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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantasy Friday - The New House, part 2

Friday again and we have another brand new story. This series began last week and you can go here to read the first part. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I hope everyone is ready to start it off with a good story this week. I have more about the author at the end.

Please enjoy...

The New House
Part 2

Liam woke not knowing where he was for a second, and then last night came back to him. They had moved into their new house, and Jade had shown him the surprise room she had added to the plans under the house. He knew she was building one, since she asked if she could. She had asked to keep the details to herself, so it would be a surprise for him. He had let her have free rein, and was expecting a small room off their bedroom about the size of a closet. This basement room had surpassed any of his expectation. He was very pleased with what he had seen so far.

The room was warm, clean, uncluttered and new. She had special lights put in so it did not seem dark and dank. It was very inviting and pleasant. As he lay in bed, he looked up and noticed there were three large eye bolts attached to the ceiling. He chuckled to himself thinking she has tried to think of everything that I might want in a playroom.

After he had given Jade her first of many long strapping’s over the new spanking horse she had bought for him, he had pushed the horse back into the closet and unfolded the retractable bed. When the bed touched the floor, two of the legs locked into U bolts that were reseated into the floor. He notices now that the U bolts were directly below the eye bolts in the ceiling. He immediately felt himself become aroused when he thought of Jade standing spread eagle where the bed was now, with her arms tied to the ceiling and ankles attached to the U bolts in the floor. He would have free access to her whole body. He thought how he would proceed in this situation. First the little tiny flogger, he would use that on her breasts and nipples until they started to stand out for him. Clamps then came to mind. Next he would lightly flog her pussy, making her squirm. He would then use the Martinet whip. He would use this on her bottom with some vigor, and then lightly on her pussy and breasts. Then he thought of the crop, yes the crop. Lightly tapping her nipples and hooded area with the leather tip, and then flicking those areas with the tip. Clamps would have to be put on those hard nipples. These thoughts were making him want to wake Jade up and start playing again, but she had been through a long session last night and might need to wait at least until tonight before spanking her again.

He got up and went to look in the drawer beneath the built in cabinets with all the spanking toys. He found ropes and all the leather harnesses placed in order in them. He smiled again, yes; she had thought of everything that a playroom would need. He was very pleased with what she had created down here. It would be well worth having to use the stairs to get to the playroom.

He realized there was a door on the same wall as the TV. It had to lead to a bathroom; surely she would not have left that out of the plans. He walked across the room and opened the door. It revealed a large beautiful bathroom all in natural tones. There were two separate sinks, a very large tub, and a huge walk in shower. He noticed that on the shower wall were several sets of handles on the wall. Jade must be planning spanking and sex in there too.

He walked into the closet at the back of the bathroom. It was full all different kinds of outfits. School girl, nurse, maid, secretary, and any theme you could think of. Again his mind was going to all the possibilities that this playroom offered them.

As he was walking out of the closet, Jade was walking into the bathroom. She could see that he was pleased with the way the playroom had turned out, that made her feel great. She had worked hard getting it ready and so wanted him to love it. She walked over to him and kissed him good morning. He inspected her bottom hoping he would be able to use it again tonight, this time for pleasure not for punishment.

He asked if there was anything else he needed to see. She took him by the hand and lead him back to the bar end of the room. There was another cabinet on the other side of the bed. She looked as if she was embarrassed. He wondered what could be behind those doors. He reached out and opened it and just saw a large white board that looked like a large calendar. He gave her a questioning look as if to say why does this embarrass you? She told him that she was thinking that he might have her record any punishments she received during the month. If she received too many, he would then punish her for not being a good girl for that month. It would hold her accountable for her actions and be a reminder if she was having a good or bad month.

Liam told her he thought that would be a very good idea. She needed to see how often she needs correction. He hand her the marker and tells her to write down last night and be sure to include the reason for the punishment. He also told her he would like her to get a folder and write the details of the punishment and why she was receiving correction for his inspection. This way he would know if she understood fully why she was being spanked. He could tell by her expression that she was not expecting that. He smiled to himself and thought; good keep her on her toes.

Liam then announced that if she received five punishments in one month, he would have to punish her again on the last day of the month. He would use the small paddle and he would give her ten hard swats for those five infractions. If she had more than five, she would receive five more swats for each extra infraction. This made her shutter. She knew all too well how bad that small wood paddle hurt. She would have to make sure not to get five punishment spankings.

Then she had a horrible thought. She was due to receive a discipline spanking every Friday for the next five weeks. That means if she was naughty just once the rest of this month she would have already earned an extra punishment session at the end of the month. As if Liam could read her mind, he said, “Put down your scheduled spankings you have already earned. You better be a very good girl this month.”

Jade hugged him and said she always tries to be. He hugged her back and kisses her. He told her, “I am very pleased with our new playroom. We will be spending a lot of time down here.”


Again a big thanks to our new author Catie. We know she is a good writer now here is a little more about her. She says 'I am a mom of almost grown children, a couple at home who are in HS, and one in college. My husband and I have been married for almost 24 years, and have been spanking on and off for the last 10. We do both fun and discipline spanking now, but it started out as just fun in the beginning. I wrote these stories for my husband. After reading them, he told me to go look for land to build on. LOL.' Sound like you fit right in out here. I sure do appreciate you sharing your stories with us too. And let us know if you start building that house in real life!

Catie has shared more of her story and that will be up next week but if anyone else has a story they are willing to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The week continues

Good news – all new Fantasy Friday tomorrow. It’s a continuation of last week and I do have more to tell you about the author. So don’t forget to come by.

An update on my student from yesterday, I gave her a discipline slip (for calling me a bitch) to take home and get signed. Big shocker she didn’t get it signed. I sent her to talk to the vice-principal. He talked with her for about 20 minutes and then brought her back to class. He called me out in the hall to speak with her and the following conversation took place.

VP: Do you have anything to say to Mrs. PK?

Girl: (after a pause) I’m sorry?

Me: (very calmly) Was that a statement or a question?

Girl: Shrug

VP: Fine we’ll call you parents to come pick you up. You’re suspended for today.

I really don’t let all this get to me. It’s not all that unusual. But it’s not helping my overall mood this week.

Wednesday afternoon didn’t get any better. We talk a lot about friendships and supporting one another out here. I mean if I told my friends here that I was going swimming with sharks or skydiving without a parachute I would hope you would at least warn me against it. I told two of my closest friends was I was going to do and then never even tried to stop me.

I should have realized it myself when I saw that big robot waving it’s arms and shouting “Danger, danger Will Robinson” but I walked right past it intent on my mission. I did what I had to do. I cried for a while and then I got myself together and came home. But to the friends I did tell who did not try to stop me I have this to say,

Friends don’t let friends shop for bathing suits.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keeping on

I really appreciate several of you coming by to say you didn’t mine that I often blog off topic. Hopeful I’ll get back to topic someday. But until then I’m just gonna farble along until something interesting happens.

I mentioned my job can be stressful. A new student moved in 2 weeks ago. She has quite an attitude. Today as I walked into the cafeteria she says to everyone at her table “Here comes the bitch.” Bless their hearts the students that have been with me all year were not happy and with her and told me what she said. The young lady may just find out her assessment was closer to the truth than she wishes it to be. I can really put up with a lot and I don’t find myself angry at my students very often but I am not rude to them and I won’t tolerate rudeness from them. Aww, well, summer has to come along sometime.

And lastly in this hodge-podge of a post I have to tell you Cassie – who usually whispers in my head when she wants to write something – is positively nudging me in the ribs to get to start typing for her. I’m working on it so she will have something up soon. Nick it going golfing this Saturday, Mollie is taking her SAT so I hope to spend some time creating. I’m planning on letting Cassie use my fingers.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just don't say it!

I had a good weekend. I got to see LJ – the three of us went down for a graduation dinner given by the theater department. Collin was there too and my sister and BIL. The dinner was fine and then we all went to a play. The play – hmmmm… what can I say about the play? I didn’t know anyone in it but my niece was the stage manager, aren’t we a theatrical family? I think the stage management was fantastic but I didn’t understand one bit of the play. Mostly there were at least 4 people talking at once, usually yelling. I wasn’t too impressed with the content.

What else is going on… not much. Remember what this blog is supposed to be about. Someone remind me – connection, communication, spanking, not so much these days. Not that we aren’t friendly and all but I still wish we were clicking. Is Nick leaving me alone because my work is so stressful right now? Is his work too stressful? Are we both just tired? And please, please don’t tell me to communicate, just don't say it – as much as I love you all, if one more person tell me to communicate I’m coming through the computer and strangle them!!

I blog for pity sake – I have communicated until I’m blue in the face! Okay, not specifically in the past few weeks but nothing about what I think is best for our marriage has changed significantly in the past 4 years and I don’t know what else to say. I know, I know – Nick and I have to talk. And I’m sure we will but I’m just not up to it right now. Maybe when my job is not so stressful, or his isn’t or we’re not so tired…

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantasy Friday - The New House

Welcome to a brand new Fantasy Friday! I was really thinking of stopping Fantasy Friday when I posted last week. I don't mind doing repost occasionally but if no new stories were ever going to come in I just didn't know about continuing the series. But that very weekend I was so happy to receive an email from someone who said she was a long time reader and offered me some stories that had been in her head for some time. Her stories are very good - and I'm happy to tell you this is a series so we will be able to enjoy a new story each week for several weeks.

This writer doesn’t want me to share much about her at this time. Maybe after a few stories have been posted we might get to know her better if she would like. Otherwise we will enjoy another mystery writer and that’s lots of fun too.

For now enjoy…

The New House

The day had finally come; all the children had college educations, jobs and were living on their own. To celebrate raising such good kids and to help with the empty nest feeling that Jade was having, Liam told her to start looking into plans to build a new house for them to move into. Now with just the two of them living in this house, they didn’t need a two story house or that much room.

Jade was excited about the plans. She had told Liam he several years before that she would like to move once the kids had moved out. She found a floor plan that both of them loved, for one, it had lots of closets’. She had an idea for a surprise room that she thought Liam would love. She asked the contractor if the soil on the new lot would be suited for a basement which is rare in Texas. He told her that they were lucky that this area actually had great soil for one, but since no one had them none of the neighbors had put them in not knowing it was a possibility.

Jade asked the builder to make a sound proof media room in the basement. She designed a layout for him and asked if it was doable. He told her it was not up to code, since Jade had said there would be no windows. That is when she told him that the two windows would be behind doors that looked like they were just part of the built in cabinets that would surround the room. She was determined to keep all the noise from being heard.

She explained that her husband liked the TV very loud when watching movies and the ceiling would have to be sound proofed and there would be a door at the top of the stairs as well as the bottom to keep all the sound in the basement. Little did the builder know that yes there would be a quality sound system down there, but that was not the sounds Jade was trying to keep in the basement.

The house was finished and Jade had managed to keep the basement a surprise. She was very excited to show Liam the room for the first time. When going down the stairs you would first have to unlock the door. Jade had planned this area of the house to be for only Lithe and herself to enjoy. The door was placed in a corner where some fake tree would cover it or a decorative screen would disguise it from sight. When they reached the floor of the basement, there was another door to keep any sounds from going up the staircase.

This door then opened to a large room. There was a wet bar immediately to the right on the wall next to the stairs. Not only did it have a sink, but also a mini frig and mini dishwasher. The wall had a large mirror and shelves of glasses and alcohol. There was a door on the other side of the bar that went under the staircase for storage. The floor was wood at this point of the room, but half way across the room it changed to carpet.

Looking over to the carpeted area, you saw a large TV mounted on the wall with cabinets on both sides of the TV. This was where all the Blue Rays and audio visual equipment was kept. There was a large over sized Lazy Boy recliner and a love seat with an ottoman in front of it. You noticed a large can that people use for umbrellas next to the small couch, but it did not have those in it, but has several canes standing there instead. You start looking around the room and notice that the length of the room is actually cabinets. Walking across the wood floor to a large double door, you reach to open it. There is a queen size bed that lets down. You notice too that after the bed is let down there are anchors inside on the wall. You can only assume that they are for restraints. Then you look at the legs of the retractable bed and see they too have places to attach restraints.

You are now getting very excited at the surprise room that cost so much money. You look over at Jade and say, “What other surprise do you have for me?”

She smiles and tells you, “Go look at what is in the cabinets that are in front of the carpeted area.”

Opening these you find all the toys hung and displayed in an organized manner. All the paddles are together going from large to small, but also separated by material. (wood, leather, latex, rubber etc. ) The crops are next, then the straps and tawses. Everything is right at your finger tips. No digging. There are drawers below the cabinets and in them you find all your toys. Vibrators, nipple claps, butt plugs all organized in their own sections.

You seem very please, but ask if there is more. Jade smiles and tells you to look under the staircase. She walks over and puts the bed back into the wall while you open the door under the stairs. She has bought a new and very expensive toy, a padded spanking horse, with restraints of course. She has put felt cushions under its legs so it slides out easily to the area where the bed had been. Even though you are pleased with the quality of this spanking horse you know it was way over her toy budget for the year. You ask her how much it cost. She looks nervous now. The idea of a spanking horse is very arousing, but now that it is here and you look like you want to try it out and have a good reason to use it, she is thinking twice about if this was a good idea after all.

She says, “It cost about $800 because it was the top of the line and would last forever.”

You remind her that her toy budget for the year is only $200. You ask her how she is going to make up the difference, but this is rhetorical, since you both know that you will be taking it out of her back side. She offers to return it, but deep down you are very pleased and wanting to try it out. You tell her, “No, we will keep it, and you better stop buying things if you don’t want to use them.”

She tries to get you to look at some other things she has designed down here, but you say, “You owe me 600 stokes, and I think now would be a great time to collect on the first 100. The house is not going anywhere; you can show me the other details later on.”

He tells Jade to strip and mount the horse. She knows that she went over budget and does not argue, she does hope that since she knows he likes it, he will go easy on her. She puts her calves on the cushioned leg rests and lies over the horse. It is not a soft padding, but it is not bare wood so it is fairly comfortable. You tell her to reach her arms forward so you can secure them. She obeys.

You then use the restraints on her legs and notice there is one also for her waist. You smile at how totally immobile she is on this and think you should have bought one of these years ago. You place your hand on her bottom and run your finger down her crack. The horse has forced her to spread her legs apart. You know she gets very uncomfortable when you touch her puckered rose bud.

You tell her now that you have a proper spanking room some things are going to change. He tells you, “From now on you must ask for each spanking even if you truly don’t want it. If I tell you that I am going to spank you, you must say “Please sir, I need/deserve a spanking”. My response will be, “Yes you do and I am about to give you everything you deserve and more.” You know this will be hard for her, but it will also put her into the right mind set. “After I have finished spanking you, you must also now thank me for taking my time to tend to your naughty behind. It can be as simple as, ‘Thank you for spanking me’, but you must use the word spanking.” You have noticed that even though Jade has a desire to be spanked, she has trouble saying the word. This too will make her uncomfortable and submissive.

You walk over to the cabinet and pick out the discipline strap and the thick leather paddle. As you return you say, “I have not heard you ask for this yet. If you don’t we can’t get started and you will have to remain where you are until you do. If it takes more than a minute, I will be adding 10 stokes per minute I have to wait.” Jade hates to ask for spankings and is having a hard time actually saying the words. She also is not looking forward to receiving 100 strokes. The next thing she hears is “We have to add 10 and those will be with the cane since you are being disobedient.”

Jade’s mind is swimming and she tries to escape, but she can hardly even wiggle. She takes a deep breath and says in a very quiet voice, “Please sir, I deserve a spanking”. You smile and ask her why. She response, “I over spent my toy budget.”

You say, “yes you sure did, and by a lot. It will take you several trips over this new toy to pay off your over spending. I will give you the spanking you ask for and you so deserve for being so naughty.”

You start out with the strap, not too hard at first, but once you have hit 20 you deliver the next 50 with full swings. Jade has been struggling to get out of the way of the repeated blows to her bottom, but the horse is living up to it expectations and keeping her still. You can see her try to reach back and cover her very red bottom but to no avail. She has also been making a lot of noise, but she did say that the room was sound proof, if it wasn’t you are sure the neighbors would have called the cops by now hearing the cries and protests coming from her. You say, “I really like this sound proofing, how about you?” She makes some nasty comment and you give her 10 more with the strap for that and say, “Yell all you want, no one can hear you. Now I am going to give you the next 30 with the thick leather paddle. You will count these and remember to put a sir with that number. If you miss a number, the stroke will be repeated.”

Jade counts out the next 30 strokes and only doesn’t get the count out in time twice. She is very tired now and just wants to be let up and held, but she hears you walk over to the carpet and remembers she has earned 10 more with the cane. She is shaking with fear that her well tended back side will not be able to take this.

You rub your hand over her well marked bottom and tell her she will be receiving this same treatment for the next 5 Fridays. Over spending will not be tolerated and now she will pay for not asking quick enough for this loving reminder. You say, “Now ask me to cane you”. You know this will put her over the edge. She hates the cane and having to ask to be caned will be next to impossible, but you want to see if she will be submissive to your request.

Not wanting to receive more than 10 strokes, Jade shuts her eyes and whispers, “Please sir, I deserve to be caned”.

You ask her, “why?” as if that is an odd request.

She whispers again, “I did not ask for my spanking quick enough”.

You reply, “Oh that is right, you were disobedient which is why I will gladly cane you to relieve your guilt for being such an ill-disciplined girl.”

You know she has been through a lot already, so you don’t give her full swings of the cane. Even small strokes of the cane are excruciating. You do not make her count, since this is really pushing her threshold.

Once you have finished you admire your handy work. You are very pleased with this new horse and plan to put it to good use. You leave her sobbing on the horse as you put away the toys. You come back now that she is a bit calmer. You gently stroke her back and bottom. You tell her she took a very hard spanking and you are proud of her. You start unbuckling the restraints and help her off the horse. You walk her over to the lazy boy and have her sit on your lap. You cuddle for a few moments and kiss her. You then ask, “Do you need a trip over the back of the couch and a good old fashion hand spanking.”

She looks at you like you must be crazy, and then remembers that she has not thanked you yet for taking care of her misdeeds. “Thank you for spanking me, but I thought you would like that horse.”

You tell her you love it and it is exactly what we needed in our new playroom. She smiles because she loves it when she pleases you. “If you are not mad that I bought it why do I have to take 5 more sessions?” she asks.

You look her in the eyes and ask, “Did you go over budget or did you ask to go over your toy budget?”

She looks down and says, “No, I should have asked.”

“That’s right and now I have to remind you what happens when you don’t stay within your budget without asking. I would have told you yes and you would not be in this situation. This is only fair. You wouldn’t want me to let you misbehave would you? You are my good girl and we have to do this thing to keep you that way, right?”

She hugs him and whispers, “Yes, sir. I want to be your good girl.”

They start kissing and touching both happy with the new house and the new room. Things take their natural course. Jade is very pleased with herself that Liam loves his surprise room. She can’t wait to show him some more of the features she has put into the basement in the morning.


Another big thanks to our new contributor! Any one else with stories in their head who would like to share please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stressed? Who me??

Just a quick post, I guess everyone out here knows I teach and this is crunch time. I’m being observed at school sometime this week. That always make me tense. I don’t mind being observed, administrators are welcomed to come in any time – just don’t tell me in advance. I keep thinking I should be doing something else or doing it differently. I should be immune to that after all this time but I’m not. The ‘extra’ stuff that must be done at this time of year is piling up. Worrying about the final test becomes a constant worry and I struggle to review the kids yet not stress them out about it. Wish the boss could learn to do that with the teachers. Meanwhile the behavior is deteriorating rapidly. It’s hard on the kids after Easter. They can almost taste summer (I can too) and their minds are just not on fractions. Sigh… all this is normal but it’s still not fun.

I’m still waiting to hear about Mollies second blood test and to see how my vitamin D levels are doing. But something else that has me concerned is my blood pressure. I went on bp medicine about 6 months ago and it came on down but in the past few days that hasn’t been the case. The last couple of mornings it’s been around 130/90 – and that’s on medication. About 90 minutes after my aerobic class last night it was 179/117 I know exercise will bring it up but that worried me. This morning it was 134/95 so I’m calling the doctor today.

I know writing and blogging relaxes me (most of the time) but for awhile I’m not going to have as much time as I would like. Summer can’t get here fast enough to suit me!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quiet weekend

It’s been a beautiful sunny weekend here. I took a little while Saturday just to lie in the sun and soak up vitamin D. It felt great. Most of Saturday was taken up looking at tile and counter tops – we are FINALLY getting ready to redo the bathroom. It’s so hard for me to see little pieces and picture how everything will look together. But this house was built in the early 70’s and you can pictures the bathrooms from that era. This one has a blue tub, blue toilet, blue sink - yuck! The only change we’ve made was to put in a new floor over 20 years ago, and I never really thought it matched. So I am very excited about the change.

We have had Mollie to the doctor for some test lately. She’s been a bit light headed and she has passed out a few times over the last several months. Now these didn’t really worry me too much – two of the times were when she was giving blood and once was when she was having her prom dress fitted. I grabbed her right out of bed – no breakfast – and I imagine she was standing there with her knees locked. But since it was three times I consulted 2 friends out here who are nurses and they both suggested I take her in for a checkup.

The blood work came back saying she has low iron so they wanted to take some more blood. I am anxious to hear exactly what they find out and what we can do to get her built back up. I know her diet isn’t the best – I’m afraid she takes after her mother when it comes to eating. I know that iron supplements can sometimes cause an upset stomach so I have been looking for foods rich in iron that she’ll eat. She and I were talking about it and she told me “Fine, I’ll try to eat some foods that will be better for me but whatever I have to eat you do too.” Grrrrrrrrrrr… who gave her the right to grow up and make sense?

As for me, same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Still not feeling really great, blah is where it’s been for a while. Not bad, not good. I want to feel better. I know my self-talk isn’t good these days. You know the running conversations we have with ourselves all day long. I need to work on mine. If anyone can tell me how please speak up.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A little information and Fantasy Friday - I'll Be There,II

Before we get to Fantasy Friday I have to tell you about the water aerobic class I took Wednesday. I though I could do anything in water. I expected a good workout but nothing serious. WRONG!! We were 'running' or something equally intense solid for just over an hour. I mean I didn't have time to wipe the water that splashed in my eyes. The only thing that got me through it was what two of my friends have said lately about being able to do anything for 15 minutes. Now in this hour class I had to say it four times but it still worked for me. Of course that last 15 minutes the thing I was hoping to be able to do was drown the instructor!! As I sit here getting this post ready Thursday night my arms feel like spaghetti and I'm not sure I can stand up - LOL!

And one more things before we get to our Fantasy Friday. I'm beginning to think that Fantasy Friday has nearly run it's course. Except for Annie who send me stories when she has the chance to write I haven't received any new stories in several months now. I'm proud of what Fantasy Friday has done while I've been hosting it, you have sent in 115 new stories since Fantasy Friday moved to New Beginning! I find that amazing!! My site will always be opened to any one who reads out here and would like to have a place to post some fiction of their own. And trust me ANYTIME I receive a new story I will be delighted to post it and I'll always let you all know ahead of time. So if you have wanted to try writing but you've been putting it off you can send in a story any time.

Now lets get on to today's story. You can see why I choose this one it feels pretty close to my heart these days. When it was first posted in the contest most people thought I wrote it - but it wasn't me, it was my friend Caryagal. She and I have been friends for several years and we have both been struggling with many of the same problems. Thanks for writing and sharing Carye and please feel free to write more if you ever want to. I love the story and I hope you all will too.

Please enjoy...

I’ll Be There

"Linda, come here, lets have a talk." Jake said from the bedroom.

"Coming!" Linda called cheerfully. As she walked into the bedroom, she stopped short, seeing Jake on the bed with several implements near him. "What's going on? Are we going to have some fun?"

"Not this time. Remember our conversation a few weeks ago about wanting discipline? About dieting? About the diet group you wanted to join? Where was that… Todd and Suzy’s?"

"Well, yes, but.."

"And I said we'd try it here first, then, you could join. Well, if I remember right, you didn't loose this week and you asked me to try to start up a DD lifestyle using this as our starting point… right?"

"Well… yes, but …"

"Nope, too late, the only 'but' I want to see is yours over my lap, please. Oh, and you can loose that pretty little thong you're wearing, you won't be needing it."

Blushing, Linda carefully removed her thong, making sure she didn't reveal anything under her dress. Then slowly laid herself across his lap, not sure exactly what to expect, and trying hard to remember what she had told him she wanted several weeks earlier.

"Now, Linda," He started as he slowly lifted her skirt over her hips, and began to gently rub her gorgeous butt. "We're going to do this right from the start. This isn't going to be an erotic spanking, no nice warm-up, or rubbing and touching in between. You are going to answer with ‘Yes Sir’ as well. Do you understand?"

"mmmm… yes sir" she cooed loving the nice rub on her bottom. Still not sure how this was all going to work, fearing and hoping that it truly would be their first discipline spanking.

"Why are we here?" he asked quietly.

"Because I gained weight this week, sir." She responded.

SMACK! "Nope. Wrong answer. " Jake replied.


"You're here because you made some bad decisions that caused you to gain weight. Correct? .. oh and don't forget the ‘Sir’ please, I don't want to have to add anything to what you already have coming" he reminded her gently.

"Yes sir. Bad decisions"

"What were those decisions?"

"um.. well, I don't really know…" she started. SMACK SMACK SMACK came his hand.

"OK, OK!" She frantically started. "Sir, I did too much snacking at the vending machines. I was good at home, but at work, not as careful"

Gently rubbing he asked. "Was that it? Just some snacking at the vending machines? No big lunches out with girlfriends, nothing at night?"

"Well…." SMACK "ok, ok! Yes, I went out a few times at lunch too. It is so hard to order light stuff when we go really good places sir!"

"Why do you need to do that? What did the doctor say that caused you to ask for these spankings?"

"please Jake, I know…." SMACK SMACK SMACK he rained down a thirty second volley of spanks with his hand. It was starting to sting his hand he realized.

She caught her breath wanting to rub away the sting. "Ok, he said I needed to eat more healthily and try to loose about 30 lbs. sir."

"And? "

"Please Jake sir isn't that enough?"

"No. You've got to say and understand what else he said. You need to face it, not try to ignore it; your life and my life as we have it now are at stake. Come on."

Sighing, with tears beginning to flood her eyes, she quietly whispered, "he said I'm borderline diabetic, and if I don't change, I could end up with full blown diabetes.”

"That's right, both of us need to change, I want you to say it again, this time louder."

Crying more now, "Because I'm a borderline diabetic sir."

"Right, and we're going to work together to make sure that doesn't happen. If it does anyway, we'll deal with it, but it is NOT going to be because you wanted to eat fattier, less healthy foods when you go out with your girlfriends. You ARE going to make good choices next week." With that he started her spanking in earnest. After using his hands a few minutes more, he paused, pushed her forward slightly, and scissored her legs. Sighing to himself he resolved that he could do this despite shaking and feeling sad, he was resolved. She asked for it and this was for their own good.

He picked up the hairbrush. Rubbing it on her butt, he asked "Linda do you know what is going to happen next? I'm going to use the hairbrush. I will use this every time we end up here. I love you more than anything in the world. I want you to be healthy. We can make this change together. I will eat just as healthy. Do you understand?"

Crying gently, she answered him. "Yes sir"

He began with the hairbrush. Linda began to fight, she had never felt anything this hard before, reaching back she tried to stop it, but he just grabbed her hand and pulling it into the small of her back pulled her tighter against him. She was crying and almost beyond where she thought she could take. Suddenly she felt exhausted, she could fight no more. She just laid and sobbed. Soon Jake stopped. He dropped the brush and scooped her up into his arms. With tears in his eyes, he hugged her for all he was worth. "Oh, Linda, I love you so much, I love you I love you. It's ok. It's ok."

Slowly her crying slowed. She looked into his eyes love radiating out at him. "Oh Jake, I'm sorry, I'll make better choices I promise."

"I know honey, I'm here to help you to support you whatever you need. I promise I'll be there every step of the way."

And he was. They did join the diet group after some discussion, and decided they both would join. This way, he could be with her every step of the way. Over time, they lost together, grew closer to each other, and much healthier together. Discipline did slowly become a part of their relationship with all its ups and downs, yet together they worked as a team making the whole truly stronger than the two parts.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't call me vanilla!!

Yesterday was a real strange day for me. After school Mollie and I both went to the doctor. Mollie needed to have a vaccination and I needed to have some blood drawn. They want to see if my vitamin D level is coming back to normal.

After than Mollie and I went to the mall. I said in a comment to Florida Dom that clothes shopping can bring on mixed feelings in me. And yesterday those feelings were not good. I want to find something nice to wear to LJ’s graduation and to a graduation dinner we have been invited to (two separate events). But as I looked one thing became apparent – I’m fat. No doubt about it. The shopping was a very depressing experience. I’m afraid I’m not one of those who feels fat and it fires me up to go to the gym, I’m more the kind to just get depressed and crawl into a bag of chips.

I hate fat clothes. I suppose clothing manufactures must think fat women have heads the size of prize winning pumpkins – all the neck lines are huge scoop necks. I hate them. And they put on ruffles (like I don’t feel big enough already) and sometimes beads or rhinestones. I can’t find anything that I feel is classy that I can fit into. I was getting to the point of getting teary. When I get into that frame of mind it seems to open a flood gate for every negative though I can have. I think some of the feelings about LJ actually graduating were creeping in. Mollie was beginning to sense that I was getting down and she was trying to make me feel better but the fact that she could tell I was upset was only making me feel worse. I’m also in need of a new bathing suit but I sure wasn’t in the mood to go there yesterday.

I finally just stopped looking for anything and started shopping for Mollie. I think I’ll do my shopping alone in the future – not with a perfectly built size 5, but it was fun finding her some nice things including a dress to wear to graduation. I pulled myself out of my funk as well as I could. Mollie went into Victoria Secret to the lotions and fragrances department. I don’t like perfumes too much. There is one vanilla scent I really like and that’s about it. I did get a snicker when Mollie said “Oh Mom, you are just so vanilla!!”

I wanted to say “No, I am NOT vanilla! Your Dad was - but he’s really worked on it!!” But I decided to let it pass with just a grin.

Yesterday I also figured out two things that have been keeping me from writing lately. One is that I am listening to a book on CD in the car. It’s a great book – Mary Higgins Clark, Just Take my Heart. I’m loving it but I just realized that I did so much of my mind blogging in the car. When I don’t have time to get my posts together in my head they don’t get written.

The other reason is ‘Bouncing Balls’I am still wasting countless hours playing it. I could be writing but mindlessly playing has a certain appeal. I was delighted to find out today that some of my favorite people out there have been captured by games just as mindless. It made me feel much better to know that people as wise and talented as Paul and CeeCi and Connie and Grace can be captured and waste time just like me!! I feel like I am in good company. But my book will eventually end and I’ll get tired of playing someday so I know I’ll be back to writing again too.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not a real post

I can’t really call this a post. I have absolutely nothing to say. I’m not in a bad mood or anything. I always like to write but I got nothing. Works doing alright – and that’s as good as it’s gonna get this year. Nick and I are good and so are the kids. If something interesting floats through my mind I’ll let you know.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Alimony, II

I have loved every Fantasy Friday story I have ever had the privilege to post but this one… oh my! Well you will see what I mean when you read. This is a repost and if you usually skip if it's been posted before I really think you're going to want to read this one. It’s great, so find a time when you don’t have to rush through it. This one needs to be savored...


Jane watched her soon to be ex-husband sign the final documents. She had argued long and hard for those concessions. Her attorney felt she was pushing too hard, but she knew she deserved every bit of it. In fact, that was the deciding point, when she argued that David had taught her to appreciate, in fact to require, certain things from life. David looked at Jane, smiled and nodded, and directed his attorney to draw up the papers, “give her exactly what she wants” he said, and walked out. The only changes he had made were for the alimony to be paid weekly, rather than monthly. Jane had no problem with that, as long as he paid, and paid dearly, she didn’t care how the checks were divided.

Their marriage had lasted a little over two years. She helped put him through law school, had relocated with him for a good position with a major firm. All of their early dreams came true and their marriage died in the aftermath of getting what they wanted. He was pulling down a six figure income and working 70 hours a week. She was lost in a series of dead end jobs that lost their meaning once he graduated.

But all that was about to change. Filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, plain old indifference, really, she was about to embark on an exciting new career. His alimony would support her while she wrote her book. Several books, actually, she made sure there would be enough to get through the first few years, until she had a best seller and her name was a household word.

The book was all planned. The title was “Alimony”. It was the story of a coffee house waitress that married a poor, pre-law student and supported him all the way to the top of his profession. Right up to the point where he dumped her. Of course, that’s not how it really happened. Jane had packed David’s clothes and asked him to leave in a very civilized manner. But she had to change some things to make it a better story, it was called poetic license. Just the fact that the poor, uneducated waitress won over the rich attorney would sell the book to millions of women who dreamed of a stress-free lifestyle, supported by a generous alimony payment.

There were a few details she had decided to leave out. The spanking, for example. David started spanking her before they were even married, mostly over minor things, like bounced checks and forgotten payments. He said she needed that kind of “guidance” to stay on track. After he finished school he was too busy to pay that much attention. His secretary paid the bills and managed the bank accounts. Jane rarely saw him, he left for work before she got up and most nights stayed late. He said it was necessary if he wanted to make partner in under five years. By the time Sunday rolled around, his one day off, he was exhausted and grumpy, and never wanted to do anything fun. Weeks would go by without making love, she couldn’t even get him to fight with her, it was hopeless.

Now she was free to make a life at her own pace. No more wondering when he was coming home. She had peace and quiet, and enough money to live very comfortably while she wrote.

No sense being in a rush. All dressed up for the divorce meeting and no schedule to keep, might as well treat herself to a nice lunch.

Jane was settled into a booth at her favorite restaurant, sipping a margarita and scribbling notes for her book on a cocktail napkin when a familiar voice sounded next to her ear.

“Mind if I join you?”

David looked handsome as ever, his dark hair cut short and his pinstripe suit crisp and tailored. The young executive look suited him, but Jane preferred him in jeans with his hair tousled, the just finished making love to my wife look.

She realized she was staring into his eyes, remembering how soft they were when he would slide inside her. Jane blushed and offered him a seat. It was silly not to, their marriage died of neglect, not anger. David motioned to her nearly empty glass and offered a refill, more to cover her confusion than anything, she nodded.

Two hours later, pleasantly drunk and laughing together they called cabs and headed home. David promised to deliver her first alimony check Sunday morning. He escorted her to the cab, paid her fare and sent her off with a reminder to get some writing done.

Jane went into her empty house and noticed for the first time how different it is when you know no one is coming. It had been a pleasant afternoon, like the way it had been when David still had time for her. Suddenly, four drinks and an empty house combined, Jane crawled into bed, scared and confused. Missing her husband was definitely not in the script.

Jane spent all day Friday in bed. It wasn’t depression, exactly, more a sadness at what could have been. Saturday she cleaned the house, top to bottom. She just couldn’t write in a messy room. Sunday she got up early, David was coming and she didn’t want him to think she was pining away. She baked his favorite cinnamon rolls, not for him, but so he would know what he would be missing. She did her hair, spent hours trying on clothes, and finally settled on a sapphire blue silk dress that David had picked out years ago. He always said it brought out the deep blue of her eyes and went well with her creamy skin tone. She had always liked the feel of silk sliding over her bare skin like a caress. It was a little formal for Sunday brunch but she got out her heels, might as well go all the way and her legs looked great in the short dress. If he asked, she could always say she was going out later. It would serve him right if she said she had a date.

David arrived promptly at 11:00 wearing old, faded jeans and his favorite fraternity sweatshirt. Jane felt fussy in the dress and high heels but couldn’t change, no need for him to think it was for his benefit.

“Wow, you look fantastic. Hey, is that cinnamon rolls I smell?”

He headed straight for the kitchen and helped himself, mumbling appreciatively as he made short work of several. She served coffee and he settled in, telling her about his week at work. It was like old times. Jane couldn’t help being somewhat resentful, why couldn’t he have spent time with her when it counted? As if reading her mind, he took her hand and pulled her closer.

“Jane, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I realize this divorce is mostly my fault. I was so busy with my career I forgot to pay attention to you, and to us. I am sorry for the hurt I have caused you and I want you to know I intend to make it up to you.”

Jane leaned forward; certain he would take her in his arms, kiss her and tell her they had made a terrible mistake. He handed her an envelope.

“Here is your alimony payment. I don’t intend to make the same mistake in our divorce that I did in our marriage. I promise I will follow our agreement to the letter, you can count on me to provide you with all of the things you came to need while we were married.”

Jane leaned back, uncertain whether to thank him or slap him. How dare he make her think he would kiss her?

David smiled and casually asked how her writing was going.

“Oh well, you know how it is. The creative process can’t be forced.”

He looked hard into her eyes.

“Do you mean to tell me that in three days you have not written one, single word?”

“Well, not exactly, I have been sorting ideas and working on other things.” She said uncertainly.

“That is just what I was afraid of. You have always been a procrastinator, never do today what can be put off until tomorrow. I meant what I said, Jane, I may have failed you before but I mean to see to it that you fulfill your dream. What you need is some old fashioned motivation and I intend to provide it.”

Jane was beginning to see just where this was going, she started scooting down the couch, but he was too fast for her.

“Oh no you don’t. You have this coming and you know it. Now get into the bedroom and take that dress off, I will be right in to give you your punishment.”

His tone of voice was the one she had always dreaded, it meant there was no going back, it was too late to make it right. Out of habit she stood and started toward the bedroom, no need in making the punishment worse by arguing.

“Wait a minute, you are not my husband anymore. You have no right to order me around in my house.”

She stood defiantly, glaring at him.

“GO TO YOUR ROOM! If I have to tell you again I’ll use my belt!”

Something in her just snapped when he used that voice, she was a little girl again, and she was in big trouble. Jane ran to the bedroom.

David gave her a few minutes to think about what was coming, then followed. She sat on the edge of the bed looking miserable and scared.

“Young lady, I told you to take that dress off, didn’t I?”

“Yes, sir.” She mumbled through a curtain of hair.

“Then get it off, right now!”

Jane slowly unzipped the dress, embarrassed for him to know that she was wearing only a tiny pair of bikini panties underneath. She stepped out of the dress and stood awkwardly clutching it to her chest. David seated himself on the bed and motioned her to his side.

“Come here and tell me why you deserve to be spanked.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll do better this week, you don’t have to spank me, I’ll be good.”

“Did you have a chance to be good already?”

Jane nodded her head.

“Did you do your work?”

“No.” She whispered softly.

“So tell me why you deserve to be spanked?”

“Because I didn’t do my work.”

“That’s right, you didn’t even start it, and this is important work, isn’t it Jane?”

“I guess so.”

“Since it is such important work and you didn’t even start it I think you had better get the hairbrush and bring it here.”

“NO, not the hairbrush, I’ll be good, honest...”

“Jane! Do you want me to use my belt? No, I didn’t think so. Go get the hairbrush.”

Jane shuffled to the dresser and took out the hated hairbrush. David’s spankings were for punishment, they were real and they hurt, but the hairbrush was the worst. Its heavy back made her scream and howl and left her tender and sore for days. Even the belt was better than the hairbrush, but he never used the belt alone, instead, he just added it to her punishment, so she got it on top of the blisters from the brush.

David took the hairbrush and laid it aside. Scolding over her laziness, he positioned her across his lap with her legs securely trapped beneath one of his. Sliding her panties down to her knees David took his time, making sure she knew exactly what her punishment was to be and why she had earned it. He knew she hated the vulnerability of this position, hated waiting for it to begin, and especially hated his scolding her like a small child. David never mixed the two aspects of her punishments. He would scold her until he felt she was ready, then spank until the lesson was learned.

Without warning his hand crashed down with a loud crack causing her to jump. Even though she knew it was coming the first one always took her by surprise.

David spanked as methodically as he scolded. Aiming several smacks to an area before moving on, slowly covering her entire bottom with angry red hand prints until they faded together into a bright crimson and she began crying in earnest.

Jane never talked or begged during her spankings, just cried harder and harder. When he stopped and picked up the hairbrush she held her breath bracing for the first stroke. To her surprise, he started talking.

“Jane, I know I have neglected you for months. I am very sorry that I hurt you. If you wish to go ahead with the divorce I will understand. However, as long as I am making alimony payments I will make sure that you are also getting the guidance and the discipline you require. I will not let you down in this, I promise. Now, tell me why you are being punished today.”

“Be, because I was lazy.”

“That’s right, and what will happen if you are lazy and do no do your work next week?”

“You’re gonna spank me again.”

“That’s right.”


Without warning the hairbrush crashed against her sore bottom over and over. Jane screamed and wiggled but she was firmly trapped between David’s legs and he continued to deliver hard swats turning her whole backside a deep, dark red. Jane was bucking and heaving, thrashing wildly from side to side as the hairbrush tortured her tender flesh with its horrible burning. Reduced to sobbing and struggling for air as the impact of the brush came harder and harder with each stroke, Jane didn’t even realize when the punishment stopped.

“You get in the corner and think about why you were punished until I come back. No rubbing or I’ll use the belt.”

Jane hurried to the corner, just dying to rub her aching butt. She wasn’t going to risk further strokes, she couldn’t take anymore. David believed in serious punishment spankings, he always made sure there would be a lasting memory and a sore bottom to remind her for days.

She could hear him in the kitchen mixing a drink, then silence. Always before he would leave her in the corner for awhile, then come and hold her, telling her how much he loved her and that all was forgiven. Now that they were almost divorced she didn’t know what to expect.

David watched from the doorway, his heart breaking at losing this beautiful woman. He was determined to give her as much attention as she needed, and to keep giving it to her until she called off this ridiculous divorce. Now that the punishment was over he was unsure how to proceed. He desperately wanted to hold her in his arms until the crying was over then make tender love to her. It was one thing to punish her; he knew he could not push her into sex.

Without a word he led Jane to the bed, gave her his handkerchief and a drink of tea, then laid her down and gently began massaging cool lotion onto her hot bottom.

He had always felt she was most beautiful after a punishment, her long brown hair in wild disarray and her dark blue eyes bright with tears. Carefully sliding his hand over the red, swollen flesh he was tempted to slide lower, knowing she would be wet and ready for him. All instincts raged to take her now, prove that they were meant to be together. He leaned down, taking a deep breath, and gently kissed her shoulder.

“Time for me to be going. I will be here next Sunday with your check. Make sure you have some work ready to show me.”

She couldn’t believe he just left! How dare he treat her this way? Leaving her sore and aching for him. That was just like him, plenty of time to punish her, but no time for making love. She spent the rest of the day angry, and sore, and confused. How could she be so angry and so needy for him at the same time?

The week flew by. So much to adjust to, living alone. Her schedule had always revolved around his. With him gone and no job to go to it was hard to get motivated. Monday and Tuesday were spent at home in a long tee-shirt with no underwear, waiting for the soreness to fade. Wednesday it was such a relief to be able to get dressed she went out to lunch with a girlfriend. Thursday and Friday she made attempts at writing, sitting at her new computer for almost an hour each day, but not one word made sense. Now it was Saturday and the house was getting messy and she needed a few things from the store.

Sunday morning Jane was up early. She tried to write but couldn’t stop thinking about how upset David would be when he got there. Better to fix a nice lunch, she could think about her story while she worked and then type it in before he arrived.

Jane was typing the title page for the third time when the doorbell rang.

“Hi. How are you?” He gave her a quick, very civilized peck on the cheek.

“Oh, is it time for your visit already? I was so busy on the computer I guess the time just got away from me.”

“Great, show me what you have finished.” He headed for the office.

“No, I’d really rather wait until this chapter is finished. I have some small details to work out before I let anyone see it.” Jane felt rather proud of her excuse.

“That’s okay, I don’t expect a finished novel. Besides, I minored in journalism, maybe I can give you some suggestions.”

He pulled up the file menu. “There must be some mistake, there are seven files here and all of them are title pages, not one word of text.”

“Oh well, I just, I mean, well, you see I don’t write it on the computer. It is, well, silly of me, but I write it in my head first.” There. He couldn’t very well check inside her head.

“No problem. I’ll type while you dictate. Just start telling me what you have so far, we can clean it up later.”

He plopped down, in her chair, waiting expectantly.

“David, I would prefer to do this myself. I appreciate your help, and....”


It was the voice again. Jane couldn’t look at him as she nodded, knowing he would be furious.

“What did I say about getting your work done last week?”

“That it was important.” She was reduced to her naughty, little girl behavior, talking softly and hanging her head, unable to meet his eye.

“I must not have made much of an impression last week. I will have to talk harder and longer to your bottom this time to make sure you don’t forget again.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t forget, honest, I’ve been busy and I really am working on it in my head. Please don’t punish me, I’ll do better next week.”

“I told you before, I intend to help you with all of the things you need. This is important. Now go to the bedroom and get ready. No arguments.”

Jane shuffled to the bedroom, she knew it was her own fault, she had all week to get her work done and hadn’t even started. She also knew that a small secret part of her wanted and needed him to punish her.

“I’m glad to see you are following instructions today since you have already earned the belt by lying about how much you have done this week.”

Just the thought of the belt had Jane crying all through his scolding. She liked the feel of his hand warming her bottom even though it hurt. There was something so safe about being over his lap, knowing he cared enough to correct her.

All too soon he switched to the hairbrush. Howling and sobbing, Jane writhed across his knees. There was no thinking when that hated brush was pounding her swollen bottom. It went on and on. David was making sure that this lesson stayed with her a long time. Her backside was deep crimson, almost blue in spots, and still he kept swinging. She screeched and blubbered as he worked the brush back and forth on the tender juncture at the top of her thighs.

Finally satisfied that she had had enough, he stood and led her to the armchair. Bending her over the back of the chair he took off his belt and doubled it, careful to keep the buckle in his hand.

The chair was just tall enough to keep Jane’s legs stretched and her bottom high and completely exposed. He stood for a moment, admiring the view. Her ass was twitching from the severe paddling but he could see her sex, open and moist. He knew he could not walk away this time, he wanted her so badly he ached.

The belt swished through the air, landing with a meaty whack that produced a shriek and violent kicking. Balanced on the chair, legs scissoring madly, Jane’s bottom endured ten full swings of the belt.

Gathering her into his arms, he carried her to the bed, soothing her with soft words and gentle caresses. After the ritual of hankie and lotion, he held her until her sobs died down. Without a word he pulled her to her knees and entered her fast and hard.

In moments she was wracked with the spasms of her climax. The site of her quivering combined with the heat of her welted ass proved too much. Driving deep inside her he exploded with pent up need.

Lying together afterward, Jane snuggled against his chest, she was exhausted but content. It was lovely having him home again.

David hated to leave her but he knew the time was not right yet. Slipping the covers over her, he kissed her cheek, reminded her to get some writing done, and left.

By Wednesday Jane had gotten over her anger at him leaving again and was ready to face the fact that she wanted her husband back. It wouldn’t be easy, but, she was certain it could be done.

Waiting in line at the grocery store, Saturday, Jane overheard two women talking about their ex-husbands, late child-support and alimony payments. Jane had to laugh to herself. How eager would they be for their checks if they were delivered like hers were? Here it was, Saturday afternoon, and she had not written one single word.

David thought he was helping her to realize her goals, he just didn’t know he had become one of them.


Almost make me want an alimony check!

I knew everyone would love FF this week! The author – I'm embarrassed to say I'm not positive. I'm 99% sure that this was the first story Annie sent me (Annienyomous) but not knowing if I would ever hear from her again I didn't make myself a note. I know it's good enough to be hers and I started keeping better records after this. But I want to thank the author for sharing this great story. When I think of all the things I want to write and all the time I waste... well lets just say this is one of my favorite stories!

I hope everyone out here reading knows that by being here you are a part of us whether you leave a comment or not. I know most of you coming here are spanko, whether you have shared this with anyone or not. If you are and have no one to talk things over with, well this is why many of us blog – to have a chance to talk with other people who understand and welcome the discussion. I welcome stories, comments, question, discussions, and friendships. That’s why we are all here. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How much is too much?

This is totally off topic (if we still have one) this is a mom post but I am always up for advice and suggestions. I remember a post I put up less than a month after I began blogging, in it I ask for help in dealing with my beloved son leaving home to go to college. And now – I can’t believe I’m saying this – he is graduating from college next month. He is so happy, so excited, so pumped to begin his life I just can’t be sad – worried, apprehensive, numb – I’m feeling all that, but not sad. I love seeing him this happy!

So by June he is headed to New York City, no job, no apartment, no real prospects, little money but plenty of hopes and dreams and confidence. Colin is going with him of course; they have been together for almost 7 years. He and Colin and two of LJ’s best friends from college (girls) are all planning to find an apartment together.

But now my question – how much help is too much? He’s my boy, I want to help him get started but I don’t want to cripple him with too much help because I’ve see that happen too. He needs a new computer because his is almost shot, he needs a good phone so I can get hold of him, he needs a safe place to live, he needs insurance, he needs clothes for auditions, he needs head shots, he needs food, he needs, he needs, he needs... I feel lucky that we can help him some but I have to restrain myself and give him the opportunity to make it on his own, lumps, bumps, bruises and all.

We have some money left from his college fund and we are giving him that but I know I have to restrain myself. He has chosen to try to be an actor in New York and I would think that that, at best, it means he’s going to be poor for a while, maybe a long while. But like I said – it’s his choice.

We did get him a new phone for graduation with all the bells and whistles. Yes it’s for him, but it’s for my peace of mind too. I told him we would keep him on our plan for up to 2 years then we would expect him to take over. I will either see about keeping him on my insurance or getting him a policy of his own because if something did happen we would be paying the bill anyway. Not going to let the boy lay in the street you know. Another option is that Colin works for Starbucks and if he can get transferred to a store in NYC they do allow same sex partners benefits, so that may be taken off of us.

But other than the phone and the insurance I am trying to show restraint. Hold me back folks, this is hard!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A fantasy we all share...

A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail with her girlfriends a tall, exceptionally handsome, extremely sexy, man entered. He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off him.

This seasoned yet playful heartthrob noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her. (As any man would.) Before she could offer her apologies for staring so rudely, he leaned over and whispered to her,

"I'll do anything, absolutely anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20.00... on one condition..."

Flabbergasted but intrigued, the woman asked what the condition was. The man replied, "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words."

The woman considered his proposition for a moment, and then slowly removed a $20 bill from her purse, which she pressed into the man's hand along with her address. She looked deeply and passionately into his eyes, barely concealing her anticipation and excitement, and slowly and meaningfully said....

"Clean my house."

Monday, April 05, 2010

The weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Ours was nice but a little rushed. We left early Friday morning to head to the coast to see some family. I got to see my aunt – 97 – at the nursing home. I won’t swear she knew who I was but she seem so happy to have a visitor and that’s all that really mattered. My cousin invited us for supper at her home. We stayed and visited until late.

Up the next morning Mollie and Nick went around in the town – an old historical town to take some pictures. The cemetery where my grandparents are buried is just beautiful. After the picture taking we headed to another little historical town about 30 miles away. There we ate lunch with another first cousin – 80 years old – at a little restaurant in the down town area. As we were finishing she mentioned that there was a formal shop a few doors down. Mollie and I went looking and she found a formal for her prom. It’s a beautiful dress – turquoise – and it is perfect for her. I’ll post some pictures as the big night approaches.

After that it was back in the car headed home. That put us in LJ’s town for supper. We picked him up (the Easter Bunny slipped in and left baskets for him and Colin) and we ate with him and my sister and BIL. Then another two hours and we were home, tired but happy that we had gotten to see everyone.

One small problem at home – we broke the bed. Actually it happened a few days ago. One of the slats fell out but we were having a hard time making it stay. I wish I could tell you it was during a vigorous evening of love making but actually we were just sleeping peacefully. At 3 o’clock we’re up moving the mattress and trying to replace slats and having a hard time getting it to stay. They stayed temporally but as Nick got up this morning it fell again.

Sunday afternoon we moved the mattress again and Nick cut some pieces the right length to hold everything in and the best thing – the very best things – is that he used the dreaded and hated backscratcher as a spacer so he can’t grab that out without the bed falling down!! See there are wonderful things that can come from a broken bed!!

I’m off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope to get in some relaxing, some writing, and I guess it’s time to hit the gym again. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Fantasy Friday - The Long Day-II

I am so lucky to get to be the first one to read these stories. But all of you are lucky too that we have such wonderful writers out here that are willing to share their talents. I love today’s repost but it comes with a warning – if you don’t have time for a little loving this morning maybe you should wait and read tonight. Whenever you read it you will enjoy!

The Long Day

Amanda awoke alone. Her husband, Ian, was already up and about. He had always been a morning person. Amanda stretched lazily and snuggled under the blanket to try and coax her body back to sleep. Though her mind was still foggy with sleep, she could not ignore the warm tingling sensation she felt between her thighs. Recently she had been experiencing a heightened sense of sexual awareness and today seemed to be no exception. She was undeniably aroused and her mind was consumed with the dull hum she felt in every nerve ending. Rather than feeling energized by her desire, she was tense and irritable. She had trouble focusing on anything and despite her best efforts, her mind repeatedly drifted to sexual daydreams. As exiting as her sex life with Ian had been in the past few months, she had no patience for the tension and frustration she felt when there was no immediate outlet for her pressing needs.

Resigned to the fact that she would not be sleeping any more, Amanda rolled out of bed to start her morning routine and ready herself for the day. As she performed the mundane tasks necessary to make herself presentable, every sensation became excruciatingly sensual. She pulled on jeans and a tee shirt leaving her jeans unbuttoned while she moved into the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up. Standing in front of her bathroom vanity with the top of her panties and her flat stomach peeking out from under her jeans, her tee shirt rode up on her belly when she lifted her arms to style her hair. The soft cotton fabric of her top brushed lightly against her skin. Amanda imagined Ian’s fingers brushing against her body as they drifted down over the front of her hips to rest on the crease where her pelvis and her thighs met. Her eyes closed thinking about his hands caressing that union of skin at the thigh and lower abdomen sometimes, moving gently down to her inner thigh and allowing his hand to graze the outer edge of her labia as he did. The heat began to build in her center and she allowed her own fingertip to slowly glide under the waistband of her panties and move back up to her belly button. She slid her hand into her panties straying down to the top of her mound. She exhaled slowly and took her bottom lip between her teeth thinking of her lover’s hands exploring her body.

Suddenly Amanda snapped back to reality with a start. “God” she muttered. “I can’t seem to get myself together today.” She wanted to scream with the intensity of her desire. She set her jaw and clenched her teeth and focused on the task at hand; getting her hair and make-up done. Taking a deep breath to clear her head, she picked up her mascara.

Amanda leaned forward to see her eyelashes in the vanity mirror more closely. Resting her elbows on the counter top to keep her hand steady she felt cool and smooth granite tile against her abdomen. She leaned forward even further and her jeans dropped a couple of inches exposing the flesh where her lower back met her bottom. Amanda became aware of her partially uncovered backside in the open air while the rest of her remained warm inside her jeans. Unconsciously her bottom rose to strain against the fabric of her clothing. The crotch of her jeans rubbed gently between her legs and Amanda floated into another fantasy.

Ian’s warm hand opened and pressed against Amanda's back. He moved his hand tenderly along her skin and under her shirt. The familiar texture of Ian’s rough palm was comforting against her body. He knew just how to touch her to make her writhe. He dragged his fingers down her back teasingly and eased his finger under the waistband of her panties. He stroked the flesh just under her panties slowly and deliberately. Amanda drew in a stuttering breath as she imagined Ian hooking his finger in the waistband of her jeans and slowly lowering them along with her panties. She began to rock gently back and forth causing her jeans to rub against her crotch delicately. She could almost feel Ian’s hands caress the curve of her bottom as he eased his hand lovingly between her quivering cheeks. He continued to stroke her rear end until she pleaded out loud, “please, spank me.”

Snap. She pulled herself abruptly from her fantasy and cursed. “Damn it, get it together Amanda,” she chided. This was going to be a long day!

Two years ago Amanda and Ian were in a rut. There seemed to be an emotional chasm between that widened each passing day. With the demands of every day life heavy on their minds, Ian and Amanda did not take time to nurture their relationship. On an impulse, Amanda confessed long-held secret fantasy. She had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner and her desire to be spanked slipped out. Ian was surprised but not shocked or repulsed. In fact, Ian was eager to try spanking as soon as possible. Amanda was not disappointed. The spanking Ian gave her opened up a depth of ecstasy that Amanda did not know existed. Since that time, Amanda’s sex drive had exploded and Ian incorporated spanking Amanda into their lives effortlessly. He enjoyed the new found sexual inhibition in his wife and he had more confidence in himself as he took responsibility for leadership in their lives. Now Amanda was insatiable and Ian knew it. The power in their relationship had clearly shifted to Ian; only he could deliver the release she craved day and night.


Now that Ian and Amanda enjoyed an exciting and fulfilling love life, Amanda found herself in this state of intense arousal more often than not. Amanda was relieved that it was Saturday today. She would have plenty of time alone with Ian to touch, tease and play. Amanda hoped that Ian would start the fun early and make it last all day. In her hypersensitive state, she had high expectations. As Ian and Amanda cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, Amanda asked, “Is this how men feel about sex? I think about us all day long several times an hour, at least. I find myself fantasizing constantly and the slightest provocation sends heat waves through my body.”

Ian gave a wicked grin and said, “Yes it is.” Amanda cocked her head and returned his smirk, “Now I know why you can be so mean if you don’t ‘get some’ regularly.”

Ian pulled Amanda into a hug from behind and rocked her gently. He began to kiss the side of her neck slowly. Amanda tipped her head to give him more access. Walking Amanda across the room, Ian pressed her to the table as he continued to kiss her neck. His breath was hot on her neck and she could feel his rock hard length pressed against her bottom. Ian softly dragged his fingers down Amanda’s side, to her hip and then slid his palm over her full cheeks. Amanda sighed as Ian continued to stroke her bottom until the fondling turned into light smacks. He gently pushed his wife onto her stomach on the kitchen table. She felt the cold wood on her abdomen and breasts through her thin cotton shirt.

Ian unbuttoned Amanda’s jeans and slowly lowered them to her knees. He resumed spanking Amanda with his hand letting the sting build slowly over her panties. As Amanda’s bottom began taking on a nice pink glow, Ian lowed her panties and caressed her bottom enthusiastically. His hand strayed between Amanda’s cheeks and his finger glided down her sensual cleft to brush over her rosebud and rest between her legs. His thumb grazed her jewel and Amanda drew her breath in sharply. Ian leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Stay here.” And he left the room.

When Ian returned, he noticed that Amanda was quivering slightly. “What’s the matter baby, are you cold?” he asked, his voice dripping with mock compassion. Crack. Amanda felt the sting of the leather paddle against her backside. “Maybe this will warm you up a little” Ian drawled. Crack, crack, crack. Each successive swat built in intensity and Amanda breathed harder as her bottom raised to accept each blow with the paddle. She could feel the heat rising in her center and moisture started to drip between her legs.

Ian continued to paddle her after she started to cry out between strokes. She alternately cried out and raised her bottom as the paddle continued to fall. Ian concentrated on one cheek and then the other causing Amanda to jump and buck. “Bend over Amanda or I will get the wood paddle.” Ian scolded. She pressed her body to the table and grabbed the edge to help stay in place. Ian’s pulse quickened at the sight of Amanda’s backside growing redder. He dropped the paddle and pressed his hand firmly between Amanda’s legs. She felt his length pressed against her rear end.

Ian lowered his trousers and boxers and let them fall to the floor. He entered Amanda to the hilt in one long stroke. Amanda groaned and pushed back with her bottom to accept Ian’s thickness. Ian rocked back and forth slowly at first, reaching around to finger her nub. Amanda was shaking with need, each stroke felt as though it was creating a small fire inside her. Her breath quickened as Ian pounded into her from behind and continued to work with his fingers from the front. She gasped, called Ian’s name and pleaded for release. Ian growled in her ear, “Ask me to make you cum baby.” Amanda wailed desperately, “Oh my God Iiiaannn, pleeeaase make me cum.” With one last thrust, she shattered from the inside out. At the same moment, Ian released his gift.

Ian collapsed on top of Amanda breathless and spent. Amanda felt sated; the insistent sexual tension was quelled for the time being. As their breathing returned to normal, Ian rolled off of Amanda and helped her up. He took her hand and led her to the couch in the living room. Amanda followed Ian like a docile lamb and sighed as Ian sat on the couch and pulled her into his lap. They lay on the couch with their limbs entwined and gently kissed each others lips. Amanda tipped her head back and smiled at Ian, “I really like Saturdays.” Ian smiled back, “Me too.”


Excuse me while I cool off! I told you it was good!

This wonderful story came from Jessica! And she did a fantastic job. This is not her first Fantasy Friday. I am thinking that maybe Jessica need to think about starting a blog of her own. I would love to have a place to go to get to know her better. What do you say Jessica?? Either way, thanks for this story.

Whether you have sent stories before or you are just thinking of maybe getting your feet wet – your story will be welcomed!! Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com .