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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wedding Outfit Shopping Success!

I did it! I found the perfect wedding outfit. It was the first outfit I saw when I walked into Chico’s. I tried it on and bought it with in the first ten minutes of our shopping trip, I found a beautiful necklace to add a little bling.  The outfit isn’t wildly fancy, although it's a bit more sparkly that the picture shows. I would describe it as quietly elegant, I hope I'm right. In fact I’m good for my whole New York visit. I found a second outfit I like for going out one evening and for our third evening, my wonderful friend Sunny loaned me a another beautiful outfit. Now this little old country mama won’t embarrass LJ. Not that I was ever really worried about that, but I do feel more confident now that I have them all.

Mollie did come and help with the shopping. And as it worked out my niece, who moved to New York eighteen months ago, came to see her mom this weekend so Mollie had her cousin with her as we all went shopped together and later came back to my sisters, ate pizza and watched movies. Great girl’s weekend!

So here it is, what do you think?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snippet day

If you get the chance, go by the Reading Room and check out today's snippet.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Wyoming Bride

I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that Friday has rolled around once again. I, personally, am thrilled! I’m going out of town with Mollie tomorrow and that’s always fun.
And for you guys – I am leaving you with a brand new Fantasy Friday this week. This week Daisy Christian came through for me. I’m partial to stories that include cowboys and so I really love this one. This is a long story and it continues next week and after that another friend has sent a new story for us, so Fantasy Friday continues.
Thank you Daisy, this is a great story and we are all going to sit back and enjoy…

Wyoming Bride 

Lacey threw her suit case down on the bed and started putting her clothes away The last place she wanted to be was back at her childhood house in her old bedroom. Yet, here she was at twenty-two years old and being told what to do by her brute of a brother Wade. He was thirty-two years old and still single “Of course he was still single.” She thought to herself; “no woman in this day and age would want a domineering and pushy old beat up old cowboy. Shoot even her brother Josh had a wife at twenty-seven.”
“Lacey Amelia.” She jumped at her name as Wade flung the door open “Lacey did you not hear me calling for you? Hurry up if you want a ride into town with me. Josh needs your help at the store today.”
She continued to put her clothes away and he looked puzzled.  “You have been here for two days and you are just now putting your clothes away? Hurry up girl.”
“Well I wasn’t in a hurry to settle in my old room yet ok.” She huffed
“Well you better hurry and mind your sass too little girl or did we not have a good enough conversation when you got here.”
She felt her face flushed in embarrassment to the thought of her brother spanking her over her pajama bottoms.  She had gone out with her best friends Hailey and Kayla. Wade had told her not to drink but when she came staggering in the door at one in the morning too drunk to walk up the stairs there was no way to hide that she had disobeyed him.  Hailey was telling her to be quiet; that her brother was going to wake up. Kayla was just worried that Wade was going to tell Scott her husband how late they were out. Scott was out of town getting some feed he worked for Wade. Wade and Scott were child hood friends as well.  But as Hailey and Kayla were pulling Lacey up so that they could help her walk inside; they ran into a brick wall of 6 foot muscle. They stopped in their tracks and let go of Lacey as she fell into Wade. “I will take her inside you two get home. Kayla you know better and Hailey you should.” He growled.
Both girls took off and that left Lacey to fend for herself. Wade put her into bed as she fought him.  As he was putting her into bed she was saying she was old enough to take care of herself.
The next morning after breakfast she was trying to plead her case that she was 22 years old and too old for rules and to be spanked but Wade assured her no woman was too old to be spanked and she was going to live there under his rules.  Apparently he shouldn’t have let her go.  She couldn’t argue with that. Wade let her go off to college and she met Jason whose parents had money and he was only in College because mommy and daddy said so. Well one night they were at his apartment and it got raided. Lacey knew nothing about the drugs. Still she found herself in jail.  Wade came up and assured the judge he would take care of things. Since Lacey had never been in trouble before and apparently the judge had daughters and old fashioned thinking as well. The judge gave Lacey no choice but to move back home.
“Lacey seriously come on.” She jumped jolted from her thoughts with his bellowing.
“I’m coming old man.” She said as she ran down the stairs and running outside to avoid his large hand she knew would be raining down on her back side because he was annoyed and calling him old man didn’t help any.  He did miss her and he just put his cowboy hat on shaking his head. She jumped into the old pickup truck barely able to shut the heavy door.  “Wade when are you going to get rid of this beast and get another new truck?”
“I have a new truck. Scott is driving it I don’t need another one this one is just fine. Besides someone has a little sister who takes all my money.”
“I do not.” She retorted and stuck out her tongue.
“Brat.” He said back as she turned to face the window for the rest of the ride into town.
When they got into town she looked around nothing had changed this quiet little town was still the same not that she had been gone long but nothing changed since she was a kid.  Few more houses and a couple more stores and some more people. No one really seemed to leave the town but not many came in. It had everything you needed though.  A restaurant that everyone loved her best friend Hailey’s parents owned it. The gas station, a grocery store and the mercantile that her brother owned that had everything you needed. If you wanted any real fun or shopping though you had to drive 30 miles to the nearest big town.
They pulled up to the store and Lacey jumped out.  “Tell Josh I will be right back I’m gonna go say hi to Hailey.” She yelled as she ran across the street to the restaurant not giving Wade any time to protest.
Lacey went running up the stairs to the restaurant if her friend wasn’t working her house was right behind the restaurant as she flung the door open she ran right into Luke, Kayla’s older brother who had also been her brother Josh and Wades best friend. He was 30 years old right in between them.  Luke had a stack of Styrofoam containers filled with food and at 6ft5 Hailey was right at his chest.  She felt like a midget next to him even though at 5ft6 she wasn’t really short for a girl.
“Hey where you going in a hurry little Lacey Turner?” He asked with a smirk as he moved the containers out of the way to see who ran into him.
She rolled her eyes “you watch it you big oaf you about knocked me over.”  Here was another dominating man that she’d rather not be around. All though she found him very attractive; he too raised his sister Kayla like Wade raised her and they had the same ideas and same rules.
“Well excuse me madam” he said tipping his cowboy hat at her and moving out of the way. “Still a feisty thing I see.” She huffed by him rolling her eyes again. “Your eyes might stay that way if you do it too much.”  He chuckled.  She just walked on by him shooing him away.  He watched her walk away. He hadn’t seen her much since she turned 18. She sure did look more grown up and not so much like a child.
He made it over to Josh’s store and was laughing as he walked in. He walked to the back finding Josh and Wade back there.  “What’s so funny?” Josh asked reaching for the food.
“I just ran into a fiery little blonde that resembles the two of you.”
Wade just shook his head “What did she do now?”
Oh nothing really, she ran into me as I was walking out of the restaurant but of course I was in her way.  Then she rolled her eyes and I told her they would stay that way. She called me a big oaf. ME??  A big oaf?” He laughed knowing at 6 foot 5 almost 6 foot 6 it was true. “Then she shooed me away, rather like dismissing me. She’s still feisty huh?”
“That she is maybe someday soon she will get a man to take her of my hands and give her what she needs.” Wade chuckled winking at Luke as he got up.
“Well he better have a strong hand because what she needs is a good ole spanking daily.” Luke said smiling big and thought he might be up to that.
All 3 men started laughing just as Lacey walked in.  “What’s so funny you three goons?”  Being in the same room with the three of them was like a cloud of heavy cowboy testosterone.
“Well there’s my sweet little sister.” Josh said standing up to give her a hug. “Glad your back home I really need your help well Luke does.  Tessa and I are going out of town for two weeks and I need you to help Luke take care of the store.”
Lacey’s eyes got huge the last thing she wanted to do was spend all day with Luke’s over dominance and then go home and deal with Wades barking orders.  “Well If I say no that probably doesn’t matter because I’m pretty sure I really don’t have a choice do I?  And if your here all day what about your ranch Luke? Did you forget about that huh? I can handle the store by myself you can’t work all day and night.” She smirked. “Now that will get him out of my hair.” She thought to herself putting her hands on her hips glaring at Luke.
Luke folded his hands across his chest staring her down “Well miss smarty pants I might look like a dumb cowboy but I’m not. You forget that Dalton has been working for me for years and is now my head foreman.” He smirked back at her has she scowled and didn’t say a word.
“Wow Luke you left her speechless never knew that could happen.” Josh said with a chuckle.
Wade never found humor in her battiness or stalling. So he stepped up between her and Luke and glared at her as he said “Well what’s your answer?” He waited then said “Let me help you. The way I see it you have two choices. You can say no then we can visit the back room and I’m pretty sure I will help you have a change of heart.  So your choice is say no get a spanking then say yes or say yes and not get spanked. ”
She just looked around and over at Luke with a smirk on his face. She apparently was taking too long to answer because Wade was stepping towards her as to grab for one of her arms pointed out of her hip. She put her arms down and jerked away.  “Ok fine some choice you guys give me. And you Luke wipe that smirk off your face. And don’t think you’re going to be barking orders at me.” She poked Luke in the chest and huffed out of the room into the store area.  She had heard the door ding and new there were customers so poking Luke in the chest was safe for now.  When she poked him just feeling his muscular body for one second made her realize something she never had before. She realized he was a mighty handsome cowboy. “NO Lacey you don’t want to settle with him” She said to herself as she shook her head going out to the customers.
Luke just looked down at his chest and out at her wiggling her little behind in those tight jeans and cowboy boots she had on. “It will be fun taming that little girl.” He thought to himself shaking his head.  Wade walked past him and out to Lacey he was going to have to talk to her before he left so Luke didn’t tie her up in the back somewhere.  Josh walked by him and slapped him on the shoulder “Ok well you have fun my friend and thanks for watching the store.”
“Don’t forget babysitting your sister.” He yelled back at Josh as Josh walked out.
            Lacey was helping the customers ignoring Wade standing at the end of the counter; knowing he had something to talk about the way he looked at her. She was sure it had something to do with her poking Luke in the chest. She talked to the customers and stalled them in the door as long as she could. Once they left she started to quickly slip away but Wade grabbed her arm and spun her around to him.  “Look you will behave like an adult and if you don’t I will treat you like a child when you get home.” Wade growled at her then letting her hand go and walking out the door before she could say a word.
She picked up something as if to throw it at him and before she could decide what she really wanted to do Luke had walked up beside her and grabbed her arm, “Now you don’t want to do that. Let’s start straightening up the shelves and stocking the store shall we.” Luke said in a quiet voice with a smile.  The way he gently talked to her and that smile. That very nice smile he had that was so care free and happy. How could she balk at any of that?
“Sure let’s go.” She said linking her arm around his and skipping away.
They both started laughing. They talked a little bit and shared some stuff with each other and it really was a better day then she expected. At lunch time they went over to the restaurant and had lunch together. Hailey joined them of course and Kayla. Luke was used to the girl chattering he just ate and ignored them. He really was hoping they could have a quiet lunch but he decided no big deal plenty of time for that.
That evening the store was dying down and it was almost time to go home Luke was back in the office and heard cackling up front. The familiar cackling of three girls. Once Scott was back he knew Kayla’s running around and rummaging would stop and he was sure they wouldn’t be seeing her for quite some time. She had done more than enough to get herself in hot water and no one would have to tell because all Scott had to do was look at her face. Kayla was a very innocent girl and easily read as guilty. Hailey needed someone to grab hold of her and he thought Dalton would be good for her. Then he heard the sweetest sound of all, Lacey’s belly laugh; the going to pee her pants laugh.  He was smiling ear to ear listening to that as she came walking in laughing and trying to talk.
“Are you ok?” He asked with a smile.
“Yeah Hailey tripped and knocked over some stuff; I’ve laughed so hard my side hurts. Don’t worry we picked it up and yes she’s ok.”  Knowing his caring side she added that in there. “Do you mind if I go home now?  Hailey’s gonna give me a ride.”
A little disappointed because he wanted to give her a ride reluctantly he said “yeah see ya tomorrow at seven. Need me to pick you up?” He asked with a smile.
“No thank you Wade will bring me in.” She hopped over and kissed his cheek and ran out the door. “Why on earth did I feel drawn to kiss his cheek?” She thought to herself.
He just smiled and shook his head as he watched her bounce out of the room. 
Two weeks had gone by everything was great. Luke and Lacey were working great together.  He had grabbed lunch a few times so he could have lunch alone with her. He had made excuses to take her home. She would kiss him on the cheek every time she jumped out of his truck. She didn’t know what had come over her but she was really falling for him. He hadn’t been too bossy and he was very nice to her.  He knew he was falling in love with her and thought she felt the same but wasn’t rushing anything.
Lacey was sitting at the desk eating some Doritos and cruising around on the internet. It had been a slow day. She and Luke had cleaned up most of the morning so she decided to relax for a few minutes while Luke took care of the few customers that came in. She was cruising around on the internet finding herself looking at different wedding ideas thinking about that hot guy in the other room. She didn’t know what on earth she was doing but she was getting comfortable being around him and staying out of trouble. She was deep in thought staring at the computer screen when she was jolted out of her revere.
“Lacey, Lacey” Luke said getting louder.
“Hey, umm sorry.” She said stammering and hurrying and closing the computer screen.
“Since its slow I’m going to go into Clinton and get some stuff we need for the store. It’s almost 3 so if not many come in by 4 then go ahead and close up. I won’t be back till like 8 or 9 ok?”
She was a little sad it was Friday night so she was kind of hoping they could go to dinner or something of course she could just ask to go with him. Lacey hesitated; Hailey had asked her to go out. “Ok that’s fine. Be careful.” She jumped up and kissed his cheek walking into the front to make sure things were all set so she could leave early.
When she kissed his cheek he swore one of these times he was gonna turn his face and taste her lips. He shook his head; he had to quit thinking like that his nether regions were reacting too much.
Lacey did get off at 4 she called Wade and told him she was going to stay the night at Kayla’s with Hailey. Of course he gave her the no drinking stay in town and behave speech ending with the typical “or else.” With each instruction she gave an eye roll and a yes sir. She liked when he lectured her on the phone because in person the eye rolls wouldn’t go well but he did tell her to quit rolling her eyes and she got to roll her eyes at that too.
Hailey and Lacey got over to Kayla’s before 5. The girls had decided on their way to Kayla’s they wanted to go to Gainesville to a few clubs. They were trying to talk Kayla into going.  Kayla was sitting on the couch hugging her pillows as the girls sat next to her; “Come on Kay please?” Both girls whined in unison.
Kayla shook her head no “NO way Scott comes home tomorrow and I’m still feeling the spanking he gave me a few days ago for what I did while he was gone before. You two go and be back by midnight and I will cover for you all that I can.
“Ok that’s fine be an old sour puss.” Lacey said as she grabbed the other pillow off the couch and popped Kayla in the head. The girls went back and forth with the pillows and then Hailey and Lacey headed out. 
All the way to Clinton all Luke could think about was pretty Lacey Turner. Man that girl had his heart and he wanted to speed things up. But not scare her off. On his way to Clinton his friend Gregg called to see what he was doing so he said he’d stop by on his way back. Gregg lived in Gainesville which was in between home and Clinton.
The girls got to Gainesville and found a nice little country bar. Lacey decided not to drink because Hailey wanted to. This had seemed like a good plan at the time but Lacey was getting annoyed at running around babysitting Hailey. A few guys had come over and sat with her but she kind of shrugged them off. Really the only guy she wanted to sit by her is Luke. Then this tall handsome guy came and asked if he could sit by her while he waited on his friend. She still really wanted Luke but he kind of reminded her of him so she said okay.  He bought her a couple drinks and she didn’t want to be rude so she accepted. Soon she was getting a little friendly, because the alcohol had made her relax too much. She was hanging all over him and daydreaming of Luke at the same time.
Luke had gotten to Gainesville to the club that his friend told him to meet him at.  Whiskey’s was a simple little country bar, where people went to dance and drink. When Luke walked in he looked around the room for his friend. He saw a girl across the room that he thought looked like Hailey but it was dark and he wasn’t sure. He then found his friend. He smiled as he saw a blonde hanging on him but couldn’t see her face. As he got closer his friend called out to him and he smiled and was heading there when the blonde raised up her head.  His smile turned to a frown as he realized it was Lacey and she had her arm draped over Greggs shoulder.  Lacey looked up right into his eyes and jumped back off of Gregg.
“Lacey Amelia Turner!!” Lacey jumped at her full name and sat on the bar stool.
Gregg looked puzzled and Luke explained, “It’s my friends little sister and she should not be here. And that little brunette over there hopping around is her friend!!”
Luke grabbed Lacey’s arm. “We need to go talk little girl.” He growled.
“Hey I’m having fun.  Relax I’ve…. I’ve only had about….two….two drinks.” She stammered her words and held up 3 fingers.  Luke jerked on her arm and practically drug her outside.
“Two drinks and your hanging on a strange guy. Thank God he happened to be my friend!  And its 11 now; what time did you plan on going home? Or getting home?” He growled dragging her to his truck.
“It’s none of your business!! You are not my brother and you’re not my husband or even my boyfriend!!! You haven’t even kissed me or even tried!!! I was wishing you were sitting next to me then Gregg walked in and he was nice!!” She pouted and started hanging on him. She was speaking freely now because of the alcohol, but he knew that’s how she felt. He reached down and grabbed her face and put his lips on hers giving her a deep long kiss. She was melting in his arms. Then he pulled her away.
“There, now I have kissed you and you can consider me your boyfriend for sure!  Now come with me we are getting Gregg and Hailey and were leaving. So help me God Lacey if you don’t do exactly that I will spank you right here in front of everyone.  Do not make me drag you back out.”
She was still taken back by his kiss she grabbed his hand and they strolled inside. She got Hailey and went to Luke’s truck.  He explained to Gregg what was going on and Gregg knew the owner of Whiskey’s so he said he would leave his car there and take Hailey’s to his house. They had to stop twice for Hailey to throw up. She almost threw up once in the truck and Lacey thought Luke was going to lose it. He was clearly very disappointed in the girls and very annoyed with Hailey.  She sat in the middle next to him so Hailey could have the door. Lacey was sobering up snuggling into his arm.  He put his hand on her leg and she put her arm through his then leaned up and kissed his cheek.  Whenever he had to stop for Hailey he would turn so they were kissing on the lips again.  Then he patted her leg and told her to behave herself because she was distracting the driver.
They finally got to Kayla’s and dropped Hailey off.  Luke didn’t take her home because he didn’t want to disturb Hailey’s parents.   Lacey kissed his cheek as she started to get out when Hailey opened the door to go inside. He grabbed Lacey’s arm; “You stay here. I will take her inside. You and I have to talk.”  Lacey gulped She wasn’t sure but she thought his talk didn’t actually mean talk.
“Luke can’t it wait till tomorrow I’m super tired and I know you are too we have all day tomorrow.” She whined.
“Lacey don’t!” He growled.
“Fine!” She huffed; “But don’t take forever I’m tired and don’t really feel like talking.”
He turned around and looked at her she knew she was pushing it.  Luke came out and started driving. “I thought we were talking. Where are we going?”
“We are going to talk but not here.” They drove half way towards her house it was out in the country and not much traffic.
“You are taking me home?”
He then pulled over. “What are you doing Luke?”
“We’re going to talk.  Get out.” He grabbed her hand and lead her to the back of the truck where he put the tail gate down. “Bend over.” He gently pushed her over.  She stood right back up as she heard him taking off his belt.
“NO LUKE!! NO!! YOU can’t do this you have NO RIGHT!!”
He stood her up “Quit hollering like I’m going to kill you for Pete’s sake. Look at me.”
“I just want to go home.” She stomped her foot and tried to jerk away.
He grabbed both arms “Look at me. Lacey I’m going to tell you this; then give you a choice. I care a lot about you and I think you do me too. At least I hope you do.  I’m falling in love with you and I have been trying to take it slow. But I do want us to date and then work on getting married soon. What do you think?”
Now Lacey was looking him in his eyes and smiling. “I think I’m falling in love with you too.  But I’m scared I’ve never really had these feelings and I know that being your girlfriend and wife means being spanked and well you’re so bossy!!!” She giggled.
“Ok well we don’t have to answer everything tonight but your choice is this. I spank you here and now and take you home and we tell Wade what happened and you can go to bed. I’m pretty sure he won’t want to spank you too but I can’t make promises. Or we can leave now I can take you home. We tell Wade what happen he will spank you for sure and then you and I will still have this wedge between us and it will be hard to move on. What’s your decision?”
She stared into his eyes and had a tear run down her cheek. She didn’t want a wedge between them. Even if her mind didn’t want to love him her heart and body did. She turned around at first he thought she was going to run but she climbed up leaning over the tail gate trying to pull her skirt down so he couldn’t see her panties.
He finished taking off his belt she cringed. Then he pushed her up more getting her bottom up higher and moved her hands pulling her skirt up. She started to protest but just as she did the first reign of the belt came down!!
She jumped up and he pushed her back down gently she didn’t realize what little cushion her pajama bottoms gave her. He put down 4 more swats.  “OK Luke please stop it hurts. I’m sorry.”
“You could have gotten yourself hurt tonight or worse killed.” He put down about 10 more swats she was starting to cry and breathe heavy. The more he thought about her dying the harder he swatted.  “I could have lost you and I never would have been able to show you my love. We could have never shared our lives together.” With those words she cried harder and he stopped. He pulled her up.  “Tell me how did you plan on getting home?” He gave her a second to calm down.
She was sniffling “Well I….I don’t know. I wasn’t going to drink because Hailey said she wanted to but then…..umm….your friend came in and I don’t know….his build and his kindness reminded me of you……and I wanted you there. I think I was hoping you would walk in the door.”
She tried to reach in and hug him but he turned her back around raising her back on the tailgate he smiled at her answer but had to finish the job. He did want to hold her but he knew he had to get his point across first and he was almost done.  With a swoosh the belt landed 10 more times as he said “You are not to leave this town without asking permission. You are not allowed to walk into a bar without me and NO MORE DRINKING!!” With that he laid down one last swat with the belt. She yelped and out of breath laid on the tailgate sobbing.
“I’m sorry…….I’m sooo sorry. I do love you.” She said as he told her it was alright and was rubbing her back.  He soon sat her up and held her tight it felt good to be held by him. He leaned down and kissed her gently softly and passionately. Then they got in the truck and she snuggled next to him leaning on his arm and wrapping hers through his.
As they walked inside the house she got very nervous.  She didn’t know what Wade was going to do and she did not want to endure a second spanking. Wade came staggering out of his room wondering who was here.  “What are you 2 doing here at midnight?” He said tired and half asleep.
Luke made her tell him about the night and about the spanking. Wade said all was good then he wouldn’t spank her but for lying and disobeying him she was grounded for 2 weeks work, home and spending time with Luke only and he would be telling Hailey’s parents. She needed to knock it off!!!
The Next week went fine. Josh and Tessa were back but Josh didn’t spend much time at the store. Luke and Lacey said they would take care of it. They enjoyed working together and getting to know each other. Luke didn’t work at the store every day though. He had to get some things done around the ranch and catch up on what was going on. Lacey would go over there and hang out with him after work. They rode some. She brought her horse over to his house so it would be there for them to ride together.
            After a month she had only earned one spanking for her attitude and not obeying him. On Fridays they worked the store together and a shipment just came in so he had told her to clean the back room while he went on errands before she left and he would meet her for dinner. He came back at 5 the store was closed and she was nowhere to be found. He found that the back room wasn’t done and he then he had found her at Hailey’s.  She protested all the way back to the store.
“Stop Luke you are making a scene. I haven’t seen Hailey much lately since we both had been grounded I….just….just thought I could clean the back room later and lost track of time.”
“So you closed the store early too?” He stopped and glared at her as they were walking into the store.
She stammered on her words “Well…umm……maybe……umm…..”
“Lacey what time?!!”
“Three” she said in a quiet voice.
“Three.  It was busy today that is very irresponsible.” He said as he shook his head and directed her by her hand into the store.
He then took her to the back room where the mess was. He made her pull her jeans down and bend over. He spanked her with a ruler, bath brush and anything else in that room telling her if she had cleaned up the mess they wouldn’t be in there for him to spank her with.  She pleaded and begged him to stop. Her panties didn’t give her much comfort and she was embarrassed standing there in just her panties in front of him. With each different implement a new amount of sting came on. Once it was over and she caught her breath she was relieved to cuddle into his chest.   It felt good when all was all said and done, being held by him and whispering I’m sorry and I love you.
They cleaned the back room together and went and had dinner but he made her stand in the corner for an hour after dinner because the earliest she should have closed the store was 4 and that was if they were not busy.
Everything was going great and the wedding plans were coming along. Luke wasn’t a patient man when it came to waiting so they were getting married in two months. It was fine with her all her friends and family was right here.
Then that fateful day happened, the day that turned everything around. 


Don’t forget to come back for the conclusion next week. Thanks Daisy, you’re a doll to help out with such good stories. Please everyone, do think of writing a story for us. I really want FF to be for everyone and especially those who are unsure of themselves as writers. This is just a friendly place to give it a try. No one is judging. Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com