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Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's reading time.

I sure do hope everyone is in a reading mood these days! Ella has written a book report and I  personally think she did a fantastic job!  I hope you'll go by her place and check out her book report on Cassie's Ordeal.

But that's not the only reading I'm referring to. Our own Sunny Girl - Leigh Smith has written another book. I've read every book Sunny has written and I've read the stories she has written for us each Monday and I've never once been disappointed. I love her characters, she has men we all dream about - strong, sexy, great looking and always in charge, but I always love the women she writes about too. These women are as strong and intelligent as any man and with just as much passion. Sunny's writing is always great and you need to get this latest. And if you like it as much as I think you will, take a minute to go to Amazon and write a review - every author loves and needs reviews.

Blurb from The Doctor and her Rancher:

After 35-year-old Lauren Bancroft's parents are killed in a helicopter crash, she decides to leave her medical practice in LA and take up the position of town doctor at Carsonville, a small township in Montana with views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. On arrival she is greeted by the tall, handsome rancher, Trace Connors, chairman of the town council and owner of the Double Pines Ranch.

It seems to be love at first sight and, after a little initial uncertainty, both succumb to their mutual attraction and end up in a passionate sexual relationship. Later, Trace introduces Lauren to his sister, Cory, and her husband, Flynn. She learns that the couple have what Trace refers to as a 'traditional marriage' that features domestic discipline. Cory is spanked by her husband whenever he deems it necessary which seems to be quite often. What's more, it soon becomes clear that Trace would like the same kind of arrangement!

Lauren has a tendency to be a little reckless and, when she puts herself in serious danger, Trace puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom. As their relationship deepens and their love for each other grows, they decide to move in together. A few more spankings follow, some for disciplinary purposes but others for pleasure, including a birthday spanking.

Eventually, Trace proposes and everything seems to be going according to plan until the day he sets off for the jewelers, intending to surprise Lauren with a wedding ring on Thanksgiving. But then suddenly something unforeseen happens that could jeopardies their happiness

Get your copy now

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fantasy Friday - My Sixth Happiness, chapter 2

I'm trying my best to adjust to being back at school, but I am so tired. Switching from sitting around reading and writing spanking fiction in my recliner or down by the pool, wearing short and no shoes it's really hard to give summer up! I'll write more when I get time.

I have another new story for you today on Fantasy Friday. It's the second chapter of the story that was up last week. You can go back here and read the first part as well as finding out a little more about the writer, Toralei. I hope you'll enjoy...


It was not a week but five weeks until Allison was informed that she was invited to come to one of Nancy’s spankeresques. Since that time, Allison had become a full-fledged member and attended every gathering. Allison never complained about the time frame being longer than stated at her interview. Confrontations are not in her nature, unless she deems you are being frightfully unfair to her or someone else. There could be many reasons that would occur. Figuring out what is frightfully unfair hasn’t quite been grasped by Allison yet. It is a work in progress. She never expected that Nancy would invite her, so nothing seemed overtly unfair to her in that instance.

Never the less, the guests Nancy invites to these soirees are always an adventure for Allison to get to know.  One such guest is Derek. He is an unassuming sort and his presence is never noticed until he decides it is time to introduce himself to someone. Everything about Derek is average; his stature, his grey eyes, his brown salt and pepper hair. Allison is unassuming also. She is not beautiful, just average looking. Her brown hair needs to be dyed every month, she now wears glasses that hide her lackluster brown eyes, her body is average and about twenty pounds over what the chart in her doctor’s office says she should weigh.

Despite all their middle age normality, they both have this enormous secret spanking life. Allison and Derek find they both have other things in common and this draws them towards each other resulting in an agreeable friendship. Allison loves the way Derek always seeks her out at these parties and spanks her thoroughly. The spankings are never of a disciplinary nature, the way Allison likes them. They never exchange words during these spankings, so Allison is always thinking of something she did wrong in her mind to get through the spankings so she is more satisfied by them. Derek never voices an opinion about the silence. He seems to be enjoying the amicable spankings just because and has his own hushed reason for them. The spankings progress in harshness each time they meet, but nary is a word spilled to uncover the fantasies behind them from either of the participants.  Allison could never know that what she is about to do to Derek, would change their relationship and push them both onto a less traveled road. It is a road they will not be able to make a U-turn on.

Derek does not show up at Nancy’s spanking parties anymore.  This makes Allison edgy and angry. She is now more combative at the spanking parties to release her frustrations. Some of the spankers like it, but most of them don’t. A few times she hears the disgruntled partiers voice their displeasure to the hostess, but she is never confronted by Aunt Nancy for this.

Allison, her frustrations apparent, decides to email Derek to find out why he is not attending Nancy’s spanking parties anymore. The email is horribly mean. She insists that he is ignoring her on purpose just to spite her, even though there is no logical reason for that conclusion. Allison threatens him that if he ever shows up again, she will totally ignore Derek and not let him spank her. Needless to say, there is no response from Derek for weeks. As time goes by Allison forgets about Derek and moves on to another spanker. He is not as good a spanker as Derek is, but she is glad with the results.

One warm July night while emailing a friend, Allison hears a twinkling noise that another email has just been delivered and she stops to look who it is from. It is from Derek! The subject line merely reads, “ August 15th Party”. At first she refuses to open the email, she is still cross with Derek. Allison begins to tremble with bother, so she gets up in a huff and stomps her way farther from the computer. Allison calms herself down by reasoning Derek’s supposed excuses for his neglect of her. This takes a good amount of hours and a half a pack of cigarettes to accomplish.

Resigned to finally find out what Derek has to say, Allison sits down at the computer and opens Derek’s email. It reads as follows:

Good evening Allison,

I expect you to be at Nancy’s next party on August 15th.  I have heard that you have been very naughty and I will discuss this and your last email to me first thing when you arrive. Do not be late or you will make the situation worse for yourself.


Allison slams her hand down on the desk. “How dare he talk to me that way?!”  Allison’s eyes are full of fury. She takes a dictionary that is on the desk and slams it to the floor. Her face flushes a bright red as she crosses her arms and flings herself back in her seat. Allison grits her teeth and snarls at the email. She even sticks her tongue out several times at the computer screen’s pretentious words. “I will show him. I will NOT answer his email and I MOST CERTAINLY will NOT attend the party”, Allison declares. 

The months pass as Allison ignores Derek’s further emails for her to attend Nancy’s other parties. Each of Derek’s emails being the same as the previous in its wording.  The November 3rd email is the one that makes Allison relent. It also helps that she has been feeling guiltier and guiltier with each passing month and has not been spanked or cared for in that allotted time. Derek’s email hits the last nerve untouched and breaks Allison completely. The fateful words are as follows and the subject title is “Punishment”:


My feeling for you has grown to disappoint. I know what you need and desire. My heart was not ready to accept this before, but I now know I must lead you there. Your body has signaled me so many times before, when I spanked you over my knee. Your aching revealed in the shift of your bottom so lovely, so milky sweet. Its flexing throbs felt against me as I changed its color to pink with my hand’s strong smacks, making your buttocks turn red to my very pleased eyes. Your punishment will be harsh, something beyond what you have encountered, ever.  I know your secret and I know I have the right desire to let you finally seek that which you know you have so truly deserved, yes wanted all along. Your naughtiness and bad girl antics have led me to decide you will need all my attention. So a private session is needed. I will pick you up at 12 PM on Sunday at Ship Bottom train station. Until then, Allison; do not disappoint me again.


Allison breaks down in tears. This is too much for her to bear. How does he know? Yes, she discussed certain things about her needs little by little each time they met at parties in the past, but did she give away too much too soon. Were her previous spankings not as silent as she thought? Did her body language give her away? Allison always laughed at certain things that Derek said before and after her spankings. He seemed to enjoy her sense of humor. Why did she have to treat him the way she did and make him decide it was now time to change the way he spanked her and treated her? Why couldn’t she have just let things be the way they were between them? These and more questions make Allison decide she will meet him, so she replies to Derek’s email. She tells him how sorry she is and that she agrees she should be punished for what she has done. Allison intersperses some of her other disclosures in the email, her angst leading to her surrender of this information.

The day arrives and the brisk fall morning is spectacular. Not a cloud is in the sky and the sunshine hugs every nook and cranny in the land. The train ride is uneventful and Allison’s thoughts are only focused on getting to her destination on time or at least close to it, as she has no control over the delays of the trains. In so doing, Allison checks the time on her cell phone often and keeps occupied by observing others in her vicinity. The reality of her situation does not hit her unto she steps off the train at Ship Bottom.

Minor panic sets in. She is here. There are two ways Allison could go to meet up with Derek. It is hard for her to make any decisions at this point, because her mind is starting to flash the implications of her meeting with Derek in front of her. Allison tries to focus. She pauses and decides to go to the main entrance pick up area. As she arrives at street level, Allison looks around for Derek’s midnight blue BMW, but it is nowhere to be seen. She decides to give Derek a call at that moment, but suddenly her cell phone rings and she finds herself answering it instead.


“Where are you?”

“I am at the corner of Main and Livingston at the main pickup area.”

“I called you when I saw that the train arrived, but you did not answer your phone.”

“Sorry, Sir. I didn’t hear it ring.”

“We will discuss this later. I am back at the rear pickup area. Stay there and I will come get you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Allison puts away her cell phone and whimpers silently inside.  She contemplates what has just taken place. I can’t do anything right. I had a fifty-fifty chance of picking the correct pickup area and I still didn’t get it right. Stupid phone! Why didn’t it ring? It is like my fate is always to constantly be in trouble. Sigh.

Derek’s car comes into sight and he stops the car to allow Allison access. He is all happy and chipper to see her and his discussion with Allison is light hearted and kind. Allison on the other hand is now thinking about the consequences she is about to experience. All she can muster up to Derek’s niceties are very short sentences filled with meek intones in her voice. Her intones are reflective of what she is thinking silently. I am so sorry. I cannot believe I was so stubborn and cruel to him. I am so ashamed of myself. I am scared of what is in store for me. I deserve whatever I get.

They arrive at Derek’s place and after hanging up their jackets, he ushers Allison into the kitchen.  He prepares a glass of ice water for himself and then turns toward Allison.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“No thank you, I do need to use the bathroom, though. It was a long train ride.”

“Oh sure, Allison.”

Derek shows her the way to the bathroom and then takes a seat in the living room on the couch with his tall drink of ice water in hand. When Allison returns, Derek gets up and places his drink on the coffee table.

“Are you ready for your punishment, Allison?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. I want you to wait for me in the spare bedroom upstairs. I will show you the way.”

After Derek escorts her up the flight of stairs and opens the door to the spare bedroom, he motions for her to step inside. Allison enters and stands to the right of the door not daring to sit on anything. Derek shuts the door and leaves Allison standing there. She stands there weak kneed, hands behind her back not daring to look around the room. A few minutes later Derek returns and Allison watches as he seats himself on the edge of the right side of the king bed. Allison’s eyes look down at the floor as she cannot now bring herself to look in his direction. She feels embarrassed and blushes because she wants this so badly, but Allison does not want Derek to see her this way.

“Come here Allison and bend over my knee,” Derek tells Allison in a deep determined voice.

 Allison refuses.

“Come here, Allison”, he says to her again, patting his lap.

She decides to stay where she is and shakes her head.

“No, I don’t want to.”

Derek gives Allison that gripping, stern look that she is being stubborn. She still stands there. He sighs, gets up, pulls Allison to the bed by her arm and flings her over his lap. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He admonishes her and continues to spank her not stopping in the slightest or pausing.

“This spanking, that I am giving you now, is for acting like a stubborn, disobedient little girl just now. That is a fair assessment, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. I am glad to hear we both agree on those two points. Just know that this is only for when you were just stubborn and disobedient just now. Later on we will get to the other times you displayed such horrid behavior. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir. Wait! What? When did I ever….ow!...Ow!...never mind!”

“Yes, you never mind. That is the problem. Isn’t it?”

“I wouldn’t say NEVER! OW!! But OK! OK! If you say so…OWWA! ... Sir! GAD!”

The hard hand spanking continues over Allison’s skirt. But wait, the spanking is about to take a sly turn. Apparently, she is stubborn, disobedient and has laughed at his implements before at the parties?!

“Whoa! Ow! I never did that!”

Allison starts giggling and disperses the giggles where ever she can vocalize them now throughout the conversation.

“Ok. Now I am laughing, but I swear, not at the implements. I sweeaarAH! Ouch! Ouch! You have got to be kidding me. Right?”

“Go head. Laugh. You will not be laughing or GIGGLING at anything soon enough young lady,” Derek proclaims.

“Hmmmpphh…we shall see about that!”, Allison snaps back. Her facial expressions don’t agree with her words as an unsure look comes over her. The pain of the smacks hurt Allison so much and this is just the beginning.

“You will not be sitting down comfortably for a week after all these spankings, Allison. That is what we will see”, Derek poignantly promises her. Derek smiles and holds back giggles of his own.

“I’ve heard that before. Ah! AAAHHH!!! It has never happened.”

The smacks gain strength and quickness after that remark. Allison swears to herself that the man just does not letup. He lifts her skirt bringing another point home about questions she will never answer him. Allison refuses to seriously answer his repeated questions. Derek roughly hikes back the lace of her gartered red panties exposing the lower parts of her buttocks and rapidly spanks one check repeatedly until it matches the color of Allison’s panties. He then does the same to her other cheek. As she raises her final objections to this sort of treatment, he gruffly stands her upright and orders Allison into the corner to simmer down. She stands there with her hands on her head, elbows on the walls and nose to the corner. Allison’s skirt and panties are shamelessly hiked up to expose the gleam in her lower buttocks. She feels his eyes assessing her and Allison closes her eyes to gather more strength.

Allison’s defiance and annoyance is bubbling to the surface, so a talk ensues within. He should be tired from the other spanking party he went to the night before. Could it be my strategy concerning this was ill advised? I hate the corner. It is so lonely here. I will not give in. I owe it to myself to find out how close to the edge I can get before I need to pull myself back. I am scared, but I have trust he has heard my full disclosure and he is leading me there.

“Stand straight.”

Allison whimpers and fusses. Derek is watching her non-compliance and orders her back over to him.

“Remove your skirt for me please.”

“Why? You have done this before with other girls. I know you have. Why do I have to do it?”

 He has had enough of her smart remarks. She needs Derek to take control.

“Allison, if you do not take that skirt off now….”

Derek’s voice is commanding and his look is threatening. He does not have to finish the sentence as Allison removes her skirt. She throws it on a cushioned chair on the other side of the bed. The skirt drops to the floor.


“Go pick that up now and place it on the chair neatly.”

“Ow! Yes, Sir.”

As Allison does that, Derek decides he does not want Allison to be secure and reassured by being over his welcoming lap right now. When Allison returns to Derek’s side, Derek gets up and motions to Allison to lie on the bed.

“Lie on the bed with your bottom up, Allison.”

Allison lies straight on the bed with her arms folded under her head and her head toward the head board. Derek sits beside her and begins the hand spanking again.

“Allison, I am now going to spank you the same way I spanked each and every woman the night before. This is still for being stubborn, disobedient and laughing at my implements at the parties, but now we will add not answering your phone when I called you the first time at the train station and thinking this is all a joke by laughing and giggling.”

“Now wait a second. I do not think this is funny and I would have answered the phone, but I didn’t hear it ring the first time.”

“Well, apparently you do think this is not serious at all. You continue to giggle and are not grasping the gravity of the situation. You should have had your phone out so that you could hear the phone ringing. I told you I would call you as soon as the train arrived.”

“I guess, but ...”

“Wrong answer.”

Allison now knows that it was a bad idea to think Derek would be weaker today from all the spankings he gave out the night before. A round of implements is selected and Allison’s panties are wedged up and gripped by his fingers to expose most of her upper buttocks. Derek only pauses to change implements, switch his position or apply some water to Allison’s sore bottom. Allison grows weaker as her retorts back are less, but never the less still there. Her control button is shifting towards Derek and her wetness and pleasure need release. Allison loses count at the third woman’s spanking. Derek now has to ask her to count sometimes to make sure Allison is still paying attention. He does not want her to turn inward. Allison wrestles for control. She decides she will not give in. Derek senses Allison defiance and resistance.

“Get up, Allison. I want you in the corner. Now! Hands on your head and nose to the corner.”

Again, Allison finds herself in the corner.

“This will not do. Take off your shirt”, Derek softly says.

Removing it slowly, Allison turns toward him half way, but she dares not look into his scheming eyes. That will make her resentful, causing her to hesitate toward compliance and then she will react in playful spite for him making her feel that way. Allison takes off her shirt and looks up to find the bed, instead she meets his righteous look of satisfaction. Balking at this, she furiously throws the shirt trying to achieve the bed. It instead hits Derek full fury. His reaction is full of surprise and he catches and plunks the shirt down on the bed. Allison giggles.

“You did that on purpose.”

“I did not. I was trying to hit the bed.”

“Well, I don’t think so. Take your shoes off.”

Allison flings her high heels furiously towards the wall.

“Turn around, hands on head.”


Derek pounds his displeasure hard into Allison’s already burning backside with his one hand as his other hand pushes her towards the corner walls and he holds her in place. The swatting continues as he voices his command.

“You will never ever do that again!”

Allison protests her innocence of wanting the shirt to fly toward him and giggles.

“I didn’t mean to. Honnesstt!! You got in the way! I was trying to hit the bed!”

Allison’s elbows hit the wall with each blow given to her buttocks. The constant friction makes her elbows sore. A spanking minute passes with only Derek’s hand applied slaps and Allison’s defiant groans heard.

“Ok! Ok! I won’t do it again!”

The corner spanking stops.

She squirms in her position in the corner trying to find a comfortable stance. As Allison attempts this, she hears Derek take a seat on the bed and she feels his ever probing eyes assessing her predicament. Allison has to keep her scraped elbows away from the walls and her flaming bottom moving, as this seems to lessen her pain. She nervously giggles.

“Put your feet flat on the floor and no wriggling. Stand still!”

Allison mournfully complies and thinks to herself. Ok. So I did hit him with the shirt on purpose and deserved that spanking. The rest of these spankings, I in no way merit in my eyes and yet I am feeling bad that Derek thinks I have somehow earned them. Maybe, I have been naughty and have not realized it in those instances. If that is true, what is he going to do when he gets to my real punishment? The one he and I agree I really deserve. Her stomach does somersaults in triple time. I think I am in trouble. BIG TROUBLE! Allison’s bottom heralds its displeasure with a series of cringes. She hangs her head in shame. I so want Him to take control.

Derek orders Allison to turn around, but she is too ashamed to face him and she whimpers and hesitates for a few seconds.

“Turn around, now!”


Fighting her willfulness, Allison turns toward Derek.

She feels so silent in his determined gaze. His masculine glances make her feminine essences erupt. Allison feels no control over her body’s reactions and she clenches her fists to stifle herself. Derek beacons Allison over to him with a crooked finger and a stern look.

“Come here, little girl.”

She again finds herself over his knee to now begin her real punishment.

“Allison, I am now going to spank you for being rude and inconsiderate to me with your email and for not answering my other emails to you. I did not give you any cause to be so nasty and sassy with me. Even if I did, that is no way to talk it out like an adult. So now because you acted like a spoiled brat, you are going to be spanked like a spoiled brat should be. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Sir.”

“Do you agree that you should be punished for it and that you were wrong?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Over and over again Derek’s brawny hands reign against Allison’s heated bums. He takes time to rub her silken cheeks at intervals, liking the way his fingers move to turn her bottom’s redness to white and then back to a hot spicy red again. He constantly pulls at Allison’s panties drawing them upwards as far as they will go; the chafing of the lacy material causing more fluid to be drawn from her internal workings to ease the intrusion in Allison’s parted genitals. She can feel the soothing warmth of Derek’s strong, gentle hands radiating onto her flaming bottom as he grasps her lower cheeks roughly and shakes and pulls each one vigorously. The sensation drives Allison to lustful feelings and her body reacts in fits and squirts of anticipation.

The hand spanking stops and Allison is sad to realize this. Derek maneuvers Allison over a stack of pillows on the bed with her buttocks pointing upward, totally exhibited to his devilish whims. Allison lets out a few giggles during the process.

“Oh! Pillows! I hope they are down. I love poufy pillows. I think I need a few more. Thank you. You are too kind”, Allison says sarcastically.

Derek is not amused. He decides to straddle her legs and pulls Allison’s panties off for maximum embarrassment and access for his armament of implements. Her remaining thong poses no threat to his entourage of spanking tools. Still straddling Allison from behind, Derek tests the sturdiness of her position by first hand spanking her with zestful, meaningful whacks on Allison’s already crimson backside. Her legs kick back involuntarily to each heated whack now and Derek finds the need to wind his belt around Allison’s ankles to keep them from flailing up. Allison begs him not to and tries to get up to stop him. Derek pushes her back down into position over the pillows.

“Please don’t Derek. I don’t want my legs bound. Please! No!’

Derek doesn’t answer her. He does what he feels is best because he knows the harsh depth of each implements sting he will impose on Allison next. Derek must do it.

This is where Allison totally stops the laughing, giggling and smart aleck remarks. She finally realizes the situation is serious now. Allison endures numerous times being spanked by Derek’s hand, his assorted wooden and leather paddles, his prison tawse and his leather belt. Sometimes he makes Allison count out loud, if only just to make sure she is still alive.

Through all this, Derek every now and then says with pride, “Now you are not laughing anymore are you, Allison? No more fun and games. You see that now. Don’t you?”

Yikes! Allison can’t answer him.

Derek has gotten Allison’s attention to the fact that she has been naughty, disrespectful and obstinate once again. She can only say “Ow” and moan and groan!

“It hurts! It hurts!”

Allison grasps the bed spread and pulls it towards her hoping to get away. Her whimpering and panting is at its highest peak.

“Ooowwa! Owieee!”

“You realize the more you say ow the more I will spank you? I like it when you say ow.”

“That cannot be right! I can’t help it! Ooww!”

I have to…




saying that. STOP OWING! Should I bit my tongue?


Derek straddles Allison again to prevent her escape. She is no match for his strength. So Allison decides to relax and take it, all the time secretly wanting much more.

Can He feel my ache? Will He be so kind as to give me full release? I can only hope and beg in     my mind. Please!

Derek parts Allison’s lower cheeks and uses a narrow wooden paddle to thwack her inner sides. The stimulation causes blazing furies of pleasure and she raises her upper body up by her arms to gladly meet these erotic, forceful blows. Allison is now on her hands and knees over the bunch of pillows on the bed, her ankles still bound by Derek’s belt. He stops the paddling and runs his fingers from Allison’s anus towards her clit, teasing her back and forth along the laced strip of her thong. Finally, Derek only focuses on fondling Alison’s clit, but the thong is preventing full entry. She forcefully pulls down the thong one side at a time to feel his touch full on. He gladly rips off the thong the rest of the way. Inspecting the thong, Derek remarks in a sexy low voice.

“How naughty you are Allison. You have totally soaked it. You are going to have to be spanked for this.”

He spanks her again with his hands, then parts Allison’s cheeks again and twirls and teases her bud. Allison has no resistance to Derek’s ever present probing. She doesn’t want to resist. She needs this. Allison feels the tug of the leather belt on her ankles as she tries to spread her legs and this causes her momentary angst.

As Allison struggles to free her ankles, Derek decides to calm the thrashing by stroking her breasts from behind with one of his hands. This diversion works as she is thrown into the sensation of realizing the ever present closeness to her sexual fantasy again. Allison moves her bra upwards and Derek fondles her nipples twisting them into hard peaks. She bucks forward and collapse back onto the pillows. He remains steadfast and keeps up the sensual takings of Allison’s clit with one set of fingers and her nipples with the other. She cannot stand the teasing any longer and her body’s juices are streaming without abate. Allison bucks and squirms to move Derek’s fingers deeper inside her, but he has his own evil agenda to answer that need.

Derek unclasps Allison’s bra and takes the belt off her ankles to free her.

“Stand up and take off your bra.”

Allison is reeling as she hastily takes off the bra. Her breathing is quickened. She throws the bra to the floor. Derek picks up Allison’s bra and caresses it to his face, breathing in the excitement of Allison’s scent. The tiny orgasms Allison has had up to this point are pushed back as she watches him. She feels the coolness of the air take over her wet nether regions. Derek looks up at Allison and a smile appears on his face briefly. Then he sternly barks an order to her.

“Go to the corner, Allison. Same position as before, you bad girl.”

Allison’s body aches with disappointment. She stands there in the corner naked except for her top-laced hosiery. With her hands on her head, she succumbs to the fact that she is not in charge anymore; he is and she wants him to be. As Allison feels Derek’s piercing gaze from behind her, she now knows he is in complete control of all her emotions and Allison accepts that fact with gladness. He is doing what she has so wanted and needed to perfection so far. Allison can only wish for it to continue on.

It is then that Derek approaches her and grabs her hips. He slides his hands up the sides of Allison’s ribs and around to her breasts caressing them fully, tweaking and pulling at her nipples until Allison cannot stand it any longer. She takes her hands and slides them up the side of the walls as if to somehow climb those walls. Allison’s body sways and bucks. Multiple orgasms ensue and she sticks out her bottom to touch Derek’s groin over and over. She thrashes around the corner wildly, yet Derek keeps his hands at Allison’s breasts, pinching her nipples and causing her to give over control of her body to him. Allison slams into the wall and Derek holds her there tightly. He parts her legs and runs his hand over and over again between her legs, twirling Allison’s clit and her anus. Derek slides his fingers back and forth pausing to glean her other erotic zones there, all the time still twisting Allison’s nipples hard.  Allison noticeably stops breathing for a few seconds or more. As Derek pulls her gently away from the corner, Allison feels dizzy and weak in the knees. He props her up and leads her to the bed. Derek is concerned and his voice sounds calming and sweet.

“Allison, are you ok?”

“Huh? Oh…yes. I am fine, Sir.”

“That’s good. Lie face down on the bed, Allison.”

Allison feels so relaxed and satisfied right now. It is as if her soul has risen into her. She has never experienced this type of euphoria. Others yes, but not this. Not like this. As Derek straddles her again, he massages Allison’s entire body for minutes on end.

He then gets up and wets Allison’s buttocks with something. The conversation is low key and their voices are calm.

“What are you doing, Derek? What is that?”

“It’s just water, Allison.”

“Water? Why?”

“Your punishment is not over.”

“Please, Derek. No more, please, Sir.”

“You are going to be given a hard stinging round of twenty with the prison tawse and then ten with the belt all with a wet bottom.“

Allison takes a deep breath. There is no more complaining from her and she questions that in her mind, but she is on the edge of subspace at this point.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Allison I want you to count.”


Allison’s voice in her mind informs her silently, “Ok. That really hurt!”

“One,… SIR.”





The CRACKING continues. Derek pauses at ten to wet Allison’s backside again.

“No! It is wet enough.”

“No, it isn’t. “


By number fifteen Allison is withering with her upper body into the bed spread, panting and gasping for air. She dare not move her bottom out of place. Allison’s shoulders are tense for the last five and she struggles through it.

Another application of water to her bottom is applied for the ten with the belt.

“Allison, I want you to count backwards this time.”

“Yes, Sir.”


“God! That first one is always a doozy!, Allison says to herself.

“Teeennn,… SIR!”


A pause of a few seconds in Allison’s count looms.

“Nnniinnneee, Sir!”

Allison groans.


“Seeevvveennn, Sir! No, not seven. Oh, sorry , Sir. I lost count.”

Allison knows he doesn’t believe her, but she truly did! No kidding!

“We will start over.”

Allison whimpers.

So the recount begins again from ten and these swats are harder. She can barely recite the count as her backside is blazing and is in extreme turmoil. Allison talks to herself in her mind to comfort herself.

“Please, I have to make it through.”

She thinks about saying RED, but she doesn’t. Allison is crying without tears at each thwack. Then, the punishment is over and Allison buries her face in the bed still crying, but with no tears. It makes her wonder to herself. “Why can’t I shed any tears?”

Derek straddles Allison once more and begins to smooth away the tenseness in the muscles of her shoulders, back, buttocks and sides. She drifts into semi-consciousness, feeling his caring hands absorb the warmth of the pain. As Allison lies there, Derek begins his massage into her fortresses that are unattended, the sentinels trusting this friendly visit. She moves onto her left side to welcome him more clearly. Allison’s breasts give Derek sustenance and she delights and hums at his suckling and his ever massaging fingers of her sex incites the dams to overflow. Gurgling, then rumbles of waves bash against him. Allison pulls Derek closer to her, never wanting him to let go. His virile hold on her excites her. The rush of orgasms is aglow with teeming life. Allison gives up her body to him without regret and Derek murmurs his approvals in her ear.

“I want you to cum for me, Allison. Cum for me. That’s right.”

It is indescribably rewarding to Allison to give Derek that gift. Her savage ferocity is unleashed for him to see and marvel at.

This whole event is so ecstatically pleasing to Allison, that she does not want it to end. She wants it to go on forever, but this heavenly meshing of two beings’ fantasies will have to resume some other time. Boundaries have been laid before them and they cannot cross over together. Parting hugs, a squeeze of Allison’s cheeks and a few slaps to her backside tells her there is more to come in the future.

Allison waits with constant hope, as she plays this afternoon over and over in her mind. It makes her cum each time she thinks of what Derek did to her and why she let him. His kindness and caring for her keeps Allison company until she is in his manly presence once more. Thank you is only a smidgen of what she can say to Derek, what she could possibly do for him. Allison wants to give him control over her time and again. He has won her trust forever. This story is Allison’s; she gives that to Derek joyfully, her truly wonderful, generous, caring, magnanimous friend.

                                                THE END 

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