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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fantasy Friday -The Long Day

I am so lucky to get to be the first one to read these stories. But all of you are lucky too that we have such wonderful writers out here that are willing to share their talents. I love today’s story but it comes with a warning – if you don’t have time for a little loving this morning maybe you should wait and read tonight. Whenever you read it you will enjoy!

The Long Day

Amanda awoke alone. Her husband, Ian, was already up and about. He had always been a morning person. Amanda stretched lazily and snuggled under the blanket to try and coax her body back to sleep. Though her mind was still foggy with sleep, she could not ignore the warm tingling sensation she felt between her thighs. Recently she had been experiencing a heightened sense of sexual awareness and today seemed to be no exception. She was undeniably aroused and her mind was consumed with the dull hum she felt in every nerve ending. Rather than feeling energized by her desire, she was tense and irritable. She had trouble focusing on anything and despite her best efforts, her mind repeatedly drifted to sexual daydreams. As exiting as her sex life with Ian had been in the past few months, she had no patience for the tension and frustration she felt when there was no immediate outlet for her pressing needs.

Resigned to the fact that she would not be sleeping any more, Amada rolled out of bed to start her morning routine and ready herself for the day. As she performed the mundane tasks necessary to make herself presentable, every sensation became excruciatingly sensual. She pulled on jeans and a tee shirt leaving her jeans unbuttoned while she moved into the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up. Standing in front of her bathroom vanity with the top of her panties and her flat stomach peeking out from under her jeans, her tee shirt rode up on her belly when she lifted her arms to style her hair. The soft cotton fabric of her top brushed lightly against her skin. Amanda imagined Ian’s fingers brushing against her body as they drifted down over the front of her hips to rest on the crease where her pelvis and her thighs met. Her eyes closed thinking about his hands caressing that union of skin at the thigh and lower abdomen sometimes, moving gently down to her inner thigh and allowing his hand to graze the outer edge of her labia as he did. The heat began to build in her center and she allowed her own fingertip to slowly glide under the waistband of her panties and move back up to her belly button. She slid her hand into her panties straying down to the top of her mound. She exhaled slowly and took her bottom lip between her teeth thinking of her lover’s hands exploring her body.

Suddenly Amanda snapped back to reality with a start. “God” she muttered. “I can’t seem to get myself together today.” She wanted to scream with the intensity of her desire. She set her jaw and clenched her teeth and focused on the task at hand; getting her hair and make-up done. Taking a deep breath to clear her head, she picked up her mascara.

Amanda leaned forward to see her eyelashes in the vanity mirror more closely. Resting her elbows on the countertop to keep her hand steady she felt cool and smooth granite tile against her abdomen. She leaned forward even further and her jeans dropped a couple of inches exposing the flesh where her lower back met her bottom. Amanda became aware of her partially uncovered backside in the open air while the rest of her remained warm inside her jeans. Unconsciously her bottom rose to strain against the fabric of her clothing. The crotch of her jeans rubbed gently between her legs and Amanda floated into another fantasy.

Ian’s warm hand opened and pressed against Amada’s back. He moved his hand tenderly along her skin and under her shirt. The familiar texture of Ian’s rough palm was comforting against her body. He knew just how to touch her to make her writhe. He dragged his fingers down her back teasingly and eased his finger under the waistband of her panties. He stroked the flesh just under her panties slowly and deliberately. Amanda drew in a stuttering breath as she imagined Ian hooking his finger in the waistband of her jeans and slowly lowering them along with her panties. She began to rock gently back and forth causing her jeans to rub against her crotch delicately. She could almost feel Ian’s hands caress the curve of her bottom as he eased his hand lovingly between her quivering cheeks. He continued to stroke her rear end until she pleaded out loud, “please, spank me.”

Snap. She pulled herself abruptly from her fantasy and cursed. “Damn it, get it together Amanda,” she chided. This was going to be a long day!

Two years ago Amanda and Ian were in a rut. There seemed to be an emotional chasm between that widened each passing day. With the demands of every day life heavy on their minds, Ian and Amanda did not take time to nurture their relationship. On an impulse, Amanda confessed long-held secret fantasy. She had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner and her desire to be spanked slipped out. Ian was surprised but not shocked or repulsed. In fact, Ian was eager to try spanking as soon as possible. Amanda was not disappointed. The spanking Ian gave her opened up a depth of ecstasy that Amanda did not know existed. Since that time, Amanda’s sex drive had exploded and Ian incorporated spanking Amanda into their lives effortlessly. He enjoyed the newfound sexual inhibition in his wife and he had more confidence in himself as he took responsibility for leadership in their lives. Now Amanda was insatiable and Ian knew it. The power in their relationship had clearly shifted to Ian; only he could deliver the release she craved day and night.

Now that Ian and Amanda enjoyed an exciting and fulfilling love life, Amanda found herself in this state of intense arousal more often than not. Amanda was relieved that it was Saturday today. She would have plenty of time alone with Ian to touch, tease and play. Amanda hoped that Ian would start the fun early and make it last all day. In her hypersensitive state, she had high expectations. As Ian and Amada cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, Amada asked, “Is this how men feel about sex? I think about us all day long several times an hour, at least. I find myself fantasizing constantly and the slightest provocation sends heat waves through my body.”

Ian gave a wicked grin and said, “Yes it is.” Amanda cocked her head and returned his smirk, “Now I know why you can be so mean if you don’t ‘get some’ regularly.”

Ian pulled Amanda into a hug from behind and rocked her gently. He began to kiss the side of her neck slowly. Amanda tipped her head to give him more access. Walking Amanda across the room, Ian pressed her to the table as he continued to kiss her neck. His breath was hot on her neck and she could feel his rock hard length pressed against her bottom. Ian softly dragged his fingers down Amanda’s side, to her hip and then slid his palm over her full cheeks. Amanda sighed as Ian continued to stroke her bottom until the fondling turned into light smacks. He gently pushed his wife onto her stomach on the kitchen table. She felt the cold wood on her abdomen and breasts through her thin cotton shirt.

Ian unbuttoned Amanda’s jeans and slowly lowered them to her knees. He resumed spanking Amanda with his hand letting the sting build slowly over her panties. As Amanda’s bottom began taking on a nice pink glow, Ian lowed her panties and caressed her bottom enthusiastically. His hand strayed between Amanda’s cheeks and his finger glided down her sensual cleft to brush over her rosebud and rest between her legs. His thumb grazed her jewel and Amanda drew her breath in sharply. Ian leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Stay here.” And he left the room.

When Ian returned, he noticed that Amanda was quivering slightly. “What’s the matter baby, are you cold?” he asked, his voice dripping with mock compassion. Crack. Amanda felt the sting of the leather paddle against her backside. “Maybe this will warm you up a little” Ian drawled. Crack, crack, crack. Each successive swat built in intensity and Amanda breathed harder as her bottom raised to accept each blow with the paddle. She could feel the heat rising in her center and moisture started to drip between her legs.

Ian continued to paddle her after she started to cry out between strokes. She alternately cried out and raised her bottom as the paddle continued to fall. Ian concentrated on one cheek and then the other causing Amanda to jump and buck. “Bend over Amanda or I will get the wood paddle.” Ian scolded. She pressed her body to the table and grabbed the edge to help stay in place. Ian’s pulse quickened at the sight of Amanda’s backside growing redder. He dropped the paddle and pressed his hand firmly between Amanda’s legs. She felt his length pressed against her rear end.

Ian lowered his trousers and boxers and let them fall to the floor. He entered Amanda to the hilt in one long stroke. Amanda groaned and pushed back with her bottom to accept Ian’s thickness. Ian rocked back and forth slowly at first, reaching around to finger her nub. Amanda was shaking with need, each stroke felt as though it was creating a small fire inside her. Her breath quickened as Ian pounded into her from behind and continued to work with his fingers from the front. She gasped, called Ian’s name and pleaded for release. Ian growled in her ear, “Ask me to make you cum baby.” Amanda wailed desperately, “Oh my God Iiiaannn, pleeeaase make me cum.” With one last thrust, she shattered from the inside out. At the same moment, Ian released his gift.

Ian collapsed on top of Amanda breathless and spent. Amanda felt sated; the insistent sexual tension was quelled for the time being. As their breathing returned to normal, Ian rolled off of Amanda and helped her up. He took her hand and led her to the couch in the living room. Amanda followed Ian like a docile lamb and sighed as Ian sat on the couch and pulled her into his lap. They lay on the couch with their limbs entwined and gently kissed each others lips. Amanda tipped her head back and smiled at Ian, “I really like Saturdays.” Ian smiled back, “Me too.”

Excuse me while I cool off! I told you it was good! So do you think you know who wrote it? It’s time to vote. It might be Carye we already know she writes great stories. Jessica has been commenting more and more maybe she wanted to try her hand at writing. Could be Mina from down under helping me out again or maybe it was Reesa. Now we know she writes books and is fantastic at it but maybe she did a short story for a friend! What do you think? Please join the fun and vote even if you have to guess. The reveal will be Monday.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote 'The Long Day'?


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carye's come back

Our friend Carye had been on a losing streak lately. For not losing her Christmas weight as fast as Papa Shrek thought she should she lost her chance of getting spanked (a truly cruel punishment). Then she made a bet with me that the first one to have a week gaining would have to post a real life spanking story! So she worked hard and she did lose the Christmas weight. But this past week she did have a slight gain so she lost the bet too!

Well the spankings have started back and Carye wrote it up for me to post there by fulfilling her bet. I know Carye is happy to have thing back to normal.

I feel so WONDERFUL today!!!! Last night worked out finally for us!!!! PS made it special. We tried to make it happen in the bedroom since it was damp and about 10 degrees out maybe 20 in the garage!!! :-) He wasted no time getting down to business!

He was surprised I was wearing undies! Hey! It's been 2 MONTHS!!!! you know? He started with my favorite-- the hickory paddle, A little TOO HARD thanks! I'm not used to this and there wasn't really a warm-up! I actually fought back a little and crawled up on the bed trying to get away some. I hate when I do that! I didn't want it to stop, but my body had other thoughts!

OOH but boy did it feel good when he did and started rubbing though! After some nice rubbing and kneeding he got out the dogging bat. This he decided to use on the back of my legs since my tush was nice and warmed up at that point! I loved that! The nice thing about the dogging bat is it isn't too harsh to use on the back of my legs. He didn't swing too hard I don't think but boy it warmed those up to nice and sensitive too! then more rubbing and I got more and more sensitive... then came the mistake! This he used more lightly than sometimes or maybe since I had had the hickory paddle first, it seemed more light! He finally ended with a wonderful finale! 3 really hard swats with the mistake with asking me to count. WOW did they ever count! I even had a bit of a mark on one side this morning. MMMMM... ahhhh... I feel SOOOOO much better!!!!!

Theresa's meme

Theresa tagged me an long time ago, back in January I think and I did it but some how it never got posted. But since Theresa is my buddy and because I love doing meme here I go…

1. What is your occupation?

I form of young minds, frightening ain’t it?

2. What color are your socks right now?

I always wear 2 pair of socks. One pair is white and the other pair is brown.

3. What are you listening to right now?

Mollie in the kitchen cooking.

4. Last thing you ate?

A sugar free cookie

5. Can you drive a stick shift?

Yep, Nick taught me when we began dating. Once when I was very first learning we were out driving and he bought a cherry flavored drink in a can. When we got back in the car he opened it, sat it between his legs and said “Ok, now let the clutch out real slow…” Oh well, he married me anyway!

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Some shade of blue or purple

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?

LJ called me this afternoon.

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?

I love her!

9. How old are you?

51 and happy to be there!

10. Favorite drink?

The soft drink Sundrop, I rarely drink it any more because I have gone to Cherry Coke Zero but Sundrop is still my favorite!

11. What is your favorite sport to watch?

Golf, it is easier to sleep through than most.

12. Have you ever dyed your hair?

Yes but it wasn’t my idea. I liked my original color. It was God who decided it should change. I figured since He started it all bets were off and I could try any color I liked. He still seems to prefer gray. Someday I will let Him have His way!

13. Pets?

100 pound dog, 2 cats, 1 chinchilla

14. Favorite food?

Donuts, chips, ribs, chips, cookies, potatoes, rice, chips, peanuts, pork roast, chicken, chips, cake, pie, chips…

15. What was the last movie you watched?

National Treasure II

16. What was the last book you read?

The latest “Miss Julia” book

17. What do you do to vent anger?

I come here and write to you folks!

18. What was your favorite toy as a child?

It was a toss up between a baby doll and a machine gun.

19. What is your favorite season?

Anything but Winter, I think Eva is starting to rub off on me.

20. Hugs or kisses?


21. Cherries, Blueberries or Strawberries?


I think I will Tag Lori because I don't know as much about her as some others, and Cassie because I always love her answers and Grace because I am always nosy about Grace. I would tag my twin too but I know a lot of this stuff already!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fantasy Friday Reveal- Made to Behave

I had a great time watching the voting for this weeks Fantasy Friday. I don’t remember a time when the votes were so very close. I love “Made to Behave” it spoke to that side of me where the discipline fantasy always comes. But this Fantasy Friday was more that just a fantasy; it was based on an actual event that happened at the beginning of this writer’s marriage. As with all the rest of us there have been ups and downs along the way since this beginning but they are still together, still spanking and more in love than ever.

As I said it was close. At the close of voting it stood with Sara, Lori, and Elizabeth tied. Carye was four votes behind the pack. I love it when everyone is willing to take a guess! I was also amused to see that a few of you thought it was Cassie. I have a hard time picking authors when I know who wrote. Cassie would have been a good possibility.

To quit stalling, the talented writer of “Made to Behave” was Lori from Switching Gears! Lori this was a wonderful job of story telling and it adds to the story to see how you two first began. Many people are wondering when and how to take that first step. You just showed one good way. Thanks again!

Again I extend an invitation to any writers, lurkers, daydreamers, send me your stories and we will all continue to enjoy Fantasy Friday for as long as possible. Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday musings...

It seems like Saturday’s night is my time to reflect on my week. It was a good one. I had 2 nice compliments on my weight loss this week. The first came from my brother-in-law. Now BIL and I have a long history of teasing, tormenting and picking at one another from way back, we enjoy these activities. But last Sunday he said “You are really looking good. I can tell you’ve been working hard and I’m proud of you.” He left the room then almost like he was embarrassed. It really did mean a lot coming from him.

The second compliment came from a cafeteria lady at school. She said I looked good and asked how much I have lost and then asked the hardest question I get asked about my weight “How in the world have you managed to stay motivated for almost 2 whole years?” What do I tell people when they ask this? “If I don’t keep losing my husband is going to turn me up and spank my ass!”? I just never know how to answer. So I just tell them my husband is a great motivator. It’s the truth, just not the whole truth.

My boy turns 20 on Monday. Twenty!! I just can’t believe it. I am going to be down to one teenager. And everyone knows that’s really plenty! He was going to be working in the theater all weekend so we didn’t go down. Collin went down to paint LJ room and hang pictures and just in general make his room look better as a birthday gift to him. I think it’s a gift that LJ is really going to love.

If you haven’t read Fantasy Friday this week please go here now. The voting is as close as it has ever been so please, if you haven’t vote now!! The reveal is coming tomorrow!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Made to Behave

We have a wonderful new Fantasy Friday story this week. And in a new twist – I know who wrote it! (I think) Anyway I really like it. And I imagine a confrontation like this has played through many of our minds at one time or another.

Made to Behave

I’m an old fashioned girl. I truly believe in the man being the head of the household. It’s not the norm to think that way in this day and time. According to many of my friends, women are supposed to take care of themselves, wear the pants and stand firm in taking charge of their own life. I just don’t fit that mold. As long as I can remember, from a small child even, I knew when I got married my husband was going to be a man who wore the pants. He was going to be a loving strong leader and a good father to our children.

I had two long term relationships in my early dating years. In both of these relationships, I tried to get these guys to be leaders over me. Neither one seemed to get it. One of them ended up hitting me with fists instead of spanking me. I doubt spanking ever entered his mind since we were in our teens and he was really just a kid himself, but nevertheless my desire to be controlled ended up in an abusive relationship. In the second relationship, I also suggested being spanked once. His only response was “that wouldn’t do any good”. So, I struck out again. I wanted someone who could control me and make me behave.

As I was dating my now husband, I could see the possibility with him as one who could and would make me behave. I hated the reckless ways I had been living. I wanted someone to save me from myself. We didn’t date more than 2 months before we were engaged. Some were not happy with such a short courtship but I was sure this would work out fine. Well, I soon was to find out.

Because of my previous reckless ways, I had been stopped by the police for speeding about 12 times in the town we lived in and neighboring communities in the past year. My father had been on the local police force almost all my life but was now retired. Most of the officers in our town have watched me grow up. So needless to say, they let me go every time I was stopped.

It got so bad though that these officers got together one day and had a meeting about me. They all decided that letting me go was something they were not going to do anymore. I received a heads-up on this meeting by one of the officer’s wives. That evening I repeated this news to my new fiancé and informed him of all the times I had been stopped. I hadn’t seen any reason to discuss it with him before. He was shocked and made it clear that I was to immediately change my ways. I was no longer to give these officers any reason to ticket me. Ahhh yes, this marriage was going to work out fine.

Michael and I had moved into our new house and awaited our day. Three weeks before the wedding, I was traveling down the road at, well let’s just say a speed above what was posted. Because I wasn’t really paying attention, I was surprised to see the blue lights flashing behind me. Uh Oh, I’ve done it now. But wait, as the officer exited his car I could see that this was a new officer. I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me. He didn’t even run my license. He just asked me if I knew how fast I was going, told me what the speed limit was on that street and ordered me to slow down. Wow, that was lucky.

On my way home, I wondered what Michael would say when he heard what happened. He was pretty firm about my not speeding anymore, but how would he back that up? I guess this is what I’ve been waiting to find out.

As we finished our dinner I decided it was a good time to mention my mishap with our local police. I decided to take the approach of making into a matter of fact statement. I said “Oh my gosh, you would not believe what happened to me today.” He glanced at me with a look of curiosity waiting for me to reveal some really good or exciting news. “I was driving down Power’s Rd. and all of a sudden there was a cop behind me with his light’s on”. The small curious smile on the face of Michael melted to a look of sternness. “Were you speeding” he inquired? “Yes I guess I was but he didn’t even give me a ticket”, I replied. “I thought I told you to knock it off”, he said. I sat there, not knowing what to say, waiting to get the rest of my scolding and wondering if he would take it further. “What am I going to do with you? I DO NOT want you getting stopped for speeding and I made it clear you were to watch what you were doing. You got lucky this time. If I could take your license, I would do it”

I wasn’t sure if he really wanted me to answer his question of what he was going to do with me but I thought that I’d have no better chance than now to blurt it out. I said, “Well, you could spank me”. He just looked at me with a puzzled look. My heart just sank. He didn’t take me seriously. He just got mad and went to sit on the couch. I cleaned up the kitchen in silence and then went to sit by him. Normally as soon as I sit down on the couch he will put his arm around me. He didn’t budge and didn’t look at me. He was very upset so I asked him if he was going to be mad all night. He just ignored me and I could see that we were in for a very long, silent night.

I knew that if he would just spank me, he wouldn’t be upset about it any longer. I took his hand, looked at him and said “just spank me”. “NO”, he said. “Why would I do that? I can’t believe you want me to do that”. He was becoming very upset. “What’s wrong with it? I want you to.” I said At that, he got up off the couch, grabbed his coat and left the house. I heard his car start up and he was gone. I began to cry, wondering if I could ever explain myself. That was not the reaction I was hoping to receive. How was I now supposed to tell him that I wanted discipline? I was so confused. I cried and waited for him to return.

He must have gone to the corner store because he wasn’t gone that long. When he came in the door, he just looked at me and said “why do you want me to hurt you”? “You aren’t going to hurt me, you are just going to spank me” I answered. He sat down on the couch next to me and shook his head. We sat in silence for about 4 minutes and then he said “Ok, come here”. He grabbed my wrist and took me in the bedroom. He sat on the end of the bed, pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and put me over his. There I was, in the position I had always wanted to be in, now wondering what it was going to feel like. I hadn’t been spanked since I was about 8 years old. My heart was racing and all at once I felt the first slap. OWW! I cried out. Another hard slap. I managed to bite my lip on that one. Then Michael laid into my bottom with slaps coming hard and quick, holding me on to his lap with his free hand. I tried to reach back to stop the burn and he grabbed my hand pulling it onto the small of my back pressing it there. STOP, I cried. It hurt way more than I had imagined. He just kept spanking and finally it ended. I fell off his lap onto the floor, breathless. I had tears in my eyes when I looked up at him. He was breathless as well. He told me to get up and he helped me as I did. He hugged me and said that he hoped he would not have to repeat that for any more speeding incidents. Repeat? That means he is willing to do it again. I cried in his arms but not because of the pain on my backside, but because I had found the man of my dreams.

Three weeks later we were married. There have been several more spankings for different matters but never a spanking again for speeding. That first spanking will always be something I’ll remember.

Ohhhhh! That was satisfying! Now comes to the time to vote. Here are some things to think about. Was this an account of something that really happened or the thoughts of a spanker dreaming of what should have happened? Here are your four choices. Sara, from Finding Sara - Lori, from Switching Gears - Elizabeth, from Elizabeth’s Utopia or Carye a faithful commenter.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote 'Made to Behave'?


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I love it when you...

Sometimes we are quick to complain (at least to each other) when our former vanilla husbands don’t do everything the way we have fantasized about all our lives. I want to take today to tell Nick some things he does that I love.

I love it when you –

touch my butt. Whether you are spanking as hard as you can or rubbing my behind when I press against you at night or that gentle pat or secret touch in public.

I love it when you –

you bring home toys. It can be a fine leather paddle you ordered, or a flyswatter or a 5 gallon paint stirrer, it wouldn’t matter. Any of these would affect me the way flowers, candy or ever jewels affect other women.

I love it when you –

talk to me about spanking and our blogging friends. You are the only one I can talk to face to face about TTWD and these friends we have made here. It makes me feel close to you – our sweet, private secret.

I love it when you –

take complete charge in the bedroom. Nothing makes me hotter than feeling I am yours and you will decide what you are going with me… to me… for me. I have loved everything we have tried and I look forward to trying more.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Reveal - The Salvage

Update: For those of you still confused let me try to explain. To amuse herself my twin decided to play and sneaky and dastardly trick on a sweet and innocently trusting soul (me) just trying do a public service here in blogland. This evil genius enlisted the aid of poor little Grace to do her dirty work. Of course once she agreed she quit being ‘poor little Grace’.

And now … now what are they doing? They are trying to blame me – the innocent party! (Hang on a minute; I am trying to whip up a few tears for effect) This is the email I got from Grace –

Hi! So believe it or not, I found enough time to write you a new story.

I hope you like it.
Let me know if this will work for FF.


And they are saying I jumped to conclusions? Come on lets see a show of hand, who think Eva and Grace need a good, hard spanking? Thank you, you can put your hands down. So girls keep looking behind you, you may see this...

I enjoyed Fantasy Friday this week. Well I always do but this story was one I could relate to completely. Just wanting someone to take control… yep, I can relate! I had several folks (Mthc!) wanting to know, before reveal time, who wrote it. Not me I don’t post and tell before time. (Okay well occasionally I tell Eva, but not every time.) Grace got 44% of the vote, I came in next with 31%, Eva got 14% and C.C had 11% of the vote.

Every week I just wait and see if I am going to get a good a story submitted for the upcoming Friday and sure enough my friend came through for me this week. She even suggested who should go up as the possible choices. I liked that, so feel free to make suggestions when you send in a story. Oh wait, I didn’t tell you who wrote it did I? The author of ‘The Salvage’ was the lovely and talented Grace!!! I loved the story, I love her. Go by her place and tell her if you liked it!

Thanks to everyone who read and commented and voted. I am looking for one for next week. Everyone one reach deep into your fantasies and write me one!! As always everyone is welcomed to send one – bloggers, commenters, lurkers, or passerbys. Send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com .

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My comment to my twins post...

I have really been having fun with Fantasy Friday this week. Several people have asked who wrote it (like I am going to tell early) so I am curious about who you are guessing this week. Email me and let me know. If you haven’t had a chance to read yet click here!


I have a little or this and that to talk about. I had a very rough day Friday. LJ (I guess Tobias will just have to get used to this) called Thursday night very sick. It sounded like he had the flu. I don’t like my baby being sick so far away. He called the next morning worse than the night before. He was missing an exam and had to have a doctor’s note to be able to take it later. He could barely stand up and couldn’t drive himself to the doctor. (Since he had just this week gotten his fifth ticket for a moving violation in the past 3 years we know he also can’t drive for crap when he is well either, but I digress). I am sure most of you with grown children have experienced this; it is an awful feel to know you need to be there and can’t be.

Of course I am so very lucky in one way, my sister work on LJ’s campus. I called her for her suggestions and she immediately got off work and went and picked him up took him to the doctor and then got him back home. He didn’t have the flu just a horrible cold. Dee went to the drug store and got him everything he needed. So my suggestion is when you are looking for a college for your kids look for one that comes with an aunt on campus. They are wonderful!!!!


Mollie was dying to go shopping today so off we went to the next town over, about 20 miles away – Mollie at the wheel. It really turned into a wonderful trip. We just talked and talked. We discussed parenting styles and she told me she liked mine. She says that she likes the fact that I let her do most of the things she asks to do and go most of the places she asks to go. She says lots of her friends parents say no to a lot of things for no apparent reason. She says that I always give her reasons when I do say no. She says she doesn’t always agree with my thinking but she at least knows I have thought about it.

I told her that the reason I said yes a lot was because she usually showed good judgment herself and didn’t ask to do ridiculous things. I told her that the more she showed good sense herself the more she would be allowed to do.

When we got to town she suddenly lost interest in shopping for her clothes and spent all her time looking for new things for me. She did find a few good things for me but I declined the lime green horizontal strips (I did try it on to humor her) and it looked better than I thought. I laughed as we walked in the mall and told her she was fulfilling the destiny to which she was born! When Nick and I were discussing whether or not to have a second child (I was humoring him to call it a discussion, I always knew I would have at least two) but I told Nick that if we didn’t have a daughter he would be the one who had to shop with me after my mom was gone. He was thrilled and relieved when his little girl was born!


We had a wonderful time playing this morning! The best thing about having a teenager in the house is the fact that if you can ever get them to go to bed at night nothing will wake them up in the morning. It is a pretty safe time for a little spanking fun! I got to pick three. (Like I am going to get to pick for Eva once I win our challenge) Only I picked fun ones for me!! I picked the leather paddle (furry on one side), the bath brush and the belt. He did a pretty good job with each one!! That bath brush feel so deceptively smooth and cool when he rubs it on my butt. Not the same feeling as being swatted with it! It hurts like heck when he is using it but it’s good for that ‘later’ feeing. He also used the plug and let me play with the vibrator. Some great olde fashion loving followed! A very, very good morning!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Salvage

It’s Friday again and once more someone came through for me! At the end I have four choices as usual. But I can think of a dozen or more people that could have written this story… fantasized this story… lived this story. In one way or another many of us have. For those of you who are just dreaming of beginning this life style maybe you need to send your guy here for a little reading today.

The Salvage

Beth and Mike had been friends with Tim and Lana for more years than they could remember. The boys had been best friends in high school. They had gone their separate ways for college where they each met their wives. After college, they served the role of best man at each other’s weddings. The girls genuinely liked one another and the four spent a lot of time together. The boys golfed and played basketball at the gym. The girls shopped and talked.

They helped each other raise five terrific children between them. With the pressures of parenthood behind them and middle age before them, the four had looked forward to the years ahead. They talked of trips, cruises, and grandchildren. Their lives were secure and happy.

None of them could predict what was about to take place. Beth and Mike especially knew that their friends would always be together, happy and strong. Tim and Lana had thought the same about the other couple.

When Mike and Beth arrived at the restaurant first, they thought nothing of it. They got a table and talked about the day as they waited for Tim and Lana.

“So what did Joe say when you told him you’d had enough of his games?”

“How was lunch with the girls?”

“Did you remember to stop at the bank?”

“I need to swing by the mall tomorrow on the way to your moms and pick up Sarah’s birthday gift.”

Mike looked at his watch. Beth realized that it must be past their meeting time. Sure enough Tim and Lana were already 20 minutes late. It was not like them. Beth reached for her cell phone and called Lana.

“No answer. I hope they’re okay.”

For the next few minutes they looked over the menu and discussed what sounded good, healthy, fattening, and otherwise.

After a few more minutes passed by Mike said, “I’m getting worried. Let me try to reach Tim.”


“Tim, buddy. Are you and Lana standing us up?”

“I’m sorry. We’re not going to be able to make it.”

“Everything okay?”

At that, Tim broke down. He said that things weren’t okay and that he needed to hang up.

Mike relayed the brief conversation to Beth. They both agreed that it sounded as though their friends needed them. It not only sounded serious. It felt serious.

On the 20 minute drive to Tim and Lana’s place they discussed what might be wrong. They were both pretty certain that someone had died. Maybe it was Lana’s mother. Her heart had given her problems in the past. Maybe it was Tim’s dad. After all, he didn’t take very good care of himself.

“Beth, let’s quit speculating. You’re getting yourself all worked up when it might be nothing.”

“You’re right. Let’s just wait until we get there.”

As they pulled onto Tim and Lana’s road, Beth immediately noticed Lana’s car wasn’t in the drive. When they went to the door, they could see Tim sitting on the couch. They didn’t bother to knock. They walked on in. They stood there. Staring.

While they stared at Tim, he stared at the floor. Finally he looked up; first at Beth then at Mike. When he looked back to the floor he broke into sobs.

Mike and Beth sat on either side of him. Beth put her hand on his shoulder. They let him cry for about a minute when finally Mike asked, “Buddy, are you going to tell us what this is all about or do we have to guess?”

“She’s gone.”

“Gone? Who’s gone?”

“Lana. I came home from work and she was gone.”

Apparently Lana hadn’t gone to work. Tim didn’t know that until he came home from work and found all her things gone. The note she left said:

Dear Tim,

I know this will come as a shock to you but if you really knew me, you would have seen it coming. I haven’t been happy for years. The passion is gone. In fact I don’t think there was ever passion between us to begin with. I don’t know how to tell you what I want because quite honestly, I’m not sure myself. I don’t know what I want. I just know that what we have is not it.

I’ve tried. I’ve tried to feel the passion, to create it between us but honestly I don’t know how. I don’t know how to feel anything anymore. It’s not your fault. I know you’ve always done what you thought was best for us. And you’ve always done what you knew made me happy. The problem is, I’m not happy. I need time to sort through all this. Don’t be sad. It wasn’t all bad.

Tim seemed to pull it together a little as Beth and Mike read Lana’s letter.

Later that night as Mike held Beth, she drifted off to sleep. As she slept in his arms, Mike’s mind went back to the night he came home to the same situation. He never told anyone about it because he didn’t need to.

He remembered being extremely hurt and angry that Beth would consider leaving him. She had said pretty much the same things that Lana said in her letter to Tim: No passion, unhappy. He had done everything he knew to make her happy. When Beth had came home later that night he was ready to fight for her. She had come back because in the end she just couldn’t do it. Oh, she could leave him because she wasn’t happy but she couldn’t leave their children. She had come back because of them and Mike had known he had a second chance to make things work between them.

So when she had returned that night he cornered her. In his frustration he yelled at her. Through the tears and the anger he yelled: “What do you want? What am I not doing? Why won’t you talk to me?”

Beth had sat on the edge of the bed and hung her head. She couldn’t, wouldn’t tell him. How does a grown woman who’s been married for years tell this man who adores her that what she really wants, what she really needs is for him to put her over his knee, bend her over a chair, have her lean against a tree? How?

It wasn’t easy but finally she managed to get past her embarrassment and tell him. After all she really didn’t have much to lose at that point. At first he wasn’t buying it but like so many others they’ve come to know over the years he got on the internet and typed in that wonderfully exciting word: SPANKING. Just like the rest he was amazed at what he found. And then he wondered.

After two weeks had passed, Beth was sure he hadn’t heard her really and probably thought she was nuts so imagine her surprise when he came home from work on a Friday night, told her that his parents were keeping the kids, and they were going to spend the night “talking.”

The conversation started off slow and awkward but by the end of the night they were laughing and playing with different kitchen utensils, belts, and brushes. It had been the night of Mike’s life and it turned their marriage in a whole new direction filled with fun, passion, love, and lust. From that day forward spanking became the idea that they both claim saved their marriage.

They’d never told anyone although they did suspect that a few close friends might know or might even be spankos themselves, but now as Mike drifted off to sleep he knew the time had come. He would call Tim tomorrow and tell him everything. He knew what it had done for him and Beth. Now with Tim and Lana in a marital mess, how could he not tell him? How could he not make this attempt to save his best friend’s marriage?

And Mike did just that. He went to Tim and told him the whole story of how Beth had written a similar letter years ago and how it all unfolded from there. At times Tim appeared shocked and appalled but at the same time his curiosity came through. He asked questions. He asked lots of questions. Later when he was alone, he got onto the internet and checked out some of the sites Mike had suggested. Over the next few days he read everything he could find and realized what he’d been very possibly overlooking in his own marriage and he wondered. Could this be the missing key to the passion that Lana’s longing for?

He now knew what he wanted to do…needed to do, but how would Lana receive it? If he was wrong, she’d view it as abuse. If he was right though…oh, if he was right it could change everything.

He called Lana at work and told her he had some things to discuss with her about this end to their marriage. She agreed to meet him for a drink after work.

He arranged for them to have a private table in a dark corner of the bar. When she arrived, his heart skipped a beat. After all these years he still loved her deeply. He was nervous but knew… he knew he had to follow through with this plan in a way that didn’t leave her feeling threatened.

He started off slow by asking how she was doing and other small talk questions. She answered with short answers. She didn’t want to get into anything too deep. She wanted to find out what he needed to discuss and get on with her evening.

Finally he couldn’t stand it. He looked at her with tears in his eyes and said “I love you. I miss you.” She said she knew that but she couldn’t continue on in the marriage. When he asked why not she mumbled something about passion.

“Passion! You want passion? I always gave you passion! I thought our sex life was wonderful.”

“It was, but it was never enough.”

That hurt Tim and he said, “Never enough? What in the hell do you want?”

“I want a MAN. I wanted you to be a man and take control like a MAN does.”

Tim’s confidence grew as he began to realize that Mike was probably right. He looked her straight in the eye and said “I always thought I was being a man.”

She assured him that while he thought that, she longed for more at times. She then let her guard down a smidge as she said “There are times, I wish you’d just take control of us, of me. I get so tired of being strong.”

“You mean in bed?”

“In bed, out of bed! It doesn’t matter!!!”

Tim was starting to see that Lana needed a man she could lean on for strength, for support and yes, even for being told what to do. She explained to Tim that she knows it sounds weird and that’s why she could never tell him that she longs for a man who knows when to tell her what to do, how to do it, when to do it and at the same time she longs for a man who knows when NOT to do those things.

He looked deep into her eyes. His jaw clenched. She couldn’t stand the intensity of the moment so she looked down at the table. It was then that he said “I want you to get up right now, go into the restroom, take off your panties and bring them back to me.” At that her heart was the one to skip a beat when she looked at him.

“Go. Now.”

She got up not believing that she was about to do what he was demanding but enjoying the excitement of the thoughts entering her mind.

When she returned to the table he leaned across holding out his hand. She placed the wadded up bunch of material into his hand. He put her panties into his jacket pocket telling her she’d get them back when he decided to return them. Then he did something that surprised both of them.

He leaned across the table, looked into her eyes and said “You are coming home with me. You are going to end this nonsense right now. We’ll go get your things tomorrow but for tonight we’ve got some business to take care of.”

He wasn’t sure of himself at this point but could only hope he was headed in the right direction. He knew it would be an evening to either make or completely break their relationship.

“Furthermore, when we do get home the first thing you’re going to do is lift that skirt so that I can punish you for leaving in the first place and after that you will beg me to make love to you. Is that understood, Lana?”

“Lana? I’m talking to you.”

As a lone tear rolled down her cheek she stood, held out her hand to Tim and said, “Take me home now. Please?”

I love it! Come on, truly can’t many of you relate to this? But now you have to decide who you think wrote it. It is someone most of you know pretty well. Is it me, PK or Eva or Grace or C.C? The story could be any of us – but who wrote it?? Please vote! I know it doesn’t really matter but I always get a kick out of watching how the voting is going.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "The Salvage"?


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Just a quick note to my northern friends (Eva, Carye, Debbie, Lori, and even Mthc), you can stop whining about the weather and thinking you have it so bad! It snowed here today. I saw it! I saw 6 maybe 8 flakes! And on my way home from work the temperature dropped to 37! I don’t think we are going to get a snow day out of it however, that takes at least a dozen flakes!! I am really just posting about the weather because I wanted you to know I share your pain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's in a Name?

A visit from Tobias, or is it Clement?

Actually it’s LJ. He was home for a visit this past weekend. A nice long relaxing visit – not! He got to the house around 8:45; we visited until around midnight and went to bed. I woke him up just before we left for church so he could move his car and the he headed out around 10:00 AM. A four hour drive for around a 3 hour visit. But whatever, I was still glad to see him. Now about Tobias or Clement…

LJ knows I have the blog of course. Ladies he still thinks we are quaint and frequently teases me as to what we are writing about … our delightful children, cooking, gardening, laundry tips … and I tell him truthfully, yes all those things! There are a few other things I didn’t mentions …sex, spanking, orgasms, paddles, leather, crops, etc. I know he would never believe his mom is discussing this stuff with her friends. I mean all my mom talked about with her friends were her children, cooking, gardening and laundry tips. I mean I think… I mean, surely she didn’t… never mind I am not going there.

But he did have one thing to complain about. He has read a few select things that I have printed off for him and he thinks LJ is the dullest thing I could have possible come up with for his name! You know how actors are!

He said I really needed to do something about it and he suggested his aliases. He was inspired buy Phoebe’s alter ego on Friends, Regina Phalanges. And Karen on Will and Grace, Anastasia Bevenhousher. He is trying to decide between Tobias Fahrenheit or Clement Pridemoore. Again all I can tell you is it is the actor in him coming out. I told him I would let you guy pick. So you tell me, when I talk about LJ in the future should it be Tobias or Clement? Mollie doesn’t know I have a blog. We will just leave her name alone.

Son Survey

What should LJ's new name be?

Tobias Fahrenheit
Clement Pridemoore

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A plug and the Reveal

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am happy to be feeling 100% again! Before we get to the reveal this week I have to tell you about a new fast food restaurant that just opened in town. It’s a Captain D’s and I was planning to go when the crowd let up some. But I had no idea it was a theme restaurant for us!! But a few days ago a flyer came in the mail, across the top in big bold letters was the following statement…


This place deserves our patronage!! I plan to be there as often as possible!

Now to the reveal!! Fantasy Friday was a big hit this week. We all love a good story about something that really happened and it was really special coming from one of the guys. But which guy? David and Joe were running neck to neck there for a while. Finally in the end David pulled ahead and about 48% of you got it right, it was David!!!

Thanks David!! You did a great job and according to my comments yesterday you and Mthc are going to have plenty more real life events to write about in the future! I am looking forward to reading all about it!

I may sound like a broken record but I am living Friday to Friday for stories. There are no backups in reserve, so if anyone has a story for next Friday please, please sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com I hope everyone knows by now that anyone reading here is more than welcomed to send a story!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

For Grace - the belt

There is a great Fantasy Friday post up. If you haven't read it yet or voted go here. I am very interested in how the voting is going! LOL!

Grace asked a while back for a post on the belt and why, for so many of us, it is our favorite. Where to begin? I have fantasies about the belt since I was a teenager but I am really not sure what started it. The idea just held such power for me. It was probably 15 years ago that I really began noticing Nick’s old soft leather belt. This was way, way before I ever dreamed of coming out. I liked the feel of it as I caressed it. I liked the weight of it folded in my hand. I loved the sound and feel of it hitting the bed when I tried it out. I couldn’t get it out of my mind!

When we first started spanking the belt was something he never used and I was embarrassed to ask him. It was the writings of Cassie that pushed me nearly over the edge in wanting this experience. With Cassie’s permission, this is the first thing she wrote about the belt …

When we got back to the hotel I couldn't stand it another it another minute. I went into the dressing room and stripped when I came back into the bedroom in the nude Tom was still fully dressed in his formal suit. I felt electricity in the air as Tom stared at me. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable as he stood looking so handsome and confident. Without taking his eyes off me he began to undo his belt.

Tom rarely uses a belt and when he does I am usually already across the bed so I had seldom watche
d him remove this instrument of pain and pleasure. I guess if you are not one of us -a spanko- I cannot explain the feelings that coursed through me as I watched. To the rest of you, you know the feelings of excitement, fear, longing, anticipation, dread and pure lust that this sight can stir with in us. Tom led me to the bed and I lay across it and reveled in the hard swats that rained down on my backside and thighs. I was clutching at the bed cover, I wanted him to stop, I wanted him to never stop! The sound, the sensation was completely overwhelming.

The first time I read that, I felt like I had crawled right it to the computer and was standing there watching the whole thing. It made me long to try the belt even more. After we had been spanking for a little while and just after I started blogging (my second post actually) Nick decided to show me what a ‘real’ spanking would be like. Up until that point I wanted to shake him and yell “Harder damnit!” But that day he took his belt and whipped my butt, but good! It was hard, it was unexpected, it hurt like hell and I LOVED it!!!! I bruised for the first time and could have cared less. We went out with friends that night and my butt throbbed every time I moved. I could not keep the grin off my face! I think I had just realized that what I had hoped for and longed for all of my life had just come true!! Our future had never looked brighter. All of those feelings were wrapped up in the first time he used the belt.

But it is really Cassie that can write about the belt so I will have to include one more excerpt from her fantastic writing…

He just shook his head at me and reached to undo his belt. Now you have to understand what this does to me, most of the time I really don’t think of myself as a submissive. I have an old fashion husband and we have an old fashion marriage. I mostly do what ever I want and if he doesn’t like it I often get my bottom warmed. But when I watch him remove his belt something happens to me. I think it is what some of you have talked about going into sub mode. My knees get weak, I have a hard time breathing and I absolutely ache with desire.

Tom knows this and can sometimes take full advantage of it!
So as I watched him slowly (it seemed to me) remove his belt as I was standing on the floating dock I felt very unsteady. I didn’t move or say a word. Tom folded the belt in his hand and came to me. His free hand went to the back of my neck and he pulled me to him and kissed me. Now Tom and I kiss a lot but let me tell you this was some kiss! I felt a tingle clear to my toes and several other interesting places along the way! I still never said a word as he led me to one of the heavier chairs and bent me over the back. I gripped the arms tightly as Tom lowered my shorts and panties.

The first crack of the belt brought me back somewhat to reality. We were in the deep shadows and with the house closed for the A/C I did not fear any of out guest hearing or seeing anything but it flashed through my mind on this still night how far the sound might carry across the water and I did wonder if anyone was out there to hear. By the fourth or fifth stroke I wasn’t really thinking about anything but his belt! Now you all know my feelings about the ivory hairbrush. It is evil and should be destroyed! But the belt, now that is different. It has the duel quality of bring such sweet pain and pleasure together, it is a lovely implement. I wasn’t counting but I probably got no more than a dozen strokes. They were slow, yet powerful. He didn’t lecture at all and when he stopped and rubbed my bottom and between my legs I think I could have stayed right there all night.

So Grace you have heard it from me, Eva and Cassie and maybe several others. Convinced yet?? Let me know. If you try it and don’t like you can ask Nick to take the belt to me for encouraging you – please!