I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

New Fantasy Friday - The Home Spanking Party

I told you all I'd be more that happy to put up some Fantasy Friday stories if I got new ones and I'm happy to say I got one. This one came from Lurv Spanking. This isn't the first story I've gotten from this writer, so you might want to go by the Lurv Spankings and check it out.

I enjoyed this story because it's not your average spanking story - and in our genre, it's hard to come up with something new! If more stories come in, I'll be happy to post them. Maybe we can try for one a month.

The Home Spanking Party

"There is nothing quite as artistically pleasing as a bare bottom over a knee."
"Don't you mean aesthetically pleasing?" replied the wife from her upside-down position.
There were nervous titters from the audience.
The husband said, "Either way, my dear, this was your idea."
"I know," she sighed.
Her BFF called out, hand cupped to her mouth, "Come on baby! Give it to her! We want a show!"
There were ten other females in attendance who whooped and hollered in agreement while carefully holding their wine glasses.
The wife shot back, "Don't get too cocky girls! You spill, you get spanked!" 
She'd hosted cosmetic parties, cookware, recipes, numerous crafting shows but it was during the sex toy party for Valentine's Day when she'd let slip that her husband enjoyed spanking her. After a few... okay, three margaritas, she confessed she was the one who initially begged to be spanked. The girls... the drunk tipsy girls, all wanted to spank her for lying but somehow instead, she'd agreed to host another toy party for Christmas, this one all about spanking with implements. Thus, she was currently cold sober, dressed... undressed in a black lace camisole and about to receive her husband's hand across her defenseless bare posterior.
"If I may have your attention, ladies," her husband intoned in his best announcer’s voice. "Welcome to the Home Spanking Party. I am your humble host and this lovely young woman over my knees is my assistant for this demonstration. Please feel free to get up close and personal as I utilize the many items shown in the catalogue. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted, however, there are stiff penalties for lack of funds."
Again, there were giggles and toasted glasses clinking. The room quieted as he raised his hand high.
The watchers all leaned forward in fascination as their friend's bottom slowly took on a light pink tinge. The husband kept up a running commentary.
"Ladies, when spanking by hand, the goal is usually to warm the skin enough to allow heavier blows with an implement. Several minutes is normally sufficient at a rate of one per second alternating cheeks. Concentrate on the crests first and work down as you finish." He paused to rub his wife's skin. "Why don't each of you come up and touch her bottom in order to judge the temperature."
Her BFF jumped off the couch and was the first to stroke the warm skin. "Come on girls," she warned, "everybody has to touch or you're next in line for a spanking!" The rest of the women obeyed, some reluctantly, some eagerly.
The husband thanked them all. "Now, if you are only spanking by hand for punishment, then you should spank twice as fast and twice as hard. Ready, dear?"
"I guess so," his wife whined.
After a minute of hard hand spanking, the ladies could see a noticeable difference in the color. When they rubbed this time, the heat was very pleasing to the touch.
"Next up is the paddle," her husband said and reached over his wife's back to pick up three different styles. "The traditional paddle is wood, it can be hand sized for over-the-knee or longer for full swings in the bent over position. Leather is preferred by many spankos because it is more forgiving and less prone to bruising. Acrylic should be reserved for punishment sessions. I'll start with ten with the wood, then fifteen with the leather and five with the acrylic. Then we'll move on to the brushes."
There was an awed silence as they watched her be firmly pummeled. By now they were all standing in a half circle around the couple. Some blushed at the rear view as the wife's legs kicked and parted under each loud CRACK! Others were mesmerized by the many facial expressions offered. Most also felt a throb between their legs. After each type of paddle, the ladies stroked the bright red bottom of their friend. The bolder ones slipped fingers into the crease and pulled wider for a better look.
"The last implement is the hairbrush. I like to use this below her sit spots into the thigh crease. There are countless varieties, for the sake of brevity, I will use only one."
"Thank you!" cried out his wife as she wiggled on his lap. "I hope y'all are having fun at my expense girls! Remember, payback's a bitch!"
"No cursing, dear, or it's corner time for you."
"You put her in the corner?" yelled out several ladies.
"Yes dammit! He fucking does!"
"Alright, naughty girl, after twenty with the hairbrush you're going to spend some quality time with your nose in the corner!"
"Thus concludes the first portion of the show, ladies," her husband said as he finished her off with two very hard slaps of the brush.
There was loud applause and wolf whistles as the red bottomed wife was placed nose first into the corner. She sniffled and suffered while her friends fondled and pinched her sore cheeks. Her BFF whispered, "I had no idea spanking was so much fun! I think we should do this in private next time, just the two of us."
Her husband then draped her over the back of the couch, her face in the cushions as he thoroughly demonstrated the larger paddles and long-handled brushes. With her legs spread shoulder width apart, she knew all her friends were getting a personal peep show of her wetness. The catcalls were constant as they egged her husband to add a little more color to her backside and when he brandished the cane as the pièce de résistance, the crowd went wild.
"Cane! Cane! Cane!" they chanted, most on their third glass of wine and more than a little wet themselves.
"Would you like to see some stripes on the solids?" her husband asked, his face a picture of innocence.
"YEEEEEEEEEEESSS!" they all screamed and jostled for a closer view.
"You heard them, dear," her husband said apologetically. "They want some nice welts to rub."
He whipped the cane down with a hiss and a snap as it impacted. He waited as his wife shook her bottom to the delight of her audience who, caught up in the moment, threw dollar bills on her back and yelled, "Work it girl! Show us what you got!"
Five more times the cane hissed and snapped until six red welts showed against the dark brick bottom. After each lay had rubbed and pinched the cane lines, her husband ended the party by saying, "Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed the inaugural Home Spanking Party. The catalogue is available for ordering and if you don't mind, I'm going to take my wife into the bedroom for some aftercare."
There were many hoots and ribald suggestions. Her BFF laughed and said, "Make sure you use the wand! She loves that!"
All in all, it was a very pleasing party and all agreed it was worth repeating with a different model next time. Later that night, more than a few husbands were surprised by randy wives who demanded a good old-fashioned spanking for being naughty.

I still think everyone has a story in them. I think you should write it for yourself. Just writing it, play with it and then go for it, send it to me a I'll be very happy to post it for you. Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Answering a commenter's question

I got the following comment/question on my post, About that talk with Nick...

Dear PK, please allow me to be a little provocative. I am curious. What if you actually attain your goal. There will be no spanking. And what if, theoretically, you remove all your flaws for which you are spanked... All spankings will be over. You like the spanking and you need it. It's rather a prize for you rather than a punishment. I am with you on it because I like giving it very much as well and I am most excited when my girl wants it, needs it. But for me it is a very poor motivator - or punishment - because there is pleasure coming with it, so it's no deterrent all, is it? That is why I have no believe in punishment spanking for anyone who likes spanking because, it's no punishment whatsoever. To put it most illustratively, I would be most opposed to giving a spanking to a woman for a speeding ticket because I think I might seriously put in danger her health or life.

 I think Mobby raised some excellent questions, some I’m sure most vanilla guys have if they were brought into this relationship by their ladies. Nick asked me something very similar to this when we first began. It does make you stop and think, his question is very logical. If we crave and enjoy spanking how can it be a deterrent to bad (dangerous, destructive, thoughtless, disrespectful) behaviors?

I'm giving the answer that true for me, it might not be the answer someone else would give, but here goes. I think much of it depends on your definition of spanking vs TTWD (this thing we do). Spanking is an integral part of TTWD, but it’s only one part. To me ‘a spanking’ means so much more that a hand or an implement sharply striking my butt. Heck I can do that myself. Because I know how I mean it, I often used 'spanking' and 'TTWD' interchangeably. To be clear when I tell Nick I need spanking in my life I really mean that I need TTWD in my life.

For me TTWD involves a man who cares enough about me enough to ‘make’ me do what I need to do to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Both for me personally and for us, for our relationship. In my case, it’s taking a formerly vanilla man who took on the challenge of a wife who came out to him as a spanko twenty-three years into a marriage. He took to the idea of spanking when it went against everything he’d been taught in childhood or believed as an adult. He trusted me enough to believe me when I told him what I needed.

The spanking is an outward sigh of this commitment. I enjoy being spanked, that true. But it can still be a deterrent. When Nick spanks he makes me want to do better for him.  It’s proof for me that he is serious. He has to physically stop what he is doing, put down the book, put down the cross-word puzzle, turn away from the ball game, whatever, to spank me. To me it’s tangible proof he cares.

Nick’s one bad habit is to make a suggestion (a rule) and I love that he does it so much, I jump right on it and try my best. But then I slip and let the rule/suggestion slide – and Nick never seems to notice. He does nothing and it hurts my feelings. It hurts even worse when he remembers several months later and says, ‘Well I told you to do it, but you didn’t.’ Yes, that all sounds very adult (and vanilla) but my heart silently screams, “Why didn’t you care enough to make me? Why didn’t you spank my ass until I knew you were serious?”

TTWD makes me know I'm cherished, cared for, protected and loved by someone strong enough to make me do what’s best for me. And for me, spanking is one of the best ways to demonstrate this.

I think of a quote from Cassie Duff, “Tom can come up with a million reasons to spank.” I do enjoy a good girl spanking, but ‘real one’ are closer to my heart. Stress relief spankings, those that say, ‘You’re doing fine, but don’t you dare let up’, reconnection spanking when it seems we are just drifting away from one another, motivationally spanking work for some and many do a weekly maintenance spanking.

Mobby, about that spanking for something like a speeding ticket.  It depends, if I were the dominate partner and it was her first ticket we’d probably just talk. But if it happened again then, yes I’d definitely spank, but she’s know it was for disappointing me and for not working harder to keep herself safe. It would be a hard-serious spanking that would not be fun for either of us and their might be consequences other than spanking. But in addition to that there might be a hard spanking anytime she’s going to be driving for the next several days and definitely before any long driving trips – a reminder of how important she is to me, that she is to pay attention to the law, her safety and what I’ve told her.

I love being spanked, but I get my pleasure not from the act of his hand hitting my bottom. My pleasure is from knowing he cares enough about me to do it. It makes me care for him more, and it makes me want to work harder at doing the things he’s asked of me. I receive love and affirmation from his taking the time to do it. I fine pleasure in the aftermath, the joy of being sore when I sit or finding the occasional bruise, with these things I have tangible proof that he cares enough to do this.

Yes, there are a million reasons to spank and if you’re in a relationship with someone who needs spanking in their lives you need to come up with a steady stream. Fun spankings are always welcomed. But for many of us we need a little realism too. I don’t want every spanking to be just a game. My desire to feel ‘cherished, cared for, protected and loved’ is fulfilled by spankings that has a reason behind it and not just part of a game. It’s not something I need all the time, but it is something I need.

I hope all this has helped explain it a little bit. Maybe some of my readers can leave their answers in comment.