I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another fun Saturday

We had another wonderful Saturday afternoon. Sometimes I can’t believe we are getting all this time to ourselves and Mollie’s getting paid to boot. I feel like we should be paying the folks she is babysitting for.

The weather this weekend has been fabulous! I love being able to sleep with the window opened and at we are waking up its cool enough to snuggle. We enjoyed a little preliminary as we woke up Saturday morning but decided to wait until Mollie was out of the house for the main event.

Not long after she left Nick invited me to join him in the shower. And then it was off to the playroom or bedroom – whatever you want to call it. Nick decided to give me a shave and I’ll admit I like it when he keeps me clean shaven. He started this shortly after I came out to him and I like it as a tangible sign of the very real change in our marriage.

After the shave Nick came up with a small twist in our play time. We each got 5 minutes to be catered to, after 5 minutes we would switch. Sometimes it was maddening! I mean things were feeling so good and then my turn would be over. So I did my best to torment him just to the edge and then it was my turn again! It really was a lot of fun. I even got to show him how a good warm up feels!

Soon enough it became a little hard to tell whose turn it was – everything was feeling pretty good. At one point Nick had me stand with my hands on the bed and used the belt. I swear I do love the feel of that thing!! Many toys came into play by the time we were finished it was almost like we were trying more bondage – we were so tangled in cords and toys we could barely move. Not such a bad problem really!

Now there is one thing I noticed that comes from our more active afternoons – I often come away from these encounters with skinned elbows. Certainly not too high a price to pay for such a good afternoon but occasionally Mollie will notice my slight abrasions and ask about them. I always act surprised that they are there and feint complete ignorance of how it might have happened. It’s no problem now but I did have a chuckle – can’t you just picture Mollie in the future, happily married to a man as wonderful as her dad and after a fun afternoon discovering she has the same tiny scrapes. I picture her making up a story for my grandchildren and suddenly remembering… I can see her saying to herself ‘Could that be how mom got her elbows scrapped? Can’t be – I know Mom and Dad never did that!!”

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fantasy Friday - The men were looking at me

Friday, Friday, Friday!! I do love that word. We have a wonderful story today. In fact I accused the author of lurking in on my fantasies when I wasn't looking! I was so happy to get this story from a friend! I really appreciate the effort she went to for us. I know you are going to love it. I'll let you know who wrote it after you have finished.

So now enjoy...

The men were looking at me

I shaved my pussy which I've only done once before, just as I was told to in the email I got from him last night, then showered. He told me to be there on time not to disappoint him, show his business card at the door and they'd let me in. I shuddered deliciously as I pulled the dress he'd bought me over my head, shoulders, bear breasts, nipples alert as the cool cotton teased its way down, hips shuffling just a little, snug fit, resting just above knee. No pants or bra, as instructed. Heels, he told me, he thought my mauve ones might match the dress so mauve it was.

I look in the mirror, twist sideways, tummy not as flat as it used to be, turn and look over my shoulder, my bum looks big or maybe its the angle, or maybe its the dress. When I bend forward, even a small bend, I feel the cotton tighten against my buttocks, the hem tickles my thighs as it rises, my tits become pendulous and the nipples harden when I straighten, I smooth the dress down, again the little shuffle of the hips.

I stood there self conscious, excited and apprehensive, wondering what he'd planned, he told me it was something very new for me, that I'd find it different, that I'd have to trust him, that he could imagine how I'd look in the dress, that he thought other people would like it too. I jumped as I heard the postman push something through the letter box, I realised I would be late if I didn't go now. I took a light wrap, it wasn't cold but I had a short walk to the station and I wanted to cover the dress a little so close to home.

I was to take the train into the next town. As I waited I was sure people were looking at me, no-one I knew thank goodness, they were obviously aware I wasn't wearing anything underneath my dress, I pulled the wrap closer, they could sense my unease, they liked it. They wanted me to blush, to get flustered and run off the platform dropping my wrap, too embarrassed to stop and retrieve it, boobs bouncing and bum cheeks jostling as I tried to escape. Then the train came, I was rescued, people moved to where they thought the emptiest carriages would come to rest, nobody watching me now. I entered the nearest carriage, there were seats at the far end, I slipped the wrap off and carried it, a couple had got on after me, the woman first, she'd know I had no knickers on, she'd think I was disgusting, she'd tell him when they sat down, he'd pretend not to be interested but then he'd be eyeing me for the rest of the trip. Twenty minutes later I got up, my station, the couple were three seats back, he caught my eye, I blushed and shuffled past, he was still watching me as I walked off the train.

Didn't know the town well but his instructions were precise and I arrived at the club on time, production of his card got me a ticket, which wasn't checked by the usher who waved me in. It was dimly lit or seemed so after the sunshine outside, there should have been cigarette smoke swirling around, perhaps someone should invent non toxic artificial cigarette smoke. The music was loudish but nice, there were girls sitting at a central bar, they weren't customers. On the far side of the bar I could see a girl dancing on a small podium under a spotlight. There were men, mostly in suits, some of them looked at me, I couldn't see any women apart from the dancer and the girls at the bar. My eyes adjusted to the light, I walked towards the bar, looking left and right, where was he, there were men at about half the tables but I couldn't see him. Then I walked to the right, he'd said he'd be to the right of the bar, he was but further than I'd thought, at an alcove table, sipping a coffee. He looked up, smiled and raised his hand, I realized it wasn't to me, he moved along the alcove seat and patted the space he'd left, it was warm and the velour was tickly soft against my thighs.

A girl brought a bottle of champagne to the table, she addressed him as Sir as she presented the label to him, she was attractive, she wore what used to be called hot pants a size too small, she leaned across the table and poured a glass for me but not for him, her eyes all over me, she had intelligent alive eyes, I liked and disliked her at the same time. He stood up to get his wallet from his hip pocket, patted the girl's bottom, gave her two notes, whispers passed between them and she nodded and wiggled away.

When he sat he reached under the table and placed his hand on my knee. I tensed, I hadn't liked him patting her bottom and he knew it. His hand moved further up, it rested with his fingers tracing little patterns on my inner thigh.

''You look lovely in that dress you know,'' he said, ''Julie liked you in it, she was the girl who served us, she said a couple of the men had noticed you when you walked in, they'd said you had a nice bottom, Julie had thought so too.''

''What did you think of Julie, did you like her?'' he asked, ''I hope you did because she's going to entertain us, she's looking forward to it, I told her I'm going to be fingering you while she's entertaining us and that if you come I'm going to spank you. She said I could use one of the changing rooms rather than spank you here in public, that way it won't disturb the other guests if you cry and make a fuss.''

I shuffled uncomfortably on the seat, my heart pounding, flight wasn't an option, he'd said I had to trust him. His fingers moved further up my leg all the time stroking teasing.

''Did you shave, by the way?'' he asked. I gasped. ''Ah, no need to answer that now,'' he said as his fingers stroked the smooth flesh surrounding my pussy and I felt myself moisten. ''Good girl,'' he said and I straightened my posture a little and shifted my hips forward. The I saw Julie coming back from the other side of the bar, she still had her hotpants on but her tits were bare now, her body was good, she walked easily like gymnasts do, she was looking at me, it was a friendly look, she held a rod or something in her right hand, my stomach was doing somersaults. I saw some men were turning to watch her. I didn't think there was much danger of getting spanked later, I was more worried about what she intended doing with the rod. When she stopped at our table a spotlight came on in front of us and the music changed, I noticed similar lights at some tables on the far side of the bar. Presumably showtime.

Julie's rod was actually a riding crop which she placed on the table, all the time looking at me, she started dancing, slowly, and I gulped my champagne. I saw him take the bottle and refill my glass, his left hand was still under my dress, in my crotch, his fingers stroking my labia and the virgin flesh either side, not insistent, patient, waiting for me. I was fixed on Julie, I couldn' help it, she was fluid, perfectly balanced, sinuous, confident, she was doing it for me, I thought the men on other tables must know she was doing it for me, they must be watching me too. I took another gulp of champagne, I pushed my pelvis forward again and my pressed my thigh against his, I wanted the reassurance of physical contact, his hand responded his index finger worked its way between my labia, found the wetness it sought, slid the coated tip up to my clit which hardened and made me wetter. Julie's dancing was getting more suggestive, provocative, she looked down at where my cunt was being groped, covered only by a few inches of dress, she smiled lewdly when she saw my thighs clasp together defensively, squeezing his hand between them. Then she picked up the riding crop from the table, she carried on dancing, held the crop between both hands, rubbed it horizontally over her nipples, held it vertically against her belly thrusting against it, then behind her across her slim waist as she looked over her shoulder at me, her bottom undulating to the music. She shimmied back and to the side of the table, as close as she could get to me without falling into my lap, she turned to face me all the time dancing, she shook her tits close to my nose, gyrated her hips, I could see droplets of sweat all over her tight belly, smell her scent, feel her warmth not to mention my own. I was getting very wet, his hand and fingers knew it and were working me harder, my thighs were starting to move rhythmically in pace, then Julie turned round again, bent forward and thrust her bulging swaying bottom almost into my face at the same time offering back the riding crop, her invitation obvious. When I didn't take up the offer she pouted, moved forward and started to spank herself with the whip, pushing her bottom out lasciviously after each stroke for more. I couldn't help myself now, his hand and fingers were working my pussy to a frenzy, my hips were pumping urgently, I couldn't suppress the cry which escaped me as I came, wriggling, squirting onto his hand, moaning and slumping forward on the seat gasping as little tremors continued to run through me.

A few minutes later, the music back to normal, spotlight out, Julie returned to our table, she had a top on now, she still had that friendly smile as she handed a single key on a keyring to him. She said she'd left the riding crop in the changing room, he could leave the key at the bar when he'd finished. She smiled to me and left us.

Getting spanked after you've had an orgasm really hurts. With a riding crop all the more. I went home on the train with a really sore bottom. I'd wanted to find some nearby store and buy some pants and wear them right away but he'd said I couldn't and that was that. I'm sure everyone on the train knew I'd been spanked, that I had angry welts across my bottom, that I hadn't any bra or knickers on. At least I didn't feel like running away this time, I had my husband sitting next to me and he would never let anything happen to me.


I knew you would like this one! So who wrote this fantastic story for us?? It was none other than Ronnie!!! We all know Ronnie from her own blog Heart and Soul. If you are not a regular reader there you just don't know what you're missing. Ronnie and her husband P enjoy a wonderful spanking relationship on the fun and erotic side but on those rare occasions that P may think Ronnie has gone too far he is not opposed to a spanking of a more serious nature. So at Heart and Soul you can enjoy the totally fun side of spanking, some discipline and for a really nice added bonus some wonderful stories of their travels. So leave a comment to tell Ronnie what you think of this great story and the go to her site for more great reading. Thanks again Ronnie!!

As always we need more stories to satisfy our appetites! Bloggers, commenters and lurkers are all invited, urged, begged to write a fantasy for us. Well it could be a fantasy or it could be something that you have really done. For a more full invitation to write for us please go here. I look forward to reading more stories and getting to know more people. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sensual Saturday

I know that my posts sometimes lean a little to the vanilla-mom type pretty often these days but I want to let you know that there is still a little wildness left that Nick and I tap into occasionally.

Mollie was scheduled to baby sit from 2 until about 9 Saturday. I left about the same time she did to go to the gym (see, I’m still trying!) I got home a little after 3. Nick and I talked a while, watched a little TV and then Nick suggested we shower and then maybe he would give me message since I had worked so hard at the gym! LOL!

We soaped each other up nicely – truly we left no spots untouched. So I was feeling very nice and relaxed as we got out and headed to the bedroom. Nick already had the toy box out and opened. I lay down and nestled in. He began by massaging my legs and my feet. Now I have to tell you having my feet massaged is almost as good as spanking. So I was floating nicely as the massage continued. He continued up to my butt and farther up on my back and shoulders.

But of course soon enough the massage became even more fun and he decided to bring some color to my cheeks. He began with some good hand spanking and then brought out a few toys – the leather paddle, the tawse and the flogger. Now here is where my remembering the exact order of things gets fuzzy but I remember the sensations. Nick got out one of our vibrating plugs. For someone who refused to acknowledge she was anal erotic for the first 20 years or so of her marriage I got to say I do love it now.

Next Nick handed me our sample pact of karma sutra oils and had me pick one. I asked him if I was to put it on him or me. He said for me to put it on any thing that needed kissing or any attention. So I did! And all I can say is he sure must have liked the flavor that I picked! I got all the attention I could stand, and mixed into that he used a small soft leather bookmark that I had found as a, sweet, stinging strap on my most tender spot. All this was drowning me in sensations.

In the next few minutes Nick blindfolded me and took the cuff and secured my hands to the headboard. I love the feeling of pulling against the cuffs but as I pulled against them one came loose and Nick scolded me for trying to get lose and I was spanked again. Next he tied my feet to the bed – which he rarely does. Whooooo! Good head space!

He changed to a larger plug and then started spanking with both the tawse – which I hate and the belt – which I love, strange how the two feel so different. While he was doing this he pulled out the Hitachi Magic Wand and let me tell you that if words were coming to my head at that time one word would have been ‘multiple’!!

Somewhere in there he untied me and I was able to show him some appreciation too. We do love our karma sutra oils!! We ended up making love the olde way which I have really come to love when I am feeling very submissive and especially after we have used the plugs. All I can say about the whole encounter was that I was a very, very satisfied woman.

One last thing that that was different about this time, I had asked Nick to Carly site, Brambleberry Blush, because she finds such beautiful images. But even more than that I love the pictures Ben takes of Carly. She explained in one of her recent posts that she often set up the pictures. Whoever set them up they are just lovely. More so, I think, because it’s not a twenty something year old spanking model – but a real woman. It makes me wonder what Nick is seeing when he spanks. He and I talked about it a bit. So during our afternoon he was quietly taking pictures. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for and I erased them from the camera immediately – really before I looked at them well. But it’s something I might want to play around with in the future, as long as they were as artsy and classy as Carly’s. If we do I’ll tell you about it – I won’t show you, but I’ll tell you!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about our afternoon – thanks Nick for letting me use your computer. And thanks for the wonderful afternoon!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gradituesday Q

Nick is being nice about letting me use his computer. I'm trying to save time so no pictures at the moment. I went back and got some of this from when we last did Gratitude Tuesday but they are all still things that I am grateful for.

- I know we all love the long, slow-paced, loving, passionate afternoon into evenings, but lets not for get the joy of an unexpected quickie!

Quilt – I do so love quilts. I love the color, the texture and the history of a quilt. When it gets colder and colder I love them more and more.

Qualm - If we didn’t have qualms about some of the things we like all this spanking would lose some of its mystery.

Questions – I love to ask questions of other, it’s what I do for a living. Its fun when people as me questions, especially if I don’t have to answer if I don’t want to.

Quote - I have a book where I write quotes I like. My sister (who writes fan fiction on for the X-Files on the internet) has the following quote from Robert Heinlein on all her emails to me

“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

I think of that more and more as I write!

Quiver- That delicious feeling you get when your lovers tongue touches you anywhere.

Quintuplet- I am so grateful that I didn’t have them!

Quirt- This is a special leather riding whip of braided leather with a short handle. See the things you learn blogging.

Quietude – I love the feeling of peace and tranquility this can bring on. ‘Quiet’ is not a normal in my life and when I get it I treasure it.

Quirk- We all have our own quirks and we have all made each other feel comfortable about at least one of them.

My diet update isn't much. I was down a whole 2 tenths of a pound. But really I have no problem with that. I have gone up 3 pounds in the last few weeks so I was just thrilled not to have gained more. So I am trying to hold my own for the moment. I am off the steroids now so maybe that will help.

If Nick will let me hang on to the computer tonight I'll try to write about our weekend to post tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I knew it was coming

Not the best news here folks, my dear friend and constant companion – that would be my lap top is gone. Actually the computer is working but the hinges are shot and it has to be fixed. I’ve know it was coming for a while but today is got much worse. When I realized this evening that I could no longer use it, Nick and I leaped into the car and rushed it to the Geek Squad. They said it would take about 2 weeks to get it back. So what does an addict do without her computer for two weeks? I’m thinking about rehab.

Seriously I know that there are worse things in the world. I’m gonna survive. I have Nick’s computer for checking email and such but he needs it occasionally too so if I am not around as much I just wanted you to know the reason why.

I am very lucky that a good friend sent a FF story and that I have it ready for next week so please come by for that in case I don’t get to post this week.

And it’s a real shame that it happened now because Nick and I had one of the sexiest, hottest afternoons we’ve had in a while!!! I’ll have to tell you about that some other time!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Training Lisa, Part IV

Happy Friday to all! As promised Florida Dom has written the forth part of his story ‘Training Lisa’. When Florida Dom first sent me a story he was curious about my readers, were they mostly women, would they be interested in stories that leaned more to BDSM? Since he had not done fiction before he didn’t really know what would appeal to the majority. I told him, as did Kaylyn, that he was the author and he should write the story he wanted to write. That’s what he’s done and I think its wonderful addition to the Fantasy Friday series. Go here for parts one, two and three.

Please enjoy...

Training Lisa Part IV

Lisa was so nervous she was almost shaking as she heard the door open.

She was in the position her Sir told her to be in when he arrived - naked, blindfolded and on her knees with her head down on the floor and her ass up in the air. She also had tied her breasts tightly and had a crotch rope pulling tightly in her slit. And she had a clothespin on each nipple and three more on each side of her pussy lips. She knew they would hurt a lot more coming off than they did when she was putting them on, but she understood that she knew she deserved to be punished. She knew he was there to mete our punishment because she had been careless and hadn't followed his instructions. She knew he could be a harsh taskmaster when his rules weren't followed and she knew she now had to pay the price for being careless.

She had mixed feelings about all this. She wanted her Sir to take charge of her and enforce his rules, but she also didn't know what it would be like to be punished severely and she didn't know how pain she would be able to endure.

Sir, meanwhile, was pleased when he opened the door and saw that she was exactly in the position he told her to be. It showed him that even though she was careless earlier in the day when she didn't follow his rules because she snacked between meals and didn't ask permission to go to the bathroom. Sir knew they were minor infractions and didn't really care that much about them. What he cared about was sending her the message that she had to follow his rules.

He also wanted to find out the depth of her submission. She had already shown she was submissive to him in the bedroom and wanted to be submissive there even though she was dominant in the boardroom. But was she ready for pain and humiliation? Was that a turn on` for her? He planned to humiliate her an give her pain to see how she'd react. And he didn't care if she cried and begged him to stop. He actually liked that. The proof of the pudding would be how wet her slit would get when he was meting out the punishment. And could she orgasm from being caned? The answers to those questions would decide where he would take her in the future.

As he walked up to her, she could only hear his footsteps and wonder what he had in mind. She was surprised when he grabbed her by her hair, pulled her neck up and started putting something around her neck. He told her it was a dog collar and she was now his pet. She wondered what that meant, but she found out quickly when he said, "bark.'' She couldn't believe it. She was tongue-tied. He wanted her to bark. How humiliating. She started to say, "I can't…'' when she heard a crack. It was his hand coming down hard on her butt. "I told you to bark,'' he said.

She didn't want to do it, but she knew she had to please him and she said,"arf, arf.''

Suddenly, there was another crack and she felt his hand again battering her butt. "Louder,'' he said.”I want you to know you're my pet.''

She'd never felt such conflicting emotions. She didn't know how to deal with this. As she hesitated again, there was another crack. Her butt was getting sore so she yelled, "ARF, ARF.'' She was bowing to his will. He then yanked on her leash that he had attached to her to her collar and started a brisk walk around her condo. She was having trouble getting her head around this. Here she was an accomplished woman being led around her condo on her hands and knees like a pet. She couldn't see where she was going because of the blindfold, but just followed his lead. She was stunned he would do this to her. But she followed his lead until she heard a door open and realized he was pulling her out onto her terrace. She tried to pull back until she heard another crack as he smacked her butt again. She reluctantly started to follow him onto the terrace. She was worried one of her neighbors might see her, but she knew she had to please her Sir. He taunted her by saying it was too bad she couldn't see the skyline because of her blindfold. She was now almost trembling at the thought of being seen and she started to beg to be brought inside. She heard another crack as he swatted her butt again and told her to shut up and stop beginning. Her only option was to do what she was told. She was his pet and he was training her. He then tied her leash to the railing and said he was going inside for a drink. She tried to crouch down as low as she could to avoid been seen.

He came back slurping a drink, untied the leash and led her back inside. She felt such a relief being off the terrace. He then reached between her legs, thrust three fingers into her pussy, held them to her nose to smell and then told her to suck her scent off his fingers. She realized how wet she was getting and she was even more confused. How could this be turning her on? But her Sir was pleased. This was a sign that she was a submissive who was turned on by being humiliated.

He led then her into the kitchen, pulled on her leash, told her to get up on her knees and hold her hands up like paws and pant. By this time, she was past being shocked that she was doing all these things. She almost started to hesitate but then she realized she had to do what she was told. She was resigned to following his orders and she quickly got in position and started panting. And then he slipped a cracker in her mouth. "This is your reward,'' he told her as she started to munch on it. He then told her to get back down on her hands and knees and pushed her head down until her nose hit water. She realized it was be a dog bowl filled with water. He told her to drink and she did, lapping up the water with her tongue. By now she had stopped resisting. She knew she was being trained to be a pet and she was willing to go along with it because she wanted to please him. And he patted her on the back to show he was happy with her and she craved the positive feedback.

He then pulled her by the leash again and led her on another walk. When she felt the rug in the next room, she realized she was in the bedroom. He took her to the side of the bed and told her to climb up on it on her back. He then took each hand and tied it to the headboard and told her to spread her legs. She wondered what was next and she found out quickly when she felt a clothespin being knocked off her nipple. She felt a flash of pain and gasped as the blood rushed back into her nipple. And she had heard a swish so she figured he was knocking them off with his cane. Then she felt another jolt of pain as the pin was knocked off her other nipple. She now figured out what was coming next. He was going to knock the six off her pussy lips. She tried to prepare for he pain, but, as usual, he was one step ahead of her. He just slowly moved the cane over her tits and belly. That felt good and she relaxed but he suddenly made one quick swish and knocked all six off. She pulled the ropes tied to her wrists to absorb the pain and then just slumped on the bed. She was still absorbing the pain. She was gasping from the pain. But she realized the pain had only made her wetter. She felt like she was dripping and she was on a high.

He then let her lay there to recover before he untied the rope around her belly and took it out of her crotch. The part of the rope in her crotch was drenched and he put it under her nose so she could smell her juices and realize how turned on she was.

She then felt something being spread all over her groin area. She figured it must be shaving cream and she was right. She only had some stubble after her previous shaving, but he liked to keep her pussy very smooth. And she liked it that way too. She was almost in a dreamy state as she felt the razor removing the stubble from her pussy, stroke by stroke. It felt like foreplay and he was enjoying it too. It was such an intimate feeling for the both of them. He liked seeing her so smooth. When he finished, he rubbed her pussy with a warm towel. Oh, that felt so good to her. And then he stroked her smooth pussy and she started to buck her hips. This was such a turn on for her. To have her smooth pussy rubbed like that made her even wetter. She felt like she was drenched.

But then he stopped. Now it was time to get down to business. She was now going to get her punishment. She felt him pick up one leg and bend it back as far as it would go. He tied one end of a rope to her ankle and the other to her headboard to secure it. Then he did the same with her other leg. And then he slid a pillow under her butt. She was now completely exposed with both legs pulled back and her pussy, asshole and staring at him. He then took one of her thongs, pushed it into her pussy to drench it and pulled it back out and told her to open her mouth. He pushed the thong into her mouth so she could taste herself on her gag. And then he taped her mouth shut to keep the gag in. He told her that she was free to scream but the gag would muffle her sounds. He didn't want to be distracted. He only had two more things to do before he had ready to suffer her punishment. He plunged a dildo into her pussy and then he put a butt plug in her butt. He wanted her to feel full.

Now the time had come. She was tied securely and couldn't move. All she could do was wait. She war nervous and almost trembling. She figured she was due for a beating. She didn't know how she would react and she started to sweat. He then talked to her softly to prepare her. He told her there would be pain, but there would also be pleasure. And if she got off on it, she was free to orgasm as many times as she could. He wanted to find out if she would orgasm from the combination of pain and pleasure. He figured she was primed because she had been in a state of orgasm denial. In their previous meeting, he repeatedly brought her to the brink of orgasm and then denied her. And he hadn't allowed her to get herself off. Now was her chance to do that.

He first rubbed the cane all over the back of her legs and on her pussy. He wanted her to relax. He then started to hit the back of her legs and her butt, but not very hard. He wanted it to build so she could adjust to it. He slowly increased the tempo until each blow started to hurt. And each blow was harder than the next. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. But she knew she had to please her Sir. She tried to absorb the pain.

With each stroke, she would make a muffled cry behind her gag. As the blows started to come harder and quicker, the welts started to form on the back of her legs and ass. She kept crying louder with each blow and the tears started to roll down her cheeks. But then he changed things up. He pressed a vibrator against her clit with his other hand. Her cries were replaced by moans. It was obvious she was getting turned on and was close to coming. He then hit her again with the cane and the pain and the pleasure put her over the top. She had a shattering orgasm and she tried to buck against her bonds, but she couldn't move. It made the orgasm even more intense. But he was just getting started. She was now almost in an altered state. He would touch her with the vibrator, hit her with the cane and then she was come again. And he did it again and she'd come it again. It happened so many times that neither of them could keep track how many times she came. It happened over and over again and she was glassy eyed and sweaty and her pussy was drenched and she could feel it dripping out of her. It was almost like an out of body experience. The high was unbelievable. The more he did it, the more she wanted it. He then beat the soles of her feet and she came one final time. And then he stopped.

She was sobbing as he untied her and pulled the tape off of her mouth. She was totally spent. And she was still flying from all the endorphins raging in her body. She had never felt anything like this before. She felt feel the pain of her welts and yet she was emotionally drained from all the orgasms. He then went into a tender mode and applied cream to her welts and held her in his arms. She was naked. He was fully clothed. He rubbed her hair and her back to soothe her. He told her how proud he was of her. She didn't know went to think. She was still coming down and he knew she needed to be calmed down and reassured. She was still trying to process all of her emotions. She had loved it and she had hated but she knew that deep down, she wanted to do it again. He had unlocked desires in her that she didn't even know she had.

He was pleased as he continued to bring her down. He knew that she was the woman he had been looking for. She could get off from pain and pleasure without even being fucked. He now she was ready for the scenes that he had planned, starting this weekend when he'd bring her to his place for the first time so he could let her experience his bondage room that he had carefully assembled.

Their journey had just begun. He was now ready for the next step and he knew she was too.


Florida Dom you do have a knack for fiction! I hope my readers will leave you their comments. If any of you would like to write directly to Florida Dom his email is swdftbscribe@aol.com FD thanks for all you hard work in writing for Fantasy Friday. And um…… do you have the next part written yet?

If any of you have ever thought of writing for Fantasy Friday please go back and read this post. I hope to hear from you, please send any contributions to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Let's talk.

Sorry I didn’t mean to mislead anyone but I wanted to get everyone’s attention and I want to talk about Fantasy Friday. I always love reading a good fantasy about spanking. When Tiggr first created the idea for Fantasy Friday she originally set it up so that all of us that were blogging together could write and have the fun of guessing who wrote the story. It was a wonderful idea and she did a super job with it before allowing me the privilege of continuing the series.

Since then many of the bloggers out here have change and we are not as familiar with each others work so I dropped the guessing part. And I have tried to encourage everyone to try their hand at writing. This has led me to meet some wonderful people here. Most recently Kaylyn and Florida Dom have started writing for us. You have no idea how grateful I am to these two for all their work. Lately they have really kept FF going when I was down to a bare cupboard. But friends I need more help! I am going to burn these two friends out if I can’t talk more of you into helping. So I am going to extend some personal invitations.

First and foremost I am inviting everyone – EVERYONE, to please contribute. I know it’s dangerous to name names so I am saying right here – if you are reading this I really want you to think of writing for us. But I want to ask some folks personally.

Diana you wrote a great story just a few weeks ago. I hope you are going to write more. Terps, Jess and Yaya you guys are friends that have written FF before would you think of trying another? Three friends that I haven’t heard from lately and I miss them are Scout, Sally and Fanny. I know your lives are hectic but should things slow down would you consider trying a story? Hey if not, how about an email!!! And guys you are not getting off the hook Nick honey, you have written a few for me how about trying again? And Paul I would love to have a story from you.

Jam you have commented some and Kari and Jean, how about a story? Come on, you know you have one in you. (Jean I know you may have to wait until you get another computer, but that gives you a lot of time to think. LOL!) Carye – I’m not forgetting you. You have written some wonderful stories for me in the past so how about it girl? Do you have another idea in there?

But I don’t want my blogger friends to think that they are off the hook. I am asking you guys to contribute too. I know what many of you must be thinking – ‘I have my own blog, why would I write for anyone else?’ I know that’s not in a mean way but I know it’s hard enough to come up with posts for our own sites sometimes – but still I’m asking. I will be most happy to plug your blogs in the FF forward. Now I know many of you get more hits daily than I do but still I would be honored to have a contribution.

Ronnie I know you are working on one for me and I thank you. Now maybe you can help me talk some others into it, Hermione would you consider it? Debbie I know you are taking a break right now but that should give you some time for fiction! Todd and Suzy, Bonnie, Jay, Italian Gal, Andrea’s Girl and Elaine – all of you have helped in the past – would you consider it again? Purple Angel and Mina both of you are fantastic writers you could really give us a treat! What about you Tracy would you try a story? Our real life thoughts have run parallel lately (well except that I’m not pregnant!) so I would be very interested in what you might write.

Theresa I know you are private but you are such a good writer would you give it a shot again? Reesa and Michelle and my helpful anonymous friend I know you guys are professionals at this but should you have an unused story around I would welcome it!! Lessa and M:e I would love to have you share too if you’re willing. Carly not only can you write but you find some of the best pictures ever I would love a story from you.

There are several wonderful bloggers that I have just gotten to know Meow and Lash, N and K, , Recidavist, Na, Maryann, löthianne, K, Daisy and Davey to all of you please consider writing a Fantasy Friday and letting us enjoy your fiction.

And of course Eva, Grace, CeeCi, Val and David, I hope it goes with out saying how much I would like stories from you guys.

There are many, many others that I am sure I will think of as soon as I post this. So again, even if I haven’t mentioned you by name I’m asking you – lurker, commenter and blogger to join in the fun. I think this is a way to bring many of us in this community together. Reading each other’s stories and encouraging each other makes for strong friendships.

If by chance you are saying you just don’t possibly have time or that you can’t think of a story I’ll just say go back and think of all the stories that were in your head growing up – when you thought you were the only one who craved spanking. Write down some of them. And about the not having time, well I do understand that but if you do find the time … You can send any stories or questions to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Meanwhile once again to Kaylyn and Florida Dom my sincere thanks for all you have done for Fantasy Friday. Tomorrow is Florida Dom’s next chapter. Its intense folks, you won’t want to miss it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gradituesday P, and a diet update.

Here are some of the thing that came to mind as I thought about things I'm grateful for today...

– My kind friend who has supported me since I began my journey here.

Playtime – This is the best. To have the time, the privacy, the desire, the energy and all the toys to go with it makes playtime for TTWD the very best.

Pancakes – I haven’t had them in a while and I’ve been thinking about them later. Blueberry would be the best.

Pals – I love my internet pals! I have loved talking to folks our here for 3 years now. I have friends in my real life of course and I see them often, but I am most comfortable with my pals here.

Picnic – we have wonderful picnics in our mountains each summer. Sometimes we go up for breakfast, there is nothing like eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, donuts and muffins eaten in the crisp cool of a mountain morning. And if we stay long enough we make hot dogs for lunch!

Pool – I love our pool. I am not in it all that much but I love looking at it and sitting around it with friends at a gathering. I am hoping to have some very special friends sitting around it this summer. Of course when Nick and I do get in it late at night we don’t have to worry about what we will wear.

Popcorn – another snack that I really like. I just wish I liked it without the butter and extra salt.

Phone – My phone is my constant companion. For something none of us had or ever thought we wanted as little as 10 years ago it has become indispensable to me. I can go anywhere, do anything and still know that Nick and the kids (where ever they may be on the planet) can get in touch with me if they need me. As a mother especially that is a great comfort.

On to the diet. As Nick predicted this wasn’t a good week. I have gained 3 pounds in two weeks. Not the best news. I know what’s going on but stopping the slide it hard.

I didn’t share my weight with Nick before he left Friday. And I thought we would just let it slide one more week but this morning I jumped on the scale for a quick check. As Nick came in the bathroom I quickly hit the clear button, not that it did me any good. Nick asked me what I weighed. When I told him he just nodded and bent me over the counter. He talked as he spanked. He said we had both had a little vacation but vacation was over now and it was time go get back to work.

It was just a start but I truly felt better all day – and it was a rough day. But I felt centered and connected to Nick. Part of it was the spanking and part of it was taking the time to write Nick what I have been feeling lately. Getting it all out helped. It wasn’t anything major, it was mostly rambling, but I just hadn’t felt really close lately and writing helped.

I was careful with what I ate today and I made it to the gym. I’m hoping I can get back in the groove quickly. I have a feeling Nick that is going to insist on it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interesting 24 hours

Yes this has been an interesting 24 hours. Mollie invited her cousin over Saturday afternoon to watch Benjamin Button. When it went off and she was getting ready to talk him home the sky was looking a little dark so I told them to wait a while. It started raining hard but not horribly. Dan called his mom to see how it was over at his house and she said it was pretty bad and to wait a little longer. Fifteen minutes later my SIL called back to tell Mollie not to come at all, she would come get Dan when it let up. By this time the storm was nasty at our house. Another 10 minutes passed and SIL called and said she didn’t want to try it and was sending my BIL. I told her to forget it and just let Dan spend the night, no big deal.

But before I told her that he had already headed out, crossed over the flooded bridge near their house and talked to his mom who was frightened about the rising water in her yard. Their house is by a creek and the water sometimes up in the yard but even the worse flooding we have ever had here, back in the 40’s wouldn’t have gotten in the house. But Nick’s mom was still worried she told my BIL “Every time I look out the window it’s coming up a little higher.” He gave her great advice “Stop looking out the window!” The weather did finally calm down and all was well at each house.

I always stay up late and I stay up very late when Nick is away. About 1:30 am the dog was barking to get in, I thought, so I went to let him in. Looking out to the road I was startled to see people – lots of people. Looking closer I saw that it was 6 to 8 police officers walking down the middle of our road with a big dog on a leash. A police car was following behind them with its light flashing. I closed the door and watched from the window. Creepy!! With the dog I had to think that they were looking for someone. I rechecked all the locks on the doors and even put a chair under the door knob on the basement door – we have a doggie door in the basement and I wanted the upstairs door a little more secure. What a night for Nick to be away!

But I finally got in bed around 2 only to lay there awake until after 3. I hate sleeping without Nick anyway. But I finally nodded off only to have the dog start barking before 4 to get back out. So I let the dog out and lay awake again until nearly 5 when I drifted off again only to have the damn dog start barking again around 5:30!! Would anyone like a dog?

But I did survive the night and spent a good long time Sunday afternoon napping. Nick came home around supper time looking a little rough. He was sun burnt and his legs were scratch up badly. But then the poor man took off his shoes, his poor feet! His big toe is black and blue on one foot and the side of his other foot is badly bruised too. He hurt them on the golf course trying to jump across a small creek. His foot slipped on take off he told me. Seeing his feel and scratches I had to say “Nick, I never realized golf was a contact sport!” To which he replied “It is the way we play it!”

LOL! All I can say is that I am glad I have my husband back!

What more could I ask for?

I’ve had a quiet weekend. Nick is off golfing with his friends. I don’t usually have the house to myself and while I did miss Nick, it's sometime nice to have some solitude. Mollie was babysitting much of the weekend.

I got an email from Nick right before he left. This was what he wrote –

I don't expect this week was great weight-wise. I know you had things going on that may have made it inconvenient to get to the gym. And I know for sure you have had a lot on your mind at school. But... don't give up on progress; I'm not going to let you. You have come so far. I sometimes wish there was a reliable mood ring. A little stressed/ I need a spanking, a lot stressed /give me space for a few days, feeling good/ let's play, feeling down/ pay me some attention.

In the absence of the ring keep me posted. Your happiness and well-being are very important to me.

Saturday I wrote him trying to tell him what’s going on in my head (imagine how scary that might be for him!) But to me the most important thing isn’t that he understands – the most important thing is that he wants to.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Detective Death Tattoo, part 2

As promised here is the rest of Kaylynn's wonderful story. If you haven't read the first part yet go here and so you can start at the beginning.

Detective Death Tattoo, part 2

And so it began.

“Tell me the whole story. From the time you thought the one on your shoulder was ok to … right now. I want to know exactly what you were thinking.”

Marissa choked out the story holding nothing back from John. If she had any sense of self preservation she knew to be honest with him. But oh my god was it painful. It was excruciatingly painful when she had to tell him about exposing herself for the tattoo. She never looked at his eyes but she could see is jaw line turn to granite and his neck was pulsing like a rhythmic bellows. She was inaudible most of the time. But John having done undercover had an unnatural ability to discern the language of confession. She needed subtitles to understand what she was confessing to him. She could barely make out her own words.

She did understand how she felt on the inside. She had been manipulative. She had used the most difficult time of their lives to do the worst thing in his mind to her revered body. She could have used other ways to be protective of him, had she used her brain. Her motives were selfish. Once again, she had gotten what she wanted. John felt like she immediately regressed to that heiress mentality he had justifiably spanked out of her years ago. Obviously that method needed to be retooled. She would be reworked, put back on the lathe.

“We have some serious work ahead of us.” He let that hang between them. “I want you to remove your clothes. Don’t look away from me.” His voice was instructional. Pulling her eyes away from the plank wooden floors, she felt centuries of couples working through struggles. She gulped when she met his eyes then began her trek to walk beside him once again.
She shivered removing her shirt over her head, next her bra. She let it drop on the floor. He cleared his throat obviously expecting her to fold it and place it on the couch. This wasn’t a strip tease after all. She looked down to place it on the couch.

“You won’t want to make that mistake again.” She looked at him and nodded too quickly. She was determined not to make things worse. She felt exposed beyond where she ever chose to feel it again when she began to take off her jeans. Her thong was to be a formality. He picked up the stereo remote and heard she heard the first few telltale notes of the Allman Brothers’ “Tied to the Whipping Post”. If she had had one ounce left in her of being recalcitrant she could have thought that that was not funny. But now she was a cork bobbing up and down in his ocean. With one last shred of dignity she very slowly removed her thong. It was the only piece of clothing standing between his watching her and his inevitable actions upon her. Her sense of survival was torn between taking her time and not infuriating him.

“I think you should show and tell, then I’m going to tell and show” his voice dripped with irony and expected obedience. Her eyes widened to the point where he thought he might have to keep them from taking over her cheekbones. She slowly turned around keeping a healthy distance from him. Between the music and his last sentence, he had given all of this too much thought – a trait she now envied.

“I can’t see it from hear. Come closer and it had better be close enough the first time. You got one try.” She walked with all instincts crying at her that this was both the right and the wrong thing to do. Moving closer so that he could read what she’d had permanently written on her ass by a stranger, she didn’t feel the least bit sexy – her original intent. She turned around with justifiable in trepidation.

“Bend over and put your elbows on the coffee table.” His voice was unrecognizable to her at this point. She remembered how relaxed and oddly comfortable she felt getting the tattoo put on her. Now somehow her lover had become her stranger and her discomfort level was off the charts. John knew her heart and she prickled with erotic fear. He immediately noticed she was so wet that she glistened in the last few afternoon rays of daylight when she bent over. He smiled but he found his anger lurking above his favorite moist cave when he read the scrolling. He stood up slowly unfurling himself like a sail on a ship. He towered over her every day. But today was going to be memorable.

He grasped her elbows together and lifted her up. Spinning her around she was awkward and awaiting a slap to her ass that would send her head spinning. Her feet stumbled a bit and she looked into his eyes hoping he would keep her upright. It was a pathetic helpless look but he used the moment of her eye contact to ask, “What does it mean? And don’t look away or I swear Marissa…” and his voiced drifted into restraint.

She didn’t look away but she closed her eyes. He shook them opened again.

“It means” and her voice was mousy begging for mercy “Spank me…. Hard.” Her voice cracked. It waivered off into pathetic nothingness.

“Fuckin’ A Marissa!!!” he was yelling at her now and she cowered, feeling the fool awaiting deserved sentencing. Her eyes went to the floor.

“Eyes on me!” his hissed out of a clenched jaw. His fists were white at the tops of his knuckles. But then she saw him smirk and her heart went all soft inside. She was desperate to grasp at a smirk as if it meant hope. She quickly jumped off her mentally sinking ship into the one sailing to the island with John and it felt ok for a second before he spat out, “You’ve signed your own warrant darlin’! Now back around on the table just like you were.” He left her like that for a few minutes while he went to gather his intent while squelching his fury. He returned holding a thick paddle in his hand. He slapped it against his palm relishing the results per her instructions. He shook his head and smiled realizing this was actually little funny. It was better that he dispense justice with this frame of mind than any other.

“Hold onto the edge of the table and brace yourself.” Her legs were feeling very tired and she just wanted things to end. Funny that she was willing to risk his wielding of the paddle in order to end her lengthy position over the coffee table. Actually it was the mental vulnerable position that was killing her. At least until he put the paddle down on the coffee table so she could see it. It had been a long time. Her heart sunk like a torpedo headed to the unknown depths of the ocean. She started to cry silently. He saw her shoulders shake and was glad she was coming close to the path of regret. She had had no business exposing her ass to anyone but him. It made him furious to think of someone looking at her and tattooing her, touching her skin! He wanted her different from the rest, unscathed by the ink, a blank canvas. It was unnecessary for her to have gotten one tattoo - but two?! Only Marissa….

And the phrase she chose “Spank me hard” would be motivating. If that was her goal, than she had better literally hold on because they were both on the same page. That page was a picture of her with her ass so red it made her olive skin tone look white in comparison. On that same page he saw her consequences. She had played with a man, not a boy. He would spank the goddamn tattoo off her ass with pure pleasure.

And thinking of pleasure and still behind her, he held her warm breasts and then found her nipples. They both knew his tenderness was a disguise for staging his lesson. He pinched her nipples with such force she cried and moaned simultaneously. He didn’t stop until she sounded distressed. His jeans were touching her tattoo and while he thought of all kinds of things he’d like to do in this position he stayed focused. He released his fingers too briefly then started up again. This continued until she seemed to have trouble taking it as an established rhythm. He stood up stretching his back. Then resting his knee on her left side and on the coffee table, he sized up her ass like he’d done many times. But this time he wasn’t holding back. What she had done flew in the face of all that he stood for regarding respecting yourself and your body. She would know the consequences of screwing with his standards. Not a day would go by that she wouldn’t have a slight reminder of this juncture in time.

His hand came down on her like an iron gate closing with strength and force. Despite the shocking pain she knew it was her job to reposition herself and make no fuss. Her situation was out of consideration. She felt tender and swollen. Maybe it was her imagination as it had been over a week. Maybe she had never tried to piss him off before.

SMACK!! She was back gripping onto the front of the coffee table and just starting to quietly cry. In the past, she would encourage her tears, believing that it would shorten her spanking. But she couldn’t help it today. She saw no way out at the moment. CRACK!! She whimpered and moved to the point where her knees bumped against the table.

“I want you to hand me the paddle, then bend over my knee.”

Her hands were shaking with a steady rhythm as she handed him the heavy paddle. It was long and thick and hard. Those were attributes she’d memorized as being part of his cock. He had always kept her contented, never wanting to stray because of the pleasure he wielded with it. She knelt down before him before going over his knee and spoke so softly she could barely hear herself. She looked into his eyes with soulful sincerity. He knew he finally had her attention. How many years did it take?!

“I ignored you. I was wrong. I’m sorry.” When she got to the “sorry” her voice resembled the ends of a goose down feather where the air and the feather are indistinguishable. He could now encourage her to forgive herself. But there were still hardened layers of her ego to attend to before he welcomed that crossroads.

“I’m glad you’re getting it. This wasn’t an opportunistic game Marissa.” He guided her from her knees to over his. His arm arched above her French invitation and came down naturally to a resting place that shook her to her core. Her ass collapsed inches upon impact. She was silent while the cumulative pain took hold of her senses. She screamed a guttural sound she had never heard herself make. The sound of the heavy wooden paddle hitting her ass made a cracking thud sound – also new to her. She never heard the sound slapping her ass again because she was so busy feeling every nuance of the stinging harsh horrible fucking paddle. Her voice carried with it the consequential sounds of a woman who had never baited her man without consideration of his feelings. Over and Over and Over again she felt his standards meet her directive. She had no idea that duremont would feel so permanent.

Her pain grew so fierce she went into an angry season with his spanking. She tried her best to get away. He quickly felt and squelched that wrongful independence. She was not even comparative in stature. Marissa obviously had this let-me-see-what-I-can-get-away-with asinine streak. He cracked her again and again until she instinctively knew to obediently allow him to finish. She howled furiously at first in between the tears. Finally she just cried and bucked up with each smack to her swelling reddened bottom.

He dropped the paddle on the coffee table feeling disdain for the whole ridiculous situation. The kicker was her beautiful ass would forever be marked with a phrase she would regret. He would have to wrap his mind around the fact that she was trying to be sexy for him. She was being a little tease who wanted to keep things alive for them. The spanking he had just administered had been therapeutic for both of them. He felt as exhausted as she did. For Christ’s sake, he felt like crying himself!

She was draped over his knees her arms wrapped less tightly now around his thigh. He sat back on the couch viewing her in totality from the inside out. He placed his large hand on the small of her back. It was moist from her stress. Then he moved his hand down and felt the tremendous heat. She snuffled now feeling so much had passed between them with this classic hard hard spanking. She didn’t want to move.

She wanted to feel the swaying bridge which they were on now clinging to the sides of the rope for dear life and staring at each other in the middle. Who would test the safety of letting go of the side ropes and reaching out to touch the other? John felt it too. Moving over the moment seemed insurmountable. But his arms felt like lead, same as his heart. From out of the fog a tiny brave voice emerged.

“John........Is it OK if” sniff “if I get up now?”

“Of” he barely got out the consonant when his voice cracked and he had to clear his throat. It had been so tight and unused the last minutes.

“Of course Marissa,” he answered with a voice that assured her of everything she had believed in was still there between them.

There was major readjusting when she sat down. He had annihilated her ass! She had to dig a little deeper to continue feeling the softness in her heart. The havoc wreaked on her bottom made a few nasty phrases leap to her mind like mischievous children spray painting in remote corners at the Louvre.

They leaned their heads together and sat quietly for a long time. She sighed and put her lips close to his ear.

“I had no business getting away with what I did. I really am sorry.” Silence held them together. But he knew she had more to say. “You’ve never spanked me like that before.” Her voice faltered and she started to cry softly. She put her arm around his neck and cried warm tears into the top of his shoulder. He turned sideways and wrapped his arm around her. His body was warm and now open to her.

There were quiet motionless moments that were eventually broken when he held his hand against her head and stroked her hair. He kissed her forehead and slid down to her lips. They were full from crying and felt wonderful and pliant as he gently kissed her with tender, than progressively more substantial kisses. Then something inside him switched suddenly. He didn’t remember feeling so close to her and it turned him on like a teenager during his first coed swimming lesson. He became rock hard. To say his kisses were punishing would be redundant given what they’d just been through. But she too felt the pool of warm lust puddling under her scorched bottom.

He had scooped her off that swaying bridge and walked them safely to the same side. Reaching for his zipper she heard the sound of straining material and metal as it released his engorged cock. She had one thought and began to enjoy herself as she placed her body from the couch to between his legs kneeling on the floor. Her hot ass touched the cool wood of the coffee table. She found herself moving on account of wriggling sexually and to find another cool spot on the table. She smiled laughing at her motives. His eyes were closed as he gently guided her head finding a special peace and place deep in his soul. Just when she thought he would allow her to end his pleasure. He guided her from him. He kissed her again then released her.

He stared into her eyes as if to say “Trust Me”, he stood her up and put her arms on the back of couch. She winced thinking he would spank her more. Instead she felt him rubbing her then finding his very long and talented middle finger, he pleasured her wet warm pocket that fit only him exactly. She moved her bright red bottom in seasoned sexy stripper like circles. He was done mentally when she came hard on his hand. He wiped her warmth onto her ass. The evaporation was heavenly for her but short lived as he came into her like a rocket from behind. Gripping her hips his fingertips touched as he bounced inside her again and again. She moaned without consideration to anything other than the vocal release. This in turn dropped him into the place where he couldn’t retrieve himself. The inverse of going then coming never felt so strong. He found himself bracing the two of them over the couch with one arm under Marissa and another supporting both of them on the couch. He smiled before he heard himself chuckle. He slid them both onto the couch on John’s back. She lay on top with her back to his chest. And miraculously he was still inside her. Everyone once in a while her breathing would exhibit tell tale signs of her having just cried hard. The heat from her ass felt great on his balls. He finally felt like he was home. This new place was their mental property and they would homestead right here was his last thought as they both drifted off into a well deserved nap.


Kaylynn, as always I am blown away by your writing skills. You are so good to share your talent with us. I hope others out here are thinking of trying to write a story. I have said before, everyone that comes to read these blogs has a fantasy about spanking - you need to write it. Some people can write with great skill like Kaylynn and other like me just start out by writing down some of the dreams and fantasies we have kept inside us, sometimes for years. But whether you feel you are a writer or not give it a try! Send any stories you are willing to share with us to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Kaylynn, thanks again and we're waiting for the next one!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Detective Death Tattoo

So glad to see Friday roll around again. Not too many more and school will be out for the summer! Now that is something to look forward to!! Until then we have a fantastic Fantasy Friday story this week. Kaylynn is writing again! She is an unbelievable writer and why she isn't doing this professionally I'll never know. But I am just so happy that she is willing to write for us. To read more of her stories you need to click to this post and go to the bottom to find links to more of her stories.

Now please enjoy...

Detective Death Tattoo

Sitting in the tattoo parlor she didn’t have the look about her of a grieving widow. In fact in seemed irreverent to her that she would be here after going through the emotions of selecting the urn and planning the service. It was easy. Everything she picked out was the extremely tasteful, but too elegant. In fact, it was the best day of her life to date the end of the beginning. Everything was coming to an end. The long hours of worrying that he would never come home; the nights in bars rehashing the cases with his buddies; and the toll it took of his outlook on humanity were all things she would never miss again. Being a detective had finally ended for both of them. Even though she wasn’t doing his job, she took on the stress too. In some ways she felt stress more than he; as she felt control over none of it.

They always made a joke in his department that when you needed to testify for racketeering you might as well fake your death before it was taken from you. John’s time was here and now. The funeral was her chance to protect him and to say goodbye to friends…. Forever. In defense of their ludicrous situation, they agreed on this years ago, when they were first married.

When they first met, he had been working for almost a decade to take down a bastard whose poisonous unfeeling tentacles stretched far. As the years rolled on it was getting obvious what might happen and so she agreed. It seemed simpler then than it did now. Living the actual moment is light years from guessing its impact. She found herself confused and released. Confused for lying to friends and having to start over in a tiny town and released, because of the eminent danger.

John was a bright guy who worked his way up enjoying his longest stint in undercover. Marissa hated that with a passion. He was always putting up with bullshit from everyone and on all sides. It was during that crazy part of his career that he made it clear to her, he would put up with none of it from her. She really didn’t see life from his perspective. She thought of he was a freakin’ drill sergeant in many ways. It was the antithesis of her mental state. She had been raised by very loving albeit indulgent grandparents, an only child. She wasn’t used to his lower middle class upbringing where you had to fend for yourself. She had had maids – his mother had been one. Her heart wasn’t void or made of Gucci leather. But she did like her way of conducting her life.

When she met John they had first been attracted physically. He was hooked before he saw it coming. He was used to making the calls and firing the shots. Marissa splayed him wide open. He was in too deep after several all night talks and never could back out. It was like that last scene of reflection in the movie “Kiss of the Spiderwoman” when he’s caught battling with himself against the purposeful life of an average looking woman and the beauty of one who added just that to his life. It was during his hours closest to death that he reflected on the beautiful woman. And so it was with Marissa. She was everything that drove him crazy. And when he came to his senses – as much was possible -he vowed to break of her ‘trustee brat mentality’. She was less than she could be because of it.

He did make sure she understood what it meant to be self sufficient. He knew her life could change if one of those dirt bags ever delivered him bullet in the back. He wouldn’t let her be the disorganized floundering single female he had found her. It had started, of all things, with the freaking laundry. She sent everything out as if that were the only option. Admittedly it worked great for her. He almost coded when he found out the cost. Once they moved in together the trust fund remained inaccessible to her. He put the forms in his paperwork. When she asked where they were he joked, “Right next to where my belts are hanging!” Once they were married she wasn’t even allowed to speak of it, the trust fund that is. The belt reference had never made her ask again about the withdrawals.

It took him about a year to get her to live like the rest of the world. But it had to be done. No woman of his would be a prima donna. Untraining a princess was no easy task. But John was never discouraged by anything or anyone. It was then that the spankings started. He had threatened her jokingly many times. She looked at him with doe eyes the shade of green turquoise and he had to focus himself. He could understand why aging grandparents weren’t up for the task. He started her out with stinging slaps to her pert little rear when she would argue. A few times he whispered in her ear that if she didn’t watch her mouth she’d find herself torn between saying I’m sorry and OW! She loved to rag on him about how he had clamped down on her fun whenever they were with friends. She probably thought she could get a coalition together to overpower his rules. Not the case. John was immoveable.

One of the things that pissed him off the most was tattooed women. He associated it with crack whores, which was such garbage and made her furious. She had been planning to get a really cool tattoo of their intertwining initials on a backdrop of a wave. It represented to her the strength of who they had become together, a force of one, a part of nature. She talked about this often enough in front of their friends and coworkers that it seemed the perfect thing to do now. Now when everyone needed to believe he was gone; or at least those who wanted him dead the most. It was the ultimate Witness Protection Plan a faked death. What was another eyesore warehouse owned by the city and burned to the ground? It was extreme but lifesaving for John. At a minimum it would buy them some time to relocate.

There were a few things she could do to convince distant and casual observers that John was dead. The first one was to show up to the funeral with her favorite designer clothes and accessories. She knew he would make her donate or resell the items on ebay and donate the proceeds. She had learned her lesson once before when she thought blowing two grand on a purse was acceptable. They couldn’t speak decently to each other for two days. He made her sell it on the “buy it now” option so she wouldn’t be tortured by the bids. He slept with one eye open given his training! No she had to do something that would last.

Marissa having a tattoo would be discussed as being the best evidence that John was dead. Because everybody knew there was no way in hell she would do it if he were alive. He had made such a big deal over something so stupid that she could use this to protect him. She almost felt benevolent. It was the most obvious outward sign she could come up with, beside her training as a make up artist. She knew exactly how to give her face a stressed and worn out look. She would even buy some fake tears.

That was when it hit her. She would never get the chance to tattoo herself again. If she was going to do one, she might as well do two. She loved script. And she thought of the perfect phrase to redeem herself and the perfect place to do it (over time that is). Fessez-moi durement. She would do it in beautiful script very very light ink and across her sit spot. She rationalized that it was certainly a two for one deal and that she was welcoming one of their favorite sexual past times.

She was crazy but that was the life, the day and the circumstances she was in. She smiled embarrassed on too many levels. If she hadn’t gone down the back hallway to use the restroom before she started the first tattoo, she would have never done anything so preposterous. But the artwork lining the walls was mostly spanking scenes of various themes. She felt at home with her fools venture. Apparently she wasn’t the first to do this type of tattoo and was assuredly not the last. There were several ‘Your sures’ and chuckles about the lifetime of results. But she did the unthinkable anyway. She figured – he owed her for putting her through so much all these years.

Fortunately the hours standing in the receiving line were perfect for her very personal crime scene (her newly tattooed bottom). She accepted the heartfelt condolences from those who had no clue it was staged. She felt like shit doing it. Some suspected he was taking early retirement. Those who wanted him dead hoped he was dead. It would save them a job. Little did they know he was being deposed ad nauseum on tape at that very minute. John hated lawyers especially defense attorneys. He wanted to lose it when someone would get off on a technicality. Marissa believed that it was part of the reason he was so anal about stuff. If it procedures weren’t done cases fell apart. At that moment she felt she would come apart. She was exhausted. But the day was almost over. It was one day of calling hours and the evening was a quick service. This was such a rush job she didn’t think it would come off as real. At this point she just wanted out of her black dress and into her travel clothes. She was on her way out and couldn’t look back.


Being back with John felt so good. Life was about them. No stuff. No friends. No careers. It was just the two of them. She felt such a connection. They hugged like they had never ever hugged. She thought he would squeeze her in two. And then his fingers caressed her shoulder on the moisturized new tattoo. He pulled his fingers back and in front of her lips rubbed them back and forth together as if ascertaining the viscosity for research. All the while he kept his eyes locked into her as if they were welded. His blues eyes were like javelins streaking across the sky falling through the atmosphere. She made the instinctual mistake of trying to pull back. A indistinguishable growl emanated from his throat.

With the restraint of one bringing a guilty man on death row a stay of execution from the governor John managed to say, “Too much has happened the past four days”. And he huged her again with such force she felt all had been too easily forgiven. They made love that night like two teenagers panting in the dark. He held her against the wall with her hands fumbling for a grip against the corners of a picture frame. She was forever and only his. The fullness and force of him shocked her. He demanded her eyes stayed open and he stared at her as if he owned her soul.

She began to understand what the women felt like in the art work she had seen in the tattoo parlor. All the spanking scenes showed penitent woman. And it was at that moment that she realized two things. First, the tattoo on her shoulder would be forgiven. Her penance was his dominating lovemaking style against the door. And second, her ass being sight unseen was a godsend. After her realizations the questions began to swirl around her like miniature tornadoes causing her to lose any and all rational thought. Why had she done something so childish? Didn’t he have enough problems and stress over everything without her pulling this bullshit? How could she have been so stupid? Wasn’t she done getting her own way? How quickly could she use her inheritance money to remove it before he saw it? What was going to happen if he did? Did she write ‘spank me hard’ because she was deserving of it? Did she create her own circular universe by having to be spanked hard because she wrote those very words? Her inability to think clearly was making her nauseated.

While the philosophy of it hit her hard, it would be nothing compared to the real moments that obviously lay ahead. For a whole week she had managed to make sure he didn’t see her behind. She showered at odd hours and slipped pajamas on during the night. It took major concentration. She realized she could have never been undercover. Not yet being discovered, she was beginning to doubt his abilities at being a detective. At least she thought as much. That is until the garage sale where he purchased a bunch of books. One of them turned her completely red when she saw the English French; French English dictionary; but there was a Spanish one too. She refused to panic; but it was called for.

“Marissa, I’ve wanted to travel for years. I thought we should start with learning the languages together. Obviously we have nothing but time. You up for it honey?”

“Travel?! Are you serious? You know I want to get back into that world. I had a blast during my summers at college” she sounded like a school girl, so elated.

“You’ve got a jump start on me darlin’ which means I might have to jump you!” And he lunged toward her over the little table. She was quick jerking her arm away from his reaching grasp. Taking a step backward she felt with her hands until she was moving steadily toward the door of their temporary rural home. The glass door knob popped opened easily. She made it obvious she intended to run. The gleam in her eyes was unmistakable.

“Honey you can’t run far enough fast enough! But I know you, you’ll try!” His smirk was the most charming she’d ever seen him. He was gorgeous without the stress of the streets on his face. She was thinking about where to hide in the barn, or where to climb tree to roof top. Or she could race him to the cellar door around the back of the house. She was planning her darting and dashing escape when she heard him say words that made her freeze physically and mentally.

“You wouldn’t do anything more to taunt me now would ya?” She had felt the mood to play right up until that point. Then her face betrayed her. She looked like the cat that ate the mouse. His words didn’t reveal his thoughts. They both felt the changes in the room. Marissa went busting forward into unknown territory and instead of confessing her stupidity and hoping for leniency she kept up the charade of innocence. John moved with it feeling some disappointment. At this point it was a principle issue. He’d given her a chance, several in fact to come clean with him. He couldn’t believe she actually thought to hide herself from him. He who knew her habits as easily as he breathed. He was a detective. Had she remembered nothing? Shaking his head at her he sighed much like a man with the words, “She’ll never learn” etched in his mind.

He gave her two more days. She was obviously in the ‘lie ‘til you die’ mode. He was finding himself setting his jaw with frustration and looking up at her slowly when she talked to him. His eyes looked up slowly in her direction without the excitement that had been there earlier in the week. She raced backward in her mind a dozen times a day. She had hid everything so well. And unbeknownst to her, ‘therein lie the problem’. After two glasses of wine one night she sat on his lap giggling like a young teen in love. Putting her head on his shoulder she stared at the back of the couch and thought she could tell him if she didn’t have to look in his eyes. She almost felt like she could brave the consequences.

“You know you’re long overdue for a spanking young lady?” his voice sounded safe, but his choice of words made her think he was reading her mind and she felt like a little jolt went through her.

“I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve one.” She was determined to keep calm as she gripped the soaked wood of the ship pointed downward. She could never prepare herself for a lifetime of him seeing those words on her ass. She tried not to tail spin into beating herself up because she would lose it.

“Oh but I do sweetheart” his voice was smooth like warmed silk as it wrapped itself around one wrist, than the other. Symbolically the silk tightened around her wrists as they were hoisted over her head. She could feel herself spread to points of vulnerability they had not yet explored. Looking rather academic in her approach of this seemingly new perspective, she went to slide off his lap to get a more evenly matched view by looking directly across and into his eyes. He allowed her to attempt balanced input regarding her deserved or undeserved spanking. After all, it was literally her ass.

“You won’t gain power by leaving my lap sweet pea” his voice resonated wisdom and strength.

“Has it healed well?” He asked with true concern. “Because if I haven’t waited long enough I’m going to get impatient. And my patience with you is thin, very very … very thin. She foolishly put her hand to her shoulder as if he could not know of the other. He didn’t change his expression. She nodded in atonement finally accepting what was to come. She swallowed and blinked slowly as her throat tightened. She clamped down on her back teeth and breathed and unnatural rhythm.

She started to tremble. She’d never “trembled” in her life and it wasn’t a feeling she ever wanted to have again. From her toes to the top of her head she was a ball of nerves. His eyes were zeroed in on her like sites on a gun. She brought her knees up together, bit on her lower lip with extreme force and gripped her wine glass until it felt one with her. The first thing he did was forcefully pry the wine glass from her hands. The second thing he did was lean in to whisper in her ear words that immediately sprang tears from her eyes.

“You’ve never seen me mad at you before. What were you thinking?”

Regret was a word she’d toyed with a few times in her life. But nothing prepared her for this. Her head fell like lead to her chest. The tears rode down her flushed cheeks. She angrily wiped them away as if she could punish herself with her swift motions. She resisted the urge to rock back and forth on her soon to be examined philosophically and physically tattoo.

Words couldn’t encircle her head, only his silence. She felt like she could possibly be invisible if she didn’t move. It was a child’s thought but she, on a lark, put herself in that role. He let her sit there a good long torturous ten minutes staring at her. It felt to him the same. Had this moment been filled with another purpose he would have wanted to do so many things to her but now he must do the most personal of things between them. He would show her he was in control. Standards had not left him and for sure not “them” just because of the changes. If anything, it was going to get tighter in some realms because he now had the time for implementation.

Instructions began now, on his lap and in his bed. He would teach her not to struggle with him for power, not to play with his authority. He had a critical job and that was looking over his shoulder for the rest of their lives. He would keep her safe but she had to be obedient so he could instinctually know where her head was mentally and therefore safe physically.

And so it began.

To be continued Tomorrow, I promise!