I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

TBT - Cassie's Halloween

Long time readers feel free to skip this throw-back-Thursday, I'm sure you've read this before. This is Cassie's story of the first Halloween she shared with Tom. I just wanted to get with the season.

 First Halloween

The river is so beautiful this time of year, what could be better than October?  It’s a beautiful month that builds up to Halloween. It’s such fun since we moved to the river. The adults dress up to give out the candy and it’s like one long neighborhood party that ends with a bond fire on the riverbank.
As Tom and I discussed our costumes for this year, I casually remarked, “It’s a shame I can’t quite get in the costume I wore the first Halloween we were together.” I laughed as I saw the peeved look come over Tom’s face. Gracious, that was more than forty years ago the man needs to learn to let things go.
I know people now days see us as a sweet old couple. And I suppose we are, but when we first met I would have been called a wild child. I lived a lifestyle that would have no doubt killed me young. Tom was my hero, he rode in and rescued me from my wild dangerous ways and made me feel safe enough for the lady in me to come out. That doesn’t mean it was smooth sailing from the beginning.
That first Halloween we had barely been married a month. We were in the process of moving to a new house and joined a club in town. That year the club was hosting a big Halloween Ball and my best friend, Sue, and I had been looking forward to going for a while. Tom planned on going as ‘The Phantom’. 

His only concession to costume was to wear an old style tux with his half mask. My dress was a gorgeous period piece. Victorian and elegant I felt like a queen. Sue and Steve were going as Martha and George and while the Washington’s looked quite elegant I secretly like our outfits much better.
Then out of the blue, Tom breezes in on October twenty-ninth with devastating news. “Girl, I’m sorry as can be, but Steve and I have to go to Washington for a few days.”
“What? When?” I stammered.
“We have to catch a plane in about two hours.”
Oh I was hot and I let him have it. I knew he had to travel for work sometimes, but this was the first time and I felt angry and abandoned.
“Tom, what about the ball? Will you be back in time? Surely you’re not going to miss that.”
“It can’t be helped, honey, we’ll be there until the second. But I promise I’ll make it up to you when I get back. We’ll go somewhere just the two of us for a long weekend. You and Sue can go to the ball together, you’ll still be the two prettiest girls there.”
“Sure,” I snapped pulling away from him. “Maybe I should go as George. I don’t know why your damn job should be more important than plans we’ve already made.”
“Enough.” Tom told me seriously. “Another word and you’ll have trouble sitting while I’m gone. I am sorry about the ball, but there’s nothing I can do.” Relenting a little as he saw my woebegone face, he added. “I love you girl, I don’t want to fight with you. Please try to understand.”
I tried, but I wasn’t doing a very good job. “I have to go. Don’t fall into a temper and get yourself in trouble. Just behave and I’ll be back before you know it.” And with another kiss and a hug he was gone.
As he’d been packing I’d only been angry about the ball, as the silence of the house closed around me so did the intense loneliness, but quickly that begin to fuel my anger. I didn’t know how to process sadness or loneliness back then, but anger was an old friend and very familiar.
The phone jangled and I rushed to answer it. “Were you fed the same sorry bullshit I just got?” Sue demanded.
“I sure as hell was.” I answered. “I’m so pissed about the ball.”
“You’re pissed–try going as half a Washington!” she yelled.
“Wait a minute,” I told her as a sudden thought came into my head. “You don’t have to be Martha if you don’t want to be. We can dress anyway we want to now.”
Sue was quiet for a moment as what I was saying sank in. Then I could hear the grin in her voice. “I like the way you think.” She told me.
“I’ll pick you up in fifteen minutes.” I laughed, “We have some shopping to do.”
As the night of the ball rolled around I was absolutely gleeful. I wasn’t far past my ‘I’ll do anything I damn well please’ phase of my life and I suddenly felt that way again. Sue had come over to dress at my house and we were almost ready.
My outfit was perfect. I had purchased a beautiful red wig that fell in a mass of curls down my back. The white halter top tied right under my breast and the tightness of the little shirt gave me the cleavage I was well know for back in the day and the tight, thin material allowed the dusty rose of my nipples to show clearly. I didn’t mind a bit.
My midriff was darkly tanned from the hours I’d spend in the sun. My shinny leather mini skirt began below my navel and ended at a length barely able to cover enough to be legal. This wasn’t many years since the networks had had a fit when Barbara Eden wanted to show her belly button on I Dream of Jennie, but I didn’t have the network to censure and Tom was too busy working to care what I wore. 

Fishnet stockings and high platform heels completed my outfit. Sue, looking stunning as a blonde was equally inappropriate in her own whores’r us outfit, and we were ready for a night of partying.
We each had an elaborately decorated eye mask and I’d outlined my mouth so differently Sue swore I was unrecognizable. I know she was. While I wanted to go and have a good time I did not need the new look getting back to Tom. We may not have been married long, but I knew enough to know he’d have a stroke if he knew I’d gone out in public this way.
Oh my, we were the hit of the ball. We only had to present the token which had arrive in the invitation, so no one would know the identity of each guest. The crowd actually parted as Sue and I came in. I admit to being an attention whore and I loved every bit of the stares and whispers.
I had all I wanted to drink and neither of us lacked for dancing partners, although I could almost feel the hateful stares coming from nearly every woman there. I was truly in my element when I looked across the room in time to catch Tom’s entrance. He wore the vintage tux, but not his mask. I nearly panicked as he scanned the room. I couldn’t move. I was suddenly terrified of calling attention to myself.
Tom didn’t spot me on his first scan and I carefully began edging to a back entrance. I had to make it to our car and have the driver get me the hell out of there. I was in the hall and nearly to the exit when I heard Tom behind me.
“Moi, no.” I said in a low husky voice.
“Oui, vous.” Tom snapped.
“Tom, honey, it was a joke. That’s all.” Tom could have been deaf for all he was listening to me.
Taking my wrist, rather than my hand, he led me quickly out the door and across the lawn toward his car. He moved so quickly I could barely keep up. “Tom slow down, I begged. These shoes . . .”
Without saying a word Tom stopped, quickly knelt and removed my shoes. In one angry gesture he threw them into the club’s pond, shimmering in the moonlight.
I was silent on the trip home. We’d been married such a short time, I actually expected a screaming match once we arrived and while I wasn’t looking forward to it, I had no doubt I could hold my own. It hadn’t truly sunk into my brain that Tom was not one to yell at his wife. He was a man of action.
Leading me straight to the bedroom, Tom quickly removed my mask and wig, tossing them onto a chair. Then with lightening speed he had my blouse, mini-skirt, garter with the fishnet and my panties off. This was my first experience of being nude while he was still wearing a tux and I’d never felt so vulnerable.
Tom sat on the bed and was in the process of pulling me across his lap before it dawned on my incredibly slow brain that I was about to be spanked.
“NO! Wai . . .” I started, as I tried to fight my way off his lap. I never had a chance. Tom hadn’t begun using the ivory brush yet, but that mattered little. As his hand made contact with my bare rear I yelled bloody murder. I hated being spanked back then. The pain, the loss of control–I fought with everything I had, including my vocabulary. I have to tell you back then I could cuss more fluently than I could speak the King’s English. I cussed the man for everything I was worth.
Tom’s hand has always been hard as a board when he tries. He wasn’t moving around much as he proceeded to nearly blister the crease between bottom and leg. My fighting, yelling, cussing was wearing me out–Tom did not seem to be tiring.
As I quieted for a minute, trying to get my breath, Tom said calmly, “As soon as you’ve finished cussing, this spanking can begin.”
“Tom, dammit! Stop . . .”
“I’m guessing I can out last you, girl.” He told me firmly, “I’d stop now if I were you.”
He was right. With supreme effort I choked back what I wanted to say. As I tried to stay quiet Tom began to talk. Unfortunately, talking didn’t slow Tom’s hand one bit. “You had a beautiful dress to wear tonight, just thinking of you in it made me fly back just to take you to the ball, but instead you go out of your way to be seen in the worse possible way.”
“When are you going to understand you are a lady? I expect you to always speak and present yourself as a lady and so you’ll always be treated as one.”
I was hearing a little of this, very little, and it was probably years down the road before I truly understood what Tom was trying to say to me. Tom was slowing his spanks, yet each was still firmly delivered and I alternated howling and begging him to stop.
When he finally did I was a mess. Tom stood me up and held me against him. “It’s all right, girl. You’re going to be all right.” After a moment I lay on the bed and he the stepped into the bathroom returning with a cool cloth for my face and lotion for my bottom. After applying it gently he lay beside me holding me.
“This is hard for you isn’t it, girl?”
I nodded.
“You knew I wouldn’t want my wife wearing such an outfit in public didn’t you.”
Again I nodded.
“Cassie girl, don’t fight me. Trust me, let me take care of you and protect you. I want to give you the most amazing life–you just need to trust me.”
I’m still amazed by how true his words were, then and now. And he has indeed, given me a most amazing life.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Yelling at your beloved husband

Can it ever be a good idea to yell at your husband? The answer is – yes! Now let me explain.

I’ve often said out here, that Nick and I don’t fight. And that is the gospel truth. That not always a good thing and I’ve realized that over the years. But it works for us. We’re usually on the same page, we’re both laid back people and we generally decide things without the need to sink to a screaming match.

But the thing he does that makes me the maddest is snapping/shouting at me. Granted it happens rarely, no more than once or twice a year, but maybe that’s why they stand out so much to me.

This past weekend we’d taken down the window treatment to do some painting, well Nick was doing some painting. When he got ready to put them back he needed some help. No problem! I came in and we maneuvered the frame around and with great care I stepped up onto the step ladder – this has become more tricky for me. I feel a little unsteady and a tiny bit fearful since my hands were full and I couldn’t use them to steady myself.

He was up on his own ladder looking at the apparatus and seeing how it was supposed to go back up. The he turned to me and said something like. 

“Clip it onto the smaller clip first then tilt it back and latch it onto the larger clip before snapping it in.” 


I didn’t see anything that even looked like a clip to me. And I had no clue what he was talking about, so I told him.

“I  have no idea what you’re talking about.” 
We’re approximately three feet apart. He raised his voice about two decibels, and shouting, repeats himself. 

Pissed me off in a flash! He could have showed me what he needed me to do before we’d ever gotten up there. He could have described what I was supposed to be looking for, he could have done a number of things besides shouting at me.

In the past I would have shut up, shut down and nursed this hurt for days. I would have spoken only when spoken to and that’s it. It would have eaten away at me. Yes, it was a silly little thing but I would have made in much bigger in my mind as I picked at it in my head for all those days.

But all that was before TTWD. I’ve said it brought us closer and part the feeling closer is that we’re close enough for me to let him know when I’m mad, without feeling it will drive us apart. 

So I did what the new me was comfortable with – I yelled back, telling him…

“I heard you! But repeating it at a full volume still does not explain what the hell you’re talking about so I still don’t know!”

Man! That felt good! And it was good. He wasn’t really mad, just a bit frustrated, and I realized that. He realized it too and my shouting let him know I didn’t need to be spoken to in that manner and I was not going to simply accept it. With that one short exchange we were fine. He wasn’t mad, I wasn’t mad and we went on to figure out how to get the blinds back up. (Part of the problem could have been that he’d put the brackets back on the wall upside down… but I won’t go there.)

What a joy! One quick shout and I saved both of us a weekend of cold uncomfortable silence. I’m not recommending shouting at one another as a way to solve problems. But for me this has really made a difference in how I handle the few times he snaps at me. How about you? Do you think yelling ever helps?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Fantasy Friday revival - A Good Night's Sleep

I have another Fantasy Friday from the archives today. Sadly the writer is another person I've lost contact with over the years. Marie never blogged but she was around for a while back in 2007. Thankfully I still have her story and as always, if you're out there please let me know. I hope you enjoy...

A Good Night’s Sleep 

She was too tired to appreciate how handsome Kyle looked as he pushed open the door from their garage and walked into the kitchen that evening. She was pouting as he kicked off his shoes, offloaded his briefcase and suit coat to the hall tree. "Missed you, Emily" he said as his strong arms pulled her close. Even in her sleepy state, she was not completely immune to the wonderful masculine smell of him. She pushed out of his hug a little too quickly and started leafing through a catalog which had come in the mail that day. Casually, she said, "thought you were going to be home a few hours ago."

Kyle responded kindly, "You seem tired, kitten. Didn’t you sleep well last night?" This wasn’t where she wanted the conversation to go, but she was prepared to turn it back on him. "You know I never sleep well when you’re gone overnight." To avoid the possibility of running into traffic and not being on time for his early morning meeting, Kyle had driven two hours into the city and spent the night in a hotel. "I’m sorry, babe. You know I hate being away from you for even one night, but it couldn’t be helped." She shrugged off another attempt he made to hug her.

"Hey, what’s for dinner, honey? I’m starved," he asked. After throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Emily went to lie down on their bed. She flopped down on top of the bedspread. Feeling relieved that Kyle was finally home to handle the children, she fell into a blissful sleep and was only distantly aware that Kyle had gotten "dinner" on the table.

The house was quiet and it was completely dark outside when he climbed onto their bed and hovered over Emily. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. He appreciated how much work it took to care for their three little ones...especially alone. He bent over and planted kisses into the warm crook of her neck. He was delighted when she rolled over and looked up at him with her dark, happy eyes. "Oh, hi there, love," she said and stretch her arms out for a hug. "Oh, thank you, Kyle. I really need that nap" Emily sighed. "Anything for my Princess" he said while he began unbuttoning his shirt for bed.

A quick look at the clock and she realized how long he had let her sleep. The kids were obviously already in bed. "And what do you need, babe?" she asked with a suggestive smile on her face. He looked so big and handsome hovering over her that her heart skipped and she reached to pull him down on top of her. After reacquainting themselves with deep kisses and frantic groping, Kyle scooped her up off the bed so he could pull back the covers.

Unfortunately, as the bedspread was stripped back, both of them caught sight of a note, handwritten on a piece of yellow legal notepaper. Kyle set Emily down on her feet and she pulled the note up off the bed, wondering aloud, "What’s this?"

He waited while Emily read the short love note he’d left in bed for her before he’d left on his overnight trip. "Dear Emily, I’m going to miss you, kitten. Thank you for maintaining my castle while I’m away. I’ll think of you constantly because I need you like a vampire needs a vein. Keep our bed warm until I get back and remind you what it’s for. All my love, Kyle"

Emily moved forward to hug him and thank him for the note, but he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her down onto his hard lap. She could tell by the firm way he was gripping her arm that he was not joking. "Look at me!" he demanded. He tipped her chin up so that she couldn’t help but see the anger in his eyes as he asked, "Why didn’t you go to bed last night, Emily?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, trying to sound innocent. "Emily, do not play games with me. What was the last thing I told you to do on the phone last night before we said goodnight?" He waited for her to respond.

She sat quietly for several seconds before erupting with a defiant tone, "You said not to stay up late!" She went on to yell, "I can stay up as late as I want. I can stay up all night if I want. Why do you even care? It’s none of your business!" Despite the fact that she was trying to pull herself off his lap and storm away, she was held in place by his unyielding arms. She felt like a silly brat, but she was afraid to back down.

"So did you...did you stay up all night, Emily?" Several more silent seconds were all the answer she gave. His mouth moved closer to her ear and with an edge of controlled anger he said quietly, "Stand up, Emily." She stood up and he tucked her tightly between his thighs. He began unsnapping her jeans and then yanked them down to her knees. She wouldn’t look at his face and made sure that her own face showed only anger and not the fear that was about to make her collapse.

Kyle flipped her face down over his lap and she began to complain. "Too late for talking, babe," he growled. "I’ll do the talking now. I’ll start by telling you what I think of my wife being disobedient. You just close your mouth and listen." He laid into her upturned bottom with his hand. Over and over his hand reigned down quick, hard hits. Her hand reflexively swung back to protect her bottom from the painful spanks. Without much effort, he pinned her arm to her back and continued spanking.

Emily began to kick her feet and angrily yelled at Kyle to stop, but he simply hooked one leg over the back of her calves and used the slight pause to pull her panties down below her bottom. The panties hadn’t offered much protection, but now there was nothing between her pink flesh and his hard hand. She realized that Kyle was more angry than she thought and began to loudly repeat "I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry..."

"You aren’t nearly as sorry as you’re going to be. Now stop being mouthy or this lesson is going to be taught very slowly." The intensity of the spanks increased as he punctuated each syllable of "ve-ry-slow-ly" with a spank to her upper thighs. She stopped talking but began to quietly whimper. "Part two of tonight’s lesson" he paused to say, " is what your husband will do if you ever stay up all night again without my permission."

"Pleeeeaase" she whined. "I won’t do it again. I’m sorry I was up last night. I just got playing on the internet and I didn’t realize how late it was."

"Sweetheart," he said without mercy, "one thing you aren’t is stupid. You may be disobedient and stubborn, and you may not know when it’s best to keep your mouth shut, but you do know how to read the clock display right onscreen and you must have noticed the hours passing. You weren’t even supposed to be ON the internet. When I hung up with you at eleven, you were supposedly in your bed and going to sleep. Now, I am not going to argue with you, kitten." He hauled her up off his lap and then pushed her face down onto their bed.

Standing behind her, he began unbuckling his belt as he continued, "Honey, I don’t like to punish you, but what I really don’t like is when I come home from work to a tired and cranky wife." He folded his belt over and gave her ten precise licks across both cheeks. Emily was close to tears when he stopped to speak again. "If you’re tired and cranky because the kids are sick, or you’ve had a fight with your mother, then that’s one thing. But to come home and have you frowning at me, pushing me away and throwing cold pizza at me because you just couldn’t log off, well...." He gave her another twenty hard whips with the belt before she jumped forward on bed and yelled, "Dammit, Kyle! I hate you!"

"Now, I know you don’t mean that, Emily. You are feeling guilty because you disobeyed me and because you haven’t had enough sleep. Let’s just finish up this lesson and get you tucked back into bed. You should be tired enough when I’m done here that you can sleep the rest of the night." He grabbed her foot and pulled her back into position. Putting his hand on her lower back, he said, "So help me, Emily, if you move out position again, I will have to start again at the beginning."

He gave her twenty more lashes with his belt. She had broken down and was sobbing after the first ten, but she didn’t start to beg until number fifteen. She buried her face in a pillow and only came out to gasp for air and plead. He tossed his belt onto the floor and reached under the bed for his wooden paddle. Seeing the paddle in his hand brought on a fresh round of hysterical weeping. She hated that paddle and felt she couldn’t take any more. "Now I have a few questions for you, baby. I’ll expect you to answer respectfully. You know how to do that, right?"

"Yes, sir" she cried into the pillow.

"Do you know why I am punishing you tonight?" She realized that she needed to respond promptly when her pause brought on a round of five spanks with the paddle.

"Yes! I know why you’re spanking me!" she yelled at him angrily.

"Not very respectful..." he said calmly as he held his hand firmly on her lower back and delivered ten more swats with the paddle.

"No, please, sir. I’m sorry, sir" she gasped. "I shouldn’t have stayed up all night. I was cranky and tired when you came home. Please, no more, sir," she bawled.

"That’s good, sweetie. Now, do you understand that I expect this *spank* pretty *spank* little *spank* ass *spank* in bed by a reasonable hour every *spank* single *spank* night? *spank, spank*

"Yes, sir. I do, sir. Please, sir. No more."

"And do you know what I will do if you defy me again, angel?" He rubbed the smooth, cool paddle in circles over her fiery bottom. "Yes, sir. Please, sir. No more" she continued sobbing. He gave her ten more hard licks to her sit spot.

He dropped the paddle onto the floor and scooped her up in his arms. She buried her wet face in his neck and cried with relief that the spanking was over. He carried her into the bathroom and pulled a few tissues from the box before he sat down on the edge of the tub and began drying her eyes. She kicked her feet out of her jeans and panties and they dropped onto the floor. She could not quit crying and she held onto him like her heart would break. She was so sad that she had treated him so rudely and been disobedient too.

"Shhhh. Shhhhhh, good girl" he crooned to her with a soothing voice as he pushed her hair back out of her eyes. "It’s okay, kitten. It’s over. Shhhhh. I love you so much, baby."

"Are yo-you-you still ma-mad at me?" she choked.

"Of course not sweetie. It’s over. It’s done. You’re such a good girl. I couldn’t live without you. I need you, baby, just like you need me. Shhhhhh. Just be still, kitten. I’ve got you. I’ll hold you as long as you want."

"I’ll be good, Kyle. I’ll obey you, I promise. Why do you love me so much, anyway? I’m so stupid sometimes," she sniffled.

"Oh, baby. I’ll always love you...even when you need me to correct you. I will always take care of you...even when you don’t take care of yourself. And you’re not stupid, Emily. You are the smartest lady I know. You are a brilliant mommy, and you take such good care of me and our home. I couldn’t do anything without you. You are my best friend. I love that you trust me and that you need me to take care of you." Kyle crooned.

She felt so safe and content in his arms. Her tears had turned to tears of peace and love for the man who now held her in his arms. She lifted her face up to look into his eyes and he kissed her red nose. She leaned in and kissed his lips. He kissed her back and when she wiggled her arm free so she could explore his chest and belly with her hands, she felt him become hard against her throbbing bottom.

With small hiccups leftover from the waning tears, she began unbuttoning his shirt. He pressed the tissues against her cheeks again as he stared into her face. She undid his pants and slid onto her knees on the bath rug. He groaned with aching desire as she reached into his pants and released his erect blade. She held her arms up and waited until he pulled her shirt over her head. She cradled his manhood between her breasts and placed gentle kisses on the wet tip of his shaft. She began to lick and suck with great pleasure as he shuttered with the sensation of her warm mouth.

"Baby, you’re killing me" he groaned.

"It’s only fair," she said. "If I can take a licking, so can you."

"You know where that smart mouth will get you, right?" he said with a wicked grin. He picked up Emily and carried her back to their bed. Kyle pushed her onto her belly and began massaging her bottom. She loved and hated the massage. She writhed and moaned in painful pleasure. He moved his hand between her thighs and thrust his finger up into her and she rocked up onto all fours and moaned with delight.

"You’ve got this coming," he whispered as he mounted her from behind and drove his cock deep inside her. She pushed her bottom against him as he drove into her again and again. Kyle grabbed her hair and pulled her head gently back and began biting her neck as he listened to her pant and whimper with need. When she felt the passion building to the point where she was no longer in control, she began to plead "Please, Kyle, no, no, nooooo! Oh, oh, yes, please, yes, please, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle" she screamed. For the second time that night her tears watered their bedspread. She abandoned herself to the love he so thoroughly gave her...and she wept at being complete.

They lay together, spent from the lesson and spent from the loving. It was all the same thing: the pain, the pleasure, the needy and being needed. Complete and content, Kyle tucked her into bed. She lay quietly as he smoothed the blankets across her body and bent to whisper "I love you, kitten. Now get some sleep."


Thanks again, Marie! Fantasy Friday is opened to all. If you're willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Don't Bungee Jump Naked

Nick and I got to go see Jeannie Robertson this past weekend! Mollie and LJ gave us tickets way back for Mother/Father’s day. Some of you won’t know who this is and that means you have missed out on an extremely funny woman!

She was Miss North Carolina back in the 60’s and won Miss Congeniality when she went to the Miss America pageant. I got to meet her in person for the first time when I was about twelve. Her father and mine were in the same business and she was speaking at one of the conventions. For some reason one of her jokes from that conventions stuck with me. 

She told us they were sending their son to basketball camp and the camp insisted that parent sew the child’s name into every piece of clothing. Jeannie said that after they read that, they quickly changed their son’s name to Levi Izod.

I’m putting up my two favorite clips of her from YouTube. You can find tons more, but I swear in you sit down to watch a two minute clip, you’ll find yourself there an hour later, still laughing!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Fantasy Friday - Go Take a Hike

I’m very excited to be able to bring you a brand new Fantasy Friday story today. This came in from a reader, Cindy, earlier this week. This is the background she shared with me – she sounds like she would fit in well around here.

I am a women of retirement age who loves spending time with my grandkids. But sometimes I just like to be with my husband. My personal life is no way as exciting as the stories I read or even the one I wrote. One can always hope. Thanks for giving me a chance. Cindy

Please enjoy…

 Go take a Hike

The trees were showing some beautiful fall colors up in New England. The sky was bright blue and clear and the temperature was perfect. That plus a weekday that both Danny and I had a day off from work, but kids were in school, made for a perfect day to take a hike and have picnic lunch.As I made up some ham and cheese sandwiches and packed up some grapes and bottles of water, Danny gassed up the car and put the picnic blanket in the back seat.
After everything was in the car off we went on our little daycation. There was a state park about an hour away with easy but pretty hiking trails. As we drove we discussed the mundane; kids, finances, holiday plans. As we got closer we switched gears and started to concentrate on us. We talked about how nice it is to get away, if only for a little while, just to enjoy each other. As we drove into the parking lot we noticed only one other car.
“Great” I said, “We practically have the place all to ourselves.”

Danny took out the basket and handed me the blanket. “Here Josie,” he said, “let’s find a quiet spot near the river and under some golden trees.”
“Sounds good, “ I said as I headed toward a sign that pointed to the river trail.
About fifteen minutes into the hike I spot a beautiful outcropping of rocks with golden maples all around, I can hear the babbling of the river as it slithers over the small rocks on the river bed. Walking around the rocks, I see a small cove of fallen leaves, sun overhead and the rive right in front. Perfect.
“I think this is the spot, don’t you?” I ask as I was already laying the blanket out.
“Perfect” he agreed with a big smile.
I wasn’t quite ready for lunch and even thought it was a bit chilly, I took my hiking boots and socks off and dipped my toes in the cold running water. Quite shocking at first, but then quite refreshing.
As I turned back toward the blanket, Danny gave me that look The look that still gives me butterflies, the look that tells me he has a brilliant idea, the look that makes me tingle.
“What?” I ask
“What, what?” He responds in his smart voice. “I was thinking, since your boots and socks already off, it would be easy to take your pants off also”
“Oh you think so do you? Here in the woods. You never know who could be walking by.” I was intrigued and apprehensive at the same time.
Danny comes up to me and plants a big kiss on my lips at the same time he is trying to find my nipples. He knows as well as I do that once he starts pinching them, I become putty in his hands. Submitting to whatever he suggests. Do I fight this? No, I relax and accept. I let Danny run the show.
My pants and underwear are quickly discarded. I stand before him in my tunic length fishermen’s knit sweater. At least my butt is covered I tell myself. But is it protected?
Danny shakes me out of my thoughts by calling me over to look at some rocks. He “suggests” I bend over and put my hands on them. I do as I am told and wait as I hear his feet churching over leaves as he walks away from me. 
Is he going to leave me here?
Is he looking at my bare butt?
What is he doing?
I hear him shuffling through the leaves back in my direction. I don’t look back
I do ask, “Where did you go? What are you doing?”
As I hear a whish and feel a sting he answers, “Just went to cut a switch”
A switch!? I had read stories about them, seen pictures, but never really thought about how they would feel. THEY HURT!!!
As he continues whipping that switch across my ass, I get more and more uncomfortable, I started to kick my feet. Not a good idea with bare feet and bent over a rock.
Finally I heard him drop the switch. He turned me around and with a big smile he kisses me and squeezed my red hot cheeks at the same time. Wow? What a mixture of feelings.
As I went to get on my knees to thank him, he stopped me. “Let’s eat lunch” He calmly says. Eat I think, I can’t eat now.
But he leads me back to the blanket and begins to unpack the sandwiches. I reach for my jeans but am told no.
“Sit,” he says. “Relax,” he says.
As I sit, I realize I need to get a less scratchy blanket. It is burning my already sore butt. As I try to get comfortable, I see him chuckle.
After a rather uncomfortable yet enjoyable lunch I watch out
over the river. I am enjoying the scenery and relaxing when I can start to sense Danny staring at me. I look over and see that grin on his face again. I once more reach for his belt and he once more stops me. What now, what is he planning on assaulting my cheeks with this time.
Was I shocked when he began to rub my feet, working his way up my legs and butt cheeks. From there he continued up my back, loosens my bra and gives me the best back rub I have ever received. Listening to the river,  feeling the sun beat down on med, smelling the fresh fallen leaves, I sink into a state of relaxation that I have never felt before. I was floating.
I must have fallen asleep. I felt a quick smack on my butt and Danny says “Wake up sleepyhead” I jump up and look around a bit confused. Then the events of the day came back to me and I reached over and gave Danny a big kiss as I again reach for his fly and again am stopped.
What is his problem? Why doesn’t he let me thank him?
He sees the confusion on my face but says nothing. He lays me on my back and pulls my favorite vibrator from the backpack. He laid on his side next to me and worked his magic. WOW as I came down out of the clouds, Danny suggests we get packed up and head back.
“But, but” I stammer, “Your turn, let me make you feel as good as you made me feel today.” Again as I reach for him he stopped me. As I looked at him questioningly, he says the most loving , romantic, caring thing to me.
“Honey, I love you, you do so much for everyone. Today I just wanted to take care of you.”
As I stood there crying, he helped get dressed. I just kept crying and thanking him verbally. What a beautiful many, what a beautiful hike, what a beautiful day.

Cindy, thank you so much for joining in the fun and sending in a story. I hope you’ll keep writing and maybe send another someday. Now for the rest of you, think about it. Write a story and share! Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 17, 2019

TBT - for those with ED problems

I get lots of little tidbits of information from various friends out here both spanko and vanilla. I don't always pass everything I get along here but sometime I just get something that I really think everyone ought to know. This is the case today, so for your edification...

All drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. You can see this in common pain killers. The trade name for one is Tylenol and its generic name is Acetaminophen. Naproxen it is also known as Aleve. Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and the generic name for Advil is Ibuprofen.

The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra.

After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin.

Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin.

And on a side note aren't you a little disappointed that Viagra wasn't developed originally by the Upjohn company - I mean really.