I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

I may have to keep him distracted

I think I’ve messed up just a little. As I worked on getting the book ready to send off, (it was accepted), I think I’ve neglected a few other things. It seems that the scale is creeping up slightly.  It was last week, but as Nick pointed out today, I did a really great job distraction him last weekend. He hasn’t quite gotten the grin off his face – but he may also have realized what I was doing.

So funny, we all want that spanking until we don’t. I’m mad at myself. I was riding my bike every day and getting all three rings complete on my Apple watch for two weeks straight, but not so much these last two weeks.

Next week I’m visiting my sister. And, um… we tend to eat when we’re together. We walk a lot too, but I don’t think the scales will be telling a wonderful story when I get back. I think I’m going to have to work on a daily plan. Of course, I’ve thought this before, it’s doing it that’s so tough. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I did it!

I finished the third book in the Cal’s Law series and sent it to Blushing Book yesterday. I’m assuming they’ll accept it, I certainly hope so, and if timing goes like it has in the past the book may be out by May. I think this will make a great summer read.
I want to give a big thank you to Ella and Rosie Dee who have both help me get this book ready. They've both been amazing.
This being retired and writing is so much fun. I have another book about half finished – new people completely and another swirling around in my head. More just ideas and thoughts than a complete story yet, but it’s there.
I’d though perhaps that the last Cassie book would be the last, but Cassie may not be ready to stop. I’ve heard whispers from her too.
If you haven’t read the two Cal’s Law books maybe you give them a try now and be all ready for the new one coming out.

Cal’s Law
(book one)

Jenny is the typical rich-kid, sorority girl. Getting good grades isn’t high on her priority list. In fact, that sits well below getting into the secret faction of her sorority. To do that she must pull off a daring bit of mischief.
Cal Bennett is the town sheriff. He’s a relatively young, no-nonsense, kind of guy – with a good heart. He is the moral center of this small town in North Carolina. But when his and Jenny’s paths cross unexpectedly, things get complicated and he questions his morals and his heart.
His plan to save Jenny from herself by enforcing strict discipline seems like a sound one.  To both of them. At first. He enacts a touch of martial law and Jenny agrees to learn more than English Lit. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are but a few of her new subjects. Along with time-management, telling the truth and doing homework. Breaking any one in this new set of rules will result in a sound spanking. It all sounds simple enough when she signs on the dotted line of the contract between her and her sheriff.
But, life is messy and she is faced with one tough decision after another. She’s a college student! Shouldn’t life be easier than this? Less complicated? But she is pulled in two directions: her moral, upstanding sheriff leads her down one path, and a cute frat boy leads her down another. In one direction lies maturity, and a future. In the other, the simplicity of being a rich kid in college where Mommy and Daddy pay for everything. Now she must choose: Will she continue to let her parents pay for it all, or will she learn to pay the price for her own actions?

Becoming Family
(Book two )

Against overwhelming odds, Jenny and Cal are together and happy. Their love is strong, but before they can become family Jenny needs to learn what that word means. Jenny has no background in the real meaning of "family" but when Cal wants her to meet his and get to know hers, she knows the time has come. The difference in the two families is wide and jarring. Jenny has a lot to learn, but then so does Cal. When he meets her family, he discovers that the word family doesn't always mean the same thing to all people.
Jenny’s mother has planned a future for her daughter that does not include someone as ordinary as Cal Bennet. What could this small-town hick with no money and no connections do for her? How far will her mother go to see that Jenny accepts a life of high society and prestige? Will these two lovers come to an understanding of what their family will look like?

Cal's Law Series

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two) 

And in case you haven’t tried any of the Cassie books, you can find them here.

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)