I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movies anyone ?

I wanted to let everyone know that KayLynn - my friend who has written and shared so many wonderful Fantasy Friday stories with us has finally begun her own blog - Externally Motivated Wife. You need to pop over and give it a read!

What a week! The first week of school is always wild and this was no exception. But so far my new philosophy of remaining calm and doing my thing is holding. When things got too crazy I just laughed. And when I need something from the office that I knew everyone else was waiting for I make myself NOT ask for it. I mean these people were working like crazy trying to get out to us what we needed and everyone was hounding them. I just smiled as I walked through the office and assumed they would get things to me as soon as they could.
I had to spend a lot of time last week working on plans for the next day – keeping me away from my blog and everyone else’s for the most part. But I am getting a handle on things this weekend so maybe I’ll have some time this next week.

But after I did my homework Saturday Nick and I found ourselves alone for the afternoon/evening. Not only were we alone – we had the 4 DVD’s that we had ordered just sitting there waiting on us. We were in no hurry after Mollie left. In fact we napped a while and did our own thing. But soon enough Nick asked me if I was ready to see a movie.

I went to get a drink and told Nick I didn’t even know exactly want I had ordered so to just reach in a grab one of the movies. When I joined him in the he tossed one of the DVDs on the bed and said “Somehow this one seemed appropriate” I checked out the title “Spoiled Rotten”. Now in what way was that appropriate I want to know?? But it really was a good movie – for what it was. It did make some attempt at a story line, and unlike some, the guy in this movie was really spanking! The girl was really cute. She had a great figure without that skinny butt that some think should be in style these days. So if you do want to order some movies for yourself here’s the link, Shadow Lane.

Nick had gotten out a paddle so that he could play along with the action on the screen and when it was over we did just fine without a script! I got a wonderful fun spanking – and some diet talk which I’ll tell you about Tuesday. After watching the movie and the great spanking along with some stern diet talking I was ready to jump Nick – so I did!! We had a wonderful time! And after all that (and here I am just plan bragging) Nick fixed supper while I played on the computer. But I’m still wondering why he thought the ‘Spoiled Rotten’ movie would be appropriate? I guess it will always be a mystery.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Father knows Best

Happy Friday! I have had a busy, busy week. I have barely got to read my favorite blogs much less comment all the places I would like to! But soon work will settle down to a predictable pattern and I am bound to have a little more time. I have a new Fantasy Friday for you today. It's time to take a stroll through the past - head back to the 50's, to a more traditional time when men were the head of the household and the women loved it!

Please enjoy...

Father knows Best

Helen pealed off her gloves and put her hat in its box. She enjoyed getting out of the house to attend the monthly Ladies Society meetings but it did throw her a little behind on dinner preparations.

As she hurried to the kitchen she thought of what her friend Peggy had talked about at the meeting.

“I always send my little one’s a note in their book bags or lunch boxes.” She had explained, “I want them to know their mother is thinking of them.”

‘I’ve never even thought of that’ Helen mused to herself. ‘But tomorrow I’m sending each of the kids a note too.’ Helen loved her children very much. Deep down she wanted to be known as the best mother on the block.

Dinner was barely in the oven when she heard Clark coming in the front door. As he pushed open the kitchen door Helen turned from the stove.

“Oh dear,” she said “I guess I’m in trouble now.”

“Is that so?” Clark said putting down his briefcase. “And just what have you done now to get yourself in trouble now?” he asked grinning at his lovely wife.

Helen answered his grin with one of her own “Now don’t make it sound like I am always getting myself in trouble! The Ladies Society met today and I was late getting home so your dinner isn’t ready. Are you going to starve? It’s going to be another half hour.”

“I don’t know what this world is coming to.” Clark shook his head in mock despair. “We give you ladies permission to form your clubs and see what comes of it? You hen’s got to clucking and now every man in town is eating late.”

Clark stalked toward her, glint in his eye “Maybe a trip over my knee would keep me and my needs in your mind the next time all you girls are together.” He grabbed her arm and slid his hand to her waist.

“Silly” she laughed at him, blushing slightly. “You just go relax a bit and I’ll have supper on the table in no time.”

Clark kissed Helen on the nose and headed to the living room to read his paper. Soon enough Helen was calling to the children to wash up and come to dinner.

Late that evening after the dishes were done Helen packed lunches for Susie and Mark. Sitting at the kitchen table she wrote a note for each of them telling them to have a good day and that Mother was thinking of them. On the spur of the moment she decided to write one to Clark too.

To the most handsome man in the world, I just want you to know that I have been thinking of you all day. Your rock hard body, your exploring hands, and your sexy eyes. I can’t wait to experience all three tonight. I hope you will be thinking of me all day as I will be thinking of you. Your little sweetie, Helen

Slipping it into an envelope she tucked it into his briefcase. With any luck it would put him in a loving mood for the next evening.


The next morning was the usual rush of getting the children dressed, fed and out the door to the bus. As Clark left for work Helen kiss had lingered a bit and she said “I’ll be thinking of you today!” Causing Clark to leave the house with a bemused smile on his face.

Opening his briefcase around 10:00 Clark found an unfamiliar envelope within. He opened it to read,

I just wanted you to know that Mommie is thinking of you today. Be a good boy and mind the teacher. Warm cookies when you get home.


‘What on earth’ Clark wondered. At that moment Miss Sanders buzzed in “Mr. Anderson, there is a call for you on line 2. It’s Mark’s school.”

“Put it through.” Clark told her.

“Clark Anderson” he answered crisply. “Well hello, Mr. Coffee what can I do for you?” Clark asked Mark’s principal.

“Mark thought the note must be for his teacher…?”

“He gave it to Mr. Davis…?

“From my wife you say…?

“I’ll be right there.”

Grabbing his had and coat Clark hurried from the office.


Helen hear the front door slam at the same instant she heard Clark shout “Helen where are you?” What on earth had brought Clark home in the middle of the day sounding so angry? Helen hadn’t even had time to answer his shout when he burst through the kitchen door, red faced with his normally handsome features screwed in to an intently angry expression.

“Honey, what’s wro…”

Clark cut her off. Slamming the note onto the counter in front of her he began “Can you tell me what on earth possessed a lady to write such a note?”

“Oh Clark, it was just a little joke. I didn’t think you would mind a little private note. Oh no!” she exclaimed, “You didn’t open it in front of someone else did you?” Her mind shrank in shame at the thought of one of his colleagues getting a glimpse of her note.

“No, I didn’t open it in front of anyone! You didn’t send it with me, you send it with Mark! He though a note must be for his teacher. Needless to say Mr. Davis was stunned to read it and passed it along to the principal who in turned called me. Helen how could you have written such an unladylike note and then been so careless as to send it to school with your son?”

As he had begun speaking Helen’s hands had flown to her mouth in horror as she realized what she had done! But as Clark ended with a reference to being unladylike and careless – two of his pet peeves with her one hand had unconsciously reached around to protect her behind. She had no doubt what was coming.

“Oh Clark, I don’t know how I could have made such a mistake! I am so sorry; you have to know how sorry I am.”

Clark reached into the drawer for the large wooded spatula. “All I know is that you are going to be a lot sorrier in a minute!”

Almost before she could realize it Helen found herself over her husband’s lap. Clark flipped up her dress and began spanking with earnest on her panty clad bottom. The make shift paddle created an incredible burn that made it nearly impossible for Helen to understand any of the lecture Clark continued with.

She seemed to catch a word here or there…

“Embarrassing… unladylike… careless… improper…”

But the burn on her seat was consuming all her contraction and causing her to cry out “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Please Clark, please stop!!”

Clark stopped but did not let her up. “Young lady are you sure you have learned your lesson?”

“Oh Clark, I have! Truly I have – I won’t be careless again. I promise! And I’ll always be a lady. I will honey, I will. Please let me up!”

“You be still” Clark told her in a much calmed tone than he had used before. “I’ll let you know when I’m through.” He massaged her bright red bottom through her panties. Slowly he helped her to her up and pulled her onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her as she cried softly into his shirt front.

“Helen honey, you know how much I love you. But I have a responsibility as the head of the family to see that every member of this family conducts themselves appropriately. You are my wife and the example of a lady for your children. You understand why I had to spank you don’t you?”

“I understand” Helen admitted, “I don’t like it much” she added as she rubbed her soar seat. “But I understand.”

“Good” Clark said. “Now I have to get back to work.” He announced setting Helen back on her feet. As he reached the door he looked back and Helen. Her red rimmed eyes and her chastised look touched him and he turned back to her.

Wrapping his arms around her once again he whispered in her ear. “Although the note was totally inappropriate the content and thought behind it was sweet and very thought stimulating. Once the children are in bed tonight you can give me a full explanation of what you were thinking as you wrote it.”

With a final loving pat to her bottom Clark was out the door and gone. Tingling now in several places Helen couldn’t help smiling to herself and she looked forward to an special evening.


Who wrote this story? It was me this week. Well I wrote it a while back but this was a good time to post it. I can't take full credit. A friend really sent me the idea and suggested I try a story from the 5o's. I liked the idea and decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with. I hope you liked it.

I also hope some more of you are out there writing and that you will be willing to share your stories with us. Please send any contributions to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today is the first day with kids! The year has begun! I have several things I am grateful for.

I love the way my job goes. Each fall is a brand new beginning – new students, new schedule, fresh start. Then whether the year goes well or not so well it’s over and finished in June. And we have a two month break before beginning fresh again. So many jobs are the same every day and you can go for 30 years straight. I like my schedule.

I’m grateful for where I am in my career. I feel capable and confident in what I’m doing and I am far enough along to not feel the need to get my masters or national boards. I’m comfortable. School politics no longer interest me. I just want to stay in my classroom and teach my kids. I look at the first year teachers and for all their youth and beauty I don’t envy them one bit!

On to the diet update. At least I remembered this week. Not too much to report. I am exactly the same as last week. So the good news is that I didn’t gain.

I appreciate all the encouragement and tips you sent me last week. My biggest problem is that I know exactly what I need to do – keep up the exercise, journal what I eat, don’t eat after 9, get to bed at a reasonable hour, don’t pay too much attention to the scales and don’t get discouraged. All good advice and I know its all stuff I should be doing. I just get bored.

For me that’s where the spanking diet comes in. I have known all that stuff for the entire 20 years I was gaining the weight. But I wasn’t interested enough to stick with it. It’s the threat of a hard spanking that keeps me interested enough to stick with the program. Nick and I may need to discuss the guide lines again. It could be for gaining, or for not hitting the gym enough or staying up too late, for not writing my assignments anymore or whatever else he/we decide on. He did tell me from now on it is my responsibility to tell him what I weigh each Friday - not to wait for him to ask. I have to fess up each week. The main thing I have realized is that Nick’s interest and willingness to be firm on his part keeps me interested and determined to keep going in the right direction. It may not be true discipline in the sense that some others practice it but feeling the aftermath of a spanking the next day sure makes it easier to turn down a cookie or head to the gym.

Last week I got an email from a good friend. Someone who is doing all the right things for weight loss but is not losing. She is improving her health a great deal but the model body is not coming with it. She did make a great point however, saying ‘we are both having more fun that I expected to have at this stage of life.’ Now girls, skinny or not, I have to ask you ain’t that the truth!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last weekend of vacation

This has been a great weekend! I only worked half a day on Friday and Nick had the day off too. The only one working in the family was Mollie on Friday evening. Gee what a shame! Early in the afternoon Nick and I relaxed and floated around in the pool, won’t be much more of that this year.

I was anxious to check the mail. Shadow Lane had another 2 or 1 sale and I ordered 4 DVD’s. I like watching them – the story lines are weak at best and the attempts at acting are really not very good at all on the two we have but they’re still a lot of fun to watch. Nick enjoys them too but even more he like how I react to them! But sadly they didn’t come that day.

No real problem, we decided to watch one of the ones we had again. It’s always fun to snuggle in bed together for any reason and we laughed and talk about what was happening. Nick made the comment that perhaps we should try to follow one of the movies in real time and do everything they do. I’m game!!! I’ll bet his arm would give out before I would give in!

After the DVD Nick got out the toys and we played pretty hard. Mostly it was just good hard play from our nicer toys but doing some experimenting with changing positions. I found it really does change the feeling. Even some of my favorites really hurt when I’m standing with hands on the bed!

Lately I have been wondering about the cane. We don’t have one and I don’t want one. I don’t think I would like it for play and we don’t do discipline so there is no reason to get one. But I have mentioned it a time or two in passing because I am always wanting something that makes the feeling last. This time Nick used he shaft of the crop as a sorta cane. Let me tell you I did NOT like it at all, it HURT… at least while he was using it. But when it was all over, well that was what I felt for several hours and even in a few spot the next day. That I really did like, that got my attention in a serious way.

The sex was fantastic afterwards. I think we do really, really well for old folks! I mean since out sex life didn’t really take off until we were in our 50’s we have a lot of time to make up for. And we are!

BTW the DVDs came the next day. Now we have even more fun afternoons to look forward to. I’ll do my movie critics thing later.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


As he approached the old lodge hall, Wes could clearly see the huge green and white banner hanging from the front of the building.

- - - Welcome Jefferson HS Class of 1982 - - -

The parking lot was full of every imaginable make and model of vehicle. Some of his classmates had clearly done well. Others, it appeared, were still struggling to establish themselves.

After finding a vacant parking spot in the back of the lot, Wes took a deep breath and reflected for a moment before joining the party. This would be his first class reunion without Beth. He was technically a free man. Unfortunately, this group was pretty well paired up and had been so for years. Wes might well be odd man out. Regardless, he knew it would be great to reconnect with old friends.

Moments later, Wes found himself walking beneath the giant banner and into a swarm of classmates.

“Wesley, my man!” shouted Biff Jenkins. Biff was practically a legend in town for his basketball prowess. He led the Fighting Eagles to the district finals in his senior year. His wife, cute, petite, and reserved, seemed almost his opposite.

“Hi Wes!” Wes knew that voice immediately. When he spun around, there before him stood Mandy Miller. Although normally outgoing and a capable conversationalist, Wes felt momentarily tongue-tied.

“Oh. Hi, Mandy. How are you?” He felt strangely nervous greeting someone he had once known so well. Because her maiden name started with the same letter as his, they seemed to sit together in many of their classes.

“I’m doing great. Bruce and I split up three years ago and it’s been a rebirth for me.” She looked great, Wes thought. Mandy was no longer the lanky girl in the sparkling majorette uniform. No, time and life had sculpted her into a beautifully mature woman.

“How about you? Is Beth here?”

“No,” Wes related slowly, “We’re divorced now.”

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” With that, Mandy took Wes’ hand and squeezed it.

“Please don’t be. Like you, I’m building a new life.” Wes recalled that he would have given anything in high school just to hold Mandy’s hand. He gently returned her squeeze.

Just then, the DJ started a favorite Cars song. Wes gestured toward the dance floor in the center of the big hall and asked, “Shall we?” Mandy nodded her agreement.

As they danced through two or three new wave classics, Wes learned that Mandy still lived in town and that her younger daughter was just finishing college. He shared how his dedication to his career had driven a wedge between him and Beth. He had learned from this experience and vowed to be a dedicated partner in his next relationship.

Mandy explained to Wes that her ex-husband was very conventional and wasn’t interested in meeting her needs. She lived with this frustration for years until she learned that he had been unfaithful. The split, when it came, merely formalized what had already happened long before.

Mandy and Wes stuck together for most of the evening. They were even asked once if they were a couple.

“No,” Wes replied, “We’re just really good friends who’ve been apart way too long.” And so they were.

It was enjoyable to walk around to each of the tables and become reacquainted with so many old friends. The turnout was excellent and the stories were remarkably varied. Some classmates had joyous achievements. Others had tragically lost loved ones. Some beamed about their children’s accomplishments. A few had chosen less traditional paths.

With each chance they had to talk, Wes found himself more enchanted with Mandy. She had been beyond his imagination in high school. A mere geek could never compete with a stud football player like Bruce. He was just her study buddy. Yet, she had always been so sweet and so friendly. And now, here she was, holding his hand and shining that lovely smile.

Later, Wes and Mandy shared a slow dance. The song was Sweet Love by the Commodores. Embracing Mandy felt like the fulfillment of a dream that Wes never realized he held. When she snuggled closer, he knew he had to find out whether they could have a future together.

By eleven thirty, the party began to wind down. It would soon be breaking up. How, he wondered, could Wes freeze this moment in time, or better still, allow it to continue. Mandy beat him to it.

“Would you like to stop over at my place for a drink?”

“Yes, I’d love to…”

As he drove across town, Wes could hardly believe his good fortune. He wanted to demonstrate his enthusiasm, but without scaring her off. In the end, he decided to act natural and see what transpired.

Mandy’s house was small, but decorated in a colorful, imaginative fashion that reflected the woman herself. When she offered Wes the promised drink, he opted for water because of the lateness of the hour and his long drive home. He thought he spotted a gleam in her eye when she nonchalantly said, “Oh yeah, right.”

The two talked for the next hour exchanging personal experiences, remembrances, and perspectives. Finally, Mandy fell silent.

“What?” Wes inquired. “Is everything OK?”

“Yes,” she muttered slowly, “I just need to ask you something.”

“Sure, what is it?” They had talked about everything from parenthood to politics. Wes couldn’t imagine what could make her pause like this.

“I hope you don’t think I’m weird…” Mandy drew a long, slow breath as if to muster her courage before starting again. “OK, once, a long time ago, Beth and I were at a club with some girlfriends. We were all really tipsy. Maybe I’m insane, but I distinctly remember Beth telling me that you spanked her.”

Wes wasn’t sure how to respond. “Well, I…”

“She told me that it was absolutely delicious and that she loved it.”

“Well, yes, we did…”

“Ah, so it is true! I have to tell you that from that moment until this one, I’ve envied Beth. I’ve had an interest in spanking since I was in grade school. I even looked up words in the dictionary.”

“So, you’re a spanking enthusiast too?”
“Yes! But Bruce had zero interest in spanking me. I felt totally rejected.”
“So,” Wes observed with a wry smile, “I guess that brings us to tonight.”
“Would you…?”
“It will be a genuine pleasure.”
“OK, that’s great. I need to go and get something.” With that, Mandy zipped upstairs. As she departed, Wes couldn’t help admiring her curved derrière wiggling beneath her skirt. It had been the inspiration for more than one teenage fantasy.
Mandy was almost sprinting when she returned to the living room. She carried a thick wooden paddle.
“I bought this last year at the fraternity/sorority store for the day I finally get my spanking. I’ve even tried spanking myself with it, but it didn’t work very well.
Wes placed his arms around her. He brushed a stray strand of hair away from her eyes. Then he kissed her softly on the lips.
“I want tonight to be an event to remember. I have no desire to beat you black and blue with that paddle. For what you need, my hand will serve nicely.”
Wes set the paddle aside and slid over to the center of the couch.
“I’ve never done this before, Wes.”
“I know. It’ll be fine. I promise.”
“OK, good. Shall I get undressed?”
“No, that won’t be necessary. Just drape yourself across my lap and I’ll lift your skirt.”
“Oh, that’s a good idea…” Mandy positioned herself face down with her torso on Wes’ lap.
“Is this where you dreamed you would be?”
“Oh my, yes. Let’s start.”
“For this first time, I will stop spanking if you ask me to stop. If you don’t ask, I will assume that it’s all right to continue. This will hurt a bit, but I doubt it will be anything you can’t handle.”
Wes lifted the hem of Mandy’s skirt. There, before his eyes was the rounded bottom he had admired so many times – swimming and sunning at the pool in an orange bikini, twirling a baton at football games in her green sequined leotard, or dancing at sock hops in tight fitting blue jeans. Now, clad in lacy aqua panties, it was his to spank.
The first swat was barely more than a tap, but it elicited a shiver of anticipatory joy from Mandy. The second was firmer, but not hard. Wes could tell from the tautness of her bottom that Mandy had been working out. Successive spanks increased in intensity. Wes noted little squeals of happiness escaping from between Mandy’s lips. Soon, he was delivering solid blows to both cheeks. She responded by grinding her hips against his leg.
Wes interpreted this motion as a signal to continue. He pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. He grinned when Mandy lifted her pelvis to aid in his unveiling. Again he spanked, but this time, each strike was accompanied by the distinctive sound of flesh impacting against flesh. Mandy’s utterances were closer to moans of passion than cries of pain.
After a few minutes, Wes slowed his pace and began to intersperse rubs with the swats. At first, he caressed her pleasantly reddened bottom. Finding an appreciative reception, his attention moved to her feminine folds. Mandy’s panting grew more urgent until she exclaimed, “I can’t wait any longer. I need you to please, please make love to me.”
And so began a whole new story…

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Safety Matters

Happy Friday! I'm back at work and Fridays have taken on an even more special meaning for me. Today we have a brand new story!! I was so excited to get this one. It comes from a brand new writer - brand new! The author is Lillian. She is a few decades younger than I am and while she has been reading spanking stories for a while this was her first attempt at writing one. I think you'll be as impressed as I was.

So please enjoy...

Safety Matters

“Unbelievable,” Joe muttered under his breath.

“You ok?” Sean asked around a mouthful of pizza.

“Yeah, I’m fine” but she’s not gonna be when I get done with her, Joe thought. He couldn’t believe she would run in the park. Alone. AGAIN! Oh just wait, he thought.

“Hey, I know we haven’t had lunch together in forever, but I have to cut this short, and I won’t be back at the office the rest of the day either, tell Paul I got sick or something k?”

“Yeah sure, but Paul isn’t going to like it. Where are you going anyway? We finally escape the office to have lunch in the great outdoors and now you’re running off? What gives?” Sean complained.

Joe knew it was true, every since he had gotten married eight months ago he hadn’t been a very good friend. But now was not the time to deal with Sean.

“Tell you what,” Joe said getting to his feet “pick a weekend this month and we will go fishing. No matter what I will make it work, just name the date. Right now though, I really have to go. Enjoy the rest of the pizza.”

Taking off at a slow jog, Joe left the river bank and headed for the parking lot. As he slid into his car he started looking for Becky’s. How could she do this again? He thought outraged. She was running in the park alone. Hadn’t he told her before he would run with her, she just had to wait for him to get home from work. How would he feel if someone hurt her just because she couldn’t wait to go running? And how often was she running here without telling him? The park was too dense with trees for it to be safe for a woman to run alone. It was too easy for someone to hide.
This was the one and only fight they had had while dating. When he discovered she ran alone he had made her swear not to do it anymore. And when he found out a month later that she had indeed started running alone again, it had been the start to their discipline relationship.

He smiled briefly at the thought of that day. Finding her sweat dampened running suit. Racing through the house to find her reading on the couch. Turning her over his knee and laying in with the hardest swats he could muster.

He smiled again. Her surprise. His surprise. Sure he had thought about it in the past with other women, but never had he spanked anyone. Never had he loved someone enough that he would do anything to keep her safe, including discipline her.

She had yelled, then finally given in to his harsh treatment. When the anger was gone, and she just cried, he let her up and just held her. When the tears stopped, she apologized and once again promised to never do it again.

She never questioned the fact I had just turned her bottom red. She never asked if it would happen again. Somehow they both just knew it would.

And it did. Once for a bounced check and another for not going to the doctor before her bronchitis turned to pneumonia (though she had had to wait till she was better for that spanking). And even once again for running alone. There had been other times too. Spankings had started to add up over the course of their two year relationship. He smiled again at the thought of some of the more fun ones. Then he sighed as he finally spotted her car.

He parked a ways away. He didn’t want her to see his car before he was ready. He sighed again as he took in where she parked. Directly next to a thick set of trees, a perfect place for someone to hide, he thought miserably.


Wiping her neck Becky sighed. I guess I had better get home before Joe does. I need to make sure to throw these cloths in the wash and take a shower, She thought. She enjoyed running, it was one of her favorite activities outside of… well let’s be honest… sex. Both got her blood pumping and her adrenaline going. She smiled; maybe she would do something “bad” tonight….

Her thoughts trailed off as one of her favorite songs came on her IPod. She turned it up just a little louder and sped up for the last quarter mile of her run. With her car in sight and the music blaring she ran thoughtlessly.

Suddenly and without warning, hot hands grasped her. One on her upper arm, then before she could turn, another over her mouth. She was off her feet in an instant. The hands that grasped her were strong. Bruising her arm as they lifted her.

She tried to fight. Tried to scream. Tried to get away. Then it hit her. She was going to die. Someone was really going to drag her off in the woods and kill her. Or at the very least rape her. Oh gosh, Joe! He would never forgive her. Never get over this.

As soon as she stopped fighting, she was placed back on her feet. Gradually, the hand on her arm started to loosen. And the one on her mouth released her. She opened her mouth to scream and found herself being spun around and lips catching hers. Pulling, biting, seeking. She tried to pull away but the force of the man’s (she knew it was a man now from the hardness that pressed against her thigh) hands keep her tightly against him. She opened her eyes, if she lived through this she wanted to be able to tell the police everything.

“OOOOOUU,” came out as she saw who held her for the first time.

Joe looked down at her half scared, half relieved face as she realized she was safe. He released her mouth but not her body. The tremors were sudden then, just like the tears. She shook and cried into his shirt as he held her.

“I love you. I love you more than anything” he whispered as she shook. She was trying to say something in reply but it was lost in her sobs, so he just held her until she was reduced to sniffles.

“What were you thinking?” he murmured into her hair. “Becky, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she cried with a fresh wave of tears.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” he yelled with renewed anger. “Do you know how easily it could have been someone else who grabbed you? Someone else who kissed you? Someone else who….” He shook with fear and anger. He couldn’t even think the last one.

“I’m sorry. I swear I’m sorry and it will never happen again!”

“I know it won’t I am gonna make sure of that. I think this little incident may have scared you straight but I think I will take you home and give myself some insurance that you will never even THINK about running alone again.”

“Joe, NO, I’m sorry. I swear this set me straight, I will never let it happen again! Never!”
“Hun, you know I love you, but you are going to get spanked for this one. And it’s not up for discussion. So let’s go home and get it over with.” He held her as he half carried – half walked her to her car.

“But where’s your car?” She complained as he slid her into the passenger seat of her own car.

“It’s locked; we can come back for it later after we have taken care of some business.” He gave her a quick peck then rounded the car to climb in the driver’s seat.

The ride home was a quiet one. He never wanted to have to repeat this lesson again, and he hoped that his actions in the park had finally proved to her why running alone was such a bad idea.

They got home quickly, too quickly for Becky’s liking. She knew what would come next.

“I want you to go upstairs switch into PJ bottoms, lower them and be waiting in the corner in 3 minutes.”

“Yes sir,” She replied as she climbed out of the car and hurried upstairs.

She wondered how he would spank her. The first time he had just used his hand in his hast. The next time she had been caught running alone he had used a wooden spoon on her, which stung like heck. But those were a while ago and since then many new “toys” had been added to their collection. She shuttered at the thought of what she would feel.


He entered the house resolved to make her feel her lesson. He was almost sure he would never have to worry about her running alone again, but he wanted to be positive.

When he entered their room she was in the corner with her PJ’s around her ankles just as he had instructed.

He sat down on the bed and called her over. She shuffled over and immediately lay over his knees.

“I’m sorry” is all she whispered as his hand cracked down for the first of many times. Over and over his hand came down. He was holding nothing back. He wanted her to feel the sting in her bottom. He wanted her to remember today forever.

Harder his swats came as he thought about the danger she had placed herself in. faster they came as he realized how easy it was to grab her.

He spanked her butt until she began to wiggle and kick, then he laid into the top of her thighs none to gently. Her butt and thighs were turning a light red color. She was crying softly and apologizing, while his hand was beginning to sting. He gave her a few more hard smacks on both her thighs and butt. Then let her up.

“Stand right there and don’t even think about touching your red ass.” He said with a little more anger than he meant. He left the room and quickly returned with their bath brush.

That thing hurts! She thought. I’m never going to sit after he gets done with me! “Please not that,” she begged aloud.

“You should thank me for giving you a nice warm-up before using it on you! Maybe you won’t bruise since I don’t plan to be gentle.”

Warm-up? Bruise? Oh gosh…

“Now bend over, hands on the mattress, ass in the air.”

She did so immediately and within seconds the first blazing strike hit. “Owww,” she cried.

Two more landed on top of the first. She stood up and grabbed her butt. “Please,” she said tears rolling down her cheeks now.

“Bend back over” he told her, “and that’s three for the hands” he added without regret.

She quickly bent back over and Joe once again started swinging without mercy. She was going to learn her lesson, even if it killed him to teach it to her. He was glad she didn’t see his face as it contorted with every stroke as she yelled out.

When he was satisfied and her butt was sore, he slowed his strikes and landed each swat with extra force and precision. When he land ten extra hard over there the course of 2 minutes and her crying and screaming became sobs, he finally stopped.

He knew he had never spanked her this hard before. But he also knew her pretty little ass had never deserved it so much before. He let her cry herself out and when her sobs reduced to sniffles he told her stand, left palm up.

Her crying became heavy again but she did as she was asked. He quickly landed three strokes across her open hand.

“Right hand now please.”

She submitted her right hand for the same punishment crying out as the sting of each stroke hit her.

“Almost done now, it’s almost over. Lay across the bed for me sweetie.” His voice was soft again. He knew she would be sore and likely even bruised. Not something he liked to do and had only happened on one occasion before.

Almost? She thought scared. But it hurts. I’m on fire. My hands hurt. I’m never going to get into trouble again. “Pleeeeease nooooo mmmmore, pleassssssse.” She begged.

“Almost done, just lay down on the bed for me.” He said almost sadly.

He left the room and returned empty handed as he entered the closet. When he came out her breath caught.


“Yes, six of the best with the cane and then its over, its all over.” He had never really caned her. Once he gave her a medium hard stroke and she almost came out of her skin. Now he expected her to take SIX??

“It will be ok,” he reassured her, “but you need this, so grab a pillow and it will be over in a minute.”

She did as he said tucking her into the pillow and within a second the first stripe was on her butt.

She screamed but it was muffled in the pillow. Joe cringed as he watched the stripe go from white to an angry red welt. Before he talked himself out of the other 5 he laid them on her so fast he barely had time to breath.

He could hear her screaming even through the pillow as the last one landed.

He threw the cane down and climbed in bed next to her as she screamed and sobbed. Even without the cane hitting her she continued to scream as the pain from the last five grew.

“I love you” he said when he thought she could hear him. “I love you so much; I never want ANYTHING to happen to you.”

She was quiet for a few moments before she replied, “I love you too and I promise never to run without you. I promise. I really am sorry.” She gave him a small smile.

“I’m sure you’re sorry. And I’m sorry you’re going to be sore for the next few days, but at least I know you won’t be running.”

She smiled at him and he leaned into to kiss his thoroughly beautiful, thoroughly lovely, thoroughly spanked, wife.


Lillian, you did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for sending this. Although I am always excited to get any story, ones from new writers always make me happy. Lillian said that although she enjoys reading stories both reading and writing still feels a little taboo. She shared, "I knew if I didn't send it the second the last word was down I would have deleted it." I am sooooo glad you decided to send it!

Please leave Lillian a comment for encouragement! Not only for her but for anyone out there who is toying with the idea of writing a story but just hasn't taken the plunge yet. Come on, give it a try!! Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

If you should ever send a story and don't hear from me within 24 hours please send it again. I always worry that something may end up in the span file. I try to check but something could slip by me. If you don't hear from me - I didn't get it!!!

Lillian, thanks again and please keep writing!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Notes from Tubby

Just a note to let folks know the Florida Dom has posted another Chapter in his Training Lisa series. Click on it to read.

The first day at work went very well – I stayed calm and focused and didn't attack anyone. So one work day down 180 student days to go.

You might have noticed yesterday that I didn’t include a diet update. I’m being 100% honest when I say I actually forgot it. I thought about it at about 3 this morning. I guess that there is a good reason for forgetting the diet update. It seems I’ve forgotten the diet.

I haven’t been more discouraged about weight since I started seriously changing my lifestyle to try to get healthier about 3 years ago. I lost slowly but steadily for 2 years. Then I spent over a year maintaining and finally began losing again. But I’ve lost my way somehow. I was at my lowest weight on April 24. I have gained 10 pounds since then and I just feel lost.

When I first asked Nick to help me with the weight I was so excited about everything – I had never been spanked, I had never been so open and close to Nick. The future was full of unknowns. How would spanking evolve in our relationship, would it only be erotic? Would there be discipline? Would he hold me to a lifestyle that would yield results?

This isn’t a complaint against Nick. Because right now I don’t know what would work. We don’t do DD. And I don’t think the type of spanking Nick is comfortable giving would really do it. I mean maybe if we had the privacy to deal with issues on weigh in day. But that rarely happens. There might be an implement or two that could make an impression on my mind as well as my butt. But I’m not sure whether I want to go there.

I just want to eat and eat and I don’t want to go to the gym. Even when I was going some these last few weeks didn’t seem to do me any good. Ugggggggg! I hate this!

This is just not a good time for all this. Nick is busy with his new job and for another 10 days or so I will really be swamped until school settles down to a regular routine. How do we get past this and how can I get back on track, when I really just don’t care about it?


I have a few thing to be grateful for today, here goes.

I am very grateful that Nick and I each have a job. There are so many right now who have lost jobs through no fault of their own. We went through 2 ½ years with Nick out of work and looking every day. It’s hard to stay motivated that long. But now he is working and seems content in his job – I am very grateful. I know he would probably stick with it even if he hated it so seeing him happy with his job is a great relief to me. Today is my first day back so – Hi – Ho, Hi – Ho, it’s off to work I go.

Today I am also most grateful for my smart mouth, quick witted kids, my own personal ones that is. As my kids have gotten older I love their sense of humor. They may at time come off like a smart ass I can’t really complain, the apples didn’t fall far!

Mollie was heading out the door the other day to go somewhere and I automatically called as she was leaving, “I love you, drive carefully!” Mollie stopped half way out the door and came back in.

“Mom”, she started “you have so much to do during the day, you stay so busy (She was already being a smart @$$ with this comment as I had been in my recliner playing on the internet all morning) so let me save you some time. How ‘bout I just always plan on driving carefully and attentively. Then you will only have to say something to me about it on the days you want me to be careless or reckless.” She then turned and headed on out the door calling “Yes, I promise to be careful!” Sigh… what’s a mother to do?

My newest child is LJ’s boyfriend Colin. I have taken him as one of my own and his personally fits the family. He was here during the reunion. At one point several of us were looking at old pictures. I had a picture of me holding the pregnancy test when I first found out Mollie was coming. My sister and a few cousins said that they had similar pictures from their pregnancy tests. Collin looked up as though he had made a great discovery and said “Wow! That’s why mom had the picture of the dead rabbit in the front of my baby book!”

And then of course there is LJ. He and Collin are spending the week in New York City. We have been texting at least once or twice a day. This reassures me that he hasn’t been mugged and robbed of his phone. Now I personally am not a big fan of NYC so Saturday afternoon, paraphrasing from the old Green Acres song, I text “Forget Manhattan, just give me that country view.” I doubt ten seconds had passed before he text back “Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue!” That boy is quick and he does love his adoptive city!

So goes another Tuesday with many things I’m grateful for. I hope all of you are grateful for many things too.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Looks like it's that time again

I have avoided reality as long as I could. It seems that whether I want to acknowledge it or not school is starting back. Last year was a very, very hard year for me and I am determined that this year will be better.

I love teaching. Let me repeat that I LOVE TEACHING! I am not very fond of being part of ‘the educational system’ however. I am required to spend so much time ‘documenting’ what I am teaching and how I am teaching I sometimes feel teaching gets lost in the shuffle. New programs are forced on us continuously. They aren’t bad programs. It’s just that there are too many, too many ‘new programs’ that will ‘just take 5 minutes a day’ or ‘you’ll just need to fill this out and keep a record for each student’. When over the years we are given dozens of these great little programs, well you can see that the ‘5 minutes’ and the paper work add up.

Last year I let all this get to me. Not this year. I am doing everything I can to change my attitude. I was in tears many, many days from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of how I was supposed to do all these new programs. I’m a good teacher and I have to remember that the focus is on teaching the children they put in my classes. I will do the best I can with everything that they ask me to do but I am not going to stress like I did last year.

This year I have thought it through and I think I have my priorities straight.

1. Take care of the kid in my class. They are my number one priority! I will teach them, protect them, push them, joke with them, encourage them and care for them.

2. Listen with an open mind to all the new programs for this school year and do the very best I can with each one.

3. Remember that a stresses out, sad, resentful, angry, unhappy, discouraged, overwhelmed teacher will not do my students one bit of good. So while I will try my best with the non-teaching ‘stuff’ I will not let it upset me like last year. And finally…

4. Separate my job from my real life. I have to remember not to let worries from my job keep me from enjoying my life and family!!

So there you have it. That’s my plan for this year. If I start complaining you can direct me back to this post and I’ll get focused again. So here we go – it’s going to be a great year, it’s going to be a great year … and I am going to keep repeating this to myself until I believe it!! And BTW folks, I’ll take any prayers or good thoughts you have.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And then the phone rang...

Just want to let everyone know that spanking is still alive and well at our house. Between Mollie being around and company here we hadn’t been indulging much lately but Thursday found us all alone for the whole evening.

Nick is still training and getting used to his new job. I think he likes it pretty well, he seems content. But he is also pretty tired when he comes in. When he got home last Thursday I think he took a little nap and then a shower, at the time I wasn’t paying close attention. That is until my phone rang. A sexy man was calling from our bedroom asking if I had plans for the next hour or so. Strangely enough I wasn’t involved with anything I couldn’t put on hold!

I was soon snuggled down on the bed with my wonderful husband coming after me with something wooded. I can’t remember exactly what. He was mentioning something about now being a good time to get into healthy eating mode again. I think I just groaned. He wanted to get my pants off but unfortunately these shorts had gotten tight over the past few weeks and, well let’s just say that didn’t help the situation any and there was a bit more discussion about getting back on a healthy eating plan.

Once we finally got down to the ‘bare’ essentials he got out the small leather paddle and the sting was delicious!! Knowing that sometime Nick is ready to proceed to the next fun item of the agenda before I am I lazily told him “You got about a half an hour to stop that spanking.” With that he picked up the wickedly harsh bath brush and gave me two thunderous pops! OWWWW!!

“So you want another half hour of that?” he asked. Grrrrrrr….! But then he went back to our other toys and I got just the kind of attention I love so much. I swear he still has the tendency to want to stop if he thinks I’m going past pink to a good red bottom. Why would he let a little thing like that stop him? He gave me a good long session with the belt. It’s amazing how good that can feel!!

Things then proceeded on in a lovely and sexy way. Lots of toys, vibrators, lotions, each of us received our share of pampering. It really was a lot of fun and it had been a while. Of course he may not have been telling me the whole truth about the color of my butt. When I looked afterwards it was barely pink! You would think a big strong man like Nick could keep his wife’s seat red longer that that! Maybe he just needs more practice, ya think??

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Help Wanted, Chapter 5

I view this Friday with mixed feelings. This is my last Friday of the summer and I'm not quite ready for that to be true but I am very happy to have a brand new Fantasy Friday to share with you. This is the final chapter in the Help Wanted series. If you haven't read the first four chapters I suggest you go back and read part one, part two, part three and part four by clicking on them.

I love this conclusion so please, enjoy...

Help Wanted Chapter 5

Amy fidgeted in the line at the air terminal, tears running down her cheeks. After listening to a list of places she could not go she finally demanded to be given a seat on the next plane to anywhere. Funny, acting like Mr. High and Mighty got the job done and she was soon handed a ticket to some other obscure island no one had ever heard of. No matter, the flight left in 15 minutes, and she could be miserable anywhere.

As the flight boarded an official looking man in a white panama suit diverted her from the line dragging her to an empty corridor before she realized what was happening.

“Miss Nelson, I am Inspector Malowii and I need to ask you a few questions. We have received a report of theft from a yacht at our dock. You are listed as a suspect in the matter.”

Amy’s shrieks and string of invective, delivered at the top of her lungs and all directed at RJ Drake caught the inspector off guard. His lips twitched with suppressed mirth as he tried to make himself heard over her temper.

“Miss Nelson, am I to understand you know Mr. Drake?”

“Of course I know the lying bully. I didn’t want to play his games so he sends some trumped up pet policeman to scare me into doing what he wants. You can tell Mr. Drake he needs to find a new “employee” to boss around. I sent him my letter of resignation and I am getting on that plane.”

“I am certain this is all a misunderstanding. However, I must ask you to accompany me to the precinct so that we may straighten it out with Mr. Drake. Once a formal charge is levied there are proper channels that must be followed.”

Inspector Malowii watched the young lady stomp her foot and noted that she was glaring at him through decidedly swollen eyes. He also could not help noticing the whisker burn and love bites that circled her neck. Whatever mess his old friend RJ was landing him in, at least it was pretty and promised an entertaining story. Giving her a chance to wind down and see the wisdom in a quiet ride to his office to clear this matter up, he was shocked when the seemingly respectable young lady whirled away, lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and presented a fine plump bottom that was crosshatched with handprints and paddle marks.

“I want to press charges of assault against Mr. Drake. Tell him I said we’re even if he lets me get on that flight.” Dropping her skirt she faced him, arms crossed and looking quite pleased with herself.

Sighing deeply, afraid even a luscious posterior and a wild tale would not offset the headaches and paperwork about to be unleashed by this lover’s spat, he grabbed her arm.

“Miss Nelson, you are under arrest for suspected theft and public indecency. We will sort the details at my office.”

The Inspector smiled in anticipation as he heard his old friend bellowing protests that he was the injured party, not the suspect. His assistant escorted RJ to a holding room as directed. He decided to let them both stew for a few minutes while he enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee and thought about the next phase of his plan. With any luck he could have this all wrapped up in time for a quiet dinner with his wife. It had been too long since he had left his own handprint on soft skin. A matter to be rectified as soon as possible.

Amy had cried herself out and was left shivering and hollow. How could he do this to her after all they had been through. Telling people she was a common thief.

RJ circled the small room like a tiger in a cage, ready to smash something. He knew better than to give that kind of power to a woman. First chance she got she ran off. As if that wasn’t bad enough she had to humiliate him in front of the entire island.

Inspector Malowii sent his assistant to settle RJ and open the mike and curtain, allowing him to see Amy, but not communicate with her. RJ’s heart dropped at the sight of her swollen eyes. She looked like a lost waif, alone in the world. Then he remembered she chose that over being with him and he shook off the pity.

When the Inspector entered the room Amy roused herself, trying to care what happened next was getting harder as the reality of a life without RJ settled in.

“Look, Officer, I don’t want any trouble. I will drop all charges against Mr. Drake if you will just let me get on a plane out of this nightmare.” she pleaded.

“I am afraid we have a much bigger mess than I can sort out at this point. I have Mr. Drake’s accusations that you removed his property without his permission, I have your accusation that Mr. Drake assaulted you, and I have statements from crew members that you were involved in an intimate relationship with Mr. Drake. So, as you can see, this is difficult to work through. I will need further facts to make a resolution.”

“Look, we were involved, or at least I was. Mr. Drake hired me to be his, um, assistant. We were spending everyday together and I got carried away. I see now that I thought we were falling in love but he was just screwing the hired help. I am an idiot for trusting him, he’s this rich, powerful guy and I am nobody, but I thought he loved me a little…” Amy broke off, sobbing, unable to continue.

“I will give you a moment to compose yourself.” Inspector Malowii quietly left the room, feeling quite sorry for the poor girl and more than a little annoyed with his friend.

RJ felt like he had been sucker punched. She was in love with him, but she ran away at her first chance? He watched through the observation glass as she huddled, sobbing wretchedly. He wanted nothing more than to hold her and smooth away the tears, even after what she had put him through. Jerked from his reverie by the slamming door, he turned to face his old friend.

“Are you satisfied by the mess you have made? Is the girl sufficiently miserable now? Or perhaps you would like me to put her in the dungeon? You can’t simply break up with her; you have to be a total horse’s ass in the process?”

RJ was speechless. In over twenty-five years of friendship he had never heard the calm and quiet raise his voice, much less curse.

“Now, Benjie, you know I would never abuse a woman.” RJ began, only to be cut off.

“Bullocks, your handprints are all over her ass. She showed me.”

RJ surged forward, grabbing his friend by the shirt, roaring like a maniac, his punch stayed by the laughter.

“You are a total and complete ass. That fine woman loves you, God alone knows why, and instead of doing something wise, like marrying her, you treat her like a trollop and accuse her of stealing. Now you think to assault an officer because I had the good fortune to see her lovely posterior. She is lucky to have learned your shortcomings in time.” the inspector slammed out the door in a huff, then leaned against the wall smiling. Things were moving right along. Leave the pot to simmer a few moments then stir, he may get home for dinner after all.

RJ was struck to the core by the truth in his friend’s accusations. He loved Amy and he had treated her unfairly from the start. She was paying for his ex-wife’s shortcomings and it was all his fault. Feeling like a complete bastard he realized Amy was calling his name.

“I am sorry I made you feel bad, RJ, it was wrong of me. Are you sure he can hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am, he can hear you, whether he will choose to listen I cannot guarantee.”

Amy pressed her tear stained face to the window and pleaded her case.

“Please, RJ, just let me leave. You have broken my heart and humiliated me, that should be enough punishment, even for you.”

The door opened and RJ wheeled in. Before Amy could speak he gathered her into his arms and settled her onto his lap.

“I love you, Amy, nothing else matters. We can work out the details later. I overreacted when you ran away, I was hurt and I wanted to hurt you back. I am so sorry.”

“You love me? Why would you treat me that way? Ordering me to town, telling me what to wear? Pretending the week on the island never happened? I can’t go back to being your spanking slave. I won’t do it. Just let me leave, you don’t have to lie to me.”

RJ sighed, he had screwed the pooch on this one and regaining her trust was going to take more time and privacy than was offered by the local gendarmes.

“I am asking a favor. I realize I was a complete ass, I misunderstood and was hurt, in the process I hurt you. I am so sorry, please say you will come back to the boat and try to work this out. I love you, I am mad about you, I was trying to surprise you with a wedding and I got carried away. Please come with me, let’s talk.”

“You planned a surprise wedding? YOU decided I would say yes, so no reason to ask me? Were you planning to TELL me I was getting married?” Amy’s tears disappeared and she jumped from his lap. “You are insufferable. A bully. A, a , a toad!”

Inspector Malowii interrupted the tirade, “You both have much to say to one another, however I believe it is all best served in private. I am dismissing all charges. Miss Nelson, do you agree to return to the boat with Mr. Drake?”

“I guess I have a few more things to say to him.” She glowered.

“Then it is settled, I will call on Miss Nelson in the morning to assure myself she is well and happy and free to leave if she so chooses. Mr. Drake, do not make me regret my generosity in this matter. You are free to go.”

RJ was a nervous wreck waiting for Amy. They had agreed to meet in his study to discuss what had happened and she was late. She knew how crazy he was about punctuality. She left him waiting like a fool, with his heart in his hand, she said he abused her, she called him names, and showed her ass to another man. Just as he settled on that as her biggest sin she walked through the door wearing a smile and a pair of stilettos he had never seen before, hair done, make up in place. While he was stewing about Benjie eyeing what was his, she was primping and showing up late just to spite him.

Without thinking he grabbed her arm threw her over his lap, tossed up her skirt and laid into her backside like there was no tomorrow. Ignoring the screams, the name calling and shrieking he beat a tattoo on her poor globes until they glowed bright red and she settled into quiet sobbing. RJ settled her carefully on his lap, the heat burning his groin as she snuggled tight to him, winding her arms around his neck and they cried together.

Two days later the honorable Inspector Malowii escorted Miss Amy Nelson down the aisle of a small island church. At the intimate reception dinner that followed he laughed to himself at the soft pillow placed thoughtfully on the new bride’s chair.


A big thanks to my anonymous friend who is such a wonderful writer!! You have a way of spinning a story that brings us right in. I know how busy she has been so there is a special thanks for finding the time to finish this for us. And should you have more time for writing... well you know my address!

And that goes for anyone else out there with any thought of trying a story. And if you don't know my email its elisspeaks@yahoo.com Come back next week I'm hoping for a new Fantsay Friday but if not I'll fine one that will be new to most of you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Visit

A quick note about Fantasy Friday – there is a brand new one this week. The conclusion to a multiple part story I posted several weeks ago. If you want to get caught up before Friday you can go back and read part one, part two, part three and part four by clicking on them.

Our visit was great but certainly for the most part vanilla. Vanilla is fine with me. What I enjoy so much is just being able to talk about anything, what we wanted to do for supper or spanking implements. It didn't matter either seemed natural. Now Mollie was around some but we had lots of time alone too. And being able to really feel like myself was great. We all feel that we can be completely open with each other.

We stopped for Mexican the first night and spent the evening talking. The next day Nick and Mr. Smith went golfing, Adam relaxed by the pool and we girls? We spent our day in the Cyber Café! At least that is what the guys called my sun room. CeeCi and Mr. Smith had brought a computer to share and all the rest of us had our own, five laptops for the six of us! LOL! Old habits are hard to break.

I think Friday night was when I got the biggest shock of the visit. We took the crowd to an excellent southern restaurant rough looking for sure, but great for good southern eating. It was there that we all learned (yes right here in a public restaurant) that CeeCi was a virgin. Not only did we discover this startling fact we all got to watch her lose that virginity! This poor deprived woman had never eaten okra, never had pulled pork, never had banana pudding – and even pointed to hush puppies and asked what they were (deep fried corn bread for you other virgins)!!! For me, born and raised in the south, being with a true good ol’ southern eating virgin was just amazing.

We got up early the next morning and headed to the mountains for a long (down hill) bike ride. Nick and I have done this trip before and we always love it but it was even more fun with our friends. This trip was brand new for them and I loved seeing everything through their eyes, the woods, the ravines, the river – all so beautiful.

When we got home I had to go to a wedding – that is a post in itself! But after the wedding I had invited more of my vanilla friends over for Eva’s delicious ribs. We had our friend bring over his pictures to show everyone, CeeCi in particular. Like CeeCi he is a great photographer with a wide range of subject matter but as his flashed on the computer there would be an occasional picture of a woman in cuffs or in mild bondage. They were just part of the wide range of pictures and no one commented in particular. Later my friend’s wife pulled me aside to say she hoped that no one had been offended by those shots. I just laughed and without going into detail assured her none of my friends would mind at all. I have to talk more closely to these friends soon!

The rest of the visit consisted of more visiting, eating, playing on the computer and lounging around the pool – four of my favorite things with many of my favorite people! I didn’t like seeing Eva, Adam and the pup drive off and I didn’t like having to take CeeCi and Mr. Smith to the airport to fly away. But I’m confident another visit is in our future.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have so much to be grateful for today! I have had such a special few days I hardly know where to begin.

I am enormously grateful for the internet for bring such wonderful friends into my life. In particular my twin Eva and for continuing to visit (or let me visit her), eleven visit in the past two years. And to another sister CeeCi for coming to join us. I have never had anyone willing to fly across the country to see me! Well, me and Eva – but it’s still an amazing feeling!

I am also grateful for three special men, Nick, Adam and Mr. Smith. If not for these understand men the friendships could never have developed in the ways that they have. I love all these men. Adam is like a brother – he LOVES to pick on me for some strange reason. I have no idea why I am always an angel to him! I love CeeCi’s Mr. Smith too! He is so easy to talk to. He is one of those special men who not only talks about interesting things he actually listens to what other people have to say. And Nick, my wonderful Nick, well none of this would have been possible with out him.

And I am grateful that there is more than a good chance there will be another visit in the future– this time including Grace and Bossman (as it should) – once they get all settled in their new house! They were truly missed!!

Now on to the diet update.

The what? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t wish to discuss it. Stop hounding me! I tell you I don’t know anything about it. Leave me alone!!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're just...

It’s been so long since I’ve written I’ve about forgotten how. We've had a blast on this vacation and we are still having fun. Sadly Eva and Adam had to head home yesterday but we still have CeeCi and Mr. Smith here. I am hoping CeeCi will give me computer lessons this afternoon and I think the guys are planning on playing golf again later today. Other than that we will be floating in the pool talking, sleeping, whatever. We have done some wonderful things on this trip and I am looking forward to telling you all about them but for today I am just going to keep enjoying my company. I’ll be back!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Fantasy Friday - A Promise Broken

Happy Friday! We have another revisit today but it's one I really like. I hope you will too but I really hope some new stories will come in soon! Meanwhile I appreciate many of you saying that you don't mind the revisits since many of these will be new ot my newer readers.

Please enjoy...

A Promise Broken

Mr. DeSilva was surprised and puzzled by the look of panic on Annie face when Jonas walked in to the dinner. He had grown very fond of his new little waitress in the 2 months she had worked for him. She had met Jonas at the dinner the week after she started working and the two had moved in together shortly there after. Mr. DeSilva enjoyed watching the two of them together. Usually Annie face lit up in delight when Jonas stopped by. Something was obviously very wrong.

Annie was in a panic. She had almost convinced herself that Jonas had just been kidding to get her attention. But here he was. Jonas was supposed to have been gone last night. Yes, he had asked her not to drink if he wasn’t around and she had agreed, but the girls had asked her to go out with them and there seemed no harm in a few beers. But when Jonas had shown up at the pub unexpectedly he has pretty much caught her red handed.

He was quiet on the way home. As they entered the apartment Annie said softly “Jonas, I’m sorry. I guess it looks like I broke my promise but I only had a few beers. I just missed you and I thought going out with the girls would be better than sitting here moping.”

“Annie you remember what I said I would do if I found out you had been drinking without me?” Annie blushed and looked away. It always embarrassed her when Jonas threatened that he was going to spank her. He had given her a few hard swats over silly things. Once she had gone out and left the curling iron plugged in. When they came back in and found it he had given her two stinging swats to her bottom, which had shocked and embarrassed her. Since that time he had swatted her occasionally and had threatened worse. But she had really thought he had to be kidding. She was no longer sure.

She had tried to tease him out of his mood last night but hadn’t been in a joking mood. “Annie, you broke your word to me, I won’t break mine to you. In the morning, when you are stone cold sober you’re getting a spanking.” But she hadn’t waited around the next morning to see if it was really going to happen. Although she wasn’t scheduled to come in until 11:00 she had slipped out of the bed around 4:30 and come in for the breakfast shift. She knew Mr. DeSilva wouldn’t mind. She never expected Jonas to show up here.

Annie watched wordlessly as Jonas went to her boss. “Mr. DeSilva I need to borrow Annie for a bit. She and I were supposed to have a … discussion this morning but she left without talking to me. This isn’t a something that can be put off any longer; we need to go home for a while, I’ll have her back as soon as I can.”

Mr. DeSilva looked back and forth between his two young friends. Annie’s look of fear and guilt, Jonas’ look of serious determination – it didn’t take a genius to know what was coming. “Jonas, you sure this discussion is something that needs to take place?”

“Yes sir, it time to take care of this.” Jonas answered. Mr. DeSilva headed to the back and motioned for both of them to follow.

In the back Annie’s boss crossed his arms and looked sternly at them both. “Annie you know what Jonas is talking about?”

“Yes” Annie said looking at the floor.

“You willing to have this discussion?” he continued. “You don’t have to if you don’t think it’s fair, he’ll have to go through me if he is being unfair to you.”

Annie quickly looked at Jonas. In her heart she knew he was the first person to care about her, care what she did, care whether or not she kept her promises. It was that simple, he cared. She looked at Mr. DeSilva and said quietly “I want to go with Jonas”.

“Okay then,” Mr. DeSilva answered, “Jonas, take her home if you like but if you’d rather, my office is in the storage building out back. I often had … discussions with my missus there in the past. It’s private and you are welcomed to use it if you like.”

Jonas nodded to Mr. DeSilva and led Annie out and into the small office behind the dinner, as they entered Annie began talking fast. “Jonas please, I know your upset, but you can’t be serious about sp…spanking me. I’m not a child. This is just silly. I said I was sorry! I won’t do it again.”

Jonas wasted no more time. He pulled a straight back chair to the center of he room and pulled Annie quickly across his lap. Annie had never been in this humiliating position before, she struggled to free herself but a volley of extremely hard swats and Jonas’ firm admonition of “Annie if you don’t stop struggling and it’s going to be worse for you. You gave me your word that you wouldn’t drink if I wasn’t with you, then the first night you thought I was going to be away and you are out drinking with the girl. What did you think was going to happen, that I would say ‘Oh, never mind you can lie to me if you want to’?” As he scolded he continues to give medium to hard swats.

For the first time Annie could remember she was beginning to feel true remorse. In the past evading, pretending and out right lying had mostly gotten her out of trouble, not into it. But this was different; Jonas truly meant something to her. And obviously honesty was important to him. As the tears began to come Annie said in all sincerity “Jonas I am so sorry. I mean it! It never really mattered before when I broke a promise but I know I hurt you and I’ll never do it again. Please let me up it’s starting to hurt!”“Annie,” Jonas told her “I haven’t even started yet. And yes, it is going to hurt!” With that Jonas began spanking seriously. It was obvious that Annie had never been spanked before. Jonas did want to go overboard but he was also determined that Annie would have no doubt how seriously he took lying. Annie couldn’t believe how much heat was being delivered to her behind. She was on fire and still he didn’t stop. She cried, she tried to put one had a back to protect her throbbing, punished bottom. But Jonas quickly pinned her hand to the small of her back and continued until he felt he had done a through job.

Annie gradually realized that that Jonas had stopped spanking and was rubbing and squeezing her throbbing seat. As he helped her to her feet and stood to cradle her against him Annie was aware of throbbing elsewhere. Jonas kissed her tears away and said quietly, “It’s all over, I love you and it’s all over now. But Annie you need to know I took it easy on you this time. If you lie to me again your bare bottom is going to know the full force of what a spanking can really feel like. Come on I have to get you back to work.” Annie instinctively reached around and rubbed her aching bottom not wanting to imagine what it would have been like if Jonas had taken down her pants and panties. And while the thought was unsettling she realized she was almost as reluctant to leave then little office as she had been to enter it.

Annie heart was soaring! Someone actually cared for her, someone actually loved her. All her life she had looked for someone who cared. As they stepped back into the dinner Mr. DeSilva practical jumped at them. “Are you alright?” he barked at Annie before she could answer he rounded on Jonas “Is she alright?” Annie couldn’t help giggling at the scowl on his face, much like that of a protective bull dog. Annie looked back and forth between the two men who cared for her in very different ways she thought of the attention she had craved all her life had arrived, now she wondered if she was going to be able to handle it.


This story is one that I wrote. Jonas and Annie are based around the story I ‘mind blogged’ for most of my life. This was the stuff of my teenage years (and beyond) fantasies. I keep thinking I would like to write more about them some day. Who know, maybe in my spare time!

So have you started writing yet? This invitation is opened to all my blogger friends, my non-blogging friends, or those friends I haven’t met yet that read here silently. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com