I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

There's a new kid in town

I guess I’ve been pretty quite out here lately. There are several reasons. First I’m having a rare fair-up of my arthritis and my hands have been hurting and I guess the second is that I’ve had nothing to say on topic. This past week was kinda bland for me. There were lots of workshops at school and they always set my teeth on edge. For me I want to say – I’ve taught for over 20 years, my kids do well on the all important test, you are welcomed to come in my room anytime you want to see what I do, isn’t it time to STOP torturing me with asinine workshops developed by people who no longer want to teach and are being paid twice as much as me to tell me how to do my job. (Thanks for the venting, I need that every once and a while.) Because of all that, my mind was not on spanking or related topics. I get a disconnect feeling when I’m like this. Nothing’s wrong at all, I just don’t feel like me and it’s vaguely depressing, but I really bland is the best word.

On to bigger and better things, there is a new blog in town! With all the wonderful blogs already here and new one coming every day it’s hard to get a new blog off the ground and to bring in friends and readers. But this blog, Faerie Learns to Fly, is written by someone with whom you are familiar. Faerie has written two Fantasy Fridays for us, A Lovely Day for a Bike Ride and The Dream … or is it? You can click on these to refresh your memory. I think Faerie is a little hesitant. I remember being the same way when I first found this wonderful community – it’s all new and strange and just a little scary at first until you realize we’re all just folks with a common interest. I hope you’ll take a minute to go by her new site and welcome her, and maybe we can talk her into another Fantasy Friday. On and one more thing. Faerie has come to me for technical help - talk about the blind leading the blind! I couldn't comment on her latest post yesterday, if you can't either you could go back to her very first post (there are only two now) and if you know why it's not working give us a hint.

And one bit of news on Fantasy Friday we do have a brand new story for this Friday. The one I started last week has more parts and I will certainly post them but it’s always fun to have a brand new one. It’s a very unique story, I really liked it. I hope you’ll be by Friday for a read.

I have a weight update coming up tomorrow and I hope you’ll read that too and help me overcome a problem I’m having with the whole thing. It’s Monday - take a deep breath, we’ll get through the week!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Friday, The New House II

About a year ago I was contemplating doing away with Fantasy Friday. I wasn't getting many new stories at all. I don't mind re-posting stories occasionally but with so few new ones I was just unsure about continuing the series. But that very weekend I was so happy to receive an email from someone who said she was a long time reader and offered me some stories that had been in her head for some time. Her stories are very good - and I'm happy to tell you this is a series so we will be able to enjoy a this couple each week for several weeks. I'll tell you more about the author later.

For now enjoy…

The New House

The day had finally come; all the children had college educations, jobs and were living on their own. To celebrate raising such good kids and to help with the empty nest feeling that Jade was having, Liam told her to start looking into plans to build a new house for them to move into. Now with just the two of them living in this house, they didn’t need a two story house or that much room.

Jade was excited about the plans. She had told Liam he several years before that she would like to move once the kids had moved out. She found a floor plan that both of them loved, for one, it had lots of closets’. She had an idea for a surprise room that she thought Liam would love. She asked the contractor if the soil on the new lot would be suited for a basement which is rare in Texas. He told her that they were lucky that this area actually had great soil for one, but since no one had them none of the neighbors had put them in not knowing it was a possibility.

Jade asked the builder to make a sound proof media room in the basement. She designed a layout for him and asked if it was doable. He told her it was not up to code, since Jade had said there would be no windows. That is when she told him that the two windows would be behind doors that looked like they were just part of the built in cabinets that would surround the room. She was determined to keep all the noise from being heard.

She explained that her husband liked the TV very loud when watching movies and the ceiling would have to be sound proofed and there would be a door at the top of the stairs as well as the bottom to keep all the sound in the basement. Little did the builder know that yes there would be a quality sound system down there, but that was not the sounds Jade was trying to keep in the basement.

The house was finished and Jade had managed to keep the basement a surprise. She was very excited to show Liam the room for the first time. When going down the stairs you would first have to unlock the door. Jade had planned this area of the house to be for only Lithe and herself to enjoy. The door was placed in a corner where some fake tree would cover it or a decorative screen would disguise it from sight. When they reached the floor of the basement, there was another door to keep any sounds from going up the staircase.

This door then opened to a large room. There was a wet bar immediately to the right on the wall next to the stairs. Not only did it have a sink, but also a mini frig and mini dishwasher. The wall had a large mirror and shelves of glasses and alcohol. There was a door on the other side of the bar that went under the staircase for storage. The floor was wood at this point of the room, but half way across the room it changed to carpet.

Looking over to the carpeted area, you saw a large TV mounted on the wall with cabinets on both sides of the TV. This was where all the Blue Rays and audio visual equipment was kept. There was a large over sized Lazy Boy recliner and a love seat with an ottoman in front of it. You noticed a large can that people use for umbrellas next to the small couch, but it did not have those in it, but has several canes standing there instead. You start looking around the room and notice that the length of the room is actually cabinets. Walking across the wood floor to a large double door, you reach to open it. There is a queen size bed that lets down. You notice too that after the bed is let down there are anchors inside on the wall. You can only assume that they are for restraints. Then you look at the legs of the retractable bed and see they too have places to attach restraints.

You are now getting very excited at the surprise room that cost so much money. You look over at Jade and say, “What other surprise do you have for me?”

She smiles and tells you, “Go look at what is in the cabinets that are in front of the carpeted area.”

Opening these you find all the toys hung and displayed in an organized manner. All the paddles are together going from large to small, but also separated by material. (wood, leather, latex, rubber etc. ) The crops are next, then the straps and tawses. Everything is right at your finger tips. No digging. There are drawers below the cabinets and in them you find all your toys. Vibrators, nipple claps, butt plugs all organized in their own sections.

You seem very please, but ask if there is more. Jade smiles and tells you to look under the staircase. She walks over and puts the bed back into the wall while you open the door under the stairs. She has bought a new and very expensive toy, a padded spanking horse, with restraints of course. She has put felt cushions under its legs so it slides out easily to the area where the bed had been. Even though you are pleased with the quality of this spanking horse you know it was way over her toy budget for the year. You ask her how much it cost. She looks nervous now. The idea of a spanking horse is very arousing, but now that it is here and you look like you want to try it out and have a good reason to use it, she is thinking twice about if this was a good idea after all.

She says, “It cost about $800 because it was the top of the line and would last forever.”

You remind her that her toy budget for the year is only $200. You ask her how she is going to make up the difference, but this is rhetorical, since you both know that you will be taking it out of her back side. She offers to return it, but deep down you are very pleased and wanting to try it out. You tell her, “No, we will keep it, and you better stop buying things if you don’t want to use them.”

She tries to get you to look at some other things she has designed down here, but you say, “You owe me 600 stokes, and I think now would be a great time to collect on the first 100. The house is not going anywhere; you can show me the other details later on.”

He tells Jade to strip and mount the horse. She knows that she went over budget and does not argue, she does hope that since she knows he likes it, he will go easy on her. She puts her calves on the cushioned leg rests and lies over the horse. It is not a soft padding, but it is not bare wood so it is fairly comfortable. You tell her to reach her arms forward so you can secure them. She obeys.

You then use the restraints on her legs and notice there is one also for her waist. You smile at how totally immobile she is on this and think you should have bought one of these years ago. You place your hand on her bottom and run your finger down her crack. The horse has forced her to spread her legs apart. You know she gets very uncomfortable when you touch her puckered rose bud.

You tell her now that you have a proper spanking room some things are going to change. He tells you, “From now on you must ask for each spanking even if you truly don’t want it. If I tell you that I am going to spank you, you must say “Please sir, I need/deserve a spanking”. My response will be, “Yes you do and I am about to give you everything you deserve and more.” You know this will be hard for her, but it will also put her into the right mind set. “After I have finished spanking you, you must also now thank me for taking my time to tend to your naughty behind. It can be as simple as, ‘Thank you for spanking me’, but you must use the word spanking.” You have noticed that even though Jade has a desire to be spanked, she has trouble saying the word. This too will make her uncomfortable and submissive.

You walk over to the cabinet and pick out the discipline strap and the thick leather paddle. As you return you say, “I have not heard you ask for this yet. If you don’t we can’t get started and you will have to remain where you are until you do. If it takes more than a minute, I will be adding 10 stokes per minute I have to wait.” Jade hates to ask for spankings and is having a hard time actually saying the words. She also is not looking forward to receiving 100 strokes. The next thing she hears is “We have to add 10 and those will be with the cane since you are being disobedient.”

Jade’s mind is swimming and she tries to escape, but she can hardly even wiggle. She takes a deep breath and says in a very quiet voice, “Please sir, I deserve a spanking”. You smile and ask her why. She response, “I over spent my toy budget.”

You say, “yes you sure did, and by a lot. It will take you several trips over this new toy to pay off your over spending. I will give you the spanking you ask for and you so deserve for being so naughty.”

You start out with the strap, not too hard at first, but once you have hit 20 you deliver the next 50 with full swings. Jade has been struggling to get out of the way of the repeated blows to her bottom, but the horse is living up to it expectations and keeping her still. You can see her try to reach back and cover her very red bottom but to no avail. She has also been making a lot of noise, but she did say that the room was sound proof, if it wasn’t you are sure the neighbors would have called the cops by now hearing the cries and protests coming from her. You say, “I really like this sound proofing, how about you?” She makes some nasty comment and you give her 10 more with the strap for that and say, “Yell all you want, no one can hear you. Now I am going to give you the next 30 with the thick leather paddle. You will count these and remember to put a sir with that number. If you miss a number, the stroke will be repeated.”

Jade counts out the next 30 strokes and only doesn’t get the count out in time twice. She is very tired now and just wants to be let up and held, but she hears you walk over to the carpet and remembers she has earned 10 more with the cane. She is shaking with fear that her well tended back side will not be able to take this.

You rub your hand over her well marked bottom and tell her she will be receiving this same treatment for the next 5 Fridays. Over spending will not be tolerated and now she will pay for not asking quick enough for this loving reminder. You say, “Now ask me to cane you”. You know this will put her over the edge. She hates the cane and having to ask to be caned will be next to impossible, but you want to see if she will be submissive to your request.

Not wanting to receive more than 10 strokes, Jade shuts her eyes and whispers, “Please sir, I deserve to be caned”.

You ask her, “why?” as if that is an odd request.

She whispers again, “I did not ask for my spanking quick enough”.

You reply, “Oh that is right, you were disobedient which is why I will gladly cane you to relieve your guilt for being such an ill-disciplined girl.”

You know she has been through a lot already, so you don’t give her full swings of the cane. Even small strokes of the cane are excruciating. You do not make her count, since this is really pushing her threshold.

Once you have finished you admire your handy work. You are very pleased with this new horse and plan to put it to good use. You leave her sobbing on the horse as you put away the toys. You come back now that she is a bit calmer. You gently stroke her back and bottom. You tell her she took a very hard spanking and you are proud of her. You start unbuckling the restraints and help her off the horse. You walk her over to the lazy boy and have her sit on your lap. You cuddle for a few moments and kiss her. You then ask, “Do you need a trip over the back of the couch and a good old fashion hand spanking.”

She looks at you like you must be crazy, and then remembers that she has not thanked you yet for taking care of her misdeeds. “Thank you for spanking me, but I thought you would like that horse.”

You tell her you love it and it is exactly what we needed in our new playroom. She smiles because she loves it when she pleases you. “If you are not mad that I bought it why do I have to take 5 more sessions?” she asks.

You look her in the eyes and ask, “Did you go over budget or did you ask to go over your toy budget?”

She looks down and says, “No, I should have asked.”

“That’s right and now I have to remind you what happens when you don’t stay within your budget without asking. I would have told you yes and you would not be in this situation. This is only fair. You wouldn’t want me to let you misbehave would you? You are my good girl and we have to do this thing to keep you that way, right?”

She hugs him and whispers, “Yes, sir. I want to be your good girl.”

They start kissing and touching both happy with the new house and the new room. Things take their natural course. Jade is very pleased with herself that Liam loves his surprise room. She can’t wait to show him some more of the features she has put into the basement in the morning.


This story came from Catie. When she sent in this first story, she asked me not to give any information about her. By the second story she said I could share the following, 'I am a mom of almost grown children, a couple at home who are in HS, and one in college. My husband and I have been married for almost 24 years, and have been spanking on and off for the last 10. We do both fun and discipline spanking now, but it started out as just fun in the beginning. I wrote these stories for my husband. After reading them, he told me to go look for land to build on. LOL.' Sound like you fit right in out here. I sure do appreciate you sharing your stories with us too. And let us know if you start building that house in real life!

I hope Catie is still reading and knows how much I appreciate her sending in these stories. Look for the next part next Friday. And any one else with stories in their head who would like to share please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Sunday, October 23, 2011


*There is a new story beginning over at Cassie's Space.

The weigh in went well this week. I was down another pound. That’s 5 pounds in four weeks. I’m happy but I don’t plan to start bragging any time soon. I want this to work but I’ve tried it so many times. I’m just going to keep working on it each day. We’ll see what happens, but I do have some hope.

I had a wonderful, wonderful Saturday! Mollie stayed at school this weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. I slept late Saturday morning, I did a little cleaning (okay, very little) and then I got to spend a long time out in my sun room writing. I had my little fire burning as I was watching the leaves fall outside. Then I watched Nick rake up some of those leaves. I probably should have helped but I was really enjoying having a day to just write. After lunch Nick watched ball games and I kept writing.

But late in the afternoon… Nick made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, a bit of a reward for working so hard on weight watchers. I have to say it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a long time. Of course I wanted a spanking and my favorite implement is his belt. So that’s want I ask for. After a lovely warm up he told me “You asked for a good firm belt spanking, I’m not sure what that means so I’ll keep going until you beg me to stop.” Chilling and interesting words, I mean its one thing to hang on until he’s done another to have to be the one to call a halt to it.

It was great! I know there are many spank-nos out here now who may not understand, but you spankos here know what I mean. Could I have taken more? Yeah, probably. But I know Nick worries about hurting me and I appreciate his concern so I didn’t try to test my limits. And after… wow! That’s all I know to say. It was an extremely erotic afternoon. I had had such a good time I was dizzy! Nick told me just to stay put and take a nap; I took him up on it as he covered me with the blanket. This was my reward but I have a feeling Nick enjoyed himself too.

Well Nick and I aren’t in our 20’s or 30’s anymore (not even close!). No one will ever call us spring chickens again. Our children are grow and heading toward lives of their own. So let me give a shout out for mature couples – it’s GREAT! The love making and spanking keeps getting better and better as you get older and don’t have to sneak around your kids. Trust me folks, there is a lot to look forward to!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantasy Friday - Learning to Listen, II

Friday, Friday, Friday!! I do love it! This has been a busy week and I'm happy for the weekend and a chance to relax with a Fantasy Friday. I'll tell you about the author at the end of the story but I'll tell you now that I haven't heard from her since she sent this story over a year ago. I hope I'll hear from her again. I hope you have a good weekend and please enjoy...

Learning to Listen

It was a Saturday evening, and they had made the trek into town to meet some friends for dinner that evening. It had been a busy day that day, and Katy was glad that they had gotten the major things that they were working on finished at their home and was looking forward to a trip to Target before meeting John and Linda at the restaurant. She sat quietly in the car as they drove into town, the very definition of contented as they drove through the hills.

Denny reached over putting his hand on her thigh, he rubbed it lightly as they drove and she smiled happily at him. "What do we need to get at Target tonight, besides Dove chocolate, honey?"

"Is there anything that you would like to look at while there, baby?"

"I'd like to look for some hot curlers and then take a look at the makeup, would that be ok?"

"Certainly baby, just make sure you keep your phone on."

"Yes Daddy." she said. In the dark of the car she smiled softly. She loved that he cared about her, and that he kept her accountable for what she did. She felt safe and secure with him and it was something that she just couldn't take for granted.

They pulled up to the store and she waited quietly in her seat as he walked around the car and opened her door. She got out slowly, her skirt rising up a little on her thighs as she turned towards him to get out of the vehicle. She deliberately let her thighs fall open as she looked up to him, and he smiled at her, offering her his hand to help her up from the car. As she stood she kissed him and then took his hand and followed him into the store.

After he held the door for her she stepped into the store and waited for him to enter the store also. They walked together for a little ways and then he kissed her and told her to go take a look at the curlers, he headed off to the candy section in search of Dove Chocolates.

She looked at the hot rollers, and then wandered around the makeup section. Not finding what she was looking for, she decided to wander off and go to the book section of the store. She didn't notice how the time had gone by while she was there, books are her favorite things, and it wasn't until she heard him say her name that she actually looked up from the book she was reading.

"Katy. Where. Have. You. Been?"

Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked up. "Right here, Daddy. I came here after looking at the makeup."

"Where is your cell phone, Katy?"

She felt her heart leap in her throat. She reached into her purse and saw that there were 8 missed calls on her cell. "I must have left it on vibrate, I am so sorry."

"We will deal with this at home, Katy."

"Yes Sir." she said.

They went through the line at the store, occasionally he'd reach behind her and pat her bottom, looking into her eyes. "I love you, baby. You know that I need to know that you are safe."

Katy looked at Denny, her heart still fluttering in her chest. "I love you too, Daddy." She reached up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, she immediately felt owned and knew that he loved her and cared for her enough to keep her to her word.

They met John and Linda and had a very enjoyable evening together. They sat close in half of a booth together. Occasionally Denny would part her thighs, and slip his fingers inside of her, making her take his fingers and remain quiet at the table.

By the time they left the restaurant, Katy was very excited and a little nervous. When Denny opened the car door for her he told her that he wanted her to sit on her bare bottom on the car seat. She nodded and lifted her skirt as she settled into the seat. The ride home was very quiet for most of the trip home, but Katy couldn't resist questioning him.

"Daddy?" she said.

He pause a couple beats before answering her, knowing what was going to be coming from her mouth. "Yes baby."

"Daddy, are you going to only use your hand to spank tonight?"

Denny took a deep breath of air. "Katy, how many calls did you miss from me?"


"And did we talk about having your phone ready before we got to the store?"

"Yes, Daddy."

The car was silent for a while longer. She knew they were getting closer to the driveway, and couldn't stop herself. "So, it's going to be the paddle too?"

"Baby, I'm going to do what I feel needs to be done."

She sighed audibly, "Yes Daddy."

They got home, and he walked around the car once more to let her out. He opened the car door, and she hesitated a bit before getting out of the car, just long enough for Denny to notice, he raised his eyebrows at her and then once more offered her his hand. She took it and he helped her from the car. She smoothed the front of her skirt down, and reached behind her to smooth down the back of the skirt. Denny quickly put his hand on her butt.


She immediately obeyed, and hurried to the house, waiting at the door for him to open it.

"Take your shower and wait for me on the bed, Katy."

"Yes, Daddy."

She hurried off and quickly stripped down and took her shower quickly, taking some extra time to check to make sure that her pussy was trimmed the way he liked it, and then waited on the bed for him, laying on her back with her legs parted, displaying herself for him. He came in and spoke to her about some thing they worked on earlier in the day and then took his shower.

She fell asleep while she waited, she didn't have a hard time getting sleep in their bed.

Denny woke her up, when he came out of the shower. He had toweled off and pulled on a pair of sleeping pants. He sat down in the chair that they purchased just for the purpose of correction. He patted his knees and told Katy to lay across his lap. She did so immediately, knowing from past experience that trying to talk her way our of a spanking would end up making things worse than they would have before.

He laid her across his lap and rubbed her bare bottom while he talked to her about why she was going to be spanked. She understood that he worried about her and that he was correcting her because she didn't answer her phone. She was expected to answer her phone and she didn't do it.

*whack* He rubbed the spot he just swatted, and then *whack* a second spot with a little rubbing also. Pretty soon he was spanking her without stopping between the swats to rub. There was a pause in the spanking, and then he brought out the Nanny paddle, and used it on her bottom, turning her entire bottom red. He sat quietly rubbing her bottom.

"How many calls did you miss tonight, baby?"

" I missed 8, Daddy"

"You are going to count for me, baby."

"Yes Daddy"

She squenched her eyes shut tight and sucked in her breath, and she felt the first strike with the cane. It hit her just on her sit spot, and she knew that it would not be something that she forgot about quickly.

"One, Daddy"

He used the cane on her for a full 8 strokes, covering her red bottom, and the back of her thighs. Then he had her lay down on the bed, and he carefully rubbed lotion over her welted bottom and thighs, taking care of her and telling her that he loved her.

"Baby, roll over now, I am going to take you."

Katy rolled over for him, parting her thighs, and opening herself for him. He took her hard, her bottom rubbing on the sheets of their bed. She doesn't ever hold back when making love with him, she gives him every thing, focusing on him, squeezing him deep inside of her as she squirms beneath him, wanting to feel him cum in her, marking her with his semen. He made her take him until he was ready to stop, her orgasms were hard and she writhed in a combination of pleasure and pain beneath him, giving him all that he demands of her.

He gave her a big kiss, telling her that he wanted her to sleep on her back as long as she could that night.

It was a good night, Katy thought as she fell asleep. It's always good to know where you belong in the world... and that is right with the man she loves.


This find story came from KatyLou. This is the information she shared with me...

"I'm in my early 40's, and have been in this relationship for just over 2 years now. I hate to admit how real that story was...it's a little embarrassing how many times I end up with red buns because I'm a little flighty. I do love appreciation in the form of chocolate or sunflower seeds. ;p That ... or the good girl kind of spankings...."

KatyLou sound like one of us for sure! She also said she had more stories and said "Once I'm braver I will send them to you". LOL, KatyLou you've stuck your toe in the water might as well plunge on in. If you have the chance leave KatyLou a comment and maybe that will help encourage her to send those stories in.

I hope a few more of you out there are writing and that you will be willing to share your stories with us I would be most grateful. I'm serious folks, I love hearing from new people. You know you have a story in you, share with us! Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RM and Oh Baby!

I have nothing on the spanking topic, but you know I use this blog for everything. I wanted give you an update on Mollie the college student. Mollie seems to enjoy college. We talk daily, not at my insistence, but with my full approval. She hasn’t made anything lower than a B and she seems to be making many new friends. There have been camp outs, man hunts (some kind of extreme hide and seek), cupcake making and decorating, foot ball games, walks to Walmart (two miles) and the inevitable all night bull sessions.

So college is perfect, right? Wrong. There is a fly in the ointment. It’s the dreaded Room Mate (RM)! Actually Mollie and RM went to high school together and agreed to room together even thought they weren’t close. They each knew they wouldn’t have to worry about strange boys, drugs or putting a drunken roommate to bed. And all that has been true. But what Mollie wasn’t expecting was the girl’s complete lack of maturity! It’s driving Mollie nuts.

Let me share a couple of stories. The first week of school RM’s mother was there 3 times! Mostly because RM can’t do anything for herself and everything is someone else’s fault. RM is whining to her mother because she was fussed at in class for not having her syllabus. “It wasn’t MY fault, the printer wouldn’t work.” She told her mom.

Mollie was overhearing all this and is thinking to herself, ‘It would probably have worked better if you had taken it out of the box and hooked it up, or if you’d gone to the library to print it like I did.’ But the next day mom came to hook up RM’s printer.

And then there’s the boyfriend. Mollie and a few friends, including RM decided to go to one of the clubs on campus. Mollie and all her friends, besides RM, did a little dancing. RM sat with a sour face saying “This isn’t appropriate.” They finally talk her out on the dance floor where she just stood like a stick looking sour. She finally just sat down. She told the girl her boyfriend wouldn’t like her being there even if she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Mollie told her “If you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t even have to tell him you were here.” But RM wanted to leave and Mollie walked back to the dorm with her. RM called her boyfriend on the way back. This is a synopsis of her side of their 10 minute conversation after she told him she had been at the dance club.

“Oh baby, I'm so sorry. Oh baby, do you still love me? Oh Baby, I'll never do anything like that again. Oh Baby, I would never do anything to upset you? Oh baby, I would never lie to you. Mollie told me to, but oh baby I could never do that. Oh baby, I still love you? Oh baby, you're not mad are you? Oh Baby, I couldn't live with out you.” And on and on and on… Mollie says she was about to lose her dinner.

So every night RM skypes until 1 or 2 AM with Oh Baby or his mother or her mother. Mollie is trying to sleep for pity sake! Not long ago Oh Baby broke up with RM. She cried day and night. But finally she began to try to make friend and go out with the girls. Oh Baby found out and threatened to kill himself. They’re back together so he can control her completely – I imagine he’s dating and going out at will.

The best thing about all this drama is that Mollie thinks RM is a fool and that Oh Baby is an ass. Mollie told me “When I start dating someone it will be because being together makes us happy. RM and Oh Baby seem miserable every time they interact. I see a lot of my friends that seem to do nothing but fight with their boyfriends. Why would you want to be with someone if you fight all the time?” I am so glad that Mollie is able to stand back and see some problems in the dating scene. Mollie has never dated. I tell you the truth when I tell you this girl is gorgeous with a fantastic figure! But she feels no pressure to date. I know now that she will wait until she finds someone special and they will enjoy being together. I love having a smart daughter!!

Oh and one more thing, I did lose weight this week, .8 pounds. Not like on The Biggest Loser, but steady and in the right direction.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ups and downs

Sorry I couldn’t get my post to show up yesterday. I could see it, but I heard from several that couldn’t. I used to call on my super geeky friend to help me out of such situations but since we don’t talk much anymore, I feel too much like a bother to ask. Someday I may figure out how to work a computer on my own.

Today is a very special day. Nineteen years ago today I gave birth to the most wonderful daughter on the planet. Mollie was only 13 when I began blogging. I guess some of you have see her go from little girl to young woman. This is the first birthday she’s ever had when we won’t be together. But on the good side she just got to spend 4 days at home. I cooked, made a cake and everything. It was a nice fall break/birthday weekend. This was the gift she wanted for her birthday.

(The hammock, not the guy.)

As we drive around her campus we see these all over the place. Just throw it up between a couple of trees and you have a great place to study, read or nap. And if I know Mollie my guess is that it will mostly be for napping!

I enjoyed the Bonnie’s Brunch question over at Hermione’s this week. If you didn’t read it, it was asking what would be your ‘spanking wishes’ if you could have some. I’ve thought about them a lot this weekend. Besides the ones I gave there, I have a few more. One of them is that I wish Nick could read my mind. Or maybe more accurately, I wish he could sense my needs. I wasn’t in a very good mood Sunday. Actually I haven’t been feeling all that great for several days. I hide it, of course, but I just feel ill tempered. I wish Nick could see in my head when I get like this. I don’t want him to be sweet and loving; I want him to be firm and no nonsense when I get this way. I want him to get me out of it.

When I stand back and look at myself when I feel this way – when I’m in a bad mood – I don’t really feel like getting spanked. But I still feel like it would help. I think it would help me concentrate on all the good in our marriage rather than mentally whine about the things that get me down. I just think a spanking would be cheaper than Zoloft. But then again I hide my feeling s so well, how is Nick supposed to know when I feel this way. Even I don’t know how to answer that one.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantasy Friday - For Real

Finally it’s Friday! It’s been a long one and I’m ready for the weekend. And of course there is no better way to begin a weekend than by having a Fantasy Friday to read. Today’s story is written by Kiwigirliegirl and she also shared with me that it’s a true story. Be sure to head to her site Love, Honour and Obey to read more of her work.

So let’s celebrate the weekend with a good read! I hope you’ll all enjoy…

For Real

The first time he spanked her “for real”, was late one night and it was such a shock to her system. They had from the very beginning of their relationship spanked for fun. They had plenty of ideas for role play and always had a fun time. They varied it from naughty school girl and head master to dirty slut and boyfriend. But it never occurred to her at the time that spankings would turn real. The spankings varied from simple over the knee to very harsh sessions using the belt and a riding crop, bent over chairs and tables. It always resulted in one thing – sex – and lots of it.

She was a full time working mum, with two teenage step children to look after and a young toddler. She was also studying law. Life was hectic. The teenagers caused all the usual headaches that teens usually cause on top of the headaches of being step children. The toddler, was a typical toddler, demanding and messy and loud but she adored him. He was her life really.

Her husband was a very demanding man, in all ways, demanding her time and attention, her mind and her spirit and her body. He was quite strict and controlling and formidable when he lost his temper. Not that he did that often, but watch out when he did.

She had had a particularly tiring day. The kids had been playing up, her husband was working late and she had to deal with homework, the kids and her own, dinner, lunches to prepare the next day, she had had a bad day at work, all she wanted was a hot bath and a glass of wine and sleep. Sleep without any interruptions would be like heaven to her.

Finally, dinner was done, dishwasher stacked but not without the usual arguments and tantrums from the teenagers about having to do chores. If they thought this was hard, just wait till they get out into the real world she thought to herself. Baby was put to bed and she waited for husband to come home. Hopefully not too late.

Time ticked by and finally he came home. He had a shower and then sat and had dinner and wanted the usual chit chat. How was your day, how were the kids, how did you deal with that, did you do this, my day was this that and the other.

Soon enough it was time for bed. So off they went. Hand in hand, down the corridor. They climbed into their large and comfortable bed and he rolled close and started kissing her; his hands sweeping her body. His tongue probing, and as his ringers gliding over her breasts and tweaking her nipples she lay back and relaxed into his touch, her eyes closed in the quiet warm darkness of their room ...

She awoke with a start. She was alone in the bed. No sound coming from the house, no lights glaring. She got out of bed and put on her nightgown – a long old-fashioned cotton gown – one bought for their little games. She crept down the hall way and saw a glimmer of low light from underneath the doorway in the lounge.

Quietly and slowly she opened the door, and there facing her in the large chair was her husband. In the semi darkness she could see he was angry.

“What’s wrong?” She asked quietly, but she knew the answer.

“You fell asleep while I was making love to you” he said in his deep voice. It was very flat and emotionless. This was not a good sign.

“I was very tired”…she began but he shook his head.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses” he growled at her.

She hung her head. She knew she had hurt his feelings.

“Is that all you can say?” he said flatly, trying to control the emotions he was feeling.

“I’m sorry, I was just tired. I didn’t mean anything” she was a little agitated now. Why couldn’t he understand she was tired? It wasn’t a deliberate attempt to hurt him.

“Come on we can go back to bed and start again” she offered with a smile.

He looked at her in the semi darkness; she was wearing that nightgown semi transparent, long, flowing, light cotton, a lovely lilac colour that made her eyes sparkle green in the daylight. Not a lot of protection he thought to himself; suddenly he stood up and before she knew what was happening, he took hold of her hand, and marched her down the long corridor from the lounge to their bedroom.

Once in the bedroom he threw on the light switch and room was illuminated. He still had hold of her wrist as he marched to the bed and in one fluid movement he sat down, pulled her over his knee and lifted her nightgown up around her back

The breath was knocked from her as her stomach landed on his thighs.

“What…..” was all she got to say as she felt his hand hold her in the middle of her back, an iron grip, his other hand landing the first of many sharp smacks on her bare behind.

They had spanked before, lots of times, but this was such a shock, she could barely say anything, it hurt. Really truly hurt. He said not a single word as the smacks landed on her bare bottom, harder and harder and faster and faster and as she started to wriggle and move her legs around. His leg locked over hers keeping her pinned in place.

The only noise was his smacks of his hand, hard and fast, and her cries of oww…. until they became soft sobs, her head hanging down, her arms hung loosely in front of her and her wriggling stopped, finally accepting her punishment.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he stopped, he up righted her, still holding her wrist he walked her to her side of the bed, pulled back the covers and helped her into bed, he switched off the light, climbed into bed, and held her close until her sobbing subsided.

She never fell asleep again; her lesson well and truly learnt that night.


Kiwi! Thank you for writing this story and for sharing it with all of us. I know you said you haven’t done much writing up until now but I think you’re off to a fine start and I hope you’ll try writing more. Good job! Now it’s time for the rest of you to give writing a try too. I’ve said before everyone has a spanking story in them or they wouldn’t be reading here in the first place. So think of finally getting it written and then send it in. All stories are welcomed, send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roller Coaster Day

I was at work yesterday when I got the following text from Nick, “I haven’t forgotten the moldy mixer.” As I read the message I had to laugh out loud. I wasn't laughing because he was 'threatening' me. I am always just happy when Nick takes the time to text me about anything to do with TTWD. He was referring to an experiment I tried with some yogurt and fruit in the mixer. It wasn’t that great but I stuck the rest in the refrigerator. A few days later Nick told me to get rid of it before it spoiled. And I was going to – but a week or so later, Nick beat me to it. It was soaking in the sink when I came in one day and Nick had a few choice thoughts on the matter. He alluded to the fact he should spank my butt for leaving it there, but he didn’t. Not sure why not, I mean we were in a kitchen full of wooden spoons and such and no one to overhear, but he still didn’t.

Sigh… I decided to be happy that at least he thought of it, even if he didn’t follow through. Then I got that text. I had to grin. The man is coming around to our way of thinking at last. It really made me happy and one of my students even remarked “That text must have been good news.” I decided to go to the gym after school (trying to be the good girl, of course) I didn’t expect something major when I got home, I was just happy it was on his mind. But then nothing. Nada. Zilch. He didn’t mention it again. By bed time I was just down. The weight hadn’t been flying off this week either and the little voices were beginning to clear their throats for a real chorus.

That next morning as Nick was leaving – he leaves before I get up – he leaned over me and said, “I still haven’t forgotten.” Then he was gone. I honestly didn’t know what to think. I felt like ‘Fool me once…’ I had a rough day. I could just feel myself slipping. I didn’t think anything would be happening because Mollie was coming home for break that night.

But sure enough, nearly as soon as I got home from work and just before we headed off to get Mollie he had me put my hands on the bed and my bottom was lit up by his belt! He started about the moldy mixer but before he finished he had thought of another little house hold chore he wanted me to pay for. I got a little more than I expected – not too much, but more than I expected. My rear was definitely stinging as we headed off.

I don’t know why he waited. Did he just forget? I certainly forget some of the things he wants me to do! No, I don’t think he ‘forgot’ on purpose. And I’m sure he had no idea it nearly sent me over the depression edge. He even said one more thing yesterday that is making me question his pure vanilliness. He asked me if I was taking some medicine he thinks I need to be on. I told him no, I had forgotten about him mentioning it. He was actually serious as he said “Maybe I should have spanked you for that too.” My Nick? Actually being serious about spanking me for something that really matters to him? Wow!

Don’t worry. I may tease him at times but I don’t brat. No more yogurt concoctions in the frig. I’ll do my best to remember that other little chore and I’ll take my medicine. No, I won’t be perfect but if he cares enough to hold me accountable for these things I’ll try not to make the exact same mistakes again. I think I’m headed to bed; it’s been an emotional day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just in case

For all you spankers -
just in case you should ever see this out there

I hope this is close by!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

This is a spanking blog, not a weight loss blog

So why am I talking about weight loss more than I am spanking? Because I’m losing weight but I’m NOT getting spanked, that’s why! Don’t worry, I’m in a good mood and this is not going to be a whiney post – just a reflective one. Why am I not getting spanked you might ask, well there are two possible reasons:

1. I’m perfect. I never do anything wrong and there is absolute no reason I should ever be spanked.

2. I’m married to a vanilla who despite being told directly, reading my blog and others, seeing the benefits and dozens of other reasons, just doesn’t think about spanking me unless we’re getting ready to have sex.

I’m going with reason two. Bless his heart, spanking is not his default setting and it never will be. Sigh… what’s a desperate spanko married to the perfect man (if you overlook his vanilla status) to do? I know Nick sees things as ‘PK seems to be in a good place. She’s in a mostly happy, upbeat mood. She’s exercising, she’s sticking with the WW program and she’s losing. Everything’s going great.’ I don’t think spanking ever enters his mind, other than as foreplay, when everything is going smoothly.

We’ve discussed maintenance over the years, but Nick has never warmed to the idea and he never really put his heart into it when we’ve tried. When we don’t spank often I get depressed. Now I want to say that this is happening much less often than it used to. I am happier in general now. The time frame between these depressions is becoming longer and they are less severe. That being said, they still occur. They come suddenly and sometimes it takes very little to trigger them, the negative little thought are always in my head. Usually I can push them back, tell them to hush, that they don’t know what they are talking about – but then it only take one little crack for them to swarm in on me, some of their favorite lines.

• He knows you like to be spanked but he doesn’t very often. See, he doesn’t care.

• He’s sick of hearing about spanking. If you mention it one more time he’s going to tell you to go to hell.

• He doesn’t care that you need to be spanked to maintain your mental and emotional health. He only spanks you when he wants sex.

• You should have never taken those walls down. You need them when you feel like this. You’ll be hurt without them. Put them back! Put them back!

I have to say that these nasty little thoughts, and the friends they often invite over, can be a bitch to live with.

I think about this a lot. Wow! Bet that comes as a big shock! I’m really happy to say that I love what we have. Our relationship seems to grow closer as the years go by. I love that he seems happy and enthusiastic to include spanking into our love making. I wish to high heavens that that was all I needed. Nick understands this and he’s comfortable with it. But I need something else.

So let me just spit it out – even though after all this time it embarrasses me to say it – I sometimes need to be punished, dominated, controlled. Why, you ask? How the hell should I know?? That’s why I would really like to see this whole spanking desire thing studied. All I know is it is the stuff of my life long fantasies. I fantasies about the dread, the fear, the embarrassment, the pain, the domination, the loss of control. I fantasies about it all. So how do I get this from the sweetest, most loving, most gentle, most caring man in the world?

I have an idea.

Poor Nick, I feel he has grow to view that particular sentence with great suspicion. Never fear honey, I think it will be something you can live with. When I get it all worked out in my mind I’ll shoot you an email. And folks if it works you know I’ll be talking about it here. Meanwhile, I am still happy and cheerful. I lost 1.4 pounds this past week and I plan to keep losing a little each week. Wish me luck with this and with my new idea.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Fate - Chapter 3!

Happy Friday everyone. Cross your finger, I had my weigh in this morning. I'll let you know soon. Finally the weekend is here. We don't have any big plans and I'm looking forward to relaxing and not doing much. The weather is beautiful and that makes it really nice.

I'm happy that my friend was able to send the last part of Fate. She told me that she wrote this story in response to a challenge to write an engaging story that included but was not driven by spanking. It was intended as an old fashioned love story, no graphic sex, no graphic spanking, just two people finding something they did not know was missing. This is a perfect description. If you missed the first parts you can read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 here.

Please enjoy…


Chapter 3
Cal Warner was in trouble, and he knew it. He never wanted for female companionship, but it had been a long time since he had been this interested in anyone. Pouring himself a glass of wine he settled into his favorite chair to think.

Bella was right, the man who settled Josie down, without breaking her spirit, would own her heart. In spite of her outward lack of concern the response to his discipline was profound. She needed a serious man to take care of her. A man who would be around. A man who spent more than a few months in town. A man who was ready to build a life, raise a family, settle in for the long haul. Not a wanderer, with no roots and another job in another town always on the horizon.

Having cataloged all of the reasons he was totally unsuitable, Cal knew in his heart he was not going to walk away this time. Something about Josie Hayes pulled at him. He felt as if he had known her all of his life, that she could be what he had always dreamed of. Bella was a mighty big plus, he admitted. A woman who loves to cook and be with family is a big draw for a lost orphan like him. But, Bella had made it clear that she would be his friend, no matter what happened with Josie.

All he could do was be prepared to rearrange his life. It was too late to not get involved, she was working her way deep into his heart already. It was far too late for him to change, but his work could be altered to suit a more stable home life.

Any doubts still lingering were swept away by the sight of her, sleeping in his bed. Careful not to wake her, he eased in beside her and cradled her gently in his arms, watching her sleep, keeping her safe.


Josie drifted awake to find herself snuggled against Cal's broad chest. His pants rough against her tender bottom reminded her of how she came to be there. But by the time she was awake enough to protest, she realized she truly didn't want to. She had never felt so safe, so cared for. All the snotty, self-centered men she had dated had left her feeling vaguely lost. How simple it felt with a man who knew who he was, and didn't parade like a peacock. Cuddling against him she felt the unmistakable sign of his arousal and was surprised to feel herself responding. Sex had always seemed like something grown-ups were supposed to do; just the way you ended a date after the proper time, not something this urgent. She was burning up with wanting his touch.

Cal felt her arching against him and any thoughts of taking it slow dissolved. Sliding his hand under the shirt to cup her breast, he gently rolled her hard nipple between his fingers as she rocked against him.

Slipping his hand between her legs he found her wet and ready for him. At his touch Josie moaned and turned, spreading her legs in wanton invitation. Cal quickly shucked his pants and covered her with his hard body. Poised at her entrance, he looked into her eyes.

"Consider yourself engaged." He growled as he slid deep within her.

For hours they explored one another, testing the tide of passion that erupted between them over and over again. Finally, exhausted, if not sated, they drifted to sleep.

Monday morning came bright and early. Josie expected to feel the old familiar tension of waking in someone else's bed. To her surprise Cal woke her with tender lovemaking and they giggled their way through a joint shower. It was as if they had been living together for years, easy, comfortable. He followed her back to her apartment and chatted while she got dressed and fixed her hair then took her to the diner for breakfast. Teasingly warning her he expected breakfast in bed next time.

After Cal hurried off to inspect the building site for his new project, Josie decided to call Bella. If anyone could make sense out of this it was her aunt. After beating around the bush and trying to avoid saying anything too specific she finally wore Bella out with her hints.

"Oh for God's sake, Josie, did you sleep with him or not?"

"I did. Oh, Bella, it was magic. I had no idea it could be like that."

Listening to her niece gush on over her new love's prowess Bella was amused. She had always thought Josie had horrid taste in men. Every one she had ever brought to the restaurant was shallow and self-centered. Having met Cal, there was no doubt that he was a new experience.

"Are you looking for my opinion? Or did you just want someone to say how lucky you are?"

"Aunt Bella, of course I want your opinion."

"Well, this would be the time to start listening to me. Cal Warner is not one of your yuppie boyfriends. He is a man who takes love very seriously. Make sure this is what you want, and know that you both have my blessing. Cal is a wonderful, old-fashioned gentleman. I think he is perfect for you."

"You just don't know how he makes me feel."

"I know more than you think about where this is headed. He reminds me of my Anthony. Just remember, he is not one to put up with your nonsense."

"Don't I know it? He can be very, well, firm about getting things right."

Bella laughed at her niece's choice of words. She had a suspicion that "firm" didn't begin to cover it. They made plans to have dinner later in the week and Josie spent the rest of her day thinking about Cal Warner.


Cal looked at the two most beautiful women in the room and found himself happier than he had been in years. It may be sudden, but there was no denying the power of his attraction. Feeling like this was the moment, he asked for their attention.

"I would like to propose a toast to two beautiful women. I know this is very sudden, but I want all of us to know where we stand. Bella, I hope you will approve."

With that Cal dropped to one knee and opened a small velvet box.

"Josie, I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honor of accepting this token of my love?"

Josie took one look at the love and honor written across his face and burst into tears. Bella shook her head and tried to hide her amused smile.

"I won't rush you. We have all the time in the world to get to know each other. But I want you, and everyone else to know, I mean to marry you. I want you to be the mother of my children. Please say you will accept the ring and we can have as long an engagement as you want."

Still sobbing as if her heart were broken, Josie nodded yes and threw herself into his arms.

My friend I do thank you so much for this last chapter. It rounds the story out and I am a sucker for a happy ending! Don't forget to come back next week for another new Fantasy Friday. And if anyone is willing to write a story for us it would be wonderful! Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Grrrr... Blogger

I know I'm not the only one to notice this but Blogger is being a BUTT!! Hopefully Fantasy Friday will be up tomorrow. I can put anything I want, pictures, heading, anything but it won't save. So who knows. Anyone with suggestions?