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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

I told you that this story would touch a lot of you. Speaking for chubby girls everywhere we don’t often don’t like our bodies. The idea of someone loving us enough to make us see that we are loveable not in spite of our curves but because of them!

The voting was as close as possible Hermione with 30%, Olivia with 25%, Eliane had 20% and Mina had 25%. Close enough for you? Once again that actual author the least votes. Eliane is our writer, she is new around here so let me introduce her. Eliane is from the UK. She is 31 and single at the moment. You know one of her interest, of course, is spanking! The other is the theatre (as you would spell it in the UK). This is her first story and I for one think she did a fantastic job. I hope she will take the little spare time she has to comment some our here so that we can get to know her better. If you would like to write to her personally you can use this address elianechevalier@yahoo.co.uk

You all know I want stories from everyone but I have to tell you it is really exciting to get one from a reader who has not written a spanking story before or had no place to post it if they did. I had spanking stories in my head for decades before I finally had the nerve to write any down. I hope everyone who had the desire to type ‘spanking’ on a search line and finds all of us will give writing their own story a try. Send all stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Eliane thanks again and I hope we will hear more from you.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Missing Eva and Adam

Home again. It is always nice to be home again but I really miss my twin and Adam. The trip was so much fun!! The day after the lake we got to tour where Adam works – very impressive!! And then we went on to see where Eva works. I love being able to picture people where they are during the day.

The fantastic food continued! Eva is better than fantastic! How many cooks do you know who can completely ruin what they are trying to cook and still come up with something so good we were sneaking back to the kitchen all day to eat some of it? Let me show you what she was trying to make.

Yes, she was trying for butt bread, or at least that is what Mollie called it. Her story is that she was trying to get pizza dough to rise and that is what it is supposed to look like but on the first try she forgot and left the oven on and it cooked into small loves instead. This happened when she forced me to go to the gym and exercise! Anyway it was great! We called it 'accidental bread' and she sent a loaf home with us. It is really good. So were the pizza when she did them right!

The last day we were there Adam had to work. That was when Eva and I went to the gym but the rest of the day we just stayed around the house and talked. I loved it. Mollie actually gave us a couple of hours to ourselves. We just sat on the deck and talked. I talk to Eva all the time but it’s nice to be able to do it without tired fingers! We talked about husbands, kids, spanking, lost libidos, found libidos, blogging, blogging friends – anything and everything that floated through our minds – and that covers many topics. Of course if you want to know about one of our main topics of conversation for the whole weekend read here! You don’t know how excited this makes me!!!

And while you are flipping around don’t forget to read Fantasy Friday this week. A very good one – go here for that. Come back Monday so see who wrote it!

add on ...
Check out Eva's comment. I guess I should include the picture that Mollie suggested. I have no comment, decide for yourself...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fantasy Friday - "Do You Understand?"

I am getting ready to post this while I am at Eva's. My apologies for having only a few pictures. With Mollie over my shoulder every second doing any blogging at all quite difficult as you might imagine. But in truth this wonderful story does not need many pictures. It stands alone and where a few of you might not feel the deep feelings in this story, I know most of us that read and write out here will relate to this story way more that we want to. I love the way the author tell this story. Please vote, you may or may not know the author but I am sure she will love to hear your comments.

Do You Understand?

Kate walked through the shopping centre, dragging her feet as she went. She hated shopping centres. All the clothes seemed designed for stick thin teenagers, not for large 26 year olds, who hated pretty much every part of their body. She’s always hated the way she looked, ever since she had hit puberty, and the puppy fat had come along for the ride. The trouble was that it had never gone away again, just sat there, increasing in volume over the years.

She’d tried all sorts of diets, but her heart was never in it. She’d loose some weight for a while, but then she would also lose her willpower, and the weight would gradually creep back on.
She sighed as she walked past yet another shop designed only for 16 year olds with
size 8 figures and washboard stomachs. Ed caught her sigh and turned round, looking at her questioningly.

She still couldn’t quite believe that this gorgeous, good looking man still seemed to be interested in her, four months after they had first started going out. Actually, she couldn’t believe when he had first come up to her, at a party her friend Louise had dragged her along to, and asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink sometime. She’d had relationships before, of course, but at the moment she was the biggest she’d ever been and her self esteem was correspondingly at rock bottom. She had thought it might be a joke, maybe his friends had bet him that he wouldn’t ask out the fat girl… but he seemed sincere, and with Louise standing there, unsubtly jabbing her in the ribs, she had little choice but to agree. They’d gone out a few nights later, and had a lovely evening, and to her surprise, he’d asked her out again. And again. A month later they were officially an item.

Nowadays, they stayed over at each others places at least a couple of time a week, and to everyone else looked like a secure and happy couple. Not to Kate though. She still questioned every day what he saw in her, and why he wasn’t repulsed by her. She wondered again why she’d agreed when he invited himself along on her shopping trip. It was enough of ordeal trying to find clothes that actually fitted her and didn’t make her look like a sack of potatoes, all the time surrounded by skinny minnies, without having to have Ed realise exactly how big she was and come to the conclusion that he would rather be with someone thinner and prettier.

She sighed again. Ed stopped and turned around. “Katie, seriously, what is the matter? You’ve been miserable all day. This shopping trip was your idea. I thought this sort of thing was supposed to be fun, but the way you’re acting like its one step up from Chinese water torture. Come on; tell me, what’s the matter?”

She looked at him. He was standing there looking so lovely in jeans and a blue T-Shirt, his dark hair catching in the sunlight. He’d never get why she felt the way she did, and what’s more, her insecurities would probably drive him away.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I’ve just got PMS…”

He glared at her, “Katie, don’t lie to me, your period finished a week ago, there is no way you have PMS. Seriously, what gives?”

She looked at him again, standing there so confident and sure of himself, and something inside her snapped.

“Oh you’d never bloody well understand! It’s alright for you; you’re so damn sure of yourself! You don’t know what it’s like to spend your whole life feeling fat and ugly!”

Ed just stood there, looking shocked. “Kate, is that how you see yourself? As fat and ugly?”

Katie glared at him “Of course I do! And so does everyone else. Women like me are always the fat cows. We’re always the butt of jokes. The world is full of skinny, bitchy teenagers, and everything is designed to fit them, and not big fat ugly people like me!!” And with that she burst into tears and sat down on a nearby bench, sobbing her heart out.

Ed sat down next to her and gently pulled her into a cuddle.

“Katie, listen to me, I do NOT think you are fat or ugly. To me you are a gorgeous, voluptuous, beautiful woman. I could never go out with some stick insect, they do nothing for me. I need my woman to have curves, and to look like a real woman.” He turned her face to him and looked her in the eyes. “Do you understand?” he asked.

Kate choked back a sob and responded. “You’re just saying that to make me feel better. You can’t possibly really find me attractive.”

Ed was the one to sigh this time. “Right, we are giving up on the shopping trip, we’re going back to my place and I’m going to make you believe I’m telling you the truth.”

“Fine!” Kate got up, “I’d rather be anywhere but here right now.”

Half an hour later they were back at Ed’s flat and Kate was sitting on his sofa, having a drink of water. Ed walked back into the room and looked at her. “Have you calmed down?” Kate nodded. “Good. Now this is what’s going to happen. I want you to stand up and undress.”

Kate looked up, startled. “In the middle of your living room? In the middle of the day??” She had always avoided getting undressed in front of him, finding ways to avoid him seeing her completely naked, except in the semi darkness. He looked right back at her. “Yup. Right here, right now.”

Something in his tone compelled her to do as he said, though she couldn’t for the life of her think why. She took off her cardigan, and then her skirt and top, slowly, but in no way trying to tantalise. She stood there in her bra and knickers, feeling very embarrassed. Ed looked at her and smiled. “And the rest…”

“Please Ed, no, I’m embarrassed. Don’t make me…”

He raised an eyebrow. “Do you want me to come over there and help?”

She most definitely didn’t, and in response she slowly took off her bra, covering her breasts with one hand. He looked down at her knickers, meaningfully. She sighed, and awkwardly, using just one hand while still trying to keep her breasts covered, pulled them down. Then she quickly put her hand over her crotch.

Ed smiled. “Good. Now I want you to put your hands by your sides. I want to be able to see you in all your glory.”

Kate’s arms shook as she them away and put them by her sides. She looked down at the floor, cheeks flaming with shame. Ed got up and walked over to her. He stood in front of her.

“Katie, I want you to look at me.”
With difficulty, she raised her gaze to meet his, still hot with embarrassment. He raised his hand, and his finger traced the contours of her face.

“Katherine Lucy Morton, I want you to understand that I love you, and I think you’re beautiful”.

She dropped her gaze again, unable to believe him. He took her chin between his hands and brought her eyes up to meet his. While he was holding her gaze, his other hand carried on tracing.

“I love your beautiful eyes, and your smile. Your shoulders, your arms…. I adore you big, bouncy breasts” he continued, trailing a finger round her nipples, making them erect.

“I love your curves, and your stomach, and that gorgeous pussy, but most of all, I love your beautiful round bum”. His hand rested on it.

Kate stood there. She didn’t know how to respond. She was turned on, but embarrassed by the compliments being directed at her. Ed continued to look her in the eyes and carried on speaking.

“Katie,” it really upsets me that you think this way about yourself. That you have such low self esteem, and talk about yourself in such derogatory terms. I want that to change. I want you to appreciate just how sexy you are, and to stop putting yourself down constantly. And I’m going to make that happen by doing something I’ve wanted to do since the first moment I met you.”
With this, he took her by the arm and walked over to the sofa, and sat down. Kate looked at him, confused.

“In a minute”, he continued, “you’re going to put yourself over my lap, and I’m going to spank you. No, listen! For two reasons. One is because you are just so damn sexy, and I’ve wanted to do this for four months, but the other reason is that I want you to start to learn that it’s not acceptable to think or talk about yourself in such a way, and hoping this will help you realise that.”

Kate looked at him in disbelief. He had to be kidding. Spanked? Like some little child?! No way! She started to move away, but he still had hold of her arm. He shook his head. “Don’t even think about it. I would like you to get over my knee of your own accord, but I will put you over it if I have to.” His tone became more serious. “Katie, I promise you that I won’t go too far, or hurt you, or give you more than you can take. I love you, and I think this will be good for you”.

She looked at him uncertainly, but something in his tone reassured her. Still not quite able to believe what she was doing, she awkwardly lowered herself across his lap, so that her torso and arms were resting on the sofa. He put one arm around her waist, and the other hand gently rubbed her bottom, she tensed.

“Just relax, OK?”

He rubbed a bit more, and, silly though she felt, lying as she was, she started to relax a little more. It was at that point that the first spank landed on her right cheek. It wasn’t hard, but the shock of it made her gasp. He rubbed the spot.

“That wasn’t too bad was it?”

“I suppose not”

In response, he delivered four crisp swats, alternating between cheeks. She gasped as each one landed, and the sting grew. But at the same time, she felt strangely aroused. She could feel her pussy getting wet as she laid her, and wondered at it. Ed was speaking again.

“Katie, I want you to understand that the kind of sentiments you were using earlier on are just not acceptable”. As he talked, he punctuated his words with more smacks, working all round her bottom, low and high. While none of was individually very hard, the sensation was building in her cheeks, and couldn’t help wiggling to try and ease it. He just gripped on to her waist harder, and started to spank harder, talking all the while.

“I love you, I think you are beautiful, and I want you to learn to love yourself, and to appreciate the beautiful body you have, in all its glory. I never want to hear you putting yourself down again. I care too much about you to want to see you hurting yourself with these thoughts.”

The sting in her bottom was quite fierce now, but in spite of that distracting her from his words; somehow what he was saying was getting through. He kept calling her beautiful. He kept saying that he loved her curves, and he obviously liked her bottom, or at least what he was doing to it, the evidence was easy to feel, pressing into her crotch. Maybe he really did mean what he was saying… Tears sprang to her eyes, caused both from the pain of the spanking, and the realisation that this man did actually seem to love her for who she was, and what she looked like.

He stopped spanking, and started rubbing gently, all over her bottom. The tears rolled down her face as she gave in to the emotions overwhelming her, and the feeling of being cared about. He pulled her upright, onto his lap, and wiped away a tear. He turned her chin so she was looking him in the eyes again.

“Now do you understand?”


Can you tell the author is not from the US? Yep, I thought you could. So knowing that here are your 4 choices. Hermione, Oliviamaners, Eliane and Mina. Each of these fine ladies write a great story Hermione, Oliviamaners and Mina have blogs you can check out and Eliane I know through comments. None of these lovely ladies live here but it goes to show we all have the same emotions, desires, worries and hang-ups regardless of where we are on the planet! So make your best guess! I will be home Friday evening to check everything out!

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Do You Understand?"


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving it!

We are having an absolute ball! Nothing flashy, nothing wild - just fun. I loved the beach yesterday. The beach on a Great Lake is so similar and so different to the ocean. The sky is different, the beach more closed in and instead of shells there were beautiful smooth rocks. We took our chairs the beach to sit and Mollie moved hers away from us to put her feet in the water. That was fine, time for at least a few minutes of private conversation. HA! Within 3 minutes she was right back with us unwilling to allow the possibility of a thought or sentence to pass between the adults without her hearing. True it is keeping out conversations vanilla but she is having a ball and I really think Eva and Adam enjoy her. I know I am enjoying having her along.

Last night we had a fire out back and I just loved it! So peacerful, just setting around talking. We were going to grill hotdog and the other did but they were nuts if they thought I was going to eat a hotdog when I knew that there were left over ribs in the frig!! Those are wondreful ribs so that was what I ate. Then we fixed smores. Tonight Eva made my second favorite chicken and dumplins. I know I am gaining. I know by the fantastic food I am eating and by the looks I am getting from Nick. I know for all this gaining a spanking is coming. I just hope Nick will take it a little easy on Eva since she has just had surgery but it IS her cooking that is the cause of the weigh gain and I see no reason I should have to pay for it!

I just wanted to touch base I will tell more about the trip after we get home. I am planning to have a new Fantasy Friday up tomorrow provided I can sneak away from Mollie long enought to post it! We will be traveling back on Friday so keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're here!

Just a short note to tell you we made it. The drive was great. Mollie drove longer than I did. Eva has talked for a long while now that she cooks pretty good ribs. Not true! They are not pretty good - they are THE BEST ribs I have ever eaten. We will not talk about the diet until we get home. She may be the best cook ever but Theresa I am willing to come to your house for a comparison.

We are off for a picnic. Mollie is sticking like glue. As she says "I like hearing what you and Eva are talking about!" If she is ever out of the room the conversation would get even more interesting. More later!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

I am packing and almost ready to go. By the time most of you read this I will be winging my way to Eva’s house. Well, not winging exactly but riding. Anyway we are on our way and that is the most important thing!

But now on to the reveal, I really liked having a Fantasy Friday story this week. And one about not being able to cry was a good one for me to post. I thought it was very realistic. Hermonie got the largest % with 38% of the votes. Alice came in second with 29%, then Carye had 24% and finally Jess brought up the rear with only 10%.

Well Jess, it looks like you fooled them again! Yep Jess was the fantastic author of ‘I can’t Cry’. Thank you Jess you did a great job and I really thank you for sending it in, not only for me but for everyone who drops by to enjoy Fantasy Friday.

Please, please try you hand at a story and send it in. You know what they say “Try it, you’ll like it!” Send any story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

We're okay

I really like you people. You are great friends and you make me feel supported and cared for. We are doing fine. Our family is sad but we are pulling together as always.

It is great to be so close to Nick too. We have talked a lot. I haven’t felt the need to close myself off as I would have in the past. There were some spanking for stress relief this week and I feel it kept us close.

Right now I am so excited about seeing my twin and Adam! I feel like I am traveling to another home. It was so strange when I was there the first time last summer. I felt right at home the minute I walked in. Prowling through the frig and the cabinets. I loved my room! Poor daughter #3, we are completely running her out of the house! I really don’t mind her living in my room when I am not there.

I am also looking forward to getting an anniversary picture. There have been quite a few changes since we took our first picture a year ago this weekend. We have both changed, Eva more drastically that me, but we have both changed! Here is a review of what we did look like.

I want side by side pictures. So I think we will put on our most slimming out fits and see just how much difference there really is. This is pretty close to what I expect it to be now. Please just take my word for it.

Please go here to read Fantasy Friday if you haven’t already. I will put up the author on Monday and you can read about it while we are on our way north. I have my coat and boots packed. You all know how Eva whines about the snow!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fantasy Friday - I Can't Cry

I debated whether or not to post a Fantasy Friday this week. I even discussed it with Nick. This is a rough week for our family and right now we just want something normal, something relaxing. I like Fantasy Friday. I think it is what we need at the moment. And I especially like this one. It’s one of those that as I read it for the first time my first thought was “Wow, I think I wrote this one – oh wait, that can’t be right.” But it is really good and for many of us it will really be one we can identify with. Please enjoy …

I Can’t Cry

I have never been the type to cry easily. In fact, I hardly cry at all. The last time I cried was at a funeral for a co-worker who died much too young. Even my stubborn heart understands the finality of death. I don’t mean to say that I’m an unfeeling person, but my eyes just won’t cooperate when my body and soul need to cry. Some may think that I’m hiding my true feelings behind a tightly controlled facade, but his theory depends on the belief that that I am capable of crying. Am I, making a monumental effort to control the raging volcano of tears beneath the surface? I assure you this is not the case. The release of tension that comes with a good cry would be most welcome. And yet, my eyes betray my heart and remain woefully dry, under even the tensest of circumstances.

You may be wondering, why this obsession with crying? The answer is; stress. Stress should be a four letter word. It certainly seems to bring a number of four letter words to my mind when I am dealing with it. Some of the more popular relaxation methods I employ are: running away, exercise, overeating, drinking, leisure activities, wild sex and yes, crying. So, there I was, in one of the most stressful periods I have faced in years and all I could do was sit around and look sad. There were no tears for me, even when I mentally studied my life and relived great disappointments. My lip trembled and I felt a slight increase in the natural moisture in my eye. I tried to stay with it and ride the wave of emotion until the floodgates opened and…… nothing. Once again, I saw the forlorn look on my face in the mirror but nothing that suggests I had been on the verge of tears. I sighed loudly and added another memory to my list of woes, “I cannot cry.” Complaint number two hundred and fifty-six.

Enter my wonderful husband Gabriel. He knows me and the many layers I have created to protect myself. He also knows when I am on the edge of a cliff and need a little help to drag me back to solid ground. Gabe decided that a stress-relief spanking was in order. To the uninitiated, a stress-relief spanking is designed to help the receiver release tension while bonding her more closely with the person administering the spanking. Though this is undoubtedly an unconventional way to cope with stress; it works for us.

Gabe has been spanking me since the beginning of our relationship. Whenever I break an agreed-upon rule, I am punished by corporal means. If we need to reconnect emotionally, he often spanks me to break the ice. Of course, an erotic spanking during lovemaking can’t be beat. Was that horrible Pun? I do apologize. I sometimes think my most productive time is spent bent over with my panties at my knees for a fanny roasting.

“Robin!” Gabe appeared in the living room to see me sitting on the couch and staring out the window in a cloud of self-pity. “I think it’s time you stopped sulking and started doing something useful with your time, young lady,” Gabe admonished.

I looked at him insolently and deliberately turned my face away from him to stare out the window. Briefly, I considered the wisdom of my actions but then the moment passed and I continued nursing my bad mood.
Taking my hand gently but firmly, Gabe led me into our bedroom for a little talk. He began his lecture before we even got to the door, “I know you have had a lot on your plate lately, and you have been working very hard. But this miserable mood has gone on for too long.” Leading me to the bed, he sat down and pulled me between his legs facing him.

“It’s time to help you release some of the tension you have been holding in.” And with that, he loosened my trousers and let them drop to the floor. He guided me over his lap and adjusted my body until my bottom was at just the right angle. Without another word, Gabe laid a mighty swat across my cheeks. It was clear that this was not going to be an easy spanking. His hand came down hard, echoing throughout the room. I could feel a handprint shaped sting searing into my delicate backside. Before I adjusted to the pain, he began spanking in earnest. One slap after another branded my bottom. He started in the middle of each cheek and then moved side to side and up and down until my entire bottom was glowing red. I don’t know how many times his hand came down before he paused to rub.

“Shhhh,” he soothed. My breath was in rags and I was squirming to position myself safely away from his punishing hand. Gabe rubbed my back and said, “I don’t think you’re done yet. You’re still very tense.”

Who wouldn’t be tense when your butt us being blistered?, I thought. But I trusted Gabe to take care of me. He knew me well and he also knew I needed more. He reached under bed and picked something up. Apparently this little talk had been planned in advance. Gabe had put something especially for me within easy reach before he took me to our room. It didn’t take long to discover what it was.

Smack. I felt the paddle come down hard across both cheeks. Each strike with the paddle felt like a hot skillet on my rear end. The paddle came down again and again. I wiggled and howled, and despite my efforts to the contrary, my feet came off of the ground. “Put your feet on the ground or I will get my belt,” Gabe said sternly.

“Yes sir,” I said through gritted teeth. As my toes touched the ground, he raised the paddle and laid into me again. “Owww, oh, owwww,” I whined. Despite my distress, the spanking continued. I felt on the verge of tears. My entire bottom was on fire and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. “Oww, Gabe, owww,” I cried.

One last hard smack and he laid down the paddle. I went limp across his lap sniffling and gasping. “Owww,” I whined again. “My bottom is on fire,” I sniffled some more.

Gabe rubbed my back and waited for me to calm down. He helped me up and then he stood and scooped me into his arms. Setting me on the bed on my stomach he pulled the sheet over me and lay next to me. “That’s my girl, let it all out.” He stroked my hair and my face. “Any tears darling?”

I turned my head toward him, gazed into his eyes, put my hand on his face gently and said, “Nope.” I grinned “But I feel a lot better!”

Smack! Gabes’s hand cracked down on my backside as he laughed. “My pleasure, next time it won’t be so easy.”

Who needs tears anyway?


This was right on the money for so many of us. A wonderful story and something that has happened to so many of us. Now it’s time for you to see if you can come up with the correct author. Here are you choices Hermione who has a wonderful young blog. Your next choice is Jess a regular commenter and writer. Your third choice is Alice a brand new reader who wanted to join in and try a story. Or could it be Carye a long time commenter and contributer to FF. Please let the author know if you like the story, leave a comment. Every writer love feed back! I will post the author on Monday as usual and then we will take off for Eva’s house. Something I am REALLY looking forward to !!

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote 'I Can't Cry'?


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank you all

I can’t begin to tell everyone who has commented or emails or even said a silent prayer for us what you all mean to me. You people are all so important in my life. Eva and I have been having a conversation that has lasted uninterrupted for 2 years and as you can read on her site very soon will be our 1 year anniversary of meeting face to face. But now I want to meet everyone face to face. Mthc is a lot like Eva and me, glued to the computer and she helps keep me sane too.

My SIL knows about her son now. My BIL called the ship and told her. As awful as it had to be I am glad she knows. The phone call all mother fear about all else has come. We really don’t know what happened. We know he was having trouble with his asthma. But we have all worried about his substance abuse over the years. In her heart she has known this might happen. She did everything she could to prevent this – love, encouragement, prayer, medical intervention, tough love, financial support – everything. But this has happened and our family will get each other through it.

I am so anxious to see Mollie. I miss my baby so much! We, Nick, Mollie and I, will be headed to Eva and Adam’s next week. After all that has happened this week and what we have yet to go through the thought of being with my little family and these two wonderful friends is what is going far in holding me together. Again thank you all so much. Please keep us in your prayers, it’s still hard.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It’s a sad day here. My nephew died his morning. He had an 11 month old son. My nephew was 20 years old. Twenty-five years ago his mom and I were best buddies and worked together. She met Nick’s baby brother when they were both in our wedding and two years later they were married. My good friend became my SIL. I was with her three years later when she did a pregnancy test to find out this boy was coming. We were so happy we cried, you cannot imagine the joy we felt. Five months later she was with me when I did a test to find out LJ was coming. More tears of joy. We spent that summer talking about how to raise our children and what good friends they would be.

The boys were good friends when they were young but as they reached their teen years their interests went in different directions. My nephew turned first to sports and then unfortunately as he got older to drinking and drugs.

In the last few months he had been doing better. We all hoped and prayed that everything was going to be alright. But this morning that hope was dashed forever.

His mom is on the cruise with her other son and another SIL and Mollie. They don’t know what has happened yet. The boy’s dad is devastated and confused about exactly what to do next. Call the ship, wait until they get home and tell then when they call? We have offered to drive down with them to help drive everyone home. I don’t suppose either of my SIL will be in very good shape. I also worry about Mollie. She has lost my parents but it was expected and we all had time to adjust. She has never experienced a shock like this and about someone so young. I want to be with her. LJ is back in his college town but we have talked today. He knows I need to connect with him and he has called several times. I also have a great need to hug Mollie.

Right now Nick and I are just trying to be here for each other. We are so worried about his parents dealing not only with losing a grandson but know the hurt their own son is going through. Right now I just want it to not be true, I want it to go away, I don’t want to have to see the family is such pain. Thank you all for being here as a release for me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

FF the Reveal - The Break In

Before I reveal the author of this weeks Fantasy Friday I want to first thank everyone who left a comment this week. I am very happy to say that FF is truly beginning to encourage new people to try their hand at writing a little fiction. I had a great email from a budding new writer who was surprised at how easy the story was to write once the process was begun.

While I want to continue to encourage all my blogger friends to send in a story I love hearing from those of you who do not have a place to share your talent. Whether you think you can write or not go ahead and give it a try. I love that fact that all my readers are so good at leaving comment on Fantasy Friday stories. Remember you could be the first encouragement some of these new writers have ever had. So anytime you like a story be sure to let the author know.

Okay now, on to this week’s Fantasy Friday story. I loved the story and I was happy to read that you guys did too. The voting was pretty close too – Purple Angel got 17%, Italian Gal and Reesa each got 26%, and I got 30%. Well that 30% was correct! I wrote ‘The Break In’. And I thank you all for your comments on the story. I don’t write much fiction but I love it when I do get the chance. This story just kinda popped into my mind one day and I started writing to see where it went. Hopefully I will have the time to explore what happens to them during their next 6 months. Thanks again everyone!

And one more important note here. The story I got yesterday went to my bulk mail, I usually look before I delete my bulk but I noticed this one quickly because is subject line was ‘Fantasy Friday story’. If you ever send me any email – a story or just visiting – and I don’t answer within a day or two I did not get it! Please send it again!! Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Saturday, June 14, 2008


We have a really good Fantasy Friday story up this week. Click here if you haven't read it yet and don't forget to vote!

Mollie is cruising and Nick and I truly have an empty nest at the moment. We celebrated last night by going skinny dipping and playing a strip card game. I was wining up to the last hand! But at the last minute Nick pulled an upset, and I really wanted the prize! But Nick won so he got the full treatment, full body massage, BJ, a variety of toys – the works. I don’t really mind that he won because I enjoyed catering to him and if we were keeping track I get this kind of wonderful treatment much more often that he does. And it is father’s day weekend!

The celebration continued Saturday evening. After we went out with friends we stopped by the sex toy store for a little shopping. After a quick scan to see if I recognized anyone (one of LJ high school friends works there part time) we found a few nice toys. I was very disappointed in their line of spanking paraphernalia. Of course we can always order off line and we are going to some shops this week where they have some great kitchen stores. I hope Nick will shop with me for pervertibles. I really think that is so much fun – as much fun and less stressful that in a sex shop!

I am experiencing another feeling this weekend. I have always had some one to check in with or to check on. I was very close with my parents. I usually talked to mom several times a day telling her of my comings and goings. She didn’t demand it we were just friends. Then my children came along and their care consumed most of my life. As they got older I spent time caring for my parents. When they were gone I still had a 10 and 14 year old to care for.

But LJ doesn’t live here anymore. He is usually by once a week or so and we talk several times a week but I don’t check up on him nor does he check on us. But this week with Mollie actually out of the country and not planning to check in by phone or email I feel strangely adrift. It’s not a bad feeling at all but it is not exactly comfortable yet either.

Just coming home from town this evening I realized no one cared what time we got here. We came in and spread out all our toys and put batteries in them. We didn’t have to hide anything. It is a strange feeling. One I am sure we will get used to but I am not there yet. If you guys don’t mind I will keep checking in here. If I don’t show up for several days I want someone to wonder.

Now if Eva doesn’t hear from me you can assume there is a problem!! I won’t go several hours without talking to my twin!! And in about a week she and I can do that in person! Okay I have rambled enough for a Sunday post. Time to try out those new toys!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Break In

Freedom, freedom, freedom!!! School is out and I am thrilled. We have wonderful summer plans. And my first plan is post this weeks Fantasy Friday story for everyone to enjoy. I love this one and I really think you will too. If you like it leave a comment and let the author know. I hope reading the comments here will encourage new, beginning writers to try their hand writing. Please enjoy…

The Break In

The sudden light blinded Megan! She heard the man shout and her mind screamed in panic with only one thought “GET AWAY”! In her terror she sprinted for the door but the man was on her. His arm snaked around her waist and she was yanked backwards and off her feet. She dropped her bag in her mad effort to get away but she was half drug, half carried back into the bedroom. The man pulled her to the dresser as he fumbled inside the top drawer. Her mind was still reeling when she felt cold steel on her wrist and another wave of sheer panic shot through her as she realized she was now being handcuffed to the bed.

Once she was secured the man stepped away from her and back toward the dresser. Her eyes swept the room looking for an escape. Nothing! There was no hope, finally her eyes came back to the man and she saw the gun lying on the dresser by his hand.

The man began firing questions at her “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house? Damn! I could have blown your frigging head off! And what the hell are you doing with my shoe?” Megan looked down to see that she was still clutching the man’s shoe that she had so quietly slipped into the closet to take.

“I – I’m really sorry” Megan stammered “Here” she held out the shoe “you can have it back. I am so sorry. Please let me go and I swear I will never bother you again.”

The man ignored her words and said “Answer my questions. First who are you?”

“I’m Megan Anderson.”

“Alright Megan Anderson, what are you doing in my house, in my bedroom at 2 AM?” The man casually reached for his jeans hanging on the chair and pulled them on over his boxers.

Megan didn’t want to answer, it seemed so incredibly stupid now but no plausible lie was coming to mind so she began on the truth.

“I’m pledging a sorority and I have a list of items I had to get from a local house in order to…”

“My god!” the man interjected “you risked you life breaking into a stranger’s house on some kind of asinine scavenger hunt? How old are you anyway?”

“I’m nineteen” Megan answered “But you don’t understand” she started earnestly, “It’s not just to get into the sorority – this was to get in to a secret society within the sorority…” Megan trailed off again as the man looked at her as thought she had sprouted feathers.

The man looked so confused Megan took the opportunity to give him her most winning smile “Please,” she said sweetly, “I really am sorry. And I didn’t really take anything, you have everything back. No harm, no foul! Now if you will just take these cuffs off I’ll be on my way.”

The man almost smiled before he caught himself. He could only imagine the times that beautiful, innocent looking smile had gotten her out of trouble, well he thought, not this time.

“Come on,” Megan demanded, shaking the cuffs a little, “let me out of these things and I’ll go.”

“Go” he repeated “The only place you’re going is to jail! You break into my house try to steal my stuff and you think I am just going to let you walk out of here?

Megan’s eyes narrowed and she dropped the sweet smile. “Look mister, I said I was sorry. But I am not about to go to jail! Look at this you have me handcuffed to a bed – what kind of a pervert are you? I’ll tell the police you held me against my will – that’s kidnapping! And if you don’t let me out of these things right now I am going to tell them you tried to rape me!

The man stared another moment then reached for his cell phone and tossed it beside her on the bed. “There you go he said. Call 911. Better yet hit speed dial 2 that will ring directly on the sheriff’s desk. Of course I’m not there to answer it at the moment but I am sure one of my deputies will pick up.”

Megan’s eyes widen, “You’re not...” she began.

“Sheriff Cal Bennett at your service ma’am. Youngest sheriff ever elected in Craven County. Now let me see if I have this right” Cal began, “In order to get into some fancy, spoiled, society girl clique you broke into my house to steal… what all was it now?”

Megan dug into her pocket and handed him a small piece of paper. On it was printed:

• TV remote
• salt and pepper shakers
• tooth brush and tooth paste
• one dress shoe

• bonus points, one lock of hair

“This is some sorority you are trying to get into kid. But all you got yourself is a big pile of trouble. I am taking you in now; you can call your parents from the station.”

“You can’t call my parents!’ Megan cried “They’ll kill me! Mother couldn’t possible stand the embarrassment and Daddy said I couldn’t go to Greece over spring break if I mess up one more time! Please you have to let me go!

“So that is the kind of discipline you have had all your life? And how did Daddy think you messed up before? Eat with the wrong fork at dinner?”

“Daddy’s all up in arm about my grades.”

“How bad are your grades?” Cal asked.

“I failed 3 of my 5 classes. But it wasn’t my fault – not that it is any of your business! But they were all at 8:00 AM and who can make it to class that early?”

Cal thought back to his college days, working two jobs in addition to carrying a full load. Working in the bar until 4:00 AM and never missing an 8:00 AM class.

“Look" Cal snapped, "I can’t listen to anymore of this crap! You are under arrest. This is a small county and we keep our court dockets up to date. Your trial will be within two weeks and our judges are very severe with college students gone wild. So don’t expect to make bail. Plan on spending the next 6 months in our county jail. Don’t worry” he told her as he saw the panic growing in her eyes “I run a good jail and no one will hurt you. But someone needs to teach you a lesson and my county work farm is the best place I know of.”

Cal let that bit of information sink in for a minute as he watched her tear stained face crumble in to disbelief.

“Or you have one other choice.”

Megan looked at him trying to stop her tears. “Please” she pleaded, “I’ll do anything! I don’t want to go to jail and I don’t want my parents to know. Give me another chance – please!”

“I don’t think you are going to like the alternative either.” Cal said in a firm voice.

“Oh please, anything is better than going to jail.”

“Okay we’ll see.” Cal paused for a minute then stated the second option. “Your complete contempt of the law, your total disregard for your own safety and your only real remorse in all this is that ‘Daddy will take away your trip to Greece’ tells me you are nothing but an extremely spoiled brat! What you need is someone to blister your butt and take control of you until you develop some self control!”

“Blister my butt? Are you saying you want to spank me? Are you crazy? I have never been spanked!”

“That” Cal observed “is painfully obvious. But that is the deal. I am going to whip your butt and in addition to that you will be working for me for the next six months. You won’t be joining any sorority, you won’t have any time. You will be cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry and scrubbing bathrooms – whatever I need.

Megan stared at him as if he were speaking Greek. “But I don’t know how to do any of that stuff” Megan whispered.

I had a feeling you didn’t, but it’s high time you were learning. And part of the time you will be studying because your grades are going to improve to B’s or better and if you miss so much as one class without my permission – I’ll wear you out again! Are you getting all this?”

Getting it, she thought he had to be kidding! But regardless she was prepared to agree to anything to keep from going to jail. Besides little kids got spanked so it couldn’t be all that bad. As for the maid service, well she would find some way out of that.

“I don’t want my parents to know anything and I don’t want to go to jail.”

“Alright then.” Cal took the cuff key and unlocked Megan’s hand. He sat on the bed and drew her to stand in front of him. “Megan, you need to take down you pants and panties.”


“Megan punishments are embarrassing and painful – that is the reason you avoid bad behavior, to avoid punishment. I need this to be memorable to set you straight. And I promise you will remember this night.”

Megan couldn’t hold his gaze and looked at the floor as she bared her bottom. Cal quickly guided her over his lap and positioned her at the proper angle.

Megan could not believe what was happening. Cal began spanking with his hand. It did sting but she realized it wasn’t anything she couldn’t take. Cal started talking to her “Tell me why you are getting this spanking Megan.”

”Because I wanted to join the sorority” she answered.

Zing! The next spank shot through her like fire. It HURT! What was he doing? “I don’t need any of you flippant answers young lady!” He was burning her up! She reached her hand around to protect her assaulted bottom but she quickly found her hand pinned to the small of her back. Cal lessened the tempo but was still spanking hard as he asked again “Why are you getting this spanking?”

“I broke into your house”, Megan gasped “I tried to steal from you!”

“That’s right” Cal agreed. “Did you know stealing was wrong?”

“Yes sir!” Even through the pain Megan wondered where the ‘sir’ had come from.

“Good” said Cal. “And now you are going to find out how I feel about stealing!” and he began spanking in earnest.

This was not what Megan had expected. She began howling and kicking her feet. Cal easily penned her legs with his. He paused moments later – he was well aware that this was her first spanking and he had no intention of over doing it, but she would remember.

“We are not quite done here young lady” Cal said as he stopped to rub her glowing bottom. “But I think you need a little break.” Cal helped her up and guided her to the corner. “I want you to stand here in the corner and think about the decisions that got you here tonight.”

Megan was thinking about the choices she had made. Never had joining a sorority seemed so meaningless. Why had she ever put herself in such a compromising position?

Cal stepped back into the room with the hairbrush and a bottle of lotion. Seeing Megan from across the room Cal realized what a beautiful sight she was in the corner. He knew her ass was on fire from the looks of things and the way she shifted her feet trying to find relief. She was still sniffling and wiping her eyes.

“Megan” come back over here Cal ordered quietly. Megan came back to him. She realized she didn’t feel embarrassed but she was beginning to realize that she had really screwed up.

Megan saw the hair brush lying beside Cal. Her eyes got big as she began “No – please don’t…” Cal pulled her back across his lap. “But I’m sorry!” she wailed “I’ve learned my lesson, honest!

“Good” Cal said soothingly. “You have paid for breaking in and stealing. You have a clean slate on that but this hair brush is going to make you pay for putting yourself in such a dangerous position. Cal rubbed the smooth, cool brush against Megan’s scorched bottom. It felt great but Megan couldn’t help tensing for the first blow.

She didn’t have to wait long as pain exploded on her right cheek and then quickly on her left. She yelped and tried to slide off but Cal was having none of it and firmly pulled her back to him. He spanked hard with the brush. “I could have shot you tonight! Do you realize that? You would have been dead, you parents lives devastated and mine too. You will never, ever put yourself it danger like that again!”

“I won’t, I won’t!! Please stop! I’m so sorry! Stop!”

The hair brush paused as Cal ask "Are you sure you know how serious this was? Do you really realize you could be dead?"

"I do know, honest!

"Good" Cal answered "Now let's make sure you never forget." and with that Cal delivered the last 25 firm hard spanks. "Are you going to be able to remember, Megan?"

"I'll remember!! I will never do anything so dangerous again, I promise!! Please stop!"

Cal stopped and ran his hand gently over over her flaming red cheeks. “It’s alright, Megan, I know you won’t. It’s going to be alright.” She winced as the cooling lotion he was using touched her skin. The lotion felt good but she didn’t think there was enough lotion in the world to cool the heat she was feeling.

Cal set her to her feet and helped her arrange her clothes. Then he put his arms around her and held her as she sobbed. “Shhh…” he cooed to her “you’re alright now. It’s all over and everything’s okay. All those bad decisions, all the pain is behind you now.”

Megan couldn’t help grinning at his choice of words and as she looked at him she saw the twinkle in his eye and realized he had fully intended the pun. She felt comfortable in his arms, relaxed in a way she had never felt before.

“Thank you” Megan said quietly. “I know this evening could have gone horribly wrong. I could be in jail – or worse. I owe you a lot Cal.”

Cal was almost startled to hear his own name. So many friend and even family members simply called him ‘Sheriff’. He found himself strangely pleased that Megan had remembered his name and used it. He held her a little longer then became business-like. “What time is your first class in the morning?”

“Nine” she told him. “American history”

“And when are your classes over tomorrow?”

“I’m done at 2:30.”

“Alright, I am going to get you back to the dorm now. It’s after 3 and you need some sleep. You will not be late for your class tomorrow and don’t think I won’t check. I’ll pick you up at 3 tomorrow afternoon and I want you to have your class schedule with you. We'll work your chores around here in between your classes.

“That okay, my car is just on the next block.” Megan told him. “I’ll get myself home.”

“Owwwww…” Megan cried as Cal hand landed a hard swat on her extremely tinder seat.

“Young lady you are in my custody for the next six month and you will do what I tell you when I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Cal.” Megan answered meekly as he led her to his car. Each wondering, with a small smile, what the next six months might bring.


If this pair doesn’t show up in a sequel someone should be spanked! I have to know what the next 6 months will bring. But now we have to figure out who wrote it. Purple Angel is one possibility I love her writing. It might be Spanked Italian Gal she may be new to blogging but who knows how long she has been writing. Reese Roberts is another possibility, no she hasn’t been around much lately but I have talked to her several times she could have sent a story to help out. Then again it could have been me I can write when I put my mind to it and I do love spanking stories.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "The Break In"?

Purple Angel
Italian Gal

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Just checking in

Here I am. I am going in to work for a couple of hours then I am done for the year (except for some typing I will be finishing up at home). Now I am concentrating on getting Mollie ready for her cruise. She leaves for Bermuda Saturday. I felt much more comfortable about the trip until she modeled her bathing suits for us last night. Good Grief!!! When did my funny, cute little girl turn into this gorgeous, shapely, tanned, blonde goddess?? What an absolutely terrifying site. I have a feeling the next five years are going to be a real blast for me. Prayers, folks, I can use your prayers!!

On the up side Nick and I will have the house to ourselves next week. Well pretty much. I told LJ to call before he came home. He asked “So I won’t find you and Dad doing anything wild like napping or playing cards?” Whatever… he has been warned and if he gets traumatized by walking in on daddy spanking momma’s ass, well … he has been warned!

We have a hot Fantasy Friday coming up tomorrow so come back!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Sunday afternoon arrived and Mollie went off babysitting. We were anxious to try out the gift I had given Nick for our anniversary. You may have seen the advertisements for this Yours and Mine K-Y. Well I wanted to see what all the fuss about. It was supposed to feel good for her, and then his feels good for him but together – stars are to appear!! Nick has looked at the direction for use and he thought that they were very vague. I thought I could do better so here is what I came up with.

Further instructions

1. Rid house of any (all) excess children.

2. Be sure AC is working

3. Wife needs to be properly prepared. Kiss. Unwrap. For best results bottom should be a deep shade of red. A prolonged vigorous application of a variety of implement (should include, but not limited to hand, paint stirrer, leather paddle, hair brush and belt.)

4. Once wife is prepared husband should be unwrapped if not already.

5. Husband should relax against head board as wife orally brings as much blood flow to her man and he did to her butt.

6. After both partners are thus prepared husband should apply new lube to moist needy areas of wife (wife will notice a delightful burn from his application which can be increased by husband slightly blowing on region.)

7. When wife can move she should apply ‘his’ lube to whatever comes up. Begin at the tip and swirl down toward the body.

8. Let nature take its course.

9. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

10. Report results to one another and to any interested blogging friends.

Additionally items that might increase the fun along the way- bottom stoppers and vibrating toys.

I just what to say Nick did a wonderful job preparing the wife, I got a wonderful anniversary spanking for our 25 years and then because we have to spank when time allows he addressed some diet issues. You will be able to read more about that over at Todd and Suzy’s Diet update. But let me just say the man was not holding back! And yes! I did feel it the next day!

Now for the product evaluation, I was pretty pleased with my lube. It did definitely add a nice warm tingly feeling. Nick said his was fine but he said it didn’t seem to add anything in particular. There were no fireworks when the two lubes came together. Well actually I did see some fireworks but it had nothing to do with the K-Y! It was a most wonderful afternoon!

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

We are going to have to watch these Fantasy Friday stories that get our HOH thinking! But I did like this. At first I thought Carye was going to run away with the voting and she did get the majority with 43%, but Michelle had 17 % of the votes and Marie and Mina both had 20 % each.

Nope it wasn’t Carye. The author of ‘A Good Night’s Sleep’ was Marie. Marie is fairly new here but you may have seen her comments a few places. And believe it or not this is the first spanking story she has ever written. She is obviously very talented and I hope she will write more for us – or for herself if she should ever decide to begin a blog.

Marie describes herself as ‘kind of shy, but coming out of my shell more and more since dd and making a few internet friends’. We may not hear from her for a while she is off on a two week vacation with her own wonderful spanker – her husband of over 15 years. But I hope you will all join me in welcoming Marie to the community and letting her know how much we liked this first story. May she write many more!

And if you have a story for Fantasy Friday please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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More this and that

Hi folks! Just a quick note here. We had a great party yesterday for Nick’s dad. Almost the whole family was here, about 20 people. We always set up tables on the carport and down by the pool under the deck but it was so hot we also had a place for some to eat in the sun room overlooking the pool. That room would have been nice and cool – if our air conditioner had not died. We live in the south folks. Have you been hearing about our weather?? Ninety-eight degrees yesterday and no AC!

What can you do but call a repair man. Of course it was Saturday but we thought we could at least get our name on the list. Now is the part where it’s good to know people. Our repair man is the married to my good friend. When we called to see how many days we were looking at he said he would be here in an hour. Sure enough he was and was about to get it running! I know a new AC has to be in our future. We got this one the summer after I sweltered nursing LJ so it is close to 20 years old.

Now the important news, LJ was home all day yesterday so we won’t see him again for 5 or 6 days (that’s not the good news just a fact of life). Mollie is babysitting this afternoon at 4 and we are hoping to finally celebrate our anniversary. We also have something new to try out. I’ll tell you all about it next week. Have a good Sunday!

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Fantasy Friday - A Good Night's Sleep

Today is not only Friday, today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! I am doing the happy teacher dance in a big way!! And what better way to kick off the summer activities than with a hot Fantasy Friday story. This one has it all and I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

A Good Night’s Sleep

She was too tired to appreciate how handsome Kyle looked as he pushed open the door from their garage and walked into the kitchen that evening. She was pouting as he kicked off his shoes, offloaded his briefcase and suit coat to the hall tree. "Missed you, Emily" he said as his strong arms pulled her close. Even in her sleepy state, she was not completely immune to the wonderful masculine smell of him. She pushed out of his hug a little too quickly and started leafing through a catalog which had come in the mail that day. Casually, she said, "thought you were going to be home a few hours ago."

Kyle responded kindly, "You seem tired, kitten. Didn’t you sleep well last night?" This wasn’t where she wanted the conversation to go, but she was prepared to turn it back on him. "You know I never sleep well when you’re gone overnight." To avoid the possibility of running into traffic and not being on time for his early morning meeting, Kyle had driven two hours into the city and spent the night in a hotel. "I’m sorry, babe. You know I hate being away from you for even one night, but it couldn’t be helped." She shrugged off another attempt he made to hug her.

"Hey, what’s for dinner, honey? I’m starved," he asked. After throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Emily went to lie down on their bed. She flopped down on top of the bedspread. Feeling relieved that Kyle was finally home to handle the children, she fell into a blissful sleep and was only distantly aware that Kyle had gotten "dinner" on the table.

The house was quiet and it was completely dark outside when he climbed onto their bed and hovered over Emily. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. He appreciated how much work it took to care for their three little ones...especially alone. He bent over and planted kisses into the warm crook of her neck. He was delighted when she rolled over and looked up at him with her dark, happy eyes. "Oh, hi there, love," she said and stretch her arms out for a hug. "Oh, thank you, Kyle. I really need that nap" Emily sighed. "Anything for my Princess" he said while he began unbuttoning his shirt for bed.

A quick look at the clock and she realized how long he had let her sleep. The kids were obviously already in bed. "And what do you need, babe?" she asked with a suggestive smile on her face. He looked so big and handsome hovering over her that her heart skipped and she reached to pull him down on top of her. After reacquainting themselves with deep kisses and frantic groping, Kyle scooped her up off the bed so he could pull back the covers.

Unfortunately, as the bedspread was stripped back, both of them caught sight of a note, handwritten on a piece of yellow legal notepaper. Kyle set Emily down on her feet and she pulled the note up off the bed, wondering aloud, "What’s this?"

He waited while Emily read the short love note he’d left in bed for her before he’d left on his overnight trip. "Dear Emily, I’m going to miss you, kitten. Thank you for maintaining my castle while I’m away. I’ll think of you constantly because I need you like a vampire needs a vein. Keep our bed warm until I get back and remind you what it’s for. All my love, Kyle"

Emily moved forward to hug him and thank him for the note, but he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her down onto his hard lap. She could tell by the firm way he was gripping her arm that he was not joking. "Look at me!" he demanded. He tipped her chin up so that she couldn’t help but see the anger in his eyes as he asked, "Why didn’t you go to bed last night, Emily?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, trying to sound innocent. "Emily, do not play games with me. What was the last thing I told you to do on the phone last night before we said goodnight?" He waited for her to respond.

She sat quietly for several seconds before erupting with a defiant tone, "You said not to stay up late!" She went on to yell, "I can stay up as late as I want. I can stay up all night if I want. Why do you even care? It’s none of your business!" Despite the fact that she was trying to pull herself off his lap and storm away, she was held in place by his unyielding arms. She felt like a silly brat, but she was afraid to back down.

"So did you...did you stay up all night, Emily?" Several more silent seconds were all the answer she gave. His mouth moved closer to her ear and with an edge of controlled anger he said quietly, "Stand up, Emily." She stood up and he tucked her tightly between his thighs. He began unsnapping her jeans and then yanked them down to her knees. She wouldn’t look at his face and made sure that her own face showed only anger and not the fear that was about to make her collapse.

Kyle flipped her face down over his lap and she began to complain. "Too late for talking, babe," he growled. "I’ll do the talking now. I’ll start by telling you what I think of my wife being disobedient. You just close your mouth and listen." He laid into her upturned bottom with his hand. Over and over his hand reigned down quick, hard hits. Her hand reflexively swung back to protect her bottom from the painful spanks. Without much effort, he pinned her arm to her back and continued spanking.

Emily began to kick her feet and angrily yelled at Kyle to stop, but he simply hooked one leg over the back of her calves and used the slight pause to pull her panties down below her bottom. The panties hadn’t offered much protection, but now there was nothing between her pink flesh and his hard hand. She realized that Kyle was more angry than she thought and began to loudly repeat "I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry..."

"You aren’t nearly as sorry as you’re going to be. Now stop being mouthy or this lesson is going to be taught very slowly." The intensity of the spanks increased as he punctuated each syllable of "ve-ry-slow-ly" with a spank to her upper thighs. She stopped talking but began to quietly whimper. "Part two of tonight’s lesson" he paused to say, " is what your husband will do if you ever stay up all night again without my permission."

"Pleeeeaase" she whined. "I won’t do it again. I’m sorry I was up last night. I just got playing on the internet and I didn’t realize how late it was."

"Sweetheart," he said without mercy, "one thing you aren’t is stupid. You may be disobedient and stubborn, and you may not know when it’s best to keep your mouth shut, but you do know how to read the clock display right onscreen and you must have noticed the hours passing. You weren’t even supposed to be ON the internet. When I hung up with you at eleven, you were supposedly in your bed and going to sleep. Now, I am not going to argue with you, kitten." He hauled her up off his lap and then pushed her face down onto their bed.

Standing behind her, he began unbuckling his belt as he continued, "Honey, I don’t like to punish you, but what I really don’t like is when I come home from work to a tired and cranky wife." He folded his belt over and gave her ten precise licks across both cheeks. Emily was close to tears when he stopped to speak again. "If you’re tired and cranky because the kids are sick, or you’ve had a fight with your mother, then that’s one thing. But to come home and have you frowning at me, pushing me away and throwing cold pizza at me because you just couldn’t log off, well...." He gave her another twenty hard whips with the belt before she jumped forward on bed and yelled, "Dammit, Kyle! I hate you!"

"Now, I know you don’t mean that, Emily. You are feeling guilty because you disobeyed me and because you haven’t had enough sleep. Let’s just finish up this lesson and get you tucked back into bed. You should be tired enough when I’m done here that you can sleep the rest of the night." He grabbed her foot and pulled her back into position. Putting his hand on her lower back, he said, "So help me, Emily, if you move out position again, I will have to start again at the beginning."

He gave her twenty more lashes with his belt. She had broken down and was sobbing after the first ten, but she didn’t start to beg until number fifteen. She buried her face in a pillow and only came out to gasp for air and plead. He tossed his belt onto the floor and reached under the bed for his wooden paddle. Seeing the paddle in his hand brought on a fresh round of hysterical weeping. She hated that paddle and felt she couldn’t take any more. "Now I have a few questions for you, baby. I’ll expect you to answer respectfully. You know how to do that, right?"

"Yes, sir" she cried into the pillow.

"Do you know why I am punishing you tonight?" She realized that she needed to respond promptly when her pause brought on a round of five spanks with the paddle.

"Yes! I know why you’re spanking me!" she yelled at him angrily.

"Not very respectful..." he said calmly as he held his hand firmly on her lower back and delivered ten more swats with the paddle.

"No, please, sir. I’m sorry, sir" she gasped. "I shouldn’t have stayed up all night. I was cranky and tired when you came home. Please, no more, sir," she bawled.

"That’s good, sweetie. Now, do you understand that I expect this *spank* pretty *spank* little *spank* ass *spank* in bed by a reasonable hour every *spank* single *spank* night? *spank, spank*

"Yes, sir. I do, sir. Please, sir. No more."

"And do you know what I will do if you defy me again, angel?" He rubbed the smooth, cool paddle in circles over her fiery bottom. "Yes, sir. Please, sir. No more" she continued sobbing. He gave her ten more hard licks to her sit spot.

He dropped the paddle onto the floor and scooped her up in his arms. She buried her wet face in his neck and cried with relief that the spanking was over. He carried her into the bathroom and pulled a few tissues from the box before he sat down on the edge of the tub and began drying her eyes. She kicked her feet out of her jeans and panties and they dropped onto the floor. She could not quit crying and she held onto him like her heart would break. She was so sad that she had treated him so rudely and been disobedient too.

"Shhhh. Shhhhhh, good girl" he crooned to her with a soothing voice as he pushed her hair back out of her eyes. "It’s okay, kitten. It’s over. Shhhhh. I love you so much, baby."

"Are yo-you-you still ma-mad at me?" she choked.

"Of course not sweetie. It’s over. It’s done. You’re such a good girl. I couldn’t live without you. I need you, baby, just like you need me. Shhhhhh. Just be still, kitten. I’ve got you. I’ll hold you as long as you want."

"I’ll be good, Kyle. I’ll obey you, I promise. Why do you love me so much, anyway? I’m so stupid sometimes," she sniffled.

"Oh, baby. I’ll always love you...even when you need me to correct you. I will always take care of you...even when you don’t take care of yourself. And you’re not stupid, Emily. You are the smartest lady I know. You are a brilliant mommy, and you take such good care of me and our home. I couldn’t do anything without you. You are my best friend. I love that you trust me and that you need me to take care of you." Kyle crooned.

She felt so safe and content in his arms. Her tears had turned to tears of peace and love for the man who now held her in his arms. She lifted her face up to look into his eyes and he kissed her red nose. She leaned in and kissed his lips. He kissed her back and when she wiggled her arm free so she could explore his chest and belly with her hands, she felt him become hard against her throbbing bottom.

With small hiccups leftover from the waning tears, she began unbuttoning his shirt. He pressed the tissues against her cheeks again as he stared into her face. She undid his pants and slid onto her knees on the bath rug. He groaned with aching desire as she reached into his pants and released his erect blade. She held her arms up and waited until he pulled her shirt over her head. She cradled his manhood between her breasts and placed gentle kisses on the wet tip of his shaft. She began to lick and suck with great pleasure as he shuttered with the sensation of her warm mouth.

"Baby, you’re killing me" he groaned.

"It’s only fair," she said. "If I can take a licking, so can you."

"You know where that smart mouth will get you, right?" he said with a wicked grin. He picked up Emily and carried her back to their bed. Kyle pushed her onto her belly and began massaging her bottom. She loved and hated the massage. She writhed and moaned in painful pleasure. He moved his hand between her thighs and thrust his finger up into her and she rocked up onto all fours and moaned with delight.

"You’ve got this coming," he whispered as he mounted her from behind and drove his cock deep inside her. She pushed her bottom against him as he drove into her again and again. Kyle grabbed her hair and pulled her head gently back and began biting her neck as he listened to her pant and whimper with need. When she felt the passion building to the point where she was no longer in control, she began to plead "Please, Kyle, no, no, nooooo! Oh, oh, yes, please, yes, please, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle" she screamed. For the second time that night her tears watered their bedspread. She abandoned herself to the love he so thoroughly gave her...and she wept at being complete.

They lay together, spent from the lesson and spent from the loving. It was all the same thing: the pain, the pleasure, the needy and being needed. Complete and content, Kyle tucked her into bed. She lay quietly as he smoothed the blankets across her body and bent to whisper "I love you, kitten. Now get some sleep."


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