I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Not the weekend I wanted

I’m sorry, I would really like to have a sexy, funny, spanky post today – not gonna happen. Let me describe my weekend to you in one word...

cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough...

Do you know what coughing like that does to a woman over 50 who has given birth twice – it ain’t pretty. I promise to be back with something better soon. Now everyone, go wipe down your computer and wash your hands.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fantasy Friday, My office fantasy - final chapter, II

Finally Friday! I managed to catch Mollie's cold. Let me tell you controlling, much less teaching, 70 kids throughout the day without a voice it tough. But as long as the weekend is here I think I'll survive.

I hope you have been enjoying Andrade's Girl's story. I haven't heard from her so I guess she isn't reading here any longer. But I wish her well and I hope she is still writing. I hope you enjoy ...

The Final Chapter

In my quiet corner, I pay attention to the thoughts darting thru my mind. I don't like to be alone with my thoughts I feel lonely and alone, I want him to hurry back and complete the discipline at hand. And then I am thinking just the opposite, I am dreading him coming back; can I handle the pain and all the sensations? Will I be able to remain still? Will I be able to submit and let go? Will he know when I've had enough? My heart is racing; I have Goosebumps all over my body. My body tingles everywhere and it's wet in all the right places. "Please hurry to my side" I pray.

After what feels like an eternity I hear footsteps coming towards me. He stands behind me, he takes the new implement from my hand and places it on the couch. He takes both my wrists and shackles them together in his hand way up over my head. I am swooning with desire, and fear. My bones have turned to liquid. I can barely stand up. His hand tightens around my wrists holding me in position. I lean back against him resting in his strength. He leans in very close to me, and whispers in my ear "I have a special treat for you my love". I open my mouth to ask "What?...", but he touches my lips with his index finger and gently parting them and just inserting the tip of his finger in my mouth and he purrs "Did I give you permission to speak?".

I gently shake my head no. "That's right my love, you need to learn to listen." He then lowers my hands and leads me to the end of our couch and gently lays me over the arm of the couch. He puts a pillow under my head and gently adjusts my body so that I am comfortable, and he is pleased with the position. He then takes my right arm and puts it behind my back so that my hand is resting on my behind. I feel him put something over my index finger, then my middle and then each finger until it is encased in a long glove. I can feel him lacing up this long glove with long laces that tickle my arms when he lets go of the lace. He places my arm down again resting against the back of my body, with my gloved hand resting on my bottom. He takes my left hand and slowly repeats the process. My body is on fire, my heart is racing, my breathing is quick and shallow; there is a tugging deep in the pit of my abdomen which grows deeper and lower with each passing second. I can hardly keep still. I want to ask a million questions, but I remain silent, trying to surrender my body to the sensations of the moment. When he is done with my left arm, he takes the long laces from both gloves and ties each glove together, not tightly, but enough to know that my arms will remain behind my back with my own hands lightly caressing my bottom. I take a deep breath to calm myself and the fear that sits within. Yet I am entranced, I do not want him to stop, I don't want the night to end…ever.

He picks up the leather crop that he tauntingly placed beside me on the couch and leans his face very close to my gently brushes my cheek with his lips and says "I love you with all my heart, my love. Tonight you belong only to me." He turns my head to face down into the pillow, so that I cannot see what is around me, and there is darkness now. And with that, he moves to stand behind me, he places one hand on the small of my back, and places the leather crop across my bottom to let me know that he is about to begin. My feet are shaking; my knees are bending, and then straightening gently rocking my body up and down. And then, I hear the air crackle as he whisks the crop across my cheeks, below my hands. I take in a sharp breath. But I vow to remain silent. He starts off gently, and slowly, and builds up speed and intensity. I can hardly keep up with all the sensations; the leather on my arms, the binding of my arms, his hand on around the small of my back, gently holding me in place, and the stinging of my bottom. I can only gasp occasionally. I can't even think anymore, swat…swat….swat…gasp, it all becomes one rhythm, as if he and I become one. The rhythm builds and builds, my body is hot and vibrating with sensation and excitement. I am wet and slick inside and the wetness builds and flows to my thighs. The rhythm continues…his hand at my low back hold deeper and stronger. I don't think I can take anymore, but I don't want him to stop. "Please…I am thinking…no stopping please don't stop". Faster and harder and deeper pressure…I cry out "Please Please…please..oh God " into my pillow, tears are pouring from my eyes making the pillow wet. He stops now, and there is only quiet.

He is standing behind me I can hear him un-buttoning his pants, the zipper coming down.. "oh god please hurry"…his warm legs against the inside of my damp thighs. His hands roam over my bottom, rubbing and massaging. I am moan louder now..."Please hurry!" "Shhhhh" I hear him whisper to me. Finally, I can feel the heat and the length of him entering me from behind, gently rocking…then pushing harder and deeper with each thrust. He leans over me holding my sides, pushing faster and harder, and now, there is no pillow, no couch, living room, no him, no me, only now, only just eternity. And that moment of perfection slowly ebbs away; he gently separates himself from me. He gently unties and unlaces my gloves, takes me by the hand and lifts me up to stand in front of him. He lifts my head with his hand and I look into his deep fathomless pools of power, emotion and love. "Tonight you truly became mine". I still cannot speak, so I just gently nod my head in agreement and we walk together arm in arm towards our bedroom.


As always, I need stories. I hope someone is writing! Send your contributions to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Debts to pay - but no privacy

I want to thank everyone you commented on my last post. I feel like there were several new folks who came by that I am looking forward to getting to know better. We are all so different out here in some ways, but we come together as a wonderfully supportive community. Anyway I enjoyed visiting with all of you and if you would like please feel free to email. elisspeaks@yahoo.com

I’m still working; I did lose some last week. Not quite a pound but close. Nick has been great sending me my rules, guidelines, whatever you want to call it, for the week. He includes weight goals as well as things he wants to see me doing around the house. It’s the house hold things that are getting me in trouble. Mostly because they aren’t big things – they’re little things. Things I really don’t mind doing at all. But since they aren’t major they are really easy to forget!! Nick realizes that and even added in that last email that he knew that was the rule that would get my butt in trouble.

I don’t know if Nick got this from Abby’s blog or not but he has suddenly insisted on a mid-week weigh in. This hasn’t been a problem so far but this week I’ve really found myself wanting to snack more. I’m fighting it but… I guess we’ll see. Wednesday is when we usually do that, Mollie babysits on Wednesdays and if I’ve earned a spanking for anything or maybe a good girl for doing great we can take care of that as well as private time for anything else we want to do, but not today. One of the little ones Mollie watches has the flu, so no privacy for us. So I guess it’s adding up. He is still remembering that I got on the computer instead of cleaning last Friday and I did leave the laundry sitting around for a day or two (after he had done it) so I guess all that’s waiting until Mollie is away from the house. So I hope, I really hope, that the mid-week weigh in goes well otherwise… send pillows.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What kind of spanko are you?

I love reading the different blogs out here. I feel that I have learned so much. I enjoy the blogs from people who practice true domestic discipline. I feel honored that they are willing to share their journey out here. I’m always happy to see that the choice to try dd often bring the couples closer and makes the marriages stronger.

I thought I wanted a dd marriage. Now what I have realized is that what I really wanted was what comes with a dd marriage, the closeness. We have never had some of the issues I hear others talk about. We have always, always treated each other with respect – never any shouting or name calling or hateful attitudes from either of us. We share the same views on money and how it should be saved or spent. Because I was the one who had dreamed of having kids and how I wanted to raise them since I was about 3 years old, he usually deferred to me for decision on child rearing, but he was always there to back me up.

Where we needed the most help was knocking down my walls. Now that’s been a toughie, and certainly an ongoing one. For me this began when I got the courage to come out and tell him I was a spanko. This was a MAJOR step for me and a wonderful one for our marriage. Our spanking takes a much more playful and sexual twist. I needed the break through sexually. I was repressed and I really don’t know why, but Nick spanking me excites the body and opens my mind and heart. Part of it was his total acceptance of something many people would have dismissed as crazy.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to feel his dominance once and a while, especially in the bedroom. It’s a turn on for me. I like the fact he sends me several rules for the week to help on the weight loss and anything that bugs him about the house or laundry. Those last two things alone could keep me in spankings for months! But it’s still more of a teasing thing. None of those thing makes him angry, a little annoyed maybe, but not seriously angry.

I love to read about real dd marriages but I wish there were more of you who are into spanking for the fun and pleasure of it to speak up. I know we’re not alone, I read Grace, Ronnie, Bonnie,Hermione, and others that fall into this category. If you and your love are into spanking for the fun of it or the erotic pleasure of it, please think about comment more. Becoming involved in the spanko community is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s very freeing and I love all the people I visit with here. I love the confidence I’ve gained by talking to other like me. I just want everyone that reads here to know that you are welcomed to use this space to ask questions and share your experiences. I know sometimes you just need an invitation.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blatant self-promotion

I was hoping to get a post ready for today but it seems Cassie wouldn't stop whispering in my ear. I wrote for her instead. Pop over to Cassie's, she's in story telling mood!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantasy Friday, My Office Fantasy - part two, II

Happy Friday everyone. I think we are going to have a pretty weekend here in the south. Supposed to be up in the 70's and that sound fantastic to me! I have the second part of Andrade's Girl story today. You can go here to read the first part. And I'll have the final part up next week.

My Office Fantasy - part two

I stand by the chair waiting for him to come into the room. "Stand behind the back of the chair Catherine". I look at him, shivering, cold (and yes a little excited), teary eyed, and say, "I'm sorry". "Yes you will be sorry Catherine, now bend over the back of the chair." But I can't move, and I stand there and watch him un-buckle and remove his belt. I'm paralyzed now, and the tears are flowing, "Please I say, I really am sorry, can you just spank me with your hand PLEASE?" He takes me by my hand and gently bends me over the back of the chair. The leather feels cold against my skin. And before I can take a breath, SNAP!!!! And I can feel such a sting on my behind that my body jumps in reaction, and my hand covers my behind in protection. "Put your hand back down Catherine" And so I comply. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! I am crying hard now begging him to stop, trying to telling him how sorry I was that I was rude to him in between sobs. But he quietly continues to spank me with his belt. I kept putting my hands on my sore behind, and he says firmly" Catherine, put your hands back down, or it will be worse for you."

I feel his left arm on the small of my back, holding me down over the chair. "Now Catherine, you know there are no secrets between us right?" As he is speaking his hand runs up and down my bottom from the tops of my thighs to the small of my back, gently caressing my hot and sore bottom. Wetness and heat starts to build from deep inside me to down between my legs as he massages, giving me a chance to regroup a bit before he starts again. I don't want him to stop touching me; I want his hands to go everywhere. I want to feel his body pressed up close next to mine. The front of his warm strong body against the backside of mine, so close that I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. I can feel the thickness and hardness of his ...."Catherine!!! " "Yes sir!" I yelp, jerked back into reality by the harshness of his voice. Not wanting him to stop massaging me, I say "No, there are no secrets between us ever. No matter what." "What are you going to do the next time you bounce a check?". "I am going to tell you right away, so that you can help me and we can fix the problem together sir" I say quietly. I still after all these years together have trouble calling him sir, he feels my resistance and asks me to repeat myself. I feel my voice quivering, and I am humbled by my nakedness, position and these questions. "I will tell you right away sir" I repeat, close to tears again. "Keep still he says" and I hear him walking back down the hall towards our bedroom. I know now that we are far from finished this evening. When he comes back he stands me back up and hands me a lacy pink camisole, "Put this on my love" he says, "I don't want you to get a chill" What a gentleman! I am thinking, but I make no comment I just slip the camisole over my head. I see he has something in his hand as he walks me over to the corner.

As I am standing there with my nose feeling the cold wall, he hands me what feels like a stick with a leather handle and a leather tip that I have never seen or felt before. I am told hold it behind my back. I want to ask him about this new item, but I know that stillness, quiet and compliance is what he is wanting from me this evening. I can barely hold it in my hands as I hear him ask me "Now what do we think about cursing Catherine?" He is standing so close behind me, that I can feel the heat emanate from his body to warm mine. His warmth wraps around us both like a cloud, I want to sink into that warmth, and rest my body into his, but I must concentrate on his words. "I need to communicate properly, to express to you when I am upset and not to wait until I feel out of control." But it so hard to remain present and in the moment when in my hands is an implement that I have never seen or felt before. My mind almost spins out of control, until I hear his voice pull me back. "Yes Catherine that is correct, this is what you must practice, learning to control your impulses. Learning to trust me, to come to me with your concerns and fears, is something you still have to practice." And with those words, my body relaxes. "Think on this for a while Catherine my love" And with that - he walks off down the hall. I am missing the warmth and comfort of his body. I feel bereft; he is gone. A panicky feeling comes over me; a thousand thoughts go thru my mind. When will he come back? Will he make me wait a long time? What will this new leather "toy" feel like? I am so excited to think about it against my skin, and so scared. I feel cold and naked and very shy.


Thanks for coming by and reading. I hope to keep Fantasy Friday going for a while longer. I'm always looking for stories. If you are willing to write one to share with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keeping my mouth shut - thankfully!

Have you ever been in a conversation and suddenly heard something that took your mind in a totally different direction? I blog a lot and I’m comfortable out here. Being a spanko seems so normal. LOL, I need to keep my wits about me.

Mollie is taking a cooking course (Poor child, her mother can’t help her with the finer points of cooking so rather than learn it on the streets she signed up for a class.) She was making rice-krispies treats for homework the other night and as she scraped out the bowl with a spoon she asked “Why don’t we get one of those big rubber spatulas. They work better than this.”

What’s the first thing that pops into my head? “NO WAY! Those things hurt!!”

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weight loss and one forgotten rule

I had another good week on weight loss. I really stayed almost completely away from carbs and sweets this past week. I lost just over a pound and a half. I’m happy and Nick was pleased too. I’ve done very well following his rules so far. Except for one, and that one only bothers me on one day – Fridays! One of Nick’s rules is that on the days I don’t go to the gym that I do a little house work for at least 15 minutes before I get on the computer. I’m fine with that, no problem, except I can’t remember on Fridays. I forgot the first week and Nick ‘reminded’ me. Now this past week I really had a good excuse.

We had a dance after school and it was my turn to chaperone. If you haven’t experienced a middle school dance, let me just tell you, there is nothing like it. I came home dragging, collapsed into my chair and grabbed my computer – you know, autopilot. Nick didn’t fuss or anything. But a little later he quietly reminded me.

“Wait! I had to stay for that stupid dance.” I whined.

“I know” he agreed. “Now it you had come home and said ‘Honey, I’m really tired. Mind if I sit here and rest for a while before I clean up some?’ I’d have told you that was fine. But now you’re going to have to pay.”

LOL, not the worst thing in the world I suppose. So far I haven’t had to pay. Mollie’s had a bad cold and so privacy has been hard to come by. But I don’t mind waiting. Since I lost over a pound I have a reward coming too. There are good things in my future.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When children discover your "secret"

If any of you have had this problem I would love to hear how you handled it.

I read with horror and just a little amusement about the problems Grace and Bossman had the other day. You need to go here and read it but the upshot was that their son over heard them in an, hmmm… intimate moment. Now we all know how children feel about their parents and sex – it doesn’t happen. I mean now as a grow woman thinking back about my own parents I have finally realized that they did have sex twice because I have an older sister. But that’s it. Having anything distort this belief for a child can be traumatic, at least for the moment.

Sex is natural and as children grow older they have to accept that it’s going to happen – even to parents; that’s just the way biology is. But how do you go about explaining that daddy turns mama over his knee and spanks her bottom and that she likes it and thinks it’s sexy? Lets quickly come to a screeching halt – you can’t explain that one! But at one time that was my dilemma.

The very first time we dabbled in spanking was long before I started the blog. I’d never really heard of blogs and it was with great fear that I typed ‘spanking’ into google. This was about 2003. I found a few pictures but I didn’t look deeply enough to find anyone to talk to. I did, however, sent Nick and email – nearly blew his mind for his semi-frigid wife to suggest anything sexual not to mention something like this. I was why too embarrassed to talk (still am mostly) so we began exchanging emails. There was nothing graphic, mostly silly, flirting things. We spoke of naughty wives needing there bottom spanked and similar topics along with more mundane things like when we would be alone for the afternoon. Nothing horrible I thought… until I got the note from Mollie.

It was short, “I read your email and I know about ‘Lizzy’” (the name I used to sign our little love notes). At that time Mollie was only 10 and I was horrified that she had seen this. My mind was swirling – which ones had she read – did she really understand what they were saying – and most importantly, what was I going to day to her?? Unlike poor Grace, I did have the luxury of time. Mollie had left a note. I thought about it for 24 hours becoming somewhat calmer as I did. Finally I decided to leave her a note. It was also short and to the point.

1. My email is private and you will never read it again.

2. You father and I love each other. You never have to worry about us divorcing or being unfaithful to one another. We’ll be here together for the rest of our lives.

3. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything you read I’ll be happy to. Just come ask me after you have been happily married for 20 years or more and we’ll discuss it as much as you like.

I left the note where she would find it and the following day I got one last note from her. It read “I'm sorry I read your email. I understand.” That’s it and it’s never come up since. Now Mollie didn’t just accidently overhear something she went snooping and I firmly believe – and have told the children as they grew older ‘If you go snooping into things that are none of your business you deserve whatever trauma you get.’ She doesn’t seem ‘damage’ and sometimes I don’t even think she remembers – and I ain’t asking!

Children do survive growing up and realizing at some point that their parents were young one, dated, probably had pre-marital sex, continued to have sex throughout their married life and maybe, just maybe they had an interesting kink or two. Except for my parent – they had sex twice and I’m sure the lights were off.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fantasy Friday, My Office Fantasy- part one, II

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are going back to a story from Andrade's Girl. I don’t know how many of you remember her. She began emailing several years ago, a very nice lady. She began a blog and was very popular within our community. Then one day she was gone. The blog had been deleted; even her email account had been closed. I’ve missed her. Here’s one of her stories that she let me post for Fantasy Friday. This is a three part-er and I think you’ll all agree that she is an excellent writer. If by chance you are reading her AG, please know I would love to hear from you again.

For now everyone please enjoy…

My Office Fantasy - Part one

As I have started down this road, on my journey of learning about spankings and submission and discipline. I have read some posts and stories about kneeling before your Man. I have been very intrigued by this image of kneeling.

I can even picture myself in our office, kneeling at my husband's feet, while he is working on his computer. Every once in a while, I get a little pat on my behind and he says "That's my girl, just a little while longer and the first part of your discipline will be over, and then we can commence to the second part". A trickle of anticipation & fear shivers thru my body as I wait for him to finish his work. As I am kneeling there trying to wait as patiently as I can, I can't help but let out a heavy sigh; but I see his foot tap in annoyance to this sound. So I try to kneel very quietly and calmly like the lady I know he wants me to be. But it's not easy.

FINALLY, the typing stops! He gets to his feet and his says "Well my girl, now it's time for the second part of your discipline. I hear him leave the room, but I do not get up because he has not given me permission to move yet. I think he walks in to our bedroom and I hear him rummaging around in there doing things, getting things, there are bottles and other items being moved about. He leaves the bedroom and I know that there is water running. But still he has not asked me to move, I remain kneeling. My anticipation grows, I can hardly keep still, yet I do not want to disappoint. Finally my time has come, there are footsteps back into our office and he takes me by the hand and guides me to our bathroom.

There are candles lit and he has drawn me a bath! Still he does not speak, so I remain quiet. Carefully and deliberately he turns my body to face him and he looks into my eyes, and yet still says nothing. He unbuttons my blouse and removes it, hanging it on the hook on the back of the door. He reaches around behind me and unhooks my bra...and places it with my blouse. Still there is quiet, it seems to envelope us. He pulls me to him and briefly kisses my neck; he looks back at me again and smiles at me. A quiet smile as if he is pleased with me, with my behavior. My skirt now is being removed; he lowers it to the floor and helps me lift each leg very gently to step out of it. He is kneeling now before me and looks up to me, I can barely contain myself I am quietly shaking in anticipation.

He looks up at me with that same smile...very still, very quiet; almost cold. It's very disconcerting. The room is fragrant and warm with the golden glow of candle light, and yet my body cannot relax. Tingles run up and down my spine. He slides he hands up my thighs gently kneading, massaging. Rubbing up my inner thighs and stopping just when the heat between my legs truly starts. He stands up and carefully leads me to the edge of the bath, and holds my hand as I step into the warm fragrant bubbles. As I lay down in the water, gentle waves caress my body. There is just enough water to keep my body warm, but my breasts are exposed to him. My nipples were hard, begging for attention. He kneels down and rolls up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal his tanned and powerful forearms. He picks up a wash cloth and gently runs it up and down my legs. I start to moan as he gets closer and closer to the tops of my thighs. "Hush my love" he says. "It's not quite time for you to speak yet." He continues to gently wash my body and my eyes start to close as my body finally relaxes. I hear him ask me "Now Catherine Anne, tell me; why are you being disciplined this evening?" My eyes fly open and stare at him. His tone is icy cold; I had thought the punishment was over...what was I thinking? A cold panic starts to creep over me. He continues to gently wash my body circling the washcloth over my nipples, and they are so hard and sore I can't concentrate. He looks me in the eye, waiting for my response.

As I lay there, my mind flashes back to the beginning of the weekend; when we were in Home Depot. It seemed as if we were there forever, as he was shopping for a new lawn mower for our yard. I was hungry and tired and I just wanted to go home. He could feel me start to fidget, and he went to take my arm and said "Catherine, not too much longer I've almost made up my mind and then we can go and have a nice lunch" But my nerves got the better of me and before I could stop myself, these words just popped out of my mouth "How frigging long does it take to pick out a damn lawn mower?" (I think I said frigging, but I'm not really sure now actually.) And worse for me I jerked my hand away and started to walk toward the kitchen and bath department to distract myself. But before I could get away he came up behind me and said "Catherine Anne, this is not the time or the place, we shall discuss this later when we get home". When I am called Catherine Anne, it's generally not a good thing. "You will wait calmly next to me" he growled quietly in my ear, "until I am finished shopping here and then we shall go straight home." As he was guiding me back to his side, his hand dropped down alarmingly close to my bottom, which caught my attention and I struggled to get my emotions back in control.

As I lay soaking trying to regain some composure I said to him; "Do you mean yesterday when I acted out at Home Depot?" "And what else Catherine Anne?" And still the wash cloth circles my nipples; I can barely breathe let alone think. ("What else? Darn" I think.) I try to concentrate on my breathing to help calm the panic slowly growing inside. I search my mind trying to remember what else I might have done to disappoint him. "Catherine Anne" he repeats, "What else?" And still the wash cloth is moving slowly over my body, making my skin tingle, but I am so nervous now I can't sink into the feeling and pure pleasure of his touch. "Well," I say stalling for time, I take a deep breath and say very quietly "Did I forget to tell you that I bounced a check this week?" "Yes Catherine Anne, you did forget to tell me." I take in a quick shaky breath and say "I meant to tell you but I just forgot." "You forgot Catherine?" "Well uhhhm sort of, I was going to tell you, but when you came home from work you went straight to the office, and I didn't want to disturb you and by bedtime I just sorta forgot." "I see" he says reaching for a towel, and draining the water from the tub. He takes my hand and helps me to stand, and begins to wrap me in the towel.

"Catherine Anne, go and wait for me in the living room please." He takes the towel from my body and hangs it up on the rack. I am shivering and slightly damp now. I have goose bumps all over my body. "Can I get my robe?" I whisper. "Hush now Catherine....go and meet me in the living room". Shaking from fear, cold and anticipation; I can barely walk to the living room and when I get there I see the chair sitting there in the middle of the room.


Come back next week for part two! And as always if you have a story to share send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Good week

I’ve been enjoying my week. I felt good about the weight loss last week and since that time I decided this week (for only this week) I’m not eating bread, potatoes or rice. For me that’s extremely tough! We’ll see if it gives me a jump start. And I’m hitting the gym too. We all know it’s easier to stay motivated when you’re losing – a little tougher when you plateau.

Even more fun this week, Nick and I are talking, emailing, communicating. It’s been nice. It’s relaxing – I know that may sound strange but the relaxed feeling means not worrying about whether this happened or that happened. We are just happy with where we are and we both feel like we are moving forward along our path.

We are also trying to plan a couple of trips. It’s time we head to New York City to see LJ and Colin. Hopefully we can to that sometime before school is out and then maybe, maybe we can take a big family vacation this summer. Mollie is graduating, LJ will be finishing up his first year in NY – seems like a good time to celebrate to me. Our last big family vacation was 7 years ago. It will be great to get us all together somewhere both interesting enough for the ‘kids’ and at the same time a bit relaxing for us all. Now I’m going to work to lose enough to enjoy both of these vacations without worrying about a pound or two.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

And the results are...

Before we get to the results let me recap my week. Saturday a week ago I was bottoming out in depression and Nick, later in the day, decided to address my lack of progress on the weight loss plan. I was not in the mood but didn’t argue. He did his thing, he talked some and I just accepted both the spanking and the talk pretty much in silence.

But it did have a positive effect and by Sunday I emailed him with my suggestion for him to come up with a few rules each week that I could hang onto and push myself toward a goal. I asked because I know rules help me focus.

Monday I heard back from him. I received three reasonable rules.

1. Go to the gym at least three times that week. (No problem)

2. If I didn’t lose during the week I needed to skip desert at his mom’s the next Sunday. (Now remember his 85 year old mom could rival Paula Dean any day, so this was serious but doable.)

3. On the days I didn’t go to the gym I needed to do at least 15 minutes of house work or work on the Wii for a half hour before (and this was the kicker) getting on the computer! Before the computer – outrageous! But reasonable I suppose.

Tuesday I sat down to write Nick again. I told him that for me to continue to stay motivated I might need some ‘attention grabbers’ during the week. And then I listed some that might work. At the time I was deep in thought and was as honest with him as I have ever been about some kinky things I liked, thought I would like or thought would work. As I completed the list I hit ‘send’ quickly before I lost my nerve.

Wednesday is Mollie’s day to babysit. Nick had sent me some text and some emails and one said to be ready for a mid-week weigh-in. I wasn’t too worried. I was doing pretty well. But after I weighed he decided to go with an attention grabber. Now they are not punishments – rather just what I said things to get my attention and refocus or continue to focus me on the goal of working for a healthier body.

WOW! There were definitely some ouchy moments but mostly it was a great afternoon. I wouldn’t say we’re ‘into’ bondage but that doesn’t mean I don’t like being tied to the bed once in a while. Let me tell you being able to pull against complete restraints for the big O is amazing! Let’s just say the afternoon refocused my attention to where it should be – on Nick, my marriage and my reasons to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Thursday I went to the gym then rested up!

Friday morning, weigh-in. The results…

Down two pounds!

It was a great start and also won me my bet for a half hour in bed with Nick getting completely pampered in any way I wanted! Unfortunately, that afternoon, I completely forgot the rule about doing something before getting on the computer. Nick reminded me but I don't know it that will come up later.

Saturday Nick paid off the bet. That just about brings you up to date. It’s been a good week all round! Now this is a dangerous time for me. I have a good week and think I can snack a bit more or in some way sabotage myself. I’m watching for that. Looking forward to seeing what the rules will be for this week (and of course the big part of that is knowing Nick is thinking about all this too and is willing to help.)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Fantasy Friday, The Helpful Husband II

It's Friday again. I know it's been a rough week for much of the country. We managed to avoid the ice and snow here, thank goodness, but I know many of you didn't. Here is a Fantasy Friday that I know is going to help warm people up. Now as you're reading and you think about how I never do housework - don't think I wrote this. It's wasn't me! The author of this is K from The Naughty side of K. K no longer posts but you can tell from this that she can really write.

I hope you'll enjoy ...

The Helpful Husband

Kit looked around her home and sighed. Dirty dishes filled the sink. Piles of clean laundry covered the sofa. There was a pile of dirty laundry behind her bedroom door and another on the floor in the junk... umm, dining room. The dining room was lined with piles of boxes and stuff that she hadn't yet found a home for. Her new home had a spacious eat in kitchen, so her dining room wasn't being used, but still, it was an eyesore.

Her list of projects was overwhelming. Kit was full of great ideas and she was highly skilled at gathering supplies for her projects at great bargains. When Joey bought her the house, one of his first projects was creating her a studio. Kit was almost shocked to discover how quickly she filled all of the cabinets Joey built for her with her stash. Where had it all come from? They'd lived in a small apartment with three kids. She knew it had been crowded, but it just wasn't possible she had hoarded such an enormous amount of supplies for her hobbies.

So much to do and Kit sat with Joey's laptop, reading her favorite spanking blogs while the baby played with her blocks. Sure, she did a bit of housework here and there. Joey and the kids always had clean clothes to wear, even if they did have to sift through the piles on the sofa to find them. There were always clean dishes to use. The baby's toys got picked up occasionally. Okay, so the toys were usually strewn across the floor until Joey got tired of stepping on them and picked them up himself. Kit picked them up once in a while... maybe. Who was she kidding. She knew Joey and the kids deserved better.

Kit knew she could do better. She just needed a little motivation. Ah, but what would it take to motivate her? Several of her blogging friends were in domestic discipline relationships. Kit had first discovered spanking almost a year earlier. She was turned on... umm, intrigued immediately. When she shared her discovery with Joey, he hadn't been at all surprised. He'd always known she was a bit naughty. While some of her ideas inspired a bit more eyebrow raising than others, she always knew how much he loved her.

Kit had shared some of the articles on domestic discipline, along with other spanking information, with Joey and they'd discussed it. Neither of them really felt they were ready for that kind of shift in their own relationship. Joey enjoyed spanking Kit and she enjoyed being spanked, but it was always for their mutual pleasure. Even still, Kit got a little thrill out of pleasing Joey and doing things she knew he'd like. It didn't have to be all or nothing. If she'd learned anything from reading so many blogs, it was that there were as many types of spanking relationships as there were couples that enjoyed spanking. With that in mind, Kit sent off a quick email to Joey. She didn't know how soon he'd read it, or what he'd think of it, but off it went.

Feel like helping me with the housework? There's so much I want/need to do, it can be overwhelming and I just play with the kids instead or do other stuff. But I could get more done. Maybe you could email me in the mornings with one thing you'd appreciate done by the time you get home? If it doesn't help, or you don't want to, that's okay. It's just an idea.

Love you lots.


Kit went about her day, doing a bit of laundry, but mostly amusing herself on the laptop while the kids played. She was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Joey only a few hours later. Sometimes he'd go days without checking his personal email. It was short and simple, but made her smile.

If you think it would help, I can try to do that.

Love you baby,


Kit was so pleased. She always felt special when Joey emailed her from work. With his help, she'd finally be able to get the house in shape and finish some of her projects. If it worked out, maybe he'd even help her develop a routine so she wouldn't have to rely on him so much. By the time Joey arrived home from work, Kit had dinner ready and had cleared off one of the counters to make room for the new mixer he'd bought her for Christmas. She was already feeling more motivated just from the extra attention and knowing how pleased he'd be with her efforts. He hadn't even asked her to do anything yet.

The evening passed with relative normalcy. Kit enjoyed the stern looks she sensed from Joey as much as the hungry looks. Only once did their teenager tell them to stop being weird. Kit wasn't sure what prompted that comment, but she was pretty sure she was innocent. When the kids were finally tucked into bed, Kit wasn't as sleepy as she often was. Joey squeezed her lower cheeks while they hugged. Kit smiled at him and asked if he'd mind putting the clean sheets on the bed while she jumped in the shower. She cleaned up and shaved quickly, wondering what fun Joey had in mind for her. He had told her he'd caught up on reading her blog that morning, along with the last Fantasy Friday story she'd sent him a link for. He also seemed to enjoy the thought of giving her tasks to do and had been dropping hints and gestures about spanking.

Kit dried off and got into the freshly made bed while Joey undressed. She hadn't gotten a taste of him in a couple of days because she'd had a cold. The shower had left her refreshed and she wanted to take full advantage of it. She looked hungrily at Joey and told him, "come let me suck on you while I can still breathe." Yeah, that was romantic. Ah well, Joey understood what she meant and knelt on the bed in front of her. Kit loved the smooth, warm feel of him between her lips. She marveled at how he could feel so soft and hard at the same time.

Joey caressed her lovingly. He rested his warm hand on her bottom. "This is mine." Mmmm, yeah, Kit loved the sound of his voice claiming her as his. The feel of Joey's swats to her bottom encouraged her to suck him long and hard. "I'm happy you found a home for the mixer I bought you." The comment was unexpected, but his praise warmed her heart as much as his hand warmed her bottom. "You're my good girl, aren't you?"

"Mmmhmm," she murmured around his cock while his hands worked their magic on her bottom.

"You like being my good girl?"

"Mmmhmm." Ooh, those spanks felt good

"Did you get extra clean for me?" he asked as his hands kneaded her warm bottom. A thrill shot through her at the promise of naughtiness implied in his question. Without taking her lips off him, she confirmed that she had. All too soon he was telling her it was time for him to love on her. "Turn around and lie on your belly." Kit was happy to do as he asked, but not before stealing a kiss. His breath was warm on her neck as he nibbled on her ears. His hands were relaxing as he massaged her shoulders. His lips were hot and wonderful trailing across her shoulders, down her back, almost there but not quite, then down her legs. She giggled as he suckled her toes. Mmm, more kisses back up her legs, onto her bottom, and then, finally, her secret places. Joey licked and teased and made her squirm.

When she was dripping with desire for him, he sat beside her and spanked her good and hard. When he eased up a bit, Kit raised her bottom higher, silently asking for more. Joey was only too happy to give it to her. He paused to dig through their toy chest. Kit felt the cool drips of lotion between her cheeks and wiggled encouragingly. Joey swirled a finger in the lotion and slipped it inside. She felt the heat as his breath activated the lotion, while he teased her with his finger. He stopped much too soon for Kit's liking, but she knew what would come next and delighted in the anticipation.

Kit heard the slippery sounds of Joey coating the toy with lube. Then she felt it rubbing at the entrance to her bottom. She relaxed herself as Joey slid the toy in just a bit, then a bit more.

"Come on, baby, you can take it. Just a little more." A shiver shot through Kit at his words. He sounded so sexy and knew just how to push her buttons. With the toy firmly in place, Joey caressed Kit's bottom as he gave her a minute to feel its fullness. Then he lifted her favorite strap and tapped it against her bottom. She wiggled for him and whimpered softly. The first few strokes were gentle and brought a warm glow to her cheeks. Gradually, Joey added a bit more oomph to his swing. Kit was in heaven. She loved the deep caresses of the leather.

Kit felt the cool leather settle across her hips as Joey gave her a good licking of another variety. She lifter her hips a bit to give him better access, but Joey knew just what he was doing. He grabbed either end of the strap and held her down against his probing tongue. It wasn't long before he gave Kit her first orgasm of the night.

By the time they both lay content in each other's arms, Kit had a feeling enlisting Joey's help with the housework would be a huge success.


I told you it was warm! Thanks K. If you are still out there I would love hearing from you. If anyone else is writing and you're willing to share your story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fingers crossed!

Things have been interesting at our house this week. I don’t want to get too excited but I things have the potential for some positive changes. I’ve been struggling with mild depression for a while and it seemed to hit big time on Saturday. My self-talk was as bad as it gets that day. I was surprised when Nick came into the living room that evening with his belt and the cane. It was near the end of January and I hadn’t made the goal we had set for weight loss. For the last couple of weeks I had really said “Screw the weight loss, I don’t care.” Can you see I really wasn’t into it?

When I saw Nick was planning to spank me I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted, I wasn’t even sure if it was what I needed. Evidently it was. He did use both the belt and the cane – I hate the cane. He talked some but I wasn’t ready to say much. I mostly just nodded. But by the next day I was feeling better, feeling hopeful. I have to think that the spanking was a big part of it.

I had the urge to email Nick the next day (it’s still the easiest way for me to communicate). I tried to hold back and not write the poor man a book but I kinda did. I figured, what did I have to lose? I asked him to give me a few rules each week – 3 to 5. Rules help me. I’m not submissive and he doesn’t want the job as a dom but I think he would fit well into the role of hard ass coach. Works for me! I told him when he tells me ‘You should cut back on snack.’ I just feel annoyed. Of course I should cut back on snacks, I mean, duh! But I don’t. When Nick says – ‘no snack for the next two day’, it seems to free me. I can say “I really do want a snack but Nick said no.” That ends the struggle for me. That seems counterintuitive to Nick but he’s beginning to see that it works for me and it’s want I need.

There have been some interesting emails flying back and forth these last few days. I feel hopeful but I’m content to take things slowly. I almost feel like we’re starting over and reworking how all this will work best for us. I really do want to jump start the weight loss as of this week so I asked Nick if he would be willing to join me in a bet. I say I can lose a pound this week (I’ve been creeping up or staying the same lately). So our bet is, if I lose a pound or more I get a half hour of massages, good girl paddling, playing with the vibrator or anything else I want! If I lose less than a pound – Nick is the one winning a half hour of full pampering!! And believe it or not Nick took the bet. I think you call this a win-win situation.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I’ve made an amazing discovery! Sit down – here it comes…

Boys and girls are different!

No not that. We already knew that. This is what I found out. Five years ago LJ was accepted at the college of his choice. He was happy, we were happy and as we settled down and began to talk about it. I asked him “Well son, what are you going to need? He thought for a moment and finally said


“Right” I answered. “What else?”

“That’s all I can think of, sheets.”

Mollie was accepted at her school last Thursday. So far her wish list would fill a 5 subject notebook and she’s still going strong! Sigh, she’s a girl. This is her first ‘nest’. It's still illegal to rob banks, right?