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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Movie review

I have to tell you I am loving my time off!  I don’t have to go back to work until January 7th and then I’m taking the 9th off to celebrate with my boys.  I’ve had a lot of time on my hands this week. Nick and his brother have torn down an old shed at his parent’s house and are building them back a new one.  That’s kept him busy.  Mollie is sleeping a lot and seeing her friends some.  So I’ve been on my own.  I like it fine; I’ve been doing some reading, some writing, and even a little cleaning.

On Saturday afternoon I watched the DVD Mollie got me for Christmas.  I had seen it a while back, but I enjoyed it.  It’s Mamma Mia, with Meryl Streep.  If you haven’t seen it it’s definitely worth the effort.  I defy any woman with in 10 years of my age not to smile through most of it.  There is no deep meaningful story, it’s just fun – and please don’t forget to watch the credits at the end. 

Another reason I enjoy it so much is that Meryl Streep said in an interview once that one of the reasons she took the role was that she knew seeing her sing and dance in this would embarrass her adult children – you gotta love a woman who thinks like this.

As to the other topic I occasionally write about, if anyone see’s Badass, Wimpy, or PK tell them I sure do miss them and they’re welcomed to drop by any time.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Quieting the Nerves

Welcome!  I believe we all survived Christmas - the overeating, the presents, the overeating, the carols,  the overeating, the family and of course -  the overeating!  Well maybe that was just my Christmas, whatever, I've loved it all and I have more to come.  

We have a great brand new story today.  The writer is Cygnet, her blog is Ugly Duckling Project which for some reason does not come up when you click on her name when she comments, but she does indeed have a blog and I hope you will go by and visit her after you read her story.  For now, grab that last Christmas cookie, settle back and enjoy another great story...

Quieting the Nerves

Marie stalked around the room like a caged animal: back and forth and back and forth.  She would sit down for a while and then bounce back up to straighten the books on the shelves or wipe the already clean counters.

“Why are you so nervous?” asked Will.

“You know I have that job interview next week and I’m a nervous wreck.”

“You’re gonna be fine.”

“I know, but what if I embarrass myself, or don’t have an answer for their questions?”

“You won’t embarrass yourself.  You’re smart. You can handle it.”

“You don’t understand…” Marie sighed.

“Come cuddle and maybe I can take your mind off things.” He patted the spot next to him.

Marie moved to sit on the couch next to Will, but as he reached to put his arm around her, she bounced up again.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to use the bathroom.”

You’ve gone like three times in the last half hour.”

“I know, but when I get nervous, I have to go a lot.”

When Marie came back, she plopped back down next to Will.

“I hate that I get all worked up like this.  The interview isn’t for 3 more days and I am about ready to have a melt down.”

“You know when I was in college, I had a friend who was a vocal performance major.  She was tremendously talented, but her nerves would seize control and she would not be able to perform like she was able.  She and I finally came up with a plan that helped her control her nerves.”

“You did? How?”

“I spanked her,” Will said, matter-of-factly, “usually about an hour before she had to go on.”

Marie moved away so she could look at his face “You did what?”

“I spanked her. She said the rush of endorphins and the lingering pain of her backside helped her to almost totally squash the nerves. She said the stinging kept her mind on something other than how nervous she was. It kept her in the moment.”

“That’s just, just…ewww,” she said, leaning away from him.

“Hey, it worked for her and I thought it might work for you.” Will shrugged.  “It’s your call.  Come on show’s starting.”

Will dropped the subject and focused on the TV. Marie settled back into the crook of Will’s arm, but couldn’t help glancing at him periodically. 

“Okay, you have been staring at me for the last half hour.”

“I was thinking about what you said.  How could you do that?  Why would any grown woman agree to that?”

“She wanted to do well and I wanted her to do well. The spankings worked and we were both glad.”

“How did you know it was going to work? How did you know it wasn’t going to just turn her into a mess?”  Marie paused.  “Did it turn you on?” She glanced away.

“No, it didn’t turn me on.” He said emphatically.  “I always thought of her as more like a sister.”  Will paused.  “It felt almost protective.  Like I was protecting her from all the nerves. We didn’t know if was going to work or not so we had sort of a trial run before we tried it before a performance.  I spanked her and she gave me feedback about how she was feeling and what she was thinking.”

Marie sat quietly for a few minutes.

“What did she say?”

“What do you mean what did she say?”

“The first time, you know, what did she say?”

“Well, that it hurt and that she wasn’t sure if it was going to work but when she gave in to all the emotion from the spanking, she just felt calm.”

“Have you ever spanked women for other reasons?”

“Like what?”

“Like erotic reasons?”

“Erotic? No.  Punishment? Yes.”

“Who did you punish like that?”

“Same one.  In her senior year she met a lot of people in the entertainment world and starting indulging in things that weren’t good for her.”

“Things like what?”

“There are a lot of drugs and drinking in that world.  She needed a big brother to steer her away from those things and make sure she didn’t throw her life away.”

“How did you know she was going to throw her life away?”

“I didn’t, but I kept thinking of all those child stars going back as far as Judy Garland who got into drugs and drinking early on because they couldn’t handle the fame and ended up in horrible situations because of it.  I didn’t want her to end up that way. She was just too talented and needed someone with no vested monetary interest in her to make sure she didn’t end up that way. Too bad people like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears didn’t have a big brother to look out for them.”

“She let you just…punish her like that?”

“You mean spank her?  Yeah!  The first time I found out about her trying uppers at a party, I met her at her apartment, explained that I loved her, as a brother,” he quickly interjected  “too much to let her get addicted to those things.  When I asked her how many times she had tried them she assured me only a couple of times.  Then I told her I was going to give her a good reason never, ever to try them again.  She rather unhappily agreed that I was right to want to punish her.  When I was done, she promised that I would never, ever have to do that again and I didn’t. She is a successful musician, she has a family of her own and I get a Christmas card every year.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this skeleton in your closet earlier?”

“What skeleton?  I wasn’t hiding this from you.  We’ve been going out two months and it isn’t something that just comes up in casual, getting to know you conversations.”

“So, why bring it up now?”

“Because you are a nervous wreck and I wanted to help you stop being so nervous.  We can let it go and never bring it up again. I was just trying to be helpful.”


“Okay.” Will said firmly and nodded.

The rest of the afternoon Will spent watching Marie fight with her nerves.  Watching her bouncing around made him anxious and he was almost relieved when the evening hours drew on.

“Well, I think I am heading home.” Will said placing his arms around her and kissing her.  “I’m gonna have to spend a couple of hours in the morning at the precinct finishing up some reports and then I’ll be over so we can get out to the Farmer’s Market. How does 10:30 sound?”

“That should give me enough time to do a few things around here and be ready.”  Marie put her arms around his neck and they kissed again.


The next morning at 10:30, Will knocked on the door. When Marie answered it, she looked terrible.  Her hair was pulled up in a messy knot and her eyes had dark circles under them. She gave him a small smile.

“Gee, did you get any sleep at all last night?” He asked as he walked into her apartment.

“I must have slept some, but I kept looking at the clock and worrying, so I don’t know if I slept all that much.”

“Do you still want to go to the market?  After the night you had, maybe you’d just like to lie on the couch with me.”

“I don’t want to spoil your morning, but I am afraid that I would just be dragging around if we went.  I just wish I could get control of my nerves.  It has never been this bad.  I don’t know what to do.  I just wish I had some Valium or something.” Marie clutched her arms across her chest and shifted her weight from foot to foot.

“I wish I could help.”  Will sympathized.

“After the night I had, I am about ready to try your solution, but when I think about it I just get nervous about that.”

“You’re just scared of the unknown.  I really think a spanking would make you feel better.”  Will grabbed Marie’s hand and led her to the couch.  He pulled her down next to him and pulled her close. He put his arm around her shoulders and rocked her.

“I know you are nervous and that is okay, but do you trust me?”


“Good girl, then lie down here.”

Marie let Will guide her across his lap and he put his hands on her bottom.

“Now I’m going to spank you and if you want me to stop all you have to say in enough.”

Marie was blushing furiously, but she managed to say, “What if that is only after one spank?’

“Then I’ll stop after one spank,” he reassured her,  “but I hope you’ll give it more of a chance than that. You’re in control. You can trust me; you say enough and I’ll stop. Now tell me what you need to say to stop the spanking.”


“Good girl.”

Will started spanking her, brisk swats that stung but there were nowhere near full force, after about ten swats he stopped and leaned down to look at Marie’s face.  She had her eyes squeezed shut and her fists tightly clenched.

“Marie, this isn’t an endurance contest to see how much you can take.  Relax. Take a breath.  Are you okay?”

Marie took a breath and nodded.

“Tell me out loud that you’re okay.” Will said quietly.

“I’m okay.”

“Open your hands and take another breath.”

When Marie did that, Will delivered another set of spanks. Marie still had her eyes squeezed shut, was breathing in shallow breaths, and little whining sounds were coming out of her.

“Take another deep breath,” Will encouraged.  “I care about you.  I care that you are making yourself a nervous wreck and not sleeping because you’re doubting your abilities. You’re a smart, capable woman and I want you to remember that.” 

When Will said that, Marie burst into tears. Will started the last round of spanks just a little bit harder and faster than the previous ones.  He felt the tension start to flow out of Marie’s body as she stopped resisting.  Marie kept on crying as Will pulled her upright and into his lap.

He put his arms around her, rocked her and made soothing noises until the crying began to subside.

“Do you feel better?” He asked trying to look her in the eyes.

“Yes,” she said blushing and laughing in an embarrassed sort of way.  Marie ducked her head to avoid meeting his eyes. “I didn’t think I would, but I do.”

“Good, then my mission here is complete.”  They both laughed together and Will began rocking again as he pulled her to his chest.

“I was really tempted to say enough, you know.”

“Yeah? Why didn’t you?”

“I’m not sure…”


Thank you Cygnet!  I love this story, I like that it seems real and gentle while giving me the loving spanking story I'm always looking for.  I hope you'll contribute again.  

December was a great month for receiving Fantasy Friday stories. So good in fact that I hope my new friends and writers don't get tired of waiting around to see their stories shared.  I'm putting them up in the order I received them and I've loved each one so we do have some more wonderful stories coming into the new year.

The new year will be long thought and more stories are needed!  Please share your story with us, send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picture Preferences

Christmas 1.0 is complete; Christmas 2.0 begins on Jan. 5 when the boys come in.  This one has been very nice, quiet and peaceful. Love having Mollie home.  Santa was very good to us here, but the weatherman could be doing better.  Cold rain and wind for two days now.  I know it’s been ever worse in some placed, but I’m getting a little stir crazy here.

I do want to tell you one reason that I’m happy that Christmas is over.  You see, there is one kind of spanking picture that I really don’t like.  I hate Santa spanking pictures!!  Cartoons are fine, but those with fake Santa in bad costumes with crummy beards I just don’t like at all!  I love realistic spanking pictures and have a real aversion to ‘fake’ ones.  I like to be able to see the girls face.  I don’t like the ones who appear to be in agony, yet the bottom is white without even a hint of pink. And I don’t like the ones with a realistic looking spanking where the woman’s face looks like she is enjoying a gentle massage.  Yeah, I know, I’m too picky – but it’s still true.

Hope all of you  had a good Christmas and that you’ll be back tomorrow for Fantasy Friday. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just a little story

I hope this is a wonderful day for everyone.  I don't expect too many of you are checking blogs today but I also know that sometimes we need a break from the festivities and, yes, sometimes even from our beloved families!  So if you are out here taking a short break I thought I'm leave up a story for you.  It's appeared on Fantasy Friday in the past, but it was a long time ago. This is one I wrote, I hope you enjoy...

Father knows Best

Helen pealed off her gloves and put her hat in its box. She enjoyed getting out of the house to attend the monthly Ladies Society meetings but it did throw her a little behind on dinner preparations.

As she hurried to the kitchen she thought of what her friend Peggy had talked about at the meeting.

“I always send my little one’s a note in their book bags or lunch boxes.” She had explained, “I want them to know their mother is thinking of them.”

‘I’ve never even thought of that’ Helen mused to herself. ‘But tomorrow I’m sending each of the kids a note too.’ Helen loved her children very much. Deep down she wanted to be known as the best mother on the block.

Dinner was barely in the oven when she heard Clark coming in the front door. As he pushed open the kitchen door Helen turned from the stove.

“Oh dear,” she said “I guess I’m in trouble now.”

“Is that so?” Clark said putting down his briefcase. “And just what have you done now to get yourself in trouble now?” he asked grinning at his lovely wife.

Helen answered his grin with one of her own “Now don’t make it sound like I am always getting myself in trouble! The Ladies Society met today and I was late getting home so your dinner isn’t ready. Are you going to starve? It’s going to be another half hour.”

“I don’t know what this world is coming to.” Clark shook his head in mock despair. “We give you ladies permission to form your clubs and see what comes of it? You hen’s got to clucking and now every man in town is eating late.”

Clark stalked toward her, glint in his eye “Maybe a trip over my knee would keep me and my needs in your mind the next time all you girls are together.” He grabbed her arm and slid his hand to her waist.

“Silly” she laughed at him, blushing slightly. “You just go relax a bit and I’ll have supper on the table in no time.”

Clark kissed Helen on the nose and headed to the living room to read his paper. Soon enough Helen was calling to the children to wash up and come to dinner.

Late that evening after the dishes were done Helen packed lunches for Susie and Mark. Sitting at the kitchen table she wrote a note for each of them telling them to have a good day and that Mother was thinking of them. On the spur of the moment she decided to write one to Clark too.

To the most handsome man in the world, I just want you to know that I have been thinking of you all day. Your rock hard body, your exploring hands, and your sexy eyes. I can’t wait to experience all three tonight. I hope you will be thinking of me all day as I will be thinking of you. Your little sweetie, Helen

Slipping it into an envelope she tucked it into his briefcase. With any luck it would put him in a loving mood for the next evening.


The next morning was the usual rush of getting the children dressed, fed and out the door to the bus. As Clark left for work Helen kiss had lingered a bit and she said “I’ll be thinking of you today!” Causing Clark to leave the house with a bemused smile on his face.

Opening his briefcase around 10:00 Clark found an unfamiliar envelope within. He opened it to read,

I just wanted you to know that Mommie is thinking of you today. Be a good boy and mind the teacher. Warm cookies when you get home.


‘What on earth’ Clark wondered. At that moment Miss Sanders buzzed in “Mr. Anderson, there is a call for you on line 2. It’s Mark’s school.”

“Put it through.” Clark told her.

“Clark Anderson” he answered crisply. “Well hello, Mr. Coffee what can I do for you?” Clark asked Mark’s principal.

“Mark thought the note must be for his teacher…?”

“He gave it to Mr. Davis…?

“From my wife you say…?

“I’ll be right there.”

Grabbing his had and coat Clark hurried from the office.


Helen hear the front door slam at the same instant she heard Clark shout “Helen where are you?” What on earth had brought Clark home in the middle of the day sounding so angry? Helen hadn’t even had time to answer his shout when he burst through the kitchen door, red faced with his normally handsome features screwed in to an intently angry expression.

“Honey, what’s wro…”

Clark cut her off. Slamming the note onto the counter in front of her he began “Can you tell me what on earth possessed a lady to write such a note?”

“Oh Clark, it was just a little joke. I didn’t think you would mind a little private note. Oh no!” she exclaimed, “You didn’t open it in front of someone else did you?” Her mind shrank in shame at the thought of one of his colleagues getting a glimpse of her note.

“No, I didn’t open it in front of anyone! You didn’t send it with me, you send it with Mark! He though a note must be for his teacher. Needless to say Mr. Davis was stunned to read it and passed it along to the principal who in turned called me. Helen how could you have written such an unladylike note and then been so careless as to send it to school with your son?”

As he had begun speaking Helen’s hands had flown to her mouth in horror as she realized what she had done! But as Clark ended with a reference to being unladylike and careless – two of his pet peeves with her one hand had unconsciously reached around to protect her behind. She had no doubt what was coming.

“Oh Clark, I don’t know how I could have made such a mistake! I am so sorry; you have to know how sorry I am.”

Clark reached into the drawer for the large wooded spatula. “All I know is that you are going to be a lot sorrier in a minute!”

Almost before she could realize it Helen found herself over her husband’s lap. Clark flipped up her dress and began spanking with earnest on her panty clad bottom. The make shift paddle created an incredible burn that made it nearly impossible for Helen to understand any of the lecture Clark continued with.

She seemed to catch a word here or there…

“Embarrassing… unladylike… careless… improper…”

But the burn on her seat was consuming all her contraction and causing her to cry out “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Please Clark, please stop!!”

Clark stopped but did not let her up. “Young lady are you sure you have learned your lesson?”

“Oh Clark, I have! Truly I have – I won’t be careless again. I promise! And I’ll always be a lady. I will honey, I will. Please let me up!”

“You be still” Clark told her in a much calmed tone than he had used before. “I’ll let you know when I’m through.” He massaged her bright red bottom through her panties. Slowly he helped her to her up and pulled her onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her as she cried softly into his shirt front.

“Helen honey, you know how much I love you. But I have a responsibility as the head of the family to see that every member of this family conducts themselves appropriately. You are my wife and the example of a lady for your children. You understand why I had to spank you don’t you?”

“I understand” Helen admitted, “I don’t like it much” she added as she rubbed her soar seat. “But I understand.”

“Good” Clark said. “Now I have to get back to work.” He announced setting Helen back on her feet. As he reached the door he looked back and Helen. Her red rimmed eyes and her chastised look touched him and he turned back to her.

Wrapping his arms around her once again he whispered in her ear. “Although the note was totally inappropriate the content and thought behind it was sweet and very thought stimulating. Once the children are in bed tonight you can give me a full explanation of what you were thinking as you wrote it.”

With a final loving pat to her bottom Clark was out the door and gone. Tingling now in several places Helen couldn’t help smiling to herself and she looked forward to an special evening.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!  This is a very calm and peaceful Christmas for us.  To Nick’s family tonight – always fun!  Then tomorrow it will be just Nick, Mollie and me.  We won’t be traveling to my sisters until the second week in January when LJ and Colin come in for another Christmas celebration.

I want to wish all my friends her who celebrate Christmas a merry one, and Happy Holidays to all.  This is a busy time and I know that reading blogs is not the highest priority so I appreciate everyone who drops in for the next few days.  I will definitely enjoy my family, but I’ll be thinking of you guys too.  And in case you do decide to take a break tomorrow, I’m putting up a story just for you.