I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, January 30, 2023

It's none of my business, but...

I have thoughts, suggestions… advice maybe, rolling around in my head. And we all know that my advice is worth exactly what you’re paying for it.

There is a group of people that I’m worried about. Some are my family members, some are friends who live close to me and some are my blogging friends that I’ve never met in person. But all these people have something in common and it concerns me – none of my business, but I’m still concerned.


When covid struck we all retreated into our homes and rightly so. The stuff was deadly and we had no good way to fight it. Gradually, ever so gradually, we got some help. The vaccine was developed as well as various treatments. Infusions, antiviral and a few other things. Slowly with the protection of the vaccines and boosters, we began coming out and mingling with others again.

But some have chosen not to. Several of my family and friends – both near and far, have decided not to come out and possible expose themselves. And I’m not telling them to! Covid is still out there and everyone has to do what makes them comfortable. But here’s the thing ...


Covid is never going away. Not in our lifetimes.


I feel a kinship to those who only want to stay home – I’ve felt that way most of my life. But I worry about those who choose to never leaving the house, never going out to eat, never again visiting with friends or family, never going to the movies or shopping or on vacation. Life is short. Most of these wonderful folks I worry about are, like me, not spring chickens. I just don’t what them to feel that they have to spend the rest of their life shut up in their homes.


So, here’s where the suggestions, advice come in. If you feel comfortable giving it a try. Grab your honey and go back to your favorite restaurant between two and four in the afternoon when there are very few people there. Pick the store you liked to shop at the most and arrive there as it opens on a Monday or Tuesday morning. Or do what I did, go to a movie matinee on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – you may need to check this out if you live in a big city but when I went with my friend to see Avatar: The Way of Water at 4:15 on a Wednesday afternoon there were a total of three of us in the whole theater. 

You can wear your mask and even gloves if it makes you feel more comfortable. Think of it like exercise, it may be something you need to do for your overall well-being. And if – God forbid – you run into covid out there, I pray your experience will be no worse than mine was. Just feeling like I had a lousy cold for about four days and then it was done.


These are just my thoughts. Just something I hope you think about and then make the best decision for you. But there is a nice old world out there, full of some wonderful people and lovely experiences. I’d hate for you to miss all this forever.

Monday, January 23, 2023

This is what I wanted, but...

Those of you who have read here for years know that I began this blog way back in 2006. At that time Mollie was thirteen. 

My beautiful daughter is now thirty. She is happy, employed, has her own house, two beautiful goldens and a cat. What’s she’s never had is a boyfriend. Mollie’s never dated. Until now.

She called me the other night as she drove home from a neighboring town. The conversation began, “Just went and got some supper. I was on a date, but that’s neither here nor there. I was just wondering if Daddy was coming by in the morning to help me mount my new ring camera.”

And now you know everything that I do about Mollie’s date.

Yes, yes I know she’s grown and intitled to her privacy, but really – couldn’t I at least get a name, age, general appearance, hell, is it a man or a woman? I really wouldn’t care, but I do feel it’s a man. 

She so obviously didn’t want to talk about it that I asked no questions (to her) but Nick got to hear several. Now my thoughts are moving from I really wish she would date some to: Who is this guy? What does he do for a living? Where did she meet him? Is he good enough for her? 

     What are his intentions? Why was she driving home from town, didn’t he pick her up? How does he feel about dogs? Is this getting serious? How does he feel about kids? What’s wrong with him that she wants us to know nothing about him? What’s wrong with us that she doesn’t want to introduce him to us? Was this a one-time thing or have they been seeing one another for a while.

Hang on just a minute and I’ll come up with a dozen or so more questions. I’m being ridiculous, I know that. But when you know nothing, your mind speculates.

I'm sure I'll learn more eventually. And I'll probably let you know.


Monday, January 16, 2023

Not the most exciting life

I’m happy to say Nick and I survived Covid quite nicely. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t horrible either. Nick says it didn’t seem like that bad a cold to him. I did lose my sense of smell for a short time and truly that’s a weird feeling. Sticking your nose in a jar of Vick’s and you smell nothing is just strange.


I finally got to see someone at the sleep clinic, and I went into my intense dislike of the cpap machine. Mostly I was complaining about the high pressure. There was always wind blowing around my eyes, chin, onto my hands, onto Nick – everywhere. 

They wanted to try a new type of mask. I think it’s working. I like this mask so much better and the windstorm has definitely calmed down. I’m still not in love with the machine, but it’s so much better. I have to say the mask and the head gear is not the sexiest thing I’ve even worn, but it’s supposed to be helping.

There isn’t much going on here these days. Nick and I went to see A Man Called Otto, which I really liked. And I’m going to see Avatar: The Way of Water with a friend on Wednesday. But basically, I’m just shut down for winter. I’m still trying to get to the gym, but it’s really hard to make myself leave the house. I’m a couch potato at heart. But I’ll keep trying.

Monday, January 09, 2023

No hablo Español

It’s been quite a week. We visited my sister and family the Wednesday after Christmas. The next day Nick went to work and the following evening his boss called to tell him that he and his wife had Covid. Not good, because Nick seemed to be coming down with a cold. I got him to take a test Saturday, but it was negative.

We skipped church Sunday, not wanting to expose folks to his cold and by Sunday evening/Monday morning I realized he’d shared his cold with me. Yuck, but whatever. I had an appointment with the sleep doctor Wednesday morning and since I was still feeling bad I thought I’d go ahead and take a Covid test before I went. That’s when I found out that when Nick took his test, he had gotten out the English instruction and thrown them away when he was done. All I had was the Spanish instructions. I don’t read Spanish.


I stared at the instruction a while, muttered some English curse words and pondered. The good news is that it had pictures – a great help. Between the pictures and using Translator on my computer for a few key words I began the test. I’ve taken Covid test before and I know what the results are supposed to look like, but as I checked the results, I realized that in spite of the pictures I’d managed to screw it up. It’s supposed to have one line – the control line. But this one had two. What had I done wrong? 

Evidently, I’m a little slow these days. I probably stared at if for over a minute before I realized it was giving me a positive result. After trying to avoid this plague for nearly three year it finally got me. That afternoon I had Nick test again and this time he was positive too. Thank God we’ve had every vaccine and booster that’s available. There has been much sneezing, coughing, stuffiness, some headaches. But it’s like we’ve both had bad colds, it never felt deadly like so many had to deal with in the beginning. In fact, Nick kept going to work – with his boss and his wife home sick themselves, he was the only one there and my Nick would much rather be working than sitting home, even when he’s sick.


I talked to the doctor’s office to see if either of us should be on PAXLOVID. She said no, just to treat myself with over-the-counter meds and to stay hydrated. Okay… but I’m over sixty-five, diabetic, over-weight, have high blood pressure and have sleep apnea. If I’m not a candidate, who is? 

After five days of feeling pretty bad I’m feeling better. I took a sleeping pill last night and that really helped. I still have cold symptoms, but I can tell it’s on the way out and that’s a good thing. Keep washing your hands, test if you get a ‘cold’ (hopefully your instructions will be in a language you can read), and stay away from people if you’re positive. I’m really looking forward to feeling good again!

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Hidden Talent

I’ve never thought of myself as a crafty person, but years and years ago I did do some cross-stitching. I made this for my dad about forty years ago. 


About twenty-five years ago I made this for my mother-in-law and it hung in their home until we sold it last year.

But I haven’t done any cross-stitching since then until this Christmas when Mollie asked that I make something for her. She had picked a few patterns that she liked, and I chose this one.

I’ve never seen Mollie so much as pick up a needle – no sewing, no needle point, no cross-stitching and no embroidery – nothing. So I was surprise when she sent me these pictures of some gift she had made for some co-workers. I thought she’d done very well. No pattern or anything, she just jumped in and did a great job.

Then last night she really shocked me when she sent me this. This is her house and it’s extremely accurate. She drew the house with her apple pencil on her iPad and then traced it onto her cloth and went for it. I am beyond impressed.

I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.