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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Shopping

The shopping trip today was supposed to be different. Taking a 13 year old girl shopping for school clothes is always a bit different but today was strange in different ways. First strange thing – we didn’t fight! I liked her choices even if they were bit tighter than I would have liked. She has a beautiful figure it’s hard to believe she’s mine. I was skinny until I got married. Then when I got pregnant the tittie fairy came and I had prefect boobs for about a day. From then on I either roll them up and stuff them in my bra or tuck them in my waist band. What a bitch!!

Anyway, second strange thing I felt like shopping for clothes. That never happens. I have heavy so long that I haven’t even looked for pretty clothes. I don’t need to dress very fancy for work and I think all my clothes look frumpy. Suddenly along with feeling better I want to look better. I tried on things that ‘weren’t me’ but then this whole summer has been about stepping outside my comfort zone. My daughter just raised an eyebrow and asked ‘Mom ?’ I got a few things but I am waiting on my full fall wardrobe until Sky posts the pictures of her outfits!!

The last unusual part of the shopping trip happened at the mall. My kid wanted to go into Spencer’s Gifts if you don’t know the store it has all kinds of extremely vulgar and tasteless gifts. It also had a large display of black light lamps and posters, etc. which was what she wanted to look at. While she was in the back in her section, I found my section! They had the most beautiful red leather flogger I have ever seen, as well as several other items that I was dying to look at. Of course I could barely look at anything while I was on the lookout for (lets call her Mollie) Mollie to come back. I have to get back there! That flogger has my name on it!! More chance of being see at out mall, but this is worth the risk!! I’ll keep you posted! Today was by far the best back to school shopping trip I’ve ever been on!


  1. I never had that experience. The 13 year old knew about our choice -nods-. So it wasn't that hard. In fact knowing her she'd probably slip back there and pick one up and come back telling me how naughty Lisa been and needed punishment. -shakes my head-. Crazy people lol.

    Not saying it'll get like that. Just that it's cool. although, I'm sure first chance get you'll be back to take a peek and buy.

  2. Elis, go back and buy, you'll regret it if you don't.
    Warm hugs,

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. This is so much fun! I never knew. We do have alot in common, but I never raised a girl. I admire you there. Boys seemed easy. I'll definitely add you to my favorites. Happy flogging!

    Theresa (alias Mayye)

  4. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Elis~ Don't worry about being seen!! You can always just play dumb if you run into someone you know.... "My friend said this is the best duster she's ever owned. I had to get one... the dust in my house is just out of control." ROFL

  5. Wow, I went shopping with my 15 year old girl today too!

    No fighting on this end either, although she did get some things that were rather tight!

    Go get the flogger, and if you see anyone you know just tell them you are buying if for a gag gift for someone. That's always a pretty good cover.


  6. Aaron,

    Nick already said we will go back and get it before the weekend.

    Boys are definitely easier than girls! We'll keep in touch.

    My friends know how much I know about housekeeping they would certainly believe that story.

    Are you telling me I can live through having an 8th grade daughter? We really get along pretty well. But I have a long way to go to get her grown!


  7. Bewitched by the Red Leather Flogger, Elis looked around to be certain no one from the congregation saw her caressing its supple leather naughtiness. With a pounding heart and sweating palms she quickly scooped up her prize and made her way past the beaded curtains, lava lamp displays and bean bag chairs intent on reaching the counter before anyone saw the item she clutched in her hand.

    At the counter the bored clerk snapped her gum and twirled a straggling lock of bright magenta hair. The eyeliner, freshly applied that morning, had begun to flake and was smeared beneath her right eye.

    "Uh, like, uh are you all, like, ready?" the clerk inquired as she bent to pull her sock from the top of her combat boot.

    Nervously, Elis placed her purchase on the counter. The clerk looked at the Red Leather Flogger and then at Elis. Recognition rose in her eyes and she shouted "Hey, cool! Aren't you Mollie's mom? It's me Raven? Okay, Julie, Raven's my nick. Whatcha gonna do with....oh. Crap, does Mollie know?"

    Odds are she will soon.

    Go buy the flogger and for grins...name it Mollie...as in "Mollie want a spanking?"

    ♥ Big Hugs.

  8. Anonymous5:32 AM

    CeeCi!!! Damn, woman. You are bad to the bone!! It's 5:30 a.m. First day of vacation... Adam is sleeping and I can't laugh outloud or I'll wake him!!

  9. Bad to the bone is right!! But I can't think of any friends I know in real life that can have me laughing like this before 8 AM.

    Just to be on the safe side I'll let Nick make the actual purchase. He is much less recognizable around our town than I am! We are going back tonight or tomorrow!!!!


  10. BWAAAHAHAHAH!!! Ceeci is too funny!

    Next time warn a girl before she takes a sip of juice. Snorting juice is NEVER a good thing this early in the morning.

  11. Elis...honey...You must go purchase that flogger your own little self. It'll be good for you, build character and if you're caught there's always the duster excuse or that it's a gag gift. Hey, do they carry gags? Just a thought.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

    Grace, I'll go fetch the windex.

    Um, Eva, he has to wake up sooner or later, why not to laughter ;D.

    Elis, writing that comment was too much fun, as I wrote it, I could see you in my mind's eye...you're a cutie.

  12. Well it looks like this is were I started!