I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A designer is born

I love my vacation! I wish I had been given the ability to slow down time whenever I want. I didn’t get that but I did get some wonderful gifts. I wanted to show you a few of them.

This one came from my sister.

I had only see this picture once before. This is a picture of my grandmother – taken sometime near when she got married in 1900, my mother wouldn't be born for another 19 years! It’s amazing to see this picture and realize that I knew this woman very well. She lived with us and passed away when I was 8. Now I know a great many of you still have your grandparents but our family spread it generations out nearly as far as we could, this lovely lady would have been 130 in 2010.

Mollie gave me this next gift.

We had been shopping once and I had said that I really like this figurine, she remembered. When she gave it to me she commented “You know if you had gotten this when I was a kid I would probably have drawn faces on them.” I had to laugh, she right. I know she would have done that very thing! This made me think of LJ and Mollie from the first time I saw it and I just love it!

But my most interesting gift came from Nick. Now I know he is a man of many talents. But I never realized designing and creating lingerie was one of them. Now you see Nick has an engineering background. He’s a practical man so when he sees a need his mind works on a solution. He came up with a great one for one little problem I had.

You see I love sleeping nude – I have ever since I came out to Nick over 3 years ago. Now for the most part Nick keeps me nice and warm. We spoon and we snuggle and he is happy to rub anything that might be cold. All is toasty except for one place – my shoulders! Often I’ll move Nick’s hands up to my shoulders, because he has the warmest hand in the world. But it’s not the most comfortable position for him. Scroll down to see a drawing of his wonderful solution (no making fun of my artwork)…

It’s basically a black tee shirt altered to just keep my shoulders and upper arms warm. Nick said he was worried it would get cold enough to send me back to my flannel night gown – which he didn’t want and he said he had much better places to put his hands than my shoulders!

I had to laugh when I saw it! How perfect!! I knew it was kinda a joke but I like wearing it. It does keep my shoulders warm without tangling or twisting when I turn and all the parts I to give Nick access to are still available. So what do you guys think – should we go into mass production? And if we do, what should we call it? Please send your suggestion for a good name for this lovely lingerie!

I have had a wonderful year. I guess New Years is the time to take a deep breath, forget the bad and be grateful for the good in the past year. That’s my plan. I still enjoy all the friends I’ve made here and I thank each and every one of you that come by each day. I really hope some of you that don’t comment will make it your resolution to come out and visit some in the new year – that means leave a comment folks!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Colonoscopy - the inside story

No good spanking story today but very important post none the less. No one wants to go for their colonoscopy. I put it off for about 5 years. But one thing I can tell you for sure now is that dreading it was much worse than the actual test. So for those of you putting it off I want to tell you it wasn’t bad at all. I only had one real problem and I know now how I could have made that much better. So here is what to expect.

I had to be on a liquid diet for a day and a half. I had a delicious meal at my MIL’s on Sunday and then I could only have clear liquids, apple juice, white grape, broths, jello, black coffee or tea and soft drinks, diet or regular (nothing with red coloring). Actually it ended up that I didn’t have anything to eat for about 48 hours but I really didn’t feel hungry. I guess the fluids filled me up pretty well.

Now of course everyone dreads the prep more than anything but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I had to talk two laxative pills to start, then I had to mix the powder stuff in 64 oz of Crystal Lite or Gaterade. I was most dreading the taste of drinking that much yuck. But I can tell you the powder did not taste at all!! All I tasted was the Crystal lite and I found a white grape flavor that was really good. I started drinking this at 5:30 and had to have it finished by 7:30. That’s a glass full about ever 15 to 20 minutes. I was expecting to spend hours on the pot – that didn’t happen. When I needed to go I went then I came back and watched TV and drank more of the mixture.

The whole process seemed pretty steady. There was no cramping, no pain. But I did run into one bad time. I got nauseated. I hate and despise that feeling and I also despise throwing up!! But that was the only bad time really. Now if you do this I think I know how you can avoid this problem. Even though they tell you to drink all that mixture in two hours, don’t push it. You just can’t take that much liquid at once. Maybe start your prep a little earlier than they say and take a little longer with the mixture. The results are going to be the same and you can skip the nausea part.

I did get up a few times during the night to go but still there was no cramping or hurting at all, just a little lack of sleep. By the next morning I felt normal. Still wasn’t very hungry but ready to get it all over with. Nick and I arrived at the office at 12:15. I put on a gown, they put in an IV and I rested quietly until my turn. They rolled me into the procedure room and asked me to lie on my left side and breathe normally.

Two seconds later it seemed I could hear the doctor telling Nick that everything went great. He found two small polyps which is fairly normal at my age. He removed them and they will be tested but the doctor thought everything was perfectly normal. Nick helped me dress and went for the car and with only slightly wobbly legs the nurse led me to the door and we were homeward bound before 2:30. That is after a stop at Wendy’s for a delicious hamburger and fries.

I've written all this to encourage those of you that should have this test but you’ve been putting it off to have it. It wasn’t awful at all. Had I avoided that period of nausea I would have said the whole thing was a piece of cake. You have to know it pales in comparison to the realization of colon cancer and everything surrounding that. As my doctor said, even though not every polyp becomes cancer, all colon cancer begins as a small polyp. This was so much simpler than I thought it would be. And I don’t even want to think of having let those two little polyps develop into something with serious, possibly deadly results. I swear this isn’t bad, get it done folks!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good times

Wonderful Christmas, we got to spend time with Nick’s family, my sister and her family were here for Christmas day and LJ, Colin and Mollie were all home. I love having the family together. Mollie’s dinner was wonderful. Yes I had to do a lot more cooking than I wanted to but a lot less than I thought I was going to have to. She did a great job. I think she learned more about timing a meal than cooking it and that’s an important aspect of cooking to learn.

I want to tell you a little more about my Christmas but of course we have still been busy. There are a couple of pictures I want to post and I’ll have them ready soon. I got several nice things for Christmas but the gift Nick came up with takes the cake on creativity, the man is way more talented than I ever knew! If not a photograph I’ll draw a picture for you. I love it!!!

What am I going to be doing for the next few days – not eating, for real. I’m having a colonoscopy on Tuesday. So I can have lunch today but after that it’s a liquid diet the rest of today and all day Monday and Tuesday until after the test and that might not be until afternoon. I’m trying to just think about the not being able to eat part of the prep and not anything else, hopefully it won't be as bad as the guy in this picture! LOL! But seriously it’s as good a time to have this test as any. So hold a good thought for me that the prep won’t be too bad and that they find nothing. I’ll let you know.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Twas the night before Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all having a wonderful
day, thanks for coming by to share a little of your holiday time.

I love today’s Fantasy Friday! The wonderful and talented Grace sent this to me two years ago. She wrote it just for Fantasy Friday and I have to say I was honored. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Twas the night before Christmas...or was it?

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except for a spouse!

The paddles were hung
In the closet with care
In hopes that a red bottom
Soon would be there.

The wife was a nestled
All snug in the corner
While visions of swats
And how many were wondered.

And Mamma in her tee-shirt
And I with my bats
Were just settling in
For some long and hard swats

From out of the corner
There rose such a clatter
When I said it was time
And in my hand was a swatter.

Away from the corner
She flew like a flash
Pulled down her panties
And bent over, at last.

Her butt was like moonlight
On new fallen snow
Gave luster of mid-day
To eyes all a-glow.

When, what to her wondering
Eyes should appear
But a paddle of wood
A big subject of fear.

With the first little slap
So lively and quick
I knew in a moment
She’s probably quite slick

More rapid than eagles,
The spanks how they came
She cursed and shouted
And called me bad names

Ouch, meany, Ow, wieny,
Oh please stop, it hurts
Eeeeouch yes sir, screech, no sir
She sputters and spurts

From the top of her tail bone
To the top of her thighs
Now spank away, spank away
Spank low and high

As with a very sore bottom
Her screams echo the sky
Her bum meets with the paddle
The slaps echo and fly

So upping the tempo
The paddle, it flew
With a fast paced staccato
And some rubbing too

And then in a twinkling
I heard a low moaning
The prancing and pawing
Of feet and of clawing

As I drew in my hand
And was starting to slow
Down put the paddle
And the hand was a go

My hand started slapping
From tushy to thigh
And her screams turned
To panting, and then a big sigh

A bunch of hard slaps
I had put on her bottom
And she looked like a
naughty girl, just like she oughta

Her eyes, how they twinkled
Her dimples how merry
Her bum was like roses
Her bottom like a cherry.

Her droll little bottom
Tightened just like a bow
And the skin on her thighs
Was as white as the snow

The stump of a paddle
Held tight in my hand
And I swore there was smoke
From her bottomy land

I had a broad smile,
At the buttocks that shook
When I smacked and I slapped
And I spanked and I cooked

Her bottom was chubby and plump
A right sore was her self
And I laughed when I saw it
In spite of myself

With a wink of my eye
And a twist of my wrist
Soon gave me to know
She couldn’t resist

I spoke not a word
But went straight to my work
And filled all the white spots
Then turned with a jerk

And laying a finger
Inside of her place
I gave her an orgasm
And made her heart race

Then we sprang to our bed
And our bodies did whistle
So away we both flew
Like the down of a thistle

But I heard her exclaim
as we both were entwined
Happy Spanking to all
And to all, a good night!


Grace thanks again. I have always know you are an incredibly talented writer but I have to say this is one of your masterpieces! Remember, everyone is invited to contribute to Fantasy Friday. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The gym challenge

I haven’t been saying much about the diet lately. You know I joined the fall challenge at my gym. It was officially over on the 18th and I had my assessment yesterday, back to that in a minute.

Some people have natural talents, some are good cooks, some can sing, some are artist; I too have a natural talent – I can gain weigh with little to no effort. Nick saw this first hand when we went on our first trip with Eva and Adam. Eva had had the gastric bypass a few months earlier so healthy eating was on everyone’s mind. Nick and I ate nearly identically on the trip. We would even ordered one meal for dinner and shared it. So no one over ate and we did a lot of walking. When we got home we weighed, Nick had stayed exactly the same and I had gained 5 pounds! Not fair, not fair at all but I’m talking facts, not fair.

So this fall challenge at my gym began on October 18 during that time we have had three ‘teacher feeds’. That’s where one grade level brings in enough food to feed a small country.

We had one for Halloween, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas – they were delicious! We had Thanksgiving itself in there. I had my birthday and several nice dinners to celebrate, candy and desserts from my kids at school, and eating out with friends for Christmas – so you get the pictures.

Now back to the assessment. I would love to tell you I lost 10 pounds and my abs and butt are tight and firm. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen but… I can tell you that during all those weeks and extra eating I managed to keep my weight gain to less than one pound!! And I lost an inch in my waist. Nope it’s not spectacular but for real life at my age – I’m not disappointed. I know myself, and I know if I hadn’t been exercising as much as I did I could have easily put on 10 pounds. I’m really happy I avoided that.

Now all that’s fine but I do need to keep working. The little bit I gained threw me into another middle number – one I never wanted to see again. So there is work to be done. After the holidays I hope Nick will continue to help. Maybe we could revisit some of the things that helped me originally. We don’t need tons of rules – that’s not Nick’s style. But if he will pick some that he feels are important and be willing to enforce them – well that helps me more than he will ever know. I can’t say that I am much of a submissive but when Nick makes and enforces a few rules the whole ‘diet thing’ becomes an interesting challenge rather than drudgery. When he makes ‘suggestions’ and then doesn’t really seem to care if I go by them or not I just lose interest. We'll see how things go. I know we both want the same results.

Well I’m looking forward to restarting the weight loss early in the new year! But right now I am relaxing, looking forward to seeing family over the holidays and trying not to go crazy on the extra meals and treats! I’ll have something up for Fantasy Friday this week but I hope everyone will spend the day with the people they love!

Monday, December 21, 2009

He did it again

I feel so relaxed. I have a work-day today but when there are no kids there it’s still like a vacation. An old teacher once told me that on workdays if she didn’t do anything but talk to other teachers and pee she would just be getting caught up! LOL! Very true!

Those of you that have been reading here for a while have heard a lot about my kids. They truly have my heart. Now LJ, my first born, has had me wrapped around his little finger since the moment I knew I was pregnant. Mollie often rolls her eyes and calls him ‘special boy’. It’s said with affection these days as they have gotten much closer over the last few years.

But those of you who have been reading here for a while know that LJ had one major flaw and it has flared up once again. I love him to death – but the boy can’t drive!! Yep, he wrecked another car. If you don’t remember LJ has had 4 speeding tickets (all 45 in 35 zones), one for running a red light and he totaled the first car we got him when someone stopped in front of him on an off ramp and LJ rear ended him. This time he was pulling out of Collin’s drive way. A neighbor was waiting to turn in and motioned LJ out, he came out and someone pulls around neighbor and smashes my boy. No one hurt, thank goodness. LJ didn’t get a ticket but he was at fault. Sigh…

I doubt we will have the car fixed; we’ll just sell it for what we can get for it. It would probably cost about what the car is worth to fix it. So, sorry son, two cars are my limit. He’ll just have to find a way to get around on his own for these next 6 months. If he wants another car in the future he’ll be buying it himself!

It’s funny – he told me the other day “Mom I’ll be happy to get rid of my car when I graduate. I know nothing about cars. If it doesn’t start one morning my only thought is ‘Car’s broken guess I need to replace it.’ I think I’ll do better with buses and subways – if they break down someone else will handle it.” I believe the boy is right, New York might be right for him.

Both my kids are wonderful! I am the luckiest mom in the world. They are each so different and have so many talents – but if I ever need a lift, I’m calling Mollie!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A birthday to remember

My Friday was really cool! The last day with kids and we got snow!!! School was released about 9:30. The kids weren’t there long but it was a wild and wooly morning. Last day before Christmas vacation, snow – which we rarely see, well you can imagine. I told some friends it was as if each had had a bowl of sugar for breakfast and washed it down with a Red Bull. But we survived and now vacation has begun. The snow was beautiful!! We got about 9 inches, that’s the most we’ve had since about ’93 when Mollie was only a few months old.

But now let’s go back a few days earlier to my birthday. It was a regular work day but that morning I had an email from Nick mentioning that he knew someone was getting older and wondering if I could find out the kids schedules. I knew Mollie was babysitting but I wasn’t sure about LJ. I knew he was finished with his exams but I wasn’t sure if he was coming to see me on my birthday. I shouldn’t have worried – he was still at school planning to go to a party there. I wasn’t disappointed – I was looking forward to an evening home with Nick.

We knew we would have the whole evening so we were in no rush. We found some video on spanking tube to watch and then Nick made us some supper but not long after we ate we headed back to the bedroom where Nick had laid out some very nice toys. I gave him a gift too - a little paddle ball paddle I had picked up. I really like the weight and shape of paddle ball paddles for fun spankings.

Nick used it for some warm up before finally taking my pants off. He said since this was a birthday spanking I could chose what it used for the official count – not that that would be all. He had laid out many of my favorites and one enemy! He had out the leather paddle with fur on one side, a heart shaped leather paddle we got in CA, the Orange County Whapper (from the mast head), a hand shaped leather fly swatter, the tawse, his belt and the dogging bat and he had a surprise held back.

Nick let me choose for the official birthday spanking so I chose my current favorite, the dogging bat. He wanted me to count out loud – the number is getting so high I guess he thought he might lose track. But I was able to count all the way to 53 out loud as the spanks got increasing harder. Hmmmm… maybe that’s the way it is with the years of life in general. Anyway once the official ‘birthday spanking’ was over he gave me another treat.

He said he was going to use each of the other toys for as long as I wanted. When I had had all I wanted of one I could ask him to change to another. Now that suited me fine! He started off with the flogger. I like our flogger but I have seen others that I think I would like better. Ours is stingy but no thud at all. But I didn’t stop him until he got to around 60 – I thought it might be nice to take at least 53 or more with each toy.

Next came the leather paddle – that one is a piece of cake, especially when he turns it and uses the soft side every once and a while. I went past a hundred on that one. When I asked him to change he started with the leather heart shaped paddle with the little studs in it. That’s a pretty good one too and I think I went to a hundred with that too.

Now in between all this was some really fine rubbing and touching but he was true to his word and didn’t seem to mind going until I asked him to switch. I think the leather ‘hand’ came next – not only does it have a good feel it does make a wonderful noise! I got to around a hundred with it too. But to be honest I was feeling a sting for sure now!

When I asked him to change again he happened to change to my most hated implement – the tawse! Assuming I am pronouncing it correctly it is aptly named. That thing should be 'tossed' away forever! I just don’t like it at all and it strange because I really like leather. But this seems more like plastic, anyway – I don’t like it and I only got to 20 before asking Nick to please change to anything else.

So he changed to one of my very favorites – his belt! I was tender by this time but I still loved it. I think I got to seventy-five or so with it. I was getting close to done. But Nick wasn’t. In the email he had sent earlier, Nick asked me what I thought was best for that ‘next day’ feeling. I have had that from his belt before but lately I have been thinking more and more about the cane or a switch – something like that. It’s never been an instrument I’ve ever fantasized about but once he did use a switch on me when we were in the mountains. I hated it – but loved the feeling that lingered! I had shared this fascination with Nick.

The last instrument he pulled out was a dowel rod – owwww… but I felt like I could take it. That swishing noise is something, isn’t it? Very powerful! Wow that will get your attention. But Nick wasn’t being very harsh with it. And with little breaks I passed my fifty-three mark when Nick said ‘Wait right here’ (like I was going anywhere) He was back soon and I quickly felt what he had gone for, he had gone down in the basement to get several different size dowel rods! He starts experimenting with the different sizes. Again – owwww! But my butt won one round and the dowel rod broke. He changed to another but I had felt plenty of that so I asked him to please switch again. To which he happily replied “I am switching” and continued. LOL! Doesn’t everyone love a smart ass top!?

It was an evening to remember. The spanking, the rubbing, he gave me the vibrator to play with, all was perfect!! It was so nice I wanted to show my appreciation. Nick didn’t seem to mind. So I ended me birthday on my knees hopefully expressing to Nick know how much I loved my evening!

*All the toys except for the dowel rods are our real toys!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Two for one, II

Not only is it Friday - Christmas vacation begins today! We have a great story for today that is also in a way a public service announcement! It's a repost but I the author is one of the best! I know it gave me lots of ideas and what could be better than a wonderful story that also gives you sexy ideas!

I know much of the south is expecting some winter weather this weekend. I hope if you are in that area you can stay home and enjoy a good Fantasy Friday - maybe even write one?? Well think about it anyway!

Enjoy your Friday and enjoy...

Two for one

Lana's hands trembled as she eagerly cut the packaging open. Her DVDs had arrived and she could hardly wait to pop one into the player.

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, a couple of weeks before Christmas, she'd found herself home alone and bored out of her skull. Her boyfriend had been out of town all week and wasn't scheduled to return until the following Friday. 'What's a girl to do,' she thought, as she flipped on her computer and began roaming her favorite links.

'December sure is slow,' she mused. Nobody was posting anything she found very interesting. She clicked into a couple of new sites, only to encounter the same sense of flatness. 'Same old, same old,' she complained inwardly. She was still bored, but reluctant to stop surfing.

'What is the name of that site with all the spanking videos?' she wondered. After a few moments of thinking, she remembered. 'Oh yeah, Shadow Lane.' A google minute later, she was there.

The front page caused her to sit up and take notice. They were having a two for one sale! She quickly entered the site.

'Oooo, I really shouldn't be doing this,' she thought. The twinge of guilt didn't stop her from looking at all the wonderful selections and before she knew it, there were four DVDs in her shopping cart.

They'd arrived the same day Jon returned. He was upstairs, sleeping from his long flight and the busy two weeks he'd had away from home. She was certain he'd sleep until she woke him for dinner. Lana decided that watching just one of the movies would be a quiet and harmless way to spend the afternoon.

"A Lover's Discipline" had been her first choice when she shopped that snowy, lonely day. She was intrigued by the promise of anal discipline, combined with masturbatory punishment, hand spanking, paddling, and all the yummy things she dreamed of doing with Jon. Into the player it went.

Lana settled herself onto the couch to enjoy her guilty pleasure. Her warm-ups were cozy, but not enough to ward off the chill of the day. She covered up with a blanket and invited the cat to join her while she watched the story unfold.

'Wow,' she exclaimed as the movie started. 'Those two aren't wasting any time.' She watched as the couple moved through the discipline. She flinched when the spanking started and began experiencing a growing need when the anal discipline ensued. Her hand found its way under the band of her pants until her fingers came to rest against her hard, aching clit. She slid down in her seat a bit to accommodate her wandering fingers. As the action continued she was aware of nothing around her, only her own pleasure and the scene unfolding before her eyes.

"Where did this come from?" asked a masculine voice behind her, close to left ear. Lana shrieked, pulled her hand out of her pants, and sat upright in one swift motion.

"Not so fast," Jon said, taking hold of her right wrist, pulling it up over her head. "Where has that hand been?" He gave her finger tips a quick lick. Lana blushed to her toes.

"Um, I was bored last Sunday and went online," she responded. "Shadow Lane was having a two for one sale, so I ordered some."

"How many is 'some'?" Jon inquired. Sheepishly, Lana admitted that she'd had difficulty stopping at two, ordering four because she couldn't make up her mind or resist such a bargain.

To her relief, Jon chuckled. He walked around the sofa to join her. "Please, start it over," he instructed her.

Once the film began he slid under the blanket. "Hmmm, it's pretty hot under here," he observed. "You're probably too warm with those pants on. I know you'd be a lot more comfortable if you took them off, so, take them off." Lana hesitate a moment too long. "Do you need some help, young lady?" he inquired.

Before Lana could comply or answer, Jon had her across his lap. The blanket had tangled between her flailing legs keeping her from jumping to her feet. Deftly, her pants were pulled to her knees.

"Looky, there," cooed Jon, "Lana, where are your panties?" Lana growled, Jon laughed. "Is my girl horny?" His strong right hand rubbed her bared backside, while his left arm kept her pinned to his lap.

"So, you look at porn while I'm gone. Is there something you need to tell me?"

Lana blushed. "No, I was just bored. Bored and curious. OK, bored, curious, and horny. And hopeful." She looked over her shoulder at her captor. She watched him raise his right hand high over his head.

"Does this satisfy your curiosity?" he asked as he brought his hard hand down against her naked flesh. Lana yelped. "How about this?" he inquired as he spanked her once again.

The blows rained down faster and faster. Lana bucked and squealed at the relentless onslaught of Jon's firm hand. She could feel her bottom burning and stinging, and then she felt the wetness between her legs and on her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," she wailed. "I was lonely! I was horny! I missed you," she cried out, "and I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry!"

Jon's deluge slowed with her words. Reluctantly, he stopped spanking Lana's flaming orbs. Rubbing them tenderly, he bent over to deliver a gentle kiss to her rosy right cheek.

"It's OK, baby," he assured her. "You don't usually do things like this, and I understand. Two weeks apart was way too long." Lana nodded her agreement, then reached up to dry the tears off her cheeks.

"Can we finish watching the video?" she asked. "It's really pretty good."

"Maybe some other time, Sweetness. I suspect you're wet in more places than just your lovely face. We have lots of lost time to make up for."

~~~~~ (#|#) ~~~~~

The author this week is one of my best buddies! CeeCi wrote this wonderful story for us and I know she has enjoyed a few videos herself. CeeCi is one of the best writers I know. Friend, I thank you for letting me use your story!

I not only enjoyed this Fantasy Friday I learned from it too. This story first got me looking for videos at Shadow Lane. Although I haven't seen any academy award winning movies I can say that I do enjoy them!

If any of you are finding the time to write a Fantasy Friday this holiday season please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Waiting for vacation

I had a wonderful birthday. I thank everyone who dropped by here or sent there good wished by email. Nick and I did celebrate and I’ll tell you all about that on Sunday. I just don’t have the energy or time to do it justice at the moment.

I know I don’t dig ditches for a living, I don’t work in a coal mine, I’m not a logger but each night when I have gotten home this week I feel like I have spent 12 hours at each of these jobs with a little alligator wrestling thrown in. If you don’t believe me try wrangling seventy-five 12 year olds (25 at a time) all day, each day, the week before Christmas vacation. It feels like a practice session for herding cats! Just getting them corralled is a full time job, much less try to teach them anything!! And with only a very few exceptions these are really nice kids this year. But I’m telling you the week before break is exhausting!

I’m just whining a little I do know I have it better that most folks. I get off two weeks for Christmas and I am going to savor every second of it, just got to get through Friday. Saturday LJ, Colin, Mollie and I are going to a Christmas play that LJ wants us to see, then a lot of relaxing to follow. I’ll be around here because so many of my friends live in my computer and I’ll also be spending lots and lots of time with family. I’m starting to feel better already!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't mind me...

I'm just trying to get used to the idea.

I don't think it's working.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We'll work on it

I am sitting here (Saturday night) stuffed to the gills. So much for the diet today. We went out with friends tonight and I feel like I can barely waddle. We had a coupon for a free blooming onion, then I had their good bread and then ribs and mashed potatoes. I guess I need to hit the gym hard Monday!

I love weekends. Nick and I slept late and it felt so good just to lay there and cuddle. Nick mentioned it too. We went so many years not touching – really hardly ever. Now we cuddle, turn in unison most of the night to spoon, we rub and touch and just enjoy being close. We wasted so much time. But that’s in the past now.

There is just one thing we need to work on. It’s not a big deal but I know we have room to improve. I’ve mentioned it before but we still need work. Nick really wants me to initiate sex more often and I really always intend to but I know I don’t initiate as often as he would like. As for me I want him to spank more often. Now it’s not like we’re holding out on one another – not like that at all. But for whatever reason my make-up is such that the only time I really feel sexy is when I am spanked often...when we don’t have the time or privacy to get in some spanking I just don’t feel desirable or sexy... and when I don’t feel sexy I don’t think about initiating sex... and then Nick seem to spank less... and on and on, see how it goes? It’s not really a problem, just a hitch but I wish we could get into a more regular routine. I know if we both put in just a little more effort we would both like the results.

It’s really not a bad problem to have. So many people our age have totally lost interested in each other and just don’t care. I know we’re close now and I really don’t see that going away. I think we’re both happy and I think we are both willing to try to do things that will make us even happier. We’re at a good place after 26 years of marriage. We’re having a great time and looking forward to even better times to come.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fantasy Friday - A Drive in the Country II

This is a busy time of year so I haven't been pestering folks for stories - don't worry I'll be back to pestering after the holidays. But for today I am reposting the story I wrote about yesterday. The one written by Eva - NOT Grace! (Thank's Lil, I thought it was a good idea too.)

Hope you enjoy...

A Drive in the Country

The leaves were just beginning to turn. The air was cool. Crisp. Buses were running around picking up kids and taki
ng them to school.

The school year was well underway. My favorite thing to do when school is in session is to climb back into bed and steal an hour or two of sleep once the kids board the bus. Not this day though. This day, was about to be different than the rest had been so far this school year.

I knew he was planning to take the day off so that we could spend it together. I just didn’t know for sure what he had in mind. All I knew was that going back to bed was not an option. He told me I had 45 minutes to shower, dress casually, and meet him in the car.

When I got into the car he started the engine and put the car in reverse. As he began backing out of the drive he handed me a brown paper sack and said, “Here. Put this on.” I opened it and was not surprised to find the blindfold we often use when he wants to play with elements of surprise.

I put the blindfold on, wondering where he was taking me and why we didn’t just spend the day at home since the kids were in school. I tried to keep track of the twists and turns that the road took but after about ten minutes I was completely lost in the darkness of the blindfold.

As we drove he told me to remove my bra and even though I was wearing a long sleeved sweater that wasn’t a difficult accomplishment. Women can remove bras in the tightest of circumstance. And yes, even while blindfolded.

We drove a bit further and he told me to hold out my hand. I did. He placed something in my palm and said “Put them on.” It took me a second to figure out what I was holding. Never before have there been clamps on my nipples. Realizing he had bought them just for a moment like this, I thanked him for this gift as I put them on and felt their grip.

Throughout the rest of the trip he occasionally squeezed the nipple clamps sending throbbing sensations to my rapidly moistening sex. The pain in my nipples and the pleasure in my pussy made me whimper every time he touched me.

We drove on. And on. Finally, I sensed gravel under the wheels of the car. He must have driven another half mile. I could sense that we were on private property. Finally when the car stopped and the engine died he said “wait.” He got out of the car and came around and opened my door. He took my hand and instructed me to carefully get out of the car. The whole time he led me and warned me of bumps in the walkway and other obstacles.

We climbed four steps. I could tell we were now on a porch. I heard the creak of a swing and the sound of running water. The air smelled fresh and clean. I could tell we must be near a brook or stream. I held tightly to his arm.

And then I heard a person rise from the swing and approach us.

“Glad you kids could make it.” She sounded older.

“We’re happy to be here, isn’t that right honey?”

I hoped that question was rhetorical because I was too breathless to answer.

The lady then said “Right this way.”

I held tight and followed his lead, too nervous to do otherwise. I heard a door open and a light switch click on. A musty odor wafted into my nostrils. The lady said, “Be careful on those steps. I’ll be back in two hours to unlock the door.”

With that the door closed behind us and she was gone. My blindfold was removed so that I could see to go down the steps. “I want you to see EVERY thing that is about to happen to you, my love.”

At the bottom of the steps, he flipped another light switch and I gasped with excitement. It was a dungeon. A spanking, love-making, submissive dungeon.

He led me to a rack of outfits and chose a leather teddy, lace stockings and black boots with heels and told me to change right there before him. His eyes never left my body and I felt glorious sensations knowing he had arranged all this just for me.

There were crops. Floggers. Collars. Cock toys. Slings and swings. Paddles. Shackles. Spanking tables. We used them all. I spent the majority of the time on my knees pleasing him in whatever way he demanded. He pinched, pulled, teased. He did it all. We did it all.

At the end of the two hours we were both spent like never before. I had been spanked, teased, tormented, fucked and loved. I wanted to just stay on my knees at his feet doing only what he commanded me to do. I was not able to think for myself any longer. I didn’t want to think for myself. I was his and only able to think what he thought for me.

As we climbed the steps he stopped me, handed me the nipple clamps and said “Keep these on until I tell you to take them off.” Just then the door opened and I got my first look at the older lady. She was sweet. Motherly almost. As I began to become aware that I stood before her in leather gear I heard her ask my lover if he’d like to schedule a return appointment. As he slipped some cash into her hand he asked “How would two weeks from today work?”

As we were about to close the front door of the old farm house behind us, my lover then placed the blindfold back over my eyes and snarled softly in my ear, “Keep the blindfold on. You are to NEVER know where our secret dungeon is located. Just make sure you change when we get home… before the bus drops off the kids.”


I loved the story no matter which of my friends wrote it. I was so quick to believer it was Grace because shortly before it went up she had been talking about doing the "happy mom dance" because her kids had just started back to school. Being a teacher I had been doing the "Oh crap! Summer's almost over" dance myself. But Eva, my twin, I do appreciate the story even if you did have to annoy me during the process.

Now I'm still not pestering but if any of anyone does have a story that they are willing to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com