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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, Chapter 4 : Erasing Doubt

Happy Friday everyone. I always love Fridays but I especially love then when we have a new Fantasy Friday to offer. Such a great writer! I love following a couple like this where you can really begin to feel like you really know them. For those of you who only drop by on Fridays here are the first three parts if you want to read back : one, two, three. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Another Chance, chapter 4:

 Erasing Doubt

The drive to the cabin was quiet, both lost in their own thoughts. Their whole world had changed in just six short weeks, though it had not come easily.

Bill stood by his decision, hauling his sometimes willing, often screaming wife over his knee every single day. Despite her sarcasm and complaints the benefit was apparent. She might howl like a scalded cat but their lives were running smoothly and there had only been one punishment needed in the entire month and a half, and it a fairly minor one. It would be easier to drop the maintenance down to a couple times a week, but, not if it was at the cost of the peace he was coming home to now.

Sylvia sat, wrapped in her thoughts and oblivious to the scenery. Today was the big day and she was scared. What if Bill was tired of her, tired of making time that was all hers every day? How could she give this up? She spent her whole life making sure everyone within earshot knew she was a strong, capable woman. How could losing all control be so perfect? What kind of nutcase wanted this? These “maintenance” sessions had sounded so silly when Bill demanded they try it, but this was no play. Her butt was sore every day, all day, and just when it started to wear off it was time to meet him for another round. Every day he scalded her bottom with his hard callused hand until she was through fighting and hung limp over his lap. Then he rubbed lotion over the tender skin until she was composed. After, well, then she usually attacked him. Who knew old farts could do it every day.

Bill carried the luggage in and sent his wife to put together a simple meal they could share on the porch. The air was cool but there was plenty of bright sunshine highlighting the fall colors on the trees across the lake. They enjoyed the crisp fall day, chatting about the grandkids. Bill could see how worried she was and decided to get the ball rolling.

“Go inside, undress, and meet me in front of the fire.”

Startled, Sylvia started to protest, but he cut her off.

“I said go, do it before you earn extras.”

She flew into the house, extras were usually with his belt, or that damned paddle of Ray’s he asked for a few weeks ago. Grumbling about it every step she scuttled into the house, unbuttoning as she went. Bill chuckled at the way she walked that razor edge between obedience and insolence, the last weeks had changed them both. He cleared lunch dishes and was about to carry them to the kitchen when the cabin door flew open and his wife, buck naked, came screaming through it. Bill was so flabbergasted he could only stare, with a dazed grin. She was hopping up and down, screeching, while her nipples puckered in the cool air and her breasts bounced with every jump. He burst out laughing, intending to tell her she looked like a teenager when she threw something and hit him in the forehead. The dishes landed with a crash, glass shards flying, one imbedding itself in her foot as she continued the tirade.

Bill stepped over the glass as best he could, threw her over his shoulder, still screaming, carried her to the closest chair, tossed her over his knee and whaled into her. At first the screaming got louder, she perceived herself as the injured party, though he had no clue what he had done. He just spanked until she stopped. It took a while. They were lucky it was off season. That kind of noise would bring the lake patrol if anyone heard.

He sat there, naked wife across his lap, both breathing hard, confused and disappointed. Figures, just when he was congratulating himself on finding the key to harmony all hell breaks loose. Then he noticed the blood dripping off of her heel. With a sigh, he threw her back over his shoulder and carried her inside. Toeing his shoes off to keep from tracking the glass in, he plopped his now shivering, sobbing wife on the kitchen counter.

Twenty minutes later, not a word spoken between them, he had the splinter removed, her foot bandaged, the glass swept up and a warm robe around her shoulders. Taking a bag of frozen peas for the lump on his forehead he joined Sylvia on the couch.

“I think I deserve an explanation and an apology.”

Sylvia sniffed, and turned away.

“Oh no, you do not get to play these games with me. I have no idea what set you off, what you threw at me, or why. You better start explaining or you are going to regret this deeply.”

“You think you get to decide everything now. I don’t even get asked, you just do whatever you want. How would you like it if I went through your private things? Oh, there’d be trouble then, but you get to just treat me like dirt, like I don’t count or matter at all , I ”


Bill tossed her across his knee again and started all over.

“I have NOT been in your private things, whatever that might be. I deserve an explanation and I will keep this up until I get one.”

With that he blistered her bottom and down her thighs until she sobbed and pleaded for him to let her explain.

“This is your last chance, tell me what happened calmly or I’ll take my belt to you.”

Sylvia climbed onto his lap and sobbed her story out with her face buried on his shoulder. After hearing it, Bill held her, letting her cry herself out.

“I want to be certain I understand. You went into MY suitcase, found something you didn’t like, carried it out to the porch, screamed so loud I broke the dishes then threw it at me. Is that about right?”

“You always make it sound like I am at fault. You had no business reading my private diary, I know how you feel about those kinds of things and I at least deserve to have my privacy.” she huffed, starting to get her temper up again.

“Okay, I did NOT read your diary. I didn’t even know you had one. I still don’t see what that has to do with you rifling MY luggage and throwing things at me.”

“Not ‘things’, you ass, that big fat butt plug you thought you would sneak in without me knowing. I hope that bump hurts, you deserve a headache for thinking you could fool me. I know how you feel.” Arms crossed, glaring through tear swollen eyes, she looked ready to start jumping around naked all over again.

“Are you telling me this is about a sex toy?”

“NO. Not a sex toy, a butt plug that you had no business buying.”

“So, you are saying that the idea of using anal toys is upsetting to you?”

“YES, you idiot, that is what I am saying. Besides the damned thing flew off of your head and into the bushes. It’s ruined now.”

Bill rubbed his aching head, not sure where to even start. Finally, he decided it was best postponed.

“I am too upset with you to deal with this right now. Go crawl into bed and rest, I want to grab a shower and think about what punishment you have earned for this.”

“Punishment? You have been beating me since we got here.”

“I said go to bed. You are in more trouble than you know.”


I told you it was a good one! And as you can imagine there is another great chapter coming next week. So many thanks to this great writer!! I know she is extra busy right now but she still takes the time to write when these folks start talking in her head. We appreciate it!!

Come back for more next week. And I love hearing from new writers. Share a story with us if you will. Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just catching up

Good news on several fronts. First for those of you who remember my twin blogger Eva, I just wanted to let you know that as of yesterday she now has two beautiful granddaughters 13 months apart. I got to see some pictures and they look like they could be twins. I know she and Adam will be busier than ever but they love every minute of this grandparent stuff.

I haven’t said much about the diet lately – not too much to tell but not bad either. Nick set up a chart where I officially weigh in every 2 weeks with completely reasonable goal of a half a pound a week. I have been losing – slightly. But I haven’t quite made goal on the weeks I was supposed to. I have a gotten a few stripes to keep me on track. Don’t think I will ever become a huge fan of the cane like implements but they surely get your attention!

We got to see our boy in his play this weekend. He, of course, was fantastic! The play, however, well let’s just say it was an old Russian play and it was just as uplifting and cheerful as you might imagine! LOL! LJ has been in plays for the past 8 years, at least 2 per year. I have only liked one. Loved his performance in every one but usually hated the plays. One of his best friends was his wife in the play Saturday night. During one scene she was so mean to him it was all I could do not to run up on stage and give him a hug then beat the crap out of her. But I did forgive her and let her come out to breakfast with all of us the next morning.

Mollie stayed home and babysat all weekend – 37 hours with a third grader and a kindergartener. If she had any doubt about being a teen mother this weekend pretty much ended that. I think she enjoyed herself but she did come home exhausted. She took them to indoor kid’s park, she got them to Sunday school and church on Sunday morning and then back to their Sunday night programs (she helped out in the nursery while waiting on them). She cooked for them, helped with home work and since both children have some special needs she kept up with all their different medications – 6 total for the two of them. The parents will be going off once a month for the next 6 months so they have booked her to sit with the kids each time. I can’t help be proud that they trust a 17 year old to do this.

The project is going well and I’m still enjoying playing with it. One other piece of good news is that there is a brand new story for Fantasy Friday and even better it is the continuation of my Anonymous friend’s story about Bill and Sylvia. It is really, really good! Here are links to the first three chapters in case you would like to reread them before Friday, Chapter one , Chapter two and Chapter 3. I know I haven’t been around much so I appreciate you still coming by. Don’t forget to come back Friday.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fantasy Friday - The Foul Mood, II

Friday again – thank goodness!! We’re off this weekend to see LJ in his last college play. There are a few other family members coming and we’ll all go out to eat before the play. Then we’ll spend the night with my sister and take LJ out to breakfast Sunday morning. Sadly Mollie can’t make it she’ll be babysitting all weekend. That girl is saving up a pretty good nest egg! But she wants to see the play too so I might go down with her next week sometime and see it again.

I really love our Fantasy Friday this week. This is a repost from one for my favorite writers and good friends. I think most of us who live this lifestyle could find ourselves in this situation! So we spankees can read knowing that this could be our butts if we have a loving caring spanker!

The Foul Mood

Jamie came in the door, slammed down her brief case, and threw her keys on the counter.

"Bad day, Honey?" Brad asked as he kissed her.

"It was awful. Everything that could go wrong did. I was the lucky person who got to tell the clients also. I wish we didn't have company coming tonight." She responded.

"Yes, but we've both been looking forward to the BCS Championship game for a while now. All our friends are coming soon. I wish we had time for some stress relief but we have to get ready now. I'll help get all the snacks ready, you go change."

"Ok. I wish we had time too. I hate being in such a foul mood! Oh well, maybe the game will help. Thanks for helping out.”She responded dully.

Jamie headed upstairs, with a head full of work thoughts, if only they weren't coming she knew Brad could help her feel better. "Stupid Game" she thought.

Soon their friends began to arrive, and they greeted them and started the pre-game celebrations. During the pre-game, despite trying to be cheerful, several of her friends began asking what had her in a bad mood. She just said she didn't want to talk about it.

Brad pulled her aside "Honey, our guests are thinking we're fighting or something. Try to just say something like work was bad, and trust me; I've got things taken care of ok? I'll take care of you, I have a plan."

"You do?" she couldn't believe her ears. How could she possibly get a stress buster spanking with all the guests here? She trusted him though, and tried to relax and be more pleasant while her mind reeled trying to figure out what he had in mind.

Soon the game began. Once all were getting involved, Brad went out to the kitchen to get some more chips. "Honey? I can't seem to find the big yellow bowl anywhere" he called.

"It’s in the cabinet. I saw it there yesterday. RIGHT WHERE IT NORMALLY IS" she yelled back suddenly more irritated than ever.

"Nope it isn't, come help me find it."

"Oh whatever" She sighed under her breath and stomped to the kitchen to help.

She searched the cabinet and said "I know it was there I saw it today!" Getting more irate. But it wasn't there. "I don't have a clue, use another one."

"Oh wait," Brad said, "I think I used it out in the garage when I was working tonight"

"What the F…"

"Come help me find it" Brad said as he grabbed her arm. Suddenly she knew, he planned this all along.

"Brad, the garage is only 2 rooms away, not now!"

"Yes, now, come on. They're involved; I figure we have about 10 minutes or so."

She followed, intrigued. As they entered the garage, she saw his quilted tarp stretched out over the hood of the car, and his bag from the health club next to it. She smiled, and butterflies started jumping in her stomach.

"Now, young lady, lean over that hood. Here is a pillow so you don't make any noise… or at least it is muffled. Leave your pants on for the moment" He grinned.

She looked at him questioningly but said "Yes, sir".

He brought out of his gym bag and grabbed their fur lined paddle out. "Interesting things you've brought to the gym!" she commented.

Laughing, he swatted her with the paddle for the first time. She sucked in; the sweats she chose didn't offer much protection.


"Into the pillow please, we're just starting!" With that he began in earnest. Soon she was feeling the thud very deeply all over her sweet spots. She was wiggling and trying hard not to make noise. Just as she thought she couldn't stand it, he stopped, and began to rub.

"Starting to feel a little better?"

"MMM, yes, much better." She began to stand up.

"Oh but we're not done here yet. Please drop those pants and panties please."

"What? Out here? It will make too much noise!"

"I told you to trust me" He replied as he pulled out the loopy, and swished it in the air. "Silent but deadly" he whispered.

"But I’m not with that!" She replied with wide eyes.

"Well, you didn't think that pillow was for the little paddling you just got did you? Now, if you please…"

Resigned, she bared herself, and leaned back over the hood making sure the pillow was where she could easily use it to yell and cry into. Wasting no time, Brad laid into her.

Soon she was turning from a light red to dark red stripes. She tried to keep still but found it hard. "Ahhh" she cried into the pillow, and tried to not kick her legs or move around too much. Soon, tears were flowing freely and she submitted to the pain.

"I'd say just a few more and we'll have that stress gone for the night!" Brad smiled.

Dropping the loopy into the gym bag and zipping it up, he leaned up against her and rubbed quieting the pain. Soon, heat was building in her and she was moaning for more. Brad began using his fingers and quickly she found she was crying out from pleasure.

He let her calm down, and helped pull up her pants. "Feel better?" he asked.

"Yes, but now I just want to be with you!"

"Ah, then you can sit with me or on me during the game! Let's go before they wonder where we are!"

"Don't forget the yellow bowl Brad," she grinned "and by the way, you are in SO much trouble when the guests leave!"

Smiling, Brad threw the gym bag into the car, grabbed the yellow bowl and headed in. Yep this was going to be a great night.


Ahhhhhhhhhh…. That was good! This great story was written by my good friend Carye. I miss her having the time she used to have for her writing. But 4 kids, a husband and working full time I guess something had to give. I am glad I can repost some of the stories she sent in the past. Maybe, maybe as the kids get a little older she’ll be able to write again. Thanks a lot Carye and any time you do get the urge I hope you’ll share with us.

Meanwhile if anyone else is willing to try a story we’d love it. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm still around

Just wanted to pop my head out to let everyone know I’m still around. I’m working on my project and loving it!! What I really need is a block of 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time every now and then and everyone knows how easy that is to come by. LOL!

Valentine’s Day was nice but uneventful – no time alone. But I did get flowers and I loved my card from Nick – here it is…

What a lovely sentiment!

Nick has been inspired by two of his friends. CeeCi and a friend from real life are excellent photographers. Both have sent him phenomenal pictures of wild life that they’ve taken. It seems that they have inspired him to work on his own wild life portfolio.

He was off last Friday and headed to our snow covered mountains to see what he could find. He got some great shot, but no wild life. He did see some wild turkeys but they were huddled by a run down trailer and not very picturesque.

That night we had more snow at our house and when we got up the next morning we woke to a surprise. Nick looked out the front window and said “Look at that!” Not 50 feet from our front door was a deer in the snow (an unusual sight around here). Nick slipped out quietly so it wouldn’t take off and snapped the following picture. Now I hope our friends are impressed with this one…

Okay so it’s a John Deere – don’t be picky.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantasy Friday -Two in the Bush,II

I hope you're as happy that it's Friday as I am - let me tell you that's VERY happy!! Like I told you Friday are still going to be story day. Today is a repost that was first posted two years ago so I hope it will be new to many of you. Please enjoy...

Two in the Bush

Julie and Jayne sat together enjoying a coffee break after four hours of shopping.

“OK, now remember when we get back, not a word to Barry about the chocolates or shoes,” said Jayne.

“He'll figure it out, he always does. As soon as he asks me anything I'll just blurt it out,” said Julie, already agitated.

“I'll drop you off home then.”

“It's already arranged, I am coming for dinner, remember. He will think it strange if I am not there.”

“We're in trouble.”

“Yes, we are.”

“I have an idea; we'll leave the chocolates and shoes outside in the shrubs and retrieve them the next day.”

“Alright,” agreed Julie, knowing disaster loomed.

Jayne had an issue with chocolates and Julie with shoes. Jayne had asked her husband Barry to help her with it and had agreed it would be dealt with through disciplinary spanking, something that was a part of their marriage for various things.

Julie who had an issue with shoes had split from her partner and had asked Barry, with Jayne's permission, to be her disciplinarian as she felt she needed someone to help her keep a handle on some things in her life.

They arrived home before Barry and had soon stashed the contraband into the shrubs as discussed. Feeling comfortable their deception would go unnoticed they prepared dinner together and delivered a delicious meal of grilled chicken, baked potatoes, fresh tossed salad and a mango mousse for dessert. Everything was going well with light conversation over the dinner table after the meal had been consumed.

“Wonderful ladies, thank you,” Barry said

“You're welcome Barry,” said Jayne kissing her husband as she passed by him clearing the dishes from the table.

“Oh, I almost forgot, how was your shopping?”

“Great, I got a couple of new dresses and some other things I'll show you later,” Jayne said with a wink. Barry chuckled.

“Puleeease, do I have to listen to this? Get a room,” said Julie.

“What about you Julie, what did you get?”

“Oh, well, the usual, I mean some clothes and things,” Julie fidgeted as she spoke.

“What sort of 'things'...no shoes I trust?”

Julie went bright red. “No Sir, no shoes.” She wouldn't look at him and focused on Jayne who was stood behind Barry shaking her head vigorously in an attempt to shut Julie up.

Barry swung around to look at Jayne who had stopped shaking her head and was now smiling sweetly at him instead.

“So it's like that is it?” Barry asked.

“Like what darling? She said she didn't buy any shoes. Check her bags if you need to,” Jayne was trying to remain calm in the face of Julie's crumbling resolve.

“Hmm,” Barry sighed and pulled Jayne into his arms. “What about you? Did you buy any chocolate?”

Jayne gulped but kept her face steady. “No,” she squeaked out, her calm dissolving rapidly.

“Go get them, wherever they are,” Barry said sternly.

He knew when Jayne was lying and Julie's attempt was even more pitiful.

Jayne hung her head and retrieved the chocolates and shoes from the shrubs; Julie was already wringing her hands in anticipation of the punishment to come. With the goods laid out on the table their guilt was assured.

“What do you have to say for yourself ladies? Jayne?”

“I...I got them as a present for Aunt Mary's birthday and was worried you would think they were for me.”

“You want to compound your misdemeanors by adding further lies, and thereby adding to your punishment? That's fine with me.” Jayne winced at his words.

“Julie?” Barry turned to her next.

“I'm sorry Sir, they were just so lovely.”

“I know but you asked me to help you with this didn't you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Alright then, I want you both over the back of the sofa.”

Jayne and Julie new arguing wouldn't help and were soon arranged, bottom up, over the back of the sofa. Barry was behind them before long with the punishment paddle, a large heavy paddle not used for 'good girl' spankings, occasionally the cane was used but only for severe infractions.

“Julie, how much did those shoes cost?”

“They cost sixty dollars Sir.”

“Then that's how many whacks of the paddle you will receive. Explain to me why this is happening.”

“Because I asked you to help me with my shoe purchases, Sir.”


“And, because I broke the established rules. ”

“Good girl”

“Jayne, how much did the chocolates cost?”

“Ten dollars Sir,” Jayne was hoping that would mean only ten whacks but doubted her luck.

“Ten isn't enough and since you thought up a second lie I say ten times ten would be more appropriate.”

“Yes Sir,” Jayne said with an undertone of disappointment.

“You think I am being unfair young lady?”

“No Sir.”

“Explain why you are to receive punishment.”

“Because I bought chocolates when I said I wouldn't and because I asked you to hold me accountable.”


“And because I didn't tell you about.”


“Because I then lied to you.”

“Good girl,” Barry said softly, “are you both ready?”

“Yes Sir,” they said in unison.

Barry started in and gave both women twenty on their clothed bottoms as a warm up. With warm posteriors and minor 'ow's' being uttered the skirts were then pulled up and the panties down for the real punishment.

Alternating between the two they received twenty each until sixty were delivered, both of them already with tears of contrition flowing freely.

“Jayne, remain where you are.”

Julie had cooling lotion applied to her bottom and was allowed to pull her panties up and stand up.

“I'm sorry Sir,” she sniffed.

“I know you are,” said Barry, who then gave her a hug. “Everything is OK, all is forgiven.”

“Thank you Sir, thank you for caring.”

“You’re welcome, now I have further punishment for Julie, will you be OK to get home or do you want to stay over the night.”

“No, I'll be fine,” she smiled at him. “I don't really want to listen to Jayne crying any more.”


“Night Jayne,” said Julie and Barry saw her to the door.

“Jayne,” Barry said in his most determined voice upon his return, “I want you to go upstairs, remove your clothing and lie face down on the bed in the usual position....understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

Jayne scurried upstairs with an already burning bottom and did exactly as she was told. She waited face down on the bed with two pillows under her hips raising her bottom up in the air. Barry came into the room a moment after she was ready.

“You've got forty more, young lady, and they will hurt. I am not impressed that you lied to me like that, right to my face.”

Ten harsh spanks were delivered to Jayne's bottom with her crying out with each one.

“I'm sorry Sir.”

“I know but I don't want you to forget this any time soon.”

Another ten with Jayne gasping through them.

“The shoes are one thing, the lying is completely unacceptable.”

The next ten were very hard and Jayne was sobbing uncontrollably but somehow managed to stay in position.

“I won't do it again Sir, I promise.”

Another five were delivered, the cracks resounding through the room.

“I think you believe that, Jayne, but for this to work we need trust. I can’t be forever wondering if you are telling me the truth or not.”

“No Sir.”

“The last five will be with the cane.”

Jayne's heart thudded in her chest but she had given herself into his care. “Yes Sir.”

Without further discussion the first strike landed and the second just below as Jayne cried out. Two welts appeared.

“You won't forget this anytime soon.”

“No Sir.”

Barry let her rest until her breathing was calm and delivered two more like the first two. Jayne jerked but managed to stay in place, her sobs coming in broken pants. Barry didn't wait this time and made the final strike. Jayne cried out and Barry immediately laid the cane aside and pulled her into his arms soothing and kissing her hair.

She sobbed quietly into his shirt for a while but felt a great relief and a feeling that she was free again. Hugging Barry fiercely she was thankful she had found a man who would give her what she needed.

Jayne felt an urge to thank Barry more intimately and helped him undress running her hands over his body, caressing and arousing him. Pushing him back to lay on the bed she kissed down his body stopping to take his erection into her mouth. His groans told her he enjoyed what she was doing and she worked her wet mouth up and down his shaft.

“No, baby, I want to be inside you.”

Gripping her waist Barry pulled Jayne up to him, she kissed him as she straddled him taking his full length into her warm body.

Barry cupped and pinched her breasts as she rode him to ecstasy where they peaked together. As racing hearts subsided Julie whispered, “I love you Barry, thanks for taking care of me.”

“I love you too, Jayne. I need to get some lotion on your stripy butt before you fall asleep on me.”

Jayne did indeed fall asleep while Barry rubbed the soothing aloe vera lotion all over her bottom and thighs, then tucking her in and snuggling in beside her he too drifted off to sleep.


Today's story came from an old friend and an excellent blogger. Mina hasn't been posting regularly - you know that sometimes real life gets in the way of posting. But Mina has always been a great writer. Her blog is Wilhelmina Dream can be found here if you would like to go back and check out her older posts. Thanks again Mina.

Don't forget to keep writing folks - we want to read your story!! Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A project

I think most of you know that. I love talking to all my friends here and I don’t plan to stop but I might be slowing down a little for a while. I have a project on my mind. I don’t know if it’s going to work or not but I’m excited about trying. If I do it right it’s going to be time consuming. I usually try to post at least three times a week. I am addicted you know, so even trying to cut back may cause withdrawal, LOL!

Don’t worry if are a fan of Fantasy Friday I’m definitely going to keep that going, well that is if some of you are kind enough to send more stories. And I have no doubt I’ll be posting but if I give myself permission not to post maybe I can really give this project the attention I think it deserves. And if it does work I promise to let you know all about it!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Have you had a problem with

lately? I took the word verification off years ago cause I just hate it. But lots of my older posts are getting spammed. Not tons but one or two every day. I don't want to put the word verification back because I don't want to inhibit anyone from commenting but I might put it back for a while if this keeps up. Anyway I was just wondering.

Monday, February 08, 2010

On our own

This was our kid free weekend. Mollie was house sitting and we were on our own. Not only that but it was a long weekend due to the snow. Mollie headed out about 3 Friday afternoon and shortly after I was invited back to the bedroom.

Now I do need to back up a bit. Friday morning is my weigh in day and we have made the very doable total of me losing half a pound a week. The official weigh in is every two weeks. This week I didn’t quite make it. I had crawled back into bed but Nick didn’t waste any time. He had decided, and told me by email, that not making goal was three with the cane (or the closest thing we have). Now when he told me that I was thinking – three? Just three? I don’t think that’s going to make much of an impression. I kept thinking that up until the first stroke – suddenly three seemed like waaaaaay more than necessary! I had three fine striped when I checked, now if that sting will just stay with me throughout the week.

But as we got ready to play on Friday afternoon I realized he had a little more to say about watching what I ate. The first thing he gave me was a blindfold. Sometimes he likes me to guess what he’s using. He began just a little with his hand then went to something I couldn’t quite identify. He was fussing a little about me not writing down what I’d been eating this week but that’s not fair – he told me to write down everything I ate at school. Well I was not at school all those days so I didn’t write anything down. But he was saying I wasn’t going by the spirit of the request. LOL! He is going to have to be more specific!

But I was having a hard time identifying what he was using. He was saying “Come on, come on’ you know what this is! Are you getting rusty?”

I said something to the effect of “Well duh!” (Cause I don’t get spanked anywhere near enough). Perhaps I picked the wrong time to put it that way! Suddenly he went to town – hard! I finally realized he was using the leather hand. Then he went through a variety of other toys. One hateful hard swat with the terrible tawse was pretty easy to identify and I had to ask if he had ever heard of a warm up?? His answer “I have and this is it!” I was warm alright!

We went through many, many toys and I was able to identify everything else. I love it when he would use the bath brush to scratch my back – got a real charge when he ran it over red rear! There sure is a difference between the wooden and the acrylic bath brush. Wood felt pretty good – the acrylic is evil and should be destroyed.

The afternoon went on to even better activities. It sure was nice to have the time and the privacy to play all we wanted. Mollie double crossed us by coming by for a little while on Saturday afternoon. That’s want we get for having a daughter that likes us and likes being home, LOL! At least we’ve trained her to always call before she comes, she may not know the complete reason but she’s always a good girl and gives us warning.

We got in a little more play time Sunday morning. We had gone out to eat with friends the night before and Nick thought a little warning about over eating might be in order before we headed to him mom’s for lunch. I tried to explain the real reason for my weight gain – it’s entirely my MIL fault. It has to be, I only weighed 100 pounds when I met her! Judging from the increase in the intensity of the spanking at that moment Nick didn’t agree. Ahhhh… well it was still a wonderful morning and a wonderful weekend!

Oh and FYI -

For lunch my MIL had meat loaf, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, carrots, pintos, cooked apples, salad, corn bread, biscuits, yeast rolls, pineapple upside down cake and ice cream. All 18 of us ate our fill (only 3 of the family were missing today) and she sent home leftovers. I told you it’s all her fault!!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Fantasy Friday - To Her Credit...

It's Friday alright but what on earth is going on with the weather?? Come on - I live in the south. I'm supposed to be able to laugh and torment the snowbirds in Yankee land but now were getting slammed too. Okay were not getting the amount of snow they get up north but we don't have the equipment to get rid of it either. I still love watching it snow and all but all this missing school is getting ready to cut into my Easter vacation. I'm ready for spring anytime now.

But when you are stuck inside in the cold what could be better than a brand new Fantasy Friday to keep you warm. This is a new story from Lillian, I'll put the link for her other two stories at the bottom. I hope you enjoy...

To Her Credit...

John couldn't believe his eyes. How could she?!? He looked again at the credit card bill to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. Even after blinking a few times, it was still there. Written clear as day was a three-hundred dollar charge. He was going to kill her….

It wasn’t long after they got married that John realized Sammy had no sense when it came to money. More than once during their first months of marriage Sammy came home from a shopping spree, having spent five to eight hundred dollars in a single sweep.

After the fifth time this happened, John had sat Sammy down to set some ground rules.

“You and I both know that we cannot afford for you to spend this type of money every time we turn around. We just bought a house; just started our life together and I don’t want to lose everything because you can't control your spending.” She gave him a pout but he forged ahead.

“I love you, you know I do, but from now on you can only spend a hundred dollars a month.”


“No, this is not up for discussion! A hundred dollars a month is more than fair, I’m not asking you to pay bills out of that money or buy groceries. It’s yours to spend as you please, but a hundred dollars is all you get. I think that’s more than fair for a month’s time.”

“But…” Sammy tried to intervene again.

“There will be not buts about this. Actually, it will be your butt on the line if you can’t follow this rule.” John had been spanking Sammy since a month after they met. She had thrown a beer bottle at his head during a minor disagreement. “I’m serious about this Sammy. No more spending just to spend, or I’m taking the extra cash outta your butt, you got it?”

Not happy but not knowing what else to say Sammy had agreed. And she had done a darn good job following the rule too. (Unlike some of her other rules!) There had only been two occasions, over the last three years, where Sammy had broken her spending rule without permission. Both times John had punished her.

The first time she had only spent about $10 more than she should have. She did it on purpose about six month after he had instated her allowance, just to see what he would do. She quickly found out that even ten extra dollars earned her a hot seat. John had first taken her over his knee and lit into her with only his hand. Then he had pulled out the dreaded hair brush and made her glow. She ate dinner standing up that night. John was obviously not messing around about her spending.

The second time, Sammy had been mad at John for spending too much time watching golf. She had stormed out of the house upset and returned hours later, a hundred and seventy-five dollars lighter. She barely made it through the door with her shopping bags before John had her turned face down over the back of the couch. He used the dreaded brush on her again but also gave her twelve awful swats with his belt. She knew he wouldn’t have been so hard on her had she not spent so much money out of anger. She hadn’t gone over her budget since that day.

She loved John and didn’t want to disappoint him. Overall, he really was fair about the no spending rule. Especially when a special occasion came up. Like the month of her sister’s wedding where she got permission to spend almost two-thousand dollars between a new dress, shoes, jewelry and a present.

But John had not given her special permission to spend three hundred dollars this time. Sammy was going to be in a world of trouble when she got home from work.

Sammy pulled into the garage surprised to see John home so early on his late night. She was even more surprised to see him meet her at the door.

“How was your day sweetie?” he greeted her sounding a little too smooth.

“Um, fine. How was yours? Is something wrong?” she asked making her way into the house.

“Mine was great. Nothing was wrong.” ‘Uh oh’ she thought, scrambling for what he could have found out that would result in her having a warm rear. When a list of about fifteen things popped into her head she decided to keep her mouth closed. “I got off work early. I thought we might have dinner out tonight. I checked the mail when I got home and we got our latest credit card bill.” ‘Uh oh’ she thought again, ‘he wasn’t supposed to see that’.

“John I can explain...” she started.

“Sammy, three hundred dollars? For what?” He paused only briefly, “No, don’t even answer that! That’s triple your budget!!”

They hadn’t made it out of the foyer yet but he swung her around tucking her neatly under one arm. With his free arm he lifted her customary skirt and started in.

“What were you thinking?” he asking spanking away.

“Do you know how much we could buy for three-hundred dollars?” as he walked, his swats got harder.

“Ow, John wait! I can explain! Please!” Sammy begged trying to wiggle away.

After a volley of five hard swats to her bottom, he let her up. “Explain fast.”

Rubbing her rear, Sammy pushed down her skirt with a smile, “I’ll be right back. I have to show you.” She started up the stairs but he grabbed her arm.

“Bring down the hair brush when you come back, I doubt there’s any explanation that’s going to get you out of this.” He promised with a sad look. The smile dropped from her face as she hurried up the stairs.

John could hear her overhead, first in their bedroom then in the spare bedroom closet.

“John it’s too heavy, I like never got it up here in the first place! Can you just come see please?”

Confused but intrigued John climbed the stairs and entered the spare bedroom. In her left hand was the hair brush just as he instructed. Under her right hand, half in the closet, half out was a brand new set of golf clubs.

“What the…” he started.

“Happy birthday!!” she smiled with delight.

“But, it’s not my birthday.”

“ No,” she agreed, “your birthdays not till next week, but I decided keeping the surprise another week was not worth the cost of three hundred dollars coming out of my bottom!!” she giggled as he hugged her.

“I completely forgot it was my birthday,” he admitted. “But three-hundred dollars is still a lot of money, sweetie...”

“For your 30th birthday I figured it was ok to splurge a little.” She smiled up at him as realization hit him. Not only had he forgotten his own birthday but it was obvious he had also forgotten that he was turning the big three-oh.

“Well, in that case, I guess I have to agree and say thank you. It was very nice of you to buy me such a lovely gift for my birthday.” He said, removing the brush from her hand as he slowly kissed her.

“But do me a favor?” he said breaking away.

Once again she smiled up at him, “What’s that?”

“NO… PARTY…!” he said punctuating each word with a swat from the brush before dropping it to the floor.

“Owwie” she complained as he lifted her off her feet and carried her to their room.

Even with the burn of the last two swats fresh in her mind, Sammy wondered with a grin what John was going to say next Saturday with a hundred of his closest friends showed up to celebrate his birthday.


Lillian is fairly new writing in this genre but I think she is getting the hang of it beautifully! I have enjoyed each of her stories and if you would like to go back and read her other they can be found here and here. Lillian, thanks again and I hope you keep writing.

Now if anyone is cooped up inside this weekend with nothing to do it would be a great time to write up that Fantasy Friday that has been running round and round in your head. Please send any story you would like to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Handy Man

I love handy men!! You know I’m spoiled. Nick takes care of so much of the household chores – inside and out. He does 90% of the cooking, laundry, groceries… you name it. But have I told you before just how handy he is??

The other day at school I realized, as I surveyed my incredible messy desk, that I needed a small desk podium. I have a large desk that's very wide but I don't use the space well. I have created my own notebook will all my lesson plans, all the worksheets I like to use, the keys – everything. I needed to have it out all the time but then I kept putting things on top of it and I couldn’t get back to it to put things up… it all just became a big mess. So I quickly sketched an idea of what I needed. Here’s what I drew…

I showed the sketch to my students and asked them if they thought my husband would make it for me. They laughed and said maybe by the time I retired!

But I took the picture to Nick Tuesday of last week and asked him if he thought he could make something like that for me. He looked it over and said “Hmmmm…” When I came in from school on Friday of last week this was waiting for me on the table.

I was really impressed!! So is he handy or what!? Thank you Nick! I love you!

Geeze, if he were only that fast when I tell him I really want a spanking!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One small step

I found myself feeling a little blue Sunday evening. Nick had sent me an email the week before telling me to keep a list of anything I ate at school other than lunch and to write it down for him. I did but I forgot to give it to him and he forgot to ask. I guess that has been the problem with our tiny attempts at discipline. Nothing he has asked me to do or not do has been anything he feels is really important. And that’s good in a way. I mean it’s wonderful for us as a couple but not for attempts at dd.

I love the fact that we don’t have any big issues to work on – money, the kids, temper, being reckless – none of those things are problems for us. So here I am a perfect angel and wanting discipline. Nick tries sometimes but since none of the issues are of ‘real’ importance to him he lets things slip and so I know he doesn’t really care and then I stop caring too.

I was thinking about this Sunday night as I was getting ready to get into bed quietly. It was a few minutes after midnight. Nick told me he wanted me in bed by midnight each night and most nights I make it. When I don’t make it to bed by then I usually only miss by a few minutes. Most of the time he is asleep and doesn’t know I got to bed late. If he’s awake he doesn’t seem care about a minute or two. Stupid as it may be I feel neglected when that happens.

So I was a little down as I crawled into bed about 12:07 Sunday night (early Monday, I guess). Nick turned toward me in his sleep as he usually does – he curls around my back to get me all warm. When he suddenly popped my butt so hard I jumped!

Owwww! “What was that for?” I asked in surprise.

“You having a clock malfunction? You’re late!” he told me and then curled around me and fell back asleep.

Okay so it was only one swat. But I did go to sleep with a smile on my face, and my butt stinging slightly and the thought that he really does care. Maybe he doesn’t care exactly what time I get to bed or if I eat junk at school but he care enough to try a little discipline at times because he knows how much it means to me.

And because he does seem to care I have a feeling I will be getting to bed on time – for a while anyway!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Poem from a Reader

I got an email from a reader last week. She is like so many of us, knowing what she wants but finding it so very difficult to explain it to the man in her life. I know many of us have been right there with her. She has made the decision that whether she gets back with the man she cared so much about or moves on continuing to look for the right guy - she will share this desire with him.

Meanwhile she has been writing some poetry and she shared it with me and she said I could share it with you. I think it hits home for many of us. Thanks for sharing and I hope I'll hear from you again.

Wild Thing

And thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall have rule over thee. Gen. 3:16b

I have needs; I have desires
Not sure why such things light my fires
As a teen I thought I was alone
Found out different when I was grown

I need a man of probity
To help bring out the best in me
Sometimes I can’t stop playing the shrew
I want him to cure me with little ado

I want him to pull me over his knee
Use his hand to restore harmony
He’ll use the same hand to brush away my tears
Hold me while the emotional storm clears

I’ll look into his eyes, promise to be good
He’ll promise to help me, no matter my mood
Do not misinterpret, I don’t crave abuse
Don’t want to be a puppet for a man to misuse

I want a man willing to lead
Only then will my destructive habits flee
I want to get the best from my life
I need him to help me not to cause strife

I need him to be tender, but also to feel
When I’ve pushed him too far, his hand turn to steel
I need him to be able to take a stand
Confident enough to take command

I don’t want to lead from behind
I need him strong enough to make me mind
To physically redirect my strife
Transforming this wild thing to obedient wife