I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Grace's Fault

It here, it’s happening. I had hoped that if I just ignored it it might go away and leave me alone. But no, here it is right on top of me and no amount of denial is going to change things. Grace was no help at all! Rubbing in it day after day after day! Well, I guess I can see her point. Nearly spank deprived all summer she can’t wait until both her kid are under the watchful eye of their teachers. Okay, I understand, only I’m the teacher! And I have to bring to an end the most fantastic summer of my life!

This has been my first free summer in 20 years. I was in college and then, when I started teaching, I had a 6 month old. Once the kids got big enough to not need all of my attention my parents needed more and more help. Both of my parents are gone now; my kids are pretty well self-sufficient. So this summer with nothing to do I began reading blogs and WOW! The rest is history!! My summer schedule was pretty rigorous this year. Sleep late, get up and read the paper, blog, spend an hour at the gym, come home and daydream, nap, run errands, check blogs, hope Nick will want to go out to supper, write, check blogs again before bed, then slip into bed nude and finding a way to wake Nick! This summer stuff is tough but somebody had to do it.

I do love my job! In fact whenever you hear teachers complaining if you listen closely you will here very few of us griping about teaching. Most teachers love the kids and teaching, it the extra duties, government interference, paper work, colleague clashes and standardized testing that drain us. Truly if I could just teach my kids I wouldn’t even mind going back.

I know my biggest fear is that this whole summer and all we have gained will have just been a wonderful summer fling that we won’t maintain when real life rears its ugly head. I am surprised to find myself in tears as I write this. I just can’t let that happen. I don’t want to ever go back to who I was and lose all I have gained. Surely we can keep it together as much as we both want it. I just hope he will push things if I start to get overwhelmed by ‘stuff’. I want him to spank me when I am crabby, tired, overworked and stressed as well as when we are relaxed and have time to play. Spanking is the best foreplay in the world. But it is so much more than that! A spanking helps me remember who I have become. I know we can’t always be spontaneous while we still have one at home but he is welcomed to take care of thing early in the mornings. A spanking first thing in the morning keeps thing in perspective. It can turn an ordinary work day into a day when you go to work feeling loved, cherished and like you matter to the man in your life.

So Grace I blame you, you brought it up, it’s all your fault! I think you deserve a good spanking!! Wait, that’s not right…


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM


    I'm sighing HUGE about now.

    I, too, am returning to the classroom, but you already knew that. And I, too, blame Grace. That girl is ruthless when it comes to sending the darlings back to school.

    I say we forgive her because, really, she didn't know what she was saying. Besides, we can spank anytime in our house and she can't. But still... every time I've read one of her "school starts in..." comments it has made me twitch!!


    Here's to another year of no time for lunch and the dog ate my homework!! I'm with you my friend, but you already know that too.

    Grace... do you feel the least bit guilty? or at least sorry for us?


  2. Hmmm, summer may be just about done, but with the new school year, perhaps you can create some new homework!

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  3. If someone must take the blame, why not me?? I can handle it, really, I can. sniff sniff

    On a serious note, don't worry, you won't lose it. You have come to far to lose it. But remember, we all have our ups and downs. When the downs come, and they will, don't give up. Don't think you've lost it. You'll never lose it. Believe me, I've actually tried to lose it. But it's part of me, just like it's a part of you. Just keep those e-mails to Nick going. Communication is the key.

    Now, about the dog eating my homework thing....does that excuse EVER work???

    BIG Back-to-school HUGS!


  4. Elis, dear heart, of course you won't lose it, does a Lark forget to sing or a Butterfly to flutter.
    I'm in my little garden, birds are chirping, butterflies and bees are sipping at blooms and I'm very content.
    Mel got a good girl most nights and a warm up most morning, some how it just happened or she made sure it just happened. *G* Go thou and do likewise, only be discrete, not to obvious, you surely know what make Nick tick.
    Big hugs and a modicum of luck,

  5. Hi Elis,

    Cheer up sweetie! You've nor eason to feel blue... the best is just beginning and this is the prelude to the whole year ahead of you two.

    CeeCi is on to something about the homework, by the way... try asking him to give you an assignment a week or something, with penalties of course... can be tons of fun. Let him be creative and just go with the flow.

    Watch those downs, honey. They are inevitable in life but they inevitably lead to more ups along the way, hiding just around the corner.

    And the best way to pay Grace back, for you and Eva, is to get your bottoms properly roasted... then share the gory details here before she has the chance to write about her first spanking... better hurry!

    Bottoms up!!

  6. Make a spanking date. Don't let it slip away. It needs to be the one thing you have to look forward to, as you trudge through the red tape that takes all the fun out of your job. I left mine of three years today. It was painful to leave those dear friends I had made. But I left the red tape. I am going somewhere that has invisible tape! I always tell "W"..."If I could come home and just lie across your lap while you watch the game, I could endure it better." So make spanking dates. And remember summer is just nine months away!

  7. Thanks everybody. It's too new for me to feel comfortable and confident yet. I emailed Nick tonight and I do feel better.

    Homework from Nick, now that might be interesting!

    I like the idea of a date, Theresa, but you could have left off the nine month reference!

    And Grace, about the dog ate my homework - My response is always "Why did you leave your homework where the dog could get it?"


  8. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Elis~ I love what Grace said... it is a part of me too. I've known forever. And even though we've only been at it sporadically the past 5 years, it never goes completely away. We'll be fine. Afterall, we're not the only ones on here who have jobs but still keep up, yes?