I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fun at Home

I haven’t been toy shopping or on vacation but I’m still having a great time. Our spanking time is limited by a child still at home, something I know many of you also experience, so early morning is usually it for us. First day of work Nick decided that I had been bitching a bit much about having to go back. I want to mention here that I had been thinking (I repeat, thinking) about taking CeeCi and Tigger’s suggestions about having Nick assign homework. I often forget that he reads the comments too! So in addition to getting my tail warmed, I had an assignment too. Thanks girls!

Anyway because of the wonderful morning attention I was in a wonderful mood and very light hearted all day. Mollie (the daughter, not the toy) had a good first day and brought a friend home with her. The girls really love to be here instead of the friend house because the friend is one of 4 kids in a house smaller than ours. But then the magic call came! The friend’s family was headed out for pizza and movies and wanted Mollie to spend the night!! Talk about the mommy dance!!!

As soon as the call came and while Mollie was getting her things together I slipped and put on my new bright red panties that scream ‘spank me’! As soon the baby left I quickly finished up on the computer, but before we could head to the bedroom. Nick shared something with me that completely blew me away – I am still in shock and may someday share but not yet. But it makes me feel we are secure in the lifestyle and it’s not going anywhere!

It was a super evening! No rushing, no trying to be quiet, just fun. We may have used all the toys in the box, it felt like it. Nick has become a wonderful spanker! I’m greedy though, I have never reached the point where I was ready for him to stop. Well just once, I loved that one, actually I was able to love it for several days. But it’s the only time I could truly say ‘Thanks, that’s plenty for now’! Oh, the love making is so good these days!! I feel like my every need is catered too and I try to do the same for him. When he has really gotten into the spanking and my butt is burning I can go so deep into sub mode that I can’t think of anything I would refuse him. I hope he remembers that and feel free to act on his wildest fantasies too!

Nick is going out of town next weekend. He only goes twice a year to golf with the guys. I have always loved the time alone and when the kids were little I always had them spend the weekend with my parents so I could be totally by myself. But this time I am not looking forward to it. It is really a wonderful feeling. I’ll be fine alone but it feels so good to realize just how much I am going to miss him! My outlook on life on life is getting better and better!


  1. Elis, I'm so happy for you, you sound as if you are finally LIVING!!!
    This lifestyle seems to make the bonds of a good marriage so much stronger. Those who spank together, stay together.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I really really would love to know why the happiest of couples are the spankers. Keep it up Elis!! Your posts always make me smile. I'm so happy for you and Nick!!!


  3. I love this post! But even more I love the mommy dance!!!

    Sounds like Nick made you do the spanked butt dance. Your just a dancing fool!

    HOORAY for you!


  4. Elis,

    Wow, that is super! Good for both of you.


  5. Paul, Eva,
    You are so right! Whenever I see couples that seem really close I just assume they are spankos!

    Dancing fool is right and I'm loving it!

    I love it when you stop by!!


  6. Hey Elis,

    So WHAT was the assignment... and please don't tease us all like this. I can understand you needing to keep things private and all but then, we most likely already know more than out share of your intimate thoughts, etc. Yeah, I know I'm being nosy but I'm just curious... teasing does that to me!

    I am so overwhelmingly thrilled that you and Nick are getting into this so well... you and Eva both. Like you've done it forever... and hopefully will be, he, he, he.

    Hugs, big ones,

  7. It's nice to have a good outlook on life isn't it? Mine is new also, and feels great. I have coined your phrase twice in the last two days....New Beginnings. It is such a great phrase. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder, and makes the spanking and sex feel like new!

  8. Elis - i'm here from bonnie's blog. I am enjoying your experiences. I am a true vanilla, newbie at this spanking business. I'm not real sure about it at all. But HonBun thinks it's helping me open up. For us, it's the discipline, not sex. I'm still not sure..... D

  9. Tigger,
    I had to describe 5 jobs I wouldn't want and 5 things I liked about my job via email. It was fun really. About the other, not now, maybe later. hehehe

    Right at the start, New Beginnings it is just such an exciting time. I feel like a teenager again only waaaay smarter!

    I'm so glad you came by. I, of course, came out to him after being a closet spanko my entire life. I don't know how I would feel if he had been the spanko and me vanilla. We are more about sex than discipline although I would like more on the discipline. Keep reading as many blogs as you have time for email any time and I hope thing work out well for you!!


  10. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Will he have access to a PC while he's away, Elis??(*grins*) or are you working on the principle that abstinence makes the part grow fonder - hehehe!!
    Seriously, very happy you're more confident and cheerful,