I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

The time has come...

It’s my blogging anniversary. I put up my first post July 22, 2006. Fifteen years, FIFTEEN YEARS! That seems unbelievably to me. I found blogs just before I turned fifty and the discovery changed my life. I accepted that I was a spanko and that there was nothing wrong with that. From the women I met here, I got the courage to come out to Nick and that began the best time in our entire marriage. It opened up my love of writing, telling the stories in my head and in just about two weeks my sixteenth book will be published.


Through this blog I’ve met the best friends I’ve ever had in this world. Friends I could truly open up to about everything in my life. Many I’ve had the privilege of meeting in real life. I’ve traveled to their homes, we’ve been on vacation together and I’ve hosted six bloggers here at my house. Since I don’t do much cooking, I use the term ‘hosted’ loosely, but let’s say they spent the night here. Such special people that I only met because of this blog. I’d go so far as to say these have been the best years of my life – so far.


Most my longtime acquaintance no longer blog, but a few do – Ronnie, Bonnie, Hermione, Terps, Morningstar, Fondles, Minelle, and Windy come to mind and I’m sure I’ve left some out. And I still have friendships with the people who email, and those who still comment, most notably the ever faithful, Roz! 


But … all good things must come to an end. As the popularity of blogging has gone down, comments dropping off, I feel more and more like I’d talking to myself. And I can do that without all the typing. I’m coming up on my business time of the year – getting ready for our big family reunion. So I’m taking some time off.


Just as there are no rules for blogging, neither are their rules for stopping. I’m not disappearing.  I’ll definitely put up a post when the new book is released. I may comment some and I’ll definitely be answering any emails. I may find I really miss it and come back. I may decide this is it for good. But except for the book post I don’t plan to put anything up for at least a month or so. Then I might start back with Fantasy Friday – I know I’ll start that back if I get new stories. If you have stories to send, or if you just want to visit I’m at elisspeaks@yahoo.com


To blogland and all the people who have ever inhabited it


I love you!


I thank you!


You have made my life better!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I got the best email

I had such a fun experience day before yesterday. I got an email from a new reader. It was Julie from Strict Julie Spanked. She had just read Cal’s Law and had written to tell me that she really liked it. When it’s a book, rather than a blog post, that doesn’t happen too often and I was a wonderful surprise.


She went on to write such a nice post – you can read it here. Then maybe some of you might want to check out Cal’s Law too. I hope you’ll go by for a read!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Working for a living

I did enjoy my time in the mountains writing. But the book I'm working on is harder than usual. I'm used to Cassie just showing me what going on as she whispers in my ear. This is more like working for a living.

But honestly I'm still enjoying the process, it's just a different process. And I have to get used to it. But at the end of the day when Nick encourages me to be more active, it's a lot like this.


Friday, July 16, 2021

Fantasy Friday Revival - Sacrifices

*Update - I really don't have one, but my little great-niece had her surgery. They put sixteen leads into her brain and now they wait for a certain number of seizures so they can map it and then hopefully destroy the part that is causing the problems. Her parents aren't good at keeping everyone up on what is happening and I sure don't want to bother them. I know that they are going through hell with all this and the waiting must be torture.

Welcome to Fantasy Friday revival. I had to smile when I ran across this little jewel from 2008. This one was written by a man and I wish more men would write. They have fantasies too, of course! I really think you're going to enjoy...


Since my wife, Dawn, came out as a spanko I’ve had many new experiences to understate the obvious. One interesting evening involved a little shopping trip for a birthday gift. Never before did I go birthday shopping at the nearest ‘adult store.’ My wife had been hinting that she wanted to try a new ‘spanking toy.’ It was with some misgivings that I entered the store in search of the new spanking implement. I scanned the fellow shoppers and was relieved not to see any familiar faces. I wandered around trying to discretely scope out the possibilities while being invisible.

I saw a couple of interesting possibilities and was wondering about the relative merits. One appeared to be a leather paddle while the other was more strap-like with a handle. I was lost in thought and imagining the proper use of the items in question when suddenly I was shocked to hear someone right behind ask, “May I help you?”

I haltingly tried to explain that I was something of a beginner to these things but was trying to find something appropriate for my wife. The shapely clerk was all smiles as she said she was certain that we could find something that my wife would enjoy. But how to make the best choice?

The clerk told me her name was Kristin and that she loved seeing customers find something to spice up their lives, and asked what characteristics were important. I couldn’t believe I was carrying on such a conversation as if I were shopping for a pair of shoes.

I swallowed and managed to say that I like a good sound but a good sting seemed to be desirable for my wife. Kristin heartily agreed and said the two items I was looking at were both great choices. It sounded like the voice of experience.

She then took both items from the rack and asked me to follow her. She led the way through a doorway behind the counter telling her fellow clerk she had to step into the storeroom for a moment. When we got to a secluded corner of the storage area she stopped and smiled again and said “I love to see satisfied customers” and that for sound effects I might wish to hear for myself. With that said she turned around, lowered her jeans and leaned over a desk. She said, “Remember, this is just business.”

She suggested that I try these to see how they sounded when being used. Well, how could I turn down such a generous offer! I tried the paddle and then the strap. The paddle had the better pop. She asked if I paddled my wife on the bare bottom as well. I admitted that yes that was frequently where things wound up.

Kristin then lowered her panties just enough to reveal her beautiful bottom with a couple of fresh pink marks. I took this as an obvious invitation for further product testing and tried both items again. Both produced very acceptable reports on the bare skin and also created an increasing and pleasing red glow.

I thanked her for her assistance and concluded that either would be acceptable based on information gathered. I asked her if she had further thoughts or recommendations based on the ‘feel.’ She had by this time righted herself and straightened her clothing. She took me by the elbow turning me away from her. She reached around me and I felt her breasts pressing against my back. “What the heck was happening?” I thought. Before I had a chance to even ask what she was doing she had unfastened my belt and lowered my jeans.

At this point I was sputtering “what are you doing?” She replied, “You are interested in the comparison by feel, but that’s hard to explain. Bend over the table and we will see what you think.” This wasn’t what I had in mind but after her impressive cooperation in my shopping research, my pride would not let me balk at this point and in truth this was kind of erotic.

She administered a few with each, discussing the comparative nature of the paddle and the strap. She then lowered my boxers and repeated. By this time I was more than familiar with the feel of each and was trying to hide my growing interest! She smiled and said she felt confident we would be happy with either but understood it was hard to choose (what a salesperson!)

She asked “Well what’s it going to be?”

I replied, “I think we’ll take both.”

The sacrifices I make for my wife!

Meanwhile back home Dawn was in a foul mood. For weeks she had been hinting to Andy that she wanted a new spanking toy for her birthday. But he acted like he didn’t even hear her! Since her birthday was tomorrow she knew how Andy was spending his shopping time. Searching the aisles of Wal-Mart for yet another box of bath powder! No more!! If he had no imagination she would buy for herself!

As she headed for the local adult store, sure enough she passed Andy, no doubt coming from Wal-Mart so wrapped up in his own dull shopping experience that he didn’t even see her pass! After a quick look through the window to be assured she recognized no one she marched into the store. It didn’t take her long to spot the items she liked: a beautiful leather paddle and a strap that looked liked it would feel delicious! She checked the price tags. Damn! Money was so tight these days. She couldn’t possible get them both, but how to decide??

A half hour later Dawn sat gingerly in the car, her heart still pounding! Kenny, the hot young salesman had helped her decide on both. But she didn’t feel guilty. She knew the new toys would spice up her and Andy’s love life. She also didn’t worry about the money. Kenny had offered her a job as a new salesperson; he said she had just the personality and eagerness to learn that they were looking for. So she was going back to work.

Dawn sighed to herself and thought “The sacrifices I make for my husband!”


I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. The author? Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. This one was also written by my sweet Nick! He really can write when he puts his mind to it. After his last story some of you suggested we write a book together ... can you say divorce? I know it's done a lot but I can't imagine writing with a partner. For someone who wanted to be submissive all her life, I'm fiercely protective of my books. I and I alone know what is happening. I can't imagine giving up any of that control. There is one exception - my wonderful editor, Rosie Dee is amazing and I'll take suggestions from her anytime!

If you want to take completely control and write your own story, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, July 12, 2021

My Mountain trip

As you read this I am in one of my happy places. I’m in the mountains writing. This is the little inn where I used to go to read the Harry Potter books as they came out so that no one could spoil the ending for me. With no more Potter books, I now come up once a year to write all by myself. Their gardens are amazing with plenty of little nooks and crannies where I can sit outside typing away. Everything I need is within walking distance – small markets, restaurants, candy/ice cream stores, two bakeries and tons of little shops and antique stores. I’m always on the lookout for a hairbrush that looks like Tom and Cassie’s. I have no idea why.

I’m working on a different type book while I’m up here this time. I hope those of you who like my writing will be willing to read a vanilla book. It’s a bit of a mystery, a bit of a love story and a ton of me getting out all my frustration from my teaching career. I want my old colleagues to read this one. I had originally planned to have spanking in it, but it just wasn’t working. It felt forced and unnatural so I’m leaving it out of this one. You know I’ll tell you all about it once it’s done – provided I find someone willing to publish it.

Just a little of this lovely Inn's beautiful gardens.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Fantasy Friday Revival - The Massage

Welcome to Fantasy Friday. Today's story is from 2008 and this one was written by a man. It was actually written by my man. Yep, Nick wrote this for Fantasy Friday all those years ago. He did ask me to add a little dialogue and a woman's point of view, but the story was all his. I hope you enjoy...

The Massage

For our 10th anniversary my husband Jay took me for a vacation to a resort hotel and spa. We hadn’t been anywhere like this before and after a tough year we were both excited at the prospect of a relaxing getaway. Along with the luxurious accommodations and great food Jay had arranged for a couples massage. Jay had told me that based on what he had heard I would truly enjoy it. I tend to be a little shy and reserved and Jay is always encouraging, sometimes insisting that I need to be more open to new experiences. So here we were.

After going through the changing area we met in the massage area, Jay with a towel around his waist and me with a large towel wrapped around in a manner attempting to cover all the essentials. Jon and Anna introduced themselves and said they would be giving our massages. They were each standing next to a table, the tables lined up head to head, about four feet apart. As I paused wondering which table to approach, Jay moved to Anna’s table, crawled on and got into position. I felt a little uncomfortable at the idea of a man massaging me, but then as I thought about it, I was uncomfortable with a woman touching me too. Now that Jay had made the choice I had no option, I moved to Jon’s table. With a great deal of embarrassment I untied my towel and crawled onto the table while maintaining my modesty as best as I could. I left the towel covering my bottom and stretched out face down.

Jon started working on my arms, neck and shoulders and was doing a great job. I was relaxing and I could feel the stress melting away. I felt so peaceful! He continued working down my lower back until he was almost rubbing my butt. I was relieved when he moved around the table at this point and started slowly working on my feet. Heaven! Jay knows how much I love having my feet massaged; this was probably what Jay was talking about. He knew I would love this. I couldn’t help but sigh. After a thorough workout on my feet he moved to my calves and eventually my thighs. The prospect of having this handsome stranger’s hands on my thighs was causing me to experience some feelings of excitement and more that a little guilt. But he didn’t stop there. I was shocked as he began to make contact with my lower butt, I knew I had to tell him to stop and bring my massage to a conclusion, but darn it felt so good! I felt like putty and lacked the courage or desire to stop it.

It was about this time that I heard Jay moan with obvious pleasure. Anna whispered “how does that feel?” Jay replied, “fantastic, don’t stop.” Just what was she doing to him over there? Was this what Jay meant about the special couple massages offered here? I couldn’t believe he would have agreed to this type of ‘massage’ with out telling me. But then again if he had I am sure I would have said ‘NO!’. “Relax and let yourself enjoy, Zoie” Jay was always telling me. So, if this is what he had planned for us maybe I should be a good sport and just with the flow, even though it felt terribly naughty.

By now Jon had flipped my towel up completely exposing my butt, the thought of him seeing me this way caused my breath to quicken. He continued to work my “glutes” first one side then the other and I could feel my heart pounding. A slight pressure on the inside of my thighs let me know he wanted me to spread my legs; my first reaction was to tightly hold my legs together. I was embarrassed at how wet I had become. But when he tapped my thigh again I slid both my feet apart until they were hanging off the sides of the table, was this really me doing this?

I realized I was now fully exposed. I barely knew what I was doing but I didn’t want to stop. I just tried to clear my mind and go purely on the sensation. But I still jumped when he worked down between my cheeks rubbing gently. This was getting intimate! He started to slide his hand between my legs and underneath me. I raised my hips ever so slightly to aid his progress. He worked his fingers inside me, finding me wet and slippery. Moving his fingers with great skill he teased me nearly to the brink. With his other oil-drenched thumb he was rubbing my tender rosebud. I tried to hold back but he kept this up until I dissolved into a silent, lip-biting, trembling orgasm.

I was trying to come back to myself as Jon replaced my towel. Jon and Anna said they hoped we had enjoyed our massages and would be more relaxed. ‘Well that’s one way of putting it’ I thought! Jay assured them that their efforts were appreciated and enjoyed. We got dressed and Jay and I walked hand in hand back to our room. I was silent, lost in thought, replaying what had just happened.

Back at our room Jay asked “Well did the massage live up to your expectations?” With lowered eyes I replied, “Well, it was certainly more than I expected.”

“More, in what way?” Jay asked.

“Well, that is first time in over 12 years that I have gotten off at the hand of another man!” I looked up and Jay was staring at me curiously.

“You mean a little massage caused you to have an orgasm?”

“You call that a little massage? I didn’t know we were going to have our privates massaged. You didn’t tell me it would be that type of massage”

Again I looked up at Jay and now his mouth was open in disbelief. “What are you saying, you just lay there and let him grope you?”

“I heard you moaning, and saying how great it felt, asking Anna not to stop. Don’t tell me you weren’t getting the same treatment.”

“Absolutely not, I was just enjoying having my neck and shoulders massaged.”

Now I was aghast, I had convinced myself that this was something Jay had planned for both of us. “Jay, are you telling me that this massage was not your idea?” I could feel my cheeks flaming with embarrassment at what I had allowed to happen. I felt so guilty. “Honey, I am so sorry, please forgive me” was all I could say.

“Zoie! Are you telling me you actually let another man touch you and stroke you in an intimate way and you said nothing?”

“But… but… Jay I really thought that was your plan! I would never have let him touch me if I didn’t think it was what you wanted. I thought you wanted me to relax and let go!” I told him franticly.

“Zoie, come here” Jay commanded “We need to clear the air. Yes I want you to learn to let your hair down and enjoy sex more. But I am the only man who is ever going to be touching you in that way again. I realize this was a misunderstanding but I want to make sure you remember from now on!”

“Oh Jay, I promise – I will remember!”

“Yes I bet you will.” Jay said as he unzipped my pants and slid them to my ankles. He was pulling me across his lap as I trying to tell him, “No Jay, you don’t have to do this! I’ll remember, I’ll remember!!”

My protests and pleading didn’t do me a bit of good as he began spanking hard with his hand, while telling me I should never have let the ‘massage’ reach that level. Too soon, Jay pulled my panties down and picked up my hairbrush. As the pain increased he continued to give me a sound and thorough paddling while I expressed my sincere remorse!

When he was finished and released me, I slipped to the floor between his feet and tried to catch my breath. I looked up at Jay realizing how special our relationship was. With this thought I reached up and unzipped his pants. After 10 years of marriage at least I had learned how to pick up a few forgiveness points.

Thanks honey! Excellent story, you should write more. But you know me, I think everyone should write more. If you've written a story, please share it with us. Send any story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Just popping in

We had a great fourth in the mountains with Nick’s family. The weather was great, almost cold -sweatshirt weather when we got there and started fixing breakfast. But soon we were fine in T-shirts. Mollie’s two dogs loved it too.


I’m in the last leg of edits for my newest book that will be out early next month. I’m anxious for it to come out. Anyone who has read much about Cassie and friends in the past will really like this one! 


But when I’m not writing or editing I have found some time to float around in the pool. Here a hitchhiker that came by the other day.

For those of you who pray, my great-niece is having brain surgery today. She has epilepsy and she's only six. Her seizures are between thirty to fifty daily. They hope this surgery will help, but it's very experimental. It's my nephew's child. And as it happened I taught this little one's mother when she was in the 6th grade. Truthfully, she was a rotten kid then, but she's a good mom and of course, she's terrified. I'm afraid prayer is about all we can do for their family now.

Friday, July 02, 2021

Fantasy Friday Revival - I Can't Cry

Welcome to Fantasy Friday! I realize that it's hot nearly everywhere, but I still think a good story  is what we need. And I especially like this one. It’s one of those that as I read it for the first time my first thought was, “Wow, I think I wrote this one – oh wait, that can’t be right.” But it is really good and for many of us it will really be one we can identify with. Please enjoy …

I Can’t Cry

I have never been the type to cry easily. In fact, I hardly cry at all. The last time I cried was at a funeral for a co-worker who died much too young. Even my stubborn heart understands the finality of death. I don’t mean to say that I’m an unfeeling person, but my eyes just won’t cooperate when my body and soul need to cry. Some may think that I’m hiding my true feelings behind a tightly controlled facade, but his theory depends on the belief that that I am capable of crying. Am I, making a monumental effort to control the raging volcano of tears beneath the surface? I assure you this is not the case. The release of tension that comes with a good cry would be most welcome. And yet, my eyes betray my heart and remain woefully dry, under even the tensest of circumstances.

You may be wondering, why this obsession with crying? The answer is; stress. Stress should be a four letter word. It certainly seems to bring a number of four letter words to my mind when I am dealing with it. Some of the more popular relaxation methods I employ are: running away, exercise, overeating, drinking, leisure activities, wild sex and yes, crying. So, there I was, in one of the most stressful periods I have faced in years and all I could do was sit around and look sad. There were no tears for me, even when I mentally studied my life and relived great disappointments. My lip trembled and I felt a slight increase in the natural moisture in my eye. I tried to stay with it and ride the wave of emotion until the floodgates opened and…… nothing. Once again, I saw the forlorn look on my face in the mirror but nothing that suggests I had been on the verge of tears. I sighed loudly and added another memory to my list of woes, “I cannot cry.” Complaint number two hundred and fifty-six.

Enter my wonderful husband Gabriel. He knows me and the many layers I have created to protect myself. He also knows when I am on the edge of a cliff and need a little help to drag me back to solid ground. Gabe decided that a stress-relief spanking was in order. To the uninitiated, a stress-relief spanking is designed to help the receiver release tension while bonding her more closely with the person administering the spanking. Though this is undoubtedly an unconventional way to cope with stress; it works for us.

Gabe has been spanking me since the beginning of our relationship. Whenever I break an agreed-upon rule, I am punished by corporal means. If we need to reconnect emotionally, he often spanks me to break the ice. Of course, an erotic spanking during lovemaking can’t be beat. Was that horrible Pun? I do apologize. I sometimes think my most productive time is spent bent over with my panties at my knees for a fanny roasting.

“Robin!” Gabe appeared in the living room to see me sitting on the couch and staring out the window in a cloud of self-pity. “I think it’s time you stopped sulking and started doing something useful with your time, young lady,” Gabe admonished.

I looked at him insolently and deliberately turned my face away from him to stare out the window. Briefly, I considered the wisdom of my actions but then the moment passed and I continued nursing my bad mood.

Taking my hand gently but firmly, Gabe led me into our bedroom for a little talk. He began his lecture before we even got to the door, “I know you have had a lot on your plate lately, and you have been working very hard. But this miserable mood has gone on for too long.” Leading me to the bed, he sat down and pulled me between his legs facing him.

“It’s time to help you release some of the tension you have been holding in.” And with that, he loosened my trousers and let them drop to the floor. He guided me over his lap and adjusted my body until my bottom was at just the right angle. Without another word, Gabe laid a mighty swat across my cheeks. It was clear that this was not going to be an easy spanking. His hand came down hard, echoing throughout the room. I could feel a handprint shaped sting searing into my delicate backside. Before I adjusted to the pain, he began spanking in earnest. One slap after another branded my bottom. He started in the middle of each cheek and then moved side to side and up and down until my entire bottom was glowing red. I don’t know how many times his hand came down before he paused to rub.

“Shhhh,” he soothed. My breath was in rags and I was squirming to position myself safely away from his punishing hand. Gabe rubbed my back and said, “I don’t think you’re done yet. You’re still very tense.”

Who wouldn’t be tense when your butt us being blistered?, I thought. But I trusted Gabe to take care of me. He knew me well and he also knew I needed more. He reached under bed and picked something up. Apparently this little talk had been planned in advance. Gabe had put something especially for me within easy reach before he took me to our room. It didn’t take long to discover what it was.

Smack. I felt the paddle come down hard across both cheeks. Each strike with the paddle felt like a hot skillet on my rear end. The paddle came down again and again. I wiggled and howled, and despite my efforts to the contrary, my feet came off of the ground. “Put your feet on the ground or I will get my belt,” Gabe said sternly.

“Yes sir,” I said through gritted teeth. As my toes touched the ground, he raised the paddle and laid into me again. “Owww, oh, owwww,” I whined. Despite my distress, the spanking continued. I felt on the verge of tears. My entire bottom was on fire and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. “Oww, Gabe, owww,” I cried.

One last hard smack and he laid down the paddle. I went limp across his lap sniffling and gasping. “Owww,” I whined again. “My bottom is on fire,” I sniffled some more.

Gabe rubbed my back and waited for me to calm down. He helped me up and then he stood and scooped me into his arms. Setting me on the bed on my stomach he pulled the sheet over me and lay next to me. “That’s my girl, let it all out.” He stroked my hair and my face. “Any tears darling?”

I turned my head toward him, gazed into his eyes, put my hand on his face gently and said, “Nope.” I grinned “But I feel a lot better!”

Smack! Gabes’s hand cracked down on my backside as he laughed. “My pleasure, next time it won’t be so easy.”

Who needs tears anyway?


Today's story was written by Jess who wrote several for us back in the day. I think many of us can identify with it, not only me. Thanks again, Jess. I hope some of you are writing. If you want to join us, send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com