I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogging and friends

I think Bonnie does a great job letting everyone know about new blogs. She lists several new one a month and she is good to encourage everyone to drop by and make the new comers feel welcomed. It seems that there are more and more good blogs every day. But that in itself leads to a problem.

Lack of Time

What do you do when you want to read so many people, comment on so many sites and make friends with new bloggers? Everyone has to make choices that work for them. I posted a few days ago that I’m here for the contact with people - a back and forth discussion. When I find a blog I like I often go back and read some of the previous comments and I especially look to see it the blogger has answered their comments. If that’s not something the blogger has time for then I’ll still come and read but I won’t usually comment. I want to use my time for commenting to visit with someone who will have the time to visit back.

When I first began blogging it was at a wonderful time. It was summer and I had more time on my hands than usual. As it worked out the women I became close friends with at that time also had much free time that summer and we talked a LOT!! LOL! It seems we posted about EVERYTHING. We blogged, commented, commented on comments, we had on line parties, teased each other in our posts and in comments – it was a wonderful time here.

None of us have that kind of time right now but I still love coming here and visiting. I have also noticed that some great new blogs use comment moderation. Nothing wrong with that – especially if you have had any problems with tons of spam or unkind comments but if you haven’t had any problems you might consider taking it off. I know seeing a comment from others often encourages people to leave their own comment and talk back and forth to one another.

I pointed out an old post of mine to Florida Dom the other day about how friendships develop out here – or at least the way I saw it. He liked it and encouraged me to repost it so here it is for anyone who would like to check it out…

You know Connie and I are good friends. We talk a lot. In an email last week I mentioned that she probably knew me better than anyone since… Then I realized I couldn’t come up with anyone ever who has known me any better. I told her we were so close because of our backward friendship. What is a backward friendship you might ask?? It is what we all have here.

This is what I mean – think of some of your friends in real life. The ones you see socially, at work or at church, the ones you are close to. I bet some of these folks you have know for years, yet do you really know then. Tell me which ones can squirt when they orgasm? Which of them are anal erotic? Do any of them have a toy box with a variety of butt plugs Which of your friends enjoy the occasional golden enema??

Come on now you know these people! Which of your real life friends would rather not give a BJ and which ones can suck a bowling ball through a garden hose? Which of these friends always shave the kitty? And who are not allowed to shave under their arms? Come on now, do you know which of them wears grannies and which wear thongs?

Do your close friends in real life like to get their ass spanked?? If they do what are there reasons? Would some get there butt warmed for calling it their ass? Maybe for not cleaning the bathroom or taking out the trash. Possibly for keeping too many toys in their new closet. Could it be for gaining weight or maybe not keeping the kitty shaved? Maybe it’s for coming without permission. Or maybe they get their butt’s blistered because they love it and it makes them hot or maybe just for the hell of it!!!

If they are into spanking where all have they been spanked?? In the middle of the road in front of their house, under a tree? Maybe over a rock wall or a washing machine, in a car, in the shower, in a casino, in the woods, holding on to a step ladder, on a beach, in the mountains?

What are their favorite implements? Maybe a hairbrush, a crop, a flogger, a backscratcher, a cane, bungee or a tawse? Or maybe they are new to all this and are just trying to get their Significant Other to understand. Well come on, you know these people!! You see them all the time. So do you know the answer?? No? Gee, I could give you most the answers for my friends here!!

Backwards! Think about what we know about each other here and yet do we ask these question on blog – do you have children? How many? What are their names? What is your husband’s name? What does he do for a living? Where do you work? Where do you live?

Please, now you’re getting a little personal!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So little time, so many ways to waste it

I really liked this weekend’s Fantasy Friday. I really enjoy hearing from a new writer and sharing this first experience of seeing your work posted and reading comments. It’s a real rush. I do hope to get more stories from KatyLou.

It seems as if one of those stupid games on facebook has taken over my life, a ridiculous waste of time that I really enjoy - of course I get my most joy from working to beat my good friend Connie and her husband. At the time I’m writing this my score is higher than both of them, no telling if that will hold up by the time I post. Of course Mollie has us all beaten. Grace has the overall best score but we’re gaining on her. I seem to be vegging out with this game instead of doing much writing lately. I am still working on my project but I’ve come to a point where I need outside help before I can do much more so I’m in a holding pattern on that.

What else is going on? Hmmmm… Nick and I found some time alone Saturday morning. We had play time planned for when Mollie was away. Of course first he wanted to have a word with me about coming to bed late last night. As I crawled in bed a bit late - usually he’s asleep and doesn’t notice – he stirred and curled around me and whispered “You’re late.”

“Just a little.” I pointed out.

“Fine” he said. “I’ll find something little to use.”

LOL! I love a man who can be a smart ass while still almost asleep. That friggin’ cane is little so I held my breath the next morning. But he was kind to me and used the leather paddle. Fifteen minutes late so fifteen with the leather paddle came my way. But then it was playtime. Nick suggested a card game for high stakes – the winner had their own sex slave for play time. Give me stakes like that and I play hard. And… I won!! Massage, back scratch, good girl, lotions, oral, little vibrator, HMW… I could go on but my mind wasn’t really there for the whole thing. It was a very nice play date.

Four day week coming up next week and then we are taking a fast trip to see relatives and back home to celebrate Easter when Nick’s side and enjoy the rest of spring vacation. For now it’s back to my mindless game. Hope the rest of you out there are busy with more worthwhile tasks – writing perhaps?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Learning to Listen

Friday, Friday, Friday!! The most wonderful day of the week once you've survived the work part of the day you have the whole weekend a head of you. This has been a really good week for me and I was really excited to receive a story from a brand new writer. It's Fantasy Friday again folks ... enjoy!

Learning to Listen

It was a Saturday evening, and they had made the trek into town to meet some friends for dinner that evening. It had been a busy day that day, and Katy was glad that they had gotten the major things that they were working on finished at their home and was looking forward to a trip to Target before meeting John and Linda at the restaurant. She sat quietly in the car as they drove into town, the very definition of contented as they drove through the hills.

Denny reached over putting his hand on her thigh, he rubbed it lightly as they drove and she smiled happily at him. "What do we need to get at Target tonight, besides Dove chocolate, honey?"

"Is there anything that you would like to look at while there, baby?"

"I'd like to look for some hot curlers and then take a look at the makeup, would that be ok?"

"Certainly baby, just make sure you keep your phone on."

"Yes Daddy." she said. In the dark of the car she smiled softly. She loved that he cared about her, and that he kept her accountable for what she did. She felt safe and secure with him and it was something that she just couldn't take for granted.

They pulled up to the store and she waited quietly in her seat as he walked around the car and opened her door. She got out slowly, her skirt rising up a little on her thighs as she turned towards him to get out of the vehicle. She deliberately let her thighs fall open as she looked up to him, and he smiled at her, offering her his hand to help her up from the car. As she stood she kissed him and then took his hand and followed him into the store.

After he held the door for her she stepped into the store and waited for him to enter the store also. They walked together for a little ways and then he kissed her and told her to go take a look at the curlers, he headed off to the candy section in search of Dove Chocolates.

She looked at the hot rollers, and then wandered around the makeup section. Not finding what she was looking for, she decided to wander off and go to the book section of the store. She didn't notice how the time had gone by while she was there, books are her favorite things, and it wasn't until she heard him say her name that she actually looked up from the book she was reading.

"Katy. Where. Have. You. Been?"

Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked up. "Right here, Daddy. I came here after looking at the makeup."

"Where is your cell phone, Katy?"

She felt her heart leap in her throat. She reached into her purse and saw that there were 8 missed calls on her cell. "I must have left it on vibrate, I am so sorry."

"We will deal with this at home, Katy."

"Yes Sir." she said.

They went through the line at the store, occasionally he'd reach behind her and pat her bottom, looking into her eyes. "I love you, baby. You know that I need to know that you are safe."

Katy looked at Denny, her heart still fluttering in her chest. "I love you too, Daddy." She reached up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, she immediately felt owned and knew that he loved her and cared for her enough to keep her to her word.

They met John and Linda and had a very enjoyable evening together. They sat close in half of a booth together. Occasionally Denny would part her thighs, and slip his fingers inside of her, making her take his fingers and remain quiet at the table.

By the time they left the restaurant, Katy was very excited and a little nervous. When Denny opened the car door for her he told her that he wanted her to sit on her bare bottom on the car seat. She nodded and lifted her skirt as she settled into the seat. The ride home was very quiet for most of the trip home, but Katy couldn't resist questioning him.

"Daddy?" she said.

He pause a couple beats before answering her, knowing what was going to be coming from her mouth. "Yes baby."

"Daddy, are you going to only use your hand to spank tonight?"

Denny took a deep breath of air. "Katy, how many calls did you miss from me?"


"And did we talk about having your phone ready before we got to the store?"

"Yes, Daddy."

The car was silent for a while longer. She knew they were getting closer to the driveway, and couldn't stop herself. "So, it's going to be the paddle too?"

"Baby, I'm going to do what I feel needs to be done."

She sighed audibly, "Yes Daddy."

They got home, and he walked around the car once more to let her out. He opened the car door, and she hesitated a bit before getting out of the car, just long enough for Denny to notice, he raised his eyebrows at her and then once more offered her his hand. She took it and he helped her from the car. She smoothed the front of her skirt down, and reached behind her to smooth down the back of the skirt. Denny quickly put his hand on her butt.


She immediately obeyed, and hurried to the house, waiting at the door for him to open it.

"Take your shower and wait for me on the bed, Katy."

"Yes, Daddy."

She hurried off and quickly stripped down and took her shower quickly, taking some extra time to check to make sure that her pussy was trimmed the way he liked it, and then waited on the bed for him, laying on her back with her legs parted, displaying herself for him. He came in and spoke to her about some thing they worked on earlier in the day and then took his shower.

She fell asleep while she waited, she didn't have a hard time getting sleep in their bed.

Denny woke her up, when he came out of the shower. He had toweled off and pulled on a pair of sleeping pants. He sat down in the chair that they purchased just for the purpose of correction. He patted his knees and told Katy to lay across his lap. She did so immediately, knowing from past experience that trying to talk her way our of a spanking would end up making things worse than they would have before.

He laid her across his lap and rubbed her bare bottom while he talked to her about why she was going to be spanked. She understood that he worried about her and that he was correcting her because she didn't answer her phone. She was expected to answer her phone and she didn't do it.

*whack* He rubbed the spot he just swatted, and then *whack* a second spot with a little rubbing also. Pretty soon he was spanking her without stopping between the swats to rub. There was a pause in the spanking, and then he brought out the Nanny paddle, and used it on her bottom, turning her entire bottom red. He sat quietly rubbing her bottom.

"How many calls did you miss tonight, baby?"

" I missed 8, Daddy"

"You are going to count for me, baby."

"Yes Daddy"

She squenched her eyes shut tight and sucked in her breath, and she felt the first strike with the cane. It hit her just on her sit spot, and she knew that it would not be something that she forgot about quickly.

"One, Daddy"

He used the cane on her for a full 8 strokes, covering her red bottom, and the back of her thighs. Then he had her lay down on the bed, and he carefully rubbed lotion over her welted bottom and thighs, taking care of her and telling her that he loved her.

"Baby, roll over now, I am going to take you."

Katy rolled over for him, parting her thighs, and opening herself for him. He took her hard, her bottom rubbing on the sheets of their bed. She doesn't ever hold back when making love with him, she gives him every thing, focusing on him, squeezing him deep inside of her as she squirms beneath him, wanting to feel him cum in her, marking her with his semen. He made her take him until he was ready to stop, her orgasms were hard and she writhed in a combination of pleasure and pain beneath him, giving him all that he demands of her.

He gave her a big kiss, telling her that he wanted her to sleep on her back as long as she could that night.

It was a good night, Katy thought as she fell asleep. It's always good to know where you belong in the world... and that is right with the man she loves.


This find story came from KatyLou. This is the information she shared with me...

"I'm in my early 40's, and have been in this relationship for just over 2 years now. I hate to admit how real that story was...it's a little embarrassing how many times I end up with red buns because I'm a little flighty. I do love appreciation in the form of chocolate or sunflower seeds. ;p That ... or the good girl kind of spankings...."

KatyLou sound like one of us for sure! She also said she had more stories and said "Once I'm braver I will send them to you". LOL, KatyLou you've stuck your toe in the water might as well plunge on in. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. If you have the chance leave KatyLou a comment and maybe that will help encourage her to send those stories in.

I hope a few more of you out there are writing and that you will be willing to share your stories with us I would be most grateful. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The healthiest thing I do

When CeeCi suggested the other day that I take a break from the gym the diet worries she also suggested I take a 2 week break from blogging. I didn’t want to do that but you may not know why. To be truthful blogging is one of the healthiest things that I do for myself.

I started actively ‘mind blogging’ when I was eleven and we (my parents, sister and I) drove to CA and back. I spent twenty-eight days in a car with the same 3 people two of whom had mastered the art of keeping a constant running argument. My mom and sister just seemed to yammer at one another endlessly with my dad chiming in once and a while to try to get them to stop. Now my sister and I argued too but when I wasn’t actively engaged in it myself I HATED listening to them fuss. So I just checked out. I would open my window a bit, throw a beach towel over my head and suddenly I was in my own world. After 4 weeks of this I was hooked for life.

The other world I created became someplace I enjoy spending my spare time. I had no illusions that it was real but it was like a great movie or a good book and it became more and more elaborate and I spent more and more time there. Sometime the amount I spent over there worried me. And it became a true addiction to me. I know it cut me off from getting as close to other people as I could have been. One of my good friends knew about it - she called it ‘mind f*cking’ and worried when I would go over.

I worried some too and I really did try to stop doing it. But it was just too easy – I didn’t have to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. It was right there, just a thought away. How do you break yourself of something you love so much that is free and available 24/7? It was the most isolating thing you can imagine and I did it for almost 40 years straight.

Then suddenly I found blogs. Real live people who not only understood my kink but embraced and encouraged it. I was talking to real people!! I could create stories – not just in my head but I could actually write them and other would read them. Nick saw the change in me at once and has lovingly encouraged this outlet for me ever since. The comments are a true gift to me – the chance to talk back and forth with people helps me so much. The emails with friends, all the contacts that blogging brings is what is keeping me grounded in this world and not fantasying in that other world. I worry sometimes that if I stopped blogging completely that I would fall back into that pattern. I am very proud to say that I have not gone over into ‘that other world’ in over 4 years now – and this was something I did nearly daily before. So thanks to all of you out here for keeping me grounded in the real world. I know some folks don’t think of internet friends as the real world – but we all know the truth, and those others are dead wrong.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Very special Saturday

Wow! And OWWWWW! I had a very interesting Saturday. Mollie is babysitting away from home this weekend so we had an empty house. I haven’t been feeling my sexiest lately but I was looking forward to some time alone. Nick sent a sweet and sexy email and we soon met up in the bedroom.

We had a little business to discuss before we got on to any fun stuff – I didn’t make my goal this week (I hadn’t thought I would since I knew I’d been eating junk). He uses the cane (thanks again, Ronnie – I think!) when I don’t make it. Nick had said when I don’t make goal I get 3 with the cane – that’s what I was supposed to get Saturday morning. Now Nick is a smart man. He has a master’s degree. He’s an excellent mathematician – but dog-gone-it, I can count!! Yes I got three strokes but when the darn canes came there were two of them and he had both in his hand for the three strokes – now that SIX! Come on folks am I right on this?? I say when the two week break is over and if I miss another goal I already have 3 in the bank!! Back me up on this now.

I had an excellent comment from CeeCi the other day regarding the whole diet thing and my overall frustration. I posted that I was getting more and more down on myself and discouraged. She suggested I just take a couple of weeks off from the whole mess. That sounded wonderful to me so I had asked Nick what he thought. He said he could see where a break might help – provided I wasn’t planning on doing anything stupid. No gorging on candy and soft drinks and I couldn’t turn my time away from the gym into one long blogfest. I still needed to be up and active some. It all sounds good to me.

But about that time the spanking kicked up a notch and I realized this wasn’t a just-for-fun spanking. Nick was spanking like he wanted my complete attention and he had it! Now can you guess (out of the extremely lengthy list of possibilities) what he care enough about to spank so hard? Let’s go over some of the obvious things – I don’t cook well or often, I don’t clean well or often, I don’t always put away my laundry after he has gone to the trouble of doing it, I’ve been eating way too much junk and haven’t been working at the gym like I should… the list could go on for quite some time but it was none of those things.

The thing Nick was concerned enough about to spank so hard was that I hadn’t been letting him know what was going on with me. That I hadn’t told him or emailed him or in some way let him know some things were bothering me and causing me to be down in general. Out of all my potential short comings it kinda warmed my heart – and downright scorched my bottom – to know that simply not talking to him about things that were bothering me was his biggest concern. Husbands don’t come any better than that.

You know, I don’t need the reassurance of Nick telling me I’m beautiful all the time – I know how I look and I’m content (if not thrilled) with it. I don’t need him to tell me every 15 minutes that he loves me and cares for me. I’m as sure of that as I am the sun will rise tomorrow. Neither of us has spent one second of our married life worrying about infidelity. But believing deep down that he really want to know what’s going on in my head, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions – that’s just something that’s very hard for me to grasp. I’m afraid that’s going to take some more reassurance.

It was very hard for me to believe several years ago when he insisted I write him once a week to ‘check in’ so to speak. He knows I’m much better at communicating in writing that verbally – at least about feelings and emotions. Sometimes I didn’t want to do it. But he insisted. Then gradually over time he didn’t insist anymore, it was so easy for my doubts to creep back in and say “You’re bothering him with all this mess. Shut-up and leave the man alone!” So I stopped writing.

Well let’s just say that today he spanked to get his point across. I don’t think he has ever spanked that hard before – at least not for that long. He was using the thick leather paddle from our LA Trip for most of the spanking. I’ll have to say he was in a pretty good mood as he wailed away. He stopped for a moment and I could hear the grin in his voice as he asked “Do you remember once posting that I spanked like a girl?” Geeze! I posted that in like the second or third post I ever put up before I even knew he was reading!! “So, do you still think so?” He continued.

Between the owwwing and the ouching and the squirming and the kicking I managed to gasp out that NO! I didn’t think that anymore! Saturday he was swatting more like a major league hitter! Although the spanking was intense the atmosphere was light and comfortable. And it led to some wonderful reconnection! My, it was nice to have the house to ourselves!! Sitting up on the bed when we were both satisfied I complained that my bottom HURT! And I was delighted to see Nick merely shrug – as if to say ‘That’s your problem, talk to me from now on.’

The rest of the day I was not only sitting sensitive but standing and walking that way too! Not a problem, true spankos know that those tinder spots are sweet reminders of how much we are loved. Although I did give him the evil eye Saturday when we were being seated at the restaurant he had chosen – they had wooden benches. He only grinned and claimed he hadn’t given that a thought. LOL! It was a pretty good day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fantasy Friday - The Beginning,II

Happy Friday! We're expecting a beautiful weekend here. Today we have a repost that I really liked because we all had to have (or will have) a beginning point in our spanking life. Whether or not you and your partner are both rabid spanko or one of you is vanilla, someone had to bring it up the first time.

And next week - a brand new Fantasy Friday!

Today enjoy...

The Beginning

Dawn had been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how to best approach the subject. She really wanted to share this private part of herself with the man she loved so much and had shared the last 24 years of her life with. They had raised children together. Bought houses, cars and made many other important life choices together, yet to share this part of her would be difficult. Of course she knew he loved her and would do whatever he could to make her happy.

This was just a little off the norm. It could be normal for many people but not the norm for her or Brad. She and Brad had met in college and went together for several years before they decided to marry. They pretty much stayed in the same area where they met. They attended the same church, lived in the same community and neither of them every traveled more than 10 miles to work. The thought of what she wanted just wasn’t an everyday occurrence in their world. Yet she knew it was what she wanted. Dawn promised herself she would find a way and tell him soon, perhaps tonight.

It was Friday night Brad’s favorite day of the week and the beginning of what he hoped would be great weekend. Brad thought to himself as he walked in the door, a whole weekend alone with his beautiful wife and sweetheart. When he came into the house he found Dawn in the kitchen getting ready to make dinner. “Hi Baby Girl I am so looking forward to this weekend”! He came up to her as he always did and immediately kissed her on the back of the neck and then on her soft lips.

Dawn loved his touch it always made her tingle all the way to her toes. Brad then gave her a hug and a playful swat on the bottom and went about feeding the dogs and talking about his day. Dawn tried to pay attention but was wondering about the swat and if maybe he, had any hidden desires. This was a rare occasion for Dawn and Brad to be alone in their own home without any children. They had 3 children. The oldest daughter had married about a year ago. Their son had gone away to college last month. The youngest daughter was still in high school but was away on a class biology trip for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until Sunday evening. It was the best chance Dawn would have to introduce Brad to her inner desire. She returned to reality with Brad standing in front of her asking why she was going to boil the dish rag. They both laughed but Brad could sense Dawn had something on her mind. Dawn proceeded to make a quite edible meal for the just the two of them.

After dinner was done and cleaned up they sat at the table together for a few minutes discussing what they might do with their time alone this weekend. Perhaps a movie, a concert or a visit to some location they had wanted to check out. They finally decided on a hike up to a waterfall in a nearby canyon. For the Saturday night they were thinking about going out to dinner and maybe a movie at home.

After deciding what they would do this weekend Dawn became quiet and a little withdrawn. Brad again got the feeling that she wanted to talk about something but was having a hard time deciding how to share it with him. Finally he just asked “what is it baby girl, what’s on your mind?” Dawn became very shy and took a deep breath and decided she would just be out with it and see how he would react. After all she had only gone over the expected conversation in her own mind at least a hundred times. She might as well be out with it and see how he took the news that his precious “baby girl” was a spanko.

Brad sat quietly waiting for her answer, he could tell she was nervous and he began to wonder what would cause her to be so upset. He just wanted to hold her and help her share with him whatever was on her mind. He took her in his arms and told her “baby girl you know you can tell me anything I’m always here for you”. Dawn gained strength as he held her and finally asked if they could sit on the couch together and she promised him she would try to tell him what was on her mind.

As they moved to the couch Dawn sat as close to Brad as was possible she wanted to feel his love for her as she tried to explain what it was she wanted to share with him. Finally she spoke “Brad I’ve been thinking about something for a long time and I don’t want you to laugh or comment until I say all of it, I’ve had these feelings just about as long as I can remember, since I was a child. Dawn took a deep breathe “I want for you to spank me”.

The expression on Brad’s face spoke volumes but he said nothing and waited for Dawn to continue. Seeing that Brad didn’t fall apart and that his face even showed signs of pleasure with what she was saying, she continued at a breathless pace. “Not like for punishment all the time but for fun and for real. I want a real spanking that would hurt and maybe even sometimes make me cry. You could even tell me to take down my pants and even my panties and spank my bare bottom if you wanted too, it could be erotic sometimes. You could tell me to undress completely and watch. Think of the possibilities you would have my bare willing bottom on your lap and easy access to other fun locals. You would also have a happy submissive partner willing to do what ever they were told. I have often dreamed of you taking me over your knee and giving me a spanking. I know this is a little off the norm for folks like us but, I have been doing a little research on the internet and it is not as uncommon as you might think, spanking is the most common of sex kinks”.

Brad was a little taken back at his wife’s request but the thought of her willing vulnerable bare bottom over his lap was far from unappealing. In fact he had considered the thought of spanking her cute little bottom on more than one occasion but had always limited himself to an occasional swat or two, sometimes just for fun, sometimes during sex or other times when Dawn was starting on a rampage. It did seem to curtail her rampage for a bit but it didn’t always keep it from coming. Now her she was asking him to spank her, giving her consent to one of his fondest dreams! He considered how best to respond and put Dawn at ease.

Carefully he spoke “Baby Girl you know I would do anything to make you happy. I too have thought about spanking your adorable little bottom more than once or twice. Now that you bring it up you have never really objected to any of the swats I’ve giving you over the years, sometimes I even got the feeling that you liked them and wanted more but I thought it must be my imagination, how could a sweet beautiful competent young women want some Neanderthal spanking her bottom”. Dawn just had to interrupt “it wouldn’t be like that you just taking me by the hair and dragging me back to your cave against my will, although that might make a fun role play sometime. It would always be with my consent and participation. It would always be done with our love for one another at the center of the spanking bringing us closer together. The how to spank websites even advise that we have a safe word that if I said the safe word you would stop immediately and make sure I was OK”.

Now Brad became quiet for a bit and then told Dawn he had a few questions. “What if I came home from work and told you to go to our room pull down your pants and panties and bend over the bed and wait for me would you do it? Dawn’s answer was quick “In a heart beat honey so long as no one else especially the kids would know what was going on”. Brad continued “so this would be just between you and me then, no one else is to know?” Dawn answered “definitely, no one else is to know just our little secret. You could whisper in my ear if I were behaving badly that you would spank me later if I didn’t change my attitude or that I would be spanked later for my behavior. You know how sometimes I get all cranky and mean I’m usually very stressed at that point and if you could find a way to take me some place private and spank my bottom it could help me release that stress and help me return to my normal happy self. You could even use an implement like a belt or a paddle if you thought it was needed. Your spanking might even make me cry sometimes but, don’t worry too much about hurting me, we’ll have a safe word and I promise to use it if it is more than I can stand.

Brad thought for a minute “you seriously mean if you got into one of those rampage modes I could just take you away to a private place and spank you, even with my belt or if I couldn’t do right then I could let you know it would happen later. “Yes” Dawn answered. Brad smiled at the thought of finally finding a way to help his wife stop the occasional rampage that wasn’t consistent with the rest of his beautiful wife’s temperament.

Dawn also shared with Brad that she liked being submissive to him and having him take care of her. Spanking could provide another way of expressing their love for one another. Brad smiled a big grin “well you’ve convinced me and like I said I would do anything for your happiness and if it brings us closer together, all the better, I think it will make me happy too”! Brad then pulled Dawn up and into his arms and gave her the biggest strongest hug he then unbuttoned and lowered her jeans took her hands in his and said to her “Baby girl I want you to go put these precious little hands on that wall over there and stick out that beautiful bottom of yours”. He then began spanking her sassy little bottom that she stuck out further with each swat. After about 20 of these he lowered her pretty little pink panties and she shook them to the floor. He then applied another 20 or so well placed spanks unto her pretty pink little behind and very much enjoyed turning it a bright red. He then took her in his arms and held her tight until her breathing slowed and she caught her breathe. Dawn had the sweetest content smile on her face.

Brad then undressed himself and picked Dawn up and carried her back to the couch where he helped her over his knee. She began moaning for his touch. Brad didn’t disappoint as he quickly removed that rest of her clothes and began exploring her most private girl parts. He then alternated between touching and spanking. She quickly came in his hands with more force than ever before. He continued touching, exploring, spanking and causing this now wild girl to cum repeatedly. He then commanded her to get on her hands and knees on the floor, she quickly obeyed and he was within her in a split second. They both orgasamed together so hard they shook, something that had not happened in years. They fell to the floor wrapped in each others arms both of them spent yet feeling fully satisfied, fulfilled and completely loved. Both Brad and Dawn were very much looking forward to their time alone together this weekend and were already feeling the closeness and love spanking can bring.


This wonderful story was written by Sally! An reader of blogs and a sometimes commenter. I was very happy to hear from you the other day Sally! I think this is the first story she shared with me. This was some of the background she shared with me back then...

I am a wife, mother and me. I have assorted children who have now either become or will become "adults" within the next few years. I have the great pleasure of being married to the love of my life. My children are my top priority and everything else will have to wait if one of them needs me, which may be why my husband and I have only been at this spanking thing for the last one and half years. I live on the west coast of the U.S. and love being close to nature; fortunately I live where there are many opportunities for outdoor adventures.

I think this shows that many of you reading out here do have a story in you. Go ahead and write it, revise it, play with it then send it in and I’ll post it for Fantasy Friday. It’s fun to hear what people think your story. If anyone else has a story sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Blob Returns

I’m not doing really well right now. I’ve lost control and I feel like I’m sinking into that big blob that I was before I came out to Nick in the first place. I’m fat and getting fatter. I spend all day arguing with myself. I want a snack at school and the conversation goes something like this –

I want chocolate.

Okay, get a couple of Hershey’s kisses.

No, I want a candy bar and a soft drink.

You don’t need that – stop.

All this as I’m getting the junk to eat. Same argument at lunch...

Eat a salad.

I’m sick to death of salad, I want something good.

The argument continues with after school.

Go to the gym.

I don’t want to, I hate the gym.

As I’m parking...

I don’t want to go in. I’m not going in. Just leave.

You’re here now – go in.

Fine I’ll go in but you can’t make me do anything.

And I end up walking for a half hour. Not that that’s bad but it’s not enough to do anything. I’m sick of it! Because for weeks and months at a time I really do try, both with the eating and working hard at the gym and NOTHING to show for it. Screw it all.

But it’s not just with the stupid weight loss crap – blogging, which is one of my life lines to hang on to my real self – is hard these days. Writing keeps my mind engaged (which is one of the overall problems right now) but I feel like I have nothing else to say. When I started blogging I happen to first fall in with people who loved spanking but although we talked a lot about discipline but none of us were really into it. Our spankings were mostly just fun and sexy and just a hint of discipline thrown in by the guys because they knew we like it. Many of bloggers I read now (and really like) are more serious about DD and submission and although I enjoy reading them, I comment less and less because I feel like I have nothing to offer.

I’ve loved Fantasy Friday but no one sends in stories anymore (with the exception of anonymous Annie, and I thank her dearly!) but it was meant to show case new bloggers and writers who had nowhere else to post their work. No one seems interested anymore so I don’t know whether to try to keep it going or not.

I probably shouldn’t even post this it sounds too much like whining. I'll probably feel better in a few days but I’m just worried about losing all that I've gained over these past 4 years. I don't want to sink back into my old self. Now I know Nick and I have made some changes that I believe are here to stay, but I don't want to give up any of our progress.

And of course the question – would I feel better if Nick spanked me. I don’t know. I wish I was sure it would get my head back where it should be but I just don’t know, that’s not the kind of spanking Nick does. I don’t know what I need. I just know I don’t want to go backwards.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wanna write

What’s wrong with me? When I’m away from my computer – in the car, at the gym, anywhere – things I want to write about swirl around in my head. Things like situation that annoy me, things that confuse me, just things I might want to share out here, but when I get to the lap top – nothing. I tend to click around looking at other blogs, checking out comments, maybe leaving a few, checking facebook.

I don’t like it when I feel like this because when I can’t get the stuff out of my head it tends to grow and bother me and then I get down. It’s so dumb. Does anyone else ever have this problem?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Therapy Session, II

I've had a rough week. Mollie and I both managed to pick up a stomach bug. Not fun, not fun at all. But then again it does make you really appreciate feeling good again.

So now that I'm all well again I am happy to bring you another Fantasy Friday story. I really like this repost so today you get to relax and read. I believe many of us that read and write out here could have found ourselves in a session like this. Enjoy...

Therapy Session

Jan and Ted Coles sat in separate wing back chairs, across the desk from Dr. Baird Winslow. They were nervous as they watched the bespectacled psychologist, a noted marriage counselor and therapist, shuffle his notes. Ted glanced at his wife, whose gaze was in her lap. He reached over the arms of the chairs, and picked up her hand. He smiled at her as he gave her a reassuring squeeze.

Dr. Winslow smiled, too, as he looked up at them. “There’s very good news for you,” he began, “the tests, questionnaires, surveys and interviews all indicate that you will be just fine – better than you ever believed, in fact.”

Jan and Ted exhaled.

The doctor continued, “You are, as individuals, well grounded, robust and resilient people. You both can be characterized as practical and hard working. You have a genuine affection, admiration and deep love for the other. You are going to be just fine.”

There was a pause, and finally Ted spoke. “I’m – we’re – relieved to hear that, Dr. Winslow. We don’t doubt that we love each other, as we told you a month ago when we came here. But there’s no denying we’ve had problems over the last few years. We’re not intimate like we used to be – and I don’t just mean sexually. We’ve been going through the motions, but we haven’t shared life as a couple in a long while.”

Jan spoke up, too. “Is it unrealistic to expect it to be as close as it was in the beginning? Do all married couples lose intensity in their relationship over time? I mean, we’ve had kids, and jobs, and stress over the years. Is the problem that we’re not adjusting to something that happens inevitably?” She looked distressed.

Dr. Winslow looked at her steadily, and then spoke. “There is no inevitable anything in marriage,” he said. “Mrs. Coles, come with me. I’m going to show you something that is going to change your marriage forever, and will restore all intensity and emotional connection that you’ve been missing.”

The doctor rose and Jan followed his lead. They walked together to a small table against the far wall. It was covered with a white cloth, but there were obviously objects underneath the covering. The doctor lifted the cloth by its hem and withdrew it with a flourish, exposing a small collection of paddles and straps. Jan Coles gasped, and immediately colored. Dr. Winslow could see her neck, face and ears blushing red, and he nodded to himself. Ted Coles, still seated in his chair, couldn’t see what his wife beheld, but was curious to know what provoked her reaction.

Dr. Winslow spoke, in a firm voice: “Mrs. Coles, you will take this – “he handed her a small, oval-shaped leather paddle – “and you will hold it behind your back as you stand in this corner –“he indicated the corner to the left behind his desk –“and you will not move or make a sound as I talk with your husband. If you do, I will come over to the corner and I will paddle you with this (he held up a rectangular piece of wood four times the size of the paddle that Jan now held). Do you understand?”

“Now hold on . . .” Ted rose from his chair, unsure what the doctor was doing, and even more uncertain what he would do to stop it.

Dr. Winslow turned to him. “Mr. Coles, I know this is unusual and unexpected for you. Please let Mrs. Coles decide if she’ll proceed, and then I assure you that you and I will have an illuminating conversation.”

Ted looked at Jan. To his astonishment, she turned to the doctor, said, “I understand,” and crossed the floor to the designated corner, where she stood with the small paddle held at her tailbone. The two men watched her in silence for a moment; Dr. Winslow indicated the two wing chairs, and they sat down.

“Mr. Coles,” Dr. Winslow began, “your wife loves you deeply and yearns for a deeper emotional connection with you. She wants to tell you her most innermost feelings, fears, desires and hopes. But she’s inhibited by a fear you’ll reject her on some level, so she keeps things inside.”

“Your own tests show you to be a highly self-confident leader. You are analytical and rational, yet also visionary and of an “expansive” mind. You have proven yourself in business, where you are well respected and successful. In your relationship with your wife, your tests reveal a certain frustration with things, and a desire to be the recognized leader of your relationship.”

“In sum, Mr. Coles, you have the natural makings of a dominant in your relationship, and Mrs. Coles is, organically, in regards to her feelings to you, at least, a submissive. You two are made for each other.”

Ted was silent, taking in the information. He looked at his wife, standing with her back to him, her fingers wrapped around the handle of the paddle. “So you’re telling me to dominate my wife physically? I could never hurt Jan – the idea is repugnant to me!” Ted spoke with his fists clenched.

Dr. Winslow nodded at him. “I’m advising you, with your wife’s consent, to spank her. I can tell you from years of working with couples whose profiles are similar to yours that spanking will bring you closer, will open lines of communication, will lead to more frequent and fulfilling sexual intimacy, and will satisfy your conscious and subconscious desires to assume the natural role in your relationship. One of my mentors told me early on, ‘The couples that spanks, stays together.’ I’ve seen it myself, and he’s right.”

“As far as hurting Mrs. Coles goes, you have to learn how to administer a spanking the correct way. `You should put her over your lap, well supported, and spank her on the meat of her bottom – not up too high. Start slowly and build up, and that’s all there is to it. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. In fact, I think it’s time you saw the demonstration.” The doctor rose and addressed Jan, “Mrs. Coles, come over here now, please.” He moved to the couch.

Jan gulped, and turned slowly. She saw the doctor, sitting on the couch and lightly patting his thigh. She began to walk toward him, and then changed course and approached her husband. Standing in front of him, she held out the paddle to him and said softly, “There is only one person I can ever imagine spanking me, and that’s Ted. Will you do it, darling?”

Ted rose, took his wife’s hand in his left and relieved her of the paddle with his right. He led her to the couch, where Dr. Winslow relinquished his seat with a sigh. “Would you like me to advise you? Give you some pointers as you go along?” There was a hint of wistfulness in his voice.

“Just some privacy, please,” Jan responded. As Ted took the doctor’s place on the couch, Jan put herself across his lap. Dr. Winslow, on his way out the door, caught a glimpse of Jan’s pantyhose-covered bottom as Ted lifted her skirt and slip and began to spank her tentatively with his hand.

At first he said nothing, embarrassed to be doing what he found himself doing at all. After a few minutes, though, when Jan hadn’t protested, he spanked harder and faster, and began to talk. “Jan, you’ve had this coming for quite some time. You’ve been moody, evasive and sullen. From now on, you’re going to talk to me, and not retreat from me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ted, I do,” Jan was breathing fast as her husband rained down spanks on her behind. The smacks grew in number, severity and rapidity. “I wish I had been more open with you; I’m sorry I wasn’t.”

“You’re going to be a lot more sorry before I’m finished with you,” Ted assured her. He stopped spanking for a moment to rub his hand, then pulled Jan’s pantyhose and panties down to her mid-thighs. He could make out hand prints – his hand prints – on her faintly blushing bottom. It wasn’t as red as he thought it would be. He picked up the paddle, and brought it down smartly on each cheek, raising an immediate red spot on each side and an exclamation from Jan.

“There are going to be some changes, young lady, and they’re going to start right now.” Ted used the paddle as though a metronome were dictating its cadence. Rhythmically he brought it down first on the right side, then the left. He avoided skin that had already turned bright red, and in that way worked on painting her entire backside crimson.

“You’re going to meet your responsibilities to me and to our family,” he continued, “and you’re going to lose the short temper and snippy attitude you’ve been copping.” Ted paddled some more, and Jan squirmed and twisted and kicked her heels. Her bottom stung like fury, and the blows that landed on the sides of her buttocks and the tops of her thighs caused her particular distress. “Yes, Ted,” she agreed, “I will. Please stop for a minute – can I get my breath? It’s really hurting!”

“I do believe it’s supposed to hurt,” Ted answered her. “I’m almost finished here, but know this – I will not hesitate (three particularly hard spanks landed as he spoke these words) to spank you from now on if I feel you’ve earned it. Understood?”

“Yes! Please stop!”

“Yes, sir, you mean?” Ted delivered another round of hard, rapid spanks.

“Yes, sir! I understand!”

To Jan’s relief the spanking stopped. She felt her husband’s gentle touch again; he lightly ran his fingers over her reddened bottom, and then rubbed more firmly. He rubbed her back with his left hand. Jan, though she was still bare-bottomed across her husband’s lap, in a doctor’s office, felt calm and also incredibly aroused. She thrust her pelvis into Ted’s thigh and rubbed against the fabric of his suit trousers. She waited to hear from him that she was permitted to get up and restore order to her clothing.

Ted looked into her eyes. “My bride has another wifely duty to conduct at home,” he said with a wry smile. He put her hand on the front of his pants, and she smiled at the stiffness she encountered there. They scurried from the doctor’s office like newlyweds bound for the honeymoon suite.


I want this doctor’s number! This story was written my my friend Scout. She doesn’t have a blog but as you can see by her writing she should!! I got to know her through her comments several years ago. So congratulations to Scout!! Feel free to leave her a comment here and encourage her to keep on writing!! Thanks Scout!!!!

If any one has a story you are willing to share out here please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gifts from afar, part 2

I was telling you about the lovely gift Ronnie was sending me, here’s the first part.

My friend, let’s call her Mary, had agreed to receive it at her house. Now when it arrived she saw that CANE-IAC had been totally discrete and nowhere was there a hint of what was inside. So Mary brings the package to me it work. No problem until I was leaving that afternoon and my partners ask “what’s in the package.” I answered truthfully “I don’t know I haven’t opened it”. They prodded me to open it but I just laughed and said what’s in the box was none of their business. I like having a bit of mystery. I hate for them to start thinking of me as just a dull, middle age woman.

So I’m out the door with my package dying to see exactly what’s inside. I was headed to the gym so once I parked I ripped into it. Hmmmm… two rattan canes, thin, extremely whippy looking. I ran my hands along them thinking “These things are going to hurt like hell.”

Now I haven’t said much about the diet lately I’m still plugging away without seeing much results. Nick has set goals for me for every two weeks and this was one of the weigh in Fridays. I got the canes on Thursday. And I knew I hadn’t made my goal. I decided that there was no need to bring the canes in on Thursday evening. They didn’t need to be here the next morning after I weighed because Nick has been taking care of things on the spot.

Sure enough I hadn’t made goal but Nick double crossed me and said we would talk about it that evening – Mollie was going out. Evening rolled around and Nick and I went out to eat. I hadn’t hidden the package in the car but neither had I mentioned it. Getting back in the car from the restaurant Nick spotted it and asked what it was.

“That’s what Ronnie was sending me from the UK, remember?”

“I do” he answered and with a chuckle he added “what excellent timing”.

He carried it in when we got home and opened it right away. The switching sound alone is bad enough but suddenly Nick wanted to talk diet. Well maybe talk isn’t the right word. He led me to the new chair in the living room and bent me over – come to think of it I really didn’t like that chair when he bought it. When he reached around to unfasten my jeans I protested that I really though the cane would be better over the jeans but he said no, he likes to see what he was doing.

Now Nick is no disciplinary so when I don’t make goal I have been getting only 3 strokes with what he has been using, something somewhat cane like. So I wasn’t terribly worried. Really I never thought I’d like a cane – I’m a hair brush or paddle kinda girl with his belt thrown in for fun sometimes. I just never thought I’d like the feel of a cane but in truth – I despise it!!!!! Damn it to hell – son-of-a-bitch that thing HURTS!!! My total respect and admiration goes out to those of you who either grew up with this in your lives or those of you who play with canes now. You are better, stronger people that I am! Those three stripes were like pure white fire! And the marks last well into the next day. Yet even as a novice I could tell Nick had not gone full force by any means. Wow what a deterrent.

Now maybe a small dose of that before going out to eat – or the promise of it if I make really foolish choices in what I order - a thing like a cane could get into a girls mind. Hmmm… I see an email to Nick in my future.

Regardless of how it felt I am delighted to have an English cane in our collection. I think it will make a wonderful display piece if we ever get out house all to our selves but I believe I like it in theory way more that on my butt!! My thanks to Ronnie for her thoughtfulness. And my thanks to CANE- ICA for their professionalism in both the production of their product and their discretion in packaging and speed in delivery. My only suggestion to them would be to sent pillows along to accompany their products – or at least offer it as an option. I think pillows would be a nice side line for them to invest in!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Gifts from afar

A few weeks ago I sent Ronnie a dogging bat because she was having a hard time getting one in the UK. I was more than happy to do it. She and P seemed to like it fine and friend that Ronnie is she wanted to return the favor. She sent Mollie a truly lovely vanilla gift, her thoughtfulness really touched me. But she didn’t stop there and the next gift she sent not only touched me but left a substantial mark!!

Ronnie and I have often discussed spanking implements and somewhere along the way I mentioned that while I had never thought I would like the cane I had become fascinated with the idea. Ronnie felt that all spankos should have a real English cane in their repertoire. And before I could think ‘Wait, that might not be such a good idea!’ She had been in contact with CANE-IAC and a cane was headed my way.

Now when I sent the dogging bat I got it and mailed it myself. Evidently when you send things overseas you have to put on the outside of the box what it is. So I come into our little local post office where I know many of the workers and I get the form asking what’s in the box. Hmmmmm… Ok, I’m a mature woman, over 50, sending something perfectly legal to a friend. Why did I suddenly feel like a 14 year old trying to by condoms?

But taking a deep breath I let the mature woman float to the surface wrote down ‘dogging bat’ and handed the package over. The postal worker took the package and glancing at it. “Dogging Bat”? She asked in confusion. I just smiled – the rules said I had to put down what was in the box – it didn’t say anything about having to explain what it was or way I was sending it. LOL! They got no further explanation from me.

But as Ronnie and I were discussing the cane winging its way to me we wondered if what was in it would be on the outside. That possibility and the fact that Mollie would is soooo nosy when a package comes to the house led us to find somewhere else to send it. Certainly not my work or Nick’s – I finally told her to have it sent to my one vanilla friend who know all about my kink and is highly amused by it.

I called her and she said she would be delighted to receive it. I told her that there was a possibility that she would get on a mailing list that she night not want. She just laughed and said that could be fun – if her grow daughter saw anything she would tell her she was receiving it for a friend and she could watch her daughter drive herself nuts wondering who!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about what happened after it got here.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, chapter 5

Looks like we are going to have some pleasant, slightly warmer weather this weekend. I'm grateful that Friday has rolled around again. And I'm happy to be able to offer you another Fantasy Friday. This is a continuation of last weeks story click here if you need to go back and re-read it and you will also find links to the other stories in this series.

I'm going to call my anonymous friend Annie (Annienyomous) just because I like names. Her original title when she sent this one was 'Another Chance, final chapter'. I told her not to say final chapter, who knew if this couple might want to talk to her again.

A few days later I got an email from Annie with the subject 'I'm mad at you'. It seems that she had dreamed another part of the story the night before! She blamed me for this and sent me the first part of the story but said my punishment for causing all this was that I would have to wait several weeks for the conclusion. LOL! Geeze, what ever happened to a good old fashion spanking?? Anyway I'm happy to take the blame (or credit) for stirring up her creative juices. I'll wait until I have the whole thing before I post either - so I guess you all are sharing my punishment!

But for today, sit back, relax and enjoy...

Another Chance

Sylvia woke to Bill rubbing gentle circles over her back. Stretching like a cat she leaned into him, then pouted when she remembered their argument.

“Don’t think you can play nice after you were so mean to me.” She huffed.

“I am not playing games with you, missy. I thought we could talk this over but you want to pout you can just go get the paddle and we’ll get started.”

“Not the paddle. That is not fair. I am already so sore, please, just use your hand.”

“ Let me review. You lied to me, you rifled through my things, you made assumptions without even asking me how I feel, you hit me with something in a fit of anger, and oh, yeah, you lied to me. What happens when you do any one of those things?”

“I get punished.” She whispered.

“And that is exactly what will happen today. Go into the den, and wait for me.”

Sylvia’s stomach clenched when she saw what was waiting for her. Neatly laid out on the coffee table was the wooden paddle, Bill’s old belt, a wooden spoon with a flat handle, a bottle of lotion and one of lube, and that damned butt plug in the middle like some perverted centerpiece. He must be furious if he planned to use all of that and her butt was already hot and sore from the spanking on the porch. She perched on the edge of the ottoman, staring at the belt, the one he used when he caught her lying. Why did it always seem so clear when she was doing it and so wrong when it came time to pay? It killed her to disappoint him, and this was a doozy. If she hadn’t been so embarrassed none of this would ever have happened.

Bill stood in the shadow, watching the emotion play across his wife’s lovely face, silent tears trailing down her cheeks. The thought of losing her cut through him, but worse was knowing he had let her down. This was no time to be gentle; he said she would be punished and he had to follow through. Rubbing at the lump on his forehead he gathered his resolve and walked into the room. He scooped her onto his lap and settled onto the ottoman, holding her tightly and whispering how much he loved her in her ear. Then the questions started.

“Why are you here?”

“I didn’t listen.” She murmured.

“NO, and you know it. You are going to get everything you’ve got coming to you, but first, I want to know why my special day was ruined. I want to know why you were digging in my suitcase. I want to know why you are so upset over a silly sex toy. And, most of all, I want to know why you are still lying about it.”

“Just punish me and get it over with.”

“Oh, no, little girl, you have a long way to go before we get to the punishment. First you are going to answer every one of my questions.”

“Okay, fine, I went into your stupid suitcase because I wanted to get the paddle out and ask you to use it, just a little, not like when I’m in trouble, but more fun.” She peeked up through her lashes at his stern face, hoping he would understand. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to violate your privacy.”

“Of course not, there isn’t anything I own you can’t open, except maybe the week before your birthday. But why the hissy fit. I just don’t get it.”

“As soon as I saw that, that thing,”

“You mean the butt plug?”

“Yes, that, then I knew you had been, well sneaking around and spying on me, and that just made me so mad I couldn’t think.”

“And it never occurred to you to maybe ask me, instead of screaming and throwing things?”

“No. You had no right to go into my private things.”

“Are you afraid of that particular toy?”

“I just don’t think there is any reason, oooph, what are you doing?”

Bill swept his arm under her knees and tipped her back until she rested on the ottoman beside him, her legs tucked under his left arm, her bottom stretched and vulnerable.

“I think we might make more progress if I can encourage you to just answer the question I ask, not tell me what you think.”

He peppered her bottom with sharp swats, especially the creamy white stripe in the middle, tender skin that was hidden in any other position. Then he picked up the wooden spoon and laid into her sit spots, working up and down the tender crease had her howling in just a few stokes.

“Now that I have your attention, are you afraid of anal play?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think, oh, no stop that’s not fair.”

Bill worked another circuit with the spoon, this was a great position, and it had her full attention with very little effort. He would remember this the next time she earned a punishment. This time when he laid the spoon down he lightly stroked his fingers across the hot tight skin. He applied a drop of lube to her crease and slowly rubbed it up and down, circling closer and closer to her puckered anus. No squawking now, he noticed, if fact, despite a boiling hot bottom she was panting and dripping wet.

“Now tell me what the big deal is when you so clearly love having your ass touched.” He said as he slid a finger deep inside.

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

“No problem.” And he withdrew his finger and picked up the spoon. Ignoring her shrieks he placed sharp smacks up and down her crease, until the colors ran together into a dark angry red.

Finally she broke. With big sobbing gulps she told him that she and Kay had discussed anal sex and Kay told her that he was disgusted by it. It had been a regular part of life with Ray and she enjoyed it, but the only way he would know that is if he read her diary.

“I did NOT read your damn diary. I didn’t even know you had one. What I did do is go online looking for information about how to better meet your needs since you won’t talk honestly with me. Imagine my surprise. I typed in butt and before I get any further up pops butt fucking. Seems you spend a great deal of time cruising anal porn, no do not interrupt me. So, you have ruined what I hoped would be a nice surprise for both of us simply by refusing to talk to me about how you feel and what you think and what you like.”

Bill tossed the spoon and went back to using his hand, spanking more lightly but enough to make an impact on such tender skin.

“You are going to get every lick you got coming to you before this weekend is over. You’ll be remembering this punishment for a long time, and I hope when you are tempted to lie you will decide it is just too risky. But right now, I am going to talk to you about my hopes and my feelings.”

He cuddled her onto his lap, holding her close, feeling her tears soak his shirt front.

“I have always been interested in anal sex, Kay is the one who thought it was dirty. I’ve only had sex with two women in my life, when I saw what you were looking at, and I admit I was embarrassed by some of those sites, well I thought this was something we could explore. If you were uncomfortable, or only liked the idea not the real thing, that would be fine. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, you certainly achieved that.” Sylvia sniped.

“Enough. I am tired; it has been a long day. I want to put off your punishment, put off our discussion and make love to my wife. In fact, I plan to shove ‘that thing’ right inside your tight little ass and tease you until you beg me to take it out and use my dick instead. Then WE will decide if WE like it.”

Two days later they drove home, tired and happy. Sylvia had never had a worse punishment, a better weekend, or a sorer ass. Bill was planning a gym membership; he could use a little more stamina.

But they agreed, it was what THEY wanted.


Annie you've done it again! I love older couples as a rule and I love this one in particular. I guess you're never to old to explore a new kink! Sorry I caused you to had to write more than you had planned but I'm really glad you did!