I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who knew there was a real club?

Just a note - my computer is acting up and so is my internet. I'm getting emails days after they were sent and I am not getting some that folks tell me they have send. Not sure all mine are getting out. So if you've emailed and I haven't answered I'm sorry. Hope it all clears up soon.

Last night Mthc stumbled across this link while on an unrelated search. The title caught her attention and so she passed it on to me. I love it!! Some times we may think our desires are unusual but apparently the desire has been around a long time. This was on the front page of the LA Times on January 26, 1938 – nearly 72 years ago! I guess there is nothing new under the sun!

Wives of Spanking Husbands
Form Girls’ Auxiliary to Club

SIOUX FALLS (S. D.) Jan. 25 (AP) — Wives of Spanking Husbands’ Club, organized in Sioux City, Iowa, and parent organization of fifty-nine such clubs throughout the nation according to its own figures–reached out for another slice of territory today. The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary–Daughters of Spanking Parents.


A letter received here from Sioux City and signed “Rita Rae, general delivery,” told of plans for the new organization for which she claimed an initial membership of seventeen. Any girl above the age of 11 years is eligible to join, Mrs. Rae wrote.

“We think all parents should spank their daughters when they don’t behave,” Mrs. Rae wrote.

“Some girls won’t admit it, but the really know it is better to get spanked than scolded and nagged. Spanking creates a better understanding between parents and daughters.”


Mrs. Rae is the president of the Wives of Spanking Husbands, which was organized last June 26 under the broad-minded slogan “Spare the hairbrush and spoil the wife.”

“Our husbands don’t beat us,” the Sioux City woman was careful to explain. “They just turn us over their knees and give us a good sound spanking.”

Wonder if the club is still around and if so where do I sign up?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gradituesday and Diet news

Today I am very grateful for the fabulous fall weather that appeared this weekend and seems willing to stay for a while. Fall is such a wonderful time of the year and I live in a beautiful area to view the changing leaves!

Now for the diet update – I lost 1.6 pounds this week. Mostly from the night I peed all night I guess, but I did work out at the gym too! Nick has asked that I try to get to bed earlier. I am a true night owl. I am worse than a little kid about not wanting to give up the day. But he says that studies show that getting more sleep helps with weight loss. So because of that and because he asked I’ve been working on it. Of course early for me is before midnight.

After he got back from his trip this weekend he told me “Now if you don’t lose again this week your bedtime goes to 11:30.” Geeze he could have told me before he left me here on my own for an eat-fest weekend! But at as much as I like staying up I like Nick telling to be in bed by a certain time. I’m trying, old habits are hard to break but I’m trying.

Monday, September 28, 2009


He’s home!! And the temperature has dropped to absolutely perfect cuddling weather! What more could you as for?

Well to answer that question – we would have the house to ourselves; we could be far enough away from Mollie’s room so he could really warm my bottom before we went to bed to start cuddling; we could both be off work tomorrow so we could sleep late as we cuddled and then make mad passionate love when we gradually woke. Oh well, it gives a goal we can work toward together!

Hope everyone out here has a great week!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good news, bad news

I want to post but it’s pretty quiet around here this weekend. Nick has gone off with the guys on a golfing weekend. Now that’s good news and bad news.

Good news – I have a weekend of quiet solitude. Everyone needs some time alone to do exactly what they want to do. And I have enjoyed that.

Bad news – I miss Nick. I have to sleep alone and I don’t like it. I just miss him being here.

Good news - I miss Nick. I have to sleep alone and I don’t like it. I just miss him being here. The reason that this is good news too is that I couldn’t have really said it during most of my marriage.

Bad news – I haven’t used my time alone to write as much as I wanted to. I do have story ideas I just can’t seem to get started.

Good news – A friend is working on a new Fantasy Friday story and got to read just a bit of it. Not sure when it will be finished so be on the look out for a new story.

So when my husband gets back maybe I will have some sexy, spanking news. But until then just don’t have much to put out here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fantasy Friday, Reunion

Happy Friday everyone. I think you will really like this Fantasy Friday revisit. It from one of the best writers out here in blogland. So have a good read and let this story get you in a great mood for your weekend. Please enjoy...


As he approached the old lodge hall, Wes could clearly see the huge green and white banner hanging from the front of the building.

- - - Welcome Jefferson HS Class of 1982 - - -

The parking lot was full of every imaginable make and model of vehicle. Some of his classmates had clearly done well. Others, it appeared, were still struggling to establish themselves.

After finding a vacant parking spot in the back of the lot, Wes took a deep breath and reflected for a moment before joining the party. This would be his first class reunion without Beth. He was technically a free man. Unfortunately, this group was pretty well paired up and had been so for years. Wes might well be odd man out. Regardless, he knew it would be great to reconnect with old friends.

Moments later, Wes found himself walking beneath the giant banner and into a swarm of classmates.

“Wesley, my man!” shouted Biff Jenkins. Biff was practically a legend in town for his basketball prowess. He led the Fighting Eagles to the district finals in his senior year. His wife, cute, petite, and reserved, seemed almost his opposite.

“Hi Wes!” Wes knew that voice immediately. When he spun around, there before him stood Mandy Miller. Although normally outgoing and a capable conversationalist, Wes felt momentarily tongue-tied.

“Oh. Hi, Mandy. How are you?” He felt strangely nervous greeting someone he had once known so well. Because her maiden name started with the same letter as his, they seemed to sit together in many of their classes.

“I’m doing great. Bruce and I split up three years ago and it’s been a rebirth for me.” She looked great, Wes thought. Mandy was no longer the lanky girl in the sparkling majorette uniform. No, time and life had sculpted her into a beautifully mature woman.

“How about you? Is Beth here?”

“No,” Wes related slowly, “We’re divorced now.”

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” With that, Mandy took Wes’ hand and squeezed it.

“Please don’t be. Like you, I’m building a new life.” Wes recalled that he would have given anything in high school just to hold Mandy’s hand. He gently returned her squeeze.

Just then, the DJ started a favorite Cars song. Wes gestured toward the dance floor in the center of the big hall and asked, “Shall we?” Mandy nodded her agreement.

As they danced through two or three new wave classics, Wes learned that Mandy still lived in town and that her younger daughter was just finishing college. He shared how his dedication to his career had driven a wedge between him and Beth. He had learned from this experience and vowed to be a dedicated partner in his next relationship.

Mandy explained to Wes that her ex-husband was very conventional and wasn’t interested in meeting her needs. She lived with this frustration for years until she learned that he had been unfaithful. The split, when it came, merely formalized what had already happened long before.

Mandy and Wes stuck together for most of the evening. They were even asked once if they were a couple.

“No,” Wes replied, “We’re just really good friends who’ve been apart way too long.” And so they were.

It was enjoyable to walk around to each of the tables and become reacquainted with so many old friends. The turnout was excellent and the stories were remarkably varied. Some classmates had joyous achievements. Others had tragically lost loved ones. Some beamed about their children’s accomplishments. A few had chosen less traditional paths.

With each chance they had to talk, Wes found himself more enchanted with Mandy. She had been beyond his imagination in high school. A mere geek could never compete with a stud football player like Bruce. He was just her study buddy. Yet, she had always been so sweet and so friendly. And now, here she was, holding his hand and shining that lovely smile.

Later, Wes and Mandy shared a slow dance. The song was Sweet Love by the Commodores. Embracing Mandy felt like the fulfillment of a dream that Wes never realized he held. When she snuggled closer, he knew he had to find out whether they could have a future together.

By eleven thirty, the party began to wind down. It would soon be breaking up. How, he wondered, could Wes freeze this moment in time, or better still, allow it to continue. Mandy beat him to it.

“Would you like to stop over at my place for a drink?”

“Yes, I’d love to…”

As he drove across town, Wes could hardly believe his good fortune. He wanted to demonstrate his enthusiasm, but without scaring her off. In the end, he decided to act natural and see what transpired.

Mandy’s house was small, but decorated in a colorful, imaginative fashion that reflected the woman herself. When she offered Wes the promised drink, he opted for water because of the lateness of the hour and his long drive home. He thought he spotted a gleam in her eye when she nonchalantly said, “Oh yeah, right.”

The two talked for the next hour exchanging personal experiences, remembrances, and perspectives. Finally, Mandy fell silent.

“What?” Wes inquired. “Is everything OK?”

“Yes,” she muttered slowly, “I just need to ask you something.”

“Sure, what is it?” They had talked about everything from parenthood to politics. Wes couldn’t imagine what could make her pause like this.

“I hope you don’t think I’m weird…” Mandy drew a long, slow breath as if to muster her courage before starting again. “OK, once, a long time ago, Beth and I were at a club with some girlfriends. We were all really tipsy. Maybe I’m insane, but I distinctly remember Beth telling me that you spanked her.”

Wes wasn’t sure how to respond. “Well, I…”

“She told me that it was absolutely delicious and that she loved it.”

“Well, yes, we did…”

“Ah, so it is true! I have to tell you that from that moment until this one, I’ve envied Beth. I’ve had an interest in spanking since I was in grade school. I even looked up words in the dictionary.”

“So, you’re a spanking enthusiast too?”
“Yes! But Bruce had zero interest in spanking me. I felt totally rejected.”

“So,” Wes observed with a wry smile, “I guess that brings us to tonight.”

“Would you…?”

“It will be a genuine pleasure.”

“OK, that’s great. I need to go and get something.” With that, Mandy zipped upstairs. As she departed, Wes couldn’t help admiring her curved derrière wiggling beneath her skirt. It had been the inspiration for more than one teenage fantasy.

Mandy was almost sprinting when she returned to the living room. She carried a thick wooden paddle.

“I bought this last year at the fraternity/sorority store for the day I finally get my spanking. I’ve even tried spanking myself with it, but it didn’t work very well.

Wes placed his arms around her. He brushed a stray strand of hair away from her eyes. Then he kissed her softly on the lips.

“I want tonight to be an event to remember. I have no desire to beat you black and blue with that paddle. For what you need, my hand will serve nicely.”

Wes set the paddle aside and slid over to the center of the couch.

“I’ve never done this before, Wes.”

“I know. It’ll be fine. I promise.”

“OK, good. Shall I get undressed?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. Just drape yourself across my lap and I’ll lift your skirt.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea…” Mandy positioned herself face down with her torso on Wes’ lap.

“Is this where you dreamed you would be?”

“Oh my, yes. Let’s start.”

“For this first time, I will stop spanking if you ask me to stop. If you don’t ask, I will assume that it’s all right to continue. This will hurt a bit, but I doubt it will be anything you can’t handle.”


Wes lifted the hem of Mandy’s skirt. There, before his eyes was the rounded bottom he had admired so many times – swimming and sunning at the pool in an orange bikini, twirling a baton at football games in her green sequined leotard, or dancing at sock hops in tight fitting blue jeans. Now, clad in lacy aqua panties, it was his to spank.

The first swat was barely more than a tap, but it elicited a shiver of anticipatory joy from Mandy. The second was firmer, but not hard. Wes could tell from the tautness of her bottom that Mandy had been working out. Successive spanks increased in intensity. Wes noted little squeals of happiness escaping from between Mandy’s lips. Soon, he was delivering solid blows to both cheeks. She responded by grinding her hips against his leg.

Wes interpreted this motion as a signal to continue. He pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. He grinned when Mandy lifted her pelvis to aid in his unveiling. Again he spanked, but this time, each strike was accompanied by the distinctive sound of flesh impacting against flesh. Mandy’s utterances were closer to moans of passion than cries of pain.

After a few minutes, Wes slowed his pace and began to intersperse rubs with the swats. At first, he caressed her pleasantly reddened bottom. Finding an appreciative reception, his attention moved to her feminine folds. Mandy’s panting grew more urgent until she exclaimed, “I can’t wait any longer. I need you to please, please make love to me.”

And so began a whole new story…


Now if this doesn't get you in the mood to go to your next high school reunion I guess nothing will. This story was written by probably the best known spanko blogger we have, Bonnie! If you haven't read many of Bonnie's stories I think it is well worth the time to dive into her archives! She has many great ones. Bonnie is celebrating her fourth blogging anniversary this weeks. An amazing accomplishment for anyone. Thanks for all you do Bonnie and thanks for sharing this story with Fantasy Friday.

Most of you seem to be enjoying the reposting of some origional Fantasy Friday stories but I am still hoping for new one to be submitted. If you are willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Medical advice please

I need some medical advice here. For those of you not interested in reading about my symptoms you might want to read elsewhere today. I’m hoping some of you might have an idea of what might be going on.

One thing that I can usually count on is a restful nights sleep with no interruptions. But several months ago I had a strange night. After a very normal day, normal eating and drinking I ended up getting up 5 or 6 times during the night to pee. Normally I don’t even get up once. What was more surprising is that was that it wasn’t just an irritation or the feeling that I had to go; I had a full bladder each time. Don’t know where all that fluid was coming from. It was annoying but except for the getting up and down no real problem or after affects and I just forgot about it…until Monday night when it happened again.

I was in bed by about 11:30 and was up at least 5 times before 5 with a full bladder each time. I was paying more attention this time – still couldn’t think of anything I had done differently on Monday. There was some good news, after getting rid of all that liquid my weight was down nearly 2 pounds. And I noticed when I got to the gym today I felt like I had much more energy. For the past few days I would go to the gym and do my workout but I just felt sooooo tired. Today I had much more energy at the gym. Otherwise today I felt the same as always. I haven’t been thirsty or see anything different in how I feel. And I haven’t been going to the bathroom more during the day, just when I went to bed last night. And of courses this has only happened twice now – several months apart.

So all you smart people – do I have a problem? It’s about time for my yearly physical. Do I need to be tested for something? Evidently I am retaining fluid sometime but not all the time. Why would that be? Anyway, if you have any ideas let me know. This one has me stumped.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I’m so grateful we got to see LJ’s play! I really enjoyed it. He spent much time climbing around the stage with the help of ‘silks’ or ‘ribbon’. It’s the stuff you see them climbing on in cirque du soleil. Now he wasn’t doing any of the really wild stuff but he really seemed athletic and agile. Not two adjectives I have used to describe him often. LOL! Scrawny is how I usually think of him, but it sure helped him to move gracefully above the stage.

I am also grateful for some things Nick is suggesting I do to help me jump start the weight loss. More about that when I see what’s going to happen.

So I guess that leads us to the diet news. It’s bad. I was up 2 pounds at this weigh in. Nick followed me to over see the weigh in. I never even made it out of the bathroom – he just bent me over the counter and let me know a 2 pound gain was not what he had been expecting.

It’s a new week and I’m still trying, I guess that all I can do right now. One interesting thing happened while we were up at Nick’s mom’s house. This is not a good place for anyone trying to lose weight to be. We were getting 3 pieces of cake to bring home – this was a wonderful cake, yellow cake with cherries pie filling mixed in, baked in a 9 x13 pan and a thin icing drizzled on top… sorry my mind wandered, back to the interesting thing. Nick had cut the pieces and I picked up the fork in the pan just to do a little scraping and neatening of the cake edges. It was going to be a wonderful bite. But Nick popped my hand and said “You don’t need that.” Not normally I might have made a face at him and eaten it anyway, I mean one bite – no big deal. But after some interesting emails with Kaylynn I am starting to think about a few things. Now this kind of thinking isn’t my favorite but it might just lead to some important development. I'll be sure to let you know!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Report card time

I’ve said many time how much coming out to Nick has improved our lives. It’s so very true. Our marriage was fine before, we weren’t unhappy, we weren’t angry, neither of us was ever unfaithful, we never considered divorce, never had any reason to consider it. We were just two nice people in a union that was cordial but not passionate. Our love life needed work. But we didn’t spend much time working on it. This might have been our report card for the first part of our marriage.

Companionship C-

Talking about important things D

Him being dominate F

Me being submissive F

Me working for a healthy lifestyle F

Our sex life D-

Our report card has changed a great deal. We’re not perfect but in my opinion we have made great improvements. He’s how I see it now.

Companionship A

Talking about important things B+

Him being dominate C

Me being submissive C

Me working for a healthy lifestyle B-

Our sex life A++!!

So you see I think one thing in particular we are doing fantastic with. I think our sex life just keeps getting better and better. I also think we have improved on everything else. But there is still need for work.

I would love for him to be a more dominate at times. And I would like for me to me more submissive at times. I mean I wish on a few things he would take a firmer stance and be bossy. And I wish I would be a little more respectful of his wishes on things. I think because he is so easy going and isn’t always going to be firm on any rules or consequences then I some times blow off what I see as suggestions or request rather that doing what he asks. I’m working on it.

But I think we are in a great place! Our improvements and changes have been impressive to me. I am so happy with where we are and I'm happy that we are still changing and growing closer. We don't have to 'get it right' we just have to love each other and continue on our journey.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fantasy Friday, The Road Trip

It's Friday again!! We have another repost today. But this is one of my favorites. When this one came in it came with some of its own pictures. Which begs the question, did this one really happen or not? The last two pictures in the post were taken by the author.

Please enjoy...

The Road Trip

It had been a hectic and stressful week and Eric was more than ready to get out of the city. That was why he and Jennifer were heading up along the coast road with a camera and picnic basket and hopes for a nice relaxing day.

They hadn’t traveled far when the fog started to roll in off the ocean, but at this time of year it could also disappear at a moment’s notice. Eric seemed unconcerned about the change of conditions but Jen started complaining, "too cool for a picnic" and "too foggy to get any good pictures along the beach".

Eric tried to ignore the complaining and continued driving while considering the possibilities of salvaging the day. He turned away from the coast in an attempt to get above the fog. After fifteen minutes driving up the twisting road the fog became even denser and the driving became more difficult. Jen’s complaining also became more annoying, “great idea taking this curvy road-waste of time- I’d rather be shopping.”

Between trying to concentrate on the vanishing road and listening to the complaints, Eric’s relaxing drive had turned sour. After enduring another barrage of complaints and suggestions to turn around, Eric wordlessly pulled off the road at a safe spot and switched off the engine. Walking around and opening her door, Eric took Jen’s hand and said quietly, “we need to take a walk”. The look on Jen’s face said she knew she had gone too far. Although they had only been together about six months she knew Eric would not tolerate griping. She also knew what the consequences were likely to be.

Holding her hand, Eric led Jen along a faint trail into the woods. It was very quiet and the fog was giving everything an eerie feeling. Stopping by a large fallen hemlock, Eric explained that what had started as a pleasant drive was being spoiled, not by the weather, but by her attitude and complaining.

Eric told Jen to drop her jeans and bend over the log. Jen looked startled and embarrassed. Although they were well away from the road, the thought of receiving the upcoming spanking outdoors with no real guarantee of privacy sent an extra chill down her spine. The fog did provide some additional seclusion as someone would have to be really close to see anything. Knowing that Eric was dead serious and recognizing the truth in the charges, Jen accepted the inevitable and turned toward the fallen tree and lowered her jeans.

Eric removed the belt from his slacks and started a slow rhythmic assault on her panty-clad bottom. After about twenty good licks, Eric lowered Jen’s panties from her reddened butt. Jen shivered at the increase in vulnerability, both real and perceived. A slight rustling of leaves caught their ears and they both turned in the direction of the sound. A deer was trotting toward them, but upon spotting them made a sharp turn and bounded away into the misty woods. Eric returned his attention to Jen’s now fully exposed ass and gave her twenty more with the belt, the last ten delivered with considerable force, causing Jen to squirm, yelp and promise to improve her attitude. Eric turned Jen around and took her into his arms. She hugged him tightly and apologized for the way she had been acting. Eric told her things would be fine. As Jen was pulling up her jeans she noticed the fog was getting thinner, maybe this was a sign that the day was not lost. A movement about 100 feet away caught their eyes. This time it was not wildlife but a young couple seemingly frozen in their tracks, apparently having witnessed a good portion of what had just happened. Eric merely nodded at them and taking Jen’s hand turned and retraced their path back to the road.

The drive was completed without additional complaints. They found a trail with signs leading to a waterfall. After finishing their picnic, they hiked to the waterfall where the fog added it’s own magic to their surroundings.


Who wrote this fine story? Well let just say I think so much of the author that I recently made made passionate love to him!! Yes my own Nick wrote this one. Now did it really happen ...? No of course not! I would never be that snotty and hard to get along with! But shortly after we took these pictures I did get two outdoor spankings and they were fun, fun, fun!! I hope he writes more soon!

I have one thing to ask everyone who has ever sent a Fantasy Friday story. Since I am reposting all the old stories if there is any reason that someone does not want their story reposted please let me know. I hope we will be able to re-read them all.

The following is what I put up when I posted this one originally and it's still true today... There are very few stories left in the Fantasy Friday mail bag! This is a good feature and I know we all enjoy reading them, not only for the stories themselves but because it’s fun to get such a variety of stories. It is fun to check out the different styles. Please remember EVERYONE is welcomed to participate, bloggers, commenters and lurkers. Please everyone send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So what am I grateful for today, let’s see…

I am most grateful that retirement is within sight. It’s not right around the corner but within sight – this fact keeps me sane!

I’m grateful for every person who comments on my sites and for any of you that email me. This is the place I get to be myself and I appreciate you all letting me have that luxury.

I’m grateful for the perfectly beautiful weather this past weekend, continuing into this week. Fall is a beautiful time of the year!

I had a diet hic-up of sorts. What happened is that I messed up and didn’t realize it until today – truly. I weighed, half asleep and was just grateful that I hadn’t gone up any. I have not really been focused on the diet lately. It’s been the worse since I started 3 years ago. I can’t seem to get with it. But it wasn’t until today that I got around to writing the weight on my calendar. When I did I realized that I hadn’t stayed the same, I had gone up a whole pound. Grrrrrrr….

I emailed Nick last night to let him know. I don’t know when he’ll get it. The strangest thing is that I really don’t know what is going to be the key to get me back on track.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pay back is ... heaven!

It’s been a beautiful weekend! I did very little and I enjoyed every minute of it! Mollie and I did go to the walking park Saturday. I just couldn’t take the gym on such a pretty day. I got some time to do some writing and then on Sunday after church and lunch at Nick’s parents we finally got a little time to ourselves. Yes every husband has his day and Sunday was Nick’s! Mollie was babysitting for a couple to go to friends to watch the ball game – that way we were pretty sure of how long we had before she came home.

I think I made the man very happy! I had already paid the interest with a quickie Saturday morning, if there are any penalties I hope they will be added on later. But I was able to give him his turn for fun and games like he gave me last Monday.

I gave him a massage to begin with and then I used several toy to keep the man very content and happy. Nick doesn’t even mind me using an implement or two provided I only us them as a massage tool. Of course I might be in a little trouble because I did slip in an intense wooded spoon for a few swats and told him that there had been an extreme lack of swats in the house this week and one of us should have to have them!

But mostly he was a very, very happy man – so happy I decided that was a good time to ask him if it was alright to order a new toy I’ve been wanting. I’ve heard several of you mention the dogging bat but this last time when Hermione posted about it, it got me to really thinking. When I looked them up and saw that they weren’t expensive at all I figured we really do need one. When I asked him he just laughed so I’m taking that as a yes!

So it was a great weekend, I’m planning on having a great week and next weekend I get to see LJ in a play. I always like that! Fall is off to a good start.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fantasy Friday - No Angel, part two

This is the second of a two part story of a wonderful Fantasy Friday. If you haven't had the chance to read the first part click here or just scroll down. I'll let you know the author at the end

No Angel, part two

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" commanded the angry voice behind her. "Where do you think you're going?"

Angela Joy stopped dead in her tracks, whirled around and then she blew. "Any frikkin' place I please!" she declared to Larry. Her eyes were huge with rage, she was breathing hard and her fists were clenched.

"Not so fast!" he said. "Where did this come from? Why are you so pissed off?"

"I'm not pissed off! I'm wasting my time! I'm outta here!" Angela Joy reached for the doorknob. Larry's hand quickly followed and covered her hand, keeping her from opening the door. "Turn loose, asswipe!" She grunted and struggled to turn the knob.

"Angela Joy! Stop! Stop this instant! What is going on here?" He pried her hand from the doorknob, took her by the shoulders and turned her to look at him. She kept her gaze riveted to a point just beyond his right shoulder and refused to meet his eyes.

'Just like a man,' she thought. 'He doesn't want me. He doesn't even care. Why am I wasting my time?'

"Can we go talk in the living room?" Larry asked. Angela Joy didn't answer, but she didn't resist him guiding her towards the sofa. She sat down in a huff. Larry sat next to her and turned to take her hands.

"Why are you angry, Angela Joy? You came in here with a huge chip on your shoulder. You were late. Something is obviously wrong. What is it?" Larry asked.

She sat looking at him, wrestling with the demons inside. She was tired of being alone. She was tired of not being understood. She was fed up with men in general and Larry in particular. The harder she tried, the faster the words escaped her. To her growing anger and frustration she couldn't bring forth any explanation.

"I think you're pretty used to letting your anger ruin things when they seem to be going too well," Larry declared. "I think you have some foolish notion that I'm like every other man that has come along, used you, didn't understand you and then left. I think you've been looking for someone to take you away from all your frustration and pain for a very long time. I think you're testing me right now to see if I could possibly be that man. Am I right?"

Angela Joy looked at him in confusion. How had he managed to put his finger on the pulse of her pain like that? How had he found her out without her ever telling him?


"You, young lady, have lived an undisciplined life," Larry told her. "You've lived life by your own rules and they're messed up, aren't they?"

Angela Joy looked away.

"You've been longing for someone to understand you, understand your needs, someone who can help you get your act together. Am I not right?" He declared. Angela Joy continued looking around the room. "Look at me and answer me right now, young lady. Am I not right?"

"Yes," came her whispered reply.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, um, you're right?" she whispered.

"'Yes, sir, you're right! Say it!" Larry demanded of Angela Joy.

"Yes, sir, you're right!" she said with as much force as she could muster.

"You need to be disciplined! Your behavior and your attitudes are both destructive and self-sabotaging. The sad thing is, you know it, but you won't do a damned thing about it. You keep on acting as if things will magically change and one day, you'll wake up with everything you want without ever learning why you act the way you do. You'll continue to go from one heartbreak to another if you keep up with your behaviors." Larry sat back and watched the emotions play across Angela Joy's face. He knew she was capable of being a kind and loving person. He'd seen it many times. He'd also seen her little attitudes, but chose to let them be hers until the day came that one of them affected him and his peace of mind. The day had arrived.

Angela Joy fought with the towering rage that was building inside of her! How dare he? How dare he say she had a bad attitude? How dare he say she'd continue to be unhappy unless she changed and what the hell did he mean by "discipline?"


"Discipline?" she shrieked. "You and who's damned army?"

"Trust me, little girl, I'm an army of one!" Larry was on his feet. "Stand up, right now!" he barked. Angela Joy hopped to her feet. She'd not been able to stop herself. Larry sat back down on the sofa. Grabbing Angela Joy's left wrist, he pulled her across his lap.

Shrieking and kicking, Angela Joy toppled forward. "Son of a bitch, let me up!" Larry flung his right leg over her and pinned her between his legs. She bucked and kicked and flailed, doing her best to squirm her way out of Larry's grasp. He pinned her arm across her back and with his free right hand, flipped up the hem of her skirt.

"You've been asking for this for a very long time, little girl, and I'm here to see you get everything you've asked for!" Larry's hand came down with a stinging slap to her nearly bare bottom. Angela Joy had dressed for sex and was wearing one of her prettiest thongs. It offered no protection from the hand that was slapping her wriggling butt.

"I had hoped this evening would end up with me over you, not you over my knee!" Larry grunted as he spanked Angela Joy's beautiful backside. His hand prints were turning into a blur of angry hot pink as he continued to rain spank after spank. His hand was beginning to sting, but he was still pissed off at her.

"Your attitude sucks!" he declared. "You came dressed for sex and thought being a bitch would turn me on! Didn't work, did it?" He continued to paddle her butt. "You've got a lot to learn, little girl, if you want to be with a man like me. And the first thing is, I'm the head of this household and if you're going to be a part of this household you need to learn it and quick!"

Angela Joy's bottom was flaming. Her struggles had not produced freedom, Larry was far too strong for her. She became still and hoped Larry's punishment would end soon. As she lay across his lap, her butt exposed to the room and Larry's powerful hand, she began to listen to what he was saying to her. He was right, her attitude did suck. She hated it, but once it started she felt consumed by it and had to let it run it's course. She felt she had no control of it. He was right, she did want to be with a man like him. She wanted to be with someone who wouldn't let her get away with anything. "Part of this household..." began ringing through her mind. "Part of this household..." The tears began to flow and soon Angela Joy's slender shoulders were shaking from the strength of her sobs.

Larry stopped spanking when the tears started. Carefully, he released his grasp and helped her stand up. Angela Joy reached behind her and began to rub her hot and insulted bottom. The tears streamed down her face and she began to hiccup, just like she always did when she cried too hard.

Taking her hand, Larry guided her to his bedroom. The room was filled with the fragrance of burning aromatic candles. Larry had set a lovely scene for their first lovemaking and this was not lost on Angela Joy. She began to cry harder when she realized how close she'd come to ruining something wonderful before it had even started.

"Shh, shh, little one," Larry whispered against her soft blonde hair as he held her in his arms. "It's going to be okay. I'll take care you. Quiet. Come lay down with me. We have some unfinished business."


Ahhhhh.... that was satisfying! I hope you didn't mind having to wait just one day to finish it. I said the author had written for Fantasy Friday before, as a matter of fact it was just last week. Yes, CeeCi also wrote this one. Although she hasn't written as much fiction as I would like lately but she is still one of the best writers around in my opinion! I hope you have enjoyed her stories as much as I have. Thanks so much CeeCi!!

I hope many of you are thinking about trying a story - their are so many new blogs and good writers showing up these days. I hope some of you will try a story for us! And remember you don't have to have a blog to try writing a story. If you are willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fantasy Friday - No Angel

Friday has rolled around again and I have another story for you. I'm not sure how to label this one. It has been posted before but not as a Fantasy Friday. Only those who have been reading in this neighborhood for a long time might have read it before. But brand new or not it is a wonderful story!

Please enjoy...

No Angel

"Fine! Go! And fuck you!" Angela Joy hurled the last insult at Matt's back as he headed out the door. 'Asshole!' she thought to herself. 'Good bye and good riddance...waste of time!' She crossed the living room in three angry strides, flung the door open and yelled, "I hope you rot in hell!" She slammed the door with enough force to rattle the apartment windows and send the cat diving under the sofa for safety.

Suddenly, the tears came. Hot and painful, her throat clenched, her heart clenched and she collapsed to the floor in a bout of hysterical sobbing. Another one, gone. Another one, not man enough to understand her. Another one to desert her. Her wailing sent the cat running from the room. Misery kept her on the floor for many minutes, until her sobs became quieter and her tears gave way to hiccups.

"Crap!" she muttered and got up to make her way to the kitchen for a glass of water.


"Your total today is $36.42." Angela Joy looked at the customer taking up space in her check-out with boredom and an air of contempt. 'Slow, old woman,' she thought, 'just gimme the damn coupons and get out of my line.' The customer finally obliged and Angela began ringing up the next shopper in line.

"I have a carton of water in the cart,” said a pleasant, masculine voice.

Angela Joy looked up, ready to retort that she'd noticed it, did he think she was a moron or something? The words caught in her throat as she gazed into the sexiest, darkest brown eyes she'd ever encountered.

"Um, yeah, thanks...I got it,” she told him. Everything seemed to come to a halt. The ringing and beeping of the other registers faded away. The noise of unruly kids vanished, no rattling carts, no hum from the coolers at the back of the store, it was just the two of them and Angela Joy was smitten. As she gazed at the man her hands slowed and then stopped.

"Earth to Checker. Earth to Checker, come in Checker."

Angela Joy snapped out of her stupor and began sliding the remaining items across the scanner. Her thoughts quickly turned to finding a way to introduce herself to the handsome hunk standing in front of her.

"Angela Joy," she stated. "My name is Angela Joy, not 'Checker.' I'm sure you have a name too, other than 'Customer.'"

"Larry. Nice to meet you Angela Joy. I've been shopping here for a while and this is the first time I've seen you working here. Are you new?" he inquired.

"Yes," she told him. "I just moved here from Granston. I needed a change of scenery and so far I'm liking the view around here." She bestowed her most inviting and flirtatious smile upon him. "I'm a bit lonely though, being new in town and all. I hope that I can meet some nice people working here."

Larry was not immune to her charms. He was single again after many years in a decaying relationship. 'No time like the present,' he thought and took a giant leap, one that sealed the fate of two lonely people.

"Want to get a bite to eat with me tonight?"


The dinner lead to another dinner, which lead to more time spent together. Angela Joy was on her best behavior when she was with Larry. He was handsome and witty and generous. He showered her with little gifts and treated her with respect. He frustrated her because he was so old-fashioned. She took delight in teasing him about wanting to wait until they knew one another better before moving their relationship to a more intimate level. Angela Joy wasn't used to waiting, but Larry wouldn't change his mind.

After nearly two months of dating, Angela Joy and Larry decided an evening spent cooking and listening to music at his place would be a nice way to spend time together. Angela Joy, horny and determined, knew it would be 'the night' and if it wasn't, Lord help Larry. Her temper had a twitchy finger on the hair trigger.

Dressed as seductively as her checker's income allowed, Angela Joy arrived at Larry's house a few minutes late. Making him wait seemed like a great way to get his attention. She sashayed up the walk way and rang the doorbell. As she waited she looked around her, admiring the neatly trimmed yard and the freshly swept sidewalk. When her summons went unanswered, she rang the doorbell again, holding it a bit longer to be certain Larry knew she was waiting. Her attitude was beginning to shift from sexy and seductive to perturbed and pouty.

Larry opened the door to find a changed Angela Joy on his doorstep. "There you are," he said. "I was beginning to get worried something had happened. You're 20 minutes late."

"Yeah, yeah," Angela Joy muttered as she flounced into the house. "I'm here now, so chill."

Larry wasn't too pleased with the attitude, but decided life was too short to let a little bit of bitchiness spoil the evening. "Come in to the kitchen," he invited his guest, "I was just getting ready to pour myself some wine. Would you care for a glass?"

Angela Joy followed him into the tidy room and seated herself on a stool at the breakfast bar. "Oh. Chardonnay. Yeah, I guess I can choke some of that down." As she reached for the wine glass, Larry pulled it away from her.

"Do you not like Chardonnay?" he asked.

"It'll do," Angela Joy replied and reached for the wine again. Larry did not extend the glass towards her. He was confused. Who was this woman sitting in his kitchen? The last time they'd been together, she was sweet and filled with laughter. Tonight, she was surly and acting as if her presence was some sort of a sacrifice. He'd hoped the evening would be the night the two of them finally moved their friendship to the next level. He was ready for a relationship with Angela Joy, but not with the woman seated across from him.

Angela Joy was becoming annoyed. 'Is he going to give me the flippin' glass or not?' she whined internally. 'Asshole, don't tease me, don't play with me.' Her lower lip moved out of its own accord and she crossed her arms in a huff.

"Whoa!" Larry exclaimed. "What flew up your butt?" He laughed as Angela Joy fumed.

'So much for seductive,' she thought, 'I wouldn't sleep with him if he had the last cock on the planet.' She leapt out of her chair and stormed down the hall making her way to the front door.

to be continued...


Don't worry you won't have to wait a week. The conclusion will be up tomorrow and then I'll let you know who wrote it. If you have a guess please leave a comment and let me know who you think it might be. It is someone that has written for Fantasy Friday before. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nick's post

I believe this is a first. This post was written by Nick. I'm usually more long winded but he seems to have summed up the situation in a very concise manor. I guess he finally found something important enough to write about!


You guys read PK’s account of our film and play session. Yes, I did let her have her moments first. And I’ll have to say she seemed to have a couple of fine moments. But the assurance of an afternoon session with time for her to recover and promises of repayment in kind did have an attraction (cue Carly Simon singing “Anticipation”).

As PK revealed, the kids tag-teamed to make sure we weren’t lonely Monday afternoon… but then there was the promise for Wed. while Mollie would be babysitting. Well we all know you can’t depend on teenagers unless it is to mess up grown-up plans. As it developed, she did not babysit today (cue the Hee-Haw singers singing “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me”).

When debts are overdue, interests and penalties often are assessed. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Many things to be grateful for today.

I had a fantastic Monday holiday! I slept late and had a fantastic play date with Nick!!

LJ’s boyfriend Colin’s mother had a wreck with two of her grandchildren in the car. Although the car flipped several times and was totaled no one was hurt.

I got to visit with LJ and Colin this afternoon. I do enjoy visiting with those boys.

I have been in a writing mood. I feel like it had been gone forever so it’s nice to have it back for a while.

On to the diet! I was so ready to do a good job last week. And I did start off well but then the cold hit hard. I could make it to school but there was no way I could drag myself to the gym in the afternoons. But I was only up 2 tenths of a pound, it could have been much worse.

Nick gave me a tiny taste of the hair brush the next morning – but only a token since the cold had been the biggest culprit to the gain.

Now Monday I was feeling much better. With Mollie off shopping with a friend and LJ not expected until later in the afternoon we though it might be a good time to try another one of our movies!

Wow! Actually this was a different twist. Two nurses assuring that their client gave up her unhealthy ways – but Nick didn’t seem to mind a bit since all the women were quite attractive and – energetic you might say. After watching the first half Nick decided he wanted to play along with what they were doing again and I was more than ready to play! I didn’t even see the last quarter of the movie but I didn’t care one bit! It was a great play time. I was really getting into it and I was begging him to spank harder! He obliged and finally he gave me the HMW and I was soon floating. I was exhausted – talk about a great work out, soooooo much better than the gym!

Now all this time I think Nick was enjoying himself but I felt like I had been given all the attentions. But by then I was in la-la land so Nick suggested I just rest and later that afternoon I could return the favor. Excellent suggestion! Of course then our kids got into the act. Mollie came home from shopping around 2 and left at 3:45. LJ and Colin arrived around 4 and stayed until 7:45 and Mollie called at 7:50 to let us know she was on her way home. Sigh…

But LJ has headed back to school and Mollie is babysitting tomorrow so Nick will have his day. And trust me he deserves it!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The rewards of cleaning

You all know I’m not much of a house keeper. I hold with the theory that it’s just going to get dirty again. So I usually avoid such things but Saturday for some reason I was in the mood. Nick wasn’t home and I have found that if I ever do any cleaning it is much more likely to occur when I’m home alone.

I started in the kitchen. Once it was all done I started on our bathroom. After cleaning the counter – it sure get piled up with ‘stuff’ that doesn’t belong there – I decided to clean out the drawer on my side. What a junk drawer!! It seems it catches everything.

I figured I would take everything our and then just return what I really needed. When I saw the small box tucked in the back I once again felt that flash of loss and at the same time annoyance at my children.

You see when I got pregnant with Mollie I took my diamond engagement ring off since my hands were swelling. I tucked it in an old box in the back of the bathroom drawer. The only other precious item in the box was the first tooth LJ lost. True treasures you understand!

After Mollie was born my weight really went up so I never tried to put the ring back on. In fact I don’t remember looking in the box again until Mollie was about 6 and lost her first tooth. I took it to put it in the box. I saw the ring but I didn’t even want to try it on at that weight.

Jump ahead a few years. I’d come out to Nick and started losing weight and one day I thought I would just see if there was any chance the ring would fit. Out came the box, out came the ring – it wasn’t my engagement ring. I wasn’t anything like my engagement ring. My ring was gone! I panicked! I knew it had to be one of the children. They had gotten it out to play with and lost it. To cover it up they had slipped in a fake ring hoping I wouldn’t notice. Obviously it had happened when they were very young… but I had to know what had happened. Both kids firmly denied ever taking the ring. I still thought one of they had to be the culprit – if it had just somehow gotten lost there wouldn’t have been a fake replacement ring in the box. So yes I still thought one of them had done it but probably so long ago they honestly didn’t remember doing it.

I had a vague hope of finding it this summer when we moved all the furniture from the kids rooms but no luck. Until today. When nearly everything was out of the drawer, when only a few bobby pins, some stray tissue and a few hotel bottle of shampoo remained I spotted it, my ring lying there in the bottom of the drawer.

I yelled for Mollie, who got to see the ring – that she had been accused of taking – for the first time. Her first reaction was to text LJ to tell him of the find and that it hadn’t been either of them after all.

I’m thrilled to have my ring back! I will still need to have it enlarged to wear it. I was a size 4 when we got engaged – 105 pounds. I still want to know how my ring got out of the box and the fake ring got in there. But I guess it doesn’t really matter now.

There was one more fine I was happy about although it wasn’t quite on the level of finding the ring. I found a tube of Ben Gay. I showed it to Nick and reminded him of something I had told him long ago though he has never taken me up on the idea.

I waved the tube at him and said “This would make a great after care lotion!”

He made a face and said “I just don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Okay then,” I agreed. “If you ever need after care I won’t use it on you, but I think it would be great for me!” I’ve told him again. I’ll let you know if he was listening.

Well that was my Saturday, I found my diamond ring and I have a greater potential for a burning bottom. Yep, that’s my kinda day!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Lies Won't Change Things

* There is a new post at Cassie's Space.

This is a great Friday folks. The beginning of a long weekend! I sure can use it. My cold has gotten worse and my voice is gone - I'm not just hoarse - the voice is GONE! Not the best thing for a teacher just the second week of school. Maybe I can recover over the weekend.

This is another Fantasy Friday Revisit. But since the author didn't remember writing it maybe most of you won't remember reading it! LOL! Either way it's a great story and I know you will enjoy...

Lies won't change things

Did you go to the gym this morning?"

I knew the question was going to be asked and I knew lying wouldn't change the inevitable. "No," I replied slowly, quietly. "Um, no I didn't go to the gym."

"Did you make the bed or do any of your chores?"

Right on cue with that question too. Lying wasn't going to change a thing, so I told the tru
th. "No, um, I haven't done any of my chores today, yet."

"What have you been doing, as if I can't guess," came the question I really didn't want to answer. "Have you been on the computer all day?" he growled.

"Yes, I guess I have been. I didn't realize it had gotten so late. I'll get my chores done right now, promise!"

"Do those chores and do them fast, because I'm on my way home...Right Now!" The phone went dead and my heart filled with dread. We'd been talking for weeks about the time I spend on the computer. It's been interfering with everything in my life lately and he wanted it to stop.

The phone rang again causing me to jump. "When you hear the garage door open," said my very angry husband, "I want you to go into the bedroom, str
ip down to your panties, get on your knees and stick your nose in the corner. You will place your hands on top of your head and you will not move. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I gulped and squeaked.

"Yes, what?" he barked.

"Yes, sir?"

"Yes, Daddy!" he commanded.

I knew I was in for it and quickly complied, "Yes, Daddy!" I began to cry.

"No use crying, little girl. Get to work! You have twenty minutes!" The line went dead again.

I scrambled. The dishes went into the dishwasher. I wiped the counters as quickly as I
could. I ran through the house, dusting and picking up items to put away. I dashed into the bedroom to make our bed when I heard the garage door begin it's ascent! I'd been working as quickly as possible, but he was home already! My body clenched.

Into the master bathroom I went to strip out of my clothes and place them in the hamper. Wearing only my thin white cotton panties, I made my way to the corner of the bedroom furthest from the door. On to my knees, hands on top of my head, I leaned forward and placed my nose into the corner as he'd instructed. My heart pounded and my mind raced.

"Slow down," I told myself. "You'll get through this, you'll be fine. He loves you and is doing this to help." I began to relax. I could smell the dry mustiness of the plaster. I could hear the ticking of the grandfather clock in the other room. I listened for his steps, but did not hear them. I waited. I waited and wondered what my punishment would be.

The minutes passed like hours before I finally became aware that he was standing in the doorway behind me. My mind had drifted. How long he'd been observing me, I had no idea. I began to turn my head to look at him.

!" he demanded. "I did not tell you could move." I turned my nose back to the corner.

"You, young lady, have gone too far! We've talked about this until I'm sick of it. You've promised you'd stop. You've said you'll get your priorities straight. Nothing has changed at all, has it?" I could feel him coming closer. "Answer me."

I began to whimper and cry. "I'm sorry," I whispered into the corner, in between my tears.

"No, I don't think you're sorry at all, little girl. I think the only thing you're sorry for is that you've been caught. I told you what I was going to do the next time this happened. Did you think I was playing? Did you think you'd be able to cry your way out of it? Think again, little girl. It's time to realize that at least one of us keeps our word. Stand up!"

I stood up as fast as my aching knees would allow. With my hands still on top of my head, I kept my nose in the corner.

Rough hands grabbed my panties and pulled them up between my cle
nched butt cheeks. I yelped in surprise, causing him to give them an extra tug. He pushed his body against mine, forcing me further into the corner. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. I could feel his pounding heart against my back.

He kept a grip on my panties and pulled me away from the corner. "Don't you turn around or look at me, little girl. Keep your hands on your head." He led me backwards towards our bed. When he reached the edge, he stopped. "Stand still."

I heard the unmistakable sound of his belt buckle as he whisked his belt out of its loops. Without warning, he turned me toward the bed and began pushing my head forward. "Bend over," he commanded. "Do not remove your hands from your head, got it, little girl?" I bent over.

The first stinging slap landed hard, fast and hot on my right cheek. I shrieked at the se
aring pain. There was no time to recover from the burning blow before it was followed by another. "Start counting!" I complied counting every hit that rained down on my bottom and the backs of my thighs. By the twentieth slap from the stinging belt I was wailing. By the fortieth I was pleading with him to stop. By the sixtieth I was apologizing and promising with all my being I would not waste my time on the computer. By the seventieth I begged for his forgiveness and told him I loved him for all he was doing for me.

He stopped. We were both panting, exhausted from the physical and emotional exertion of my punishment. With gentler hands, he guided me back to the corner. "Back on your knees, little girl.", he ordered.

"Yes, Daddy," I replied then added a heartfelt "thank you" as I knelt. My bottom throbbed. The backs of my thighs burned. With my nose pressed into the corner, I thought about all that had just happened. I'd been a foolish and willful girl. I'd blatantly ignored his requests and broken every promise I'd made to him. The tears rolled silently down my cheeks as I struggled with my regret and remorse.

"Daddy loves you," he said tenderly, then he kissed the side of my neck. Daddy loves you," he whispered as his hands traced a tickling path down my ribs. "Daddy loves you," he murmured as he moved my panties aside to find my center wet and ready to receive him.

"Thank you, Daddy," I sighed as he slipped into my body. "Thank you, I love you."


So who was the author of this wonderful story? It was the magnificent, beautiful and multi-talented CeeCi!! My dear friend CeeCi is private now but as you can tell from this, she is a fantastic writer. Well, in my book she is fantastic in just about every way! To read a little more of her writing you can check out LA Kink the blog Eva, Grace, CeeCi and I started to tell about our first meeting.

So thanks again CeeCi for a wonderful story and for helping me with Fantasy Friday. Please everyone, more stories!! This is opened to everyone - bloggers, commenters, lurkers, everyone has a story in their heads! Come on share it with us. Send them in to elisspeaks@yahoo.com .

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I'm pretty sure it was my old friend Theresa used to blog about shopping at Publix. When a friend sent me this email about one of their new stores I thought I'd pass it on!

A new Publix supermarket opened in Hudson , Florida .

It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the distant sound of thunder and the smell of fresh rain.

When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of fresh cut hay.

In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks and brats.

In the liquor department, the fresh, clean, crisp smell of tapped Miller Lite.

When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.

The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread & cookies.

I don't buy toilet paper there anymore.