I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, March 30, 2007


Just a note – click on the black and white cats here and you will see something we did with the help of our geeky goddess, the lovely CeeCi!! We hope everyone will use it but it was done for a specific reason which Eva can tell you if she likes! Truly aren’t we cute as heck!

Now on to the post –

I have a question for my fellow spankee’s out here. It would probably make a good survey question but that would involve me actually learning how to put a survey out here and that involves asking Eva and not understanding what she is telling me to do and then she will call and yell at me while I whine about my ignorance… blah, blah, blah.

Anyway my question – Do you make noise when you are being spanked? I mean if you are alone and you don’t have to worry about being overheard. And I mean you not the implement.

The reason I ask is that I am totally silent except for the occasionally gasp. This isn’t really the way I want it. I would love to make some noise. I am not a yeller by nature (now don’t ask Mollie or my students about that, their thoughts don’t count!). Actually both fear and pain make me very quiet. I never made a sound when either child was born. And this was during the time when epidurals were ‘out’ and good mothers had completely natural childbirth! So that’s what I did. But no screaming or yelling, I just couldn’t lose control like that. Maybe that’s still it.

I think if I cried or yelled during a spanking the spanking would end. But it would be nice to be able to fight a bit. I would like to be comfortable saying “No!” or “That hurts!” or “Stop!” all without him really stopping. Yes Nick, I admit all this is confusing but answers like “It’s supposed to hurt” and “I’ll stop when I’m through” are reasonable responses. For the time being I guess I’ll stay quiet. Maybe I can let go someday, maybe a little at a time.

But what about you guys, how much noise do you make?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Some times I think of thing I might want to blog about. I even have a list where I jot down ideas. But mostly I just go with the flow. If I feel like writing and have nothing I just start writing and see where it goes. Sometimes one of the kids says or does something I want to talk about. Something may happen at work or at the gym that catches my attention and often someone says something here on their blog that gives me ideas.

But by far Nick it the person that provides the most interesting blog fodder. There are good things and bad things. For a long time I spent time griping and complaining that he just wasn’t getting it, he didn’t spank hard enough, he didn’t spank long enough, he didn’t spanking often enough, he didn’t come up with reasons to spank on his own… whatever. I went on and on because everything wasn’t exactly want I wanted every time I wanted it. These days I have very few complaints.

I love that he helps me with the diet! As Theresa said it a perfect world where he will spank hard if I don’t lose some and spank fun if I do! I don’t like when he tries to get me to eat vegetables! He came home with some mess yesterday, all green and white beans with carrots and cranberries mixed in – yuck! It was called “Beans with a twist”. Nick had the nerve to try to pass it off as kinky vegetables! He said “It’s with a twist; I thought you would think of them as kinky”. Alright honey, get a grip!

Today he managed to surprise me yet again. I decided to go to the gym. Often when I get home he has supper started. Not today. Today I came in, went down the hall looking for him and found him in the bed, nude, and a beautifully scented candle burning on the dresser. This lead to the best Tuesday afternoon I have ever had! There was a bit of spanking (including me showing him what
the new tawse feels like) and even though I still have a few bruise he didn’t seem to mind warming me up too!

But the love making is taking me by surprise. Suddenly there is nothing we are not willing to try. Every experiment leads to unbelievable sex. Maybe everyone else did this in their teens and early twenties. I know a lot of my friends from RL did at that time. But oh boy, this is so much better! Instead of being with some boy I barely know in a cramped dorm room I get to do all this experimenting with the love of my life in our home surrounded by all our toys! Actually that might have been worth waiting 25 to 30 years!!

That's my boy!

I had a post I was going to write up tonight but there were several emails I wanted to write first and I had lots blog reading I wanted to do, so it was after 10 when I got ready to write. Then the phone rang and it ways my LJ! I love that boy! He was calling just to tell me how things were going and visit for a bit.

We talked about lots of things as we always do and somehow we got around to family and how he thinks our family is extremely unusual compared to most of the families of the kids he is in college with. He now seems to think we are abnormal. Starting with my grandparents there have been 42 marriages,only three divorces. He is the only one in his class to have parents with only one marriage and both sets of grandparents with over 55 years of marriage for each couple. Also no one on either side of the family argues. Strange as it may be we all get along and really like each other.

Of course he has complained that all this peace and tranquility in his life, with two completely functional families, leave him very little turmoil to pull from for his acting. Sorry son! So he was teasing me about this last night and I was apologizing when he said “Just kidding, Mom actually you are helping me right now”. I said “What are you talking about?” His answer, “I’ll tell you in about 10 minutes”.


We talked on about this and that and finally I asked him if it had been ten minutes! He laughed and told me that his voice and diction teacher had assigned them to write a paper on the speech patterns of the area where they grew up. He had been taking notes as we were talking! Since he has all but erased his Southern accent he now has to call home for pointers. Should I feel used? Anyway I thought everyone, and especially Eva, should know that the way I speak is now being studied at institutes of higher learning! No doubt it will soon be a course and I will be invited as to come as a guest speaker! So there Eva!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh what a night!

Folks, I have to tell you that I have had one fine weekend! My weigh in was good Friday morning. Later in the day I received an email from Nick telling me he was proud and that I had definitely earned a reward!

As it happened Mollie was going to be out for the evening. So we went out to a new restaurant in town and then came home for a private, relaxing evening. Nick brought out the toy box and told me to pick anything I wanted to play with and to pick the order. Then he would us each one until I told him to switch to the next one! Wooooo Hooooooo!!

Do you remember when your mother told you at a big meal “Now make sure your eyes are not bigger than your stomach!”? Well after he had gotten started I began to worry that my eyes had been bigger than my butt, and that’s saying something!! If I remember correctly the order of the items was, small light wooded paddle, the plug, a spatula with wholes, the leather paddle (with one soft side and one real side), the tawse and finally the crop!

With a scarf covering my eyes we started off very light. Still dressed and with the light paddle, just enough to really get me wanting more! But soon the jeans and panties came off the plug came into play. Next the spatula, I really don’t remember using it before but it has a very nice sting. Nick was checking all along to see if I was really getting into the evening and let me tell you I was. I am often amazed just how incredibly quickly just a little spanking can really get the juices flowing!

I finally asked him to switch to the leather paddle. He was right on target all night, lower bottom, upper thighs – the real sit spot. Now it was getting a bit harder and I was starting to squirm! So Nick gave me a break in the spanking and rolled me over to give a different kind of reward. Now Tiggr was saying Dante has expertise in some fields, and there will be NO contest! But if there were I would say Nick would be a front runner! After he drove me nearly crazy in this way I found myself back on my stomach and the tawse was up next. Nick had me get up on my hands and knees to us the tawse. Now really the give a whole different feel than lying on the bed. I think it is more intense! I finally tried lying back down but Nick wasn’t having it and ordered me back up on my knees. OWWW!

I knew that only the crop was left so I asked him to switch to it. That was when he made a laughing threat. He said sometime he was going to grab me and spank me until I cried or begged him to stop just to see what I could take!” Actually we were getting close at that moment and there were other things I wanted at that time even more than spanking! Oh my, what an evening!!

After, as we just lay there not wanting to move, I realized that my butt was sore (that was unusual). Sitting was indeed sensitive! The next morning after more loving, Nick checked my bottom and said that he thought there were going to be some marks – now you all know that for a spanko that nothing but a badge of honor!

As it happened later in the day we were over at my mom’s house where my sister and I are still working to clean it out. This meant a lot of sitting on the floor going through bag of stuff to see what to keep. I complained to Nick, “What a day to be sitting on the floor, it’s hard!” He gave me a strange look as if to say ‘The floor is harder today than usual?’ But then he realized what I meant and he really laughed at me! Now that was nice, several months ago he might have looked slightly concerned or embarrassed. But these days he seems to be becoming such a natural it’s hard to realize he was born vanilla. I hope this was enough to satisfy my DW friends, I believe this weekend produced enough satisfied for me to share!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ok, so I had something to say after all.

I feel a strong urge to post tonight. I don’t know what I want to say. Everyone says they blog for themselves, what they want to write, when they feel like writing and in a way that is true. I write what I want to write I am not necessarily trying to please anyone but I also post for contacts. I like getting comments and I love it when someone new stops by with something to say. I love commenting on other people's sites.

I am sure Nick thinks I am a little obsessed with blogging although he doesn’t complain much because he reaps the benefits too. Mollie rolls her eyes and says “addicted” when she sees me pick up the computer. I know myself that I feel very unsettled if I can’t get to my computer for long periods of time, although I am not as bad as when I first started.

I just enjoy the people. Someone said once it was like talking over the back fence. I have bunches of friends in the real world. I like my family, immediate and extended. I like the people at church and I like the people I work with. We talk but it’s like Cassie said this is one of the few places I feel like myself. Close friends, really close friends well, in real life it’s been a while. I guess as I was walling myself off from Nick everyone else got shut out too.

So now as I work to tear down the walls and let people in I have been surprised at the uneven flood of emotions. Letting people into you life does leave you vulnerable. You start caring. Maybe that is what I was shutting out before. Sometimes it seems to squeeze my heart and it hurts. I worried about Grace when she was sick, I worry about CeeCi business, I worry if MrC is going to come around, I worry that Paul’s internet connection will go down for a couple of days and we will all panic, I worry that everyone else will get tired of blogging and go away before I do, I worry when Cassie gets herself in trouble, I worry about Dante’s back, I worry that Michael will go to college in California and I worry that Eva’s pup will eat the crop.

So why do it for goodness sakes? Why not close the computer and walk away? Funny thing is I have never been a worrier before and now here I am. Is it really worth it? You’re damn right it is! I wouldn’t have miss knowing any of you for the world. Blogging gave me my new and improved relationship with Nick. It gave me friends that care about me and allow me to be myself. And it gave me friends that I care deeply about. Yes, it’s worth it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just a little rant

Okay it is time for a rant, maybe a mini-rant. And it is all Nick’s fault. He has a habit that drives me crazy! He knows it bugs me; he could certainly stop doing it if he was willing, but no, he is not even trying to change! When I was fussing about it today he just grinned and said “If it’s such a big a problem for you why don’t you just blog about it?” Ha! He didn’t think I would do it, but I was sure I could count on your support!

Now I want to say again Nick has more good qualities than you can shake a stick at. He has is a wonderful spanker and a fantastic lover! When it comes to being handy no one could asks for more. He is a good cook that doesn’t seem to mind doing it, he does the laundry and always puts his away (not mine though). He mostly does his own ironing. He paints, fixes things, he has made me some beautiful furniture. Outside he takes care of the lawn, the pool and keeps the cars washed. Not that I don’t do stuff too! You won’t find any dust on my keyboard! And I … humm… well I do lots of stuff too! But this is a rant about his bad habit not me!!

Okay here it is -- don’t you think an intelligent accomplished man of this caliber should be able to open an envelope without tearing it to shreds?? When he opens a letter or a bill or what ever it looks like the dog chewed it opened! It drives me crazy.

Alright there! I’ve outted him! Now help me out here folks! Please let him know that this is unacceptable and that I should not be forced to put up with mangled mail! Thank you for your support!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Over the weekend I got the following comment on the post “What do you think?” where I tried to get Eva in trouble for talking to Nick on the phone.

Ok, confused.. Is Eva not your real twin? Why would she not all ready know all this info.
long time lurker....

Now I always like hearing from anyone new. And I had wondered, from time to time, if some one started reading after the fact might they be confused. I started to do a quick comment in reply when I realized I wasn’t sure how to answer. Part of the answer is simple. We do not have the same parents, we have never even met in person, we do look alike as we found out when we exchanging pictures (thus the twin thing) although one of us is about 7 years older than the other. It is totally immaterial which one is actually older! And yes we only met last summer here on the blogs.

But then I remembered something I read a long time ago in a wonderful book, Illusions by Richard Bach.

The bond that links your true family

Is not one of blood,

but of respect and joy in each other’s life.

Rarely do members of one family

Grow up under the same roof.

If you go by this, and I do, I feel that we have a very large family out here that is growing daily. Paul who thought he didn’t have any siblings has dozens! Many things had to be timed just right in this world or Eva and I would never have known the other existed.

I am grateful for everything that came together so that we could meet. So in answer to the question – Yes, we really are sisters!

Friday, March 16, 2007

My Thursday

I had a very interesting Thursday afternoon. I took Mollie to her babysitting job. Came home and checked a few blogs then to the gym then by the grocery store. When I got home Nick was out to carry in groceries before I got out of the car. He immediately started digging through the bags looking for food that went in the freezer. Nick always does more than I do around here but he seemed awful anxious o get stuff put away. Okay I’m slow. It finally dawned on me and I asked “when will Mollie be home?’ He said at least an hour and a half. Oh…

He said since I had been working out I might need a shower and he was even kind enough to join me and help out! What a guy! All was going nicely until we got back to the bedroom and suddenly he became aware of the teeny-tiny pile of clothes at the foot of the bed that contains some dirty clothes, some clean clothes, some folded, some thrown down – well you get the idea. He said, “Why haven’t you done your laundry?” and I said “You never said I had to, I thought it was just a suggestion.” Evidently it wasn’t. It seems that conversations involving laundry cause Nick to forget some basic spanking techniques – you know like a warm up! LOL! He seems to be getting better and better at this stuff! He used his belt and OWWWW! But during the rubbing part afterwards he reminded me that we had missed an important day yesterday. I apologized and asked him if he minded it being a day late. He said no, a lot of the folks out here had given IOU’s. I told him we didn’t have any steak and you know that didn’t bother him either!

Now when I read out here I try to learn. I know some of you guys know how to give a great BJ and so I am trying to learn. I tried out every pointer I have read about and according to Nick I am doing something right. It was over all a wonderful afternoon! Our thanks to Maggie for the idea!

Friday at school my grade level was to bring food for he whole faculty. We take turns and do this 4 times a year. Tons and tons of wonderful, delicious, non-healthy, non-diet food! Friday morning is my weigh in day. Good news and bad news (more about this at Todd and Suzy’s Tuesday) but I did wonder if it would have helped if Nick had warmed my butt before school. I did NOT give him any indication that I wanted him to do so. But I wondered if I would have had anymore resistance to all the junk this morning if I had had a tangible reminder of what those extra calories can cause, and I am talking about the inability to sit!

As you can see we are still in the middle of learning and testing and trying and thinking and loving every minute of it!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three word meme

I liked this three word meme that I saw at CeeCi, Cassie and Eva’s so I thought I would give it a try! Here goes, more about me whether you want to know or not!

1. Where is your cell phone? By my keys.

2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Just my Nick

3. Hair? Is getting longer

4. Your mother? So very missed

5. Your father? He’s missed too.

6. Your favorite item(s)? Computer, phone, TV.

7. Your dream last night? Not completely understood

8. Your favorite drink? Sun Drop forever!

9. Your dream guy/girl? Nick’s my dream.

10. The room you are in? My living room.

11. Your fear? This will end.

12. What do you want to be in 10 years? Maybe a grandmother.

13. Who did you hang out with last night? Nick, Mollie, pets.

14. What are you not? Ready for work.

15. Are you in love? Yes, very much!

16. One of your wish list items? Meeting with Eva.

17. What time is it Six forty AM.

18. The last thing you did? Check favorite blogs

19. What are you wearing? Nightgown and socks.

20. Your favorite book? Harry Potter series

21. The last thing you ate? A tenderloin biscuit

22. Your life? Is very happy.

23. Your mood? Relaxed and sleepy.

24. Your friends? Make me laugh.

25. What are you thinking about right now? Going to work.

26. Your car? Want Cassie’s car.

27. What are you doing at this moment? Getting post ready.

28. Your summer? Soon, soon, soon!

29. Your relationship status? Very happily married.

30. What is on your TV screen? Just the news.

31. When is the last time you laughed? At Nick’s question.

32. Last time you cried? Over something silly.

33. School? In a minute

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One more thing

I don’t want to go on and on about this but Theresa has made this big deal about not doing anything but cleaning up at the party. Well I suppose she has the right to her story too but I received this picture via email from Reesa (Reesa she is so nice she was hesitant about posting it). But if Theresa is sticking with this good girl story I felt it best if the truth cames out. As Grace says pictures don’t lie!!! So here it is Theresa, the picture Reesa took of you and Paul! Exactly what were you cleaning here??

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

News Flash

Notice: There has been mention of a 'party' or gathering of sorts at Grace's house this past weekend. My twin, Eva and I have discussed these allegations and we would like to make a joint statement: We have no independent knowledge of any such activities. Were it ever to be proven that we were at any such gathering we would have to assume that we were drugged and taken there (against our will) by person or persons unknown in an effort to damage our sterling reputations.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great weekend!

Just curious but am I the only one to get a real life spanking for having a party at Grace’s!! I’m not kidding! Once Mollie was at her babysitting job Saturday morning Nick caught me in the bedroom. While hugging me from behind and playing with my boobs he said it was terrible to have a party at Grace’s while she was gone!!

Something else came up in conversation about my post about Eva’s phone call. He reminded me of what I have often told him about the 6th grade – that is, the person trying to stir up trouble just to be stirring it up is the one in the most trouble! Okay he might have been stretching for reasons but as Bonnie said in her post having a reason, any reason, is more fun. He also brought up some weight issues but I will go into that over at Todd and Suzy’s on Tuesday!

Anyway, by this time my nightgown was up and I wasn’t paying too much attention to what he had to say. He was on me with the tawse! You know Tiggr, before you recommend a toy you should mention that IT STINGS LIKE HELL! Or did you say something like that and I didn’t pay attention. I got to start paying attention! Anyway Saturday morning was a good one for spanking and loving! And I just got spanked for throwing the party he didn’t seem to mind that I stayed all weekend!!

The party at Grace’s was a real blast!! We have got to have more like this, maybe the next time Cassie and Tom go away! I bet their place is beautiful!! Meanwhile I am out of here; I hear Cassie is looking for me…

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ya'll Come!



All weekend BYOB&I (bottle and implement) after all Paul and maybe Tom will be there. Bring any party food you want to share. Now all you regulars know you are invited. But I sure hope Debbie and mthc and her husband come. Shy hasn’t been around in a while. Maybe Dave and Cindy will drop by. Carye, you out there anywhere?? Sky, Snow, Reese, Spanky, Kallisto?? Remember anyone and everyone is welcomed!!

Just don’t tell Grace! She is so stuffy!! Do I have any volunteers for the clean up committee?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Everyone just try to be neat. It’s going on all weekend so feel free to drop in and out! But when you see Grace and Bossman drive up make a dive for the nearest window and if she has noticed that anyone has been there – deny, deny, deny!! See you later!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What do you think?

Folks I need your opinion on something. I think many of us have become good friends out here. Many of us leave each other comments. Some of us email each other and have gotten closer that way. Maybe we have shared our real names, maybe the state where we live. You know my twin and I have gotten close. We email, okay we email a lot. After awhile as we got to know each other better I needed to send her something in the mail so now I can threaten, “Hey, I know where you live!” And I included my return address so we stayed even.

But of course it was just us, no husbands were involved. Until one day I slipped up and forward something that Nick had sent me. Of course I immediately got an email back taunting me with “I’ve got Nick’s email address! I can tell him anything I want”. In a panic (this was a bit early on) I told her to delete it! She wrote back a very soothing “Oh keep your pants on, here’s Adam’s”. So we were even again.

We finally exchanged phone numbers; I can’t blame her, who wouldn’t want to hear a soothing Southern voice every now and then! But I do have to say that every time I hear that Yankee accent I do get a big grin on my! Mollie will look over and ask “Eva?”

But now last week there was a little change. Eva and Nick began emailing each other. Hmmmmm… okay I could make this sound bad but in all honesty I gave him her work address and told him to give her updates on how the trip was going so that was about it. Then when I got back she was saying how now she could email him any time with anything she wanted to say. I reminded her that I had Adam’s email address too. WRONG! Turns out she had sent almost a dummy address – one she checks for him!! Not exactly like I have Adam’s ear! I whined and pouted enough to get the real one with each of us promising not to use them unless there was an emergency!

But today, today… (and this is what I need your opinion on) today was different. This morning Eva called and Nick and talk to him after I left for work. YES! I am serious! Now I have yet to here a detailed version of this conversation from either of them. I am sure that Eva will comment or post something with her version of this event but in any true version she can’t deny that she called and talked to Nick at my houses after she was reasonably certain that I had left for work. Now for my question – should I call and have a long talk with Adam? I have lots to say and yes, Eva, I do have him number!! Let me know folks!

I let Eva preview this last night. She said I was mean and threatened to get even with me. She indicated that I had left out some important facts and while she might be right I told her it made a much more interesting post the way I tell it!!

Hack ... hack... hack... if you wanna know what REALLY happened, go here. It's the only way you can learn the WHOLE truth.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tests results

Now don't be like some people who cheat and read the answers before you even try to take the test. If you haven't taken it yet run back here and take it!

I have been teaching for about…

20 years, this is my 19th to be exact.

What three things did I get for Valentine’s Day?

I got a tawse, a crop and a plug. First two I love, just not sure about that plug yet!

What unusual pet does Mollie have?

So didn’t I tell you guys about the chinchilla? He is a beautiful little thing, light gray. And loves to run around on my couch and torment the cats.

My children were conceived after what two movies?

LJ was conceived right after we watched 9 ½ weeks. I liked the book so much better but the movie did put me in the mood. Mollie was conceived right after we watched Ghost. What a good movie, romance, sex, humor, intrigue and for me a beautiful daughter!

Before I began teaching I worked for a …

vet. I went to college to become a licensed Veterinary Technician. I love it and wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world.

What 2 men out here do I have a crush on?

Who else – Paul and Tom, doesn’t everyone!!

How old was I when I got married?

I think most of you missed this one. I was an old lady of 26 before I snagged Nick!! My mom was 28 when she married so 26 seemed young at the time.

My son’s career dream is to become an…

Actor of course! As much as I brag on him and his talent I think everyone knows this.

My favorite spanking toy…

Varies from time to time. Every new thing is my favorite when we first try it out.

I have how many siblings?

Just one! But if I count all Nick’s family, which I often to, the numbers grows quickly.

I told Nick I never wanted to…

Wash dishes by hand! I have to draw the line somewhere!

I changed my hair about 10 months ago…

Well I sure didn’t go with my natural color, gray does nothing for me! After nearly 30 years I stopped wearing perms. I look like a different person. I am a different person. I wanted some outward sign of all the changes and this was it.

Every Sunday we eat with …

Nick’s family, usually 15-22 of us each week. His mom is the best cook in the world!

I first talked to Nick about spanking about …

I first brought it up about 4 years ago. We tried it and we liked it but I didn’t know exactly how to keep it going. No blogs or friends for guide lines so we let it die out.

I wrote my first spanking story around the age of …

of 10. I was 11 to be exact and I spoke it into a little tape recorder instead of writing it all down.

Eve has a right to be proud of her score. Nick didn’t make a 100! I told Nick I was scoring pretty high on some of these tests and I said I might spend too much time reading blogs! Nick informed me that he already knew I spent too much time here and he did need a test to figure that out!

Thanks to everyone who took my test. Even those who had to be dragged in kicking and screaming!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Who knows the real me?

Okay if everyone else is going to try this I want to try it too. I think Nick could make a perfect score but I am not sure. And I doubt he will take it. But I do expect Eva to score pretty high and a few others. I have enjoyed taking this test at other sites! Alright everyone lets see how well you do!

Create your own Friend Test here

The Trip

And we're off!

I need to begin with the fact that we all made in back mostly in one piece. And with all the tragedies in the news this week I am most grateful for this fact! But while I can’t say enough about the really wonderful parents on this trip and how really well the kids on my bus behaved, we did have a few glitches on this trip. Mostly this is a blatant plea for sympathy and pity.

Everyone arrived on time and off we went 3 full buses. It was maybe an hour into the trip before the first bus nearly caught fire. It was throwing some pretty impressive sparks. The compressor for the air conditioner had burn out so no air on the first bus for the trip down.

Sleep was hard to come by on our bus as the bus driver and the travel agent talked loudly until after 4 in the morning. He spent half of his time telling her what a good Christian he was and the other half making derogatory remarks about blacks, Jews, homosexuals, smokers and alcoholics! I wanted to tell him to pick one or the other – good Christian or bigoted jerk – but in the end I decided feinting sleep was the wisest move.

Our day at Epcot was wonderful. The weather was beautiful, low 80. But we saw everything and it was so much fun with Mollie. We did a lot of walking however and between the sleepless night and being extremely tired we were so happy to get to the hotel! First problem there was the fact that they were one room short and they had no more. The air in one room didn’t work and most pleasant, one mother found that their bathroom was covered in shit, literally. When this was reported to the two young men at the desk the responded that they were sorry but that the cleaning staff was gone for the evening. To which I replied “Then which of you is going to clean it?” One of them finally did. So after being up all the night before I finally got into bed after midnight.

The Space center was the next day. All went well there. That night we went to Medieval Times, great food and a show that the kids really get into. I had just gotten my food when a kid came up behind me gasping in great distress with an asthma attack.

He later told us he had severe asthma and he was allergic to horses. His inhaler was at the hotel at least 30 minutes away! I called to the nurse (one of my parents) and we got the boy outside. Asthma scares me badly, there is so little you can do. But the nurse was great. First she got him cooled down with water and then got him coffee because both the steam and the caffeine help. All was well here also and we teachers took turns sitting with him until it was time to go.

We left there at 8:00 so at least we would all get to bed earlier than the night before. And we would have had our bus not hit a car coming around a turn. More of a scrub than a hit but the results was a three hour wait with the kids on the bus for the accident investigator to complete his report.

As we pulled in to the hotel around 11:30 while my children were getting off the bus a drunk came along wanting to start a conversation with them. This would have bothered me enough but he was only wearing a tee-shirt and a diaper! Again we got to bed around midnight.

I woke on the last morning tired but at least my feet were feeling much better a few blister but generally okay. Unfortunately as I was trying to get into the raised tub I slammed my toes into the side. One may be broken but probably not, the shade of purple they all turned is quite lovely however.

I enjoyed Universal as I limped through that last day. My friend and I rode the smaller rides while Mollie and her friends thundered thought the big ones. We got on one gentle ride after 45 minute wait on to go about 15 feet when the power shut down. I don’t mean the power to the ride, oh no, the whole theme park was without power!

They finally brought a ladder to get us down. But during the outage we could ride nothing, they would not let us use the restroom and worst of all we could buy no food!! Yep, rides, flushers, and cash registers were all down. Forty five minutes later power was restored and all was well.

Finally we were headed home and all was mostly well. The bus driver was still talking and two kids were throwing up but at least we were headed in the right direction! Can any of you imagine the joy I felt when I saw Nick at the school to pick me up?!

Well folks that’s how my week went. I survives I hope all of you survived your week too!