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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Fate - Chapter 2, II

*Blogger is being a butt again. Some blogs aren't showing when they update. I know Rogue at Rogue's Awakenings has posted again but it doesn't show up. You may want to click on your favorite sites just to see if they have a new post and if anyone knows how to fix this let us know.

been an interesting week. I've work hard on the diet, but as I get ready to put this up around midnight I don't know if I've made the goal for this week or not. I'm feeling pretty good but don't feel I've lost a ton or anything.

As promised we have Chapter 2 of Fate this morning. If you didn't get the chance to read the first story last week click here and get caught up.

Please enjoy...


Chapter 2

Josie buried her head under the covers, hiding from the persistent ringing. It was Sunday, her day off, and she was not ready to get up, much less talk to anyone.

The machine finally picked up, followed by the deep sexy drawl of Mr. Warner. Lunging for the phone, Josie groaned at the unfamiliar soreness in her backside, and paused. Confused by her response to his assault last night she decided to see what he had to say for himself. His voice brought back the sensation of fire and the bewildering sense of safety when he held her afterwards. As he talked Josie lost herself in a fantasy of what should have happened last night, lightly rubbing her bottom, thinking of his big hands sliding over her.

Cal hung up the phone, annoyed with her and thoroughly pissed at himself. She was home, he could see her car from his front window, she just didn't want to talk to him. Damn, the most interesting woman he had met in a year, and he had to scare her off on the first date. Not to mention losing out on some home cooking at her aunt's. All he could do was give her a few days to cool off and try again.

Josie called Bella, just to check in, see what was planned for dinner. She had decided to let Cal hang for a few days, just so he didn't think he could treat her that way again. She was not ready to admit to anyone, not even herself, that she was thoroughly infatuated with him.

"I'm so glad you called, sweetie. I just talked to your friend, Cal, and invited him for dinner. Do you think you could pick him up? It is so hard to give directions to someone new to town."

"What? Why did he call you? He doesn't even know you."

"But I called him, to ask him for dinner. Don't you remember? Last night I invited him for today, I wanted him to know it wasn't just a polite thing to do. Now I have to run, please try to be on time for once, and do bring a bottle of wine. A nice red for the main course. Ciao."

Josie was furious with her aunt for interfering, and excited that she would get to see him after all. She replayed his message for the number, called but got his machine, and left a short, impersonal message letting him know she would pick him up, at Bella's request, and to be ready at 3:30 sharp.


Bella hummed happily while she rolled out fresh pasta. What a treat to have someone new to cook for, and a handsome someone at that. She knew her niece was flighty, and probably didn't realize what a catch he was. It was the same with her and Anthony, in the beginning. Her Aunt Tessa helped her see what a good man Anthony was, and now she could do the same for her Josie.

Homemade lasagna, fresh bread, salad from her garden, and zabaglione for dessert. He looked like a man who knew how to enjoy a good meal. Maybe the prospect of Sunday dinners would out weigh the fact that Josie could barely boil water.


Cal decided not to return Josie's call, no sense giving her a chance to beg off. He would wait until she came to get him and put on his best behavior. At least Bella seemed to like him. Grabbing the phone book and a map he set out to get ready for his first skirmish in what promised to be a very interesting war.


Josie threw the dress across the room in frustration. There were clothes tossed everywhere as she tried to find something that gave just the right impression. So far everything was too dressy, too casual, or too frumpy. She usually wore jeans to Bella's but that seemed too casual. She finally settled on a coral silk dress, sleeveless and clingy, but casual enough with bare legs and sandals, and just short enough to make him look twice. Satisfied with the results at last she headed for his door.

Cal greeted her at his doorstep with a single red rose, a kiss on the cheek and a suitably admiring look.

"Are you always late?" he asked.

"I'm not late, I said 3:30, and it isn't even 4 yet."

He decided to let it slide this time, she seemed prepared to pretend last night had never happened, maybe they could start over, get to know each other. Gathering the flowers for his hostess and several bottles of wine he followed her out to the car, mesmerized by the way her full bottom swayed under the short skirt. Her tiny sports car was not made for comfort, especially for a man his size, but the deep bucket seat caused her skirt to ride high on her tanned thighs and offered plenty of distraction.

"Fasten your seatbelt, Josie."

"Oh, I never use one, it just wrinkles my clothes." Josie put the car in gear and started to back out of the parking space, only to find his hand clamped over hers like a band of steel.

"Put your seatbelt on now."

Something in his tone sent a shiver right through her and her bottom started tingling. Mumbling under her breath about wrinkling her good dress she fastened the seat belt. There was a good ten miles of curvy country road between town and Bella's house, she would make sure he felt every dip and turn.


Bella heard the car coming up the long drive and went to the porch to greet them.
The look on his face was enough to know things were not going smoothly, and Josie was dressed to kill. Ignoring the tension that simmered between them, Bella took genuine pleasure in the lovely bouquet of flowers and noted the wine was several notches above what Josie normally picked.

"Take Cal out to the patio, Josie. It is so pretty today, I thought we would eat out there. I want to get these in water. You can show him the gardens."

Not even Josie could ignore a direct order from Bella. Strolling along the flagstone paths was relaxing, Josie had no idea how spectacular the gardens were but Cal kept up a running commentary on the types of plants, what they were good for, and whether they had raised them on his family farm. After a loose stone caused her to lurch into him, it seemed natural for him to take her hand. Bella watched from the kitchen, noting his interest in the plants and the way he watched Josie when she ran ahead to the old swing. There was potential here that her niece couldn't see. She needed a steady, smart man who wouldn't put up with her nonsense, and Mr. Cal Warner was looking like a real contender.


"I never thought I would see the day, but Miss Bella, you are as fine a cook as my dear old granny. A toast to beautiful women who can cook."

Cal raised his glass and touched the rim to hers, when he turned to Josie she was leaving the table with a mumbled excuse. He started to go after her but Bella stopped him.

"Cal, I have enjoyed this evening, no matter what happens between you and my niece, I hope you will come again. I would like for us to become friends. Having said that, I hope you will forgive me for being blunt. Josie is like a daughter to me, I love her dearly, but I am not blind to her faults. She can be petty and irritating and rude, she is also sweet and kind and honest. My sister let her run wild after her father died, she needs a man who is willing to set some limits and capable of enforcing them."

Bella glanced at Cal to see how he was reacting.

"Josie reminds me of myself in my younger years. I was so full of myself. My Anthony looked past my faults, he showed me how to grow up. We worked together for 20 years. We loved, fought, got through our disappointments and built a good life together. I miss him everyday. I want the same kind of man for Josie. If you aren't serious, don't start reforming her. The first man that makes her behave is going to own her heart."

Cal drained his glass and took a minute to respond. These two women were the nicest thing to happen to him in quite a while, he didn't want to spoil this.

"Bella, I appreciate your candor. I believe you want only good things for Josie. I have no idea where we will end up. Hell, I don't even know what I said that made her mad enough to leave the table. All I can do is be myself and wait to see how it all turns out."

"Oh sweetie, I can tell you what made her mad. You made a point of appreciating something she can't do. Josie may be cute as they come, but the girl can not cook."

"What ever happened to make a beautiful woman so insecure?"

"Ah, that, my friend, you will have to figure out for yourself. Now it is getting late. I hope you will come again, I cook every Sunday, now that you know the way you are welcome any time."

Before Cal could respond Josie's voice cut in from the doorway.

"I hate to tear you away from such a good time, Cal, but I need to get back to town. Thanks for dinner Bella." With that, she stomped off to the car.

The ride home was silent, she pointedly ignored any attempt at conversation, making it clear she was furious with him but not revealing why. Cal gave up and let her pout until she pulled up to his door.

"I would like to ask you in, but you are upset about something and I think we better get it cleared up now."

Josie got out of the car, stalked to his side, opened the door and motioned for him to get out. Thinking she meant to go into the apartment with him. He was startled when she slammed the door, went around the car, got in and drove off. Exasperated, he went inside.


Tired of pacing, Cal went to her doorstep and sat in the dark for over an hour until she drove up. Relieved she was okay, and ready for a fight he waited until she walked up to him without speaking.

"If you think you can use me to get to Bella and then expect to treat me the way you did last night you are mistaken." Josie burst into tears and rushed past him, fumbling with the key.

Cal took the key, opened the door and followed her inside, his head spinning.

"You are mad because you think I am interested in your aunt?"

"I certainly don't care who you go out with, but I want to be clear that if you assault me again I will go to the police. Now please leave."

Cal burst out laughing, even though he knew it would only make things worse, he couldn't contain it. The thought that he was interested in Bella was absurd and he wasn't leaving until she understood that.

"Come here." He sat on the couch, pulling her down next to him.

Before she could protest, he dried her tears with his handkerchief, pulled her onto his lap and kissed her thoroughly. Josie was swept away with the sensation of his tongue teasing her mouth, she had been thinking about his kisses all evening. Just as he relaxed and began to hope she was over her jealousy she stiffened in his arms, drew back and slapped him hard enough to draw blood at the corner of his mouth.

"You two-timing prick!" The rest of her tirade was interrupted by being tossed over his lap. "You bastard, don't you dare hit me. I'll scream until the police come."

Any further threats were cut off by the sharp crack of his palm against her pantied bottom. He peppered her with hard smacks until the skin around her panties showed dusky pink. Pausing long enough to slip them to her knees Cal pulled her close and started over. Threats to call the police turned into promises to be good. By the time he had covered her entire bottom and started working his way down the backs of her thighs the promises had turned to sobbing.

"I will discuss anything you want. I will tell you the truth about anything you ask me. I will not put up with your rudeness. I certainly will not put up with being slapped in the face for something I did not do. Are you ready to apologize, or should I continue?"

"I hate you, you're a bully and a sneak, ow, no, no more, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Cal started again, landing several spanks to each spot before moving on, slow and methodical and hard. He finished with the tender crease at the top of her thighs leaving her howling, but limp across his lap.

"Are you ready to apologize now?"

Josie sobbed pitifully for a moment, trying to get the words out, anything to make him stop. Satisfied that she meant it he pulled her up into his arms and held her until she could catch her breath. He was beginning to see what Bella had tried to tell him, but he was too far in to stop now. Carrying her to the bedroom he stopped to survey the piles of clothes heaped on the bed, the floor, jumbled together on the chair. Snorting at the sheer predictability he grabbed her purse, locked the door and carried her down the street to his apartment. It was the fastest way to get her settled and the closest clean horizontal surface he could think of.

Josie felt like a little girl being put to bed, but it was nice to be looked after. Since he had spanked twice it didn't seem odd when he undressed her and helped her into an old t-shirt before placing her gently on her tummy in the middle of his bed. The lotion he poured over her burning skin felt heavenly as he massaged the heat away. Tucking the sheet around her, he whispered for her to rest until he came back, and she floated off thinking about how his hands felt sliding over her skin.


I can help but feel this story is going to go on whether we get to read about it or not. My anonymous friend is very, very busy these days and sadly doesn't have as much time to write as I would wish for her to have. But never say never! She does love to write so if she ever does get time, who knows. A big thanks to her for all she has shared with us so far.

Kiwi has sent a brand new story she sent me for next week so don't forget to come back for that. Should anyone else be in the mood to dabble with their own story and willing to share please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weight update.

There's good news and bad news. First the bad, I gained. The good, Nick came through for me and I did get spanked. I could have done better; and I know it. I ate out 4 times last week. (Can I blame Florida Dom?) But there is also better news – I feel very confident about this coming week. Nick said same rules are in place, can’t eat in the chair and for this week I have to make it to the gym at least three times. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve already been twice.

I know me pretty well. Nothing motivates me like success. If I can lose some this week it will be a big incentive for next week (alone with the motivation Nick and the OCW paddle provided). I also know some problems to look for – just don’t know how to avoid them. When I have a bad week my ‘self-talk’ is just terrible! If I heard anyone talking to someone I cared about the way I sometimes talk to myself I’d rip ‘em a new one! I need to stop!!

I haven’t done any of the other things I thought about – joined WW, or made some appointments with a personally trainer, I even get 4 free sessions a year. I think I’ve put off WW because I don’t want to fail. I mean if I don’t start, I can’t fail at it. Stupid I know but its still how I feel.

However, for the moment I’m feeling pretty good. I’m watching what I eat and exercising – and thinking about other options. Hopefully, Nick will stay tough and not allow any backsliding!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I got to meet a fellow blogger!

I told you last week that I was meeting a blogging friend soon. We had lunch yesterday. This was a little different from the other bloggers I’ve met in the past. I’ve only met fellow wives and girlfriends. What we all had in common was our love of spanking and the interest in exploring our submissive side. As I said this was a bit different – I got to meet a dom, Florida Dom to be specific!

We’ve been on line friends for nearly three years now. We probably email a couple of times a month. He would also send me Fantasy Friday stories – he is a gifted writer (and I sure hope he gets back to it). And I’m happy to say he let me talk him into beginning his own site. His work was bringing him into my neck of the wood so we decided to have lunch.

It was a great lunch – FD is as intelligent and interesting as he appears to be on his site. And I love to talk to blogging friends. The conversations are so diverse “How’s the family?” “When did you first realize you were a spanko?” “How’s your job going?” “What do you think of subs wearing collars?” LOL! The whole conversation was like that a truly fun mixture of everyday and spanko talk. He told me about some close friends he’d made on line and we talk about the bloggers we both read. Just not a conversation you have every day.

Some of you might wonder what Nick thought of this meeting. That’s what got me thinking about jealously the other day when I wrote this post. Nick has known FD and I were friends for years. FD told me to be sure to invite Nick if he wanted to come. I did tell Nick he would be more than welcomed, but I also told him I might feel uncomfortable discussing the main topic FD and I have in common. I didn’t really want the men to get together and end up discussing golf or tennis or other guy stuff.

Nick had no problem with me going. His words as I was leaving the house were “Behave yourself.” Knowing what Nick usually means when he says this I asked “You mean I can’t order dessert?” He grinned at me and said “Yeah, well that too.”

I love having a husband who is so understand and trusting. Its fun having blogging friends who are willing to go out of their way to meet a fellow blogger. I got to meet Florida Dom, I have the best husband in the world and Nick did make a comment earlier that while he didn’t mind me going I might just have to pay for the privilege. Sooooo there might me a spanking in my future for all this. Talk about a win, win, win day! I’ll let you know.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fantasy Friday - Fate, II

Happy Friday! I'm off tomorrow to meet a blogging friend tomorrow. And I'm very happy and excited by the prospect. I'll tell you all about it soon. Today is a repost of a great story. I hope you like it, it's by one of my very favorite writers. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Please enjoy ...

Cal Warner walked into the rental office of his new apartment complex tired and hot. After three days on the road he wanted to get the truck unloaded, find clean clothes and drink a cold beer. All of the arrangements had been made over the phone by the personnel office, he just had to load and unload the truck at both ends. It was a lot of work but he had found that he was more efficient with his own equipment, and he felt more at home with his own furniture. He wasn't exceptionally tall, just under six feet, but he was so large it made him seem taller. His massive shoulders required custom tailoring for everything beyond t-shirts, and furnished rooms just didn't cut it.

"Excuse me, Miss?"

She didn't even look up, just waved to indicate she would be with him in a minute, and continued a chattering into the phone. A conversation that seemed to be about a rather disappointing date the previous night rather than work related.

"Miss, I am in a hurry, if you could just get my keys for me you can get on with your personal life."

"I will be with you as soon as I am finished."

Cal counted to ten, struggling to keep from ripping the phone out of her hand. She was a pretty girl, didn't look as snotty as she acted. Deep into her conversation she seemed oblivious to his anger. Cal leaned forward, looming over her desk, and pushed the button on her phone, ending the call.

"Now that you are finished with your call, perhaps you would be so kind as to get the keys to unit 608?"

Josie Hayes jumped to her feet, eyes flashing.

"How dare you hang up on an important call? I don't know who you think you are, mister, but you can apologize now."

Cal looked at her, damn she was a looker, especially with her face flushed and her chest heaving. Most women were too skinny for his tastes; he liked his women to look like women. Plenty of curves for a man to sink his hands into. Miss Hayes, according to the nameplate on the desk, was a perfect example. Tall, at least 5'9", full figured with dark hair pulled back from a lovely heart shaped face. No wedding band, that was a good sign, he could take care of her attitude later. Just the thought of those full, soft lips made him stop and start over, just in case they might get to be friends.

"Good afternoon, Miss Hayes, I am Cal Warner." Engulfing her hand in one of his, he held on firmly. "I am sorry to disturb you, but I am the new tenant in 608, and I need the key so I can unload that big truck that is blocking your drive." Still holding her hand, he smiled sincerely into those big brown eyes.

Taken aback by his sudden change Josie found herself drowning in the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He wasn't her type; she liked smooth, polished professional men, not big hulks in sweats. With his crew cut and deep tan he looked like a construction worker, not someone she would date. His hand was like a rock, it completely engulfed hers, and there was a disturbing current running between them. He may not be her usual type, but there was no denying the attraction.

"Ah, Mr. Warner. We were not expecting you until tomorrow."

"I drove most of the night so I could get settled in and get to know the area before I start this job. Are there any good restaurants close by? I'll be famished by the time I get unloaded. In fact, maybe you could join me for dinner? Consider it your good deed for the day, helping a stranger get a decent meal."

Josie was confused to find that she very much wanted to spend time with this man, who still held her hand captive. Her automatic no, came out yes.

"Grab that key and let me get started then. I'll come by here for you at 6, pick someplace casual in case I can't find time to unpack."

She picked up the key only to find he had snatched it from her and run out the door. He may be a construction worker but he sure did look good. What could it hurt to have dinner, after all, she and Jason were over and there was no one waiting to take over her dance card. He might not be the man of her dreams, but he could make a very nice man of the moment. She couldn't wait to call Donna back and tell her all about the guy in 608.

Cal unloaded the truck with the ease of long practice, set up his computer equipment, showered and changed with time to spare. At promptly 6:00 he walked into the rental office more than ready for a good meal. Josie had to look twice to recognize the construction worker from earlier. Dressed in a sport coat and tie he looked much more presentable. Revising her original plan for a quick bite at the diner she decided to take him to Bella's. The food was always good, Bella was sure to be there to help break the ice, and it was Saturday so Jason would likely be there as well. A nice dinner and a chance to rub her "date" in. She was just glad she had worn a dress to work, it made it look like they had planned a nice night out.

Bella's was crowded, as usual, but there was always a table for the owner's favorite niece.
Over a glass of wine they discussed the menu, she steered him toward the special, always a safe bet, and cautioned him to save room for the pastry tray. As they lingered over dessert Cal found her attention wandering.

"Is there someone in particular you are looking for?"

Josie blushed, caught in the act of searching the room for Jason.

"No, just looking around, a lot of my friends come here."

With her usual impeccable timing Bella breezed up to their table hugged Josie and demanded an introduction.

"This is a new tenant, Cal Warner. He just moved in today so I am showing him around this evening."

Bella turned an appraising eye on Cal as he shook her hand.

"Pleased to meet you, this is a beautiful place and your food is fantastic. Best Italian I've had since my grandmother passed away."

"Oh honey, this is great restaurant food, but home cooking is what you miss. Get Josie to bring you around Sunday afternoon. I'll dish up some family food."

Bella left the table chuckling to herself. Little Josie finally found a man worth looking twice at and he seemed like a no nonsense kind of guy. Not the type to put up with Josie's foolishness, exactly what she needed before she made the mistake of marrying one of those wimpy, self-centered idiots she normally dated. In fact, this one reminded her of her late husband. Just the thought of Josie in the hands of someone like her Anthony had her laughing all the way to the kitchen.

Cal watched Bella stroll off, hips swaying, laughing and waving to customers. He hadn't seen Josie's mother yet, but if the aunt was any indication she would mature into a fine looking woman in her later years. He glanced up just in time to see a young man headed for their table and he looked like trouble. Walking with the deliberation of someone who's had one too many he marched up and demanded an explanation.

"Just what are you doing here? And who is this man? We decided last night to see other people and here you are, not twenty-four hours later with someone else? No wonder you were okay with my decision to date around, you had already started."

"Cal Warner, pleased to meet you. I didn't catch your name."

Standing up and taking the young man's hand Cal gently steered him away from the table and out the front door. Jason looked somewhat bewildered, not sure how he arrived in the parking lot.

"I am Jason, and I am Josie's boyfriend."

"Well, Jason, I thought you said you wanted to date other people. Guess that means you used to be Josie's boyfriend. Now, tonight she is here with me. If you two have unfinished business that is between you and Josie, but you'll need to discuss it another time."

His voice low, Cal tightened his grip until Jason mumbled his agreement, no point in making a scene his first night in town. He stood outside until Jason stumbled off then returned to the table to find Bella sitting with her niece.

"Did he try to cause trouble? He can be really nasty when he's drinking."

"No trouble at all. I just explained things to him and he went on home. Which is where I need to be going. It was a pleasure Bella."

"The pleasure was all mine, Mr. Warner. Don't forget about Sunday dinner. Night, Josie."

The drive back to the apartment was silent. Josie figured he must be mad about the way Jason acted. Oh well, he wasn't her type after all.

"Just drop me at the office."

"I'll see you to your door, it's late and I don't want you walking through the dark lot."

"I just live in the building behind the office, silly. I'll be fine."

"Then I'll park at my building and walk you home."

Josie shrugged, no point in arguing. It was a beautiful night for a stroll and they took their time. At her door she turned her face up for a goodnight kiss only to have him take her hand and thank her for an "interesting" evening. Stomping her foot, she jerked her hand free.

"Of all of the rude, obnoxious things to do. I save you from a lonely dinner in a strange town and you act like you are too good to kiss me?"

Grabbing her arm he cut off her tirade by pulling her into her apartment and closing the door.

"First of all, do not ever yell at me in public. If you have something to say show me the courtesy of doing so in private. Second, I was showing respect. You don't know me well enough to kiss me, but I had hoped maybe you would be interested in getting to know me. Now I'm not sure I want to know you. You have been rude, selfish and thoughtless the entire time I have been with you. You didn't go to be with me, you drug me in there to show off like a trophy to get your boyfriend riled up. Last, you should count yourself very lucky that I don't have a personal interest in your life. Goodbye, Miss Hayes."

He walked out, just turned around and left. Josie was livid. She waited over thirty minutes for him to come back and apologize, pacing back and forth. Finally, determined to tell him exactly what she thought of him she marched herself to his door and laid on the doorbell. As the door was opening she started.

"How dare you walk away from me? I will not be treated that way and I'm not leaving until you apologize. In fact…"

In the middle of her speech she realized he was standing in the doorway, hair tousled with sleep, wearing a pair of faded jeans unbuttoned at the top, his wide chest bare.

"I am giving you one chance to go home and we'll pretend this never happened. Take it, or I will give you everything I think you've got coming to you."

The thought of those arms around her stopped any smart retort. Maybe she should give him a chance to "get to know her" after all. He looked like some kind of fantasy leaning on the door jam, half dressed.

"Just what did you have in mind?" She purred.

"You asked. Just remember that."

Taking her arm he drew her into the living room and seated her on the deep leather couch.

"I don't expect you to understand, somebody should have done this a long time ago."

Leaning forward for the kiss she deserved she was shocked to find herself thrown over his lap, her struggles useless as his arm circled her waist. Shrieking with indignation she flailed helplessly as he raised her skirt and brought his hard hand crashing down on her tender bottom so hard she could feel the imprint of heat it left behind. No one had ever treated her this way. Soon the fire in her bottom made it impossible to shout and she hung, sobbing as he spanked long and hard. Finally, he stopped.

"Do you know why you are being punished?"

"NOOOOOO." She wailed, as the spanking continued. Every few minutes he stopped, and asked again, until he got the answer he wanted.

"I'm sorry, I was rude, please stop. I'll be good, I promise."

"Now that we both understand why we are here I'll get on with your punishment."

Sobbing loudly at the thought of more Josie endured a good five minutes of steady spanking that left her entire bottom red as beefsteak. His hands were huge and hard as oak, she never imagined something could hurt so badly. Finally it was over. Cal gathered her up into his arms and held her while she cried. Stroking her hair and whispering in her ear. Cradling her gently against his chest, the same hand that tormented her now cupping her hot bottom gently. When she finally stopped sobbing and he had dried her tears he tipped her chin up forcing her to look him in the eye.

"I do not tolerate rudeness. I do not expect to be treated with disrespect. When you misbehave, you will be punished. Now, we know each other well enough to kiss."

Josie surprised herself by melting into his arms. She didn't like the spanking one bit, but after, she felt safer and more content than ever before.


I loved this one! And as I said, of my favorite authors - my anonymous friend who has written so many great stories for us. My thanks to her and if you liked this weeks story you will be happy to know that there is a chapter 2 to this story and you can read it here next week.

I really, really appreciate those of you who have shared new stories with us lately. I hope more of you are considering it. Keep thinking and if you are willing to share one, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I need help understanding

I often come here to help sort out what I'm thinking and often you guys help me to understand. I hope you'll help with this. My confusion today is about jealously. I need someone to explain the concept to me. I’m not kidding I honestly don’t understand. I have many friends both here and in real life where jealously is a real and serious problem in their lives. Here is the way I see it - tell me where I’m wrong.

Nick and I love each other and we are still together after 28 years for one reason – we want to be together. If Nick suddenly decided there was another woman he wanted to be with more than me there is not one thing I could do about it. I could tell him I still loved him, I could see if there were problems in our marriage that we could work on, I could cry, I could possible even beg. But even if those things ‘worked’ what would that get me except a man staying with me out of guilt when he really wanted to be with someone else? Who could possible want that? Don’t get me wrong. If Nick left me I would be devastated, hurt, angry, the works, but that’s different from being jealous. Jealously seems to be when you’re scared every time they are out of your sight that they are going to be with someone else. To tell you the truth that has never once occurred to me. Should he ever leave I would be totally blindsided. But I won’t waste any time on jealously. Honestly if I were with a man who I felt would cheat on me, my first thought would be "She can have him", because I sure as hell wouldn't want him.

The exact same thing goes for me. If there was a man I loved more than Nick (fat chance of that!) and I wanted to be with that person then I’d leave Nick and go. There wouldn’t be any way to stop me. So this is why I don’t understand the whole jealously thing. If you’re with someone isn’t it because you want to be?

I once had a friend whose husband cheated on her multiple times. When she would find out she would be furious and swear revenge – against the other woman. I never got that. Don’t get me wrong, I have little compassion or understanding for a woman who runs around with a married man. But had it been me, my fury would have been directed pretty much totally at the husband! He was the one who held her hand before God and their friends and promised that he would be faithful to her – that other woman hadn’t promised her a darn thing. In the case of my friend at least one of the women didn’t even know the guy was married. But the husband knew, he made the choice to cheat on his wife and I always felt she put the blame on the wrong person.

I know that this is a serious problem for many and I don’t mean to make light of it. But I really don’t understand it. What am I leaving out of my thinking?

Monday, September 19, 2011

One more time, with FEELING!

New post at Cassie's Space yesterday.

I don’t really know if I should be posting or emailing Nick. I guess most of what I post out here is really for Nick. I mean if you’re a woman who wants/needs to be spanked you probably already understand what I trying to say. When you think of it like that I guess blogging is a little like preaching to the choir. In my case it’s Nick’s interpretation of what I’m saying that is the most interesting to me. That’s what matters the most. Followed in a close second to all my friends who comment to assure me they do know what I’m talking about and that I’m not crazy.

I feel like I’m at a real crossroads health wise. At my physical last week my doctor told me that if things remain the same it’s a matter of when, not if, I develop diabetes. Why this doesn’t scare me into doing something I have no idea. I mean I know I wouldn’t be a good diabetes patient. I’d cheat, it’s that simple. I know what that hideous disease will do to me if left unchecked. I want to live a long life with my husband and I want to bounce grandchildren on my knees. But I’m not losing the weight. I am on blood pressure medication now and cholesterol medication is in my future. My knees hurt. I lack energy. And let’s not even talk about what I see in the mirror. I’m not happy with myself this way.

So let’s see what doesn’t work to get me to lose weight.

• Knowing the medical consequences that are coming

• Not liking how I look

• Weight watchers meeting (I’ve tried but the leaders are just too perky for me)

• Expecting will power to control the amount of junk I eat

• Knowing I should exercise and having a membership to a gym (I do realize that paying the membership alone won’t really help)

Well, let me think if there is anything that can help me lose weight.

• When I first came out to Nick and we decided I should be losing at least ½ a pound a week – no excuses, or I would get a hard spanking. When this TTWD was brand new and we were both excited at how much it was changing our lives and our feelings for one another. When I realized other friends out here were struggling with similar problems with weight. When all these things kicked in I lost 40 pounds in two years.

Hmmmm… I guess that make all my current weight problems all Nick’s fault. Right?


My weight problems are 100 % my fault. I eat wrong, I don’t exercise. The responsibility is mine. I know the facts and I am the one making the decisions. But with all that I still really, really want Nick’s help because I know that is the only things that has worked for me.

He has stepped up lately and I really do appreciate it. But dog-gone-it he is too nice! He is such a kind, good hearted man he will let me talk my way out of nearly any consequences. He needs to realize that once I gave my consent to be spanked (and for me/us that is a lifelong consent) it is now my responsibility to try to talk him out of any spanking he decides to give!! I mean that’s the way it’s DONE! And it’s his responsibility to ignore me and spanking anyway. What can possible be confusing about that?

Sigh, he doesn’t like to make rules – I crave them, for me it makes things soooo much easier. His one rule “No shacking in you chair” is clear and simple and I haven’t broken it once since he made it, even this weekend while he’s been gone. Now the ‘no playing bouncing balls until I’ve exercised or done a half hour of house work’ I’ve not done so well (of course he only made that one for a week, so…). Anyway, I broke that one a time or two and he knows it but so far has let me talk my way out of any consequences for doing so.

Quite plainly here is what I need –

• I need Nick to learn to be a bad ass sometimes. Like ‘If you do (or don’t do) A then B IS going to happen.

• I want us to work together to establish reasonable goals and guidelines.

• I need Nick to wear me out if I don’t stick to the plan. (I didn’t lose any this week and he came through for me and spanked me before he left on his trip. It stung for sure but I know I need more – I know my behind is going to have to really feel it before my mind decided to take this all seriously.)

• Whether this happens once a month, once a week, twice a week, daily or twice a day – whatever, it needs to be kept completely separate from any fun spanking and love making. Somehow hearing ‘you better exercise next week or else’ followed by a wonderful spanking and a mind blowing orgasm is just not a deterrent!

I’m almost 55 if I don’t get a handle on this soon I don’t know if it will ever happen. I want to be healthy, not skinny. And I want the good feeling I had when I was losing a little each week and the feeling of Nick having my back (or backside, whatever).

There it is Nick, I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give – call it deterrent, punishment, consequences, discipline, motivation or reminders it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to call it anything, you can just say “go get the…” and taken it from there (but can we negotiate something besides the cane? Please?)

I’ll let you guys know how things go.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantasy Friday - In the Hot Seat, II

Friday rolls around again. I do appreciate everyone that comes by for Fantasy Friday. I just like starting my weekend with a good story. I first got this story nearly 2 years age. When I first read it I was shocked that no one had ever thought to put this in a story before - this is spanko perfect! Sit back, get ready for the weekend and enjoy...

In the Hot Seat

With Jay so angry by my side, I start to realize that maybe I had been ruder than I realized. I had only sent the text because I wanted to make sure Maddie got it before it was too late.

With Jay gripping my arm tightly he marches me down the stairs of his parent’s old farm house. The house has been in his family since before his mother was born. It is one of those houses with the wrap around porches that you only see in pictures.

As we approach the car, the light from the porch only barely reaches us. Two weeks ago it would have still been light at this time, but thanks to the time change its getting dark much earlier and we are plunged into darkness as we walk.

With his hand still on my arm, Jay leads me to the passenger side. He leans close. From where his parents are watching I am sure it looks like a warm embrace.

“Drop your pants before you sit down.” He whispers into my ear. We are far enough away that there is no need to whisper but his whispering makes my stomach flutter. I know he’s mad.
As he lets me go I wonder how I am supposed to drop my pants without his parents noticing. I know even without looking that they are standing at the door waiting for us to pull away.
Jay walks around the rear of the car as I open my door. I sit down, quickly shutting the door behind me. Luckily, the car’s interior lights are turned off and I use the darkness to my advantage.

Before Jay can climb in I unbutton my jeans and quickly wiggle them down so that my butt touches the leather seat. It’s cold against my skin and I can only hope his parents did not see what I just did.

Jay opens his door and slides in. Even with my upper thighs just barely exposed, the night air feels cool.

Jay starts the car, plays with the heat, turns off the radio and pulls out of the long driveway with a honk to his parents. We settle in for the hour long drive home.

“Those jeans aren’t low enough, pull them down to your knees” He doesn’t even glance over as he says it. I can tell I am really in for it.

“Jay, I'm sorry…” I start, pushing my jeans further toward my knees.

“I don’t want to hear it! I can’t believe how rude you were to my mother! She was sharing with you how hard it is to work at the hospital some days and you just start texting in the middle of it. Do you know how hurt she looked when she realized what you were doing under the table? Do you realize that as you were texting she had told you she had lost one of her pediatric patients this week and you said ‘oh that’s nice’, I can’t believe you! She looked like she was ready to cry!”
This shuts me up. I didn’t realize that’s what she had been saying. All I had been thinking about was sending that stupid text before Maddie left the party!

I stay quiet as we start down the country lanes Jay loves to drive. I know I will have to make it up to his mother somehow but first I am more concerned about the immediate future of my bottom.
About 10 minutes into the drive I realize my butt is getting hot. I look at the dash and sure enough my seat warmer is on. I go to turn it off but Jay’s hand stops me.

“Don’t even think about,” he warns.

“But my butt is hot and starting to burn!” I whine, even if I'm not in the position to whine.

“It’s not nearly as hot as its going to be by the time we get home,” he growls.

His words shut me up. Through my jeans I can only take the seat warmer for about 20 minutes before it becomes too hot. I was scared to think how hard it was going to be to take it on my bare bottom for the next hour.

After another 10 minutes or so of driving Jay pulls off into the driveway of an abandoned house.

“What are you doing?” I panic.

“Get out,” are his only words as he climbs out of the car himself.

Before I can get the courage to climb out, Jay is at my door with it wide open, the cool night air pouring in.

“Out, and you might as well leave you pants down.”

Jay helps me out of the car, slams my door and leans me over the hood. Immediately, he lays into my already warm ass with his hand. (How is it when he spanks his hand turns to wood?)
We have traveled this road many times and I know there is not much traffic to worry about. But I also know we aren’t very far off the road and if a car was to drive by they would be sure to see everything that was happening.

I try to hold still but Jay is spanking so hard it isn’t long before I am squirming and trying to get away. It hurts! Somehow the seat warmer seems to have left my butt in the same condition as a warm shower… tender!

Jay only spanks for two or three minutes but every swat is geared toward my sit spot and delivered hard. I feel like I'm on fire.

As quickly as it begins, the spanking is over. He helps me stand up, opens the door and assists me in sitting back down on a hot seat! He had left the car on with the seat warmer going while he was spanking and now it feels like I’m sitting on a warm stove.

When he gets in the car I begin to plead, “Jay, please. It’s too hot. I’m sorry. I promise to apologize. I will take another spanking when I get home. Just please can I turn off the warmer?”

His voice is softer now when he replies. It’s as though the spanking has relieved some of his anger but not his hurt. “No you cannot turn off the warmer, yes there will be more spanking, and yes you will apologize. We are far from home and I am just getting started with you darlin’” His words once again cause my stomach to flutter and I squirm to find a comfortable position in the hot seat.

We continue on our journey home but I am unable to find a comfortable position to sit in. Every time I move, my sore bottom rubs on the heated seat and when I don’t move, I feel like I am being roasted.

Jay had defiantly placed those swats so that I would feel them while sitting. He also knew exactly what he was doing by making ride with the seat warmer on.

“You need to stop squirming,” Jay said, cutting the silence.

“I'm sorry, it hurts. This is not fun you know!” There was a bit too much tartness to my voice that I immediately regretted.

“And you think it was fun watching you disrespect my mom and not being able to do anything about? I had half a mind to turn you over that table and beat your bottom there! You were rude and disrespectful there, now you’re continuing to be rude and disrespectful to me.” There was finality to his tone that told me it was time to be quiet again.

I watched out the window as cornfield after cornfield passed by. The only light for miles was that of the moon and the car’s headlights. Since our last stop we had only seen one other vehicle and it had been going the opposite direction.

Normally I loved the hour long ride between our house and Jay’s parents. Tonight it didn’t seem to go quick enough. We were only a little over half way home. We still had at least another 20 minutes to go. Was Jay really going to make me sit on a hot seat the whole way home?

“Take off your sandal” Jays voice cut into my thoughts making me jump.

“What? Why do you need my sandal?!?” I still couldn’t seem to remove the tartness from my tone. I was sorry for what I did, but my seat was HOT and I wanted to be home already!

“It doesn’t matter why, what matters is I asked you for something I think it’s time you start listening! Now, hand it over.”

All I wanted at this point was to be home and for this to be over. I was sorry and if giving Jay my stupid sandal was going to make him happy then fine!

I bend down to take off my leather strappy sandal. It’s completely inappropriate for the weather but too cute to put away before the first snowfall.

As I sit back up, handing Jay the shoe, I realize he has brought the car to a crawl. Before I can say anything he stops the car completely, right in the middle of the country lane.

“Out. And do it quickly this time.”

Jay gets out taking the sandal with him. It finally dawns on me what is about to happen but we are parked in the middle of the road… anyone could drive by!

I quickly hop out of the car, (as quickly as you can with jeans around your knees) and without a word Jay has me bent over the hood once more.

“I really am sorry you know…” I say hoping for some leniency.

“Sorry or not, I’m not finished with you,” and with that Jay lands the first hard swat on my right cheek. I jump but try to stay in position. Deep down I know I deserve everything I am getting.
Swat after swat with leather sandal lands, deepening the burn of my sit spot but also igniting my upper thighs. I am wiggling and kicking but I can’t find any relief.

For such a cute sandal it sure is doing some damage to my bottom.

“Four more and then it’s over.” Jay promises after a minute or two of nonstop spanking. “And you need to count them.” He adds.

With the verdict made, he pulls back and delivers the first blow to my left sit spot. “Owww, one sir!” I let out.

I thought Jay was spanking hard before but these smacks were being applied with full force. As soon as the word sir is out he hits my right spank spot with the same intensity, “Two sir, ohhhhh.”

He immediately lands another, this time on my right upper thigh, “oh my gosh, owwie…. three, three sir!” I manage to squeak out.

“Stay still, last one.” Jay says. I hold as still as possible with my butt on fire and it feels like an eternity. After what is really five or so seconds he delivers the last blow to my left upper thigh. I instantly stand up grabbing my butt, “OWWW I’m sorry, I’m soooo sorry…. Four sir!”

Jay grabs me in a hug and kisses my forehead, “I know you are but we need to go before someone comes.” He helps me into the car and once again onto the burning seat. He slips the sandal, which had just brutalized my ass, back on my foot and jogs around to his side. He slides in and we start back down the road as though nothing has just happened. The entire stop had taken less than three minutes but my bottom feels like it has just taken an hour long beating.

“Since my punishment is over, can I turn off the heater?” I ask at no more than a whisper. I am feeling thoroughly punished.

“Who said your punishment is over?” Jay asks glancing at me, this time with more love than anger or hurt.

“Back there, you did!”

“Oh, honey, I meant that spanking would be over. I’m still not through with that lovely bottom of yours!” His words make me want to cry more than the pain I am in. He still isn’t finished with me, even if it seems he is no longer upset.

We drive in silence for the next 15 minutes or so. We are finally almost home and I can’t stop moving in my seat. The heater is really burning my sore butt. It’s making the spankings ten times worst, which has to be Jay’s intent.

I pick up my purse and start riffling through for my cell phone.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing? HAND IT OVER!” Jay’s anger is back in an instant.

“Jay wait, I need to make one call then you can have it, please just trust me.” Hearing the sincerity in my voice he allows me to continue but gives me a warning look.

Quickly I dial his parent’s house and ask to speak to his mom. I give her my deepest apology for being so rude and ask her out for Sunday brunch. She accepts and I promise her some good old girl time. With the time and place set, I hang up and give Jay my phone.

“That was very nice of you, sweetie. I’m sure she appreciates that more than you know.” Jay smiles. He places my phone in his pocket and takes my hand for the rest of the ride home.
When we pull into the garage Jay cuts the engine and shuts the door.

“Lets’ go.” Jay prompts and I open my door. Once again having my jeans around my knees slows me down and Jay is by my side before I can climb out.

“I want to finish this before we go in, I want to leave it all out here.” He says solemnly. With that, he genteelly pushes me over the hood one last time. In the light of the garage he can see what his punishment has done to my bottom, for the first time.

“Darlin’ you are red! And I’m sure you’re sore, but there won’t be any permanent damage I am happy to report.” Jay had never spanked me in the dark before and I’m sure he was worried about the intensity as he usually uses color to judge his spankings.

“Six more and your spanking is over. I will be keeping your phone until further notice but all will be forgiven after these six.”

“Yes, sir” is all I can manage as I hear the jingle of his belt buckle followed by wooshing sound of his belt coming through the loops.

I feel him place the leather belt against my punished bottom then pull back. The first line is made across my bottom and I scream out. Before I can catch my breath all six lashes have fallen on my sit spot and I am being lifted up into Jay’s warm embrace. He stops my screaming with his lips as he pulls me into a deep kiss.

“I love you. Please don’t make me punish you like this again…” Before I can reply he kisses me again, helps me pull up my jeans over my roasted bottom and leads me into the house.
As we close the door to the garage I wonder what will happen if Jay reads the text I had been so adamant to send.

"I wish I could be there but since I’m still stuck at dinner, be sure to order me one of the school paddles with the holes drilled in it."


I just loved that. A heated seat, what more could a spanko ask for? After burn is my favorite part - now this I don't know but it sure is exciting to think about. The author this week is Lillian. She wrote one other Fantasy Friday for us that you can find here. I have enjoyed emailing with her as she get to know her way around out here.

If anyone else would like to write for us we would all love it. You can send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, September 12, 2011


This post is just for me. I’m rambling. No good sexy spanking is coming up in this one. I just feel like writing about how things are with me at the moment, and to sum it up – pretty good. I am writing this on Saturday morning. Nick’s golfing; I’ve been out walking already. The weather and the temp both are beautiful. Molly stayed at school this weekend. I love seeing her, but I don’t want her home every weekend. I want her to become a part of her college and enjoy being with her friends on the weekends. We’ll drive over sometime next week to take her to supper but I’m glad she is happy and becoming involved there.

Right now I’m in my writing room. This is my sanctuary; it overlooks the pool and the back yard. I have a comfortable chair, the ceiling fan, the little gas fire place for the winter and no TV. I haven’t been out here much lately. As Molly was getting ready to leave there was much to be done and I didn’t want to hide myself away. Now that she is gone, I don’t want Nick to think I’m abandoning him in the evening to come out here, so it’s been a while. I love writing fiction. I have several stories in my head now (none, of course, over the summer when I had nothing to do!) There are several Fantasy Fridays that I’ve written that have a ‘next part’ should I ever get around to actually typing them. Cassie has several stories she has been bugging me to write and yet little writing has been done.

Maybe I can write next weekend. Nick is going on one of his golf weekend and with Molly planning to stay at school I really will have a weekend to do exactly as I please. I miss Nick when he’s gone, but he only goes off a couple of times a year and that’s about right. I do like my time alone. I’m not one to get bored with my own company, at least for the weekend. Eva used to tell me that that was because I had so many people living in my head. Maybe she was right. My imaginary friends didn’t leave when I grew up; they just hung around waiting for me to begin writing.

All isn’t perfect right now thought. I’ve mentioned Hank several time since Molly rescued him from a busy intersection. I have never known a cat with a sweeter nature. Where our other cats have always run to hide if any one came over, Hank assumed anyone that showed up had come to visit him and he was delighted – he love people. He was so gentle, would stand up on his hind legs like a dog to be picked up. He love to play but never used his claw with us. He also loved to watch Nick shave, sometimes putting his feet on Nick's chest to get a better view. Sometimes came away with shaving cream on his nose. Last Thursday Hank was hit and killed in front of the house. His loss hit me hard – we had only had him for 4 months, but he was special. Maybe part of it was Molly bring him into our home as she was leaving – something for me to ‘mother’. I’m grateful she rescued him and for the joy he brought us. I can say with no regrets we gave him a wonderful time in his short life. Three humans who love and doted on him, a couple of other cats who played with him, toys, attention, all he could eat, full run of the house and a soft bed to sleep on, ours. This little guy will be missed.

As I continue to ramble here, except for this sad loss, my life is going well. My job has been extremely hard in the past few years. Frustration surrounded me. Everyone who has a degree in education (who doesn't really want to teach school) wants to develop a ‘new program’ to tell me how to do it. Hey if they’re not in the classroom they have to justify their salary (which is larger than mine) somehow. But while this is still going on I’ve managed to rise above it so far this year. I only have 5 years to go. I know what I’m doing. My scores remain the highest in my grade level and I’m going to continue teaching my way. I’ll listen to all their new idea, and should I ever hear a good one that I think would work, I’ll be more than happy to give it a try. I’ve learned to SNI, that’s smile, nod and ignore all the stupid stuff that they are trying to shove down our throats. I am most grateful to be at a place in my life that, should they decide that loving my students, teaching my students and producing students with high test scores isn’t enough, then they can fire me and I’ll have plenty of time to write. I refuse to let it stress me as it has in the past. Ok, in truth it will probably stress me on occasion and I’ll come here and vent but I’m doing MUCH better than over the past few years.

I wanted to tell you that weekend after next something is happening that I think will interest you. I have plans to meet a fellow blogger for lunch. Although we’ve been friends for years now we’ve never met in person and I’m excited. I’ll be blogging about it for sure, but I’ll wait until after the fact to give you the details, maybe we’ll both be blogging about it.

I’ll stop now and get ready to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. As Nick left for golf he said “Maybe we can find time for a little mischief this afternoon. I lost weight this week; Nick sent me an email congratulating me and telling me he’ll have to look for another excuse for TTWD and mentioned the several pair of socks and shoes I’d left by my chair. Hmm…

I’ll let you know.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have my memories of the day we were attacked. You may have seen, read, heard all the memories you can handle by now. I won't mind if you skip here today. Ten years have passed and I don't dwell on what happened. We've talked about it in school on the anniversary and I can general anticipate the questions and we can have a rational discussion. This year we were sent a video we were supposed to show the students and then discuss it. I previewed the video Thursday afternoon before showing it on Friday. For some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in tears and couldn't seem to stop. Maybe it's all the '10th' anniversary talk, maybe it's because my LJ lives there now and works near ground zero. Like most moms I can't help wondering what if he had been there then?

The children I teach were a year old or less when this happened. To them it's much the same as the Civil war or Pearl Harbor. I talk before the video, I knew I couldn't afterwards. It was hard and I did cry a little but I had their complete attention. I wanted them to realize as they watched that it wasn't like an episode of 'Myth Busters' where you say "wow" or "cool explosion". I needed them to realize that this happened to ordinary people, going to work, traveling to see their family. I want them to watch it with respect for all those lost. And my student did.

This is what I was doing the day it happened.

On September 11, 2001, I was teaching. We were giving a state mandate test where we could not be disturbed. On the way to the office to turn everything in an aide said “ We're under attack, turn on your TV.” My first thought was 'attack' what is she talking about? When I got my TV on both towers had been hit and I was standing there in a room full of 11 years olds asking what’s going on.

I was stunned. I certainly did not know what to tell them. I was trying to form some explanation when another news flash came on – the Pentagon had been hit. I started crying as I realized that the attack was still going on. I know my crying upset some of the children but I couldn’t stop. I thought back to my first grade experience when my teacher had burst into tears upon hearing that President Kennedy had been killed. The bell rang sending my student off to other teacher while I had planning. I had never seen 800 students move so quietly.

I stood in the office with my principal and some other teacher in total silence and watched the towers fall. I wanted my children, my own. I thought of calling Mollie at her school but she was too little. I would have cried when I heard her voice which would have been the worse thing. LJ was at my school though, in the 8th grade. I walked to his room not knowing if he would want his mother to intrude. Every classroom had it TV on. When my son’s teacher saw me peeking in the door he motioned me in. My son reached out and took my hand, his was ice cold. I felt better for having seen him but the rest of the day was mostly a blur.

I do remember a few of my students asked if they could go out in the hall to pray once they came back to me. I went out with them but let them lead the prayers. I remember all those kids, I always will. We shared history. Although I remember I am not yet ready to see movies about the events. I don’t mind them being made, I just can’t watch. Maybe someday.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Fantasy Friday - I Just Forgot...

Happy Friday everyone. Today we have a brand new story from Heather over at Discipline and Dreams. In addition to her wonderful blog she is an excellent fiction writer. Heather’s background is like many of ours. An interest in spanking that goes way back and yet a reluctance to come out to J at first. But she did come out and J is fully on board.

I’m always excited to get a new Fantasy Friday, but there was one scary thing about getting this one. It went at first into my spam folder. Most of the time I check it but I’m sure that occasionally I just delete what’s in it. Please know if you ever send me a story and you don’t hear from me within 24 hours – I didn’t get it!!

But thank goodness we got this one! Now everyone enjoy…

I just forgot...

After reading stories to both of her young children, and laying with each of them until they fell asleep, Danielle slipped into her bedroom. Her husband lay waiting in their bed.

“Hi baby,” she whispered, sliding her body close to him and wrapping her arms around him.

He pulled her closer, holding her tight. “Hi to you,” he replied warmly. He was so happy to finally be able to feel her body against his that he almost forgot they had business to attend to. His calloused hands roamed her soft, fleshy curves. He pinched and grabbed, sometimes squeezing hard enough to make it hurt. Then, suddenly, he cleared his throat.

Her heart started beating loud and fast. She blinked, unable to take her eyes off him, adrenaline beginning to pump like crazy. She felt his hand slowly running through her hair, grabbing a fistful.

Pulling enough to make her head tilt back, Jackson addressed his naughty wife. “I want you to stand up, and take your pants and panties down.“ he said firmly.

Blushing furiously, Danielle felt like she’d swallowed a lead ball, and it was now sitting in the very pit of her stomach. She slowly moved off the bed once he released her hair, and slipped her pants and panties down over her waist, letting them puddle at her feet. Now bare and feeling especially exposed, she was too embarrassed to meet his eye, and stared at the carpet beneath her toes.

He stood in front of her, and took her hands in his. “Why are you being punished?” he wanted to know.

Those words made Danielle jump alive. “But Jackson…I just forgot! I‘m sorry…”

He stopped her by putting a finger to her lips. “I don’t want to hear excuses, Dan.” his voice was kind, but it was determined, too. There would be no talking her way out of this.

“But I’m sorry!” she threw her arms around his neck. Her bright blue eyes blinked innocently, pleading with him for leniency.

But this was not the time for a free pass. It was pretty obvious that she had been testing him lately, by pushing against the boundaries he’d established. If she wanted to test him, he was going to respond appropriately. He knew she would secretly be disappointed if he gave in to her pleading, because even though she didn’t want a spanking, she really didn’t want him to back down. He peeled her arms off of him, sighing. He moved them firmly to her side, and lifted her chin so her eyes met his.

“You didn’t do what you were supposed to do today, did you?” Jackson wanted to know.

Her eyes fell ashamedly to the floor. “No,” she replied quietly.

“You know that if something comes up or if you’re having an off day and can’t get your daily assignment done, that you can always text or call and let me know what’s going on. I’d like to think I’m a pretty fair guy, and if it’s unlikely that you can get something done easily, I don’t normally ask you to do it, do I?”

“No sir,” her voice was barely audible now. She knew he was right.

“Huh. Did you know what would happen if you didn’t get it done?”

Unable to reply, she just nodded her head.

“What’s going to happen, Danielle?” Jackson asked sternly.

She tried to answer, but her voice faltered. She hated to say it.

“Look at me,” he reminded her, and when her eyes shyly met his he said, “You‘re only delaying the inevitable. What‘s going to happen because you didn‘t do your assignment?”

She wanted to just drop dead from shame and she could feel herself blushing. “You’re going to spank me.” She felt so little under his stern glare. She tried to look away in embarrassment but he grabbed her chin and made her look at him.

“Look.At.Me. Before we start I want you to go get the hairbrush, the small cane, and the strap.” he watched her bare bottom sway as she walked to the closet where they kept their implements. When he saw the look on her face, he wanted to smile. He didn’t, however. “What’s with the pout, little girl? Are you resisting already?”

She shook her head emphatically. “No! I’m not…” she paused in front of him, meekly holding out the implements she’d fetched for him.

“Put them on the bed, closer to the middle, then bend over. Feet on the floor, tummy on the bed.” he ordered.

Danielle fought the urge to stomp her foot and argue. She was not in the mood for a spanking, couldn’t he see that? She stared at him, trying to decide how to politely tell him this wasn’t going to work for her.

He saw her hesitate, and he jumped into action. He took the implements from her hands, and laid them on the bed. Putting his hand on her waist, he guided her to the bed and quickly bent her over it. He started smacking her bottom all over.

“No, no!“ She tried as hard as she could to stay still but after a few swats it was starting to sting pretty good. “Ouch!” she cried. “Jackson…that’s enough….”

He laughed, spanking her harder. “I know you don’t really think that you get to tell me what’s enough.” His big hand covered almost a whole cheek at a time, and he brought it down over and over again. He could feel her flesh warming up beneath his hand, and he tightened his grip around her waist, pulling her closer before he picked up the pace. Moving all over her backside, he made sure every inch of it was colored bright pink before stopping for a break. He squeezed her stinging bum as she panted against the mattress. “Hand me the cane.”

She reached forward and picked it up, handing it back to him. Bracing herself, she waited for the sting of the cane.

“All I asked you to do today was to empty the dishwasher and make sure any dirty dishes went straight into the dishwasher instead of the sink. Is that a hard task to complete?” he asked.

Danielle felt a sarcastic remark growing on the edge of her tongue. She wanted to say you try running after a three year old and a sixteen month old and keeping up with something like dishes! But she knew what he would say to that, and he’d be absolutely right. She could hear his deep voice, That’s a lousy excuse and you know it. Are you trying to tell me you didn’t have ten minutes to empty the dishwasher? If you didn’t, why didn’t you text me and let me know you were having trouble? The more she thought about it, the clearer it became that nothing good would come from that line of thinking.

“Is it?”

“No, sir.”

The first stroke of the cane landed exactly on the spot where bottom meets thigh.

She squealed, and kicked her legs. “Oh, ow…I’m sorry, baby…”

Another line of fire. “You’re sorry now, because you’re getting punished. What were you so busy doing that you didn’t have time to empty the dishwasher?” he wanted to know, bringing two more successive strokes down across her red bottom.

She sucked her breath in between her teeth, her foot coming up to block herself. “I was on the computer…” she answered, trying to ignore the burning in her butt.

He picked up the pace, bringing that stingy, fiery cane down again and again until she was wiggling and trying to dance away from the strokes. “On the computer, huh? Well maybe tomorrow you’ll just have to keep the computer off all day so you can focus on getting things done.” he told her decidedly as he continued to punish her. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he put the cane down. He ran his hand over her hot ass, squeezing the swollen mounds of flesh. Next, he reached for the strap and Danielle’s heart leapt into her throat.

“Oh please,” she moaned quietly.

Jackson grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back, bringing his mouth right next to her ear. “Please what?” he growled.

“I don’t want the strap…”

He let her go. whap!

“Ouch!” she cried out, stomping her foot.

whap! whap!

“Do I ask a lot of you, Danielle?” he wanted to know.

“No, sir!” she yelped, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

“I don’t. So when I do ask you to do something, I expect you to get it done. This isn’t the first time you didn’t get something done this week, is it?” he brought the strap down extra hard this time, right on her sit spot.

“OW, ow ow ow ow ooooohhhhh…no sir,” she whimpered.

He kept a steady pace with the strap and she swayed her hips to try to avoid it. He tightened his grip on her, but she was still managing to move around. When he saw her hand fly back to try to protect herself from the strap, he grabbed her wrist and pinned it to her back. He pushed her down a little roughly, and started smacking the back of her thighs with the strap.

Danielle started wailing, and trying to twist away. “No, no .. nooo please .. Please not on my legs, I wont put my hands back anymore I promise!” she begged.

He gave her two more for good measure, then lay the strap back on the bed.

She had tears streaming down her face now, and her butt was throbbing. “I’m sorry I didn’t do what you asked me to. I had plenty of time to do it, and I kept putting it off until I had no time left. I‘m really sorry.”

“I know you are, but I don’t think we’re done just yet. I don’t think you’ve had enough for this to be memorable.” he said decidedly.

“I have, I have!” she pleaded. “Don’t spank me anymore,”

He sat down on the cedar chest at the end of their bed. “Bring the hairbrush over here, Dan.”

Sniffling, she carried the hairbrush over to him.

Jackson brushed the hair from her face, then took the brush from her hand. “Look at me.“ he demanded, and waited for her to do so. “I am going to make sure that we don’t have to repeat this anytime soon. You will obey me.”

Danielle just cried softly as her husband helped her across his lap. She wrapped her arms around his leg and held on tight.

He finished off her spanking with the brush. He knew she was already very sore, so he didn’t spank her too hard. He didn’t have to. He’d made his point, this was just to drive it home a little. He stopped after twenty or so smacks, and rubbed her back gently, whispering to her until she calmed down. When her breathing had returned to almost normal, he kindly helped her to her feet, and gathered her in his arms. He smoothed her hair back, and wiped the tear streaks from her face. “Are you ready to be my good girl again?” he whispered against her damp cheek.

“Yes sir,” she murmured. “I’m so sorry,”

His mouth covered hers and he swallowed her words. He kissed her tenderly, his hands cupping her burning butt cheeks. Squeezing and kneading the hot globes, he instructed her to bend back over the bed.

Danielle whimpered, but did as she was told. Glancing nervously over her shoulder, her trembling voice betrayed her fears. “Are you going to spank me more?”

“Turn around,” he ordered, and she did. “If I feel like spanking you more, I will.“ He came up behind her and entered her roughly, reaching forward and grabbing her hair with his left hand. In the dark, he could hardly see his wedding ring glinting in his wife’s tangled hair. He used his free hand to smack her cherry-red ass while he fucked her. He was being rougher than usual. Showing her who’s in charge. Who fucks who around here.

She cried out when he landed a particularly hard smack on her left cheek. “Ohh, it hurts so bad when you spank me,” she half-complained between gasps and moans.

“Good.” Jackson replied gruffly. He kept slapping her bottom, fucking her hard. When he finished, he pulled out and gave her another ten hard smacks before letting her up. He loved to watch her squeal and try to dance away.

She was panting and her face was flushed when he did finally let her up. “Baby,” she said as they climbed into bed together.

“Yes my love?” he replied softly, stroking the side of her face gently.

Turning her face up towards his, she grinned mischievously. “I didn’t come,”

He smiled at her. “I know. Did you think that was for your pleasure? You’re being punished tonight, but just because you’re in trouble doesn’t mean I have to go without what I want.”

Wow. This was a first! He’d never used anything sexual in a discipline context. She couldn’t explain why, but that really turned her on! She must have made a weird face, because Jackson raised an eyebrow at her.

“Why are you making that face?” he wanted to know.

“Because I’m really turned on, and I want you to make me come!” she complained. “Come on…I want you!”

“I don’t want to make you come, because you’re a naughty girl and you don’t deserve to come.” he told her sternly. “Now stop whining and go to bed before I spank you again.”

“Can I make myself come?” she whispered.

He smiled, thankful for the darkness so that she couldn’t see. “No, you absolutely may not. Goodnight little girl.”

Danielle decided it probably in her best interest to let it go, so she did. “Goodnight sir.” she murmured into his chest as she snuggled in close. It didn’t take long for her to drift off to sleep, her bottom still hot and sore.


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