why would I date you even after college ended? Why would I ask you to move in with me and above all, your parents trusted me with this. Don't you trust me too?" He asked.

"I do. I'm just ... scared."

"Don't be. I'll always be there for you."

"Thank you. I'm really sorry for all I did. I see your point now; I shouldn't have let David's word affect me. I'm ready to accept any punish you think I deserve."

"Now that's my girl." He said and kissed my forehead.
"Come here." He ordered. 

I gulped. I was acting strong but the spankings he gave were rare but severe.
I got up and positioned myself over his knee. It always made me feel like a naughty girl.
He pulled my shirt up, exposing my panties. He rubbed my bum and then raised his hand and brought it down, hard.
I whimpered. The first spank always was the one most surprising one. Then he kept on with his pace, alternating both cheeks and sending my bottom jiggling at his knee.
I was sure that my face was red and I was doing all I could not to cry out.

"Ow," I complained when he moved my panties up to hit me on my sit spots.
I began squirming. "Aaron please." I finally pleaded, hoping he'd strike my poor bum with less force.
He finally stopped. That was easy.
I made to get up but his hand pushed me back down.
"You really thought this was the end?" He asked rhetorically and peeled my panties off.
I clenched my cheeks feeling my face glow even more. 
Again he started punishing my bare cheeks. Soon I was kicking my feet and trying to move out of the smacks that kept raining down.
By the time he finished, my eyes were filled with tears and my hands were badly itching to rub the sting out of my surely red ass.
"I'm sorry," I said as he helped my get to my feet.

"I know you are and I need to make this lesson a one that you'll remember. In the corner. No rubbing and keep that shirt up."
I sniffled and went to put my nose in the corner. I hate feeling so exposed and childish. 
After some fifteen long minutes he told me to turn around.
I raised my eyes from the ground with fear evident in them. And I was right to be scared. He had the leather belt in his hand. That thing would surely mark me for a week. 
I just hope I'm able to sit again.

"Aaron please not the belt," I begged giving him my best puppy eyes.
His eyes softened but I knew he'd regain his posture and no matter what , spank me with that dreadful thing.

"You can't say you don't deserve it, can you?"

"No sir." I muttered, staring at my feet.

"Bend over the arm of sofa," He ordered. I took baby steps to sofa, eyeing the belt as if it was a snake.
When I was in the position, Aaron said "Now tell me why are you here with a bare bottom waiting to be punished?"

"I- I lied to you and I skipped meal's thinking it would make me pretty."

"And you allowed David's words get to your head, not to mention that you didn't bother telling me all that. I could've helped you."

"I'm sorry." I said, crying already.

He sighed, "Alright then."
The belt cracked on my bottom, making me cry out. 
"Push your bottom outwards." Aaron ordered.
As if it wasn't humiliating enough. I didn't argue though, he was the one with the belt in his hand. I couldn't possibly make it worse for me. Girls are always angelic when getting their bottom's punished.

"Owwww." I cried kicking my legs, my bottom dancing and trying to ease the pain.
"Ahh. Aaron! It hurts." I sobbed.

"It is supposed to hurt. I gave you so many chances to confess and get your way out of this but you let them all slip."

"Ouch owie. I'm sorry."

"Now here's what'll happen." He paused to smack my bottom "We'll eat all meal's together. I'll spend my lunch break at home. You will go for therapy once every week and I will give you a maintenance spanking every Sunday for a month." 
I started crying even more. 
"Any objection?"

"Please... don't spank me every Sunday." I pleaded.

"It'll just be a hand spanking." He said and I realized he was no longer using the belt.

"They also hurt." I whined.

"Shouldn't they?" He teased, "Amy, your parents trusted me with your well being and I'll do everything to make sure I don't let them down. You are my responsibility and I won't let you beat yourself up over those people's opinion who are not even a part of your life."

"Thank you Aaron for putting up with me. I love you." I said getting up. He didn't instruct me to but I hope he won't be mad at me.

"I love you too sweetheart. Did I tell you how cute you look in this shirt?"

"Numerous times," I said and he laughed.

"Don't ever forget that you're beautiful." He said, his tone serious.

"Yes, sir." I smiled. "Can I rub."
He shook his head.
"Please?" I pouted.

"Come here." He pulled me towards him from my waist and kissed my bottom lip, rubbing my punished bottom.

"All forgiven?" I asked.

"All forgiven." He confirmed.


Bloom I thank you again for helping out with Fantasy Friday. I hope you have time for more and more writing in the future. If anyone else is out there writing I hope you'll share with us. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The way it is

I know some of you want to hear what’s going on here. But I’m torn with what to post right now. This is my on line diary so I write for me, but I really like people to come by to read so I write for you too. Having people come by and read and comment is how I’ve learned as much about myself as I have over the years.

I have learned enough about writing so that I could spin the actual facts in a couple of different ways. I could make this a happy, up beat post about what happened Friday before last. Nick, at my request, had asked me to begin keeping a list like Katie’s.  Nothing too major on it, I kept forgetting some file folders Nick asked me to bring home from school, leaving my dish out on the counter when the dishwasher was empty right beneath it. That Friday he spent a little time clearing the list. He didn’t spank long, but it was impressive and fun – I could feel it for a while.  I could elaborate here and that could be the whole post. But that wouldn’t be honest about what’s going on in my world.

Over this last week and a half he has had me put a few things on the list, actually nothing in the past week – maybe about eight days ago. But despite the fact we’ve had plenty of time and opportunity nothing else happened. And now Mollie is home indefinitely, so…

I try to tell myself, ‘stop being impatient, let Nick lead, let him chose the timing.’ Fine, okay – only it seems that his time line is to ignore anything to do with spanking until I completely withdraw or post something extremely whiny here. Then he might read and sends me some interesting emails, spanks a little, get my hopes up, then nothing.

We began nine years ago with a great bond fire that eventually settled into a nice pleasant backyard fire pit fire. Then more recently it’s burned down to embers and it seems to be cooling fast. When I complain Nick bends down and briefly blows on the on the embers and then lets them die until I complain again. I feel at times like just pouring a bucket of water on the whole things and being done with it. And by 'it' I mean the spanking part of our lives - our love for each other and and our marriage is completely solid. 

When it come to my desire/need/longing for spanking and the closeness that come when we're really 'into' it, I don’t know the best way to live – hope followed by disappoint followed by hope…

Or accepting that it was worth a try but it’s never going to happen.

I’m not going to belabor this. I’m not going to fuss and complain here (for a while). I’ll talk about other things, but I wanted you to know what’s going on here.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Graduation

Yesterday we had a graduation party for Mollie and her roommates. We had it outside at the country house of one of the girl's grandparents. It's actually close to Nick's parents. Mollie was just a little worried that not many of her family would come - I don't know why she felt that way, everyone in the family loves her. As it turned out nearly everyone in the family came, twenty-four of us showed up. Everyone but LJ and Collin and one other cousin who lives out of state. It was a wonderful day, weather perfect, food fantastic - she was so happy and so was I.

I began this blog when Mollie was only thirteen years old. She was still in middle school. I've shared much of her growing up right here. And today, Mother's Day, she graduates from college. I can't began to tell you how I feel about today. Mollie is such a special person. I ran across this post a few weeks ago and decided to repost it today. I think it show what Mollie is really like - her maturity and her ability to grow and move froward while still holding on to what's important - family. 

This was first posted in 2009, and I called it 

Kangaroos Make Me Cry

A long, long time ago when Mollie was just a little thing she could never pass a gum ball machine/toy machine. When she was with her grandparents she never had to. All she had to do was say ‘Please, Granddaddy’ and she had a quarter in her hand. Once when she and my dad were out alone the quarter bought her a little kangaroo no more that ¾ of an inch high. She played with it that afternoon but before she left their house Granddaddy had a request.

He told her “Mollie, I sometimes have trouble finding my car in parking lots these days.” He was at the very beginning of his fight with Parkinson Disease and dementia, but we could already see some changes – having to look for his car was one of them. So he said to Mollie “If you would loan me your kangaroo I’ll stick him on my dash and then I’ll know it’s my car.”

Mollie doted on Granddaddy as much as he doted on her so she thought that was a fine idea and together they glue the little thing to the dash. Over the next few months he would tell Mollie that the kangaroo was very helpful in finding his car and he added “Sometimes he helps me find my way home.” Within a few years, however, dad had to give up driving. But when we took him out he would still find the car by looking for the kangaroo.

When Mollie was twelve Dad passed away. My niece bought his car. After the deal was made Mollie said, “I want the kangaroo back. I loaned that to Granddaddy but it’s mine.” No one, including me, paid much attention to her but she kept persisting. I finally told my sister, “When you get ready to trade that car, get that kangaroo out. Mollie insists it’s hers.”

A couple of years later, my niece got a new car. She told Mollie that she got the kangaroo for her but she couldn’t find at the moment. She was sure it and that it would turn up eventually. Knowing that basically meant it was gone for good Mollie was upset, but what are you going to do? As it turned out her cousin was just messing with her and that Christmas Mollie receiver the little toy back. She was thrilled but I figured that was the last time it would ever be seen. Mollie inherited all her house keeping skills from me. I figured once that little toy disappeared into the garbage dump she calls a room that was it. Gone forever.

I was wrong. A little over a year after she had it back in her hands I saw it. Mollie and I were headed to town for some shopping and she wanted to drive. As I slide into her car something caught my eye. There sat the little kangaroo, bleached completely white by the sun, glued to the dash of her car. She saw me looking at it and grinned, “Sometimes,” she said, “he helps me find my way home.”

Yep, kangaroos make me cry.