I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Fantasy Friday - The Silent Treatment Gets Spanked

I'm off for the weekend to visit some family a few hundred miles away. Mollie's coming with me on this fast trip and I'm looking forward to getting to visit with her too.

Now this is an interesting Fantasy Friday story today. It's a fiction story, of course. Keep that in mind but something I said a while back caused LS to write the following story. I had to laugh when I read it, and I knew it had to be a Fantasy Friday.  Be sure to go by Lurvspanks to read more great writing. I hope you'll enjoy...

"The Silent Treatment Gets Spanked"

Husband #1. "Dude! What's wrong with your wife?" (Jack)
Husband #2. "She's giving me the silent treatment. Who knows."(Nick)
Husband #3. "Wouldn't happen in my house." (Sam)
Husband #4. "Why not?" (Ray)
Husbands #1,#3. "Because our wives would be over our knees for a long hard spanking until they started talking. That's why!" (Jack and Sam)
Husbands #2,#4. "WTF?" (Nick and Ray)

Nick was getting fed up with PK and her silent treatment. He had no idea what set her off this time only that she hadn't exchanged more than 'I'm fine' and 'I have a headache' all weekend. 

Hanging out with the guys watching sports on Sunday was an ordeal when Jack asked him what was wrong with her? That time of the month was greeted with sighs and snickers. [Not the chocolate bar-men being assholes]  

PK overheard their derision and stormed out of the house with mayhem on her mind. She went next door to Ella's house and vented over margaritas. PK noticed Ella was squirming every time she sat down. Are you OK? Not that time of the month is it? [sarcastic tipsy] No, Sam spanked me this morning for back talk. 

WTF? Sam spanks you? Yes for cursing, speeding, overspending, overeating, being drunk... all sorts of things. Rarely a day goes past without my panties down and my bottom reddened. 

I can't believe this! 

I'm not the only one, Meredith and Katie and Terps also get spanked. Don't you? 

Nick would never spank me! 

Is that a good thing? 

You just told me you're giving him the silent treatment. In my house, that calls for the paddle and a long blowjob to atone.

Doesn't that make you feel degraded? 

PK honey the only thing that makes me feel degraded is when Sam doesn't spank me for something I did wrong. Being ignored hurts way more than a session with the cane. 

I don't know if I could let Nick spank me, it seems so medieval and uncaring. 

No PK you're wrong, being spanked is empowering, it shows me that Sam cares about me as a person and wants me to succeed in my goals. Spanking allows me to be a better wife, a better mother and a better person.

PK went home after dark. Meredith had come over to Ella's house and the three of them had discussed children, work and spanking husbands. [husbands spanking wives- not spanking husbands- oh never mind] Nick was waiting for her alone, the guys having given him some rather explicit advice.
Could he do it? Could he be a superhero to his wife? Spankoman! 

PK was tired and confused and brushed past Nick wanting to take a shower. When she finished, she curled up in bed and cried. Nick tiptoed into the bedroom listening to PK venting her frustration. Behind his back he hid the implement. Standing over her back he raised it up and swung down. A soft thunk as the down pillow thudded against her bottom.

What are you doing? 

He swung again hitting her torso with a pop. What does it look like? I'm having a one-sided pillow fight. PK grabbed a pillow and rose to her knees, her nude body still damp from the shower. She swung her pillow and hit his legs. Back and forth they went until she fell back laughing and gasping for breath. Nick sat down on the bed, leaned over and kissed her. Welcome back, are you going to talk to me now? 

She apologized for her behavior and he accepted. You're still dressed and her hands went to his belt buckle. That's because I'm not finished with you yet. 

What are you going to do to me? 

PK you know I love you but your treatment of me is unacceptable at times. There is only one way for me express my dissatisfaction and that is to put you over my knee and spank you for your silent treatment.

PK looked at Nick with wide eyes and did not resist when he drew her up and over his lap. Her unblemished beautiful bounteous bare bottom beckoned for a beating. This is for not speaking with me as his hand rose and fell. This is for running away and drinking all afternoon as her bottom turned pink. This is for cursing when you don't think I hear as she begged him to stop. And this is for believing I'm a selfish bastard who doesn't care enough about your well-being that I wouldn't spank you as he turned her bottom a lovely shade of red. 

He rubbed and prodded as she wept out the last of her tension and fears. Still over his knees, Nick used his fingers inside her weeping core and thrummed her aching clit until she came begging him not to stop. So Nick did not stop, but threw PK on her back and licked deep inside as she convulsed again and again. 

When PK opened her eyes, she saw Nick was still dressed. He told her she was not done with her punishment. Kneel. She knelt and unbuckled his belt, lowered the zipper and reached inside pulling out the concealed treasure. It was at that stage of rock hard firmness and throbbing hot as she wrapped her hands around the shaft. Clear sweet liquid oozed from the round tip gleaming in the light. Before PK could open her mouth and begin her discipline, Nick informed her that spankings would be forthcoming whenever she earned them. Do you agree PK?

PK looked up at her husband. My mother told me it was rude to talk with my mouth full.


Thanks LS! Quite an interesting story. I hope more of you are writing these days if so send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 28, 2016

TBT - You can’t mean you're not going to be naked at your own wedding!

Let me take a guess and say that most of my readers haven't read all my posts. Sometimes I glance back through some of the old one and repost it here as a Throw Back Thursday. I hope you'll like this one from November, 2009.

Do you ever worry about someone finding out about your spanko side? I know most of us worry at least a little. And I know for some the idea is extremely frightening. It was scary for me at first. I've changed a lot over the years I’ve been here. In real life I have told one close friend and my sister. Both of them had the same reaction – surprise, amusement, total acceptance and underlying it all a complete lack of understanding of what spanking really means in my life. And that’s fine. I don’t care if they understand all the underlying thought on submission and dominance. They just know I enjoy being spanked, and that I also enjoy the ability to open up to Nick and have him accepting my kink. It has made us a much happier couple.

I’m never planning to share with my kids – at least while they are kids. Of course LJ is 21. I have no reason or plans to tell him but if he found out I believe that for the 30 seconds or less he actually thought about it (that’s about as long as he thinks about anything unless I wrote it up as a play) he would be amused. Now Mollie on the other hand would probably be mortified, about the spanking and equally about the fact we still have sex at all. No one on my side of the family would care and where Nick’s family would probably be embarrassed if they found out I know them well enough to be sure that they would never say a word to us. (They both know what I write now and I was correct that LJ  could care less and Mollie finds it's slighting embarrassing, but she's not horrified and is willing to help me with the books at time.)

If I was found out at work I would certainly have to take the blog private and that would be sad. I don’t think I would lose my job after all these years. And the reason I think I would keep my job is because there is nothing wrong with this thing we do!

I look back in my blog and I can’t find one thing shocking in it. I have always been proud of a post I did that first year saying that we should not have to hide our kink, you can read it here if you are interested. All I’ve ever said is that I believe in consensual adult spanking. That I think it is sexy and that it makes me feel safe and protected. I have been married to the same man for 26 years and we have an active sex life that includes spanking. Sorry, I can’t see anything wrong with any of this.

So while I know we don’t want to be found out I sure hope no one is ashamed of TTWD. Letting the spanko side of me out is the best thing I have ever done. It turned a hum-drum marriage into a strong, loving bond. It changed me from dreading sex to really looking forward to the time we can get the house alone. I am a much, much happier person. Being happier make me a better teacher, a better wife and a better mother.  I wish our lifestyle could be discussed in the opened. Not to try to talk others into it but to encourage those who know that they have these tendencies to accept themselves and embrace what so many of us know works!

So what would I say if my ‘secret’ was to be discovered and I was confronted with it? Well, I remember an old episode from Star Trek, the Next Generation. In this show a woman from another planet was getting ready to marry a man from Earth, a rather conservative man. Her grow daughter had her doubts because of their differences. The final straw came when the mother showed her daughter her wedding dress. In total shock the daughter looked at her mother in and asked in an incredulous voice “Mother! You can’t mean you're not going to be naked at your own wedding!”The actress was so good at delivering that line I found myself shocked that the bride to be would be wearing clothes.

So if anyone should ever say to me ‘You don’t mean your husband spanks you?!” I’ll look at them with shock and concern and say “Of course he does! Doesn’t yours?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


When I began my TTWD journey I decided I wanted an outward change, something I could see so that I knew it was real. I went from a curly perm to more natural, straight hair. I've felt that way again as I headed closer to retirement and to fulfilling the role of full time writer, my enjoyable – although not exactly lucrative – third career.

So as I’ve mentioned here before, I took a deep breath and stopped coloring my hair. First I just had her lighten the brown each time I went I didn’t want to look something like this. 

I wasn’t wild about this period – it looked blondish yellow but now the yellow’s all gone and I’m completely me. My color – nothing artificial and for me, I love it.

Two of my SIL, about my age, tell me they would never do that because they don’t want to look old. They are also the ones who were bitchy about LJ’s marriage and still think of him as the black sheep of the family, so who gives a flying f… what they think.

I think what I like the most is the feeling of freedom to do what I want to do.  I wanted to let it go natural and I did. I may decide tomorrow that I’d rather have it brown or red and if so, I’ll dye it again. I’ll probably get a purple streak in it – quite possibly before I go back to school this year. And if I decide to shave my head I’ll do it! Well, not really sure about that one because I have a feeling Nick would spank my ass every day until it grew back and he wouldn’t be kidding! But you get the idea.

Many of us, definitely me included, complain about getting older. There are aspects of the process that don’t thrill me, various aches and pains, a sag here and a budge there, not everything works exactly as it used to. But I am becoming a fan of other aspects of growing older – acceptance of who I am, the courage to say what I think, the security of a marriage that’s lasted for decades and the firm belief that Nick will be at my side for life and to have lived long enough to be able to bask in the love and respect of my grown children.

Acceptance, courage, security, love and respect – what more could I ask for at any age?

Monday, July 25, 2016

A great book suggestion for you!

Most of you probably know I have two active blogs at this time. Here, New Beginnings, is my personal blog. Here I’m me and I talk about me and Nick and out adventure in TTWD, I talk of my kids, my job – anything I want to talk about. My other blog, PK Corey’s Reading Room is what I think of as my professional or writing blog. I use the Reading Room to promote my books and others. Of course everyone here is most welcomed to visit there any time.

I enjoy all the writers I’ve met there – they seem to be fine people and excellent writers, but I think of them as colleagues more than close friends. I simple don’t know many of them well. What this is getting at, is that when I do plug a book here at New Beginning it’s because I know the author personally, they are a good friends of mine and I really enjoyed their books. The one non-spanko writing friend I like to promote is Donna Steele. Donna has a new book out and I really, really liked this one. 

Here’s the particulars and a link to her blog I hope you’ll like Before You.


When Jocelyn decides to take a two-week vacation away from the chaos of the city and work, she expects to just relax and enjoy. Instead, after taking an impromptu exit off the highway the car quits and she's stuck in some Podunk town in nowhere North Carolina. But the scenery is great – especially the guy who tows in her car. 

Noah is helping his cousin out for the afternoon at the garage and is more than pleasantly surprised when the city girl shows up needing help. 

Neither can foresee what drew her to that exit or what they will uncover trying to discover what has frightened her so. But they will do it, together. 

Go by and check out Donna's blog, Donna Steele Steelestories

Friday, July 22, 2016

Ten years ago today...

Sorry, but there is no Fantasy Friday story today. It's a special day for me and I wanted to share this instead.

There are some milestones you expect in life. As I child I someday expected to marry and have children and I am very grateful that these things came to pass. Once I was married I fully expected to some day have a tenth, twentieth and thirtieth wedding anniversary. I will be grateful, but not shocked to have our fortieth, fiftieth and beyond. But never during the majority of my years did I ever think I’d be celebrating ten years of blogging.

When my doctor found a way to release me from crippling pain I was in for months I chose not to waste the second chance I felt I’d been given. When I typed my life long fascination, spanking, into google I don’t think I really knew what a blog was. I was looking for some interest spanking pictures or maybe a good story. What came up, after a little searching, was Bonnie’s blog, My Bottom Smarts. This was a chance finding that completely changed my life.

I was forty-nine at the time and for the first time in my life I found I wasn’t alone with my ‘weird’ thoughts and longings. Other people were also fascinated by spanking, by the thought of being spanked, even disciplined. They were normal, happy, hardworking women (mostly women). As I found more blogs I found women just like me – they talked about their children, their husbands, their careers, their pets – and they talked about spanking. The word I could barely say out loud, they were discussing. They talked of implements, pervertibles, corner time, rules, consequences… I had never been more captivated in my life.

I had to be a part of it, first as Cassie, because I wanted to share her stories. But I also wanted to be me and ask all the questions I was so curious about. On July 22, 2006 I put up my first post on New Beginnings and my life has never been the same. Just a very short list of what blogging has given me:

My husband. Nick and I changed from pleasant roommates to a close, loving married couple.

I made the most amazing friends anyone could imagine.  Friends who were just like me, and who never made me feel I ever had to hide who I really was.

Way more confidence in every aspect of my life – the beginning of my belief in my own self-worth.

My writing career.

And everyone of these changes came about because of my readers. My first few comments were very encouraging and began building my confidence. Many commenters became friends and their friendships made me even stronger. Readers encouraged me (and occasionally gave me the kick in the butt) to keep talking with Nick, and they’re still doing it.

My readers made me feel strong, they made me feel smart, they made me feel as if what I had to say helped some of them or at least entertained them. And, God bless them, they made me believe I could write. What a gift that was for me and what joy my writing gives me.

Writing a little spanking blog is not a monumental achievement. It’s not something I grew up dreaming about. But thanks to those of you who take a few minutes of your day to read what I write and especially to those of you who have commented over this past decade – my life has changed in amazing ways.

A blog isn’t going to bring about world peace or solve global warming. But the comments I’ve gotten here have improved my life, they improved my marriage and made me a happier more confident person.  Being happier made me a better mother and that  improving my children’s lives and helped them become super adults. My being a happier, stronger more confident person made me a better teacher which gave me the opportunity to help my students and who knows what they might go on to accomplish.

When you think of all that blogging doesn’t seem like a ‘waste of time’ as it’s been called by some. I’m just one person farbling on about my life, but when you add your comments it’s like tossing rocks in a pond – the ripples continue and you have no idea who you may be influencing.

I’ve been blogging for a decade
 and the main thing I really want to say to you all is