I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Saturday was a great day. The world is beautiful covered in snow – we had plenty of bread and milk so I had nowhere to go! I just snuggled down in my recliner and wrote. When I got tired I napped, when I got hungry I ate, when I got tired of sitting Mollie and I played wii.

Now if Mollie hadn’t been here there might have been a juicier post to write but it was a great day anyway. Church was called off today and I heard just a while ago that school is already called off for Monday – does it get any better?

And although Nick and I haven’t had any alone time this weekend that will not be true for next weekend. Mollie is house and dog sitting for a young couple at church. I’m not completely comfortable with her staying alone but the place is fairly close and one to the dogs is really big!! She is also going to be babysitting overnight – about 24 hours at a time one day a month for the next six months. Nick and I will have to make some plans.

We definitely need to go toy shopping. I have a few things in mind I want to look for but I want to see them in person instead of buying off the internet. Trouble is this is just too small a town for me to go shopping without feeling very nervous. The last time I stopped by the one decent toy store we have one of LJ high school friends was working there! Awkward!! I bought a funny card and left as if I didn’t realize the rest of the store was there. So maybe I’ll get on the internet and find some good stores between one and two hundred miles away then Nick and I plan a road trip! I sure wish some of my blogging buddies were around to go with me. When the 8 of us went toy shopping in LA it was one of the best afternoons I have ever spent! Perhaps we’ll go again someday. I’ll be sure to let you know. Until then I’ll just stay home and fantasies.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, chapter 3

Happy Friday! I have great news today - another brand new story from my anonymous friend. A continuation of the 'mature' couple she wrote about in her last two stories that you can find here - Chapter one and Chapter two. Bill has his hands full as you will see!

Please enjoy...

Old Dogs, New Tricks.
Another Chance, Chapter 3

Bill rubbed his aching temples and tried to focus on the project numbers. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate at home. Since their return from the honeymoon things had gone from bad to worse. Sylvia defied him at every turn, making the most trivial things into major battles. What route they took to work was not a dig your heels in, never waver kind of thing. He had tried everything he could think of, hell, Ray had kept her under control with no apparent effort at all. God knows she told him so often enough.

Just like a lightning bolt it hit him. He wasn’t Ray. He had been trying to give her what she had with her beloved husband. He couldn’t do that anymore then she could be Kay. As soon as he stopped trying it became clear, all he had to do was show her how to be HIS wife. He couldn’t recreate either of their previous marriages; it had to be a fit for them.

Excited at the prospect of peace in his home, Bill started surfing the web, looking for ideas. He had never even thought about there being places that acknowledge wife spanking, much less that it had a dozen different names for all of the subtly different types. Once he figured out what to ask for a pattern appeared. Seems his difficult, grumpy wife had been surfing a lot of what he would call flat out spanking porn. In short order Bill discovered he had a lot to learn and he was apparently going too easy on her.

Bleary eyed, full of new ideas and anxious about the reactions, Bill slipped into bed. Any doubts he had vanished when Sylvia slid against him, wiggling her bottom until he gathered her into his arms. She might be confused during the day but asleep she knew exactly where she belonged.

Sylvia stared at her husband openmouthed, certain she had misunderstood. Certainly her workaholic was not saying he was taking the day off. And it was a Friday, meaning a three day weekend.

“Close your mouth and quit acting like I never take a day off. I want to spend a couple days with my bride.”

“I’ll take it! I don’t care what the real reason is. Are we going somewhere?”

“I thought a few days at the cabin would be nice. The season is over so we should have the whole cove to ourselves. Take your time packing, I’ll run to the market.”

Sylvia was beside herself with excitement. Bill was taking a long weekend and she didn’t even nag him over it, he just wanted to be with her. By the time he returned with groceries she had the bags sitting by the door ready to go, one filled with lingerie. She had plenty he had never seen, since the honeymoon she had been filling her days with shopping trips.

The cabin was exactly the same. No one had stayed there since the last time the four of them were together but Bill had a cleaning service keep it fresh. Sylvia ran through the rooms, laughing.

“I can almost see her, about to burst into the room, cussing me for some fool idea about to get us in trouble.”

“Kay never cussed, I hate to hear a lady talk coarse.”

“Oh, sugar, she knew plenty of ‘coarse’ let me tell you. She just made sure you weren’t around to hear them.”

Sylvia fell into a fit of giggles at the thought that Bill never knew his wife cussed. A hard swat sent her on her way to unpack, while Bill opened windows and put groceries away. For all of her silliness Sylvia had the right of it, he could feel Kay, and Ray, too. They should have come sooner, this place had always held the best of all of them. He took it as a sign he was on the right path.

After a simple dinner, prepared and cleaned up together, Bill laid in a fire to take the chill out of the room and give him a romantic setting for the fireworks he was sure were coming. Snuggled on the couch with a nice wine, watching the fire dance, he hated to spoil the peace. It would be so easy to make love and pretend everything was fine, but that didn’t solve their problems. Taking a deep breath, he wrapped his arms around his wife, and waded in.

“Syl, we have known each other since we were kids. We were always friends. What I had with Kay was young, nest building love. We fought and loved and raised babies and made up the rules as we went along. You and Ray found each other in the middle. You skipped all of the hard times a young family goes through, but you had to adjust to each other after being on your own for so long. Now, it is just us. We have had a lifetime of friendship, there are no secrets, our lives are blessed with love together in a way we neither one expected.” Bill tightened his arms around the wild, unpredictable woman who was now his wife.

“I have let us both down, and I mean to make it right. I love you. You will never take Kay’s place, anymore than I could take Ray’s. But we have a chance to build a life together and I have been so busy worrying about what worked for them I haven’t tended to our needs.”

“Oh, darling,” Sylvia threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, “don’t worry, I know you loved her, and I know you love me.”

“Good, then you will understand that there are going to be some changes in this marriage. Kay needed guidance, and occasionally she was punished, rarely for the same thing twice. In fact, it was usually YOUR fault when it happened.” Bill paused to take a sip of wine, noting the loving expression was replaced with a squint eyed calculating stare.

“You, on the other hand, require constant confirmation that the boundaries are in place. I am as happy to play slap and tickle as the next guy, but I hate punishments. It wrings me out.” He paused to let that sink in.

“So, I have come to some conclusions. I am about to tell you how we will conduct the next six weeks of our marriage. This is not negotiable. You need this and, by God, I am going to give it to you. After six weeks, we will sit down and discuss our progress, in fact we’ll do it here. Another long weekend.” He pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to her.

“Read this, sign the bottom, and we’ll get on with it.”

Sylvia, nervous after the build up, but pleased that she had his attention AND another three day weekend to look forward to, grabbed the card.

1. You will receive a maintenance spanking daily for six weeks. To prevent punishment on top of maintenance you will have the opportunity to declare any minor digressions at that time.

2. Punishment will be swift, but fair, for any major infractions.

3. You are 57 years old; you KNOW what the rules are.

Sylvia sputtered in indignation, incensed he would make this kind of sweeping decision without even consulting her, at the same time a little voice in her head was reminding her how often she had daydreamed about a man who would just take control.


Again my most sincere thanks to my anonymous friend and fantastic writer. She tells me that there is at least one more story in this series but her schedule is not giving her much time for writing lately. I've told her not to worry about us. Whenever she gets the muse and the time together we'll be able to enjoy it.

As always I would love more stories so please - bloggers, commenters, or lurkers anyone who is willing to share a story with us is welcomed. You can send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Special Place

This is an invitation. Most of you that have been reading here long know that I have another blog. Some of you that have just started reading in the past year may not. I write a fiction blog, Cassie’s Space. I want to invite everyone to drop by and see if you like it. I’ll never brag on my writing here but over there I think you will find the best writing I've ever done.

The blog is first and foremost a love story about an older couple who have lived in a spanking relationship for nearly 40 years. I don’t remember creating her but she sprang to life in my mind many, many years ago. And now she has taken on a life of her own. Her stories, when she decides to whisper them in my ear, seem to write themselves.

I like to read spanking stories – I especially like spanking stories that have a real story to them. The ones where you don’t get to the slap, slap until you know why. The ones where the couple has a history and obviously cares deeply for one another. That’s what you’ll find at Cassie’s Space. If you go back to the beginning it reads a lot like a continuing story and you get to meet many people along the way. But I feel that most of her stories can stand alone for a good read by themselves.

Even though she is fictional Cassie is very realistic on her site. If you leave a comment – and I hope you will if you like the stories – ‘Cassie’ will be the one to answer it. She seems to speak for herself quite well. LOL! There is a new post up there today and here are a few others you can check out to see if you like the site. The Tale of the Runaway Wives part one and part two, The Dinner Party, and After Burn are three I think you’ll like.

I hope you’ll like the site it’s just a gentle, relaxing place to go for a fun read when you can use a laugh and a love story.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I had a good Saturday. I went to my sister’s to see her and some cousins that I didn’t get to see over Christmas. We had a great visit –not too impressed with the lunch, way too much healthy and salad like stuff. My sister gave me the menu and I asked her if I could bring in real food for me. She emailed back “I’m ignoring you.” But lunch was still fun and I really enjoyed the visit.

But almost as good as the visit was the time I spend driving. I like having time to be alone with my thoughts. I'm one of those people who can enjoy a 4 hour drive without anything but my thoughts. No radio, no CD’s, no book on tape – just mind blogging and planning stories in my head. I jumped all over the place, got two or three posts in my head, planned out another Cal and Megan story as well as fleshed out an idea or two for a few other stories. I really enjoyed the drive. Now if I could only have a week or so off to do nothing but type maybe I could get all that out of my head and onto the computer! Don’t suppose that gonna happen time soon. But I’ll do my best.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Experiment Over

I'm happy to see another Friday roll around. Winter came back to the south. I was enjoying those days in the high 50 but today it was back to cold, rainy and windy. I think I'd rather stay in and read or write something. Today we have a brand new story - had to break down and write one myself. If you weren't by yesterday I'll tell you it's the third story about the same couple Cal and Megan. If you haven't read the first two you can find #1 here and #2 here.

I like writing about people I already know a little so I hope you enjoy...

Experiment Over

Megan’s hand shook as she took the phone from the dean. “Cal” she began with a shaky voice. “I’m in trouble. I’ve done something awful. I think I’m going to be expelled.”

Cal’s voice was hard “Tell me Megan, what’s happened?”

“I… I didn’t write that paper I told you about in History. I took it off the internet. The dean says they can expel me. I didn’t know it was that serious Cal. What am I going to do? I can’t get thrown out of school.

“You didn’t know it was serious…? I’ll be there in a minute.”

Cal was furious with Megan. He had asked her about that paper a dozen times. Each time she had assured him it was coming along fine, that she had it all under control. She had looked him in the eye and lied like a rug. He was mad at her and mad at himself. Being in law enforcement made him suspicious by nature and he had had his doubts about Megan’s assurances but he cared for her so much he had disregarded his gut feeling. That would not be a mistake he would make with Meg in the future, that was if they actually had a future.

Cal barely acknowledged Megan when he entered the Dean’s office except to ask her to wait in the outer office. Megan sat tense as a spring until Cal come out twenty minutes later. When he emerged he gave her a terse “Let’s go.” She followed him out of the building and to his car.

“Cal, I’m so sorry…” Meg began but Cal cut her off.

“I don’t want to hear a word” Cal snapped. “I’m gonna talk first.” He pulled up to her dorm and stopped. His face look like it was carved from stone. ““You are not going to be expelled. You will be on probation with the school for two semesters and of course you will have to repeat the course you just cheated on.”

Megan winced at the word ‘cheated’ and couldn’t look at Cal. School was not her biggest concern at the moment. She was sick that she had lied to Cal; she knew he was going to spank her and that was all she could think of. Megan hadn’t been listening as closely as she should have.

But her head snapped up when she heard Cal say “So we’re done. This whole experiment is done. I thought I could help you grow up and learn some control, I thought I could help you take pride in your accomplishments. I should have taken you to jail that first night. Maybe that would have gotten your attention. I thought by putting you on my own probation I could get through to you. But it didn’t work. It’s over. You’re not on probation with me anymore. You’ve paid your debt, you’re free and clear. I don’t want to be your jailer or your warden.”

Megan tried to draw air into her lungs but the pain seemed too great. It was over? Cal had given up on her? He couldn’t, she loved him! He had to give her another chance. “Please Cal…” she tried to speak.

“I’m not through” Cal continued “There’s one more thing you need to know.” If anything he sounded even angrier. “I love you! That’s why I’m so damn mad. I want you to want to be with me, not because I was holding your break- in over your head, but because we mean something to each other. But you better know one thing, if you thought I was tough on you as the sheriff – well Meg that’s nothing compared to the spanking you’re gonna get if you decide to stay with me now. This spanking will be coming from the man who loves you. And I won’t tolerate you being less than honest with yourself or me. Am I making myself clear?”

Had she heard him right? Did he say he loved her? Before Megan could say anything Cal had gotten out of the car and had Megan’s door opened. “Get out.” he ordered. In a daze Meg found herself standing on the sidewalk in front of her dorm. “Its 1 o’clock and you have a lot of thinking to do. I’ll be back at 3. If you decide to stay in your room and I won’t bother you again. But if you want to be with me be out here in front of the dorm. We’ll get this ‘term paper’ thing taken care of and them we can talk about us.”

Cal started around the car but then he stopped and came back. Taking Megan’s face between his large hands he kissed her for the first time. Megan couldn’t think. She felt as if she were melting into that kiss. When he abruptly pulled away, hopped into his car and left Meg was still rooted to the spot.


‘You’re an ass!’ Cal thought to himself. Some men use soft music, candle light and rose pedals. But not you, buddy, you practically bite the girl’s head off telling her you love her and then promise her the worse spanking she’s ever had. Yep, they’re gonna write you up in the romance hall of fame!

Cal had come home to shower and change and to try to calm down. I should have just left things the way they were, he fumed to himself. At least we were together. You didn’t have to sound like such a bully! He knew she wouldn’t be there. He had given the pretty little prom queen, sorority girl the out she had probably been looking for. It wasn’t 2:30 yet but he headed back toward the dorm.

As he pulled in a lot half way down the street he could see the front of the dorm. He checked his watch again and tried to focus on the traffic passing by – he didn’t want to keep staring at the dorm. He’d driving himself crazy. He couldn’t wait, glancing toward the dorm he saw Megan, in tears, coming down the sidewalk toward him.

Cal stepped out of the car and Megan flew into his arms. “I love you” she sobbed. “Please don’t give up on me.”

Cal took a deep breath; he didn’t want his voice breaking. “It’s alright Meg. I won’t ever give up on you. Let’s go home.”

They rode in silence as Megan dried her tear. Knowing she was going to get spanked was secondary to the realization that Cal loved her. Cal took her hand as they got out of the car. “Were going to get this over with first.” Cal told her as soon as they got inside. Megan was grateful to hear that the anger had gone out of his voice. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad and she had thought.

“The corner?” Megan asked with a touch of resignation and a small sigh.

“No.” He told her, popping her on the bottom. “Don’t try to anticipate. Right now I’m in charge. I’m upset about you lying to me and I plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So for starters you are going to be writing lines.”

“Lines? You mean I can write something instead of a spanking?” Megan asked with hope in her voice.

Cal just shook his head. “Just do what I tell you to Megan. I want your pants and panties off now. I need to get you prepared for writing those lines.” Meg had know it sounded too good to be true. Turning away from Cal she slid off her jeans and hesitated. “Panties too Megan.” Cal said firmly. That part was always hard. It was so embarrassing to have on a shirt but having your bottom totally exposed.

Even with his profession of love it seemed to Megan that Cal took little notice of her nearly nude state. Walking her to the couch he quickly pulled her over his lap and began spanking hard with his hand. She fought to just accept it but she was soon squirming and saying ‘stop, stop!’ Cal paused “Megan this is only a warm up, you’ll know when I start the spanking.”

Megan groaned and tried to keep her mouth shut. He continued spanking – concentrating on her sit spot for a good while longer. He finally stopped and stood Meg on her feet. She reached to try to rub away some of the sting but Cal stopped her with, “No rubbing Megan. You leave it alone and come with me.”

It was so hard not to rub her stinging bottom but she followed Cal to the kitchen. On the bar he laid a pad of paper and a pen. Across the top in his bold handwriting was the sentence

“I will never lie to Cal again.”

“I want you to copy this right now – 200 times. Make it neat and for your own sake you better believe that it’s the truth.” Megan hid a small smile. Maybe Cal was going soft on her just a little. Writing lines was really better than being in the corner in her opinion. She picked up the pad and turned to the table.

“No Meg, you can sit right here at the bar on the stool.”

The stool!

He had to be kidding. The stool had been almost like a joke between them. The first time Meg had sat on the bar stool she had been wearing thin sweats. Leaping off the stool she had ask Cal in mock seriousness “Where on earth did you get these ‘Cactus R Us’? These are awful!”

“What’s wrong with them” Cal had asked.

“Feel them!” Meg had insisted “What’s it made of? Sand paper and spikes?”

“I don’t know.” Cal had laughed “Some kind of recycled material. Maybe plastic bottles or something. They’re not that bad.”

“Well maybe not for your thick hide and jeans but I’m delicate” she had tease him.

But he was looking at her with complete seriousness as if she could possible sit on that horrible thing with a naked, freshly spanked bottom.

“Sit.” Cal said firmly “I don’t want your behind off that stool until you’ve finished those lines. Maybe that stool will help you concentrate and realize how seriously I take lying.”

Megan didn’t see any way out. She tried to sit gingerly on the stool but there was no way that was going to happen. OWWW! It was so much worse that the spanking she was breathless for a moment. She squirmed to try to find a tolerable position but that only made it worse. Gritting her teeth the picked up the pen and began writing fast.

Twenty minutes later Megan was barely half way through. She found that by putting her feet on the runs of the stool she could take a little pressure off her bottom but it didn’t make for neat handwriting. Finally 50 agonizing minutes after she began Megan called our “Cal, I’m finished, please may I get up?”

Cal took the pad from her hand “Go stand in the corner Megan while I look this over.” Megan didn’t have to be told twice. The corner sounded like heaven after that horrible session on the stool.

Cal watched as she scurried to the corner eagerly rubbing to ease the sting of the spanking as well as the roughness of the stool. He opened his mouth to tell her not to rub when he stopped himself. The sight of her caressing and rubbing her beautiful little red behind was a wondrous sight to behold. Watching her as long as she rubbed Cal decided right then that rubbing was definitely allowed!

Glancing over her lines Cal saw she had done a fair job of keeping them neat. He gave her 10 minutes in the corner before calling her over “You got yourself in a mess didn’t you?”

Megan was crying – “I’m so sorry! Everything just got away from me. I should have told you. I knew you would have helped me get caught up. Cal, I promise I’ll never let anything like this happen again!”

Cal hugged her and did a little rubbing of his own. “I know Meg, I know you won’t. But being sorry doesn’t change the consequences. Go get the brush.”

Meg groaned to herself. The damn brush! She hated it!! And she had to get it? He’d had nearly an hour while she sat on that stupid stool – he could have gotten it. But Meg knew he didn’t work that way. She’d messed up - she would have to get the hated implement herself. She started to take a peek at her sore bottom but decided she didn’t want to know how red it was with more coming.

She came into the living room quietly and handed Cal the brush. He pulled her over his knee and rubbed the brush across her bottom gently as he spoke, “I’ve been checking the calendar. You have known about that paper for 6 weeks – 6 weeks Meg! You could have been working on it just a little every day. Forty-two days Megan, let me show you how many days you could have been working.”

With that the smooth coolness of the circling brush became a fire brand! She hated the way Cal always seemed to find a high member to go with the spanking he was giving. The first 20 were hard and very fast. The brush was mean and horrible and it hurt like hell. After 20 Cal paused. “You could have gotten a lot done in those first 20 days couldn’t you?”

“Cal please stop! It hurts!”

Cal ignored her and asked “you gonna get your papers done on time next semesters Megan?”

“I will, I will! I promise, please stop!”

Again Cal ignored her pleas, “Now let me show you how much longer you had to work on it.” With that he began again each stroke was harder and he allowed time between each one. To Meg it seemed the extra slow pace just gave her time to absorb more of the pain. Seems like a lot of days you had to work on that doesn’t it?” Cal asked quietly and Meg just nodded in agreement.

As Cal helped her to her feet he again felt the tightening in his groin as he watched her reach around and rub her flaming cheeks. “We’re almost done here” he told her.


“No Cal! That ‘s enough, please!!”

“Megan maybe you actually thought you were going to get this paper done at the last minute – I don’t know. But I do know that you stole it from the internet 2 weeks before it was due – during that time you were actively lying to me, your teacher and yourself. Stealing, lying – that’s not going to happen again Megan.”

Leading her to the other side of the sofa Cal undid his belt as Megan stared in dread. Bending Megan over the sofa Cal doubled his belt. “Fourteen day you lied to me” he said and began. The first 10 were hard and caused Megan to cry out with each one but even at that she could tell that they were not full force. But the last 4 – all at the same place on her thighs – caused Megan to nearly leap over the sofa and kept her from sitting comfortably for several days.

Finished, Meg clung to Cal and cried it all out. He led her to the bedroom and helped her off with her shirt. Meg crawled onto the bed and lay on her stomach. Cal took the lotion from the drawer and began gently rubbing Meg’s punished cheeks. “It burns, it burns!” she whimpered.

“I know honey, but this will help. You sleep now.” He whispered in her ear “And when you wake up I’ll make you burn in other places.” Megan’s eyes flew opened at these words and Cal gently kissed the back of her neck “You rest now” he repeated “I promise you you’re going to need all your energy for the rest of our afternoon…”


I hope you enjoy Cal and Megan. Eventually there will be more and they learn more about each other, meet the families and who knows what. So I hope you'll be back to read more when I get around to getting more stories written. But what I hope even more is that you are writing one of your own that you are willing to share with us here. If you are willing please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday afternoon and a little Fantasy Friday

Why do I have NO will power? I was so proud that I had lost a pound so what did I do? Sat at work Tuesday and ate cookies all day. We had some testing going on and the kids weren’t eating lunch until after 1:00 so I had brought them the cookies for a snack (yes I had plenty for them, but I ate plenty too). I wasn’t even that hungry – I just wanted the cookies. Sigh…

Normally I would just be really pissed at myself and let it go at that. Sometimes I would say ‘screw it the day’s ruined’ and eat and drink (soft drinks) the rest of the day. I tried to get hold of myself, salad for lunch and all but then I did something a little unusual. I emailed Nick and told him. Hmmm… I rarely lie to Nick but I usually have no problem simply not mentioning my shortcomings. But I did it quickly before I changed my mind. Actually I had forgotten Mollie was babysitting that night or I might not have been so rash. LOL!

I have to say Nick is the sweetest man in the world and he always tries to give me what I need. He took me to the bedroom for a ‘reminder to stay focused’. I was pleased that he was willing but I have to tell you if I had been the spanker I wouldn’t have gotten off so easy! I would have made more of a lasting impression for needless cookie gorging. But at least he cared.

The worse thing he made me do was to cut his hair – he knows I really don’t like to do that, I know I’m going to screw it up some day. But as the hair cut finished and I was leaving the bedroom he asked “Do you think you need any more encouragement to stay on track? I wouldn’t want you to feel short changed.” And with that we launched into some fun spanking – something he is quite good at!! Yard sticks, the crop, the hairbrush and even our rubber/foam sword, now that was fun. Bless Nick’s heart he may not be feeling great but he sure took the time to make sure I was. He gave me the Hitachi and between it, the spanking and Nick’s magic fingers I had a great afternoon!

As for ways Nick could keep me on the straight and narrow for the diet – well if he doesn’t want to get really tough with the spanking idea he needs to get bossier, at least by email. He is good at encouraging but not too great at giving orders, sometimes I just need orders. Maybe an email saying ‘NO snacks at all today’ or ‘Nothing but diet soft drinks this week – not even a sip’. He probably thinks this would be so mean but honestly it would help – something to focus on, doing what he said. Maybe a different rule each week – not tons of rules but one or two that change each week as we see what works best. He and I may have to do some emailing about this. I’ll keep you posted!!

Now for one more thing, I finally got around to writing a new Fantasy Friday story. It’s a continuation of the story of Cal and Megan. I have the first story here below if you haven’t read it or if you want to refresh your memory. I’ll put a link to the second one at the end of this one. Hope you like the new one Friday.

The Break In

The sudden light blinded Megan! She heard the man shout and her mind screamed in panic with only one thought “GET AWAY”! In her terror she sprinted for the door but the man was on her. His arm snaked around her waist and she was yanked backwards and off her feet. She dropped her bag in her mad effort to get away but she was half drug, half carried back into the bedroom. The man pulled her to the dresser as he fumbled inside the top drawer. Her mind was still reeling when she felt cold steel on her wrist and another wave of sheer panic shot through her as she realized she was now being handcuffed to the bed.

Once she was secured the man stepped away from her and back toward the dresser. Her eyes swept the room looking for an escape. Nothing! There was no hope, finally her eyes came back to the man and she saw the gun lying on the dresser by his hand.

The man began firing questions at her “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house? Damn! I could have blown your frigging head off! And what the hell are you doing with my shoe?” Megan looked down to see that she was still clutching the man’s shoe that she had so quietly slipped into the closet to take.

“I – I’m really sorry” Megan stammered “Here” she held out the shoe “you can have it back. I am so sorry. Please let me go and I swear I will never bother you again.”

The man ignored her words and said “Answer my questions. First who are you?”

“I’m Megan Anderson.”

“Alright Megan Anderson, what are you doing in my house, in my bedroom at 2 AM?” The man casually reached for his jeans hanging on the chair and pulled them on over his boxers.

Megan didn’t want to answer, it seemed so incredibly stupid now but no plausible lie was coming to mind so she began on the truth.

“I’m pledging a sorority and I have a list of items I had to get from a local house in order to…”

“My god!” the man interjected “you risked you life breaking into a stranger’s house on some kind of asinine scavenger hunt? How old are you anyway?”

“I’m nineteen” Megan answered “But you don’t understand” she started earnestly, “It’s not just to get into the sorority – this was to get in to a secret society within the sorority…” Megan trailed off again as the man looked at her as thought she had sprouted feathers.

The man looked so confused Megan took the opportunity to give him her most winning smile “Please,” she said sweetly, “I really am sorry. And I didn’t really take anything, you have everything back. No harm, no foul! Now if you will just take these cuffs off I’ll be on my way.”

The man almost smiled before he caught himself. He could only imagine the times that beautiful, innocent looking smile had gotten her out of trouble, well he thought, not this time.

“Come on,” Megan demanded, shaking the cuffs a little, “let me out of these things and I’ll go.”

“Go” he repeated “The only place you’re going is to jail! You break into my house try to steal my stuff and you think I am just going to let you walk out of here?

Megan’s eyes narrowed and she dropped the sweet smile. “Look mister, I said I was sorry. But I am not about to go to jail! Look at this you have me handcuffed to a bed – what kind of a pervert are you? I’ll tell the police you held me against my will – that’s kidnapping! And if you don’t let me out of these things right now I am going to tell them you tried to rape me!

The man stared another moment then reached for his cell phone and tossed it beside her on the bed. “There you go he said. Call 911. Better yet hit speed dial 2 that will ring directly on the sheriff’s desk. Of course I’m not there to answer it at the moment but I am sure one of my deputies will pick up.”

Megan’s eyes widen, “You’re not...” she began.

“Sheriff Cal Bennett at your service ma’am. Youngest sheriff ever elected in Craven County. Now let me see if I have this right” Cal began, “In order to get into some fancy, spoiled, society girl clique you broke into my house to steal… what all was it now?”

Megan dug into her pocket and handed him a small piece of paper. On it was printed:

• TV remote
• salt and pepper shakers
• tooth brush and tooth paste
• one dress shoe

• bonus points, one lock of hair

“This is some sorority you are trying to get into kid. But all you got yourself is a big pile of trouble. I am taking you in now; you can call your parents from the station.”

“You can’t call my parents!’ Megan cried “They’ll kill me! Mother couldn’t possible stand the embarrassment and Daddy said I couldn’t go to Greece over spring break if I mess up one more time! Please you have to let me go!

“So that is the kind of discipline you have had all your life? And how did Daddy think you messed up before? Eat with the wrong fork at dinner?”

“Daddy’s all up in arm about my grades.”

“How bad are your grades?” Cal asked.

“I failed 3 of my 5 classes. But it wasn’t my fault – not that it is any of your business! But they were all at 8:00 AM and who can make it to class that early?”

Cal thought back to his college days, working two jobs in addition to carrying a full load. Working in the bar until 4:00 AM and never missing an 8:00 AM class.

“Look" Cal snapped, "I can’t listen to anymore of this crap! You are under arrest. This is a small county and we keep our court dockets up to date. Your trial will be within two weeks and our judges are very severe with college students gone wild. So don’t expect to make bail. Plan on spending the next 6 months in our county jail. Don’t worry” he told her as he saw the panic growing in her eyes “I run a good jail and no one will hurt you. But someone needs to teach you a lesson and my county work farm is the best place I know of.”

Cal let that bit of information sink in for a minute as he watched her tear stained face crumble in to disbelief.

“Or you have one other choice.”

Megan looked at him trying to stop her tears. “Please” she pleaded, “I’ll do anything! I don’t want to go to jail and I don’t want my parents to know. Give me another chance – please!”

“I don’t think you are going to like the alternative either.” Cal said in a firm voice.

“Oh please, anything is better than going to jail.”

“Okay we’ll see.” Cal paused for a minute then stated the second option. “Your complete contempt of the law, your total disregard for your own safety and your only real remorse in all this is that ‘Daddy will take away your trip to Greece’ tells me you are nothing but an extremely spoiled brat! What you need is someone to blister your butt and take control of you until you develop some self control!”

“Blister my butt? Are you saying you want to spank me? Are you crazy? I have never been spanked!”

“That” Cal observed “is painfully obvious. But that is the deal. I am going to whip your butt and in addition to that you will be working for me for the next six months. You won’t be joining any sorority, you won’t have any time. You will be cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry and scrubbing bathrooms – whatever I need.

Megan stared at him as if he were speaking Greek. “But I don’t know how to do any of that stuff” Megan whispered.

I had a feeling you didn’t, but it’s high time you were learning. And part of the time you will be studying because your grades are going to improve to B’s or better and if you miss so much as one class without my permission – I’ll wear you out again! Are you getting all this?”

Getting it, she thought he had to be kidding! But regardless she was prepared to agree to anything to keep from going to jail. Besides little kids got spanked so it couldn’t be all that bad. As for the maid service, well she would find some way out of that.

“I don’t want my parents to know anything and I don’t want to go to jail.”

“Alright then.” Cal took the cuff key and unlocked Megan’s hand. He sat on the bed and drew her to stand in front of him. “Megan, you need to take down you pants and panties.”


“Megan punishments are embarrassing and painful – that is the reason you avoid bad behavior, to avoid punishment. I need this to be memorable to set you straight. And I promise you will remember this night.”

Megan couldn’t hold his gaze and looked at the floor as she bared her bottom. Cal quickly guided her over his lap and positioned her at the proper angle.

Megan could not believe what was happening. Cal began spanking with his hand. It did sting but she realized it wasn’t anything she couldn’t take. Cal started talking to her “Tell me why you are getting this spanking Megan.”

”Because I wanted to join the sorority” she answered.

Zing! The next spank shot through her like fire. It HURT! What was he doing? “I don’t need any of you flippant answers young lady!” He was burning her up! She reached her hand around to protect her assaulted bottom but she quickly found her hand pinned to the small of her back. Cal lessened the tempo but was still spanking hard as he asked again “Why are you getting this spanking?”

“I broke into your house”, Megan gasped “I tried to steal from you!”

“That’s right” Cal agreed. “Did you know stealing was wrong?”

“Yes sir!” Even through the pain Megan wondered where the ‘sir’ had come from.

“Good” said Cal. “And now you are going to find out how I feel about stealing!” and he began spanking in earnest.

This was not what Megan had expected. She began howling and kicking her feet. Cal easily penned her legs with his. He paused moments later – he was well aware that this was her first spanking and he had no intention of over doing it, but she would remember.

“We are not quite done here young lady” Cal said as he stopped to rub her glowing bottom. “But I think you need a little break.” Cal helped her up and guided her to the corner. “I want you to stand here in the corner and think about the decisions that got you here tonight.”

Megan was thinking about the choices she had made. Never had joining a sorority seemed so meaningless. Why had she ever put herself in such a compromising position?

Cal stepped back into the room with the hairbrush and a bottle of lotion. Seeing Megan from across the room Cal realized what a beautiful sight she was in the corner. He knew her ass was on fire from the looks of things and the way she shifted her feet trying to find relief. She was still sniffling and wiping her eyes.

“Megan” come back over here Cal ordered quietly. Megan came back to him. She realized she didn’t feel embarrassed but she was beginning to realize that she had really screwed up.

Megan saw the hair brush lying beside Cal. Her eyes got big as she began “No – please don’t…” Cal pulled her back across his lap. “But I’m sorry!” she wailed “I’ve learned my lesson, honest!

“Good” Cal said soothingly. “You have paid for breaking in and stealing. You have a clean slate on that but this hair brush is going to make you pay for putting yourself in such a dangerous position. Cal rubbed the smooth, cool brush against Megan’s scorched bottom. It felt great but Megan couldn’t help tensing for the first blow.

She didn’t have to wait long as pain exploded on her right cheek and then quickly on her left. She yelped and tried to slide off but Cal was having none of it and firmly pulled her back to him. He spanked hard with the brush. “I could have shot you tonight! Do you realize that? You would have been dead, you parents lives devastated and mine too. You will never, ever put yourself it danger like that again!”

“I won’t, I won’t!! Please stop! I’m so sorry! Stop!”

The hair brush paused as Cal ask "Are you sure you know how serious this was? Do you really realize you could be dead?"

"I do know, honest!

"Good" Cal answered "Now let's make sure you never forget." and with that Cal delivered the last 25 firm hard spanks. "Are you going to be able to remember, Megan?"

"I'll remember!! I will never do anything so dangerous again, I promise!! Please stop!"

Cal stopped and ran his hand gently over over her flaming red cheeks. “It’s alright, Megan, I know you won’t. It’s going to be alright.” She winced as the cooling lotion he was using touched her skin. The lotion felt good but she didn’t think there was enough lotion in the world to cool the heat she was feeling.

Cal set her to her feet and helped her arrange her clothes. Then he put his arms around her and held her as she sobbed. “Shhh…” he cooed to her “you’re alright now. It’s all over and everything’s okay. All those bad decisions, all the pain is behind you now.”

Megan couldn’t help grinning at his choice of words and as she looked at him she saw the twinkle in his eye and realized he had fully intended the pun. She felt comfortable in his arms, relaxed in a way she had never felt before.

“Thank you” Megan said quietly. “I know this evening could have gone horribly wrong. I could be in jail – or worse. I owe you a lot Cal.”

Cal was almost startled to hear his own name. So many friend and even family members simply called him ‘Sheriff’. He found himself strangely pleased that Megan had remembered his name and used it. He held her a little longer then became business-like. “What time is your first class in the morning?”

“Nine” she told him. “American history”

“And when are your classes over tomorrow?”

“I’m done at 2:30.”

“Alright, I am going to get you back to the dorm now. It’s after 3 and you need some sleep. You will not be late for your class tomorrow and don’t think I won’t check. I’ll pick you up at 3 tomorrow afternoon and I want you to have your class schedule with you. We'll work your chores around here in between your classes.

“That okay, my car is just on the next block.” Megan told him. “I’ll get myself home.”

“Owwwww…” Megan cried as Cal hand landed a hard swat on her extremely tinder seat.

“Young lady you are in my custody for the next six month and you will do what I tell you when I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Cal.” Megan answered meekly as he led her to his car. Each wondering, with a small smile, what the next six months might bring.


The second Cal and Megan story can be found here. Hope you'll come back Friday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pluggin' along

Nick has been a little under the weather lately. He finally went to the doctor last Friday. He’s on antibiotics and a strong cough medicine – the doctor thinks he may have damaged some cartilage by coughing so hard. Now if the man’s ribs are hurting I don’t want him to have to do any hard spanking so as usual I have been the perfect wife.

He has been really sweet lately and has been emailing me more than usual. He’s given me a short term goal for weight loss (which I already made) and he asked me to write him again, about what was working and not working with my weight. I did get all the pre-Christmas candy out of my room. I know that helped. And I have been working much harder at the gym.

Sorry that there’s nothing really exciting to report. All is pretty smooth here these days, just trying to get Nick’s ribs all well. I want him to get his spanking swing back (and other fun activities that go along with that) but more importantly I want him to be able to turn over in bed easier. During cold weather we pretty much spoon all night and turn in unison. Now he is taking something to help him sleep so he doesn’t turn as much anyway and it hurts when it does. So now I worry about him and my back’s cold.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


It was actually friend Grace, my good friend who is worried now, who asked the question back near Christmas that got me really thinking and mind blogging the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?” She wasn’t the only one to ever ask the question and I am certainly not the only one to ponder the answer. The answer I left her in comments is the only accurate answer ‘I don’t know’. But I kept mulling it over and I remembered something I had heard a long time ago. I heard it on a soap opera of all things but it was very thought provoking.

A priest was trying to explain why something awful had happened in this person’s life. He used the back of a piece of cross stitching to explain how we view life. It’s often confusing, unclear, it’s not ugly but it often doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why does this string jump and go way over here? Why is this piece broken off? Why is this part tangled and knotted? Why isn’t the picture clear?? The reason is because we are seeing it from our side. The only side we can see during our life. Although we can often see a vague pattern forming, the details and true beauty of our lives, the whole plan – so to speak – can only be seen from the Creator’s side.

What we see as a confusing tangle from our side is truly beautiful from God’s side. He knows the detail and the pattern and why things happen as they do. God does not will that the knots and tangles are there but He knows it’s all coming together to form a beautiful life. From His side it’s perfect.

You know when our kids were small we all took them for their vaccines. Picture them around 2 years old. We take them in and even as they are safe and secure in our arms someone sticks them with a needle. It hurts and they cry, sometimes we cry with them. Sometimes we get that look like “Someone just hurt me on purpose and you didn’t do anything to stop them. Why?”

And what do we do? Do we try to explain to the two year old how a vaccine works and how they can protect us from disease? Nope, we just hold them close and tell them we love them and that we’ll take care of everything. They just need to trust us. When bad things happen I think that is what God wants to do for us. We just have to try to let go of the worry and fear as much as we can so we can feel and hear Him. So maybe the answer to why bad things happen isn't as important as knowing God is going to be with us through whatever does happen.

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Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, chapter 2

Happy Friday everyone. A quick update on Mollie's interview. She said she felt good about it. She didn't say anything she felt stupid about after it was all over. I guess that's the best you can say after an interview. The biggest concern is that they are only taking 12 CIT this year. And Mollie remembers counselors from Jamaica and even one from Africa. So I guess we'll see. She should know something by mid-February.

As promised we have chapter two of 'Another Chance' the story we started last week. Click here to read the first part if you didn't get the chance last week or if you want to refresh your memory. You'll like this chapter for sure and the best news is that there will be at least one and possible more with these characters. I love stories that go on like this!

Please enjoy...

Another Chance

Chapter 2

Bill and Sylvia ran to the waiting limousine in a shower of rice. The wedding, although small, was formal. Both had eloped the first time and the kids and grandkids wanted a special event. After a private ceremony, with only family present, they invited half the town for a big bash at the club. Bill looked more handsome than ever, his rugged looks set off by the tuxedo Sylvia insisted upon. Her ice blue gown was simple and elegant. They made a striking couple, laughing and shaking rice from their hair as they sped off.

This time, Sylvia was determined to come before the business. She begged and wheedled until Bill finally gave in. Two weeks was a long time for him to be out of the office. But they did deserve a break. Sylvia campaigned for a cruise to the islands, fancy clothes, good food, and spectacular sunsets. Bill favored a sailboat tour of the Florida Keys, private, good fishing, and spectacular sunsets. The kids broke the stalemate with tickets for a private car on an excursion train into Canada, citing the tradition of a Niagara Falls honeymoon. A place neither had been seemed a good idea and peace prevailed.

The first two days were a fairytale honeymoon of romance and lovemaking. The sound of the wheels proved soothing and the slight rocking lulled them to sleep at night. The "Presidential Car" was as luxurious as any fine hotel and the dining car offered fine cuisine from around the world. Sylvia felt like a spoiled fairy princess. Bill laughed, but allowed his beautiful new wife to feed him strawberries and chocolate in bed, teasing about the service.

Day three was their first stop. A whole day of sightseeing in Niagara. Bill was up early hoping to check in with the office before leaving, several large jobs were underway and he had a few details to go over with his secretary. Leaving a message for her to call he jumped into the shower. He turned the water off just in time to hear Sylvia telling someone that they were not to be disturbed and any problems would wait for their return. Rushing into the room, dripping wet but ready to take the call, he found Sylvia hanging up his cell phone. The guilty look on her face was his first clue that this was not the first time she had "handled" a call for him."Sylvia, who was on the phone?"

"Nothing important, sweetie, you'd better hurry or we'll miss the falls." Sylvia breezed by Bill, gathering her clothes and heading for the shower.

Bill paced the room, growing angrier with each passing moment. His secretary was reluctant to tattle but finally spilled the beans. She had been trying to reach him on an urgent matter but the phone had been turned off until this morning. When she returned his call Sylvia let her know that no further calls would be accepted. A major contract was lost due to her childish behavior and, honeymoon or not, she was going to answer for it. Mind made up, Bill went into the bathroom just as she stepped out of the shower.

Grabbing her firmly by the arm he steered her, still dripping, to the bedside. Ignoring her ripostes about eager bridegrooms he settled himself on the edge of the bed and tossed her unceremoniously over his knee. Shocked at his sudden assault on her backside several swats landed before she found her voice.

"What are you doing? This is not fair, you promised I would always know why you were spanking me."

"I think you know perfectly well why you are being punished. I will not tolerate you interfering with my business. I asked Carol to call me because I needed to speak to her. Thanks to your childish behavior we lost the bid on the new shopping center and I intend to take every dollar of lost revenue out of your hide."

Sylvia stirred spasmodically as the heat began to build. He was really angry this time and spanking harder than usual, already her bottom was burning up. Soon he was landing several swats in the same place before moving on. She hated that this soon reduced her to screeching "not there" over and over. Bill gave her his full attention, painting every inch of her backside bright scarlet and soon she was limp and sobbing.

"That was for turning off my phone, for giving Carol a hard time, and for overstepping your authority. You've been running wild ever since Ray died and I intend to put a stop to it. You lied to me and I will not stand for that."

As he lectured Bill pulled his belt off and doubled it in his hand. He hated to do it but she needed to learn this lesson right from the start. Ray never put up with any nonsense and neither would he.

"Anytime you think about lying to me you remember how this belt feels. I promise you will be remembering it every time you sit down for days."

Sylvia was stunned that he would use his belt; he always said his hand was plenty hard enough. Before she could protest the first stripe landed across her hot cheeks making her howl. Bill was in no hurry, he took his time and placed each stripe carefully, working his way down to her knees with special attention to the under curve of her cheeks. By the time he was finished she was gasping for breath. Setting her on her feet he sent her to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Her protests earned her another quick flick of his belt across her welted rear.

"This trip to see the falls was so important you threw away a substantial contract. Now get dressed and be ready in five minutes. We are going on this tour no matter how sore your butt is."

Scurrying out of reach Sylvia bolted into the bathroom to splash cold water on her scalding bottom before her brute of a husband forced her to dress. Whatever happened to making up after a punishment, she wondered, as she searched for something comfortable to wear.

Four hours later Bill watched his still squirming wife trying to get comfortable on the hard bench seats of the tour bus. He had to smile at her stubborn refusal to complain. Her bottom had to be raw and sore, he had made sure it was a strapping she would remember. His polite inquiries into her comfort were met with stony silence; she was not speaking to him. He looked forward to discussing that with her upon their return to the train. In fact, they still had several items of unfinished business left from the morning. He suspected there was going to be fireworks once they were alone. Smiling at the thought of warming her bottom again before he carried her off to bed Bill settled back to enjoy the view.


My thanks again to my anonymous friend who is such a wonderful writer! She writes as she has time and is motivated and I appreciate every thing she has sent.

If you usually skip this next part - please read it today.

As always I'm looking for more stories. I always want to invite those of you without blogs to see this as a place for you to try your hand at writing. We really want everyone to have a place to show off your talent but I also want to ask my fellow bloggers if they will share there talent here once. I think of Fantasy Friday as a community project. It's a way to showcase different bloggers and let some people find your blogs that may not have had a chance to see it before. So please if anyone is willing to share please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A birthday and an interview

First things first! Happy Birthday to one of the most
beautiful, creative, loving people I know!

To my dear friend CeeCi the Great!!
I hope your birthday is as special as you are!


Now about that interview... I’m lucky, I’ve only had three job interviews in my life and one was over the phone. I was offered all three jobs and I took them all. I don’t remember being nervous but all these were over 20 years ago. Today there is another job interview and I am nervous!

It’s not for me of course; it’s Mollie, her first job interview. This job is so important to her. She told me she wanted this job when she was 8 years old. She has never changed her mind. She is applying as a camp counselor at the church camp she loves. She has loved this camp since she first attended it 9 years ago. If they hire here she would be a counselor in training (CIT). No pay for this first year but she would be staying there for free and this counts as over 300 volunteer hours on her college applications.

She also tells me she plans on meeting her future husband there – not necessarily this year but some day. As she puts it “I can find a man who is a Christian and love kids. What could be better than that?” Can’t argue with her logic, as long as she is in no rush.

I’m driving her to the interview – it’s two hours away. Should give us plenty of time to talk. If she gets this position it will mean both kids will be gone this summer. I guess it will be our first introduction to the empty nest. That’s both frightening and exciting. But please cross your fingers for her - and that I can’t take her being gone.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hmmm… could things be about to change around here? I got a very interesting email from Nick Saturday. He said many of the things I had been hoping he would say. Now don’t get carried away here – we aren’t going into a DD relationship. I realized a while back that for all I love the idea in fantasy, in real life it wouldn’t work for us. Neither of us would be comfortable. (But my hat is off to my friends who have this kind of relationship and it does work for them.) For the most part we just don’t need it. What I want is some help with the diet. Now understand, I use the word diet loosely – it’s a catch-all word for wanting to be healthier, look better, feel better – the works, not just losing weight. But losing weight is a part of it because I was so much happier when I was losing and looking and feeling better – everything in my life had a rosier outlook. I want that back. And Nick has offered to really help again. I feel better already!

We’re still in the working out what all we will be trying and doing. He has made some suggestions and has asked for my input on some consequences. Here is where many vanillas get confused. They’re thinking:

If they make an agreement on rules or goals or consequences and she doesn’t follow through she gets spanked. But wait, she likes to be spanked. That doesn’t make sense.

Good point vanillas but let me explain. When Nick asks me to do something and I agree then just knowing that he is really willing to back it up with a spanking if I don’t follow through, well it means something to me. Knowing he will do this for me is often all it takes to get me with the program. I call it ‘engaging my mind’. When Nick is willing to make some ruled and enforce them it’s exciting for me. I’m happy and it is so much easier to do the things I know I need to do.

He did throw out some ideas that had me squirming. He knows that there are implements I’m not very fond of. He mentioned the dreaded blind adjustment rod or dowel rods – both are way too cane like for my taste. But honestly I could see them as good deterrents. But then he stepped over the line and went from discipline to sadistic cruelty by suggesting he might also use ‘Some other consequence that you can’t dispose of so quickly” and went on to mention me having to get off my butt and do some work around here or having to go to bed earlier. Ouch – now that would be serious!

We haven’t decided anything but we’re talking/emailing and it has me feeling much better. He also mentioned me doing my assignments again. We did them for a long time, for those of you that are new – he just asked that I email him once a week with what was going on in my head. I didn’t keep it up and he probably forgot about it most of the time too. I didn’t ever start back because I don’t think I’ll ever convince myself that he really wants to hear what’s rattling around in my head. But it might be something we can try again if he wants to.

We’ll see and I’ll let you know, but I feel more positive than I have in a long time.

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Fantasy Friday - Another Chance

Happy Friday! I'm not going to ask if you're cold. I'm pretty sure everybody is cold. I don't know if Al Gore is right or not but my little part of the world is not getting any warmer at the moment. Oh well, all the more reason to stay in when you can and enjoy a brand new Fantasy Friday!

This one is from my wonderful anonymous friend who send me these fine treats (stories) every once in a while. For me they are like little jeweled surprised that pop up in my email. When she sent this my friend pointed out that it might be a little different, a little more serious in places. But I loved the realism of this story. She also mentioned that the lady in this story would probably be good friends with Cassie. LOL! I suppose she's right.

Please enjoy...

Another Chance

Sylvia Morris took stock of the image in her mirror. The turquoise silk draped a figure that was curvy, but still slender. Not bad for an old dame of fifty. She mockingly saluted her reflection before sauntering down the stairs, trying not to think about the man waiting in her living room.

"Well, are you ready?" she breezed into the room, not giving him a chance to respond; she grabbed her purse and walked out the front door.

Bill Reedy stared at her backside, swaying in silk as she marched down the walk in heels far too high for her own good. After keeping him waiting for over an hour, now she was in too much of a hurry to close her own door.

"Wait a minute while I lock up." His irritation plain in his controlled tone.

"No need, I always leave it unlocked, that way the kids can stop in even if I'm not around." Sylvia smiled at the low growl; she knew she was pushing all of his buttons.

"That is it. Stop right there. We are going back inside for a little talk."

Grabbing Sylvia's arm he turned her around and almost dragged her through the door.

"But Bill, we'll be late for our reservation."

"Sit down. Our reservation was for 45 minutes ago. Stay put while I call the restaurant and cancel."

Sylvia almost laughed out loud at the indignant tone in his voice as he explained a last minute problem and made his apologies. She had been deliberately trying his patience for months, waiting for him to take charge. Now that the time had come she dreaded the consequences, but knew they could not go on the way they had been.


Bill and Sylvia went to high school together. Lived two blocks apart. Even dated, albeit halfheartedly, whenever they were both between relationships. Sylvia was off to college, eager to get out into the big world. Bill went to the local community college, married Sylvia's best friend, worked hard, built a business, and raised a family in the old neighborhood. Sylvia got her degree; discovered art history wasn't her ticket to the big time, worked in a department store until she couldn't take any more. Her father passed away, her mother was getting older, after the funeral Sylvia stayed on to think about her life.

After a few weeks she decided to make it permanent, took a job as a substitute teacher, waited for her life to begin. Running into Kay at the grocery led to a reunion dinner. Sylvia struggled to cover her envy. While she was in the big city waiting for life to become exciting, her two oldest friends were living a good life. It wasn't glamorous, just a comfortable house, two cute, well behaved kids, a thriving business. It was the way they looked at each other, like they were still dating, like they were going to rip their clothes off the minute she walked out their door. They all promised to get together again and Sylvia went home to her mother's house. Climbed into the same bed she grew up in, and cried herself to sleep.

Kay bullied Sylvia into another dinner, citing years of missing Christmas cards and various other sins of friendship. She walked into their house, dreading another evening with the perfect family. Seated on the couch was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. Ray Kidder was Bill's business partner. He had been planning a quiet Friday night at home, relaxing. Kay had railroaded him into making up the fourth for bridge with the promise of one of her excellent home cooked meals.

Sylvia, drawn to his casual self-assurance, offered her hand with a quip about blind dates.
Ray took her hand, held it, pulled her close and murmured in her ear.

"When you're on a date with me you'll know it."

The electricity between them was instantaneous. Sylvia was smitten with his strength; at last someone who seemed to know who she was. Ray was resigned, she needed someone to take her in hand, and he couldn’t bear the thought of another man laying a finger on her. Divorced, he had expected to spend the rest of his years alone.

After a whirlwind courtship and a sudden elopement Ray expected to settle down to a quiet routine. Sylvia dashed those hopes with her announcement that she would not be taking his name. Never one to miss an opportunity for an audience, she made this the topic for their dinner. The one their friends and family were invited to, to break the news that they had eloped. No one but Ray seemed the least bit surprised.

At home, alone, getting ready for their first night as husband and wife, Sylvia was shocked to learn that keeping her maiden name was an issue for him. Ray was shocked to learn that Sylvia expected to do as she damn well pleased whether he approved or not. It occurred to Ray that there were a number of things they should have discussed before racing off to the justice of the peace.

A heated discussion led to a temper tantrum, which led to Ray upending his new bride for her very first bare bottomed communication. Once the dust settled, and the tears dried, a
compromise was reached. Ray understood her reluctance to let her family name go, she would be the last Morris, once her mother passed. Sylvia understood that her new husband had some peculiar ideas about being in charge, and obedience, but the sex was fabulous. It was easy to simply agree to discipline, when one never expected to need it.

As the years passed they built a good life. Both agreed it was too late for children, but Bill and Kay’s kids were a big part of their lives. In fact, the two families grew closer, spending most weekends together, cooking out, going to the kid’s ballgames, sailing at the lake. Sylvia and Ray were married ten years before they realized just how much they had in common with their best friends.

Ray and Bill surprised their wives with a week’s vacation at a remote lakefront cabin. The kids were away at camp, it was a slow time for the business, and the wives were restless and bored.

The first night, watching the sunset over the water, was so peaceful. Both couples were excited to get away and reconnect. By the third day, there was trouble in paradise. Sylvia was certain that Ray would never spank her with Bill and Kay in the cabin. It took very little coaxing to convince Kay to take the small sailboat out on the lake while the guys were off fishing. The two women were veteran sailors, having spent hundreds of hours riding on Bill’s sailboat at home. This boat was so much smaller, it would be easy. Never mind that they had both been told to wait for the men to go sailing.

Fortunately for them, the lake was not very deep off of the end of the dock. They managed to “sail” about 50 yards before capsizing the boat. To make matters worse, they were standing on the end of the dock, dripping wet, and screaming at each other about whose stupid idea it was when the men arrived.

Ray and Bill couldn’t help laughing as their bedraggled wives tried to explain why it was not their fault the sailboat was lying on it’s side. This led to a bit of temper from the women who did not think this was a funny matter. Both men sobered instantly, grabbed their respective wives, reminded them that they had received explicit instructions to leave the boat alone until the men returned, and propelled their wives toward the cabin with a sharp swat on the bottom and the direction to wait in their bedroom.

A sharp wind made righting the boat a bigger task than expected. After two hours the men were in no laughing mood. Just the thought that they might have gotten to the middle of the lake before sinking was bad enough; the life jackets still on the dock were the final straw. Not sure how to explain, Ray decided to tell the truth. He asked Bill if he would like some privacy to deal with Kay, as he would be blistering Sylvia’s butt for this stunt and did not want to make them uncomfortable. Bill, wondering how to approach the same subject, was relieved. They decided that if the girls wanted to get into trouble together, they could be punished together. It would serve them right.

Two very surprised wives were called to the living room, lectured, and tossed over their husband’s lap. Amid shrieks of outrage the sound of hard hands hitting soft bottoms filled the air. After a few minutes both women were limp and sobbing. Ray stood Sylvia up and sent her to their room for his paddle. She scurried with her hands covering her, embarrassed at being bare bottomed in front of Bill. He was far too busy giving Kay the worst spanking of her life to notice.

Sylvia endured several minutes of lecturing before Ray proceeded to blister her butt with the little paddle he had made. Sylvia hated that paddle, it burned like fire, and the way Ray turned her up over one knee gave him total access to the back of her thighs. He wasn’t finished until she was beet red to her knees and too limp to wiggle.

Bill wasn’t much of a lecturer, and he preferred to use his hand. Years as a contractor had toughened his big hands with calluses and he swung his hand tirelessly. Kay shrieked and struggled to escape as he rained several blows to each spot before moving on. Even without a paddle Bill managed to reduce his wife to a limp sobbing bundle, although her punishment did go on longer than Sylvia’s.

Satisfied that the point had been made, two sobbing, well-punished girls were led to the fireplace to lean on the mantle and think about their punishment. Peeking in from the kitchen, Ray quietly retrieved his Polaroid and took a picture of two very contrite women, arms around one another, each rubbing the other’s blistered bottom. It was one of his most prized possessions.

After that, the girls frequently discussed their punishments, even arguing over who had it the worst. Sylvia, who always got the paddle, or Kay who only got hand spankings, but very long ones.

They made a habit of taking at least one vacation together every year. No matter how certain they were that they would behave, each time the wives found themselves caught out, and endured another joint punishment. Some years, more than one.

The business had prospered, both families enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle. Bill and Kay’s kids were grown and off on their own. The two couples were planning a trip to Europe when Kay was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a difficult year for everyone. Kay refused to discuss her illness. Bill spent more and more time at home, taking her for an endless round of specialists and treatments. Ray covered the office, as usual, plus did his best to supervise the field crews. The final chemo left Kay too weak to walk, bald and frail, but with cautious optimism for a full recovery. After her six-month check up they celebrated with the postponed trip to Europe. All enjoying a renewed faith in life, and vowing to slow down and enjoy things.

Two months later, after a Saturday night dinner, Kay asked for their help in celebrating. She produced a bottle of her favorite champagne, offered a toast to a full and rewarding life, and dropped a bombshell. The cancer had returned, it was spreading rapidly, and she had decided against treatment this time.

Sylvia stayed with Kay until the end, trading shifts with Bill so she was never alone. The last night, she seemed stronger, even visited for a while. Then she was gone.

A year dragged by, it was uncomfortable trying to figure out how they fit together without Kay. Then, it was Sylvia’s turn to watch her world crumble. Ray suffered a massive heart attack at work. They rushed him to the hospital but there was too much damage. Late that night he passed.


Sylvia wandered through her house, lost. It was hard to know what to do with her time. Her whole life had been built around her husband and her friends, now both were gone.

Bill called Sylvia, asked her to meet him for lunch to go over some voting issues on the stock Ray had left to her. They enjoyed catching up with news of the kids, and Sylvia was touched when he asked her to chair the trust fund he had established in Kay’s name. It came at the perfect time, he needed someone who knew Kay, she needed someone who needed her.

They drifted along for over a year, seeing one another socially, working on the trust, and sharing an occasional dinner. Sylvia knew Ray would want her to be happy, in fact she dreamed of Ray and Kay smiling at her reluctance to move forward. If there was going to be another man in her life, Bill was the only candidate.

So began the great campaign to drive him into admitting she needed him to “handle” her.
She was constantly late, forgot appointments, left important papers at home, all things she knew drove him crazy. He ignored her bad behavior, chalked it up to not being over her grief, and let her run wild. Until she decided to start leaving her door unlocked. That was going too far. She could be forgetful, but putting herself in danger was totally unacceptable.

Bill marched Sylvia in to the living room and began lecturing her. She made the mistake of smiling, happy to know he still cared for her. Before she knew what happened she was bottoms up, over his knee and his hand hurt every bit as much as any paddle. Just when she was sure she couldn’t take any more, he stood her up, and shook her roughly by her shoulders.

“Don’t you know how dangerous it is to leave your house unlocked? Any nut case could waltz right in. I know Ray wouldn’t put up with your nonsense, and by God, I won’t either.”

Back over his lap she went for another blistering round. This time, slower and harder, each area receiving several swats before moving on, steadily tattooing her bottom and the backs of her legs.

When he decided she had learned her lesson she was limp and her bottom was burning like never before. He carried her to her room and laid her on the bed, holding her close, soothing her tears away. When she had stopped sobbing he explained that Ray had asked him to take care of her and it was obvious that they would have to marry. He couldn’t go around spanking another man’s wife. Then there was the other part, Kay had never mentioned that a punishment wasn’t considered complete until all was forgiven by making love. Sylvia had to laugh at that. She may end up missing those fiery, but short, sessions with Ray’s paddle, but she was happy to trade an hour in the corner alone for a good romp in bed.

This was just what they both needed, another chance to enjoy life.


I know many stories feature hot young things and I love reading them. But as a 50 something I also love reading about couples that have a year or two on them and the baggage that come with a life well lived. So these couples are very close to my heart. My sincere thanks to the author.

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