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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fantasy Friday, Payback Time

Happy Friday everyone! We all survived the field trip, actually it was one of the very best trips we have taken in quite a while and there is no school today!!!! You can get a much better than that. Well I am going in for a couple of hours but no kids today. That's always a relaxing day. I can use one of those.

But it is Friday and we do have a story, and what a story!!!
It's a repost but you are going to love Fantasy Friday today. I know I did. I not only love the story, I love the concept and want to see it nation wide! Enjoy…

Payback Time

Ian Gordon awakes a few minutes before his alarm trumpets the start of a new day. Gordy, as he likes to be called, has reason to greet today with a smile. He has a new assignment at work, one he's been looking forward to for a very long time.

Gordy works for the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma. But, his is not an ordinary municipal job. In fact, unless you live around these parts, you've probably never heard of this particular occupation before. You see, Gordy is a spanker. A Stillwater Oklahoma Spanker... or 'S.O.S.' for short.

The program was voted into existence about a year ago by a frustrated populace. Stillwater is a college town, home of Oklahoma State University. Folks here are proud of OSU, and appreciate what the school means to the local economy. T
here is a downside though. Nuisance crimes can get out of hand. Vandalism, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, dangerous driving... the notorious domain of young college students... can ruin the tranquility of the community.

Fines work as a deterrent for those that value a dollar. Some of the college set has a 'who cares' attitude when it comes to monetary slaps on the wrist though. So, for repeat offenders, the good folks of Stillwater decided to start slapping elsewhere.

Gordy loves his job as a spanker and the difference he's been able to make. When he was a Stillwater Police Officer, he often found the same perps in the back of his squad car. Didn't seem to matter what he did, nothing really changed. As a spanker he can see the impact he's having. Stillwater is a more peaceful place, thanks to some of the most well behaved college students in the nation.

Another thing Gordy likes about his job is the spankings! He's been into spanking for mos
t of his life. Long before spanking became a profession, Gordy was spanking his girlfriends. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes as a part of sex, and sometimes to motivate better behavior.

The best thing about the job though, is because of his previous law enforcement experience, Gordy is able to pick his schedule and his cases. His overwhelming preference is coeds. Beyond the obvious reasons, Gordy has found that young women respond extremely well to the contrition and accountability he demands during a spanking. His stern and patriarchal manner suits the job perfectly.

Indeed, Gordy rarely ever has to see a young lady a second time... well, unless she requests special help after her debt to society has been paid off. Several young ladies have been motivated to take their studies seriously thanks to Gordy's strong hand.

As he straightens his tie and readies himself for work this morning, bubbly coeds aren't on Gordy's mind though. Today, Gordy has only one appointment on his schedule. She comes from the OSU campus, like most do. But, Dorothy Clark is not a student. Dr. Clark, as she likes to be called, is the President of Oklahoma State University. She's a highly respected and powerful member of society that almost always gets what she wants.

In fact, she wanted the city spanking ordinance passed and had led the charge to ensure that it did. Having never had even a hint of problem with the law before, it surely never crossed Dr. Clark's mind that she could face a spanking herself back when she was campaigning for the need of some real discipline in the civil code. Three speeding tickets in four months changed all that. The judge had spared her the rod after the second ticket, but was bound by the 'three strikes and you're spanked' provision that Dorothy Clark herself had insisted on.

Gordy had followed Dr. Clark's court cases with great interest, and was disappointed when the judge had given leniency after the second ticket. He was thrilled when the judge had no choice but to sentence a paddling after the third.

The reason... and the reason for the pep in Gordy's step as he heads off to work... is the past he shares with Dr. Clark. Dorothy had been his girlfriend back in their college days. They'd dated for nearly two years, and had even talked of marriage. Things fell apart when Gordy brought up the topic of spanking though. Dorothy wasn't totally opposed to the idea, until she realized Gordy was sexually excited by the prospect. Mean things were said... sadist, pervert, sicko... and things ended rather badly. They'd not spoken since.

It had actually taken Gordy several months to get over the incident. He gave up spanking, and tried to no longer think about it. He never wanted to go through that sort of humiliation and embarrassment again. In time, his wounds healed and his interest returned. He got comfortable with what he liked, and concluded that Dorothy had simply been too narrow minded to understand. He'd never forget her though and would sometimes wonder what it would be like to spank his first love.

Clearly however, Dorothy had forgotten about him. She had her prestigious job at the college, and her position in the community. She hadn't even bothered to protest when the city hired him as a spanker... even though she knew spanking could be sexual to him, and had promised voters that only "moral" spankers would be hired.

'She will remember now,' Gordy chuckles to himself as he drives to work. He's looking forward to this, and doesn't care that the idea excited him.

Gordy arrives at work a few minutes early. The office is close to the courthouse, which isn't far from the campus. Those sentenced to a spanking are assigned a date and a time, and can get the specifics of what is to happen if they wish. Dorothy already knows all about the procedures though. She'd helped set them up.

There are different rooms for dispensing punishments. Gordy reserved his favorite. Simple tan carpeting and white walls, with a huge red cushioned chair and ottoman sitting in the middle of the floor. A small table sits to the side. Gordy checks that the room is clean, and sets his favorite spanking implement on the table. A hairbrush sized paddle made out of smooth oak that Gordy had handcrafted himself.

Usually a first timer would receive just a hand spanking, which was enough for most when Gordy was giving it. If anyone asked why he was using a paddle on a first timer, he'd tell them it was because Dr. Clark had already been given a second chance by the judge. The real reason though, was this was the paddle he'd planned to use on Dorothy all those years ago. It was the only paddle he'd kept w
hen he tried to give up spanking.

A few minu
tes before her 9am appointment, Gordy sees Dorothy pull into the parking lot. She's wearing a light blue skirt and blouse, which she straightens as she gets out of her gray Mercedes. She is alone and quickly makes her way into the building. Probably doesn't want anyone to see her, Gordy guesses with an amused grin on his face.

Being early in the day, Dorothy finds no line and is sent back without delay.

"Hello Gordy, how have you been?" Dorothy offers nervously.

"It's Mr. Gordon" came the stern retort.

Dorothy clears her throat and mumbles back, "Okay."

Gordy continues, "This is not a social call, Dr. Clark. We take your blatant disrespect for the law seriously, as you'll soon feel."

Dorothy's face turns red as her eyes dart to the floor. She has nothing to say now.

Gordy steps towards the hall, but Dorothy does not follow. Her feet are planted into the carpet.

"Dr. Clark, please, this way."


"Dr. Clark, NOW."

Still nothing.

Protocol requires Gordy to read a prepared text that warns of a possible 180 day jail sentence for failure to comply. Spankings are tightly regulated in most areas. Gordy isn't one to follow scripts though. He reasons each woman is different and thus requires a different kind of spanking. But Dorothy, she can make trouble. It's risky to stray off course with her, and Gordy knows it. After waiting all these years though, he is more than willing to take some chances.

"I will not tolerate disrespect. You will do as you're told, and you WILL take the spanking you have coming," Gordy orders as he takes hold of Dorothy's hand. No protest is offered as she shuffles her feet down the hallway. Gordy leads her straight into the punishment room and towards the big red chair. He can see her eyes fixate on the paddle situated on the middle of the table. Dorothy seems as if she might recognize it, but she does not speak.

Wanting to make his role clear, Gordy sweeps his hands around Dorothy's waist and in one swoop plucks her off her feet and over his lap. With a tug Dorothy's blue dress lifts into the air before falling to her back. New white cotton panties with little pink flowers on the waistband are all that protect Dorothy's bottom now.

"Dorothy, you know why you're here. You've been very-very naughty. Three tickets in four months. That's unacceptable. You're supposed to be a shining example to your students and look at you, over my knee awaiting your deserved punishment like some foolish freshman."

"I know, Mr. Gordon and I am sorry. I really am sorry, sorry for everything. I deserve what I'm about to get."

Gordy is not surprised at Dorothy's repentant tone. Many become apologetic in a last ditch attempt to save their hide. Without pause Gordy firmly replies, "It's good you understand that you've earned what you're about to get."

Slipping his fingers between the fabric of Dorothy's panties and her warm skin, Gordy tugs the material down exposing bare flesh. Her bottom is pale white, and looks surprisingly similar to what he recalls.

Gordy slowly raises his hand, admiring the pristine view.

Thumping down firmly into the bare flesh before him, Gordy begins to spank. Soundly scolding Dorothy's bottom checks with swift smacks that build in intensity with each blow. Gordy's hand rings as he swats away towards a full force hand spanking.

Approaching crescendo, Dorothy cuts loose with a bellowing shriek that could only come from a woman that has never been spanked before. She tries to pull and wiggle, twist and push... anything to soothe the eruption of pain in her rear. Gordy tightens his grip as he pulls Dorothy closer. The struggle excites Gordy in a most obvious way. That Dorothy surely would disapprove if she knew, only adds to the excitement.

With a flourish of walloping spanks, Gordy concludes the hand spanking. Dorothy's rump is an angry shade of red, with small blotches of purple dots peaking out. She's bawling softly into the arm of the chair, very much feeling her punishment.

Heat radiates from under Gordy's hand as gently rubs from the tip of Dorothy's thighs to the edge of her back. She starts to settle herself. Turning her teary eyes towards Gordy, she asks, "Are you still going to paddle me?"

"You're not getting out of it this time" Gordy answers as he roughly runs his fingernails over Dorothy's spanked bottom. She yelps and turns her head back into the armrest.

Turning towards the table, Gordy reaches for his favorite paddle. His legs shift as he slides the smoothly worn oak into his hand. Dorothy pushes her body towards Gordy as he settles back into his seat. Gordy can feel his stiff excitement against his slacks, straining towards Dorothy's bare skin.

Every carnal instinct in Gordy's body urges him forward. To ravish in the way he desires. To take what he wants, and to punish any effort to deny it. To spank hard and act on every craving. To make Dorothy hurt and ache, and at the same time lust and hunger for more.

But his job. The job he loves. The job he knows he'll lose if he persists.

Gordy gathers himself. Dorothy is still and makes no attempt to pull away. He decides to get Dorothy's full attention, in hopes that she'll ignore the issue pressing into her side.

Gordy lifts his attention getter high into the air. Swiftly the paddle cuts through the air, fuming towards it's destination. Scorching into place, Dorothy's breath is taken away. Quickly up again, it falls just as fast on the same spot. Then the attention moves to Dorothy's other cheek. Up and down, and then again.

The sounds of hard wood slapping into tender skin fills the room. Dorothy kicks her feet as her bottom turns deep crimson. She's now howling in distress.

THWACK-THWACK-THWACK. Gordy continues vigorously paddling. Over each check, and down to the tops of her thighs harsh discipline is evenly dispensed. He moves his left hand onto Dorothy's hip and presses down. Slowly he glides his hand away, pulling Dorothy's flesh back and exposing the most delicate part of her bottom.

Unspanked skin is revealed, which Gordy quickly rectifies with the paddle in his right hand by spanking directly on the middle of Dorothy's bottom.

As Gordy pushes the paddle through the air, he starts to scold.

Dorothy, you must remember that traffic laws are designed to keep you safe. SMACK-SMACK!

You must act like the role model you're supposed to be. WHACK-WHACK!

You must not be such a mean prude!

Might as well tell her the real reason she's getting the paddle Gordy figures.

With several culminating swats straight on Dorothy's sit spots, the paddling comes to a close. Raging violaceous marks protrude from the scarlet red canvas before Gordy's eyes. Dorothy weeps, but has taken her punishment rather well. Most squirm and fight more than she did.

Gordy very lightly starts to rub. Once a debt has been paid, he believes that comfort and forgiveness should be offered. With his palm he strokes in gentle circular motions, taking his time to pacify the sorest spots.

"Have you learned your lesson young lady?" he asks.

"Yes, sir, I have. Thank you for teaching me it" Dorothy responds with a snivel.

With the spanking over and no chance at manipulating a gentler punishment, Gordy did not expecting such a pleasant response. Maybe an irritable "are we done now"... but not a "thank you." He decides to explore exactly how thankful she is.

"Would you like me to continue rubbing your bottom?"

"Yes, sir. It feels nice." As Dorothy responds, she moves her legs apart stretching her white panties into her thighs. She asks, "Do you think I have a nice ass?"

"You have a very nice ass, sweetie."

"Is it as nice as the ones you normally see?"

"It's nicer, Dorothy. You know I've always liked your bottom."

Gordy continues to stroke. His hand moves over the edge of her back, flowing onto the rise of flesh that forms the beginning of Dorothy's backside. Back and forth he glides, fingers drifting over the divide in her flesh. Plunging lower, he can feel heat rising. Gently he soothes with his touch. His hand lightly passes over the summit of her rear-end, causing Dorothy to wince in pain.

"There-there, you'll be okay" Gordy offers.

Dorothy whispers, "Don't stop."

Gordy continues his decent, reaching the spot where Dorothy's bottom curves into her thighs. She moans softly. Shifting forward her legs move further apart. Gordy's caress brushes against Dorothy's now exposed wetness. Her arousal is obvious.

Concerns about his job melt away as Gordy moves from a soothing touch to a pleasing one. Prodding deeper into her folds of skin, he enters Dorothy. With great hunger she thrusts back as Gordy pushes his finger forward. His hand collides with Dorothy's primal lunge, sending a blissful shiver from the core of her sexuality to the edge of her mouth. She bites down on her lower lip as a wave of release rolls through her body.

Gordy guides his finger from the clutching grasp of Dorothy's quivering body. He raises his hand deliberately into the air and drops several quick slaps on Dorothy's backside.

"Are you a naughty girl that likes to be spanked" he asks.

Dorothy yelps out "yes" as her backside wiggles.

Hand still rhythmically beating down on sore flesh Gordy continues, "... and does spanking turn you on, Dr. Clark?"

Legs slamming shut, her bottom wincing with sting, Dorothy pleas, "yes-yes sir... yes- it does- YES!"

"That's a good girl" Gordy replies with a smile. His spanks subside to little pats, and then more gentle rubs. Dorothy again exposes her excitement. Gordy rewards her honesty with succulent touches directly to her most tender pleasure spot. Dorothy's body trembles with pulsing ecstasy, absorbing all of the bliss Gordy's skilled hand offers. Wave after wave of gratification swirls through her body until she is completely fulfilled.

The frenzy of hard spanking and unrestrained sexuality drains Dorothy leaving her finely styled hair clinging to her damp forehead. Little beads of perspiration roll from her back and onto her spanked bottom. Her fashionable blue dress is disheveled against her body.

Slumping back into the big chair, Gordy allows Dorothy time to catch her breath. Softly running his fingers over crimson skin, he chuckles out loud.

Dorothy turns her head and asks, "What's so funny?"

Patting her bottom Gordy answers, "The spanking ordinance, me being hired as the top spanker, you getting three speeding tickets in four months... I'm thinking you being here isn't exactly a coincidence."

Dorothy says nothing.

"Do I need to paddle you again young lady?"

"... okay-okay, I admit it! I've thought about you giving me a spanking ever since we broke up. I've fantasized about it, and wished I'd have just been honest about wanting it when you brought it up. I just never could think of how to fix things. so... I ...

"That's very sneaky of you, Dr. Clark. I wonder what all those coeds I've spanked think of your shenanigans..."

It was a good thing Gordy had just the one appointment today...


The master craftsman of this wonderful story was none other than Todd from American Spanking Society. Thanks Todd, you are a great writer and I appreciate you sharing that talent here for Fantasy Friday. Please leave Todd a comment here or over at A.S.S. to let him know what you thought of this story and to thank him for participating!! If anyone else has a story they are willing to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Seventy-five 12 year olds

Twenty-seven parents

Four teachers

Two buses

One field trip

Ya’ll pray for us now!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My dad used to say if you can’t say something nice doesn’t say anything at all. Maybe this is why I haven’t been doing my diet update for a few weeks. I have nothing good to say. I am starting to look more like the picture here. I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention but evidently I haven’t. Last April I was at my lowest weight. Since then I have gained 17 pounds. It makes me sick to realize that. Mostly because I just don’t seem to be able to stop it. I’m angry for letting it go so far. I don’t like what’s happening. And I am disgusted at the thought of having to fight it all off again.

I’ve let soft drinks slip back into my diet. I’ve let in candy, cookies, and chips. I’ve snacked in my chair some and you know what – I don’t want to stop. I love all those things. My blood pressure today was 140/100. I know some of that comes from work aggravation but the extra weight isn’t helping any either. My knees are giving me more trouble. And of course between work worries and being depressed over this gain… well things could be better.

Do I need Nick’s help? You know I do, but not for a sexy afternoon romp in the hay. Yes, I want that too – if I ever feel sexy again. But that isn’t going to get me back on the diet track. I could write him an assignment like I used to but I haven’t done that lately and he hasn’t said much. I’m not even sure he reads the blog anymore. I’ll ask him sometimes if he’s read that day and sometimes he has and sometimes he hasn’t. So I don’t know what he knows and what he doesn’t from out here. But I’m not upset with Nick. I haven’t exactly been sending out a ‘spank me’ vibe and since he is a vanilla at heart I know he hasn’t really want to bother me. You just can’t completely understand unless you are a born spanko and sometimes I don’t even understand.

I’m trying to help myself. I have joined a 3 month weight challenge at the gym. You have to do 37 hours between now and December 18. The time won’t be too hard probably. You have to go to at least 8 classes – which count toward your time. I don’t even know what the prize is I just know I had to do something. I’ll try to do an update each Tuesday. Maybe it will keep me honest and you guys can kick my butt when needed.

Of course Nick did surprise me the other night. He hadn’t said anything lately about me getting in bed by midnight but that usually when I head there. The other night I happened to crawl in at 11:59. He looked over at the clock and said “You’re cutting it mighty close.” It did make me feel better that he even noticed. I’m just hoping something changes soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Writing - I need it.

I think I have stumbled onto something else that can help me feel better. Maybe I over analyze myself but I keep trying to see what is missing that is making me feel so out of it. I think maybe it’s because I haven’t written any fiction in a long time. I do have some stories in my head but I don’t seem to give myself time to write. And I think I need it.

Now this would come as a surprise to Nick because he sees me on the computer all the time. But I’m not writing. I’m puttering. I read blogs, comment, answer comments, email my friends, answering emails, check facebook – in fact everything but writing.

Writing is what got me started. I started writing fiction in my head before I was 10 – mind blogging – back before blogging had been invented. Stories have always run around in my head.

I think that goes a long way it keeping me centered on what is important in my marriage. It may be fiction but it keeps me in the right frame of mind. So I am trying to write more. I got a story half finished this weekend. But I need to organize my time and really spend an amount of time on my writing.

I think this would go a long way in reliving my work stress if I had some writing to do when I got home. So I’m going to try – we may have a new Fantasy Friday before long. Like I said it’s half finished. So don’t count on it right away but I do have several in my head.

I haven’t been doing my diet update the past several weeks but I haven’t given up. I’ll do one this week, good or bad I’ll do one – after I work on my story!

picture by Kitty Faith

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fantasy Friday, The Beginning

I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I think Fridays are great by definition. Today's repost is special because it could have been lived by any of us. We all had to have (or will have) a beginning point in our spanking live. Whether or not you and your partner are both rabid spanko or one of you is vanilla, someone had to bring it up the first time. So read and enjoy!

The Beginning

Dawn had been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how to best approach the subject. She really wanted to share this private part of herself with the man she loved so much and had shared the last 24 years of her life with. They had raised children together. Bought houses, cars and made many other important life choices together, yet to share this part of her would be difficult. Of course she knew he loved her and would do whatever he could to make her happy.

This was just a little off the norm. It could be normal for many people but not the norm for her or Brad. She and Brad had met in college and went together for several years before they decided to marry. They pretty much stayed in the same area where they met. They attended the same church, lived in the same community and neither of them every traveled more than 10 miles to work. The thought of what she wanted just wasn’t an everyday occurrence in their world. Yet she knew it was what she wanted. Dawn promised herself she would find a way and tell him soon, perhaps tonight.

It was Friday night Brad’s favorite day of the week and the beginning of what he hoped would be great weekend. Brad thought to himself as he walked in the door, a whole weekend alone with his beautiful wife and sweetheart. When he came into the house he found Dawn in the kitchen getting ready to make dinner. “Hi Baby Girl I am so looking forward to this weekend”! He came up to her as he always did and immediately kissed her on the back of the neck and then on her soft lips.

Dawn loved his touch it always made her tingle all the way to her toes. Brad then gave her a hug and a playful swat on the bottom and went about feeding the dogs and talking about his day. Dawn tried to pay attention but was wondering about the swat and if maybe he, had any hidden desires. This was a rare occasion for Dawn and Brad to be alone in their own home without any children. They had 3 children. The oldest daughter had married about a year ago. Their son had gone away to college last month. The youngest daughter was still in high school but was away on a class biology trip for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until Sunday evening. It was the best chance Dawn would have to introduce Brad to her inner desire. She returned to reality with Brad standing in front of her asking why she was going to boil the dish rag. They both laughed but Brad could sense Dawn had something on her mind. Dawn proceeded to make a quite edible meal for the just the two of them.

After dinner was done and cleaned up they sat at the table together for a few minutes discussing what they might do with their time alone this weekend. Perhaps a movie, a concert or a visit to some location they had wanted to check out. They finally decided on a hike up to a waterfall in a nearby canyon. For the Saturday night they were thinking about going out to dinner and maybe a movie at home.

After deciding what they would do this weekend Dawn became quiet and a little withdrawn. Brad again got the feeling that she wanted to talk about something but was having a hard time deciding how to share it with him. Finally he just asked “what is it baby girl, what’s on your mind?” Dawn became very shy and took a deep breath and decided she would just be out with it and see how he would react. After all she had only gone over the expected conversation in her own mind at least a hundred times. She might as well be out with it and see how he took the news that his precious “baby girl” was a spanko.

Brad sat quietly waiting for her answer, he could tell she was nervous and he began to wonder what would cause her to be so upset. He just wanted to hold her and help her share with him whatever was on her mind. He took her in his arms and told her “baby girl you know you can tell me anything I’m always here for you”. Dawn gained strength as he held her and finally asked if they could sit on the couch together and she promised him she would try to tell him what was on her mind.

As they moved to the couch Dawn sat as close to Brad as was possible she wanted to feel his love for her as she tried to explain what it was she wanted to share with him. Finally she spoke “Brad I’ve been thinking about something for a long time and I don’t want you to laugh or comment until I say all of it, I’ve had these feelings just about as long as I can remember, since I was a child. Dawn took a deep breathe “I want for you to spank me”.

The expression on Brad’s face spoke volumes but he said nothing and waited for Dawn to continue. Seeing that Brad didn’t fall apart and that his face even showed signs of pleasure with what she was saying, she continued at a breathless pace. “Not like for punishment all the time but for fun and for real. I want a real spanking that would hurt and maybe even sometimes make me cry. You could even tell me to take down my pants and even my panties and spank my bare bottom if you wanted too, it could be erotic sometimes. You could tell me to undress completely and watch. Think of the possibilities you would have my bare willing bottom on your lap and easy access to other fun locals. You would also have a happy submissive partner willing to do what ever they were told. I have often dreamed of you taking me over your knee and giving me a spanking. I know this is a little off the norm for folks like us but, I have been doing a little research on the internet and it is not as uncommon as you might think, spanking is the most common of sex kinks”.

Brad was a little taken back at his wife’s request but the thought of her willing vulnerable bare bottom over his lap was far from unappealing. In fact he had considered the thought of spanking her cute little bottom on more than one occasion but had always limited himself to an occasional swat or two, sometimes just for fun, sometimes during sex or other times when Dawn was starting on a rampage. It did seem to curtail her rampage for a bit but it didn’t always keep it from coming. Now her she was asking him to spank her, giving her consent to one of his fondest dreams! He considered how best to respond and put Dawn at ease.

Carefully he spoke “Baby Girl you know I would do anything to make you happy. I too have thought about spanking your adorable little bottom more than once or twice. Now that you bring it up you have never really objected to any of the swats I’ve giving you over the years, sometimes I even got the feeling that you liked them and wanted more but I thought it must be my imagination, how could a sweet beautiful competent young women want some Neanderthal spanking her bottom”. Dawn just had to interrupt “it wouldn’t be like that you just taking me by the hair and dragging me back to your cave against my will, although that might make a fun role play sometime. It would always be with my consent and participation. It would always be done with our love for one another at the center of the spanking bringing us closer together. The how to spank websites even advise that we have a safe word that if I said the safe word you would stop immediately and make sure I was OK”.

Now Brad became quiet for a bit and then told Dawn he had a few questions. “What if I came home from work and told you to go to our room pull down your pants and panties and bend over the bed and wait for me would you do it? Dawn’s answer was quick “In a heart beat honey so long as no one else especially the kids would know what was going on”. Brad continued “so this would be just between you and me then, no one else is to know?” Dawn answered “definitely, no one else is to know just our little secret. You could whisper in my ear if I were behaving badly that you would spank me later if I didn’t change my attitude or that I would be spanked later for my behavior. You know how sometimes I get all cranky and mean I’m usually very stressed at that point and if you could find a way to take me some place private and spank my bottom it could help me release that stress and help me return to my normal happy self. You could even use an implement like a belt or a paddle if you thought it was needed. Your spanking might even make me cry sometimes but, don’t worry too much about hurting me, we’ll have a safe word and I promise to use it if it is more than I can stand.

Brad thought for a minute “you seriously mean if you got into one of those rampage modes I could just take you away to a private place and spank you, even with my belt or if I couldn’t do right then I could let you know it would happen later. “Yes” Dawn answered. Brad smiled at the thought of finally finding a way to help his wife stop the occasional rampage that wasn’t consistent with the rest of his beautiful wife’s temperament.

Dawn also shared with Brad that she liked being submissive to him and having him take care of her. Spanking could provide another way of expressing their love for one another. Brad smiled a big grin “well you’ve convinced me and like I said I would do anything for your happiness and if it brings us closer together, all the better, I think it will make me happy too”! Brad then pulled Dawn up and into his arms and gave her the biggest strongest hug he then unbuttoned and lowered her jeans took her hands in his and said to her “Baby girl I want you to go put these precious little hands on that wall over there and stick out that beautiful bottom of yours”. He then began spanking her sassy little bottom that she stuck out further with each swat. After about 20 of these he lowered her pretty little pink panties and she shook them to the floor. He then applied another 20 or so well placed spanks unto her pretty pink little behind and very much enjoyed turning it a bright red. He then took her in his arms and held her tight until her breathing slowed and she caught her breathe. Dawn had the sweetest content smile on her face.

Brad then undressed himself and picked Dawn up and carried her back to the couch where he helped her over his knee. She began moaning for his touch. Brad didn’t disappoint as he quickly removed that rest of her clothes and began exploring her most private girl parts. He then alternated between touching and spanking. She quickly came in his hands with more force than ever before. He continued touching, exploring, spanking and causing this now wild girl to cum repeatedly. He then commanded her to get on her hands and knees on the floor, she quickly obeyed and he was within her in a split second. They both orgasamed together so hard they shook, something that had not happened in years. They fell to the floor wrapped in each others arms both of them spent yet feeling fully satisfied, fulfilled and completely loved. Both Brad and Dawn were very much looking forward to their time alone together this weekend and were already feeling the closeness and love spanking can bring.


This wonderful story was written by Sally! An reader of blogs and a sometimes commenter. I hope she starts commenting more I really feel like she has a lot to add out here. I think this is the first story she has posted anywhere so I asked her to give us some background and this is want she sent –

I am a wife, mother and me. I have assorted children who have now either become or will become "adults" within the next few years. I have the great pleasure of being married to the love of my life. My children are my top priority and everything else will have to wait if one of them needs me, which may be why my husband and I have only been at this spanking thing for the last one and half years. I live on the west coast of the U.S. and love being close to nature; fortunately I live where there are many opportunities for outdoor adventures.

I think this shows that many of you reading out there do have a story in you. Go ahead and write it, revise it, play with it then send it in and I’ll post it for Fantasy Friday. Ask Sally, its fun to hear what people think your story. Everyone let Sally know how much we appreciate her for jumping into the playground!! And if anyone else has a story sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More thoughts

Nothing particularly earth shattering here today folks. I am not as down as I was about the job but only because this week I am able to ignore more. That comes and goes; one week I’m in tears and the next I say screw it, close the door and just do my job the way I am supposed to without all the interference . But although I’m not as upset as I was I don’t feel I’m back to myself.

I am letting my weight get away from me. I see myself doing it and yet I don’t stop. I snack more than I should. I eat unnecessary snacks. I mean one where I am not even hungry I’m just mad/sad/frustrated or something like that. I feel I ‘deserve’ a treat for putting up with all the crap at work. After I eat it I get so mad at myself but yet I turn around and do it again.

So where is Nick in all this? Well he’s here. But lately there has been little to no spanking. That’s not a complaint, just an observation. The last few weeks have been rough. He knows I’ve been so unhappy about work; I had a cold for a while. Extra stuff has been going on and we have had little time alone. When we have been alone I haven’t felt very sexy and I haven't felt like a spanko in my head. Would a spanking have helped, I don’t know. Would it help now? I honestly don’t know. I can say I have not been in the mood for a spanking – I just feel blank mostly.

Maybe I get mixed emotions about mixed spankings. I know mentally I need discipline spankings sometimes, at least on some level. Those are the spankings that make a spanko feel love and protected. But really the only time Nick spanks more that a short spur of the moment spanking is as foreplay to love making. Now I have NOTHING against spanking as foreplay – I mean for me it’s the stuff dreams are made of but when he combines the two it lessens the effect of either one. When the spanking is really just a sidebar or a prelude to sex I don’t feel he is serious about helping me maintain focus on the healthy lifestyle. And when he tells me I need to work harder and hit the gym while watching my eating habits, well that doesn’t make me feel sexy. Do you see why I want a separation of the two?

Nick has mastered the art of the erotic spanking; he is creative, thoughtful, romantic – the works! I couldn’t ask for more along those lines. But when he does feel a spanking is in order for anything else it’s usually just a quickie – no time to get my mind around the meaning behind it all. Mental is so important.

Once again these are just thought running through my head. I’m not really worried about these things, I’m not mad or annoyed and I don’t feel neglected. All is well if not exactly where I wish it was. I know how lucky I am. I have a place I can come and work all these things around in my head and mostly I’m lucky because I have Nick.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Borrowed meme

I borrowed this meme from His Tiny Sub who has started a new blog - Ramblings of a Crazy Mind. She came by during LOL day and I followed her home. She has posted several meme to help us get to know her better. I'm trying to get around to several blogs that I became aware of during the Lurker gathering. I hope you'll drop by to check out His Tiny Sub and learn more about her through the memes. I hadn't done a one in a while so I thought I would try it out.

1. Name someone with the same birthday as you. Tim Conway and my old baby sitter of mine.

2. Where was your first kiss? I think it was after a football game when I was in 7th grade.

3. Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else's property? Nope, not my style.

4. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? I have. Punched a kids once who tried to hurt my puppy.

5. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? No, not since I was about 5.

6. What's the first thing you notice about the preferred sex? Confidence and humor.

7. What really turns you on? Being spanked, being dominated, my fantasies.

8. What do you order at Starbucks? I am not a coffee drinker unless Eva makes it for me.

9. What is your biggest mistake? My friends here already know all about that!

10. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose? Nope, not unless you count self spanking. And that was years ago.

11. Say something totally random about yourself. Mollie says I always wear ugly shoes.

12. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Does Lassie count?

13. Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows? I still like the classic Disney movies

14. Did you have braces? No

15. Are you comfortable with your height? Yeah, I guess. But I wouldn’t mind being a little taller.

16. What is the most romantic thing someone of the preferred sex has done for you? When things are really bad at work and I’m really stressed Nick sometimes text me to tell me he is thinking of me and loves me.

17. When do you know its love? When you try your best to ignore it but the feeling just will not leave you alone.

18. Do you speak any other languages? Si or Oui! Of course this is the extent of it.

19. Have you ever been to a tanning salon? I’ve been to one but only to take a friend – I’m not getting in one of those things!

20. What magazines do you read? Ladies Home Journal

21. Have you ever ridden in a limo? Several times, weddings, funerals and such.

22. Has anyone you were really close to passed away? Yes. I’ve lost both my parents and a nephew.

23. Do you watch mtv? Not of my own free will.

24. What's something that really annoys you? Bureaucracy.

25. What's something you really like? Internet friends.

26. Do you like Michael Jackson? I hand nothing against him, he was a great singer but I wasn’t his biggest fan.

27. Can you dance? Only if I’m alone.

28. What's the latest you have ever stayed up? All night I’m sure but usual around 2 would be the latest.

29. Have you ever been rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room? Nope, I’ve never even gone to an ER for myself.

30. Do you actually read these when other people fill them out? Are you kidding, I’m the original detail whore, of course I do!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy week

It’s been a very full week! Beginning last Friday when my boss came around to see if there was anything he could do about the situation at school that is causing the most problems. He asked me to write down my thought and my suggestions. Now that is not an invitation you want to give a blogger if you are not serious. So last weekend I organized my thought and put them on paper for him. He read it and came back and thanked me for doing it. He has actually made some small changes that has helped and I’m feeling better. I know nothing major is going to change but just having my say and feeling like someone there was listening helped a lot.

LJ came home for Fall break – and that’s exactly what we got. What was falling was a large limb and what got broken was his back windshield! Oh well, one more thing. He got it replaced Tuesday afternoon, picked it up around 5 and was planning to head back to school around 7. He was at Collin’s when a neighbor knocked on the door to tell him the window had broken again! Just crumbled completely. Now this news didn’t thrill me but I was really nearly panicked as I realized this could have happened when he was traveling 70 mph down the high way. If the window crumbling hadn’t scared him into a wreck he would have found himself standing on the side of the highway either chasing his cat in traffic or trying to hold on to a wild cat while trying to call for help. Both thought had my heart beating fast.

Now he needed to get back to school and I was not looking forward to a 4 hour round trip to get him back, for one thing I had really been looking forward to reading and answering my comments from our LOL day that evening. My sweet Mollie quickly offered her car. (Yes Nick and I do own all the cars, but she offered before we even suggested it. As it turned out LJ took her car, she took Nick’s and Nick took mine – so of course I was the one who ended up without wheels.) The window got replaced again and Wednesday Nick and I went to pick it up, then out to eat and did some shopping.

Thursday I did make it to the gym but I was so tired! I’ve been fighting a cold and I am just dragging. Friday was another tiring day at work. Just couldn’t squeeze in the gym. LJ came back for his car and we all went out to eat for Mollie’s birthday. Her birthday gift this year was a wii. We did have a hoot playing with that! I am hoping for a wii fit plus for my birthday. If any of you have one please give me your opinions. It’s not that I’m going to stop going to the gym – but after 3 years I am sick to death of going 3 or 4 times every week. Some days I just can’t make myself go so maybe this is something I can do at home on some of those days.

Saturday morning Mollie and I got up early for the ‘race for the cure’ run/walk. It was pretty cold and damp but not too bad and I enjoyed spending time with her. I think LJ has been the one most surprised by her birthday. He had first said he would come get the car on Saturday night and we could go out for her birthday then. I told him she already had plans for Saturday night going out with her friends for supper. I think he was stunned. I said “Son what did you expect? Do you realize how old the girl is?” His answer, “Twelve?” Now he was fully aware that she is now 17 but I think in his mind that is the way he pictures her. Maybe this is making him feel old!

As for me, I’ve been better. I don’t feel really bad or anything, I’m not really depressed or sad or anything I just feel blah… I’ve got too much to do at school. Not major things, small things but they are time consuming and I don’t want to do them. I feel very tired and sleepy all the time. My weight is creeping up at a time when I find it harder and harder to go to the gym. I just want to curl up and sleep all the time. I have email I want to send, post I want to write and stories rolling in my head. But when I sit down to the computer I stare, I check email and facebook. I spot read other places but it’s seems as I get farther and farther behind with all I need and want to do the less and less I get anything done.

When I get like this I don’t feel sexy, I don’t feel kinky, I don’t feel that spanking would bring me out of it… I have no idea what will being me out of it but I would like to find something. I guess until them I’ll just sleep as much as humanly possible. Unless you guys have any better suggestion.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fantast Frday, Therapy Session

Fantasy Friday is here folks. Today is another repost and I have a feeling you are going to enjoy it. I don't know about where you are but here this week it has been cold and rainy. Makes me want to curl up in my recliner, pull my throw up over my lap and and bury myself in blog reading. Not that I'm going to be doing that all weekend - Mollie and I are walking in the 'Race for the cure' Saturday to raise money for breast cancer research.

The race is on Mollie's 17th birthday and I was impressed that she wanted to spend part of her day for such a worthy cause and very happy that she wanted me to be with her. Not that I am going to be doing much real
racing, but I think I can hold up for a 3 mile walk.

But to get this weekend off to a great start, enjoy...

Therapy Session

Jan and Ted Coles sat in separate wingback chairs, across the desk from Dr. Baird Winslow.They were nervous as they watched the bespectacled psychologist, a noted marriage counselor and therapist, shuffle his notes. Ted glanced at his wife, whose gaze was in her lap. He reached over the arms of the chairs, and picked up her hand. He smiled at her as he gave her a reassuring squeeze.

Dr. Winslow smiled, too, as he looked up at them. “There’s very good news for you,” he began, “the tests, questionnaires, surveys and interviews all indicate that you will be just fine – better than you ever believed, in fact.”

Jan and Ted exhaled.

The doctor continued, “You are, as individuals, well grounded, robust and resilient people. You both can be characterized as practical and hard working. You have a genuine affection, admiration and deep love for the other. You are going to be just fine.”

There was a pause, and finally Ted spoke. “I’m – we’re – relieved to hear that, Dr. Winslow. We don’t doubt that we love each other, as we told you a month ago when we came here. But there’s no denying we’ve had problems over the last few years. We’re not intimate like we used to be – and I don’t just mean sexually. We’ve been going through the motions, but we haven’t shared life as a couple in a long while.”

Jan spoke up, too. “Is it unrealistic to expect it to be as close as it was in the beginning? Do all married couples lose intensity in their relationship over time? I mean, we’ve had kids, and jobs, and stress over the years. Is the problem that we’re not adjusting to something that happens inevitably?” She looked distressed.

Dr. Winslow looked at her steadily, and then spoke. “There is no inevitable anything in marriage,” he said. “Mrs. Coles, come with me. I’m going to show you something that is going to change your marriage forever, and will restore all intensity and emotional connection that you’ve been missing.”

The doctor rose and Jan followed his lead. They walked together to a small table against the far wall. It was covered with a white cloth, but there were obviously objects underneath the covering. The doctor lifted the cloth by its hem and withdrew it with a flourish, exposing a small collection of paddles and straps. Jan Coles gasped, and immediately colored. Dr. Winslow could see her neck, face and ears blushing red, and he nodded to himself. Ted Coles, still seated in his chair, couldn’t see what his wife beheld, but was curious to know what provoked her reaction.

Dr. Winslow spoke, in a firm voice: “Mrs. Coles, you will take this – “he handed her a small, oval-shaped leather paddle – “and you will hold it behind your back as you stand in this corner –“he indicated the corner to the left behind his desk –“and you will not move or make a sound as I talk with your husband. If you do, I will come over to the corner and I will paddle you with this (he held up a rectangular piece of wood four times the size of the paddle that Jan now held). Do you understand?”

“Now hold on . . .” Ted rose from his chair, unsure what the doctor was doing, and even more uncertain what he would do to stop it.

Dr. Winslow turned to him. “Mr. Coles, I know this is unusual and unexpected for you. Please let Mrs. Coles decide if she’ll proceed, and then I assure you that you and I will have an illuminating conversation.”

Ted looked at Jan. To his astonishment, she turned to the doctor, said, “I understand,” and crossed the floor to the designated corner, where she stood with the small paddle held at her tailbone. The two men watched her in silence for a moment; Dr. Winslow indicated the two wing chairs, and they sat down.

“Mr. Coles,” Dr. Winslow began, “your wife loves you deeply and yearns for a deeper emotional connection with you. She wants to tell you her most innermost feelings, fears, desires and hopes. But she’s inhibited by a fear you’ll reject her on some level, so she keeps things inside.”

“Your own tests show you to be a highly self-confident leader. You are analytical and rational, yet also visionary and of an “expansive” mind. You have proven yourself in business, where you are well respected and successful. In your relationship with your wife, your tests reveal a certain frustration with things, and a desire to be the recognized leader of your relationship.”

“In sum, Mr. Coles, you have the natural makings of a dominant in your relationship, and Mrs. Coles is, organically, in regards to her feelings to you, at least, a submissive. You two are made for each other.”

Ted was silent, taking in the information. He looked at his wife, standing with her back to him, her fingers wrapped around the handle of the paddle. “So you’re telling me to dominate my wife physically? I could never hurt Jan – the idea is repugnant to me!” Ted spoke with his fists clenched.

Dr. Winslow nodded at him. “I’m advising you, with your wife’s consent, to spank her. I can tell you from years of working with couples whose profiles are similar to yours that spanking will bring you closer, will open lines of communication, will lead to more frequent and fulfilling sexual intimacy, and will satisfy your conscious and subconscious desires to assume the natural role in your relationship. One of my mentors told me early on, ‘The couples that spanks, stays together.’ I’ve seen it myself, and he’s right.”

“As far as hurting Mrs. Coles goes, you have to learn how to administer a spanking the correct way. `You should put her over your lap, well supported, and spank her on the meat of her bottom – not up too high. Start slowly and build up, and that’s all there is to it. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. In fact, I think it’s time you saw the demonstration.” The doctor rose and addressed Jan, “Mrs. Coles, come over here now, please.” He moved to the couch.

Jan gulped, and turned slowly. She saw the doctor, sitting on the couch and lightly patting his thigh. She began to walk toward him, and then changed course and approached her husband. Standing in front of him, she held out the paddle to him and said softly, “There is only one person I can ever imagine spanking me, and that’s Ted. Will you do it, darling?”

Ted rose, took his wife’s hand in his left and relieved her of the paddle with his right. He led her to the couch, where Dr. Winslow relinquished his seat with a sigh. “Would you like me to advise you? Give you some pointers as you go along?” There was a hint of wistfulness in his voice.

“Just some privacy, please,” Jan responded. As Ted took the doctor’s place on the couch, Jan put herself across his lap. Dr. Winslow, on his way out the door, caught a glimpse of Jan’s pantyhose-covered bottom as Ted lifted her skirt and slip and began to spank her tentatively with his hand.

At first he said nothing, embarrassed to be doing what he found himself doing at all. After a few minutes, though, when Jan hadn’t protested, he spanked harder and faster, and began to talk. “Jan, you’ve had this coming for quite some time. You’ve been moody, evasive and sullen. From now on, you’re going to talk to me, and not retreat from me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ted, I do,” Jan was breathing fast as her husband rained down spanks on her behind. The smacks grew in number, severity and rapidity. “I wish I had been more open with you; I’m sorry I wasn’t.”

“You’re going to be a lot more sorry before I’m finished with you,” Ted assured her. He stopped spanking for a moment to rub his hand, then pulled Jan’s pantyhose and panties down to her mid-thighs. He could make out handprints – his handprints – on her faintly blushing bottom. It wasn’t as red as he thought it would be. He picked up the paddle, and brought it down smartly on each cheek, raising an immediate red spot on each side and an exclamation from Jan.

“There are going to be some changes, young lady, and they’re going to start right now.” Ted used the paddle as though a metronome were dictating its cadence. Rhythmically he brought it down first on the right side, then the left. He avoided skin that had already turned bright red, and in that way worked on painting her entire backside crimson.

“You’re going to meet your responsibilities to me and to our family,” he continued, “and you’re going to lose the short temper and snippy attitude you’ve been copping.” Ted paddled some more, and Jan squirmed and twisted and kicked her heels. Her bottom stung like fury, and the blows that landed on the sides of her buttocks and the tops of her thighs caused her particular distress. “Yes, Ted,” she agreed, “I will. Please stop for a minute – can I get my breath? It’s really hurting!”

“I do believe it’s supposed to hurt,” Ted answered her. “I’m almost finished here, but know this – I will not hesitate (three particularly hard spanks landed as he spoke these words) to spank you from now on if I feel you’ve earned it. Understood?”

“Yes! Please stop!”

“Yes, sir, you mean?” Ted delivered another round of hard, rapid spanks.

“Yes, sir! I understand!”

To Jan’s relief the spanking stopped. She felt her husband’s gentle touch again; he lightly ran his fingers over her reddened bottom, and then rubbed more firmly. He rubbed her back with his left hand. Jan, though she was still bare-bottomed across her husband’s lap, in a doctor’s office, felt calm and also incredibly aroused. She thrust her pelvis into Ted’s thigh and rubbed against the fabric of his suit trousers. She waited to hear from him that she was permitted to get up and restore order to her clothing.

Ted looked into her eyes. “My bride has another wifely duty to conduct at home,” he said with a wry smile. He put her hand on the front of his pants, and she smiled at the stiffness she encountered there. They scurried from the doctor’s office like newlyweds bound for the honeymoon suite.


Now I think if we had more doctors who would prescribe this kind of therapy to couples in trouble we could lessen our divorce rate. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it wouldn't work for everyone but we all know that it really would work for many people if they gave it a try. I sometimes wonder about woman who haven't spent their lives think of spanking like many of us. How might they react to a suggest like this? I think many would be more intrigued than appalled.

This wonderful story was written by Scout. Scout doesn't have a blog but we do email enough to keep up with one another. Please let her know your thought about the story. Thanks Scout, we'd love to have another!

I have heard from several people since LOL day. It appears that there might be some new Fantasy Friday stories in our future. I hope so. Just keep thinking - we are all interested in what other people fantasies about. Share your story with us, send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul!

Paul , I hope you party to 'till the cows come home!

And they look like there are pr
etty happy where they are right now!

Sure wish you could come to the states
and give all your friends and family here
a good birthday spanking to celebrate!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somebody didn't listen!

I want to thank everyone again for stopping by and leaving a comment yesterday and I want to speak to those of you who really wanted to leave a comment yesterday but still couldn’t quite bring themselves to do it. I want you to remember that we love our lurkers every day and you will be most welcomed anytime you decide to leave a comment. Just keep it in mind.

I usually write my post the day before and post about midnight but I saw something this morning I just couldn’t let pass with out comment. Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California signed a law a while back making it illegal to hold a cell phone while driving a car when driving in his state. Guess who was filmed doing that very thing? If you guessed his lovely wife Maria you would be right. Here’s a link to the story. So what happens when the first lady breaks one of her husband’s rules? Well on his Twitter feed, Schwarzenegger wrote to TMZ.com founder Harvey Levin:

"Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift action."

Does that make any of you other spankos just tingle in sympathy? Arnold is one formidable man should we all send pillows?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talk to me!

And another love our lurker’s day rolls around. I can’t believe I am here for the 4th one. Many of us are here today for the same purpose – to encourage all of you that read quietly to come out and speak to us. Remember nearly all of us that are blogging began our cyber lives as lurkers. We understand the reasons you don’t always comment. For me at first, it was fear – was it really anonymous? Were the vanilla cyber policemen going to find out and hunt me down for being a spanko and reading such things on the internet? The truth is no, no one minds that you are reading spanko/sex blogs. No one minds that you enjoy reading stories about spanking and no one mines if you comment or ask questions. All we want to do is encourage you to accept these feelings as completely normal and realize its fine to discuss them.

If anyone has read here more than once or twice you probably know I found my best friends in the world right here in blogland. My live would be so much poorer without them. I often hear bloggers say that they blog for themselves and don’t care about comments. For me that’s nuts. If all these thoughts were just for me I’d keep them to myself and save the time and trouble of typing. I am begging you to comment! Tell me what you think – do you agree, disagree, think I’m brilliant or think I’m a total idiot – I don’t care just talk to me!

Over the years so many great blogs have gone private. In the past this has always makes me so sad. But sometimes the thought does cross my mind. You can use your real name, you can be more open on, you can post real pictures of yourself and your family and you can always invite you friends to come to this private place. But deep down I know I don’t want to be private. I have always loved talking to new people out here.

I realize how different my life would be now if Bonnie, Eva, Grace, CeeCi, and Theresa had all gone private just as I started reading and before I got the courage to comment. I would have been very sad and I know Nick and I would not be sharing the closeness we have now. These women lead the way for me and I am so grateful that they were there to talk to and open up to. Having them gave me the courage to come out to myself and eventually to Nick. What a blessing they all were in my life. I always hope I can pass this gift on to other. But that will never happen if you never comment.

I have a stat counter – I know you are coming by to read. I know my readership goes up when we have a Fantasy Friday story. I do thank you for coming by, I know many of you must enjoy these stories but imagine being the author – taking the time and energy to weave your dreams and fantasies into a story, getting up the courage to share it with other and then to only get a few comments. How discouraging! I’ve always wanted Fantasy Friday to be a place for new, perhaps unsure, writers to feel comfortable sharing a story. And when they do that I want us all to rally around and encourage them all we can. I know we can do this for each other, I know many of you did it for me.

Okay lecture over! You are all welcomed here whether you comment or not. But I will make a deal with you – if you comment I will respond to your comment. That seems only fair and polite. And finally, for those of you that don’t comment – I’m going to find you and spank your butt!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fantasy Friday, Long Overdue Accounting, part 3

And here it is! The final part of this wonderful story. I hope you have enjoyed reading this one!

Long Overdue Accounting

Part 3

Vivian laid on her stomach, taking the pressure off her very sore backside while thinking over the dilemma of Charlie. Her head was pillowed on her crossed arms and her sandy brown wavy hair was pushed to one side. Every time she tried to figure out how she would tell him of all the lies she told, tears started to fill her hazel eyes. Her nose was already bright pink from all the crying while she was being spanked and she was hoping to calm down enough so that her face didn’t look totally awful when Charlie showed up.

She thought back to the first day she had met him when he had asked if he could share her table in the Union. After looking up into his warm brown eyes, and the wonderful genuine smile she had no problem inviting him to join her. He was tall with longish dark brown hair and immediately had her laughing as they talked. Charlie was very impressed with the fact that Vivian was an older student just starting out who had worked to get the money for school. He was a graduate student in psychology and wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do when he got his Master’s degree. Most of his passion seemed to revolve around working with children. They both were amazed at the coincidence that Vivian’s plans also included children. Her goal was to be a reading specialist.

After that first day Charlie amazingly showed up at the same time every day in the Union. Vivian was delighted, he was not only wonderful company but there was a quality about him she couldn’t quite put her finger on but she really liked. He was so different from most of the men she had dated. He was so interested in her classes and her goals.

Almost a week after she had first met him, Charlie had asked her out on a date. Vivian was so relieved; she was beginning to wonder if he just liked eating lunch with her. She felt a little strange explaining that she lived with her uncle but she didn’t want any misunderstandings if he called and Uncle J answered the phone. But Charlie was not the least put off by the idea. “I think that’s great that you are so close to your uncle and the two of you can be there for each other.” She rewarded him with a beaming smile and a card with the phone number on it.

Charlie smiled as he pocketed it, “I’ll call tonight and we can make plans for Saturday.” He reached across the table and held her hand briefly, “I am really looking forward to this Vivian.”

She knew she was blushing but really didn’t care, “So am I, truly.”

And that was how it started. The first time Charlie picked her up for their date he and Uncle J had really hit it off. Vivian was amazed. It was as though they had known each other forever. In fact she wondered if she and Charlie were going to go out or spend the evening with her uncle.

When they left Uncle J had hugged her and turned to Charlie, “Take care of my girl.” Vivian thought she would die. But Charlie took it in his stride. She knew other men she had been out with would have rolled their eyes and made some comment on it once they were out the door.

But Charlie simply shook her Uncle’s hand and said, “I certainly will.” When they got out the door he remarked on how much he liked Vivian’s uncle. And there were other differences too. Although Charlie had gently kissed her good night after their first date he had certainly taken his time going much further than that. He was a tremendous amount of fun to be with and Vivian usually ended up laughing until her stomach ached over some of his stories. They went to movies, concerts, museums, and sometimes just went for long walks with lots of talking. Many times their meal out lasted for hours, just spent sharing with each other. He was also incredibly polite and gentlemanly. Always opening doors and pulling out her chair. And he insisted that he walk on the street side when they were out together. But somehow he never did it in a condescending manner and she was never put off by it or insulted. She felt cared about and even, protected. It was amazing but none of that bothered her as it had with past boyfriends who tried it.

It was not until a month into their relationship that they first made love. Charlie had been careful not to push her, she understood his motivations. But it was getting to the point where she was ready to push him…right down on the bed. However, one night at his apartment after watching a movie together, well at least that is what they were supposed to be doing, he had looked down at her with those wonderful brown eyes and said in a soft husky voice, “Vivian?” She had nodded and as they kissed he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

Their love making was incredible. Sometimes romantic, slow, and serious, other times much more unrestrained. At times Charlie would suddenly turn Vivian over his knee and spank her playfully. She always complained but never very convincingly, in fact she found it an incredible turn on. She was sure this was the man who was meant for her.

However, there was one contentious problem they faced; Charlie absolutely would not go out on a night when they had classes the next day. He was more than willing to come over and study with her or bring her to his apartment to study. But whenever she brought up meeting friends at a bar for a drink during the week, he always turned it down. “Viv, I know I have no right or authority to tell you what to do, but you are carrying a pretty heavy class load and I do believe you need your week nights for studying.” It was then that Vivian began her load of lies. She was constantly reassuring Charlie that she had no problem doing well on her tests and papers. To hear her talk she was getting As in all her classes with no trouble whatsoever. Now she always meant to do well and catch up on her class work but she also had lots of trouble turning down her friends when they all wanted to go out. Soon she was weaving a might big web of deception that included her uncle, Charlie, but most of all herself. She truly had convinced herself she could fix what she had done, but it was way too little, too late.

So now here she was faced with her deceit towards the man she was more in love with each and every day. She sighed and stood up, groaning at the stinging pain still on her bottom, especially now that it was covered in panties and jeans. But Charlie would be here soon and she went into the bathroom to fix her hair and put on some makeup. She also had no idea how she was going to tell him about this.

Jerry was reading the paper when the doorbell rang. His niece still had not come downstairs since he had spanked her and he had a feeling she was totally afraid of facing Charlie after all that had transpired this semester. But he had a feeling about Charlie and was pretty sure it was going to work out, maybe not exactly the way Vivian expected but probably the way she truly needed it to.

As he went to answer the door he called up the stairs, “Viv honey, Charlie is here, are you ok?”

A forlorn voice replied, “Yes Uncle J, I’ll be down in a minute.”

He sighed and went to answer the door. “Hi there Charlie, come on in.” The two men shook hands like the friends they were fast becoming.

Charlie’s smile faded as he looked at Jerry. “Hey you look a little down, is everything all right? Vivian isn’t sick or anything is she?” The instant concern for his niece drew a smile; Jerry liked this boy, well man, better every time he saw him.

“Well now Charlie, you are going to have to discuss that with Viv herself, she’ll be down in a minute.”

Suspicions began forming in Charlie’s mind; Jerry had never hedged on a question before. Something was definitely up. But his attention was diverted as Vivian came downstairs. He loved watching her whenever he could; she was so adorable and sweet. It may have taken Vivian awhile to be sure she was in love with him but it hadn’t taken Charlie any longer than that first date. And Lord it had been hard holding himself back, but he wanted her to be secure and feel safe with him at all times.

But now as he looked at her, he realized for the first time he could ever remember, she wasn’t smiling at the sight of him. Maybe she was breaking up with him…oh no, please don’t let it be that. When she got downstairs she hugged him hard and he felt the relief of knowing it certainly wasn’t a break up. What was going on?

“Charlie, I have something I have to tell you…no you stay Uncle J,” she noticed her uncle quietly trying to leave them alone.

Taking her hand he led her to the couch and sat down expecting Vivian to sit too. She hesitated, drew a breath, and sat down very, very slowly, easing her bottom onto the cushions. “Honey are you hurt, were you in an accident, all right one of you tell me what’s going on here.” Vivian looked at him in surprise; she had never heard an impatient tone in his voice.

“Charlie I have to tell you what happened before we go out, since you may not want to see me again after you hear what I have done”, her lip began quivering and her eyes filled with tears.

“What in the world are you talking about, nothing could ever make me feel that way about you Viv”, Charlie put two fingers under her chin and lifted it until they were eye to eye. “Just tell me what is going on. There isn’t anything you and I can’t work out together.”

At that the tears began to spill over her eyes and she began to unload the whole story. Going out when she should have been studying, not giving her classes the attention they needed even when she was at home supposedly studying. Charlie didn’t say a word, just sat and listened. She never exactly uttered the word lie but she finished with revealing what her grades were for the semester. When Charlie heard the F in Geology the silence was broken.

His voice was quiet but firm and his jaw was set very tight, “But Vivian you assured me that you were doing well, actually very well on all your tests and papers. How can this be?” Of course he already knew the answer to his own question but he wanted her to admit to what she had done.

Vivian hung her head in shame, “I lied to you. Oh God Charlie I lied all the time. I figured I would have time to fix things up, I never intended for it to get this bad. I was so, well, distracted by other things and Geology was so boring that I just figured I would make it up later. But later never came.”

She looked up to try and read his eyes, “If you don’t want to see me again I will understand, what I did, well, it’s….unforgivable.”

Charlie sighed and took her hand, “I love you Viv and between two people in love much can be forgiven. But you have made a considerable dent in my trust in what you say and that will take awhile to get past. Also we have some discussing to do in private.” He looked over at Jerry who was now absolutely sure about what an exceptional man Charlie was. “Jerry, if Vivian agrees I am taking her to my apartment and she is spending the night there. Are you alright with that?”

Jerry smiled, “Vivian is a grown woman, that is her decision to make, but I thank you for asking.”

Looking back at Vivian he started to ask her and stopped, “Wait a minute, what does this have to do with your being hurt? How did that happen?”

Vivian’s face turned beet red, “Well Uncle J was pretty upset about what happened and so he gave me a choice.”

“Go on”, Charlie urged not understanding what in the world she was talking about.

“Well my choice was to find a new place to live,” and the crying began again. Charlie rubbed her back. “Or I had to promise to start staying home and focusing on my schoolwork, tell you the truth about what I had done, and pay the consequences.”

The word consequences resonated with Charlie. “Go on Viv, what were those consequences?”

She looked pleadingly from her uncle to Charlie. This was so embarrassing, but there was no way out. She took a deep breath, “I had to accept a spanking from him. My uncle spanked me….hard.”

She was waiting for Charlie to laugh or smile or say something about twenty four year old woman getting spanked but all he said was, “Ah now I know why you are having trouble sitting. So Vivian, are you coming with me?”

Quickly wiping the tears from her eyes she answered hurriedly, “Oh yes of course, you are sure you still love me Charlie, what I did was awful.”

“Yes it was,” he said seriously, “But of course I still love you and we will discuss this at my apartment.” He helped her to her feet and gave her a brief hug.

Vivian went to grab her purse and Charlie shook hands with Jerry. Jerry spoke softly to him, “Do what you need to son but tread a little lightly, this is all brand new to her.”

Charlie looked at him first with surprise then with understanding. They spoke the same language. Vivian came up and kissed Jerry, “Good night Uncle J and oh I am sorry.”

He patted her hand, “Sweetie, you and I are just fine. You have a good night now.” He hugged his niece.

Charlie took her hand and they walked silently out to the car. He helped Vivian into the seat, giving her a moment to sit on her inflamed bottom and then he buckled the seat belt around her as if she were a child. He kissed her forehead and she looked up at him, “It will be alright Viv, you and I are going to make this alright.”

The rest of the ride was silent except for Vivian’s occasional sniffle or sob. They pulled up in front of Charlie’s apartment and she slowly got out of the car. Her bottom was still pretty sore from this afternoon’s activity. Charlie put his arm around her and led her to the door. As they went in he turned on the light and kissed her very softly. She leaned against him for a moment and then went to sit down on the couch.

Charlie took her hand, “No Viv I want you to go into the bedroom. Right now please,” She looked at him questioningly thinking they were going to talk things over but the look on Charlie’s face really wasn’t open to an appeal of his decision. “Just sit down on the bed and wait for me please.” She nodded and started down the hall to his bedroom.

Now Charlie was the one in turmoil, he was so sorry he had never brought this subject up with her before tonight but now there was no choice. Their relationship was at stake and this would be a definite turning point. Running his hands through his hair he made up his mind, as though there had ever been a question of what he would do.

He walked into his bedroom to find a very confused and sad girlfriend waiting for him. She needed reassurance he wasn’t just looking for a way to tell her goodbye. He sat down next to her and hugged her to him.

“Honey, what you did was very, very wrong. I am terribly disappointed that you lied to me. And not just once but over and over again. I should have said something before this because what you told me just never felt right. Believe me I will go with my gut from now on. I will never let it get this far again.

Vivian looked up at him, her eyes widened, “Oh no Charlie, I will never, ever do anything like this again, you can be sure of that.” Feeling the sting she was sitting on made her absolutely positive of what she was saying.

He hugged her once more. “I know you believe what you are saying, but you still have some consequence coming to you my dear.”

“What do you mean, good grief I have had enough consequences to last me forever. You have no idea how hard my uncle spanked me. Not that I didn’t deserve it but it stings like crazy.” Her hand unconsciously went to rub her backside.

Charlie nodded solemnly, “Yes your uncle took care of things between the two of you, but not between us.” He looked at her sweet face, took a breath and went on. “Now Vivian, you know I have spanked you in fun before. We both enjoyed it a lot. And I should have discussed this with you further before now but there is nothing I can do to change that.”

Vivian’s face got a very wary look to it. She didn’t like the sound of this at all. This was sounding way too much like Uncle J. Oh God he couldn’t mean what she thought he did.

“What we have never discussed is my belief in my role and your role in our relationship. I grew up in a household where spanking was a normal consequence. It was always done in a loving manner and then the matter was forgiven and never brought up again. Even though he did it privately, I know my dad spanked my mom. I believe in the way our household ran. We were loved and cared about. My mom and dad wanted to keep us safe and help us learn how to make smart decisions. Dad believed that he was Mom’s protector. I have never seen two people so much in love with each other as my parents. They never screamed or yelled at each other. As I grew older I learned to recognize the look that passed between them when Dad was warning her that she was stepping over the line. It didn’t happen often but it did happen. As I said it was always in private but I now understand what he was doing and why.”

“So Vivian, my love, I have to ask you if you can accept this part of me. Can you live in this kind of relationship? I love you dearly but I can’t do it any other way. I will never be a tyrant telling you what job you can or can’t have. I am not going to tell you what to read or not read. But we are going to set rules and if you break them I will spank you I do assure you of that. And since I know you already know how wrong it is to lie, especially to the man that loves and cares about you, if you agree to this I am also going to spank you tonight.” He stopped and looked at her waiting for a response.

Vivian felt as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water in her face. She was pretty much alright until the words, I am going to spank you tonight, were uttered. He had to be nuts to think she would let him spank her already throbbing backside. Why it was cruel to even think about it. She couldn’t believe it was Charlie, sweet, loving Charlie suggesting this. It was as if she didn’t know him at all.

Charlie’s face softened as he looked at her. His next words convinced her he was a mind reader. “No honey I am not being mean to you. It would be mean to let you go on feeling guilty about telling lies and deceiving me. I don’t want you ever to lie to me again Vivian. There can be nothing but total honesty between us. It’s the only way I can keep you safe. And if you accept this, there will be no changing your mind, no talking me out of a spanking. If I decide you get spanked that’s it.”

She couldn’t believe she uttered the next words, “I see and what if you do something wrong Charlie? What consequences exist in our relationship for you?”

A smile crossed Charlie’s lips. “Well as I see it that is a matter to be discussed. I am open minded about this. And if you think you want to discipline me it isn’t out of the question.”

Now she was totally confused. And she found she really didn’t want to discipline Charlie, at least not at this point. But she was beginning to accept the idea that she was going to accept his conditions for their relationship to continue. But oh God this was going to hurt. She spoke softly, “Alright Charlie, you are right, I feel so guilty I am choking on it.” Looking up, her eyes filled with tears, “And I do love you and everything about you. If you say it must be this way, well then I guess it’s the right thing to do. I know I didn’t want Uncle J to spank me but I felt better after he did, but couldn’t it wait for tomorrow? I am already so sore.”

Charlie shook his head, “No way young lady, this lesson has to be taught now. And you need to learn there will never be plea bargains or waiting periods unless I am really angry. I would never spank you in anger Vivian.” He caressed her face softly. He sat down on the bed next to her. “Please stand up Vivian, right here in front of me.”

She sighed now knowing this was going to be a ritual that would become familiar. The next words were a surprise.

“Take off your clothes. All of them.”

In a somewhat shocked state Vivian responded by starting to unbutton her jeans and pulling them down with her panties to her ankles. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the clothes.

“Your shirt and bra too, right now, no nonsense.” His voice was very firm, and very insistent.

Her hands shook slightly but she did as she was told. Finally she stood before him. This was certainly not the first time Charlie had seen her nude but this was so very different. She felt so very vulnerable.

“Vivian do you understand what is going to happen and do you have anything to say about this?”

Good Lord she was beginning to feel like the condemned man being asked if he wanted a blindfold. But she drew a deep breath. “Yes I understand you are going to spank me, I totally understand. But Charlie I do want you to know I am very sorry for what I did, for deceiving you the way I did.” She hesitated, “But I also know I deserve this and I do know how much you care.” Then she realized the strangest thing was happening. Deep down inside her there was a spark of excitement. How weird was that? But she didn’t have much time to consider the ramifications.

Charlie gently took her hand and drew her over his knee. “Vivian we have talked this out and I believe you know why you are being spanked. I never want to have to deal with deception again. And believe me it will be awhile before I trust everything you say at face value.” He looked down and winced a bit when he saw how very red her bottom already was. She would certainly remember today and tonight.

Without further warning he began spanking Vivian with his hand, hard spanks moving from one side to the other. She immediately stiffened up and gasped, oh how it hurt on her already tender skin. Charlie was relentless and very thorough. Tears began to flow from her eyes and without realizing it her hand reached back to protect her skin. Charlie took her wrist in his other hand and held it, hardly missing a beat in the spanking.

“Oh God Charlie please stop, I promise never ever ……..Ohhhh this is way too much please.” It had not effect on Charlie whatsoever. However, he did begin speaking as he spanked.

“You are never to lie to me young lady (each word punctuated by his hand landing hard). I will expect everything you tell me to be the absolute truth. Is that understood?”

Vivian could barely squeal out, “Yes” through the tears and sobbing. But Charlie knew they needed one last step to make sure she totally understood the seriousness of this. He helped her up off his lap and stood next to her. As she watched he unbuckled his belt and drew it out of his jeans. Vivian stood there rubbing her bottom and stared in disbelief. He could not possibly be serious.

“Lie down on the bed Viv, on your stomach, let’s get this over with so I can take care of you.” He stood and waited giving her the time she needed, remembering her uncle’s words. She was probably in a little bit of shock after today’s events.

Vivian knew there were no arguing and no point to drawing it out. She wept quietly as she lay down as Charlie had asked. He knelt on one knee next to her and rubbed her back for a moment. Then he put his hand in the middle of her back and she heard the swish in the air before she felt the burning strike on her backside. There was no holding back the scream that came involuntarily. She couldn’t believe how bad it burned. Smoke had to be billowing off her bottom. Before she could think further she heard the swish and squeezed her eyes tight. Once again the strap landed right across her swollen, deep red skin. Again she screamed, the pain was so intense. She felt herself collapsing into the bed, crying and howling with each of the next eight strokes. Then it stopped. Vivian lay there limp and sobbing. She felt the weight of Charlie’s body next to her. He pulled her very close and stroked her hair. “Shhh baby, it’s all over now. You are forgiven and you know have to also forgive yourself.” He rubbed her back as he sobbed into his shoulder.

Vivian put her arms around him, “Oh God Charlie I am so sorry for what I did. I won’t lie to you ever again. Even if it means I know you are going to spank me, I won’t ever lie to you again.” She kissed him gently. He could taste the saltiness of her tears. “Thank you for loving me enough to do this. You and Uncle J are absolutely right; I am far too old to be acting this way. I worked too hard to throw it all away now.”

Charlie smiled down at her and got up off the bed. He opened his dresser drawer and got a bottle of lotion out. He lay down again next to her. As he poured lotion onto his hand she turned over remembering the afternoon spanking and Uncle J insisting she put lotion on her skin. His hand gently rubbed the lotion onto a very thoroughly spanked bottom.

Vivian hissed as his hand made contact. It hurt more than she could ever remember anything hurting. But as his hand rubbed that funny spark that had started before began to expand. Her bottom arched to his touch which gave him a great deal of satisfaction as well. His hand rubbed the lotion in gently but thoroughly. Then he turned Vivian on her side and kissed her long and deeply. “I do love you my dear, never doubt that. But I will do what I need to do to keep you safe and to be sure you are taking care of yourself as well.” He wiped away the remainder of tears from her eyes. “For now get under the covers.” She crawled up to the top of the bed and let Charlie help her slide down under the blanket and sheet. She lay carefully on her side making sure nothing came in contact with her fiery bottom. As she watched Charlie took his clothes off and shut off the light. He crawled in bed next to her pulling her close into his arms letting her feel how loved she was.

She rested her head on his chest and spoke softly, “Charlie this is weird but getting spanked like this, well it hurts like hell but it also….well it is also incredibly exciting too.”

Charlie laughed very softly into her hair, “Oh I already knew that about you sweetie, from the times I have spanked you for fun. It was just a matter of whether you could accept it as discipline too. But I promise you the fun spankings will always out number the ones for wrong doing. Well unless you turn into a really, really bad girl.”

Her response was immediate and vigorous, “Oh no, no way, in fact I doubt you will ever have to punish me again. Oh God did I ever learn my lesson.”

As he pulled her closer he knew she believed what she said but he seriously doubted that was the last time he would have to put on the strict demeanor and administer a serious spanking. But he sure hoped he was right that the fun would outweigh the others. He could feel her relaxing against his body and knew she was falling asleep. And he had better sleep too because he knew from experience she would more than likely wake up late needing to have him attend to another type of burning, one that he was experiencing as well.

She nodded off thinking to herself that her Uncle J was always right. This was what she had needed, and now she knew, wanted. Life was strange sometimes but also pretty wonderful. She reached back and touched her spanked bottom, but this time there was a smile on her face as she thought of Charlie. Hmm she wondered how he would react to being spanked. As she drifted off the smile remained as her thoughts became her dreams.


That was my favorite kind of story. I love the build up and anticipation. I love the caring and love that comes through. I find that I put myself right into a story of this type. So I want to thank Purple Angel for writing this one and sharing it with us. Purple Angel has a wonderful blog, Spankful Delight. She hasn't been posting much lately but go back and read some of her stories. They are all wonderful!

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