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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I want to cuss and fuss and rant and rave and be sarcastic and profane! I wasn’t planning on all that rhyming but that the way it worked out. I’m just so mad today! This is totally off our topic so please skip today if you don’t want to deal with a lot of bitching.

I want to say first that I love teaching. I mean that with all my heart. But I am beginning to really hate my job. I have had to go to a two day workshop here in the middle of my sacred summer. I thought, ‘It’ll be okay, I’ll see the people I work with, I like them’. But within minutes of arriving I was just so pissed!

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years now. And to brag just a little my students did great on their end of year tests this past year. I teach and math over 93% of my students passed at grade level. That was the highest in our school. Wouldn’t you think that this would say I know what the hell I’m doing???? Why do they force me to go to these asinine workshops which basically say “Everything you do and have ever done in the past is stupid. If you don’t use these new 'wonder methods' then you’re not worth shit!” They are spending two friggin days (and an absolute fortune) telling me I should ‘discover what my children know when they get to me and then teach them the proper vocabulary to learn the curriculum I’ll be teaching.’ Damn! I sure as hell wish I’d thought of that!! What are they going to tell me next? Maybe I should explain to my students that we will be working with numbers in math this year and that 2+2 = 4? What a concept? What the hell do they think I’ve been doing for 20 years?

I’m sick of having to read books written by ‘experts’ on these wonder methods and listen to what they have to say at workshops when the only thing I know about them is they no longer want to teach school for a living. They have found the only way to make money in education. Publish something that uses words and acronyms like – rubric, differentiation, cognitive, data driven, quantitative, SIOP, AYP, PEP, PDP, cerebral, and diversification to name a few. Let me tell you this crap reads like a dream. Now don’t get me wrong, I know what these words mean but if these people are so damn smart and such good educators why can’t they write in the language normal people speak. Are they just trying to show off how smart they are and what big words they know? It drives me nuts!!!

I’m not a dinosaur; it’s not that I am against trying something new I just hate it being forced down my throat and being made to feel that if it’s not new then it’s bad. I see myself as the old workhorse on a farm, the kind that the farmer can hitch to the plow and then just get the hell out of the horse’s way. Those old plow horses know how to plow straight furor, turn and come up the next row. It’s okay to have younger horses around. The farmer might even want some fancy horses to take to town to show off or pretty ponies so he can teach them a few tricks – any of these would be great in the stable. But don’t screw with the old plow horse.

I love teaching, and thank heavens I love the kids they give me. I know I need to go to these meetings, paste a fake smile on my face, keep my damn mouth shut and then go back to my room, close the door and teach the best way I know for my students. And since my kids did better than any of those taught by any of the younger horse or even the pretty ponies I think I’ve earned the right to do just that.

Bitching over for the moment, summer posts should resume soon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sitting with care!

This has been our weekend alone. Molly baby-sits over night once a month and this was that weekend. We try not to waste the time. But at the same time we weren’t in any rush. We puttered around Saturday morning. I really have been slacking off on the whole ‘healthy living’ thing lately and as a result my weight has gone up. I have having a really hard time motivating myself to head to the gym. I think I could become a hermit as long as I had the internet; I really love to stay home so when I get up in the summer rushing out to the gym is not high on my list. Anyway for better or worse Nick is still keeping up with my weight.

I took a shower in the afternoon and Nick joined me in the bedroom as I was drying off. He said “We have talked about you gaining this week have we? You seem to be dressed for the conversation.”

I told him to let me get my shorts on first. I told him “You can spank harder if I have clothes on.”

He laughed and said “I can spank as hard as I want to anyway. I think you’re dressed just fine.”

I had to admit that he had a point. He gets to choose when, where, and how and that makes me happy. As I crawled onto the bed he asked me if I had done everything I could have to work on my weight last week. Don’t you hate those questions? I love being spanked lying on the bed but he had me get up on all fours. Much different feeling, stretches everything tight and you can really feel each swat to it’s full extent. He started with one of his favorites – the leather flyswatter hand, I like it pretty well myself. Then he switched to his belt, I do like that. He played with several things then he asked if I was warmed up enough for the real thing – another dangerous question. But he went for the cane. I’ll admit thats about the only implement that I will work to avoid. I think I got about 50 with it! Okay he says 5 but who’s the math teacher around here? I can’t thank Ronnie enough for that lovely gift! (Grrrrrrr…)

He was serious and I got a few marks to act as reminders. I think the marks bother him but they didn’t me. Hopefully they will serve as reminders. I asked him “So next week if I work like I’m supposed to I can just get the warm up and no cane?” He assured me that that would be the case.

Oh but then it was on to the really fun stuff. He gave me a shave and I do like that. Never thought of shaving the kitty until a few years ago but now I really like to be clean shaven. It makes for great sex! It was a wonderful, wonderful afternoon. Later in the day we went to the 60th wedding anniversary for some friends of ours. Hmmmm… I wonder if we could make it that far. We’d only be 86 and 92, why not!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have to remember that not everyone has a dirty/kinky mind like I do. It might save me some embarrassment! It has been hot as blazes here this week so we have been in the pool quite a bit. Wednesday afternoon after swimming we found ourselves back in the bedroom. Nick had been working hard all day so I thought he could use a little attention. We were in the middle of things when the phone rang. Now normally we would have ignored it but Nick saw that it was our neighbor and she had to know we were both home.

He handed me the phone and Neighbor asked “Did I catch you right in the middle of cooking supper?” then she laughed – my reputation for never cooking is well known in the real world too. But I was able to answer truthfully “Actually I am cooking!” Well I was, just not food!

She said “When you get done come over, I brought home that schedule you asked for and you can see what we’ve done to the house.” Well Nick and I were soon back to business and I pretty much forgot about the call. As I was getting dressed Nick reminded me to go next door.

As I left he said “Now if she asks what you were cooking tell her you can’t remember the receipt but you husband was completely satisfied!”

I got my paper and admired what they had been doing to their house but as I was leaving I ran into her husband outside. He looked up from washing his car and asked “PK what have you all been doing at your house?”

I froze. I couldn’t believe he had asked such a question. I know they are in bed at night before we ever skinny dip. We don’t ever spank outside so I know he couldn’t have ever heard a thing! Our housed are not all that close together and our bedroom is on the far side from them and it was none of his business anyway!! I just stared at him and could feel myself blushing.

He just kept staring at me with an innocent expression on his face until I finally realized that he was asking what kind of remodeling we were doing. I guess I need to get my mind out of the bedroom. Then again Nick and I like it there so I probably won’t change.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This makes spankings HURT!

Summer is coming along beautiful. The remodel will be complete in just a few days and I can’t remember when I have felt more relaxed. We took full advantage of Mollie being away last week. Thursday night Nick asked me to take an evening swim with him. We don’t have to worry with suits at night and I love skinny dipping!! The water was just perfect.

Coming in we headed to the bedroom. Nick was still teasing me about saying that spankings never lasted as long as I want them to. He seemed determined to prove me wrong but I gotta tell you being spanked right after swimming HURTS!! It’s like my butt was ultra tender and unfortunately Nick didn’t seem be interested in taking this into consideration! So I had to do something to distract him from his determination to annihilate butt!! Distraction – right, but how do you distract a husband who is happily spanking away on his wife’s rapidly redding squirming bottom?


Thank heavens it worked! His mind was diverted to other fun activities and our evening continued with pleasures other than spanking. Now don’t get me wrong I love my spanking and normally I want them to last a long time but next time I want the spanking before the swim. The swim will be a good way to soothe the burn. But afterward, no way – unless Nick really wants to get into discipline, now that would be a deterrent!

We have another brand new Fantasy Friday this week – and a big thank you to the new writers I’m hearing from. I really appreciate you helping to keep Fantasy Friday going.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fantasy Friday, Game - Set - Match

Sweet, sweet summer! It’s here and I’m thrilled. Let’s celebrate with another brand new Fantasy Friday story!! This story is amazing, I know you are going to be impressed. I’ll tell you about the author at the end but I am so happy to have had new stories from new writers these two weeks. If you are a lover of tennis and spanking this is the story for you!

Please enjoy...

Game - Set - Match

Ellie loved tennis. She played whenever she got a chance, which usually meant several times a week. When she wasn’t playing, she loved to watch professional tennis, especially during the slams. Wimbledon was her favorite. There was just something about the pomp and circumstance of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The predominantly-white tennis attire, the preppily dressed lines judges and umpires, the grass getting ever more worn as the fortnight progressed. Where else were you even going to hear the word fortnight?

This year she was rooting for the aptly named ‘runaway train from Spain’, Rafael Nadal. Watching him play was inspiring. He was very physical on the court. He never gave up on a ball. He chased down and got almost everything. He was the only player on the tour to have a winning record against world number one Roger Federer. Everyone said he couldn’t compete on the grass though; clay was his surface. Ellie was hoping this would be the year he would prove them wrong and win the tournament he had said he wanted more than anything.

Nadal made it through the first two rounds of Wimbledon, but just barely. He was down two sets to none in the second round to an unknown American qualifier. But using his mental and physical toughness, he fought back and won in five. As Ellie was fond of saying, you can’t run out the clock in tennis. In the third round Nadal was going to play former grand slam winner Andre Agassi. Ellie was torn. It was going to be hard not to cheer for the American. At age 36, to Nadal’s just turned 20, he was the sentimental favorite. Plus, he had just announced his plans to retire after the US Open in a few weeks, so this would be his last Wimbledon.

Mitch enjoyed playing and watching tennis, too. He was good at it, and he and Ellie played on occasion. He would sometimes incorporate a game within the game, such as the time he told her she was getting 10 swats on her behind for each ace he got off her during their match. He loved the way it made her work a little harder at getting a racquet on his fast, spinning serves. He was, however, getting tired of hearing about the ‘raw animal masculinity’ of the Spaniard. He decided he was going to watch the much anticipated show down his way. Ellie had been wanting to take their d/s games to the next level, and he was ready to oblige her.

The night before the match, Mitch pulled out a white tennis dress from among the dozens in Ellie’s closet. He went to the grocery and bought strawberries and cream. He told her they were going to do “breakfast at Wimbledon” even though it wasn’t the championship yet. She thought that was a great idea and found herself giddy with excitement. Mitch relished her anticipation, almost as much as he relished his own, knowing what he had in store for his little Wimbledon fan.

Early the next morning, Ellie awoke to discover Mitch had already risen. She found him in the shower and decided to join him. He was delighted to see her.

‘Good morning, sweetheart, ready for the big match?’ he inquired.

‘Oh yes, should be a good one,’ she answered sweetly.

He almost felt guilty; but not quite.

’Be sure you wash well, and I want you completely shaven. When you are finished, put on your tennis dress, no panties, pull your hair up into a ponytail, no make-up, prepare breakfast, and meet me in the theatre.’ Mitch exited the shower leaving a puzzled Ellie wondering what he was up to.

Ellie generously soaped her voluptuous body, moving the bath sponge slowly across her breasts and down to her delta, thinking about what it was going to feel like to have on her skimpy tennis dress without panties. Deliciously wicked, she decided. She naughtily borrowed Mitch’s razor for the shaving task, running it absentmindedly under her arms and up her legs, over her bikini. She pulled each of her labia out in turn, gently guiding the razor over the tender flesh. After a final rinse she felt very smooth and very sexy.

Ellie hurriedly pulled the tennis dress over her head, grateful for the built-in shelf bra, and pulled her hair into the requisite ponytail. She looked in the mirror. Her nipples showed through the thin white material of the dress, and it fell to only a couple inches below where bottom curved into thigh. She was glad now that Mitch had made her shave, as she was sure her pubic hair would have been visible through the dress as well. That just would have been vulgar.

Ellie descended the stairs knowing she looked adorable. She quickly threw breakfast together, arranging everything prettily on a big tray. She walked down the hall to the theatre where Mitch was waiting to watch the match on their big screen television with a smile forming on his lips.

Mitch heard Ellie coming and couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she walked in the door. He was suddenly glad she had talked him into the oversized ‘coffee-table slash ottoman,’ as she had repeatedly called it when lobbying the purchase. On the supple, dark leather ottoman the color of coffee grinds he had placed a variety of toys and implements his adventurous girlfriend had collected over the past few weeks. Among them a heavy leather paddle, a rattan cane, a wooden hairbrush, a butt plug, some lube, a ball-gag, two lengths of rope, and her recently acquired English tawse, a gift from a close friend who had what Ellie referred to as a nasty sense of humor. Mitch found him to have exquisite taste.

When Ellie nudged the theatre door open with her hip and saw the spread before her, she nearly dropped the breakfast tray.

‘Come in, darling, perfect timing. The players are warming up. That looks delicious. And I don’t mean just the food.’ Mitch said suggestively from his perch on the opposite sofa.

‘Please set the tray down on the table, and then kneel on the floor facing me, hands behind your head,’ he continued.

Ellie was struck speechless. She didn’t know what else to do, so she just did as she was told. It was rather liberating in a sense, just doing without having to think. She decided to trust her instincts and her beau. This is what she had fantasized about countless times. She would go with it. For a bit, anyway. She got into position and waited for further instructions.

‘Good girl. Now, I’m going to eat some breakfast. Perhaps if you are obedient, and I am pleased with you, I will let you have some later,’ he said evenly.

Mitch watched her pout as he drank his coffee, ate the strawberries, buttered his croissant. Let her want, he thought. Let her realize that right now, in this moment, she is completely at my mercy. He wanted to see if she would give herself completely over to him, or if that was just something she gave lip-service to.

‘Wonderful. Thank you, sweetheart, that really hit the spot. Now, we are going to lay some ground rules for today’s match. First, you are going to enjoy the tennis from the top of this here ottoman,’ Mitch patted the spot, ‘where you will be face down with your beautiful ass propped up within easy reach. Secondly, because you have spoken of your little Spanish hero ad nauseam for the last several weeks, and I am tired of hearing it, you are going to wear your ball-gag for most, if not all, of the match. For that same reason, every time he loses a point, you are going to be whipped with the implement chosen for that particular set. I’m going to use my hand for the first set, to make sure you are nice and warmed up. Then we will proceed to the tawse, the brush, and if need be, the cane and then the paddle. If you cannot be still, I will be required to tie you to the legs of the table, first your wrists, and then, if necessary, your ankles. Do you understand?’ Mitch finished.

‘I think so,’ Ellie answered hesitantly.

‘Wrong answer,’ Mitch grabbed her roughly by her ponytail, jerking her head back.

‘Yes, sir,’ Ellie gasped.

‘That’s better. Now, open your mouth,’ he commanded. He inserted the ball gag and clasped it behind her head. He removed the implements from the ottoman, placing them on the sofa beside him, and put a pillow in the middle of the ottoman.

‘Get into position on top of the pillow. Make sure that ass is nice and high,’ Mitch ordered.

Ellie climbed atop the ottoman, centering herself on the pillow. Mitch raised her dress up so that her bare bottom was exposed, and her naked sex felt the silky smoothness of the pillow beneath her.

‘Spread your legs until the tops of your thighs no longer touch,’ he said.

‘Yes, that’s nice. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a match as much as I’m going to this one,’ he stated with an evil laugh.

Mitch then spread Ellie’s cheeks apart, using all fingers of both hands to separate her buttocks. She was mortified. What is the meaning of this, she wondered.

‘What have we here?’ he inquired with mock solicitousness, as he inspected every inch of her.

‘I believe you have missed something. Didn’t I ask you to shave yourself completely? Tut tut.’ Mitch shook his head with apparent disappointment.

‘I guess you need some reminding to be more careful, more thorough,’ he added.

Ellie’s face burned with humiliation. She felt like an animal at market. Was he going to look inside her mouth, too, make sure she flossed? With the ball gag in her mouth, her response options were severely limited. Probably a good thing.

Mitch spread some lube on his right middle finger and inserted it in her ass. He felt her tense up. He placed his left hand on her lower back while moving his finger slowly in and out of her until she relaxed and started to moan and lean back into his hand. He then inserted the butt plug as far as it would go.

‘Uumm’ she gave a little whimper from behind the gag.

‘That‘s right baby, take it all in. We’re going to leave that there now. I love the way it fills you up yet opens you at the same time. Very nice.’ Mitch murmured.

‘Oh look, they’re getting started.’ Mitch settled into a comfortable position on the edge of the sofa to the left of the ottoman to await the winner of the first point. God, he hoped it was going to be a good day for Agassi. He wanted to have ample opportunity to beat that luscious bottom presented so nicely before him.

Ellie looked up from her tenuous position on the ottoman, placing her hands under her chin. Nadal was to serve first. She thought, not for the first time, he sure was easy on the eyes. After a few baseline exchanges, Nadal hits one into the net. Whack! Mitch’s hand landed squarely on her bottom.

Ellie emitted a little mew. Nadal won the next four points, so Ellie was spared. Agassi then served and won his game at love, including two aces, and Ellie got four smacks very close together. Now we’re talking, thought Mitch.

On Nadal’s next serve, he won his game at love as well. Ellie was smiling broadly, at least on the inside, maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. She put her head down to rest for a moment, she was getting uncomfortable having to look up at the screen in front of her. Agassi won the first point and Mitch struck her very hard with his hand on her right sit spot. After the next Agassi point he did the same on the other side. She began to squirm.

‘Be still,’ Mitch growled, ‘We’ve barely begun.’

That game went to deuce four times, and when it was over Ellie’s bottom was glowing. Agassi had prevailed. Thankfully, Nadal held his next service game at love, and Ellie was given time to catch her breath. She was grateful for the Spaniard’s notoriously slow movement between points. That’s right, mi amor, take your time, she was thinking. Adjust your socks, wipe your sweaty, gorgeous face, bounce the ball a couple dozen times.

The players remained on serve for the first nine games. At 4-5, Agassi served to stay in the first set. Nadal had three break chances but converted none of them. Mitch was striking Ellie’s bottom very hard each time Nadal lost a point now. She couldn’t believe how much a hand spanking could hurt. She was dreading the commencement of the second set when he would switch over to the tawse.

At six-all, the players went to a seven point tie-breaker.

‘Tie break points will be on the thighs, did I mention?’ Mitch said lightly.

Asshole, she thought, but couldn’t say it, of course. She just whimpered from behind her gag, which she was beginning to drool on. The match had already lasted an hour. Her bottom and her mouth were sore. She just hoped it was a quick one, knowing you had to win by two, and having seen tie-breaks that went well into the twenties.

Agassi won the first point of the tie-break. Whack! A rather severe swat on the top of her right thigh. Nadal won the next point. Agassi won the two following. Whack! Whack! Left thigh, then back to the right one. Nadal won the next point, Agassi the two after. Two more smacks on her tender thighs and tears were forming in Ellie’s eyes. Her breath was ragged.

‘Agassi is up 5-2, baby, not much longer, and then we get to move on to the fun stuff!’ Mitch said with enthusiasm.

Could he not see how uncomfortable she was? All she could do was make little ’mm mm’ sounds, trying hard to elicit sympathy. Then she watched gleefully as Nadal took the next five points in a row, the last one a resounding ace, hit with that enormous lefty topspin right down the tee.

Mitch was watching Ellie carefully, though he affected an attitude of nonchalance. He decided the break between the sets was a good time to let her know he wasn’t going to disregard her needs altogether. First he removed the ball gag and told her to get up on all fours. He held a goblet of water to her lips and let her drink her fill. Then he fed her strawberries, but without cream, and a few bites of croissant, no butter. He moved around behind her.

‘What’s this?’ he asked, sliding his right hand between her legs.

‘Why, you’re positively soaked,’ he exclaimed with mock dismay. He dragged her backwards until her knees were on the edge of the ottoman. Mitch pulled out his cock and entered her hard and fast, gripping Ellie tightly by her hips.

‘What a naughty, naughty little pain-slut you are,’ he said teasingly, sliding his hands up her sides and reaching under to roughly pinch her nipples while thrusting ever deeper into her.

‘Oh, God,’ Ellie came hard in a white-hot blinding flash. Spasms overtook her and she collapsed onto the ottoman. She had never come so fast in her life. She wondered if it had something to do with the double penetration.

Even though he was still rock-hard, Mitch kissed Ellie on her right shoulder and then withdrew and sat back onto the sofa.

‘Get back into position,’ he said sternly.

Surely we’re done now, thought Ellie. They had had their fun, she was ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the match in relative comfort. Mitch saw the surprise flicker across her face and sensed that she was waffling, deciding whether to stake a contrary position. He didn’t leave her pondering the pros and cons.

‘You have exactly two seconds to do as you are told, Ellie, or you will stand in the corner for the duration of the second set. In which case, I will keep track of the points you are owed with the tawse, and give them to you all at once when it is over,’ Mitch stated calmly.

Ellie leapt into position, tucking the pillow under her and pushing her rosy bottom way up into the air. She’d never seen him like this before. It was half-thrilling, half-terrifying. Impossibly, she found herself growing wet again.

As a small reward for her obedience he removed the butt plug. He wanted her to feel the tawse and nothing more for the next round anyway.

‘Good girl. You made the right decision,’ he soothed her.

Mitch picked up the remote control and released the pause he had placed after the first set. He was about to step things up a bit. He picked up the tawse from the sofa and began to stroke Ellie’s back and bottom with it. He felt her shiver beneath him as he ran the tawse down the length of her back, around her bottom, and across the tops of her thighs. A good sign, he thought.

Agassi served the first game of the second set. Ellie watched on pins and needles and braced herself when Nadal dumped his first return of serve into the net. Still, she was in no way prepared for the incredible sting that assaulted her from that evil invention of sadistic British minds.

‘Ooowwwwww!’ motherfucker, she thought. Please, God, let Nadal run away with this match; starting now. If not, she feared he may lose his biggest fan.

Mercifully, Agassi made an unforced error on the next point. Ellie was not so lucky on the third point of the game. Nadal sent yet another return of serve into the net.

Mitch brought down the tawse on the middle of Ellie’s left cheek, leaving a mirror image of the one he had just placed on the right. Agassi followed up with his own net error, then Nadal, and Ellie, got lucky when a ball clipped the net cord and dropped delicately over on the American’s side, with no hope of a return. She let out a big sigh, and then another when Nadal hit a clean winner to claim the first game of the second set. Her bottom was still tingling from the mere two swats she had gotten, though, and she wasn’t sure she was going to last the whole set. What choice did she have, though? She was determined not to be tied down.

When Agassi won the first three points of the next game, Ellie thought she was going to pass out from the pain of the tawse as Mitch brought it down repeatedly on the same spot, across the middle of her bottom, landing on both sides.

‘Ow, Ow, Oooowwwwww!’ she screamed and squirmed. She rubbed her sore behind.

‘No rubbing. Do that again and the strokes will be repeated,’ Mitch threatened menacingly.

Ellie started to cry rather loudly.

‘Calm down, you’re okay, shhhh, shhhh,’ Mitch reassured her while rubbing her back and then her bottom.

He was secretly glad when Nadal took the next three points of the game. But he was determined to carry out her sentence. Agassi won the last two points of the game, and he gave her two short but crisp volleys with the split-leather strap.

In the next game Nadal won four points to Agassi’s one, having the courtesy to couch his winners so there were two before and two after Agassi’s point. Ellie was back in control of herself, just sobbing quietly now and trying to stay still and not reach back, though the urge was very strong.

When Agassi picked up his raquet to serve the fifth game of the set, he experienced a surge of greatness, winning four miserable, short points in a row. Mitch landed two on each side of Ellie’s sit spots, and she screamed through gritted teeth, gripping the edge of the ottoman with all her might. If she could have gotten her hands on the Englishman who gave them this implement of torture, she would have gladly and remorselessly killed him. Slowly. Pound after pound of flesh torn from his body, stretched out on a rack, with a hot poker.

‘Back into position, please, you’re getting lazy here. Legs apart. Don’t make me tell you again,’ Mitch reprimanded.

‘Yes, sir,’ Ellie mumbled pathetically, getting herself set again.

In the final two games of the second set, Agassi only got three points to Nadal’s eight. She managed, just barely, to survive. Mitch paused the match again, and gave her more water. This set took less than half the time of the first, but felt like twice as long. She hoped the third set would be brief and decisive. She was also allowed a bathroom break before settling back into position for the next phase with the dreaded hairbrush.

Mitch took a moment to appreciate the welts the tawse had made on Ellie’s backside. He loved the way the flesh was raised in pink ribbons across each side of her round bottom. You could make out little half moons where the end of the strap had landed, about a half-dozen on each side. He thought the aftereffects would show for several days, at least. He was about to make sure.

Once again, Agassi served first. The American won the first three points of the game. The brush was used repeatedly on Ellie’s tender globes, right in the center, down low, dangerously close to her sex. On the third swat she squealed and closed her legs tight.

‘No, young lady, that will not do. Open your legs and keep them that way. If I have to remind you again, I shall flip you over onto your back, spread your legs wide apart, and spank your pussy. Do you understand?’ Mitch glowered at her.

He wouldn’t dare. Would he? She could think of nothing worse. Spank her with what? His hand? Surely not the brush he was holding. That would probably kill her. She spread her legs apart and answered demurely, ‘Yes, Sir.’

Nadal won the next two points and Agassi the final one of the first game. Mitch hit her in the exact same spot again, daring her to close her legs. Ellie whimpered loudly and started to sob, but maintained her position.

Nadal won the next game at love, and Ellie could have wept with joy. Aye, como te quiero , she crooned in her head to the boy from Spain. Then Agassi won the following game at love, and she used every Spanish curse word she knew for the little jerk-off from that third-world island of fascism. Her bottom was on fire now from the hateful brush, and she knew Mitch was deliberately striking very close to her labia to see if she would defy him. The tears were flowing freely.

In his next service game, Nadal won four of five points and was returned to Ellie’s good graces. When Agassi had the ball on his racquet again, Nadal won only three of eight points. More fire reigned down on poor Ellie’s raw flesh. She was in agony now, she didn’t think there was one centimeter of her bottom that didn’t hurt. In the sixth game of the set, Nadal held serve at love again, and Ellie gladly would have sucked his cock right there on Centre Court, in front of the Queen and anyone else who may have been in attendance.

The seventh game put the match decidedly in the Spaniard’s favor, as he broke the American’s serve, winning four of six points. As Ellie felt the brush come down twice more, she prayed the end was near and Agassi wouldn’t make one of his famous comebacks. As Nadal held serve at love once again in the eight game of the third set, Ellie began to think she may just survive this ordeal without permanent injury.

Mitch, too, sensed the end was near and took full advantage. As Agassi served in the ninth game, winning the first two points, Mitch landed his hardest swats yet on the tops of each of Ellie’s thighs, making her scream and flatten herself onto the ottoman.

‘Quiet down, Ellie, you’re about to wake the dead. You’re getting one extra at the end, with the cane, for getting out of position, and being so loud,’ he stated in a voice barely above a whisper.

Ellie was crying very hard now, but pulled herself up and willed herself not to scream so loud. Nadal won the next two points, giving her a bit of a breather, but Agassi took the final two. Mitch turned the brush longways, and smacked her right between the legs. She cried out, but not so loudly as the last time, and she got back into position right away, so he said nothing further.

As Nadal took the balls for what she desperately hoped was the last time, Ellie was so worn out she could barely watch the man who held her fate in his Latin hands. He won the first point. Almost. Three measly little points away, come on. The second went to Agassi. That goddamned brush went to the outer region of her left buttock. Nadal won the next two points and Ellie thought it may be over. One point, come on baby, you can do it, she fervently wished. Agassi won the next point. Fuck, fuck, fuck!! The brush landed on the counterpart of its previous swat. Nadal throws up his toss. Lefty slice down the tee. A perfect ace, the American doesn’t even get his racquet on it. Ellie thinks she’s never seen anything more beautiful in her life. She weeps with relief.

‘What a brave, good girl you have been,’ Mitch caressed her verbally.

He rubbed his hands all over her, quieting her sobs. He was tempted to let the caning pass, but feared he may regret doing so later.

‘Up against the wall now, darling, it’s almost over,’ he cajoled.

Ellie stood up, barely able to support herself and walked over to the wall where after pulling up her dress she placed her hands one on top of the other above her head. She spread her legs slightly and pushed her bottom out in a way she thought may be pleasing to him. It was.

Mitch picked up the cane and brought it down once very sharply on her lower buttocks, evenly across both sides. She gasped. He then turned her around and kissed her softly on the lips, wrapping his arms around her back.

‘I have just one question for you,’ he said.

‘Yes?’ she replied.

‘Will you marry me?’

‘Will I have to go through this at every slam?’ she quipped.

Of course she was going to marry him. Who else could ever meet her needs the way this man did? They eloped the following year, spending their honeymoon in England and attending the Championships at Wimbledon. She cheered loudly for Nadal.

They lived happily ever after.


The story was written by Naughtyinaustin. She is a married, 30 something, soccer mom who has been interesting in spanking forever. She is also a tennis fan so the story combines two of her loves.

She tells me that she is the muse of the Discerning Dom who is an excellent writer and blogger. They have written stories together and I’m hoping that they may want to share some more stories with us in the future. Thanks to Naughtyinaustin for her writing skills and her willingness to share with us. Everyone is welcomed to send any story they have. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gotta watch what I say!

“The spanking was a pretty good length although I’ve only had two spankings since we’ve started that I was really ready for it to stop.”

This is a quote from my last post. I need to update that to three! Honestly I think he only reads the blog if I say something he should ignore.

Mollie is house sitting this week so although she is around a lot she is spending her nights away. When I crawled into bed last night Nick put his arm around and pulled me close. His hand moved down and began rubbing my butt and patting a little. Then he started patting harder and it became a nice little spanking, not something we usually get to do at bed time with Mollie and her super hearing right next door.

He was using his hand and it was very nice. But he kept going, and going, and going! I was starting to worry that he was really going to hurt his hand but I quickly decided to heck with his hand! He was burning me up! I was squirming and reaching back but he kept laughing and saying ‘only had two where you wanted it to stop’ and ‘say I spank like a girl’ – geeze I said that once 4 years ago!

When he finally stopped he said “Now I’m awake, you’re going to have to do something to help me relax again.” Well I won’t call what happened next relaxing in the true sense but I sure was able to sleep afterwords! I do love it when Mollie is able to find work!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So now what?

Many of you might have missed it but when Ronnie put up a post about the world cup, I made her a challenge in my comment. I mean as a good American I had to pull for my team and as a good friend of Ronnie’s I wanted to give her a way to enjoy the game even more at the football party they attended. So I offered a small wager.

She accepted and emailed me the following to be sure we had all the details correct:

To make sure I got the bet right, the looser gets the spanks? And the number of spanks is 5 per goal made by the winning team and the winner lets the loser know which implement get's used on them, am I right in this??

She was indeed right and the bet was on. Both husbands seemed more than willing to go alone with us. Ronnie and I speculated that each might be pulling against their country just for the extra chance to spank their wife! But you probably know by now the game ended in a one to one tie.

So now what? I thought since it was a tie that pretty meant neither of us would be getting spanked but Nick had another thought about it. He said we both lost and there for we both had 5 swats coming for betting in the first place. He didn’t seem to mind me betting before, LOL! So what do you think? Should Ronnie and I both be off the hook or should be both get it? And if you vote for the spanking who get to pick the implements?

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Fantasy Friday, Primping Doesn't Pay

School is OUT!! I survived and summer stretches out before me. The relief is hard to describe. And to celebrate - as promised - a brand new Fantasy Friday. It is so exciting for me to hear from new writers. I think this story is excellent and I'm happy to be able to post it for you. I'll tell you a little about the writer at the end. Please enjoy...

Primping Doesn't Pay

She uncapped her tube of coral lipstick and carefully painted her lips the brilliant milky orange. Her long, mascara coated eyelashes swept over her eyes as she smiled brilliantly at herself in the bathroom mirror. Hmmm...not quite right yet. Tonight was Jeff's important work dinner. It could mean a promotion, and she wanted to look her best. She reached for her compact of blush.

"Valerie!" she heard his booming voice echo from the bottom of the stairs. "It's six forty-five! We need to be there for seven-thirty! Come on!"

"Coming, honey," came her sugar sweet reply. "Just give me one minute." She swiped her brush through the rosy blush and swirled it onto the apples of her cheeks. That was better. As her eyes travelled upward, she noticed a stray curl out of place. It had taken her hours to make every curl perfect - how could this have happened? She plugged the ceramic curling iron back into the socket.

"Valerie!" Jeff's voice was more impatient now. "It's been more than a minute! We have to go!"

"I know, darling," Valerie called back. "I only just need one more minute - honest!" She heard his sigh of annoyance, but more importantly she heard his footsteps patter away and breathed a little sigh of relief. Her appearance needed to be flawless, and she couldn't achieve that if her husband was constantly harassing her. Besides, how would she show up Sharon if she didn't look her absolute best?

Sharon was Jeff's co-worker's wife. She was snooty and elegant, and always looked absolutely stunning. At every work event that Jeff brought Valerie to, Valerie always tried to ensure that she looked as perfect as possible. Perhaps it was a little immature; catty even, like critical high school girls. But whenever she saw Sharon's glossy nails, or her glowing tan, something inside of her flowed over into a boiling rage. She wanted to be better. She NEEDED to be better. So she would be. She wrapped the hot curling tongs around the offending curl.

"VALERIE!" Jeff was standing at the bathroom door now. "That is enough! You look fine!"

"Just fine!?" Valerie whipped around, her eyebrows in a concerned arc.

"No, no! I didn't mean that!" Jeff answered quickly. "I meant you look beautiful...radiant...gorgeous..."

"That's more like it," Valerie said with a smirk.

"Lose the attitude, young lady. It is now seven o' clock, and we need to go." He came over to her and ran his hands along her form fitting red dress. It was silky and the neckline dipped into a stylish V. "If you don't come with me right now, I will turn your bottom the same shade as this dress. Do you understand?"

Valerie's reply was a roll of her eyes as she switched off the curling iron. This was met with a sharp slap to her bottom. "Ouch!" she cried.

"I don't think you understood me the first time, so I will remind you again. Cut the attitude. It's a big night for me, and I won't have you spoiling it." He leaned in and kissed her tenderly.

"Jeff!" she shrieked, yanking the coral lipstick out of her purse again. "You smudged it!"

He sighed, defeated. His wife's vanity got to be quite tiring after awhile, but that was not the time to address it. "Let's go, Val. You can fix it in the car."


Despite Jeff's constant attempts to herd his wife out the door, they were late. The traffic was ridiculous; he had never seen such a jam at that time. They swerved into the banquet hall fifteen minutes late.

"See?" Jeff said angrily as he yanked the keys from the engine. "If we had left at six forty-five like I had wanted to, we would be here on time! How do you think this makes me look?!"

She stared at him blankly. "Fashionably late?" she offered.

"Don't even," he growled as he stormed across the parking lot, beckoning for her to follow him.

As they entered, the hostess immediately directed them to their table, where everybody else was already seated.

"Jeff!" said Mr. Bill Hayes, Jeff's white haired boss. "Glad you could make it."

"Wouldn't miss this for the world, Mr. Hayes," Jeff said in a cool voice, very unlike his menacing tone in the parking lot. "I apologize for being late; the traffic was horrendous. Never seen it like that around here." He took Valerie's hand and they sunk into their seats, which happened to be right next to Sharon and her husband Dan. After seething inside for a moment, Valerie immediately stole a glance at Sharon.

Sharon was wearing a lilac eye shadow, dabbed expertly across her eyelids. "Ugh!" Valerie thought to herself. "I knew I read that lilac was in in Glamour...but I never got around to buying it!" A pair of diamonds sparkled dazzlingly in her ears. Valerie touched her rubies self-consciously. As if to make matters worse, the newest Louis Vuitton bag was plopped on the ground beside Sharon. Valerie hadn't even brought a purse; Jeff had dragged her out the door too quickly. Valerie bit her lip angrily. Sharon caught her staring at her.

"Hello, Valerie," she greeted her in a crystal, icy voice.

"Hello, Sharon," Valerie managed to reply. She could feel Sharon's eyes absorbing everything about her; her hair, her makeup, her dress, her shoes. She clenched her toes in frustration.

"Where did you park?" Sharon asked, in an attempt to make small talk.

"Over in the corner by Lodge Street," Valerie told her.

"Oh, I see. The Mercedes wouldn't fit in those small spaces; Dan is ever so cautious about scratching the paint, so we parked in the paid lot across the street. You know how it is." Her eyes glimmered, knowing full well that Valerie did not know how it was at all. Jeff and Valerie's Volkswagen didn't quite compare.

"Of course," responded Valerie through gritted teeth. She focused her attention on the menu. The sirloin did sound good...

When the waitress came to collect their orders, Sharon ordered first. "The perch, please, with a small garden salad and just water to drink." The waitress scribbled this onto her pad.

"And for yourself, madam?" she inquired of Valerie.

"Uh...uh..." Valerie stammered. Sharon had ordered a meal that clearly would help her maintain her slim figure. "I'd like the perch as well. And...a side of rice, please." She knew she had to change it up a little. It would be even worse to appear as if she were copying Sharon.

Twenty minutes later, platefuls of steaming food arrived. Jeff had ordered the sirloin that Valerie had had her eye on, and it looked delicious compared to her fish. She tried not to look at it, and dug in.

When they were well into their meal, Mr. Hayes stood up and clinked his knife to his glass. Everyone at the table was immediately silenced. "As you all know, Jeff is an exceptional employee. He is outstanding in all aspects of his work, and the day he walked in for his interview I just knew that he would prove to be an extraordinary worker. And let me just say...I was right!" Everyone laughed appreciatively. "So, I could not be more proud to announce that Jeff is going to be promoted to Marketing Executive!" Everyone clapped loudly, including Valerie. Jeff beamed.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Hayes. I hope you know how absolutely honoured I am," Jeff said, trying to maintain composure. He received a few slaps on the back from his male co-workers.

Valerie was on a high herself, thinking of what Jeff's new salary bonus would mean. More clothes...more makeup...more shoes... She grinned despite herself.

When Valerie's low-fat soy vanilla ice cream arrived (although Jeff's triple tiered chocolate cheesecake looked better), she dug her spoon in eagerly. Suddenly, though, she felt a cool wet seep in through the material of her dress onto her lap. Her spoon dropped into the dish with a clatter. She turned to see Sharon, who was holding an empty wine glass. The stain was slowly spreading on Valerie's new dress.

"Oh, Valerie! I'm so sorry! That was completely accidental!" Sharon apologized, but Valerie noted that she didn't sound very sorry.

"It's quite all right, Sharon," Jeff piped up quickly. "I'm sure that--"

"No, it's NOT all right!" Valerie exploded. "She totally meant to!" She turned to face Sharon. "You bitch! You ignorant cow!" Before she could stop herself, she hurled the deep red contents of her own wine glass onto Sharon's white dress. Sharon gasped.

"VALERIE!" Jeff's fingers curled so tightly around her wrist that she squealed. "Apologize right now!"

"I won't!" Valerie refused. "That bitch meant to!" His grip tightened. "Ow!" she shrieked. "Fine! I'm sorry, Sharon!"

"Why, there's no need to worry," Sharon responded coolly. "Emotions overcome all of us sometimes. Was that an expensive dress, Valerie? I'll be more than happy to pay for a new one." Her smile resembled that of a wolf. Valerie's heart pounded even more. It was just like Sharon to play the bigger person and make her look even more foolish.

Valerie had nothing left to say. She simply stood up, turned on her heel and left, leaving the table speechless. Her high heeled shoes clicked against the pavement of the parking lot as she marched over to their car. She unlocked it quickly and flung herself into the passenger's seat.

Jeff didn't emerge for another hour. She braced herself for the worst. He slid in cool as a cucumber, twisted the key in the engine and drove halfway home before speaking.

"So, you know that we only get the belt out for severe offenses. I would say that this is most definitely a severe offense."

"But, but Jeff! I don't want a spanking!" Valerie cried. Her bottom tingled on the heated seat.

"Valerie, you and I both know that your behavior was beyond unacceptable. Now, there is no question that you will be receiving a spanking tonight. If you speak one more word on this ride home, I will double your punishment...and let me tell you, you're already not going to be sitting comfortably for days, young lady." Something in Jeff's voice let her know that he was dead serious, and she kept her mouth shut. Ten minutes later, their car rolled into their driveway. "Up to our bedroom NOW. I want you fully naked. You will fetch the belt, and bring it downstairs to the living room, where I will be waiting for you. You have three minutes to do this. If you take any longer, your punishment will be longer. Is any of this unclear to you, young lady?" She shook her head vigorously. "Three minutes. Go."

Valerie did all that he had asked of her, and trudged down the stairs to the living room. He had placed a footstool in the middle of the room. "Hand me the belt, young lady." She obeyed. "Now kneel at my feet." Once again, she obeyed. "I cannot believe the way you behaved tonight, Valerie. It was such a critical night for me and I expected more of you." She could tell he was trying to control his anger. "Your vanity and jealousy is becoming absolutely ridiculous. You have to check yourself out in absolutely every mirror you see, and frankly, I've had enough. First, you made us late because you spent far too long touching up your appearance. Then, you dumped wine on my co-worker's wife, in front of all of my other co-workers and most importantly my boss, because you are jealous."

"I'm NOT jealous!" Valerie protested, but he held up his hand to silence her.

"Young lady, you will not speak out of turn," he cautioned her. "And yes, Valerie, you would not care what Sharon thought if you were not jealous. So, this is what is going to happen. You are going to go into the kitchen where I have filled a basin with cold water. You are to rinse your face and hair so that your face is free of all makeup and your hair is in its natural state. Then, when you are done, you will call me into the kitchen where I will place a bar of soap in your mouth for swearing tonight. You know I don't tolerate that. When the bar of soap is in your mouth, you will stand in the corner with your bottom stuck out so that I can give you a hand spanking. If the bar of soap leaves your mouth, we will place it back in and begin again. After your hand spanking, you will receive a belting. Tomorrow morning, at six-thirty, when I am about to go to work I will wake you up and deliver another hand spanking. You will not be permitted to go back to bed. Instead, you will begin your housework and you will do it in the nude so that your red bottom is on display. You will not be allowed to leave the house tomorrow and if you do I will know about it, because I am going to call you every half hour. If you do not pick up the phone when I call, I will drive home immediately, and you will receive another belting. Tonight, you will go to bed at ten thirty. Are we clear?"

Valerie could not believe he was being so harsh! She nodded feebly.

"Good. Also...one more thing. For the next month, you will not be permitted makeup, hair styling products, nail polish, or anything of the sort. I want you 'au naturel' as they say, so that you can overcome this ridiculous vanity problem."

"Jeff! NOOO!" she cried out desperately. "Jeff, please! I can't! I need that stuff!"

"No, you don't. I will be confiscating it from you. I think this will be a real benefit to you, young lady. Now wash your face."

Valerie trotted glumly into the kitchen, tears brimming in her eyes. She dunked her head into the cold water and scrubbed at her face until it was clean. She called Jeff into the room.

"Good job, Valerie." He went over to the sink, where he picked up a fresh bar of Ivory soap. "Now, come over here, young lady." She hesitated. "NOW. Don't make me come over there." She slowly went over. "Open wide. You know you deserve this. Because you said two swear words, you will receive a hard two minute hand spanking. Consider this your warm up. Now into the corner you go." She went over and pushed out her bottom the way she knew Jeff wanted it. She heard his tongue click in approval. The soap tasted awful; she hated the stuff. It wasn't the first time she had been in this position but it never tasted any better. However, she didn't have long to think about it because her mind was soon focused on her bottom that was getting soundly spanked.

SMACK! "You will..." SMACK! "Never..." SMACK! "Act that way..." SMACK! "Around my co-workers and boss..." SMACK! "Or simply act like that..." SMACK! "Ever..." SMACK! "Again!" SMACK!

"Mmmm..." SMACK! "Pthhhhh..." SMACK! "Pthhrrryy errrrr..." SMACK! This was supposed to sound like 'I'm so sorry sir', but the bar of soap in her mouth made it quite difficult to speak.

SMACK! "Oh, you're not sorry yet..." Jeff said, landing another resounding smack onto her rapidly reddening bottom. "But you will be!" SMACK!

This continued in a rain of spanks for another minute or so, until Jeff finally allowed Valerie to remove the bar of soap. "Go into the living room right now," he commanded. He slapped her bottom again, hard. She scurried away quickly. He followed. "Young lady, I want you to kneel sideways on the seat of that footstool so that your bottom is arched high in the air and your hands are on the ground." It took a bit of maneuvering, and he helped her a little. "Very good," he said as she struggled to hold the position. "Now keep it that way. If you move out of place, you know that I will spank you longer and harder, and that is not something that you want with this belt." Tears streamed down her face and dripped onto the floor. She heard him approach her from behind, and saw the belt in his hand. She whimpered. "Forty strokes with this belt," he said. "They will all be hard, but I expect you to take them. You know that you deserve them." And with that, he landed the first fiery blow.

"Owww!" sobbed Valerie. Another blow landed. "OWWW!" she cried even louder.

"You brought this on yourself," Jeff said, observing how her soft bottom was already welting from the two strokes. He landed another.

"OWWWWWWW!" Her bottom wiggled furiously.

"You keep that bottom still, young lady," he warned. "You know what happens to quivering bottoms." He landed ten more blows; twenty more blows. "Seven more," he told her. "They are going to be even harder. And if you don't take them, we will start from 1 again." He whipped the belt down hard, and left her sobbing again. One...two...three...four...five... "One more, Valerie." He hit the hardest he had hit the entire punishment, and left her crying hopelessly, her poor red bottom stuck high in the air. He allowed her to come down from that position and kneel in front of him, hands on her head.

"You know I love you baby," he told her softly. "You know I hate to do that to you. But I just can't let you act that way. You mean the world to me, Valerie, and I won't let you embarrass yourself like that." He kneeled down with her and kissed her tears away, and rubbed her tender bottom, which made her cringe a little. "Now, it's ten twenty. You know you need to be in bed in ten minutes."

"Sir?" Valerie said in a small, sniffly voice.

"Yes, darling?"

"Will you come to bed with me, maybe?"

He smiled at her. "Yes, I will," he said.

"And sir?"

"Yes, baby?"

"Do I have to get a spanking tomorrow morning?"

He grabbed her hand to help her up. "Yes, baby. You know I don't go back on my word, and you know that you deserve it. But come; let's not worry about that now. Let's get you comfortably to bed...on your tummy!" He grinned a little at her, and they mounted the stairs to bed.


A month later, Valerie was feeling great. The cashier at the supermarket, the one who always cashed her out, told her that she had been looking exceptionally radiant lately, and asked what she was using. She had noticed more males paying attention to her on the street (although this was something she took care to keep from Jeff). She enjoyed the extra hour she could take to sleep in in the morning because she wasn't worrying about her appearance. She grew more comfortable with her natural look. Really, who noticed if she was wearing mascara anyway? Although she had been scared at the prospect of not being allowed to primp constantly, she found that it was actually rather...relaxing. She had apologized profusely to Sharon (although she still thought that she could be a bitc-- er, nuisance). She felt very at peace.

As she was laying on her bed reading one October afternoon, she heard Jeff enter the room. She looked up to see him carrying her assortment of beauty tools, including her curling iron, her box of makeup and her bin of nail polishes. She just smiled at him.

"Really, honey...just put those away. I don't think I'll be needing them. In fact, I feel just great. And I've learned that primping doesn't pay."

Jeff felt a surge of pride. "Your lipstick and your blush does look good sometimes," he told her, "but I think that a bright red bottom looks best on you!"


This story was written by K. Marthy. She is in her 30's, she's married and just started a spanking relationship about a year ago. She is new to writing but you can see she seems to be catching on fast! She said she is toying with the idea of a sequel because Valerie isn't the only one in this story that deserves a good spanking!

I hope you'll leave a comment encouraging her to keep writing - we always need new Fantasy Friday stories! If you have one please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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Count down to summer

Our anniversary was very nice for a forgotten day. I was greeted by a warm loving husband when I went to bed that night. And we had some great love making, but since Mollie was a wall away there wasn’t any spanking. I think we have gotten spoiled by having many afternoons alone – we can be as loud and wild as we want to be. So we may continue our celebration this weekend when Mollie is going out of town.

Nick has been great with maintenance, he has remembered for three weeks now. I haven’t really had my mind into it like I should because of school and LJ but Nick has stepped up each week. I am really hoping that now that summer is just a breath away I can really concentrate on Nick some. Now this week is a little different. We have been trying maintenance on Wednesdays because that’s when Mollie works but this week she worked on Tuesday and – big news at our house, we have finally begun the remodel of the bathroom!! Yeah for us! But while Mollie was gone workers were at the house. That can really put a little crimp in your plans.

But just a few days and freedom is mine! I hope to write more, answer emails more quickly, give Cassie more time to write, do some Fantasy Fridays of my own and maybe, just maybe have some wild monkey sex with my husband! Summer, what could be better?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

This week

LJ enjoyed his last week in NC. He stayed here and visited with us some. Colin brought his niece and nephews swimming one afternoon. They took the cats to the vet and they rescued a puppy out of the road. I even cooked for the boy! All this was occurring while school was going nuts around me but I enjoyed the time we had together. I was proud of the tribute he put on facebook the day that when he heard that Rue McClanahan had died. He said “Blanche Devereaux died today. Please take a moment to sleep with a sailor.”

We all took him to the airport. As we pulled in he commented that someone better cry because then he would know he was loved. He wasn’t disappointed. But I just cried a little. I hugged him and told him to be careful around all those Yankees. I watched him walk into the terminal, it reminded me of watching him walk through the school doors into kindergarten. The grin, the totally joy, that I could see on his face will always be with me. Okay I might have seen it through tears but I did see it and it made me feel good.

And now what do you think of a husband who totally and completely forgets his 27 wedding anniversary?? This man is supposed to love me and he can’t remember our anniversary? I suppose I would be upset except for the fact that I completely forgot too. LOL! I’ve often said that if I had know I was going to be a teacher I would never have gotten married in early June. So between school and getting LJ off the date just got away from us. But I did get an email from Nick just before he went to bed inviting me to wake him when I got to bed. That sounds interesting – I think I’ll post this and head that way!!

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Fantasy Friday, Riding Bareback,II

We have a great story today but I did want to let you know that there will be a brand new Fantasy Friday here next week! I hope you'll come back.

This is the story I tried to post last week but I just couldn't get it to go. So I'm trying again. Although this is a repost I know you'll like it because it's from Annienomyous! One of my all time favorite writers. She is super busy right now but maybe in the future there will be another story or two coming our way. Meanwhile enjoy this one, one of the first she ever shared with me.

Riding Bareback

Evan Taylor swore out loud as he locked up the brakes and swung his battered pick up onto the shoulder. Backing up rapidly he jumped from the truck, shouting before his feet hit the pavement.

“What in the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to get run over?”

As he got closer he groaned, one look at her and he knew she was trouble. Leaning insolently against the side of a white sports car, smoke from the overheated engine framing her, black hair tumbling down her back and laughing. At him.

“Look lady, I don’t know where you’re from, but around here we do not jump out in front of traffic. I would have stopped anyway, but you scared the crap out of me and damn near got yourself killed.”

Stomping over to the car and peering into the smoke rising from the engine, he tried to ignore his mounting irritation. He was two hours late, the auction did not go well, he had stock waiting to be fed and this car was way past being fixed on the side of the road.

She took one look at the tight pull of faded blue jeans and the work shirt straining across his back and decided this was exactly the kind of adventure she was looking for.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I was afraid you wouldn’t stop and I would be stranded out here in the middle of nowhere.” She mustered a winning smile to go with the contrite tone and, sure enough, he fell for it.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you. You really did scare me though. Where are you headed?”

She gazed up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. This was definitely shaping up to be a world class, hero rescues maiden in distress type, adventure.

“I’m not sure, it’s one of those travel around, see the country kind of vacations. I was just driving along and I heard a loud pop and it quit running and smoke started coming out.”

“Well, it looks like the engine is fried, it’ll have to be towed back to town, but I don’t have time right now. If you tell me where you’re staying I’ll be happy to give you a lift.”

“But, I don’t have a place to stay. I was counting on making it to Memphis tonight, but I don’t know what to do now.” She let a few tears well up and looked forlorn.

Mumbling under his breath about how much he hated to see a woman cry, he stalked around the car, jerked open the door and started pulling luggage out.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I don’t have a choice, you will have to go with me. I can’t leave you on the side of the road and I have animals waiting to be fed. I’m already late.”

This was sounding better and better. She grabbed her knapsack and followed him to his truck, offering irreverent prayers to nameless gods that there would not be a Mrs. Blue Eyes waiting for them.

Gear stowed in the back, they headed down the road. After a few minutes silence she ventured an introduction.

“My name is KT, or at least that’s what everybody calls me. My whole name is Katerina Theodosia, isn’t that a terrible thing to do to a girl, so just call me KT. And, thanks for stopping, I was starting to get scared.”

“I’m Evan Taylor, I have a farm a few miles from here. I have to tend my animals, you’re welcome to make some phone calls and figure out what you’re going to do. I think the car will need a fair amount of work, not to mention a tow.”

“Couldn’t your wife feed the animals for you?”

“Not hardly.” He snorted at the mere thought. “My wife left when she found out just how much work is involved. She seemed to think a hundred acres meant the money just grew on trees.”

The bitterness of his tone satisfied her that there was no competition. She sighed and snuggled down in the seat, quiet for the rest of the ride.

“Why don’t you get this paved?”

“First of all, it would cost thousands of dollars I don’t have. Besides, I like it this way. Keeps my privacy.”

Bouncing along on the dirt road, KT started having second thoughts about this adventure. She wanted something different but this was a little too rustic to be quaint. Just as she was about to ask him to take her to a motel they rounded a curve and pulled up in front of the most beautiful place she had ever seen.

A log cabin nestled in among some tall oak trees with a neat yard, completely fenced in a low, weathered wooden picket. Off to one side small fenced pastures surrounded a series of small barns and outbuildings, but, the other side made the trip worthwhile. The farm occupied a bluff that dropped sharply giving a stunning view of a lush green valley and rolling hills. The sun was about to set, drenching the valley with a rainbow of golden light. KT ran to the edge of the yard, entranced by the storybook setting.

Her obvious appreciation of the scenery bumped her up a notch in his estimation. She was just another city gal, fancy clothes, fancy car, but she had some taste. He couldn’t help noticing she had a stunning figure, too. Her designer jeans looked like they had been painted on, but it was a hell of a canvas. As she leaned over the fence watching the sunset he stood and stared at the most perfect ass he had seen in years.

Suddenly he was surrounded by a yipping, jumping herd of dogs. That was enough to remind him he had work to do and none of it involved her backside. She turned, but seemed uncertain about the dogs, which stood as a group staring at her.

“Will they bite?”

“Only if you attack me, or I tell them to.”

“Good doggies, nice doggies.” She took a step forward.

“It’s okay, Ralph, Jack, Susie say hello.”

At his reassurance they all leaped forward, not jumping on her, but licking, wagging tails and leaping into the air around her. She cautiously put a hand forward to stroke the closest head.

“They’re like silk, what kind of dogs are they?”

“A special cross breed that I raise and train, they have blue heeler and pit bull in them and make good working dogs for small places. They are great with kids, too.”

His pride in them was obvious and even though they had gathered around her as soon as Evan walked away they rushed to follow him. He headed for one of the small barns, calling over his shoulder,

“The house is unlocked, you can use the phone in the kitchen.”

KT ran after him, she wasn’t ready to deal with that yet, and she was curious about the rest of his animals.

“Can’t I see the animals first? I will call and get everything arranged, but I want to see the pigs and the cows first.”

“This isn’t a pig farm, or a cattle farm for that matter. I raise dogs, chickens, and a few goats and occasionally I train horses. If you want to come to the barn you can, but do as I say. Betty has a new litter and she doesn’t take kindly to strangers getting too close to her babies.”

The inside was dim with shafts of light slanting in between the boards. In a corner a tail started thumping and at least a dozen tiny fur balls poured over a low board and wobbled toward them. The mother seemed happy to let them go until she saw KT. With a low menacing growl she leaped over the pups and placed herself between them and this stranger, fur bristling.

“Do not touch the pups, or make any sudden moves.” He cautioned her as he reached down to stroke her head murmuring softly.

“Can’t you just tell her it’s okay, like the other dogs?”

“They didn’t have babies to protect. Just stand still. She’ll settle down when she sees you are no threat and the pups will be chewing on your shoes in no time.”

After a few tense minutes of inspection Betty gave her grudging approval. While Evan carried feed and finished his chores KT sat on the barn floor covered in wiggling fur balls. Evan walked into the barn and stopped. Framed in the last light, hair wild, fancy jeans dirty, romping with the puppies, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“You act like you’ve never seen a litter of pups before.”

“Not up close. My father was very strict, no animals were allowed. I’ve seen dogs, but never this close, or this many. I took riding lessons, he felt that was enough.”

Evan couldn’t imagine a childhood deprived of the joys of raising your own pets. How did a child learn about responsibility and where did the unconditional love come from? Certainly not from a father that didn’t believe in puppies.

“I’ve finished the feeding, the pups need to get back in their box and have their dinner, too. Come up to the house and wash up. I’ll round up something to eat while you make your calls.”

KT considered telling him the truth, he seemed like a reasonable man, but it was too risky. One word from him and her father would be on his way. The hard part was what to tell him instead.

She insisted on helping with dinner, not out of any love of cooking, but it delayed the time when she would have to make explanations. Fortunately, dinner was a simple matter of delicious fresh vegetables from the garden and rice left over from a previous meal.

The moment of truth had arrived, no more stalling or he would start to get suspicious. Faced with telling him the truth or providing a plausible lie, KT fell back on time honored tradition and burst into tears. At first embarrassed, then uncomfortable, Evan finally held her gently as she sobbed. Through sighs and shudders and nose blowing on his bandanna, she leaked a mostly true tale of her father’s money and dominance, a forced wedding to further his empire, and her narrow escape from tyranny. All those romance novels consumed under the covers at boarding school paid off. It was just the right tone to bring out the knight in shining armor instinct.

“You have had a rough time, I knew I didn’t like your daddy when you told me he didn’t like animals.”

“Oh, I just knew you would understand! I feel so safe here. You don’t know what it means to me to be safe for a few days while I sort out the car and decide where I’m going. Thank you!”

KT, never one to take any chances, threw her arms around Evan’s neck and smothered any protest he might have to an unexpected house guest by raining kisses over his face. He may not have seen it coming, but the inconvenience of sharing the cabin paled next to the feeling of her lush curves pressed tightly against him.

“Well, maybe we can work something out. I could use some help around here, I have a horse coming in tomorrow that will take up my time. You can do some of the feeding and watering, I guess.”

Evan gently disengaged himself from her gratitude. She may be a city girl, but she was feeling mighty good in his arms. He had been too long without a woman to ignore his reaction. Just wouldn’t do to ravage the house guest on the kitchen floor. Not on her first day, anyway.

KT, caught up in her act, was a little disappointed at how easily he set her aside. She was hoping for a definite move on his part. Once he showed his interest, then she would be in control of the situation. He hustled her through the cabin, pointing out where everything was stored and producing sheets for the couch. He didn’t even try to coax her into his room, much less his bed. She’d give him till tomorrow to shape up and fall helplessly in lust with her.

Evan lay in the dark staring at the ceiling. That was trouble on the hoof in the other room and he knew it. But, he couldn’t stop thinking about her arms wrapped around his neck, her soft lips against his cheek, and those thoughts led straight to slipping her out of those ridiculous designer britches. It was only for a few days, she’d be gone and life would be back to normal. He was pretty sure he could refrain from making a complete ass of himself that long.

The smell of coffee brewing at an obscenely early hour roused KT from the best nights sleep she had had in weeks. She could hear the shower running so slipped out of bed to grab a quick cup before he came out. It came as a great surprise to all concerned when Evan walked in the back door just as KT grabbed for the coffee pot. Both froze, staring at the other.

“I thought you were in the shower.” She tried to sound put upon but was distracted by the large expanse of thatched chest that ended in a low-slung pair of worn Levi’s.

“I was watering the stock, sorry if I startled you.” He felt glued to the spot. Her white tee shirt clung to every curve, leaving nothing to his imagination, and stopped just short of covering a pair of silk panties that were begging for his attention.

Not one to miss an opportunity, KT sauntered out of the kitchen, making sure he got a good look before grabbing a bag and heading to the shower. Evan sat at the kitchen table, swearing softly at himself.

“I will not follow her around like some dumb animal. I will not break out in a cold sweat, or a hot one either, just cause she has a fine ass. Okay, I admit it, she has the finest ass I have ever seen in 34 years of looking. But she is definitely just passing through. I do NOT need another city girl who will run off when it looks too much like work.” Having talked himself out of tackling her as she stepped out of the shower he found a clean shirt and finished the morning chores.

KT took her time getting ready, making sure every little detail was perfect. He was almost to the point of being wrapped around her little finger. This outfit should push him over the edge. Stepping back for one last check in the mirror she couldn’t help admiring herself. Tight jeans, low cut sweater, not too fancy but definitely highlighted the things he was staring at earlier. Calculating her entrance, KT flowed into the living room with all the swivel she could muster only to find a note on the table.

Went to town. Back later. Evan

“Well, isn’t that romantic, I can’t believe he left me stranded here, all alone, no car, no one to talk to.”

It is hard to work up a good righteous indignation without an audience. She spent the rest of the morning working on a plan for the next phase of her big adventure. Evan found her, sound asleep on his bed, curled into a ball, looking totally harmless. Not wanting to startle her, he gently pulled a strand of hair away from her face and quietly called her name. Moaning in her sleep, she slipped into his arms, murmured “love you” and snuggled close.

Evan's breath caught at the feel of her. It had been far too long since any woman had felt this good, this right, hell, this dangerous. Flashbacks of his marriage saved him from making a complete fool of himself. He eased her away and stalked off to the barn, muttering about treacherous women.

KT couldn't believe him. She knew he wanted her, she could feel the desire rolling off of him. But just when she was sure he was about to surrender to the inevitable he stomped off in a huff. No man had ever walked away from her and Mr. Evan Taylor was not about to be the first. If the temptress didn't get him the lost little girl routine was a sure thing. He may be noble and deny his urge to rip her clothes off, but there was no way he could resist her helpless tears. He just wasn't the type to leave a lost kitten out on the porch in the rain.

Evan finished the chores as slowly as possible trying to make sure she was out of his bed by the time he returned. He wasn't sure he could resist another round of her teasing, and there was no way she was innocent. She was begging for it, and that was putting it mildly. Maybe he should confront her, oh right, and say what?

"Golly gee miss, please don't give a poor lonely man any reason to think you want him to fuck your brains out." She'd get a real kick out of that. Heading back to the house through the dusky twilight he was surprised to see lights on in the kitchen and the aroma of something wonderful wafting through the air. He took his time washing up and approached with caution.

It was like a scene from some movie. There she was, covered in a big apron, hair curling around her face as steam rose from a large pot on the stove. There were biscuits on the table, fresh flowers from the garden, the table set for two. She looked up and smiled.

"You're just in time. What would you like to drink? I made some iced tea."

She looked like a totally different woman. The tight jeans and sweater replaced by a soft cotton dress, face scrubbed clean, hair tied up in a simple knot. Gone was the wild gypsy temptress, in her place a sweet, smiling girl.

"Thought you didn't cook?"

"Oh, I can cook, I just have to be in the mood."

She heaped his plate with pasta tossed with fresh asparagus and passed him a bowl of salad. Content to enjoy the first meal anyone had cooked for him in years he dug in, leaving the conversation to her. She chatted on about her day, making phone calls, enjoying the peace of the farm, and playing with the pups.

By the time he pushed his plate back she was ready for act two. Gazing up at him from beneath lowered lashes she let her lip quiver just a bit as she thanked him again for rescuing her. She even managed to let a single teardrop roll down her cheek.

"It has been so long since I have been able to relax, feel safe. You just don't know what this means to me. I'm tired of running and even more tired of worrying. This is a paradise for me. I don't know how to thank you."

Right on cue KT burst into tears, not anything showy, just a little ladylike weeping. Enough to get him out of his chair to gather her in his arms, but not enough to redden her eyes or damage the carefully crafted scene.

"I don't know why you are so scared of your father, but you are safe here, I won't let him, or anyone else hurt you. Just hush, now, everything will get sorted out." Extremely pleased at the way her plan was working out, KT ventured a peek at his face. The genuine concern she saw there almost made her feel guilty. The jolt of electricity that arced between them as their lips hovered only inches apart came as a surprise to her. He was supposed to fall madly and deeply for her, she was only supposed to be having an adventure. Her last thought before his mouth claimed hers was the sense of falling into deep and dangerous waters.

The first touch and the passion raged between them. Like a wild fire burning out of control, there was no turning back. He might have resisted her teasing but there was no escape from the complete surrender as their bodies melted together. All thought of games lost in the simple need to feel more. Taking her face in his hands, Evan pulled back long enough to see the wanting in her face.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Oh yes, this is what I want."

Evan scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his room. Placing her gently on the bed he lowered his mouth to hers, one hand sliding up to cup her breast as he eased down beside her. Just then a truck pulled up the gravel drive sending the dogs into a barking frenzy.

"Damn. I forgot the time. That'll be Jerry, delivering that horse. You stay right here. Don't move. I'll hustle him along and be right back."

Jumping up and straightening his clothes he was grateful it was full dark out, less likely Jerry would ask embarrassing questions.

KT sat on the porch, grateful for the dark that allowed her to observe without being seen. She needed a little distance to sort out her feelings. Part of her would like to beat Jerry over the head for daring to interrupt. Another part felt as if she had narrowly escaped an unforeseen danger. Watching the two men work the horse into the corral, then lean on the gate talking she was sure they were discussing the horse, but every line of Evan's body was taut with tension. She should be happy, she had him right where she wanted him, but suddenly she wanted him to want her. Not fall for her manipulations, but just plain want her.

Horse stabled, pens checked, dogs locked out to prevent any further disruptions, Evan slipped in the back door ready to pick up where they left off. The house was dark, just a lamp in the bedroom burning. Smiling at the thought of her waiting for him in his bed he slipped into the shower to get rid of the barn. Minutes later, trying hard to appear nonchalant, he walked into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel, only to find the bed empty. A quick search revealed her small form, curled up and sound asleep on the couch. Hurt and frustrated, Evan stalked back to the bathroom for a colder shower.

The next morning, determined to act as if nothing was amiss, Evan roused her just after daybreak.

"You have five minutes to get dressed and meet me in the barn." And he was out the door.

KT stretched and threw on jeans and a tee shirt. At least he didn't seem angry about her ducking out on him last night. Not sure how to approach the subject she hurried to the barn hoping he wouldn't throw her out, even if she did deserve it.

Evan carefully showed her how to gather eggs, feed the chickens and goats, and fix the special food for Betty, who was still nursing her pups. He kept a light and constant conversation going about all of the animals, what she was expected to do for them and when.

"As long as you're staying here these are your responsibilities. No free lunch on a farm, everybody has to work. Just stay away from the horse, I'll start his training today, but for now he has to depend on me for everything. Any questions?"

KT was amazed at how calm and matter of fact he was treating her. She nodded and eagerly got to work, making sure each animal got a minute of special attention. Leaving the pups for last, she sat on the floor letting them crawl over and under her legs while their mother got her breakfast in peace. Realizing she had been in the barn for quite awhile she shooed the pups back to Betty and wandered to the house looking for her next job. There were leftover biscuits with homemade jam on the table along with a note.

Working in town today. Water the garden. Fix dinner. Back 5PM.

A leisurely breakfast on the porch surrounded by well-mannered dogs waiting for a crumb to drop restored her good mood. She had a whole day to herself. No one knew where she was, and there were baby goats to meet.

Watering the garden turned into definite dinner plans, she returned with her shirt covered in dirt and bulging with veggies for a stir-fry. Washing them off at the sink she watched the horse wandering through the corral. All horses like carrots and he was the only animal that hadn't had some sort of treat. Armed with a fresh carrot she headed to the corral, seated on the top fence rail she dangled a carrot until he wandered over. Delighted by the velvety touch of his nose as he snatched a piece from her palm, she stroked his head and scratched behind his ears. He seemed friendly enough. On impulse she lured him close with the last nub of carrot and swung her leg over his back, intending a quick ride around the corral.

Evan pulled into the drive just in time to see her land on the horses back for a split second before one quick buck threw her through the air. Evan raced to the fence, trying to distract the horse from trampling her, certain she was seriously injured. As he rushed to her side, ready to make a wild dash to the county hospital, she sat up, laughed and jumped to her feet ready to try again.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing? I told you to leave that horse alone. You scared ten years off of me, I thought you were hurt."

The sound of her laughter interrupted his tirade. Without thinking he threw her over his shoulder, satisfied that the jolt knocked the wind out of her and at least stopped her laughter. Bt the time he reached the house she was beating her fists on his back and demanding to be put down. Happy to oblige he sat on the end of the porch set her on her feet between his knees and tossed her over one leg. His large calloused hand crashed down changing her tune to one of outrage.

"Who do you think you are? Let me up this instant. I'll have you arrested."

Her threats continued as his hand crashed down over and over onto her upturned bottom. Even through the heavy jeans the heat was rapidly building, soon threats gave way to apologies and promises to be good.

"Are you going to listen to me?"

"Yes. Yes, I'll do anything you say just stop, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Evan stopped abruptly, pulled her to her feet to face him.

"Did I tell you to leave the horse alone?"

KT nodded, head hanging, unable to look Evan in the eye.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again." She sniffled.

"Damn right it won't happen again, I intend to see to it your butt is too sore to sit on anything, including a horse."

With that Evan unfastened her jeans and jerked them to her knees. Screeching she caught his intent just as he threw her across his lap again. The tiny thong underwear provided no protection as his hand once again descended with a loud crack. One arm wrapped around her waist, he had no trouble keeping her bottom right where he wanted it. All of his frustration at the games she had played, his anger that she deliberately defied his instructions, and his fear that she was hurt went straight into her bottom.

After several minutes of hard spanking her entire butt was bright red and her apologies had given way to sobbing. Resting his hand on her burning skin he asked,

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"I'm so..so…sorry," she hiccupped, hanging limp over his lap.

Looking at her perfect ass, crimson with his handprints he wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Setting her on his lap, he handed her his bandana and held her close until she stopped sobbing. Carrying her inside he laid her tenderly on the bed and applied soothing lotion to her burning backside. Even red-eyed from crying and dirty from her fall she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Somehow the fear of losing her made everything clear. He wanted her. City girl or not she was meant for him and he was going to keep her here until she understood this was where she belonged.

Pulling her jeans the rest of the way off he turned her over and looked into her eyes. KT may have been confused about how they got here, but this was exactly where she wanted to be.

"Tell me you want me."

"I want you," she whispered just before his mouth covered hers.

As he slid inside her, he growled, "Next time you want to ride bareback, this is how it's done."


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