I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Things used to be so peaceful, but now...

Fair warning – I’m going to rant a little and this is the only safe place.  I used to feel very close to Nick’s family. They are nice people, his baby brother met one of my best friends at our wedding and they married two years later. Our first sons were born five months apart and out second kids were thirteen months apart. All was well for many, many years.

LJ and his cousin weren’t close after about the age of ten. LJ loved theater in high school, graduated with honors, did the same in college and fulfilled his lifelong dream to move to NYC. He’s there, healthy, happy and doing well.


His cousin played baseball in high school, graduated, got and lost several jobs, developed a sever drug problem, got his girlfriend pregnant and sadly died of a drug overdose at the age of twenty when the baby was eleven months old.


In my view, the family still feels this cousin was the golden boy in the family – I mean he did play baseball in school. While LJ is the black sheep in the family because, after all, he’s gay. (Just FYI, this couples youngest son is also gay, but that fact is totally ignored by them.)

Sorry, I’m picking at old grievances. Current problem: This SIL and BIL raised the baby after their son died. He’s now fourteen. Both the parents have been vaccinated, but the grandson refuses to be. I feel he’s been influenced by his ‘good ‘ol boys’ friends on his ball teams and the rednecks at his church. First, it shouldn’t be his choice, he’s a child. True they can’t hold him down and force him to be vaccinated, but as his parents I feel all activities – playing ball, seeing friends, and certainly going up around his one hundred year old great-grandfather should STOP! But they keep bringing him.


Because of this, the newest member of the family, a beautiful eighteen-month-old couldn’t come for Thanksgiving. And also our amazing little warrior princess couldn’t come either. I have strong feeling about this and I’m sure you can guess what they are.


Nick’s family will never discus their feelings about anything. The sisters will never make waves, even the one who is grandmother to these two amazing little girls. As an in-law it may not be my place. But I am thinking of talking to the mothers of these little one and encouraging them to just ask straight out if the boy is going to be at the Christmas gathering, because if he is, that will prohibit their families from being able to come. I think it’s time to kick the elephant in the room right in the butt!

I'm mad enough at the situation that I feel I could get everyone told! But considering the age of Nick’s father I don’t want to be the one who begins a big family split. I guess I’ll just bitch and gripe about it to Nick and Mollie – and occasionally you guys. But I will let you know who come to the Christmas gathering.

Monday, November 22, 2021

The things I do for love...

I want to be a loving helpful wife, really I do. Except when Nick has to be at a medical procedure at 6:45 AM. Don't both Nick and the doctor know that retired people don't get up that early, much less get dress and go out?

Oh well, as many of you read this I'm waiting patiently for the medical staff to complete Nick's colonoscopy. With that thought in mind, I thought I'd post Cassie's story about her first test of this nature.

Cassie ~

I remember when my doctor first suggested that I have a colonoscopy years ago and how Tom and I disagreed as to the necessity of this test. Guess who won?

I don’t dislike doctors. I have my yearly physical, I do mammograms and most anything that they suggest but when he first suggested a colonoscopy, or as I call it ‘up periscope’ – well there are just some things that one person ought not do to another. At least unless there is an expensive dinner involved.

When I went to my physical several years ago the doctor did suggest this test because of family history. I thanked him for the information and decided to ignore it. Unfortunately, I left the pamphlet on the kitchen counter when I came home and nosy Tom picked it up. He asked me if the doctor wanted me to have this test. I tried to be vague but it didn’t work. He insisted that I call the next day and sit up an appointment. I forgot, he didn’t. He called at lunch to see if I had made the appointment and when I said no he said that he would make it for me.

I wasn’t convinced that this test was such a good idea. Several days before the appointment Tom reminded me of it and I said, “Oh didn’t I tell you, the doctor’s office said I had to reschedule.” Now that was not a lie – that is exactly what they said when I called to cancel the appointment. I was planning to do it eventually; I just needed to get mentally prepared.

He asked me if I had rescheduled and I told him that I had. He asked me if I was sure assured him that I was. And I really should have written down the date that I had rescheduled it to, but I forgot. I also managed to erase the phone message from the office to remind me. Truly my memory is terrible at times.

My doctor and Tom meet at the golf course occasionally and when they did the doctor asked Tom if I was planning to take that test that I kept missing. Is this legal? When he got home from golf he called to me as he came in the door. I could tell from his tone that he was not happy with me. As I came into the living room he started. “Cassie Jane, I’m going to wear you out!” I wasn’t sure what he was mad about, there were usually several things going on in my life back then that it could have been.

He said, “First thing you’re going to call and reschedule that appointment.” Oh, shoot – it was that. He had me put the phone on speaker and stood right there listening as I tried to reschedule. The receptionist was saying, “Now ma’am you canceled the first appointment and you didn’t show up on the date that it was rescheduled. Do you think you will be able to make it this time?” 

Seeing the look on Tom’s face I was able to assure her that I would be there.

When I hung up Tom said, You canceled the first appointment? You said the doctor’s office said you had to reschedule.” 

“They did say that,” I told him. Then added quietly, “After I canceled.” 

Tom didn’t like any of this and told me to wait on him in the bedroom. When finally came up he said, “You know two things that I will not put up with, neglecting your health and lying to me. What do you think I should do?” After giving it a moment’s thought, I told him that I thought I needed a stern warning and hot sex to help me remember the afternoon. Tom told me that I wouldn’t have any problem remembering the afternoon, unfortunately, he was correct even though he did not take my suggestion.

He used both the school paddle and the hair brush and he burnt me up! Who knew getting mentally prepared started from the bottom up? He also made me take my pants down myself before he put me over his lap. That is always the worse for me. This man does not like me to be less than honest with him, nor does he want me skipping doctor visits. I don’t think I have skipped a doctor’s appointment since that day. But he is just too picky about what he calls lying. Omitting is not lying, withholding is not lying, and forgetting to tell something is not lying! He just interprets the word too strictly. I can say honestly to all of you that I am always the perfect lady, in manner, in word and in deportment. See, exaggerating isn’t lying either, it’s just being creative.

I took the stupid test and it wasn’t horrible although the preparation is not my favorite way to spend an evening. But for the test I was asleep and when all was said and done I did get an expensive dinner out of it.

Friday, November 19, 2021

LOL - l do Love our Lifestyle!

Welcome and thank you for coming! Whether this is your first time or you’re by daily, I’m really happy that you’re here. I’m always happy when anyone stops by.

Love our Lifestyle, there’s a statement that fits me to a tee! I have loved this lifestyle since before I knew that it was a real life style. I remember making up my first ‘spanking story’ when I was four and it’s been on my mind ever since.


For me the ‘perfect’ spanking relationship (and I know that there is no such thing) involves many types of spankings – sexy, fun, reconnecting, stress relieving … and for me, just a touch of discipline. I know, I’ve seen, how spanking in a relationship can bring a couple so much closer. 


I guess I really want to speak to those of you who know you want the lifestyle, but can’t quite bring yourselves to ask your partner for it. Please, do it! I really don’t think you’ll regret giving it a try. But I also know that having someone to discuss the lifestyle with is very, very helpful. Having many, many blogs when I began was a Godsend. So try to find someone to discuss your experiences with, begin a blog yourself or email me – I love discussing spanking. 


And if you find yourself with time to read go back and look at some of my archives, you have fifteen years’ worth to check out.


Here are a few samples for you to click on and see if you like them. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by and please leave a comment if possible, they are so welcomed!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Disaster Averted, almost

It was such a simple everyday thing. I made a grocery order and picked it up. This was a larger than normal order so I have bags all over the counter as I brought everything in. That’s when it happened.


How can something happen in an instant, yet go in slow motion at the same time? A large, and I mean large, glass jar of spaghetti sauce rolled across the counter and fell toward my tile floor. I’ve seen glass jars hit my floor before. They don’t just break, they explode. I could see all this sauce splashing on all the cabinet doors, my pale green wall and in my tiny kitchen making its way to most of my appliances. I could see hours of mopping up and cleaning all the nooks and crannies it was bound to cover – and that’s not mentioning the shards of glass everywhere.


But instead of what I was dreading something totally different happened. This huge falling glass jar which weighed, and I’m estimating here, just over a ton, landed on my big toe rather than the floor. At least the jar didn’t break, as for my toe…

Curse words were said. But thank goodness I don’t think the toe broke either. It’s bruised and tender, but it will heal. And once it was all over with, including the cursing, I decided the sore toe was way better than all the cleaning I would have been left with if the toe had been somewhere else. 


As I’ve said before – no good can come from me being in the kitchen!

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Staying comfortable

I’ve never been one to ‘hate’ winter. I don’t hate it now, but you might want to check with me again at the end of February. I don’t have to go out and fight the cold daily like so any do. Plus I live in the south. But, yes, it does get cold here. I think the teens and twenties count as cold, but admittedly it doesn’t usually stay that cold for long stretches. We can sit here and wish for snow because if we are blessed with two to three inches it will often be 50 degrees the next day and it’s all gone.


One of my biggest questions when I do go out in the cold is whether or not to take a coat. I remember once when LJ and Collin were here visiting from NYC. I watched as they got ready to visit another friend. They had on thick socks and heavy shoes. They had on T-shirts and pulled on heavy sweaters over that. Then they wrapped their scarves around their necks and crossed it over their chests before pulling on a heavy coat and zipped it up. They secured knit caps on their heads and pulling on leather gloves. Finally as they got ready to walk out the door I asked, “You think you’re warm enough to make it to the car?” which stood about four feet from the door. Only then did it dawn on them that they weren’t going to have to walk blocks and blocks in the bitter cold.

I’m not wild about coats. I can heat up my car before I get in and I have heated seats. I’d much rather freeze hurrying from the car to the entrance of wherever I’m going than to drag a big coat around as I shop. Sweaters are good, I can deal with that and I usually have a coat in the car for emergencies. But I rarely wear one, maybe once or twice each winter.


What about where you live? Do you have to wear a coat all winter? For those of you who are tired of snow way before Christmas, I wish you a mild winter. For those of us who long for snow, I hope we get to see a little.

Thursday, November 04, 2021


Is it fair to write a blog post about nothing? What if that’s all you got? I’m writing because sometimes once you begin something will come to you. Doesn’t seem to be working. The weather is dreary, and I’m having real trouble with writer’s block. 


There are problems within my publishing company. It mostly rumors and hearsay. Some things I believe others I’m not sure of. But I don’t know what to do about sending my next book in and it just gets my writing juices in a jumble. 


When I can’t write I get really down. Between that and the weather and the never ending covid situation, I’m struggling. Basically this is my life right now.