I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Importance of Touch

We'd been married over twenty-five years when I came out to Nick. By then we were parents of teenagers, had two busy careers, in addition to driving endlessly as chauffeur for our youngest. Shortly before I came out I realized that we never touched anymore. Of course in bed he would sometimes reach out if he wanted to make love, but I often resented that. It seemed to be the only time he touched me. When I came out to him, that changed and I did love it. Maybe this is something we should all remember as we begin our new year.

I hope Nick knows how much I love the little changes I see. And sometimes the big ones. He touches me! It is unbelievably wonderful. I don’t care if he's giving me a hug, patting my bottom or rubbing my leg. It doesn't seem to matter if we're home or out among people, he touches me. He'd be shocked, just as I am, to know what a difference it makes in how I'm feeling if he takes my hand for just a moment or just quickly touches my face. I love it!

There have been other changes. In the past when we had sex I never wanted my breast touched. I didn’t like it; it hurt and bothered me to have them touched. Now I love it, but what has changed? We woke up for a little early fun before all the family showed up for Sunday lunch. If the kids are home the only time for a bit of spanking is very early morning when a cannon wouldn’t wake them. It doesn’t have the wild abandonment that comes from being alone but it’s pretty darn good. Of course any kind of spanking can get my juices flowing, but when he pinched my nipples and sucked on them I just flowed. It was fantastic! The same is true for anal play; I used to want to avoid this. But now I am willing to explore. Not anal sex, but playing and touching is suddenly something I desire, not avoid.

But I am serious about the question. What exactly created the change? Can this much change come about just from reading blogs, from coming out to my husband, from accepting who I really am? Is it my husband’s willingness to spank and explore the lifestyle? Is it the encouragement and acceptance of other bloggers that creates a safe environment that I want to be a part of? I guess its combinations of all the above. But if that's the case why aren’t we being studied by sex therapist worldwide? Let’s find a way to bottle this stuff folks, we’ll make a fortune!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A New Cassie Book!

It’s time, it’s here and I’m ready! On the River, A Cassie’s Family story will be out in January. January 8th I’m being told, but I wouldn’t count on that precisely. I haven’t put out a book in over a year and I’m very anxious. Here’s the first look at the cover!


Many of you are familiar with Cassie and I thank you for interest in the previous books. This is a new series, with the same characters you enjoy. All my books can be read as a stand-alone book. I think I do a pretty good job of getting you caught up as far as who’s who quickly. 


For those of you unfamiliar with my books, I’d say you’re going to find much of what you’d expect. I enjoy reading and writing about a good spanking and you’ll find plenty in this book. You’ll find some hot sexy scenes as well, a little more difficult to write but I enjoy reading them once they’re done. But what you’ll find in my books that you don’t always fine in spanking stories is the love and fiercely loyal friendships the women share.


Cassie, Sue and Annie have been friend for more than half a century. Allie, Jenny and Lane are bonding just as strongly. I love blending the generations. The older couples show that deep love and romance can last a lifetime. The younger couple share the fiery passion of new love and it’s all pulled together with humor and friendship.


I’ll be posting an excerpt here before long and you can be sure I’ll be posting the link as soon as I know it’s out. If you want to get to know Casssie and her family a little better, I’d like to invite you to come to my other blog, PK Corey’s Reading Room. I share a snippet each Saturday for Saturday Spankings. I’ll have something up from this new book this coming Saturday.  Here are a few from other snippets you might enjoy.

The punishment 

What a girl needs 


I’m excited – I really hope you like this new book as much as I do!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Grace's Christmas poem

Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a wonderful day, thanks for coming by to share a little of your holiday time.
I love today’s Fantasy Friday! The wonderful and talented Grace sent this to me years ago. She wrote it just for Fantasy Friday and I have to say I was honored. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Twas the night before Christmas...or was it? 

Twas the night before Christmas 
And all through the house 
Not a creature was stirring 
Except for a spouse! 
The paddles were hung 
In the closet with care 
In hopes that a red bottom 
Soon would be there 
The wife was a nestled 
All snug in the corner 
While visions of swats 
And how many were wondered. 
And Mamma in her tee-shirt 
And I with my bats 
Were just settling in
For some long and hard swats 
From out of the corner 
There rose such a clatter 
When I said it was time 
And in my hand was a swatter. 
Away from the corner 
She flew like a flash 
Pulled down her panties 
And bent over, at last. 
Her butt was like moonlight 
On new fallen snow 
Gave luster of mid-day 
To eyes all a-glow. 
When, what to her wondering 
Eyes should appear 
But a paddle of wood 
A big subject of fear. 
With the first little slap  
So lively and quick 
I knew in a moment 
She’s probably quite slick 
More rapid than eagles, 
The spanks how they came 
She cursed and shouted 
And called me bad names 
Ouch, meany, Ow, wieny, Oh please stop, it hurts 
Eeeeouch yes sir, screech, no sir 
She sputters and spurts 
From the top of her tail bone 
To the top of her thighs 
Now spank away, spank away 
Spank low and high 
As with a very sore bottom 
Her screams echo the sky 
Her bum meets with the paddle 
The slaps echo and fly 
So upping the tempo 
The paddle, it flew 
With a fast paced staccato 
And some rubbing too 
And then in a twinkling 
I heard a low moaning 
The prancing and pawing 
Of feet and of clawing 
As I drew in my hand 
And was starting to slow 
Down put the paddle 
And the hand was a go 
My hand started slapping 
From tushy to thigh 
And her screams turned 
To panting, and then a big sigh 
A bunch of hard slaps 
I had put on her bottom 
And she looked like a naughty girl, just like she oughta 
Her eyes, how they twinkled 
Her dimples how merry 
Her bum was like roses 
Her bottom like a cherry. 
Her droll little bottom 
Tightened just like a bow 
And the skin on her thighs 
Was as white as the snow 
The stump of a paddle 
Held tight in my hand 
And I swore there was smoke 
From her bottomy land 
I had a broad smile, 
At the buttocks that shook 
When I smacked and I slapped 
And I spanked and I cooked 
Her bottom was chubby and plump 
A right sore was her self 
And I laughed when I saw it 
In spite of myself 
With a wink of my eye 
And a twist of my wrist 
Soon gave me to know 
She couldn’t resist 
I spoke not a word 
But went straight to my work 
And filled all the white spots 
Then turned with a jerk 
And laying a finger 
Inside of her place 
I gave her an orgasm 
And made her heart race 
Then we sprang to our bed 
And our bodies did whistle 
So away we both flew 
Like the down of a thistle 
But I heard her exclaim as we both were entwined 
Happy Spanking to all And to all, a good night!

Grace thanks again. I have always know you are an incredibly talented writer but I have to say this is one of your masterpieces! Remember, everyone is invited to contribute to Fantasy Friday. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

He's Trying

I used to email Nick a lot in the beginning. Sometimes I still do. It is interesting for me to go back and see how things began for us. 

I took my own advice and emailed Nick to thank him for great sex the other morning and to tell him some other things I would like from him. One of the things I told him was that it would be wonderful if he would flip the covers down and give me a good pop on the butt before he leaves for work some morning. So this morning I’m half asleep he flips the covers back and gives me a pat that wouldn’t have injured a mosquito. I wanted to sit up and say – Put some muscle in it, you hit like a damn girl! (No longer politically correct, but you get my meaning.)

I know I can’t be mad at him when he is really trying. He didn’t ignore me, he did try, but it wasn’t what I wanted! Grace said pretty much what I feel. I want to tell Nick, dominate me, damn it, and do it right now! I’ll tell you exactly what I want you to do! Can you feel my conflicting emotions here?

He hasn’t said anything but I think he is still worried about the bruising from last Friday. It has persisted but it has not been a problem to me in anyway. I’m just worried he will never do anything but pat my butt again.

I know that Nick sees this as a game while I want it to be a way of life. I have just been thinking of how I wanted it for forty years longer than he has and I don’t have forty years to wait for him to catch up. I have to push some. Nick and I never fight, I mean never! I used to think that this was a good thing, but now I just think it shows a lack of passion.

Some of you have talked about bratting your way into a spanking. I could never do that. First, he would think I was insane because it would be so unlike me. Second, if I really did something to make him mad he would just shut down and ignore me until I came to my senses. I mean he would never spank me if he was mad because he would know that that was exactly what I wanted.

I am probably just antsy because I see no time it the immediate future for playing. We have a big yard sale this weekend and a family reunion next Saturday and Sunday, thirty or so people at my house for 2 days. They don’t sleep here but they are here all during the day. I love having this reunion each year but I just want to have some time alone with Nick!


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A little family and a ton of love equals a great Christmas

We had our Christmas and it was great! LJ got in safely and we had a couple of day to visit before we celebrated our Christmas. Mostly we sat, masks on, playing games around the table, Mollie’s all-time favorite past time. Many of the games seem way too complicated for me, but I gave it a try.


There was too much food around everywhere you looked, but I’m not complaining. I may have to work on the effects after New Year’s, but that’s days away so why worry? 

I liked this particular picture of my kids. If they are in a contest, I think they’re close.

I got so many nice things. My birthday was last week so I always get way more than I should. Mollie gave me this – I’m not positive what it is, but she has promised to sit down with me and go over its features this week. She says it’s for the kitchen and I can watch shows on it or listen to my book or pod casts so I’m anxious to play with it.

Nick got me this table I’d seen and I love it for my writing room!

But perhaps my sister knows me better than anyone, because she got me this! 

I’m definitely addicted and opening a large bag is not good for me, ‘cause I can’t stop. But I can eat only one bag a day like this.

We did have one small problem arise with both kids here. I’ve learned that in NYC after several people were found frozen to death in their apartments years ago, a law was passed that landlords must provide heat, it’s all part of the rent. But the tenants have no control over it what-so-ever. So the apartments stay HOT, overly hot. LJ says most of the winter they have to leave a window open a little just to live. So the poor boy was cold the whole time he was here. I made sure he had plenty of blankets, cause I can’t sleep when it warm at night. Then Mollie joins us. Complaining slightly and asking us how we could sleep in the house as hot as it was. 


To clarify – LJ apartment stays around 80 degrees, Mollie – who squeezes every penny until it screams keeps her heat at 62 degrees. You can see which of my kids pays separately for their heat. And we keep ours at 67 degrees during the day and 62 at night. I feared changing our temperature in either direction would show favoritism so we left it at our normal and gave LJ the remote control to the gas logs and a throw to wrap up in. Seems as though the one living in the cold north needed to toughen up a bit!


I loved seeing my family, I hope and pray we all stay well. And I hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday – whatever you celebrate!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Coming soon

There will be a new Cassie book coming out soon. If you're not familiar with Cassie. Or you'd like to renew your relationship with her and Tom and all their friends and family please come by The Reading Room and check our some Saturday Spankings for the past few weeks. Much more about the book very soon!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Control

Another Friday has rolled 'round. LJ is here from NYC and Mollie will come over after school today. I love having my family home. We are trying to be safe. I'm not hugging him as I want to but just being able to see him is a wonder! 

On to our story. I wrote this one today and when I read it again as I was looking for stories I didn't recognize it as mine. It's not really my style. But then again, it's not bad. I hope you enjoy...


It was dark. I turned my head and could feel the blindfold. Where was I? I tried to move my arms; they were tied together and stretched over my head and attached to some type of headboard. My legs were tied to each corner of the bed; I was stretched wide, vulnerable, naked, completely exposed. I heard someone enter the room. Whoever it was, they were silent as they approached. I strained against the bonds. A man’s voice said, “Be still.” He lifted my head a bit and held a glass to my lips. I gulped grateful at the wine. He took the rest of the wine and slowly pored it over my breasts and onto my belly.

Gently, silently he touched my face and I twisted to get away from his touch. One more time he said, “Be still.” His fingers trailed down my throat. As his fingers touched my breast I jumped and strained hard against my restraints. A vicious pinch to my nipple caused me to cry out and jerk away.

“Control,” he said. “You must learn control; now be still.” The fingers continued. They trailed around my breasts, down my arms, my hands. He touched my belly and explored my navel. The hands went down my thighs, down my calves and on to touch my feet. He had touched every part of me except my pussy. In spite of my fear it was throbbing.

I couldn’t help squirming with my need. He stopped and said, “You will learn control.” He quickly untied my feet and turned me over. The hand gently touched my cheeks seconds before the leather strap made contact with a loud slap. Again and again the strap found its mark, punishing my ass and thighs.

The gentle hand returned and traced the marks left by the strap. When he turned me back over so many emotions and sensations were swirling in my head. I still felt fear, my ass burned and my pussy throbbed when any new sensation was added. I felt a vibrator being pressed to my 
swollen clit. I realized that I could never be still. I rose up against the vibrator trying to feel more and more. Every muscle tightened as the first orgasm flooded my body. My legs were pushed back over my head with the vibrator still in place. The strap came back on the most tender parts of my ass. Each blow just served to drive the orgasm deeper in my body and mind. Gradually I became aware that the strap had stopped falling.

I came back to the real world to feel the gentle hand return, again caressing my face. The voice was saying, “Relax, rest; for a first lesson you did well.”


 So even though I wrote this I now find myself asking, "So what happened next?" I guess we'll never know. That is unless one of you would like to take over now and write the next part. Please feel free. Send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ten important things for a Spanking blog

Back when so many were blogging, many people asked question that got us all thinking and participating. Bonnie was really good at it. All this is still true.

I love Bonnie for asking this question. Not for the chance to tell what I hope my blog with say to other, but so that I can understand it myself. So here goes.

What are the 10 things, thoughts, or ideas you would most like readers to take away from your blog?

1. If you are turned on by spanking (and you know who you are) tell your partner today! Do not waste one more minute. The worse he could say is – not interested, and you have lost nothing.

2. People who love spanking are very normal people. We are nurses, teachers, secretaries, lawyers. We look after our kids, sometimes our parents; we teach Sunday school and bake cookies for school parties. We are NORMAL!

3. Being spanked by someone you love and trust make you feel cherished, safe and loved in a way that nothing else can.

4. In a spanking relationship, the relationship becomes the core of your life. Other things like work, neighbors, chores, errands, etc. are just things you do. Real life is you and your partner.

5. If this has always be a fantasy and you are just getting ready to try it for real you need to know: Spankings hurt! They can hurt like hell. But you will still love the experience and the feeling afterwards money can’t buy!

6. Sex after a spanking is the greatest thing since sliced bread! It’s your birthday, it’s Christmas morning, it’s winning the lottery. This is coming from someone who simply hated sex, I loved my husband, but I hated sex. Now I can’t get enough. I have the most happy, stunned husband on the planet.

7. Be understanding of other people’s chosen lifestyle. People are different, that’s a good thing. Some would say I’m a pervert for this kink. I’m not. My husband and I love each other and hurt no one. Be understanding of other and live and let live.

8. Look for toys where ever you can find them. Kitchen supply stores, hardware stores, pet supply stores. Always be on the lookout for items that would not attract attention in the bedroom or living room. Fly swatters, belts, slippers, back scratchers. Remember your kids are everywhere, many toys can’t be left out but these can.

9. Men if you are reading here please don’t let us down. If we have finally told you that this is what we want and need, understand that we have probably been thinking about this, dreaming about this for years. It’s not a spur of the moment request. We want it, we yearn for it, and we need it. You are the only one we trusted with this embarrassing secret. If you try it once and then stop, we may never have the courage to bring it up again and we are going to feel a bit rejected, a bit lonely and a bit sad.

10. Men can’t read our minds. I know that's not too bright of them, but they are only men, so cut them some slack. We can’t give up either. Talk with them, explain things to them, tell them which blogs to read. I can’t look at my husband and talk to him about this yet but I email him a lot! I can get going with words. He seems to love it. If it’s not working out like you expected – keep working at it, it’s worth it. Don’t give up!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Christmas plans

I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite ornaments  throughout my post today.

Christmas is coming early this year. Ever since LJ and Collin moved to NYC, we usually have Christmas in early January when they come. As with nearly everyone, this year will be different for us. 

I got this from my college roommates in 1975 


Collin was here a few months ago to see his family, though he slept here. So he’s not coming back for Christmas. Also it would mean a two week quarantine both before and after his visit. Not many people can take a month or more off work so, no trip for him. LJ is flying in on Wednesday and staying until next Sunday. Christmas will be on the nineteenth.

Mollie's favorite


I know this isn’t perfect. And I know it’s a little dangerous. But we’re all going to try to be as safe as possible. I won’t be hugging him as I want to. Mollie and LJ both say we’ll need to wear masks in the house unless we’re eating. I’m leaving blankets around because I may have the windows open a bit.  We also have two outside heaters we can use, but  it’s only supposed to be in the 40’s here next Saturday. Too bad, this past Saturday was in the mid 60’s. 

A gift from Nick fifteen years ago. 
It plays I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.


I hope we aren’t being foolish. I just want to see both of my children. And if LJ doesn’t come now, there is no way I can possible see him until September. That’s because his job is really going to be picking up soon – I’ll be telling you about that in the near future.

LJ's favorite

So I’ll take any prayers, good thought and energy and anything else you can throw our way both for his travels and for everyone’s safety. I do add blogland to my prayers nightly – bloggers and readers.


Friday, December 11, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - The Helpful Husband

Happy Friday to you! Today's story comes from K, a friend from long ago who wrote the blog The Naughty Side of K. I think she did an excellent job with this story.

Please enjoy…

The Helpful Husband

Kit looked around her home and sighed. Dirty dishes filled the sink. Piles of clean laundry covered the sofa. There was a pile of dirty laundry behind her bedroom door and another on the floor in the junk... umm, dining room. The dining room was lined with piles of boxes and stuff that she hadn't yet found a home for. Her new home had a spacious eat in kitchen, so her dining room wasn't being used, but still, it was an eyesore.

Her list of projects was overwhelming. Kit was full of great ideas and she was highly skilled at gathering supplies for her projects at great bargains. When Joey bought her the house, one of his first projects was creating her a studio. Kit was almost shocked to discover how quickly she filled all of the cabinets Joey built for her with her stash. Where had it all come from? They'd lived in a small apartment with three kids. She knew it had been crowded, but it just wasn't possible she had hoarded such an enormous amount of supplies for her hobbies.

So much to do and Kit sat with Joey's laptop, reading her favorite spanking blogs while the baby played with her blocks. Sure, she did a bit of housework here and there. Joey and the kids always had clean clothes to wear, even if they did have to sift through the piles on the sofa to find them. There were always clean dishes to use. The baby's toys got picked up occasionally. Okay, so the toys were usually strewn across the floor until Joey got tired of stepping on them and picked them up himself. Kit picked them up once in a while... maybe. Who was she kidding. She knew Joey and the kids deserved better.

Kit knew she could do better. She just needed a little motivation. Ah, but what would it take to motivate her? Several of her blogging friends were in domestic discipline relationships. Kit had first discovered spanking almost a year earlier. She was turned on... umm, intrigued immediately. When she shared her discovery with Joey, he hadn't been at all surprised. He'd always known she was a bit naughty. While some of her ideas inspired a bit more eyebrow raising than others, she always knew how much he loved her.

Kit had shared some of the articles on domestic discipline, along with other spanking information, with Joey and they'd discussed it. Neither of them really felt they were ready for that kind of shift in their own relationship. Joey enjoyed spanking Kit and she enjoyed being spanked, but it was always for their mutual pleasure. Even still, Kit got a little thrill out of pleasing Joey and doing things she knew he'd like. It didn't have to be all or nothing. If she'd learned anything from reading so many blogs, it was that there were as many types of spanking relationships as there were couples that enjoyed spanking. With that in mind, Kit sent off a quick email to Joey. She didn't know how soon he'd read it, or what he'd think of it, but off it went.

Feel like helping me with the housework? There's so much I want/need to do, it can be overwhelming and I just play with the kids instead or do other stuff. But I could get more done. Maybe you could email me in the mornings with one thing you'd appreciate done by the time you get home? If it doesn't help, or you don't want to, that's okay. It's just an idea.

Love you lots. 


Kit went about her day, doing a bit of laundry, but mostly amusing herself on the laptop while the kids played. She was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Joey only a few hours later. Sometimes he'd go days without checking his personal email. It was short and simple, but made her smile.

If you think it would help, I can try to do that.  

Love you baby,


Kit was so pleased. She always felt special when Joey emailed her from work. With his help, she'd finally be able to get the house in shape and finish some of her projects. If it worked out, maybe he'd even help her develop a routine so she wouldn't have to rely on him so much. By the time Joey arrived home from work, Kit had dinner ready and had cleared off one of the counters to make room for the new mixer he'd bought her for Christmas. She was already feeling more motivated just from the extra attention and knowing how pleased he'd be with her efforts. He hadn't even asked her to do anything yet.

The evening passed with relative normalcy. Kit enjoyed the stern looks she sensed from Joey as much as the hungry looks. Only once did their teenager tell them to stop being weird. Kit wasn't sure what prompted that comment, but she was pretty sure she was innocent. When the kids were finally tucked into bed, Kit wasn't as sleepy as she often was. Joey squeezed her lower cheeks while they hugged. Kit smiled at him and asked if he'd mind putting the clean sheets on the bed while she jumped in the shower. She cleaned up and shaved quickly, wondering what fun Joey had in mind for her. He had told her he'd caught up on reading her blog that morning, along with the last Fantasy Friday story she'd sent him a link for. He also seemed to enjoy the thought of giving her tasks to do and had been dropping hints and gestures about spanking.

Kit dried off and got into the freshly made bed while Joey undressed. She hadn't gotten a taste of him in a couple of days because she'd had a cold. The shower had left her refreshed and she wanted to take full advantage of it. She looked hungrily at Joey and told him, "Come let me suck on you while I can still breathe." Yeah, that was romantic. Ah well, Joey understood what she meant and knelt on the bed in front of her. Kit loved the smooth, warm feel of him between her lips. She marveled at how he could feel so soft and hard at the same time.

Joey caressed her lovingly. He rested his warm hand on her bottom. "This is mine." 

Mmmm, yeah, Kit loved the sound of his voice claiming her as his. The feel of Joey's swats to her bottom encouraged her to suck him long and hard. "I'm happy you found a home for the mixer I bought you." The comment was unexpected, but his praise warmed her heart as much as his hand warmed her bottom. "You're my good girl, aren't you?"

"Mmmhmm," she murmured around his cock while his hands worked their magic on her bottom.

"You like being my good girl?"

"Mmmhmm." Ooh, those spanks felt good.

"Did you get extra clean for me?" he asked as his hands kneaded her warm bottom. A thrill shot through her at the promise of naughtiness implied in his question. Without taking her lips off him, she confirmed that she had. All too soon he was telling her it was time for him to love on her. 

"Turn around and lie on your belly." Kit was happy to do as he asked, but not before stealing a kiss. His breath was warm on her neck as he nibbled on her ears. His hands were relaxing as he massaged her shoulders. His lips were hot and wonderful trailing across her shoulders, down her back, almost there but not quite, then down her legs. She giggled as he suckled her toes. Mmm, more kisses back up her legs, onto her bottom, and then, finally, her secret places. Joey licked and teased and made her squirm.

When she was dripping with desire for him, he sat beside her and spanked her good and hard. When he eased up a bit, Kit raised her bottom higher, silently asking for more. Joey was only too happy to give it to her. He paused to dig through their toy chest. Kit felt the cool drips of lotion between her cheeks and wiggled encouragingly. Joey swirled a finger in the lotion and slipped it inside. She felt the heat as his breath activated the lotion, while he teased her with his finger. He stopped much too soon for Kit's liking, but she knew what would come next and delighted in the anticipation.

Kit heard the slippery sounds of Joey coating the toy with lube. Then she felt it rubbing at the entrance to her bottom. She relaxed herself as Joey slid the toy in just a bit, then a bit more.

"Come on, baby, you can take it. Just a little more." A shiver shot through Kit at his words. He sounded so sexy and knew just how to push her buttons. With the toy firmly in place, Joey caressed Kit's bottom as he gave her a minute to feel its fullness. Then he lifted her favorite strap and tapped it against her bottom. She wiggled for him and whimpered softly. The first few strokes were gentle and brought a warm glow to her cheeks. Gradually, Joey added a bit more oomph to his swing. Kit was in heaven. She loved the deep caresses of the leather.

Kit felt the cool leather settle across her hips as Joey gave her a good licking of another variety. She lifter her hips a bit to give him better access, but Joey knew just what he was doing. He grabbed either end of the strap and held her down against his probing tongue. It wasn't long before he gave Kit her first orgasm of the night.

By the time they both lay content in each other's arms, Kit had a feeling enlisting Joey's help with the housework would be a huge success.

I've lost touch with K over the years, but I send her my thanks for this story. I'd love to hear from her again if she still reads here. If you're out there writing and are willing to share, send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Spanking begins

I’m beginning my look back with my first two post. I won’t be putting up every post from the beginning, but I thought as long as I was going back I could at least let you see how it all started.



It Starts


I have been reading some of the wonderful blogs out there for a few months. Within the last few days I got the courage up to leave a comment and now I'm blogging. 

This is just a way to sort out my feelings since no one can possibly talk to friends and family about their desire to be spanked. Hell, it took me twenty-three years to get up the nerve to tell my husband.

That's not exactly true. We dabbled a bit four years ago. I liked it but we just let it go because of children in the house, there needs and my aging parents' needs took up a great deal of time. I stayed so consumed in other things that I just had no interest in sex. None. Zero. Zilch! I wanted to want it, but I just didn't.

I'm sad to say that during these four years I lost my beloved parents. My son is leaving for college next month and my daughter is in and out more than she used to be. So I have actually had time to think about myself. I have looked on the Internet but what I found at first seemed like porn to me. I like sexy pictures of women getting spanked, but I didn’t like torture, whips, chains, I don’t want to see male nudity. And then my prayers were answered when I stumbled onto My Bottom Smarts and Bonnie.

It was unbelievable! Normal, sane, regular people, women like me who had answers to my questions and made me feel normal again. I believe my husband thought he died and gone to heaven. We have made love eight times so far this month and truly in the past I would have thought that was fine for a year! He is happy but stunned. I already have him reading many of my favorite blogs. 

I found that once I started leaving comments that it wasn’t enough, I wanted to say more, ask questions, and just talk. I hope to hear from some of you.



Second post 


It is so comforting to be among like-minded people! I remember thinking about spanking since the age of four or five. It is the only thing I have ever fanaticized about. So while I have been thinking and longing for this for over forty years I still worried that now I have jumped into something too fast.

The idea of a DD marriage in something I have long dreamed about but truly I just can’t possibly see it happening. My husband could never even correct our kids much less take control of me. But I asked him to try this in one area of our lives. Like many other my age I am no skinny fashion icon. Let’s call my husband Nick. Nick has never made me feel unattractive because I am over weight, never fusses, nothing to make me feel bad over it but I know he would be pleased if I lost because of the health issues.

Well, I want to lose some. I do not plan on being skinny or ever thin but to feel better, help my knees, decrease my risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, etc. and to feel better with my overall appearance I have to do this! I asked Nick to help. I have had him doing some reading on DD relationships. We have come up with a reasonable and completely doable plan. I will weigh in every two weeks. If I don’t reach goal there will be a discipline spanking. 
(We quickly changed this to if I’d made no effort to lose – no exercising, no walking, over eating junk… then I got a discipline spanking, nothing was tied to losing a specific number.)

Well he has agreed but I didn’t believe the old boy would follow through. He worries that he is hurting me when we just play. But I was wrong! Friday morning once the kids left he said we needed to get something clear. He said he was going to show me what a discipline spanking would be like because he said I showed so much fascination with it I would probably miss goal intentional just to experience it. (He may be smarter about this that I gave him credit for!) I went over the end of the couch and had my first hard spanking with his belt. WOW! OUCH!! DAMN!!! It hurt like hell. But even then I was thinking – YES!

One problem arose because while my mind is as chocolate at it gets, my poor ass is as vanilla as they come. There was some pretty bad bruising. I was as proud as I could be, but it may have scared Nick a bit. I have told him over and over that I am great. We communicate about this mostly through email because talking face to face is too embarrassing for me.

All seemed to be working out just as I wanted! Nick agreed to have this part of our relationship as DD. He has shown that he can actually come through with the good when he has to. He has also promised to remember that good girl spankings are to come as often as possible. There was only one part I hadn’t completely thought through—now I actually have to work to lose the damn weight! Well that stinks.

I’ll keep you posted on how things are going.


Monday, December 07, 2020

I'm giving it a try

I had an idea, well actually a friend and reader gave me this idea and I’m wondering what you think of it. This blog began as a spanko/sex blog. It was fun and exciting as I began exploring a completely new side of myself. I used this forum to work out new ideas. Others commented sometimes to tell me they agreed with me and often to present a side of the situation that I’d never thought of.

While those of us blogging and our commenters helped each other understand our spankoselves, I also felt we were helping silent readers (lurkers) even if they weren’t ready to jump into the comment themselves. They could read about our struggles, our questions, our concerns and our successes. 


Now I’ve drifted far away and I’d love to bring it back a little. But time passes, people age, interest varies. My friend, Rosie Dee, suggested going back to the beginning and re-posting some of my thought from back then. I was hesitant. I mean Fantasy Friday is mostly re-runs now. Although I do still get a new story now and then. But if I reposted old stuff, how quickly would people tire of it?


But one thing my friend said really got to me. She said I should post them because I was so passionate back then. Hmm… I was passionate about the spanking lifestyle back then. In my head, I still am. Maybe some newer readers would like to read those old post. Maybe they could actually help someone struggling with some of the same questions I had back then. I mean they aren’t earthshaking or anything, but it was what I was really feeling.


I’m going to post some of these older post for a month or so. I’ll put them up on Wednesday or Thursday – just so you can avoid re-runs if you’d rather. And the last reason I’m doing this is that word Rosie Dee used – passionate. Maybe looking for these and posting once a week for a while with reignite some of that old passion in me. Couldn’t hurt to try.