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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

IT'S HERE !! Cassie's Road Trip

The new book is out! Cassie’s Road Trip is out and looking for readers. Many have compared publishing a book to giving birth and in many ways that true. There is much labor in writing a book and getting it published, but to me it’s more like sending your child to school for the first time. You think your child is wonderful, prefect in every way. But now you’re sending this little one out into a world of people who will judge for themselves. You sit home and worry, will this book be liked? will it be ignored? will people encourage others to read and like your new work or might they say something negative? This nagging worry sticks with you until you get that first review, and if it’s good you feel like a million bucks and say to yourself – someone liked it!!!

Here's the blurb:

There's a girl’s trip in the works. All the girls have planned and plotted for months. Everything must work out just right for them to be able to talk the guys into this trip. All is on track until Allie, of all people, lands in hot water. Cassie and Sue do their best to help her out and keep the hope of the trip alive too.

Behaving is always a struggle for Cassie. She does try but, unfortunately, there are situations–completely beyond her control, at least in her eyes, that keep landing her on the wrong side of Tom’s spanking hand. As Cassie continues to end up in trouble, there are some interesting new friends, maybe a little rougher than Tom would want her associating with, who want to help her too. . .

 Cassie’s Road Trip

I guess it’s no secret that Cassie is very real to me and I consider her one of my best friends. I do like this book so much – I love Cassie’s interaction with her friends, I adore Lily – she is so much fun to write. Just like Cassie and the rest she talks in my head and I sometimes chuckle as I simply record what’s going on. But as usual what I enjoy the most is Cassie and Tom’s love story – one that has lasted decades and will last for many more.

Check out all the Cassie books.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Fantasy Friday - an excerpt from Cassie's Road Trip

This may not qualify as a Fantasy Friday. But I'm going to give you a little sample of the newest Cassie book, Cassie's Road Trip. I'm hoping this book could be out by next Tuesday and believe me I'll be letting you know as soon as I see it go live! 
Here's the blurb and then an excerpt.

There's a girl’s trip in the works. All the girls have planned and plotted for months. Everything must work out just right for them to be able to talk the guys into this trip. All is on track until Allie, of all people, lands in hot water. Cassie and Sue do their best to help her out and keep the hope of the trip alive too.

Behaving is always a struggle for Cassie. She does try but, unfortunately, there are situations–completely beyond her control, at least in her eyes, that keep landing her on the wrong side of Tom’s spanking hand. As Cassie continues to end up in trouble, there are some interesting new friends, maybe a little rougher than Tom would want her associating with, who want to help her too. . .

Ryan sounded so young as he asked, “What happened? Why won’t she talk to me?”
I hesitated, I certainly wasn’t going to give him the ins and outs, “Son she made some unwise choices and she’s embarrassed. And I’m sure she’s worried you’re going to be too hard on her.”
“I just want to talk to her. But you’re saying she thinks I’m going to spank her–right? What do you think, does she deserve a spanking?”
Good grief! That wasn’t a question for me to answer. I hesitated and then began stammering until Ryan finally said, “Okay Mom, that tells me what I need to know.”
“It does not!” I told him firmly. “You just talk to Allie and leave me out of it.”
“That’s what I’m trying to do,” he said frustrated, “but she won’t talk to me. You tell her I’m calling as soon as we get home and she better get on the phone. Sit on her if you have to Mom, but I’m talking to her.”
He gave the phone back to Tom and we said our goodnights. Allie came out as soon as I hung up, making me think she had been listening at the door. “He’s calling back in an hour and you are talking to him, do I make myself clear?” I told her sternly.
“I will. But should I tell him everything now or can it wait ‘till we get home?”
“I don’t know what to tell you, honey, I’ve often wondered if telling them before you see them gives them time to calm down or to stew about it and get madder. I don’t know, but I think I’d just go ahead and tell him everything tonight.”
“But Cassie it wasn’t really my fault.”
I sat staring at her quietly, amazed that she could say such a thing. Sue chuckled softly, “You sure she’s not your daughter?” she asked me.
I ignored Sue and asked Allie, “How was this not your fault?”


I'll let you know as soon as it comes out. Meanwhile, I need some of you all to try writing some Fantasy Friday stories. If you do send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We're baaacck...

Home again, home again. We had a great time in Cancun. We floated in the gulf, lay in the shade on the beach, visited with family, ate and drank. I want to thank you all for some great advice before we left. You all pointed out that ‘all inclusive’ did not mean you have to eat and drink everything in sight! And you were right! It would probably have been even better if I’d taken that advice, but that’s not necessarily true. Gratefully, I’m still under the weight at which the dreaded cane comes out. And I’m going to be working on losing a little the rest of this week.

My view for most of the week. 

I wore my dress, I felt a little silly, but I wore it. I think the bride and groom were the most comfortable. He wore a white shirt, khaki shorts and went bare foot. She had on a lovely long white dress and was also barefoot. Nick was the wedding photographer and he got some great shots.

Monday was back to the real world. I headed off to school. The school had a breakfast buffet that would have been fine, but even though I looked hard, I couldn’t find the champagne to make the Mimosa – what the heck? Last week the champagne bucket was always right by the orange juice. I also explained to my dear partner Megan that it was time for my mid-afternoon strawberry margarita, but even though I said ‘por favor’ she did not trot off to get me one and bring it to me as I basked in a hammock. And she wonders why I want to retire.

Oh well, even thought the service isn’t as good as Mexico I still plan on enjoying the heck out of my last few months teaching. Because of the way we’re teamed I’ll have approximately 140 students this year. I guess that will keep me off the streets for a while.

There will be a brand new Cassie book out by the end of the month – much more about that very soon!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fantasy Friday - "Spanking by Mail Order"

I promised you a brand new Fantasy Friday and here it is. We have LS at Luvspanking to thanks again this week. I loved the way this story is written - different and intense in it's own way. I hope you enjoy 

"Spanking by Mail Order"

Lucretia Sinclair was an old maid. At two and thirty, she was a confirmed spinster. Tired of her family's cruel rejoinders, she'd gone west seeking her manifest destiny. She found instead, the loss of her maidenhead and the serenity of over the knee.  
She alighted from the 3:45 from Denver. Stark landscape, muted pastels and strong earth shades all pummeled by the soaring turquoise sky. Waiting for her was Mrs. Parker, widowed some twenty years, swathed in black silk befitting her station as matriarch of Juniper Falls. Lucretia had responded to an advert by post seeking 'never married woman of quality desired for bride to wealthy gentleman'. The correspondence escalated rapidly, more so when the telegraph link was completed to Juniper Falls. Mrs. Parker set a stern example through her terse missives. Lucretia could hear the sniff in her words, the distaste of East Coast debutantes living off stolen largesse and western gold. Still, she came. Dressed in muted poplin, traveling days by train across the breadth of a dazzling country, Lucretia left her unexciting past behind.

Erect carriage, she stared into the distant future as Mrs. Parker perused her as carefully as any prized range horse. More so, because a horse could be put down, a woman of loose morals was more destructive than any ravening locust horde. Passing inspection, Lucretia lifted her satchel, porter behind with the rest of her worldly goods and followed in the tremendous wake of Mrs. Parker. Hats tipped, heads bowed, she parted the dusty and dung smeared street as if brandishing a cannon. Determined not to be cowed, Lucretia was nonetheless impressed by the display of personal power rivaling any Astor. Juniper Falls may have been small by eastern standards, but it was run not by the drunk sheriff or corrupt mine owners, but by a woman of a certain age with unsmiling countenance. In her letter home that night to her younger sister, Lucretia was hard pressed to explain the atmosphere in the town. The best she could say was:

It, the town sweet Margaret, seems placid and serene. Not bustling as New York, yet, an air of smugness all emanating from a short female form. No gentle sex I fear from Mrs. Parker. She wields a stern hand I am told, perhaps, dare I say, even harder than dear Papa. In closing my beloved, I have chosen to stay and face the future unafraid of my place, though it may be over a knee. You may write me at this address. Mrs. Parker is providing room and board in her mansion until I marry. Nothing on 5th Avenue I'm afraid, but passable. I am to meet the gentleman on the morrow so must now retire. Yours, Lucretia

With the sun, the house too rose. Lucretia was prompt for breakfast. The food was welcome after the long journey: the company marginally less so. Not for Mrs. Parker a mixed table. Only the finest ladies were ensconced in her home. The oldest was a dowager visiting from San Francisco with the youngest being her niece barely out of finishing school. A blue stocking would have felt right at home except... there was a sense of mystery, of hidden vices lurking behind the facade of propriety. Lucretia was polite when spoken to and kept her replies and curiosity firmly in check. Finishing her meal, requesting to be excused, she retired above stairs to complete her toilette and met Mrs. Parker in the parlor precisely at eight. She refrained from flinching when the taskmaster ran a clothes sweeper over her plain dress. Satisfied at last, she sallied forth, Lucretia bobbing dutifully one step behind.

High collar, purple cravat, and diamond stickpin did not catch her attention so much as the wide leather belt wrapped round his trim waist in deference to Western ideals. Mrs. Parker introduced them, until now, Lucretia had not known the name of her suitor. She curtsied to Mr. Mallory and he curtly bowed his head in response. The conversation was brief and fairly one-sided as, watched keenly by their chaperone, he dictated Sunday's schedule at the Methodist church three days hence, Lucretia limiting her responses to 'yes sir' and thank you'. 

As she rose to take her leave with Mrs. Parker, he courteously gestured for Lucretia to open an oak tallboy. Inside the door were a variety of straps and paddles hanging from gleaming brass hooks. As she fondled the heavy oiled and polished objects de correction, she barely heard his admonishment that her behavior would be monitored closely and subjected to regular discipline should she fail to meet his expectations. She blushed and demurely replied, as sudden heat arose in her nether regions, she'd do her best to please him. He roughly cleared his throat, the cravat suddenly as tight as his trousers as he gruffly instructed her to select a tool for her exclusive use. It was, he explained, her bridal gift and likely to see daily rigorous use. She was instructed to have it modified with an engraved silver plaque, her name in copperplate script, to be exchanged at the altar for his ring.

He raised her hand to his lips saying he had high standards for a wife and woe betide she who fell short. Far from being cowed, Lucretia boldly met his dark eyes as she curtsied deeply, tipping her bosom forward stating she was not some Eastern shrinking violet who shirked at hard work and harder discipline. Well read, less so in the amorous arts, Lucretia was not completely naive, yet no man had ever so dominated her emotions and mind as Mr. Mallory. She'd been informed in stark terms the fate of the late Mrs. Mallory and whatever gossip existed in Juniper Falls was yet to be revealed to her tender ears. Under Mrs. Parker's stern visage, Lucretia calmly passed the thick leather strap to the hulking blacksmith. As they watched, he pressed copper rivets through a rectangular silver plate across the breadth of the implement. Receiving it back with strict decorum, she cradled the strap tenderly as an infant and stately followed in Mrs. Parker's formidable wake to the jeweler, where the leather was reverently delivered for engraving.

Lucretia ignored the many curious stares and by evening Juniper Falls was buzzing with the news that a new Mrs. Mallory was to be married that Sunday after services. Many pitied her, had she known, Lucretia would have laughed until her stomach hurt. As the house settled for the evening, windows opened to the rapidly cooling dessert air she could hear steady slapping and Mrs. Parker's scolding tones as she sternly chastised her pleading niece. Lucretia expanded her lungs deeply, her white night wrap billowing in the freshening breeze and gave grateful thanks for her deliverance from a spinster's fate. Juniper Springs was truly a magical place and Sunday couldn't come soon enough.

LS thank you so much for your help with Fantasy Friday with your wonderful stories. It is much appreciated. I hope there are other thinking of writing too. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com