I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Payback Time

It's a good day, Fridays are always good in my book. I think we are finally getting a tiny taste of fall. I do love fall weather and I also live in a truly beautiful place to get all the fall colors. It can stay fall as long as it wants to.

You are going to love Fantasy Friday today.  I know I did.  I not only love the story, I love the concept and want to see it nation wide!  Enjoy…

Payback Time

Ian Gordon awakes a few minutes before his alarm trumpets the start of a new day. Gordy, as he likes to be called, has reason to greet today with a smile. He has a new assignment at work, one he's been looking forward to for a very long time.

Gordy works for the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma. But, his is not an ordinary municipal job. In fact, unless you live around these parts, you've probably never heard of this particular occupation before. You see, Gordy is a spanker. A Stillwater Oklahoma Spanker... or 'S.O.S.' for short.

The program was voted into existence about a year ago by a frustrated populace. Stillwater is a college town, home of Oklahoma State University. Folks here are proud of OSU, and appreciate what the school means to the local economy. There is a downside though. Nuisance crimes can get out of hand. Vandalism, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, dangerous driving... the notorious domain of young college students... can ruin the tranquility of the community.

Fines work as a deterrent for those that value a dollar. Some of the college set has a 'who cares' attitude when it comes to monetary slaps on the wrist though. So, for repeat offenders, the good folks of Stillwater decided to start slapping elsewhere.

Gordy loves his job as a spanker and the difference he's been able to make. When he was a Stillwater Police Officer, he often found the same perps in the back of his squad car. Didn't seem to matter what he did, nothing really changed. As a spanker he can see the impact he's having. Stillwater is a more peaceful place, thanks to some of the most well behaved college students in the nation.

Another thing Gordy likes about his job is the spankings! He's been into spanking for most of his life.  Long before spanking became a profession, Gordy was spanking his girlfriends. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes as a part of sex, and sometimes to motivate better behavior.

The best thing about the job though, is because of his previous law enforcement experience, Gordy is able to pick his schedule and his cases. His overwhelming preference is coeds. Beyond the obvious reasons, Gordy has found that young women respond extremely well to the contrition and accountability he demands during a spanking. His stern and patriarchal manner suits the job perfectly.

Indeed, Gordy rarely ever has to see a young lady a second time... well, unless she requests special help after her debt to society has been paid off. Several young ladies have been motivated to take their studies seriously thanks to Gordy's strong hand.

As he straightens his tie and readies himself for work this morning, bubbly coeds aren't on Gordy's mind though. Today, Gordy has only one appointment on his schedule. She comes from the OSU campus, like most do. But, Dorothy Clark is not a student. Dr. Clark, as she likes to be called, is the President of Oklahoma State University. She's a highly respected and powerful member of society that almost always gets what she wants.

In fact, she wanted the city spanking ordinance passed and had led the charge to ensure that it did. Having never had even a hint of problem with the law before, it surely never crossed Dr. Clark's mind that she could face a spanking herself back when she was campaigning for the need of some real discipline in the civil code. Three speeding tickets in four months changed all that. The judge had spared her the rod after the second ticket, but was bound by the 'three strikes and you're spanked' provision that Dorothy Clark herself had insisted on.

Gordy had followed Dr. Clark's court cases with great interest, and was disappointed when the judge had given leniency after the second ticket. He was thrilled when the judge had no choice but to sentence a paddling after the third.

The reason... and the reason for the pep in Gordy's step as he heads off to work... is the past he shares with Dr. Clark. Dorothy had been his girlfriend back in their college days. They'd dated for nearly two years, and had even talked of marriage. Things fell apart when Gordy brought up the topic of spanking though. Dorothy wasn't totally opposed to the idea, until she realized Gordy was sexually excited by the prospect. Mean things were said... sadist, pervert, sicko... and things ended rather badly. They'd not spoken since.

It had actually taken Gordy several months to get over the incident. He gave up spanking, and tried to no longer think about it. He never wanted to go through that sort of humiliation and embarrassment again. In time, his wounds healed and his interest returned. He got comfortable with what he liked, and concluded that Dorothy had simply been too narrow minded to understand. He'd never forget her though and would sometimes wonder what it would be like to spank his first love.

Clearly however, Dorothy had forgotten about him. She had her prestigious job at the college, and her position in the community. She hadn't even bothered to protest when the city hired him as a spanker... even though she knew spanking could be sexual to him, and had promised voters that only "moral" spankers would be hired.

'She will remember now,' Gordy chuckles to himself as he drives to work. He's looking forward to this, and doesn't care that the idea excited him.

Gordy arrives at work a few minutes early. The office is close to the courthouse, which isn't far from the campus. Those sentenced to a spanking are assigned a date and a time, and can get the specifics of what is to happen if they wish. Dorothy already knows all about the procedures though. She'd helped set them up.

There are different rooms for dispensing punishments. Gordy reserved his favorite. Simple tan carpeting and white walls, with a huge red cushioned chair and ottoman sitting in the middle of the floor. A small table sits to the side. Gordy checks that the room is clean, and sets his favorite spanking implement on the table. A hairbrush sized paddle made out of smooth oak that Gordy had handcrafted himself.

Usually a first timer would receive just a hand spanking, which was enough for most when Gordy was giving it. If anyone asked why he was using a paddle on a first timer, he'd tell them it was because Dr. Clark had already been given a second chance by the judge. The real reason though, was this was the paddle he'd planned to use on Dorothy all those years ago. It was the only paddle he'd kept when he tried to give up spanking.

A few minutes before her 9am appointment, Gordy sees Dorothy pull into the parking lot. She's wearing a light blue skirt and blouse, which she straightens as she gets out of her gray Mercedes. She is alone and quickly makes her way into the building. Probably doesn't want anyone to see her, Gordy guesses with an amused grin on his face.

Being early in the day, Dorothy finds no line and is sent back without delay.

"Hello Gordy, how have you been?" Dorothy offers nervously.

"It's Mr. Gordon" came the stern retort.

Dorothy clears her throat and mumbles back, "Okay."

Gordy continues, "This is not a social call, Dr. Clark. We take your blatant disrespect for the law seriously, as you'll soon feel."

Dorothy's face turns red as her eyes dart to the floor. She has nothing to say now.

Gordy steps towards the hall, but Dorothy does not follow. Her feet are planted into the carpet.

"Dr. Clark, please, this way."


"Dr. Clark, NOW."

Still nothing.

Protocol requires Gordy to read a prepared text that warns of a possible 180 day jail sentence for failure to comply. Spankings are tightly regulated in most areas. Gordy isn't one to follow scripts though. He reasons each woman is different and thus requires a different kind of spanking. But Dorothy, she can make trouble. It's risky to stray off course with her, and Gordy knows it. After waiting all these years though, he is more than willing to take some chances.

"I will not tolerate disrespect. You will do as you're told, and you WILL take the spanking you have coming," Gordy orders as he takes hold of Dorothy's hand. No protest is offered as she shuffles her feet down the hallway. Gordy leads her straight into the punishment room and towards the big red chair. He can see her eyes fixate on the paddle situated on the middle of the table. Dorothy seems as if she might recognize it, but she does not speak.

Wanting to make his role clear, Gordy sweeps his hands around Dorothy's waist and in one swoop plucks her off her feet and over his lap. With a tug Dorothy's blue dress lifts into the air before falling to her back. New white cotton panties with little pink flowers on the waistband are all that protect Dorothy's bottom now.

"Dorothy, you know why you're here. You've been very-very naughty. Three tickets in four months. That's unacceptable. You're supposed to be a shining example to your students and look at you, over my knee awaiting your deserved punishment like some foolish freshman."

"I know, Mr. Gordon and I am sorry. I really am sorry, sorry for everything. I deserve what I'm about to get."

Gordy is not surprised at Dorothy's repentant tone. Many become apologetic in a last ditch attempt to save their hide. Without pause Gordy firmly replies, "It's good you understand that you've earned what you're about to get."

Slipping his fingers between the fabric of Dorothy's panties and her warm skin, Gordy tugs the material down exposing bare flesh. Her bottom is pale white, and looks surprisingly similar to what he recalls.

Gordy slowly raises his hand, admiring the pristine view.

Thumping down firmly into the bare flesh before him, Gordy begins to spank. Soundly scolding Dorothy's bottom checks with swift smacks that build in intensity with each blow. Gordy's hand rings as he swats away towards a full force hand spanking.

Approaching crescendo, Dorothy cuts loose with a bellowing shriek that could only come from a woman that has never been spanked before. She tries to pull and wiggle, twist and push... anything to soothe the eruption of pain in her rear. Gordy tightens his grip as he pulls Dorothy closer. The struggle excites Gordy in a most obvious way. That Dorothy surely would disapprove if she knew, only adds to the excitement.

With a flourish of walloping spanks, Gordy concludes the hand spanking. Dorothy's rump is an angry shade of red, with small blotches of purple dots peaking out. She's bawling softly into the arm of the chair, very much feeling her punishment.

Heat radiates from under Gordy's hand as gently rubs from the tip of Dorothy's thighs to the edge of her back. She starts to settle herself. Turning her teary eyes towards Gordy, she asks, "Are you still going to paddle me?"

"You're not getting out of it this time" Gordy answers as he roughly runs his fingernails over Dorothy's spanked bottom. She yelps and turns her head back into the armrest.

Turning towards the table, Gordy reaches for his favorite paddle. His legs shift as he slides the smoothly worn oak into his hand. Dorothy pushes her body towards Gordy as he settles back into his seat. Gordy can feel his stiff excitement against his slacks, straining towards Dorothy's bare skin.

Every carnal instinct in Gordy's body urges him forward. To ravish in the way he desires. To take what he wants, and to punish any effort to deny it. To spank hard and act on every craving. To make Dorothy hurt and ache, and at the same time lust and hunger for more.

But his job. The job he loves. The job he knows he'll lose if he persists.

Gordy gathers himself. Dorothy is still and makes no attempt to pull away. He decides to get Dorothy's full attention, in hopes that she'll ignore the issue pressing into her side.

Gordy lifts his attention getter high into the air. Swiftly the paddle cuts through the air, fuming towards it's destination. Scorching into place, Dorothy's breath is taken away. Quickly up again, it falls just as fast on the same spot. Then the attention moves to Dorothy's other cheek. Up and down, and then again.

The sounds of hard wood slapping into tender skin fills the room. Dorothy kicks her feet as her bottom turns deep crimson. She's now howling in distress.

THWACK-THWACK-THWACK. Gordy continues vigorously paddling. Over each check, and down to the tops of her thighs harsh discipline is evenly dispensed. He moves his left hand onto Dorothy's hip and presses down. Slowly he glides his hand away, pulling Dorothy's flesh back and exposing the most delicate part of her bottom.

Unspanked skin is revealed, which Gordy quickly rectifies with the paddle in his right hand by spanking directly on the middle of Dorothy's bottom.

As Gordy pushes the paddle through the air, he starts to scold.

Dorothy, you must remember that traffic laws are designed to keep you safe. SMACK-SMACK!

You must act like the role model you're supposed to be. WHACK-WHACK!

You must not be such a mean prude!

Might as well tell her the real reason she's getting the paddle Gordy figures.

With several culminating swats straight on Dorothy's sit spots, the paddling comes to a close. Raging violaceous marks protrude from the scarlet red canvas before Gordy's eyes. Dorothy weeps, but has taken her punishment rather well. Most squirm and fight more than she did.

Gordy very lightly starts to rub. Once a debt has been paid, he believes that comfort and forgiveness should be offered. With his palm he strokes in gentle circular motions, taking his time to pacify the sorest spots.

"Have you learned your lesson young lady?" he asks.

"Yes, sir, I have. Thank you for teaching me it" Dorothy responds with a snivel.

With the spanking over and no chance at manipulating a gentler punishment, Gordy did not expecting such a pleasant response. Maybe an irritable "are we done now"... but not a "thank you." He decides to explore exactly how thankful she is.

"Would you like me to continue rubbing your bottom?"

"Yes, sir. It feels nice." As Dorothy responds, she moves her legs apart stretching her white panties into her thighs. She asks, "Do you think I have a nice ass?"

"You have a very nice ass, sweetie."

"Is it as nice as the ones you normally see?"

"It's nicer, Dorothy. You know I've always liked your bottom."

Gordy continues to stroke. His hand moves over the edge of her back, flowing onto the rise of flesh that forms the beginning of Dorothy's backside. Back and forth he glides, fingers drifting over the divide in her flesh. Plunging lower, he can feel heat rising. Gently he soothes with his touch. His hand lightly passes over the summit of her rear-end, causing Dorothy to wince in pain.

"There-there, you'll be okay" Gordy offers.

Dorothy whispers, "Don't stop."

Gordy continues his decent, reaching the spot where Dorothy's bottom curves into her thighs. She moans softly. Shifting forward her legs move further apart. Gordy's caress brushes against Dorothy's now exposed wetness. Her arousal is obvious.

Concerns about his job melt away as Gordy moves from a soothing touch to a pleasing one. Prodding deeper into her folds of skin, he enters Dorothy. With great hunger she thrusts back as Gordy pushes his finger forward. His hand collides with Dorothy's primal lunge, sending a blissful shiver from the core of her sexuality to the edge of her mouth. She bites down on her lower lip as a wave of release rolls through her body.

Gordy guides his finger from the clutching grasp of Dorothy's quivering body. He raises his hand deliberately into the air and drops several quick slaps on Dorothy's backside.

"Are you a naughty girl that likes to be spanked" he asks.

Dorothy yelps out "yes" as her backside wiggles.

Hand still rhythmically beating down on sore flesh Gordy continues, "... and does spanking turn you on, Dr. Clark?"

Legs slamming shut, her bottom wincing with sting, Dorothy pleas, "yes-yes sir... yes- it does- YES!"

"That's a good girl" Gordy replies with a smile. His spanks subside to little pats, and then more gentle rubs. Dorothy again exposes her excitement. Gordy rewards her honesty with succulent touches directly to her most tender pleasure spot. Dorothy's body trembles with pulsing ecstasy, absorbing all of the bliss Gordy's skilled hand offers. Wave after wave of gratification swirls through her body until she is completely fulfilled.

The frenzy of hard spanking and unrestrained sexuality drains Dorothy leaving her finely styled hair clinging to her damp forehead. Little beads of perspiration roll from her back and onto her spanked bottom. Her fashionable blue dress is disheveled against her body.

Slumping back into the big chair, Gordy allows Dorothy time to catch her breath. Softly running his fingers over crimson skin, he chuckles out loud.

Dorothy turns her head and asks, "What's so funny?"

Patting her bottom Gordy answers, "The spanking ordinance, me being hired as the top spanker, you getting three speeding tickets in four months... I'm thinking you being here isn't exactly a coincidence."

Dorothy says nothing.

"Do I need to paddle you again young lady?"

"... okay-okay, I admit it! I've thought about you giving me a spanking ever since we broke up. I've fantasized about it, and wished I'd have just been honest about wanting it when you brought it up. I just never could think of how to fix things. so... I ...

"That's very sneaky of you, Dr. Clark. I wonder what all those coeds I've spanked think of your shenanigans..."

It was a good thing Gordy had just the one appointment today...

Could you tell this weeks story was written by a man? Nick used to tell me he thought all spankings stories had to have been written by men - he has found out differently. This story was written by Todd who used to have a wonderful blog, American Spanking Society. Thanks Todd, I'd love to hear from you again sometime.

I haven't had any new stories in a long time. I sure would love to be able to feature someones story. If you'd like to give it a try send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How times have changed

When I began this blog ten years ago I was terrified that someone in my real life would find out about it. I think anyone who has a spanking blog certainly began with the same feeling. I was worried that my family would find out – that Nick’s family would find out. But mostly I was worried that someone at school would find out. I felt that there was a real chance that I could lose my job. So though I love blogging and writing I kept it totally secret in my real life.

Little by little, I’ve relaxed. I realized that no one is looking for spanking blogs except for spankos. And I know that the real life friends and family I’ve told are slightly amused, but basically could care less.

I no longer worry about losing my job, obviously because I’m about ready to give it up voluntarily. But I think that point really hit home when, at a concert last night, I gave one of my cards with all the Cassie books on it to an old friend – someone I used to teach with… someone who’s grandson is in my room this year… some one who is now on the school board. Yep, times have changed.

I’ve loved letting go of the fear and simply being proud of my Cassie books. It’s a combination of aging, having friends with the same interest, the realization that there is nothing wrong with adult consensual spanking and the fact that no one else cares! Maybe it’s like my dad used to say, you wouldn’t worry about what people thought of you if you realized how seldom they do.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fantasy Friday - The Beginning

Another week has come and gone. I'm happy and relaxed at work. I'm enjoying myself and the kids - still tired most days, but it's a happy tired. Nick is going golfing this weekend and I hope to write, write, write!

This is a story from 2007. I love it because we all had to have (or will have) a beginning point in our spanking live. Whether or not you and your partner are both rabid spanko or one of you is vanilla, someone had to bring it up the first time. So read and enjoy!

The Beginning

Dawn had been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how to best approach the subject. She really wanted to share this private part of herself with the man she loved so much and had shared the last 24 years of her life with. They had raised children together. Bought houses, cars and made many other important life choices together, yet to share this part of her would be difficult. Of course she knew he loved her and would do whatever he could to make her happy.

This was just a little off the norm. It could be normal for many people but not the norm for her or Brad. She and Brad had met in college and went together for several years before they decided to marry. They pretty much stayed in the same area where they met. They attended the same church, lived in the same community and neither of them every traveled more than 10 miles to work. The thought of what she wanted just wasn’t an everyday occurrence in their world. Yet she knew it was what she wanted. Dawn promised herself she would find a way and tell him soon, perhaps tonight.

It was Friday night Brad’s favorite day of the week and the beginning of what he hoped would be great weekend. Brad thought to himself as he walked in the door, a whole weekend alone with his beautiful wife and sweetheart. When he came into the house he found Dawn in the kitchen getting ready to make dinner. “Hi Baby Girl I am so looking forward to this weekend”! He came up to her as he always did and immediately kissed her on the back of the neck and then on her soft lips.

Dawn loved his touch it always made her tingle all the way to her toes. Brad then gave her a hug and a playful swat on the bottom and went about feeding the dogs and talking about his day. Dawn tried to pay attention but was wondering about the swat and if maybe he, had any hidden desires. This was a rare occasion for Dawn and Brad to be alone in their own home without any children. They had 3 children. The oldest daughter had married about a year ago. Their son had gone away to college last month. The youngest daughter was still in high school but was away on a class biology trip for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until Sunday evening. It was the best chance Dawn would have to introduce Brad to her inner desire. She returned to reality with Brad standing in front of her asking why she was going to boil the dish rag. They both laughed but Brad could sense Dawn had something on her mind. Dawn proceeded to make a quite edible meal for the just the two of them.

After dinner was done and cleaned up they sat at the table together for a few minutes discussing what they might do with their time alone this weekend. Perhaps a movie, a concert or a visit to some location they had wanted to check out. They finally decided on a hike up to a waterfall in a nearby canyon. For the Saturday night they were thinking about going out to dinner and maybe a movie at home.

After deciding what they would do this weekend Dawn became quiet and a little withdrawn. Brad again got the feeling that she wanted to talk about something but was having a hard time deciding how to share it with him. Finally he just asked “what is it baby girl, what’s on your mind?” Dawn became very shy and took a deep breath and decided she would just be out with it and see how he would react. After all she had only gone over the expected conversation in her own mind at least a hundred times. She might as well be out with it and see how he took the news that his precious “baby girl” was a spanko.

Brad sat quietly waiting for her answer, he could tell she was nervous and he began to wonder what would cause her to be so upset. He just wanted to hold her and help her share with him whatever was on her mind. He took her in his arms and told her “baby girl you know you can tell me anything I’m always here for you”. Dawn gained strength as he held her and finally asked if they could sit on the couch together and she promised him she would try to tell him what was on her mind.

As they moved to the couch Dawn sat as close to Brad as was possible she wanted to feel his love for her as she tried to explain what it was she wanted to share with him. Finally she spoke “Brad I’ve been thinking about something for a long time and I don’t want you to laugh or comment until I say all of it, I’ve had these feelings just about as long as I can remember, since I was a child. Dawn took a deep breathe “I want for you to spank me”.

The expression on Brad’s face spoke volumes but he said nothing and waited for Dawn to continue. Seeing that Brad didn’t fall apart and that his face even showed signs of pleasure with what she was saying, she continued at a breathless pace. “Not like for punishment all the time but for fun and for real. I want a real spanking that would hurt and maybe even sometimes make me cry. You could even tell me to take down my pants and even my panties and spank my bare bottom if you wanted too, it could be erotic sometimes. You could tell me to undress completely and watch. Think of the possibilities you would have my bare willing bottom on your lap and easy access to other fun locals. You would also have a happy submissive partner willing to do what ever they were told. I have often dreamed of you taking me over your knee and giving me a spanking. I know this is a little off the norm for folks like us but, I have been doing a little research on the internet and it is not as uncommon as you might think, spanking is the most common of sex kinks”.

Brad was a little taken back at his wife’s request but the thought of her willing vulnerable bare bottom over his lap was far from unappealing. In fact he had considered the thought of spanking her cute little bottom on more than one occasion but had always limited himself to an occasional swat or two, sometimes just for fun, sometimes during sex or other times when Dawn was starting on a rampage. It did seem to curtail her rampage for a bit but it didn’t always keep it from coming. Now her she was asking him to spank her, giving her consent to one of his fondest dreams! He considered how best to respond and put Dawn at ease.

Carefully he spoke “Baby Girl you know I would do anything to make you happy. I too have thought about spanking your adorable little bottom more than once or twice. Now that you bring it up you have never really objected to any of the swats I’ve giving you over the years, sometimes I even got the feeling that you liked them and wanted more but I thought it must be my imagination, how could a sweet beautiful competent young women want some Neanderthal spanking her bottom”. Dawn just had to interrupt “it wouldn’t be like that you just taking me by the hair and dragging me back to your cave against my will, although that might make a fun role play sometime. It would always be with my consent and participation. It would always be done with our love for one another at the center of the spanking bringing us closer together. The how to spank websites even advise that we have a safe word that if I said the safe word you would stop immediately and make sure I was OK”.

Now Brad became quiet for a bit and then told Dawn he had a few questions. “What if I came home from work and told you to go to our room pull down your pants and panties and bend over the bed and wait for me would you do it? Dawn’s answer was quick “In a heart beat honey so long as no one else especially the kids would know what was going on”. Brad continued “so this would be just between you and me then, no one else is to know?” Dawn answered “definitely, no one else is to know just our little secret. You could whisper in my ear if I were behaving badly that you would spank me later if I didn’t change my attitude or that I would be spanked later for my behavior. You know how sometimes I get all cranky and mean I’m usually very stressed at that point and if you could find a way to take me some place private and spank my bottom it could help me release that stress and help me return to my normal happy self. You could even use an implement like a belt or a paddle if you thought it was needed. Your spanking might even make me cry sometimes but, don’t worry too much about hurting me, we’ll have a safe word and I promise to use it if it is more than I can stand.

Brad thought for a minute “you seriously mean if you got into one of those rampage modes I could just take you away to a private place and spank you, even with my belt or if I couldn’t do right then I could let you know it would happen later. “Yes” Dawn answered. Brad smiled at the thought of finally finding a way to help his wife stop the occasional rampage that wasn’t consistent with the rest of his beautiful wife’s temperament.

Dawn also shared with Brad that she liked being submissive to him and having him take care of her. Spanking could provide another way of expressing their love for one another. Brad smiled a big grin “well you’ve convinced me and like I said I would do anything for your happiness and if it brings us closer together, all the better, I think it will make me happy too”! Brad then pulled Dawn up and into his arms and gave her the biggest strongest hug he then unbuttoned and lowered her jeans took her hands in his and said to her “Baby girl I want you to go put these precious little hands on that wall over there and stick out that beautiful bottom of yours”. He then began spanking her sassy little bottom that she stuck out further with each swat. After about 20 of these he lowered her pretty little pink panties and she shook them to the floor. He then applied another 20 or so well placed spanks unto her pretty pink little behind and very much enjoyed turning it a bright red. He then took her in his arms and held her tight until her breathing slowed and she caught her breathe. Dawn had the sweetest content smile on her face.

Brad then undressed himself and picked Dawn up and carried her back to the couch where he helped her over his knee. She began moaning for his touch. Brad didn’t disappoint as he quickly removed that rest of her clothes and began exploring her most private girl parts. He then alternated between touching and spanking. She quickly came in his hands with more force than ever before. He continued touching, exploring, spanking and causing this now wild girl to cum repeatedly. He then commanded her to get on her hands and knees on the floor, she quickly obeyed and he was within her in a split second. They both orgasamed together so hard they shook, something that had not happened in years. They fell to the floor wrapped in each others arms both of them spent yet feeling fully satisfied, fulfilled and completely loved. Both Brad and Dawn were very much looking forward to their time alone together this weekend and were already feeling the closeness and love spanking can bring.


This wonderful story was written by Sally, a friend from many years ago.  She was a reader of blogs and a sometimes commenter. Like many of these older stories I haven't heard from her in several years, but I'd love to have her come by to say hey again.

I hope someone is out there writing currently - please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blogging vs Writing Books

I began blogging ten years ago and discovered something unexpected and truly wonderful – a way to make friends at the age of nearly fifty. I was both dumbfounded and thrilled. We have a few friends we’ve grown up with. Many of us have college friends, but after school it seems most of our friends come from out work places. As I turned forty-nine those were the friends I had. I was content, they were nice people and we often talked of the weather, work and occasionally griped about our husbands and children.

Then blogging – wow! I found people my age I could talk to.  These people shared a major life interest of mine and they were willing to talk about it. I could talk about my marriage, my sex life, the fact that my beloved didn’t spank enough – everything! Blogging about these things and receiving comments kept me writing and blogging. It was the interaction that was wonderful. Commenters often agreed with me, sometimes they scolded me, they encouraged me to talk to Nick about things I was holding in. They guarded me, encouraged me, strengthened me and in addition told me I was a good writer, which lead me to my current position of being a sorta, kinda writer and loving every minute of it.

Writing books is such a joy for me, just as blogging is, but I can take longer with the books, work on it, craft it, polish it and hopefully after extensive edits and rewrites the story is presented the way I want it. But there is one way blogging has writing book beat all to hell – blogging has immediate feed back. Friends and sometimes new readers leave comments. You know right away if someone liked your post, agreed with it, disagreed with it or whatever – but you know.

I’ve been an avid reader most of my life, yet for more than fifty years it never once occurred to me to let the author know. Actually until I began writing I gave very little thought to the author, I’d read a book – love it! I might read it over and over and recommend it to a friend, often without knowing who wrote it. I think about that a lot now.

So is this post just a bald-faced attempted to get book reviews? I’ll answer that in a minute. Everyone likes to know if something they’ve created is well received. I’ve gotten some review on the last Cassie book and they have made my heart soar. But I fight the urge to try to find everyone who has read it and ask what they thought.

Did you like it?

Was it too long? Too short?

Did it flow well?

What was your favorite part?

Who was your favorite character?

Were there parts you didn’t understand?

Did I leave anything out?

What do you think of Lily?

And the scariest question of all – would you be willing to read at least one more?

People are buying the book and I’m thrilled about that, but are they liking it?

Back to my questions, is this a plea for reviews on Amazon – yes. But not necessarily just for me. If you read Stephen King or Mary Higgins Clark, while I’m sure they love getting reviews, they probably don’t need then like beginning writers do. If you read spanking fiction or books by authors you know I’m telling you we do need your reviews. It’s nearly impossible to promote a book (if anyone has ideas how we can, please share), reviews do help. Word of mouth helps too, but not many people want to tell folks in the real world what they’re read. Besides helping to promote, we really want to know if you liked the book.

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon for any book you enjoy, you can write a review under an anonymous name if you are uncomfortable using your real name (but probably only those who read spanking books will ever see it). And if it is for an author you know, never call them by their first name. Amazon thinks you’re their friend and sometimes won’t let you review the book. So for two of my favorite authors, Leigh Smith and Donna Steele I leave out the name or say Ms. Smith or Ms. Steele.

Okay off my soap box. Think about it. And we’ll just keep writing.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A question for you

I’m curious about something and since I feel blogland hold the answers to most of my questions I’m here to ask.

When you orgasm, do you have one specific thought or fantasy that you use over and over to pushes you over the edge?

I know some women orgasm easily, but for others it’s much harder to achieve. Sadly, I fall in the second category. When I’m close I do have that one scenario that often gets me there.

You are most welcomed to share specifics, but mostly I just want to know if I’m the only one who does this.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Home Sweet Home

Happy Friday everyone. I've survived another week and I'm happy to see Friday roll around! The weather is cooler thank heavens, I always look forward to Fall - Winter I can take or leave, but Fall is fantastic. 

Now for your story. It's a rerun from 2008 and I'll be interested to see if the author recognizes it right away. Often I have a hard time remembering my own work (except for Cassie, of course). I love today's story. Think about who might have written it.  I think this is the perfect way to start off the weekend! Enjoy...

Home Sweet Home

James and Paula loved their new house. Situated on a quiet street, it was exactly what they had been looking for. There was a large kitchen with an adjacent dining room, a family room, and rooms that would become an office and a guest bedroom. Behind the house was a huge yard that was edged with mature trees. Paula was looking forward to redecorating the living room to suit their taste.

But first they needed to replace the tattered, mismatched furniture that they had inherited from their parents and a long-departed roommate. It had been fine for the apartment but now it looked shabby and not at all in keeping with Paula's plans. It was time to go shopping.

Paula picked James up after work one rainy afternoon and the two set off to browse through a large furniture store situated in a strip mall on the edge of town. It was the dinner hour when they arrived, and that, combined with the rain, accounted for the few cars in the parking lot outside the store.

The couple walked through the large glass doors then stopped. Instead of a large open showroom, they saw signs overhead, pointing the way to appliances, bedrooms, and living room furniture. In front of them was a path of light maple laminate flooring that branched three ways. Each branch led to a warren of small rooms, each one a fully decorated room showcasing the furniture.

"I'm so excited," Paula exclaimed. "Let's follow the yellow brick road." She took James' hand and led him along the right-hand path towards the mock living rooms. They strolled past one room after another, commenting on the suitability of the contents of each, but not seeing anything they both liked. Then Paula stopped at a display done in shades of green and silver.

"I like that chair. It has an interesting shape."

"I don't know," countered James. "The arms look too low. Come here and bend over." He took Paula's arm and led her towards the arm of the chair. She looked around nervously, but James reassured her.

"No one can see us. The place is practically empty."

"Well, all right." Paula bent over one of the arms of the chair. James gave her a swat or two over her cotton skirt.

"No, that's too low," he decided.

"The arm is too hard," Paula added.

She stood up and they moved on to the next room. It featured a sofa, chair and ottoman all upholstered in a patterned burgundy fabric. Paula stroked the smooth, velvety surface of the chair.

"Mmm, soft."

"Try the back of the chair for height," instructed James.

Paula didn't hesitate this time. She bent over the softly padded back and took the swats James gave her. When he lifted her skirt and spanked harder, she squeaked, "Okay, stop, that's enough testing!"

"I need to be sure it's right for both of us. Now try the ottoman."

The ottoman was large, square, and soft, with four carved feet of dark wood. Paula giggled as she knelt in front of it and bent over.

"Look! I can hold its ankles!"

James leaned down, swatted her over her skirt, then lifted the skirt and gave her two more on her pink panties.

"I wish I'd thought to bring the cane. Oh, well, this will have to do." James pulled a metal tape measure out of his pocket, extended it, swished it through the air, then took aim, tapping it gently against Paula's bottom.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure." James muttered, then he swiftly hooked his thumb in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down around Paula's knees. "That's better. Now hold still."

Paula was about to protest when they heard footsteps and a child's voice.

"Mom, I wanna go home."

"Get up," James hissed. Paula scrambled to her feet while James moved away, grabbed a handful of fabric swatches lying on the coffee table and pretended to be very interested in them. Paula smoothed her skirt and looked nervously at the family peering through the entrance to the display room.

"No, I don't like the colour of that set," a young woman said to the man beside her. A small boy clung to the woman's hand and whined, "I'm bored. Can we go now?"

Paula realized that her panties were down around her knees. Please don't let them notice, she prayed silently.

"Let's just take a quick look at the rest of the rooms, then we'll go get something to eat," the man told his son. The trio moved on.

Paula tugged her panties up and exhaled. "That was close. Maybe we shouldn't..." But James was already back to business.

"Now we have to check the sofa for length." He sat down and patted his knee. Paula knew that signal. She obediently draped herself across his knees and settled herself along the length of the sofa. James lifted her skirt once more.

"Not on the bare, please! Someone else might see."

"Don't worry." James pulled her panties upward toward her waist, exposing her cheeks as he stretched the fabric. He spanked her slowly.

"This feels pretty good. What do you think, hon?"

"It hurts! Oh, you mean the couch. Yes, it's very comfor...OUCH!"

Paula heard the sound of more footsteps on the hard floor just in time.

"James, stop." Paula slithered off his lap and managed to pull herself upright mere seconds before a tall middle-aged man appeared and approached them.

"Hi folks. How're you making out?"

"Oh, fine," replied James. Paula smiled; she felt dizzy and didn't trust her voice.

"This is one of our most popular models. Have you tried it yet, Miss?"

"Come on, Paula, have a seat," James suggested with an evil grin.

"N-no, I'm fine. It's very nice," stammered Paula.

The salesman pointed out the two large pillows that were propped up at either end of the couch.

"These pillows are included free of charge in your choice of colour. The fabric swatches are here somewhere..."

James looked at his wife and grinned "Those would be just right for..."

"Casual seating on the floor," Paula cut him off.

"These items are all in our warehouse, and we can have them delivered in two days. We'll also pick up your old furniture and take it to Goodwill. No extra charge."

Paula and James exchanged glances. Paula nodded and James said, "Yes, I guess we've decided on this set."

"An excellent choice! I'll phone the warehouse then we can take care of the financial details. Follow me, please" and the salesman headed out of the room and down the yellow brick road.

James put his arm around Paula's waist, patted her bottom and whispered in her ear, "I hope you aren't too sore, sweetie. We need to say goodbye to all the old furniture before it goes."

Paula groaned.


I love this story. It just sounds like it came from a spanko that enjoys a fun and loving relationship with her spanker. And it did. Most of you know the work of this author; she is an active blogger who not only keep her place updated often, she is also good to comment on other sites.  

So who wrote 'Home Sweet Home'? Take your guess now, come on, who do you think? Scroll on down to see if you're right!

It's HERMIONE! Leave her a comment here or go over to her wonderful site, Hermione's Heart to let her know what you think of this wonderful story! Thanks Hermione! Now it's time for you to try one send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Best man ever!

As I said the other day, getting started back to school is very tiring. That’s not really a complaint, just a fact. I have no doubt I’ll be back used to it soon, but at my age it does take the body a little while to adjust from sleeping late, napping regularly, and lounging by the pool to wrangling 145 students. Yes, I said 145 – six classes for social studies and one advisory group. I cannot learn that many names and my seating chart has become my constant companion. Now out of all these kids I have only spotted three real discipline problems. That’s a tiny percent, unfortunately, they are all in the same class – the final period of the day. Oh well, it wouldn’t seem like a real school year without them.

Now back to this best man ever. After sleeping late Saturday morning, I was doing a little writing when around eleven that morning I got a text from Nick which read:

FYI, our staff masseur, Sir Handsalot, has a 2:00 opening.  Please respond if interested.

I text back to book me! At 2:03 I passed through the living room and was told I was a bit late, but to go on back to the second door on the left and the masseur would be there soon. A towel and my short silk robe was on the bed and I quickly changed. Soon enough Sir Handsalot joined me and begin a wonderful massage beginning at my toes and working his way up. There was a short spanking I assume for my tardiness, though I was told it was to help my circulation.

When he finished with my back I got to turn over and he began working on my front.  This guy was good! All the places he might have felt he couldn’t do justice to with just his hands, he used his tongue. He is some masseur! As he finished the massage, he brought out the vibrator and had me play with that for a while with great success. Once I could speak words again I asked if he didn’t want to get undressed and join me. He said no, that as a professional he wasn’t allowed to have that kind of contact with his clients. Then he whispered that I’d had a long week and that this had been just for me.

Didn’t I tell you he was the best? An never fear, one day in the near future I will return the favor.