I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, November 30, 2012


I know it’s Friday.  I know you want your story.  But this is all I have.

There is one more story in my nearly empty cabinet, but it is for a certain date so I’m afraid this is in until someone writes another and sends it to me.  Fantasy Friday belongs to all of us, lease help folks.  It’s just not Friday without a good story.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yeah, I know, I know!

Sunday was truly interesting.  I never mark, but I do have few cane stripes as well as a few bruises.  Marks are not something Nick tries for.  In fact early on, when I did bruise, I often hid them from him fearing he would stop.  But I don’t worry about that now.  So when I mentioned today that I did have a few places he was surprised and immediately took my pants down in the kitchen to see.  He checked them out thoroughly.  I grinned back at him and told him that they were perfect – they didn’t really hurt, but at the same time I could feel it when I sat.  He just shook his head and laughed at me.

The term ‘take your medicine’ comes to mind.  As a child I hated taking yucky tasting medicine, but I sure did like feeling better after the yucky part was over.  I really didn’t want a real spanking Sunday, I tried to tease Nick into a more fun, sexy spanking.  But as I told you, he wasn’t having any of it. I did not like the spanking, I did not like the implement choice, and I despise the cane, but the results - I feel better.

Nick said something Sunday that echoed a line in Annie story ‘Another Chance’.  In the story Bill wrote some ruled, the last one being, You are 57 years old; you KNOW what the rules are.”  To me Nick said, as he began spanking, “I don’t really have to say a lot right now, do I?”  He had gone over what he wanted me to do the week before, and I had listened, I just hadn’t done it.  So basically he was saying, ‘You know what the rules are.’  Yeah, I guess I do. (BTW, I’m not 57, but it’s not far off.)

I know Nick won’t micromanage me and I don’t want him to.  He want’s me in bed by eleven and I know that would be good for me.   I don’t think he’ll care if I’m crawling in bed at 11:10, but he wouldn’t be happy with 2:00 AM.  He want me healthy and happy and around for a while.  Getting the weight off is what I have to do.  Not to look better (though I will) but to avoid diabetes and more joint problems.

While I’m not officially joining the ‘Get off your butt’ challenge; I will be trying to do just that.  If I joined and didn’t follow through I’d get very down on myself, which would do me no good. But I will be cheering my friends on!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nick steps up - and I'm standing up!

Well Nick and I had different ideas for our afternoon.  I thought it would be a good time for some sexy playtime and he thought it would be a good time to discuss my lack of effort in following the suggestions he had made for last week.  I lost… or won, depending on what you’re thinking about. Let’s just say that the HOH got his way on this one.
I emailed to make the suggestion to separate playtime from ‘motivationally’ spanking. He pointed out to me that now that I’ve turned him into nearly a full spanko, he very much enjoys spanking me and that it is a real turn on for him.  Therefore as HOH he should be able to do as he wants both before, during, and after the spanking.
I’ll never argue with the man when he’s feeling his HOH-ness! He told me to put on my sexy little robe and meet him by the fire.  That’s not the room we normally play in.  And this did seem more serious than playing – he called it having a ‘fire side chat’. I was not impressed with his implement choices and evidently I wasn’t supposed to be.  Geeze, sometimes I can take so much, but when he’s actually asked me to do something and I haven’t really tried, well, it hurts!  
And then there was that damn cane!  A little more about that later, but one of the things Nick asked is for me to get to bed by eleven each night so I’m headed there now.
Oh, one more thing – when it came to his fun, my HOH did get his way!

** Ana, Celeste, and Minelle are starting an exercise challenge. I'll probably join in, but if I'm going to commit I want to be sure I'm going to do it so I need a minute to think.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well, Damn!

Over the six and a half year I’ve written out here I have found that I've wanting many different things.  At first I felt I wanted a true Dom/Sub relationship, but that just wasn't  Nick’s thing.  I still find myself curious as to whether or not I would have made a good sub if Nick had wanted the pure dominate roll.  Guess we’ll never know.   Then I thought I just wanted a domestic discipline relationship, but that wasn’t us either.  While I do tons of stuff that I’m sure annoys Nick, there just weren’t issues he (or even I) felt required ‘discipline’.  So dd wasn’t really for us either. 
It took me a long time to realize all this but finally, with only a tiny sigh, I did.  I’m quite content now to finally realized I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship that included spanking, I knew it might have a little mock discipline at times, but would be mostly for erotic fun.  And he did show me that when I was in need of a really hard session all I had to do was ask and he would oblige.
Okay, so far, so good.  Since that really hard spanking I haven’t really wanted any more – gasp!  Don’t worry, I was born a spanko and I’ll die one too, but the longing for a spanking has not been there for a while.  I do appreciate the stray swats, a few quick one with the wooden spoon in the kitchen, but I wasn’t in ‘need’.
Last Sunday Nick decided a spanking was in order.  Hmmm… okay, but…IT HURT! And he didn’t even spank long or hard.  He was, however, fussing about the only thing he feels is discipline worthy in our lives – my unhealthy lifestyle and diet and the looming health problems that could come with it.
He was aware Thanksgiving was coming, but he made some reasonable suggestions (rules, directives, whatever – I saw them as suggestions).  But some were hard to do this week because Mollie was home (I’ll think of another reason that they’ll be hard to do next week later.)
Soooo… even taking Thanksgiving into consideration I don’t think he’s going to be pleased.  I weigh in on Friday mornings.  I don’t like to record it when the results are really bad.  I skipped one week before and that’s one reason he spanked last Sunday.  But I still didn’t record it Friday morning – I mean, come on!  The day after Thanksgiving?  Nick was unmoved by the holiday and told me I had better record Saturday morning at the latest.  I did, but it’s not pretty folks.
So here’s my ‘Well damn!’ statement. I have wanted Nick to spank me for real, for something he actually cared about, for years. And now when I’m not really thinking along those lines, now that it HURTS, I have a feeling I’m about to be spanked for real for some of my poor choices.  And what really scares me a little is that in my current mood it might just work.
Well DAMN!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Upside Down and Backwards

Happy Friday - many of us are still in a holiday weekend.  I know many of us ate too much and I'm sure we are all rushing out to exercising this morning, but before you go grab another cup of coffee and maybe a piece of pumpkin pie, and enjoy this weeks Fantasy Friday. 

Today's story is one by Annie (who wrote the 'Another Chance' series). I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.

Upside Down and Backwards
(a short story requiring imagination)

Jim was ready to tear his hair out.  His wife of many years was standing in the corner, fidgeting, trying to work up the courage to challenge him.  This was his fault.  If he had dealt with her before, instead of forgiving her and skipping straight to the making up, this would never have happened.  He was so afraid of losing her that any worries he might go too far were lost against the certain knowledge that her reckless driving was going to kill her if he didn’t put a stop to it.  As hard as it was to follow through, it was the lesser of two evils. With a deep sigh Jim called his wife out of the corner.  He struggled not to smile at her enthusiasm, running to him and kneeling at his feet as if she were so contrite and the worst was over.

“Darling, I am so sorry. I will do better I promise. I know you have to punish me but please, please, please no more time in the corner.”

“Stop telling me what comes next.  That is how we got into this mess. In fact, while you are in the perfect position you can suck my dick while I tell you what is going to happen.”

Sally’s head jerked up from her falsely submissive pose.  This was certainly new, he had never done that until she “thanked” him after her spanking.  No problem, he could shake things up a little if he wanted, she was getting what she wanted after all.

As Sally worked his zipper and tried not to look smug any reservations Jim had about his plan were resolved.  He waited until she slid his cock deep into her mouth then firmly grabbed her hair, holding her in place.

“This is perfect.  I can talk without you interrupting and I bet I have your attention now.”
Sally started to pull back, to tell him she didn’t like this game, but his hands held her.  Those fantasies about him being more forceful didn’t begin to cover the panic of being trapped between his knees.

“This is not for play, not for sex, definitely not for fun.  I believe I have your undivided attention, possibly for the first time ever, so listen well.  I gave you an opportunity every day for the past week to tell me about your latest ticket.” Jim smiled at the sudden panic in her eyes.

“That’s right, I know about the 50 mile an hour through a school zone, $600.00, our insurance company is canceling our policy “lapse of judgment” from last week.  I gave you every chance to tell me and you did not, which tells me even you think it is deserving of a thorough punishment.  And that is exactly what you are going to get.”

Jim stared down at his trembling wife, she didn’t look smug any longer, just a little scared.  He did not want her to be afraid of him, but she did need to fear the punishment.  It would kill him to do this often.

“I am going to tell you exactly what is coming, no arguments, no pleading, if you interrupt me, move out of position, or fail to do as I ask there will be additional penalties.  Believe me you do not want to test me on this.  I have given a great deal of thought to how I can reach you and make you understand that your driving habits will change.  Not should, not might, but WILL CHANGE.  If they do not you can expect to spend a great deal of time being unpleasantly reminded of what the rules are.  You are the most important thing in this world to me.  I am tired of worrying, tired of being scared I will lose you, and damn sick and tired of watching you act like a spoiled child.”

“I decided to listen to your lead and take all of the things you have ruled out for pleasure and incorporate them into punishment.”  He smiled down at her wide eyes, she was beginning to get the picture now.

“I am going to put you in the diaper position, I believe that is your least favorite.  We will start with the bath brush, ten, five for each cheek.  Then move on to the strap, again ten.  Then move on to the bamboo spatula, ten one minute rounds should suffice.  I will finish with another ten minutes over my lap for a good strong hand spanking. Then you can finish this blowjob before spending some time in the corner for it all to settle in.”

Jim looked down at the wife he adored, surprised to see tears in her eyes.  That had never happened before, but he was determined to make sure this was only the beginning.

“All right, my dear, up and to the bed.  Time to get this started.”

Jim gently raised his now sobbing wife to her feet, shocked at how much he was enjoying this.


Annie, a very different story and a great one.  Thanks for sharing with us again.  I know all that is going on in your life these days and I appreciate you thinking of us.

It's time folks, time for me to beg, bully and badger - we need more stories! Just write your dream spanking.  You know you have one!  You've probably thought about it for years, so write it all ready!  Please send any story you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com