I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm bored

I know, I know – nobody blogs on the weekend, I remember Grace saying that a long time ago, especially on a holiday weekend. But I’m lonely, so I am out here talking to myself while the rest of you celebrate Labor Day. Nick has gone off golfing with the guys (I really hope that this is not a picture of one of the guys!) and won’t be home until Sunday night. I used to love the weekends he went off and I still don’t mind. It’s nice with just Mollie here. We girls do just exactly what we want to. But I really do miss Nick more than I used to when he is away.

To make matters worse I get an email from Mthc and David telling me about their hot, sexy, steamy, horning, butt spanking, anal loving afternoon while I set here playing with the keyboard. I guess Nick and I have enjoyed so many good times this summer that she didn’t even have the good graces to feel sorry for me! Just went on gloated about her good fortune. Sigh… she did suggest I play with the Hitachi tonight. Okay not a bad suggestion.

The diet front is not going so well. I would have to say I am really at a stall. The most depressing thing is that I have been playing with the same 5 pounds for 6 months now. Down 3 up 2, down 1 up 3 and so on (sometimes I am just going up and down a few tenths) since last February. It is the first time since we started 2 years ago that I am really discouraged. About this one thing I need some guidance and firmness from Nick. He may need to lay down some strict rules and back them up by blistering my butt if I break them. Consistency is hard with Mollie around but I need some structure. I didn’t get to the gym much this week but with work starting back I really was exhausted and I needed my evenings to regenerate. I appreciated Nick not pushing then. But I have to get back in the groove and DO SOMETHING to get back on track!

Well if any of you take a break from you partying this weekend leave a comment or drop me an email to help relieve my boredom. Maybe answering emails will keep me from snacking! LOL! It’s worth a try!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What we've been up to

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Have you see Ed?

Ed was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was REALLY angry.

She told him, 'Tomorrow morning I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in less than 6 seconds AND, IT BETTER BE THERE!!'

The next morning Ed got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up she looked out the window and, sure enough, there was a box, gift-wrapped, in the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, and brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.

Ed has been missing since Friday. Please pray for him.

Friday, August 22, 2008

This and that

Alright, first thing first, Eva was right. I can’t chew gum. You have heard of people who are not coordinated enough to walk and chew gum at the same time? Well I can’t stand still and chew gum at the same time. I bite myself. I know, it’s crazy, just another one of my various shortcomings. It’s like the fact that I can’t snap my fingers, sad but true.

Update on the Fantasy Friday stories. I have received some fantastic stories!! I would like to have more before I start it up again. It will probably be a little different. I am hearing from some readers that do not comment real often and we wouldn’t have a contest unless it was someone we all knew. But I am really looking forward to posting these stories and introducing you to some new and fantastic writers! I hope more of you will send stories. Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

New topic, LJ headed back to school this morning. It was quite different from 2 years ago. Taking him the first time back then, was very traumatic for me. This time he comes home last Tuesday to get the thing he left here. Went to supper with us and says “I’ll probably head back Friday morning sometime. See you Christmas.” Okay he is kidding about not seeing him until Christmas but he does feel comfortable in his house in his college town and I am comfortable having him there. Yes time marches on and you can get used to anything.

This has been a stressful week. Getting back to work always is. Next week won’t be much calmer. I enjoy summers, I especially enjoyed this summer. As the year goes on I relax. I am one person at work and when I get home I can be myself, PK. But it is hard to feel like PK when I am overwhelmed with getting started. Nick has been a great help. He has been reading the book CeeCi suggested, Tantric Secrets for Men, though I really do think it is the woman that benefits! I need to be reading it really but I just won’t have the time for a while. So I am picking up what it says from Nick.

I will tell you more about it soon and some of the things we are trying. It deserves its own post. But I really do appreciate Nick. He is taking the lead while I am trying to readjust my schedule and not letting me forget about ‘us’. There is calm gentle loving but he has not forgotten that he is married to a true, life long spanko too. I got a good man.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could you send gum?

School has a lot of changes this year. We have a new principal. He seems like a nice guy the only thing I have to complain about so far is the fact that he calls me ‘Ma’am’! I could really live without that. I am starting to become aware of this age thing. My new boss isn’t 40 yet, my doctor is younger that I am, my preacher the same age as me and there is a good possibility that the next president of the United States will be just a kid! What’s going on around here?

But I will tell you that after an all day workshop yesterday my new boss sure found a way to get my full attention! The workshop was packed so he asked that any questions be put on sticky notes and he would answer them at the end of the day. The questions were about a variety of issues. One was about gum – we don’t allow students to chew gum at school, but some teachers do. Basically the question was, what was he going to do about it?

He looked up, shrugged and said “I guess I’ll just have to take them in my office for three licks!”

Now that man speaks my language! I never have been a gum chewer but I could learn! Of course Nick gave me a small taste of what I might expect if I got in trouble at school. That was pretty nice too. In fact our mornings have been better than ever – that’s something else I would like to tell you more about but because of Grace (yes it is all Graces’ fault!) my time is severely limited at the moment. Next week does not look much better for long periods of uninterrupted writing. But I’ll be around when I can. Don’t go anywhere!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Relaxing and Corn Hole

Eva has told about the trip at her place and I really can’t add much to her account. If you haven’t taken a weekend to do nearly nothing lately let me suggest it! It was just what we all needed. Even the pup seemed to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

I really enjoyed the visit with Jane too. While I don’t think she is Cassie I know she is amused about our secret. She had only seen Eva once since the first time, before Eva’s surgery. The change is so very amazing. After their first hug Jane got a slightly stern look on her face (picture your average third grade teacher with 35 years experience) and asked Eva “Are you getting all your protein?”

“No.” Eva quietly told her, and asked Jane “Are you?”

“Oh, hell no” Jane admitted laughing, “I don’t think anybody does!”

It is fun talking to a vanilla about spanking. She is just so very amazed. I am sure it is just not something that has ever occurred to her in her life. She has not told her husband, which really surprised me. I expected her to tell him but no one else. I asked her why she hadn’t she said “Well I thought it was private.”

“Was that really it?” I asked her “Or do you think he might want to try it? She laughed a little and admitted “Well it did cross my mind.” I will be sure to report if I hear any more.

Back at the house we were pretty lazy. We hit the pool; Eva taught Mollie how to make a great breakfast casserole and made many amazing meals. Eva and I emailed across the room at times and we played games.

Bocce was one we did enjoy but after we played that, things got a little strange. I am from the south. I know what corn hole is. It is not always discussed in polite company – although I don’t mind discussing it with my friends if it is alright with them. But while Nick and I have gotten pretty much shock proof I can’t say I wasn’t startled when my good friend, the nice man married to my best friend, a good and honorable man turned to my 15 year old daughter and asked if she wanted to play corn hole.

It was very shortly after that we found out it was actually a lawn game! Phew! What a relief!! Once we googled it we saw that it seems to have started in Ohio. My friend in California seems to know about it and it is big in Guatemala! But here in the South, and evidently we are not the only ones based on the survey, we know its slang for anal sex, or just ass hole. We got another giggle when we saw the following title on the internet “Ohio, Corn Hole Capital of America!” I am making no comment simply telling you what we found!

Their visit, as you can see, is everything we hoped for and more. I just want them to come back or I want to go there or I want us all back in LA. And one last thing, Adam did spank Eva down by the pool! And I don’t mean one little pop. She was dancing a bit and owwwwwing! I was just grateful she didn’t employ her new method for keeping quiet!!

It was great twin, come back soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We have a

We had a fantastic weekend and soon I will be giving you more details. But one thing came up in one of our many topics of conversation, we had a question about a definition. Since you guys are so smart we thought we would ask you. No googling – now give us your guess based on your knowledge.

What is ‘corn hole’?

• A lawn game
• Major grain producing district in Iowa
• Anal sex
• A ‘green’ sex toy

Like I said, no cheating, just tell us what you think.

We were just wondering

What is 'corn hole'?

a lawn game
major grain producing district in Iowa
anal sex
a 'green' sex toy

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another empty nest week

Mollie spent the last week in New York. It was a last minute trip with a friend and her mom and she had a wonderful time! We were left home alone again – so you might say a good time was had by all! We had such a good time I didn’t have time to write about it until now.

Nick spent much time during this past week making sure that I had as much fun in bed as a person can have. One day it began with a luxurious shave – that was fun and sexy! To be honest the week was such a blur I don’t remember all the details. I remember there were cuff involved, paddles of all varieties, plugs and all that was just the first part of the week. I do remember when I was returning the favor for all the fun I was having I had Nick in the cuffs once. He was at my mercy but he didn’t seem to be trying too hard to get away!

Now the last part of the week is clearer. We had been busy and had skipped a day or two when Nick, out of the blue, came to me one afternoon with my ben-wah balls. I had no idea he knew I had any, I had almost forgotten. He told me I needed to get in the right frame of mind he told me to wear them and a plug until he called me to the bedroom. Well this was new. Nothing turns me on quicker than being ordered around like this!

Soon he called me and told me to take a quick shower. I removed all devices and came to the bedroom after my shower where I got my first spanking of the afternoon for removing everything without permission! Does it get any better that that??

Nick pampered me no end. He had taken CeeCi suggestion from LA Kink about withholding – he wasn’t 100 % convinced but he is most willing to try suggestions – especially from CeeCi. Obviously the lady knows what she is talking about! But being uncertain of how he would like the whole idea I readily promised to play again the next day. Meanwhile he gave me the assignment of writing up the afternoon, what I had liked, what could improve it – just an overview, my take of the whole afternoon.

Who could help but love a man who not only spends the afternoon giving you every pleasure know to women but then gives you an opportunity to tell him exactly how it was for you and lets you ask for more!! With as much as he is giving me I wanted to be very honest with him and you in the hopes that other might relate to this and have suggestions. Here is part of what I wrote –

Making love is so good now! Good as it is the big O is still sometimes difficult for me to achieve I want to tell you why I think this is. For the past 30 years (not counting the last 2) felt embarrassed, for lack of a better way to say it, to let go for an orgasm in front of another person. It was something I only did alone. (It you are ever looking for a reason to spank me from now to next week, this should do it!). I don’t feel that way any more. I want to completely let go, yell, scream, squirt – my mind is opened to the idea and I want it. But this is a case of the mind being willing but the body is not on board yet. I am afraid my body is not trained to let go. Sometimes I still like to relax alone with the vibrator but that is not exactly practicing what I want us to experience.

I have withheld my thought and feelings from him so long I am trying to be as opened and honest as I can these days so I went on to add –

And I also know that while we are doing everything right physically, for me mental is a big key. The basic fantasy I have always had is of being truly dominated. If everything is out of my control, if I have no say in what is happening to me then that is the time I can most completely let go. I like being threatened, sexually tormented, teased, the hot creams, the spanking, the bondage (we need another pair of cuffs) it all works together to throw me into state of mind where I can let go! I can try to squirm away, resist and just sink into the whole experience.

Let me tell you by the next afternoon he had read this and was acting on it.


What an afternoon! He is working to retrain my body to be fully involved and damn he is doing a fantastic job! So that is how we spent our long, lazy, lonely afternoons while we had an empty nest.

And GRACE wants school to start back!!!!!!!!

Tattoo torment

I’m sorry to admit it but I am a terrible mother! I am sitting here this evening tormenting my daughter for no apparent reason – just for sport. She was a bit concerned before our LA trip that the four of us girls would get tattoos. She knows there is a special connection between the four of us that has never existed between me and any friends before. I teased her occasionally before the trip that we were going to get one.

Well I am still tormenting her. While watching the Olympic divers tonight Mollie asked “What is on that diver’s back?” I think it was a scar. But I casually said “You don’t even know what is on my back.” Well that certainly rang her chimes! She pitched a fit!

“What is on your back?” she yelled!

“Nothing!” I answered truthfully and in my least convincing voice.

“Why did you say that?” She demanded.

“Just messing with you.” I truthfully answered again.

“Get up and let me see!” She demanded.

I refused since I was comfy cozy with the computer on my lap. The next thing I know she has text Eva asking “Does my mom have a tattoo on her back?”

My good buddy answered her back “You will have to ask her. Maybe she will show you. If she has one that is, I’m just saying…”

Once Mollie left the room Nick turns to me and says “We need to get a pen and …” Mollie pops back in to see me grinning at Nick and chuckling.

“What did you just say to Daddy?” she demanded!

Again I was totally truthful when, with a grin, I answered “Nothing!” He was the one talking to me!

Why do I do things like this? It’s so much fun! Don’t know if I will make it to bed without her tackling me and ripping my shirt off but if I do make it I must find some fake tattoos for Eva and me to put on our backs as we head to the pool Friday. Who says its not fun having kids around??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shall we try again?

We have taken a break from Fantasy Friday for a few weeks now. So I need to see if you all want to try to start it up again. I have received another story (and it is a hot one) but I need more. Besides the obvious reason of loving to have a good spanking story to read every Friday there is another reason I love Fantasy Friday. Many of my friends here are fantastic writers, I love getting stories from them. But even more special are the stories I receive from first time writers!

I love hearing from people who don’t have a blog to post their thoughts even though they have been thinking and fantasizing about spanking for as long as we have. I think every one who has though about spanking from early adolescent has at least one story they want to write. I really want to encourage you to write it! Even if you never send it in – write it! It is fun, it is exciting and now you do have a place to post it. My readers are very supportive; I have a feeling that their comments will encourage you to write even more.

I say lets try to get it started again! Maybe we can continue once a week, it may change to once a month but let’s give it another try. You guys start writing as you have time and we will shoot to restart Fantasy Friday the last Friday in September. That will give me time to settle back in at work and you guys will have time to do some writing. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

If you send me a story put Fantasy Friday on the subject line. If I haven’t heard from you before it sometimes goes to spam. If you email me and do not hear back from me within 48 hours or usually less then I didn’t get it – please try again! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Telling vanilla's

I thought Todd and Suzy had a very interesting question over as A.S.S. this week. They were asking how many of your vanilla friends know about your spanko side. I had to grin when I read that because it was just a few weeks ago that I outed myself to my best vanilla friend. I can’t say it was exactly my choice – she made me tell!

I have written about Jane before. Eva met here before Eva’s gastric bypass; Jane had had one the year before. She is the friend I wrote about when as a young mother she had to put her child up for adoption 40 years ago. We are very, very close but of course the subject of D/D relationships, erotic spankings – well, let’s just say it never came up.

She knows me better than any other vanilla friend and she was certainly aware that in the past sex was NOT one of my favorite activities. We discussed it often, how I wanted to want it but I just didn’t. Two years ago she was one of the first to comment on the sudden change in me. And she wanted to know what was going on. I would just laugh and shrug. I just couldn’t tell her.

She was also the first to link the change to the internet and my meeting Eva. Occasionally she would ask “Now just exactly how did you and Eva meet?” I would give a vague answer and she would pin me with one of ‘those looks’ – you know how teachers are with their ‘looks’. I would usually get a stupid grin on my face and change the subject.

But about a month ago she called me to go to lunch and said “And I expect to hear the ‘secret’ you have with Eva. Don’t tell me it’s nothing, I ain’t buying it!” I talked to Eva and told her what Jane wanted to know and if she wouldn’t let up, could I tell her. Since Eva knew her too I wanted her permission. Eva told me to go with my gut but she wanted to know everything she said if I did tell her.

We went to lunch about a week later but to my great surprise she did not mention it or ask me one question. I really did not know whether to be relieved or a little disappointed. We headed to our cars and Jane said “Come to my car with me”. I walked her down and she said “Get in.” I just looked at her and she said “No one is going to over hear us. Just get in.”

LOL! I guess the time had come! She started driving around and waited for me to talk. So I started “Listen, it’s nothing really strange you and Dick probably do it to. I have always found it interesting, I never told Nick until two years ago, but I am fascinated by spanking. I am turned on by having Nick spank me.” There it was out.

“You are kidding!” was Jane’s first comment. “Nope” I told her. And I went on to tell her that it was by finding blogs that I met Eva who was just like me as well as the dozen others that I talk to regularly. By this time she was laughing like crazy and peppering me with questions. “With what?” she wanted to know. I told her spanking toys could be found everywhere! Belts, hair brushes, spatulas, slippers – well you guys know how the lists goes on. In fact I told her Eva and I had suspected her as a spanko because of the beautiful shoe horn hanging in there kitchen. She just cackled! Then assured me they only used it for putting on shoes. How boring.

She wanted to know if it hurt – yes. Was Nick surprised when I told him – yes. Are there really more than a handful of people who do this – yes. Did it really improve your sex life – “Duh, Jane” I said “you know the before and after me, what do you think?” I was really enjoying the question and answer session. And she readily admitted how much I had changed and how obviously happy I am now.

We talked a little more about pervertibles (she loved that name BTW). I told her kitchen stores are fantastic for finding toys. And I mentioned 2 in our area that are my particular favorites. When I told her that you could order spanking implements off the net and that there were venders at spanking parties she was absolutely dumbfounded!

We ended our conversation with her telling me that was the most surprising thing I could have told. She was just thrilled for me and my friends. She was happy that we had found something that made us so happy and that we had the nerve to tell our guys and have them go along.

I came home and told Eva all about our talk and we laughed a while. She asked me if I had asked Jane what she had thought ‘the secret’ might have been since she seemed so surprised by what it was. I hadn’t thought of that. I planned to ask her the next time we talked.

That was about a week later. I called her and all I had gotten to say was “Hey, how you doing?” before she said “YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!” Me?? What did I do?

She proceeded to tell me. She had gone shopping with her sister and cousin. They go to a kitchen supply store where her sister finds the multi-colored spatulas and begins talking about how beautiful they are and how she has to have some. Jane burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter which she can’t explain in any way. She said no lie came to mind (and of course she promised me that she wouldn’t tell anyone) she just had to leave the store until she got hold of herself. Two stores later her cousin picks up some toy she wants to get for her grandchild – something with a paddle. Once again Jane loses it! “Now” she yells at me through her laughter “they both think I am nuts and I can’t tell them any different!” Bless her heart.

That was bad enough but I called her tonight as I began writing this. She is at the beach with her whole family. Earlier in the evening her husband gave gifts to his son and son-in-law – long shoe horns from the golf store. Jane said she was holding it together by biting her tongue and not looking at anyone, until her son takes his and smack his wife’s butt with it! Well there went Jane!! She said she laughed until she cried and then quickly left the room before she peed on herself! “Now my whole family thinks I am nuts” she yelled “and its all your fault!!”

I nearly laughed until I peed! “So your boy is one of us?” I asked. She is still laughing. I asked her if she still felt I had ruined her life. And between giggled she admitted, “Well maybe not but you sure gave me a different way of looking at things!” I bet you can guess what we will be giving each other for Christmas this year!

My suggestion to you all, if you have a vanilla friend you are this close to, out yourself – it has been a blast!

Oh yeah, and what did she think the secret was? What’s your guess? I’ll tell you later.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Peer Pressure

Alright, alright enough already! I wasn’t standing there when CeeCi was telling all about the oil. Now my friends are taunting me with the magical powers of this love elixir. I swear the comments over at LA Kink are as interesting as the posts! So tonight after our trip to the mountains to watch the sun set and our talk while skinny dipping, I ordered this –

It contains the Original Massage Oil, Chocolate Mint Massage Oil, Cherry Almond Massage Oil, Raspberry Kiss Massage Oil, and Vanilla Crème Massage Oil.

I’ll let you know. I feel like I am back in high school and I just HAD to have the things my friends have. Strange, Nick doesn’t seem to mind.

Spanking Survey

I found this survey over at Hermione's (her's looks neater than mine) and I wanted to give it a try.


Have you ever gotten spanked?: Of course!

Do you like to be spanked?: I love it.

Are you bad?: Nope, I am very good.

Are you spanked over you pants or pants and undies pulled down?: Yes.

What is your favorite thing about spanking?: The love and attention.

Do you get spanked hard?: Yes.

What position are you in when getting spanked?: Usually laying on the bed.

What do you like to be spanked with?: Anything he wants to try.

Do you all get spanked?: Just me.

Who spanks you?: Nick.

How long does the spanking last?: Usually not quite long enough.

When is the last time you got spanked?: Two days ago.

Do you spank yourself?: I have in the past, not any more.

Do you have a spanking fetish?: I sure do.

After your spanking is over do you still act bratty later on?: No, I am an angel.

How hard do you get spanked?: Sometimes very hard.

Have you ever gotten your butt belted?: Oh yes!

Have you ever gotten your butt paddled?: Sure have.

Have you ever gotten spanked in public?: Swatted, not spanked.

What do you get spanked with the most?: Right now my new OCW. (If you don't know what that is go here for the story and a picture.)

On a scale of 1-10 how much does the spanking hurt?: Usually about a 5 or 6, we have been to an 8 or 9 on occasion.

Do you feel you deserve it?: Yes! I am a very good girl!

What do you get spanked for?: Fun mostly.

How many times have you gotten spanked?: More than one, less than a thousand. But we are working on it!

How many times the spanker spank you during the spanking?: Somewhere between 10 and 300 if I'm lucky.

What do you do to deserve them?: I am a wonderful wife.

Have you ever gotten spanked infront your friends?: Again swatted maybe, not spanked.

Have you ever gotten you butt caned?: Nope.

Do you like the pain of the spanking?: I do.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a wooden spoon?: I have.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a hairbrush?: Yes, and it HURTS!

Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?: Yes.

Is spanking a big part of your everyday life?: Yes it is.

Do you get spanked more than once a day?: I think I have been.

How often do you get spanked?: Not often enough but I can't complain.

Is your butt red and sore afterwards?: Yes!

Do you spanked gently or hard?: Hard.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a sneaker?: No, I don't think so.

Do you believe in spanking?: Yes. I feel that it does exist.

Have you ever been spanked so hard that you started to cry?: No.

What age did you stated getting spanked?: 49, did I wait long enough?

Do you still a get spanked?: I sure do.

Do you think that spanking is a good punishment?: Only for adults that want it.

Have you ever gotten spanked for swearing?: Not as an adult.

Do you think spanking is fun?: Sure is.

What does the spanker say to you before your spanking?: Get those pants off.

Have you ever gotten spanked for getting bad grades?: Not me.

Have you ever gotten a spanking for no reason at all?: Is 'just because' a reason?

Have you ever gotten spanked by a teacher?: Nope.

Is your butt spankable?: So I hear from Nick.

Who spanks you the most?: Nick only.

Is spanking your hobbie?: It's one of them.

Do you want a spanking right now?: Well yes, but not until I finish this survey.

Do you get lectured during the spanking?: Rarely.

Have you ever gotten spanked with your butt in the air?: I have.

Have you ever gotten spanked so hard you butt was swollen?: I don't think so, I am afraid it's alway that big.

Have you ever watched someone else you know getting spanked?: Once as a kid. That's all.

Do you hate spankings?: Are you nuts?

Have you ever spanked someone: Only a little.

Did they learn their lesson?: What lesson?

How many people spank you?: Just one.

Is spanking allowed in your family?: Only for adults who want it.

Have you ever been spanked with more than one spanking instrument?: Yes, most of the time.

Have you ever gotten spanked for lying?: I guess maybe once.

Have you ever gotten spanked for cursing?: Nope, I am not usually a potty mouth

Fill out this survey yourself
Find a different survey
Brought to you by Bzoink

Monday, August 04, 2008

Careful what you post Grace!

I am not sure if this is a post for you all to read or just long note to remind me to be careful what I wish for. It all started early Monday morning. I woke up around 5 and started a little playing and rubbing to see if Nick was awake. He might not have been fully awake but he didn’t seem to mind the attention.

We played around a little and then just cuddled back to sleep with the promise of more later once Mollie was off to baby sit. Once I got up I did what I always do first thing in the morning – I checked my emails and the blogs. So first I went to Grace. She has an excellent post (or so I thought). I went where she sent me and read there and then I commented. I also told Nick to go by and read it when he had time. You probably need to go read my comment now to fully grasp how dumb I was being.

I continued with my morning reading and writing. Seeing what everyone is doing out in blogland takes some time and I was keeping up with Dr. Phil too but around 10:00 I put down the computer to do see what Nick was up to. I found him in the bedroom attaching the cuff to the bedpost and he had stacked up 3 pillows on the bed. Okay, looks good to me!

So he undresses me and I am over the pillows and being cuffed to the bed when he asked, “How much cleaning did you do in the kitchen this morning?”

This morning? Well…

I actually hadn’t done any cleaning that morning. I had wandered into the kitchen while he was taking Mollie to her job. I got some left over dessert of breakfast but then I headed to the computer. As he is picking out his implements it dawns on me what he had been doing all morning. One, he had been cleaning the kitchen from my family reunion and two, he was reading Grace at my suggestion – including my comment on my desire for more discipline in my life. Do I have timing or what?

Nick rubs my butt while he asks again if I had done any cleaning. I had to admit I hadn’t. “I didn’t think so.” He said as he inserted butt plug (yeah we do need another name). Nothing makes me feel more submissive. Part of what he read told him that in order for a spanking to be effect discipline for a spanko you need to use things that your spanko has indicated they did not like during play. And of course today he was paying attention!

He started with the tawse. I don’t like the tawse! At all!! And he did not start gently. With my arm out stretched and secured to the bed there wasn’t much I could do. I finally tried kicking my feet up to get in the way but he didn’t allow that for long. He finally put down the dreaded tawse only to grab the backscratcher!! Now NO ONE likes the BS!! I am normally very quiet during a spanking, I used to be scared he would stop. Can’t say my being more vocal slowed him at all! After the BS he used the crop – sorry twin, I am not that wild about that when it is being wielded sternly! My butt was on fire by this time but Nick decided to finish up with the OCW (a full description of this paddle, as well as pictures can be found over at LA Kink)

Ow, Ow, Ow!!! Geeze! Grace do you see what you started!! You can just email me my apology! Of course once he finished with the OCW things took a decided turn for the better. He took me from behind still cuffed to the bed and it was WONDERFUL! And after he removed the cuffs and I got some cuddling I even finished cleaning the kitchen!

We talk a lot out here about being spanked so that we feel it the next day. Since his aim was perfect – right where leg and butt meet on the sit spot – I have certainly felt it all day today and there is a little bruising so I have a feeling it will be a little tender tomorrow too. And Nick in the middle of all this whining and complaining I want to say one more thing – thanks for a great day!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Reunion

We had a great reunion but I am tired! We had folks coming in from all over, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio and California. We had about 27 total I think. I cooked on Sunday. I made a banana pudding first, evidently not everyone knows about banana pudding – we once had some of the kids from CA call it banana yogurt. Here in the south it’s a staple.

Next I worked on my death by chocolate. Here’s a picture of that. It’s one of my favorites!

And then I got started on the chicken pot pies. Now Theresa I don’t really think of it as a recipe because I know how to do it but here goes.

Mix together:

1 can cream of chicken soup
1 ¼ cup chicken broth
2 cups cut up cooked chicken
1 can drained Veg-all (or your own leftover veggies if you have such things)

It looks like this –

Then for the crust mix:

1 cup self-rising flour
1 stick butter
1 cup milk
pour this over the other ingredients then bake at 375 for an hour and it looks like this –

So here is the whole meal.

Everyone seemed to get enough to eat. People ate and talked and ate and swam and ate and talked some more. Just great for the old diet!

I also had two great pieces of new this weekend. I will tell you about one and if the other actually comes true you will here about it later. Mollie is going to be traveling again. A friend has asked her to go to NYC for a week with her family. Although it is LJ who is the one dying to move there, Mollie seems pretty excited too. Of course that will give Nick and I another week alone. Nick pretty much leaves these decision (to let her go or not) to me. When I told her I thought it would be okay Nick whispered to me “I guess we better take our vitamins.” This is turning out to be my best summer yet!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I'll be here soon

Like Grace and Bossman, Nick and I had a great talk coming home from CA. The day after we got home we played with all our new toys. If I ever get the chance I would like to tell you all about it! Over at LA Kink there are stories I would like to tell too, Nick came up with a game for us to play the first night – questions and answers. I want to give you my version of toy shopping. I want to describe Grace and CeeCi and all the men. that was there from my point of view. I will be telling you which of the toys we got from Eva’s ‘who bought what post’ and give you a full review on it. And soon I will give you the answers on ‘LA Quotes’.

I have other stories to tell here too. Yes I did tell my best vanilla friend about our ‘spanking lifestyle’. You might say she beat it out of me! Her reaction has been priceless. And I have printed off several posts for her to read at her leisure. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

So why am I telling you what I am going to write instead of writing it? It’s like this, you may have gathered that cleaning house is not my favorite past time. I may have mentioned that cooking is not something that I am good at or enjoy doing but both of these things are in my immediate future.

Saturday afternoon somewhere between 30 and 35 relatives will be descending on my house! Yep it is time for our annual family reunion. Now the good news about this is that I really, really like my family. I want to see every last person that is coming. We spend two full days eating and talking. I love that, of course it would be even better if my internet family was going to be here too but I guess you can’t have everything.

So anyway a cousin does supper Saturday night and I am in charge of Sunday lunch. We are having chicken pot pie (home made, not Swanson’s), ham, corn, beans, fruit salad, bread, banana pudding and Death by Chocolate! Then for supper Sunday we have what ever is left over from the two previous meals.

So I have to get my butt off the computer and get this place ready and start preparing the food. When everyone gets here I will be away from the computer for a few days but after that I hope to be here and at LA Kink.

Oh one more thing, some of the emails from my friends are ending up in my spam folder. If you ever write me and I don’t respond with in a day or two then I didn’t get it, write again.