I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm alive!

Alive, but still computerless!  I plan to take care of that this weekend.  Nick's screen flashed and makes me feel car sick.  Can't be on long.  I feel like I'm confined to a windowless room.  Pardon me, I think my addiction is showing.

I have been on long enough to get Fantasy Friday ready so please come by Friday to check that out.  And meanwhile I have not been idle.  Of course now that I have nothing to type on Cassie is pestering me with a story.  I've been writing the old fashion way - pen and paper.  Once I get up to speed on the new computer there will be some new posts there.

Thanks for the emails and comments - I really do miss you guys. I can at least check emails at work.  See you next week.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gone, but not for long

Bad news for me - looks like my computer is completely shot. I can't get it to stay on longer than a few minutes.  Don't know when I can get another, but not before this weekend at the soonest.  I'm on Nick's computer which is also on it's last leg so I haven't disappeared.  I hope to get a Fantasy Friday up one way or another but I'm not sure at the momnet.  Fingers crossed. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A week full of spankings

I’m glad so many of you got to come by for Fantasy Friday this weekend.  I think Minelle did a great job and I hope there will be more stories from her in the future.

The school year is crawling to the end with mind-numbing slowness, but headed that way nonetheless.  We have been preparing for the End of Grade Test (EOG).  This is a time of me trying to reassure the kids that they’ll do fine while, at the same time, panicking that I haven’t done a good enough job and they’ll bomb.  One teacher on my hall and I have complete different teaching styles.  I want the kids to work their butts off in class, but I’m not much on homework.  I want them to be kids and spend time playing and being with their family once the school day is done – 15 minutes of homework, okay – two hours NO WAY! 
Mr. K, however, believes in homework and he has had after-school tutoring every day since Christmas.  I don’t stay after school.  We’ve each taught our own way for years and for the past 5 of those years I’ve beat him on the EOG scores.  Not my more than the width of a nat’s eyebrow, but I’ve beat him.  So I tell my kids to relax, it’s not about going to the next grade, it’s not about showing how much they have learned, and it’s not even about making their parents proud – it’s all about beating Mr. K!  The kids love it.  It’s not what they expect me to say but it does relax them and for some of them give them more incentive that they would have had otherwise.  I’ll let you know the results when I get them.

Now on to my spankings last week!  Nick did a pretty good job of remembering.  He surprised me on Monday with an unofficial weigh in.  I had made progress in the right direction, but I got spanked anyway to help me remember to keep going in that direction, yeah Nick! 

Another day I was back in the bedroom, changing to go walking (like a good little wife) not a thought of spanking on my mind at the moment.  Nick and I were just talking, but just as I got my pants off he picked his belt up off the bed and bent me over.  Seems that I hadn’t put all my dishes in the dishwasher or something lame like that – but hey, I love the belt so I wasn’t unhappy. 

But the next spanking that week was for the worst excuse I’ve ever known him to come up with.  I got spanked because he didn’t tell me good-by one morning!  Now come on, that not exactly fair! Nick leaves before the butt crack of dawn, around 4:50 every morning.  I’m not exactly your ‘get up and make breakfast before he leaves’ kinda wife, but usually before he leaves he tells me good-bye.  Wednesday morning he didn’t.  I know he didn’t because I always remember and that morning when I woke my very first thought was “Nick didn’t tell me bye.”

I text him soon after I got up to tell him of his shortcomings and he text back insisting that he had said good-by, and that I not only grunted in response, but actually, coherently said “I love you.” 

Wrong!  Well, that statement is true, but I didn’t make it, because he never told me he was leaving!  Oh well, I was prepared to forgive him.  I mean the man can’t be perfect.  But the next morning – just before 4:50 my covers were ripped back and my butt was being soundly spanked by a way too chipper husband who was saying “I just wanted to make sure you were awake and know that I’m leaving.  I love you, bye!”  What a way to start the day!  Actually it wouldn’t be such a bad way provided it happened 4 to 5 hours later in the morning.

But it really was a great week with all these short spankings as well as a few swats as I walked by on occasion.  This Friday I was down just a tad over one pound!  Partly because of that, Saturday turned out to be a great day – more about that later.

One more thing, Cassie has been pestering me to get back to typing for her.  When she gets like this she usually gets her way so hopefully there with me more over at her site soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Into the Alley, part 2

I'm so glad you came back for part two or Minelle very first Fantasy Friday.  I do like our community, every encouraging!  Who knows, we may get her blogging before long, or at least commenting, LOL!

Please enjoy...

Into the Alley, part two

Ellie woke slowly, rolling onto her back the slight soreness in her backside bringing back her memory of the night before. Ugh, she moaned, crap-a-doo!! Softly moving to her left side she noticed Lance had already risen. The smell of coffee pulled her like a drug and she got out of bed. However, the butterflies dancing in her stomach reminded her that she wasn’t quite settled up with Lance regarding her “into the alley moment.” She walked in front of the window and noted the beautiful day. Her ire at having to answer for her actions was tempered by the memory of Lance’s voice breaking when thinking about what “could” have happened.

She certainly intended to plead her case reminding him that she was not injured at all. No guns or knives were produced for cripes sake… oh…except by the police in response to the violence…. Errr.  Maybe I won’t mention weapons at all, safer for my butt, she thought to herself.  Ellie started thinking about the euphemism they used (into the alley) instead of stupidity, for some of her more dangerous impulsive actions. Sometimes humor was used to pull her back from the brink of disaster, and Lance may whisper, “Danger! Danger Will Robinson!  From the show “Lost in Space”. Thankfully, not many of the younger people understood the meaning of that phrase, unless they were a fan of old time TV series from her generation. It almost always brought a touch of humor and stability to her broiling emotions. 

Not that she was always crazed with anger for the underdog. In their family, immediate and extended, she was known as the most understanding level-headed peacemaker. Often Lance sought the council she could provide when dealing with irate emotional parents. She frequently reminded him that it was hard for parents to see their child in any other way other than with rose colored glasses. Of course when provided indisputable evidence of their guilt many conceded the mistake their child made.  Always the consequences were decided and implemented as soon as possible. Her husband was always fair. What was she doing thinking along these lines? Everything that occurred could easily apply to her situation. “No!” she was a mature woman capable of making her own decisions and suffering her own consequences. Loudly and firmly she stated, “I am not getting spanked again! Once was enough!”

“Hmm… is that so?”

Gulp…, she didn’t hear Lance walk back into their bedroom. His unnervingly stated question had her sitting back down on the bed.

He handed her, her morning cup of coffee “Mmm, nectar of the gods.”  she whispered.

“Darling, you are aware that I didn’t want to continue your punishment last night due to my strong emotions. I was just so relieved to have you in my arms safely cocooned from harm. Besides, I always try and hear your total explanation.”

I replied just a tiny bit snottily, “Really Lance… I was over your knee almost immediately… when did you get my side of the story?” (I was a 50 year old mature woman when it suited my agenda)

Lance asked, “Did you rehash and rehash your statement to the police officer while I stood next to you offering my love and support? Was everything you said true and did cover  it fully, truthfully?” His calm voice shamed me for accusing him of being unfair. 

I wailed, “Crap, crap, crap… but I don’t want a double punishment for last night.

“Ellie do you remember why I said that if you ever metaphorically or actually went into the alley?  I said I would bust your butt twice, making the spanking I gave you that night 25 years ago feel like a piece of cake? I am not a bossy man.”

She raised her eyes at that comment.

“Well Ellie, maybe I misspoke.  I do not micro manage your every actions. Nevertheless, your safety is something I will not compromise on.” He stood up, “Take your shower sweetie, we’ll continue after breakfast. She knew he wanted her to think back, to remember and appreciate… ha! Fat chance, she thought… why was she in trouble with him!

Thinking back to that night 25 years ago she shivered involuntarily. The night started out so nicely. She and Lance had started dating not long after he took over as principal of Makon Academy. They hadn’t exactly hit it off immediately. He was a bit perturbed by what he thought as her total disregard for following the rules and policies of the school. Admittedly she kind of did her own thing, not that she didn’t think rules were important; she just wasn’t into being the bad guy. What could she say; she had wanted to be the young art teacher who was cool. Still after a few shaky situations that she often blanched at remembering, she was swayed to “the other side” (Maybe the middle of the other side) actually she was just better at discerning and differentiating the situations for discipline management. That is often called experience.  

Her thoughts continued reminiscing. A group of us had gone to a great dance club that evening; she was just a tiny bit tipsy feeling no pain. Lance was so cute sticking to her side like glue. She had worn a new pair of spikey black heels setting off her short black jersey skirt and red top. They had closed the club and started making their way out the doors ending the evening. “Wow that was a blast.”  She said putting her right arm through her best friend Jane’s left one. Lance asked them to wait away from the crowd as he turned to retrieve his car from the valet. When…just as fast as she could blink Jane was roughly, rammed into Ellie’s side, she screamed “Hey my purse!” Ellie looked up and saw a giant of a man running up the side street with Jane’s purse clutched in his hands.

Ellie didn’t even remember thinking, her shoes went flying off her feet and she began screaming, “Stop you creep,” running like her life depended on catching the erstwhile crook! “Stop the thief!” She shouted over and over again.  Her adrenalin made her faster than normal- the rushing in her ears blocking common sense; she began to close in on the giant crook! Her brain just kept drumming, ‘catch him- catch him- catch him’, even as she heard the faint frantic yelling behind her to STOP! 

You’re going to get hurt it’s not important. For God sake Ellie, stop!” Lance caught up to her just as the man stealing Jane’s purse turned the corner and ran down the closest alley behind the houses. At that moment looking down the alley her true thinking brain kicked in. Lance stood next to her tightly gripping her arm. She couldn’t have moved anyway, her eyes locked with the purse snatcher when he looked back to the entrance. She and Lance clearly heard his silent promise, ‘I will kill you if you come into this alley!’ Then he turned and ran with the purse. Shaken Up, Ellie realized that he had had a knife in his hand. Lance saw that as well.

“Are you crazy? What were you doing? That was certifiable behavior!” Then he reached around, and put his left arm around her waist and lifted her off her feet. She was staring at the ground when she felt smack after smack on her bottom!

“Ouch!” In disbelief she thought, he was serious!  “What are you doing?” She shrieked, “Stop now! This hurt like crazy! Lance, someone could see, please, please stop!”

 He kept up a steady rhythm mumbling, “Are you out of your mind?” Seconds before the rest of the group turned the corner and caught up to us, he stood her on her feet. Ellie’s face a bright red, she longed to rub the sting away. She was shocked at his actions. Glaring at him angrily, he returned her stare with fire in his green eyes.

She was chastised for her foolishness by every person in the group. She humbly apologized for worrying her friends. Lance mentioned quietly that he would be seeing me home while the rest of the group visited the police station to make out a robbery report.

 At first she let her outrage for the spanking burst to the surface. “How could you?” she shouted. He wasn’t biting, just stalwartly focused on the drive. She squirmed angrily. The rest of the ride back to her apartment was mostly quiet. Every now and then Lance would state, “Thank all there is you did not go into that alley!” He glared at her when she haltingly kept trying to explain what happened. Her anger dissipated slightly as she realized how upset he was. She felt bereft; there was no possible way he would want to be with her now. Our 6 years difference in age felt like twenty. She knew she was somewhat inexperienced and impulsive but…she was really was crazy in love with him. Ellie smiled in remembrance as she realized her love at that very crazy moment twenty- five years prior.

He opened her car door walking into her apartment building and up the two stories to her private entrance. She unlocked the door. Ellie turned to him to thank him as she placed the keys on a book case next to the heavy door. Thinking he would leave imminently, she was surprised when he locked the door, not recognizing her impending doom.

That spanking was one she now recognized as an epic event. After Lances right hand painstakingly finished his views on her imprudent actions. He teared-up saying he loved her so much and that he never ever wanted her to cause him such intentional blinding fear ever again. As a matter of fact he clearly promised that if she ever “went into the alley” again, she would have a double punishment like no other seismic event seen. She didn’t really understand this spanking thing, but she knew he would never really hurt her. Her butt being hurt was clearly not an issue. They were newly in love and frankly she thought spanking was never going to happen again. He was so gentle rubbing out the worst of the immediate sting. That night they made love, for her it was the first time.  They were married the very next year.

Ellie came back to the present. Spanking had occurred at times through the years, infrequently, but occasionally needed. Looking back over the years they had loved each other passionately. Their normal manner had been to support and love each other to the fullest. They often conceded issues important to one or the other. They were great partners. Not that they didn’t have their moments, they certainly did. However, trust and respect were major players for them.

Lance walked back into the room as she finished dressing. “Come on honey lets go have breakfast.” She took his hand, clearly recognizing that it would be burning hot later this morning. They walked down stairs to the site of freshly toasted bagels on the kitchen table. Smiling, at his loving gesture she knew he would suffer with her, but all would eventually be right. 

She was sure his love would never let me go back “into the alley again.”


Minelle, I think you're a hit.  Thanks again for sharing this story with us.  I hope you will look around the community and comment as you like.  It's a friendly place.  We'll be looking forward to more stories.  I hope there are more of you out there thinking of writing a story - we'd love to read it.  Please send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Into the Alley

Fridays are getting better and better the closer I get to my summer of freedom.  I’ve actually been spanked several times this week, and although I don’t care if he has a reason or not, he came up with a really crazy one in my book.  More about them Sunday.

I am excited about today’s story.  We have a brand-new writer!  The author is Minelle.  She was kind enough to email me about my ‘lifestyle’ post and we began talking.  And you know pushy me I was soon trying to talk her into writing a story for Fantasy Friday and here it is!  It’s in two parts so the second one will be up tomorrow.  Oh, and while you’re reading you might want to know that the incidents (the dangerous ones) she mentions in the stories really did happen to her. I asked her to share a little about herself with us and that is at the end of this part. 

So now, please enjoy…

Into the Alley

The officer finished taking her statement, once again asking her if she was all right. “Yes officer, I really am quite all right.”

“It’s just that you are so tiny, and they were out of control crazy teenage boys.” he said.  “Besides the fact that you were lying on the ground next to a running car had all of us concerned you were knocked out or worse. They could have had a gun or knives.” He seemed compelled to point out her many missteps to her husband. Once again he asked, “Why did you disregard your safety so blatantly?”

Ellie looked up at her husband of 24 years and committed herself to metaphorically nailing the last nail in her coffin. “I just ran to save the boy they were hurting.” she insisted, “I just reacted.”  

“Ma’am, there were two carloads of large angry testosterone filled boys- one crazy on drugs, fighting in front of your house and you ran in the middle of that fracas?” The policeman looked at her like she was senseless.  Frankly she wasn’t sure she could or would have changed the series of events. She just kind-of lost all coherent thought when she heard their screaming.  Of course when the six foot angry boy put his arm around her neck, she quickly grabbed his arm so she would not pass out. She did think!  Her dander up seriously, she thought what if my child was the one being beat-up?

Furiously resuming her righteous position Ellie refused to concede the differing consensus of her actions. Her husband noted her clear lack of remorse present showing as an angry grimace on her face. Not realizing her husband’s perception of her thought process; she thought hopefully there would always be a Good Samaritan like her there for help in a similar situation… hmph! The officer closed his notebook, once again asking if she needed to be checked over at the hospital. She adamantly, if in a slightly exasperated voice stated, once again, that she had not been touched.

Lance specified “yet”- quietly, as he closed and locked the front door after the officer. He reached for Ellie hugging her to him running his hand all over to make sure she really wasn’t injured. “Is your neck ok?”

She explained once again, “He couldn’t tighten his grip with my hands between his arm and my neck, (even if his superior strength lifted her a foot off the ground) so I am injury free.”


“Yes Lance.”

“You went into the alley.”

“No Lance not really... It wasn’t the same thing,” she frantically reasoned with him. No answer… except for him pulling a struggling Ellie over to the couch where she found herself placed over his knees pants down, positioned vulnerably to receive his discipline. (Damn empty house!)  Seconds later he began spanking her upturned bottom, after securing her flailing legs. She barely had time to shout, no!...unfair!”  Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Really”…he muttered never missing a beat. “My darling wife thinks so little of her life that she rushes into the most…smack! dangerous…smack! situation…smack! since the alley incident…smack! smack! smack!smack! smack!

Owwwwww… you are over reacting! “Stop this now I shouted!” Not a very smart comment since it  just proved his point about her thoughtless action, and unleashed a flurry of spanks all over… including her sit spots and thighs. Of course now she was getting mad, mentally she was shouting, “I did the right thing!!! It is my conscience not yours!” Thrashing around flinging her hand back to prevent any more spanks from landing, she ignored the little voice in her head trying to filter through the emotional melee.

Clasping her hands across her back, he matter-of factly continued. Finally after making sure she understood his opinion on the matter, he let her up. Even knowing her butt would be a blazing red Lance sat her down on the couch. He walked over to the bay window, just to give himself a bit of distance for a moment. He felt like throwing up! She didn’t realize how many people called 911 frantic to get her help from the out of control kid. It looked like someone was breaking her neck! He closed his eyes against the heart rending image, feeling outraged at her lack of self- preservation.

 Behind him, Ellie angrily jumped right back up furiously rubbing her bottom with tears flowing down her face. Hearing her jump up Lance turned slowly and said quite firmly, "sit…back…down!"

Seething… Ellie really thought about saying something vulgar and inappropriate to him. Instead she channeled the feeling of her stinging butt to her brain and carefully sat on the couch. “I knew what I was doing.” she gritted out.

“Oh Yea, that came across clearly to everyone involved, my darling wife. Undoubtedly the reason you needed to be rescued by one lone teenage boy and two squad cars was clearly your remarkable handling of the situation.” He realized that she needed to crane her neck as he paced his worry and frustration across the length of the room. His six foot three frame was even more pronounced when he stood and she was seated. Of course thinking about her tiny five foot three, one hundred and twenty-five pound frame did nothing to assuage his aggravation for her actions in total disregard to her safety.

 He sat down across from his lovely wife on their brown leather chair. Lance lovingly clasped both her hands in his. Normally she loved this gesture; however it was clearly evident that his right hand was quite a bit hotter than his left hand. That awareness just made her mad once again!  “I am fifty years old, Lance and I thought that boy was dying!”

 “Then you should have called the police." he growled adamantly.

“I heard a crazy loud bang then lots of screaming, thumping and shouting. It really looked like a car accident when I looked out the window. So I ran out asking if they needed an ambulance.”

 “Of course the moment you realized that the situation required the police you knowingly joined in the middle of a fight?”

Ellis was feeling a little embarrassed, she angrily jumped up and yelled, “I am through with this conversation! You just do not understand how I think!”

He raised his eyebrow standing back up saying, “Maybe we were not finished with your spanking tonight. Not being stupid Ellie lowered her somewhat shrieking voice and sat slowly back down onto her flaming rear.

“Let’s analyze your actions once you ran outside, explain what happened, Ellie?”

“I tried to pull the crazed maniac off of the boy that was getting beat to a pulp.” I shared softly.

“You were so lucky that Jimmy Hansen was there to stop that drug induced young man from clobbering you! There was enough blood splattered about without adding yours to the mix.” Thank God Jimmy had the foresight to call the police when the first car blocked them intending to do some major damage," he whispered, his voice breaking at the end.

She began to realize how stressed and worried Lance had been.  Her heart pained her as she channeled his pain, making her start to cry softly. She loved this man with all her heart; she never wanted to cause him emotional pain. “Lance, I did realize I was out of my element… that is why I got down on the ground honey.”

She tried to placate him before he could start thinking again. “Maybe I should have called the police first…”

“You think?” He smiled just a fraction of his usual bright grin. “For goodness sake Ellie.” he started again, “Even experienced police men and women call for back-up before they enter a dangerous situation!” She scooted a safer distance on the couch. He was still very upset. “Ellie what would you think if either of the kids acted impulsively like you tonight?”

Man he was pulling out the big guns now. Ellie knew she would be soooo upset with them. She exclaimed righteously, face a flaming red. “I would tell them to call 911….and wait…ok; ok I get your point!”

Lance sat down hugging her close. She turned my face into his shirt, loving the comfort his scent never failed to give her. “I wanted to be mad at you for spanking me just a little longer.”  She stated as her emotions returned to normal.

“You know love; I do not enjoy spanking you like that.”

She kissed him softly, “I know honey so you’ve said before. If you feel my pain like you say, then you’re going to have a sore butt for a few days.” She giggled.  

Lance looked at her saying, “We need to re-visit the alley incident tomorrow. Ellie, remember what I said would happen the next time you were to put your life in danger?”  

“Oh Lance please, let’s let this be the end of the incident.  I don’t want to go to bed with you still angry about this.”  She pleaded.

He calmly told her that he wasn’t mad anymore just sad and determined nothing like this would happen again.  “Darling we will worry about tomorrow later.  We have a teenage free home.” (Both kids were away on overnights) “I want and need a lot of reassurance and connecting with you my loving wife.” He lifted her in his arms… strong man that he is; they entered their bedroom and lovingly played the night away, pushing all the unpleasant thoughts and worries to the back of their minds.


Thank you Minelle!  Now all of you who have shared a story here know that it’s always an anxious experience.  I hope you all take the time to let her know what you think.  Don’t forget to come back for part two tomorrow. Now here’s a little about Minelle in her own words.

I am a 51 year old mom of two (girl and boy) married for 21 years. I live in the Midwest, and teach art. I have taught all ages. I married later and had my kids later so I stayed home and made them my focus for many years. Finding secure jobs has been a challenge because of my (too much) education and experience. As you know the "systems" everywhere do not want to pay.  So I change jobs often and am very very adaptable (keeps my mind young) As I approached 50 I decided I didn't want to slide gracefully into middle age, I wanted to have fun, learn and try and have much joy in life. When your kids get older they just seem to not need you as much. These thoughts made me more daring I guess.

I started reading spanking stories a few years ago, my secret guilty pleasure. However I grew up reading Harlequins and all the great romance Authors, Lindsey etc. I always knew the books and or pages where a spanking occurred. (movies, sitcoms etc... etc) I guess I am a closet spanko, or at least reader of them. I also have always written stories in my head, going to bed with a new scenario most nights. I just never put them on paper until recently, without PK's encouragement I never would have dared to actually type it up and send it off.

Not really sure how or where I fit in this community. I am such a mixture of old fashioned, traditional, and modern liberal woman it is hard to categorize me. We do not do spanking, aside from hubby's many threats and the occasional swats, (maybe more normal in our age bracket) otherwise it’s not there. He's a gentle big guy originally from another country. I am not even sure if I want to incorporate "real" spankings either. I do love how the dd community seems to prioritize marriage and family. I hate the way society belittles men and makes them look wimpy and stupid!

This part of my life is pretty secret, even if I have shared a bit with hubby. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She’s at it again

Eva, my long lost ‘twin’ out here, has begun blogging a little again at her old site, Nothing Random.  That’s just fine with me.  I usually enjoy reading what she has to say, but she didn’t put up two posts before she puts up this one and starts trying to stir up trouble and blame me for things that are NOT my fault!

You probably realize that, as with most twins, you have a good one and you have a… well, you have Eva.  For those of you who weren’t around when we both began blogging let me point out some things about her.

Before I met Eva I didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs.  Oh, wait, I still don’t.

Well before I met her both of my children were contentedly living under my roof and now they are off doing their own thing and we’re left here all alone.  Hmmm… yeah, come to think of it, that’s not such a bad thing either.

Okay, give me a minute…

About the time I met Eva my husband started spanking me and we began having wild kinky sex. 

Oh hell, maybe she isn’t the worst influence in the world.

But I still didn’t tell her to run around telling everyone that she was reading lady porn!  That was her idea.  I mean, I suggested the book to her, what did she think it was about?  Housekeeping or cooking tips? 

Nice to see you back, twin, now behave yourself!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Important decision - please help

This has been a pleasant weekend.  The weather is beautiful.  Nick is enjoying his golf weekend and Mollie and I have been visiting and doing the last minute packing as she heads out to her summer job this afternoon.  Gulp!   I made the comment yesterday that I had always driven her to camp and that a part of me wished I could take her up there now.  She said “Yeah, there’s a part of me that wished you could still take me, but eventually you have to be a grown up.” To which I replies, “I’m trying!” Really I have no doubt that she’ll be fine.  I’ll keep you posted.

Nick should be home later this evening.  I gained a pound last week which didn’t really come as a shock, but now I need to work on my “It’s all Mollie’s fault” story.  There are lots of reasons, I told you we eat more when she’s here, there are more snacks around, her love of cooking and finally just the fact that I wanted to spend time with her this week doing things together, rather than me heading off to the gym alone.  So I would rush home from work each afternoon to share one of our favorite activities – napping!  Often she had begun without me, but I was never far behind.  She would snooze peacefully on the couch while I was napping away in my recliner.  I mean that’s mother/daughter bonding if you ask me. That’s not all we do of course, we do eat together.  Wimpy hopes Nick buys all this; Badass, on the other hand, plans to be eating chips and donuts when he walks in.  I’ll let you know how things go.

On to this big decision I need to make.  I’m ready for a new computer.  I don’t do wild and crazy things with my computer.  My needs are basic, I want to be able to get my email and check facebook.  I want to be able to blog – reading and writing and I want to be able to write my fiction.  Not much really.  I want the hookup to be on the left hand side, I’d like to be able to scroll more easily than I can on my current one and most of all, I’d really like a battery that can last more than four minutes.

 I think I can get a PC that will do all of this for me.  But Mollie is really pushing for me to get a mac. (We’re back to its all Mollie’s fault.) She insists that they are sooooo much better, once I get used to it.  Of course there’s the rub.  Will I be able to learn to use it myself without her here to show me everything?  She often says “Once you go mac you never go back” is she right? Decisions, decisions.  My question to all of you is:

Taking the cost out of the picture completely –
 which is the best computer to buy?  PC or a Mac? 

Please help!  I value your opinions.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Paradise Found at Home

Happy Friday!  I guess I'm a single woman this weekend.  Nick headed off on his golf trip sometime this morning while I slaved away at school.  I love my husband!  But I also love being on my own for short periods.  It makes me appreciate him even more when he gets home.  

We have a great story today.  This story comes from Slightly Naughty Princess.  I've enjoyed reading her new blog and I love her stories.  I know you will enjoy this one...

 Paradise Found at Home

They sat at the table across from each other.   They were at an impasse.  John was not going to budge on this and Heather tried to plead her case.  It was their anniversary weekend soon and she wanted to get away for a few days.  John wanted to do that, too.  However, they did not have a lot of extra money to spare for a big trip.  Heather had researched a nice resort on the internet.  The airfare would be reasonable if they would buy the tickets in advance.  John hated to disappoint his wife, but this trip did not seem like it would be possible at this time.   Heather finally yelled “fine”, slammed her hand down on the table, stormed out of the room and shut the door of their bedroom with a loud bang.  John sat there for a few moments.  He looked down at the family dog on the floor.  “Arthur, women are not easy to understand and live with all the time.”  Arthur just wagged his tail.  John was glad Arthur was glad to see him.  But, he had to go back and talk to Heather right now.
John reached the door and it was locked.  Oh, great.  “Heather, I want you to open this door right now.”

 “I just want to be alone for a little while, John.”
 “Heather, I am going to count to five. I am asking you to open this door by the count of five.  You are already in bit of trouble for the way you just stormed off so let’s not make this worse.  One....Two......Three....”

Oh, great thought Heather.   This is not what I wanted to happen.  Her feet begrudgingly took her to the door.  She made it to the door at the end of the count of five.
"Thanks, Heather.”

She moved away and sat on the edge of the bed.  John moved inside the room, but gave her some space.  He could see she had been crying and now she looked defeated as she sat there.  John wanted to handle this carefully if he could manage it.
“Heather, honey, I am sorry the funds just are not there for us to get away like you want.  I know you really wanted to go to the resort and we will go.  We just can’t go right now.”

Heather stared at her hands in her lap.  She glanced up at John for a moment when he first spoke, but she looked down after a quick glance.   She knew she was acting childish and she let her emotions get the best of her.  
The silence stretched on for a little while.  John moved to sit beside Heather on the bed.  He placed a hand over hers and gave her a little squeeze.  Heather started to soften by his touch.  Here was the man she loved trying to bridge the gap she created. A few new tears ran down her cheek.  John wiped her cheek with his hand.  She rested her head on his chest and he stroked her hair.  They stayed in that embrace for about five minutes.  Heather was no longer crying and he felt her relax a little.  He hated to break this peaceful moment, but they had to deal with the outburst from earlier.

“Heather, I love you.  I wish we could go on even greater trips than just to the resort.  Maybe one day we will be able to travel more and even out of the country.  But, Heather, you know I can’t let your attitude and outburst just slide.”
Heather moved her head from his chest and sat up.  She looked at John with pleading eyes, but in her heart of hearts she knew she had been wrong.  So, slowly, she nodded her head to acknowledge what he just said. 

John was relieved that Heather at least did not argue about this issue.  He would like to take it easy on her.  It would have been worse if she tried to argue, but this was going to be more than a hand spanking tonight.  John stood up and reached for his buckle on his belt.  Heather’s eyes opened for a fraction of a second.  She was hoping he would just spank her with his hand. 

“Heather, get the pillows from the top of the bed and put them on the edge.  Then I want you to take off your clothes and straddle the edge of the bed on the pillows.”

Heather did not say a word.  She did get up and collect the pillows. Slowly, she pulled her shirt over her head.  She reached for her zipper and soon her jeans were on the floor.  She was standing in her lace panties and matching bra.  She walked towards the pillows. John thought about arguing the point that he told her to get undressed.  But, her panties would soon be off and so he could let this go. John stared at his wife who placed herself where he asked her to go. 

‘Heather, I need you to stand back up and take off your bra and panties.”

Heather frowned.  She was just trying to get into the mindset for what was about to happen.  But, she knew she had to do it.   She stood and stepped out of her panties and unhooked her bra and slipped it off easily. She went back into place over the pillows.

 John moved closer to Heather.  He sat down near where she was.  Her head face down in the pillows.  “Heather, I changed my mind.”  She looked up and smiled.  He felt bad then because he had not changed his mind about the spanking.  He was just going to start out with a hand spanking over his lap as a warm up and then move to the belt.

“I mean to say, I want you over my lap.  We’ll start out with my hand, but I am going to finish with my belt.”

Heather did not move right away, but she knew she could not avoid what was coming.  So, without any words, she stood up and placed herself over his lap.  John ran his hand over her lovely bottom for a few moments.  There were no words said.  The room was silent.  It was just an intimate moment of a husband touching his wife’s behind. Finally, he stopped caressing and the first slap came down on her cheeks.
“Heather, I don’t enjoy punishing you. But, you acted like a brat earlier.”

The whole time he was talking his hand was coming down hard over and over on her butt.  Heather grimaced a few times, but did not say anything.  His hand just kept coming and coming. Finally, with one hard slap he stopped.  He pulled Heather up and told her to get over the pillows.
 “But, aren’t you going to make me stand in the corner and wait?”

 “No, Heather.  I want you over the pillows like I asked.”
She reached to rub her backside and with that John quickly started spanking her with his hand while she was standing.
“I saw you rub your butt, Heather.  Is that allowed?”
He had a good swing with his arm and he was turning her butt a nice red color.
“Heather, you will answer me.”
“NO, it is not allowed!  I am sorry, John!”
“Not as sorry as your going to be.”
He gave her ten more spankings with his hand.   “Now, get yourself over those pillows and make sure I have a good target high in the air, Heather.”
Heather was sniffling at this point.  She was already in pain and he had not even started with his belt.
“Heather, I need you to stay in place and not move.  You are being spanked tonight for your attitude.  You have the right to be upset.  But, you don’t have the right to yell in an outburst, storm off, and then lock the door.  Little girls who throw temper tantrums get punished.”
With that statement the belt came down hard across her cheeks.  She yelled out “Ouch”.
Her backside was on fire!  John just keep swinging the belt and hitting all areas of her sore backside.  It was not long and she was crying.

“Please, stop John.  I’ll be good.  I promise!”

 “Heather, you are good, but you behaved badly.  This is not over until I decide it is over.”
Heather started to move around and squirm.   “Heather, I need you stay in position.  I know you don’t want us to have to start this process over."
Oh, no.  She COULD NOT start this process over.  So, she pulled all her energy into staying in place.   Soon she was saying over and over “John, I am so sorry.  I behaved badly tonight.  Please forgive me.”
John decided she should get twenty-five strokes with the belt and then they would be done.  He did not hold back and Heather took them as best she could.  Finally, John tossed the belt on the bed and stepped back.  Heather was sobbing in the pillow.

“Heather, I want to hold you and comfort you, but I want you to go stand in the corner now.  When I call you back over then come to me.”
Heather got up and walked to the corner.  She was so tempted to touch her backside, but she did not.  Instead she stood in the corner and just let the tears flow down her face. John sat on the bed and watched his wife.   He wanted her to stand there and think about her actions some more.  He was starting to get a little turned on looking at her lovely red butt. He let her stand there about five minutes and then called her over.
Heather turned and walked back towards the bed.  She came to stand between his legs.  He reached out and took her hands in his.  “Heather, you know I love you”.  She nodded yes.  He pulled her into him and fell back on the bed. He turned on his side and turned Heather to face him on her side as well.  He lovingly stroked her all over.  He ran his hands down her back and overly her lovely breast. Soon he was touching her in an intimate way.  The tears had stopped and pleasure was replacing the fading pain.

Heather was starting to melt on the inside.  John started whispering endearing compliments in her ear.  But, soon after he started talking a little dirty to her. His fingers were plunging inside of her and his other hand was running over her sore behind.   “Heather, you’ve been such a bad girl tonight and you know what happens to bad girls”. While he was saying this he was squeezing her butt cheeks and his fingers were circling her with great expertise and making her very wet.
Heather started moaning and soon she was saying “Oh, John.  I want you inside of me.”
John smiled and said “bad girls just have to learn to patient”.  He withdrew his fingers and lightly spanked her behind.  Heather moved slightly to get out of reach.  She was not expecting that.  But, she recovered and decided John needed some torture of his own.  She reached for his manhood and started stroking him.  Then she knelt down and took him in her mouth.  Soon it was John who was having trouble holding his composure.  He looked down and his sweet wife was lovingly sucking him and he could see her red behind, too.  The sweet torture Heather was giving him went on for a few minutes.  She looked up at him and then their eyes met.   He could wait no longer and neither could she.
 “Make love to me, John.”
 “Heather, my bad little girl, it would be my pleasure.”
She giggled and he pulled her down on top of him.  Heather straddled her husband and in a few quick movements she was inside of him and riding him.  John cupped her sore behind and helped her establish a nice rhythm for them.  Her hair was tossed to the side and she looked beautiful as she moved on top of him.  John reached up and sucked on her breast.   Soon Heather was panting heavily and found her release.  That was all it took for John to flip her over and pump into her a few more times and he came in a low growl of satisfaction.
Heather lay in her husband’s arms basking in her afterglow.  Suddenly, money trouble and going to the resort seemed a distant memory.  She was in her own paradise here at home.


You did it again SNP!  Thanks for writing for Fantasy Friday again.  I just have a feeling you have many ideas for new stories running around in your head.  I hope you will continue to share some of them with us.  And I really hope some more of you will be willing to try a story yourselves.  We'd love to read them.  Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I’ve got to get this kid out of my house!

It’s the truth, but not for the reason you might think.    I don’t want Mollie gone because her being here is cutting into our time for hot sex and spanking (although, of course, that’s true).  It does seem that my timing is never what it should be.  I mean I had this great afternoon delight with Nick and told him that I wanted to be spanked much more and he seemed to be listening.  In fact the very next night I forgot and left the fan on again.  I got a little shout spanking for that.  Then a few days later there was another short spanking in the kitchen with a wooden spoon.  I can’t remember what for, but I know it made me happy – even if it was very short!  But we were headed in the right direction, then before you know it, Mollie’s home from college. 

But I don’t want her gone to get our empty nest back; I need her gone because of the way we eat when she’s here!  We picked her up last Thursday and I didn’t eat much that night because I was weighing in the next morning, and I lost just under a pound. Yeah for me!  But then it started.  Nick grilled some tenderloin Friday night, I made mashed potatoes, peas, and Mollie had brought home some really good cookies from school.  Great meal.  The next night we went out for Mother’s Day to a Japanese steak house, Hibachi Steak – delicious!  The next day was Sunday and as usual we had an amazing meal prepared by Nick’s mom, one of the greatest cooks of all time.  Then Monday Mollie wanted to cook for some of her friends since she won’t be seeing them all summer.  Mollie is turning into a great cook; she prowls pinterest for ideas and doesn’t mind trying something new (she did NOT get this skill from me).  So Monday she fixed this wonderful bread as an appetizer, she just cut a large loaf into square pieces (still attached) and brushed on butter with Ranch powder in it, then she added cheese and bacon before heating it, sooo good.  Then she made a Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole, green beans and then for desert we had brownies with Oreos in them and Veryberry Cheesecake ice-cream.  Are you beginning to see my problem?

You know I’m kidding, I love having her here – especially since she’s only here until Sunday.  But honestly, if she was going to be here cooking all summer I’d be in real trouble!  I’m working on it.  I stopped by the park today and walked 2 miles.  I want spanked anytime Nick’s willing, but I don’t want him to have a real reason to do it.  Nick’s going to be away golfing next weekend any way.  When he gets back we’ll be beginning our summer alone together.  I’ll have to send him an email directing him back to that post, and maybe I’ll even add a thing or two.  Wish me luck!