I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The best little problems you'll ever have

I know many of us out here are blessed with children. We know that they are a joy in this world but why is it that no matter what their age they seem to have an uncanny ability to interfere with our spanking time. Each age presents its own problems.

I think infants are the easiest – true they can wake up at just the wrong time but you still don’t have to worry about them overhearing anything! They do sleep a lot and they don’t ask about the stray paddle left in the middle of the bed.

Now the two to three-year-olds (and sometimes, older) present their own challenge. I mean there is nothing like living with a little voice–activated tape recorder! Imagine having your little one start chatting when you drop them at pre–school, when you have a few friends over or when you're visiting at you mother-in-law's, “Mommie, why did you keep telling Daddy to spank you harder last night and to use the riding crop? Have you been bad?” I mean come on; it’s the stuff of spanko nightmares!

Now those tweens and young teens, what can you say. They are everywhere, they snoop, they listen, they pay attention (to everything they should ignore!) That was what Mollie was like, I wrote about that here. LJ didn’t seem to ever care what we were doing. But if you should ever want to see your children work together in perfect harmony wait until they reach this age. Kids this age seem to know more about tag teaming than professional wrestlers at a WWE smackdown! It seems to be their goal in life to make sure you and the one you love are NEVER home alone for fun and games. You get one of them out of the house and I swear the other one sticks like glue. I know it was a conspiracy, it was the only time Mollie and LJ seemed to work together.

Now after the age of 16 you do occasionally have a chance. They get that driver’s license and they like to be out with their friends and away from home. Now you can see the occasionally window of opportunity. But on the other hand, now that you are no longer picking them up from their activities you never know when they are coming home. Once we had a lovely evening planned. I had dropped Mollie off at a children’s party and LJ was at work. As I pulled out from the party I happened to pull out right behind LJ (slow night at work and they let him come home). I ended up following him home and we came in together – with me talking loudly – I had no idea what Nick may have planned or what might be laying around. LOL! I remember LJ looking at me like I was crazy or something. I have often wondered what he might have walked in on had he been 10 minutes behind me instead of in front of me. Once Mollie began driving I always insisted that she call as she started home. I wanted to know when she was on the road and when she expected to be home. Of course it is also a comfort knowing we would have a bit of warning. She’s very good about making that call thank heavens!

So what do you think – at what age do you think kids present the biggest obstacle to our favorite activity? Next year we be empty nesters. I’m going to miss my baby, but having a house without someone listening, lurking and possibly walking in on us at any time sure has its perks! Then again Mollie may have talked her brother into moving back in just to watch us. I’ll let you know.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You’re not the Boss of Me!

What would you do if anyone, including your husband, told you to do something – or not to do something, and you know that they’re wrong? What would you say? What would you do? For me the answer is simple. I am an intelligent, mature, knowledgeable child of God. I could not in good conscience do something anyone told me to do if I felt it was wrong or not in my best interest or the best interest of those I loved. So where does this put me as a person who wished to be a (somewhat) submissive wife? Good question!

Nick is not the boss of me; he has never wanted to be. I don’t want a boss; I wanted a husband who is willing to lead – not drag. I wanted to feel cherished, cared for, protected but I couldn’t really feel any of that until I gave up some control and ask for it. I had to be willing to accept it. I was almost 50 years old when this happened for me. I had already proven to myself that I could handle everything I needed to handle. I had no doubt I could do it all alone if I had to, I just didn’t want to any more. When I softened and looked to him as a leader we have both been so much happier. We still each make many of our own decisions. I don’t ask permission to buy a new outfit, to go out with my friends or to visit my sister for the weekend. I pretty much just tell Nick my plans. He doesn’t ask my permission for the things he does, whether it’s a purchase or planning a golf trip with his friends. But the big things we discuss. When we discuss the big things and disagree, someone has to have the final word. The final decision maker changes according to what we are discussing.

If I want to remodel the house, take down a couple of walls and Nick says ‘no, not possible’ I’ll accept the fact that he is more knowledgeable on the subject (if he tells me it’s a load baring wall and the house will collapse if we take it down – I believe him). If the matter we disagree about involves the children, I nearly always get the last word. He loves them and he’s a fantastic father, but I was the one who was with them the most growing up. I was the one they talked to all the time and for better or worse I knew them better when they were little. Having this knowledge made me the one closer to understanding what they deal with and how to handle it. That didn’t mean Nick opinion and thoughts were ignored but I felt that I was still the one to make the final decisions.

It’s worked best for us to keep our rules and spanking infraction to the more mundane things, the little things that annoy him, the things I agree I should do better. These are the things for which I want to be held accountable by Nick, because I can’t seem to make myself do them without consequences. Things like not putting away my clean laundry, leaving dishes sitting beside my chair, blowing off exercise and then over indulging on snack and coming to bed late. I want to do better on these things and I do when Nick is standing there holding a paddle. I feel loved and protected when he holds me accountable for doing these things, when he cares enough to spank for infractions rather that just shrugging his shoulders and saying ‘whatever’.

One reason I wanted to write this post is that, because of the internet, younger and younger women are realizing that many out here are enjoying spanking relationships, that many couples have a good working DD relationship. I think that’s great, but I have also heard some of our youngest readers express interest in finding a partner to spank then and to whom they can be submissive. Please, just a word of caution here – if you are out there looking, don’t make finding a spanking partner your main focus. Find someone who loves and respects you for who you are. Before you think of giving your gift of submission to anyone, be sure you know them well enough to be sure that they deserve it. If you put finding a man to spank you and be dominate over you in front of finding a man who will love, cherish and respect you, realize that that could lead you to an abusive situation rather than what you are truly looking for.

Sorry, I’ll stop preaching now. I’m just so happy to have found this life style. I see how much it has improved my marriage and those of many of my friends I just want all those who long for this lifestyle to make sure you have the real thing and not some con-artist's view of it. Have fun, but be careful.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Is This What You Want?, II

Friday, Friday! It just doesn't get any better than that! We have had beautiful spring weather this week and I hope it last forever. Well actually I don't mind it being 90 for a week in the summer and it can snow one week in the winter but other than that I think somewhere in the 70's is perfect.

I really think you will love this Fantasy Friday. Many of us who have tried to convert vanilla will really relate to this one.

I will tell you more about this author after the story. But now enjoy…

Is This What You Want?

Melinda sighed as she finished reading the Fantasy Friday story on one of her favorite blogs, New Beginnings. She wished Larry would spank her like that. He was always willing to spank but only once had it ever been hard enough for her. She always ended up craving more and had often expressed this to him. She knew he worried about hurting her too much and the bruises and marks that she loved always distressed him. With a slight feeling of guilt she stood up and headed for the kitchen to start dinner. Larry was a good husband, he loved her and his willingness to spank and his concern for her was a part of him that she cherished. He was a controlled spanker. Lovely even strokes that allowed her to let the pain and pleasure mingle in such a way that she usually slipped into an almost meditative state. She could float there a long time, feeling the sharp sting of the belt coming down until she’d reached a point where the ache for him to be inside her pushed her out of that space and she’d begin to move toward him, silently asking for his cock.

After dinner they cuddled on the couch watching TV. Snuggled against him she murmured that it had been awhile since she’d had a spanking. He smiled down at her and running his fingers lightly over her nipples said, “I’m sure we can fix that.” Pulling her off the couch he led her to the bedroom and instructed her to strip and lie face down on the bed. Her hands shook slightly with anticipation as she quickly pulled her clothes off and positioned herself.

Melinda heard the belt slide through the loops and before she had a chance to prepare herself, felt the first sharp snap as it hit her ass. Precise, even strokes from the top of her ass to the bottom, up and down. She felt the rhythm of it and moved with it, letting it take her to that place inside herself where the pleasure and pain mixed. She moaned as he stopped for a minute and reached down to rub her dripping cunt. “Soon sweetheart,” he whispered. Running his hand over her red ass he continued spanking, letting the rhythm lull her again. She felt the orgasm building inside her and without volition began to move, silently begging him to fuck her. Normally this would be when he’d stop spanking, turn her over and pull her to him.

Instead the belt stopped, hesitated a moment and then came down on her upper thighs. Again and again he struck, with that same precision, up and down her thighs. No longer soothing, it pulled her out of her reverie, out of the pleasure until all she felt was pain. Without thought she moved her hand back to stop it. He stopped but not in the way she’d intended. Taking both her hands he moved them to her breasts and in that tone she knew better than to argue with, instructed her to hold her breasts until he told her to let go. Picking up the belt he began again, and now the pain was intense as he moved from her thighs to her ass and back. Randomly, not allowing her to sink into meditation, the belt landed harder and harder. She felt tears threatening. How often had she urged him to spank her harder? Well now she was getting more than she’d bargained for! Just as she was about to cry out that she couldn’t take any more, he stopped.

Pulling her close to him, he replaced her hands with his and began caressing her breasts. The tip of his cock slipped inside her and she moaned and arched toward him wanting him to fill her up. Gently but firmly he pulled her nipples and momentarily thrust himself deep inside her. She barely had time to realize he was inside her when he pulled out, spread her cheeks and thrust his rock-hard cock up her ass. It was so sudden she had no time for the pain to sink in. One hand continued caressing her breast and tugging at her nipple while the other moved down to her aching cunt. Melinda was in an agony of pain and pleasure like she’d never felt before. Larry had never spanked her this hard and the pain in her thighs and ass mingled with the pain and sweet fulfillment she felt as his cock pumped her ass relentlessly. Her cunt ached for more of him even as she moaned and cried out with an orgasm that ran through her body for what felt like hours.

Afterwards, cuddled in his arms, safe and warm, Melinda gently touched Larry’s cheek. He pulled her closer, gently rubbing her sore ass, and with a somewhat shy grin asked, “Was that hard enough for you baby?” The passionate kiss she responded with removed any doubts in his mind!


The author of this wonderful story is Pmduo. Here is a little introduction that she sent when she originally sent this story…

I don’t have a spanking blog (although I’m toying with the idea). I’m 50 plus – not much plus but enough – I’ve been w/my partner for 9 years and we’ve been spanking for 3 years. I found Bonnie’s blog about 9-10 months ago & followed her links. It has been a wonderful experience learning about so many others who love spanking! I’ve actually commented a couple of times. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pmduo thank you for your story. I would love to hear from you again if you are still reading out here and I really hope you'll write more to share with us. Anyone who is willing to share a story with us can send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My week...

I enjoy posting but sometimes there isn’t much to talk about. Now that’s not always bad. I’ve been in a really good mood this week. Work is going smoothly at the moment, but I’ve still been busy. My cold is gone – with the exception of that COUGH! Not all the time but still enough to be annoying.

One thing taking up my time this week is that my sister finished the novel she has been writing and she wanted me to read it. WOW!! She makes me feel like I’m just learning my ABC!! She writes science fiction, which isn’t really my thing, but she can even draw me in. I’m about half way finished and I know she is waiting to hear back from me so I’m trying to read quickly. I’m also helping a new friend with a story so I’m busy and still really enjoying myself.

Nick is working more these days. His work has really taken off in the last couple of weeks and he’s been really worn out. At the same time he sent me a nice email Sunday – I have that stupid cane looming over my head (or butt) this week! Since I gained last week (3 pounds) he wants two gone by this Saturday. Hmmm… he told me to drink more water this week and watch my salt. I am working on it. He said two good workouts and I’ve already gotten those in and I plan on some more. My food choices still aren’t the best. Food, my dislike of nearly anything healthy, is really my down fall. I had the most loss on a modified Atkin’s diet. I was able to stay away from nearly all starches – bread, rice, potatoes for a while but I know what I was eating wasn’t the best. Sigh…

Well I’m going to try. Send skinny thoughts please!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gift for Grace??

In my last post about being confused I think I came off sounding sad. I was really wasn’t, confused was the best word. Most of the time I am very happy I came out, but there are times (of weakness) when I think it would have been easier to have drifted my whole life and not tackled these desires I’ve had for so long. I’m not really planning to go back or anything, not that I could if I wanted to, you can’t un-ring a bell.

We’ve had a really good weekend. The weigh in wasn’t so hot. I gained 3 pounds. SOOOOO annoying! Nick was very nice about it. Probably too nice but I’m not complaining! While Mollie was off for the afternoon babysitting, Nick ‘got my attention’ and tried to help me refocus. There was a little spanking but nothing about Saturday afternoon was a deterrent! I did promise to do better next week and I really am going to try. I can’t count on him being so nice all the time.

But on to the title, I saw something interesting in one of our local stores (I’m not saying which one because I do NOT need one of these things in my house!) it was a back scratcher and it made me think of Grace (I can tell you Grace LOVES back scratchers!) This thing gave me the willies just looking at it. For those of you who don’t know, bamboo back scratcher hurt like hell! And this thing was the worse one I’ve ever seen! It was over a quarter of an inch thick - I've never see one so thick - and just looked mean! Grace, if you do want one of these I’ll be glad to send it, you just let me know. But I’ll be picking it up and sending it myself – I won’t be asking Nick to stop by this store for me!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fantsay Friday, Never Go Out Alone, II

Friday!! It's finally Friday! It's going to be a beautiful weather weekend here. I plan to relax and enjoy it. I'm digging back into my treasure trove of stories for an excellent one today. I really hope you like it and I also hope some of you are out there writing. I really would love to have some new stories.

But for today please enjoy...

Never Go Out Alone

Awaking suddenly, Rex realized that Amy wasn't in the room. Panicking he ran out of the hotel room and impatiently and repeatedly pressed the down button for the elevator. Deciding it wasn't coming fast enough he opted for the stairs, and ran down two at a time. "Where the hell was she? Didn't she know how dangerous it would be to be alone in this country?" he thought. As he ran out of the revolving doors, with great relief he saw Antonio.

"Antonio" he called. "Have you seen Amy?"

"Yes, she left about an hour ago. Por que?" he replied in broken English.

"Was she alone? Where did she go??"

"Si, senor, she was alone. I told her she should not walk the streets of Lima alone. She said she not want to wake you."

"And you let her go?" he said as calmly as he could.

"No, senor, I had Roberto take her where she wanted to go. She wasn't happy but she agreed. He came back a few minutes ago. Said he took her to the Museo de Oro and she told him to go back that she would call you when she was ready to leave. But I don't think that she will. She was not happy with us taking her." Antonio said shrugging his shoulders with a look of exasperation.

"Antonio is it safe for me to go alone there. I remember the way and it is light out."

"Si, Senor, it should be fine. If you get lost call me here and I will come for you"

"Thank you" he said as he rushed off.

Within a few minutes he arrived and the Museum. Looking around he didn't see her. He asked and no one thought she was still there as it was closing time. So he headed back. Grumbling to himself, he swore she would regret ever leaving that hotel room. As he headed back he noticed a jewelry store and looking in on a whim, he saw a figure that looked very familiar. He took a deep breath to calm down, she was fine, he needed to get under control as he felt his terror being replaced with anger. He calmly walked up to her, scooped her arm into his and said, "Its time to go".

Amy jumped as her arm was taken and quickly relaxed as soon as she realized it was Rex. Then she asked "What are you doing up? I thought you were napping? Don't tell me you came looking for me" she added rolling her eyes.

Rex tightened his grip working to maintain control. "Why yes dear, I did come to find you. I woke up and you weren't there and I was afraid something had happened to you. We'll discuss this more when we get back. Now, let's go." He said with a strong, calm and determined pull.
Suddenly, Amy fell silent, realizing she was in trouble. "Sorry, Rex, I didn't mean to worry you. I left a note…."

Rex didn't reply. Somehow Amy thought that was probably a bad sign and followed him meekly.

Upon entering the hotel room, Rex gave a few curt orders. "Amy, go shower quickly, and dry off then get into that corner. I'll call you when I'm ready, and you better be there in 5 minutes."

"But Rex… can't we talk about …"

Cutting her off, he said, "oh we'll talk alright, and you'll answer….big time…."

"Yes sir" she said meekly and headed quickly to the shower.

Quick as she could she got out and toweled off and headed for the corner. She didn't dare look but could hear Rex doing calisthenics. She knew he was calming himself down, before they talked, but knowing that he was mad enough to need calming down, wasn't exactly comforting.

Soon, she heard different noises, shades being pulled, and shuffling through things in the bathroom. She shivered slightly, and shifted uncomfortably, she knew he was fetching implements and that the time was drawing near. She tried to prepare herself to be humble and meek, yet she knew she was still angry from being dragged out of the store like some animal.

"Just accept things, be meek, you love a DD relationship, you need this…" She said silently to herself, trying to convince herself to submit to the pain.

"Amy!" Rex barked breaking the silence enveloping the room. "Come here and sit down."

"Yes Sir" Amy thought so far so good.

Sitting on a desk chair she noted it was up too high for her to rest her feet. They just dangled. Rex stood up with his back to her.

"Amy, where are we?" he started.

"Lima, Peru, sir."

"And what were we told by Dr. E before we came here."

She rolled her eyes, "To never go out alone but I was going to ca…" Rex cut her off.

"Stop, apparently your mind isn't right for this discussion yet. Get up, lean over that chair, hands grabbing the legs of the chair please."

"But..." with a fast motion he swept her up and plopped her in place. Giving her no time to catch her breath he laid a fire of volleys on her upturned butt. Quickly she went from a lily white to a dark pink. She wanted so badly to put her hands back and stop the barrage, but she knew that was a huge mistake, so she gripped the legs hard.

"You will listen and answer the questions, I don't want excuses or additional information about why you thought this was safe. I just want answers Do You Understand???" He queried between swats.

Wanting to do anything to stop the pain, Amy quietly said "Yes Sir."

Rex left his hand in the small of her back. "Listen up, we can talk face to face, or butt to face, I don't care which. I think you do though. You have one more chance to sit and talk with me. If there is a next time, you will be in this position a long time. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir" With that she felt his hand release her, and his arm help her up. She loved the feel of him so gently helping her. She knew when this was over, she would have that back, she knew her head was in the right place, and she would make it through this, and maybe, just maybe even deserved this.

Kissing her head gently as she shifted in her chair, he took a deep breath and said "let's try this again. Where are we?" he started.

"Lima, Peru, sir."

"And what were we told by Dr. E before we came here."

"To never go out alone"

"And why not?"

"Because it is a very poor country, Sir" She said.

With that Rex pulled out an email that their professor had sent. "Let me read this to you to refresh your memory…Peru is often said to be one of the most dangerous countries in South America. Most travelers leave without ever feeling they’ve been in a sticky situation. Peru’s widespread poverty means that street crimes (e.g. pick pocketing, bag-snatching and muggings) are common….Sound familiar?"

"Yes Sir"

"Look at me," he said gently and lifted her chin to face him. "If you were mugged, or hurt in any way, I don't know how I'd handle it. You mean everything to me. I can't handle the thought of loosing you. People have disappeared here. Generally as Doc said, we're safe. The government is stable now, and we're in the capital. But if something…" he stopped, not wanting his thoughts to go there.

"I'm sorry I didn't think. I wanted to be out shopping and not napping. I couldn't sleep. I…I'm sorry." She said realizing she really was sorry.

"Do you have any idea how panicked I felt when I awoke and you weren't there? I was terrified. I ran down the stairs because the elevator couldn't come fast enough." Not wanting to repeat the ordeal in his mind, he took a deep breath and started again. "If you got hurt do you speak enough Spanish to make sure you know how to describe things to the police and the doctors? And have all your questions answered in the hospital??"

"No sir."

"Now, Doc would help, but who knows how long you might have to wait for help there and I want to spend time together in Lima, not in a hospital. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I promise I won't go out without you. Honest."

"Now, you did take Roberto with you, when Antonio insisted, I'll give you some credit for that. However, I'm not amused they knew you weren't happy about it. They are wonderful and gracious hosts who are proud of their country and want us to have a wonderful experience. There are enough Americans that come through here and are rude and obnoxious to them, we are not one of them. In addition, I'm not happy that you told him to go home. You said you were going to call me?"

"Yes sir, I was going to have you meet me there so I wouldn't be alone."

"Yet, somehow, I didn't get a call and you weren't where Roberto left you, instead you were a few blocks away at the jewelry store. Did you teleport there? Or were you escorted?" he asked stiffly.

"Um, neither sir" she replied shifting.

"So, how exactly did you get from the Museo de Oro to the jewelry store?"

"Please, you know" she whispered.

"No, you need to tell me."

"I walked..." pausing she added "alone sir. I'm sorry"

"Were you really going to call? Or were you lying about that."

"I was going to call. I even asked at the jewelry store, but their phone wasn't working. Then you came in …."

"If you had gotten a hold of me, what would you have done then? What could you have said? You knew you were in trouble didn't you?"

"Well, I was going to say Roberto brought me and could you come get me or something. I really hadn't figured it out."

"It's neither here nor there. So here is the way I see it, you tell me if it is different. You didn't like me napping, you were bored, and ticked that you had to stay around. You knew it was unsafe, but wanted to go to the Museo de Oro. You planned on just sneaking there, but Antonio saw you, told you not to go alone, and insisted despite you arguing that Roberto escort you. Then you dumped Roberto as soon as possible, without a plan other than to call me at some point or sneak home. Is that about right?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry, I promise it won't happen again. I'm really sorry"

"Yes, I know you are, and I'm going to make sure it doesn't even cross your mind again to leave without me knowing where exactly you are going. Or if it does, your body will cringe remembering this and you won't leave. Ok, come here. Lean over the bed with the pillows under your hips." Tears already starting, she quickly complied.

Wasting no time, he picked up the brush. Smack! Smack! Smack! She jumped in shock at how painful it was on her already tenderized butt. She swore she'd never … then he picked up speed and intensity and all she could think of was how much it hurt. After a few minutes, he stopped. She held her breath. "Please be over, please, please be over" she thought. Sobbing, she apologized over and over, swearing she wouldn't leave again. He pressed on the small of her back and rubbed her bottom gently inspecting his work. "We have a little more to go my dear. I want to make this absolutely clear. Maybe in Kentucky it is less of an offence to do this, but here it is potentially a real danger. I will not... I repeat... will NOT have you endanger your life. Ever! You have paid for your sneaking; doing what you knew was against the rules, scaring me, and every other part, except for endangering yourself. You rest here; I think you need a little break." With this he stepped away, and sat down in the recliner, mindlessly flipping pages in the magazine. Slowly her sobbing came under control she wondered what he had planned next. She wasn't sure she wanted to know.

Rex waited a full 15 minutes then got up. "Amy, endangering your life is one thing I will not put up with. For this, you are going to get 10 strokes with a cane."

"What??? But we don't have a cane?" she said shocked.

"I improvised. The rod from the shades should do just fine" he said smacking it against his hand then lightly on her upturned butt.

"I can't handle it. Please the brush is enough, I can't take any more" she pleaded panicking.

"Brace yourself, I won't be gentle, yet it won't be more than you can take. When it is over, all will be forgiven and we'll snuggle up together. Are you ready?"

Tightening her grip on the pillow by her head and resigning herself to the inevitable, she took a deep breath and said "Yes sir".

Wasting no time the cane whistled through the air making contact with her tender behind. She screamed a long cry into the pillow. He let her roll with the pain. He waited, letting it subside some and letting her catch her breath before landing the next stroke. Carefully and slowly he worked his way down from the top of her butt to the bottom of her thighs, never letting one stroke land on top of the other.

"This is the last Amy, you can make it." He reassured her.

"Please, not my thighs" she managed to choke out.

Complying he made the hardest stroke of the entire session land across her other stroke marks on her behind. Dropping the cane, he hugged her lying down on the bed, snuggling her in as closely as possible. "It's over honey, all is forgiven. I love you. You took that very bravely." He held her close and let her crying subside. Stroking her hair gently, whispering loving things into her ear. She snuggled into him, feeling safe, loved, and wanting nothing more in life than to be enveloped in his warm arms and body forever. He gently scooted her up on the bed, and snuggled closer. Soon, they both drifted off, spent from the afternoon's ordeal.


The author of this wonderful story is Carye. She has written several for us in the past. Carye managed to write a stories while caring for her 4 active children and her dear husband Papa Shrek and working from home. Now she is working outside the home and having to travel a lot. She probably won't have time for writing for a while. I sure hope someone can help take up the slack. Send any stories you are willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I guess I’ve been a little quite lately, haven’t had much to say on topic. It’s easier sometimes to write for Cassie. I guess it should be easier I’ve been listening to her for over 40 years. I know her. As for me, well I’ve only known this me for the past 5 years. Before I became PK I lived quietly and happily as someone else. I was a nice person; I married a really nice guy. We got along great, mostly by not bothering one another. I enjoyed my life then. I was happy, no great highs but NO deep lows at all. Not a bad trade off probably.

When I came out 5 years ago things changed. I’m still not as familiar with myself as I was with the old me. The highs since I came out have been phenomenal but the low have been pretty low. I’m not sure I really like the roller coaster feeling. It sure is tempting to go back to the old me. Being her is a natural and everything’s easy. Don’t worry if you’re confused, I am too.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fantasy Friday - A Bride's Lesson, part 2

Here is the second part of CeeCi story. The Victorian Era makes for some romantic feelings. I'm loving the feelings I'm getting from this story.

It was great getting these stories from CeeCi. I love getting new stories for Fantasy Friday. I'm always in need of more. If you are willing to share a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Have a great Saturday and please enjoy...

A Bride's Lesson
part two

Shaking with fright and fury, Arrianna stared at Derek in bewilderment. “My Lord, please, I do not understand your intentions. Punish me? Punish me as if I were an ignorant child or a lame wit; is that your intention, My Lord Derek?” Her sarcasm was not lost on her husband.

Derek gazed at his beautiful bride, gathering his thoughts, collecting his words. “My dear, no one would ever think you dimwitted or ignorant. The strength of your words shows you are not. However, I would not be overstating my opinion if I were to call you an over-indulged, insolent child.”

Arrianna was deeply insulted, and showed her vexation by stamping her dainty, satin shod foot. “How can you say such a thing? I am every inch a woman. You have made me so yourself.”

“Indeed I have made you a woman,” Derek said, “for I have shown you the ways a woman loves a man and is loved in return. I have taught you the pleasures of your body and mine. You have learned those lessons very well my dear girl, but you have not learned to be MY woman. You have not learned to respect my position as your husband and the master of this estate. Your overwrought reaction to that arrogant fool Dinglederry proved your lack of restraint and your disregard for my place within this county. It is for that you will be punished and with this punishment you will learn your husband is your Lord.”

Arrianna stood before him. “What is my punishment to be, My Lord? Will you withhold pleasure from me, restrict me to my chambers, and keep me from my easel or my books?”

“No, Arrianna, you will know the full extent of my displeasure soon enough.” With his statement, Derek watch her eyes widen in dismay, and felt his manhood stir within the confines of his breeches.

“Remove your gown,” he commanded.

“I cannot, My Lord,” Arrianna replied.

“Cannot or will not?” demanded her husband. His patience was starting to strain. He did not want to strike his wife in anger. She did not realize how he wished she would have behaved differently this evening. However, he could think of no other recourse than a thorough thrashing to establish his place as the head of their household.

“My Lord, I cannot remove this gown on my own. I need Lucy’s assistance.” After making her statement, Arrianna turned around to display the long row of diminutive buttons running the length of her spine from neck to hips. Derek immediately realized her dilemma.
“I will not summon Lucy to assist you,” Derek grumbled. “I will not have anyone witness your bottom bared or see you lying across my lap receiving the ministrations of my hand. I will remove the blasted gown myself!”

Arrianna whirled around. “Across your lap, with my bottom bared, My Lord? No one has ever struck me, never in my entire life. Please, My Lord, I am truly sorry, can we not find some other way to punish me for my misdeed?”

“Perhaps the spared rod has truly spoiled this child-bride of mine.” Derek said sarcastically. “No, Arrianna, my mind is firm; you will endure the discomfort of my hand as I teach you that my place in this marriage, this home, this estate will not be ignored by you. Now turn around.” With his order, Derek placed his hands on Arrianna’s shoulders and turned her to face away from him.

With large clumsy fingers, he began the tedious task of unbuttoning her gown. She stood as still as her fear would permit and began to notice that her husband trembled as well. The buttons began to open, one by one, and Arrianna became aware of Derek’s warm breath on the nape of her neck. When he reached the closures between her shoulder blades she began to experience a rush of desire. Quickly, she tried to check the wanton thoughts forming in her imagination.

Too late, she saw herself, nearly nude bent over Derek’s strong thighs. She could feel the cool air on her warm skin. She wondered how his hand would feel as he struck her naked…suddenly she came back to her senses. Her husband intended to spank her!

Arrianna sensed Derek’s growing impatience with the trappings of her gown. As he fumbled with button after button, his breathing became strained and rapid. Suddenly, he growled with frustration. Taking handfuls of beautiful silk, Derek tore her gown apart, scattering tiny ornaments around the room.

“My gown, Derek, oh my beautiful gown,” she wailed. “You’ve ruined it!”

“There will be plenty of lovely gowns in your lifetime, dear Arrianna, if you remember to be my good girl. Turn around and step out of it. Now!”

Obliging his command, Arrianna removed herself from the crumpled remains of her sumptuous aqua gown. She stood before him in her undergarments, eyes lowered. Derek looked at her and shook his head. Her hips were still exaggerated with the riggings of her underpinnings. He removed the ties, freeing her from the heavy contraption. Still she was covered, this time by her chemise. Quickly he pulled that layer off over her head. Yet more barriers to his goal, for she still wore her corset, pantaloons, stockings and slippers. Derek could stand no more.

Taking her by the arm he drew her to the bed with him. Seating himself, he swiftly pulled his petite wife across his knees.

Arrianna squeaked a protest which barely registered with Derek, so intent was he upon his quest. He placed his hand beneath the waist of her fine linen underwear and ripped them from her backside. The force of his action caused Arrianna to lurch forward and her breasts popped from the confines of her corset.

“Do not try to get away from me,” Derek said, as he maneuvered her back into position. Nearly unable to breath, more afraid than ever, Arrianna said nothing, trying hard to hold still.

She was unprepared for Derek’s hand on her nether cheek. He did not strike her. He softly, lovingly, placed his hand on her bottom and sensuously began rubbing her in slow, hypnotic circles. Arrianna felt herself relaxing, responding longingly to his touch.

Suddenly, the loving hand was removed and came down with a firm, loud SLAP! Arrianna’s bottom was immediately ablaze. Her feet began to kick and she shrieked with all her might.

“My Lord, pleeeeaaase, do not strike me again!”

Derek ignored her wailing. He struck her bottom fourteen more times and then stopped to caress the reddened orb before him.

“I love you Arrianna,” he said, slowly stroking her lovely, warm cheek. “I do this because I love you and only you.” Deliberately, he caused her legs to spread. Arrianna gasped when she felt his fingers touch her sweet lips. “Oh, my little love, what have we here?”

Derek brought his hand around so Arrianna might see the evidence of her desire. Stretched between his thumb and forefinger was a delicate thread of her essence, her reaction to his hand on her body.

Before she had time to collect her thoughts, Derek struck her again, this time on the opposite cheek. “Count your blows, young lady!”

“Two,” Arrianna complied, “three, four,” through gritted teeth. “Five, six, seven, ooohh, My Lord, nine, pleeeaase, eleven, twelve, thirteen,” she cried, and then began to sob. “Please stop, I am sorry! I am so sorry. I promise I will never forget my place as your wife, ever.”

With her declaration, Derek ceased his spanking. “Thank you, Arrianna. That is what I wanted to hear.” He pulled her to him, and held her in his arms while she cried quietly into his jacket. He soothed and caressed her as she clung to him.

Soon, her tears stopped flowing and she pulled away to look into her husband’s handsome face. “Derek, can you forgive me for causing you such embarrassment this evening? Can you find it in your heart to excuse my behavior? I regret inciting you to feel this was your only means of venting your displeasure with me. I love you with all my being, and I promise I will never forget this lesson.”

Gently, Derek set Arrianna beside him upon the bed. He stood, stretched and began removing his clothing. Off came his jacket and then he began unbuttoning his shirt. “I am far from finished with you this evening, my love. We have much to learn of our desires. Your body’s reaction, my reaction calls for exploration. Darling, I believe the events of this night have opened a new chapter in our lives as husband and wife,” he smiled lovingly at his bride. “Please remove my boots.”

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fantasy Friday - A Bride's Lesson

I hope everyone survived another week of wild weather. Our weekend is supposed to be nice here and I could surely use some spring like weather. I’m happy to be able to offer you another Friday and Saturday story this week. When I heard from CeeCi the last time she was kind enough to send me two stories. Here’s the first part and tomorrow I’ll be posting the second. CeeCi thanks again for sharing these stories with us. I hope you'll enjoy...

A Bride's Lesson

Arrianna stood before the fireplace wishing she could find the warmth of July in its glowing embers. As she attempted to warm herself she wondered where her maid might be. It was unlike Lucy to keep her waiting. Unused to the trappings of her new life as the bride of Lord Derek of Edenshire, she continued to wait.

Her thoughts drifted to the events of that evening. It had started out well enough; the dinner party that had been arranged to begin introducing her to the gentry of the county was sumptuous and well attended. The ladies were resplendent in their finery, silks in gay colors and perfectly coiffed hair. The gentlemen too were dashing in their brocades and cascading ruffles. The repast was bountiful; the wine was the finest from the vineyards of France. Conversations flowed amongst the music and the soft tinkling of glass and fine china.

Everything was heavenly, until Lord Dinglederry began bragging of his latest acquisitions and his plans to control the copper market by closing the mines he had purchased. Arrianna was immediately incensed. How could he do that to the men who depended on those mines to feed their families? Those poor folks were barely able to exist and something as cold and calculating as Lord Dinglederry’s plans would have far reaching repercussions on all the people in the region.

The only child of generous and doting parents, Arrianna had enjoyed an education unknown to most women of her day or station. She’d learned to read and write. She spoke Latin, French and Spanish. Her love of the arts had been encouraged. She was a skilled musician and a fine artisan. Her station in life had kept her close to the common folk of the region, yet protected from their struggles. She cared for their plight, and with her marriage to Lord Derek she hoped she would be able to assist those less fortunate than herself in many ways.

She listened as Lord Dinglederry droned and bragged of his schemes until she could listen no more. Before she could censor her words or reactions she took aim at Lord Dinglederry and hurled the contents of her water glass into his florid face.

“How can you be such a fool?” she demanded. “Do you have no concern for the people that will be hurt by your horrid greed?”

The room fell silent and Arrianna knew that she’d just made a very powerful enemy. When she looked to Derek, she saw a towering rage in his eyes that frightened her to the depths of her being. Quickly, she stood, apologized to the still sputtering Lord Dinglederry and excused herself from the company present.

Hours later, she continued to ponder the scene her temper had created. What had she seen in Derek’s eyes? ‘Does he still love me after I’ve made such a spectacle of myself?’ she agonized. He was so angry. Were she able, she would gladly do whatever she could to change the situation she had created.

Slowly, Arrianna turned from the fire. It was time for her to retire; her gown and underpinnings were heavy on her small frame. She stepped to the bell chord to summon Lucy, coming up short when she realized she was no longer alone in her chamber. Seated on the edge of her bed was her husband, Lord Derek. She had been completely absorbed in her thoughts and had failed to hear him enter the room.

Still attired in the finery he’d chosen for the evening, Derek was a splendid man. Tall and muscular, his clothing accentuated his attributes. His dark eyes were flashing with anger, and his usually full lips were drawn into a firm line.

“Arrianna, we must talk of the events of this evening.”

“Yes, Derek,” she murmured. “Can you forgive me?” She looked at him, hoping her simple apology and beseeching eyes would put an end to his ire. The look on Derek’s face told her otherwise.

“Yes, my sweet, I can forgive you. Yet, I don’t believe that forgiving you will teach you the lesson you must learn,” he replied.

Arrianna’s heart sank. What does he mean to do? Teach me a lesson? What could that possibly be? She felt her pride begin to flare and along with it, her temper. “Teach me a lesson, Derek?” she scoffed. “And what might that lesson be, pray tell?”

Quietly, Derek sat looking at his beautiful bride. She was trim and small, his hands fit easily around her dainty waist. He adored her raven curls, her lively blue eyes and her bow shaped lips. He knew that beneath the layers of clothing, her skin was creamy and soft, her breasts full and ripe, her bottom smooth and round. She was his perfect woman, and if she was to stay so, she must learn comportment. He wished it didn’t have to be so.

“Arrianna,” he barked, “for the remainder of this conversation you will address me as “My Lord”, is that understood?”

Tears of frustration quickly found their traitorous way to Arrianna’s eyes. Her heart was pounding with anger; a scorching retort hovered on her tongue. Her pride was battling with her good senses. Finally, she was able to utter the words that were commanded of her, “Yes, My Lord.”

“Better,” said Derek. “Now, stand before me, I have some things I wish to say to you.”

Hesitantly, Arrianna moved to situate herself directly before her husband. “Yes, My Lord.”

“This evening’s outburst will be the last time you ever display your temper in public. Do you understand?” he demanded.

“Yes, My Lord, but…”

“Silence,” Derek commanded. “You will not speak unless I permit it.” He glared at her for a moment to be certain she understood.

“Arrianna, I agree with your sentiments whole-heartedly. Lord Dinglederry’s plans are short-sighted and dangerous. Understand that I will do everything in my power to stop him from ruining the lives of the people of this region.”

“But…” Arrianna started to say.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Derek shook his head to quiet her, “I’m still speaking. Arrianna, you must be punished for your outburst this evening.”

Her eyes grew large with apprehension. ‘Punished, punished, whatever for,’ she silently screamed, ‘I apologized to everyone, including that odious man.’ She looked at Derek, wondering if she was free to speak her mind.

“You must understand the gentry have little to do save gossip and speculate. Our marriage created quite the breeze with the wagging tongues. We are being observed and judged in everything we do and say. Your outburst tonight will be the topic of discussion for months to come. It must never happen again. I will not have any one of those arrogant boors think I am unable to control ‘the classless woman’ that I chose for my bride. Do you understand?”

“No, My Lord, I do not,” Arrianna said quietly. “You tell me you support what I said, but you would punish me for saying it? Why?”

“I’m not punishing you for speaking your mind,” said Derek, “only the way you chose to speak it. You must learn that honey draws better than vinegar. Your punishment is to serve as a reminder of that fact, my love.”


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the conclusion.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fraying at the edges OR in the ‘Nick’ of time

I’ve been paying attention this time. I can feel myself beginning to fray at the edge. We haven’t had much time for each other or spanking lately. It’s because I’ve been sick and Mollie’s been around more than normal. Neither of these things was in our control. Nick has been very good about sending rules each week but as I’ve been getting over the cold he has given them a more general wording. I think in trying not to push me too hard as I recovered he reverted to things like ‘You should try to …’ or ‘think about doing…’ and not the ‘Do this…’ or ‘Do not do that…’ that really seems to give me something concrete to hold onto.

I can feel my lack of interest in the diet, I do more snacking at school, I find myself become more irritated by things going on at work. My ‘boss’ (who annoys me enough for multiple blog entries if I wanted to give the fool that much attention) has been more bothersome that usual. When I get mad at school I find myself hitting my friends up for their chocolate stashes.

When we have to go so long between spanking whether because I’m sick or for lack of privacy then my mind wanders. I think a lot – not necessary productively, but a lot. I need to have something to think about. Now if my choices are thinking about ways my boss is irritating me or whether or not Nick is going to spank my ass when I get home then there's no contest. But if there are no hard rules to think about little chance of being spanked then my mind wanders to the more mundane. I think more about work irritation and less about Nick and me or healthy living.

Nick has been trying. He has sent rules every week and he has sent a couple of delightfully threatening emails. But there has just been no time to follow through. HOWEVER, today… today he got my attention. No spanking, it was just a little thing, but it made me smile. I forgot to go by the store after work today I needed some creamer (my buddy Eva finally got me hooked on coffee at the age of 53) so I decided to head to the store. Nick said “Are you really going to the store? You’re such an addict you can’t wait until tomorrow? Alright go on, but it you’re going you have to go commando.”


“You what me to …” I wasn’t quite grasping this.

“You heard me.”

I couldn’t help grinning. Nick grinned back. “It might just keep you thinking like you’re supposed to.” He told me.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to say but I knew what to do. Headed to the store wearing no underwear felt … unusual. Oh but it gave me something to think about!! I have made trips to the store that included a donut or candy bar that didn’t get mentioned at home. This would have been the type of day where that could have happened. But it didn’t. My mind was somewhere else. LOL! Nick saved the day!

I’m feeling better; Mollie will be busy for the next few days. Maybe I won’t have to just envy Grace much longer.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Where did this come from?

I think Mick over at Husbandly Touch got a lot of people thinking with his latest post. I have always wondered about where all my spanko desires came from. I’ve gone back as far as I can to see if there was anything in my life that ‘triggered’ these desires.

My parents were kind, gentle people. They were typical parents of the time. I was spanked occasionally but rarely. I HATED it. I always hated when my parents were upset with me. But by the age of four I remember my favorite nursery rhyme was The Old Lady in the Shoe because “she spanked them all soundly and put them to bed”. I remember getting all tingly when that was read to me. I loved the ‘I Love Lucy’ where Lucy got spanked. Anything like that would captured my mind.

In third grade I was in love with a little boy that was as rough as they come. The teacher, a good friend of my parents, told them she could not understand the attraction. Although I was always attracted to the ‘bad boy’, every boy I actually dated as I got older was gentle and sweet. I guess God watches over fools because it could have gone the other way. I believe that many women that had my same thoughts and desires did find men who mistreated or bullied them because they really don’t know exactly what they were looking for.

For me it turned inward – to a rich and full fantasy life. All my fantasies, from pre-teen on, were about spanking, control and domination. I knew the truth about myself and I accepted it. I dealt with it by enjoying my fantasies and keeping it a total and complete secret. I knew I was the only person who felt this way. I kept my secret from EVERYONE for 49 years. The stories in my head continued and I enjoyed them until eventually I did what many of us did, I typed spanking into my computer and suddenly I wasn’t alone. It was from this blogging community that I got the courage to finally come out to Nick. It’s been quite an adventure.

Where did it all come from? I truly don’t know I have to believe I was born this way. My childhood was happy and sheltered. I was never abused in any way at home or by a boyfriend and the interest / fascination with spanking has been with me since before pre-school. It’s in my DNA. I would love to see a study done on spankos. I think we’re one of the last taboos. No one wants to acknowledge us or to believe that we’re not ‘sick’. No one, besides us, wants to admit how much spanking can benefit a relationship. Now I’m not suggesting it for everyone. But for those of us who love it – there’s nothing better.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fantasy Friday, No Angel - part two

I hope you are enjoying CeeCi’s story. Part one was up yesterday and you can find it here. Enjoy…

No Angel, part two

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" commanded the angry voice behind her. "Where do you think you're going?"

Angela Joy stopped dead in her tracks, whirled around and then she blew. "Any damn place I please!" she declared to Larry. Her eyes were huge with rage, she was breathing hard and her fists were clenched.

"Not so fast!" he said. "Where did this come from? Why are you so pissed off?"

"I'm not pissed off! I'm wasting my time! I'm outta here!" Angela Joy reached for the doorknob. Larry's hand quickly followed and covered her hand, keeping her from opening the door. "Turn loose, asswipe!" She grunted and struggled to turn the knob.

"Angela Joy! Stop! Stop this instant! What is going on here?" He pried her hand from the doorknob, took her by the shoulders and turned her to look at him. She kept her gaze riveted to a point just beyond his right shoulder and refused to meet his eyes.

'Just like a man,' she thought. 'He doesn't want me. He doesn't even care. Why am I wasting my time?'

"Can we go talk in the living room?" Larry asked. Angela Joy didn't answer, but she didn't resist him guiding her towards the sofa. She sat down in a huff. Larry sat next to her and turned to take her hands.

"Why are you angry, Angela Joy? You came in here with a huge chip on your shoulder. You were late. Something is obviously wrong. What is it?" Larry asked.

She sat looking at him, wrestling with the demons inside. She was tired of being alone. She was tired of not being understood. She was fed up with men in general and Larry in particular. The harder she tried, the faster the words escaped her. To her growing anger and frustration she couldn't bring forth any explanation.

"I think you're pretty used to letting your anger ruin things when they seem to be going too well," Larry declared. "I think you have some foolish notion that I'm like every other man that has come along, used you, didn't understand you and then left. I think you've been looking for someone to take you away from all your frustration and pain for a very long time. I think you're testing me right now to see if I could possibly be that man. Am I right?"

Angela Joy looked at him in confusion. How had he managed to put his finger on the pulse of her pain like that? How had he found her out without her ever telling him?


"You, young lady, have lived an undisciplined life," Larry told her. "You've lived life by your own rules and they're really messed up, aren't they?"

Angela Joy looked away.

"You've been longing for someone to understand you, understand your needs, someone who can help you get your act together. Am I not right?" he declared. Angela Joy continued looking around the room. "Look at me and answer me right now, young lady. Am I not right?"

"Yes," came her whispered reply.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, um, you're right?" she whispered.

"'Yes, sir, you're right! Say it!" Larry demanded of Angela Joy.

"Yes, sir, you're right!" she said with as much force as she could muster.

"You need to be disciplined! Your behavior and your attitudes are both destructive and self-sabotaging. The sad thing is, you know it, but you won't do a thing about it. You keep on acting as if things will magically change and one day, you'll wake up with everything you want without ever learning why you act the way you do. You'll continue to go from one heartbreak to another if you keep up with your behaviors." Larry sat back and watched the emotions play across Angela Joy's face. He knew she was capable of being a kind and loving person. He'd seen it many times. He'd also seen her little attitudes, but chose to let them be hers until the day came that one of them affected him and his peace of mind. The day had arrived.

Angela Joy fought with the towering rage that was building inside of her! How dare he? How dare he say she had a bad attitude? How dare he say she'd continue to be unhappy unless she changed and what the hell did he mean by "discipline?"


Discipline?" she shrieked. "You and who's army?"

"Trust me, little girl, I'm an army of one!" Larry was on his feet. "Stand up, right now!" he barked. Angela Joy hopped to her feet. She'd not been able to stop herself. Larry sat back down on the sofa. Grabbing Angela Joy's left wrist, he pulled her across his lap.

Shrieking and kicking, Angela Joy toppled forward. "Son of a bitch, let me up!" Larry flung his right leg over her and pinned her between his legs. She bucked and kicked and flailed, doing her best to squirm her way out of Larry's grasp. He pinned her arm across her back and with his free right hand, flipped up the hem of her skirt.

"You've been asking for this for a very long time, little girl, and I'm here to see you get everything you've asked for!" Larry's hand came down with a stinging slap to her nearly bare bottom. Angela Joy had dressed for sex and was wearing one of her prettiest thongs. It offered no protection from the hand that was slapping her wriggling butt.

"I had hoped this evening would end up with me over you, not you over my knee!" Larry grunted as he spanked Angela Joy's beautiful backside. His hand prints were turning into a blur of angry hot pink as he continued to rain spank after spank. His hand was beginning to sting, but he was still angry at her.

"Your attitude sucks!" he declared. "You came dressed for sex and thought being a bitch would turn me on! Didn't work, did it?" He continued to paddle her butt. "You've got a lot to learn, little girl, if you want to be with a man like me. And the first thing is, I'm the head of this household and if you're going to be a part of this household you need to learn it and quick!"

Angela Joy's bottom was flaming. Her struggles had not produced freedom, Larry was far too strong for her. She became still and hoped Larry's punishment would end soon. As she laid across his lap, her butt exposed to the room and Larry's powerful hand, she began to listen to what he was saying to her. He was right, her attitude did suck. She hated it, but once it started she felt consumed by it and had to let it run it's course. She felt she had no control of it. He was right, she did want to be with a man like him. She wanted to be with someone who wouldn't let her get away with anything. "Part of this household..." began ringing through her mind. "Part of this household..." The tears began to flow and soon Angela Joy's slender shoulders were shaking from the strength of her sobs.

Larry stopped spanking when the tears started. Carefully, he released his grasp and helped her stand up. Angela Joy reached behind her and began to rub her hot and insulted bottom. The tears streamed down her face and she began to hiccup, just like she always did when she cried too hard.

Taking her hand, Larry guided her to his bedroom. The room was filled with the fragrance of burning aromatic candles. Larry had set a lovely scene for their first lovemaking and this was not lost on Angela Joy. She began to cry harder when she realized how close she'd come to ruining something wonderful before it had even started.

"Shh, shh, little one," Larry whispered against her soft blonde hair as he held her in his arms. "It's going to be okay. I'll take care you. Quiet, come lay down with me. We have some unfinished business."


Thanks CeeCi – the story was great. I really appreciate you sharing with us. I wish you were still out here with us, you are missed. Anytime you are willing to share any of your work I’ll be more than happy to post it. If anyone has a story to share you can send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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Fantasy Friday, No Angel

I’m very excited about this week’s Fantasy Friday. Some of those of you who have been reading here in blogland the longest remember a very special blogger – CeeCi, who wrote Giardino del Piacere. CeeCi was and is someone I consider very special. CeeCi and Eva (Nothing Random) began blogging not long before I did. Grace was an old hand at blogging by that time and we all became close. So close in fact that in 2008 we traveled from our various parts of the country to meet in person in LA. We even blogged together about the trip over at LA Kink. Being able to all be together along with the men we love was as amazing experience as I can imagine.

CeeCi hasn’t blogged in a while. Real life seems to be keeping her plenty busy these days. I was happy to get an email from her last week. I always enjoying hearing from her but she included a bonus this time, she sent several of her fiction stories. No one writes quite like CeeCi. This first story is in two parts and I’m not even going to make you wait a week for the second part. Part two will be up tomorrow.

Please enjoy…

No Angel

Fine! Go! And fuck you!" Angela Joy hurled the last insult at Matt's back as he headed out the door. 'Asshole!' she thought to herself. 'Good bye and good riddance...waste of time!' She crossed the living room in three angry strides, flung the door open and yelled, "I hope you rot in hell!" She slammed the door with enough force to rattle the apartment windows and send the cat diving under the sofa for safety.

Suddenly, the tears came. Hot and painful, her throat clenched, her heart clenched and she collapsed to the floor in a bout of hysterical sobbing. Another one, gone. Another one, not man enough to understand her. Another one to desert her. Her wailing sent the cat running from the room. Misery kept her on the floor for many minutes, until her sobs became quieter and her tears gave way to hiccups.

"Crap!" she muttered and got up to make her way to the kitchen for a glass of water.


"Your total today is $36.42." Angela Joy looked at the customer taking up space in her check-out with boredom and an air of contempt. 'Slow, old woman,' she thought, 'just gimme the stupid coupons and get out of my line.' The customer finally obliged and Angela began ringing up the next shopper in line.

"I have a carton of water in the cart," said a pleasant, masculine voice.

Angela Joy looked up, ready to retort that she'd noticed it, did he think she was a moron or something? The words caught in her throat as she gazed into the sexiest, darkest brown eyes she'd ever encountered.

"Um, yeah, thanks...I got it," she told him. Everything seemed to come to a halt. The ringing and beeping of the other registers faded away. The noise of unruly kids vanished, no rattling carts, no hum from the coolers at the back of the store, it was just the two of them and Angela Joy was smitten. As she gazed at the man her hands slowed and then stopped.

"Earth to Checker. Earth to Checker, come in Checker."

Angela Joy snapped out of her stupor and began sliding the remaining items across the scanner. Her thoughts quickly turned to finding a way to introduce herself to the handsome hunk standing in front of her.

"Angela Joy," she stated. "My name is Angela Joy, not 'Checker.' I'm sure you have a name too, other than 'Customer.'"

"Larry. Nice to meet you Angela Joy. I've been shopping here for a while and this is the first time I've seen you working here. Are you new?" he inquired.

"Yes," she told him. "I just moved here from Granston. I needed a change of scenery and so far I'm liking the view around here." She bestowed her most inviting and flirtatious smile upon him. "I'm a bit lonely though, being new in town and all. I hope that I can meet some nice people working here."

Larry was not immune to her charms. He was single again after many years in a decaying relationship. 'No time like the present,' he thought and took a giant leap, one that sealed the fate of two lonely people.

"Want to get a bite to eat with me tonight?"


The dinner lead to another dinner, which lead to more time spent together. Angela Joy was on her best behavior when she was with Larry. He was handsome and witty and generous. He showered her with little gifts and treated her with respect. He frustrated her because he was so old-fashioned. She took delight in teasing him about wanting to wait until they knew one another better before moving their relationship to a more intimate level. Angela Joy wasn't used to waiting, but Larry wouldn't change his mind.

After nearly two months of dating, Angela Joy and Larry decided an evening spent cooking and listening to music at his place would be a nice way to spend time together. Angela Joy, horny and determined, knew it would be 'the night' and if it wasn't, Lord help Larry. Her temper had a twitchy finger on the hair trigger.

Dressed as seductively as her checker's income allowed, Angela Joy arrived at Larry's house a few minutes late. Making him wait seemed like a great way to get his attention. She sashayed up the walk way and rang the doorbell. As she waited she looked around her, admiring the neatly trimmed yard and the freshly swept sidewalk. When her summons went unanswered, she rang the doorbell again, holding it a bit longer to be certain Larry knew she was waiting. Her attitude was beginning to shift from sexy and seductive to perturbed and pouty.

Larry opened the door to find a changed Angela Joy on his doorstep. "There you are," he said. "I was beginning to get worried something had happened. You're 20 minutes late."

"Yeah, yeah," Angela Joy muttered as she flounced into the house. "I'm here now, so chill."

Larry wasn't too pleased with the attitude, but decided life was too short to let a little bit of bitchiness spoil the evening. "Come in to the kitchen," he invited his guest, "I was just getting ready to pour myself some wine. Would you care for a glass?"

Angela Joy followed him into the tidy room and seated herself on a stool at the breakfast bar. "Oh. Chardonnay. Yeah, I guess I can choke some of that down." As she reached for the wine glass, Larry pulled it away from her.

"Do you not like Chardonnay?" he asked.

"It'll do," Angela Joy replied and reached for the wine again. Larry did not extend the glass towards her. He was confused. Who was this woman sitting in his kitchen? The last time they'd been together, she was sweet and filled with laughter. Tonight, she was surly and acting as if her presence was some sort of a sacrifice. He'd hoped the evening would be the night the two of them finally moved their friendship to the next level. He was ready for a relationship with Angela Joy, but not with the woman seated across from him.

Angela Joy was becoming annoyed. 'Is he going to give me the damn glass or not?' she whined internally. 'Asshole, don't tease me, don't play with me.' Her lower lip moved out of its own accord and she crossed her arms in a huff.

"Whoa!" Larry exclaimed. "What flew up your butt?" He laughed as Angela Joy fumed.

'So much for seductive,' she thought, 'I wouldn't do him if he had the last cock on the planet.' She leapt out of her chair and stormed down the hall making her way to the front door.


Tomorrow the second part of the story will be up. Please come back.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I've got the ...

I love my husband. This cough has become like the house guest from hell that just won’t leave! I’ve been amazed that Nick hasn’t simply thrown the cough and me out the door! I offered to sleep in the other room. Nick sometimes has trouble sleeping anyway and I know this cough has to disturb him but he said no way, he wants me in our bed. That makes me feel loved.

He didn’t forget me with my rules this week either – the first one being: Feel better! I’m trying my best. He asked me to get out and move some this week, at least walk. The gym has been nearly impossible this week between how I’ve been feeling and the fact that we have been shuttling cars to be worked on and getting Mollie to work in the afternoon. But even with the health and lack of exercise issues he says I can’t gain any back this week. I managed to lose another .8 of a pound last week. That was a total of 5.2 pounds for the month of February.

Hopefully next week will be better. I’ll feel better, I can exercise more, and I can show Nick how much I appreciate him.