I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I really hate canes, but…

You might remember that several months ago after a long dry spell we dabbled again trying to get a spanking relationship going. I didn’t hold out much hope of it actually taking off and it didn’t, but while I was thinking about it, I got to thinking about canes. I’m not a fan, but for some reason they were sticking in my mind.


So I turned to my friend, a true cane lover and expert, for answers and advice regarding my questions. You understand – I was asking for answers (in words) and advice (also in written words). But what did I get from my sweet, loving, knowledgeable friend? 


Canes! I got Canes!  I didn’t I asked for canes, I don’t think I did, I know I didn’t mean to! But Ronnie,  my dear, sweet, generous friend Ronnie, sent canes.

The top one was the thin whippy one, the other one

are the new ones.

I know she was being kind, honestly I do. One of my problems was that the one we had – also supplied by Ronnie, was very thin. Very whippy. So that when it was used we got a lot of wrap-around and I’d have marks on the side of my butt. I just wasn’t sure we were using it right, but Ronnie suggested a thicker, more sturdy cane might be better and before I had time to think they were here!


We haven’t had many occasions to use them, but we have given them a try. This sturdier model does fix the wrap-around problem. It does not solve the problem of them being canes however! I’m much more of a leather paddle girl. 

Had I grown up in England, I might have fantasied about canes in my youth, here you never heard of anyone being disciplined with a cane. I switch I’d heard of, but no one fantasies about that horrible implement. A paddle or a belt or a hairbrush were the implements that floated about my mind.

For those of you who have been spankos from birth, I’m wondering, what implements floated in your fantasies? And if you don’t mind, let us know what country you grew up in. I’m curious to see if that made any difference.

And I truly do thank Ronnie, she's the best!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Fantasy Friday revival- A Good Night's Sleep

Thanks for coming by Fantasy Friday today. Today's story is from 2008 but it's still a good one. Some of us that are night-owls and we'll really understand. And a bit of good news - we're going to have another brand new story coming up next week, Thanks to Alice who wrote for us last week! Don't forget to come back. For now enjoy...

A Good Night’s Sleep 

She was too tired to appreciate how handsome Kyle looked as he pushed open the door from their garage and walked into the kitchen that evening. She was pouting as he kicked off his shoes, offloaded his briefcase and suit coat to the hall tree. "Missed you, Emily" he said as his strong arms pulled her close. Even in her sleepy state, she was not completely immune to the wonderful masculine smell of him. She pushed out of his hug a little too quickly and started leafing through a catalog which had come in the mail that day. Casually, she said, "thought you were going to be home a few hours ago."

Kyle responded kindly, "You seem tired, kitten. Didn’t you sleep well last night?" This wasn’t where she wanted the conversation to go, but she was prepared to turn it back on him. "You know I never sleep well when you’re gone overnight." To avoid the possibility of running into traffic and not being on time for his early morning meeting, Kyle had driven two hours into the city and spent the night in a hotel. 

"I’m sorry, babe. You know I hate being away from you for even one night, but it couldn’t be helped." She shrugged off another attempt he made to hug her.

"Hey, what’s for dinner, honey? I’m starved," he asked. After throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Emily went to lie down on their bed. She flopped down on top of the bedspread. Feeling relieved that Kyle was finally home to handle the children, she fell into a blissful sleep and was only distantly aware that Kyle had gotten "dinner" on the table.

The house was quiet and it was completely dark outside when he climbed onto their bed and hovered over Emily. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. He appreciated how much work it took to care for their three little ones...especially alone. He bent over and planted kisses into the warm crook of her neck. He was delighted when she rolled over and looked up at him with her dark, happy eyes. "Oh, hi there, love," she said and stretch her arms out for a hug. "Oh, thank you,Kyle. I really need that nap" Emily sighed. "Anything for my Princess" he said while he began unbuttoning his shirt for bed.

A quick look at the clock and she realized how long he had let her sleep. The kids were obviously already in bed. "And what do you need, babe?" she asked with a suggestive smile on her face. He looked so big and handsome hovering over her that her heart skipped and she reached to pull him down on top of her. After reacquainting themselves with deep kisses and frantic groping, Kyle scooped her up off the bed so he could pull back the covers.

Unfortunately, as the bedspread was stripped back, both of them caught sight of a note, handwritten on a piece of yellow legal notepaper. Kyle set Emily down on her feet and she pulled the note up off the bed, wondering aloud, "What’s this?"

He waited while Emily read the short love note he’d left in bed for her before he’d left on his overnight trip. "Dear Emily, I’m going to miss you, kitten. Thank you for maintaining my castle while I’m away. I’ll think of you constantly because I need you like a vampire needs a vein. Keep our bed warm until I get back and remind you what it’s for. All my love, Kyle"

Emily moved forward to hug him and thank him for the note, but he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her down onto his hard lap. She could tell by the firm way he was gripping her arm that he was not joking. "Look at me!" he demanded. He tipped her chin up so that she couldn’t help but see the anger in his eyes as he asked, "Why didn’t you go to bed last night, Emily?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, trying to sound innocent. "Emily, do not play games with me. What was the last thing I told you to do on the phone last night before we said goodnight?" He waited for her to respond.

She sat quietly for several seconds before erupting with a defiant tone, "You said not to stay up late!" She went on to yell, "I can stay up as late as I want. I can stay up all night if I want. Why do you even care? It’s none of your business!" Despite the fact that she was trying to pull herself off his lap and storm away, she was held in place by his unyielding arms. She felt like a silly brat, but she was afraid to back down.

"So did you...did you stay up all night, Emily?" Several more silent seconds were all the answer she gave. His mouth moved closer to her ear and with an edge of controlled anger he said quietly, "Stand up, Emily." She stood up and he tucked her tightly between his thighs. He began unsnapping her jeans and then yanked them down to her knees. She wouldn’t look at his face and made sure that her own face showed only anger and not the fear that was about to make her collapse.

Kyle flipped her face down over his lap and she began to complain. "Too late for talking, babe," he growled. "I’ll do the talking now. I’ll start by telling you what I think of my wife being disobedient. You just close your mouth and listen." He laid into her upturned bottom with his hand. Over and over his hand reigned down quick, hard hits. Her hand reflexively swung back to protect her bottom from the painful spanks. Without much effort, he pinned her arm to her back and continued spanking.

Emily began to kick her feet and angrily yelled at Kyle to stop, but he simply hooked one leg over the back of her calves and used the slight pause to pull her panties down below her bottom. The panties hadn’t offered much protection, but now there was nothing between her pink flesh and his hard hand. She realized that Kyle was more angry than she thought and began to loudly repeat "I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry..."

"You aren’t nearly as sorry as you’re going to be. Now stop being mouthy or this lesson is going to be taught very slowly." The intensity of the spanks increased as he punctuated each syllable of "ve-ry-slow-ly" with a spank to her upper thighs. She stopped talking but began to quietly whimper. "Part two of tonight’s lesson" he paused to say, " is what your husband will do if you ever stay up all night again without my permission."

"Pleeeeaase" she whined. "I won’t do it again. I’m sorry I was up last night. I just got playing on the internet and I didn’t realize how late it was."

"Sweetheart," he said without mercy, "one thing you aren’t is stupid. You may be disobedient and stubborn, and you may not know when it’s best to keep your mouth shut, but you do know how to read the clock display right onscreen and you must have noticed the hours passing. You weren’t even supposed to be ON the internet. When I hung up with you at eleven, you were supposedly in your bed and going to sleep. Now, I am not going to argue with you, kitten." He hauled her up off his lap and then pushed her face down onto their bed.

Standing behind her, he began unbuckling his belt as he continued, "Honey, I don’t like to punish you, but what I really don’t like is when I come home from work to a tired and cranky wife." He folded his belt over and gave her ten precise licks across both cheeks. Emily was close to tears when he stopped to speak again. "If you’re tired and cranky because the kids are sick, or you’ve had a fight with your mother, then that’s one thing. But to come home and have you frowning at me, pushing me away and throwing cold pizza at me because you just couldn’t log off, well...." He gave her another twenty hard whips with the belt before she jumped forward on bed and yelled, "Dammit, Kyle! I hate you!"

"Now, I know you don’t mean that, Emily. You are feeling guilty because you disobeyed me and because you haven’t had enough sleep. Let’s just finish up this lesson and get you tucked back into bed. You should be tired enough when I’m done here that you can sleep the rest of the night." He grabbed her foot and pulled her back into position. Putting his hand on her lower back, he said, "So help me, Emily, if you move out position again, I will have to start again at the beginning."

He gave her twenty more lashes with his belt. She had broken down and was sobbing after the first ten, but she didn’t start to beg until number fifteen. She buried her face in a pillow and only came out to gasp for air and plead. He tossed his belt onto the floor and reached under the bed for his wooden paddle. Seeing the paddle in his hand brought on a fresh round of hysterical weeping. She hated that paddle and felt she couldn’t take any more. "Now I have a few questions for you, baby. I’ll expect you to answer respectfully. You know how to do that, right?"

"Yes, sir" she cried into the pillow.

"Do you know why I am punishing you tonight?" She realized that she needed to respond promptly when her pause brought on a round of five spanks with the paddle.

"Yes! I know why you’re spanking me!" she yelled at him angrily.

"Not very respectful..." he said calmly as he held his hand firmly on her lower back and delivered ten more swats with the paddle.

"No, please, sir. I’m sorry, sir" she gasped. "I shouldn’t have stayed up all night. I was cranky and tired when you came home. Please, no more, sir," she bawled.

"That’s good, sweetie. Now, do you understand that I expect this *spank* pretty *spank* little *spank* ass *spank* in bed by a reasonable hour every *spank* single *spank* night? *spank, spank*

"Yes, sir. I do, sir. Please, sir. No more."

"And do you know what I will do if you defy me again, angel?" He rubbed the smooth, cool paddle in circles over her fiery bottom. "Yes, sir. Please, sir. No more" she continued sobbing. He gave her ten more hard licks to her sit spot.

He dropped the paddle onto the floor and scooped her up in his arms. She buried her wet face in his neck and cried with relief that the spanking was over. He carried her into the bathroom and pulled a few tissues from the box before he sat down on the edge of the tub and began drying her eyes. She kicked her feet out of her jeans and panties and they dropped onto the floor. She could not quit crying and she held onto him like her heart would break. She was so sad that she had treated him so rudely and been disobedient too.

"Shhhh. Shhhhhh, good girl" he crooned to her with a soothing voice as he pushed her hair back out of her eyes. "It’s okay, kitten. It’s over. Shhhhh. I love you so much, baby."

"Are yo-you-you still ma-mad at me?" she choked.

"Of course not sweetie. It’s over. It’s done. You’re such a good girl. I couldn’t live without you. I need you, baby, just like you need me. Shhhhhh. Just be still, kitten. I’ve got you. I’ll hold you as long as you want."

"I’ll be good, Kyle. I’ll obey you, I promise. Why do you love me so much, anyway? I’m so stupid sometimes," she sniffled.

"Oh, baby. I’ll always love you...even when you need me to correct you. I will always take care of you...even when you don’t take care of yourself. And you’re not stupid, Emily. You are the smartest lady I know. You are a brilliant mommy, and you take such good care of me and our home. I couldn’t do anything without you. You are my best friend. I love that you trust me and that you need me to take care of you." Kyle crooned.

She felt so safe and content in his arms. Her tears had turned to tears of peace and love for the man who now held her in his arms. She lifted her face up to look into his eyes and he kissed her red nose. She leaned in and kissed his lips. He kissed her back and when she wiggled her arm free so she could explore his chest and belly with her hands, she felt him become hard against her throbbing bottom.

With small hiccups leftover from the waning tears, she began unbuttoning his shirt. He pressed the tissues against her cheeks again as he stared into her face. She undid his pants and slid onto her knees on the bath rug. He groaned with aching desire as she reached into his pants and released his erect blade. She held her arms up and waited until he pulled her shirt over her head. She cradled his manhood between her breasts and placed gentle kisses on the wet tip of his shaft. She began to lick and suck with great pleasure as he shuttered with the sensation of her warm mouth.

"Baby, you’re killing me" he groaned.

"It’s only fair," she said. "If I can take a licking, so can you."

"You know where that smart mouth will get you, right?" he said with a wicked grin. He picked up Emily and carried her back to their bed. Kyle pushed her onto her belly and began massaging her bottom. She loved and hated the massage. She writhed and moaned in painful pleasure. He moved his hand between her thighs and thrust his finger up into her and she rocked up onto all fours and moaned with delight.

"You’ve got this coming," he whispered as he mounted her from behind and drove his cock deep inside her. She pushed her bottom against him as he drove into her again and again. Kyle grabbed her hair and pulled her head gently back and began biting her neck as he listened to her pant and whimper with need. When she felt the passion building to the point where she was no longer in control, she began to plead "Please, Kyle, no, no, nooooo! Oh, oh, yes, please, yes, please, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle" she screamed. For the second time that night her tears watered their bedspread. She abandoned herself to the love he so thoroughly gave her...and she wept at being complete.

They lay together, spent from the lesson and spent from the loving. It was all the same thing: the pain, the pleasure, the needy and being needed. Complete and content, Kyle tucked her into bed. She lay quietly as he smoothed the blankets across her body and bent to whisper "I love you, kitten. Now get some sleep."


Today's fantasy was written for us by Marie, a reader from a while back. Thanks Marie, it was a good one. Now I'm waiting for you to write your story! Please do and send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Interesting goings on

I haven’t had much spanking action to report lately but I will tell you we had a wonderful adults only afternoon Wednesday. Nick took an unexpected day off, we exchanged a few teasing emails and then… well, let’s just say all the fans were in use! I do think afternoon is the very best time for such delights.


But I wanted to catch you up on the grand opening of ‘Little Island’ and all that LJ has been doing this month. Unfortunately, it opened on a beautiful Friday in May when every human in NYC wanted to get out and come see it. Hundreds had to be turned away because there is a strict limit to how many can be there at the time. And who’s job was it to tell this annoyed/angry mob that they couldn’t have their way – LJ of course. 

So all these people were all yelling at my baby. One man was screaming at him so vehemently that three people in the crowd called the cops fearing LJ was about to be attacked. 


Did it fluster LJ – not at all. That boy let it roll off his back. In fact when the man screamed that he had LJ’s description and that he was going to sue him personally, LJ said, “Don’t worry about my description. Here’s my card. Send me an email when you can come back and I’ll buy you a beer and show you around the park.” And eventually the man left, somewhat mollified. My boy knows how to de-escalate a situation.


I’ve been the most excited about the people he’s met. He got to talk to Gayle King briefly, saw Robin Roberts, and he spoke with Candace Burgan.  His boss was going to meet a VIP and bring him in. She asked LJ if she should take a security detail with her. My boy calmly

tells her, “I don’t really know the man, but I’ve met him a few times. Paul McCartney has been a Beatle for a long time, he knows how to look like just an old white guy. Don’t take a crowd that will draw attention.” LOL! There is nothing like name dropping.


But this past week my boy was asked to bring in a VIP. A person he has greatly admired nearly  his whole life and he was very honored to do the job.  He was excited to tell me who it was. Actually he couldn’t tell me but gave me a few clues. This guest was walked through by the creator of Little Island, Barry Diller and his wife Diane Von Furstenberg. But LJ got to spend about five minutes talking with her as they waited for Barry and Diane. Who was this honored guest?













He was asked to wander along behind them in case they needed anything and he was happy to do so. There was one incident he said he had to laugh about. Someone in the park recognized Barry and Diane and asked them if she could take a picture of them. She asked the ‘other’ woman if she would mind stepping out of the picture. Hillary, wearing her sun glasses and a hat for shade, stepped aside and waited quietly while the picture was taken and then they resumed their stroll. Geeze, folks, pay attention.


LJ is living the good life in his mind, doing a job he enjoys and meeting interesting people. I don’t know where he got his ease with all kinds of people but it wasn’t from his dad or me! You go, son!

Monday, June 14, 2021

I want to know about your bedroom

I’m hot in the bedroom. And sadly I’m not talking about sexy, just hot. Even with the A/C running I’m nearly always hot in bed. In addition to the A/C we have the ceiling fan on and I have a fan on my nightstand that blows directly on me.  

Recently got one of those ‘chill’ pillows and that really helps. It’s not as cool as I’d like, but it helps. We also are trying some new bamboo sheets that are cooling. Do any of you get overheated in the bed (not in the good way) or am I the only one?


Here’s another question and I think I know the answer for those of us over forty, but if you have teenage to grow kids, would you ask them? Do you sleep with a top sheet? For me I would say, ‘Of course! Doesn’t everyone?’ Apparently not. 

Mollie doesn’t and now that I think about it she never has. I’d always put one on and she would always kick it to the bottom of the bed. But I saw the question asked on Facebook recently and tons and tons - mostly millennials don’t use one. They just use a light blanket.


And while I’m asking about your bedroom habits. How do you feel about animals sleeping in the bed. I don’t think I would like to share a bed with a dog, regardless of it’s size. 

But I’ve slept with a cat on the foot of the bed for more than forty years. Of course the one we have now can get a little pushy. As I’m getting ready for bed she claims my spot. I come in and move her to the foot, but I sure get a dirty look.


These are my bedroom questions. If you have more interesting things to report, please feel free.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Fantasy Friday - Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave

I'm more than excited to be bringing you another brand-new Fantasy Friday. A reader emailed me a while back and we began writing back and forth about this and that. She was born with the same desires most of us out here have and I encouraged her to write out one of her fantasies and she did! Here is what Alice had to say about herself.

I live in the  North of England, and growing up before the internet, I thought my desires were just weird. I became more accepting of my fascination with spanking after finding so many other people here who enjoy it too. Feeling submissive has been a bit harder to accept, and I continue to struggle with it. I began chatting to PK a few weeks ago and she has encouraged me to try writing stories that express my desires. This is my first attempt and I must admit it’s felt good for me. While none of this is factual I could imagine myself responding this way!

Now please enjoy...

Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave

Mark had called in unexpectedly. She had asked for rules, she found it hard to be self-disciplined, but then felt awful when she procrastinated and put things off. It made her anxious. She had thought about it carefully. She knew her own tendency to set herself up to fail by trying to do too much at once. She had asked for three rules, one about exercise, one about sorting paperwork and one about keeping the house clean and tidy. 

She had been doing so well, but yesterday she had spent too long in the garden, which was much more fun than housework. By the time she had prepared a meal and eaten it, she was tired and had spent the evening in front of the TV. She had intended to clear up first thing the next morning, but then she slept in. It was a Saturday and the Wimbledon tennis championships were on TV. She didn’t watch a lot of sports but she loved Wimbledon. She was just going to watch the highlights from yesterday and then tidy up. Before she knew it, it was lunchtime. She had just finished her lunch when Mark messaged her to say he was free that afternoon, was she at home? 

Excitement and panic jostled inside her. She wanted to see him but the kitchen was a mess and so was she! She messaged back to say she was home and he told her to wear a skirt and top and nothing else. He would be with her in an hour. 

She went into action, she threw the dishes in the sink and ran upstairs to shower and get ready. By the time she had done all that , she only had about twenty minutes left. She ran round the house putting things away before heading back to the kitchen. She didn’t have time to clean everything, wishing again that she had space for a dishwasher, she grabbed the bowl from under the sink and packed all the dirty dishes in it. She threw everything else into cupboards. Those dirty pans would have to go in the pan drawer, she would get them out to wash later.

Within minutes Mark was there, they sat down to enjoy a cup of tea together and reconnect. It had been a few weeks and she always felt a bit shy at first. However, soon he was reconnecting with her body in an assertive way that left her melting. Then he turned her over his knee. “You seem to have been doing very well with your tasks,” he said as he started to stroke her bottom. 

Oh no, her conscience was beginning to trouble her. “Yes”, she said, a little uncertainty creeping into her voice. 

“Look at me, Abigail,” he commanded. She turned her head to face him, hearing her full name was not a good start. “What’s the matter, you told me you have been keeping up with your tasks?” 

“I have,” she said in a small voice, “it’s just last night and this morning…….” 

“What about last night and this morning?” He continued to probe. 

“I was tired, and just left things, but I’ve almost caught up”. 

“What do you mean, almost?” He questioned. “It looks good to me.” 

She was silent, she couldn’t tell him she’s stuffed dirty dishes in the cupboard to hide them from sight! 

He pushed her off his knee so that she was kneeling before him.” I think you had better explain,” he said. “Someone appears to have a guilty conscience.” 

“I just wanted it to look nice for you, and you didn’t leave me a lot of time.” She looked away. 

“So you hid the mess? I think you had better show me.” 

“No, please, I'm sorry, I’ll sort it out when you are gone.”

“Abigail, I think you are in enough trouble without disobeying me. Show me what you have hidden, now.” 

There was no help for it, she was mortified. It had felt like such a simple solution, but pulling out the drawer to show the dirty pans, and the cupboard full of dirty dishes was so embarrassing. 

He looked at her sternly. “So you didn’t do your tasks and then tried to deceive me?”

“No, I just wanted it to look nice and there wasn’t time, I didn’t mean to deceive you.”

“Whether you meant to or not, that was the result wasn’t it, Abigail?” 

“Yes sir,” she replied. There was no point making this worse than it already was. 

“Take your skirt off,” he said. 

She did so and he pulled out a chair and put her over his knee. He started spanking hard from the beginning. “This is just to get you into the right mindset,'' he said. “You will make me another cup of tea, and while I sit here and relax, you will get those dishes washed. While you do, I want you to think about what you could have done differently, both yesterday and then this morning. Do you understand, Abigail?” 

He finished with a few really hard smacks and she quickly replied, “Yes sir.” 

He helped her up and held her for a minute. “Now get going”, he said with a quick slap to her tender bottom. 

Moving around the kitchen with her red bottom on display felt embarrassing, but she knew that was the point. She did the dishes as swiftly as she could, though she made sure she did them properly. After it was done, she went to him, and he made her stand in front of her, with her arms by her side. 

“Well he said, what could you have done differently?” 

Oh help this was hard! “I could have finished the gardening earlier to make sure I had the energy to complete my tasks, or thought last night that this was a rule I had agreed to, and either miss the drama I was watching to complete it, or stay up late and do it.” 

“Yes, I agree,” Mark responded. “I know you get absorbed in the garden and just want to keep going, especially when the weather is nice. I want you to enjoy a hard earned rest in the evening, so in future, fix a time when you are going to stop, set an alarm and stick to it, agreed?” 

“Yes sir,” she replied. She appreciated the care for her welfare that he showed. She was feeling a bit calmer. 

“Ok, that was last night, but after messing up, what could you have done this morning?”

Oh, no, she didn’t want to think about that. “I could have got up and made the clearing up a priority, so that the house was clean and tidy by the time you messaged me.” 

“And when you hadn’t done that and I messaged you?” he prodded. 

Oh this was so embarrassing. “I could have told you about the mess and asked for instructions, or I could have put all the dirty dishes in a neat pile by the sink and confessed when you got here.” She responded reluctantly. 

“Yes, that would have been a much better idea than trying to deceive me wouldn’t it?” 

Oh drat, that ‘deceive’ again, it made it sound so bad! “Yes sir, I’m sorry, sir”. 

“I’m not sure if you are sorry for your behaviour or sorry that I found out, but I’m going to make sure it’s the former soon enough,”  said Mark.  “You had better collect a wooden spoon, perhaps that will be a good reminder to make keeping the kitchen tidy a priority.” 

“Oh sir, that will really hurt,” she said.” 

“Exactly, Abigail, do you want to add disobedience to the list?” 

“No sir,” she quickly replied and hurried to get the dreaded spoon.

He led her into the lounge. “Go and stand in the corner and hold that spoon behind your back. I want you to think about the things we’ve just discussed, and how much better this afternoon would have gone if you had made one of those decisions.”

He didn’t leave her for long and soon he had her handing him the spoon and bending over the table. He started with his hand again, before switching to the wooden spoon. Oh, it hurt so much, especially when he drove it into her sit spots. She wouldn’t be sitting comfortably any time soon. 

He stopped and she sighed with relief, until he spoke. “That is the messing up on your tasks dealt with, now I’m going to deal with you trying to deceive me.” She heard his belt being pulled through his jeans. 

“Oh please sir, I can’t take anymore,” she begged. 

“Shush, it will soon be over, you know how I feel about dishonesty and deception.”

With that she felt the strap land on her tender bottom, after a few strokes she was crying freely. He soon stopped and pulled her up, he held her as she sobbed. “You got over tired and made some bad decisions Abi, but it’s all over now,” he said gently. “Let’s go upstairs and get some cream for your bottom.” Soon it wasn’t just her bottom that was feeling his hands, the rest of the afternoon was much more enjoyable.


Alice thank you so much for your story! I hope you'll write more for us.I've said many times that if you read spanking blogs then I know you have a spanking fantasy in your head. Write it! Do it for yourself. But then if you find yourself willing share it with us. Send any stories you have to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, June 07, 2021

What a weekend!

This has been some weekend – a very full happy one! It really began last Thursday when Mollie ask me to accompany her on a very special pickup. We traveled about an hour from home and returned with this little girl to add to Mollie’s menagerie.


I love this picture of her with her big sister, Mollie’s older golden. They are already getting to be buddies.

That was tons of fun and Nick and I were wrapped up in the fun of having a new grand pup when late Friday night it occurred to me that the next day was our wedding anniversary! Thirty-eight years to be exact. I had no gift, no card, no nothing. When its gift buying time, we usually just laugh and buy practical things we need. I had teased him not long ago that he was getting new storm doors for Father’s day. I’m not really big on ‘special days.’


Nick usually has me a card and if it was in my chair when I came in the next morning I was going to feel bad. Next morning, no card. I went to Nick and gave him a kiss and said, “Happy Anniversary!” The poor man looked stricken. I laughed and admitted I’d forgotten too.


No hard feelings at all. We headed up the mountain late that afternoon – it was fifteen degrees cooler up there and had a nice dinner and a walk down the quaint little street and through the park. It was a very nice anniversary.


One of the reasons we forgot was because we had another celebration on our minds. Sunday we celebrated Nick’s dad’s birthday and not any birthday – this was his hundredth birthday! 

Lots of family, his nieces and nephews, their kids, his kids and grandkids and great grandkids too. Plus lots of people from his church. He had a great time and the rest of us did too. 


So that’s how I spent my weekend. I hope yours was as much fun!

Friday, June 04, 2021

Fantasy Friday - Free of Ink

I'm so happy to tell you that we have a brand new Fantasy Friday! Yes, finally someone was listening and willing to do some writing for us. This story was written by Patti and her is what she has to say about herself:

 I grew up on the east coast, and now I'm landlocked in Colorado. I began writing when I was about fifty-ish and saw a request to submit a short story on a blog. (I still can't believe I got up the nerve to submit a story.) With a lot of help, I had my story published in their book, Twelve Seconds An Anthology of Lesbian Spanking Romance. I've been learning and practicing ever since. I now have my own blog pattisstories.Wordpress.com where I enjoy posting a variety of spanking stories that I write.  I'm not in this relationship. I was sitting on the beach when a couple walked past, and I made it theirs. 

See spanking stories can come from anywhere! Please enjoy...

 Free of Ink

     Maren sat watching her girlfriend and was mesmerized by her beauty. Still wondering how she ever got past the girl's tough exterior, let alone began dating. With seventy percent of her body covered in ink, Stevie had no patience for people not in her immediate circle. The girl's arrogance had Maren's palm itching the moment they first, and that feeling hasn't stopped since.

    Maren smiled as her mind drifted to a conversation they had early in their relationship. They were in bed, and she was admiring the detail on some of the more intricate designs when the subject took a more serious tone. Maren said. "Sweetheart your tattoos are beautiful and I love that each one has it's own story, but I worry that one day you'll go to far."

     Stevie was surprised by this; she thought, what was too far? Then, looking curiously at her girlfriend, she asked. "I don't understand, what do you think is too far? I mean as you've noticed I'm pretty much covered." Her hand went dramatically over her arms, torso, and legs.

     Smiling a little, Maren said, "yes I know you're covered, you little minx, but I would like you to be able to cover them if needed." 

     Offended, Stevie jumped off the bed and began stomping around the room. “Unbelievable, I thought you liked my tattoos? So, you’ve been lying the whole time? I’m out of here.”

      “Stop this, right now!” Maren demanded.

      Grabbing her backpack, Stevie began filling it with odds and ends. No way was she staying; lying was non-negotiable in her book. Plus, after all the times Maren mentioned her liking the artwork, saying different, hurt. The only thing that made her pause was Maren's stern voice as she came up behind and spoke in her ear.

     "Little miss, you had better settle down and listen, before I put you over my lap and settle you down. It's your choice, but either way you will listen to me." Stevie's pause only lasted for a moment as this threat was made before and never followed through. She stepped up her effort to pack. Then suddenly, she found herself practically turned upside down as her body now upended and over Maren's knee like promised.

     "What are you doing? Stop! Put me down!" Maren ignored Stevie's demands. Then the unspeakable happened, Maren brought her hand down hard on Stevie's bottom not once but several times. "You can't hit me. Stop, stop Maren! You can't do that!"

     Now determined to make an impression, Maren landed a flurry of swats on the upturned butt before slowing to say. "Little miss, I will continue spanking until you truly start listening." Once again, a flurry landed; although Maren wasn't using her full force, Stevie was beside herself. 

      Soon Stevie was begging and promising to listen, “Please stop. I’ll listen.I swear, just stop.”

      Maren stopped swatting and began rubbing some of the stings away from the tender cheeks, looking down at the round orbs; she was happy her little miss choose not to mar her cute behind with ink. "Now let's get something straight, I love you, and both you and your tattoos are beautiful. With that said, in the future there are certain places I'd rather not see any ink. For example," she squeezed each cheek separately, which had Stevie moaning. "These beauties here. From now on I'm the only one to allowed to bring them color." Slapping each cheek, Maren asked. "Is that clear, Little miss?"

     Confused, nobody has ever dared spank her before. She still wanted to be outraged, but her outrage turned into feelings she didn't recognize in herself. Before she could fully come to terms with these strange feelings, another flurry of swats landed. "I believe I asked you a question Little miss."

     Almost desperate, Stevie managed to squeeze out a breathless reply, although through clenched teeth. "Yes, yes it's clear. Please stop I'm sorry. Let me up please!"

     Maren ended the swatting but kept Stevie in place. “Before I let you up I want to make sure you understand what I’m saying. I don't want any misunderstandings from now on. Are you ready to listen, Little miss.”

     Stevie decided maybe it was in her best interest to listen, at least in her butts best interest. "Yes, ma'am." As the words left her mouth, she wanted to pull them back, but if she was honest, they felt right.

     “Ok, now what I was trying to say is this. I love your tattoos and I know you have a real pride in having them. And yes I worry about you going too a far. What I mean by that is the neck, face, hands or feet. I think they should stay free of any ink. Well, let's add lower cheeks to the list," hands tapping the sore cheeks. "I think this area is for me and me alone."  Once Maren was done, Stevie took some time to process. 

     “Maren, Can I please get up?”

     Helping the girl up, Maren didn't allow her to get far; she pulled her down, placing sore cheeks directly on her lap. "Owe, Maren, I can't believe you spanked me." Stevie gave a pout that was so out of character for her usually tough as nail, tattooed girlfriend. "That hurt"

      "You might want to get used to it Little miss, because I see a lot of spankings in your future." Cutting off any further protests, Maren asked, "So are we clear as to where you can and can't put any new tattoos? Or do I need to put you back over my knee to make it more clear?"

      "No, I get it, I get what you're saying and I'm ok leaving them blank for now." Then, getting a raised eyebrow from her girlfriend, Stevie quickly added. "Ok, fine but what if I add a pink handprint on my right cheek."

     Flipping the squealing girl back over, Maren added, "I'll show you a pink handprint."  Then she proceeded to make pink handprints appear all over the girl's bottom.

     Maren giggled to herself, thinking about her girlfriend and the many spankings that have followed since that unforgettable first time.


Thank Patti! I love that people are still participating in Fantasy Friday. I hope you'll write for me again. If anyone want to share a story with us please sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com