I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

LA Kink

I hope most of you have gone over to visit LA Kink by now, it is where we will tell all about our trip. If not please come by. I put up some of the best quotes from the trip. You can get the whole story at one place. I am dying to write here and there but real life is conspiring to keep me from my computer. Don’t worry I won’t be gone long!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Was it a dream?

I’m awake. I would say I am home but that there is no way that trip was real. It was too darn good – it had to be a dream! We have a lot to tell you; oh boy, do we have a lot to tell you. But give me just a minute. I have thirty some people coming to my house this weekend for our reunion but I am writing as fast as I can.

The California experience was everything it is cracked up to be! Some English is spoken this county, the weather is unbelievably wonderful; the sun sets over the ocean – who would have imagined that? And believe it or not there are adult stores in LA! And I mean gooooooooood stores. And yep we were even there to experience the earthquake!

I will soon be telling you all about the other 3 couples. Never have I met and spent time with people I like any better than these folks. We will all have plenty to say. As soon as Nick lets me off the gym and cleaning detail!! I’ll be back soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We're here

I have to be quick. I didn't being my laptop. I wrestled this one from Grace before she could put up anything else. She needs to wait until I get home so I can tell the truth about things. I do have some truths to tell. When it comes to internet friends I have to tell you I have picked some good looking women! And these women have picked some good looking men!

Adam and I may have to tangle! I just got popped on the leg with his 'gift'. OWWWWWW! He has also brought 2 backscratcher into my life. While I on the other hand have only given useful kitchen items on this visit. I have to say C.C and Grace are as lovely and classy as you would think. Eva is my beloved twin but she is guilty by association to the evil things Adam is doing.

We are headed out to eat. More later if I can steal a computer.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Old post, current truth

By the time most of you read this Nick and I will be winging our way across the country. I could write a book on everything that has led to this point. My blog was 2 years old last Tuesday. Two years ago did not know these women I am going to visit; we had exchanged maybe a dozen comments at the most. Now I think of them as some of my best friends in the world. What a trip, in more ways that one!

Right now I see baby Grace as the timid one (but deep down I think she is trying to get me to think this and it's really not true!) , C.C as the most adventuress
and my twin and I as the balance in the middle with Nick leaning more to the adventuress side these days, LOL!

My legs are shaved too, I am all packed, I should be in bed but I am way too excited to sleep!!

I went back to see want I posted two years ago today, when my blog was a whole 4 days old. Turns out it wasn’t too bad ands I still agree with every word of it. Bonnie has posed a wonderful question to get me thinking. So here is a rerun but it’s still true!

Ten important Things

I love Bonnie for asking this question. Not for the chance to tell what I hope my blog with say to other, but so that I can understand it myself. So here goes.

What are the 10 things, thoughts, or ideas you would most like readers to take away from your blog?

1.If you are turned on by spanking (and you know who you are) tell your partner today! Do not waste one more minute. The worse he could say is – not interested, and you have lost nothing.

2.People who love spanking are very normal people. We are nurses, teachers, secretaries, lawyers. We look after our kids, sometimes our parents; we teach Sunday school and bake cookies for school parties. We are NORMAL!

3.Being spanked by someone you love and trust make you feel cherished, safe and loved in a way that nothing else can.

4.In a spanking relationship, the relationship becomes the core of your life. Other things like work, neighbors, chores, errands, etc. are just things you do. Real life is you and your partner.

5.If this has always be a fantasy and you are just getting ready to try it for real you need to know: Spankings hurt!! They can hurt like hell. But you will still love the experience and the feeling afterwards money can’t buy!

6.Sex after a spanking is the greatest thing since sliced bread! It’s your birthday, it’s Christmas morning, it’s winning the lottery. This is coming from someone who simply hated sex, I loved my husband, but I hated sex. Now I can’t get enough. I have the most happy, stunned husband on the planet.

7.Be understanding of other people’s chosen lifestyle. People are different, that’s a good thing. Some would say I’m a pervert for this kink. I’m not. My husband and I love each other and hurt no one. Be understanding of other and live and let live.

8.Look for toys where ever you can find them. Kitchen supply stores, hardware stores, pet supply stores. Always be on the lookout for items that would not attract attention in the bedroom. Fly swatters, belts, slippers, back scratchers. Remember your kids are everywhere, many toys can’t be left out but these can.

9.Men if you are reading here please don’t let us down. If we have finally told you that this is what we want and need, understand that we have probably been thinking about this, dreaming about this for years. It’s not a spur of the moment request. We want it, we yearn for it, and we need it. You are the only one we trusted with this embarrassing secret. If you try it once and then stop, we may never have the courage to bring it up again and we are going to feel a bit rejected, a bit lonely and a bit sad.

10.Men can’t read our minds. I know that is really dumb of them, but they are only men, so cut them some slack. We can’t give up either. Talk with them, explain things to them, tell them which blogs to read. I can’t look at my husband and talk to him about this yet but I email him a lot! I can get going with words. He seems to love it. If it’s not working out like you expected – keep working at it, it’s worth it. Don’t give up!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The excitment builds!

Oh geeze! I have more butterflies than before a good spanking! Eva and Adam made it! They are settled in the hotel and waiting on the rest of us. Now I find out C.C and Grace have new hair styles, new clothes, and new shoes! New SHOES!!

I find only three reasons for shoes – when the temperature falls below freezing, when you are going to be walking on sharp rocks or they are required for where you are going. Maybe it’s a southern thing. I am taking tennis shoes and a pair of sandals and guess what?? I think C.C is going to like me anyway!! And C.C I don’t care what you call me. I’ll answer!

Grace, go on brag on being tall. Brag about being the youngest of us girls. Yeah, yeah I am the shortest and I am the oldest. I am also the most excited of us all! I have wanted this for so long I am scared I’m going to make a fool of myself when we all get together. But that doesn’t bother me either!

Eva, my twin, you know me, you have seem me, you have listened to my southernism, I have whined to you, told you what to do, asked you what I should do, hugged your husband and you’ve hugged mine. We know just about everything there is to know about each other and you STILL asked me to come on this trip! I guess that says it all!

Get this Nick has suddenly gone all dom on me! I got a good stress buster the other morning after my last post. It did help and I asked him if he would be doing that in the airport if I started to unravel and his answer was “No, but you will know its coming.” LOL sounds good to me!

And get this – he says I have to go to bed at a ‘reasonable hour’ the first night we are there! What?? Okay so we are coming from the east coast and we have to leave our house around 5:30 AM so even if I just stay up until 11:00 once we are out there it will be 2:00 AM for us. But… but… everyone else will be on CA time and I don’t want to miss a thing! You guys have to promise not to say a word after I go to bed! By the next day we will be fine and the PJ party can proceed. I’m all for letting guy join in if they like. This is a non-discriminating group. They are welcomed to stay as long as they promise not to giggle and blush because as far as I am concerned no topic is off limits.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fear of flying?

I have been so excited about the trip I forgot. I don’t like flying. Well really I don’t mind flying it’s all that goes with it I don’t like. We usually travel by car. If I think of something else I want to take I just stick it in the car. Now everything must be packed more carefully.

In addition to leaving my kid on their own with us 3,000 miles away, I worry about things like finding the airport, getting there on time, finding parking, the right concourse, the right gate. Deciding to check a bag or struggle with a carry on. What can you carry on these days and what is a no-no? Getting through security – and lets not even talk about trying to bring any toys!

I heard one story shortly after the crack down. A pilot was annoyed because security took his finger nail clippers from him for ‘security reason’. This was the PILOT folks! What did they think he was going to do – take control of the plane???

But once on the plane I’m fine. I like flying, its fun. But then we need to change planes in Texas and those ‘where am I and where should I be’ worries start again. Then we arrive at our final destination airport we have to get to our hotel. This has its own challenges. Now both Eva and Adam and Grace and Bossman have offered to pick us up but that scares me too. We don’t want them in extra traffic either and then there is getting our luggage, finding whoever is picking us up … I think we will just grab a cab.

Why am I putting myself through all this? LOL! You know why! I am going to be with three of my favorite women on this planet! I get to see all their men. I get to show off my man. I get to sit and talk with them and joke with them and discuss spanking and their favorite implement, and their favorite toys, and favorite positions and their deepest desires – and I can do it all while resting my fingers.

Am I excited? I feel like a kid who has just been given a pony and a life time ticket to Disney World!! Soon girls, soon!!

It's your day!

Happy Birthday Mthc

I guess you can tell that David has been posing for lots of pictures lately!!

I hope you feel like everyone at the party gave you a good girl!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Fantasy Friday, but ...

This isn't a Fantasy Friday, well it is but it isn't. At least it is not a new story. It appeared over at A Spanking Good Time when Tiggr (who originated FF) was hosting. But even though some of you might remember it it will be new to many. I chose this one because my dear friend Grace seems hesitant about doing a little toy shopping with friends. I am hoping that this story will calm her fears by letting her know more what to expect from the experience. You won't be voting today. I will tell you who wrote it when you are all done. Enjoy...


Since my wife, Dawn, came out as a spanko I’ve had many new experiences to understate the obvious. One interesting evening involved a little shopping trip for a birthday gift. Never before did I go birthday shopping at the nearest ‘adult store.’ My wife had been hinting that she wanted to try a new ‘spanking toy.’ It was with some misgivings that I entered the store in search of the new spanking implement. I scanned the fellow shoppers and was relieved not to see any familiar faces. I wandered around trying to discretely scope out the possibilities while being invisible.

I saw a couple of interesting possibilities and was wondering about the relative merits. One appeared to be a leather paddle while the other was more strap-like with a handle. I was lost in thought and imagining the proper use of the items in question when suddenly I was shocked to hear someone right behind ask, “May I help you?”

I haltingly tried to explain that I was something of a beginner to these things but was trying to find something appropriate for my wife. The shapely clerk was all smiles as she said she was certain that we could find something that my wife would enjoy. But how to make the best choice?

The clerk told me her name was Kristin and that she loved seeing customers find something to spice up their lives, and asked what characteristics were important. I couldn’t believe I was carrying on such a conversation as if I were shopping for a pair of shoes.

I swallowed and managed to say that I like a good sound but a good sting seemed to be desirable for my wife. Kristin heartily agreed and said the two items I was looking at were both great choices. It sounded like the voice of experience.

She then took both items from the rack and asked me to follow her. She led the way through a doorway behind the counter telling her fellow clerk she had to step into the storeroom for a moment. When we got to a secluded corner of the storage area she stopped and smiled again and said “I love to see satisfied customers” and that for sound effects I might wish to hear for myself. With that said she turned around, lowered her jeans and leaned over a desk. She said, “Remember, this is just business.”

She suggested that I try these to see how they sounded when being used. Well, how could I turn down such a generous offer! I tried the paddle and then the strap. The paddle had the better pop. She asked if I paddled my wife on the bare bottom as well. I admitted that yes that was frequently where things wound up.

Kristin then lowered her panties just enough to reveal her beautiful bottom with a couple of fresh pink marks. I took this as an obvious invitation for further product testing and tried both items again. Both produced very acceptable reports on the bare skin and also created an increasing and pleasing red glow.

I thanked her for her assistance and concluded that either would be acceptable based on information gathered. I asked her if she had further thoughts or recommendations based on the ‘feel.’ She had by this time righted herself and straightened her clothing. She took me by the elbow turning me away from her. She reached around me and I felt her breasts pressing against my back. “What the heck was happening?” I thought. Before I had a chance to even ask what she was doing she had unfastened my belt and lowered my jeans.

At this point I was sputtering “what are you doing?” She replied, “You are interested in the comparison by feel, but that’s hard to explain. Bend over the table and we will see what you think.” This wasn’t what I had in mind but after her impressive cooperation in my shopping research, my pride would not let me balk at this point and in truth this was kind of erotic.

She administered a few with each, discussing the comparative nature of the paddle and the strap. She then lowered my boxers and repeated. By this time I was more than familiar with the feel of each and was trying to hide my growing interest! She smiled and said she felt confident we would be happy with either but understood it was hard to choose (what a salesperson!)

She asked “Well what’s it going to be?”

I replied, “I think we’ll take both.”

The sacrifices I make for my wife!

Meanwhile back home Dawn was in a foul mood. For weeks she had been hinting to Andy that she wanted a new spanking toy for her birthday. But he acted like he didn’t even hear her! Since her birthday was tomorrow she knew how Andy was spending his shopping time. Searching the aisles of Wal-Mart for yet another box of bath powder! No more!! If he had no imagination she would buy for herself!

As she headed for the local adult store, sure enough she passed Andy, no doubt coming from Wal-Mart so wrapped up in his own dull shopping experience that he didn’t even see her pass! After a quick look through the window to be assured she recognized no one she marched into the store. It didn’t take her long to spot the items she liked: a beautiful leather paddle and a strap that looked liked it would feel delicious! She checked the price tags. Damn! Money was so tight these days. She couldn’t possible get them both, but how to decide??

A half hour later Dawn sat gingerly in the car, her heart still pounding! Kenny, the hot young salesman had helped her decide on both. But she didn’t feel guilty. She knew the new toys would spice up her and Andy’s love life. She also didn’t worry about the money. Kenny had offered her a job as a new salesperson; he said she had just the personality and eagerness to learn that they were looking for. So she was going back to work.

Dawn sighed to herself and thought “The sacrifices I make for my husband!”


Since this is a re-run I will go ahead and tell you. But if you want to guess for yourself I will tell you it is someone who has written for us before. Got any ideas? Well scroll on down...

The author was my very own Nick!!! I am truly married to a man of many talents!! He said I could punch it up any way I wanted to so I did add the wife's part at the end. Nick and I make a great team!!

I sure hope some of you are writing and hopefully we will have something for next Friday! Meanwhile hop over to Cassie's to enjoy Mthc's birthday party!

Empty cupboard

I'm sorry folks! No story, not today anyway. The cupboard is completely bare. Hopefully there are some stories in the works out there and I will be getting some soon. Trust me folks I am not that great a writer, I can't come up with many stories on my own. I depend on you for stories. I hope some of you who have written stories in the past will write some more for us. And if you have never written one - give it a try! I bet you will enjoy it. Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com Any time I have a story I promise to put it up for you.

But I do have a surprise for you today. You are invited to a party! Click here and head over to Cassie's for a big birthday party for Mthc!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Toys, Toys, Toys


Sigh... Grace you are a lot of trouble. I told you this was some not all of our toys. Here is some we forgot...

Enough spoons for you girl????

Eva got me thinking about toys the other day. She had to look around and get all of theirs together. I love seeing all her stuff. Ours are together all in a locked brief case under our bed – we need a bigger case. Here are most of our toys, there are a few missing.

Nick was the one who laid everything out for this picture. And I was the one discussing what we needed to add to our collection. Nick pointed to the toys and said “Look! We have plenty! We don’t need anymore toys!!” What a silly man! You can’t be too rich or too thin or have too many toys!

I told him to realize how lucky he had it! Think about it! Some women go out all the time and buy shoes – expensive shoes! I am happy getting a wooden spoon or a spatula! Some women want jewels and flowers I would be thrilled if he came home with a new fly swatter or a 5 gallon paint stirrer! Shoot I might be happy with a switch once in a while (but not too often!)

But one of my little friends claims not to have too many toys. Poor little Grace is stuck with backscratchers. So Grace this is specifically for you and Bossman – I say that even in the little town where we are meeting there is bound to be at least one adult store!! I think we need to plan to budget both time and money for a toy shopping excursion, Eva, C.C you with me?? We will all need a souvenir from our trip!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another wonderful evening

My evening that was so very good last week was also a first for us. We tried something a little different not terribly unusual but rarely talked about on the blogs I read. I didn’t even know if I would share or not. It goes back to the feeling that, unlike when I began, I now care about how I am perceived out here. I’m 51 now and I should be beyond caring if others understand or approve of what I like or how my husband and I enjoy ourselves. So I decided to share. If I make you uncomfortable come back later it won’t be a topic I will discuss often.

We had our privacy last week and loved it. Our week included more talking that usual about spanking and sex. We are too dang old to whisper and make ourselves heard and Mollie has the ears of a bat so with her gone we could discuss things, joke about things, share things we came across on the computer with freedom and ease. One thing we discussed was female ejaculation (squirting). We have no doubt it is a real occurrences since many of my friends here experience it but we wondered if all women did, could, you know just curious. I emailed my experts and got good advice and I no longer mind trying whether we get that particular result or not.

I am realizing that in the past I just haven’t really wanted to take the time to try. In the past, not really understanding how good sex could be, I mostly just wanted to hurry through it. Nick has always wanted to take the time to get me completely aroused but I was usually the one to stop him. In my mind I was saying ‘It could take all night to get me to that point, I may never get there – forget about me, save/satisfy yourself!’ So I shut down. I didn’t want him to try. I barely wanted intercourse, I didn’t want him to touch my breast, absolutely no anal play, I didn’t even want to kiss. In my head I had decided I was not going to achieve orgasm and I wasn’t going to let him waste his time trying.

Slowly over the past 2 years and certainly over the last week he has convinced me he does not mind, he is enjoying it and he feels I am worth the effort. I am even beginning to believe I am worth the effort. That last night I wrote about when he insisted I pay attention to my body and talk to him really helped me begin to open up.

You are still wondering what we did that was so unusual aren’t you? I thought I would bury it so that only my real friends would read this far. Surely everyone else is bored by now. Anyway we discussed some of the thing we might want to try sometime and Nick mentioned he would like to give me an enema. I had thought about it before and as many thing as I have asked him to try I figured sure, I’m game.

I thought it would be strange but he had just the right combination of bossiness and gentleness. And something about the whole thing relaxed me more than nearly anything we have done. It somehow touched a submissive core in me that made me willing to really let down my guard completely for the first time.

Later nearly all our toys came out. He was wonderful and I had the best night ever. I felt there was nothing to hide and we were just as relaxed and happy as we have ever been. I don’t know everything we did but I know we were eventually so tangled in bed sheets and toys and chords and belts and straps that we didn’t know which way was up. I do remember when we were finally through that I sat up and said “That was so much FUN!” It was and Nick is and we are having a ball!

What I am trying to say is...

I can’t write. I have stuff to write. I have several posts in mind. I just can’t write. Maybe it’s having so much going on. I mean with Nick and I have been having a wonderful time with just the two of us. With his encouragement (insistence) that I tell him what I like, I have been. But my mind is so full.

Monday was Nick’s birthday and we had um… fun. I think he liked what I gave him. Both kids were home that evening (but not that morning). Having the kids here is wonderful but not conducive to writing – at least not about spanking and sex.

I also should not be writing this now. I am once again behind on my assignment to Nick and he has asked for some specific things for me to write in addition or maybe to be included in the assignment and I haven’t done that yet. That I have to get done today!!

Many of you are to blame! I sit at the computer with my mind full of want I want to write and instead I read other people’s work, I email, I comment but I don’t write. But you know I will. I am not just being mean and holding out on you like some other people. Soon, soon if I wasn’t having so much fun, if there weren’t so many things running around in my head I could get something written.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

I loved this Fantasy Friday story! I find the military very interesting especially from a woman’s point of view and the whole idea of being under someone’s command. These young women obviously found out what it was like!

All four of our possibilities got votes but Italian Gal got 57% so my readers got this one right!! It was I Gal. Okay knowing she has a military man of her very own might have tipped the scales in her direction. But I have a little more information.

This story was 99% true! This happened to I Gal in her military days – everything but the spanking! But eventually she got something even better! She married one of the STA’s from the story. Who, as she says, has his own wonderful way of keeping her in line now. Let her know what you think of her first story! Go by her site or leave her a comment here.

Now folk here is the part where I plead with you to send me stories. It’s up to you. I don’t have a single story left. I hope Fantasy Friday will continue but we shall see. Anytime I have a story I’ll post it!! And if you are willing to write one to help our send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

But most important a big thanks to Italian Gal!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A wonderful week continued

Don't forget an especially fine Fantasy Friday is up! Go here to read it if you haven't had a chance yet. Don't forget to vote!

This has been a week to remember. The fantastic trip to the mountain meadow was just the beginning. Our boy came home Monday night to spend the night and it was good to see him. Usually when he comes home to spend the night he leaves the next day around 3 or 4. That was fine Nick seemed to have plans for that night and had been sending me interesting emails all day. Four o’clock came and went and I ask if he was going to be around for supper. He said yes he thought he would stay until about 7. Well okay that was fine. Plenty of time for fun and games after that except at 7 he starts a movie. Grrrrrrrrrr… This darn movie lasted until 9:20!! I mean you can’t throw your son out but geeze!!

But by 9:30 he is on his way to Collin’s and we are on our way to play time. Nick found/made (I am not sure which) a huge cutting board that he started with over my clothes. LOL! I said I wanted thud and I sure got it! That thing packs a wallop! I didn’t keep my clothes on long. Nick has a system where he can tie my hands over my head and to the door. Once he did that he used the flogger he used it pretty hard on my butt but more gently on my back and legs. It felt great!

Next he led me back to the bed and told me to lie back on the bed on my back and he was going to shave me. I love it when he shaves me!! He used hair conditioner – he said he had read somewhere that that worked well. He has been doing a lot of reading as a matter of fact and this did worked well. Once he finished we took a shower together. And then it was back to the bedroom.

Nick wanted me to talk to him. He wants to know more about what I like where and how I want to be touched. And that night he was insistent! That means when he asked a question he wanted an answer and if he didn’t get it – I DID! That was the first time he has spanked me in the diaper position. That was a whole different feel. It hurt and it was a very exposed feeling. But with a spanking I guess that is the point! Telling Nick exact what I want or what I think I want or what feels good or where I want touched is sooooooo difficult for me. Hence the 23 year wait to mention spanking! We are still working on the communication. More on that later.

It was a wonderful evening. There was spanking, touching, rubbing, tasting, massaging, exploring and loving. It was a wonderful, wonderful night and the most amazing thing is that later in the week an even better night was yet to come.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Twin!!!!

This is a special Friday folks! So special that I had to make two posts! Don’t think you are missing your Fantasy Friday!! Click here, it a great one!!

Well my goodness Twin, what a year you have had!! I hope you took birthday pictures last year because the change is unbelievable!! I hope this years birthday spanking is the best ever!

Now folks you know we are twins but you know that it only because we are so much alike. The big secret here is that we really are not the same age at all. One of us is quite a bit older. Now I don’t really want to say which so lets just look at the facts.

One of us has been married years longer than the other! One of us has only been married barely 25 years while the other is pushing 27 years. Who as been married so very long? Why that would be Eva.

Now it seems that one of us has three grown daughters. Grown, mind you, all in their 20’s and graduated from college. On the other hand one of us has fairly young children, a son still in college, barely out of his teens. And a young daughter merely 15 still in high school. Which one has three GROWN daughters. Why I believe that is Eva too!!

But let’s not be too hasty guessing who the older twin is! Let’s just put one more fact in evidence. Which one is about to become a grandma!!!

Now me, I'm not going to say who is older. I think you can look at the facts and come to that conclusion on your own!

But old as she is she is my twin and best buddy and I love her!! I hope Adam doesn't mind me posting his picture here but I wanted everyone to see what a great guy he is!

Fantasy Friday "Sir, yes Sir"

Here is our Fantasy Friday! This is one like we have never had before. Lines are clearly drawn and the feeling of someone else being in controlled is great! Enjoy this great story …

“Sir, yes, Sir!”

Lauren Booth and her roommate Marie Ross had just finished basic training. Lauren was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Marie from Monterey, California. They had just spent 8 weeks melting in southern Texas, so it felt exceptionally cold when they got off the bus in Rantoul, Illinois in late November. Marie shrilled with excitement when she saw the snow. “I have never seen snow”, she said to Lauren. “Wait until you have to shovel it for a few hours to get anywhere, you won’t be so enthusiastic” explained Lauren. As they took their turn exiting the bus with the other 10 girls, they noticed hoards of young men in uniform standing around staring, laughing and talking. The girls quickly discovered that they were the object of attention. They were part of a monthly ritual referred to by the men as “fox call”.

They were ushered into the auditorium to await further instructions. As the commander entered the auditorium everyone immediately stood at attention. The commanders’ name was Major Johnson. He was a handsome muscular man in his mid 30’s. He resembled a younger Burt Reynolds. The way he looked when he appeared in the movies The Longest Yard and Deliverance. A real mans’ man. Marie whispered to Lauren that she thought he was cute and he looked like Burt Reynolds. Major Johnson was followed into the auditorium by 5 staff members, most of whom were STA’s (student training advisors). Their demeanor was serious and deliberate. They seemed to look right through you with a glare that most certainly commanded attention. It was military bearing at its finest. Their uniforms were meticulously ironed to perfection. The cleats on their shiny black boots clicked uniformly as they walked across the stage with military precision and took positions near Major Johnson. Each one of the STA’s was introduced. Marie and Lauren were given multiple instructions: when and where to eat; the times for lights out and quiet hours; where to meet for inspection; who would be their STA; when and where to meet each morning in order to march to class. Then finally, after being awake for over 24 hours, they were given their room assignment.

Luckily they got to be roommates. They quickly changed in to their civilian clothes. Sleep or no sleep these girls were not about to miss a chance at their first night of freedom since joining the USAF. Besides like most military bases in the early ‘80’s the boy: girl ratio was around 25:1. They had such a great time dancing, drinking and meeting guys. They did not realize how late it was. Besides no need to get too worried, the next day was Saturday and they were really looking forward to the luxury of sleeping in.

Saturday morning at 0500 (5 am) there was a very loud knock on their door. It scared the daylights out of Lauren and Marie, waking them both out of their deep 3 hour sleep. “Airmen you both have 15 minutes to get dressed and report to headquarters”. Before they could even answer, the messenger was gone. “Was that someone joking around?” asked Lauren. “Of course it was” answered Marie. So, they both rolled over and went back to sleep. It was not long before they heard that distinct sound of boots with cleats on the bottom walking down the hall. Once again there was loud knocking at their door. “Airman Booth and Airman Ross since your 15 minutes are up, YOU NOW HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO REPORT”.

“Let’s go, hurry!” shout Lauren. They jumped up put on their uniform, boots and hat, then high stepped it as fast as they could towards headquarters. When they entered the building Marie forgot to take her hat off. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) indicates that “all hats must be removed immediately upon entering a building”. Marie and Lauren ran into the office and quickly stood side by side at attention. They were scared to death and both afraid to move or speak. There to greet them were two of Major Johnson’s STA’s- Sgt. Davis and Sgt Kedron.

“AIRMAN! ARE YOU GOING TO REPORT LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO? OR DID YOU FORGET EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED IN BASIC TRAINING? WHY IS YOUR HAT STILL ON?” shouted Sgt Davis as he leaned in 6” from their face. The girls frozen in fear, in unison said “Sir, Airman Booth/Ross reporting as ordered Sir”. Marie fumbled around and quickly removed her hat. “It’s about time” piped in Sgt Kedron. “Now for outright disobeying an order you have 2 choices… You can either take non-judicial punishment that Major Johnson will enforce or you can have a letter of reprimand placed permanently in your file? It is your choice”, explained Sgt Davis. It was a no brainer to the girls. Who wants something negative following them around for the rest of their military career? Both girls agreed they would rather face Major Johnson and receive his non-judicial military punishment.

“Right then, both of you go stand outside his office, AT ATTENTION, while we call him at home to come in and deal with you two” said Sgt Kedron. Lauren and Marie stood for what seemed like hours waiting anxiously for Major Johnson to arrive. They really wanted to speak or at least make eye contact with each other. Standing at attention means --eyes straight ahead, arms at your side, legs together, bend your knees slightly (so you don’t pass out), shoulders back, no slouching, no smiling, and certainly no talking (not even a whisper). Twenty minutes later Major Johnson came storming into the office. “ATTENTION, OFFICER IN THE BUILDING!” shouted the sergeants in unison.

“So where are these two airmen who think they are too good to follow orders?” asked Major Johnson. “They are standing outside your office Sir” answered Sgt Davis. “Right then! You two are dismissed” Major Johnson said as he opened the door allowing Sgt Davis and Sgt Kedron to leave. The girls awaiting their fate were literally shaking in their boots. Airman Booth remembers her dad’s words of advice as she was leaving for basic training, “Whatever you do Lauren, keep a low profile and do what you’re told. If you do that you have nothing to worry about”. Great, Lauren thought, only 2 days out of basic training and already blew that advice. As Major Johnson approaches the girls they can’t help but notice how handsome he is and how great he smells, and Marie thought for sure she saw him smile(ever so slightly). “I want you to come into my office one at a time” Major Johnson told the girls.

Lauren was called in first. “So Airmen Boothe you are willing to take the non-judicial punishment are you?” “Sir, yes Sir”, she answered while standing at attention. “Then young lady, you will receive 20 of my best from the board of nonjudicial education two days in a row!” “Sir, yes Sir” Lauren replied. “So assume the position” ordered Major Johnson. “What position Sir?” asked Lauren. Bend over my desk and pull down your pants and panties!” Lauren was mortified. No way he can’t do that to me, she thought. But she did not want anything marring her records- so she obeyed. She got 20 of the Major’s best. She tried to maintain her military bearing and not cry, remain still and stoic. It was all to no avail. After 6 whacks she was sobbing and barely able to stand still for the remaining 14. “You may go. But I expect to see you at 0600 tomorrow” he said. “Sir, yes, Sir” she answered.

Since Marie was standing just outside the Majors’ door she had heard everything, and was already quietly sobbing. I have never been spanked in my life. I am from California - no one spanks in California, she thought to herself. She reported and assumed the position just as Lauren did. Major Johnson gave Marie 20 whacks on her bare bottom. When he was finished he walked the girls to the door. “Airmen I expect to see you both in the morning precisely at 0600. I expect you both to be waiting on me. After that your record is wiped clean. Do you understand?” “Sir, yes, Sir!!” answered the girls in unison.


This is the first time I have ever felt the desire to join up! I loved this story. I believe these women will learn to take orders as they should and that they will make fine soldiers! But who wrote the story?? Was Jessica getting into the military spirit? Could it have been Emilie who wrote this one? Zelda is new around here and she is a good writer. Or maybe it was Italian Gal who spun this tale for us. Click on their name and check out some of the writing of those who have blogs.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Sir, yes Sir!"

Italian Gal

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A day to remember

Its summer time and I am enjoying mind to the fullest. Nick and I decided to go to the mountains Monday morning. It was a beautiful day! We drove a couple of hours and pulled into an overlook with a view that was out of this world. Strangely we were the only ones at this lovely spot. Looking around we saw a lovely meadow on the other side of the road. It was fenced with barbed wire but on further inspection we found a small gate and took off up a path in the grass.

Near the top of the hill was a rocky out crop – interesting – we could stand behind it and see most of the meadow as well as the road and the parking lot and our car parked all alone in the parking lot, but no one could really see us. Hmmmm…

Nick came up behind me and asked if I was ready to pay. Pay? Pay for what? It seems that I have not been keeping up with my assignments for the past few weeks. Well maybe I haven’t but geeze, I’ve been busy! And we have been together most of the time. Okay maybe that doesn’t mean he knows what I have been thinking all the time but still!

So here we are out in the beautiful out doors and he is for sure in the mood to spank (thank goodness). I looked behind us and saw some wicked black berry brambles with big thorns!

I laughed and said “As long as you don’t use those!” He says “Oh that reminds me!” and takes off towards the woods. I have to tell you that there are few sights more endearing than that of your husband, the man you have been married to for a quarter of a century, trotting across a meadow to get a switch.

Oh by the way, switches suck!!! He started over my shorts and that little thing stung like hell which didn’t seem to slow him down any. The shorts came off next and he used his hand a while but then went back to that darn switch! I was doing the ‘Oh crap that hurts’ spanking dance by this time. But soon the panties were around my ankles. He used his hand again and then that darn switch! I swear I think he changed to the blackberry with thorns somewhere in there! But when he finally stopped with the switch I heard him taking off his belt. Now I think of the belt as my friend but my bottom was hot!!! That didn’t stop Nick any! He made that belt whistle! Soon he stopped and started rubbing. We took another peek over the rock. It seemed as though the world was spread out before us – we could see forever, and there wasn’t a soul in site!

Nick spread out our towel and I had the pleasure of kneeling in front of him – a very submissive feeling! I thanked him in the best way I knew how and he seemed to think I was on the right track for sure! One more quick look around to assure that we were completely alone and I lay on the towel for even more fun! After a few minutes Nick told me to get on my hands and knees. We were both half dressed and getting tangled when Nick’s foot got caught in my panties which were at that time residing around my ankles. He muttered “How did I get in your panties?” I couldn’t help laughing! I kinda thought that that had been the whole point!!

We did untangle and the fun continued! I like doggie style and all these sensations were hitting me at once. The sun, the rough ground, the gently breeze, my stinging bottom, the overall risk and of course, my wonderful Nick all rolled into one! I will have to say this is a day I am going to remember!!

I wonder if Mollie would enjoy another week at camp.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

Well after reading this weeks Fantasy Friday how many of you want to run out and get a massage?? Me, me I want one! Voting stayed really close again this week. Nick and I and Papa Shrek and Carye tied with 21% of the vote. Adam and Eva got 26% and the winners in the voting were David and Mthc with 32% of the vote.

I was impressed when I received this story because it was written by one of the guys! I love getting stories from the men folk. This fine fellow wrote the story then asked his wife to add a little to it – a little more of what the women would have been thinking, a little more dialogue. So together I think they came up with a pretty good story!

So who was the fine fellow who wrote this story?? It was my Nick!!! I am always so surprised when he writes! I usually never hear a thing about it until it just pops up in my mail box. I am again struck by the fact that this fellow who never did any writing before (that I knew of) and who was for sure a confirmed vanilla before I got hold of him, is writing spanking fiction! So if any more of you fellows have a spanking story in you – give writing a try. If you don’t think it is just right see if your wife/SO will give you a hand. Trust me! It’s fun!!

And I do NEED more stories!! Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thanks again honey!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Playing and the GAD

There is a great Fantasy Friday story up this week and I think you will find not only a good read but also interesting choices when you go to vote. Please go here and check it out!

I had a good wake up call this Saturday morning. A few weeks ago I found a variety of wooden spoons and spatulas for a very inexpensive price. Saturday morning I woke up with two of them beating a gently tune on my behind. It began gently but got pretty stingy before all was said and done and our attention was diverted to other activities.

Mollie is headed off to camp for a week. So Nick and I will be on our own. We are headed up in the mountains one day and I have a doctor’s appointment but I have two big plans for the week. One is to get in as much play time as we can! The other is the ‘Great Archeological Dig’ (GAD).

I am going in and if I am not out in a week I just hope Nick sends in a search party. I am cleaning Mollie’s room! I know – I don’t clean. But sometime you just have to take the plunge. I have done this before when she goes to camp. It is actually with Mollie’s blessing. I don’t think she could ever get it done herself and I could never do it with her here. If she had been here the last time I did this I would have strangled her. The kid definitely got her cleaning skills from me.

I don’t throw her things out I just bag up the stuff I know she really doesn’t need or want anymore and she can go through it when she gets home. Since I am a bit of a sentimental pack rat myself she usually does not mind my choices of what to keep and what to get rid of.

So next week should be a full week. And should I find that I only have time for either play or cleaning. Take a wild guess which will get my attention!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Massage

Happy 4th of July everyone!! We have a Fantasy Friday to get your 4th off to a hot start! May your holiday be as exciting as these folks! Read, enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

The Massage

For our 10th anniversary my husband Jay took me for a vacation to a resort hotel and spa. We hadn’t been anywhere like this before and after a tough year we were both excited at the prospect of a relaxing getaway. Along with the luxurious accommodations and great food Jay had arranged for a couples massage. Jay had told me that based on what he had heard I would truly enjoy it. I tend to be a little shy and reserved and Jay is always encouraging, sometimes insisting that I need to be more open to new experiences. So here we were.

After going through the changing area we met in the massage area, Jay with a towel around his waist and me with a large towel wrapped around in a manner attempting to cover all the essentials. Jon and Anna introduced themselves and said they would be giving our massages. They were each standing next to a table, the tables lined up head to head, about four feet apart. As I paused wondering which table to approach, Jay moved to Anna’s table, crawled on and got into position. I felt a little uncomfortable at the idea of a man massaging me, but then as I thought about it, I was uncomfortable with a woman touching me too. Now that Jay had made the choice I had no option, I moved to Jon’s table. With a great deal of embarrassment I untied my towel and crawled onto the table while maintaining my modesty as best as I could. I left the towel covering my bottom and stretched out face down.

Jon started working on my arms, neck and shoulders and was doing a great job. I was relaxing and I could feel the stress melting away. I felt so peaceful! He continued working down my lower back until he was almost rubbing my butt. I was relieved when he moved around the table at this point and started slowly working on my feet. Heaven! Jay knows how much I love having my feet massaged; this was probably what Jay was talking about. He knew I would love this. I couldn’t help but sigh. After a thorough workout on my feet he moved to my calves and eventually my thighs. The prospect of having this handsome stranger’s hands on my thighs was causing me to experience some feelings of excitement and more that a little guilt. But he didn’t stop there. I was shocked as he began to make contact with my lower butt, I knew I had to tell him to stop and bring my massage to a conclusion, but darn it felt so good! I felt like putty and lacked the courage or desire to stop it.

It was about this time that I heard Jay moan with obvious pleasure. Anna whispered “how does that feel?” Jay replied, “fantastic, don’t stop.” Just what was she doing to him over there? Was this what Jay meant about the special couple massages offered here? I couldn’t believe he would have agreed to this type of ‘massage’ with out telling me. But then again if he had I am sure I would have said ‘NO!’. “Relax and let yourself enjoy, Zoie” Jay was always telling me. So, if this is what he had planned for us maybe I should be a good sport and just with the flow, even though it felt terribly naughty.

By now Jon had flipped my towel up completely exposing my butt, the thought of him seeing me this way caused my breath to quicken. He continued to work my “glutes” first one side then the other and I could feel my heart pounding. A slight pressure on the inside of my thighs let me know he wanted me to spread my legs; my first reaction was to tightly hold my legs together. I was embarrassed at how wet I had become. But when he tapped my thigh again I slid both my feet apart until they were hanging off the sides of the table, was this really me doing this?

I realized I was now fully exposed. I barely knew what I was doing but I didn’t want to stop. I just tried to clear my mind and go purely on the sensation. But I still jumped when he worked down between my cheeks rubbing gently. This was getting intimate! He started to slide his hand between my legs and underneath me. I raised my hips ever so slightly to aid his progress. He worked his fingers inside me, finding me wet and slippery. Moving his fingers with great skill he teased me nearly to the brink. With his other oil-drenched thumb he was rubbing my tender rosebud. I tried to hold back but he kept this up until I dissolved into a silent, lip-biting, trembling orgasm.

I was trying to come back to myself as Jon replaced my towel. Jon and Anna said they hoped we had enjoyed our massages and would be more relaxed. ‘Well that’s one way of putting it’ I thought! Jay assured them that their efforts were appreciated and enjoyed. We got dressed and Jay and I walked hand in hand back to our room. I was silent, lost in thought, replaying what had just happened.

Back at our room Jay asked “Well did the massage live up to your expectations?” With lowered eyes I replied, “Well, it was certainly more than I expected.”

“More, in what way?” Jay asked.

“Well, that is first time in over 12 years that I have gotten off at the hand of another man!” I looked up and Jay was staring at me curiously.

“You mean a little massage caused you to have an orgasm?”

“You call that a little massage? I didn’t know we were going to have our privates massaged. You didn’t tell me it would be that type of massage”

Again I looked up at Jay and now his mouth was open in disbelief. “What are you saying, you just lay there and let him grope you?”

“I heard you moaning, and saying how great it felt, asking Anna not to stop. Don’t tell me you weren’t getting the same treatment.”

“Absolutely not, I was just enjoying having my neck and shoulders massaged.”

Now I was aghast, I had convinced myself that this was something Jay had planned for both of us. “Jay, are you telling me that this massage was not your idea?” I could feel my cheeks flaming with embarrassment at what I had allowed to happen. I felt so guilty. “Honey, I am so sorry, please forgive me” was all I could say.

“Zoie! Are you telling me you actually let another man touch you and stroke you in an intimate way and you said nothing?”

“But… but… Jay I really thought that was your plan! I would never have let him touch me if I didn’t think it was what you wanted. I thought you wanted me to relax and let go!” I told him franticly.

“Zoie, come here” Jay commanded “We need to clear the air. Yes I want you to learn to let your hair down and enjoy sex more. But I am the only man who is ever going to be touching you in that way again. I realize this was a misunderstanding but I want to make sure you remember from now on!”

“Oh Jay, I promise – I will remember!”

“Yes I bet you will.” Jay said as he unzipped my pants and slid them to my ankles. He was pulling me across his lap as I trying to tell him, “No Jay, you don’t have to do this! I’ll remember, I’ll remember!!”

My protests and pleading didn’t do me a bit of good as he began spanking hard with his hand, while telling me I should never have let the ‘massage’ reach that level. Too soon, Jay pulled my panties down and picked up my hairbrush. As the pain increased he continued to give me a sound and thorough paddling while I expressed my sincere remorse!

When he was finished and released me, I slipped to the floor between his feet and tried to catch my breath. I looked up at Jay realizing how special our relationship was. With this thought I reached up and unzipped his pants. After 10 years of marriage at least I had learned how to pick up a few forgiveness points.


How’d you like that folks?? I want to tell you about the author or rather the authors. This was a joint effort. A nice married couple wrote this one. There is nothing like a good collaboration. So which of these fine couples wrote ‘The Massage’? Was it Nick and I – we do pretty well as a team! Was it Mthc and David who are always hot together, writing or not. It could have been Carye and Papa Shrek who have both written hot stories for us before. Or have Eva and Adam been doing more than talking about a libido finding its way home. You be the judge. Come back Monday for the answer!

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "The Massage"?

Nick and PK
David and Mthc
Papa Shrek and Carye
Adam and Eva

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Paid in full!

My wager to Eva is now paid in full! Even though she is calling me whiney in her last post! I got an email from Nick this morning telling me to be in our sun room at 10:00 AM, and he suggested I not be late!

Well, well, well the sun room huh? I had never been spanked in there. I was there on time – and so was he complete with the dreaded backscratchers! He pulled out a chair and made me lean over the back for the first implement, the small backscratcher. I got to keep my shorts on. With the wicked little sting of that particular tool it wasn’t much help on my bottom with my shorts pulled tightly over my butt. But it did offer some help when he aimed at the top of my thighs. I got just over 50 with this sting little monster!

As I got up from there, rubbing my butt, I was wondering what it would be like to be a switch and how anxious I was to see Eva again! I didn’t have long to think as Nick reached around from behind and unsnapped my shorts. Then he sat in the chair and pulled me across his lap. I thought it was sweet of him to let me keep my panties on – that was until he pulled them up in my crack exposing both cheeks to his very hard hand! I don’t know how many swats I got. I lost count after we passed 100 because he was going so fast!

As Nick let me up this time the ides of becoming a switch before our trip was pretty much a certainty in my mind! As Nick walked me down the hall to the bedroom for the third part of my spanking I was wondering whether or not to pack our backscratchers or ask Grace to just bring hers.

In the bedroom Nick took off the rest of my clothes and gave me a nice butt rub with a little lotion, and then he used the heating lotion to rub a few other spots! But he hadn’t forgotten and out came the damn big backscratcher! Bees must come to backscratchers to learn how to sting! Trouble is I am more of a thud girl. I lost count on this one too but I know it was over 60 and for the first time I was doing some kicking and trying to move away from the sting. But Nick told me to stay in position so I tried.

Finally it was over and he went back to rubbing. He was rubbing really good and since he was behind me I got up on my hands and knees, thinking the spanking was over when I heard Nick say something about the wager being paid but that didn’t mean he had to stop. Zowie!!! Something cracked against my bottom several times. Well there was some thud on my burning butt! I looked over my shoulder saying ‘what was that’ only to see it was my old friend the belt! Being on hands and knees was a whole new feeling! Wow!!

But then we got on to the even better feelings! From behind, from the front, sideways I think. We used the little vibrator we got on our last toy excursion. It packs quite a wallop! It turned into such a wonderful morning!

Eva? You remember Eva? My friend, my twin, my buddy, the one who has my back, the one I can always count on. Well all I can say is that she sure came through for me!

With friends like this...

You all know Eva don’t you? My friend, my twin, my buddy, the one who has my back, the one I can always count on. Yeah, you know her. She and Nick were emailing last night. I have to blame both of them. Nick had no business asking her the question he asked and she certainly had no business answering it the way she did!

Nick brought up some ancient history that should have been long forgotten. Eva should have told him to forget it but instead she just made it worse – much worse. Are you all feeling sorry for me yet? You should be. Feel free to stop reading here and take a minute to go fuss at Eva … I’ll wait.

Okay, you’re back, here is the question Nick had no business asking –

“What three items did you select for PK coming up short on the weight loss challenge? (for some reason she hasn’t said a lot about this in the past month)”

Now here is where you would expect your good buddy to step up. Maybe a good answer would have been…

“Gee Nick, give her a break. She is such a wonderful person! She works so hard at the gym and hardly eats anything at all. You have already spanked her every time she has gained. And I was the one causing her to gain last week. I really think you should let her off the hook.”

Yep that’s what a good friend, a twin would have said.

But wait, okay, she knows I am a spanko. Maybe her answer might have been something like this…

“Gee Nick, I am not sure. She is such a wonderful person! She works so hard at the gym and hardly eats anything at all. You have already spanked her every time she has gained. And I was the one causing her to gain last week. But she really loves leather, how about the leather paddle, the leather scrap from Williamsburg and your belt. Remember we love her and want her to be happy.”

So did she say either of these things? HELL NO! This was her answer!

3 things....


1) your hand

2) The little backscratcher

3) The bigger backscratcher

Those backscratchers are near and dear to my heart!!!

Near and dear to her heart, her HEART! They are going to be near and not so dear to my backside and they are NOT my favorites as she well knows! Where is Grace?? She would be on my side – those things are wicked!! I can’t even get Mthc to yell at Eva for me. I think she want to be diplomatic and not take sides. I sure hope the rest of you have the guts to tell Eva exactly how disappointed you are in her.

So when is all this happening? I guess that is up to Nick. But Mollie is babysitting this morning so hold a good thought and maybe send a pillow!