I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time for me to step up

I said I’d share an email Nick sent me not long ago. Nick’s emails are short and to the point. I go on forever and he’s kind enough to read through the maze of my thoughts (at least I think he reads it, LOL). I guess I’ve gone on about discipline on and off for 5 years now. I often complain about the lack of spanking around here. I’ve tried to talk Nick into making rules and enforcing them. I tried to talk him into being consistent. I’ve wanted him to take all this seriously. I’ve written a lot. And then the other day, I get this email after we had talked about my attempts to work on a healthier weight.

I promised consequences, and you are frequently complaining about my lack of following through rather than your failure to complete objectives, I guess I need to do better, (longer, harder etc). With privacy will come more opportunity to do as needed. So don't add to the account by gaining!

I don’t think when he wrote it he meant for it to be as significant as it sounded to me when I read it. But the truth of that one line really got to me.

“You are frequently complaining about my lack of following through rather than your failure to complete objectives”

I hate like hell to admit it, but he’s absolute right. What can I say? He called me on it and he was right. I’m trying to make him think – I wasn’t planning on him making me think. But that’s what he did. After our wonderful weekend celebrating our new status as empty-nesters I talked to him. I told him that the email had me thinking. I told him that if he told me the things he was really serious about I would really try to do better.

He wasn’t willing to play my game. He just smiled said I was a grown up and I knew what I needed to be doing. Hmmm… yeah, I guess, sorta. But, I complained, “That means you can pick anything you want to at any time and start spanking for it?” He kept grinning and said “Yeah, I know.”

Well, well maybe the man is thinking. I’ve said before we have no big issues that I’ve hears other being spanked for. Mine are laundry at the foot of the bed, blowing off exercise and snacking to excess, leaving on the fan, not closing windows. All little things, but things he’d like me to change.

So shortly after he had sent this email, Mollie moved, I started back to work and I’ve had my mind on other things. I gained a little this week and he had threatened with the cane and other things I dislike but by the time we had the privacy Sunday he had relented a little. There was some spanking and threats about the upcoming week but, it was a wonderful erotic romp, not a deterrent. No complaints! It was a great afternoon.

As I’ve gotten started at school discipline and rules for me have been the farther thing from my mind. I haven’t thought much about what I should be doing here – I’m planning on doing better, but I really hadn’t started yet. Today I had to stop by the house for something for a minute before running out again. Nick and I had talked on the phone and he was home before I got back. He greeted me with a kiss and asked me if I’d been at the house long before I left again. I told him no I was just in and out.

“So you didn’t have time to run back and open the windows and turn on the fan?”

Oh crap! I completely forgot this morning. I didn’t have much time to protest. He had me over a chair in a flash and he already had the wooden spatula out and handy. I did have time to say “I remembered Friday!” before he started swatting me with that thing. Somehow he wasn’t impressed that I had remembered for one whole day. It was interesting. He got my attention and I have no doubt the windows will be shut and lights the lights and fans will be off tomorrow! I need to get my act together. I think the ball’s in my court. I hope I don’t drop it. I’ll let you know.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big worries, little worries

As I asked some friends on Facebook, does God not think I have enough to worry about with LJ and Collin just living in New York City – now we have to throw in an earthquake and a hurricane? Come on! They don’t live in an area that was evacuated but they have been told to make plans to be without power and possibly water for several days. LJ says that while everyone else in the country prepare for a hurricane by boarding up and packing the car New Yorkers prepare by going out for booze and a French press to be able to make coffee without electricity. All that and complain a lot. He’s looking for it as an adventure, but one he says he is very willing to watch from his apartment. The mayor asked everyone to stay in their homes and the boys seem quite content to do just that. But I'm praying for them and my other friends and relatives in harm's way.

We’re still feeling our way through the empty nest. It didn’t stay empty this weekend; our little bird flew back in for a short visit. She forgot a few things and she wanted to eat at her grandmother’s later today. No problem, we were happy to see her. But I got the following email from Nick –

Looks like a little backsliding on weight. Eating out at lunch this week, maybe. A little backsliding on the clothes at the foot of the bed also. I guess you just love the cane and the tawse, maybe the backscratcher as well! Mollie may be around for a couple of days, but....then.

I wrote back telling him “You would be shocked to know how very wrong you are on your guesses!” So there's another worry - but one of a completely different nature. I can’t say the man hasn’t been paying attention. He knows exactly what few implements I truly dislike. I might not hate a real tawse but ours feels like plastic rather than good leather. Whatever, it doesn’t sound like he’s looking for something I’d like.

I’m getting a handle on school for this year so hopefully I’ll be back to mind-blogging soon.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantasy Friday - "I said you'd be sorry..."

Happy Friday! You'd think I'd been teaching for a month rather than 1 day. I have a lot to do this weekend and Mollie will be coming to Sunday lunch at her grandmother's with us. She's doing well and seems to like her classes - although she's pointed out college would be a lot more fun with out them.

This is a great story from one of your favorite bloggers. So lets get a little spark in our day.
Please enjoy...

"I said you'd be sorry..."

He laid his hand lightly on her buttocks. Then raised it and brought it down with a loud smack. The print of his hand appeared quickly against her pale skin. Again and again, alternating sides, he brought down his palm. The smacks echoing loudly in the silent room. Occasionally one spank would overlap or hit a particularly sensitive spot, and Rebecca would let out a small gasp. He worked over both buttocks, spanking hard and even, then moved down to her upper thighs. The first smack brought a gasp from his wife, the second, a low groan. Another smack, and another. She was shifting uncomfortably. Two hard smacks to the upper right thigh, and she let out a soft "ow". Three smacks to the left thigh and she let out a slight whimper and more squirming. Renewing his hold around her waist, he moved his hand up to her buttocks once more, spanking in an even pattern. Then he paused, resting his burning hand on her hot skin. She was breathing hard. The silence in the room was broken only by the sound of a dog barking.

Her entire backside was burning terribly, the spanks had finally stopped and she took the opportunity to catch her breath, she hadn't realized how shallow her breathing had been during the spanking, but now, she found herself panting for air. She shifted on his lap, moving against his thighs. She was so absorbed that she was caught unaware when a searing pain shot through her.

"You didn't think I was through, did you. I said you'd be real sorry for clever-mouthing off in front of your friends and it's not the first time you've done it. If they could see you when I'm finished and you're sobbing your apologies I doubt if they'd think you were quite so clever.''

He raised the paddle he'd been keeping at his side, bringing it down with a thunderous crack. Rebecca yelped, her legs stiffening and kicking, her body twisting. Another crack brought a choking cry. He wielded the paddle raising it sufficiently, then bringing it down with sharp flicks of his wrist. He peppered her backside with stinging blows until her cries became hoarse. Then he moved to the tops of her thighs, lightening the blow, but still delivering a loud Crack! with each one. She struggled, but he held her firmly in place. Finally, he delivered four extra hard swats to the underside of each cheek which left her kicking and sobbing, then laid the paddle aside.

Rebecca's mind was overflowing with pain. She couldn't think further than the blistering heat radiating through her backside. She sobbed, then her husband's hand struck the underside of her bottom, already medium rare from the paddling, and pain exploded through her again as her husband's hand finished her off. Heaving and sobbing, she was vaguely aware of the spanking ending, and a less savage hand caressing her flaming cheeks.

He took her in his arms and held her close, comforting her gently against him, letting her know it was all right. Later when the sobbing stopped, he would kiss her cheeks where the tears had dried, whisper softly that is was all over now and she was his good girl again and he would feel her body respond and hear the tiny murmur from her throat, and he would relish the gratitude he knew his punished wife would eagerly to bestow on him.


This wonderful little story was written by - Ronnie, of Heart and Soul. I told you it was by one of our best. I love Ronnie's real life accounts of her spankings and I love her fiction too. Be sure and drop by her place for more of her great writing. Thanks Ronnie for helping keep Fantasy Friday going.

And come on everyone! There have been very few new stories lately, break down, give it a try. You know you want to!! So start writing and send those stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Too tired for TTWD

We had open house at school Tuesday; I think it should be classified as a contact sport. All was peaceful enough but I feel like I’ve been beaten up. I think it’s just standing all day, but my back and feet are killing me. Not much of anything going on at home this week. Think accountant the week before April 15, I’m so tired and numb I doubt I feel a spanking if I got one.

But that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring one another. I’ve been pants in the kitchen a time or two. Nick will stop and pull up my shirt to cop a quick feel. Kinda nice not having anyone around to catch us. He’s also been kind enough to make a few threats. He reminds me to close the windows in the morning on warm day when the A/C will come on later, I often forget. One day right before Mollie left I had again forgotten the windows and he said “Well, we’ll soon have a way to deal with that.” He’s also had a word to say about me forgetting to turn off the lights occasionally and the ceiling fans too. He threatened to make me pay swat per watt!

I have no time or energy for anything right now but after next week I should be back in the groove. I want to share some emails Nick’s sent with you all. And around here I need to get back to the gym, and start working on my house keeping and maybe even cooking skills. Wait, probably not the cooking – that would be over kill. As I get back in the swing of things (starting back to school after my wonderful summers it a real shock to the system) then we can talk about our expectations and see how we’re going to move forward with TTWD. I really hate it when I’m too tired to think about spanking - now that’s tired!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Empty nest, day one

It’s been quite a weekend. Mollie is moved in safe and sound at school. And I did it without shedding a tear in her presents, a few later, but not many really. It’s not like when I went off to college at 18. I was over three hours away (not really that far, but it felt like it), back then any calls made were long distance, and we had been taught from birth that long distance was expensive!! Anymore than a call a week was too extravagant. Writing letters was time consuming and slow. Although I really wasn’t, I felt cut off. Contrast that with today, cell calls, text, email, facebook, skype… Mollie and I may have communicated more since she left than we normally did when she was home! LOL! I know she won’t keep in such regular touch as time goes on but it has really eased these first few days for me.

I know, I know you all want to know about the empty nest. Well I can’t tell you. We haven’t really experienced it long enough to tell yet. But celebrating your youngest heading off to school – well now that we did! I hope you mothers of younger children don’t think me awful for celebrating. Understand she’s happy as a clam and doing what she wants in the college of her choice. So now it time for mom and dad to enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

Saturday began our first full day on our own. Saturday was quite a day! Nick let me sleep late after snuggling during the night. I got up, made my morning computer check and had a little breakfast. We worked together cleaning house for a while and I got some stuff ready for work next weeks. After lunch was our time. Nick invited me to join him in the pool. I guess there isn’t too many pool days left. We floated and talked a while but when we came up the fun really began.

He had come up a bit before me and when I later walked into the bedroom he had everything set up to give me a shave. I would have never thought of shaving the kitty in years pasted but when we started all this a few years ago and read some about it we decided to try it – I liked it, it made me feel sexy. I especially love it when Nick shaves me, a very erotic – not to mention submissive encounter. I have to tell you the mentholated shaving cream was a real hit with me too – but I love hot creams, again very erotic for me.

After a quick shower together I came back in the bedroom to see Nick getting out the blindfold and cuffs. Okay, deep breath. First the blindfold and then I was handcuffed and secured to the headboard. Nothing will give you butterflies than to be in this position and have your husband remind you of your safeword! Did that mean I was going to need it? My mind rushed back to an email Nick had recently sent -

While we are contemplating the many potential impacts of an empty nest; reread Gift of Submission/ "What a girl wants" (particularly paragraph 2 and the first comment.)

Thanks Audra (I think). Other than giving me a hint of what might be coming it told me volumes. Nick had been reading blogs. He’d been reading Gift of Submission for sure, who else has he been reading? And I feel like he must have been reading mine too. Much food for thought. Back to our afternoon.

He gave me a good warm-up. I don’t know what all he used. I can’t say he lectured but he was talking, joking, more to himself than to me. “Hmm… I don’t spank you enough, I’m not consistent, I don’t hold you accountable…wouldn’t want that.” And then he told me he was going to give me a little break and he left the room. That an interesting feeling to be left tied to the bed blindfolded and wondering what you husband’s up to. He was soon back and it wasn’t long until I knew exactly what he’d been up to – preparing the ginger! If you don’t know about figging, google it! We had tried it before and I like it. Nick had gone out of his way to make sure this was a special day for me.

He uses many different implements – some I recognized other I had to ask about. I didn’t have any problem identifying when the cane came into play! It was a long wonderful afternoon – spanking, nice long breaks for rubbing and loving and then more spanking. Toys and vibrators and lotions and making love just about every way it can be done. It was a wonderful afternoon, the perfect way to start off our new journey together.

We did talk a little about dd, we’ve been emailing some. I’ll tell you about that soon. I’m still very much in the ‘wait and see’ mode. Work starts this week in earnest so I don’t know how much blogging time I’ll have but I’ll write when I can.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fantasy Friday - Father Knows Best, II

* If you are in the mood to read more after you read Fantasy Friday today, there is a new story beginning over at Cassie's Space.

ay's the day. We will be moving Mollie into her dorm today. She's excited, I'm excited. I know it will be a hard day for me. I felt this way when each of them began kindergarten too. They were just excited, I'm excited and apprehensive. But all will be well. She is smart, capable, nearly 19 and friendly (not to mention beautiful!) she will do great and I will too. Now let's see what all this empty nest talk is about!

I have a different Fantasy Friday for you today. It's time to take a stroll through the past - head back to the 50's, to a more traditional time when men were the head of the household and women were glad of it!

Please enjoy...

Father knows Best

Helen pealed off her gloves and put her hat in its box. She enjoyed getting out of the house to attend the monthly Ladies Society meetings but it did throw her a little behind on dinner preparations.

As she hurried to the kitchen she thought of what her friend Peggy had talked about at the meeting.

“I always send my little one’s a note in their book bags or lunch boxes.” She had explained, “I want them to know their mother is thinking of them.”

‘I’ve never even thought of that’ Helen mused to herself. ‘But tomorrow I’m sending each of the kids a note too.’ Helen loved her children very much. Deep down she wanted to be known as the best mother on the block.

Dinner was barely in the oven when she heard Clark coming in the front door. As he pushed open the kitchen door Helen turned from the stove.

“Oh dear,” she said “I guess I’m in trouble now.”

“Is that so?” Clark said putting down his briefcase. “And just what have you done now to get yourself in trouble now?” he asked grinning at his lovely wife.

Helen answered his grin with one of her own “Now don’t make it sound like I am always getting myself in trouble! The Ladies Society met today and I was late getting home so your dinner isn’t ready. Are you going to starve? It’s going to be another half hour.”

“I don’t know what this world is coming to.” Clark shook his head in mock despair. “We give you ladies permission to form your clubs and see what comes of it? You hen’s got to clucking and now every man in town is eating late.”

Clark stalked toward her, glint in his eye “Maybe a trip over my knee would keep me and my needs in your mind the next time all you girls are together.” He grabbed her arm and slid his hand to her waist.

“Silly” she laughed at him, blushing slightly. “You just go relax a bit and I’ll have supper on the table in no time.”

Clark kissed Helen on the nose and headed to the living room to read his paper. Soon enough Helen was calling to the children to wash up and come to dinner.

Late that evening after the dishes were done Helen packed lunches for Susie and Mark. Sitting at the kitchen table she wrote a note for each of them telling them to have a good day and that Mother was thinking of them. On the spur of the moment she decided to write one to Clark too.

To the most handsome man in the world, I just want you to know that I have been thinking of you all day. Your rock hard body, your exploring hands, and your sexy eyes. I can’t wait to experience all three tonight. I hope you will be thinking of me all day as I will be thinking of you. Your little sweetie, Helen

Slipping it into an envelope she tucked it into his briefcase. With any luck it would put him in a loving mood for the next evening.


The next morning was the usual rush of getting the children dressed, fed and out the door to the bus. As Clark left for work Helen kiss had lingered a bit and she said “I’ll be thinking of you today!” Causing Clark to leave the house with a bemused smile on his face.

Opening his briefcase around 10:00 Clark found an unfamiliar envelope within. He opened it to read,

I just wanted you to know that Mommie is thinking of you today. Be a good boy and mind the teacher. Warm cookies when you get home.


‘What on earth’ Clark wondered. At that moment Miss Sanders buzzed in “Mr. Anderson, there is a call for you on line 2. It’s Mark’s school.”

“Put it through.” Clark told her.

“Clark Anderson” he answered crisply. “Well hello, Mr. Coffee what can I do for you?” Clark asked Mark’s principal.

“Mark thought the note must be for his teacher…?”

“He gave it to Mr. Davis…?

“From my wife you say…?

“I’ll be right there.”

Grabbing his had and coat Clark hurried from the office.


Helen hear the front door slam at the same instant she heard Clark shout “Helen where are you?” What on earth had brought Clark home in the middle of the day sounding so angry? Helen hadn’t even had time to answer his shout when he burst through the kitchen door, red faced with his normally handsome features screwed in to an intently angry expression.

“Honey, what’s wro…”

Clark cut her off. Slamming the note onto the counter in front of her he began “Can you tell me what on earth possessed a lady to write such a note?”

“Oh Clark, it was just a little joke. I didn’t think you would mind a little private note. Oh no!” she exclaimed, “You didn’t open it in front of someone else did you?” Her mind shrank in shame at the thought of one of his colleagues getting a glimpse of her note.

“No, I didn’t open it in front of anyone! You didn’t send it with me, you send it with Mark! He though a note must be for his teacher. Needless to say Mr. Davis was stunned to read it and passed it along to the principal who in turned called me. Helen how could you have written such an unladylike note and then been so careless as to send it to school with your son?”

As he had begun speaking Helen’s hands had flown to her mouth in horror as she realized what she had done! But as Clark ended with a reference to being unladylike and careless – two of his pet peeves with her one hand had unconsciously reached around to protect her behind. She had no doubt what was coming.

“Oh Clark, I don’t know how I could have made such a mistake! I am so sorry; you have to know how sorry I am.”

Clark reached into the drawer for the large wooded spatula. “All I know is that you are going to be a lot sorrier in a minute!”

Almost before she could realize it Helen found herself over her husband’s lap. Clark flipped up her dress and began spanking with earnest on her panty clad bottom. The make shift paddle created an incredible burn that made it nearly impossible for Helen to understand any of the lecture Clark continued with.

She seemed to catch a word here or there…

“Embarrassing… unladylike… careless… improper…”

But the burn on her seat was consuming all her contraction and causing her to cry out “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Please Clark, please stop!!”

Clark stopped but did not let her up. “Young lady are you sure you have learned your lesson?”

“Oh Clark, I have! Truly I have – I won’t be careless again. I promise! And I’ll always be a lady. I will honey, I will. Please let me up!”

“You be still” Clark told her in a much calmed tone than he had used before. “I’ll let you know when I’m through.” He massaged her bright red bottom through her panties. Slowly he helped her to her up and pulled her onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her as she cried softly into his shirt front.

“Helen honey, you know how much I love you. But I have a responsibility as the head of the family to see that every member of this family conducts themselves appropriately. You are my wife and the example of a lady for your children. You understand why I had to spank you don’t you?”

“I understand” Helen admitted, “I don’t like it much” she added as she rubbed her sore seat. “But I understand.”

“Good” Clark said. “Now I have to get back to work.” He announced setting Helen back on her feet. As he reached the door he looked back and Helen. Her red rimmed eyes and her chastised look touched him and he turned back to her.

Wrapping his arms around her once again he whispered in her ear. “Although the note was totally inappropriate the content and thought behind it was sweet and very thought stimulating. Once the children are in bed tonight you can give me a full explanation of what you were thinking as you wrote it.”

With a final loving pat to her bottom Clark was out the door and gone. Tingling now in several places Helen couldn’t help smiling to herself and she looked forward to an special evening.


I really hope you enjoyed the story this week because I wrote it. I really can't take full credit. A friend sent me the idea and suggested I try a story from the 5o's. I liked the idea and decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with.

I also hope some more of you are out there writing and that you will be willing to share your stories with us. Please send any contributions to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Help...or maybe 'HELP'!

Mollie and I went to the movies together yesterday. We saw The Help and it was wonderful! I read the book almost 6 months ago and really enjoyed it. I don’t go to the movies that often and went I do it’s not in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday, but let me tell you the audience was the most unusual I’ve ever seen. Have you ever been to a theater full of little old white women? I swear 90% of the audience had to be 75 or older. It was a hoot. We sat and watched everyone leave, this trail of little blue haired ladies, canes, walker… the works. We saw several obvious mother and daughter couples, Mollie just grinned at me. If any of you go see this movie, and I suggest you do, check out the audience. I’m wondering if this was just because it was an afternoon showing.

I am still getting interesting emails from Nick, sometimes more than one a day – unusual for Nick. I’m starting to think it might just be time to panic.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little bubbles

This is a week when a lot of things are swirling around me – getting over the reunion, waiting to hear what my cousin thinks of my writing, starting back to work and Mollie moving out, lots and lots on my mind. But, as always, dancing in my mind is the general topic of this blog. Always overshadowing TTWD has been the time and privacy restraints. Now we’ll have both. So I have to wonder, what will happen?

I still don’t expect Nick to want a DD marriage. I’ve realized I don’t. But for a week or so Nick has been saying little things. He’s reminded me twice that there will consequences for not meeting my weight goal before the reunion. He grabbed me in the kitchen one day and used our new ouchie spatula – and I mean, used it until I felt it! He said that was only a down payment because Mollie was on her way home.

There have been lots of ups and downs in our journey through TTWD. I think, over time, I've changed what I really want to more realistic expectations than I had originally. I still want this lifestyle but I want something that works for Nick and me. If there are any ruled that matter to Nick I hope he’ll share them with me. I like the idea. I’ll never be totally submissive but there are things about myself that I need to change and that I want to change. Some of these relate to taking better care of myself and other are as mundane as housekeeping chores I should do better. These are things I know I should take care of myself but I’ve never really made myself. Will Nick?

I don’t know. I’ve tried not to get my hopes up too much. I mean, I have an optimistic attitude and Nick has done several things that make me hopeful, but I’ve been disappointed before. Often Nick really had no idea what I was wanting, maybe I didn’t know either. I think we have a good chance now. There are little bubbles of excitement rising in me and they sure do feel good.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Safety Matters, II

Here we go, I'll be back at work by next Friday. Today's Fantasy Friday was the first story from Lillian. She sent this to me almost exactly 2 years ago today. Lillian is a few decades younger than I am and while she has been reading spanking stories for a while this was her first attempt at writing one. I think you'll be as impressed as I was.

So please enjoy...

Safety Matters

“Unbelievable,” Joe muttered under his breath.

“You ok?” Sean asked around a mouthful of pizza.

“Yeah, I’m fine” but she’s not gonna be when I get done with her, Joe thought. He couldn’t believe she would run in the park. Alone. AGAIN! Oh just wait, he thought.

“Hey, I know we haven’t had lunch together in forever, but I have to cut this short, and I won’t be back at the office the rest of the day either, tell Paul I got sick or something k?”

“Yeah sure, but Paul isn’t going to like it. Where are you going anyway? We finally escape the office to have lunch in the great outdoors and now you’re running off? What gives?” Sean complained.

Joe knew it was true, every since he had gotten married eight months ago he hadn’t been a very good friend. But now was not the time to deal with Sean.

“Tell you what,” Joe said getting to his feet “pick a weekend this month and we will go fishing. No matter what I will make it work, just name the date. Right now though, I really have to go. Enjoy the rest of the pizza.”

Taking off at a slow jog, Joe left the river bank and headed for the parking lot. As he slid into his car he started looking for Becky’s. How could she do this again? He thought outraged. She was running in the park alone. Hadn’t he told her before he would run with her, she just had to wait for him to get home from work. How would he feel if someone hurt her just because she couldn’t wait to go running? And how often was she running here without telling him? The park was too dense with trees for it to be safe for a woman to run alone. It was too easy for someone to hide.

This was the one and only fight they had had while dating. When he discovered she ran alone he had made her swear not to do it anymore. And when he found out a month later that she had indeed started running alone again, it had been the start to their discipline relationship.

He smiled briefly at the thought of that day. Finding her sweat dampened running suit. Racing through the house to find her reading on the couch. Turning her over his knee and laying in with the hardest swats he could muster.

He smiled again. Her surprise. His surprise. Sure he had thought about it in the past with other women, but never had he spanked anyone. Never had he loved someone enough that he would do anything to keep her safe, including discipline her.

She had yelled, then finally given in to his harsh treatment. When the anger was gone, and she just cried, he let her up and just held her. When the tears stopped, she apologized and once again promised to never do it again.

She never questioned the fact I had just turned her bottom red. She never asked if it would happen again. Somehow they both just knew it would.

And it did. Once for a bounced check and another for not going to the doctor before her bronchitis turned to pneumonia (though she had had to wait till she was better for that spanking). And even once again for running alone. There had been other times too. Spankings had started to add up over the course of their two year relationship. He smiled again at the thought of some of the more fun ones. Then he sighed as he finally spotted her car.

He parked a ways away. He didn’t want her to see his car before he was ready. He sighed again as he took in where she parked. Directly next to a thick set of trees, a perfect place for someone to hide, he thought miserably.


Wiping her neck Becky sighed. I guess I had better get home before Joe does. I need to make sure to throw these cloths in the wash and take a shower, She thought. She enjoyed running, it was one of her favorite activities outside of… well let’s be honest… sex. Both got her blood pumping and her adrenaline going. She smiled; maybe she would do something “bad” tonight….

Her thoughts trailed off as one of her favorite songs came on her IPod. She turned it up just a little louder and sped up for the last quarter mile of her run. With her car in sight and the music blaring she ran thoughtlessly.

Suddenly and without warning, hot hands grasped her. One on her upper arm, then before she could turn, another over her mouth. She was off her feet in an instant. The hands that grasped her were strong. Bruising her arm as they lifted her.

She tried to fight. Tried to scream. Tried to get away. Then it hit her. She was going to die. Someone was really going to drag her off in the woods and kill her. Or at the very least rape her. Oh gosh, Joe! He would never forgive her. Never get over this.

As soon as she stopped fighting, she was placed back on her feet. Gradually, the hand on her arm started to loosen. And the one on her mouth released her. She opened her mouth to scream and found herself being spun around and lips catching hers. Pulling, biting, seeking. She tried to pull away but the force of the man’s (she knew it was a man now from the hardness that pressed against her thigh) hands keep her tightly against him. She opened her eyes, if she lived through this she wanted to be able to tell the police everything.

“OOOOOUU,” came out as she saw who held her for the first time.

Joe looked down at her half scared, half relieved face as she realized she was safe. He released her mouth but not her body. The tremors were sudden then, just like the tears. She shook and cried into his shirt as he held her.

“I love you. I love you more than anything” he whispered as she shook. She was trying to say something in reply but it was lost in her sobs, so he just held her until she was reduced to sniffles.

“What were you thinking?” he murmured into her hair. “Becky, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she cried with a fresh wave of tears.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” he yelled with renewed anger. “Do you know how easily it could have been someone else who grabbed you? Someone else who kissed you? Someone else who….” He shook with fear and anger. He couldn’t even think the last one.

“I’m sorry. I swear I’m sorry and it will never happen again!”

“I know it won’t I am gonna make sure of that. I think this little incident may have scared you straight but I think I will take you home and give myself some insurance that you will never even THINK about running alone again.”

“Joe, NO, I’m sorry. I swear this set me straight, I will never let it happen again! Never!”

“Hun, you know I love you, but you are going to get spanked for this one. And it’s not up for discussion. So let’s go home and get it over with.” He held her as he half carried – half walked her to her car.

“But where’s your car?” She complained as he slid her into the passenger seat of her own car.

“It’s locked; we can come back for it later after we have taken care of some business.” He gave her a quick peck then rounded the car to climb in the driver’s seat.

The ride home was a quiet one. He never wanted to have to repeat this lesson again, and he hoped that his actions in the park had finally proved to her why running alone was such a bad idea.

They got home quickly, too quickly for Becky’s liking. She knew what would come next.

“I want you to go upstairs switch into PJ bottoms, lower them and be waiting in the corner in 3 minutes.”

“Yes sir,” She replied as she climbed out of the car and hurried upstairs.

She wondered how he would spank her. The first time he had just used his hand in his hast. The next time she had been caught running alone he had used a wooden spoon on her, which stung like heck. But those were a while ago and since then many new “toys” had been added to their collection. She shuttered at the thought of what she would feel.


He entered the house resolved to make her feel her lesson. He was almost sure he would never have to worry about her running alone again, but he wanted to be positive.

When he entered their room she was in the corner with her PJ’s around her ankles just as he had instructed.

He sat down on the bed and called her over. She shuffled over and immediately lay over his knees.

“I’m sorry” is all she whispered as his hand cracked down for the first of many times. Over and over his hand came down. He was holding nothing back. He wanted her to feel the sting in her bottom. He wanted her to remember today forever.

Harder his swats came as he thought about the danger she had placed herself in. faster they came as he realized how easy it was to grab her.

He spanked her butt until she began to wiggle and kick, then he laid into the top of her thighs none to gently. Her butt and thighs were turning a light red color. She was crying softly and apologizing, while his hand was beginning to sting. He gave her a few more hard smacks on both her thighs and butt. Then let her up.

“Stand right there and don’t even think about touching your red ass.” He said with a little more anger than he meant. He left the room and quickly returned with their bath brush.

That thing hurts! She thought. I’m never going to sit after he gets done with me! “Please not that,” she begged aloud.

“You should thank me for giving you a nice warm-up before using it on you! Maybe you won’t bruise since I don’t plan to be gentle.”

Warm-up? Bruise? Oh gosh…

“Now bend over, hands on the mattress, ass in the air.”

She did so immediately and within seconds the first blazing strike hit. “Owww,” she cried.

Two more landed on top of the first. She stood up and grabbed her butt. “Please,” she said tears rolling down her cheeks now.

“Bend back over” he told her, “and that’s three for the hands” he added without regret.

She quickly bent back over and Joe once again started swinging without mercy. She was going to learn her lesson, even if it killed him to teach it to her. He was glad she didn’t see his face as it contorted with every stroke as she yelled out.

When he was satisfied and her butt was sore, he slowed his strikes and landed each swat with extra force and precision. When he land ten extra hard over there the course of 2 minutes and her crying and screaming became sobs, he finally stopped.

He knew he had never spanked her this hard before. But he also knew her pretty little ass had never deserved it so much before. He let her cry herself out and when her sobs reduced to sniffles he told her stand, left palm up.

Her crying became heavy again but she did as she was asked. He quickly landed three strokes across her open hand.

“Right hand now please.”

She submitted her right hand for the same punishment crying out as the sting of each stroke hit her.

“Almost done now, it’s almost over. Lay across the bed for me sweetie.” His voice was soft again. He knew she would be sore and likely even bruised. Not something he liked to do and had only happened on one occasion before.

Almost? She thought scared. But it hurts. I’m on fire. My hands hurt. I’m never going to get into trouble again. “Pleeeeease nooooo mmmmore, pleassssssse.” She begged.

“Almost done, just lay down on the bed for me.” He said almost sadly.

He left the room and returned empty handed as he entered the closet. When he came out her breath caught.


“Yes, six of the best with the cane and then its over, its all over.” He had never really caned her. Once he gave her a medium hard stroke and she almost came out of her skin. Now he expected her to take SIX??

“It will be ok,” he reassured her, “but you need this, so grab a pillow and it will be over in a minute.”

She did as he said tucking her into the pillow and within a second the first stripe was on her butt.

She screamed but it was muffled in the pillow. Joe cringed as he watched the stripe go from white to an angry red welt. Before he talked himself out of the other 5 he laid them on her so fast he barely had time to breath.

He could hear her screaming even through the pillow as the last one landed.

He threw the cane down and climbed in bed next to her as she screamed and sobbed. Even without the cane hitting her she continued to scream as the pain from the last five grew.

“I love you” he said when he thought she could hear him. “I love you so much; I never want ANYTHING to happen to you.”

She was quiet for a few moments before she replied, “I love you too and I promise never to run without you. I promise. I really am sorry.” She gave him a small smile.

“I’m sure you’re sorry. And I’m sorry you’re going to be sore for the next few days, but at least I know you won’t be running.”

She smiled at him and he leaned into to kiss his thoroughly beautiful, thoroughly lovely, thoroughly spanked, wife.


Lillian, you did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for sending this. Lillian said that although she enjoys reading stories both reading and writing still feels a little taboo. She shared, "I knew if I didn't send it the second the last word was down I would have deleted it." I am sooooo glad you decided to send it!

If you are willing to try a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

If you should ever send a story and don't hear from me within 24 hours please send it again. I always worry that something may end up in the span file. I try to check but something could slip by me. If you don't hear from me - I didn't get it!!!

Lillian, thanks again and please keep writing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interesting week

I feel like I’ve been away forever. I enjoyed the reunion, as always. We ate and visited and took pictures. That’s pretty much standard. One cousin could only come on Sunday and she stayed after the other’s had to go. She and I talked for hours, just the two of us. I don’t know how but without telling her what I blog about, without discussing spanking in any way shape or form, somehow or other I agreed to send her some of my stories.

Yes, I am crazy! I don’t know this cousin as well as I know many of the others but maybe that’s why I agreed. I don’t know what I’ve done – I let one friend read some after I had spent a long time discussing it with her, and she still had a very negative reaction. But I sent them. I’ll let you know her reaction. Right now I’m trying to put it out of my mind. Whatever her reaction I won’t be seeing her for at least a year.

On to the rest of my week. All the cousins that could stay around headed to the lake house one of my cousins owns. Last year Nick, Mollie and I all went but this time I was the only one of us who could make it. Since I was alone I got stuck down in the basement. Just my luck, I only had a double bed and two closets. In my private bath there was the problem of which of the shower heads to use.

And then, of course, being in the basement meant I was stuck with a basement view. Just look at what I was forced to deal with from my patio for a few day!

These were the accommodations and to be honest the food was even better. Here was another two full days of incredible eating. When we weren’t eating and visiting around the house we were eating and drinking and visiting on the boat. Here’s what we got to see one night.

I got a real kick out of watching one of my cousins and her husband. Once on the boat she reached over to pat him on the knee. He smiled at her, kissed her hand and put his arm around her. In fact I rarely was either of them without a smile. And the really strange part of this was that they are in their mid to late 60’s, they’ve been married 43 years and have 5 kids and 8 grandchildren. I didn’t see any evidence of it, but I think they are bound to be spankos – they’re just too close not to be!

Nick had forgotten that I was going to the lake when he told me absolutely no gaining this week. This was a once in a year event, so he gave me a break. Now I don’t want him to give me too much slack but I was happy to see he was being realistic. He’s giving me an extra week to work to reach my goal. When he told me I was very appreciative and said “Great, now we’re all clear.”

He told me, not so fast – I hadn’t made the goal the week before and I still had that to pay for. And, he added, we would soon have plenty of privacy to take care of such things. Could there really be a ‘be careful what you wish for’ in my future? I guess we’ll see.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Reunion time!

Hey everyone! Just a quick note here. We are in the middle of our two day family reunion. Nick and I have hosted this for 26 of the past 27 years. One cousin brings in all the food for Saturday night and I cook Sunday lunch. I’ve spent the last few days really cleaning for all my guest. If you’ve been reading here for very long you know I am not very domestic and cleaning is not one of my favorite pastimes. But it was coming along.

Until Friday afternoon, I stepped out into the sun room to bring in some can drinks from their box and put them in the refrigerator. It was cherry Dr. Pepper (Why couldn’t it have been Sprite?) I dropped a can. It ruptured and begin spewing bright red drink everywhere. I mean this thing was spinning like a top! All over the floor, the cream color sofa, the pale rose colored walls, the one brick wall. I made a grab for it hoping to throw it in the kitchen sink just on the other side of the wall. That meant it continued to spray coating the kitchen floor, the refrigerator, the wall behind the sink and, of course, me – I was wearing my new white shirt.

I should have thrown myself on the damn thing like a grenade! At least then it would have been just me and the floor destroyed. What a mess!

On a TTWD note, I didn’t make the goal Nick sat for me this week. I did try. Not as hard as I could have, but I did try some. I got the following email from him Friday afternoon:

You didn't lose the amount of weight we agreed on. We will deal with this when time permits. At least glad to see you lost some weight since we talked. Between now and next Fri NO GAIN! May have to bear down after this weekend.

It’s going to be tough. The reunion and all the food that brings, plus I’m going with my cousins to one cousin’s lake house until Wednesday. She and her husband both are wonderful cooks. Grrrrrrr… but I’m going to try. I really appreciate that Nick is willing to help and I want him to know I’m trying.

The computer is coming with me but I won’t be on as much. Talk with you all later.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Fantsay Friday - Contrite Women, II

Another Friday is here. That would be better news if I wasn't scheduled to head back to work so soon. But I can think about that another day. Today we have a story that I know will have some of you squirming in your seats. In other words, you're going to love it. I guess is won't do much to help you keep cool, but you can't have everything.

So for now please enjoy...

Contrite Women

Sharon was excited as she packed; she was going to meet Monique and Steve for the very first time. Monique and Sharon had been corresponding with each other for the last six months, and although Sharon had never met Monique, she felt like they had a friendship that had spanned decades. Sharon zipped up the suitcase and re-checked her purse for the boarding pass. Sharon headed to the elevator still a little disappointed that Gary was unable to get off work, but she understood. As Sharon waited for the taxi her phone rang.


“Hey babe, I just wanted to tell you to have a good flight and I will call you tonight.”

“Thanks. How’s your day going?” Sharon said as she saw the taxi pulling in.

“Good… but busy.”

“Hey, the taxi is here. I love you and I will talk with you tonight.” Sharon said walking towards the taxi.

“Okay, love you…Bye.”

The taxi driver lifted her suitcase in the trunk and Sharon climbed in the backseat thrilled to be on her way. If there weren’t any flight delays, she would be touching down in Chicago by ten o’clock. Sharon passed the two hour flight by reading on her Kindle and before she knew it the plane touched down.

Steve had insisted that they pick her up at the airport, she had tried to argue but it was in vain, because he wouldn’t budge. Because Gary was unable to come, Steve felt responsible for Sharon’s safety.

As Sharon rounded the corner she spotted Monique and Steve. She recognized them from their pictures on Face book. She started to get butterflies as she approached them but it soon disappeared as they hugged. On the ride to the hotel they made idle chit chat about the flight and started to make plans on what they wanted to do. It didn’t take long before Monique and Sharon were joking. Occasionally, Steve would shoot them a look of caution. Sharon was well aware of the look. Gary used it often and if Sharon chose to ignore it, then she paid the consequence.

They would stop for the moment but it wouldn’t take them long until they were acting sassy again. For the most part, Steve let it go knowing they were having a good time. As they went to dinner that evening, Monique and Sharon had plotted a practical joke to play on Steve. Steve had a great sense of humor and Monique played practical jokes all the time.

They all agreed on Mexican Food. When dinner came they looked at each other and set the plan in motion. Monique dropped her fork, kicking it to Steve’s side. As Steve went to reach for it under the table, Sharon removed the bottle of hot sauce from her purse and sprinkled it over Steve’s meal quickly. Sharon took a sip of her water and tried to not make eye contact with Monique knowing they would not be able to contain the laughter. Steve took a bite of his food and made this sound if trying to clear his throat. Obviously, he had gotten a good taste of hot sauce. Steve reached for the water but you could see by the look on his face that it only increased the heat.

“Something wrong?” Sharon asked.

“This food is really spicy.” Steve said as the sweat was appearing above his brow. Steve took another drink of water. Monique couldn’t contain and burst in to laughter.

“What!” Steve said looking at Monique.

“Did you do something to my food?” Steve looked eyeing them back and forth. Sharon shook her head no but Monique couldn’t lie.

“Yes, we sprinkled some hot sauce over it.” Monique said still trying to contain her laughter. At this point, you could tell Steve was not amused.

“Show him Sharon,” Misty said suddenly becoming more serious.

Sharon lifted the bottle from her purse that read, “Really Fucking Hot Sauce” with a description wrapping the bottle explaining the meaning behind the name. At first, Steve felt like putting some on their food and making them eat every bite but he had something else in mind. They to would feel a burn but not in their throats. Monique and Sharon realized they both had gone too far and were quiet on the way back to the hotel. Steve said he needed to make a phone call and left the two of sitting in the room.

“Crap!” Monique said looking at Sharon.

“Are we in trouble?”

“I think so.” Monique started to pace.

“What do you think he’ll do?” Sharon said with a look of concern.

“I think I have an idea and we aren’t going to like it.”

“You don’t think….” Sharon stopped talking as Steve entered the room.

“Sharon go over to your room and bring back your computer and your red brush.”

“Why, do you want my brush?” Just then it hit her, Steve was going to spank them. Monique and Sharon had met through a Domestic Discipline site. Surely, he wouldn’t spank her…Gary would never agree. Sharon’s thoughts were broken as Steve spoke.

“Now!” Steve said very sternly.

Sharon hurried quickly to the door separating both rooms and grabbed her laptop. She wanted to say she wasn’t sure where the brush was, but knew it wouldn’t fly because he had joked about it before dinner seeing it lay on the bureau. Sharon’s brush was wood with a large red rectangular head. Gary had used this on Sharon before and it was her most feared implement. When she re-entered the room, Monique was on the bed with tears seeping from the corner of her eyes.

“Sorry, Sharon.” Monique said.

“Don’t be sorry Monique, we are in this together.”

Steve set up the laptop and turned on the webcam. “Can you see okay?” Steve was talking towards the computer. As he turned it around, Gary was on the other side. Sharon’s heart sank, she had promised Gary before she left that she would behave.

Gary had always told his wife that no other man would spank her, but after listening about her sassy behavior and the joke she played on Steve, he agreed. Gary thought by letting Steve spank Sharon that it would be the most effective, humbling experience she would go through.

“Sharon, can you see me?”

“Yes,” Sharon said almost in a whisper.

“I have agreed to let Steve teach you a lesson. I believe this will make an impact on you that you will never forget.” Sharon just stared at the screen blankly.

“Monique and Sharon come sit together.” Steve’s voice was very stern.

Monique started to speak but Steve looked at her and she remained quiet. Steve went to the suitcase and removed a strap and laid it next to the brush.

“This can go easy or hard. You will both make your own fate depending on your actions. This is going to be a night you will not forget. You both need to remove your pants, you may keep on your panties.”

They looked at each other and Monique removed her pants quickly setting them on the bed, but Sharon stood frozen. Gary remained quiet watching his wife; he wanted to see how Steve would handle her defiance.

“ Sharon, I asked you to remove your pants. If you do not do as I ask right this moment, you will have more added to your count down.” Sharon looked at Gary on the screen, he walked away saying nothing.

“I can’t!” Sharon said.

“Ten,” is all Steve said. Sharon knew what he meant from previous conversations with Monique. She slowly unbuttoned her pants lowering them slowly. Her face was blushing from embarrassment and tears were slowly rolling down her cheek. Sharon went and joined Monique on the bed, reaching out touching her hand as to reassure her it was okay.

“Monique, come here. You will be first as you should have known better.”

Steve had Monique turn around and lay face down on the bed. She turned her face away from Sharon who was still sitting just a few feet from her. Steve made her face Monique. Steve’s first whack sent Monique lurching forward grabbing the top of the comforter. He continued to swat her backside alternating between both cheeks. Monique moaned with each swat, kicking her legs. Steve would tell her to stop kicking and smacked her thighs. When Steve felt the heat coming from Monique’s panties, he stopped and lowered them. Monique knew better than to resist but Sharon became mortified at the thought of Steve removing hers. Steve continued to swat Monique until her backside was glowing red. Monique was crying and he told them to switch. Sharon hesitated but Steve bent her over.

“Gary….please.” but Gary remained silent watching. Sharon had never been spanked by anyone other than her husband. She felt like she was going to throw-up.

The first swat took her breath away and she began trying to escape to the other side. Steve was strong and had her back in place in no time.

“You can fight but it will only make it more painful for you.” He continued to swat Sharon’s backside. When she started to kick, he also swatted her thighs each time. As he started to lower her panties she pleaded with Steve. For Steve, exposing Sharon’s backside meant nothing sexually to him. Steve was there for one reason only, and that was to teach them a lesson. Steve’s philosophy was that any woman that misbehaved should be spanked. Steve only stopped swatting Sharon when her backside matched Monique’s. Gary saw his wife sitting on the bed; he wanted to intervene but remained quiet. Gary felt somewhat aroused, he didn’t expect that feeling.

“Both of you stand against the wall, do not rub your backside and no talking.” Both Monique and Sharon moved quickly without any arguments. Steve walked to the computer and turned it around and then left the room. They looked at each other as tears streamed down their faces. Sharon mouthed that she was sorry and Monique mouthed she was sorry too.

They stood there waiting and waiting. Sharon needed to go to the bathroom. She looked around but Steve had still not returned. She said out loud that she needed to use the bathroom, hoping he would hear, but nothing. Sharon decided she had to go and started to leave. Monique grabbed her arm but she tugged away. Sharon waddled to the bathroom as her panties were still just above her knees. She shut the door and sat down on the toilet gently. She felt so much better after she was done. She pulled back up her pantries and washed her hands. She wanted to look in the mirror but could feel the heat and had an idea what it would look like. As she opened the door, Steve was peering back at her. Sharon stepped back startled.

“Did I say you could leave and go to the bathroom?”

“No, but you weren’t here and I couldn’t hold it.” Steve whirled her around yanking down her panties, rapidly swatting her backside. Sharon was twisting and Steve just tightened his grip. When he finished he guided her back to the wall. After a few minutes later, Steve told the girls to return to the bed. They sat down looking at him wondering what was next.

“Monique go get the strap and Sharon you will bend over first.”

Sharon noticed the computer was turned back facing them.

“Gary, I have learned my lesson…please.”

“Sharon, Gary will not help you, only you can help yourself. Bend over.” Sharon started to hesitate.

“Bend over, now Sharon.” Steve said a little more sternly. Sharon started to speak when Steve did.


“Steve that is not fair! This has to be hard for her.” Monique piped in.

“Ten.” Steve said looking back at Monique.

Sharon was bent back over the bed when Steve lowered her panties again. Her backside was still warm and red from the warm-up. Steve brought the strap down on Sharon’s backside, lecturing her about her sassy behavior. The strap stung and it didn’t take long before Sharon was crying loudly, pleading with Steve to stop. Steve brought down the strap down a few more times and then told Monique to trade places.

Monique hated the strap and dreading the spanking. She laid across the bed and Steve brought the strap down. You heard the smack of the leather as it impacted Monique’s already red bottom. Monique started to fight Steve and he smacked her thighs soundly, telling her to stay still and telling her she just added ten more to her countdown. When he finished, he had them go back to the wall and he left again. They just looked at each other crying but not uttering a word. The only noise coming from the room was the sound of them crying. Sharon was thinking how could Gary allow this, but she knew deep inside why and he was right she would never forget this. She would never disrespect someone else’s spouse. As Steve re-entered the room Sharon knew what was coming and dreaded the brush. How could she take anymore? Her backside hurt so bad and she could feel the welts from the strap. Steve called Monique over and had Sharon stay against the wall.

“Monique bring me the brush.” Monique retrieved the brush and bent over without being told. She buried her face in the pillows because she was sure she would scream the moment the wood touched her already sore bottom.

“Begin Counting.” Steve said.

“One,” Monique muffled through the pillow. “Tweww, Three…please, Four, Five!” Monique yelled.

Steve continued, increasing the hardness with each swat until he reached twenty. When he was finished he took Monique in his arms and let her cry. Steve rocked his wife and caressed her hair. Monique buried her head in his large chest and melted in his arms. When he calmed Monique down he called over Sharon. Sharon waddled slowly to Steve.

“Steve, I am so sorry.” Steve nodded and she bent over and Steve picked up the brush.

“Sharon you will count to twenty.” Steve swatted Sharon’s backside also increasing the hardness of the swats. Sharon slide down the bed at twelve as her knees buckled and Steve gently lifted her and bent her back over. He backed off on the hardness of the swats on the last few and had her pull up her panties. Just then, the door opened and Gary walked in. Sharon saw him and ran to him almost knocking him over. Gary held his wife in his arms and let her cry. Sharon was saying sorry over and over, Gary comforted her and told her it’s alright. Sharon turned to Steve.

“I am so sorry for my behavior. I deserved everything I got.” Steve walked over and hugged Sharon quickly and shook Gary’s hand smiling.

“Are you both going to behave or do we have to let Gary take a turn with you both?”

Monique and Sharon both promised to behave and not cause anymore problems. Monique and Sharon redressed. The guys had already grabbed a few beers and were watching a baseball game on the television. Sharon and Monique joined the guys; it had been quite a memorable first evening.


The author of this wonderful Fantasy Friday is Katia from 'Not My Original Vows'. If you aren't a regular over at her site then you are missing some very interesting post. Katia hasn't posted much this summer but she is a very busy woman and I hope that she will be posting more soon. Thanks Katia, it was a great story.

I hope that there are more of you out there writing and willing to share your talents with us. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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Well I used to be Elis, but...

Kay pointed out yesterday that I didn't really tell you where the name PK came from. It is a kinda funny story and I've posted it before but it was several years ago. So if you've been reading here for a while this isn't new. But if you started reading within the last two years here's how it all came about.

The original Fantasy Friday was a guessing game. The idea at the time was for several of us that had become friends to write fantasy stories and send them in. Then everyone could guess who wrote it. Many of us had begun to recognize each others writing styles so we worked hard to try to fool each other.

I had become close friends with several bloggers at the time. Friday morning as soon as I got to school Eva – my best buddy mind you, emailed me about the Fantasy Friday story. Her first words were “It’s got to be Grace!” I had to agree it did sound like Grace so when I got home that night Grace got my vote. Eve and I talked about it a couple of times over the weekend and then Monday morning I got to read the reveal. The author wasn't Grace – it was that sneaky Eva herself!!

So… well I’ll let you read what Eva posted later that day. (Her words are in red and she is quoting my emails and comments in blue.)


I was so excited to wake up and see my story. And yes, I definitely had some fun with Elis over it. Guilty as charged. I saw Ellis' comment on the reveal post. It said:
"I'll tell you what Elis' face looks like right now! Pissed!

(Really? Kinda like this mean little kitty?)

I'll get her! LOL! What kind of friend intentionally leads someone to the wrong
(One who wants to mess with your mind a bit??)
The first email I got from her last Friday said "It's got to be Grace!" It was
Nick that said "I don't know it could be Eva"
(That Nick, he's a wise fella~ you ought to pay more mind to him)

Just wait, just wait. I'm plotting now!!"
(Should I be skeered ??)
And actually, I was the first one to post on the Fantasy Friday reveal this morning:

"Yes, I too would love to
see Elis face when she sees this today.....

I suppose I should ask her to forgive me cuz I did mess with her head a b
it on Friday, pretending it HAD to be Grace and all.....

Forgive me, Elis?"

Oh, but wa
it. There's more. I got to work this morning and sent her a "Good grief, is it Monday already, Have a nice day" kind of email. It was really nice and all but what do I get in return? Have a look.....

"I'll get you."

(As in "I'll get you, my pretty?" Oh, dear.)

Its one thing to jump to the wrong conclusion, but you PUSHED me!
(Yes, but I'm a good guy. It was for your own good. Yeah, that's it. It was for your own good.)

And what really makes me mad is that Nick said he thought it might be you.

(Told ya, he's a very wise man that Nick)


(Yes, dog gone it... isn't Elis cute when she's "pissed?") And if I seriously thought for one second that Elis was REALLY upset with me, I'd be on my knees apologizing. We'll see what her response to this post is though. ROFL

LOL! It was all in fun and we got a big kick out of that day. Several of my friends started calling me 'Pissed Kitty' - even Nick when I got on a roll, so it ended up sticking. I got a kick out of it and eventually the PK became permanent. I felt like I had been re-christened by my buddies. So now when I hear Elis it sounds like a stranger. I never intended to be PK but for better or worse I feel that's who I am.