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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fantasy Friday reveal and Advice Request

I want to let you know the author of this weeks Fantasy Friday. You can click here if you haven’t read it yet. The voting was very close Grace got 13%, Eva 25% and Ressa and I each got 31%. Adam thought it was Eve – he was close, it was her twin. Yep, I wrote Playing Games. Do you see what you folks are doing to me?? I am reduced to posting my own old stories. I am not great at fiction but I love to write when I get the chance. There is one more story in the cupboard for next week then it will be empty again. Keep writing folks and send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Now on to the real reason I am writing today. I need advice.

I hate feeling bad. I am not talking about being sick I am talking about feeling bad. I am sure no one likes it but I just don’t know how to handle it. Most of the time I just avoid it, I don’t let it in. I don’t let things bother me. By nature I am happy and up beat. I don’t get depressed easily, I am too laid back. I hate feeling bad so much I have been guilty of avoiding any feelings at all good or bad just so I can avoid the bad ones. Guilt is the worse feeling and somehow I turn all bad feelings into guilt one way or another. So forgiveness is something that intrigues me.

Forgiveness – a powerful and often illusive thing. I have to tell you that I love stories where a woman has done something wrong. She feels guilty and confesses. Her man disciplines her with a spanking and she is totally forgiven. I love these stories but for me it is a total fantasy. I find forgiveness a hard concept to understand.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a very forgiving person. Holding grudges is entirely too time consuming. I don’t have the energy. If I feel anyone has wronged me I can easily let it go and forgive them. (One noted acceptation is a woman who made fun of LJ when he was a toddler, I would still like to punch her!) But mostly I understand that people make mistakes and I just let things go.

There is only one person I have a hard time forgiving – me. I am no good at guilt. Since I don’t know how to get rid of it I usually just never accept it – I avoid it like a plague! But sometimes it creeps in. I have deep guilt over something that happened when LJ was only 4. I didn’t hurt him or anything, didn’t even yell at him. I just failed to do something I should have done. The guilt is deep and as I write this I am in tears. That always happens when I let myself think about it. Now you have to understand, it was really nothing. If I told you what it was nearly every parent out here could tell me a similar story.

LJ and I have discussed this several times. He swears he has no memory of it and gently laughs at me when I cry about it. He has also assured me that whether he remembers or not he forgives me. It has been 16 years almost to the day – why does it still bring me so much pain?

But guilt is something I don’t think a spanking would change for me. Suppose Nick decided to spank me for this now. All I think that would do would be to confirm that he thought I was a rotten person too. It wouldn’t change what happened. I would still be guilty.

But something has bugged me recently. Just go with me on this analogy please. Let’s say I stole a cookie. Not the biggest deal in the world, right. I not only stole the cookie but speculated with Nick about what had happened to the cookie and never let on it was me. But finally the guilt got to me and began really bugging me. I felt so bad about what I had done I began to avoid Nick and just closed up in myself wallowing in guilt. He would ask what was wrong and I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him. Not because it was such a big deal but because I was ashamed I had kept it from him in the first place.

So finally I told him. He was surprised but he wasn’t shocked or horrified. We emailed a bit and he indicated that I had a spanking coming. I was the one surprised at this; I always am when he says he is going to spank me for something real. When he spanked me Friday morning he made it clear it was not for stealing the cookie – it was for keeping it from him, shutting him out, letting it affect us and tearing myself up over something that he did not think was that bad. He spanked hard but not long. I did feel better afterwards. Better… but that old spanking magic just wasn’t completely working. I still feel guilty. Spanking or not – I still took the cookie, it’s gone and I can’t get it back – I am still guilty and I still feel like crap. I don’t want to feel this way. It’s punishing Nick when I feel this down and that’s not fair – he didn’t do anything. Sometimes I can forget about it and I am laughing and happy about something and then I hear in my head “You’re nothing but a cookie thief and a liar. What right do you have to be happy”. And I feel a weight descending on me again.

Somebody tell me what to do. Nobody is mad at me for taking the friggin cookie; Nick has completely forgiven me for taking it and for lying to him. I know that right now the only person upset with me is me. And I know I have to forgive myself I just don’t know how. And I don’t want this dragging me down and eating away at me like the incident with LJ for the next 18 to 20 years.

I won’t be whining about this out here anymore, I promise I am good at stuffing stuff down. I don’t mean to be melodramatic. Maybe just writing and posting all this will help but I will also take any suggestions you may have to help me forgive myself and release guilt.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nothing exciting

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I managed to eat a wonderful meal without going overboard. LJ ate with Collin’s family but I got to see him for a few hours during this long weekend.

When Black Friday rolled around I was in my bed snuggling warmly with Nick until nearly 9 o’clock. After Mollie left for babysitting we had some time alone – just us and the toy box. An interesting morning, we needed some reconnection. And we had the house to ourselves. And that’s all you need to know about this one.

Just after lunch I went to the gym for a beginning Pilates class and later I spend the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents. To all of you that went shopping – more power to you! But you didn’t have to worry about me getting in your way on that day.

LJ on the other hand had to report to work at 4:30 AM on Friday. Nick happened to be awake about 4:20 and gave him a call, “Just wanted to make sure you were on your way son.” He told him. “I’m here,” LJ told him “still looking for a parking place.” What fun!

He said it wasn’t as horrible as he was expecting. He was working in the camera department the same as he did this summer. Although he said some people were nasty most weren’t. Some were complaining that they had to wait to long and that the store was understaffed and should have brought in more help. Actually instead of one person in the camera department they had seven, but who’s counting?

Hours and hours later, he told me, he was hoping it was near lunch time when he looked outside and saw the sun coming up. How depressing! But he was mostly impressed with the people that were nice. When the store didn’t have the color camera one woman wanted LJ ordered one on line for a woman who seem stunned and grateful that was willing to be so helpful. So his day wasn’t really all that bad.

He came home for supper – I actually cooked for him. He stayed and visited for a few hours. So all and all our Thanksgiving was pretty calm and peaceful, just the way I like them. Sorry there was much exciting to write about. I’ll keep working on it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Playing Games

Yes we have a Fantasy Friday for today and it is a wonderful story. But I have to admit that as most things are on this day after Thanksgiving this is a leftover! Yes this is a rerun of a very early Fantasy Friday. I know that there are new readers all the time so this will be new for many of you. I will even have voting at the end – a little memory test for some of you!

There is a reason we have a leftover today guys, I don’t have any more stories! I really, really need some. You have to write them folks! I know it’s a busy time but I am hoping some of you have one in the works. I you do send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Now enjoy…

Playing game

All of this started with one stupid phone call from the husband of a friend.

At the time all I could think of was “Why didn’t he just mind his own business and stay out of mine?”

“Kevin called”, Byron informed me as I came in the house, “why didn’t you tell me that you and Hannah got wasted and then you rode home with her in that condition?”

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” I snapped, “Kevin is a big mouth. Nothing happened, we’re fine. Just drop it.”

“You go out drinking and you ride home with someone who was drunk at the time and you want me to drop it. I’m going to blister your butt!”

I was stunned at this statement! We had been spanking for several months but it was all in fun. We had made up some rule I was to follow. Mostly silly things, but I knew Byron didn’t really take it seriously. I couldn’t believe he was saying this. But I wasn’t in the mood to go along.

“Just stop it” I snapped, “I am in no mood to play tonight. I’m going to bed.”

“So in spite of everything you’ve been saying about me being HOH and how you want discipline in your life you are the one who sees all this as a game. You even wrote all the ‘rules’ you are suppose to go by. Well I have been doing some thinking myself.”

Susan was surprised to see that Byron looked dead serious. He went on “I am the head of this house and tonight you are going to realize that fact. I don’t plan to run your life. But when you act this crazy and put your life as risk then I am going to have something to say.”

I wasn’t going to listen to any more of this and went to the bedroom and shut the door. That is my signal that I want to be alone and I was pissed when Byron followed me.

“Susan this IS going to happen but first you are going to stand in the corner and think about why you felt in necessary to put you life in danger.”

“Are you out of your MIND? I am NOT standing in any corner! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of! You can forget it! It is NOT going to happen!”

Byron was much too calm when he said “Actually honey, it is.” Before I even realized what was happening he had pulled me over his knee and held me. That wasn’t easy because I was mad as hell and I was fighting him hard! I felt him reach over to his night stand and grab the hairbrush and quickly began spanking me fast and hard! Never had he spanked so hard! It hurt like hell!!

I kept yelling “Stop Byron! That really hurts!” Always in the past that would have ended the spanking but he was acting like he couldn’t even hear me. When he let me up I couldn’t stop rubbing.

“Damn it”, I snapped “that hurt! What the hell is the matter with you?”

“You always tell me a spanking is supposed to hurt, so I guess I am doing something right. Now you are going to the corner.”

I was about to continue my protest but I needed time to think and at this moment the corner seem as good a place as any. Fine, whatever! I thought to myself as I stomped over. I was still stunned by this whole confrontation. But not as much as I was when Byron’s next words were,

“Pants down, panties too.”

I exploded! “You have lost your fucking mind!” I screamed at him. Big mistake. He grabbed me around the waist and with one arm yanked down my sweats and panties! Then without a word he once again sailed into my sore ass with the brush!

It was at this late point in the confrontation that I realized, for the first time, that I really wasn’t in control. I had pretended before that he was in control but it had never really been true. I knew I had always had the power to stop anything I didn’t want.

With one last smack that sounded like a gun shot he said sternly “Not one more word and don’t move one inch out of that corner.”

My head was spinning, my ass was throbbing and my mind was racing! What had set him off, what was going on? I couldn’t believe all this had started because I had ridden a few miles with Hannah when she was a bit tipsy! But then the thought occurred to me – what if one of the boys had done that? Hadn’t I warned them both a million times? What if Byron had put himself it that kind of danger? The seriousness of what I had actually done began to hit home.

I had probably been there about 20 minutes when Byron returned. He called me over to him. “Have you had time to realize what you did, what could have happened, how devastated the boys and I would have been if something had happened to you? Do you know what you risked?”

I did know, I really did. “Byron I am so sorry. Never ever will I do anything so stupid again. I really do know how serious it was!”

“That’s good honey. And in a minute you are going to realize how serious I think it was.”

“But, but… you just spanked me! What do you mean?”

“Susan I spanked you for not going to the corner when I told you to. Now you are going to see how I feel about you riding with drunks!”

With that I was over the end of the bed and my ass was on fire again with the first stroke of his belt. I knew I couldn’t take much more. My safe word played around in my head but as much as I wanted it to stop I just couldn’t say it. The belt felt like it was searing my butt each time it landed! But at this time, for this offence I knew it was not a game we were playing and I wouldn’t say the safe word! My hands were dug into the bedclothes as if I were holding on for dear life.

Finally it stopped. I lay there sobbing as Byron gathered me in his arms and held me. He whispered quietly in my ear how much he loved me and how important I was to him. He had me roll over and very gently rubbed lotion on my burning bottom and thighs. I was amazed that anything could feel so good and hurt so much at the same time.

I slept then. When I woke I did so slowly. Shifting position I winced and clarity came to my mind. Byron was lying beside me.

“How you doing?” he asked.

I smiled back “I’m good” I answered. And I was, I was as good as I had ever been! I couldn’t believe that Byron had really cared enough to take charge as he had. I was still stunned!

“Okay so from now on”, he grinned, “how about we keep this spanking thing fun and erotic because other wise you are going to realize that this time I took it easy on you! The next time I might have to spank you hard!”


Okay you have done your reading now do your guessing. Remember this is a blast from the past! Was it written by my twin Eva, or me (PK), or Grace or Reesa (Roberts)? You can go back and check out each of these blogs to see if you can identify a style. Vote and then I will post the answer here by late Sunday night.

I found some of these lovely pictures at American Spanking Society. Thanks Todd and Suzy!


I want to let you know the author of this weeks Fantasy Friday. You can click here if you haven’t read it yet. The voting was very close Grace got 13%, Eva 25% and Ressa and I each got 31%. Adam thought it was Eve – he was close, it was her twin. Yep, I wrote Playing Games. Do you see what you folks are doing to me?? I am reduced to posting my own old stories. I am not great at fiction but I love to write when I get the chance. There is one more story in the cupboard for next week then it will be empty again. Keep writing folks and send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote 'Playing Games'?


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey day meme

Happy happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Don’t forgot to come by tomorrow for Fantasy Friday!

Hermione posted this a few days ago. Maybe some do view meme as a form of spam but I like them. I like doing them and I like reading memes when someone else does them. And since most people won’t even be reading today thought it was a good day to post it, a little light reading for after a huge dinner.

1. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? – Afternoon for sure!

2. On which side of the bed do you sleep? - The right side.

3. Pork, beef, or chicken? – Yes, thank you!

4. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? – I used to get car sick as a kid but I haven’t had to do this since Dramine came out.

5. What leg do you put in pants first when putting them on? -

6. Candles or incense? - Candles

7. Do you dance when no one is watching? – Not so often anymore.

8. Did you play doctor when you were little? - No, but I wouldn’t mind trying it now a little.

9. Stove top cooking or microwave? – Do what?

10. Would you rather your car or your house be dirty? – Car. I love for my house to be clean, not enough to clean it but I love it clean.

11. Shower or bath? - Shower

12. Do you pee in the shower? – I have

13. Mexican or Chinese food? - Chinese, Japanese too!

14. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? - Aggressive

15. Do you own sex toys? – Bunches and I want more.

16. Corn dogs or hot dogs? - Hot dogs but not many lately

17. Your favorite restaurant? – A real good southern place near here. Pulled pork, fried catfish, fried chicken, fried flounder, fried shrimp (are you seeing a pattern?) fried apple stick and fried sweet potatoes. Bake potatoes, beans, slaw and banana pudding! All you can eat. I usually only go once a year or so.

18. What did you have for lunch today? – A small piece of chicken and some Oreos

19. When did you last fall down? – It’s been a while, years. But I fell down the deck stairs and had bruises I was very proud of. No one saw them but me. It was before I came out so it really fed the fantasy.

20. Have you ever wished someone were dead? – Yes, but only those I loved dearly and I knew death was the very best thing for them.

21. Love or money? - Love

22. Credit cards or cash? - Credit cards, with the balance always paid each month

23. Has there ever been anyone in your family you wish wasn’t? – Yeah, I guess so. I don’t hate any of them but there are some I could do with out.

24. Oreos or vanilla wafers? - Oreos

25. How do you like your steak cooked? – By someone else. Medium, juicy and tender.

26. How do you like your eggs cooked? - Scrambled

27. Have you ever knocked someone off their feet in a fight? - No

28. Would you rather go camping or to a five star hotel? – You have got to be kidding me?

29. Would you rather have a root canal or minor surgery? – Really don’t want either but probably minor surgery. I hate to have my teeth worked on.

30. Would you shave your entire body (including your head) for money? – It would have to be a heck of a lot of money!

31. Would you rather have lice or an STD? – Neither, but you don’t have to spend days and days cleaning your house if you have an STD.

32. What’s your favorite hard candy? – I don’t really like hard candy.

33. Ever been to a strip club? - Yes

34. Ever been to a bar? - Yes

35. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club? - No

36. Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere? - No

37. Kissed someone of the same sex? - Yes

38. Had sex in the car? - No, I was 24 the first time I had sex. I think if you wait that long you deserve a nice comfortable bed!

39. Had sex at the beach? - No

40. Had sex in a movie theater? - No

41. Had sex in a bathroom? – Yes, in the shower.

42. Have you ever been in an “adult” store? – You better believe it! I went to two of the best in the world on the LA Trip.

43. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? – Nick is the only person I ever intend to have sex with. He is also my friend.

44. Have you been caught having sex? - No

45. Have you ever kissed a stranger? - No

46. Does anyone have naughty pictures of you? – We have some that Nick took when we were dating. I never exactly showed them to my parents and I haven’t shared them with Mollie but someday I will hang them in the bedroom.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving is upon us! I guess you know the type of stress that brings. Getting ready for the invasion of family can be overwhelming – cleaning, planning menus, buying groceries, thawing turkeys. I don’t know what is on your menus this year but we are having turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, home made biscuits, pumpkin pie, coconut cake and red velvet cake. Before dinner we’ll have a cheese ball and a veggie tray and sausage balls with home made punch. Honestly, I am exhausted just thinking about it!! Just think how tired I would be if I actually had to do any of this.

You know it’s not me folks! We are going to Nick’s folks of course. But don’t feel sorry for his mom there should only be about 22 or 23 of us. And she is not old or anything. She won’t be 84 until next month. The daughters and daughters-in-law do help some – I’m bringing plates! MIL is amazing and seems to love doing this, not only for holidays but every Sunday also. But then again last Thanksgiving I did over hear her mutter to her husband “We live over the river and through the woods and they still found us!”

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fantasy Friday - the reveal

Well how did you like having a contest again? I liked it, it felt right. I thank everyone who came by to read and a special thank you to those who voted. The voting went like this – Carye got 20% of the vote. I got 25 % and Pretty DD Girl received 5 %. But Italian Gal got 50 % of the vote. Well on your first time voting in a while how did you do? Did the majority get the right answer? Who wrote “Never go out Alone”?

The author of this wonderful story was none other that Carye!! Yep my little sister not only wrote a wonderful story she managed to fool most of you. Go Carye!! I want to add that Carye managed to write a story while caring for her 4 active children and her dear husband Papa Shrek and working from home. Yeah for you Carye, and thanks!! Come on folks, if she can you ought to give it a try. I know this is a busy time but I hope a few of you or tons of you will help out. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


What I want to do today.

• Go back to bed
• Get up later to a fully prepared breakfast
• Play on the computer
• Read a good book
• Take a nap
• Eat soft warm home made cookies
• Watch an old movie

What I am going to do today

• Go to church
• Go to in laws
• Grocery shop
• Bake a cake for work tomorrow
• Try to get caught up and ready for work tomorrow
• Nap (can’t go with out completely)
• Remind Laura to go to play practice
• Post the answer to who wrote Fantasy Friday this week. Go back here and go to the end to find the author. You can vote until about 8 this evening!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Never Go Out Alone

Finally Friday got here. It sure took it's time this week. It always does when I am anxious to post a new story. This one is hot and spicy and takes place in a foreign country! What could be better. Enjoy...

Never Go Out Alone

Awaking suddenly, Rex realized that Amy wasn't in the room. Panicking he ran out of the hotel room and impatiently and repeatedly pressed the down button for the elevator. Deciding it wasn't coming fast enough he opted for the stairs, and ran down two at a time. "Where the hell was she? Didn't she know how dangerous it would be to be alone in this country?" he thought. As he ran out of the revolving doors, with great relief he saw Antonio.

"Antonio" he called. "Have you seen Amy?"

"Yes, she left about an hour ago. Por que?" he replied in broken English.

"Was she alone? Where did she go??"

"Si, senor, she was alone. I told her she should not walk the streets of Lima alone. She said she not want to wake you."

"And you let her go?" he said as calmly as he could.

"No, senor, I had Roberto take her where she wanted to go. She wasn't happy but she agreed. He came back a few minutes ago. Said he took her to the Museo de Oro and she told him to go back that she would call you when she was ready to leave. But I don't think that she will. She was not happy with us taking her." Antonio said shrugging his shoulders with a look of exasperation.

"Antonio is it safe for me to go alone there. I remember the way and it is light out."

"Si, Senor, it should be fine. If you get lost call me here and I will come for you"

"Thank you" he said as he rushed off.

Within a few minutes he arrived and the Museum. Looking around he didn't see her. He asked and no one thought she was still there as it was closing time. So he headed back. Grumbling to himself, he swore she would regret ever leaving that hotel room. As he headed back he noticed a jewelry store and looking in on a whim, he saw a figure that looked very familiar. He took a deep breath to calm down, she was fine, he needed to get under control as he felt his terror being replaced with anger. He calmly walked up to her, scooped her arm into his and said, "Its time to go".

Amy jumped as her arm was taken and quickly relaxed as soon as she realized it was Rex. Then she asked "What are you doing up? I thought you were napping? Don't tell me you came looking for me" she added rolling her eyes.

Rex tightened his grip working to maintain control. "Why yes dear, I did come to find you. I woke up and you weren't there and I was afraid something had happened to you. We'll discuss this more when we get back. Now, let's go." He said with a strong, calm and determined pull.
Suddenly, Amy fell silent, realizing she was in trouble. "Sorry, Rex, I didn't mean to worry you. I left a note…."

Rex didn't reply. Somehow Amy thought that was probably a bad sign and followed him meekly.

Upon entering the hotel room, Rex gave a few curt orders. "Amy, go shower quickly, and dry off then get into that corner. I'll call you when I'm ready, and you better be there in 5 minutes."

"But Rex… can't we talk about …"

Cutting her off, he said, "oh we'll talk alright, and you'll answer….big time…."

"Yes sir" she said meekly and headed quickly to the shower.

Quick as she could she got out and toweled off and headed for the corner. She didn't dare look but could hear Rex doing calisthenics. She knew he was calming himself down, before they talked, but knowing that he was mad enough to need calming down, wasn't exactly comforting.

Soon, she heard different noises, shades being pulled, and shuffling through things in the bathroom. She shivered slightly, and shifted uncomfortably, she knew he was fetching implements and that the time was drawing near. She tried to prepare herself to be humble and meek, yet she knew she was still angry from being dragged out of the store like some animal.

"Just accept things, be meek, you love a DD relationship, you need this…" She said silently to herself, trying to convince herself to submit to the pain.

"Amy!" Rex barked breaking the silence enveloping the room. "Come here and sit down."

"Yes Sir" Amy thought so far so good.

Sitting on a desk chair she noted it was up too high for her to rest her feet. They just dangled. Rex stood up with his back to her.

"Amy, where are we?" he started.

"Lima, Peru, sir."

"And what were we told by Dr. E before we came here."

She rolled her eyes, "To never go out alone but I was going to ca…" Rex cut her off.

"Stop, apparently your mind isn't right for this discussion yet. Get up, lean over that chair, hands grabbing the legs of the chair please."

"But..." with a fast motion he swept her up and plopped her in place. Giving her no time to catch her breath he laid a fire of volleys on her upturned butt. Quickly she went from a lily white to a dark pink. She wanted so badly to put her hands back and stop the barrage, but she knew that was a huge mistake, so she gripped the legs hard.

"You will listen and answer the questions, I don't want excuses or additional information about why you thought this was safe. I just want answers Do You Understand???" He queried between swats.

Wanting to do anything to stop the pain, Amy quietly said "Yes Sir."

Rex left his hand in the small of her back. "Listen up, we can talk face to face, or butt to face, I don't care which. I think you do though. You have one more chance to sit and talk with me. If there is a next time, you will be in this position a long time. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir" With that she felt his hand release her, and his arm help her up. She loved the feel of him so gently helping her. She knew when this was over, she would have that back, she knew her head was in the right place, and she would make it through this, and maybe, just maybe even deserved this.

Kissing her head gently as she shifted in her chair, he took a deep breath and said "let's try this again. Where are we?" he started.

"Lima, Peru, sir."

"And what were we told by Dr. E before we came here."

"To never go out alone"

"And why not?"

"Because it is a very poor country, Sir" She said.

With that Rex pulled out an email that their professor had sent. "Let me read this to you to refresh your memory…Peru is often said to be one of the most dangerous countries in South America. Most travelers leave without ever feeling they’ve been in a sticky situation. Peru’s widespread poverty means that street crimes (e.g. pick pocketing, bag-snatching and muggings) are common….Sound familiar?"

"Yes Sir"

"Look at me," he said gently and lifted her chin to face him. "If you were mugged, or hurt in any way, I don't know how I'd handle it. You mean everything to me. I can't handle the thought of loosing you. People have disappeared here. Generally as Doc said, we're safe. The government is stable now, and we're in the capital. But if something…" he stopped, not wanting his thoughts to go there.

"I'm sorry I didn't think. I wanted to be out shopping and not napping. I couldn't sleep. I…I'm sorry." She said realizing she really was sorry.

"Do you have any idea how panicked I felt when I awoke and you weren't there? I was terrified. I ran down the stairs because the elevator couldn't come fast enough." Not wanting to repeat the ordeal in his mind, he took a deep breath and started again. "If you got hurt do you speak enough Spanish to make sure you know how to describe things to the police and the doctors? And have all your questions answered in the hospital??"

"No sir."

"Now, Doc would help, but who knows how long you might have to wait for help there and I want to spend time together in Lima, not in a hospital. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I promise I won't go out without you. Honest."

"Now, you did take Roberto with you, when Antonio insisted, I'll give you some credit for that. However, I'm not amused they knew you weren't happy about it. They are wonderful and gracious hosts who are proud of their country and want us to have a wonderful experience. There are enough Americans that come through here and are rude and obnoxious to them, we are not one of them. In addition, I'm not happy that you told him to go home. You said you were going to call me?"

"Yes sir, I was going to have you meet me there so I wouldn't be alone."

"Yet, somehow, I didn't get a call and you weren't where Roberto left you, instead you were a few blocks away at the jewelry store. Did you teleport there? Or were you escorted?" he asked stiffly.

"Um, neither sir" she replied shifting.

"So, how exactly did you get from the Museo de Oro to the jewelry store?"

"Please, you know" she whispered.

"No, you need to tell me."

"I walked..." pausing she added "alone sir. I'm sorry"

"Were you really going to call? Or were you lying about that."

"I was going to call. I even asked at the jewelry store, but their phone wasn't working. Then you came in …."

"If you had gotten a hold of me, what would you have done then? What could you have said? You knew you were in trouble didn't you?"

"Well, I was going to say Roberto brought me and could you come get me or something. I really hadn't figured it out."

"It's neither here nor there. So here is the way I see it, you tell me if it is different. You didn't like me napping, you were bored, and ticked that you had to stay around. You knew it was unsafe, but wanted to go to the Museo de Oro. You planned on just sneaking there, but Antonio saw you, told you not to go alone, and insisted despite you arguing that Roberto escort you. Then you dumped Roberto as soon as possible, without a plan other than to call me at some point or sneak home. Is that about right?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry, I promise it won't happen again. I'm really sorry"

"Yes, I know you are, and I'm going to make sure it doesn't even cross your mind again to leave without me knowing where exactly you are going. Or if it does, your body will cringe remembering this and you won't leave. Ok, come here. Lean over the bed with the pillows under your hips." Tears already starting, she quickly complied.

Wasting no time, he picked up the brush. Smack! Smack! Smack! She jumped in shock at how painful it was on her already tenderized butt. She swore she'd never … then he picked up speed and intensity and all she could think of was how much it hurt. After a few minutes, he stopped. She held her breath. "Please be over, please, please be over" she thought. Sobbing, she apologized over and over, swearing she wouldn't leave again. He pressed on the small of her back and rubbed her bottom gently inspecting his work. "We have a little more to go my dear. I want to make this absolutely clear. Maybe in Kentucky it is less of an offence to do this, but here it is potentially a real danger. I will not... I repeat... will NOT have you endanger your life. Ever! You have paid for your sneaking; doing what you knew was against the rules, scaring me, and every other part, except for endangering yourself. You rest here; I think you need a little break." With this he stepped away, and sat down in the recliner, mindlessly flipping pages in the magazine. Slowly her sobbing came under control she wondered what he had planned next. She wasn't sure she wanted to know.

Rex waited a full 15 minutes then got up. "Amy, endangering your life is one thing I will not put up with. For this, you are going to get 10 strokes with a cane."

"What??? But we don't have a cane?" she said shocked.

"I improvised. The rod from the shades should do just fine" he said smacking it against his hand then lightly on her upturned butt.

"I can't handle it. Please the brush is enough, I can't take any more" she pleaded panicking.

"Brace yourself, I won't be gentle, yet it won't be more than you can take. When it is over, all will be forgiven and we'll snuggle up together. Are you ready?"

Tightening her grip on the pillow by her head and resigning herself to the inevitable, she took a deep breath and said "Yes sir".

Wasting no time the cane whistled through the air making contact with her tender behind. She screamed a long cry into the pillow. He let her roll with the pain. He waited, letting it subside some and letting her catch her breath before landing the next stroke. Carefully and slowly he worked his way down from the top of her butt to the bottom of her thighs, never letting one stroke land on top of the other.

"This is the last Amy, you can make it." He reassured her.

"Please, not my thighs" she managed to choke out.

Complying he made the hardest stroke of the entire session land across her other stroke marks on her behind. Dropping the cane, he hugged her lying down on the bed, snuggling her in as closely as possible. "It's over honey, all is forgiven. I love you. You took that very bravely." He held her close and let her crying subside. Stroking her hair gently, whispering loving things into her ear. She snuggled into him, feeling safe, loved, and wanting nothing more in life than to be enveloped in his warm arms and body forever. He gently scooted her up on the bed, and snuggled closer. Soon, they both drifted off, spent from the afternoon's ordeal.


Now that felt good didn't it! We have a contest this week. Yeah, it's been a while but I thought you might recognize this author. I will put the answer up a little differently this time. I will add it to the bottom of this post late Sunday evening so come back then and check it out. Please leave a comment to let the author know what you though of the story. And if you have a story send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Never Go Out Alone"

Italian Gal
Pretty DD Girl

Well how did you like having a contest again? I liked it, it felt right. I thank everyone who came by to read and a special thank you to those who voted. The voting went like this – Carye got 20% of the vote. I got 25 % and Pretty DD Girl received 5 %. But Italian Gal got 50 % of the vote. Well on your first time voting in a while how did you do? Did the majority get the right answer? Who wrote “Never go out Alone”?

The author of this wonderful story was none other that Carye!! Yep my little sister not only wrote a wonderful story she managed to fool most of you. Go Carye!! I want to add that Carye managed to write a story while caring for her 4 active children and her dear husband Papa Shrek and working from home. Yeah for you Carye, and thanks!! Come on folks, if she can you ought to give it a try. I know this is a busy time but I hope a few of you or tons of you will help out. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One little favor

I had asked for a simple favor but my friends got it all messed up. I just wanted someone to send me something. I thought I was being clear enough, but apparently not. While I was calmly waiting for CeeCi to send back my libido I instead got something from Eva. Yep I am sitting here waiting on that warm libido to return and what shows up? Eva’s weather!!

Yep the weather man says it is coming straight from her area and hitting us! No it’s not snowing but it’s COLD!! I’m not happy. Mthc can’t help me its cold there too. But if someone has to send weather where’s Grace?? She doesn’t even want the hot weather, she is fussing about it.

So let me be more clear. CeeCi, send the libido back. Eva keep your frigid weather up there. Grace send your weather here, we are used to warm and we have AC. Have you got it straight now girls?? Okay, lets try it again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I got nada

I have nothing to post about at all. My mind is totally empty (no cracks please). Grace can post about nothing and it becomes a wonderful post. Eva can do the same thing. For me nada. So I am spending the night looking for pictures for this Friday’s Fantasy Friday story. I am looking forward to this one not only because it is a great story but also because you are going to be voting on this one again! When I first read it at least 3 names popped into my mind for who could have written it and I already knew! So you are really going to have to think!

Thank you so much to those of you who are writing and sending stories. Send any to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nick's day

We have had a calm and peaceful week. We have had some good play time. Nick is always taking care of me and my needs but I don’t want you to thing I don’t try to take good care of him. Wednesday was his afternoon. Mollie was away and I was a good girl and went to the gym. I call on my way home so he could get ready. On ‘his’ day he is not allow to do anything by lay back and take it!

I began by massaging his feet. The lotion smells wonderful and I even hold it in my hands until it is warm before I lovingly rubbed it on his feet. Each calf and thigh was thoroughly massaged. I next moved to his back, shoulders and arms. Then I came back to his bottom. I know some great things for butt massage – we have a toy box full. He allows this just a little – only for massage purposes but it is always fun to give him a little taste. So I showed him some mild sting mixed with some gentle kisses.

When I asked him to turn over I began massaging his legs and chest completely avoiding the part of his anatomy that rose to see what all was going on. Well I didn’t ignore it completely. I occasional brushed against it and maybe a tiny gentle kiss or two. Nick is seemingly pretty happy by this time, content you might say. So my massage began to turn to finger tips and I gently began massaging the area around the base of the testicles. The man was beginning to squirm by this time!

I like to start a BJ off with very gentle touches and tiny kisses and little licks. Nick never seems to argue with my approach but within a reasonable amount of time the approach becomes firmer and more intense. I try to position myself so that Nick can watch as well as experience – he seems to enjoy that. Sometimes I hold a small vibrator in my hand as I grab, squeeze and stroke, sometimes I hold the vibrator to his bottom. When he comes I feel like the most powerful woman on earth. Then my touch becomes very gentle again, tiny strokes, tiny kisses and gentle licks.

I have told you I don’t do much when it comes to cooking, cleaning, laundry and such. But for some reason Nick keeps me around. I am very grateful!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Special delivery, part 4

Welcome to Friday – best day of the week! It always is but having a great story to read makes it even better. I have loved every part of this story. Special Delivery has been just that – special! If you are just joining us or if you want to refresh your memory you can read Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 by clicking on them. Much thanks to the author for sharing this wonderful story with us. If there is more we would love to be able to read on some time. Enjoy…

Special Delivery
Chapter 4

Jane was ready to pinch herself to make sure this was really happening. The past six months had been a blur of dizzy happiness. The kind of giddy, self absorbed, falling in love she had always dreamed of. Now she was getting married. Today. To the man of her dreams. Mrs. Raymond Bishop. It had a nice ring to it.

Grabbing her flowers she stood in front of the full-length mirror. The simple, knee length silk sheath fit her perfectly, and looked stunning with the choker of pearls Ray had given her last night. With the flowers from his mother’s garden tied in a simple bouquet she looked like a proper bride. The wedding was going to be small, with no parents between them they had chosen to keep it simple, but elegant. The twins would stand for them, and Ray’s friend Eric would be the best man. The minister that had married Ray’s parents was happy to perform the ceremony at the house. Their house.

After one last look she opened the door and let Debbie know she was ready.

“You look beautiful, Jane. I am so glad you are marrying my brother”

“Yeah, yeah, enough mush, let’s get this show on the road.” Donna cut in.

Both girls looked lovely in matching dresses but their personalities still shone through. While Debbie was happy for Jane and Ray, Donna simply wanted to get the wedding over so she could get moved into Jane’s apartment.

Debbie had presented Jane with a business proposal the previous month and Donna was happy to reap the benefit of her sister’s industry. Since Jane could work from home Debbie offered to keep the store open and expand it into other specialty services, such as packaging and shipping for local businesses, book keeping, and research for hard to find items. She had been keeping the accounts for Ray’s business and wanted to expand that while attending college. By sharing the store hours with her twin they could live in the apartment, make money of their own, and attend classes a few blocks away at the local university. Debbie had plans for a business degree; Donna planned to have as much fun as possible.

Jane heard the music start and hustled the girls into place. They wanted to be married in the garden, under the rose arbor, now in full bloom. Catching Ray’s eye as she entered behind the twins she could not believe how lucky she was.

Ray watched Jane walk toward him. She looked like a fantasy vision. The love and trust in her eyes made him want to care for her the rest of his life. He was so focused on his bride he failed to see the speculative look Donna gave Eric.


“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The minister waited patiently while Ray did a thorough job of following his instructions. Since there were only five members of the wedding party they had agreed on a champagne toast at the arbor before heading to the restaurant.

“Ray has been my best friend since second grade. It is an honor and a privilege to be the first to offer a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bishop. May your days be filled with love and laughter.”

Eric drank to their health, along with the twins. The minister offered his blessing and sent them on their way. If ever there was a young man who deserved happiness it was Ray. Donna seized the moment and grabbed Eric’s hand.

“I’ll ride with Eric so he doesn’t get lost. Debbie can go with you.”

“I’ll drive myself, that way you can be alone and I can bring Donna home. Otherwise she will make Eric do it.”

“No, we’ll go together. Don’t worry about Eric, he can handle Miss Donna. In fact, she may regret latching on to him.”

Ray smiled at the thought of Donna in Eric’s no-nonsense care, and headed for the restaurant. He was looking forward to his honeymoon and a whole week off from worrying about his sisters. Eric had only recently moved back after a stint in the military. He had planned to take some time off before starting to teach at the local college and was going to be looking in on the twins while Ray and Jane were gone.

After a lovely meal made all the more enjoyable by Donna’s unusually good spirits, they prepared to leave. The airport shuttle was picking them up at Jane’s apartment, leaving Ray’s car there for the twin’s to move their things. Since it was only clothes and personal items they should be settled in that night. Jane had decided to leave the furniture for them; it would be easier for everyone.

As the shuttle pulled away Eric asked if they needed help with the move.

“No, thanks.” “Oh, could you?” They answered simultaneously.

Debbie had her things neatly packed and already in the trunk of Ray’s car, so she started on the changes needed in the store while Eric and Donna made the trip back to the house for her clothes.

“Just make yourself at home, Eric, I’ll be right back.”

Donna skipped up the stairs, plotting how to get Eric’s attention. He certainly had changed in the four years since she had seen him last. Donna smiled to herself; this was going to be a very interesting week. Choosing a halter top and her skimpiest short shorts she quickly changed and threw everything else into a laundry basket. There would be plenty of time to deal with stuff later. Right now she wanted to make sure that Eric could see that Ray’s little sister was all grown up. Slipping down the stairs she popped the champagne out of the fridge and went looking for trouble.

Eric almost laughed out loud when he saw Donna slinking toward him, half dressed and clutching a bottle. Ray was right, she didn’t waste any time.

“I thought we would finish this, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“Just what was it that made you think I would sit here and let you drink?”

Shifting nervously Donna tried again. “I just wanted to thank you for helping.”

The innocent smile on top of the painted on shorts and skimpy halter were too much. Eric started laughing as he took the bottle, grabbed her hand and led her back inside.

“Ray asked me to keep an eye on you and your sister while he is gone. I doubt if he intended that to include letting you drink champagne. I know it did not include letting you parade around half naked.”

“You are not my boss and I can do whatever I want.”

“You will go upstairs. You will change into something appropriate. You will do it now.”

Something about his voice made it clear that he was not going to take any nonsense. Ray had made plenty of threats, in that same low, hard voice, but it had never made her knees weak like this.

Closing her lips with one finger he continued “Let me make this easy for you. I am supposed to keep an eye on you and tell Ray whether I think you are going to be okay living away from home. He’s pretty sure Debbie is ready, but you have been acting like a two year old ever since he started dating Jane. Not only will I tell him you need to move back home, but I am perfectly willing to move you and stay with you myself until he gets back.”

“Oh no, that won’t be necessary. I just have few things to get and I’ll be ready to go.” Donna raced upstairs and changed into jeans and an old shirt of Ray’s, then meekly brought her basket down and loaded it into the trunk.

Eric smiled to himself. She may look innocent and cooperative but there was a speculative gleam in her eye that told him the battle had just begun.


Ray made Jane close her eyes for the last few miles. He had made the arrangements and wanted to surprise her. The little cabin nestled on the side of the mountain, with a stream running past and honeysuckle thick on the air. He had worried that this might be a little too rustic for a honeymoon, but he wanted her all to himself. Jane’s squeal of delight put his mind at ease. Throwing her arms around his neck she covered his face with kisses before jumping out of the rental car and running to the porch swing.

“I love it! How did you find this place?”

“Well, when I started thinking about where to take you I knew I wanted privacy, and it had to be someplace new to both of us. One of my drivers showed me pictures of his vacation here and that made me think,…well,”

Jane was amazed to see him blushing furiously. “Made you think what?”

“Made me think I wanted to lean you over that porch rail and warm your bottom then put you on my lap and swing until we pass out from pleasure.” He laughed. “Guess that’s kind of what every groom hopes for on the honeymoon.”

“Sounds heavenly, do I have time to unpack, or should I just lean over right now?” Jane slowly walked to the railing, bent forward and eased her skirt up to her waist, displaying sheer pink panties. Wiggling from side to side she looked over her shoulder in time to see her new husband’s mouth drop open.

“You’re mighty fast talking and slow walking today Mr. Bishop. Don’t tell me that marriage has killed the romance already.”

Before she could continue her teasing a large hand landed firmly on her backside. It was a little harder than their usual play and she let out a yelp. Rubbing her bottom slowly, Ray gave her a wicked smile.

“All these months of being careful, worrying about making too much noise. I made sure we are the only people for miles so you just holler all you want to darlin’. I plan to keep this bottom red hot for the whole week.”

Once her flesh was hot to the touch Ray started his favorite game. Alternating hard smacks with teasing her almost to the point of orgasm, he soon had her moaning and begging him to take her right there. Keeping her right on the brink until she was sobbing with pent up need he finished with a dozen hard smacks to each cheek and let her up. Watching her jump and squeal as she tried to rub the fire in her bottom made it difficult to get his pants off. Seating himself on the swing he pulled her panties off and lifted her onto his lap. Sliding deep inside her he held her close, resisting her attempts to move. Slowly swinging, just the lightest of movement stirred him as the heat from her punished flesh warmed his lap. Holding off as long as he could he reveled in her gasp as he lifted her and let her slide down his full length. Swinging furiously, he slammed into her until her release sent him spiraling to his own. Slick with sweat and their mingled juices he glanced down at his bride in time to see a slow lazy smile.

“Close, darling, very close. We’ll just have to keep practicing until you make me pass out.”


Anon thank you again for this wonderfully hot story! If anyone has a story that they would like to share with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please and Thank-you

I really enjoyed Love our Lurkers day. If you read here at all you know that I am into the friendships out here. I have really found that as a group, spankos are a friendly supportive bunch of people. Thank you again for reading here whether you ever comment or not.

I was happy to see that several people mentioned Fantasy Friday yesterday. I was happy to hear that so many people are still enjoying the series. I am afraid, however, that it is not going to last. I know you must be tired of me begging for stories but the truth is Fantasy Friday does not exist without you. I am not a great fiction writer although I love to give it a try when I take the time to write. I have a story for this week, the final chapter I have of the Special Delivery story. I hope there are more chapters and that my anon friend will be willing to share them but folks she has been kind enough to share many wonderful stories with us and it is only fair for us to do some of the work too. After all she may want to read some other work sometimes!

So folks I am putting Fantasy Friday in your hands. Several of you have written multiple stories for us and I want to give you a big thank you! I am asking my blogger friends it they are will in to share a story. I will certainly be directing people back to your blog so folks can enjoy more of your writing. And I always like to give a special invitation to those of you without blogs. I love to get stories from you. They don’t have to be long and elaborate. Just share a fantasy that has always been in your mind. Tell of a real life experience. You can be totally anonymous if you like, or you can share a little information with us.

Its crunch time people – if you have ever enjoyed a Fantasy Friday then please, please write one for us. Short, long, poem – anything you want to share. After this I will not bug you all any more. Anytime I have a story to post, I’ll post it but if I don’t have one, well then we will just all wait together.

Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lurkers = friends in hiding!

Welcome to Love our Lurkers Day!! Thank you to Bonnie for helping us organizes. Everyone is always welcomed here, I want everyone to feel free to read here whether you choose to comment or not but I would LOVE for you to leave a comment! I spend way too much time on the computer. Sometimes I think – enough, stop already! Because I know I will never really be able to taper off I guess I will either blog or stop. It’s an addiction and it will have to be cold turkey if I should someday decide to stop. But I have no plans to stop now. Talking to you all is my therapy, my relaxation, and my connection to friends.

Most of us got here the same way – we typed spanking into the computer and waited to see what came up. I was lucky that it brought me to a safe, sane place with people like me who enjoyed spanking as a way to bring closeness and communication to my marriage. I read, lurked, a long time before I ever commented. I didn’t think I had anything to add. I had not come out to Nick yet so I wasn’t being spanked. But finally I just couldn’t stand being on the outside looking in any longer. I knew these were my people, people that understood this strange desire I had hidden all my life. I just had to talk with them. Now I think back to all I would have missed in my life if I had stayed quiet. I would have missed the best friends I have ever had and I would have missed becoming the person I am today. And most of the time I really like who I am. I am pretty sure Nick likes her too!

And while I am talking to lurkers mostly I have one piece of advice to new bloggers too. When someone does take the time to comment, try to respond to them. I still lurk many places when I comment a time or two and the blogger does not respond I usually stop commenting. I keep reading but I assume they are not interested in a back and forth conversation. And that’s okay I know both commenting and answering comments takes time. But if you do comment here I will try my best to respond. I love the back and forth!

And while I am here asking you to please just say hello – feel free to go ahead and write a spanking story for Fantasy Friday, you know you want to! Okay, okay I’ll back off but please just say hello! You can email too elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Have a great day!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Good news!

The libido is neither dead nor permanently missing! It just needs more coaxing than usual! Thankfully Nick is willing to coax.

I know my best time is afternoon. I like to stay up late, but I like my sleep. I like to sleep in the morning until my clock tells me I have no choice but to get up. By the time I go to bed sleep is all I have on my mind. Now being able to sleep late on weekends might lend itself to a nice encounter but I am most comfortable in the afternoon when Mollie is out of the house.

She was babysitting this past Wednesday and I got an email from my honey earlier in the day. The email included some instruction – I love instructions! Just being told I must do something is very hot. First he thanked me for pointing out that Mollie was going to be gone, there by letting him know what was on my mind. He then mentioned some laundry that he didn’t thing I had put away quickly enough (I think I did, but what ever). Next he told me to use my ben-wa balls and spend my time until he got home reading ‘something appropriate’ to get me mentally prepared for the afternoon. That was an easy assignment!

I read until Nick got home. We spent some time visiting and then we wandered to the bed room. I got some extra special treatment and then we showered together and back to the bedroom. There was some good spanking – some a bit harder later for the stupid laundry but this first was very nice. The libido had definitely come by for a visit! Between the vibrator and Nick’s knowledge that I am very anal erotic it turned into one very, very hot afternoon!!

Maybe the libido has not moved back in permanently but as long as she will come visit often I will try to treat her to a wonderful time any and every time she shows up. And a special thanks to Nick for getting to know me so well and for continuing to find ways to intrigue my mind and please my body.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Special Delivery - Part 3

You will be happy to know that I am putting up the third chapter of ‘Special Delivery’ this week. You can read the first chapter here and the second here. I have to really thank my anonymous friend for sharing this wonderful story with us. She has helped keep Fantasy Friday going. It’s nice to be able to count on a hot story to get our weekend off to a sexy start. I can always use more stories so if you are writing one send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Now, enjoy…

Special Delivery
Chapter 3

The ride home was quiet. Jane worried what he must think of a woman that slept with him before even knowing his name. Ray pondered how to put her at ease. She directed him to the back of the shop where her private entrance was. Ray casually draped his arm over her shoulder as they climbed the stairs. At the door he tipped her chin up, thanked her for a lovely evening and kissed her, thoroughly, but with some restraint. Taking the keys from her hand, he unlocked the door and held it for her.

“Aren’t you coming in?” Jane asked, puzzled to find him still standing on her porch.

“Not on our first date.” He smiled and ran lightly down the steps, calling over his shoulder, “Do you like ice cream?”

“Sure, who doesn’t?”

“Great, we’ll have ice cream next time.”

Jane found herself alone, watching him pull away ruined all of the clever things she had planned to say about not wanting to rush this and waiting to sleep together until they became better acquainted. In fact, she found herself disappointed that he could just walk away so casually. Too keyed up to think about sleep she poured a glass of wine and paced the floor. The more she thought about it the angrier she became. It was her job to turn him down, just leaving her standing there was rude, especially after kissing her like he meant it. She would give him the cold shoulder when he came for her delivery tomorrow, that much was certain. Then, she would give him a chance to apologize. Having decided it was fair to be angry she headed toward bedroom just as she heard a knock at the door. Through the peephole she saw Ray, smiling, with two ice cream cones.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were going home.”

“Hurry up, these are ready to drip, hope you don’t mind, I had to take a couple licks off of yours to keep from making a mess in the car.”

Shoving a melting cone into her hand Ray sauntered in and made himself comfortable on the couch.

“Okay, now this makes it our second date. Should I leave and come back one more time to be respectable, or can I stay here and make out with my girl?”

Jane stared at him with delight, this was exactly what the hero in one of her favorite books would do. Before she could answer the ice cream she had forgotten slid off of the cone, landing on her chest and dripping icy trails between her breasts. Running to the kitchen Jane dropped the cone in the sink and grabbed a towel only to find Ray right behind her. Tossing his ice cream in the sink with hers he lifted her onto the counter and ran his tongue through the sticky mess as he unbuttoned her blouse.

“Now THIS is how I like my ice cream.” He teased as he gathered her breasts and swirled his cold tongue over her already puckered nipples. Taking the towel from her hand he wet it in warm water and gently washed her, trailing kisses over her breasts until she was breathless. “And this is what I have been thinking of all day.”

His hand slid under her skirt to find panties damp with desire. Kissing her deeply, he slipped the wisp of silk aside and stroked her until she moaned. When he raised his head he had to smile at the need written on her face.

“Can we go to the bedroom now?” Jane whispered.

“Not yet, I haven’t finished my dessert.” Dipping his head he slowly kissed the inside of her thighs until she was begging with need. “I’ll buy you new panties tomorrow.” Tearing the thin barrier to shreds he murmured, “Better yet, just don’t wear any.” before burying his face in her sweetness.

Jane lost all sense of reason, the universe contracted to the tip of his tongue as it slipped between her folds, swirling and licking until she cried out his name, her heels drumming against his back with the force of her orgasm.

Picking her up, Ray carried her back to the couch and settled her on his lap.

“Not bad for a second date.” He teased, nibbling her neck, and rolling first on nipple, then the other between his thumb and finger. He took his time, making sure she wanted him as much as he wanted her, when she vibrated with need; he carried her to the bed. Slowly undressing her, planting soft kisses on each inch of flesh he revealed until finally he covered her with his hard body. Poised at her entrance he felt her open for him.

“Tell me what you want, darling.” he rasped against her ear, barely able to restrain himself further.

“Please, Ray, don’t make me beg. I want you, please, now.”

“Oh baby, I want you. I want to feel you around my cock when I make you come.” He slid inside, deep and hard, pinning her to the bed until she gave him what he demanded. Satisfied, twined together, they held one another close. Talked about their day, chatting and relaxing, enjoying the intimacy. Ray hated to spoil the moment, but it was getting late and he would have to leave soon.

“So, does this mean you will forgive me?”

“For what?”

“For the horrid dinner with my sisters, or I should say sister. Debbie was her usual, quiet self, and Donna was her usual bitchy self. I really wanted you to like them.”

“Is that why you punished her? To make me feel better?”

“Hardly. She got what she earned, no more and no less. Why would you think it had anything to do with you?”

“Because you spanked me.,” she whispered, blushing furiously.

“I spanked you because you slapped me. Try it again and I will take a paddle to your butt until you can’t sit for days. Donna got exactly what I told her she would get if she was rude to you, plus she was already in trouble over smoking in school.”

“I see.”

“Why does it matter to you what happens to Donna?”

“I don’t want you spanking anyone but me, even if she is your sister.” Horrified at blurting out her true reason, Jane buried her face in the pillow and burst into tears, resisting his attempts to turn her to face him until he landed several hard swats to both cheeks.

“Look at me.” he demanded. “Now, tell me what you are talking about. You are jealous because I had to spank Donna, is that right?”

Through her tears Jane mumbled, “I wished it was me.”

“You like getting your bottom warmed, do you?”

“No, yes, I like the way it feels when you stop.”

“Tell me how it feels when you are getting spanked?”

When she failed to answer, Ray flipped her over and landed his hand with a crack on both cheeks. “Is this what you like?” Punctuating each word with a spank he asked her again and again until she admitted that she did.

Ray felt himself swell at the thought of spanking her just for the pleasure it would bring. His sisters were a chore, a responsibility that he had to fulfill. This was something totally different. He had never thought of spanking as anything but an effective behavior modification tool until he had Jane over his knee, bottom bouncing and red, her squealing mixed with the sound of his hand cracking against her over and over. That image had kept him awake and hard long hours last night. The idea of her, in her bed, thinking about it too, was the final straw. He made sure her bottom was good and red before pulling her to her knees and sliding deep inside her again. The heat of her bottom against his belly coupled with the way she rocked against him as he drove into her brought them both to shuddering climaxes in moments. Holding her close, he turned, cradling her in his arms.

“We need to talk about this, Jane. I have never done anything like this before, but it feels right with you. Hell, everything feels so damn right with you it scares me.”

“Me too. Scared, I mean. I haven’t even been out on a date for a very long time.
And this is moving so fast.”

“Shush, don’t be scared, we’ll find our way together. As long as we’re happy and we keep talking, we’ll be fine. But I want you to know the spanking you got last night was a totally different thing from tonight. If you deserve a punishment you’ll get it, and I won’t make the same mistake I did last night again. If you have a punishment coming there won’t be any lovemaking until whatever it was is settled. I want to be clear about the difference.”

“But I don’t want the whole spanking, just the first part.”

“Then you better be good.”

Ray held her until she drifted off to sleep then slid reluctantly out of her bed and dressed in the dark. For the first time since his parents died he wished he didn’t have to go home to his sisters.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

!News Flash!

Missing Libidos Found!!

Have you been missing your libido lately? I know it is a wide spread problem. Eva has been complaining for a while. Grace occasionally gripes about it. Come to think of it most of my friends have this complaint from time to time. And unfortunately I have had just a bit of this problem myself lately.

Nick, of course, is none too happy about this and set out on a quest to find just where all the lost libidos go when they disappear. Do they just vanish into a great black hole, are they all hiding close by laughing at us or is it something more sinister? Are they perhaps being stolen?

He searched diligently but it was when he strolled in to CeeCi garden that the ugly truth became evident. The libidos have been hijacked! Maybe it was unintentional, maybe it was an accident he thought. So giving them the benefit of the doubt Nick very nicely pointed out the problem and asked for help. Here is what he said:

Once there seemed to be a general distribution of spankings and libido among the blogging community and specifically among the ROP (Rowdy Old Pervs) of LAKink. Since you and Mr. Smith have been on a roll, the libido balance seems to be off. The balance in the universe has been disturbed. As a public service, I propose that the two of you refrain from contact for one week to see if the libido balance can be restored.

Nick went on to say that he was only kidding – but I really think there is something to this discovery! Come on!! The libidos are going somewhere after all!!

I was sure CeeCi being a true friend, a sister and charter member of the ROP’s would be willing to give Nick’s suggestion a try just in case it might help. But did she and Mr. Smith step up to the plate? NO! What did they do? They laughed! This is actually what she said to Nick – my gosh they admitted it!

Did you hear Mr. Smith burst out laughing when I read him your comment? He wanted me to let you know it's likely true, we've taken all the libido that was meant for our friends and diverted it to our area! We'll give it back... sooner or later. Probably later.

Well there you have it. If your libido is missing we now have a good idea where it is. I suppose that is good news and bad news. The bad new is you are not getting it back any time soon and the good news is – it’s having one hell of a good time!!