I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011


The other day Rogue asked Jared to read one of my posts (thanks Rogue) and while reading Jared asked her what pervertables were. I have to tell you that pervertables are one of my favorite subjects. They are, of course, any item that has a vanilla purpose the can be ‘perverted’ into a spanking toy. I’m glad we have so many places on the internet to buy real spanking implements but pervertables are just so darn much fun. We all know about things like belts, hairbrushes and wooden spoons but here are some other ideas you might like.

Ruler - Depending on what it's made of can create quite a sting.

Spatula - These hard plastic one can make a real impression!

Backscratcher - This stings way more than you would think it would from looking at it.

Slipper - Haven't really tried this one. Nick doesn't wear slippers.

Dowel rod - These sting like hell! Way too cane like for my taste but Nick still keep one by the bed.

Bungee cord - When used like a loopy Johnny I hear that this is formidable!

Dog collar - I think this one speak for itself.

Paint stirrer - These are kinda nice. Good sound, some sting, but not too much in the way of pain.

Fly swatter - I'm guessing that many of us remember these from when we were kids and it usually got used on the bare legs rather than our behinds back then.

Bath brush- Painful!!! I think that they're pretty but damn they HURT!

Ping pong paddle - Hard to explain if you don't have a table but it people aren't thinking too hard they won't be surprised to see it lying around.

Foam sword - and my most interesting and favorite pervertable our sword from Disney World. It's just the right combination of sting and thud. It's perfect for a serious good girl.

Lets do some sharing. I would love to hear what you favorite pervertables are!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Help Wanted, chapter 4, II

It has been a very, very long week for me. I am so grateful that Friday has finally gotten here! This story just keeps getting better and better. This chapter is no exception - it is great! Go here for chapters one, two, and three. And again a BIG thanks to Annie!!

Chapter 4

Amy drifted awake to the sound of birds singing, palm trees rustling and an arm like a band of steel holding her firmly against RJ’s chest. Snuggling deeper against him she smiled at the tenderness of her bottom, rubbing it against him and reveling in the knowledge that she belonged to him. If anyone had told her that she would fall in love with a rich, legless man who planned to paddle her backside several times a day she would have laughed. As crazy as it sounded it felt more right than anything in her entire life. Not that she enjoyed the spanking part, at least not the real ones. When he punished there was nothing fun about it. With just his hard hand he could leave her hot and tender for hours, the paddle extended the discomfort to the next morning. Oh, but what came after, now that was worth any amount of spanking. Not only was he a tender and accomplished lover, he made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. And the not so real spankings, the times he warmed her bottom just because he wanted to, then made love to her, now that was something even more astounding. She loved it. The feel of his hand, the heat getting stronger, his deep voice asking her if she liked her bottom all hot and red, telling her how beautiful she looked wiggling under his palm. Just thinking about it made her wet. Last night he had asked her if she needed a spanking and she almost came in her panties.

RJ woke to the delicious feel of Amy rubbing her bottom against him. This had been the most enjoyable time of his life. She made him feel whole again, hell, she made him feel eighteen again, horny all of the time, ready to toss up her skirt and take her if she even looked at him. Like now, it couldn’t be much past sunrise and they had made love into the wee hours of the night, but the mere touch and smell of her and he was hard and straining against her before he was fully awake.

“I guess you’re rubbing that butt so I’ll know you are ready for your morning trip over my lap?”

Giggling, Amy turned in his arms and offered her lips for a morning kiss before replying.

“You better feed me first. I’m starving, and I know where that stuff leads.”

She almost slipped away but he snagged one foot and drew her back to him, screaming in mock outrage. Without a word he flipped her over and peppered her creamy flesh with handprints until she breathlessly surrendered. Turning her he settled her hot bottom against his now painful fullness and kissed her thoroughly. Sliding his fingers through her slippery folds and hearing her whimper with wanting him he changed his mind about teasing her until after breakfast. Placing her thighs over his powerful forearms he lifted her easily, slowly lowering her onto his waiting shaft without breaking his kiss, sliding home and resisting her attempts to move. Holding her, spread open and filled completely, he turned his attention to her breasts, biting her hardened nipples gently then sucking them deep into his mouth. When she started pushing against his chest trying to move against him, he quickly pulled her arms behind her back, easily holding both wrists in one large hand.

“I don’t remember telling you to move, little girl, now I’m going to have to punish you.”

With her hands behind her back her nipples were ripe for his attention. Drawing one nipple deep into his mouth and circling her hard clit with one thumb, he felt her pulse around him, desperate to feel him slide in and out. Keeping a slow and lazy rhythm he teased her until she was ready to scream with need.

“Tell me again just how hungry you are.” he growled against her neck, nipping her tender flesh and flicking his finger against her.

“Oh darling, it’s you I’m hungry for.” she whispered.

“If you’re sure, I don’t want you fainting from hunger right in the middle of an orgasm.”

“Please, RJ, don’t make me beg. Love me, darling, I need to feel you pounding into me.”

Cupping one hand under her ass he lifted her to the very tip of his penis and let her slide its full length, deep and hard.

“Is that what you want? A big, hard dick pounding inside.” he asked as she came to rest with him buried to the hilt inside her. “Or did you want some more of this?” Now swirling his thumb over her hungry clit.

Without giving her a chance to answer he claimed her mouth, matching his tongue to his penis as he lifted her up and down, flicking his thumb side to side, until she was drowning in sensation. In just a few strokes she shuddered around him, calling out his name. The look of her, head back, eyes closed, screaming his name, pushed him over the edge and he pounded to his own climax deep within her.

“Now that’s my idea of a morning work out. I’d rather lift you than a barbell any day. Now I’m hungry, and we’re both sticky, how about a quick shower and we’ll get some food?”

Soaping each other, tickling and teasing took a little longer than separate showers but was much more fun. Relaxed and refreshed, wearing a silk pareo around her waist, Amy served fruit and muffins on the deck.

“I think I’ll have you serve my breakfast topless everyday from now on.” he mused, admiring the gentle sway of her breasts as she leaned to pour his juice.

“Only on the island.” she amended, “That will give you an incentive to come back often.”


The days flew by in a haze of sensation and they settled into a comfortable ease with one another. It was amazing how well they fit, both in bed and out. Amy knew it had to end, but still found herself wishing they could stay forever. RJ postponed the decision for as long as he could but after ten days he knew he had to return. Watching the sunset over the water with Amy perched on his lap he nuzzled her neck and wished they could stay on the island, this was the most happiness he had known in his life.

“We have to go back to the real world tomorrow. I called for the pilot to pick us up at noon so we can sleep late one last time.”

“I hate to leave, but I know we have to.” Burying her face against his shoulder, she whispered, “I just don’t want to lose what we found here.”

“Living on the ship may be different, but we’ll be the same people we are here.”

“Promise we’ll come back soon?”

“I promise.”

Content with that they sat quietly, until the last light faded from the sky. Neither spoke the fear that haunted them both, that returning to the real world would shatter the precious trust they were building between them. Their lovemaking was urgent as the last night of their idyll slipped away.

The ship seemed exactly as they had left it but there was an underlying sense of tension. RJ’s desk was stacked with paperwork needing his approval. Thinking they would get started Amy was surprised when he asked her to take care of a business matter on shore. Hurrying to her cabin to dress she pondered this change in their routine. The agreement stated she would not leave the ship without RJ. Maybe he was starting to trust her after all. Funny, when she couldn’t leave that was all she thought about, now that he was letting her go, she wanted him to go with her.

Just as she stepped from the shower the fax dinged. Amy’s heart sank at the standard, formal sheet, telling her the schedule, what to wear, when to be ready. Back to business as usual. No more playing, she was just the hired help. Dashing the tears from her eyes Amy dressed as directed and planned her trip to shore. To add insult to injury, when she arrived back at his office the steward was waiting for her. Mr. Drake was on an important call and could not be interrupted. She was to deliver a package of documents to an attorney in town and carry the signed final copy back. Refusing to let him see her wounded pride, Amy took the packet and left on the launch, her mind racing with plans.

At the attorney’s office there was a small delay, taking this opportunity she dashed a quick note to Mr. RJ Drake, letting him know that she was not interested in returning to the “bargain”, and had it added to the packet to be delivered to the launch driver at the dock. It would be a few hours before he knew she had left, plenty of time to get a flight off of the island. In the back of the cab, she sobbed all the way to the airport, and wondered where to go.

RJ had the entire boat in an uproar the moment she left. He could only count on a few hours before she returned and everything had to be perfect. The jeweler had a selection of rings; it took forever to choose the perfect one. The florist was decorating the cabin and private deck with the flowers they had enjoyed on the island. The champagne was chilling and he ordered a selection of food that could be easily eaten in bed. The attorney was to call when she was leaving so they would ready. Obsessing over each detail he treated this the same as any other take over or merger. He was planning for the rest of his life here, it all had to be perfect.

The call from the attorney was an embarrassment, the copy of her note they faxed to him was devastating. It was all an act, she was walking out just like his wife. Hurt and angry, he called a friend at the airport and arranged to have her detained. She may be finished with him, but he wasn’t quite finished with her.


What a place to stop!!! I would tell you to come back next week for the conclusion but if you've read this far already I have a feeling you're coming back whether I remind you or not. Now run take a cold shower - unless you lover is close by and then just go for it!

Thank you to everyone who has helped with FF in the past and thank you to everyone who is hoping to write for us in the future. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

He was a good dog

Our dog was a good dog but he had a fault or two. He was a thief, and he loved shoes. He never chewed one up but if he could slip out of the house with one he would sleep with it for a while before abandoning it. Since we had an invisible fence we knew it would eventually turn up, although rain could be a problem. He did occasionally steal other things, some of which confused me. He would take a potato out every once in a while – didn’t chew it up, just took it out. He liked to take the odd towel, or maybe some clothes that the kids left around. A few times he carried off the book Nick or I was reading. Now what would a dog want with a book?

My bra is one thing that comes off the minute I get home. Once Nick came in and asked “Were you in more of a hurry to get your bra off than usual?” I just gave him a bewildered look and he held up my bra that he had just found on the carport. More of Link’s thieving ways, but Nick said he could picture me yanking it off as I walked in and let it fall where it may.

Link’s only really destructive habit was his love of a good golf ball. Do you know how tough a golf ball is? But our boy could chew right through them. Nick would hit them in the back yard and Link would gallop after them. Soon Nick learned to hit them just on the other side of the invisible fence. So he couldn’t get to them often but when he did – total destruction.

This dog loved our cats and we’ve had several during his time with us. He never minded them playing all over him and I have pictures one tiny kitten lying in his opened mouth. But when he got tired of their play he had his own way of calming them down. Here’s one picture showing that.

We have even speculated about Link’s spanko side. Years ago Eva and Adam came to visit with their dog. Link enjoyed the visit and treated their pup much the way a wise old grandpa would. But once when he got too rowdy for Link’s taste he picked up his big old paw and swatted the pup on the butt, seemed calm the little one right down. Eva and I, old spanko bloggers, got a big kick out of that.

But age finally took its toll. The past week was hard watching him refuse to eat, growing weaker, barely walking. I knew we couldn’t wait too long. From my past working with our local vet I still have some connections. Doc made a house call to bring some pills to try to stimulate his appetite and ease any pain he might be in but it didn’t seem to help. So I called again and told Doc I wanted what I would need to put him down. He probably wasn’t supposed to give it to me but he did. It’s the way I wanted it. When it was time I wanted to do it and not have to wait on anyone.

Tuesday morning I knew it was time but we are having state testing this week and I had to be there for it. I went and gave the test then got a sub and came home. Link had managed to walk far down in the back yard –right next to the only flowers we have away from the house. I went and sat with him. As I walked up he thumped his tail twice but couldn’t raise his head. I talked to him. He picked up his paw and put it on top of my foot which was his custom. I brushed him a little, he always liked that. We talked of stealing shoes and chasing golf balls. We talked about how he could nearly do a back flip when we would splash him with water from the pool. I just petted him and talked then I gave him the injection. And that was it. Quietly and peacefully in his own back yard he was gone. It was the way a good dog should go.

Nick buried him when he got home. I had put one of my shoes and Link’s favorite toy with him. I didn’t really want to stay and Nick said it was fine for me to go on to the house. I think Nick really wanted to be by himself with Link for a little while. Just as I turned to go I saw Nick place a golf ball in the grave.

You were a really good dog Link and we’re going to miss you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The spanking I (want) need

I talked in my last post about how much spanking adds to my happiness and well being. Now I want to tell you about how I wish it would happen. I know some will look at this as topping. But I see it differently. Like many of the women who blogs here I, the one desiring spanking, was the one who introduced this idea into our marriage. When I first laid it out for Nick he was startled, surprised, and bewildered. It is a pretty strange concept for a vanilla after all. But after the idea sunk in he had little hesitation. It was more of a ‘Really? Well sure, why not!’ response. So as willing as he has been, I’m the one who know what I’m asking for. Telling him want I need isn’t topping, it’s asking. Suppose I came home one day with my feet tired and aching and ask Nick if he would be willing to give me a foot massage. He says he’s certainly willing, but then he starts massaging my shoulders instead. Would it be topping (bossy) to say ‘No honey it’s my feet that need the massage.’ Maybe he just didn’t understand the first time. If he’s willing to help I know he’s willing to do what I need. I just need to be clear, he can't read my mind.

Now on to that spanking I want. Well, first the spanking I don’t want. Nick suddenly realized I haven’t been spanked in a while and says to himself, “I better spank her soon or she’s going to get crabby on me.” So without further adieu grabs me, bares my bottom, spanks hard for 30 seconds or so and thinks, ”There, that ought to hold her.” While I’d be thinking “WTF just happened?” Nick doesn’t do this but I think that would be horrible.

Anticipation is one important part of being a spanko. We all know what a powerful instrument the mind is. I really need my mind engaged to get the benefits of a spanking. Maybe an email, a text during the day, a whisper in my ear as he leaves in the morning – something to let me know he thinks it’s time for a spanking. The day before is great, that morning is also good, but even an hour’s lead time really helps me get in the right frame of mind. This doesn’t have to be a long spanking. Of course it can be, but he’s welcomed to take a break and tell me to wait where I am in whatever position he wants me in, then come back to finish the job. But honestly we may be only talking 10 or 15 minutes here if that’s all the time we have – is that too much to ask for once a week or so?

Since we don’t get to spank all that often I really need a warm up to be able to take what I want to take. I like to start out over clothes (not Nick’s favorite) with something not too harsh. I need him to go slowly again to allow my mind time to fall into the submissive mode and get the full benefit. If he starts off too hard, the pain is all I can think about. I just want it over instead of going with it and riding it through. The warm up is important, mentally and physically. When we get to the bare, the hand is a wonderful for a warmup, it can go on for as long as he wants in my mind. Maybe a good rule would be to began with a moderate hand spanking and as it builds, and his hand can no longer take it, then maybe I’ll be warmed up enough for him to move on to something else. Rogue mentioned that if her husband felt real discipline was necessary then she is willing to take whatever he dishes out – hard spanking wise, but if it was just a stress relief or for reconnection starting off too hard can negate the benefits. I agree completely! I don’t mean to tell Nick want he has to do. But I am trying to share what I feel I need. Once he hears my needs and the reasons for them he can decide the best way to go forward.

One more note to Nick and most any other guy reading here. If you tell the woman you love that you’re going to spank her that evening or that it will be the next day and something comes up so that it’s not possible – say something!! Things happen, we know that but tell us it has to be postponed, let us know you haven’t just forgotten or blown it off. This matters to us and we what to think it matters to you too.

So I’ve communicated, I’ve spelled out what I need, why I need it and what I want so badly, but there is a question I have. I don’t think Nick reads here anymore, maybe occasionally, but not every post.
Do I direct him to my last post and this one, or do I leave it in the hands of chance that he might read it? While I want this with my heart, my head often tells me just let it go. So heart or head, which do I listen to?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've been thinking again

This is my weekend alone. Nick's off golfing. I really love Nick – but I also don’t mind a weekend alone once and a while. It was my hope to spend some of this weekend reading and writing fiction. But I have realized over time that stories, mine or Cassie’s, come when they are darn good and ready and not necessarily when you have the time to write. Anyway there was some real life running around in my head and it seemed to want some attention.

I read here so much – much more than I comment these days. Many of my friends now are somewhere near the beginning of introducing spanking into their marriages and sometimes I’m a little jealous. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s full of ‘what if’s’ wondering exactly where this adventure will take them. The husbands seem so actively involved, also doing their own wondering. Sometimes I feel like Nick and I are becoming dull. Such long periods of time passes, seemingly, without Nick giving any thought to spanking. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to pop in here with what I think Nick is thinking (in red). Bless his heart, I’m always having long conversations, discussion and sometimes fights with him all in my head without giving him any time for actually input. So if he were to read this right now he’d be say.

Now wait a minute. You have been exhausted when you get home. Work is overwhelming you, Mollie is getting ready for graduation, we’ve been worried about the dog, I’ve been tired from work too and I was getting ready for this trip. You grab up your computer and nurse it on your lap every evening seeming to not want to be bothered. You certainly haven’t acted like you were very interested lately, what was I supposed to think or do?

All true and he makes some good points. I am tired, I am stressed over a variety of things, but darn it – I’m a spanko! What does he think helps me in times like this? Since we began this spanking is often followed by sex – really great sex, I might add. But now I think (I know) Nick puts off any spanking activities until we have the time, privacy and energy for such an afternoon. Nick has never understood how much I need non-sexual spanking. Those spankings are for me, for my needs, to help me cope, to know that I am protected, watched over, cared for… thought about. I want him to spank me when there is nothing in it for him, other that a happier, more well-adjusted wife.

I communicate – I try to anyway. (Here she goes again.) It’s not like we haven’t gone over this before. Nothing stays fresh and new as it was in the beginning. Everyone gets lazy. I’ll tell you right now I’m the worst! We’re lucky, both of us can be pretty lazy about our relationship and it’s still good. I’m looking for GREAT! I like it when we tease more, point pervertibles out to one another, anytime we can steal those secret swats! As I write this I’m saying to myself – you are not being fair!! Nick does do things like this. And he does – but I’m greedy and I want more.

Rogue, at Rogue’s Awakening, often holds a mirror up to me without realizing it. When I read her wonderful blog I can see myself. I completely understood what she was saying in her post Helluva Wife. While I know Nick has no interest in real Dom/Sub or discipline relationship he knows I do so much better when I have a few rules or guideline. (Now wait – I’ve given you some rules and guidelines. You pretty much seem to ignore them. What’s the point?) Okay honey, the point is that you never, or rarely, back them up. You’ll give me a rule (maybe even one I want to master but haven’t had the self-discipline to make myself) but I don’t keep up with it because it’s hard, or takes too much time and energy, or I would rather do things exactly my way. When you see me slipping or going around the rule or just breaking it and you never mention it, much less spank me for doing it, I realize you didn’t really care about it in the first place. Then part of me feels uncared for too.

Now you know good and well I care about you. We don’t have a lot of privacy for spanking and you know it. Mollie is here most of the time. I try to do what I can when she is babysitting.

I love our afternoons when Mollie is away but come on, I break a rule or don’t do something you’ve asked me to – you mention it, spanking my butt for a few minutes then we have hot amazing sex. Boy that’ll make sure I won’t blow off that rule next time! I mean what’s a better deterrent that delicious hot sex!

But Nick has a good point. I really only feel comfortable having sex anymore when Mollie is out of the house. Our house is small, her bedroom right across the hall, and she stays awake late into the night. So if we do manage to get in a private afternoon I guess Nick doesn’t want to waste it with a non-sexual spanking.

I know some of you are thinking ‘maintenance ’. It just hasn’t worked around here. We’ve sorta tried; really we’ve just discussed it, but it's rarely happened. Several of us have talked about our husbands not wanting to spank us hard if they don’t feel we’ve done anything wrong. I understand their confusion and I share it in theory, but I still know what I need. What I want Nick to know is this. If there's a rule or something he does care about, he can tell me, and I’ll try to do what he wants. If I don’t and he feels a spanking would help the situation he knows I’m open to that. But if he’s satisfied he can live with me the way I am and rules aren’t his thing then this is what I would love to hear him say:

You need a spanking and you’re going to get one. If I don't spank you soon you’re going to start drifting again, getting the ‘who gives a shit’ attitude, you’ll be working on those walls again and pulling away from me. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I don’t like it. I don’t understand why spanking works but I know it does. And if burning your bottom up every week or so keeps you happy and healthy; if it keeps us connected and keeps you from needing antidepressants or counseling then I’m going to do it. I don’t care if you’re in the mood or not. If you needed a pill to keep you healthy I wouldn’t let you wait until you were in the mood to take it - you'd take it because it's good for you and because I said so.

Now that would be great! He would have to do it regularly, which means he would have to remember. Hmmmm… that could be a problem. To me it sounds like a simple, inexpensive way to have a happy wife.

So this whole post is pointing out how much I need spanking in by life to feel my best, my happiest, my most mentally balanced and my most loved. When we go for long periods without a much needed spanking my mood spirals downward. It begins as a very slow, gradual spiral. I think longingly back to the last one, then I start wishing that there was another coming. After the longing and the wishing I start feeling like I really need one to clear my head and reconnect with Nick. Around this time I begin say to myself ‘Forget it, don’t bug the man. It’s really not that important’. But that isn’t really true. Not long after that (and this can be over a period of a month or longer) I start feeling hurt and begin to pull away followed swiftly by being pissed and saying “Screw it, what the use? Forget the whole f**kin’ thing!”

Unfortunately for Nick every one of these stages goes on completely internally with barely a ripple that anyone could see. I may become a little quieter but nothing shows until I’m to the pissed – stay the hell away from me, stage. What I’m wishing for is that he will spank often enough to catch me in the ‘I’m really wanting to reconnect’ phase rather than the ‘touch me and draw back a nub, you jerk!’ phase.

Don’t worry – I rarely get to that last stage, but it has happened. Mostly when it gets bad my mood sticks at apathetic.

See what happens when I have too much time to write! I go on and on and I have more. I know exactly what kind of spanking I want and I’ll post on that in a day or two.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Help Wanted, chapter 3, II

I think we should change the official name of this special day of the week to Finally Friday. I didn't think this one was going to ever get here. Work is still crazy and that should increase each day until the very last one. In addition to that our dog, our very old, very much loved dog is very, very sick. Decisions I don't want to make are soon going to have to be made. This makes for a very stressful time. I should really spend more time blogging because it is something that relaxes me and makes me feel like the person I'm supposed to be. I thank you all for that.

I've got some great Fantasy Friday news. Not only do we have several more parts of this wonderful story to do but Annie sent me another new one for when we finish this one. Now if I can only get a few more of you to help we can keep this series going for a while to come. If you need parts one or two click on them.

This story just gets better and better.
Please enjoy…

Chapter 3

Amy flew through her shower and had her makeup and hair done when the fax machine dinged. Her daily schedule, right on time. Grabbing it she scanned for the wardrobe choice then frowned. It called for linen slacks and a silk shirt for the morning work period. So, it was going to be business as usual. He just humored her to get her to leave. Deeply disappointed, Amy was pulling the uniform of the day out of the closet when the machine dinged again. Surprised, she ran to see what was so important that it took two pages in one day.

Amy, Please cancel previous orders
. We will be leaving the ship, a
Bag will be packed for you.
Casual clothing will be fine.

Departure following breakfast.

Well, well, Mr. Control was changing the plans for the day. That came as a bigger surprise than his permission to dress herself. Giggling, Amy ran to the closet to find just the right thing.


RJ watched in frank admiration as Amy coolly entered the solarium in a white sundress that showed off her tan. The neckline left little doubt that she was skipping foundation garments for the days outing. He found himself wondering if that extended to skipping panties as well. Acting as if it were a regular day Amy seated herself and served their normal breakfast of fruit and muffins. Knowing he disliked chatter she waited for him to tell her the plans for the day.

"We will be flying out as soon as the pilot is ready. I expect to be back tomorrow afternoon at the latest. I feel it would be a mistake to muddy the waters of our contract. Therefore we will be taking a break. I am inviting you to join me for an evening on a quiet island, no obligations, just a chance to get to know one another. It is voluntary. Once we return to this ship, the contract will continue."

Reaching across the table to take her hand RJ gave her one more chance to back out.

"Will you please join me for a day of relaxing on the beach?"

"Why, I would love to Mr. Drake. Will anyone else be joining us?"

"No, the pilot will drop us and return at the arranged time. Unless you would prefer we bring a small staff. If you would be more comfortable it can be”

"No, no," she interrupted, "just us is perfect."

Sighing with relief, RJ asked to steward to let the pilot know they were ready. An hour later they were landing on a small island with not a soul in sight. A small cove sheltered a stunning white sand beach and a small boat was tied at the end of the dock. While they looked over the scenery the pilot ran ahead and returned shortly with a dune buggy. Enough boxes to feed 20 people joined the wheelchair and several overnight bags in the back. Once in the buggy RJ waved the pilot on and then hurried forward to avoid the rotor wash from the helicopter as it rose. A path led between the palm trees and opened to a portico in front of a small but lovely cottage. The sandy path gave way to a concrete driveway leading to the front door.

"This is no four star hotel." he cautioned. "We're on our own. I built this place after the accident. I needed a place to get away and fend for myself. I come here several times a year for peace and quiet."

Swinging the wheelchair out he made a smooth transfer and escorted her inside. It was a simple floor plan, the front half offering a kitchen and sitting area, the rear, a bedroom and bath. Each wall had large, floor to ceiling windows, cranked open to catch the breeze and doors opening to the covered patio that ran around the entire house. A sundeck extended off of the bedroom. Each area had cabinets built in low for easy access. Amy was enchanted with the simple elegance.

"It's beautiful! How can you stand to ever leave?"

"Too much of a good thing can render it ordinary. I come here to be alone, but I do have responsibilities and a business to run, I can't hide out forever."

Amy noted the completely masculine air to the décor, the place looked perfect for him, sleek, uncluttered and efficient, but totally gorgeous. On impulse, she ran to him and threw her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek.

"Thank you for sharing this place with me."

"I've never brought anyone here before, but it seemed like the perfect place for us to get to know each other." Tipping her face to his, he kissed her deeply. "I want our time to be special for both of us." And I want to remember you here after you've moved on, he thought, kissing her again.

Scooping her up onto his lap, RJ wheeled them into the bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. He ached with wanting her but resolved to make this last, for both of them. He wanted their day off to be perfect for her, just holding her, feeling her arousal was close enough to perfect for him.

Amy felt like she was drowning. Whatever it was must be chemical, she mused, he was definitely not her usual type. Of course, falling for the pretty boys with no ambition was how she ended up on this trip in the first place. There was something so solid about him. Even if he was cold sometimes, she wondered if maybe he was just protecting himself. There must be hundreds of women chasing after a rich, good-looking guy like him. Sure, that was why she was here, no reason to hide from the hired help, she was safe and expendable.

Feeling her stiffen and withdraw, RJ knew it was too good to be true. She was just like the rest, dazzled by his money but he didn't have enough to overcome those stumps once they got a closer look.

"I am sorry; this is a mistake, Amy. We'll be leaving as soon as the pilot returns, I'll try to reach him before he gets to the ship."

"You bring me here, treat me like something you bought and paid for, and then get upset if I don't just roll over and spread my legs out of pure gratitude? You miserable bastard."

RJ didn't see it coming until it was too late. Her hand cracked against the side of his face snapping his head back and causing him to topple over. He rolled with the impact and caught her other hand, pulling her onto the bed and across his lap in one smooth motion. Furious at her for daring to slap him and himself for daring to hope she would be different, he blistered her bottom until she was sobbing, then left her there crying miserably.

After a few minutes his temper cooled and he was able to acknowledge her biggest offense had been getting inside of his defense. It wasn’t the first time he wanted something he couldn’t have, probably not the last either. Steeling himself for the big “just not meant to be” speech he returned to the bedroom to find her face down, red bottom wreathed with her gauzy dress, and sobbing as if her heart were broken. The sight of his handprint on the creamy skin of her thigh, as if he had marked her as his private property, caused a tightening in his groin. Determined to make up to her for losing his temper he sat next to her and began gently rubbing the sting out of her soft skin.

“Please, don’t pretend that you care about me, it only makes this worse. I have made a big enough fool of myself over you. All you had to do was say no. I hoped to make love with you, but I refuse to be a paid fuck.”

RJ was stunned. He thought it was his handicap that put her off.

“What are you talking about? You’re the one that got cold feet once you got a good look at me. And no one is talking about paying you to fuck, and I don’t expect to hear such language from you again. Things were fine and then you pulled away, looked at me like I was some kind of freak.”

“All I could think of was how you could have anyone you wanted, but you were here with me, because I’m just the hired help, so it doesn’t really count.”

Pulling her up to face him, RJ soothed her and wiped her tears.

“Listen to me; I am here because I want very much to make love to you, not because you work for me, but in spite of it. If you want to leave just say so, we’ll go back to the boat and pretend this never happened. If we stay here, I am going to do my best to make sure this is a night we both remember.”

Amy finally looked him in the eye, “I want to stay, if you do.”

“Let’s start over then.” Leaning forward he gently brushed her mouth with his lips, giving her every chance to set the pace. To his delight she returned his kiss with abandon, slipping her tongue deep in his mouth and melting against him. His hands clutching her hot bottom reminded her of how it felt to be over his lap and she moaned into his mouth.

“I am so sorry for losing my temper.”

Turning her onto her stomach he gently kissed the heated flesh until she was desperate for more. Lifting her to her knees he took in the sight of her, spread open to him, the scent of her arousal strong, her delicate folds framed by the still red bottom. Sliding his fingers inside her he traced his tongue over the swollen nub at her center until she dissolved in spasms. Not giving her a chance to catch her breath he pulled her back onto his lap and slid deep inside, pulling her dress over her head, he rocked them gently and pulled on her extended nipples.

“Oh, please, I want, oh,” Amy babbled with the sensation building.

“I know exactly what you want, but first you get what you need.”

Slowly, teasing and tantalizing, he played her body, drawing another shattering orgasm from her before he began lifting her, his arms under her thighs, holding her open and allowing him to slide deep inside. Knowing he could not hold back much longer he paced himself to her rhythm, and feeling her begin to shudder, lost himself in her sweetness.

They dozed in each other’s arms, a light breeze playing over their sweat slick bodies, until the setting sun brought a chill to the air.

“Thank you, Amy, for one of the most perfect afternoons of my life. I have been thinking about your mouth, swollen and soft from lovemaking, smiling just like you’re doing now.”

“Every time you punish me I hope you will hold me and kiss me afterwards. You make me feel so safe. I hate going to bed alone, wishing you were there.”

“Well I’m here now, and I’m starving. How about a picnic by moonlight?”

“You wait right here, I want my picnic in bed.”

Amy ran off to the kitchen and soon returned with a platter of sandwiches and fruit, and a bottle of chilled white wine. After much begging RJ relented and called to cancel the pick up flight. He was in no hurry to return to work, and even less hurry to go back to separate beds. A few days spent in bed with a beautiful woman was not a bad deal, especially one who was willing to get her fanny warmed first.

Amy just knew if she could keep him away from the yacht for a few days he would see that they could never go back to the way things were before. The thought of being sent off to bed, all alone, with a hot bottom, was too depressing.

He may not know it yet, but they were meant for each other, and she wasn’t going to give up until she made him admit it.


Come back next week for part four.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Other changes coming

Not much to post today. There haven’t been any sexy spankings, or any other kind of spankings, to write about. I guess it’s that time of the year. I don’t have my mind where I'd like it to be and where it should be, on my marriage. Instead I’m in survival mode at work and collapse mode when I get home.

I guess there is one good thing about it; the total exhaustion is slowing down the continually rising dread as I realize my baby is graduating from high school. My lovely Mollie is nearly through with her high school days. In a few short months she will be headed to college – thankfully not far away, but she won’t be living at home. It’s a little like being on a see-saw, one day I’m fighting tears that her childhood is over and she is leaving us. The next day I’m wearing a little smile that those child rearing years are behind us and we will have our empty nest to ourselves.

I don’t fear the empty nest like so many people do. But still it’s going to seem strange. We have had little people living with us for over 23 years and all at once they're gone. I know many parents that suddenly look at each other across an unusually quiet dinner table and wonder at the stranger sitting across from them. Do they really know that person? Do they like that person? Have they only been keeping the family unit intact for the children who have just left them high and dry? Those are some scary question.

I could have been asking myself those questions if I had not come out to my husband about my spanko side. I don’t think we would have ever broken up or anything – we have always liked each other and we have always gotten along. But if I hadn’t come out, if I hadn’t trusted him enough to share my true feelings with him I think we would have fallen into a fairly dull ‘roommate’ type relationship. I think I would have despaired at the children leaving because where I was perfectly comfortable and confident being their mother I have not always been comfortable and confident being a wife.

I know it’s going to be different. I hope you won’t mind putting up with my various moods over this time of change in our lives. Sometimes I may be sobbing on your shoulder about missing Mollie. I may be mad or sad at times when I’ll feel ignored by Nick. I might be happily reporting a warm bottom along with a warm heart or maybe I’ll be sharing some thoughts about some wildly sexy afternoon delight. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m excited about it and I guess that’s a pretty good way to feel about the future.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Help Wanted - ch. 2, II

Since blogger won’t let me on I’m not sure when I can get this posted but hopefully you haven’t had to wait long. Here is the second part of Help Wanted by Annie. There’s more to come. Everyone enjoy you weekend!!

Help Wanted

Chapter 2

Amy stretched slowly then ran to the mirror to inspect her backside. It was amazing that he could inflict that much pain and never leave a mark. A week into this odd arrangement she was convinced he was looking for reasons to punish her. When she accused him of setting her up for failure he simply laughed, then assured her that her contract did not require a reason, he could punish her for his own enjoyment if he wanted. Astonished that he would admit he spanked her for pleasure she called him several nasty names and found herself upended for an extra, mid-day session. Even more surprising was her own reaction. Not only did it hurt far more than she had expected, but she found herself wishing he would make a pass at her. Each time he pulled her across his lap she found herself wiggling, hoping to feel some sign of arousal on his part. Horny and irritable, she gave up on sleep and decided to make an early visit to the gym.

Slipping quietly into the gym to avoid disturbing the staff Amy was shocked to find RJ hard at work on the slant board. Clutching a large weight disc to his chest, eyes closed and wearing only a skimpy pair of shorts and headphones, he did not see or hear her entrance. Watching from the shadowed doorway she was surprised at what good shape he was in. A wide leather strap anchored his waist to the bench and his muscles rippled with each pull. Seeing him like this made her wonder how his ex-wife could say he was less than a whole man. Seeing him like this made her wonder why he didn’t respond to her teasing.

Just then RJ’s eyes opened, the unexpected sight of Amy in workout gear caused a telltale bulge of reaction under the thin shorts. Annoyed at his loss of control, he took it out on her.

“This is my private time, go back to your room and stay there until your scheduled time.”

“I don’t think so, we have some things to discuss and now is as good a time as any.”

Gathering her courage, Amy went to him, kneeled at his side, and softly touched her lips to his.

“I couldn’t sleep for thinking about you. Wondering why you aren’t attracted to me, why you would rather spank me than make love.”

“This is a business arrangement. Would you be happier were I to treat you as a whore?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Drake, I won’t bother you again. If I find you attractive it is my problem, not yours.”

“How many dollars does it take to make up for two good legs? Did you think a sympathy fuck was worth something to me? Maybe a bonus in it for you?”

His harsh tone and deliberate cruelty hurt worse than any spanking he had given. Tucking her chin to hide the sudden tears that threatened to spill she started to rise but found her wrists caught in a vise like grip.

“As long as you’re here I might as well get what I paid for.”

A touch of a button repositioned the bench so he was seated. Pulling her over his lap he started fast and hard bringing a sting to her bottom through the spandex that soon had her wiggling. Pausing just long enough to roll her shorts to her knees, she couldn’t catch her breath before he started again on her now bare flesh. None of his usual pauses, no comments about how red she was getting, just hard, non-stop punishment. Soon she was sobbing, limp with total surrender. He realized he had punished her for making him want to break his own rules, and he had done so more harshly than she deserved. Her bottom was a deep red, mottled with purple, swollen and tender looking, and his hand hurt. Wishing he could take it back he gently rubbed her tortured flesh and tried to find the words to apologize.

“It’s okay, I am sorry I lost my temper. Just catch your breath and everything will be all right.”

The change in his voice was more than she could stand; completely drained from the emotional roller coaster she threw her arms around his neck and sobbed on his shoulder. Babbling her promises to be good, to try harder, to be good enough that he would like here a little, to never try to kiss him again.

He stroked her back and soothed her until the worst was over, but the heat of her burning bottom pressing against his thin shorts tortured him as surely as his hand had her. When she turned her tear stained face up to him he did what he had been thinking of since the first time he had seen her soft full mouth. The salt of her tears mingled with the sweetness of her mouth; instead of fear or disgust she returned his passion. RJ was lost.

Long moments later, twined together, he came up for air, caught a glimpse of their reflection in the mirrored wall and burst out laughing.

"We look like a couple of horny teenagers caught in the back seat of Daddy's sedan."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you do something you don't want to do." Amy started to rise, but he pulled back against him for another deep kiss.

"The problem was how much I wanted to, still do. I don't want you to feel like this is part of the package; you don't owe me anything but what is in our contract."

"This isn't about your damn contract! I find you interesting and attractive and I wish to get to know you better, this is NOT sympathy." Taking his hand she boldly slid it between her legs, the silk of her arousal was unmistakable.

"I surrender. But we're not kids, we have all of the time in the world, and this belt is cutting me in two. I'll grab a quick shower and meet you for breakfast in 30 minutes."

Smiling happily Amy tugged her tight shorts over her swollen bottom and headed for her room. She wanted to get ready for what promised to be a very interesting day.

To be continued...


I told you it just keeps getting better didn’t I? Come back next week for more I haven't received any new stories lately, if I can get just a few more of you to try just one story. Give it some thought and send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Several of my new friends and fellow bloggers have mentioned from time to time that their marriages have changed since spanking was brought into the relationship. It doesn’t seem to matter who introduces the idea – changes follow. I believe most of us would agree that we are happier in our relationships than before. If the change wasn’t for the better we’d stop doing it and we certainly wouldn’t be blogging about it.

Our relationship got better, we were closer, happier – but more than that there were tangible, physical changes that occurred for me too. One change happened literally over night. I began sleeping in the nude. Before coming out I only slept in the nude when Nick was away. Not anymore, I sleep nude and love coming to bed to have him caress anywhere he would like. I love to feel his hands on me, especially on my bottom. This was one change Nick really loved.

The second physical change was my hair style. I had worn my hair in a curly perm for 28 years. I didn’t particularly like it that much, but I was use to it and it was easy. But in the summer of 2006 when all this began for us I was so happy and so changed mentally, that I wanted that change to be evident to others. I thought a change in hair style seemed like a good idea. It was met with complete approval of the whole family – Nick and the kids. I was a new woman and I wanted to look like it.

The third definite change is that Nick and I fuss more. Yes, I mean this as a good thing. Let me give you an example from Sunday. I was driving us to his folk’s house when I made a slightly rolling stop through the stop sign at the end of our road. Nick made some comment about the not quite complete stop (just one point here – it’s a very lightly traveled road, as you are coming up to the road to turn right you can see down the road over a hundred yards and it’s very obvious when nothing is coming.) That being said, I do know that I’m supposed to stop. In the past I would have said nothing but would have had a mental conversation in my head with Nick that would have gone something like this.

“Sorry Mr. Perfect. I know you would have stopped completely. You do everything right. If you can do it so damn much better you drive the friggin’ car!”

Of course none of this would have been said out loud. He would never have even known I was pissed at all. But I would have been quiet and standoffish the rest of the day, nursing some imagined insult, and sealing up any crack I felt were appearing in the walls I continued build to keep Nick out.

But this Sunday I just glanced over at him and shrugged in a bratty way. “You want to drive?” I asked sarcastically.

“You better start coming to a full stop there or one of these day a cop is going to be right behind you.”

I gave him an exaggerated eye roll and shrug and we continued onward. Had Mollie not been in the car I would have added “So what are you going to do about it?” Now please understand, neither of us was the least bit angry. Where it might have sounded like a fuss (and I use that word meaning a very slight disagreement) for me, for us, it shows a step toward the closeness that we’ve been building for the past 5 years. It was so much better that the quiet resentment I would have held all day in the past.

I can think of only one negative change. Before, I knew that Nick had no idea what I desired and needed. I never gave him a hint. So deep down I couldn’t blame him for not fulfilling my rather unusual desires. Now he does know – heaven knows I’ve blogged about it enough and sent him countless emails explaining, asking, hinting, telling… Sometimes thought, these need are still ignored. When it goes on for too long my feeling do get hurt and I can get depressed about it. When that happened I should get a job in construction. Nobody on this planet can rebuild wall faster than I can!!

This doesn’t happen as much though. I really fight with myself internally and try not to go into a depression. I work on just letting his lack of attention to this part of our lives ebb and flow without taking it so personally. Without doubt I have the best husband in the world; I guess I can’t demand he be perfect all the time.

I’d like to hear from you. We all say that things have changed, but could you share what? You can leave a comment or if you have a blog maybe you could tell us there. I’d love to hear from folks that have been doing this a while and also those who are just really getting into it. I’d be interested in hearing from guys (are you listening Mick) and those who are not lovers of spankings (come on Stormy) but still acknowledge the benefits. I’m curious.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

It was in the cards

What a tiring week! Coming back from our vacation week we hit review week hard. I’m on my feet teaching nearly every minute of the day. I don’t give them any seat work, I give a few test problems, I wander around while they try them then we go over them and see where folks had problems. Doing it for 4 classes every day really leaves me dragging in every afternoon. I can’t even think of the gym, I don’t want to do the wii, some days I’m too tired to pick up the darn computer – and that’s tired!

Wednesday is our usual fun, getting some alone time afternoon, something we were both looking forward to even through the tiredness. But I had to go back for an open house at work and Mollie came home early. She even beat me home so no ‘us’ time. Friday, however, Mollie and her friends had plans. Nick and I were both tired but when he invited me back to the bedroom for one of our favorite card games (our version of strip poker) I thought I could handle that. It’s really a game where you try to get to 31 in one suite. Now one fun thing about this game is that we use the point spread for the number of spanks each round and the really fun thing is that if Nick loses I get to give the swats. I’m no switch but letting him have a taste of our fun little arsenal is always a treat (and of course educational for him!) And in this case we decided the overall winner could have a half hour of pure pampering.

I was soon naked with a stinging bottom! I have no doubt that Nick cheated! Yeah I won a few hands but I doubt his butt was stinging much. Never let it be said didn’t pay off a bet. Nick got a back and butt massage. A few other placed receive some nice attention too. He finally had me to bend over the bed for him and we made love the olde way (Grace you would have been proud!) We don’t do this often and it always scares me just a little at first but this time was really good in every way. As we cuddled on the bed later Nick commented “Not too bad for two tired old folks.” So all you young people out there under 50, let me tell you – it gets better all the time!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Help Wanted, II

* You may want to go by and wish Grace a happy birthday today she's turning 1,356,912,000 today.

Still bu
sy here but the end is in sight. Not right on top of us, but in sight. I have family coming in this weekend and I'll be seeing my sister for the first time since the boys came for Christmas in January. So I'm hoping for a relaxing Saturday visiting with them all.

The Fantasy Friday today is by one of our favorite writers here - my old friend Annie-nomyous. I love her writing and wish she wasn't so busy these day these days so she could do more. Unfortunately silly little things, like making a living, is getting in the way. Fortunately we do have some of her older stories to read. Today we begin one of my favorites.

I hope you’ll enjoy…

Help Wanted

Seeking personal companion
for extended trip.
Intimate contact required.
Excellent pay, benefits for
well disciplined young woman.
100K for right candidate.
reply/picture to Box 56

Amy Nelson stared at the ad in the morning paper. It was a sign. She had prayed for guidance and this was it. A hundred thousand dollars! It was the answer all right. That was enough to pay off all of her debts, move to a safer apartment, even start taking some classes again. If she was real careful, maybe she could get a new job. Modeling lingerie was okay, but some of the men were kind of pushy, and her boss was getting insistent that they should “date”.

Quick, before she could change her mind, Amy jotted down what this opportunity could mean to her, and sent it off with a picture and her resume. For days she haunted the mailbox, hoping for a reply. After two weeks she resigned herself to getting out of trouble the hard way.

Dragging home after a “luncheon” show, which was comprised of drunken businessmen trying to cop a feel, Amy found a notice in her mailbox to pick up a package. She wasn’t expecting anything, probably another bill collector getting inventive in trying to find her ex. She tossed it in the trash.

Two days later the phone rang. Amy let it ring over to the machine as usual. The deep masculine voice caught her by surprise.

“Miss Nelson, this is RJ Drake. You missed your appointment today. I do not tolerate unreliable behavior, Miss Nelson. If you are still interested in the position, I suggest you contact me at once at 809-9000 with an explanation.”

“Oh my god, surely it’s not that ad.” Amy was frantic trying to remember where she was supposed to be and how she had forgotten. Hands shaking she dialed the number.

“Drake here.” His voice was curt, and all business.

“Mr. Drake, this is Amy Nelson, I am returning your call. I apologize for missing my appointment, I was not aware that I had made one. Perhaps we could reschedule?”

“Miss Nelson, as I explained in the package that was delivered to your home last week,”

“OH no,” Amy screeched, “I threw it out, I thought it was some dumb bill collector, I am so sorry. Maybe you could send it again?”

“Miss Nelson, my time is short, please do not interrupt me when I am speaking. If you wish to be considered for the position you must come for an interview today. I will send a car for you at your home address in 45 minutes, be ready.”

He hung up. Just like that he assumed she would be available, and she only had 45 minutes to shower, dress and do her hair. Muttering about how it would serve the arrogant SOB right if she didn’t go she flew through her closet searching for something that looked “companion-y”.

With only moments to spare she gave herself a last critical look in the mirror and sailed downstairs. A limo pulled up just as she reached the street. Very nice, at least Mr. Drake was a rich grump.

The driver escorted Amy to a quiet office building, directing her to take a seat until she was called. Too much time to think led to doubts, not sure why she had come, Amy stood to leave just as an older woman entered the room. With a curt, “follow me” she turned and walked briskly down the corridor, leaving Amy to trail along.
At a large double door, beautifully carved, the woman stopped.

“Mr. Drake is expecting you.” and she returned the way they had come.

Amy tried to be calm, took a deep breath and knocked lightly.

“Come.” She recognized the same deep voice from the phone call.

Entering the office, Amy was struck by how lovely it was. Not flashy, but quiet and comfortable. Then her attention was drawn to the man seated at a large desk to one side.
He had dark hair and eyes, seemed to be tall, and was wearing a crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled up, his arms muscular and tanned. He was much younger than she had imagined, maybe 40, but looked as if he didn’t smile much.

Amy started across the room, hand extended, but was cut short by his barked order.

“Just have a seat so we can get started.”

Amy sat, flustered at his rudeness. He stared at her, looking her up and down.

“Stand up, and turn slowly. Face the door and bend over placing your hands on the floor.”

“But, what does”

“I asked you not to interrupt me when I am speaking.”

“That’s it, Mr. Drake, I don’t know who you are or what you are used to but I expect to be treated like a person. I could sure use the money but I reckon I can do without your attitude.” Amy drew herself up and turned intent on stalking out of the room with as much dignity as possible. To her surprise the man burst out laughing.

“Sit down, Miss Nelson. If we can agree to terms, the job is yours.”

RJ watched the conflict play out on the young woman’s face. She wasn’t lying about needing the money; his investigation showed her husband left her high and dry with a pile of debt. She looked younger than the 30 she claimed on her resume, wearing little make up and a simple suit she was perfect for him. Now to convince her to accept his terms.

“Miss Nelson, let me explain just what the position requires. I will be on an extended trip, in fact, we will be spending approximately three months on my yacht, visiting ports in a number of areas around the world. Do you get seasick?”

Amy shook her head, not trusting her voice.

“Good. I plan to leave day after tomorrow. Is there anything that would prevent you from departing at that time?”

Another shake of her head.

“Very well, I will tell you what your duties will be, if you agree we will draw up the contracts. I require a short period of secretarial work, less than an hour daily, to help with correspondence. I expect you to dine with me each evening; you will accompany me to any events that I might attend. Your wardrobe will be provided. I am an exacting taskmaster. I expect everything to be done my way. If you disappoint me in any way, you will be punished in whatever manner I feel appropriate. I favor old-fashioned, bare bottomed spankings for most transgressions.”

He paused there to gauge her reaction. Her cheeks burned a deep crimson and her mouth hung open, but she did not run screaming from his presence. So far, so good. If he had only thought of this sooner.

“Now, you will be paid $100,000 upon completion of the trip. You will receive a bearer bond in that amount that will mature in 90 days. Your travel expenses and a weekly stipend of $500 will be paid in addition to that. If you wish to accept the position you will need to go to this address immediately for wardrobe fittings. Do you have any questions?”

He couldn’t help smiling at the dazed expression on her face as she took the card he offered. She seemed rather confused by the whole speech.

“Miss Nelson, I will need your answer today.”

“Just hold your horses, Mr. Drake, I don’t work for you yet so don’t start bossing me. If I take this job we’re going to go on a cruise, write letters, go out to dinner and wear fancy clothes. I get a hundred grand for going and five hundred a week. You get to whup my ass anytime you want to but I don’t have to sleep with you and I can’t get off the boat once we start. Is that about right?”

“Not exactly how I would have phrased things but essentially accurate. Do you accept?”

“Throw in the wardrobe and you’ve got a deal.”

Pushing back from the desk JR Drake turned his chair and wheeled out to give the woman one last chance to change her mind. She took one look at his wheelchair, grabbed the card out of his hand and waltzed out of his office, leaving him to wonder just what he had started.

Several months ago he had picked up a small free newspaper while waiting for an appointment. He was shocked to find personals of every type, including some he was quite interested in. Apparently spanking was no longer a dirty secret. Just reading those ads left him with a renewed sense of his own isolation. After the accident that took his legs his wife left him for a polo player, said she missed having a “whole man”. Although spanking had been an integral part of their marriage she was unable to view him as the dominant partner after the accident. He couldn’t bear the thought of going through the same betrayal again, or worse, put up with a sympathy fuck from some woman who wanted his money. It never occurred to him that he could hire the job done, just like he did everything else. It took several months to get the ad written, bring himself to place it and then screen the applicants. There were some very odd people out there.

But it was worth it. Miss Nelson was perfect for the job. Smart and sassy, not afraid of a little work, didn’t even blink at the wheelchair, and she had a great ass. It was going to be a pleasure teaching her just how he wanted things done.

The next two days flew by in a whirlwind of activity. Amy quit her job, gave notice at her apartment, found a temporary home for her houseplants, went to several fittings and spent half a day at a spa, courtesy of Mr. Drake. She felt just like Cinderella.

The big day arrived and Amy was waiting, one small bag packed with personal items, when the limo arrived. First class travel was a whole new concept for Amy, no lines, no waiting. They were whisked through the airport to a private jet and on their way to meet the boat in Miami.

The first battle came over lunch. When the flight attendant took drink orders Amy asked for champagne. It seemed natural for her first luxury travel experience.

"That won't be necessary, just serve the usual drink selections." RJ leveled a cool look at her, "I don't serve alcohol at lunch. It dulls the mind and makes for an unproductive day."

Amy huffed, muttering under her breath about Mr. High and Mighty, until his hand slammed down on the table next to his chair.

"You will follow the rules, all of them. There will be no mumbling and no back talk. Unless, of course, you're interested in your first lesson over my lap?"

"You can hardly expect me to follow rules I am unaware of. Perhaps you could give me a list?"

"Sarcasm is not something I am fond of, young lady, and you certainly will be getting a list of the rules you are expected to follow. For now, eat your lunch and be quiet."

Amy sulked for a few moments but the spectacular view of the ocean soon distracted her. The hectic pace of the past few days caught up with her and she curled up in her seat for a nap.

RJ studied her sleeping form with interest. She was perfect. Not the pallid, underfed, unisex look of current fashion, but the ripe, full softness of a real woman. Her hair fell casually across one cheek in soft waves, the subtle highlights of gold threaded through the chestnut brought out the golden tone of her skin. She was lucky, he was a decent guy, not one to take advantage of her as some might. Just the thought of what could happen to a young woman foolish enough to go running off with a total stranger caused his eyes to narrow. They would be discussing that this evening. He spent a few minutes thinking about that discussion, her over his lap, panties sliding down, soft, white skin just waiting for his touch. The painful tightness in his groin reminded him he had work to do and it didn't involve her bottom. Reluctant to leave her, he spent the balance of the flight working on his laptop and watching her sleep.


Amy wandered about, wide eyed. This boat was the size of a small country. Old gray eyes must be loaded to afford something like this. No wonder he was paying so well. Of course the whole spanking thing was pretty weird, but, her daddy had paddled her plenty of times and it didn't kill her. Besides, how hard could he hit with no legs to anchor himself with. And the wheelchair pretty well guaranteed there would be no embarrassing sexual situations. Things were looking better and better. Her cabin was larger than any apartment she had ever lived in, in fact her closet was the size of most of them. And the clothes were beautiful. Not sleazy, as she had feared. A typed agenda on her desk listed the activities for the rest of the evening as dinner, followed by a short work period, then a daily review, and even listed her bedtime. This guy must be some kind of time management nut. She giggled, wondering if tomorrow's schedule would include a time to brush her teeth and a potty break.

She finished dressing and was wondering how to find the dining room when a discreet knock on her door signaled the arrival of her escort for dinner. A polite elderly gentleman in a white uniform offered her his arm and answered questions about the ship as they went up on deck. A beautiful sunset provided the backdrop for a small table set for two. Amy nodded at Mr. Drake and allowed her escort to seat her.

"Ordinarily we would be having wine with dinner. As we do have work to complete this evening I arranged a light meal and we will have drinks after our work period." RJ signaled the waiter and they ate in silence.

"Don't you get tired of always being so uptight?"

"I prefer to think of my life as organized. I have scheduling requirements that a man with two legs would not need. I prefer my life to be orderly and well run. And I expect you to function with the same efficiency I require of all of my staff. Please follow me and we will get to work."

Amy hated the way he simply assumed she would follow. He had too many people jumping to do his bidding. It was giving him a big head. Well, she may be part of his staff, but that didn't mean he owned her. She wandered into his study at a leisurely pace, taking time to admire the décor and ignoring the man glaring at her from behind the desk.

"In lieu of work this evening we will be going over the rules for your employment. Here is a simple list of the basics; we will add any others as needed."

Amy sat down to read what she expected to be a list of her duties while on board. Before she was half way through she was on her feet, pacing, and growing angrier by the second.

"What is this? Do you think I am a moron? I can't be trusted to dress myself?"

RJ watched her with interest. It would seem she had not paid attention at their first meeting, nor had she read the contract she signed. These were all stipulations made in the contract, stated more plainly perhaps, but nothing new.

"All of the rules on that list were agreed to in the contract you signed, Miss Nelson. I am providing you with this list at your request. I do expect you to follow all of the items of our agreement, and they will be enforced, rigorously."

"What are you, some kind of nut? Let me guess, you get off on having control over women. Must be tough to do in that wheelchair. I guess being rich helps; at least you can buy someone to follow your orders."

"Miss Nelson, it would behoove you to remember that the person I have purchased for this trip is yourself. My motives are none of your concern. Please read over the entire list, this is the only chance you will have for clarification. Starting tomorrow I expect you to follow the schedule I will have delivered to your room each morning."

Amy tossed her curls and huffed, but sat. The list was long and complete. Her time was to be parceled out according to schedule, she would wear the clothing selected for her at all times, his wishes would be accommodated as to food, drink, work periods, she would not leave the ship unless accompanied by him, she would be available around the clock, but with a guaranteed ten hours sleep period, it went on and on.

"You make it sound like I'm your prisoner or something." she sniffed.

"On the contrary, Miss Nelson, you are an employee. As such you are expected to fulfill the employment contract you signed. We will begin your official duties tomorrow. However, there is still the daily review to complete. Please follow me."

He maneuvered his wheelchair to the center of the room, locking the wheels in place. Amy followed cautiously, watching him remove the arm supports and lay them aside. She was still baffled by his actions when he reached out, grasping her wrist and drawing her to his side.

"Miss Nelson, what does your contract say about the daily review?"

"That you will give me feedback on my performance at the end of each day."

"As well as at any other time I deem necessary. Today was your first day so I will be more lenient than you can expect in the future. I was displeased by your behavior on the plane but we will overlook it this one time. I will, however, be addressing the fact that you placed yourself in a questionable situation by agreeing to travel with a total stranger."

"But this is a job."

"Yes, it is, and before hiring you I made sure you were a person of good character. Did you make any attempt to find out who I am? No, you did not. I could be a psychopath for all you know. Our first lesson will be about taking better care of yourself."

With that RJ tugged her across his lap, he still had enough of his legs left to elevate her bottom nicely, slipped her silk skirt to her waist and was tugging her panties down before she could react.

"What are you doing? Let me go before I scream, do you hear me, I'll scream."

"Miss Nelson, please rest assured that the staff has been notified that I expect to make you scream and they will not be discomfited by any noise you might make. Our agreement allows for any discipline I deem necessary, as long, and as hard, and as often as I deem necessary. You accepted my terms and my money, now you will accept my punishment for your bad judgment."

His hand crashed down, and he reveled in the feel of her bottom flattening beneath his assault. He set a brisk pace, spreading a rosy blush over her entire bottom and the tops of her thighs as she wiggled, begged, threatened, and finally screamed. When she was reduced to simply crying he rested his hand on her bottom and waited for her to realize he had stopped.

"Let me up."

"Oh, no, we are not finished. I just wanted to be certain I had your full attention before we get started with your punishment."

"No. Wait, you just punished me, we're done, you can let me up now." Amy wiggled franticly trying to slide off of his lap and away from his hard hand.

RJ smiled down at the red bottom jiggling as she tried to escape. He had forgotten how lovely a woman looked during punishment.

"Please tell me why you are being punished, Miss Nelson."

"Because I shouldn't have come, and you're right, really you are right. I shouldn't be here. I'll catch a flight out tomorrow and we'll just forget the whole thing."

"Miss Nelson, I am very disappointed in you. This punishment is for your carelessness with your own safety. There is no question of you leaving. You have a contract and I expect you to fulfill it. Now that we are clear on why you are being punished we can proceed."

RJ pulled a small thin wooden paddle from his pocket and began paddling in a steady rhythm, all the while lecturing her on personal safety. Her cries shifted to the steady sobbing of a well spanked girl before he finished her off with a hard volley to the backs of her thighs and set her on her feet. She hopped around holding her burning butt, doing the spanking dance for several minutes before realizing her panties were at her ankles and her dress was tucked above her waist. She slid the dress down, quickly stepping out of the panties and tucked them in a pocket. His chuckle at that decision earned him a cold glare, and confirmed that he was no gentleman.

"I'll escort you to your cabin."

"That will not be necessary, Mr. Drake."

"A lady should not be wandering in a strange place alone. It isn't safe. Do we need to discuss safety again, or are you ready to go?" He smiled at the emotions warring on her face. Her fear of the paddle won over her desire to tell him off, but barely. Gathering her tattered dignity she allowed him to escort her to her door.

Alone at last, Amy crawled into bed and tried to make sense of it all. He was some kind of maniac, that was certain, and her ass was on fire. So why did she feel safe and snug here? She should be plotting her escape, not snuggling down thinking about him.


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