I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Fender Bender,II

I'm really happy that this week has come to an end. To many things have happened that were extremely annoying that just didn't have to happen. Thankfully  Nick and I are just fine and dandy. I just needed to be away from work. Next week has to be better.

This weekend's story from Mandy,  friend I haven't heard from in a while. I'm hoping that by posting some of these old stories so me folks will pop back up again.


Oh no, oh no, oh no. I was in so much trouble. I hurried to remove the bird from the roaster, and watched in horrified stupor as my hand opened and jerked away. I had been in such a rush that I hadn't taken the time to put my whole hand over the potholder, as a result I had wrapped my index finger around a 320 degree wire handle. My left hand dipped sharply and the bird took an unexpected final flight down to my freshly washed kitchen floor and skidded across the waxed surface.

The dogs that had stayed out of my way while I was cooking found this temptation too great. Before I had even plunged my hand into a sink-full of cold water, left over from the breakfast dishes, the dogs were messily dividing up their plunder. I started to yell for them to go away, then gave up. My finger was already starting to blister, and I now had no idea what I was going to do for dinner.

If I hadn't gotten that ticket this morning after getting into that fender-bender I might have run up to the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken or two, but I was now a little leery of driving until David checked out the car. Plus, it was snowing and I knew that the driver-side headlight was out.

David didn't know about the fender-bender yet, I was not going to call it an accident, even to myself, and I didn't want to tell him over the phone. It occurred to me that my burned finger was the perfect excuse to ask David to stop at the store, but I knew I would be in even more trouble if I asked him to go to the store and didn't tell him about the car. No matter what I did I was going to be in trouble.

Brrrt brrrt brrrt, I jumped as my back pocket buzzed. My mother-in-law was calling. "Hello Martha." I answered.

"Hi sweetie!" She spoke. "I'm just letting you know that Frank and I are about ten minutes away. We're stopping at the grocery store. Did you need any last minute items?"

God bless Martha. "Could you pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens?" I asked. I quickly related the series of unfortunate events that had unfolded in the last five minutes. "I can pay you back when you get here." I told her.

"It's no trouble Sarah, just take care of your hand. We'll be there soon." Martha assured me. "Is David home yet?"

"No, but he should be here any minute." I told her. I thanked her and hung up.

Well that was one problem dealt with. If only my other problems were as easy to solve. I glanced around my ransacked kitchen. Even if I somehow hid all the spoons there were plenty of things I could imagine David using on my backside. "We have way too many things in this house I could be spanked with." I muttered under my breath. I shooed the dogs downstairs and closed the basement door. They happily took the carcass of my turkey with them.

I had just finished cleaning the remainder of the grease off the floor, quite a feat while trying not to use my right hand, when I heard David's footsteps on the porch. There was no way he hadn't seen the dented, slightly crunched vehicle in the driveway. My backside spasmed, as if it anticipated his reaction and my hand rushed guiltily back to comfort it. I winced as my blistered finger made contact with my jeans.

David walked into the house, bringing most of the cold into the house with him. "What happened?" he asked, both words tinged with worry and icy determination.

"I got into a little fender-bender, I'm okay, the car still works, I didn't want to worry you." I blurted out in a rush. "Your parents will be here in a couple minutes." This last was a frantic effort to put off the inevitable, something I was sure he realized when he started walking toward me without even removing his shoes. He stopped only when he heard the distant sound of his mother's laughter, followed by the sound of a door closing.

"We will discuss this later." He promised, as he returned to open the door for his parents. There were hugs all around; David's mom set the rotisserie chickens on the counter as Frank asked David what happened to the car. "I was just about to find that out when you arrived." David replied. "Why don't you and mom let me take your coats? Sarah can tell us what happened over dinner."

I busied myself setting the table, smiling gratefully when Martha began slicing up one of the birds. The table was set in no time, and all of us bowed our heads as Frank said grace. I didn't pay much attention to the generic prayer, worrying myself with how I was going to tell David what had happened, while minimizing the damage that would later be done to my backside.

I looked up to see everyone staring at me, and realized that someone must have asked me a question. "Excuse me?" I asked.

"How is your hand, dear?" Martha repeated.

"What happened to her hand?" Asked David and Frank.

"Why, she burned it quite badly." Martha replied.

"Show me." David said. I uncurled my hand and extended it toward him. "How did this happen?" He asked, concern furrowing his brow.

I quickly relayed the story and David's brow smoothed out. "Why weren't you paying attention to what you were doing?" he asked.

I sucked in my breath sharply; this was not good. Now I would have to tell him about the car accident, I mean fender-bender. He would be even more upset because my concern over the acci... fender-bender was the cause of my becoming hurt. I didn't want to proceed, but I wasn't really being given that option.

"Well," I began, "Do you remember that doctor's appointment I had this morning, because of my tiredness lately?" David nodded. "I was on my way back, thinking about what the doctor had said, and I didn't notice the light on the corner turn yellow."

"What!?" David exclaimed, nearly leaping out of his chair.

"The light turned yellow, the car in front of me could have made it, but they stopped. I tried to stop in time; I just didn't quite make it. I think maybe we need new brakes." I temporized.

"I just changed those brakes last month." David gritted out.

I winced. I should have remembered that. This was not going well. Now my news that should have made everyone so happy was just going to get me in more trouble. David and I had been told by a fertility specialist that my untreated endometriosis had made it unlikely that I would conceive. We had tried anyway for the last two years with no results; today I had learned that we had finally been successful. "There is good news." I forged ahead, somehow not hitting the happy note I was going for. "The doctor was able to tell me why I've been so tired lately."

"Why was that, honey?" Martha asked, reminding David that we weren't alone.

"It's a very temporary condition." I said. "It should only last about eight more months."

Martha squealed, and Frank looked at her without comprehension, then looked at me as what I had hinted at so broadly sank in. "You're pregnant?" he asked. "I thought you couldn't get pregnant."

"So did we. But, apparently that wasn't true." I snuck a glance at David. He was looking at me with the strangest expression. Joy mingled with fury in his eyes. I certainly hoped joy would win.

"Mom, Dad, I love you, but after dinner I would appreciate it if Sarah and I could be alone." he said. "We'll call you to set something up tomorrow."

Frank chuckled good-naturedly, and within a half-hour he and Martha had left. No sooner had their car pulled out of the driveway than David had locked the door and led me to the living room. He took my hands, turned them so he could see my burn, and planted a kiss on the biggest blister. Then he sat on the couch and pulled me face down over his lap.

I had expected to end up in this position, but that didn't mean I wanted to be in it. I started to complain, and David silenced my whining with a particularly stinging swat. "Be quiet." he said as he pushed my jeans and underwear down my legs, and pulled them all the way off, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor. "So, let me get this straight," he began, massaging my bottom absently. "First you found out you were finally pregnant, against all the odds, then you didn't pay attention while driving, and got into an accident."

"Fender-bender" I protested.

He smacked my bottom, hard, then continued as if I hadn't interrupted.
"... you didn't call me."

"I didn't want to worry you." This time he didn't content himself with one smack, he landed several, until my backside felt as blistered as my finger.

"...You came home and hurt yourself because you wouldn't take the time to calm down. You still didn't call me. Then, when it was time to tell what had happened you tried to minimize what you had done to avoid getting into trouble. Do you have anything to add?"

I thought hard. There was a lot I wanted to say, to show him it wasn't as bad as he thought it was, but I had a feeling that if I tried to argue my way out of trouble I would just be in more trouble. "No." I replied.

"That's what I thought," he replied. Without another word he declared open-season on my bottom. His smacks built in intensity from fierce and fiery to molten magma, turning my bottom into a place so sizzling hot I thought it might melt off my body.

I had long since stopped fighting him, lying still over his knee, except for the sobs that shook my body, when he ceased spanking me. He rubbed my poor abused rear, his work-roughened palm scratching a stinging relief to the same area he had set on fire. He lifted me into his arms and carried me to bed, placing me delicately on my tummy.

I heard him moving about the room, getting ready for bed, and thought I felt a feather light kiss on my damp cheek, accompanied by the words, "Sleep sweet, we'll talk in the morning." as a fuzzy blanket of grey tinged sleep carried me away.


Thanks Mandy. I hope you are still writing and that you'll share another story with us soon. We'll be waiting. Until then I hope there are others of you out there writing and willing to share. If you are please send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where can a girl get a good beating when she needs one?

I had a horrible day – and nothing really bad happened. My classes were taken over for the day by one of the computer teachers.  He’s the best guy at school, and I just love him, but I find it incredibly difficult to be in my class and not be in charge. He wanted me to stay so I did, but I couldn’t help the kids – I can email and write spanking stories, that’s it. Neither of these were in the lesson plans, so I was as lost as the kids.

I’m a fairly strict teacher, when the adult is teaching, the students are to be quiet and listen. Computer teacher is very lenient about this and while he continued to ask for quiet he wasn’t getting it. As a teacher I hesitate to call down a class being led by another teacher – I feel like I’m stepping on their toes or saying they aren’t doing a good job, but as the day wore on I realized every muscle in my body was growing more and more tense.

By the time I got home I knew what would really feel great was a long, long spanking. I dreamed of leaving my clothes on, but having Nick use Bondie’s paddle and spank my butt until I begged him to
stop. Then his belt, all over my back and down my legs – I also dreamed of him using a flogger, not the one we have – it’s a terrible plastic-like one, I dream of a beautiful suede one like some of my friends have. I just wanted him to beat me – and I use ‘beat’ as a spanko would understand the word.

I know, I know I could have just asked him. I almost did. But I furnace is dying and someone was coming ‘some time’ to look at it. I tried hinting a little – but Nick and I have been together too long, I was bitching and griping about a few things. I was mostly teasing so Nick barely noticed, except to call me a whiner.  I flipped him the bird, but he just laughed. I didn’t exercise, but he didn’t notice. I guess for someone as perfect as me, you just have to come right out and ask. Sigh… I didn’t. Maybe next time.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quiet time

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Things are going well in my world. Nick and I are doing well. I’ve been spanked twice in three day – not hard at all, but I still loved the thought and the attention. I come every day and read my friends blogs, but then for some reason I feel mute. I want to talk to everyone, I always feel better when I talk to everyone out here. But I feel like I have nothing to add anywhere. Do any of you ever feel like this?

I know I’ll be back with it soon. Everything ebbs and flows and I have too big a mouth to stay quiet long. I just wanted everyone to know I’m still reading, I’m still here, I’ve simply turned into a lurker.

So as I'm trying to find something to add I guess you'll just have to…

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Playful Mood

I feel like I haven’t been out here at all this week. All is well, in fact I got spanked as soon as I got in from work yesterday. There were a few housekeeping issues Nick wanted to address. And yes, I did a little cleaning.
I haven’t had any new Fantasy Friday stories sent in for a while, but we have a new one anyway – well a new one for 95% of you I’m sure. I’m posting one of Cassie’s older stories. I hope you enjoy…

Playful Mood

     I have no idea what got into Tom this weekend but the man was in a happy playful mood. If he had been much happier I wouldn’t be able to sit at the computer.
We had a pleasant, but busy Friday. We both took care of appointments and errands that we’d been putting off.
Tom was planning to play golf Saturday morning. I didn’t plan on getting up before he left. I thought he said he was leaving around 8:00. I had my time off and he came into the bedroom just after 8:30 and starts in with, “Cassie! Are you sick?”
I came boiling out of the bed saying, “Tom, it’s Saturday. You know I’m fine, don’t you come near me with that thermometer.” He was laughing at me as I tried to slip my way into the bathroom.
I didn’t stand a chance. He said, “If you aren’t sick you have no business wasting the morning in bed.”
And just like that, I was over his knee getting my bottom warmed with his slipper. It hurt, but I couldn’t help laughing as he peppered me with questions as well as pops.
“Just what plans do you have for the day?” He wanted to know.
“I have a hot date planned during your golf game, so don’t leave any bruise.” My ‘being a smart ass’ timing has never been good Owww! After that volley was over I told him I was meeting my nieces for lunch.
He headed off for golf, with me all spanked and no time for lovemaking. It was a beautiful day, nearly seventy degrees, so after lunch I decided to tackle my flowerbeds and remove all the weeds and last summers’ growth. I usually do this much earlier, but then I broke my hand and it got put off.
It was a bit muddy so I put on an old tee shirt and pair of overalls that I like for working outside. I won’t wear them when Tom is around because he makes such fun of me. I couldn’t find my gloves, but I put on my garden boot and out I went. Okay, I didn’t look my most elegant but I was doing yard work.
I had been working quite a while when I suddenly heard laughter from the deck. I was on my hands and knees, mud up to my elbows and streaked all over my face where I’d sweated and Tom was laughing his fool head off at me.
He came out in the yard saying, “Good grief Cassie, you look like a rag pickers child.” But when he saw my hands he was less than amused. “What are you doing out here with out your gloves. You know better,” he said sternly. Tom loves my hands and they did look pretty rough at the moment. I felt what was coming next so I took off for the house. It’s been quite a while since a man chased me in my yard.
He cheats so he caught me pretty quickly. I figured I was in for a spanking as soon as he got me in – but no. He headed to the bench around one of our trees. Our yard is fairly secluded, but we do have neighbors.
 “No, Tom, take me inside!” I demanded.
“Those dirty overalls aren’t going in my house,” he insisted.  And before I could stop him that devil had my overall off and I was over his knee – outside! I wanted to yell at him but I felt the noise he was making was more than enough for the outside sitting with out me adding to it.
When he got done I made a grab at the overalls, but he kept laughing and saying no. I may have been wild at one time, but now I don’t expect to be sprinting across my lawn dressed in only a tee shirt, panties and socks. I'm beginning to think Tom is losing it.
 Tom helped me in the shower, he said I’d never get all that dirt off myself. We took a long nap, well after a bit of fun and it was after seven when we woke up. “What are you fixing me for dinner?” Tom asked, like I ever cook.
Shaking my head, I told him, “You have lost your mind. You have spanked me twice today for absolutely no reason and now you think I’m going to make you dinner. Forget it! I am not doing it.
     Sigh…I made us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I drank mine from a mug, easier when you are standing at the counter after the third spanking of the day. And he was in a good mood. I promise I won’t be complaining about being ignored, for at least a few days.

If you aren't familiar with Cassie and Tom you can find Cassie's blog here. And there are two books out now - check my side bar. I'm working on number three as fast as I can. Okay, I'm writing. I hope some of you are and that you'll send a story for a Fantasy Friday. Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Sunday, February 16, 2014

That achy soreness

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. If you’ll remember all I ask for was enough spanking to have a little achy soreness the next day. As we’ve said many times out here, be careful what you wish for. I was a lucky girl – I got a spanking, and I sure do have the achy soreness, it’s just at the wrong spot.

We had three days off school because of the snow, and even I can get tired of just sitting on my butt.  When Nick offered to shovel the neighbor’s drive I decided to help a little. We’ve often teased our neighbor that he stands in the yard in the fall and catches each leaves as they hit the ground, lest they mess up his lawn. He feels the same way about snow on his drive, but he’s been pretty sick lately and it’s all fallen on his wife. Nick had shoveled our drive – it’s fairly short, but theirs is about three times longer.

I wanting to be a good neighbor too, so off I went. You need to understand the majority of my exercise involves reaching to pick up my computer and then typing. I found shoveling snow uses a whole new set of muscles. Although I didn’t do a tenth of what Nick did, I thought my lower back was simply going to attack and kill me. This was all on Thursday.

By Friday, Valentine’s Day, I truly had my achy soreness – but as I said,  it was at the wrong place. Even Nick was sore from squatting and lifting each shovel full. All that soreness still didn’t stop Nick from pulling over his knee for a quick hard spanking before we headed out for dinner – bless him. It was good enough to notice when I sat in the wooden chair at the restaurant. That soreness was sooo much nicer than the backache.

Don’t worry about us, though, yesterday afternoon we had a mutual massage session that was just wonderful, we took turns rubbing and kissing all the sore places and making everything better. There was still some moaning and groaning, but boy was it fun.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fantasy Friday - The Storm, II

We almost didn’t have a Fantasy Friday today. Yet one more thing we could have blamed on the snow. I worked Monday, then there was a delay on Tuesday. We were out Wednesday and Nick, who usually is off on Fridays, took off Thursday and planned to work on Friday instead. In other words I've had no idea what day it is.

I finally realized today was Friday and also Valentine's Day. I didn't have a new story for today, but I decided to put up the last of the three stories Cathy has sent over the years. In their own way I think that Cathy and Dennis are as truly romantic as any couple I know.  I hope you’ll enjoy… 

The Storm

Dennis isn’t a bossy person. We usually talk things over and decide about things together. He hardly ever tells me, no you can’t do that. But when he does it’s important to him that I listen. I’ve learned that besides just not making him mad, it’s usually a good idea.

There was one time a few years ago that I really wish I’d listen to him, but I didn’t. This was back before the baby was born. I took my older 2 kids to visit my sister for the afternoon. I love my sister but after a day with 5 kids all under 7 I was ready to head home. I was just about to call Dennis when he called there. He said that there were bad storms coming and he didn’t want me to drive home. He told me to spend the night. I argued with him some but he wouldn’t budge. So I planned on staying until my sister’s 6 year old pushed my 2 year old down and my sister called my little one a cry baby. I just wanted to take my babies and go home. I knew Dennis would probably still say no, so I didn’t call.

I sure made a big mistake. I ain’t ever driven in any worse weather. The rain was so hard I couldn’t see the road some of the time. The wind liked to blow me off the road. I tried pulling off but when I did a tree blew down right beside us. It would have killed us if it had hit the car so I pulled out and kept going. My poor kids were as scared as I was but I couldn’t hardly do nothing for them and try to drive too.

We finally got home in one piece. Usually it’s just a little over an hour drive it, but it had taken more than 2 and a half hours to get home. Dennis had called my sister about a half hour after we left to tell me that there were tornados in the area. My sister told me later that he pitched a fit when he found out we’d headed home. We didn’t have cell phones so he’d been mighty scared the whole time.

When I finally got home we were both more worried about the kids than anything else. Dennis is the best daddy in the world. He sat them both on his lap and let them talk about what they’d seen and how scared they’d been. They told him about the wind and the rain and the tree falling. My least one was too little to talk good yet but Dennis would ask her yes and no questions and he would listen to her baby talk as she tried to tell him what she’d seen. While the kids were telling Dennis about the car rocking in the wind and the tree falling so close Dennis would look up at me with a real serious look. He must have sat there near an hour talking with them and by that time they got through talking Dennis had turned it all into an adventure and proof that God loved them and would always look after them.

After we got supper and the kids to bed Dennis just come and put his arms around me. He just held me quiet like for the longest time. I knew he really didn’t want to do what he was going to do but he felt like he had to. He asked me why I hadn’t done like he told me. He didn’t think being mad at my sister was much of a reason for putting all our lives in danger. I told him I was real sorry I hadn’t listened to him. He said he didn’t boss me much but he expected me to listen when he had to. He told me I had a whippin coming, but I already knew.

We went into the bedroom and I didn’t say anything cause I knew he was right. He told me to take off my jeans and panties too. I did like he told me. I felt real bad about what I’d done but when Dennis started to take off his belt I started crying. I hate the belt. My daddy only whipped me twice but both times it was with the belt. Dennis never had to use it before. He sure whipped my butt that night. It hurt real bad. Besides that big old wide belt itself I hated that I wasn’t across his lap. If I have to have a whippin I want to be close to him, not leaning over the end of the bed. It was as hard a whippin as I ever got from Dennis, but I guess it was about the dumbest thing I ever did too.

I know some for you say you like to make love after a spanking and that you think it’s sexy. I don’t think that there is anything sexy about having Dennis that upset and getting a belt taken to your behind like that. But afterwards Dennis just held me while I cried and told me that he loved me. I was sorry and I was wrong not to listen when he told me to stay put that day. He was trying to keep us safe like he always does.

Cathy thank you so much. Sometimes you seem to be in the loving dd relationship many of us dream about. You have a wonderful husband. Please share more stories with us as you have time.

Now for the rest of you out there reading, I'm glad you're reading - now start writing!! Come on, try. You know you want to. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I have a couple of suggestion

As I’m sure you know the south is being hit with snow, predictions range from 4 to 12 inches. We don’t see even four inches very often. Snow never bother’s me. As a teacher, I’m off when it snows and I plan to sit by the fire and write and watch it fall.

I’m just now beginning to realize a major difference between blogging and writing books. The very best thing about blogging, to me, is the contact with other. It’s often immediate, you leave a comment and I answer it. This is what I’ve loved from the beginning. Writing a book doesn’t work the same way.

In some ways writing is like teaching – you say something that affects other, hopefully in a positive way, yet you may never know it. I’m luckier than many writers, I’ve had several friends mention the book, post about it and even review it. I started to list those who had, but I’m afraid I’d leave someone out. If I haven’t thanked you personally I surely do now.

Writing and having my books read, reviewed and spoken about by others got me thinking of things that had never occurred to me before – writers really want to know what the people who read their book think. There have been so many books throughout my life that I have loved, which have touched me, and in a few cases changed my life. I’ve recommended them to, and discussed them with, anyone who would listen. Yet in all those years of joyful reading it never once occurred to me to tell the author how much I enjoyed the book.

This is not a post to try to get you to review my books; it is a post, however, to encourage you to review any book that you read that you really enjoy. I’m not good at reviewing books yet. I think about it, sometimes I mean to, but often I never get around to it. I’m going to try to do better, but it will always be sporadic. Maybe you’ll do better.

I had some really nice reviews on both, Cassie’s Tale and Cassie’s Space.  Two on the first one were less than glowing. When I first saw those, I immediately flashed back to high school and my first thoughts were, “They don’t like me.” Thank goodness I am old enough to have gotten past that pretty quickly. Then I went back and read them carefully – neither said the book was bad, simply that they thought it could be better and gave some suggestions. And they were right! I saw exactly what they were saying and as I write book three I’m taking their criticism and suggestions to heart and working to improve. If those reviews had been mean or ugly, I would have ignored them. These, with constructive criticism, helped me. Those who simply gave it rave review, made me wildly happy and keep me working on the next book with total joy!

Today I have suggestion for everyone, especially those who are snowbound – think about writing a book review. Chose some book you’ve read recently.  Go to Amazon as if you were ordering the book, scroll down and you’ll see a button that says write a customer review, and do it! You’ll make the author's day. Now if you haven’t read anything you really liked lately, might I suggest you try Cassie’s Space or Cassie’s Tale. LOL, bet you didn’t see that coming! You can read an excerpt here and another here.