I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From a true southern

I wanted to share two videos that my daughter sent me.  As she put it "I swear Mom, I have heard you or some of your friends say every one of these things at some time or another." As a matter of fact they all sounded so normal to me I wasn't sure why anyone thought they were funny.  I did send these to some friends - had one of my yankee girlfriends asking for an interpreter for one or two saying.   So if you want to know what I sound like and some of the things I say - here you go.

And one it didn't exactly say that I told Mollie was the three ways southern women say no.

First there's "No." This means I don't want to, but you could probably change my mind.

Next come "Hell no." This means I really don't want to, but there is still a slight chance you could change my mind.''

And finally there's "OH, HELL NO!" Which means it AIN'T going to happen!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Same old problem, no new solutions

Badass, Wimpy and there for PK are still missing.  I’m having a hard time holding on waiting for their return.  I read so many blogs, reading much more than commenting these days (shame on me, I urge you all to comment then I don’t), but Nick and I are at a different place it our journey than most of my blogging friends. I spend a lot of time thinking about TTWD – now that didn’t come from blogging, this has been true since I was a pre-teen.  That means that for nearly 40 years much of my thought, my fantasies were built around the goal of someday having a dd relationship.

We tried it a little, mock discipline, things like that – but a dd relationship really just didn’t fit us.  Our TTWD fell into the ‘for fun/erotic type’ and with a small sigh, I gave up the fantasy of my youth and early adult life and contented myself with the knowledge that our marriage had improved nearly a hundred percent. 

But something is lacking in me these days.  It’s like I’ve lost something and I don’t know how to get it back or what to replace it with.  DD’s not for us, I know that now – but so much of my sexuality is/was caught up in that, or that fantasy.  I want to be that little sex kitten of a wife Nick deserves, that I was for a while when we first began, but she’s just not there.

For a lot of people, and certainly for me, most of my sexual desire starts in my head.  We I first came out and I let my fantasies play around in real life – wow – that was the best it’s ever been.  Now I’m searching for a more realistic fantasy that will do the same thing.

It’s really more than sex I want, I want back the closeness we shared when I first came out.  That thrill of ‘we have a secret’, the way we would look at one another in a crowd when a veiled spanking reference was made, we would point out stray prevertables, he’d sometimes take my hand in public or even smack my butt.  I loved all that and I don’t know why it went away.

Once we make it to the bedroom, Nick is damn near perfect.  But I guess, as we get older we need more time, more stimulating and I need it long before we hit the bedroom.  I need my mind stimulated during the week – a nice threating text or email, to get me thinking of Nick.  An impromptu spanking in the kitchen or bedroom, spankings seem to hurt a lot now, maybe some good long spankings over clothes every few days would help toughen me up for the real thing.  Nick is kind enough to do a little of this, but I’d love more.  Being told to wear a plug or sit on the mat for a time – I need something, anything.  I want us to be a spanko/kinky couple not one of the masses.

Nick is nothing if not a gentleman – this spanko stuff is my thing and he is a willing and enthusiastic participant.  But when I’m not in the mood, when I don’t feel like a spanking, when I act like it’s not something I really want, Nick backs off.  I can’t blame him for that.  But I need his help to get back and I’m so confused now that I don’t know exactly what to ask for.

No fussing, I am NOT bashing Nick!! I just need his help. I need to understand my self better so that I can tell him what I need to help US continue to grow closer and maintain what we've gained. In the spanko world he takes my lead because it’s my world.  But right now I’m just lost and I don’t know how to help us find our way back.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Birthday Present

Happy Friday - I am happy to tell you that we have a hot, hot, hot story for this cold morning.  When I got this story from Bob I remember writing him back and telling him it was good and that I was looking forward to posting it.  Evidently I was asleep when I read it the first time, it wasn't just good it was great   - quirky, strange, sexy... everything that makes a story great and it made me laugh to boot.  So Bob if I didn't say it clearly enough in that first reply - I love this story!!  

Now everyone keep warm and enjoy...


“I told you for the last time that when you got another speeding ticket that I was going to blister your butt so that you can’t sit down for a week.” Tom took hold of Sue’s wrist and proceeded pulling her over his lap. He raised his hand high above his head and brought his hand down with a resounding splat on her ass, leaving a red handprint as he was reloading his hand for another swat… Good morning, Detroit this is radio station CKLW…

Tom lunges toward the alarm to hit the off button to silence the disembodied voice. I have to quit waking up in the middle of my dreams. Just once I would love to finish spanking my wife. Damn alarm clock. With a groan he gets out of bed and staggers to the bathroom for a very long hot shower.

Walking into the kitchen he zeroes in on Sue’s behind as she is bending down getting a fry pan from the oven broiler drawer. Tom unobtrusively walks up to his wife and does a spank and grab then pulls her up while relocating the loose hair from her neck. He then places hot kisses all over her neck giving her goose bumps while he is dreaming up a scenario of grabbing a wooden spoon and spanking her on her bare ass bent over the stove.

Sue straightens up as her hands race back rubbing her backside trying to look infuriated but smiling at the same time “Will you leave my ass alone mister. It is not a set of drums for you to practice on! Now go grab us both a cup of coffee and take a seat. The bacon and eggs are almost done.”

Serving Tom his breakfast, she notices him staring at her. “What? Why are you looking at me like that? You have been acting strange all week. Is everything ok?”

No, everything is not fine, I want to throw you over my lap oh wait this table,  no the counter, yes the counter would be just right with you bent over while I pull your denims along with you frilly panties down and redden that wonderful butt of yours. But really saying, “Umm, no everything is ok. I am just a little out of sorts that’s all.”

“So birthday boy, what is it that you want to do? Do you want to go anywhere, do anything for your birthday?” Not waiting for him to answer she says, “Now shoo, you go and relax while I do all the chores today and if you decide what you want to do just let me know, how that sound does?”

Chuckling “Ok, I’ll go sit and ponder on what this birthday boy wants to do and then we’ll talk about it. Thanks Hun for letting me relax.”

As he slowly walks towards the couch, his imaginative mind starts to go into over drive. Now I got her over the couch spanking her with my belt, oh wait, no on the coffee table with her on all fours wiggling her butt would be perfect, come on man get a grip on yourself .

“Hey Sue, how about if we just stay in and celebrate it at home this year? We can order Chinese food and have it delivered and then I can unwrap my present by the fire place while we sip on a glass of wine or two because after dinner I would rather have you for desert. It’s really not a big thing, after all it’s just another birthday.”

However, what I really want to do is take you over my knee caress your butt and smack it, then have my evil way with you.

“Well then honey, you just put your feet up and watch some TV or read a book or something. You could even take a little cat nap while I finish up here. I’ll be done in no time.”

As much as poor Tom was trying to watch TV, Sue was vacuum cleaning the rug by the side of the coffee table and picking up the newspapers from last night. He did a double take while watching his wife. He could have sworn that she was purposely bending over waving her behind in front of him every chance she got. Almost as if she was begging him to swat her once or twice.

With no relieve from watching TV, he picks up his tablet and starts reading a spanking story from a blog called New Beginnings.

Tom, so engrossed in the story and reading how Rob is going to spank her, now spank her Rob, damn it quit talking and just take her over your knee and spank her. Then to his horror he yells out, “DO IT.”

Sue turns around and looks at Tom “What do you want me to do?”

“Oh I umm I was talking to the character in the book I got to the good part of the story and he wasn’t doing what I thought he was supposed to do”

Kicking himself for blurting out loud do it. Maybe I am coming down with something. Yah right it’s called spankitis.

“I think I am going to go lay down on the bed for a while and   how about we go to that exclusive steak and ale restaurant MR. F’s for a steak dinner?”

“You sound like an old man the way you have been changing your mind today. Sure that sounds good we haven’t had a good steak in months, now you go upstairs and rest a bit. You look a bit frazzled”


Later that evening Tom, in his gray suit and tie imagining himself looking like Christen Gray but minus all his money, was waiting patiently for Sue to come down to the foyer. Suddenly like a heat-seeking missile, he locks on and tracks her every move with his eyes as she descends the stairs. As she sashays down the stairs, her hair is up off her neck; her face adorned with stunning diamond earrings and a matching necklace, her black sleeveless gown accenting her curves with a slit the length of the dress showing a bare leg. Dark thoughts start to swirl in his mind and getting darker with lustful ideas.

Sue’s mouth starts to water when she spots Tom adjusting his crotch “Pants a little tight dear or is little man just happy to see me” laughing as she slowly walks towards him in the foyer as if she is stalking her prey.

“God you are so beautiful. Oh I am so excited to see you in more ways than one, and yes I am going to have a hard time walking tonight” as he continues to adjust himself.

Cruising along the freeway, a disembodied voice in the radio started talking “there is a new song by Sheli et Abi so turn that dial up and the song is called Spank Me:” (click on the lyrics to hear the song)

Spank me, spank me, spank me baby
Spank me Spank me right
Spank me Spank me
(turn on the light)
Spank me, spank me, spank me baby
Spank me Spank me right

Spank me Spank me
(no need to fight)

With his eyes wide open and gawking, looking at the radio then at his wife then back to gawking at the radio all the while trying to act as if everything was normal.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sue notices him jump “Don’t worry dear we’ll be at the restaurant in a few minutes and we’ll be able to eat then”

She had to of heard that song. What in the heck is going on? Am I going nuts? First, its Sue wagging her ass around my face this morning and now it’s hearing spanking songs on the radio. What is happening to me?” Clearing his throat “Wh- what song is playing now I ca- can’t seem to remember the name” Hoping that she will say what he wanted to hear.

“I sure do, you must be losing it old timer because that was your favorite song when we were dating. It’s I Think We Are Alone Now by Tommy James and the Shondells. Do you remember now?” Shaking her head in disbelief and smiling at him

Sitting at the table and talking about their week, Tom’s mind starts to drift away again as he starts looking at the décor and admiring the black bear rug more for other things than just lying there in front of the huge stone fireplace.

“Hi my name is Tess and I’ll be your server tonight. While you are looking over the menu, I would like to recommend any of our famous steaks. They are from the finest cuts of beef. You will not be disappointed I am sure. Thank you and I will be right back with your drinks”

The server places their drinks in front of them and wait’s for them to order their dinners. Sue is smiling and is intently watching her now so confused man over her menu “What looks good tonight? I don’t want a steak now, but I am thinking about getting that spanking with rice with my Spare the rod how about you honey?”

Suddenly with perspiration starting to bead on his forehead and taking deep breaths Tom’s eyes shoots up looking at Sue. “What did you say you were having?”

Tess repeated what she said “Spanish rice with my spare ribs. Anything else Ma’am?”

“No that will be all.”

I think my brain is turning to mush; maybe I have been reading too many spanking stories and I am going mad because she didn’t say that, the server just confirmed it. I definitely am going to make that appointment with Dr. Pete first thing Monday morning.

“And what will you have sir?”

Tom, looking a little befuddled said “That sounds very tasty, but I am going to have the Filet Mignon, baked potato with Brussels sprouts for my vegetables”

Driving back home in silence because both were a bit uncomfortable  from eating too much Tom said “Thank you Sue for that fantastic dinner. It was the best steak I ever had and that desert it was so decadent. Oh, by the way, out of curiosity how much was the bill? I never did get to see it”

“You just never mind there mister, it’s your birthday and I so enjoy spoiling you like this every once in a while and besides the best is yet to come. You have one more present to open up. There seems to be a little something that I will have to take care of when we get home.” She is caressing his leg a little higher than she normally does. Feeling her hands going up his leg, he tightens his grip on the steering wheel and hisses loudly through his mouth.

Tom opens the entrance door and lets Sue in first and starts to take his jacket off. But before he gets it all the way off, Sue slides her arms around his neck and backs him up against the door smothering him with hot kisses while pressing her body hard against his.

Sue breaks off the kiss and looking at him lustfully, “Why don’t you go upstairs. I will put the left overs in the refrigerator and then I will be right up”

Rearranging his pants again so he can walk, he swats her ass as she walks away. “Ok but don’t take too long or I am going to come down hunting for you.”

Tom enters the bedroom and notices a recorder on the bed as he walks over to it, sits on the bed and turns the recorder on and hears, there is a new song by Sheli et Abi so turn that dial up and the song is called Spank Me:

Spank me, spank me, spank me baby…

Hearing a noise Tom looks up and sees Sue with an impish look on her face leaning against the door chuckling and like a cat that ate a mouse, she saunters towards him and sits on the bed while crossing her legs exposing her bare leg and thigh to him.

Confusion written all over Tom’s face as he is looking at her “w- was this all your doing? You set me up. How..? All this time I thought I was losing my mind, I was ready to go see Dr. Pete tomorrow to get a checkup”

Amused and stroking his face with both hands “Yes love I set this whole thing up. What you heard in the car was a recording that I put on the hard drive and yes I was waving my ass all over you this morning.”

“But how did you get the waitperson to go along with it at the restaurant?”

“Well that was easy, I did say spank and spare the rod instead of Spanish rice and spare ribs. I talked to our server while you were in the restroom and told her that I was playing a trick on you and if she would just go along with what I said, but maybe it was because of the tip that I gave her.”

“I have known about your spanking desires for a few months now because you left the computer on some spanking blog. At first I was upset because I did not understand why you were so engrossed in wanting to spank women and then that you did not trust me enough to tell me about it. However, after the initial shock, I did some research and found out it is not so kinky but becoming more mainstream because of that 50 shades of whatever book. As I kept reading about it, I decided that this would be an excellent birthday present for you. I wanted this to be the most memorable birthday present that you ever had and that would be me willingly offering myself for one of your greatest desires. You spanking me and for me to see if I would like it.”

“I don’t know a lot about spanking. Just what I have read so far and you are going to have to mentor me, tell me what you want me to do and yes I do trust you. So what do you want me to do now?”

In all the years that he can remember, he had never been at a loss for words. After finding his voice Tom said “You’ll do this for me?”

“Yes only if you want me to and by the looks of it I think that it is a good assumption that it is going to be a huge yes.”

With shaking hands, he grabs her possessively around the waist and kisses her with great desire then pulls her away. Looking deeply into her eyes “Thank you honey for everything you have given me for my birthday.”

Tom starts to explain to her how he is going to pull her over his lap and spank her so that she will know how it is going to happen. He takes his left hand, puts it on the small of her back, and with his right hand he gently guides her over his lap. While he is adjusting her torso for the best position over his lap, he puts his right hand on her back and his left hand automatically starts caressing her butt. Trying to speak in a stern voice but failing miserably because of his laughing. “You are going to be really sorry for what you did you little minx.” He raises his hand and starts to spank her with light spanks and soft rubs.

With her best scared voice and trying to get away (but not real hard) “Oh no Tom please don’t spank me I promise I will be good, in fact I’ll be very good if you know what I mean.”

As Sue starts to wiggle less and moans more from the soft slaps on her butt then she hears Tom softly telling her to get up and face him between his legs.

Tom gently holds her hands until she can steady herself so that she can stand in front of him. With hands on either side of her gown, he sensually starts to lift the dress completely off. He starts sucking in big gulps of air as the dress unveils the black lace panties, a garter belt framing her thighs and a black bra barely covering her breasts. He puts her back in the same position as before and precedes to caresses the back of her thighs and ass.

He starts to mix up the intensity of the spanks from light caresses to moderate pops. First the left bum then right and then he gets into a steady rhythm of peppering her backside. Sue occasionally yelps when he strikes her where the thigh meets her lower butt cheek. Her butt is starting to turn a nice pink color. He stops and starts to run his fingers lightly dancing from the small of her back to the bottom of her legs and asking her how she is doing.

Looking over her shoulder chuckling. “I am doing just fine thank you very much and it is starting to sting some but that’s ok. God I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed. Are you getting tired yet because there is so, so much more to this birthday present than this you know.”

“OH no I am just getting started my dear, I have waited so long for this. I am not going to end it too soon and when I do I am going to unwrap the rest of the present painstakingly slow. I don’t want this night to end.”

“Now be a good girl and lift your hips some I want to pull that flimsy material that you call panties down and while I am at it this bra can go to”

As Sue lifts her hip up, Tom put his fingers on either side of the elastic band of her panties and bit by bit drags them over her derriere and slides them off. Staring at her most bodacious butt, he bends over and reverently places a kiss on both cheeks.

With a low moan “OH Tom please stop, your killing me.” as she is spreading her legs wider for him. A warm breath brushes across her flesh and then she feels his lips kissing her on each cheek. “No don’t stop please if I am going to die I want this to go on forever it feels so decadent.”

Taking his fingernails, he rakes them down her pink flesh and then glides them down to that coveted spot between her legs and easily slipping into her. “My, my look who is enjoying this, god you are so wet and I am going to make you even more wetter”

Like an electrical shock, she nearly jumps off his lap when she feels his finger touch her.

Pulling his hand from between her legs, he raises his hand and with a resounding slap, he hits her hard leaving a handprint on the jiggling flesh and without pausing, he starts a steady rhythm and turns her butt red.

Sue, trying to make her butt a harder target to hit, starts to try to move away yelling “ouch not so hard,” she starts to panic. “Ouch, take it easy back there; slow down, ouch, ow.”

Then suddenly Sue notices a shift in her body the burn from the spanking is starting to radiate from her hot redden butt to her sweet spot.  Feeling this new sensation, her voice changes from moans of pain to moans of pleasure. Instead of trying to get away she now starts to rise up her hips to meet the now pleasurable hand as it swings down making contact with her buttocks. “Tom what are you doing to me… don’t stop oh god, god your killing me, but don’t you dare stop, oh yea baby sssss”

Tom stops spanking her and looks at the nice shade of red all across her bum then he starts to massage her heated backside and as his fingers meander down to her thighs his hand finds her clit and as soon as he starts to rub his fingers in a circle Sue goes ridged like plank of wood.

Sue enjoying the sensation so much does not realize that the spanking has stopped until she feels fingers slipping into her folds and rubbing her clit in a circle. The coil inside her winds up tighter than ever before and soon, the coil unwinds and she spirals into an intensive orgasm.

Tom knew as soon as he touched her she was going to explode and held her tightly on his lap as he kept fingering her, he saw her go stiff and then started to scream like a banshee. Smiling to himself like a chestire cat he continues to stroke and lightly rake his finger nails across her red bum.

After both of them catch their breath and come down from their high. Tom watches Sue slide off his lap and looking at him like a diabetic that was given the ok to eat as much candy as they wanted.

Like a crazed drug addict, Sue pushes Tom down onto the bed while grabbing his belt and unbuckling it and pulling down his pants smiling while licking her lips. “Now for the second part of your birthday present, I am going to make you scream my name,”

A second after she turned off the light Tom in a very loud voice said “Oh Suuuusaaaaan”

The End?


Well I hope not!  What more could we ask from a story, even music!  Thanks Bob, you are all ready a real asset out here.  You can read Bob's first story here.  And I'll let you know if I'm able to bully him into blogging!  I really do appreciate it Bob.  I'll take any stories you want to share.

And for the rest of you with those stories swirling around in your head, when they finally spill our onto your keyboard please send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

About this fiction writing...

You all know I push for everyone to write fiction.  I won’t be stopping that any time soon.  I’ll ask for stories every Friday. The reason I push for everyone to write a story is that I’m pretty confident that everyone has one.  We spankos daydream about this stuff.  Most of us have had these daydreams for years.  Our Fantasy Friday stories are these daydreams written out.

I think I should have said assignment 5 should have been think about writing fiction. Writing should be fun – creating those things you’ve dreamed and making them come alive should be something you enjoy doing.  I wouldn’t want this to be a chore for anyone.  If you want to try it, just write it for yourself.  There is no dead line for ‘turning it in’.  Just think about it.

Some have said that you’d like to write a Fantasy Friday but you worry about spelling, grammar, whatever… and just don’t think you can write.  Boy, are you going to fit right in!  I wrote the first story I cared about when I was 15 and made the mistake of turning it in to the teacher who assigned it.  She ripped it to pieces, figuratively.  I was devastated.  The next time I tried a story I cared about was 34 years later when I started blogging.  I can look back at that story now and find tons of mistakes.  No one pointed out a single one, no one cares if I misspelled something, used quotation marks wrong or missed a comma.  They were reading the story and they seemed to like it fine.

I’m no editor (think math teacher, not English teacher) but if you should sent me something and I see a simple error I can correct I will. Some of my contributors are true writers most of us aren’t.  Donna told me I could use her as an example.  Her writing style is very simple but some how her stories have touched me as much as any Fantasy Friday stories I’ve ever published, you can see one of her stories here

Another thing I’ll always be happy to have stories for Fantasy Friday, but if you do start your own blog don’t feel you have to seen me your hard work – I’ll go read it anywhere.

One last thing, well two, my friend Terpsichore – the one who really got me thing about writing these last two posts.  You would all love her so much, but she never seemed really come out and comment all I felt she wanted to and she had no site of her own where you could go get to know her.  I’m happy to announce that has officially changed.  She began her blog yesterday and you can find it here.  A Place to Share.  I hope you’ll go by and welcome her.

And if you are out reading today I hope you’ll come by and read at Cassie’s Space too.  She has really been pestering me to do some writing for her these days and I finally did.

Monday, January 21, 2013

To all my readers - an important post, part two

Great, you're back! If you missed yesterdays post go here and read it first please. 

Now if you did assignment two from yesterday, then hopefully you did assignment one also.  Now that I hope you are realizing you belong here, your next assignments:

Assignment three: Talk to us.

You need to do some commenting.  If you never have before, it’s time to start.

I said yesterday that part of why I didn’t comment was that I felt that I had nothing to add; I’ll get back to this.  But another reason was fear. Were these bloggers real people, were they safe, were they going to try to lure me into some dark lifestyle I didn’t want?  The answers are simple: yes, yes, no. Could I really comment anonymously? Yes, but I think the best thing to do is to create second email account, password protected (from the kids) for your alter ego.  I began as Elis Corey (not my name) eventually I was renamed PK by some warped friends here.  I felt more comfortable with this email I used exclusively for commenting and eventually blogging. My suggestion is to come up with a name or something to go by rather than just being anonymous so we’ll know you’re the same person each time you come by.

Now about not feeling like you have anything to add – you do! When you just say ‘Hey, I like reading here.’ You have added your support. If you ask a question, you allow us to think and maybe eventually understand ourselves better.  If you tell us we’re lucky to have someone in our lives with whom we can share the spanking lifestyle, you help us remember how fortunate we are.  Nearly everyone out here answers his or her comments these days and this is the way we first began to know one another.

Assignment four: Think seriously about starting a blog of your own.

Now close your mouth and stop panicking.  You don’t have to start today, but think about it.  Here’s why. 

There are groups within our community.  Picture it like a large family that gets along well.  We all care about each other, we all love being together, would rally around anyone in times of trouble, ask and offer advice and enjoy hearing from anyone in the family.  But there are still groups within the family, the kids are outside playing, the teens are on their cells, maybe the pregnant woman and those with young kids are talking, the men are sleeping by the TV, and the women over fifty are singing the praise of the empty nest.

We have groups in blogland too.  Out here we have those who spank only for fun, for erotic reasons, many for discipline reasons and others who combine the three.  But a large group out here, maybe the largest, is not represented – those who would really love to be spanked, but have no one in their lives to do it, or are not yet comfortable asking their significant other to spank, or maybe they have asked and the other person just isn’t interested. I think some of you should be blogging – it may not change anything, but I think it feels better knowing that you are not alone.  By blogging, by being out here to rant, complain, wonder, guess, explore, ask, and discuss the lifestyle you will realize that you too have a group in this large family.  And knowing you are part of a large, supportive and loyal family seems to make everything better.

I know not everyone is going to want to begin a blog.  But some of you might so this is your official invitation. If you would consider this, you know you don’t have to blog every day.  But you would have a place – to share your feeling about everything.  I think over the years this blog has become my on going diary, my pensive, I have a place to store my thoughts and I love it.

And finally…

Assignment five:  Write spanking fiction.

No this isn’t just another plea for Fantasy Friday stories, don’t get me wrong, I’d surely take them, but you need to write for yourself.  You don’t have to post them at all, you can hide them under the mattress if you like.  But making up spanking stories got me through the first 49 years of life until I decided to ‘come out’ to Nick.  Nearly the first two years of Cassie's Space were all stories I had made up in my head through out my life.  It’s how I coped with being a spanko in a vanilla world.  And I really enjoyed it too – so much I’m still doing it.  So let your fantasy play out in your mind, expand and elaborate on it – it’s yours for goodness sakes.  Writing may soothe and ease your desires and it may give you the courage to come out to someone who might share your feelings, you never know.

This isn’t another Love our Lurkers day. I’m glad we have LOL Day, I do love my lurkers, but I hope that theses two posts will help some of you step out and really join us.  If you want to be spanked, if you have the desire to spank someone, if the whole idea of consensual adult spanking is often in your mind, you are part of the family and you will be most welcomed to talk with us any time. My email address is elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Sunday, January 20, 2013

To all my readers - an important post

I write all my post hoping all my readers will enjoy them and maybe think or laugh a little.  But today, and maybe for the next few post, I want to talk to a part of my reader that I’m afraid we often ignore.  One of my friends knows she inspired all these thoughts and that they are directed at her – but it also for many of my other readers.

I’d bet 99% of those of us out here, bloggers and readers, found ourselves here after looking up ‘spanking’ on the Internet, (back in my day all you could do was look up spanking in the dictionary and lust after the definition, but now I’m really showing my age.)  I’m assuming that if you’re reading here you are a spanko – or have at least admitted to yourself that the idea of spanking or being spanked pulls at you whether you want it to or not.

Most of us blogging are being spanked, sometimes more than we’d like, sometimes less, but we’ve found some way to incorporate TTWD in our lives.  But that wasn’t true for me when I first found blogs.  At that time I had never had an adult spanking, Nick knew nothing about my desire and I wasn’t ever planning on telling him.  I loved what I was reading, was memorized, in fact.  But I certainly didn’t feel like I was a part of it.

I felt a lot like a kid with her face pressed against a candy store window watching the kids inside help themselves to all the delights I wanted. One part of me was happy for them, but I also felt a little jealous and left out. 

I had no one to spank me, no stories to relate, no misdeed that I could write about and speculate on what an appropriate punishment might be. I was not getting fun spankings, sexy spankings, punishment spanking, no one wanted to control (or protect) me. I felt couldn’t even comment on these thing with no experience to back it up. My feelings were, 'What could I say that was of any value or significance to these people who are actually living it?'

Bob said in an email the other day that as he began reading more and commenting some that he hadn’t realized what a close-knit community we really were. I love that we are seen in that way, but I don’t ever what my reader to feel like it’s an exclusive community.  If that were true we’d all go private and just talk to one another.  We have public blogs because we want other to feel comfortable joining the discussion.

I reposted this on facebook the other day.  The LGBT community created it, but I think it applies for well for those of us in the spanko world as well.  This is the real reason I blog.

Now if you feel like you are in this group of readers (as I once was) I have several assignments for you.  I’ll just give the first two today (wish I could promise each of you a spanking if you don’t follow through, but…)

Assignment one: Reread this post.  Think about it. Realize that you are a part of us whether you let your voice be heard or not, and also realize that we will all be stronger if our community grows with the thoughts of all our members.

Assignment two: Come back tomorrow for your next assignment.