I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello and Happy New Year

I wanted to put up a quick post – we had a great Christmas! I love it when all my kids are home. It’s been a pretty relaxing holiday, mostly just sitting and visiting. The boys headed to an amusement park one day and Mollie and I spent that day with my sister and her daughter. I ended up getting some new toys – a new mac and a new iPhone. I've had so much fun playing with them and with three techies staying here this week I feel like I’ve learned a lot. But I know I’ve miss some of your post out here. I’m hoping to catch up soon.

I’m feeling so much better and as much as I’ve loved the kids visits Nick and I won’t be sorry when it’s just the two of us again. I’ll admit that when I felt so bad I really wasn’t thinking about much else. I felt like I was completely losing interest in TTWD. I didn’t write as much – neither books or posts, because I didn’t have much on topic to say. Hopeful feeling better will bring those feelings back.

I am going into the new year with great hope and optimism. I’m going to be getting healthier, there’s a new Cassie book coming out in February, and I’m hoping to have some interesting things to blog about…

To all my friends here I wish you the happiest of New Years – 2016 is going to be a fantastic year.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Caring for you Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas to all! We have a very special Fantasy Friday today. It's much longer than usual so you are welcomed to read it all at once or come back for a little at the time - whatever is your pleasure.  The writer this week is Toralei she has written for us before and her stories are always wonderful. And today as a special treat she also included all the pictures you’re seeing.

Caring For Your Christmas Tree

Lisa Tornbent always is the one to pick out a family Christmas tree and wreath for the house. She has this uncanny knack to survey the lot of approximately one hundred potential trees and pick the best one suited in less than ten minutes. It doesn’t make any sense as to why she does this so quickly. You see, she has very bad eyesight. The feeling is she uses her other senses to make the perfect choice. Frasier furs are her preference.
The decorating and care of the tree is Lisa’s task. The transformation of the tree always makes Lisa delight in amazement at each of the stages it goes through. She never can believe that she has made such a beautiful sight. Someone else must have surly done this incredible thing. She takes great pride in seeing her finished product and hearing the compliments of what a great job she has done.
The problem is she does not feel this way this Christmas. Lisa doesn’t want to pick out a tree this year. She is not in the mood, but Lisa does it anyway to avoid the grief that she will get if she doesn’t. Why does she always have to do this? Why can’t someone else perform this simple job? Lisa snaps at the praise she gets for the splendid look of the tree. What could possibly be wrong with her? Perhaps we shall find out.
While watering the tree one day, a spanking thought came to Lisa. Yes, Lisa is a spanko. Will wonders never cease, but this is a spanking blog. We must get back to the thought now. Replenishing the water in the tree is like being spanked in effect for Lisa. Once she has absorbed all the nuances and emotions of a good spanking over a period of time, Lisa too needs to be nourished again. Waiting too long to have a meaningful spanking, will result in her emotionally wilting and then dying just as the tree will if neglected at any great length. It is a constant reminder to Lisa when she waters the Holiday tree now.
Luckily for Lisa, she has a gracious friend in Robert who can sense when that need arrives and before the water runs out in Lisa’s tree stand. Unfortunately, real life sometimes gets in the way and both parties need to take heed of this. But a session is pending now and she counts the days of its arrival. It is the weekend before Christmas and Lisa’s mood is waning, the soothing moisture needed will soon be there to quench her thirst.
Her frightful behavior was never fully addressed the last time her and Robert met. He did not forgive her; because the punishment was not carried out in total. It was neither their fault that this occurred. Real life sometimes interferes with such things. This has weighed heavily on Lisa’s mind the past few weeks. She needs this resolved before Christmas Day; otherwise her holiday spirit will be gone forever. The weight of the guilt is dragging her down a slippery ski slope without any skis or poles to maneuver and she told Robert this. Robert agreed with Toppy fervor.
In anticipation of your punishment, I selected this picture for your viewing because of the twase and how nicely the bottom’s bottom was framed by her garter belt. It made me think of your lovely behind and I thought the color of her behind was lovely. Know that by Sunday evening yours will look similar. Are you scared, lisa? You should be. You have a long and hard punishment session ahead of you. Know that when it is over, lisa, you will be forgiven and you will be back in my good graces. I will bring all my implements which includes the prison tawse. Some implements you will become well aquatinted with and I will test how well you can hold your position, lisa.
As my email has arrived a bit before yours, you will be getting something extra. I trust you have been keeping your hands to yourself and that you are prepared for you punishment session. Think how I will put you in the corner, lisa. Feel me watching as you are slowly stripped naked. We will need more than two hours, as you have much to atone for.”

They meet at Robert’s place and Lisa is hauled off to his bedroom led by the firm grip of his hand on her wrist. She does and doesn’t want this spanking to happen. Robert lets her go and sits himself on the bed. Let us listen in on part of the conversation.
“Over my knee, lisa.”
Lisa does not hesitate to comply as she is in enough trouble already and doesn’t want to annoy Robert more than he is already. The spanking starts over her skirt, hard and continues on with gusto.
“You have been very, very bad, lisa. This is going to be a long warm up. First I will spank you over your skirt, then over your panties and lastly over your bare bottom. Know that I am very disappointed in your holiday attitude right now. Hopefully this warm up will start your attitude towards some jolly good yule tidings. I know the color of red on your bottom will definitely brighten up my festive cheer. Hopefully, it will brighten yours too.”
Lisa giggles. “Sorry, Sir. I don’t want you to be disappointed in me.”
“Again with the giggling. This is not funny, lisa.”
“Sorry, Sir. I don’t think it is funny. Ow!”
“I suppose I should spank harder then.”
“Ow! Ow! Ummm…Ow! No! That isn’t necessary! Ow!”
“Doesn’t matter, I think it is.”

The way Robert goes about his duties is like a masterful magician. He surprises and horrifies his audience of one with his craft, yet invokes such amazement and pleasures that one cannot help but squeal and squirm in delight. Lisa loves the way he sensually pulls down her panties. The rituals of an excellent Top always have that holiday magic. Robert gets to the bottom of her naughtiness with his very carefully chosen words and appreciation of her playful and compliant side. She would have it no other way, as this is the only way Lisa can be set straight back into her true self.*Groan*
Robert ends the OTK spanking, pulls her panties back up and sends Lisa to the corner to think about why she is being punished. With her hands on her head, she mulls over the reasons for a few minutes. Then Robert approaches her from behind and whispers in her ear.
“lisa, I want you only thinking of why you are being punished. No other thoughts are to be thought of. Is that clear?”
“Yes, Sir.”
He begins stripping all her clothes off, except for her stockings and high-heeled shoes, as she stands there in the corner. Lisa struggles to remain focused on what Robert had asked her to think about during all this. As he touches her intimately, she falters and moves out of her proper position by bending over and sticking out her bottom. Robert gives her ten wicked smacks on her lower cheeks and Lisa dejectedly pulls herself back into the correct position.
“Take off your shoes.”
As Lisa does this, Robert stacks some pillows on the bed.
“Now come over here and lie across the pillows.”
Lisa positions herself as requested. She watches Robert in the mirror that is situated behind the head board of the bed. The reflection of the scene heightens her senses.
“Let us begin then shall we? All the implements I have here will be used.”
Robert points to all the implements laid out on the side table. Lisa cringes at the sight, then turns to look at herself in the mirror. She sees she is not happy and that makes her giggle inside. The onslaught of implements ensues and Lisa is frightened at first to observe herself being punished. Robert has never had her do this before. Usually Robert makes her face the other way. Lisa finds the new experience of watching herself titillating. After all his different wooden and leather paddles are done with, Robert decides he does not want Lisa to enjoy watching herself in the mirror anymore.
“Get up, lisa and turn the other way.”
Unhappily, Lisa does as Robert asks her, but she does not voice this out loud. The pillows are repositioned and Lisa’s head is as far toward the foot of the bed as it can be without hanging off the edge. Robert then pours some water on Lisa’s buttocks. The water seeps down the crack of her bottom. He then rubs it all over her bottom. Lisa can hear him take off his belt and as his belt buckle jingles an ominous tune of “Carol Of The Belt”, a shivering thrill rushes over Lisa. The belt is her favorite implement. She inwardly resents the fact that Robert will not let her watch herself .

“I want you to tell me why you are being punished today, lisa. Then I want you to thank me for your spanking and for letting you atone for your bad behavior.”
“Ummm…I missed the first part of that sentence.”
“lissaaa! Pay attention, I will not say it again.”
Robert repeats his requests.
“Now? You want me to do all those things now?!”
“Yes, lisa, now.”
Lisa giggles.
“This is serious, little girl. If you do not stop giggling….”
“Ok! I am sorry, Sir. It was a nervous giggle, not a disrespectful ha-ha giggle.”
A moment of silence fills the room.
“lisa, I am waiting.”
“For what? Oh! You want me to….”
Lisa pauses for the right words.
“Ok. It will just be worse for you then.”
“No! Ok. Ummm…I am being punished for throwing your favorite hat into the fireplace.

Ah yes. The incident happened at a holiday party thrown by Lisa’s friend Carol three weeks ago. All of Lisa’s and Robert’s friends were there. Lisa’s and Carol’s immediate family were there, also. I believe it was something about Robert telling Lisa that she had too much to drink after she had spilled some red wine for the second time. The first time she spilled it on Carol’s mom as she came around the corner into the dining room. It was an accident. Lisa was just not looking where she was going while she was talking to Brenda. Lisa was not drunk. It could have happened to anyone.
The second time it was when she went to reach across the coffee table for some deviled eggs and Harry had bumped her elbow while passing by. The momentum from that force caused her to spill Tricia’s drink on Carol’s beige living room rug. Again, it was an accident. It was completely not Lisa’s fault at all. Robert clearly had the wrong impression.

“Lisa I think you need to not drink anymore liquor. It is getting late and you have to drive home soon.”
“Robert, I am fine. I have hardly had anything to drink.”
Robert takes the glass of wine away from Lisa and ushers her into to kitchen to make her a cup of tea and feed her some bread from the spinach dip.
“Robert! I don’t want that!”
“Here take it and eat it. Drink the tea, too.”
Lisa pushes the tea away and across the counter.
“Stop bossing me around. I am not drunk!”
With that, Lisa attempts to move out of the kitchen, but Robert grabs her by the arm before she can do that.
“Robert, let go.”
“I think it is time to leave. I will take you home. Come on.”
“I am not giving you a choice. Let’s go.”
Robert tells Carol that he is going to leave now and he will be taking Lisa home. Carol is surprised at this, nods her approval and says her good byes to Robert and Lisa.
“Carol, you know me. Tell him I am fine.”
“Lisa, it is getting late anyway, everyone will be leaving soon. If Robert is driving you home, it is better you start out now. I will talk to you tomorrow. Ok?”
“Thanks a lot, Carol. Ok. Talk to you tomorrow.”
As Robert gets his and Lisa’s coat, Lisa says her good byes to the rest of the party goers then stands by the door waiting for Robert. Tricia comes over to keep her company in the meantime.
“So, Robert is taking you home. Isn’t he nice? You know he was telling me how he thinks you just need someone to look after you, but who knows who that would be. He would have his hands full with you! Isn’t that funny?”
“Noooo! That isn’t funny at all, Tricia. He said that huh? Who does he think he is anyway?”
“That’s Robert. He is always looking after you, Lisa. I think he is getting tired of it, though. Maybe, you should ease up a bit and give him a break.”
“Give him a break! Oh, I will give him a break alright. Just watch.”
When Robert finally comes to the door, he helps Lisa on with her coat. Then he puts his hat and coat on. Lisa then grabs Robert’s hat off his head and quickly runs over to the fireplace and flings his hat into it.

“Lisa! What the heck?”
Robert runs to the fireplace and grabs the fire place tongs to try and retrieve his hat, but it’s too late. Meanwhile, Lisa runs out the back door, gets into her car and drives off.  Everyone is stunned and they don’t know what to say to Robert; everyone that is except Tricia.
“Oh, Robert! That’s too bad about your hat. I don’t know why you bother with Lisa. She surly is a royal brat. Maybe you should care for someone who is more mature and appreciates your attention. That was definitely a little unsettling. Come on and take off your coat. You should relax your nerves a bit before you leave. Stay a little while longer.”
“No thank you, Tricia. I am fine, really. I need to get home. Good night everyone.”
So Robert and Lisa did not speak to each other for a week after that. Robert wanted to put everything into perspective and have Lisa simmer down a bit first before he sent her an email. By then Lisa agreed she had been unfair to Robert, especially when she realized that Tricia had gotten her all stoked up on purpose to try and make her move on Robert again. Carol had told her what happened after Lisa had left the party and Carol told her what she thought really happened. Lisa had acted childish again. Robert and Lisa both agreed that Lisa should be punished for it.
The first time this punishment was to happen, it was cut very short and was never completed. Robert was called away to fix some crisis at work. It couldn’t be helped. He had visited Lisa at her house the next weekend and complimented her on the great job she did with the Christmas tree and all the other trimmings. Lisa had snapped at him for it. That is when Robert decided it would need to be taken care of soon. He would make sure of it this time.
So here Lisa finds herself now. Confessing to him something she already knew, but has never said out loud to him. She had only written it in emails to Robert. It made an impact and hit her hard to speak these words. The shame of it made her blush with embarrassment. This was worse than the spankings. Lisa continues with her confession.
“It was childish of me to throw your hat into the fire and I am so sorry, Sir. Honest. Ummm…and thank you for spanking me for it and giving me the chance to make amends.”
“What else?”
“And for snapping at you and everyone else when you all complimented me about the way I decorated the tree and the rest of the house for Christmas. I should not have done that. I have had a bad attitude this holiday season because I was feeling so guilty about throwing your hat into the fire. I am sorry for spoiling everyone’s holiday.”
“Good. It is my responsibility as a Top to make you see this and help you through all this, lisa. I won’t make you count these. I want all your focus to be on the licking I am now going to administer to you. Then you will be forgiven and you will be all right again.”
“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”
The spanking begins with the belt. It is so powerful in its force that Lisa begins to wither and kick her legs with each blow. She mercifully “OWS” throughout it, even in between the swats. After fifteen strokes, Robert grows somewhat annoyed at the fuss Lisa is making and stops the belting.
“lisa, you are acting like a little school girl. A fifth former would take this better than you are. I expect you to take this like an adult. Now let us try again from the beginning.”
Lisa is stunned by Robert’s words, but knows he is correct. She likes the belt and needs to focus on that and why she is being punished so harshly. That will help her get through it.
“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir, but it really hurts.”
“It’s supposed to hurt.”
Lisa knew that response was coming.
“Yes, Sir.”
The next fifteen are harder, but Lisa constantly repeats to herself in her mind what she knows will make it more enjoyable for her. It is working and she raises her bottom higher in the air to meet the belt head on. Lisa spreads her legs to catch a few of the strokes on her genital area. She gasps as those thwacks send a spine wrenching chill throughout her body. Robert teases her genital area with the bent end of the belt; thrusting it hard there to ease the pain and cause a sensual pleasure between each stroke now. He stops at the sixtieth pass with the belt.
Lisa falls back onto the pillows and breathes heavily into the sheets of the bed. Robert straddles her and massages Lisa’s shoulders, back and bottom to comfort her and slow her breathing down. He then gets up and stands at the foot of the bed.
“Get up for a second, lisa.”
Lisa rises and stands in front of him. To her surprise, Robert extends his arms and hugs her ever so sweetly. Lisa melts into his embrace.
“There now, feeling better?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good. Stand in the corner.”
The corner?! Lisa thought that would be the end and the request shocks her, but she begrudgingly puts herself there. Robert stands back and admires Lisa’s naked body.  Her luscious, spankable bottom is a deep red, but no bruising or welts are visible. It is sexually arousing to him and he takes time to enjoy the moment he has created for himself.
“lisa, turn around. I want you to come back to the bed and take the same position again over the pillows.”
Lisa adjusts the pillows to be higher this time by folding then over each other. She wants to take some of the pressure off her aching knees and elbows.
“Are you comfortable now?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good. Hold this in front of yourself.”
Robert hands Lisa the dread prison tawse. She moans at the sight of it. Holding it in front of herself, she notices that the stitching is red and winces when she sees the thickness and breath of it. It is a cruel implement and will draw the words of repentance out of even the most innocent.
“You will get fifty from this prison tawse, lisa.”
“No! No! Please, Sir! Please! I am sorry! You don’t have to really!”
“I am afraid I must. It will bring the point home and you will never, EVER forget this spanking for as long as you live, lisa. ”

The thudwhacks are unbelievably unbearable. Lisa cannot help but loudly “OWWA!!! OWWIIEE!!!” with each crack to her already lit up bottom. She almost feels like she is going to faint, but it never comes to that. After the twenty-fifth pass, Robert speeds up the tempo. Lisa is calling upon higher authorities to now get her through.
“I amm soooo sorry, SIR!!! I will neeveer do anyTHING like THAT AGAIN! Pleeaassee STOP! I have learned my LESSON!!!
Lisa whimpers and Robert stops.
“Good I am glad to hear that. That was forty, lisa. You have ten more to go”
“Oh my God, Sir. I swear I will be good for awhile; maybe even longer than that.”
“Well, that is nice to hear. I hope so, but we shall see. I want you to count the last ten backwards.”
“The last ten? Do you have to give me the last ten?”
“liissaa, you know I have to.”
“Ok. Ok. I just thought…I guess I just should not think at this point.”
“Good call. No other thinking is involved here; just counting and feeling.”
“Yes, Sir.”  *Moan*
“Teenn, Siirr! Hoo!”
Lisa deeply blows air rapidly out after each count and inhales deeply before the next swat.
“Niinnaa, Sir! Hoo! Hoo!
“Eiight, Sir! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
“Seevveen, Sir! Hoo!!
Lisa pauses for a few seconds to collect herself.
“Hoo!! Hoo!! Siixxaa, Sirrr!!
“Fiivvee, Sirrr!! Hoo!!! Hoo!!!
“Fouurr, Sirrr!! Hoo!!!
“Threeee, Sirrr!! Hoo!!! Hoo!!!
“Twoaaa, Sirrr!!! Hoo!!!
“Oneaa, Sirrr!!! Hoo!!!
“HUUU! Zerooo, Sir?! Hey! That was an extra one!”
“Well, just wanted to make sure.”
Lisa pants rapidly.
“I really am sorry, Robert. If I had realized that Tricia was just teasing me again, this punishment would have never happened. I would have just gone home with you and….
“That reminds me. You drove home drunk. You really should be punished for that.”
“Robert, I seriously wasn’t drunk.”
“Maybe, not. But you were just a little….ummmm…tipsy?”
“No, I was just feeling good is all.”
“I still think you should be punished for leaving the scene of the crime the way you did.”
“Robert! No! Come on! Me and my big mouth.”
“Yes, you must now pay the piper, lisa.”
“Piper? What is your name Peter? I thought it was Robert.”
Lisa giggles.
“Young lady, you are going to get it! I think six of the best with the cane will take care of it. Uhuh.”
“The cane! No! Robert!”
“Stand up and bend over the chair.”
“No! I am not going to and you can’t make me!”
“Fine then I will just use the OTK cane.”
With that, Robert grabs the cane, sits on the edge of the bed and pulls Lisa over his lap. Lisa protests throughout the maneuver.
“Stop fussing or I will make it twelve.”
“No, please Robert! Ok! I will be quiet.”

Whosh! Crack! Whosh! Crack! Whosh! Crack! Whosh! Crack! Whosh! Crack!
Whosh! Crack!…. Whosh! Crack!
“Do you have something to say?”
“I am sorry I left the scene of the crime the way I did, Sir. Ok? Are we good now?”
“Stand up, lisa.”
“I don’t think I can.”
“Really? Here, let me help you.”
Robert helps Lisa stand slowly, then gets up and faces her.
“My bottom is on fire, Robert.” *Whimper*
He hugs Lisa and rocks her slowly back and forth in his arms. Very extreme after care and cuddling is then given to Lisa for almost two hours. Every time Robert touches Lisa’s lower cheeks, it heightens the experience of the healing process. As they lie there feeling the overwhelming closeness to each other in a warm embrace, Robert kisses Lisa on her forehead and utters the words she needs.
“Yes, Robert?”
“You will pay for my hat.”
“I thought I already did.”
“lisa, you know what I mean.”
Giggles. “Ok, I fully intended to.”
“Yes, Robert?”
“You are forgiven.”
*Sigh* “Thank you, Robert.”
They both then fall dreamily asleep in each other arms.
So, what have we learned from this story? Remember to take care of your Christmas tree and keep it properly watered. You should reward it for bringing you such joy and beauty, especially during the Holiday Season. If you don’t, it will become hazardous to the people around it. You might even lose your favorite hat, if you have one, in the process. Show your love and give back to nature what she has so graciously given you. Plant a new tree. If you don’t have a Christmas tree, plant a new one anyway. It’s good for the planet we live in.

Oh, yeah! And give each other a break and be nice to one another throughout the year. We were not meant to be perfect and I know it is hard sometimes, but do try your best most of the time. I know I will. Peace on earth; goodwill toward all.
Ok, so I got side tracked a little. Giggles.

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