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Friday, October 30, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, part six

Happy Friday! We've had some wild weather this week, but the weekend is supposed to be beautiful. Can't really go anywhere, but I still like beautiful weekends.

If you haven't been reading this story along with us, you can find parts one, twothree,  four and five by clicking on them.  And today we have a another chapter from Annie and this is an intense one. There is nothing I can add, just enjoy...

Another Chance
 part 6

Bill sat at his desk, lost in thought. Sylvia was going to be shocked when he unveiled the big surprise at tonight’s anniversary bash. She would never guess the secret he had been teasing her with for weeks was him volunteering to take an early retirement. A lifetime of working with his hands, out in the fresh air kept him fit and looking younger than 64. He chuckled to himself, wondering what his conniving wife would find to complain about when he stopped going to the job she was so jealous of. After five years of marriage he had to admit he was no closer to understanding her than when they started. He knew what to do with her, how to stay ahead of her, how to make her feel loved before she pushed his buttons to get attention. She certainly knew how to get him riled. They did things he didn’t even know existed. That line of thinking led to a sharp picture of Sylvia, red eyed and crying, on her knees, begging to be allowed to suck his cock after he spent an hour reddening her fanny and shoving toys up her butt. Resolving to end their evening just that way, he was smiling when his private line rang.

“Hey, Bob, good to hear from you. I called about the playground project we are starting for Kay’s foundation. I knew you would want to weigh in on how best to design the area at the hospital.”

“Bill, we have been friends a long time, so I am going to stick my nose in your business. Feel free to disregard my advice, but do me the courtesy of hearing it. I know you are happy with your work, and that the projects the foundation is involved in benefit the entire community. You have a right to be proud of your accomplishments. You are also lucky to have a wonderful woman at your side. She deserves to have your attention and your support right now. It has to be difficult going through this again, for both of you. I remember every time I walked into Kay’s room one of you was there. Anyway, just try to find the time and the strength to come with her for the biopsy, she really needs you.”

“Bob, I appreciate you calling, it takes a real friend to stick their neck out. I have some questions about where we are with the biopsy process, any chance you could squeeze me in today. Great, I’ll be right there.”

An hour later, leaving the hospital, Bill called his wife, suggested a nooner, much to her delight, and headed home to confront her lies.

Sylvia primped in front of the mirror, she had grabbed a quick shower and was wearing lotion and very skimpy, very expensive lingerie. She hummed with excitement, Bill had been teasing her with the promise of a big surprise for weeks, it was their anniversary, and now he was coming home in the middle of the day. Things had been hectic lately, a chance to get a little kinky before they met the family for dinner was perfect.

Bill drove slowly, trying to gather his resolve. It had been years since the last punishment, he had found that regular trips over his lap kept her from getting into mischief. He snorted to himself, he obviously had not been beating her often enough if she thought she would get away with this stunt. The magnitude of what Bob had showed him brought tears to his eyes. They had hours before they needed to get ready for the dinner the kids had planned. He intended for her to spend every minute of them begging his forgiveness and bawling her eyes out. In fact, this was so huge a single punishment was out of the question. They would be discussing this for days.

The scene that greeted him in their bedroom was like a fantasy shot from a fetish video. His wife, draped over the end of the chaise lounge she had shopped six months for. The one that was the perfect height to present her ass for his attentions. Said ass, covered with a wisp of satin, a shocking red against an acre of creamy white skin.

“Perfect.” he growled, striding across the room and landing a quick flurry of sharp hard swats.

“Hey, lover boy, take it easy. We have all afternoon to work our way up to the rough stuff.” She chided, wiggling her stinging fanny.

“We have plenty of time for you to explain to me why you thought it was acceptable to lie to me.”

“WHAT! Wait, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me up and we’ll talk about it, you’ve probably just forgotten, or something.” Franticly trying to stand up and get her behind out of reach.

“Maybe you’ve told so many lies lately you can’t be sure which one I’m talking about. Let’s just start with a few minutes to warm up your memory then you can start telling me the truth.”

Bill laid into her with his hard callused hand, going straight to full force swats, the little warm up she had gotten woefully inadequate for the heat now building.

“Bill, you promised I would always know what you were spanking me for.”

“Oh, I reckon you know exactly why, you just wonder how I found out.”

Tired of her twisting he grabbed her by the arm, strode to the edge of the bed and tossed her across his lap. Pinned in place she was defenseless as he rained heavy handed spanks over her bottom and down her thighs, making her squeal and plead. Keeping a steady tempo he continued until she was reduced to sobbing before resting his hand on her hot skin and asking again.

“Ready to tell me why you lied to me? No answer? Okay, but none of this counts toward your punishment.”

Ignoring her protests he started again, a steady rhythm of hard swats, several in a spot then moving on. Painting her skin a dark red from the top of her cheeks to the middle of her thighs. This time there was no relief until she was begging to tell him anything he wanted to know, in fact he made her beg over and over before giving her another chance.

“I’m sorry,” she blubbered, “it just seemed like the right thing to do.”

“Telling me a lie just seemed like ‘the right thing’, huh? Has it been so long since you got caught you forgot what it feels like to skip the fun stuff and go straight to the part where I blister your ass? Is that what I’m hearing?”

“NO! No, please stop, I can’t talk when you are spanking so hard. Please, honey. I’ll tell you anything you want.”

Setting her on her feet between his thighs, Bill lifted her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. She shuffled her feet, trying to think of a way to talk that wouldn’t make things worse.

“Is there more than one thing you need to tell me?”

“NO! I mean, well, you know it isn’t really like I lied, I just didn’t maybe tell you everything.”

Bill tossed her over one leg, locked her in place with the other, and went back to the part that was making him feel better, even if she didn’t seem to. Ignoring all offers of truth, a nice drink, a blow job and anything else she could think of, he took her past sobbing to the place where she was simply gasping for air and shuddering against him. Setting her on her feet he guided her to the corner, placed her hands on top of her head, and walked out of the room.

When he returned, she started to explain but he cut her off.

“You had several chances to make this right. I am tired and we haven’t even started on the punishment. So, you go get the punishment strap and the little rubber spatula. Before you say anything else, this punishment is for refusing to help me work this out.”

Ignoring her whimpers he continued,

“I am going to wear you out. You can plan on being very uncomfortable at our dinner. Now move.”

Sylvia scuttled to the closet, knees held together with her panties, sobbing. The punishment strap was bad enough but that spatula was pure torture. Forcing herself to pick up both she walked back to his side and placed them in his hand.

“Why are we here, Sylvia?”

“I didn’t listen.” She whined, dreading what was coming.

“Oh, no, this is NOT about listening. This is about you telling me a series of lies, having several chances to tell me what was going on, getting caught, and STILL REFUSING TO BE HONEST!” Bill scrubbed his hands over his face, wishing they were through.

“Why do you have the strap?”

“Because you made me get it.” She snapped.

“Every snotty tone you take just adds to what we are going to get through before we leave this room. Why the strap?”

“Because you are going to punish me like a little girl.” recited in a singsong childish voice.

“Damn straight I am, and why do you deserve that?”

“Because I am in big trouble.” Whispering now, as the seriousness of this encounter began to sink in.

“Yes, indeed, you are. And why the rubber spatula?”

“Because I lied to you.”

“And what, exactly, am I going to do with it?”

“You’re going to, well, you will, I mean, well…you’ll spank me with it.”


“Please, don’t make me say it too. It’s bad enough you do it.”

“I’m adding on extras starting right now.”

“NO! Wait. You’re going to spank me, you know, between, in my crack.” The last delivered in the softest of whispers.


“Because I hate it and you’re an old meanie, oomph”

Back over his leg, his hand crashing down, suddenly she wanted to rethink her answers.

“Wait, wait, it’s because I lied. You spank me there when I tell lies.”

Bill ignored her answers, now repeating at ever increasing volume, until she was shouting what she could barely whisper just moments ago. Keeping a steady pace he re-warmed all of the areas until the skin glowed dark red and she was babbling, desperate to make him stop. He chuckled to himself over that, they had barely begun; she had no idea how desperate she was going to be before he was finished.  After another complete circuit he set her on her feet and guided her back over the end of the chaise.

The strap landed with a splat and wrung a howl from her lips. Without waiting he settled into a steady pattern, striping her already tender skin with welts that would burn and itch for hours. With more force he could make the discomfort last for several days but he had other plans. Methodically working down then up he laid on dozens of burning stripes, continuing until she hung limp and unmoving, simply taking whatever he dished out. Her skin crawled and boiled to the point she didn’t even realize he had stopped. Dazed, she let him help her back to the bed.

“We aren’t close to finished. You know what to do next.”

Sobbing even louder, Sylvia sat on the edge of the bed, wincing when her battered skin touched the bedspread. Slowly she lay back, pulling her knees up and exposing herself to him totally. Slipping her panties from around her ankles, Bill lightly tied them around her wrists, positioning them behind her knees, holding her completely open.

“Please, Bill, not this. I am so sorry, I will never lie to you again, I promise.”

“I believe that is the exact same thing you have told me every time you have gotten caught. In fact, it has been several years since I have found myself forced to punish you for this so I assume that this special punishment has had a beneficial effect on your truthfulness. I seem to recall you spending quite a bit of time over my knee for lying before I discovered how much you hate this.”

The rubber spatula burned a vicious path over the tender skin only exposed in this position. The great thing about the rubber was it lit a fire but caused no damage. She howled and screamed but Bill knew as badly as it burned now it would disappear completely leaving not a mark. He had seen it at a kitchen show Sylvia drug him to and knew it was perfect for those few times when a true lesson was needed. She had to be regretting that outing.

When every inch of skin was scalded and several passes had been made Bill paused.

“Do you think you have had sufficient time to regret your decision?”

“Yes, oh yes, you can stop, I regret everything.”

“Fine, we’ll just finish up then.”

Bill had learned that the last part was the most crucial in making her feel the burn for a few hours. He landed the hardest swats of all up and down, so fast that her skin began to writhe under the unrelenting assault. Once she was limp and sobbing, with no fight left in her, he stopped and released her hands. Cuddling her against his chest he allowed her to cry for a few minutes, rubbing soothing circles against her back, her bottom like a hot coal burning him through his slacks.

“You’re going to go stand in the corner and think about how we got here. While you are doing that you should also think about the fact that by my count there have been at least six days that you have been keeping this from me. Plus the many little lies told to support the big one. So, this covers the way you chose to handle this today. We will repeat this lesson every day for the next six days. You think about whether this was worth it. Then you can tell me how you plan to move forward.”

Sylvia whimpered at the thought of six more punishments but moved quickly to the corner. Nothing she said would change it once Bill decided what she deserved. And she certainly did deserve it. Standing in the corner, feeling like a child, Sylvia cried her heart out; grateful she had a man who never failed to follow through. She needed six days of pain, six days of him making all of the decisions, six days of him taking care of her. She needed him.

Hours later, Sylvia found herself in the same corner, her head spinning and grateful to have some private time to marshal her thoughts. Bill’s announcement at dinner came as a total surprise. She didn’t think he would ever retire, not voluntarily. This should be a happy day; they should be drinking champagne and having celebration sex. It was all ruined, and it was all her fault. Sylvia’s tears became heart wrenching sobs as the enormity of what she had done sank in.

Bill sagged against the door, undone by the pain she was wrestling with. All of her silly artifice stripped away, leaving her the only the pain of her fears, which always cut deeper than the truth. This was the raw truth of the woman he loved. She needed him to punish her so she did not torment herself. She needed him to make it right again. The thought of losing another woman to cancer was enough to unman him completely. How frightened she must be having watched Kay’s battle. He straightened his shoulders, willed himself to find the strength to fix what he could, and stepped into the room to battle Sylvia’s demons with her.


Hang in there friends - there is one more chapter.  Annie I think you've captured us all. I know I'll happily read anything you write.  

I think we all have a story in us.  I know many of our writers over the years were convinced that they couldn't possible write - they were wrong.  If you're willing to give it a try, please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Early present

I got an early birthday gift. My apple watch conked out when it tried to update. I went for years not wearing a watch but, boy when you get used to one, it’s hard to do without.

Mollie talked her dad into the early gift. It does a lot of stuff I like. I can get and receive text on it, answer my phone through it. It tells me the time, day, date and temperature at a glance. It will give me my heart rate, remind me to get up and walk and it keep records of my exercise and my sleep. It shows me what’s coming up on my calendar. And I use it to turn my audiobook on and off. I think the next version cooks and does laundry. 


But that wasn’t why Mollie was pushing so for it. She wants a way to call 911 on my wrist, she likes that it tells me if my heart go into an unnatural rhythm, she likes that it gives me my blood oxygen level, it even calls 911, Mollie and Nick should I fall suddenly. I like the watch, but does Mollie think I’m ninety? 


Anyway… I think it’s very pretty. Mollie picked out the band and help me find a few faces I like.  But I kinda wish they had waited and got the one that cooks and does the laundry.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Strange full weekend

I thought this weekend would be busy, but it outdid itself. There was a small festival in town put on by the bookstore where local authors could come and sell their books. It was to be held outside on the square, everyone in masks so I wanted to go. I invited my sister to come with her books also.


When she called to tell me she was headed this way, she said she had woken up during the night with a strange rash on her back and arms, but that if I wasn’t scared of her she was planning to come on. I told her that would be fine. When she got here the rash was quite noticeable on her back and her arms and itching like crazy. She had taken a Benadryl earlier but had left them at home. I went to the drugstore for more and for some anti-itch cream. It helped a little.

After dinner I looked at her back again and it was much worse. We’d also been texting with both our daughters and they had been texting with one another. We’d asked all the usual questions – any new detergents, new soaps, new clothes, new sheets (this had awoken her at three A.M.) The answers were all the same – nothing new!

The ‘daughters’ were worried, boy they really start getting bossy as they near thirty,  and in the end I took her to an urgent care shortly before they were scheduled to close for the evening. Those folks didn’t know what had caused it either, but they gave her a shot of steroids and a prescription for a cream.


By the next morning it was more tolerable, but it had spread to her lower arms and her palms were itching like crazy. We made it to the festival. It wasn’t a great success. It was very hot and we were in the sun the whole time. Selling your own books takes some work, smiling, chatting, laughing, truly engaging the potential customers. Extremely difficult when you are both wearing masks!

Sister sold four books, I sold one. It was to a very strange little man. He was about five feet tall, barely. He grabbed the final book in the Cassie series and wanted me to sign in to Tammy. I did. Then he scuttled away not going around to any other tables. I hope Tammy enjoys it.


Meanwhile my BIL was doing some research. My sister had mentioned one thing to him – she had painted her nail orange for the festival. He had googled ‘allergies to nail polish’ and found some strange possibilities. 

One mentioned it could cause rashes on your body far away from the hands. Has anyone else experienced anything like this from nail polish? She removed it as soon as she could and was better the next day, but not completely back to normal.


It wasn’t a smooth relaxing weekend but we all survived. Don’t think I’ll be painting my nails anytime soon though.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, part five

Welcome, welcome! It's Friday again and we are in the middle of a great story from my friend Annie. I thought this story had six part, but as I went back looking I found another. There are seven in all. So a two more weeks on this one and then I have two brand new stories waiting in the wings. 

In this story, I really like Bill, even though I think he's a bit heavy handed at times. Sylvia seems to thrive on his attention. You can read onetwo, three  and four here.

Another Chance
Chapter 5

Sylvia woke to Bill rubbing gentle circles over her back. Stretching like a cat she leaned into him, then pouted when she remembered their argument.

“Don’t think you can play nice after you were so mean to me.” She huffed.

“I am not playing games with you, missy. I thought we could talk this over but you want to pout you can just go get the paddle and we’ll get started.”

“Not the paddle. That is not fair. I am already so sore, please, just use your hand.”

“Let me review. You lied to me, you rifled through my things, you made assumptions without even asking me how I feel, you hit me with something in a fit of anger, and oh, yeah, you lied to me. What happens when you do any one of those things?”

“I get punished.” She whispered.

“And that is exactly what will happen today. Go into the den, and wait for me.”

Sylvia’s stomach clenched when she saw what was waiting for her. Neatly laid out on the coffee table was the wooden paddle, Bill’s old belt, a wooden spoon with a flat handle, a bottle of lotion and one of lube, and that damned butt plug in the middle like some perverted centerpiece. He must be furious if he planned to use all of that and her butt was already hot and sore from the spanking on the porch. She perched on the edge of the ottoman, staring at the belt, the one he used when he caught her lying. Why did it always seem so clear when she was doing it and so wrong when it came time to pay? It killed her to disappoint him, and this was a doozy. If she hadn’t been so embarrassed none of this would ever have happened.

Bill stood in the shadow, watching the emotion play across his wife’s lovely face, silent tears trailing down her cheeks. The thought of losing her cut through him, but worse was knowing he had let her down. This was no time to be gentle; he said she would be punished and he had to follow through. Rubbing at the lump on his forehead he gathered his resolve and walked into the room. He scooped her onto his lap and settled onto the ottoman, holding her tightly and whispering how much he loved her in her ear. Then the questions started.

“Why are you here?”

“I didn’t listen.” She murmured.

“NO, and you know it. You are going to get everything you’ve got coming to you, but first, I want to know why my special day was ruined. I want to know why you were digging in my suitcase. I want to know why you are so upset over a silly sex toy. And, most of all, I want to know why you are still lying about it.”

“Just punish me and get it over with.”

“Oh, no, little girl, you have a long way to go before we get to the punishment. First you are going to answer every one of my questions.”

“Okay, fine, I went into your stupid suitcase because I wanted to get the paddle out and ask you to use it, just a little, not like when I’m in trouble, but more fun.” She peeked up through her lashes at his stern face, hoping he would understand. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to violate your privacy.”

“Of course not, there isn’t anything I own you can’t open, except maybe the week before your birthday. But why the hissy fit. I just don’t get it.”

“As soon as I saw that, that thing,”

“You mean the butt plug?”

“Yes, that, then I knew you had been, well sneaking around and spying on me, and that just made me so mad I couldn’t think.”

“And it never occurred to you to maybe ask me, instead of screaming and throwing things?”

“No. You had no right to go into my private things.”

“Are you afraid of that particular toy?”

“I just don’t think there is any reason, oooph, what are you doing?”

Bill swept his arm under her knees and tipped her back until she rested on the ottoman beside him, her legs tucked under his left arm, her bottom stretched and vulnerable.

“I think we might make more progress if I can encourage you to just answer the question I ask, not tell me what you think.”

He peppered her bottom with sharp swats, especially the creamy white stripe in the middle, tender skin that was hidden in any other position. Then he picked up the wooden spoon and laid into her sit spots, working up and down the tender crease had her howling in just a few stokes.

“Now that I have your attention, are you afraid of anal play?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think, oh, no stop that’s not fair.”

Bill worked another circuit with the spoon, this was a great position, and it had her full attention with very little effort. He would remember this the next time she earned a punishment. This time when he laid the spoon down he lightly stroked his fingers across the hot tight skin. He applied a drop of lube to her crease and slowly rubbed it up and down, circling closer and closer to her puckered anus. No squawking now, he noticed, if fact, despite a boiling hot bottom she was panting and dripping wet.

“Now tell me what the big deal is when you so clearly love having your ass touched.” He said as he slid a finger deep inside.

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

“No problem.” And he withdrew his finger and picked up the spoon. Ignoring her shrieks he placed sharp smacks up and down her crease, until the colors ran together into a dark angry red.

Finally she broke. With big sobbing gulps she told him that she and Kay had discussed anal sex and Kay told her that he was disgusted by it. It had been a regular part of life with Ray and she enjoyed it, but the only way he would know that is if he read her diary.

“I did NOT read your damn diary. I didn’t even know you had one. What I did do is go online looking for information about how to better meet your needs since you won’t talk honestly with me. Imagine my surprise. I typed in butt and before I get any further up pops butt fucking. Seems you spend a great deal of time cruising anal porn, no do not interrupt me. So, you have ruined what I hoped would be a nice surprise for both of us simply by refusing to talk to me about how you feel and what you think and what you like.”

Bill tossed the spoon and went back to using his hand, spanking more lightly but enough to make an impact on such tender skin.

“You are going to get every lick you got coming to you before this weekend is over. You’ll be remembering this punishment for a long time, and I hope when you are tempted to lie you will decide it is just too risky. But right now, I am going to talk to you about my hopes and my feelings.”

He cuddled her onto his lap, holding her close, feeling her tears soak his shirt front.

“I have always been interested in anal sex, Kay is the one who thought it was dirty. I’ve only had sex with two women in my life, when I saw what you were looking at, and I admit I was embarrassed by some of those sites, well I thought this was something we could explore. If you were uncomfortable, or only liked the idea not the real thing, that would be fine. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, you certainly achieved that.” Sylvia sniped.

“Enough. I am tired; it has been a long day. I want to put off your punishment, put off our discussion and make love to my wife. In fact, I plan to shove ‘that thing’ right inside your tight little ass and tease you until you beg me to take it out and use my dick instead. Then WE will decide if WE like it.”

Two days later they drove home, tired and happy. Sylvia had never had a worse punishment, a better weekend, or a sorer ass. Bill was planning a gym membership; he could use a little more stamina.

But they agreed, it was what THEY wanted.


Annie I continue to enjoy this story! I love older couples as a rule and I love this one in particular. I guess you're never to old to explore a new kink! 

I hope you have a fantasy that comes to mine. One you enjoy letting roll around in your mind when you have time. Try writing it and sharing. You can send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Recipes from ME?

As I told Morningstar, it’s unusual for anyone to ask me for a recipe. I’ve always been the one asked to bring paper product when a big meal was being planned. But when pushed there are a few things I can handle. And you can be sure if can make it, anyone can.


The chocolate éclair cake is extremely easy. 

To make the filling use 2 regular size packs of instant vanilla pudding and mix with 3 cups of milk. I put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes then I add a half container of cool-whip. 


In a 9 x 13 dish lay out gram crackers in a single layer. Spoon in half of the pudding mixture over the gram crackers. Then another layer of gram crackers and then the rest of the pudding. Then one last layer of gram crackers on top. Let this chill for an hour or so. 

Then I took a container of chocolate frosting – put it in the microwave until it was liquid then I poured it over the cooled ‘cake’ and just did a little spreading in the corners to see that it was all covered.


Keep it in the fridge and I think it’s really better after 24 hours.


You could make this with sugar free pudding and Cool Whip, low calorie gram crackers and diabetics would only have to worry about the chocolate frosting.


Chocolate Chip Pound Cake


·      One box Duncan Hines yellow cake mix

·      1 package instant chocolate pudding

·      4 eggs

·      ¾ cup water

·      ¾ cup oil 

·      1 cup sour cream

·      6 oz. milk chocolate chips


Mix first six ingredients. Stir in chips.


Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. 


This cake tends to fall a little. Mollie says this makes it so much better. My SIL says this happens because the cake makers have begun putting in less cake mixture in their boxes and she’s right. If you want it to look perfect you might have to play with it and add a bit less water and oil. But if you’re just making it to eat – stick with this. It’s great. Good chocolate flavor without being too much chocolate.


Now if I were making it just for me, I’d leave out the chocolate chips.

Be sure to come back yearly to see if I’ve mastered another recipe

Monday, October 19, 2020

Blogging, dentist, birthday, golf, domestic goddness - take your pick

I haven’t been posting as much lately and now with a crazy world I think we should all be posting more – just to touch base and trying for some normality in this time of Covid. Sadly, I’m not going to have a spank encounter to relate each time. But still,  picture us all just visiting. Remember in our minds we don’t have to have on mask or enforce social distancing. Although I do these things in real life for sure. 

My visit to the dentist was quite long and involved. But nothing like what Morningstar has had to deal with. The only extreme pain I had to deal with was paying. That was certainly bad enough. Morningstar, I hope things are better now.


Mollie had a birthday last week and for the first time I made her favorite cake – usually her aunt makes it. It’s a chocolate chip pound cake and it is good. She was very surprised and told me, “You’ve made a mistake, Mom. Now I know you can make it.” My baby who was thirteen when I began blogging just turned twenty-eight! It’s hard to believe.

This is a golf weekend for Nick – but they are playing around here. Friday evening he wanted to invite the three guys he plays with for dinner. I was hesitant. I mean having anyone in during covid is a little stressful and on top of that, I DON’T COOK! But luckily Nick does. He did a beef tenderloin and it turned out fantastic! I took care of cleaning the house and making a dessert – Chocolate éclair cake. I have been overly domestic this week and I’m going to have to rest!


I hope you’ll come by and I do love comments – it’s just nice to know others are out there.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Another chance, part four

*If you get the chance today, come by the Reading Room today for a snippet from Cassie.

Happy Friday! I'm back from our mini-reunion and we did have a wonderful time. Now to the best of my knowledge I don't have to go anywhere for a while. I love that feeling!

Now here is part four of Annie's Fantasy Friday story. There are two more parts and then I have two brand new stories after that so I hope you'll be coming back. You can find parts one, two and three here.

Another Chance, 
part four

The drive to the cabin was quiet, both lost in their own thoughts. Their whole world had changed in just six short weeks, though it had not come easily.

Bill stood by his decision, hauling his sometimes willing, often screaming wife over his knee every single day. Despite her sarcasm and complaints the benefit was apparent. She might howl like a scalded cat but their lives were running smoothly and there had only been one punishment needed in the entire month and a half, and it a fairly minor one. It would be easier to drop the maintenance down to a couple times a week, but, not if it was at the cost of the peace he was coming home to now.

Sylvia sat, wrapped in her thoughts and oblivious to the scenery. Today was the big day and she was scared. What if Bill was tired of her, tired of making time that was all hers every day? How could she give this up? She spent her whole life making sure everyone within earshot knew she was a strong, capable woman. How could losing all control be so perfect? What kind of nutcase wanted this? These “maintenance” sessions had sounded so silly when Bill demanded they try it, but this was no play. Her butt was sore every day, all day, and just when it started to wear off it was time to meet him for another round. Every day he scalded her bottom with his hard callused hand until she was through fighting and hung limp over his lap. Then he rubbed lotion over the tender skin until she was composed. After, well, then she usually attacked him. Who knew old farts could do it every day.

Bill carried the luggage in and sent his wife to put together a simple meal they could share on the porch. The air was cool but there was plenty of bright sunshine highlighting the fall colors on the trees across the lake. They enjoyed the crisp fall day, chatting about the grandkids. Bill could see how worried she was and decided to get the ball rolling.

“Go inside, undress, and meet me in front of the fire.”

Startled, Sylvia started to protest, but he cut her off.

“I said go, do it before you earn extras.”

She flew into the house, extras were usually with his belt, or that damned paddle of Ray’s he asked for a few weeks ago. Grumbling about it every step she scuttled into the house, unbuttoning as she went. Bill chuckled at the way she walked that razor edge between obedience and insolence, the last weeks had changed them both. He cleared lunch dishes and was about to carry them to the kitchen when the cabin door flew open and his wife, buck naked, came screaming through it. Bill was so flabbergasted he could only stare, with a dazed grin. She was hopping up and down, screeching, while her nipples puckered in the cool air and her breasts bounced with every jump. He burst out laughing, intending to tell her she looked like a teenager when she threw something and hit him in the forehead.  The dishes landed with a crash, glass shards flying, one imbedding itself in her foot as she continued the tirade.

Bill stepped over the glass as best he could, threw her over his shoulder, still screaming, carried her to the closest chair, tossed her over his knee and whaled into her. At first the screaming got louder, she perceived herself as the injured party, though he had no clue what he had done. He just spanked until she stopped. It took a while. They were lucky it was off season. That kind of noise would bring the lake patrol if anyone heard.

He sat there, naked wife across his lap, both breathing hard, confused and disappointed. Figures, just when he was congratulating himself on finding the key to harmony all hell breaks loose. Then he noticed the blood dripping off of her heel. With a sigh, he threw her back over his shoulder and carried her inside. Toeing his shoes off to keep from tracking the glass in, he plopped his now shivering, sobbing wife on the kitchen counter.

Twenty minutes later, not a word spoken between them, he had the splinter removed, her foot bandaged, the glass swept up and a warm robe around her shoulders. Taking a bag of frozen peas for the lump on his forehead he joined Sylvia on the couch.

“I think I deserve an explanation and an apology.”

Sylvia sniffed, and turned away.

“Oh no, you do not get to play these games with me. I have no idea what set you off, what you threw at me, or why. You better start explaining or you are going to regret this deeply.”

“You think you get to decide everything now. I don’t even get asked, you just do whatever you want. How would you like it if I went through your private things? Oh, there’d be trouble then, but you get to just treat me like dirt, like I don’t count or matter at all , I ”


Bill tossed her across his knee again and started all over.

“I have NOT been in your private things, whatever that might be. I deserve an explanation and I will keep this up until I get one.”

With that he blistered her bottom and down her thighs until she sobbed and pleaded for him to let her explain.

“This is your last chance, tell me what happened calmly or I’ll take my belt to you.”

Sylvia climbed onto his lap and sobbed her story out with her face buried on his shoulder. After hearing it, Bill held her, letting her cry herself out.

“I want to be certain I understand. You went into MY suitcase, found something you didn’t like, carried it out to the porch, screamed so loud I broke the dishes then threw it at me. Is that about right?”

“You always make it sound like I am at fault. You had no business reading my private diary, I know how you feel about those kinds of things and I at least deserve to have my privacy.” she huffed, starting to get her temper up again.

“Okay, I did NOT read your diary. I didn’t even know you had one. I still don’t see what that has to do with you rifling MY luggage and throwing things at me."

“Not ‘things’, you ass, that big fat butt plug you thought you would sneak in without me knowing. I hope that bump hurts, you deserve a headache for thinking you could fool me. I know how you feel.” Arms crossed, glaring through tear swollen eyes, she looked ready to start jumping around naked all over again.

“Are you telling me this is about a sex toy?”

“NO. Not a sex toy, a butt plug that you had no business buying.”

“So, you are saying that the idea of using anal toys is upsetting to you?”

“YES, you idiot, that is what I am saying. Besides the damned thing flew off of your head and into the bushes. It’s ruined now.”

Bill rubbed his aching head, not sure where to even start. Finally, he decided it was best postponed.

“I am too upset with you to deal with this right now. Go crawl into bed and rest, I want to grab a shower and think about what punishment you have earned for this.”

“Punishment? You have been beating me since we got here.”

“I said go to bed. You are in more trouble than you know.”


I hope you're enjoying this story the second time around. My continued thanks to Annie.

Come back for more next week. And I love hearing from new writers. Share a story with us if you will. Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, October 12, 2020

The reunion is on!

Well sorta. I began hosting our family reunion the year after Nick and I married. We’ve had it for thirty-six years straight, thirty-five of them at my house. But you know 2020, it wrecks everything.  It wrecked the reunion too. Most of the family that comes is over sixty and even though we have it mostly outside, we felt it just wouldn’t be safe. I really missed it.


But once, long ago, my favorite cousin said, “If the only ones who show up are you and me and your sister, we’ll still call it a reunion.” So the three of us are getting together this week. We’re all retired. We mostly stay home and we feel reasonably safe. We’re meeting at my sister’s home since she is in the middle. So I can say technically – we’re having the reunion.


That’s the good news. The news I’m not so thrilled with is that I’m off to the dentist today for a filling and a crown. Woopie. But it’s been put off long enough.


I hope you have some fun this week, but for most people like me you just hope for peace and calm.


Friday, October 09, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Another Chance, part three

I planned on posting again this week, but yesterday I finally looked up and it was Thursday already! It's been a good week, just busy. I'll try to be by more often. I'm still determined to keep this blog going!

Today we have part three of Annie's story. When I first received this story so very many years ago, I could see myself a lot in Sylvia. It still makes me think. You can find parts one and two here. Please enjoy...

Another Chance
part three

Bill rubbed his aching temples and tried to focus on the project numbers. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate at home. Since their return from the honeymoon things had gone from bad to worse. Sylvia defied him at every turn, making the most trivial things into major battles. What route they took to work was not a dig your heels in, never waver kind of thing. He had tried everything he could think of, hell, Ray had kept her under control with no apparent effort at all. God knows she told him so often enough.

Just like a lightning bolt it hit him. He wasn’t Ray. He had been trying to give her what she had with her beloved husband. He couldn’t do that anymore then she could be Kay. As soon as he stopped trying it became clear, all he had to do was show her how to be HIS wife. He couldn’t recreate either of their previous marriages; it had to be a fit for them.

Excited at the prospect of peace in his home, Bill started surfing the web, looking for ideas. He had never even thought about there being places that acknowledge wife spanking, much less that it had a dozen different names for all of the subtly different types. Once he figured out what to ask for a pattern appeared. Seems his difficult, grumpy wife had been surfing a lot of what he would call flat out spanking porn. In short order Bill discovered he had a lot to learn and he was apparently going too easy on her.

Bleary eyed, full of new ideas and anxious about the reactions, Bill slipped into bed. Any doubts he had vanished when Sylvia slid against him, wiggling her bottom until he gathered her into his arms. She might be confused during the day but asleep she knew exactly where she belonged.

Sylvia stared at her husband openmouthed, certain she had misunderstood. Certainly her workaholic was not saying he was taking the day off. And it was a Friday, meaning a three day weekend.

“Close your mouth and quit acting like I never take a day off. I want to spend a couple days with my bride.”

“I’ll take it! I don’t care what the real reason is. Are we going somewhere?”

“I thought a few days at the cabin would be nice. The season is over so we should have the whole cove to ourselves. Take your time packing, I’ll run to the market.”

Sylvia was beside herself with excitement. Bill was taking a long weekend and she didn’t even nag him over it, he just wanted to be with her. By the time he returned with groceries she had the bags sitting by the door ready to go, one filled with lingerie. She had plenty he had never seen, since the honeymoon she had been filling her days with shopping trips.

The cabin was exactly the same. No one had stayed there since the last time the four of them were together but Bill had a cleaning service keep it fresh. Sylvia ran through the rooms, laughing.

“I can almost see her, about to burst into the room, cussing me for some fool idea about to get us in trouble.”

“Kay never cussed, I hate to hear a lady talk coarse.”

“Oh, sugar, she knew plenty of ‘coarse’ let me tell you. She just made sure you weren’t around to hear them.”

Sylvia fell into a fit of giggles at the thought that Bill never knew his wife cussed. A hard swat sent her on her way to unpack, while Bill opened windows and put groceries away. For all of her silliness Sylvia had the right of it, he could feel Kay, and Ray, too. They should have come sooner, this place had always held the best of all of them. He took it as a sign he was on the right path.

After a simple dinner, prepared and cleaned up together, Bill laid in a fire to take the chill out of the room and give him a romantic setting for the fireworks he was sure were coming. Snuggled on the couch with a nice wine, watching the fire dance, he hated to spoil the peace. It would be so easy to make love and pretend everything was fine, but that didn’t solve their problems. Taking a deep breath, he wrapped his arms around his wife, and waded in.

“Syl, we have known each other since we were kids. We were always friends. What I had with Kay was young, nest building love. We fought and loved and raised babies and made up the rules as we went along. You and Ray found each other in the middle. You skipped all of the hard times a young family goes through, but you had to adjust to each other after being on your own for so long. Now, it is just us. We have had a lifetime of friendship, there are no secrets, our lives are blessed with love together in a way we neither one expected.” Bill tightened his arms around the wild, unpredictable woman who was now his wife.

“I have let us both down, and I mean to make it right. I love you. You will never take Kay’s place, anymore than I could take Ray’s. But we have a chance to build a life together and I have been so busy worrying about what worked for them I haven’t tended to our needs.”

“Oh, darling,” Sylvia threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, “don’t worry, I know you loved her, and I know you love me.”

“Good, then you will understand that there are going to be some changes in this marriage. Kay needed guidance, and occasionally she was punished, rarely for the same thing twice. In fact, it was usually YOUR fault when it happened.” Bill paused to take a sip of wine, noting the loving expression was replaced with a squint eyed calculating stare.

“You, on the other hand, require constant confirmation that the boundaries are in place. I am as happy to play slap and tickle as the next guy, but I hate punishments. It wrings me out.” He paused to let that sink in.

“So, I have come to some conclusions. I am about to tell you how we will conduct the next six weeks of our marriage. This is not negotiable. You need this and, by God, I am going to give it to you. After six weeks, we will sit down and discuss our progress, in fact we’ll do it here. Another long weekend.” He pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to her.

“Read this, sign the bottom, and we’ll get on with it.”

Sylvia, nervous after the build up, but pleased that she had his attention AND another three day weekend to look forward to, grabbed the card.

1. You will receive a maintenance spanking daily for six weeks. To prevent punishment on top of maintenance you will have the opportunity to declare any minor digressions at that time.

2. Punishment will be swift, but fair, for any major infractions.

3. You are 57 years old; you KNOW what the rules are.

Sylvia sputtered in indignation, incensed he would make this kind of sweeping decision without even consulting her, at the same time a little voice in her head was reminding her how often she had daydreamed about a man who would just take control.


Again my most sincere thanks to Annie a friend and fantastic writer. We're half way through this wonderful story. So plan on more to come.

As always I would love more stories so please - bloggers, commenters, or lurkers anyone who is willing to share a story with us is welcomed. You can send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com