I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Liz Taken in Hand

It’s Friday, it’s Friday – four more days to teach and Easter break will be here. I may make it. I don’t know who needs the break more the kids or me, but I’m pretty sure it’s me! I’m very happy to tell you we have another new story this week and we also get to welcome a brand new writer. Our writer today recently began a blog, The Ramblings of a Princess, and goes by the name marriedamusicman. She is very new to writing spanking stories and she is also very good at it. I hope you will take the time to leave a comment here or to go by her site and speak to her.

For now, enjoy your Friday and please enjoy…

Liz Taken in Hand

Ouch! Liz thought to herself as she moved on her office chair. The spanking she received from her husband Brian this morning still hurt. It reminded her that her mouth had gotten her in trouble once again. Why oh why could she not have kept her tone and attitude in check?

She thought of events last night and this morning. She had been short with Brian several times in the last few days. He had an important presentation to give today. Last night she had been somewhat bratty with him. He let her slide. Finally, he said they should go to bed and get some rest. He had a big day ahead and the rest would be good for them both. The alarm went off right on time. Brian got right up and started the shower. Liz hit the snooze and stayed in bed just a little longer. When the alarm rang again she knew she had to get up and get going.

Brian was already dressed when she turned her shower on. In the middle of her shower he came in to ask her about some of his papers that were on the dining room table. She answered with a snippy tone that she had not moved them and was very defensive. She turned off the shower and stepped out to dry off. She looked up and there was Brian standing in the doorway. His arms were crossed and he was staring at her with an intense stare. Yikes! She probably should have answered better when he asked her about those papers. But, gosh, she was not a morning person so really this was his fault!

“Liz, I let your attitude slide last night, but I see that was a mistake. I thought a good nights sleep might help, but this morning you are just as defiant if not more so. I can not let this slide anymore. I need you to lean over the bath tub and I am going to spank you. I hope this will serve as a reminder today.”

Liz stared for just a moment and then she spoke up. “What? You’ve got to be kidding Brian. You know I am not a morning person! Don’t you need to focus on your presentation and not this?”

Brian gave her a slight smile. His wife could be so cute sometimes and try to talk her way out of punishment. Part of him wanted to just let this go, but where did that get them last night? No, he had to follow through with this. “Liz, I am going to count to five. You need to be in place over that bath tub by then or this is going to get worse. One, two.....” Ahhhh Liz thought. He is being so unreasonable this morning, but I better get over the tub if I don’t want this to get worse.

She flipped her wet hair to the side in show of defiance and stomped over to the tub. Brian could not help but notice her attitude in this act. She was in place by the count of five, but just barely and it was not very submissive. He stepped behind her and did not hesitate to make contact with her bare and wet behind. His hand came down swiftly. Liz grimaced to herself. This was getting her attention for sure. Brian only gave her ten smacks with his hand. But, she felt every one. He announced that it was over for now, but they were not finished. He had to get going for his presentation and this would continue tonight. Liz got up from the tub and rubbed her backside. She headed to the closet to think about what to wear.

Her colleague was suddenly at her desk. He wanted to know if she had the salary report for the meeting later today. Liz was jerked backed to the present and found the report that was needed. Liz glanced at the clock. It was after 11 am. The presentation that Brian was going to give should be over by now. Liz hoped it went well even though she was still not happy with the morning events.

She sent Brian a text message to ask about his presentation. In a little while he sent her a text back. He said the presentation went well, but the negations were still going on and it would be a long day. He told her he would catch up with her later and that he loved her. Liz left shortly after receiving the text. She was heading off to have lunch with her friend Caroline. Caroline had met a new guy and wanted to tell Liz all about it. Liz tried to listen and be supportive of her friend during lunch. She was happy for her. But, her thoughts keep drifting towards her morning and what might be coming. Gosh, why could she have not held her tongue!

Liz returned to the office after lunch. She checked her personal email on her phone. She saw she had an email from Brian. She smiled. Surely this was good sign and they could start the weekend on a fun note. She opened the email. What???? This was not the email she thought. Brian had written that the presentation had gone well. However, he wanted to give her instructions for the evening.

The project meeting was scheduled to wrap up around 6 pm and he should be home around 6:30 pm. He wanted Liz to go home when she got off work and write a paragraph about her behavior these last few days. She should focus on disrespect and her attitude in the paragraph. He wanted her to place their paddle and her paragraph on the bed. He expected her to be naked and waiting for him in the corner when he got home tonight.

Liz stared at the email for a few minutes. Sure she had a bit of an attitude lately, but did it really warrant that she write a paragraph and wait for her husband in the corner for another spanking! Her boss asked her a question and so she got up to go into her office. The afternoon passed quickly and suddenly it was time to go home. Liz pulled into the drive way of their home about 5:20 pm. She had just over an hour to compose the paragraph for Brian. She turned on the computer. She was not sure where to start. She went on line and looked up the definition of respect, submission, and defiance.

The walls started tumbling down just a little. She used these definitions to help formulate her paragraph. Reflecting on each word meaning and writing out her thoughts made her see she had indeed fallen short of a submissive and caring wife. She printed her paragraph and headed up to their room. She got the paddle out of the drawer and put on the bed. She then placed her paragraph next to the paddle. She went to the closet and removed her work clothes. She glanced at the clock. It was 6:27 pm. Brian should be home soon. She glanced at the corner. She did not want to go there. She heard the garage door open about that time. Brian was home. She quickly went to the corner and stood in place. Brian came thought the door. The house was very quiet. He placed his keys on the table and removed his jacket. He went to the kitchen to get a drink. Liz could hear movement down stairs. Why was he keeping her waiting? The more the time passed then the more she became annoyed.

Finally, she heard Brian enter the room. Liz did not turn around. Brian spoke. “Liz, I am glad you followed my instructions. You can turn around and come over to me.” Liz turned and saw Brian sitting on the bed. She walked toward him with her head held high. She stood in front of him.

Brian spoke. “Liz, I want you to read your paragraph to me before we begin.” Read the paragraph to him? Was it not enough that she wrote it! Liz spoke up. “Brian, please don’t make me read that out loud. I did what you asked me to do. Just spank me and let’s get this over with right now.”

Brian could not believe his wife. He thought the time to reflect and write the paragraph surely would make her more submissive. Sadly, this was not the case. “Liz, you can not argue with me when you are being punished. That is not allowed. I want you to place yourself over the pillows now and stay in place until I tell you otherwise. Oh, no Liz thought. This can’t be good. She quickly spoke up. “Okay, Brian I’ll read my letter.” “It is too late Liz. I suggest you get yourself over the pillows right now.” Liz was smart enough to do just that. She placed herself over the pillows and her rear end was in great target position. Brian left his wife for a brief moment. He walked to the bathroom. He hated being put in the position, but Liz had made her choice.

He walked back to the bed. Liz felt the cold lubricant on her rear entry. Then the plug followed shortly after. Oh, no! How did this happen? Brian spoke up.“Liz, I have inserted the plug due to your defiance. You will be spanked and will return to the corner for 15 minutes. I suggest you use that time wisely to think upon your behavior. After the time is up I will call you back. I hope you will then read your paragraph to me as I asked you to do before.”

The tears started before the paddle hit her bottom. Although Liz had received a worse paddling this was bad enough. Brian certainly was not light in his touch. Finally the spanking was over. Brian asked her to return to the corner. She was not to touch her bottom and she was to place her hands on her head. Liz jumped up and almost ran to the corner. She faced the wall and began to think. This was the weekend. Is this how she wanted to spend her weekend? She wanted to find out about the presentation and celebrate with Brian. Instead her selfish and bratty behavior had brought her here. Her backside hurt and the plug was doing its job, too!

Tears flowed down her cheek. The walls of her heart were finally crumbling down. She had to make this right! Brian called to her that she could turn around and come to him once again. Liz knew what she had to do. She walked over with her head slightly down and a submissive spirit. Brian asked her if she thought about her behavior and if she would read her paragraph to him. She picked up her paper and started to read. She had to stop and compose herself a couple of times. Tears were streaming down her cheek. She ended with a heartfelt apology to her husband. Brian had a lump in his throat. Here was his beautiful wife. How he hated to have to punish her. He thanked her for reading her paragraph. He said in lieu of another paddling that she could place herself across his lap and he would finish with a hand spanking. Liz submitted immediately. She wanted to submit to Brian and let go of the guilt she felt. He did not go easy on her, but she did not move and stayed in place for the spanking.

The spanking ended and Brian told her she could remove the plug. Liz got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. She washed the plug and put it away. She went back to the bed and gave Brian a big hug. It was not long that they were in a horizontal position. Brian did not have his clothes on for long. Their love making took on a frantic pace. Brian felt the release of his presentation stress and a submissive wife. Liz felt the relief of forgiveness and the love of her husband. They ended in a slow, sweet embrace. Brian kissed her forehead. Liz sighed and reflected in her heart how glad she was that she had a strong husband and he was not afraid of taking her in hand. Brian and Liz giggled as they finally got up for a late night snack. They skipped dinner, but neither one cared. The time in bed was wonderful and their weekend was certainly looking up!


Thank you so much not only for this great story itself, but also for just taking the leap in being willing to try writing one. I always get to the point where I wonder if Fantasy Friday should be continued and then it seems that either an old friend or a new one comes through with a story. Marriedamusicman I'm glad you have decided to join our little community and I know we're all looking forward to reading more of your stories.

If anyone else is willing to write for us, please send you story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well if he all ready knows...

Nick commented on my most recent post last night. If you missed it here’s what he said,

Some missing items include the tawse, the bamboo back scratcher, the cane, and a shower brush. Care to categorize?


Well shoot, if he all ready knows I might as well show you the OSNTA category. It’s really hard to say which of these hideously, horrible implements of torture might be the worse.

I do hate our tawse, and I really don’t know why. Leather is usually one of my favorites. Ours has a plastic-like quality instead of being good quality leather. But yep, ours I do hate. Maybe we need a better quality one.

The bamboo back scratcher and the cane are equally yucky! Made of the same material, they are just awful! They sting like hell. That’s especially bad with the backs cratcher, (even though I know its my friend Grace's favorite!) that is, it hurts like HELL, but you have absolutely nothing to show for it later. I mean anything that hurts that bad you should at least be able to feel the next day. The may be a tiny bit better because it can leave a little line of fire that you can at least enjoy once it’s over. But it’s still vicious!

The absolute worse is the acrylic bath brush – the wooden one is bad, but nothing like the acrylic one! I just can’t take it. It hurts worse than anything we have and thankfully it rarely sees the light of day. (Mostly because I hid it so well, even I don’t know where it is!)

The other two that would be on my list (although I’ve never felt either) are the silent, but deadly ones like a bungee cord or the loopy Johnny. I can just imagine how they would feel and I just think they would be awful.

So this is my s-hit list! What’s on yours?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Categorizing implements

I want to start right off with good news. Much to my surprise, I lost 1.2 pounds last week! I can’t say why or how. I know one day in particular I definitely did some over eating, but I lost and I’ll take it! I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds since I began WW. I sure hope I can have two good weeks back to back.

Nick and I were able to get in some play time yesterday afternoon. We started off with our traditional strip card game. Nick was winning big time at cards, I didn’t stand a chance, as I soon found myself nude and on the receiving end of the strap. Nick, the winner, got an afternoon of pampering – an overall massage, playtime with a few kinky toys, a great BJ (honey coated), and a few other little things thrown in along the way. Of course by the time the afternoon was over we were no longer sure of who was supposed to have won or lost, it never seems to matter after a certain point.

I’ve been thinking about our growing arsenal of spanking toys lately. I think I’ve got them divided into four categories, as follows:

1. Light weight giggles (LWG) – these are the one that sometimes make noise, but really for a true spanko, they are a joke. They’re fun when your guy used them, but honestly they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Some examples would be –

2. Okay I guess (OIG) –these are your moderate spanking implements. They can surely produce a nice sting, but they don’t exactly strike fear into the heart of a spanko. For me OIGs might include the following.

3. Yo, exceptional spankers (YES) Now we’re talking! Of course these are my favorites. I find these sensuous and sexy. These are the ones you thinking about when you’re craving a spanking, but they can produce just that bit of fear. You never know exactly how he might decide to use them. Is he secretly upset about something? Is he just playing? Is there something he really wants you to remember? These hurt – no two ways about it, but it’s the kind of hurt you can take, you can absorb it and you usually want more, even as you bury your head and kick your feet. Here are some of my YESs.

4. Oh, shit not this again! (OSNTA) – These are the ones that just hurt. They are evil and should be destroyed. They are not fun to play with and there is a place burning in hell just waiting for them. For me these include,

Oh come on, you didn’t think I was going to show them did you. What Nick doesn’t know for sure won’t hurt me!

It reminds me of when I used to work with three other girls at the veterinary hospital. One girl was deathly afraid of spiders, one had the same type fear of snakes and the third was terrified by mice. We all cheerfully tormented our friends with the things we knew they feared the most. I was smarter than the rest. Thirty years later I’m still friends with these women and to this day they don’t know my secret fear. I’ve always been smart enough to keep it to myself. I still have the same fear and I’m still not telling!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. And maybe you would like to make up some of your own categories and tell us about your spanking toys.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Challenges - chapter two

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. And I hope we can all continue to enjoy Fantasy Friday, but the cupboard is nearly bare. I sure hope I'll get more stories soon.

As promised here is the second part of Sunnygirls story. You can find the first part here. I think this part is my favorite. You let me know what you think. Please enjoy...

Chapter 2

On Monday morning when she got into the office the message light on her phone was blinking away. She pushed the button and Brady’s voice came on: “Good Morning, Shelly. How was the weekend? I hope I didn’t intimidate you the other evening but I just had to test the waters. The waters seemed fine to me. Want to do some more experimenting?” She heard him chuckling and the line went dead.

For some reason, she just got that tingling sensation down her spine. She liked the kiss; she had spent the weekend reliving the whole scene. Intimidate her, hell no; she wanted more, lots more. For some reason her mind was wandering to a beautiful room with French doors and the gauzy white curtains fluttering in the breeze. The sound of the waves rushing to the shore competed with the gulls scurrying to break their morning fast. Brady was lying there sleeping. He had one leg under the sheet and the other sprawled over on top of her. Her lips were swollen and she could feel the dull ache of muscles that had been well used. The ringing phone jolted her out of her reverie.

“Hello Shelly”, Brady said. “Did you get my message? I don’t mean to rush you but if we are going to jump into bed together, I think we should go on a date first, don’t you?"

He startled her. Was he reading her mind? She was flabbergasted at his assumption that she would just jump his bones and she let him know it with a string of invectives worthy of any longshoreman. He laughed. “Just remember saying those words when you are getting your comeuppance girl.”

“You just keep threatening me. I personally don’t think you have it in you. I would fight you every step of the way. What makes you think I want to go out with you anyway, you arrogant bastard?"

“Your body betrayed you the other evening. I could feel the change in your response to the kiss. The longer it went on the more your body melted into mine. So what do you say: Are you up to the challenge? Can we drop the no fraternizing at work rule and get down to real business, our business?”

She hemmed and hawed but she knew she was going to give in. She wanted him.

“Yes, I will go out on a date with you.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up a 7:00. Be ready, don’t keep me waiting.”

“If I do, are you going to leave without me?”

“No, I won’t be leaving without you but there is a penalty for tardiness.”

“Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. We’ll see.” she said and hung up the receiver.

Yes we will, Brady thought. She was full of sass. He liked that in a woman. It was so much better than most of the women he had dated in the past. They were all eager to do anything he suggested and agree with anything he said. It just got boring after a while and he would just break off the relationship. It explained why, at 33, he was still single.


Her doorbell rang at 6:59 pm. Shelly answered the door dressed in a black pencil skirt and white blouse. Brady leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Shelly backed up and asked if he would like a glass of wine. He said he hadn’t had lunch that day and he was starving so he would wait until they got to the restaurant.

Shelly grabbed her purse and said “Let’s go.”

Brady placed his hand on the small of her back as they walked to the car. Shelly could feel the tingle up and down her spine. It was like hundreds of little bee stings. She was going to have to watch herself or she could find herself getting way too involved with Brady Quinn.

The restaurant he chose was a small family place that had a great reputation. It only had about fifteen tables. The maitre d’ greeted Brady by name when they entered and led them to one of the small curtained tables along the back wall. Brady sat down next to Shelly rather than across from her. As the maitre d’ left them he let the pulled back curtain fall providing them complete privacy. Shelly began to feel a little uncomfortable. She wondered if she was going to be the entrée, or maybe it was going to be dessert.

“Obviously, you come here often.” Shelly said,

“Often enough. They have great food and I like the intimacy of the place. Shall I order for you?"

“No, I am quite capable of ordering for myself, thank you.”

“You are a sassy one. I thought perhaps because I was familiar with their selections you would like to take my recommendations.”

“I recommend you take your hand off my thigh if you don’t want it slapped.”

“I think it might be worth getting my hand slapped to experience the delights that are to be found beneath that skirt.”

Shelly was trying very hard to control her breathing. Those fingers kept inching higher and higher. She could feel herself becoming more excited.

“Please, Brady, can you behave yourself? This was supposed to be a get to know each other better date. You are moving way too fast.”

“You are right. I will try to control myself but you are just so delectably cute.”

Throughout the rest of the dinner, Brady was a complete gentleman. They were chatting and laughing, exchanging anecdotes about college and their families. Shelly couldn’t remember the last time she had had such a good time.

When he dropped her off at her door he reached in and gave her a good night kiss and asked if she were free again tomorrow night and the next night and the night after that.

“I want a crash course in getting to know one another. I had a great time tonight and I want to move onto other things and the quicker the better.”

Driving home he thought about Shelly. Since that morning in the park he had been fantasizing about taking her into his bed and making long slow passionate love to her. She wasn’t beautiful in the conventional sense but she had a freshness about her that was very appealing. She was witty and intelligent and didn’t take herself too seriously. He felt the physical attraction was mutual. He felt her body tremble when he touched her while he was sitting next to her this evening. And tonight, he knew she was expecting more than the chaste good night kiss he had given her. He knew though if he gave her a more passionate kiss it wouldn’t stop there. He wanted more, much more. He was willing to take it slow. He wasn’t sure why this was because he’d always taken what was there for the taking.


They had been out every night for the past two weeks. He hadn’t given her more than a good night kiss and some hand holding since that first dinner date. What was going on? Had he decided he wasn’t attracted to her? Before their first date he said he wanted to make mad passionate love with her. What had happened? She was going to ramp things up tonight. She was ready for more than a good night kiss. She was tired of going to bed with Mr. Blue. She wanted Brady all real life flesh and blood not some plastic rendition.

He was late. He was supposed to pick her up at 6:30 and now it was 7:21 and not only was he not here but she had not heard from him. He was a stickler for being on time and he had always expected her to be ready. Well she was ready and he wasn’t here. She tried his cell phone but it went straight to voice mail. She was working herself up to a tizzy. Just then there was a knock on the door. Finally, she thought. She opened the door expecting to let him have it for making her worry. But, it wasn’t Brady. It was a uniformed man and he handed her an envelope. It was from Brady. She took the envelope and tore it open. The note read: Pack an overnight bag. There’s a car waiting downstairs to take you to meet me.

Overnight bag, hell. She went into the bedroom, took a lacy bra, thong, garter belt and hose from the drawer. She then removed her blouse and jeans and replaced them with the items she had just laid on the bed. She grabbed a toothbrush to throw in her purse. From the hall closet she pulled out her raincoat and was out the door. There was a sleek black limousine waiting. The uniformed man opened the car door as she approached and she slipped into the back seat. She was startled to find someone already in the car. Once again, it wasn’t Brady.

The man in the back seat leaned forward and held out his hand.

“Hello, sorry if I startled you. I’m Ronald Quinn, Brady’s brother. I’m the reason he is late. We’ll be at the airport in just a few minutes.” Brady can explain everything to you then.”

He just kept talking but she wasn’t hearing a word he was saying... Airport, what did he mean airport. Were they going somewhere? Then it really hit her. Oh my God, she realized what she did or rather didn’t have on under this raincoat. She hadn’t packed an overnight bag. She hadn’t intended on needing anything other than her toothbrush. Shelly was now in complete panic mode.

“We have to go back.” she said.

“Whatever you may have forgotten can be easily replaced. We’re almost there.” said Ronnie.

Just then the car stopped. She looked out and they were at the Executive Airport. She could see Brady coming to meet them.

“Hello Babe, sorry about all this but it couldn’t be helped. I didn’t plan it this way but it just happened.” He started to explain he had planned on taking her to his place. His parents had just gotten back into town, called him and said that Ronnie was flying in and why didn’t they all go up to their cottage for the weekend.

He realized that Shelly hadn’t said a word. She was moving along with him like a wet rag doll – actually he was pulling her along. They were almost to the Jet way. His parents were standing in the doorway to greet them. Shelly stopped cold. She couldn’t move.

“Come on Shelly. It’s all right; they are going to love you. I’ve been telling them all about you. My mother is thrilled that I’m finally introducing them to someone. She’s been after me and Ronnie for years to meet someone special and settle down.” She still didn’t move.

“Enough, Shelly. This isn’t funny. My parents are waiting.”

She couldn’t say a word. Her mouth was so dry, no words would come out. She just stood there.

He excused himself and took Shelly to an area just far enough away so they couldn’t be overheard. He was more than annoyed now. She was acting like a spoiled brat. He swatted her butt. “What’s wrong with you? You are being totally ridiculous and if you don’t snap out of it, I’m going to spank the daylights out of you and I don’t care who sees us. Do you understand me?”

He looked at her and tears were streaming down her face. Finally, she found her voice. “Yes, but I can’t get on that damn plane.”

“You mean you won’t get on the plane.”


“Why not and you better have a good reason otherwise that spanking I’ve been threatening is going to be administered right now.”

She sobbed and shook her head. Then she unbuttoned and opened her raincoat. He took one look and put his head back and roared. He couldn’t stop laughing. Shelly didn’t think it was so funny.

He finally stopped laughing and said “It’s no big deal. Just get on the plane, meet Mom and Dad and then quickly excuse yourself and go change in the bathroom. But be sure and save those things for later when you can model them for me and I can spend delicious moments removing each and every one and savoring the delights that are underneath.”

“I don’t have anything to change into. I didn’t pack an overnight bag. I planned on it just being the two of us. How could you do this to me? I will never be able to face your parents or your brother Ronnie. I am so humiliated.”

He knew he shouldn’t find this funny but he couldn’t help himself. He was still stifling laughter while Shelly was getting more and more agitated.

“I’ll handle this Shelly. Here are the keys to my car. It’s over in the lot. Go get in and I will be there in a minute.”

He walked back to the plane to explain why he and Shelly would not be joining them this evening. He told them she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to take a chance on being sick the entire weekend and ruining everybody else’s fun. They should go enjoy themselves and they would try this again when they got back. He left them and went to meet Shelly in the car lot.

He slipped into the driver’s seat and Shelly began yelling at him. How could he do this to her? Why didn’t he let her know he was planning this? Why didn’t he call? She started calling him some very special names that weren’t endearing her to him. When she called him a “Fucking Arrogant Asshole Bastard” that was it. She crossed the line. It wasn’t funny anymore. He drove home in silence while Shelly continued to carry on. He took her to his condo. He had every intention of wailing the daylights out of he and he would be more comfortable doing that in his own surroundings. His palm was actually itching.

When Shelly realized he was not taking her home, she began a new assault. She was told that she was already in enough trouble and it would be best if she would just be quiet. He told her she was going to have the sorest butt in town tomorrow morning.

Once inside the condo, he literally picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He began his assault on her bottom immediately. She was kicking frantically and yelling at him to put her down.

“Oh, I am going to put you down alright. You are going right over my knee and getting your butt blistered but good. You are lucky I’m not washing your mouth out with soap. Consider this a warning though if I ever hear those words coming out of your mouth again you will be blowing bubbles for days. With that he dragged her over his knee, pulled up her raincoat and starting smacking her bottom. He looked at those beautiful round mounds and had to remind himself to keep to the task at hand. He brought his hand down again and again while lecturing her on her salty language. When he thought she had enough he brought her up on his lap and rubbed her back. She nestled into his chest making these soft little mewing noises. She was so soft and sweet now. He couldn’t believe the difference in her demeanor.

“I am sorry I had to spank you, but you had it coming”

“It hurts.”

“I know, baby. It’s over now - All’s forgiven but please don’t use those awful words again.”

“Now go into the bathroom and wash your face and come back here and model those sexy undergarments you are wearing. Strut your stuff for me baby. Then we are going to see just how long it is before they hit the floor.”

She walked into the bathroom with an exaggerated sway to those beautiful round, red, glowing globes, put her hand back and rubbed. Then she gave him an over the shoulder looks with those beautiful eyes and he was mush.

He loved this little she devil. He couldn’t wait to see what she would do next. He knew life with her would always be a challenge. A challenge he was more than willing to undertake.


Thanks again Sunnygirl. I love the way you write! My rear tingles in sympathy every time I read one of your stories. So, you think there might be a chapter 3? I sure hope more of you are going to try doing some writing for us. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Challenges

I'm really happy to be able to post another great story from Sunnygirl. If it weren't for her we would be knee deep in reruns. I'm trying to do some rewriting on something I'm working on and the slow process there deepens my admiration for Sunnygirl and her ability to do such wonderful writing.

I'm posting this one in two parts too. The second part will be up tomorrow. For now enjoy...


Shelly Robinson woke this morning with no idea that her life was going to change forever.

The alarm went off at 6:00 as it did every morning. She got up, put on her sweats, grabbed her tunes and phone and set out for her morning exercise jog. She was about two miles into it when she sensed rather than heard someone coming up behind her. She was on full alert because there were not many people around at this time of the morning. She grabbed her phone and punched in 911 but did not hit the send button. It was better to be safe than sorry. Then for the first time she turned around to get a look at who was behind her to find that he/she had disappeared. What a silly I’ve been, she thought. She relaxed and once again began enjoying the solitude.

Suddenly, she felt an arm grab at her from behind and pull her down. “What the f*** are you doing?” she screamed out. There was no response – just a tightening of arms around hers, keeping her pinned. She kept kicking and yelling to let her go. Her assailant was a man of about thirty with dark hair and eyes. Oh my God, she thought, he is not wearing a mask. This was not a good sign because now he could be easily identified. She tried to concentrate on his face and clothing and look for any identifying characteristics that might make him easily identifiable. She was scared and her mind was desperately trying to remember what she knew about being attacked and how to act or react. It was no use. He had her overpowered. She couldn’t even reach her phone because she had put it back in her pocket.

A voice penetrated her senses – “Calm down I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Stop kicking and yelling. You are going to attract attention.”

“What the hell do you think I’m trying to do you idiot. You have to be the biggest moron on the planet. You attack me and are holding me and you want me to stop yelling and kicking.”

“I did not attack you” the voice said. "I just tried to stop you and you fell down.” He said as he released his hold.

“What, said Shelly, that’s bullshit.”

“It’s the truth”. You dropped your phone and I was just trying to stop you to let you know.”

“I did not drop my phone, its right here in my pocket.” she said reaching into her pocket. It wasn’t in the pocket. She reached into her other pocket. No phone. Now she was perplexed and a little contrite.

“When I went to put it back in my pocket, I must have not pushed it all the way down and it fell out.”

He reached down and picked up the phone where it had fallen and handed it to her.

“This is yours, isn’t it?”

She took the phone, looked closely and acknowledged that yes it was her phone.

“Thank you” Shelly said. I’m sorry if I hurt you while I was kicking. I was sure I was being attacked. Just before you stopped me I had the sense that someone was behind me but when I looked back they were gone. Probably took the cut off trail. Anyway, I was a little frightened.”

“You didn’t hurt me and you are welcome. I did pass somebody on the cutoff trail as I was moving onto this path, that’s probably who was behind you earlier. I am sorry if I frightened you.”

“I’m Brady Quinn.” said the man.

“Well, Brady Quinn, I am Shelly Robinson and I want to thank you again. I wouldn’t have realized I had lost my phone until later and then not known where it was lost. You saved me a lot of headache.”

She reached out to shake hands and said that maybe they would run into each other again.

She put the phone securely in her pocket and resumed her jog.


When she let herself back into the apartment, she immediately went to turn on the shower. While she was waiting for the water to get to her desired temperature, she relived the run from which she had just returned. She was still a little wobbly after that jarring experience. She started to think about the Good Samaritan who had retrieved her fallen phone. He was a nice looking man, not handsome but there was something about him that would make you notice. She actually hoped that maybe she would “run” into him again. By now the shower was more than hot so she hopped in.

She was really running late today and if she didn’t get a move on she would not get to work in time to make the 9:00 meeting. No time to stop off for a Starbuck’s today. She would have to make do with the office coffee.

Shelly’s job as an Account Executive with the firm of Culpepper & Associates was one that paid her a good salary and benefits plus the occasional satisfaction that she helped a client. Often though, she worked very long hours for naught. She did not feel as though she was appreciated, either by her associates, her boss or many of her clients. She worked hard but the work was not very gratifying. This was not what she expected when she earned her degree in business. But, there were very few jobs available in her field here in Davenport and when Culpepper & Associates offered her a job she jumped at it. She figured she would stay here until something better came along. It was hard to believe she had been there five years already and so far, nothing better had come along.

She got to the office, stopped by her cubicle to pick up any messages and preceded to the conference room. She just sat down when her boss, John Murray, walked into the room. He took his chair at the head of the table.

“Good Morning everybody. I trust you all had a good weekend. Good”, he said as everybody nodded their assent. “Now down to business. As you know the economy has been in a downturn mode for the past couple of years. We at Culpepper & Associates have so far been able to weather the storm but we are going to be making some changes. However, we do not anticipate any downsizing at this time. We are merging with another firm that will increase our client roll."

John said “I know everyone is anxious to have all their questions answered. I will get to all of them in time but right now I wanted you all to know what was going on. There will be a team from our new partners, Billings, Rogers and Quinn, coming in later today to begin the assimilation process."

Shelly had never heard of Billings, Rogers and Quinn and thought how ironic that she had heard the name Quinn twice in the last four hours. She began to get up and go back to her workstation not giving it much more thought.


Later that afternoon, Shelly was called into John Murray’s office. She knocked at the door and John called to come in. He was sitting at his desk and across from him was another man. The man got up and turned to Shelly. It was Brady Quinn.

“Well, we meet again. When I was going over the employee list I saw your name and wondered if it was you. I didn’t think we would run into each other so soon.” Brady said.

“You two already know one another" said John.

“Sort of,” said Shelly. "Mr. Quinn and I actually ran into each other this morning on the path in Centennial Park. He was kind enough to retrieve my phone which had fallen out of my pocket.”

Brady smiled. “That is the condensed version.” John Murray said that he would like to hear the whole story someday.

“Now that we have established you two know each other, let me tell you that Brady here is a Vice President at Billings, Rogers & Quinn. He is part of the team that will be working to complete the merger.”

“Welcome," said Shelly. "I look forward to working with you”

Brady said “I look forward to working with you also. When John and I are finished here I would like to stop by your workstation and to over some things.”

“Okay, I will get my files together and be ready for any questions you may have”.

“I’m sure I won’t have very many questions and any I may have that you will be able to answer.” Brady said.

When Brady came to Shelly’s cubicle, she picked up her head and acknowledged his presence and asked him to sit down.

Brady just sat down and looked at Shelly.

“I certainly didn’t expect to run into you so soon, but I’m glad I did. I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue a personal agenda this morning. Don’t be angry with me but I asked John Murray more questions about you than anyone else. I’m sure he is a little suspicious especially after learning that we had already met each other.”

“You have the advantage to knowing more about me than I do about you.” Shelly said.

“What would you like to know Shelly?”

“For one, why are you so interested in me? I’m just one small cog in the Culpepper & Associates wheel?”

“My interest in you has nothing to do with Culpepper & Associates. I’m interested in getting to know you outside of business. Are you free for dinner Friday evening?”

“I make it a practice to not date anyone with whom I work. I did that once and it didn’t work out too well.”

He explained he was only working at Culpepper & Associates until the merger was complete. He was part of the Mergers & Acquisitions team and only worked with new firm until the merger was complete and then he went back to being a vice president in his own firm.

Shelly thought about this for a minute and responded that she would be happy to do lunch but there would be no dinner dates until the merger was complete. He chuckled and accepted her response and said that lunch on Friday it was.


Brady was the first to arrive at O’Shea’s. He took a quiet booth toward the back. Shelly was about five minutes late and apologized. “I was with a client and it took longer than I anticipated.”

“I appreciate your business ethic but this is lunchtime – no more business. So Shelly, tell me something about you that I couldn’t find out from your personnel file.”

“That’s not fair, Shelly said. You already know more about me than I know about you.”

“Are you telling me, Shelly Robinson, that you haven’t googled me?”

Shelly blushed and smiled. “Caught.” she said.

Brady’s eyes crinkled up when he smiled. “I haven’t seen anyone blush in a long time. It kind of surprises me.”

“Why?” asked Shelly.

“You don’t appear to be the blushing type. Your behavior the other morning was pretty aggressive. Your language alone would put a sailor to shame. Your kicks and screams were nothing to be ashamed of either.”

Shelly giggled. “I grew up the youngest in a family of four brothers. There was a lot of testosterone in that house and I couldn’t help but absorb some of it much to my mother’s chagrin. I would like to think I toned down my behavior as I’ve gotten older but apparently it still surfaces at times.”

“Yes, it does.” I hope I won’t be the target of the aggressiveness any time in the future.

“That depends on your behavior, Brady. I don’t make any promises.”

Brady chuckled.

“I don’t make any promises either but if we continue to see one another, I must tell you I won’t tolerate that kind of language. It’s awful to hear coming out of that beautiful mouth. I might have to take you over my knee if I hear those words again.”

“You’re serious, Brady, aren’t you?"

"Yes, I am."

“Then aren’t you glad that we won’t be working together. What you will or will not tolerate is no further concern of mine. It was nice almost getting to know you. This lunch is over. See you around the water cooler, maybe.”

She slid out of the booth and walked toward the door. He watched her retreat and enjoyed the view. She had legs that went all the way up to her neck and a pretty fantastic butt. He would like to get his hands on that butt in more ways than one.

Her reaction surprised him; he usually didn’t get turned down. He was not a bad looking guy –he had good manners, a great condo downtown, drove a nice car and was a junior partner is his father’s firm. He was usually the pursued not the pursuer. This was going to be new territory.

Shelly left the restaurant thinking “what a jerk”. Who did he think he was, her father? She should sic her brothers on him. As a matter of fact, she just might do that. She would go visit her brother Tom tonight.


She called Tom on her way back to the office. Tom picked up.

“Hey, sis, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering if you are going to be home tonight. I want to stop by on my way home from work and talk to you about something.”

“This sounds serious, Sis. Sure I’ll be home about 6:30. Should I ask Davy and Mike to come over too? Petey’s out of town."

“No, I just want to run something by you. If you think we need Davy and Mike too we can give them a call.”


She stopped off on the way to Tom’s and picked up a pizza and a six pack. She knew Tom’s house and didn’t expect to find any dinner waiting. The six-pack was for her. Tom didn’t drink and she thought she might be in need of some fortification for this conversation.

Tom greeted her at the door with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, Sis. I see you’ve come bearing gifts. Thank you. I was going to call out for food once you got here”

He offered her a beer, and walked out on the deck and took a seat. Shelly followed.

“So, Sis, what’s going on?”

She told him what had happened in the park. She may have embellished a little bit, but not much. She went on to explain how Brady Quinn was part of the company that was merging with Culpepper and how he had asked her out on a date and then proceeded to tell her that her language was unacceptable and that he would not tolerate it. She said he even threatened he would take her over his knee in the future.

Tom said that was harassment and it was illegal.

“No”, Shelly said, he wasn’t talking about work. I told him I wouldn’t date someone I worked with and until the merger was complete I would only do lunch. That’s when we had this conversation. I walked out on him.”

“Shelly, what exactly do you want me to do”. “Are you asking my opinion? just relating the story, what”’

“I want you to do what big brothers do and protect me”

“Shelly you know I would do anything for you but I don’t see that you need protection from Brady Quinn. He may have threatened you but that’s all. If you are not going to date him, I don’t think you have anything to worry about”.

“Won’t you at least have a talk with him?”

“You mean I should go to his company, introduce myself and tell him he better not spank my sister. Get real."

“Oh, I should have known you men would stick together. I suppose Davey and Mike would have the same reaction.”

“I’m pretty sure of it." said Tom. "Especially because I know that Davey has spanked Ava. He let it slip one night when he had one too many beers. So I don’t think you can expect any help from that quarter. As a matter of fact he might encourage Brady.”

Sue drove home thinking what was the point of having big brothers. Here she thought Tom would be all riled up and instead he wasn’t going to do anything. Well it was worth a shot. She would just have to handle Brady Quinn on her own. The funny thing was she kind of liked him. He was attractive and there was something about him that made her body tingle.

When she got home, Brady was sitting outside her apartment.

“What are you doing here? I thought I made it pretty plain that I wasn’t interested in you or anything you have to say.”

“I’m interested in you though,” said Brady, “and I am not used to being turned down”

“That’s too bad but you are going to have to learn to live with it.” said Shelly.

“Maybe, maybe not, but it won’t be for the want of trying”. With that he put his arms around her and brought her to him and gave her a very passionate kiss. She tried wriggling away but he started nibbling at her lips and pressing himself closer. He could feel her beginning to respond. He deepened the kiss and moved his right hand down to cup her butt pressing her in even closer. There was no way she couldn’t feel his erection. She jerked away and gave him a stinging slap across the face.

“How dare you? You jackass."

“It was a risk I wanted to take. You liked it, I could tell. I want to give you a lot more of them too. I want you next to me in bed so that I can smother you in kisses and caress that curvy little derriere.”

She raised her hand to slap him again. He grabbed her arm mid way to his face.

“I wouldn’t suggest you do that again. You would not like the consequences.” With that he turned and walked away.

“Goodnight Shelly. I’ll see you Monday at the water cooler.” She heard him chuckle after that last remark.

She unlocked the door, went in and slammed the door behind her. Just who does he think he is that he can treat me that way? I’m not some 2 bit whore that he can just do anything he wants. And he threatened me again. She was really working up lather about someone she supposedly had no interest in. What was that about? She ran the water in the tub, poured a glass of wine and went in for a long soak and to calm down before going to bed.

When she finally got into bed, she tossed and turned, kept thinking about that KISS and how wonderful it felt. She thought about what else he said about having her in his bed. She finally fell asleep sometime after 1:00 am. Only now instead of thinking about him – she was dreaming about him. She couldn’t escape. She was going to have to figure out what to do about this situation.


Sunnygirl, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the stories you send. You are truly keeping us going. If you are a fan of Fantasy Friday you need to thank Sunnygirl. But I'm telling you she can't do it alone. I need more stories! Please help. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Books and answers

I can tell you what I’ve been doing lately in one work – reading! It was Sunnygirl who first mentioned Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy to me. Then Florida Dom mentioned it on his site too. I used to read all the time, that is until I began blogging. Now I seem to spend more time writing than reading. I did take the time to read The Hunger Games trilogy (I seem to be into trilogies lately) and I really enjoy all of them and I’m looking forward to the movie.

But let me tell you – Fifty Shades of Grey is the hottest thing I’ve read in… well maybe it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever read. I think someone called it lady porn. I’ll accept that and make no apologies for enjoying it. I could see some vanilla’s being offended, but it was certainly right up my alley. I highly recommend these books to anyone here in our community.

I had very good question from Faerie the other day. She asked:

Someone considering starting ttwd comes to you for advice and you can only tell them one thing. What would it be?

My best advice would be to NOT wait as long as I did to share this with your significant other. I knew I was interested in this type of relationship since pre-puberty. I hid these feeling from Nick for 23 years, which meant I meant I hid who I really was from him all that time. I robbed us of years of closeness. It’s something I can’t go back and undo.

So if you know this is something you want to try, don’t wait another day. Tell the person you love. Will they understand - no? But will they think you’re crazy – no. From my experience and what I’ve read of the experiences of my friends, most guys are willing to listen and try. I can pretty much promise it will not be problem free. It’s like climbing a mountain. You climb a while together and then one or both of you will slide back down a ways. Either of you may sit there a while before you start the climb again, but I think most who try it will see the benefits enough to start the climb again. Some reach the meadow at the top. We’re still climbing, but the climb is way easier than when we started.

So there’s my best advice. I hope it helps someone.

I have enjoyed answering questions. I’ve been blogging nearly 6 years and it’s always great when I get an idea that sparks an idea for a post. So please, ask away. Until then I’ll be reading!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A few answers

I was very happy to have some questions from some friends, and now I want to answer them. Ronnie asked what the first implement Nick used after I came out to him. Of course that first ever spanking was with his hand. I remember him warning me that I might not like a real spanking as much as I like I’d liked my fantasies – then proceeded to spank me with slightly less force than I used playing patty-cake with the kids. LOL! But it was a beginning.

I was surprised to realize that I don’t remember the first implement he used. I’m guessing a hairbrush. But the first it remembers for sure was his belt. It was a short spanking; however, it’s the one I remember as one of the best spanking ever after nearly six years. It was the first time I bruised and I was just thrilled! I know how strange that would sound to some, but most of you here know exactly what I'm talking about.

Ronnie also asked what Nick liked to use, Nick’s favorite weapon she asked. So I emailed him the other day to see what he'd say. He wrote back,

Something with a little flex and a little pop. New strap. leather hand, belt, dogger, so many good choices!

Here's a picture of the leather hand. A fellow blogging couple gave it to us when we all met up in California a few years ago. All four couples signed the handle. I really like it too. It's not sever, but you can really feel it. Then you the sword he uses occasionally and, of course my friend the belt.

Christina asked how Nick and I met. We met 31 years ago. We had run into each other a couple of times at different parties and each time we were both with other people. Then in April we were at another party – each alone, and we started talking. The rest is history. We dated for two years and we are coming up on our 29 wedding anniversary.

Christina also mentioned that March was potato chip month and asked if I liked them. The truth is that my feelings for potato chips run very deep. I LOVE them!! I love them so very much that I rarely ever buy them to keep at the house, but it I run across then at a party it’s a little like a druggie finding a bag of pot. It makes me one happy girl.

Another friend, C, asked, “How would you handle it if One of your children found out about TTWD and asked you genuine questions to enhance their love lives?” That’s an interesting thought. I'm sure I'd be embarrassed, but If my son asked, I think I’d just answer straight forward. He would find TTWD amusing, surprising, but amusing. It would be different with Mollie. If she found out and was genuinely interested in discussing ways to improve her love life, I’d be fine discussing it with her – PROVIDED, I liked and trusted the man she was with.

I’d be happy to answer more questions if you have any. I also want to give a brief weight report. It’s not so hot. I did lose the .2 I gained last week, so still, about the same. I need to do something to get things going in the right direction. I forgot to write down my weight Friday morning so when I remembered, I sent Nick an email with the information. I got back an email from Nick saying:

Bear down or Bare Down!

Gotta love that man!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Questions? I have one for Blogger!

Is blogger trying to help us or drive us crazy? The new word verification STINKS! I don’t know if anyone else has problems or not, but I can’t read the darn things! I have to try 4 or 5 times, sometimes, before it takes it. A couple of times I’ve just given up and not left a comment. I feel sure others have done that sometimes too. I took word verification off both my sites, and I know many others of you have too, and I thank you very much!

I appreciate blogger trying to protect me from spam, but it feels like what they are really doing is cutting down on the number of people willing to take the time to comment. Ronnie was the one who told me that you only have to type one of the words, which has helps me some on those blogs who are still using it. I have gotten more spam since I took it off, but 99% of it has been caught by blogger’s spam guard and doesn’t post – although I get them in emails.

Since I keep hearing that March is ‘ask anything’ month, please feel free. I’ll answer any question you may have, although, I can’t imagine that after all this time there is anything I haven’t already told you. But if you are wondering about anything I can tell you, please, ask away.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I finally told him what I bought

Sunday lived up to my hopes. Nick still had a cold so he stayed home while I went to church. I think he might have done a little back reading while I was gone. He must have been working on his timing too, because he wandered into the bedroom just as I was changing. I was wearing only a blouse and panties when he said, “I think that’s about right.”

He bent me over the bed and began with the strap, while discussing the fact that I hadn’t made my weight goal last week. He was doing a fine job. But Nick is never one to spank too long so when he paused, I assumed he was finished. It wasn’t enough, but I’m trying not to be greedy. I started to stand up only to have him put me back in position.

Hmmm… that was interesting, but I was game. That is until I heard his next question. “So you have any secrets you want to tell me?” Oh crap, he had read the post! I had finally decided he hadn’t and I could bring out my buy when, and if, I felt like it. But that had to be what he was asking about.

Stalling seemed like the best idea. “Secret? I don’t have any secrets.” I told him, and I didn’t. I just hadn’t told him about my purchase. But he continued to use the strap so I didn’t have much choice about telling him. “It’s a mat!” I blurted out. “I know it’s stupid but one of my friends wrote about it in a story and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” (It was Cathy’s story)

“A mat?” I was embarrassed. I mean I know it’s just weird, but the idea of sitting on that rough mat intrigued me. Nick telling me to sit on the mat just seemed hot somehow, like being told to wear a plug or something. He asked me where it was and I told him. As he went to get it, he said, “don’t move.” I knew it would take him a minute to get it so I took a quick peek in the mirror. LOL, not quick enough! He was back in a flash as I tried to get back to where I’d been. “And why did you move?” he ask, going back to work with the strap. It was turning into a really great spanking. He was using two of my favorite the strap and the sword, trust me, that sword is great.

And then it was on to more sexy, hot stuff for before Nick said, “So you thing sitting on this would be interesting. Give it a try.” You know I tried it before, when I was alone, and told you it was ouchy. Well after a pretty hard spanking it is more like OUCHY! I did kinda like it. You know the biggest problem with spanking is that, as much as you sometimes want it to stop at the moment, the feeling of the spanking never last longs enough. Well let me tell you sitting on that rough mat – even for a short time, seemed to ‘set’ the feeling! I could feel the spanking for hours, not horrible or anything, but the sting lingered.

So there is my deep, dark, embarrassing twist to our kink. Nick didn’t seem too shocked, but I’m sure he doesn’t quite know how or when to use it. Me either really, but I have a few ideas I’ll share with him when he’s feeling better. Five to ten minutes would be a great max time; Nick said he thought maybe an hour! I think we’ll have to do some negotiating. I’ll let you know.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keep reading, it gets better

I’ve had another up and down week. It didn’t start off so hot, but it has improved. Monday was interesting. I live in an area where a few flakes of snow can call off school in a hurry. Nick had mentioned as he left that we might get a delay, but sadly as time to get up arrived, no call came. I was surprised, however, to see a few snowflakes in the air a few minutes before heading to school. Then just minutes later we had a real snow fall. I’ve rarely driven to school in a real snow storm (of course this snow would really have been a joke to my friends from the north). Predictably, by the time I got to work ten minutes later, the snow had stopped and the sun was out. But then – at 7:30, with about half of our 850 students at school – they call a three hour delay! Now teaching can be fun, babysitting a half a room full of 12 year olds who are mad that they didn’t get to sleep late and watch TV, not so much.

All was a little funny – I mean that’s just the way it worked out, but then things turned ugly at work. Once again I want to tell you I love teaching, I have no problem with my students (other than the expected kids stuff). But the adult issued, the overall perceptions from the powers that be, make me as that as a professional, heck, as a human that I am totally worthless, useless, and unimportant. The details aren’t important, but I came home Tuesday feeling that I could walk under a snake with a top hat on. Nick was appropriately shocked and somewhat pissed by all that had gone on, but he didn’t do any spanking to help me snap out of it, and for once, I was truly grateful. I would have accepted it, but my day had been so demoralizing it honestly wouldn’t have helped.

It was hard coming back. I spent most of the week angry and depressed. Gradually I began to come back to myself. I’m kinda like a boxer. To win all I have to do is survive until the bell rings (five years until retirement). Usually I do this by staying on my toes, and dancing around the big brute that is trying to beat me down. Occasionally, like this week, the brute does something shocking and I’m tripped up and those massive fists slam into me over and over. But gradually I’ve regained my footing and I’m back to dancing and trying to play keep away. I have to keep the knowledge that the brute may beat me down, but it can’t kill me. I can always make a dive over the ropes and opt for early retirement, but that's not the plan, if I do that 'the brute' wins.

All the stress, depression and inertia did not help me in the weight loss this week. I really ate very little, but I think I moved even less. The results were that I was up .2 of a pound – so let’s just say I stayed the same. That, however, was not the goal Nick set for me. He gave me a hug Saturday morning and whispered in my ear, “Wrong way honey, after Mollie heads to the beach tomorrow we’re going to get that turned around for next week.” Tingly little butterflies - is there a better feeling?

Saturday night we took Mollie out to eat and then stopped at a store where she wanted to do a little shopping. While she looked for clothes Nick and I found a frying pan like we’d been looking for. He was carrying it around when I felt a ‘whap’ on my bottom. I couldn’t help but grin as I quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. A few isles over I got another swat and Nick said “This thing might work pretty good for warming things up.” I don’t think anyone saw anything, but moments later we saw both our neighbor and Mollie. But I was still happy; it was the best thing that had happened all week.

Nick is dealing with a cold or some allergies so I expect this later this afternoon to be low key, but I know I need motivation for the upcoming week. I bet the strap could motivate me to continue to watch what I eat, to get off my ass and move, and to not let the brute get hold of me and beat me down again. I know having a sore butt, maybe a bruise (aka badge of honor) or two, does wonders to get my mind off work! Also little text or emails during the week are always fun, and for me threats are the best to keep my mind on ‘us’, what he might do, what he might make me do… that where I want my mind to be in my free time. Cross your fingers for me that this week is better than last.