I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

I need a favor

I’ve done some things in my life I’m very proud of – I married Nick, I’m pretty proud of that! I’m even more proud of my wonderful children, LJ and Mollie! I’m proud I’ve been a teacher for nearly three decades. But the next thing I’m proud of in a BIG way are my books. I’m very proud of the Cassie series. I’m proud of my characters, I’m proud I actually wrote so many of the stories that were in my head down for real, I’m proud they were finally published and I’m unbelievably proud that so many of you have read and enjoyed them.

Then yesterday I had another proud moment – I found out Cassie’s Space had been nominated in the 'best spanking romance series' category over at Spanking Romance Reviews Award. I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for anything before and I am happy about this - very proud!

So I was hoping if you’ve read any of the Cassie series and you liked it, would you go vote for me? There are many, many categories and you have to scroll a ways down to get to ‘Best Spanking Romance Series’ (I think it’s the eighteenth category). Voting is opened through Feb. 7th.

There is a new Cassie book coming very soon. It’s a really good one and I’ll be telling you all about it very soon. I really think you’ll like it. If you want to read a few snippets from this new book you can go by PK Corey's Reading Room. I've posted a snippet for today and there was one for the past two weeks.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fantasy Friday - To Her Credit

I made it to another Friday. It was touch and go this week - I've had a cold to end all colds. But I'm getting better, just that darn cough hanging on.

Our fantasy Friday today came from Lillian. She has written a few FF for us but it's been a while. I'd love to see her come back. Please enjoy...

To Her Credit...

John couldn't believe his eyes. How could she?!? He looked again at the credit card bill to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. Even after blinking a few times, it was still there. Written clear as day was a three-hundred dollar charge. He was going to kill her….

It wasn’t long after they got married that John realized Sammy had no sense when it came to money. More than once during their first months of marriage Sammy came home from a shopping spree, having spent five to eight hundred dollars in a single sweep.

After the fifth time this happened, John had sat Sammy down to set some ground rules.

“You and I both know that we cannot afford for you to spend this type of money every time we turn around. We just bought a house; just started our life together and I don’t want to lose everything because you can't control your spending.” She gave him a pout but he forged ahead.

“I love you, you know I do, but from now on you can only spend a hundred dollars a month.”


“No, this is not up for discussion! A hundred dollars a month is more than fair, I’m not asking you to pay bills out of that money or buy groceries. It’s yours to spend as you please, but a hundred dollars is all you get. I think that’s more than fair for a month’s time.”

“But…” Sammy tried to intervene again.

“There will be not buts about this. Actually, it will be your butt on the line if you can’t follow this rule.” John had been spanking Sammy since a month after they met. She had thrown a beer bottle at his head during a minor disagreement. “I’m serious about this Sammy. No more spending just to spend, or I’m taking the extra cash outta your butt, you got it?”

Not happy but not knowing what else to say Sammy had agreed. And she had done a darn good job following the rule too. (Unlike some of her other rules!) There had only been two occasions, over the last three years, where Sammy had broken her spending rule without permission. Both times John had punished her.

The first time she had only spent about $10 more than she should have. She did it on purpose about six month after he had instated her allowance, just to see what he would do. She quickly found out that even ten extra dollars earned her a hot seat. John had first taken her over his knee and lit into her with only his hand. Then he had pulled out the dreaded hair brush and made her glow. She ate dinner standing up that night. John was obviously not messing around about her spending.

The second time, Sammy had been mad at John for spending too much time watching golf. She had stormed out of the house upset and returned hours later, a hundred and seventy-five dollars lighter. She barely made it through the door with her shopping bags before John had her turned face down over the back of the couch. He used the dreaded brush on her again but also gave her twelve awful swats with his belt. She knew he wouldn’t have been so hard on her had she not spent so much money out of anger. She hadn’t gone over her budget since that day.

She loved John and didn’t want to disappoint him. Overall, he really was fair about the no spending rule. Especially when a special occasion came up. Like the month of her sister’s wedding where she got permission to spend almost two-thousand dollars between a new dress, shoes, jewelry and a present.

But John had not given her special permission to spend three hundred dollars this time. Sammy was going to be in a world of trouble when she got home from work.

Sammy pulled into the garage surprised to see John home so early on his late night. She was even more surprised to see him meet her at the door.

“How was your day sweetie?” he greeted her sounding a little too smooth.

“Um, fine. How was yours? Is something wrong?” she asked making her way into the house.

“Mine was great. Nothing was wrong.” ‘Uh oh’ she thought, scrambling for what he could have found out that would result in her having a warm rear. When a list of about fifteen things popped into her head she decided to keep her mouth closed. “I got off work early. I thought we might have dinner out tonight. I checked the mail when I got home and we got our latest credit card bill.” ‘Uh oh’ she thought again, ‘he wasn’t supposed to see that’.

“John I can explain...” she started.

“Sammy, three hundred dollars? For what?” He paused only briefly, “No, don’t even answer that! That’s triple your budget!!”

They hadn’t made it out of the foyer yet but he swung her around tucking her neatly under one arm. With his free arm he lifted her customary skirt and started in.

“What were you thinking?” he asking spanking away.

“Do you know how much we could buy for three-hundred dollars?” as he walked, his swats got harder.

“Ow, John wait! I can explain! Please!” Sammy begged trying to wiggle away.

After a volley of five hard swats to her bottom, he let her up. “Explain fast.”

Rubbing her rear, Sammy pushed down her skirt with a smile, “I’ll be right back. I have to show you.” She started up the stairs but he grabbed her arm.

“Bring down the hair brush when you come back, I doubt there’s any explanation that’s going to get you out of this.” He promised with a sad look. The smile dropped from her face as she hurried up the stairs.

John could hear her overhead, first in their bedroom then in the spare bedroom closet.

“John it’s too heavy, I like never got it up here in the first place! Can you just come see please?”

Confused but intrigued John climbed the stairs and entered the spare bedroom. In her left hand was the hair brush just as he instructed. Under her right hand, half in the closet, half out was a brand new set of golf clubs.

“What the…” he started.

“Happy birthday!!” she smiled with delight.

“But, it’s not my birthday.”

“ No,” she agreed, “your birthdays not till next week, but I decided keeping the surprise another week was not worth the cost of three hundred dollars coming out of my bottom!!” she giggled as he hugged her.

“I completely forgot it was my birthday,” he admitted. “But three-hundred dollars is still a lot of money, sweetie...”

“For your 30th birthday I figured it was ok to splurge a little.” She smiled up at him as realization hit him. Not only had he forgotten his own birthday but it was obvious he had also forgotten that he was turning the big three-oh.

“Well, in that case, I guess I have to agree and say thank you. It was very nice of you to buy me such a lovely gift for my birthday.” He said, removing the brush from her hand as he slowly kissed her.

“But do me a favor?” he said breaking away.

Once again she smiled up at him, “What’s that?”

“NO… PARTY…!” he said punctuating each word with a swat from the brush before dropping it to the floor.

“Owwie” she complained as he lifted her off her feet and carried her to their room.

Even with the burn of the last two swats fresh in her mind, Sammy wondered with a grin what John was going to say next Saturday with a hundred of his closest friends showed up to celebrate his birthday.


Lillian is fairly new writing in this genre but I think she is getting the hang of it beautifully! I have enjoyed each of her stories and if you would like to go back and read her other they can be found here and here. Lillian, thanks again and I hope you keep writing.

Today would be a great time to write up that Fantasy Friday that has been running round and round in your head. Please send any story you would like to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fantasy Friday - January Door (butt) Buster Sales!

Like much of the eastern part of the nation we're bracing for quiet a winter storm. We're used to getting a little snow in the winter, but even down here in the south they predict nearly a foot. Then again, 'they' nearly always get it wrong. We'll see, but school is closed for today anyway and I'm thrilled about that!

Today's story is very special to me. It's from one of our new bloggers and a good friend of mine! It comes from Lindy, who writes Downunder Dreaming. She hasn't written tons of fiction before but I can tell she has some great stories in her. I hope she'll be sharing more.  Please enjoy...

January Door (butt) Buster Sales!

Lizzie had heard on the morning weather report that it was going to be an extremely hot summers day, typical of their part of Australia.  She was already in a bad mood before leaving   home and Nat   warned her several times to behave with a few hard swats. Everyone seemed to flock to shopping centres to enjoy their air conditioning and avoid days like this. The shops were over crowded with people going silly for a good bargain at the door buster sales in January.   

Nat and Lizzie met their family early to try grab some once a year bargains.  The girls had all been at each other’s throats all morning, the grandkids running riot around the shops.  One daughter wanted to go to a shop on one level whilst the other wanted to go in a different direction.  They also fought over who was buying a particular item and kept snatching it from the others hands.  Lizzie wasn’t helping either by being loud mouthed and swearing like a fishwife. 

Nat was at the end of his tether. As he stood in line to be served in the food court, he kept being distracted by his own family making a terrible scene and his blood pressure was on the rise.  His palm was becoming very itchy as he noticed how his usually placid wife acted.  Once he was served he made his way over to a table and immediately summoned everyone over to join him.  They all protested that they wanted to stay on the bigger table, but Nat insisted they move to one just big enough to seat them all.

Lizzie started throwing a tantrum, so Nat said to their daughters. “Your mum and I will be back in a minute.”  With that he grabbed Lizzie by the hand and dragged her behind him in the direction of the toilets.  

“Where are you taking me?” Lizzie asked getting annoyed about being treated like a naughty child.

Nat was really angry, “We have a matter which needs urgent attention before we can continue our lunch in harmony.”
Lizzie was shocked that Nat would even consider spanking her whilst they were in public.  So she tried digging in her feet so she wouldn’t budge.

Nat turned to Lizzie saying, “This is happening whether you like it or not.  I’m just as prepared to take you over my knee here in front of everyone if you don’t comply.” 

They reached the family toilet where Nat lowered the seat,   then told Lizzie to take her jeans and panties down.  She was about to protest when he continued “You either do it voluntarily or if I do it I’ll take my belt off. Is that what you want?” 

Lizzie was horrified and said “But everyone will hear us, you can’t spank me here.”

Nat wouldn’t listen though and started giving Lizzie the count down.  “Five, four, three.” She swiftly took down her jeans and panties ready for what came next.

Nat flipped her over his knee and briskly started spanking her whilst giving her a lecture.  “You SPANK will not SPANK, SPANK   behave like that SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, in public SPANK,   SPANK,   SPANK.  Do you hear me young lady?”

“Yes Sir!  Please no more my bottom is on fire.”

“I’m going to make sure you learn you lesson.  You’re acting as bad as our grandchildren.”

Nat continued spanking until Lizzies bottom was fire engine red and felt like it would combust.   Lizzie was blubbering how she was sorry and would behave for the rest of the day.

Nat stood her up and said “That’s only a taste of what’s to come young lady.  When we arrive home I want you to go straight to our bedroom and be prepared for your proper punishment.”

Lizzie couldn’t believe this and protested “PLEASE  that’s so unfair you have already punished me.”

Lizzie   pulled up her pants over her very sore   bottom,  dancing around trying to ease the pain.  

They returned to their family to eat lunch.   Lizzie was sitting gingerly on the seat, squirming around trying to get comfortable. Both of their daughters wondered what had happened, as now their mum seemed very calm compared to before.

After lunch they continued shopping until they were all exhausted, then all went their separate ways. The drive home was very quiet as Lizzie was thinking about her further punishment and Nat was too busy concentrating on the heavy traffic.  Once they arrived home Nat told Lizzie to go straight up to their room. 

She obeyed him, went up, undressed and knelt by the bed waiting for Nat to come in.  Lizzie hated having to wait for her punishment and had huge butterflies in her tummy in anticipation.

Nat unpacked the car and placed everything in its rightful place before heading into the bedroom. He was pleased to see Lizzie had done exactly what he had asked waiting for his attention.

He walked around to his side of the bed to retrieve the implements he intended using, placed them on the bed, then called Lizzie over to kneel between his legs.

“Now young lady  you know why you are being punished?”

“Yes Sir! I misbehaved whilst shopping and threw a tantrum like a spoilt brat as well as disobeying you.”

“Exactly  although I gave you a spanking   at the shops it was  a quick reminder to behave for the rest of the afternoon.  I’m giving you the proper punishment you deserve and I certainly don’t want my sweet wife acting like a fishwife ever again. Is that understood?”

Lizzie was already starting to cry and with a shaky voice answered “Yes, Sir.”

With that he helped settle Lizzie  over his knee.  He started with a hand spanking to warm up her bottom, then moved onto the wooden paddle. It didn’t take long for Lizzie to be squirming around trying to avoid the splats of the paddle, before long she was  ouching and owwing.   So Nat held her tighter into him as he proceeded to give her what she deserved.  He moved onto using the leather strap.

Lizzie was soon begging for mercy and apologising. “Please stop, I can’t take anymore I promise to be good.” 

Nat kept on though until Lizzie was sobbing and   limp over his knee.  He knew then that she was accepting her punishment.  He gave her at least another ten harder spanks before he stopped.  He scooped her up into his arms where she buried her face in his shirt. Lizzie kept saying over and over again how she was sorry.

Nat said “You’re forgiven now honey, but I don’t want a repeat of that behaviour ever again.”

After Lizzie had recovered enough they both prepared a delicious dinner.  They discussed the events of the day whilst dining and giggled at their daughter’s reactions when they returned to the table.

 “What should I say if either one asks me what happened?” Lizzie asked.

“Tell them the truth, they could both certainly do with a bit of DD/TTWD in their marriages. It’s obvious how happy we are with each other and look how long we’ve been married. Hopefully it would improve both of their marriages. They certainly act like brats and demand way too much from their husbands.”  Nat replied.

Lizzie and Nat decided not to bother with door (butt) buster sales ever again as the crowds were too much to cope, especially on hot days.  Better to shop on line sipping cool drinks whilst relaxing.  Leave the shopping centre chaos to the younger generations to enjoy.

I told you she did a great job! Lindy thank you so much for sharing with us. Enjoy the comments then get back to writing! Please everyone - I do need more stories. Please think of writing and and send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com